Italian Movies (2012) Movie Script

Daddy! Wake up!
Good morning!
Actually, goodnight!
We're behind with the canteen payments.
They said if we don't pay
they won't feed the girls.
What can we do?
Don't worry, we'll find a solution.
Have we ever starved?
What's that for?
They don't pay you for your photos,
so sell it.
- Little mice goodnight!
- I'm asleep!
- Sleep!
- Go, or you'll be late.
Hi, Pinak.
You still owe me 150 euros!
I know, but mo banknotes are not three!
Fuck o...!
What will be of love?
Unfortunately, I...
I am not cut out for love.
Take care.
Go to work, I'll do it.
Sorry, the brakes don't work.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for asking, I'm fine!
Are you okay?
I'm fine, thanks.
- Is this Studio 61?
- I work here.
I'm looking for a cleaning company.
- Are you the new guy?
- Yes.
I'm Dilip, the old guy.
- Hi, Ben.
- Let's go.
- How's your insomnia?
- Piss o...!
Nice atmosphere!
- This way.
- What's this used for?
The famous soap:
"Torments". You know it?
It's really good.
I shouldn't have, sorry.
My senses want to...
but my heart is like stone.
Great, that's it for today.
See you tomorrow at 9:30, thank you!
Very e... icient.
Here's the call sheet...
Hi, guys. This is Ben.
- The new guy.
- Hi.
This one's empty, use it.
Another can of bleach went missing.
Sponges, toilet paper...
Liquid soap.
If I catch the culprit
I'll beat him then report him.
Fuck o...!
- Are you the new guy?
- Yes.
- Hi, I'm Ben.
- Zahur.
Wear your pass. Lose it
and lose a week's pay.
- Why cleaning?
- I'm a filthy devil!
You and Dilip clean the toilets.
Come on, let's go!
Here you are! Vincenzo,
darling, can I have a word?
I just read I'm going
to have an accident,
it's nothing serious, right?
Are you killing me o...?
It's these new scripmriters...
the Japanese ones.
Take it as a great acting opportunity.
Your father would never have done this.
Find the chewing gum.
- What?
- It should be on the wall.
Zahur puts it there to
see if we do a good job.
Here it is.
- First day's test.
- Very funny.
He likes to play boss.
He has worked here for 13 years.
Now that the company
has cut back on holidays
and sick days, he works even more.
13 years is a lifetime, I
might not even last a month!
Every fish finds its sea.
- Hi.
- Did you get the visa?
I need to work longer hours
and be given a contract.
If they don't give me one,
I'm fucked. What can I do?
Should I pay my employer's tax?
I'm broke!
We all know why Madam
Laloo is always late.
She's too busy with her
clients at the care home.
Fuck o...! You're 60 and still here?
I'm 50 and I'm a
stenographer, you bitch!
It's never been open before.
If I had one...
What for?
I take photos.
I'm photographing my
friend's wedding on Sunday.
I could make a video with this.
Let's go, if Zahur finds us here...
Make your friend happy.
Film the wedding then
return it, no one'll notice.
I might get into trouble.
Blame me, I'm passing
through, who gives a damn?
Yes, just blame him.
Wedding videos, good idea.
What are you doing?
I have the codes.
We're a great team.
Hide it.
Know how to use it?
Damn! Why is it all out of focus?
Dunno, press a button.
Try automatic mode.
My boys have mo years'
experience in this field:
Weddings, confirmations...
- Is it working?
- Yes.
It's yellow but it's fine.
Funerals, music videos...
Commercials... the lot!
Film them.
Sorry, but I've run
out of business cards.
I have too many clients!
Great... it's really great.
Wonde... ul.
It's brilliant!
I'll send copies to all my relatives.
Here... a little something.
No! No!
Take it!
We can't refuse such a kind o... er.
It's disrespec... ul. Thank you.
I need at least 40 copies.
Leave it with us. DVD. Okay?
We'll give you a great price. Right?
I've got more work. Eight weddings.
Eight? Already?
But we can'tjust take the
camera when we need it!
I have the camera room
code for the whole month.
Where did you get it?
We'll take it on
weekends, no one'll notice.
We can even make DVD copies.
Everything! Right on!
Great business!
My wife.
Can you trust those mo?
Who are they? How do you know them?
We have more clients and bookings.
Another three weddings
and we'll pay the canteen fee.
Trust me, do we lack anything?
Any news?
How are you feeling?
Maybe it's a boy.
this is Anjou.
