It's a Wonderful Knife (2023) Movie Script

(Knife slashes)

Henry: Do you want the best?
From the best?
Look no further than
Waters Cove.
The future shopping, dining,
and entertainment destination
for a brand-new Angel Falls.
My Angel Falls. Hey, you!
And remember, there's only
one name that you can trust...
Waters Corp.
I'm the best,
so (bleep) the rest.
Tell 'em Henry sent ya.
(Bells chiming)
I heard those bells
On the sweetest
Christmas Day
That thing makes me feel
As good as they can play
(Camera shutter clicks)
Woman: Merry Christmas!
Oh, you get me!
You get me! Really!
It's so good to see all of you
on this blessed day.
A little cold.
All of your smiling,
beautiful faces,
they all keep me warm
all year 'round,
I'll tell you that.
But we're here for one thing.
I know you know what it is.
- Should we do it?
- Yeah!
Angel Falls, I give you...
(Cheers and applause)
Looks like we'll make it
to our car this year
without Mr. Waters making Dad
do some work.
Henry: Hey. David Carruthers,
is that you?
- Jinxed it.
- Look it!
All the Carruthers are here!
Hey, great job with the tree.
Oh, thank you!
- What did you think?
- Oh, God.
Is that Mr. Waters'
little brother Buck
taking selfies?
Jimmy: He started
an OnlyFans last week.
I swear.
Did you see
the commercial, Judy?
- My new one?
- No. Not yet.
Oh, you got to check it out.
It's playing regionally thanks
to David's marketing genius.
Yeah, I directed that bad boy.
- Oh, I remember, Buck.
- Ha, I know.
I kicked you off the set.
Yeah, okay, okay.
That's what I remember.
Hey, Buck.
You remember me?
Jimmy Carruthers.
You were my peewee
football coach.
Yo, yo, yo, TikTok. Um...
if you ever wanted
to see my dick,
Merry Christmas to you.
It's hard to fit it
under the tree.
Please shoot me.
David, we still got to get
Roger Evans.
He won't sign those papers.
Roger's house is the last thing
standing in the way.
Standing in the way of what?
Well, this is exciting.
Phase Four for
the new Angel Falls.
It's gonna be your future
favorite shopping,
dining, and lifestyle destination.
LA's got The Grove.
We're gonna have Waters Cove.
Can't believe you didn't
tell her about this!
Didn't the town council
decide his house
is an historic landmark?
Ma'am, they almost did.
See, I'm a little bit
more persuasive
than my father ever was.
He was so driven by sentiment.
Let's go, Dave.
We'll talk about it on the way.
Dad, it's Christmas Eve.
Just keep my meal warm.
I won't be long.
You have a microwave?
You can heat up
the food afterwards.
- It'll be fine.
- I love the microwave.
Yeah, she cooks all the meals
in the microwave.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Come on.
It's okay, Mom.
This happens every Christmas.
You ought to be used
to it by now.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Henry Waters, Prince of
Angel Falls, strikes again.
Around the fire
on Christmas night
Henry: Here we go, Roger.
You got the pen?
All ready to go.
Let me just twist it.
Ready to go for you.
Mr. Evans,
we know you're carrying
a lot of debt,
and you could use the money.
So, I think it's a really great
idea to sign.
You're a good man, David.
But my family's lived here
for generations.
My granddaughter
will own it next.
I'm not signing.
When your dad died
a few years ago, Henry,
he should have left
the business to David.
But I'm his son.
David was more of a son to him
than you ever were.
Look, Roger.
I know you and your family,
you used to be
the gold standard around here.
Especially at Christmas time.
You donated those trees,
year after year.
But that was in the past.
'Cause I'm here now.
So, I want you to take
a look around your town...
