It's All Sunshine and Rainbows (2023) Movie Script

(light dramatic music)
(lively music)
(bright upbeat music)
(bright upbeat music continues)
(bright upbeat music continues)
And we're live in two minutes.
Everyone in their positions.
Let's go!
(fingers snapping)
Can you powder the
nose a little bit?
All I heard yesterday was
how shiny my face was.
My mom said I look
like a giant mirror.
(Melonie chuckles)
I guess all feedback
is good feedback.
Is that the saying?
No, I think it's
no news is good news.
You're both wrong.
It's there's no such
thing as bad press.
But as for your
mom, she was right.
The shine was so bright,
it could've lit a broom
and not in a good way.
(group laughs)
Yeah, I blame the lighting.
My work is flawless.
30 seconds.
- You look perfect.
- (Crew Member) Stunning.
(Melonie sighs)
Another sunny day
out there this morning.
But don't forget to grab
your umbrella on the way out
because there might be
a chance of some rain.
(Melonie laughs)
I'm Melonie Sunshine.
Now, back to you-
(TV clicks)
(door creaking)
(heels clicking)
- Yeah, the thing is though-
- No, I don't think so.
Melonie, I need to see you
in my office right away.
Yes, of course.
Let me just get outta
this hair and makeup
and I'll be right there.
Sure, come when you can.
- Sure just come when you can.
- Sure just come when you can.
It's disgusting.
(Melonie scoffs)
(dramatic music)
(Melonie sighs)
Melonie, I'm gonna
make this quick.
We have some concerns.
Concerns about what?
Well, actually, it's
about your weather reports.
We just don't feel
you're doing enough
to keep the audience interested.
But I'm reporting on
the actual weather, so.
Listen, everybody else
seems to be doing their part.
I mean, everyone was
glued to their TVs
when Guy and Darla
were reporting
on that double murder case.
And then you came on, it
was just another sunny day.
And it's my head that's
on the chopping block
if ratings go down this quarter.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Well, (chuckles), Caroline,
I don't really know
what you want me to do
because I'm reporting
on the actual weather.
You know, I look outside, I
see the sun and it's sunny.
Look, don't you get it?
You control the narrative.
You need to make people afraid.
Make them desperate
for your next report.
Bring in some
dangerous air pollution.
Hell, bring back acid rain.
No one reports on
that shit anymore.
Of course, if you think that's
what we need, I'll do that.
Thank you.
That is exactly what we need.
Thanks for being a team
player on this, Melonie.
(laughing) Anything
for you, Caroline.
Oh, wait, wait,
one more thing.
You know, the audience
is really loving
your onscreen
flirtation with Guy.
So for tomorrow, why don't
we up the ante a little bit.
Maybe wear something
a little special.
Yeah, of course.
So acid rain,
quicksand, a hot dress,
and flirtation with Guy, my Guy.
- Mm, exactly.
- Exactly.
Thank you, Melonie.
Thank you, Caroline.
- (Caroline) You can go.
- You can go.
We can go. Goodbye.
You can go.
Thank you so much for this.
I really appreciate it.
- Bye, great chat.
- Great.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yeah, bye.
- Bye.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I've got work to do.
Right, of course.
Yeah, you get back to that work.
All that work.
(Caroline) Mm hm.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Can't wait to see your
head on the chopping block.
Okay, bye.
(Caroline sighs)
(light music)
Morning, sunshine.
I didn't see you after you left
Caroline's office yesterday.
Everything okay?
Oh, yeah. Nothing
I can't handle.
She basically wants me
to make up a bunch of
fake weather reports,
but I'm a professional.
Wait, why do you
look amazing today?
Did someone spill the
beans about the...
(curious music)
- Denise.
- (Denise) Mm hm?
- What is going on?
- Nothing.
Why do you look so happy?
I'm just happy for you.
Happy that I have to
talk about acid rain
making a comeback?
Oh my God.
Who is acid rain?
Is that like a
band or something?
No, like, acid rain.
Like, like acid.
When acid rain comes down.
I love that song
from their third album.
- Denise!
- What?
What is going on?
Okay, okay.
Well, someone spotted Guy
out ring shopping yesterday,
and apparently he has
something very special planned
for the end of
today's broadcast.
- No.
- (Denise) Mm hm.
Am I gonna be
Mrs. Guy LaDouche?
(Melonie screeching)
Time for set, Melonie.
We're live in two minutes.
Sounds good.
(Melonie screaming)
(Denise screaming)
This is gonna be the
best day of my life.
And also the best
day of my life.
Well, it sounds like we'll
all have to pack a little extra
patience for that commute home
this afternoon huh, Darla?
Who would've thought?
Well, folks, that about does
it for us here this morning.
But before we go,
I wanted to take a moment
to address the amazing,
amazing family we have
here at WERQ Morning News.
Now, as many of you know,
I've been seeing a very,
very special lady.
(gentle music)
And I thought it'd only
be right to do it live,
here and on the air.
(gentle music continues)
Camera two, push.
Push in on Guy.
Caroline, you are an
amazing station manager.
And even better in the sack.
Camera three, follow Caroline.
Now, this is the part I
would get down on my knee,
but this carpet reminds me
of my mom, dead and dirty.
(Guy chuckling)
(Caroline giggling)
Camera one, push
in on the ring.
- (Caroline) It's so big.
- Yes, it is.
(Caroline gasps)
And beautiful.
Will you do yourself
a favor and marry me?
Yes. Yes, I will.
Gimme that hand.
What the fuck?
(crew gasping)
Camera four and five,
hold for Melonie's reaction.
(Melonie yelling)
I'll chase the monsters
from your closet before bed
(Assistant) Should
we go off air?
Are you kidding me?
This just made my career.
I feel like I should
win an Oscar for that.
In the sun
You're the light in my eye
The sun
You bring joy to my life
Melonie, wait.
God, Melonie, I am so sorry.
It was supposed to be you.
He is a two timing snake,
and Caroline just got engaged
and the only thing she's doing
in there right now is
bragging about how good
the ratings were today.
This was a sabotage segment.
They set me up.
I should've seen it coming.
What can I do?
There has to be
something I can do.
Do you want a smoothie bowl?
What? No.
Once again, love and
marriage has taken
a big giant crap on me.
You know what?
I'm gonna go back
to my jaded hatred
of my happily ever
after ever happening.
But Denise, thank you
for being a good friend.
There's one more thing.
No, I need to get
your mic pack back.
It's just they're
really expensive
and they'll be mad
if I don't do it.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
It's just really up
in there, but sure.
Okay, I'll just...
- Oh, yeah.
- Just a little.
Yeah, it's really
tucked up in there.
Oh. Oh.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Hm, what time is lunch?
(car beeping)
(car door slamming)
(light music)
- Hi there, Nick.
- Hey.
Love the shine on that cock.
- Not bad, huh?
- Yeah.
Listen, sorry to be
a bearer of bad news,
but flower shop needs payment.
Sorry to make you come
all the way down here
and tell me that.
Things have just
been a little tough-
- Hey, say no more, son.
I know how much you
cared about her.
God rest her soul.
Well, I gotta get off
to the funeral home.
Civic duty knows no end.
You know what I mean?
Okay, I'll catch you later.
All right?
(Nick) Yep.
Hey, cock-a-doodle-do.
