It Watches (2016) Movie Script

- You sure this is gonna
be all right, Robert?
- Yeah, your gonna be staying
in the downstairs
guest room anyway.
The guy will never know
it was you and not me.
As long as you
don't burn the place down.
Everything will be fine.
You're really bailing
me out here Andre.
I mean, this thing
got fast tracked,
the only way we
could pull it off
is if we do it this weekend.
- What is it again?
- It's this bullshit
reality show
where we put somebody in a house
and set up a bunch
of security cameras
that follows their every move,
and scare the fuck out of them.
Here we are.
Come on man, I got
to hit the road.
I got to be in Sb by seven.
- All right.
- What is it?
- There's something
about this place.
It's really familiar.
- Heh, that's 'cause
you've been here before.
- What?
- Yeah, yeah, we went to that
party a couple years ago.
You met that girl remember?
- Yeah.
What was her name?
- I don't know
what her name was.
You think I remember
all your conquests?
- Really, conquests?
I can't remember
her name, though.
- Well, look that's
why you're here.
Okay, you're gonna
rest for a few days.
You know, the fridge
is fully stocked.
You know, take some you time.
You time, no parties.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, no problem.
Look I'll be back to
pick you up on Sunday
and if anything goes
wrong just give me a call.
You got your cell, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Good luck man.
- Thanks.
- Remember,
no parties.
- What was that?
Throw a party?
If you say so.
Oh, this place is sick.
- So,
I got dropped off at this house,
it's a nice house,
by a buddy Robert.
He was supposed to
house-sit for someone
and he couldn't because
something came up last minute.
To be honest,
it's kinda weird being
in someone's house
when you don't really
know who they are.
I'm sure I'll figure
out more about the guy
as I rummage around through
his shit.
I was just recently
in an accident
and the doctors said
that doing video diaries
of myself would possibly,
not for sure, but possibly
help me remember things.
So, I figured what the heck.
Might as well give it a shot,
and if it works cool if not
it's fine.
I'm gonna go ahead
and make Baba a
little birthday video
since I'm missing her
birthday this weekend.
So here goes nothing.
Hey grandma and everyone.
I just wanted to
say I'm so sorry
that I couldn't make it
out to your celebration.
Unfortunately, you know
how accident-prone I am.
I'm okay, don't
worry I'll be fine
but since I couldn't make it
I thought I'd make you a video
for your 80th birthday.
You're a very special woman
and you don't look
a day over 60.
With that being said,
why don't I go ahead
and give you a tour
of my new place.
This over here is
my dining area.
All right, let's go
ahead and take a look
at this kitchen here.
Robert did say that the
fridge was fully stocked,
I want to see if he
was lying or not.
And yeah,
that looks pretty shitty to me.
Naked girls,
that's always a plus too.
I don't mind it.
What the hell is that?
Oh my god,
I know what you are.
Blue dream,
Shiva skunk,
purple OG,
twisted sister,
fire OG,
happy 420.
I'll have to edit this out.
Like to make a toast to...
Well, what's gonna be one hell
of an interesting weekend.
I got enough pot here to smoke
myself into fucking oblivion
and there's plenty of booze
to keep myself busy as well.
Cheers to me.
Fucking weird.
Over here,
we've got the
entertainment room.
It's like a jungle outside.
All right I got the bud,
I got the booze,
and the only thing I'm missing
is the TV.
- In so many months...
- it's gonna be a long weekend
and, you know, if
I get a bit lonely
I've got my...
Lovely ladies to keep me busy.
- Last few miles, will you run.
This fellow is very good, funny.
- Though it gets
eerie down there.
- And the festivities.
- I am preparing.
- What's behind?
What's in here?
Oh shit.
Master bedroom,
Sorry buddy,
but I am definitely
gonna have to crash here.
How you doing?
He's even got multi-jets.
And what do we got down here?
Go ahead and take this out.
Not too shabby.
I can work with this.
That was not intended for
you guys, sorry about that.
God, this place is a lot
bigger than I thought.
So many steps.
It's just the wind folks.
All right, I'm gonna go ahead
and take you guys back inside.
- Now several days ago the body
of a young missing girl was
found in the trunk of a car
in the canyon; However, there
was no sign of the driver.