Maximilian Valkonskij, I'm the producer.
I'm honoured.
Hi, I'm Ben. I'm the useless dogsbody.
Anyone marrying, dying,
being born, or having kids?
What are you waiting
for? Life is urgent!
You have great hair, General.
All thanks to you.
I've started studying English.
- Really?
- "Fa... alla" is butte... ly. Right?
Very good.
Hush everyone!
Yes, I'm at the shop.
I'll ask the secretary.
Miss, has the fax arrived?
No, the fax is out of order.
Tomorrow, God willing.
Thank you!
Your dad didn't drive you today?
He's not my dad.
- I just made an ass of myself.
- You sure did.
Don't worry, it always happens.
Thank goodness I didn't
say anything else.
What are you doing?
Would I be here if I wanted to steal?
- Communist thief.
- I'm not a communist.
They never use all this stu...
- We're not doing...
- Shut up!
We just borrowed it to film a
wedding. It's a great business.
This is what one Indian and a thief do.
Now you...
Kill o... that old bag.
And I'll be very...
very grateful.
You've got real talent...
That old bag has to die!
She has to die!
Mr Vincenzo!
I found this, someone might steal it.
Put it on a desk, someone'll
put it back tomorrow.
I'll report you anyway.
If you do that
we'll say it was your fault too,
and your idea. I'll say that.
The blind chicken
always finds the grain.
Today Italian Movies is born!
Right on!
Italian Movies, ready!
When did you do this shit?
What the hell did you do?
Were you drunk?
It can be fixed, we can edit it.
Really? Can you do that?
Mako producer has the solution.
I'll kill you!
This way.
Go get some fresh air.
- What do you do here?
- My cousin copies films
from Eastern Europe for everyone.
- Porn, huh?
- This is art!
- Give me the camera, I'll try.
- Okay.
- You want to rob a bank?
- Leave that.
- How's it going?
- Fine. Look.
He did it all, he's good!
For years
I edited parties and karaoke
at a resort.
Why did you stop?
I don't know.
Well done.
- Do you really like it?
- Look life in the eyes
or you'll never grow up.
Guys, if there's money
to be made, I'm with you.
What can you do?
I speak 5 languages.
You're hired. On trial.
Then we'll see.
- Let's ask Charlotte too.
- You're kidding?
She's useless.
She's a nice girl...
The seal does not always dive in.
Got that?
I have an incurable disease,
but I'll fight it vJith
all my strength...
You never learn!
The onions must be sliced thinly!
Like this!
A new production has begun,
there'll be extra shifts.
During the day and weekends too.
But I'll be earning more.
- You won't get too tired?
- I did more at her age!
And I had 4 kids, mo
cats and an orchard.
I put our favourite songs on it.
It's not my birthday today.
My mom wants a grandson.
Not again! You need glasses!
- It's nothing.
- Let me see!
Any plasters here?
I can't die, I'm pregnant.
Italian Movies, ready!
I have to go, sorry.
Good job, four is not three.
Have some cake.
Come on, Mako.
I've always dreamed of that.
Okay, I'll have your slice too.
- How much is it?
- Why?
It's 1,902 euros.
That's 367,20 euros
each including the cake.
I did the math in my head.
We don't have much
time, the bus is coming.
Who'll do the Senegalese one
and who'll do the Columbian one?
She's already left.
What do you mean?
- I don't know... she's left.
- But we agreed...
What the hell!
I want to show you something.
Come on!
Where are you going? She's crazy.
Are you scared?
I'll take you to the sea.
Living here is strange.
Don't you want a real house?
No, I like it.
It's a friend's.
I clean the pool and
get a room for free.
Plus I like being near water.
It's never still.
I can't swim.
I was 20 when I saw the
sea for the first time.
It was grey, dirty, and it stank.
Things are never like you dream.
I have to go, it's late.
What did you dream about?
I dreamt...
about not dreaming, because
back home people dream too much.
And dreams never come true.
What about you?
I dream about you.
You have nice eyes.
I'll say it again and again,
today be super-focused!
Who's paying us 5,OOO euros?
They're South American, they're rich!
What did you tell them?
I showed them Shakira's video.
I told them that we made it.
That we're top professionals!
They believed me.
Dilip, any proverbs for me?
You're an asshole!
Give me a new memory card.
We've run out.
Now what?
Pretend, I'll deal with it.
Where the hell's Ben?
- Sorry, we've a problem with the dog.
- What is it?
