It's Love I'm After (1937) Movie Script

It's Love I'm After
Los Angeles
(New Years Eve)
Oh, my love, my wife,
death has libado
honey from your breath
but had no power
about beauty.
You have not been conquered.
Your beauty blushes your
lips, your cheeks
and mantle of death
is absent.
Ah, dear Juliet,
Why so beautiful yet?
Am I to believe that the
Death knows love?
What the skinny
abhorred monster
keeps you here as
dark lover?
Fearing that,
I will remain with you
and never more than
this dark castle,
I have to leave.
Here I want to stay
with worms,
your servants.
Here I can have
my eternal rest
and shake off the yoke of
baleful stars
hanging over
the weak flesh of the world ...
Is not it wonderful!
Shakespeare elevates us.
Go to sleep, but do not snore.
You're disgusting,
even if you are my brother.
Eyes, look your last,
arms, your last embrace
and lips,
O ye carriers
Seal with a righteous kiss
treatment free time
with constant death!
Your Juliet is there,
not in the drawer.
There begin again!
Come, bitter driver
see, reposado guide
You desperate pilot!
exhausted to leave your boat
and dizzy.
This is my love.
Oh, apothecary,
your drug is fast!
In a kiss ...
I die ...
I wish I had cyanide.
Ay! What is this
blood staining
the stone entry
the tomb?
And these bloody swords
ground, livid,
in a place of peace?
Oh, pale!
Who else?
How? Do you also Paris,
Blood stained?
What a cruel time has been guilty
this terrible misfortune?
The lady wakes.
Oh, reliable friar!
Where is my lord?
Still not finished.
For me yes.
Where are you going?
Meet in front of the theater.
Where are you, Marcia?
Go on, get out.
I will not leave.
Take your hand. No one sees me.
Take it off! Not see my face!
How sad!
How can you be so vile
two lovers beings?
I'll call the Director.
It's getting ugly.
Oh, greedy,
I would not have left a drop?
I want to kiss your lips.
Again onion!
Is there poison in them?
Worse than onions, garlic!
Now you'll see, pig!
Hey kid ... Where?
Then I'll be brief.
You, dear dagger!
You are here your pod.
and let me die.
Four tons of
gentle Juliet.
If you dare to pinch myself
again ...
Call the star.
He started it. Until I made
a bruise.
Go say hello.
Poor innocent!
Believed to applaud him.
Now you!
Before I forget.
If you read my thoughts,
pudriras you.
Is the problem with me?
Not at all.
That is, it has nothing
to do with you.
Nothing to do.
Have everything a
girl could want.
With 20 years less
and experience,
would do so
The problem is not with him.
It has nothing to do.
But you have a problem
with any of us.
They have been magnificent this
Thank you. Do you think William
would be satisfied?
Applauded from the bottom
his tomb, sir!
The balcony scene,
So ethereal!
Is Eastern
Juliet and the sun!
"Oh, me?
"Speak again bright angel,
you light up tonight
"Over my head ...
"As a messenger
winged sky. "
I bow to the master.
Our turning our tempo,
our tone ...
Our brandy and soda, please.
Oh, sorry!
Who do you want to see?
You, and is highly sensitive.
Where is the niche of
Mr. Underwood?
- Why?
- Because ...
First door on the left.
Why is the man
I want both
fun tormenting me?
The men are wrong.
How do you know?
Look at me!
I do not think he does it on purpose.
At one point, he asked forgiveness.
I will suffer a little.
Then forgive
and everything will return to your site.
How is my head of garlic?
No it anymore.
I have finished. Do you understand?
How humble is to recognize it!
Contigo! It's over forever!
I never play with you!
If you change your mind,
I wear a gas mask.
All that serves to cover your
face is an improvement!
That is not the view of a woman.
That covered her mouth!
I had to come.
Who are you?
I'm nobody.
It goes against my principles.
You are my Ideal.
Do we want to sit down?
Want an autograph?
Does my photo?
What then?
I've just come to tell
I love him.
You're vain, proud and boring.
This makes no sense to you,
but ...
Lecherous bastard!
Is ... very important to me,
having the courage
to tell.
We must continue our
Many take me crazy.
Do you?
No, maybe a little weird.
You melt at the first
petticoat that appears.
Rehearse a new role.
I'm not crazy, just
I'm honest.
That's why I came tonight.
I thought maybe
when I'm old and forgotten ...
I forgot?
When you know the loneliness,
then, perhaps,
will remember tonight
and thank me.
And now I have to go.
Wait a minute!
Do not go without saying your name!
I am all his companions.
Ofelia crazy about an unhappy love.
Lady Macbeth kills for you.
Desdemona ...
She strangled her.
Never mind.
After all,
did it for love.
Tonight, I cried with
Romeo's death.