Now the coroner's report
indicates that the girl's body
was brutally stabbed and
tortured over several days.
The report also indicates that
- fuck.
- Though the detectives are
not saying whether
scows disappearance
and the grizzly discovery
of the missing girl
are related but they
are investigating
connections to the two women.
If you have any information
you are urged to call police.
Now in other news,
inmates on death row
are being transported to...
- what the fuck is that?
What's going on babe?
Ah, that felt good.
not Tiffany, not Amber
it's Rachel.
I'm gonna go for a ride,
oh I don't have a car
what am I talking about?
kind of pathetic,
oh well, I'll have to get one.
This house has got
some weird noises.
- Are you hungry?
- I'm actually starving.
- - Good.
- You bring me something tasty?
- I got some chicken,
but most importantly I
got some really good wine.
- Ahh, you're so sweet.
- So how you feeling?
- You now,
I'm a little sore, still stiff
but for the most part
I'm starting to heal.
- So what actually happened?
- Well, it was raining
and they said that I
was in a car accident.
I got a concussion,
that's pretty much it, I
can't remember much else.
- Are you ever gonna
be able to remember?
- Yeah, the doctor
said that hopefully
something will jog my memory
and within the next
few days or months
it'll start slowly coming back.
- So,
you don't remember what happened
the last time we hung out?
- No,
should I?
- Maybe.
This place is so creepy.
I don't know how you stay here.
Doesn't it freak you out?
- It is kinda creepy.
- So, what happened?
- Well, I was looking around
and I happen to open
up a cabinet door
and this came crashing
to the ground.
- So you're
still as clumsy as ever.
- I'd like to make a toast.
- Okay, to what?
- To you and I and remembering
this amazing evening.
- I'll make sure of that.
It is good.
- It's delicious.
I'm stuffed.
- What's this?
- Ah nothing,
I couldn't make it to
my grandma's birthday
so I made her like
a birthday video.
- No you didn't.
- Yeah I didn't.
- Yeah, thank you.
You sure you didn't put
it out for something else?
- No.
- Little a...
Apres dinner.
- No, but I'm not opposed to it.
- Can I watch it?
- It's really, it's just a...
- oh, come on.
- That's just embarrassing.
- You're so cute.
- I'm so sorry that I couldn't
make it to your celebration.
Unfortunately, you know
how accident-prone I am.
I'm okay, don't
worry I'll be fine.
But since I couldn't make it
I thought I'd make you a video
for your 80th birthday.
You're a very special woman
and you don't look
a day over 60.
- Are we alone?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- You're a very special
woman and you don't look
a day over 60.
- Okay, this is really weird.
- Let's go check it out.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, just stay close.
- Okay.
- Don't worry.
- - Ok
you all right?
- Yeah.
- Don't worry about it.
- Okay.
Okay, she's
definitely not moving.
- No, definitely not.
- Something tells me
Robert is messing with me.
- You think.
- I think we had
too much to drink.
- I think we should
have a little more.
- I'm gonna cover this up.
- Are you expecting someone?
- No,
hold this.
- Hi
look, I'm really
sorry to bother you.
My name is guy and I live
four houses up the street,
- yeah?
- You didn't just get a call
from the police, did you?
- Um, excuse me?
- Look, I know
this sounds strange but
I just got a call
from the police saying
that there was a group
of escaped convicts
loose somewhere
here in the canyon.
I don't know if this
some kind of game,
you haven't heard anything
about this have you?
- No, I didn't.
- Are you sure that
it's not maybe a prank?
- I don't know,
it didn't sound like it.
They asked me to make sure that
all my windows and
doors were locked
and to double check everything.
Are yours?
- Um, I don't know.
I think so.
- You think so. You're not sure?
You need to go right now
- are you okay?
- - And check,
hi I'm guy, I'm the neighbor
and I just got a
police bulletin saying
that there's a group
of escaped convicts
loose in the neighborhood.
Now, there's no guarantee
that they make it up here
but just in case.
- So, when did this all happen?
- I just got the phone call.
Well, your windows up
here seem to be secure.
Door is locked.
- I mean, I don't
know what to say.
- I know.
It's a really nice
place you got here.
- Um...
- if you want to keep it this
way I suggest you make sure
all your doors and
windows are locked.