If you're able to walk
outside on your own.
And you will see that
I'm the person this town
needs to move us
on into the future.
By kicking them from their
storefronts and their homes?
The people of this town
are its future, Henry.
They want to live.
To work and be happy.
And that's it.
Your father knew that.
Why do you want to take
that away from them?
Why do you want to turn them
into your drones?
Roger, you don't know
anything about my father.
So why don't we leave him
out of this, yeah?
It's your last chance.
Sign the papers.
You okay, Grandpa?
Hi, Cara.
Just a little
Christmas business.
You off to the party?
Unless you need me to stay?
No, no, you go on.
Have fun.
Love you, Grandpa.
Good to see you,
Mr. Carruthers.
Great to see you, Cara.
We'll see you tomorrow night
for dinner?
Have fun at the party.
Henry: Hey, Cara.
You be safe now.
Judy: For my gay son!
Oh, a rainbow!
Isn't it cute?
Just like you.
You're gonna have to hang that
on every Christmas tree
for the rest of her life.
(Door closes)
Alright, alright.
Everyone cool your tits.
- We're here.
- Where have you been, sis?
Oh, Karen's parents.
We were just having another
lovely Christmas Eve dinner.
We explained we are, in fact,
married and not roommates.
What can I say?
My parents aren't exactly
marching at Pride any time soon.
Winnie, Cara's waiting outside.
Oh. Coming, Jimmy?
I have to do my hair. Hm.
Does this help?
- Bye, Mom!
- Oh, okay.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Oh, no!
Get fucked up!
Oh, my...
Gimme back the Christmas
that I know
Oh, hey!
I'll meet you there
- No Eddie?
- Oh, he's meeting us there.
Hey, can you drive home later?
I need to get drunk.
Of course.
What happened?
Henry Waters.
That spray-tan prick wants
to own this whole town.
Apparently, my family home
is the last thing
standing in his way.
Sleep over tonight.
Tell your grandpa to be over
for Christmas breakfast.
Christmas day special.
Done and done.
Fuck Henry Waters.
Yeah, totally.
"F" that guy.
Just say "fuck",
Winnie... I can't! (Laughs)
(Camera shutter clicks)
- Got it.
- Cute!
Christmas that I know
(Pounding on door)
Go away, Henry.
I told you no.
(Pounding on door)
Henry, I told you...
(Electricity buzzing)
Fuck, yeah! Christmas!
Oh, Darla's here.
It's Christmas Eve
so get in the car
And travel back to
your hometown
(Indistinct chatter)
Win, take a photo!
Get my good side.
So cute!
(Camera shutter clicks)
Heck, yeah!
These are yearbook-ready.
Yeah, you finally made editor.
One more brag for
your college applications.
I'm surprised
you're here, Darla.
I thought you were
grounded tonight.
Yep. Well, my mom and dad
went to visit my sister.
I have the house to myself.
House to yourself, huh?
You gonna have anyone over?
It's like the after-party
After this party.
Ew, no.
Don't talk to Weirdo.
Weirdo looks so stalkerish
over there.
- Harsh, Darla.
- Hardly.
She knows that everyone
calls her that.
Right, Weirdo?
Winnie, babe.
Tell your brother I keep saving
his ass over and over again.
- Hey.
- Football team never gets
the rest of the credit
when we make
the quarterback look good.
Jimmy is the Carruthers family
golden child, Robbie.
Ouch, Winnie.
Just teasing.
Besides, you've got New York
and a future to look forward to.
As for me, after graduation,
I'll probably be coaching
JV football in the fall.
For now, there is a brooding,
mysterious, artistic type
that requires...
my attention.
Later, virgins.
Speak for yourself.
Well, uh, I'm out.
Need more.
I'll join you.
Babe, want anything?
No, I'm good.
Thanks, though.
I'm gonna go see
what Eddie's up to.
You go do that.
Jingle bells all the way