(traffic humming)
Well, you missed it.
No, no, it's
supposed to start at...
At 1:00.
It's four o'clock, Dad.
I know.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
Just with everything
that happened this week,
I got a little caught up.
Yeah, it's always
the same excuse, Dad.
Thanks a lot.
All the other parents
seem to make it on time,
but I guess my hard work
means nothing to you.
No, no, no.
Lemme drive you home.
You know what?
No, don't bother.
I'd rather walk.
Stay here.
Farm needs you more than me.
(somber music)
(traffic humming)
(door handle rattling)
(somber music continues)
(shoes thudding)
(Melonie crying)
(thunder booming)
Let's hope that's acid
rain to burn through
Guy's metal heart.
(Melonie sobbing)
(Melonie panting)
(Melonie scoffs)
(hand slamming)
(fist knocking)
(Melonie clears throat)
(Melonie exhales)
(curious music)
(curious music continues)
"You're invited to
join the wedding of
Caroline White
and Guy LaDouche."
(Melonie groaning)
(Melonie yelling)
(invitation rustling)
(Melonie yelling)
(laptop creaking)
(keyboard clicking)
Oh, Miss Sunshine, we
were expecting your call.
After seeing the news today,
we kind of expected
you to jump on a plane
and be here in person.
I need an emergency
session with Dr. Jackie now.
We assumed as much.
Dr. Jackie has nothing,
has cleared her schedule.
Dr. Jackie.
I'm here.
I can take it from here, Sherry.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Sherry, you can leave.
Honey, I ain't gonna
miss a minute of this.
(Sherry screeching)
(Dr. Jackie sighs)
Go ahead, honey.
I am here for you.
You know as much as I do.
How did you know it was me?
I can smell that
cheap perfume.
You need a raise.
(Dr. Jackie coughing)
I have a great idea.
Why don't you quit and
become my receptionist?
Just kidding.
What's going on darling?
Let's start from scratch.
Guy and I were in love.
Everything was perfect.
I bet you this was some sick
plan between Caroline and Guy
just to boost the ratings.
Oh, and what do I do now?
This is my workplace.
Do I have to go back to work?
Tell me what to do.
Girl, you need a
change of scenery.
Yeah, you need to get out
of town and clear your head.
Now, certainly there's somewhere
you can go where you feel
welcomed and you can
let go of all of this.
What do I do about work?
Now, you know as well as I
do that they could just rerun
your last month of
weather reports.
Nothing changes over there.
Maybe a change of
scenery is what I need.
And you know what?
From now on, I'm done
with love and marriage.
I'm marrying me.
Okay, well put a pin in that.
We will unwrap that little
morsel when you get back in here
in my office for intensive
therapy sessions.
We're talking
three times a week.
Billed twice a week.
Okay, cool.
I gotta go.
(Melonie sighs)
(melancholy music)
(glass clinking)
(phone ringing)
Yeah, no one's called me yet.
And honestly, like, I just
wasn't really expecting it
to happen on live TV.
Aunt Tilly?
Oh no.
What happened?
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I can be there tomorrow.
(Melonie sighs)
All right, bye.
(sighs) Oh no, Aunt Tilly.
Maybe a funeral is kind
of what I need right now.
Aunt Tilly always did
have impeccable timing.
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
Oh, hey, I was wondering-
- Can you flower people
just leave me alone?
I told Mr. Miller I'd have
your money by end of the week.
Oh, no.
I was just-
You're just doing your job.
Yeah, I know. I get it.
Just leave me alone.
Hm, so much for
small town hospitality.
(Melonie sighs)
Search for funeral
homes near me.
(phone dinging)
(somber orchestral music)
(funeral attendees
talking over each other)
I am so glad
you're here, sweetie.
It's great to see you, Mom.
Aunt Tilly was
important to all of us.
I just can't believe she's gone.
Didn't she just
look beautiful today?
Yeah, they did a
really great job.
So many people
thought we were twins.
You know you're my
stepmother, right?
Well, I think it was the eyes.
We have a very
similar eye color,
but she did look
beautiful today though.
And maybe a bit overdone.
At least her nose
wasn't too shiny.
(Barbra scoffs)
Thank you all for coming.
Tilly asked that her
last will and testament
be read at the funeral.
"And without any damn
lawyers present."
Her words, not mine.
As you know, Tilly ran a very
successful wedding business
at the farm and kept
that place looking great
year after year.
She even was able to raise all
those prize winning chickens
for the last decade!
Exquisite cocks.
So it'd come as no surprise
that she wants that business
to continue, even with her gone.
So she is leaving the farm
in the most capable
hands she can.
Melonie, Tilly has
left everything to you.
(light dramatic music)
No, no, no, no.
It says here that
"She trusts you the most
and with your ability to
make everything work out
in the end."
That's all it says.
"Your ability to make
everything work out in the end."
But I don't know
how to run a farm
and I do not wanna be near the
wedding industry right now.
Well, she did think of that.
That's why 50% of the farm
and business is yours.
And 50% goes to Nick Rainbow.
Who is Nick Rainbow?
Oh God, I was afraid of this.
Near the end, she was saying
that there were people
and things around her
that just weren't.
(Melonie) Shut up.
She put a made up
person in her will.
I'm Nick Rainbow.
Been Tilly's farmhand and
kind of her business partner
the last couple years.
Well, that's that.
My daughter who hates love
and the handsome farmhand
are about to ruin everything
Tilly grew here in town.
Thanks for the vote
of confidence, Mom.
Tell me I'm wrong, darling.
No one even knew Nick existed
until two minutes ago.
And you're just a
glorified weather girl.
I'm not a glorified
weather girl.
I'm a weather professional.
Is that a thing?
You know what?
I'll prove to all of you that
you do not need to believe
in love and marriage to
run a wedding industry.
And also, I could
be a farmer too.
Look at me, farming.
How darling?
I'll Google it!
(Melonie scoffs)
Give me this.
(Melonie scoffs)
(Barbra sighs)
(Melonie crying)
(knuckles knocking)
(window whirring)
Look, I think we got off
to a bit of a bad start.
Can I get you a tissue?
Yes, please.
(light music)
(Melonie blowing nose)
(Melonie crying)
You, you keep it.
I'm good.
Look, I don't wanna put
any more pressure on you
after today, but you maybe
wanna meet at the farm now?
Just to go over a couple things.
(Melonie sighs)
If we must, partner.
(Melonie blowing nose)
(gentle music)
(Melonie sighs)
Here we are.
Look, I didn't want
this just as much as you.
Well, at least you
know what you're doing.
I literally went to a funeral
today and bought the farm.
Yeah, well, I didn't know
she was gonna give this to me.
She didn't give it to you.
She gave it to us.
You know, I thought that
after all these years
she would know that I do
not work well with others.
Isn't the weather girl
on the morning team?
Oh wow, pulling all
the punches today.
I forgot to give you this.
- Is this Aunt Tilly?
- No, no, no.
It's a judge's sash for
the Rooster Festival.
With your aunt passing,
you now become a head judge
at the best cock competition
at the fair next week.
And your aunt took cock
judging very seriously.
Rest up; the cocks start
arriving this week.
You could even watch
the preening process.
The preening of-
- You have much
experience with cocks?
Not as much as I used to.