- And you said you lived
just a couple houses...
- I just moved into the
Spanish villa four doors up.
Is this the downstairs?
- Yeah, I don't mean to be rude.
I appreciate you coming here.
Would you mind
staying here with her?
- No not at all.
- You okay with that?
- Yeah.
- I'll go check out
everything else.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Have you called the police?
- Oh, they called me.
Oh and make sure you check
every door and window.
- Sure thing.
- Don't miss one.
- Be right back, Rach.
- Yeah,
crazy night right?
- Yeah.
- This really is a nice place.
- Yeah.
This is insane.
- Yeah,
nothing like a police emergency
to ruin somebody's night.
You know what I mean?
So how long have you two
been seeing each other?
- Oh, just a little while.
- Make a cute couple.
You don't find these
a little creepy?
- Can I get you anything?
- Oh, no-no-no, I'm
okay, thank you.
I'll be going in just a minute.
how long have you
two been fucking?
- Excuse me?
That's none of your business.
- Fine,
just asking.
So when you guys fuck does he
cum on your face, or your ass
or tits?
- I-i, it's time for you to go.
I'm fine.
- Wow, okay.
I put my gloves on.
- A-Andre.
- Oh, I wouldn't
worry about that.
Andre can't hear you.
He's all the way at
the back of the house,
unfortunately the
sound doesn't travel
that far.
- I'll just get my gloves on
and I'll be out in a minute.
Wouldn't want to get my
fingerprints on anything,
now would I?
- I've, I'm really uncomfortable,
you have to go now.
- Oh, I'll leave.
- Okay great.
- Just as soon as you leave.
- All right I
checked everything.
- See, now that
wasn't so hard now.
Was it?
Not bad, although the Beaujolais
is much better at
this time of year.
- What happened to Rachel?
- She just left.
Yup, she took her shit.
She's gone.
- She left?
Did she say why?
- No, she took her shit and
walked out the door.
- That doesn't make any sense
she came here to
have dinner with me.
Why would she just
pick up and go?
- You got me.
You're the date.
I just came by to tell
you about the criminals.
- Well, did you say
anything to her?
- Oh come on Andre, don't
start blaming this on me.
I came here to help you out.
- Help me out, I mean
I don't understand.
This whole night was going
perfect until you showed up.
- Look, you can't just
keep passing the buck man.
Don't blame me for
your shortcomings.
Five and a half
inches, Jesus Christ.
- Excuse me?
- Five and a half inches,
that's what she said.
- Humph, Rachel would never
say anything like that.
- Well maybe you should
call her up and ask her.
Jesus man.
- Who, who do you think you are?
- Just a neighborhood friend
looking out for another guy.
- You're looking out for me?
You are looking out for me?
I'd like you to leave.
- You want me to go?
You got wine and dinner,
I can help you finish.
Did I say something?
- I said
the fuck
- Oh, okay,
don't have to tell
me three times.
Look, it's been an
absolute pleasure Andre.
I'll just be getting
outta your hair now.
You know I really like what
you've done to the place.
It's too bad Rachel left.
Then again, if you need anything
I'll just be right up the road.
See you around, huh.
We'll see.
- You gotta be kidding me.
Oh, fuck.
Where's a charger?
Where is a charger?
There's gotta be a
house one somewhere.
I can't believe I can't
find a fucking charger.
What is this guy's house for?
What was that?
So many steps.
Oh fuck.
- Hey it's Rach,
you know what to do,
and you when to do it.
- Rachel, it's Andre.
Look, I don't know what the hell
that fucking creep said
to you or did to you
but I'm worried about you
and my phone is fucking dead
and I can't find my charger,
so as soon as you
get this message
give me a call back
on this number.
Please call me back, I
hope you're all right.
Fucking bastard.
- Hey what's up man?
- Huh, you got me.
You son of a bitch.
- What are you talking about?
- You know exactly
what I'm talking about.
I know that you want
to put me in the show
and that's why you had me here.
It's funny but look,
enough's enough, let's
just call it quits, huh.
- Yeah right,
you're not on the show, man.
- Who-who-whose house did
you say this was again?
- A good friend
of mine, I told you that.
- Yeah, yeah but I mean,
how well do you know him?