The girl of my dreams
I need you real soon now
You're a good kisser.
(Twig snaps)
Someone's watching us.
Hey, let's, uh...
let's get out of here, yeah?
Cara: The lights
are so pretty.
They should keep them up
all year.
This is perfect.
Kiss me.
What did you eat?
(Music playing)
Help me!
Somebody please help me!
He's after me!
Winnie, come back!
Come on.
We got to go.
No! Cara, no! No!
No! No!
No, no, no.
No, you're...
you're not dead. Please.
Please, wake up.


Come on.
Get up.
Get up, come on!
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.

(Electricity crackles)



Mr. Waters?

David: Angel Falls is renewed.
And full of life!
Our community is stronger
than ever.
Hey, Chad!
Have a great day
Everyone has a smile.
And we give free smiles
with every home purchase
from Carruthers Family Realty.
Because, with us,
you don't just get a house.
Together: You get a home!
Can't believe that
was the best take.

(Computer chimes)

Not another Christmas.
Judy: Let's go, Winnie.
David: We're gonna be late!
Judy: Oh.
Did you hear from NYU?
Not yet.
You forgot your camera.
No, I didn't.
Hey, you guys.
Do you smell that?
(Sniffs) It's Christmas.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
'Tis the season
to be jolly
(Christmas music playing)
You killed my brother.
Your family, they're, um...
they're really thriving
'cause of what you did.
The whole town's happy
he's dead.
That night still
haunts me, Buck.
Every day I'm sorry.
I should fucking end you.
I should fucking end you
'cause of what you did.
Boy: Look outside.
It's snowing.
Oh, my gosh.
Looks like everybody
got their wish.
They sure did.
Gale: Okay, and one for Winnie.
I love this tradition of opening
one gift on Christmas Eve.
Come on, open it.
I want to see!
Workout gear?
But you love pink.
Good job, David!
Nobody had that color.
David, no, no, no.
The dick got me a scale.
David: We can hear
you guys whispering.
What's the matter?
You never give women gifts
related to their bodies.
It's never okay.
Even if it's from your own dad.
Especially if it's
from your own dad.
Oh, come on. It's fun.
It's got your initial on it.
Judy: Come on.
Just go put it on.
Judy, maybe she just
tries it on later.
Come on, just go put it on.
For us.
Jesus Christmas!
(Horn honking)
Here you go, Mom and Dad.
Where did everyone go?
Oh, well, your brother
got a new truck.
Are you kidding?!
Oh, my God!
This is actually insane!
David: My business partner
needs to drive in style.
Get in!
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Winnie, language!
- What's the problem?
Winnie, it's okay.
It's for both of us.
I swear.
You drive it whenever you want.
- It's ours.
- Nice try, Jimmy.
But Dad gets me
a lesbian tracksuit?
We would never wear that.
Sorry, Aunt Gale.
And you get a damn truck?
We got you both
something you needed.
Can everyone please stop
ignoring what fucking happened
last year?
People were killed.
My best friend was killed.
Cara and her grandpa spent
every Christmas here.
How can you act
like nothing happened?
Winnie, it's time
to let that go.
I killed Mr. Waters.
I burnt him to a crisp.
And we never talk about it.
The town never talks about it.
Everyone just moved on.
Winnie, it's Christmas Eve.
Why would you want
to relive that?
It's got a 6.2-liter engine,
which is pretty amazing.
Merry Christmas, kid.
(Cellphone chimes)
(Cellphone chiming)
Boyfriend Robbie?
He's intense.
I'm so good and not bad
We could go far sometimes
Living how you're choosing
(Indistinct chatter)
Vicki, hey, got a sec?
What the fuck, dude?
We're playing gummy toss here.
First to five wins.
And I'm up four to two.
Wow, cool.
Who is this old asshole?
Robbie's weird neighbor?
I don't know. He brought
weed gummies, though.
Want one?
Have you seen Robbie?
Check the basement.
Mm! See that shit?
I win.
- Hey back.
- What?
You said "hey" to me
last year at the party,
and now I am saying hey back.
It's Bernie, right?
Yeah. It's...
It's Bernie.
So, "It's Bernie"...
(Chuckles) Good.
Have you seen my
dumb boyfriend Robbie?
He's in the backyard.
Will you shut the hell up?
I'm looking for Robbie.
He's in the laundry room.
I thought you said
he went outside?
Yeah, I did 'cause that's...
I just saw him there so... Weirdo's lying.
He's in the laundry room.
Get out of here, Weirdo.
You have very good aim.
Wow. Just wow.
Hey, Winnie!
Winnie, wait!
I was so sick of just sneaking
around all the time.
Jesus, Darla.
I catch you,
and you're relieved?
Sort of. Yeah.
Okay, well, you two suck.
Sorry, but you're not
exactly present.
Darla and I have been
doing this for a year,
Winnie, and you never noticed.
A year?
Shit, Win, we never meant
for you to find out this way.
Robbie, it's sticking out!
Bernie: Winnie, wait.
Don't go...
Wait. You were covering for
them, weren't you, Weirdo?
No, no.
I was trying to protect you...
I don't need help from you!


No school.
No best friend.
No boyfriend.
No one cares.
It's like I don't exist.
Everyone would be better off...
if I was...
never born.