Look, how about I head home?
Call it a night,
start fresh tomorrow.
- Fine by me.
- All right.
See you bright and early.
"See you bright and early."
(light music)
(News Anchor) Good morning
and thanks for joining us
on TMI News.
Well, it's happened.
Beloved news anchor Guy
LaDouche is getting married.
Guy asked station manager
Caroline White to marry him
before signing off today.
But it looks like
someone forgot to tell
Melonie Sunshine the good-
(light music)
Oh, Aunt Tilly, if you
were only here to tell me
what to do with
my life right now.
95% of your advice
was complete garbage,
but I could really
use that 5% right now.
Well I'm here
Let's start drinking
Fine, finish drinking.
Let's finish drinking.
Oh, you certainly know
your way around the place.
One thing Tilly
was always good for
was a good bottle
of wine or two.
Look, I don't really feel
like drinking right now.
I'm thinking of just
taking a hot shower
and calling it a night.
I can't drink alone, dear.
You need to entertain me.
Hm, you now own the
party house, the hostess.
It's all on you.
God knows Tilly didn't
trust me with it
or anyone else for that matter.
(Melonie sighs)
Look, if you want
it, you can have it.
I'll just go back to my tiny
apartment and leave this all
behind because I
don't need to be here.
(soft music)
You do need to be here though.
We need to find a way to
keep this in the family
and get rid of
that Rainbow fella.
He is bad news.
Ugh, Aunt Tilly must have
trusted him for a reason.
There has to be
something good about him.
He's the fuck in the "fuck,
marry, kill scenario."
Oh my God.
That's all I see him for.
And I have pictured it.
(Melonie) Why is
this happening to me?
(somber music)
Tilly was the
strongest woman I know.
She took care of me
when your dad passed.
She was the one who had
just lost a brother.
I looked up to her more
than my own sister.
Well, you know what a
psychopath Angie is?
Yeah, there's something wrong.
If Tilly saw something
in you, then it's there.
You just have to find it.
I just wish I could see it.
Hm, I wish I
could too, sweetie.
(light music)
Got any snacks?
(Barbra snoring)
(light music continues)
(light music continues)
(light music continues)
(light music continues)
I gotta find a way
to make this work.
I can't let you
down, Aunt Tilly.
(Melonie sighs)
(bugs chirping)
(fist knocking)
(playful music)
I didn't hire a stripper.
(Melonie sighs)
Don't look like you're
ready to work at all.
Are you really taking
this seriously?
- Coffee?
- Nah.
My day started about
three hours ago.
Well, I'll get
right to it then.
Look, just meet me in the
barns when you're ready.
We have a lot to do.
Not a lot of time.
Was I just dreaming or
did you just get yelled at
by the handsome construction
worker from The Village People?
No, you weren't dreaming.
It was one giant nightmare.
(twangy music)
(Melonie sighs)
What are you wearing?
Well, as you know, farm
work can be quite dirty,
and this is the most dirt
proof thing I own, so.
I hope you're drinking
a lot of water today.
You're gonna find out
pretty quick why vinyl
isn't the choice material
for outdoor work.
Please, don't be so dramatic.
We'll see when I come out of
this all squeaky clean tonight
and you're all hot and
sweaty, dirty and stuff.
That's a new one for me.
Come here, I gotta
show you something.
(twangy music)
(twangy music continues)
Okay, partner.
Where do we begin?
I've been asking
myself this question
since your aunt passed away.
Okay, listen, I know I
don't look equipped for this
and I'll never be my Aunt Tilly,
but I do make a
good businesswoman.
Before I was the weather
girl on "Work Morning News,"
I got cast in an episode
of "Downtown Girls"
as Businesswoman Number One.
I was so convincing at the role,
I got the only speaking part.
Look, Businesswoman Number One,
we have weddings that are
already booked this summer.
We have a to-do list
that's piling up.
You have chickens to judge.
And I don't have enough
money to hire on anyone else.
So, this is it.
It pains me to say this,
but I actually do need you.
How tight is the money?
Are we financially stable?
I think we can get
there if we can book
a few more weddings this summer
and get some work
done around here.
I've never known Aunt Tilly
to leave anything unfinished.
Yeah, well, I need
you to step it up.
And there is a way to
make this all work,
but I think it's gonna take
you wearing something else
than water-repellent
plastic to get it done.
You don't worry
about the fashion.
I've worked harder in less.
Mornings start before 9:00.
Well before 9:00.
Tilly used to handle all the
customer relations stuff,
so I was thinking that
you could do that.
And can you talk to Steven
and Lucas this afternoon
about their wedding?
If I have to.
Yeah. Yeah, you have to.
Unless you know how to fix
the electrical in the gazebo.
I could Google it.
You're not Googling anything.
Just get it done.
Be here at 3:00.
(twangy music)
(bugs chirping)
(hammer tapping)
How'd it go with a happy couple?
- I rescheduled.
- You did what?
Look, I need more time.
I don't wanna sit across from
a disgustingly happy couple
planning their stupid day.
I'm going through a breakup and
I just lost my beloved aunt.
They understood.
Melonie, snap out of it.
You don't get any more bad days.
'Cause we have one
chance to get this done.
Otherwise, everything that
your aunt worked for is gone.
You know I don't want that.
Well then show it.
(hammer tapping)
(Melonie sighs)
"Then show it."
Like he's stepping up
and doing anything.
Also, is electrical
even a real job?
(Melonie sighs)
I need retail therapy.
(upbeat music)
Gotta shake the
cobwebs loose
Let the day begin
Gotta let the doggy out
Let the cat come in
(upbeat music continues)
- Here you go.
- (Customer) Thank you.
Hi, I need chocolate.
Anything you could slap
in a cup would be amazing.
That'll be $3.25.
Here you go.
(card reader beeps)
If you wanna grab a seat,
I can bring it over to you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Hey, you know I saw
a photo of you today.
I'm guessing on
your father's desk.
Oh, you must be Melonie.
Yep, that's me.
And you are?
I'm Molly and
yeah, Nick is my dad,
but he's more like a messy,
mysterious roommate
than I never see.
I just get to
clean up after him.
That is definitely a
different man than I get to see.
Well, at least you see him.
I guess since you
both own the farm now,
you'll have to endure
as many lessons
on the way that things are run.
Yep and the
lessons have begun.
Today, he put me on wedding duty
instead of the fun
stuff like electrical.
But I guess I can only
do the womanly tasks,
like answer the phone.
Are you good at electrical?
God, no.
I don't have a clue, but
that's besides the point.
He's always keeping me
from getting my hands dirty.
I've tried a few times, but
just gave up eventually.
Well, you are welcome
to the farm anytime.
You could be my guest and I'll
make sure I put you to work.
So is it just
you and your dad?
My mom left a couple years
ago, moved to the city.
She was really tough on my dad.
Was always complaining that
he didn't make enough money
or he was never gonna
amount to anything.
Well, he does seem dead set
on making the farm something.
The farm's his priority now.
I hardly ever see him.
It's almost like I lost
two parents or something.
(Melonie sighs)
Have you tried to
talk to him about it?
It's not like it
would change anything.
It's best to just keep
things the way they are.
It's working, so...
I should get back to work.
It was nice to
meet you, Molly.
I hope to see more of you.