The dog ate the camera's
last memory card.
Kids' toys, napkins,
this dog eats everything!
I got some of the party but
not everything, it's impossible.
- What?
- It's impossible!
Stop the music!
He ate my toy, too!
I'll get it all back.
This guy's crazy.
Peruvian dumbhead.
They've had deportation orders.
Wake up!
Your documents are in
order. Why were you there?
We were just filming the ceremony.
As a gift.
Your visa extension runs out soon.
We'll come and check on you.
Meanwhile, we'll report you.
I'll remember your faces.
Any more trouble, you're out.
I'm going.
Taxi maybe?
What happened?
- I looked for you at work.
- We almost called the police.
What's with the dress?
I sent your father money for 3 years.
You had nothing when you came
here, is this the thanks I get?
Are you keeping secrets? Where
would you be now, without me?
Have I deprived you
of anything? Tell me!
Answer him!
No, Giuseppe, nothing.
Her co-workers are to blame.
Those immigrants, like
you! Those black folk!
They weren't here before,
everyone was Italian!
Say you're happy.
I'm happy.
Very happy.
Good girl!
One more thing!
With mo more of your paychecks
we can pay o... the car,
then you can stop working.
You'll stay home and be a mom.
You can't image what
happened last night.
Those South Americans are crazy!
But everything was okay.
it was a disaster.
I'm making tea.
Turn the gas o...
We need to wake the girls up.
It's my father's birthday.
We're going to the call-center.
One more thing.
There's extra maintenance to pay.
Let's sing...
for our grandparents.
It doesn't work.
They won't see you.
Like last time.
Let her sing. What do you want...
a TV studio just for you?
"Tell me foreigner...
who do you love more?
Your mother, your father... "
You missed 3 weeks' choir practice.
No, father...
Are they all scripts?
...films that were never made.
"Montecarlo Swing. "
I wanted to make films once.
Very modern films.
Come in!
I've had complaints that
your cleaning's no good.
What the hell are you up to?
Let's go, Jap. Any more
trouble and you're out.
- I don't want to die!
- Poor Mrs Rita...
Get me down!
A dying lady once
lasted for 172 episodes.
Get a boobjob, skinflint!
My friends,
vJe're talking to you from studio 1.
There's something important
vJe must tell you.
Fuck you!
I thought it vJas the end.
That nothing could ever be goodqor us.
Today, vJhen I looked at my daughters,
I realized that...
that everyone needs to share
something nice, to dream.
Then I understood.
People should come to the
studios to send messages...
to their faraway families.
- Or for their work...
- Where's that idiot?
Get down!
Fucking idiot!
We'll use the nice sets and
backdrops from "Torments".
We can do wonde... ul things.
We'll make lots of money,
more than with weddings,
with less risks.
Lots of money!
Lots of money!
We know how to use everything.
The night is long and dark
but the night ends with the rooster!
He's nuts!
Hold on, hold on!
He's nuts!
What the hell is he saying?
Look at this mess!
You tell him, too!
I've been given the last warning
about our bad cleaning!
Enough! Get down!
I've worked hard to get here,
...and no one'll screw me
over not you, not anyone!
Fuck you!
You're nuts.
It's a great idea, we can't stop now.
I learn fast.
- He's good.
- I can't take any more risks.
I'm in.
Fuck the company.
Let's take a vote. Who's in favour?
Dammit, I'm in too.
I won't get left behind a spinster.
- Charlotte's a cleaner.
- Mako's got the gate keys.
I'm not in favour.
I'm against you!
"Man is man's enemy".
Fuck you!
Why didn't you vote?
I'm leaving this job next month.
Giuseppe wants a kid.
We're happy together, I owe him a lot.
So why not?
Good luck.
Italian Movies...
New business...
- Feet o... the table.
- Low prices.
See you tomorrow.
I always wanted to work in an o... ice.
I've divided the city into
areas for flyer distribution.
- Nicolas will do that.
- Who's Nicolas?
It's already 1:30, we
need to start cleaning.
The clock hands kiss too often.
- Number 2 in position, please.
- Co... ee?
- Here?
- Thanks.
May I?
Get out the cathedral,
trees, and cemetery.
What beautiful clouds.
If I were a seagull,
I'd fly through them.
Dilip, well done!
You laugh, but I'm trembling.
Every time I hear sirens,
I think they're coming for us.
What lovely new shoes you have!
- She was so kind!
- That's how life is.
You rush around to get
to death's door quicker.