Guys, did you see that?
Did the power go out
or something?
Oh, my God.
Help me!
Help! I'm at the wharf near
Angel Park!
Somebody's trying to kill me.
Ma'am, did you break my window?
Buck, he's after me!
He was trying to kill me!
The Angel?
Hey, Chuck.
I'm gonna need some backup.
(Siren chirps)
some of that chalk
that we outline the people on.
Can we get some more
of that caution tape?
I feel like...
I feel like we need to be
a little more cautious here.
Chip, can we get
a canine unit down here?
I-I don't think it's gonna help
catch him but it just...
it helps the vibes, you know?
This looks pretty good.
I mean, not this spot.
Obviously... Buck.
When did you become a cop?
Do I know you?
Where is the sheriff?
I'm the sheriff.
Sheriff Waters.
Show me some respect.
What is going on?
Where's Sheriff Beatty,
and why's everyone acting
like this is no big deal?
Ma'am... It's Winnie.
- You know that.
- Okay. Winnie.
Sheriff Beatty was murdered
almost a year ago.
I've been in charge ever since.
You're joking.
It's true.
Sheriff Beatty was killed
shortly after
the Angel Park murders.
He was victim number five.
Have there been more than five?
How many have there been?
Well, this is, uh...
26 or 27?
The Angel strikes
every couple of weeks.
How can that be?
Everyone knows who did it.
You know who did this?
Who did this?
Your... Man: Hey!
- Brother.
- Is this her?
You never had a witness before.
- Yeah.
- Huh, Buck?
Hi. Hi. I'm Henry Waters.
You okay? You're okay.
It's okay.
Whoa, whoa, easy, easy.
Easy, easy.
Yeah, I'm gonna invade
your personal space.
I want you to know, you have
this town's full support.
Anything you need, you just...
you just let Uncle Buck know.
Now, as mayor,
I want you to know
that you have a friend here
in Angel Falls.
Now, are you just visiting our
town, or do have family here?
Oh, she... she can't talk,
she's so scared.
It's okay.
You're all right.
She says she knows who did it.
Is that so?
I-I don't know, actually.
I misspoke.
I was chased, but then
he disappeared.
Never saw his face.
Wish I did.
Well, lucky you.
He was about your height, Mayor.
Anything else?
Don't you have
stuff to do, Buck?
- A report to file?
- Well, I...
Why don't you keep an eye
on that girl?
In which order?
Oh, thank God.
Are you drunk?
What are you doing here?
I clicked the option to leave
the pizza on the porch.
Where's Jimmy?
Jimmy, are you here?
What's going on?
Who are you?
Dad, where's Jimmy?
Is this a joke?
It's not funny.
You're looking
for Jimmy? Why?
I need to find him.
What for?
I just...
I need his help.
Oh, honey...
Jimmy is...
No, no. I...
That's not...
that's not possible.
I'm so sorry.
I saved him.
I swear.
I swear I saved him.
You need to get out of here.
Just go easy on her.
I think she's in shock.
My son was murdered a year ago.
I had one kid.
Now I have none.
You need to get out
of this house.
I'm sorry.

Henry: Citizens of Angel Falls,
this is your favorite mayor
reminding you all that
it's one hour until curfew.
Why not head inside early
and make some cocoa?

Henry Waters.
He owns it all.


(Hard rock music playing)

(Indistinct shouting)

Weird neighbor Pete.
What's in the pipe?
Some good old crank.
Cut the shit.
Have you seen Robbie?
Or Darla?
I need their help.
Oh, my God. Bernie.
You know me?
Then why are you
acting like you do?
I don't know.
Weird story.
I think I'm dead or invisible.
Mm. I can see you.
We all can see you so you're not
dead or invisible.
Right, right.
No, I totally get that.
It's just, you don't
know me, right?
That's right.
I don't.
And no one else here knows me.
Yo, Tara, do you know me?
(Chuckles) No.
Yo, Chad, do you know me?
I'd like to.
Ew, barf, no, bye.
See? No one knows me.
No one in this whole town
knows me.
So, um, who are you?
I'm Winnie Carruthers.
I'm Jimmy Carruthers' sister.
That's super effed up.
You're just playing with me?
You're trying to get me
to freak out.
Someone will point
and laugh at me?
God, this while school
messes with me.
This is, like, next-level gross.
Bernie, we go to school together.
I don't think that we do.
We did.
You got to help me.
(Speaking indistinctly)
Robbie and Darla.
They're the "it" couple.
This is his house.
I know.
Invisible a minute ago,
and now she knows whose
house this is.
It's like make up your mind.
(Speaking indistinctly)
That's us.
Are you two in love?
Three years strong. Yeah.
You know our names.
What's yours?
Okay, well, uh,
good to know ya, Winnie.

Kick me!
Kick me in the junk!
What the hell are you doing?
What does it look like, bro?
He's kicking my ass!
What is this town?
Holy fucking shit
It's Christmas
The lights look so cool.
(Cellphone chimes)
Oh, my God,
there's been more murders.
Dude, people died.
More people.
So fuckin' what?
Am I just supposed to
stop living life?
Live in perpetual fear?
Let it kill my buzz?
Come on.
I must be drunk to keep
listening to this.
What did I say?
Really drunk.
I am so misunderstood.



Help me!

Open the fucking door!

(Music playing)

(Blows landing)


(Indistinct talking)

Winnie: They really are in love.