(light music)
(car engine rumbling)
(car door slamming)
Well, if it ain't
Melonie Sunshine here
to make my day sunny.
Alice, it's been ages!
You look butch.
Telling it like it is.
Oh, it's been a
while, old friend.
And I am so sorry
to hear about Tilly.
Yeah, it's been
hard here without her.
I bet.
Oh, she was loved in town,
and I know how close
you were growing up.
Yeah and now I
have all of this.
And I know nothing
about the upkeep of a farm
and I do not want to be
near the wedding industry.
I just feel like-
Oh, come on, Melonie.
You've got this.
It shouldn't be hard
for someone like you.
Just look at it as another
obstacle to overcome
in your life.
I mean, you are the most
famous person from town,
especially now with the
meme they made of you
in that proposal.
But even before that.
(Melonie scoffs)
Hey, listen, just
outta respect for you,
I haven't watched any of them.
I don't wanna give
them my views, okay?
Aw, thank you, Alice.
You've always been
such a good friend.
So what are you
doing here anyways?
Just here to say hi?
Well, that, yes.
And I am just coming off a job.
I thought you could use my help
for the rest of the afternoon.
I figured you'd be up to
your eyeballs in repairs.
So I am at your service.
Thank God.
You can help me fix this post.
I do have a way with wood.
I thought you were more
of a carpet person.
Okay, let's go.
(birds chirping)
So what happened to you?
Like what happened with Guy?
No, I mean with you.
I remember when you
were fearless Melonie,
that girl that took
every challenge head on.
The girl that went to school
to become a hardcore journalist
that got a job offer
to go overseas.
What happened to her?
She got scared.
(gentle music)
- Scared of what?
- Truth.
I met Ray and he was perfect.
We decided to elope right before
I took that journalism job.
And he stood me up.
(Alice gasps)
I stood there for hours
and then I got a text saying
he's not ready for marriage.
And then I broke.
I vowed to never ever let
a man make me sad again.
So I figured that if
I take no more risks,
my life will be easy.
That just doesn't
sound like you.
But I haven't been
me for a while now.
I took a job as a weather girl
because what's easier than
talking about sunshine
and the warm weather?
And then, I met Guy.
And what's easier than that?
Really living up to
his LaDouche name.
(Alice sighs)
You know, maybe the
farm and the business
is exactly what
you need right now.
I don't want any of this,
and I just wanna make
Aunt Tilly proud.
Well then figure it out.
Okay, roll up your sleeves
and be fearless Melonie again.
Get some plaid and overalls
and put on some
shit-kicking boots.
Okay, you do know I
like a costume change.
That a girl.
Alice, thank you so much
for coming here today.
This is exactly the
pep talk I needed.
I guess lesson here is that I
need to be more accountable.
I just hate to think that
Nick was right in all this.
(Alice laughing)
Look, however you
wanna think about it.
Okay, but just find a
way to see this through
and don't stop when
things get hard.
But that's when things
are just getting fun.
(Melonie laughing)
(Alice laughing)
Oh, speaking of hard,
I have to go find the best
cock in Riverside County.
You mean chickens or dicks?
Alice, I'm never a chicken
when it comes to dicks.
(Melonie laughing)
(Alice laughing)
Of course not.
Oh boy.
(upbeat playful music)
Hello, thank you so
much for having me.
I'm so excited to be
part of the process.
I haven't missed a cock
judging in three decades.
Oh my goodness, Gladys,
I didn't realize
you're such an expert.
You know what?
I'll stick with you.
I need to learn a thing or two.
Well, I wouldn't call me that,
but I do know how to pick 'em.
Wanna know my secret?
Do tell.
I keep corn in my pocket.
Gets them to perk right
up and stand at attention.
Gladys, I didn't realize
you're such a cock tease.
(Melonie laughing)
(Gladys laughing)
You see, I know
they starve the cocks.
So I just like to give
them a little taste
of what's to come.
(Melonie) Mm.
I'm irresistible to them.
Oh, welcome judges.
We have quite a load
of cocks in there.
Please take your clipboards
and let the judging begin.
Remember, this year we
are awarding best head,
overall girth, and of
course, best well-rounded.
All these cocks, I'm
getting a little overwhelmed.
(Gladys laughing)
Oh, why do you think
I keep coming back?
It's certainly not the poultry.
Oh, yeah.
Now remember, take your
time in here, folks.
There is no need to rush in
the company of this many cocks.
Go around as many
times as you need.
There are no limits as to
what these cocks can take.
They are professionals.
They are here to
perform for you.
- (Melonie) Okay.
- Okay?
Yeah, okay.
(light playful music)
(cocks clucking)
Once again, this year's
well-rounded goes to Peter Johnson
and his Jersey
giant, Randy Cockrun.
Thanks again for stepping
in for your aunt this year.
We will all miss her terribly.
Yeah, you know, the Cock
Festival was her happiness,
so I just hope I did her proud.
Well, I know you did.
And never having been part
of cock ranking before,
you're a natural.
Oh, thank you.
It's because I know a
good one when I see one.
Oh, indeed.
And Tilly would be very happy
to see Randy taking home
the grand prize again.
Your aunt always had a soft spot
for a large glistening cock.
Oh (chuckling).
Oh, there he is, the winner.
Once again, eh?
(gentle music)
(metal squeaking)
(Melonie sighs)
Who knew that cock
judging was so exhausting?
I bet you are.
Probably from judging me in my
role as a dad though, right?
Not from looking at
a bunch of chickens.
(Melonie chuckles)
Wait, what are
you talking about?
You know Molly, my daughter?
You have a fun little
coffee break with her today
discussing my
inadequacies as a father?
That's not what happened.
I ran into her, I didn't
know she was your daughter,
and she was the one
who opened up to me.
She told me that she wishes
you didn't treat her like a
little girl anymore and that
she actually misses you.
Yeah well, I'm here every
day for that little girl.
All right?
Her mom left me and didn't
gimme much of a choice.
And I give Molly the
life that she deserves
or I sit back, like you, hope
the world gets handed to me.
That's not fair.
Yeah, well, you're
not the only one
that has something to prove.
I spend all of my time
here giving everyone else
the best day in their lives.
Look at my life.
My, my wife left me, my,
my daughter resents me,
I, I can't keep a
successful business going.
Oh, and the one partner that
always had my back is gone.
I'm right here, Nick.
I think it's just a
little too late for us.
(soft music)
Like Kelly Clarkson would say,
what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.
Yeah, well she also
said just walk away.
Look, we could sit here and
Clarkson the shit out of today,
but the last wedding
that Tilly had planned
is in a few hours.
So I get just one last
chance to make it look
like this is all together
before it all falls apart.
So I'm going to just walk away.
(soft music continues)
(Melonie sighs)
Well, at least now I know
what's behind those hazel eyes.
(Melonie exhales)
(light music)
(birds chirping)
(people talking excitedly)
Yeah, I got it.
I'll be right over.
(Melonie sighs)
Oh, watch your step.
Hey, do you need my help?
No, I got it.
Just some issues with some
missing tables for the caterers.
You just, just do you.
I wanna help you.
I'm here to help,
so let me help you.
I don't need your help.
(scoffs) I didn't
say you needed my help,
I said I wanna help you okay?
And listen, I know
you're all stressed out
and I'm not your ideal
partner, but I'm all you got.