Fuck! Cut!
Rita, please!
Let's try again, thanks!
Damn assholes, you'll pay for this!
Lounge, bedroom,
big blue screen!
Camera one, camera mo, camera three.
And from here we can directly
upload the videos online.
Everyone'll be able to see them
from any computer in the world.
Or we can burn a DVD.
Have you seen Pinak?
No, not for days.
Don't chuck them, I'll have them.
- 5 euros.
- But you were chucking them...
You're rich now, everyone knows.
Give me those roses!
Good girls!
- Thanks!
- Good girls!
Very good girls!
Be careful.
Don't worry.
This'll knock him out.
I'll do it.
I'll see to the surveillance camera.
You're courageous, when
you want. Of you go.
- Hi, Khaled.
- I saw something strange.
I went to check.
- Co... ee! Thanks.
- No, it's gone cold.
I'll get you another.
For us Jamaicans, co... ee is sacred.
Another menty.
Welcome, General.
At least someone's here.
Go, Ben!
A butte... ly lives for three days.
For mo days it rains.
On the third...
it flies!
To the frog...
What a crap poem!
Well done, General.
Here's the DVD. The image
is pe... ect, sound is missing.
All the better. Good evening!
Good evening, General.
- What the heck...
- I screwed up, but it's fine.
- Where's Mako?
- The communist's run o...
We're here!
Come on!
Thanks a million.
- Surname? Nationality?
- Brazilian.
Full house. Equal shares...
- Who's next?
- Me!
Let's go.
This is my will.
I want to read it to all those present
and those who are not.
I'll be dead in a year.
I can feel it.
So I've decided.
I'm leaving everything to my eldest son
who couldn't spend his life with me.
To my youngest son, I leave nothing.
He had his whole life to love me.
you can do what you want,
but be careful,
because I'll be watching you!
Could I have an advance on...
On what?
- Won't you sign?
- No.
I brought all the customers.
This is no good.
Without us, you'll
do nothing, communist.
We still need to talk about money.
Here's your money.
A co... ee.
I feel great today, must
be your special co... ee.
- Who is it?
- Come awaywith me.'s run avJay, far from everyone.
We'll hire a white Spider
and go to the sea, forever!
I vJant to be vJith you.
I've been searching all
my life for something.
I've never found anything.
We can be great together.
Who's there?
Nobody... We're not interested,
v... e don't need knives.
Did you hear me?
I will come down, you know.
Stop thinking, come down! Just do it!
fuck the knives! I'm
here novJ, come dovJn.
Okay, I'm coming.
I'll be vJaiting.
Why the rush to take the rubbish out?
Did it smell?
We're all alone now, my mom shoved o...
I've put a bottle in the fridge.
We can have a nice dinner.
This is a good day to make a baby.
Still worried about your visa?
I don't know what to say!
First report card.
mt, mt, mt, mt.
What's she saying?
Hi mom, I'm fine. I've
got everything I need.
I share a room with the
lady, they say she snores
but luckily, I don't hear her.
My wages have gone up
from 450 to 500 euros.
So I can send you more.
I love you, I'm fine.
The snow here is so beautiful.
I brought some beers.
Who is she?
Aisha, my daughter.
- Where is she?
- Senegal.
I've not seen her for 15 years.
Her mom died coming here.
I send money to our relatives.
I've never gone back.
And I've never allowed her to come here.
Next year
she'll finish her Law degree.
Well... it's solid.
Wait a minute,
I have to do something.
You can't do this.
I'll do the cleaning from tomorrow.
But you'll pay
for the substitutes.
Charlotte will help until she leaves.
Equal shares.
We did everything and
now you come along?
- That's not possible.
- Equal shares.
And all together, only
like this can we go on.
Crepa! Damn you!
What did you say?
I agree... a little.
Hi, how are you?
Lost your voice?
- Lost your balls?
- No, I lost my mind.
I know, I screwed up.
I got scared. It can happen.
I ran away, like I
always do. I'm a dumbass.
I know you, Charlotte.
You're lonely too.
We're the same.
I need you and you need me.
I want to be with you.
I love you.
If that's true, come
to my house to get me.
From my husband.
I want to take a bath
in the "Torments" tub.
- You tell her, please.
- Triple cost and it's a deal.
Guys, the Japanese guy is
back. He's in the car park!
Shit! We can't hide everything.
Guys, stop messing around!
I'm naked, bring me a towel.
- Pussycat...
- My darling!
Good luck.