Carruthers, Carruthers, Carruthers.
Then I'm really gone.


citizens of Angel Falls,
the killer did strike again.
But know that I am
working on it.
I'm going to solve this.
My men are more than equipped
to handle the situation.
So please take comfort in that
Vicki: Weirdo.
Weirdo, I'm talking to you.
Why are you showing up
We don't want you here.
Murders for a year,
and you have a party?
Murders for a year, and you
still treat her like shit?
Plus, the drugs?
We're mourning, okay?
Quit pursing your lips, Vicki.
Your mouth looks
like an asshole.
Come on, Weirdo.
Let's fuckin' go.
Who are you?
Great party.
My mouth doesn't look
like an asshole.
Oh, my God,
did you see their face?
Oh, no.
I hope that they don't think
about that every day
for the rest of their life.
Do you think... Bernie, wait.
The killer is still
out there, right?
Very much so. Yeah.
We got to stop him.
Come with me.
Oh, stupid Pete, stupid Weirdo.
And that other girl?
Who is that?
My God, I don't care.


Are you always alone
for Christmas?
My dad caught my mom.
He left when I was little,
and, uh, my mom's usually
with whatever ass bucket
she's dating, so...
I do the best I can.
It's nice, Bernie.
You designed these?
And these.
If I can ever scrounge up
the money,
I'm going to New York.
Fashion school.
NYCU was my plan, too.
Didn't end up working out.
Maybe it will and we'll end up
there together.
You did this?
It's kept me going.
What do you mean by that?
The victims have been
mostly teenagers.
And he murders every few weeks.
It's Henry Waters.
You don't believe me.
I mean...
I stood under the aurora
and said everyone
would be better off
if I never existed.
Well, wish granted.
Because I'm seeing what
Angel Falls is like without me.
Everyone at school
calls you Weirdo.
Not like "a weirdo,"
they literally named you Weirdo.
How would I know that?
You heard that tonight
from Vicki.
Just hear me out.
Last Christmas Eve,
Mr. Evans was murdered
in his home first.
Then Eddie and Cara
were murdered at the park party.
Well, in the version
where I still exist,
I killed the killer,
and it was Henry Waters.
He killed Eddie and Cara and
then he came after me and Jimmy.
But I killed him.
I saved Jimmy.
You took out the killer,
and you're saying
it was Mayor Waters.
It was!
Oh, God.
I wasn't there to save him.
And now he's dead.
All the offed teenagers
were part of families
with businesses in town.
Or they had businesses in town.
The kids died.
And then the businesses died.
And then you weren't
around to stop him,
so he just kept going.
And now he owns
the whole damn town.
It's like everyone just gave up.
And he likes killing.
Look, I want to believe you.
I mean, it makes sense.
Henry Waters is a twat.
He's now mayor.
He killed the last sheriff so
his TikTok cock dumb-ass brother
Buck could take over,
which makes
Mayor Waters untouchable.
But let's say you're just...
you're some girl...
some potentially crazy girl
no one knows.
And the day you reveal
yourself in town
is the day there's another...
(Cellphone buzzing)
And then another murder
at the party we were just at.
Pete was killed at
the party, Winnie.
But I was with you.
You went outside alone.
Come on, Bernie!
It wasn't me!
How can I be so sure?
Come on, come on!
Go, go, go!
Holy crap,
you aren't the killer!
You're telling the truth!
You don't exist!
You're George Bailey!
Will you be my Clarence?
Citizens of Angel Falls,
this is your mayor,
reminding you
to have a safe
and Merry Christmas!
Wait, wait.
Hold on.
It's curfew time!
Oh, it's so pretty.
Winnie: It exploded
when I made my wish.
It shouldn't be here.
What do you mean?
I mean it's super rare to see
an aurora from our town.
We aren't close enough
to the Arctic.
But it's here.
And so are you.
I don't think
that's a coincidence.
Come on.
Is this still open?
Yeah, it's the only
thing in town
Henry Waters doesn't own.
How do we get in?
I work here.
We're safe here
overnight, Winnie.
Loosen those shoulders.
This is my happy place.
(Music playing)
Man: A Merry Christmas
to you, uncle!
Thank you. And God save you!
Bah! Humbug! Christmas a humbug?
You can't mean that, I'm sure.
This is one of my favorites.
What right have you to be merry?
What reason have you
to be merry?
You're poor enough. Come, then.
What right have you
to be dismal?
What reason have you
to be morose?
You're rich enough.
Did being unborn hurt?
I'm tired, Bernie.
Can we not?
- What?
- I have so many questions.
It didn't hurt.
It just sort of... happened.
So, no plasma or goo
or anything?
I would just imagine
it's like...
it's like reverse childbirth.
Where do you come up
with this kind of stuff?
Why are you here?
In this... reality?
To learn some lesson?
To appreciate life?
I learned that lesson quickly.
I do wish I was born.
I wish Jimmy was alive.
See? Nothing.
I know we just met,
but I have no doubt this town
was better with you in it.