Take this.
The extra tables are up behind
the storage shed, all right?
I put them there this morning.
Take them over to the caterers.
Albert's going to be
waiting and I'm gonna go get
the flowers moved
for the dinner.
See, we make a great team.
Oh, it is way
too early to tell.
Hey, you will
not be disappoint-
(electricity humming)
(wedding guests gasping)
Oh, you have got
to be kidding me.
Melonie, what are you doing?
Hey, do you mind if
I just grab some...
I'll just grab some electrical
tape and tape this down.
(light music continues)
We don't want a tripping hazard.
We don't want anyone to fall.
(Melonie scoffs)
(light music continues)
(crickets chirping)
Well, that was a good night.
- Yeah.
- I mean,
usually I'd want that to
end in a nasty divorce,
but not tonight.
Well, everyone's
alive, everyone's happy.
Tilly did a good job.
We got a couple
things to work on.
(sighs) Yeah.
Now it's all up to us.
I'm sorry about what I said.
It's just hard for me to let
people in after my wife left.
Sometimes it's just easier
for me to do it all my own.
Hey, I totally get it.
I mean, I was left at the altar
and in front of a green screen.
Oof, that's terrible.
You know, and the things
I said about the world
being handed to you, I-
- Hey, hey, don't
even worry about it.
I do know the
value of hard work.
I just need another chance.
Um, I left my keys in
the barn, all right?
I'll just go get
those and head out.
See you tomorrow, early?
And no vinyl!
We'll see.
(Nick hums)
(Melonie chuckles)
(hand knocking)
(light dramatic music)
(crickets chirping)
(light dramatic music continues)
(light dramatic music continues)
(Guy sighs)
Don't touch that.
(Guy sighs)
Look, I need you back.
(Melonie scoffs)
- You need me back?
- Yes.
After you proposed to
Caroline in front of everybody
on TV, in front of a
live studio audience.
You want me back?
I don't know how
many times you want me
to apologize for that.
A lot more than once.
(Guy laughs)
Slow your roll.
I only apologize when
I've done something wrong,
and the only thing wrong here
is your perception of things,
which I am willing
to forgive you for.
Thank you.
All I'm asking
for, you're welcome,
all I'm asking for is a
little forgiveness in return.
Look, I know that I messed up.
It's not my fault.
It was Christina.
Who's Christina?
You proposed to Caroline.
Oh, swap those names
then, it was Caroline.
It was Caroline's fault.
You know how she is, she
manipulated me, she gaslit me.
Help me.
She gaslit you into dating
both of us for almost a year,
that's what she did?
Uh yeah.
(Melonie) Yeah?
The ratings, you know how
she is about her ratings.
(Guy sighs)
Everything's been terrible
since you've been gone.
No, you cannot use Kelly
Clarkson to win me back.
It's just not gonna
work this time, okay?
Come on, I'm off my game
without you, baby, beside me.
So what are you saying?
You're gonna leave her?
I'll do you one better.
And look, I've given
this a lot of thought
and I really only see one option
where we can all be happy.
That's her name.
Caroline will just be my wife.
All right, honestly,
it's an overrated job,
you don't want
anything to do with it.
But you, you, you get
to be my side chick.
(Guy gasps)
No, that's not gonna work.
I actually loved you
and I loved us together.
I love you, too.
No, you did this.
You are the one who
chose Caroline over me.
And also there is no
way that I will ever
trust you ever again.
You are gonna tell me
you're dating Darla too?
No, no.
Weirdly enough, I could never
actually get through to Darla.
She left the same day you did.
Oh, I didn't realize she
was such a good friend.
No, she's not. She
got hit by a car.
A really, really nice car.
My car.
You hit her?
I clipped her.
Why are we talking about Darla?
We should be talking about
you and us, why I came here.
This isn't you.
I know you, I know the real you,
the Melonie Sunshine
you, and this ain't it.
You're not some country
farmhand bumpkin.
You're a city girl.
You belong in the city.
You need the city.
I need you in the city.
You're like my little
emotional support puppy.
Okay. (clears throat)
So lemme get this straight.
You want me to come back
to the city with you?
(Guy hums)
After you proposed Caroline
in front of me, right?
After you called
me a side chick.
It's a compliment.
After you hit
Darla with a car.
Are you kidding me?
I am way too tired for this.
I am literally going
to bed right now.
(Guy sighs)
Well, that's all
I've been looking for.
Take me to bed, show
me where the boudoir is
and I'll meet you there.
The boudoir?
No, you're staying
in the guest room.
And while you are in there,
you can call your fiancee.
Wait, what's her name again?
You tell me.
Very good.
Call Caroline and
tell her I said hello.
And also send Darla
some flowers, please.
(light dramatic music)
Hate to see her go, but
love to see her walk away.
(Melonie) Shut up.
Look good.
(sighs) She did look good.
You'll get 'em next time, Guy.
(upbeat music)
(engine rumbling)
(upbeat music continues)
Well look who decided
to show up, Mr. Rainbow.
I took the liberty of making
you a fresh cup of coffee.
So I was thinking today we
could do some job shadowing.
You know, a little bit of
Sunshine, a little bit of Rainbow.
Just to get the day done.
Uh, I think we should just
divide and conquer today.
Well, I think that I
could be your apprentice.
You know, your job
buddy, your right hand.
Look, name tag, huh?
Stay here, do the admin stuff.
I'm gonna go to the pond,
make sure the fountain's
up and running
and get the wedding box
for the Mercer wedding.
Hey, what's going on?
I thought we were gonna
work together as a team.
We are working
together, just separately.
There's a lot to do.
(light music)
(light music continues)
(metal screeching)
Hey, is everything okay
between you and Molly?
Whatever it is, I'm
sure I can help you,
you know, figure it out.
Ah, yeah, I don't think
I need to take advice
from someone who can't walk
away from her own problems.
What's that supposed to mean?
Yeah, I saw you let
him in last night.
Guy? That's what
this is about?
Yes, he showed up unannounced,
I let him in, but it's not
like anything happened.
Well, what is he
even doing here?
Why should you care?
He wants me back, okay?
He said that the city is more
my style and he hit Darla
with a car and this is a
big giant waste of my time.
Yeah. Yeah, of course it is.
This is all just a big
waste of time, right?
You know that this is a career.
This is actually my career.
All right, I'm not just
here for a couple days
and then I go run off
to do something else.
Guy might be right actually.
Yeah, go back to him
and your real job.
Just leave the hobby for me.
(light music)
(Melonie sighs)
(Melonie scoffs)
(phone buzzing)
Hey, Alice.
Yes, I'm so sorry I
didn't call you back.
Things have been very
interesting here at the farm.
Oh yeah, for dinner tonight?
I would love that.
I think I, I need
some friend time.
What? No.
Okay, no, I'll tell
you all about it later.
Yeah, I'll see you in a bit.
Okay, yeah. Bye.
(Melonie sighs)
Shouldn't you be at school?
Last time I checked
it was Saturday.
Oh no.
Sorry, my brain is...
Um, oh, you must be
looking for your dad.
Not really, just
didn't wanna spend
the whole day at home alone.
Oh, well you can
hang out here with me.
There's a lot of work to do.
- Really?
- (Melonie) Yeah.
Yeah, I would like that.