Have you lost your tongue?
It's a good actress!
Tell me,
Have you cried for Romeo ... or me?
I do not know.
In each work, I love ...
I noticed that you were there.
I do not know what he was worshiping ...
No answer, lady.
I know why.
It is ashamed.
Poor thing!
I imagine only repentant
too proud
to come.
I love, right?
And I love it!
It's a shame to miss the party
year-end for a fight.
I swallow my pride and go.
I always knew you were here,
but I've only seen tonight.
Do not see again.
Thank you.
Who's that girl?
Not a girl.
It is a unique spirit
come from nowhere
and returns to nothing.
Totally crazy.
What was that silly here?
That "silly" writes
Makes an academic research.
Sure you're very busy,
Teacher ...
You know the monster
green eyes?
Could I be jealous?
I keep shaking
Do not talk anymore.
They shall call on my door
and not be.
If I find you again,
I spit up.
I will not marry!
What do you think?
When you leave tonight,
the disgusting task output
will be what is left of
your ex-goalie.
Where is Marcia?
You're his father,
I should know.
There it is.
I'll get her.
Where were you?
We expected.
No I can tell you, Henry.
Do you dream of that unfortunate actor?
I will not respond.
You forget that we are
You should start by knowing me.
Over time, you will find
I like to follow
my feelings.
So let's take a ride!
Good idea!
Nothing discussions
before marriage!
Why fight it?
Having your humor,
I will not go to the party.
Happy New Year, Henry.
Nobody listens to what I say.
Come on, Perkins.
We're not leaving without Henry
Happy new year!
What did I do to
I lose the reason?
Practically nothing, sir.
Never know how much
I love her.
Juliet, your Romeo is.
He does not want me.
I wonder why.
Women are fickle.
That's always with me ...
Ten minutes
before it reaches
the new year.
Down in the street,
happy people gathered,
and here,
a man,
miserably alone.
I am here, sir.
- You are always aquii.
- Yes, sir. Thank you.
- You know what this is?
- No, what?
The last scene
of The Outcast.
Do not you remember?
in a garret.
Carols are heard
a church.
Not exactly.
It was Christmas, a loft,
escaping justice.
Simple details. Something like that.
What was that line?
That wonderful online!
"Which star shining night
that I was conceived?
"What does a default
my different clay?
"Why was I born
in the wide world,
"To die alone
"And forgotten?
"Why does not anyone want me?"
- I love you, sir.
- You are mixing everything.
Am I so evil
as she believes?
Not talk about it
now, please!
That's loyalty!
And you, Digges,
my faithful valet,
I rescued you from that
Bird ridiculous scene
when you tried to kill
to vaudeville.
Remember my oriole, sir?
Do not change the subject.
Some liked me
as canary.
Take this.
Not reach the
hairs of my head
to tell my good deeds.
"MY" head?
Do not laugh. Add 100 points
Benefit night for me.
and 100 points for the critical
that not trompe.
And least 200 for Philadelphia.
The judge's wife.
She did not complain.
The judge, yes.
As you wish:
Philadelphia: - 20.
Philadelphia: - 200.
And all the money you
I sent my old man?
Void by our conduct
Denver, sir.
And the small pink
green eyes?
What would I do?
His man had a
very good idea, sir.
Imagine flee Denver
with false beard!
Dallas, Houston
and New Orleans,
our southern tour.
All this smells
too bad!
In effect,
what happiness awakening
and said:
"Basil, you're a scoundrel."
Do not take it well.
Do not defend me.
What am I?
Just actor
largest in the world.
There is hope, even
for us.
What hope?
It is time to give
turn the page.
He should turn
a whole library!
You could, if you try.
It could, right?
And I will.
I'll talk to
Miss Joyce.
Love, please
open the door.
I'll show you another
facet of my personality.
You know them all.
I have no interest.
Did you hear?
What is that noise?
Furniture, sir,
A barricade!
To brutality
a woman!
Open, unhappy!
Knock on the door!
- What will you do?
- No matter hits.
Do not pet, hits!
I'm going to open this door
although the need to pull!
Continued. That
will do you good!
What a beast!
I can not do this!
Until you bleed
You will not come as
I still alive!
How did you get in?
Out the window.
Give me the pleasure of seeing you leave.
And I hope you stumble.
Look at this furniture!
I put them to not
entering animals.
You walk like a thief and
and you remove my furniture!
I have not been more
than to see you.
- Ridiculous ass!
- I do not want to stay outside.
Runaway Toro!
Discuss below.
A Louis XIV chair!
Leave it!
I call the manager!
Call the police!
Know what to do with you.
I call the fire department!
Why did not the Marines?
Damn dirty!
Now calm down!
That's it. Thank you.
Nice show, I must say.
If I want to throw something else ...