A Merry Christmas to you!
A Merry Christmas!

Good morning!
I couldn't sleep at all.
You snore so loud.
But look what I found.
Do you shoot?
Oh, I try.
I mean, it's probably
not as good as you.
I can barely get a photo
in focus.
You stayed up all night
doing this?
Yeah, I live
for this kind of shit.
The aurora is why you're here.
It's rare for it to be seen
in our town, but it does happen.
And local folklore says
the lights
are the spirit of someone
who died violently.
- Henry Waters.
- Yeah.
You killed him
in your world, right?
His spirit sent you here, Winnie.
there's more.
The aurora's fading.
And if it fades away completely,
I'm stuck here.
What do I do?
My best guess?
Kill him again.
Before the aurora disappears.
You'll get your wish
to go back and reset...
Merry Christmas.
This is tonight?
A new Christmas festival in town
gifted to us by Mayor Waters.
"Are you naughty or nice?
Only Henry Waters
can answer that?"
This could be our only chance.
How do we get to him?
This whole town is
basically up his ass.
I think there's one person
who can help us.
He's closer to Henry Waters
than anybody.
(Knocking on door)
You again.
I just need to talk to you.
It's about Jimmy.
I'm not going away
until you talk to me!
I don't exist, man!
I can do this all day!
I need to talk to him.
Tell me how you know Jimmy.
Make something up.
He's my brother.
And you're my aunt.
Can I come in?
I'm your aunt?
You're my mom's sister.
Dad works for Henry Waters.
Okay, tell me something
you can't Google.
Your ass froze to the ground
because you were rocking
an Aguilerean thong at the 1999
Christmas Eve park party.
I always knew that
thong would bring people
together one day.
What's an Aguilerean thong?
Judy! What did I say?
No more wine.
Leave her alone.
Do you have my Ambien?
Do you have her Ambien?
Who is that?
Uh, you don't want to know.
I mean, he's upstairs
if you really want...
You have a lovely home.
Working on Christmas?
For Mr. Waters.
Are you okay?
You want to talk about Jimmy?
You knew him?
He was...
Yeah, he was.
I used to go to school
with Jimmy.
I loved watching him play.
He was all-state.
Two years in a row.
I remember this one game,
he threw for six touchdowns.
He was so, so, so good.
I remember that.
That was the state semis.
I got so excited that I...
that I spilled hot cocoa...
All over your pants.
Jimmy always lit up
when he told me that story.
God, I miss him so much.
So do I.
You know, it's really something.
One person, one life,
can change everything,
just by being gone.
And they don't even know it.
And they are so lucky that
they don't get to see the pain
they left in their wake.
And they should be so lucky.
Could you imagine?
What seeing this could do
to a person?
I know who killed him.
Oh, come on.
Don't start this.
I was there that night.
I saw what happened.
What do you mean?
If you were there, why didn't
you say something then?
I couldn't.
It was Mr. Waters.
It was Henry Waters?
My best friend?
My boss?
You're saying he killed my son?
We need to stop him.
Why did you come
here again? Huh?
Why are you so intent
on hurting my family?
Dad, he killed Jimmy!
You called me dad.
No. I-I just...
I'm not your dad.
I have no children.
You need to get out
of the house, go.
- He killed Jimmy.
- Goddamnit!
The guy that you are accusing
of murder right now,
he got me this house.
He feeds this family.
He paid for the burial
of my son!
So, get the fuck out of here!
Are you okay?
Hey, it's okay.
My family, this town...
it died that night with Jimmy.
I got to fix this.
Uh, why is that
strange man kissing your neck?
Don't let that bastard scream
at you like that.
Yeah. Don't let that bastard
scream at you like that.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Mom has a side piece?
Pieces, plural.
Told you you
didn't want to know.
Goddamn mess.
You heard me, Judy?
You're a goddamn mess!
I didn't realize
that was your mom.
David is not the man
he used to be.
Well, that's true.
He comes and goes at all hours.
Even in the middle of the night.
Oh, look, there he fucking
goes again!
(Door slams)
You're not nice.
Regardless, my husband
thinks he's tough.
Don't let him trick you!
Wait, Winnie.
They don't even know
that they're your family, right?
I know it sucks.
I've seen like a zillion randos
playing tonsil hockey
with my mom, but...
we need them.
We need someone.
Aunt Gale!
That guy needs to leave.
Mom! No!
No! Gale, we got to go,
we got to go!
Come on!
Winnie, let's go!
Go, go, go!
Bernie: We have
to step over him.
He's still breathing.
That's okay.
I got you.
Okay, come on.
What are you doing?
I have to kill him.
Yes, you can do it, Winnie.
David: I told you...
I'm not your dad.
It's almost gone.