Really, perfect.
Well, it's official.
You're hired.
Okay, there are so many people
that we have to call back.
All the numbers are
on the computer.
And do you like to
get your hands dirty?
Okay, later you
can help me paint
the brand new wedding arch.
But first please hold.
(marker squeaking)
(Molly chuckles)
Thanks, Melonie.
You're the best.
I needed this today.
Oh, I needed this too.
But it looks like you and
I'll make a great team.
Get to work.
(Molly sighs)
(light music)
(bees buzzing)
Okay, so Lucas and Steven
are officially booked
and fully paid for.
The flowers have been delivered.
The tablecloths that were on
back order officially shipped.
And also the brand
new wedding arch
has been painted and installed.
Looks like you're finally
taking it seriously.
Also, you might wanna
finish what you're doing
because we have a
bride and groom coming
for a consult and a walkthrough
and I thought it'd be
great if you were there.
So great.
Also, maybe we could
be civil to each other
for the next hour or two
and then you can go back
to whatever this is.
(leaves rustling)
(light music continues)
(bugs chirping)
(Groom) This place is amazing.
I just think we stay at each
other's business from now on.
- Fine by me.
- Fine.
Could we have the
reception outside?
Actually, you can have
the reception right here.
This would be perfect.
Look, take care of
all the wedding stuff
and I'll do all the
repairs around here.
Oh you're right.
You're the man, you
do all the repairs
and I'll go back to the 1950s,
throw on an apron
and cook you dinner.
And could we
bring in food trucks
for like later
during the reception?
Oh yeah, yeah.
There's tons of space down there
if you want to put up a few.
You see that?
And if you two wouldn't mind,
could you stand over
there so that we can see
what'll look like,
you know, on the day?
Us? Together?
You know, pretend
it's your special day
and we can just get a
look at how, how it feels.
We're gonna look
so cute down there.
(playful music)
Could you hold hands?
You know I didn't
mean it that way
like you can't do the
handiwork, all right?
I just think that
we should be playing
to our strengths
right about now.
You two look amazing together.
Not as amazing as you two
will look on your special day.
See? Found you.
Just lean into that
whole Sunshine charm
and we might
actually book out our
last remaining
weekends this year.
(gasps) You
think I'm charming?
If our weekend is still
available, we'll take it.
We can pay in full today.
This place is incredible
and we love that it's run
by such a sweet, adoring couple.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Let's take this and lock it in
and we are so excited
that you are spending
your special day
at Sunshine Farms.
Follow me.
(playful music continues)
(light music)
(birds chirping)
Alice, these nuts
are incredible.
Is this like a sugar glaze
you put on them or like a...
Oh, I think it's
more of a salty glaze.
White, but dries clear.
I've never tasted
anything like this before.
I never really liked nuts,
but I am willing to
try anything once.
(Melonie chuckles)
My mouth thanks you.
What's going on?
Are things rough at the
farm with you and Nick, hm?
Nick is stomping around
the farm with his shirt off,
flexing his incredible
biceps and questioning
every single thing
that I'm doing.
He just won't let me in.
Well, have you
tried using a key?
Ha ha, very funny.
Just doing my best
handy lady joke.
But honestly that aside, what
do you think the issue is?
I want to learn,
I want to help.
I don't think that he thinks
that I take this seriously.
You know, it sounds like
you need a big gesture.
Oh, like jazz hands.
(Melonie laughs)
Or bigger?
God, no.
I mean, you need to do
something big just for him.
Something that he would
appreciate and respond to.
I have a few things in mind.
Keep it PG too.
(Melonie chuckling)
I wasn't thinking
anything R-rated yet.
All right, I made
you my specialty.
Beef tacos, peaches
and bacon sandwiches.
And for dessert,
I thought we could go
out for beaver tails.
All right, should we dig in?
- (Melonie) Mm hm.
- Okay.
(light music)
(bugs trilling)
Drinking on the
job, Mr. Rainbow?
I'm off the clock.
I have been off the clock
for about three hours now.
So then what are
you still doing here?
Sometimes it's just
hard to leave this place.
So, hey, I got some
exciting news today.
Mr. Miller called,
and it's official.
Sunshine Farms is gonna
be the official location
for the brand new mayor
swearing-in ceremony.
No way.
(Melonie) Mm hm.
How'd you do it?
Well, I used a little
bit of that Sunshine charm
you're talking about and I
told 'em that we're gonna do
it in 48 hours.
(Nick chuckleS)
You're joking, right?
We're gonna find out how
well we work under pressure.
Yeah, no kidding.
(phone buzzing)
Oh, hold on.
It's Molly.
Gimme one second, okay?
Hey, Mol.
Yeah, yeah, I can come get you,
just give me, gimme
10 minutes, okay?
Okay. Bye, hun.
(Melonie) Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
She just needs me
to come pick her up.
You were right about
Molly, by the way.
I do need to see
her as an adult.
She's not my little
girl anymore.
She might actually be
more grown up than I am.
But it's nice that she
still needs good old dad
every now and then.
Bye, Daddy.
Bye, Nick. Bye, Mr. Rainbow.
Bye, Melonie.
See you tomorrow.
Can't wait.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(birds chirping)
Well we did it.
We successfully set
up an entire event
in less than 48 hours.
We make a good team actually.
I'd say so.
I'm basically an artist.
(Melonie chuckles)
Should we tell her
the gardener's coming?
Nah, let's let
her have this one.
Hey, guests are
starting to arrive soon.
I think you should
go freshen up.
(birds chirping)
(guests applauding)
Thank you to the
town of Riverside
for having such confidence
in me once again.
I'm honored to be
replacing myself as mayor,
as well as my ongoing
roles as funeral director,
poet laureate, police chief,
fireman and cock festival chair.
(Mr. Miller laughs)
All kidding aside,
I'm here to continue to
keep this town a place
where all are accepted.
A place where we're
proud to call home.
(crowd applauding)
And thank you to our, our
hosts for this evening.
Melonie and Nick, you really
changed this place around.
I gave you a test and you came
through with flying colors.
Tilly would be very proud
of this place tonight.
Now let's party!
(crowd applauding)
Yes, drinks are on me.
Believe me.
Trust me.
We did it!
Almost like we knew
what we were doing.
Oh, hey look, I gotta
run back to the office
because I left the place
cards in the printer.
- Yeah.
- I think I have just enough
time to get them out
before the reception.
- I'll be right back.
- See ya.
(birds chirping)
(tablet ringing)
Hi, Melonie.
(light dramatic music)
Hi, Caroline.
To what do I owe this horror?
I mean, pleasure.
We've really missed
you around here.
Um, I have some exciting news.
Oh, you found another
boyfriend of mine
you're gonna marry?
Look, I know things went south
for you on the morning show,
but you know, you handled
everything with such grace
and the station
really took notice.
You are being invited
to the big leagues.
We want you to test
for an anchor position
on the six o'clock news.
You want me after I was
basically laughed off set?
To be honest, you've
become a bit of a hero
on the internet.
It turns out everyone loves
a sad, pathetic, underdog.
Lonely single women everywhere
really empathize
with your story.
And besides, ratings have
really dropped since you left.
Right, the ratings.
Well, listen, don't
make me beg, okay?
I'm in a tough spot here.