Why does he have
photos of Rachel?
- Wait-w where are you?
- I'm in an office, I needed
a phone because Rachel.
This weirdo came over,
he scared her away,
and I wanted to make
sure that she's all right
but my phone's dead.
So I came to find a phone.
- Look Andre, just calm Dow...
- calm the fuck down, how
am I suppose to calm down?
This is fucking weird.
- Andre listen to
me, I'm not fucking with you.
You're not on the show
and I don't know what's
going on over there
but you got to calm down
before you do something dumb.
Do you hear me?
Didn't your doctor tell you that
because of the concussion
and the memory loss,
that a little bit of
paranoia is normal?
- Yeah, I guess.
- Right?
- - Yeah.
- Andre, you cannot leave.
You do that and
we are both fucked
because he's gonna find
out I wasn't there.
Trust me Rachel is fine.
- I mean I guess so but...
You gotta see these photos.
- What are you gonna do?
Walk down the hill
and look for her?
Rachel is fine.
Never mind she shouldn't
have been there at all.
So you do what you
gotta do to grow a pair
and just please man,
get out of that room
and go relax.
- All right that
sounds like a good idea.
Look I'm not trying
to get you in trouble.
- I know man, just...
- I'm gonna go make
myself a nice drink and...
Everything'll be fine.
- You can do this man.
- All right, see ya.
That's fucking strong.
Is anybody in there?
Let's go ahead and
get a look in here.
Come out, come out
wherever you are.
Nope, no you don't
want to come out?
What was that?
- Help me.
Go away.
- Fuck.
What the fuck's going on?
What the fuck
is going on?
Ha-ha-ha, real fucking funny...
Fuck this shit, I'm getting
the fuck outta here.
What the fuck,
am I gonna do.
What the fuck am I gonna do?
I'll tell you what
you're gonna do.
You're gonna man the fuck up.
And get it together.
Oh shit.
What the fuck?
- What are you doing?
Touch me.
Touch me.
So what are you gonna do to me?
Play with it.
Is that a toy?
Why aren't you talking?
Come here.
What is that?
Where are you?
- Huh, what the, the fuck?
oh my god,.
Ah, shit.
I can't fucking see anything.
I'm not trying.
I'm go find the circuit
breaker, or something.
It's fucking dark as hell.
I don't know what to fucking do.
I think someone's
fucking with me, right.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Oh shit,
oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.
- Andre?
- Rachel, is that you?
What the?
Oh man, oh my god.
What the fuck was that?
What the fuck was that?
Oh my god.
What the fuck?
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
What the fuck? Get the fuck off.
Fucking shit.
What the fuck? Get
the fuck off me.
Get the fuck off of me.
What the fuck?
Oh, holy shit.
- Get down
do not get off the ground.
- Fuck that,
he's in the house.
What are you doing?
- Put your hands
behind your back.
- He's in the house!
He's in the house.
- Just relax
- relax
- I'm telling you
have the wrong guy.
He's in the fucking house.
- Relax.
- You?
What the fuck you?
Ah, it's fucking tight.
- Stop, stay.
- I can prove it,
just play the fucking video.
All right there's
a video on there.
It'll show you,
just play the video, please.
Oh no, no.
No way.
- Good luck man.
- Thank you I appreciate it.
Left tip.
They said that I was
in a car accident
and I got a concussion.
No, no.
- I really like what
you've done with the place.
- Hopefully
something will jog my memory.
- No.
Oh, my god.
No, no this isn't real.
Fuck, this can't be real.
Turn it off. Just turn it off.
It's a bad dream.
I didn't want to do it to her.
He made me do this to her.
I didn't want to do it.
Please stop fucking with me.
I can't take it.
Look at the screen you pussy.
You boys sure went all out.
I mean,
all this
for me.
I got to admit.
I'm kind of flattered.
All this bullshit hiding all
around the place, chasing me,
and you actually
thought for a moment
that you had me scared.
Me scared?
Yeah, maybe that bitch Andre.
You see what I have to put with,
this fucking pussy,
day in and day out.
I can't even fucking
look at him anymore.
Look at him, pathetic.
She fucking enjoyed
every second of it.
Every second.
Fucking idiot.
If you'd only just listen.
Can't control anything.
Adam controls everything.