And I will too.
Happy new year!
My little girl.
My heart.
I can no more.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Do you really love me?
You are my heart and soul.
You're all women
simultaneously and alone.
I know that's the first
act of Lovers.
But love,
say it again.
Tell me something nice.
You're the lowest thing
but while I have you,
no other man will touch me.
Your husband!
Sorry, it's a habit ...
Digges is!
Happy new year!
Thanks and all
my good wishes!
Thank you.
My husband.
That's an idea,
An inspiration!
- What?
- Marry.
- Tonight!
- Marriage is serious.
No! I'm not
those who hesitate.
A girl I should think
in their future planning.
If we,
we will not ever!
Married not think it was more
unhappy than I am.
I've changed.
I'll tell you later.
You hear, Digges?
We got married!
What? Another time, sir?
How 'again'? If you never
we were married!
He said the plans, sir.
At least a dozen times last year.
That implied
offends me, Digges.
It's just been approached
the precipice many times ...
That of 'precipice'
I did not like, Digges.
Excuse me, Miss, was
just a figure of speech.
Okay, but do not say
I am part of the landscape.
Do you approve, Digges?
They are made for each other, sir.
For our wedding!
For our wedding!
Someone calls.
Remember the last time.
It will be a friend
comes to providing.
Or a dunk girl
Why did you marry
someone so unpleasant?
Do not get me wrong!
You can not with your genius.
I can and I will.
I'll explain on the way.
He is a man, sir.
The Court of Miracles
It's not over.
I get changed
get rid of it.
Listen, I mean it this time?
Nothing can stop us.
Clean your room, dear.
This is the gentleman, sir.
I do not know.
My name is Henry Grant.
There must be a mistake.
I know, but is greater.
'm Henry Grant, junior.
Does the young Henry?
Nice to meet you.
Henry son! Get comfortable.
Sit. Want a drink?
I do not feel and do not drink.
What is it, boy?
It seems that works
in a funeral home.
Problems in the Bag?
I have experience.
I would have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge
not for his father.
How much have you lost?
A 104 lbs.
- English money?
- No, my girlfriend.
You hear, Digges?
Very finely said, sir.
Sorry to hear.
How did it happen?
I was not, and
she took a fancy to ...
You're telling me that when he was absent,
someone stole his girl?
- Who is the rat?
- You.
200 points less, sir.
- I'll break your face!
- Do not do anything that ...
Because then I break it
and will be a disaster.
Accuse an innocent man.
Digges, maybe you ...
Is haired and lives in Denver?
A blonde New Orleans?
Married to a judge? Philadelphia?
No way!
I wonder who it is.
His name is Marcia West.
Do we know any Marcia West?
No, unless you me
you have deceived, sir.
We do not know.
I did not say they met, said
I was in love with you
Well, that's not my fault, right?
You know what this is, Digges?
No. What is it?
Back The Love Triangle.
Clear. That.
What is The Love Triangle?
It is a work.
In the first act,
I meet a girl.
I do not know who he is or where he comes,
but fell in love.
Venice. The scene in the gondola ...
What was that line, Digges?
Do not tell me, tell me no ...
"Time was created ...
"For now ...
our own.
"Kiss me!"
Sirs, are crazy or what?
In the second act, I'm at home.
I have a scene with friends.
Companions, to be
in the war together ...
"You saved my life.
You want to pay that debt. "
I did not come to see him perform.
The me speaks of his wonderful fiancee.
She comes suddenly ...
Guess who it is!
The girl of Venice.
"Oh David! Things pleasure
to see him again! "
What a moment!
He looks into my eyes.
The look in his eyes.
We are in the same situation!
What does all this
to do with Marcia and me?
In the third act, I sacrifice.
Between friendship and love,
choose friendship.
I take away their illusions.
The mistreatment.
Insult to his family,
his friends.
What did she do?
He married my friend.
And live happily.
I left with a broken heart ...
and the universal cry
of review.
I cuts
prove it!
Interesting, eh, Henry?
Digges, my coat.
We have to leave.
It could work.
- What?
- What he said to me.
I did not ask for an application
practice of that story!
Why not?
A million reasons.
I'm on tour.
Monday in San Francisco.
But this weekend, at home,
You can do that the love triangle.
I do not give charitable functions.
What if I pay?
Henry, I forbid you
to say those things!
Excuse me.
The men in my position
live the emotions of girls
harebrained who fall in love
of our papers ...
and we swallow the flattery.
We do not think the effects
That can be happy lives.
Well, it is ruining
mine. Fix this.
I'd give my right hand to help.
But tonight, I have an obligation.
An obligation!
Maybe during the crash
market, told my father ...
... "I'd give my right hand,
but I have an obligation "?
Why not postponed?
- I put off in the past.