I mean, even I have to
admit that you were kind
of wasting away reporting on
the weather day in and day out.
So what do you say?
Can you be here tomorrow
morning to test?
I mean, it's a
technicality really.
They want to contract
you as soon as possible.
Uh, six o'clock
news anchor position,
it's all I ever wanted.
Uh yes, yes, Caroline,
I'll be there.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Fabulous, see you then.
Buh bye.
(upbeat music)
(Melonie squeals)
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
(upbeat music continues)
Everything okay?
Yep, everything's good.
You were gone
longer than expected.
Thought there was
maybe a problem
with the printer or something.
No, no, no, all good.
Shall we?
(Melonie sighs)
(light dramatic music)
(gasps) Melonie,
you look amazing.
I feel amazing.
Wait, let me guess, you've
been spending some time
on like a secluded beach.
Just you, the sun,
umbrella cocktails,
and a hot butler giving
into your every whim?
Something like that.
Wait, are you here
for the morning show?
I can get them to cancel
the weather rerun.
No, no, no, no,
I'm here to test for
the news anchor position.
That's right, this girl's
moving up to the big leagues.
Oh my God.
Wish we luck.
Well, you don't even need it.
You're right, I don't need it,
but you need some
powder on your nose.
(both laughing)
(birds chirping)
(cows mooing)
(curious music)
(curious music continues)
(curious music continues)
(curious music continues)
(curious music continues)
(light music)
(light music continues)
It's hard to admit
when you're wrong
When you're right you
can say what you like
You can fight in the night
Because the light's on
The light's off 'cause
you're there or you're not
It's hard to admit
when you're wrong
When you're right you
can say what you like
You can fight in the night
'Cause the light's on
The light's off 'cause
you're there or you're not
'Cause I don't
care, I don't care
And now you're gone
'Cause I don't
care, I don't care
And now you're gone
'Cause I don't
care, I don't care
And now you're gone
Take out the moon
Put out the sun
Don't go breaking my heart
You can say what you like
when you do as you might
When you say it's all right
When you turn off the light
There you are.
I'm so sorry about the morning.
I'm here and I'm ready to work.
Also, I saw the newspaper.
Looks like things are gonna
get a lot busier around here.
I think we can consider
our schedule full.
(Nick) Don't you
mean my schedule?
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm assuming your
little errand this morning
wasn't a dentist appointment.
I think your job here has become
that hobby you talked about.
Job is done, get
your career back.
What are you talking about?
I work on a farm, Melonie.
I wasn't born on one.
And look, I know shouldn't of.
Shouldn't have what?
I looked at your email.
It was just sitting there
and the tagline
caught my attention.
Your computer was
still open on my desk.
God Nick, where is the trust?
We have to stop doing
this to each other.
Maybe we're not
meant to be partners.
Yeah, well Tilly
thought that we should.
And so did I, but
that's all out the window.
Come on, Melonie, I
made a mistake, all right?
It's not like it's
gonna happen again.
Yeah, you're right.
It won't happen again.
You can have the farm and
you can have the business.
I'm done.
Melonie, please.
Just talk to me about this.
And to think that I
was trying to find ways
to make this easier for you,
trying to do some big
gesture to show you
that I could be a good partner.
But you never saw me as that.
You can have it your way, Nick.
(light music)
(light music continues)
(hand knocking)
(birds chirping)
(Melonie sighs)
I am here with a big gesture.
Big indeed.
Look, I know that this
doesn't make up for what I did,
but I want you as a partner,
and I'm here uncomfortably
wearing this to show you
that we're in this together
and that I might need you
to help me out of this.
I think you deserve a bit
more time in it to think.
Melonie Sunshine, will
you accept my deepest,
heartfelt apology for
my extreme violation
of your trust and privacy?
(Melonie sighs)
I accept.
(upbeat music)
Come on, come on
(upbeat music continues)
(Melonie sighs)
And hey, I'm so sorry
for being so dramatic.
I just should have accepted
your apology from the beginning.
No, I deserved all that.
Give you back your 50%
if you still want it.
I really do.
How long are you staying?
I haven't given
them an answer yet.
Should probably do that soon.
I've got things here.
I know, I just need
more time to think.
Take all the time you need.
Oh, hey, can I
have my dress back?
(upbeat music)
(Melonie laughs)
(door thuds)
What the hell are
you doing here?
Oh, I came to
borrow a cup of sugar
and then I remembered
I don't bake.
Now I just need to figure
out how much wine I need
to drink to make cookies.
What's the matter with you?
I thought things were
coming around here.
Well, this glorified
weather girl just got an offer
to be the news anchor
on the six o'clock news.
Honey, that is great news.
Why are you so upset then?
We should celebrate
It's too early
for wine that cheap.
Oh, you know what they say,
start with the cheap stuff.
(light music)
Thank you.
(glasses clinking)
Oh goodness.
So what is the issue?
The issue is this
place and what Nick
and I have been
able to do with it.
This place isn't going anywhere,
it'll still keep going.
Yeah, but I'm not
sure if I wanna leave
or leave Nick.
(light music continues)
To leave Nick with the business
or to actually leave Nick?
(Mom chuckles)
Then you have a
lot to think about.
An opportunity like this
isn't coming up again
if you turn it down.
And I don't mean the news
thing, I mean a man like that.
I mean, you aren't
getting any younger.
Wow, thanks.
Let's just be honest, honey.
If you stop using that thing,
it grows back together.
Time to open her up,
get some mileage on it.
(Melonie gasps)
The depth of your
wisdom has no bounds.
I think I just ride
the line beautifully
between god damn genius
and feral cat lady.
Hard to tell some days.
You definitely
keep us on our toes.
In all seriousness, I,
I thought you were done
with all this love nonsense.
Wouldn't you say
turning your attention
to a business makes
it easier for you?
I just don't think
that love gets easier.
I just also don't want
to get hurt again.
Oh, come on.
You aren't really living
unless you let life kick you
in the balls now and then.
None of my four
marriages worked,
but I'd stack up another
if I could find someone
to handle all of this.
Really, are you ready to
leave your dream job behind?
(soft music)
I think my dream has changed.
(Mom gasps)
I think I need another drink.
(Melonie chuckles)
(glasses clinking)
Oh no, not this, I'm gonna
get some of the good stuff.
Wine shouldn't taste like
regret until the next day.
(soft music continues)
(Melonie sighs)
(soft music continues)
(upbeat music)
(engine rumbling)
(metal squeaking)
(bugs trilling)
(Molly) I feel like
I'm missing something.
(Nick) Good morning.
Good morning, Nick.
Nothing to see here.
Why do I find that
so hard to believe?
Dad, what's the one thing
that you're always asking
for to use here at the farm?
Like a clone or two of me?
Ooh, I would kinda like that.
Okay, ew. No.
A proper planning
management system.
Look at this.
Melonie and I have
been working on this.
We have everything that
you need right here.
Click here and you can
see your entire schedule.
Click here and
there's invoicing too.
There's even a signature
app and everything,
so you have it all right here.
Honey, this is amazing.
How long did this take you?
Melonie got me started
on it two weeks ago,
but I wanted it
to be a surprise.
So you did this
all on your own?
Yes, but Melonie too.
But it was mostly me.
(Melonie laughs)
(Nick laughs)
You saved us a ton of work.