That should be good.
I can't believe my dad
is the one doing this.
First Karen and now Judy.
I just...
He killed her this past summer.
And then Waters took over
her print shop a week later.
I saw something in his eyes.
My dad is not fully...
my dad.
His eyes have felt
like that for a year.
The aurora, Jimmy...
Jimmy's murder broke my dad.
Waters already owned him.
Now he controls him.
Just like everyone else
whose life he destroyed.
So, Waters did
the first killing?
And is using my dad
to punish his competition.
Making him kill in order
to expand his empire.
We can still change it back.
Kill the killer.
- Hold up.
- You saw the aurora.
It's gonna disappear tonight.
Once it's gone,
there could be no stopping him.
I have to kill my own dad?
Look, you can think of it
as a dream, right?
You kill him, then you wake up.
And you get your life back.
Weirdo is right, kid.
You're an unexpected wrinkle.
Your dad did not plan on you.
You are his target now, Winnie.
If you don't kill him,
he'll kill you.
And so many others in this town.
what's our plan?
We lure him here.
All right.
Let's kill my not-dad dad.

(Light clicking)
Man on screen: I do mean it.
What right have you to be merry?
What reason have you
to be merry?
You're poor enough.

Now, Winnie!
But, Robbie, I can't see!
Come on down, Bernie.
It's just Robbie and Darla.
Robbie: Is that
a baseball bat?
Why are you here?
We had our first date here.
It's a tradition.
Yeah, they're
kind of here a lot.
Ugh. These two. I can't.
So, why did you
attack us on our thirdiversary?
(Laughs) Of course
it's your anniversary.
Yeah, we are so lucky
that we started dating
on Christmas Eve.
So lucky.
Yes, we are.
- Blech!
- Blech.
Darla: Robbie!
- Robbie, where are you?
- Where is he?
Winnie: Bernie?
I can't see!
Darla? Darla?!
Where'd you go?!
- Ah!
- Darla: Robbie!
Hey! Darla?
Careful, Darla!
Darla, watch out!
Darla! Darla!
Darla! Babe! Babe!
Shoot, shoot, shoot.
Oh, no!
No! Get off me!
Robbie, run!
(Knife slashing, plunging)
Let's all go to the lobby
Let's all go to the lobby
Get to the lobby!

(Body thuds)
You did it.
You did it.
This is the spot.
Let's hope this works.
Can I just say, um...
you like me?
Oh, Weirdo.
Of course I like you.
This Christmas
was gonna be my last.
You heard me.
This was gonna be it.
But you...
you helped me realize.
You matter, Bernie.
I wasn't Clarence.
You were.
I hate to see you go.
But reset it.
I'll be fine.
I promise.
I want my life back.
I want my life back.
I want to go home.
Let me go back!
He killed my goddamn mom,
my aunt!
Do I need to suffer any longer?!
Winnie, we can figure this out-
Give me my life back, you hack!
Bernie, what do I do?
Henry: People of Angel Falls!
Are you on my naughty list?
Oh, crap.
I think the aurora heard you.
It looks angry.
We need to kill Waters.
The Holcombs!
The Holcombs have been nice,
of course.
There they are.
What a lucky couple.
Year after year, always nice,
and we appreciate that.
Well, thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Buck Waters!
You've been naughty.
No, no.
Come to me,
little brother. Come.
Don't we love Buck?
He's been such a great
sheriff for our town.
(Light applause)
We love Buck, don't we?
But, my little brother,
you've been naughty.
I know.
I found out last week
that Sheriff Buck here
put in for a transfer.
(Crowd groans)
Yeah, he did.
Now, why would you do that?
Get out of here!
I don't want to do
this anymore, Henry.
It's okay. It's okay.
You don't have to.
You don't have to.
I forgive you.
Winnie, they're all just watching.
We made it worse.
I forgive you.
(Knife plunges)
I do this all for you!
Only Henry Waters can give you
everything you need!
He's an angel!
- He's your angel.
- Someone do something.
Henry: Oh, that's beautiful.
Our angel.
Get out of here!
All of you!
Well, now...
what do we have here?
An outsider and a pariah.
Hi there, Weirdo.
How's your mom?
Your dad caught her
with Henry Waters.
You ruined her life.
What life?
Bring them up.
I want to talk to them.
Come on.
Get 'em up here.
Let's have some fun.
Ruined her life?
It's a little annoying
'cause David was supposed
to take care of you.
It's another one
for the naughty list, dear.
So, David was just like
the rest of these people?
More of your drones?
Well, that's an ugly thing
to say in front
of all these fine people.
David needs me.
Like they do.
The night I broke him,
when I took his only son,
he saw my true power.
And he came to his senses,
and so will you.
Very soon.
Well, I guess there's something
you should know.
What's that?
We fucking killed him.
Did you really?
That's a shame.
This outsider's dangerous.
And she allies herself
with our town's most pathetic.
You don't know Angel Falls.
What do you think?
You think you're
gonna come up here
and liberate these people?
They desire to be ruled.
They need me.
The people in this town care
about each other.
And they know
they don't need you.
You have no idea what you are...
I've always fucking hated you!
Get your fuckin' hands off me.
This is cashmere.
Get off me.
Don't embarrass me, okay?
I can handle this.
Ooh. (Laughs)
Ooh, you like it rough, huh?
Just like your mom...
You fuckin' bitches.
Hey, what the fuck?
Hey, get away from me!
Back up, piss heads!
I'll use it!
You dumb little sluts.
You just made my naughty list!
And you made ours.