What did that bastard do to you?
It was his mother.
- What did Charlotte say?
- I didn't see her.
Here's the DVD.
Co... ee, cappuccino, tea,
included in the price!
- Who'll pay for that?
- I will, okay?
I hope it's not stolen.
Remember when we started out?
We were just thieves for you.
Now we're all friends, all partners.
You steal money from me!
Hi, it's Vincenzo! Vincenzo Aglieta!
Yes, it's me!
We've not spoken in ages.
Remember that project we
had, "Montecarlo Swing"?
Could we do it together...
A restaurant?
Bye, Zorro.
I don't want to waste your time.
I've something important
to show you. Very important.
Hello, darlings!
- I brought some food.
- Thanks.
Sorry folks, that's all for today.
Come back tomorrow, thanks.
We should celebrate.
They're boys.
Two of them.
The camel is just...
It's good!
You're a good cook.
No, don't worry.
He knows.
I watched him sleeping
and I fell in love with him.
And as he slept, he
fell in love with me.
I'm getting married!
No, what are you thinking?
I'm marrying the General,
he'll give me his house,
his army pension and more
importantly, citizenship!
Hooray for Laloo!
Darling, you know I love only you.
- Hooray for Laloo!
- Thanks.
Hooray for Laloo!
- Dilip and his five children!
- Five!
Everything starts and ends.
- Did you know I was married?
- You?
I look like a hag but
I wear lace panties.
On my wedding day,
another man was on my mind.
But I got married anyway. I was scared.
I thought about the other man for years.
Meanwhile, my husband
and I took out a mortgage
for a nice house, with
a garden and fountain.
I even learnt to love him.
He had a car bureau agency, things
were rosy, tut bin as we say.
Then the bastard ran o... with
our South American neighbour.
Leaving me with debts,
they took everything away.
The house and the fountain too.
Charlotte, don't be like me.
Think about yourself.
I haven't danced in 20 years.
And I even dyed my hair.
Beppe, come on a cruise with me.
We'll tour the islands and peninsulas.
Good evening, your name?
.. the bathroom. And you can choose...
This is our house,
this is our terrace.
My husband says hi.
He's at work.
We're very happy.
Everything's fine.
That's not true.
My husband left me.
Now we're alone.
my baby girl is lovely,
Her name's Nenllija.
I couldn't lie to you all my life.
Are you number 147?
Go to make-up, then choose the
background and music, okay?
I take three aspirins a day.
But they're of no help.
I'm unhappy.
Excuse me!
If you're here now and not in jail
it's because I like what you do.
We can do great things with your ideas.
And great business.
- What do I have to do?
- We'd like...
Just carry on doing what
you've done up to now.
But for us.
And the others?
They'll be fired. But
we won't report them.
This is all I can concede.
I have to abandon my co-workers?
You can save them.
We did everything.
We did it!
Only this way can we
continue fomard together!
You're the eyes, I'm the head.
My eyes are blind, all
that's left is a head.
A dickhead!
You've always been a good husband.
You've always worked.
We've always shared everything,
we've never had any secrets.
Buddha is our witness!
I know you,
I can see you're happy,
you sing in the shower, right?
We've paid o... our debts.
Now something's happened,
but I trust you.
I know.
You'll do the right thing.
Let's go home.
What about the trolley?
Cheese pizza...
Stop, nobody move! You too! Come on!
Come on!
Mr Vincenzo.
Here we go.
Go on, tell them.
It's true,
I have something to say, but not to you.
We earn 800 euros a month.
For a 6-hour night shift.
Then we wait
mo hours for the bus
that'll take us home.
And we even consider ourselves lucky.
Then, one day
we started doing this
and we all thought we were
doing it for money, but no!
It wasn't only for the money.
And now
we can't stop.
We can only go fomards, or at least try.
the monkey sings,
the tiger wants to dance, too!
MevJs from frankfurt...
At, At, At, At... D.
What's going on?
On all nemorks?
Call the police!
You realise what you've done?
In all honesty, no!
I brought the sonnets.
A real Russian never dies...
He's dead. What've you done?
We're here with the
crew of Italian Movies.
After the famous TV nemork invasion,
which had record-breaking ratings,
they have a new project undemay.
Let's meet the producer.
It seems nothing can stop them.
Modestly speaking, I discovered them.
Sort of... I've always believed
in them, isn't that right?
And this is just the beginning!
for Michele
I'm ready for art house movies.
I'm her agent. Business card?