Well, me, I guess.
I'm still here.
Okay, I am gonna
be late for school.
I'll see you both later?
Bye, Sweetie.
Ah, she's gonna be a
crushed when you leave.
We all will.
Is there a reason I should
consider staying here with you?
You know I can't
ask that of you.
I can't.
I can't force you into my dreams
and expect you to
give up on yours.
(sighs) I just
don't know what to do.
Come here.
Yeah, you do.
(light music)
I think I love you.
I think I've always loved you.
I mean, I kind of hated you too.
I hated that you questioned
everything that I did.
I hated that Aunt Tilly needed
you more than she needed me.
And I hated that your
way was always right.
I also hated saying goodbye
to you every single night.
(Melonie sighs)
And you're the first thing
I wanna see in the morning,
the last thing I wanna
see at night, okay?
(both laughing)
I think I love you too.
And I've never met
anyone like you.
I know I fought this
the entire time,
but the farm needs you.
Molly needs you.
I need you.
(lips smacking)
(thunder rumbling)
We need to get inside
before it starts to rain.
No chance of that.
(Nick chuckling)
(rain pattering)
(gentle music)
So I gotta say,
you looked better in that
vinyl dress than I did.
You didn't see me
trying to get into it.
Maybe that dress should
be our official uniform
for the farm.
Practical, right?
That is not a word
I'd use to describe you.
And what word would you use
to describe me, Mr. Rainbow?
A few come to mind.
You know I have to
take the job, right?
I know.
The farm will still
be here though.
You can always come
up on the weekends.
That way I can get
Molly more involved
and make her my right hand.
I think Molly would like that.
She honestly is incredible.
It's been amazing
getting to know her.
Yeah, she is.
You're a good role
model for her too.
You think she'd be
mad that I'm leaving?
She'll understand.
Oh, I better get going.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
You know you can't
go out in that, right?
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
Actually, there was
something in the bedroom
I think I needed you to look at.
You know, I've been told
I can fix almost anything
with these hands.
(Melonie giggling)
(rain pattering)
(crickets chirping)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(traffic humming)
(sirens wailing)
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Ut oh.
(indistinct chatter)
(chuckling) Ut oh.
(light dramatic music)
Medium work out
there today, Melonie.
I need to see you in my office.
What's it this time?
You want me to
wear a pushup bra?
Maybe more fake news?
No, not such a bad idea,
but no fake news this time.
Actually, we were thinking
for tomorrow that you could do
a story on the benefits of being
a sad, single career woman.
You know, not that I
can speak, but you know,
we thought maybe you could
draw from your experience.
Yeah, of course, Caroline.
And anything for
you and the station.
Actually, Caroline,
step into my office.
What is it now, Melonie?
I quit.
What do you mean you quit?
What are you gonna do?
Go back to your little farm?
After everything I did for
you getting you this job.
You don't even deserve this job.
And you don't
deserve happiness.
(Caroline gasps)
I give you and Guy a week.
(Caroline gasps)
Happy you agree.
And also this Sunshine will
find her happily ever after.
You can take your
anchor job and shove it.
(Caroline scoffs)
You can go now.
(Caroline scoffs)
(triumphant music)
(bugs chirping)
Hey, Dad.
Where's Melonie?
Um, we need to
talk about Melonie.
Do we ever.
(Molly giggling)
What are you doing here?
I turned it down.
Turned what down?
Oh, just some stupid
job in the city.
Oh, if it's anywhere
but here, it is stupid.
(Melonie laughing)
My dreams have changed.
I wanna be here with
you, with both of you.
Good 'cause I kinda
want you here too.
(lips smacking)
(light playful music)
Geez, Alice, you
clean up nicely.
Well, I am known
to pull out the charm
for special occasions.
And this seemed as
good a time as any
to take a proper shower.
Oh, today is going to
be such a beautiful day.
You look incredible.
One for the books.
Listen, (sighs), I
wanted you to know,
I'm really glad you came back.
I didn't realize how much
I was missing my old friend
until I saw you
here at the farm.
Oh, Alice, it's
been good to be back.
And honestly, I
just wanna thank you
for being so supportive.
I really missed you.
All right, well, we should
be getting down there.
I don't wanna keep
people waiting.
Right, right, right.
Yeah, thank God you're
keeping track of time.
(Melonie sighs)
Hey, do you think the
white dress is too much?
I mean you look
great, but it's...
Alice, since why did
you get so traditional?
- I am just saying.
- Yeah, yeah. Let's go.
("Bridal Chorus")
(Melonie sighs)
Looking good, Reverend.
Oh, just future
proofing the business.
Hey, this doesn't mean that
you're a real minister, right?
Like we can still have relations,
if you know what I mean.
Oh, we can relate right
here and now if you want to.
(Nick clears throat)
Can I get everyone
to please rise?
("Bridal Chorus" continues)
White dress is a bit much, no?
Well, I was gonna
wear it when we eloped,
so it couldn't go to waste.
That's fair.
Yeah, but you don't think
you're upstaging the brides
just a little bit?
Nah, I introduced
them to each other,
so no one can upstage them.
It's my great pleasure
to introduce to all of you
the newlyweds Alice
and Denise van Cleaf.
(wedding guests applauding)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
(wedding guests talking
over each other)
- That was amazing.
- I love you.
- This was really cute.
- It was sweet.
Sorry to pop in
like this on Alice's Day, but
I wanted to give you this.
What is it?
- (Mr. Miller) Just read it.
- Okay.
What's it say?
It says that we've been awarded
the county's highest award
for business excellence and
that we're the number one
event and wedding destination.
This is this place!
Yes, we did it.
(Nick chuckling)
Oh, Aunt Tilly lost to
that riverboat company
for the last three years.
She would be so happy.
I know she would.
She would be
happy and jealous.
Hey, it looks like
with some sunshine,
there could be some rainbow.
I'm just gonna sneak
in here before I leave
for some free alcohol and food.
Don't tell anyone.
No, go ahead.
Help yourself.
Oh, don't see that.
You may never,
never get rid of me.
- (Melonie) Okay, bye.
- See ya.
Yeah, he's not going anywhere.
No, he is drinking everything-
- Every single drop, yeah.
(Nick chuckling)
Well, I'm glad this became
your dream too, Mrs. Rainbow.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who said anything about
taking your last name?
I'm thinking something hyphenated,
like, Sunshine-Rainbow.
Sounds made up.
(light playful music)
I'll be sunshine if
you say you'll be mine
And we'll spend
our days together
In any kind of weather
There'll be blue skies above
I'll be the moon babe,
if you say a true dream
And we'll spend
the nights together
For never been a two like us
Who fit like hand and glove
Yesterday's were
oh so gloomy
It threw me for a curve
Now that every
day gets better
I fly higher than the birds
So you'll make the rain
go and I'll be the rainbow
And we'll make the
day much brighter
For what could be
more right than having
All that we dream of
For what could be
more right than having
All that we dream of
(light playful music)
(singer whistling)
(light playful music continues)
Yesterday's were
all so gloomy
It threw me for a curve
Now that every
day gets better
I fly higher than the birds
So you make the rain go
and I'll be the rainbow
And we'll make the
day much brighter
For what could be
more right than having
All that we dream of
What could be more
right than having
All that we dream of
(light dramatic music)