I was here to help you.

My room!
I made it.
(Squeals) Christmas!
We should give this to her
as soon as she wakes.
We owe that to her.
(Squeals) Mom!
- Whoa.
- What is this for?
It's Christmas day, right?
Of course.
Honey, you're being silly.
Yeah, it better be.
We got you a present.
You got to open it now, though.
We thought you could use
a new camera.
I love you.
- Aw, honey.
- Love you.
Jimmy: Good morning.
Merry Christmas to you, too!
Someone's got
the hangover emotions.
The hangover?
You get one of those nights
a year.
Do you hear me?
You're too young to drink.
- I got drunk?
- Oh, so drunk, kid.
Aunt Gale, Karen.
You're okay.
Of course we're okay.
What a long night.
I didn't get into NYU, Mom.
Oh, honey.
It's a relief. It would have
cost us a lot of money.
It's okay.
It's fine.
I love it here.
I belong here.
I'm sorry we didn't
let you heal.
We're here for you, sweetheart.
No more ignoring anything.
We're both so proud of you.
Aunties, too!
Aunties, too!
- Okay...
- You guys.
Alright, fam.
Let's tear these presents open.
- Come on, chop-chop.
- This is my favorite part!
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
I love Angel Falls!
Merry Christmas, movie theatre!
- You look great!
- Okay!
No. It's okay.
I'm okay.
You two are cute together.
You fit.
It's better this way.
Thanks, Win!
I know.
It's fine.
Open the door, Bernie!
What are you doing here?
Bernie, no.
I know that it's hard right now,
but I'm your friend,
and I can't let you do this.
You matter, Bernie.
I remember!
I'm so glad you remember.
Okay, get dressed.
We're gonna go to my house
for breakfast.
And then we're going
to the Clova
for a Christmas movie marathon!
Get your shit together, Weirdo.
I don't have all day.
Don't ever call me Weirdo again.
You got it, Bernie.

La, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la, la
You better believe it
Hug me, it's your season
Don't wait another second
Go get yourself that present
Can't be shy
about the glitter
'Cause you're better
when you glimmer
You can be the sunshine
Shaking up the winter
Joy to the girls
all around the world
Joy to the girls all
around the world
Joy to the girls
all around the world
If you want it,
you can have it
Tis the season,
make it yours
Tis the season
Tis the season of joy
Tis the season
La, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Go ahead and make it festive
Write a list
and then re-check it
Don't have to
wait till later
Eat the cookies
for your breakfast
There's only one December
Better make it
front and center
This will be the year
that you'll always remember
Joy to the girls
all around the world
Joy to the girls all
around the world
Joy to the girls
all around the world
If you want it,
you can have it
Tis the season,
make it yours
Tis the season
Tis the season of joy
Tis the season
La, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Tis the season
Tis the season
Tis the season of joy
Joy to the girls
all around the world
Joy to the girls all
around the world
Joy to the girls
all around the world
If you want it,
you can have it
Tis the season,
make it yours