- Do not even think.
No, Henry, I can not.
And it's my last word.
Do not have an ounce
of altruism?
Never do something because
decency demands it?
Decency ...
I begin to see something.
Do not do anything generous,
by self-respect?
Might go back tomorrow
There are 200 points waiting
if it does not.
Bags ready.
Do not argue.
This is where I
turn the page.
We should never have
started that game.
I'll never forget.
Do not be so narcissistic.
I do it for me.
Of course, not understand.
Promise you will not tell you
any of this to my fiancee.
For she did not know.
Henry, I think no more.
It is saved.
I take off my coat Romeo
and assume the role of jerk.
I really appreciate it.
I look down.
I have bad feelings
about all this, sir.
Nonsense. It is a golden opportunity.
Will my moral salvation!
Add 500 points for this, Digges.
When I think of Miss Joyce
preparing ...
I love you for this!
I hope she
understand, sir.
What future awaits you, if you love
a man without principles or character?
Could not they get married before, and you
reformed later, sir?
I am determined to become
a new man.
I do not want to see the woman
I love, married ...
you with that so little
delicately call "bad smell".
Basil, love ... I'm ready!
Are we going to say, sir?
Well, it would be difficult to make
understand our deal.
Exactly, sir.
I think in this case,
presentmoslo as
a happy surprise.
I hope so, sir.
Here you are!
Here I am, my love.
Yes Here you are, my love.
Funny, Basil,
tremble with excitement.
What good!
Please, dear?
What a fool ...
I'm like a child.
We procrastinate several
times in the past ...
We were so silly, dear ...!
But it has not changed anything.
We still want.
- Thinking escurrirte again?
- No way!
But tomorrow also
It is a good day.
Can I borrow planted again?
No, you do not lay well. You know
not good for you ...
You are sick!
You are impossible!
Watch your glands.
If it had not been hypnotized,
would have known that would start again.
I have to do a
favor to a friend.
Really, seriously ...
You have to help friends, right?
Is that friend who spent
night in Chicago?
Tomorrow we married love.
I swear.
Not with me.
Tomorrow no!
When you know,
I want more.
Everything solved, sir?
Thus Digges.
Yes, certainly
solve, sir.
Here we are.
Hopefully work.
Do not worry.
It's yours.
Good luck.
Well, Digges, you know what
you have to do.
I think so, but I do not like the idea.
Never mind. They will fall as
pestilence in the middle of the night.
I have that also?
be pestilence, sir?
You're perfect for the role.
There is not a soul ...
For the encourage you.
She herself cast us.
We'll be back in an hour.
I hope so, sir.
Look, sir!
What is this strange occurrence?
We have heard.
- Who is it?
- Opportunity.
Sorry, sir.
Everyone is lying.
Nobody will come to
welcome me?
You hear, Digges?
Terrible, sir.
Do you know who I am, my friend?
Is Mr. Basil Underwood!
Is not it, sir?
Please! They are
all sleeping.
Is a guest of
weekend, sir?
I'M THE invited the
Nobody goes to bed when
Basil comes Underwood!
Let Digges.
Wake them up!
I dare not, sir.
I'll do it myself!
Basil Underwood? Entering the dark?
I appreciate that.
Flowers odorless!
Miserable dump.
That, sir, is miserable.
Reminds me Eentral Station.
Is the Central Station!
"A wagon!
"Train platform 6
Woggleoop bound,
"Blubalub Dillamuch
"And Umpville and West, platform 6."
Basil Underwood is here!
- How am I going?
- Between good and regular.
Top Worldwide!
Lord, I ask please!
Do not shout so loud.
The wake up everyone!
You seem a sensible man.
Mr. West is going to get very upset.
What about me?
My anger consume me.
- Your what, sir?
- My anger.
There is fire say!
How I can stop it?
We have arrived!
I know.
But why?
Because we come ...!
Angels and ministers,
protect us!
Have you seen that girl?
Do not you remember?
He came to my dressing room last night.
The beautiful ghost
out of nowhere.
And it is here, in this house.
That woman?
Remember your resolution.
Could not be the girl of Henry.
Something catches fire, sir?
Not a fire,
Basil Underwood is!
Who? Basil?, What?
The actor!
Say something, William.
Out! Not want them here!
Chester, somebody! Hagan
something! Get them!
- You hear that, Digges?
- Clearly, sir.
- Tomo bags.
- Hold on.
Can you repeat?
Gladly ...
Out of this house!
- Are you an actor?
- Who, me?
Well, if it is not,
It is a great loss!
Never heard an entry
with such feeling!
Almost convinced me.
I meant it!
I invite and go to bed!
Who invited him?
He's crazy!
Someone invited me.
Someone invited him.
Who invited him?
Were invited yourself.
Now I remember!
Marcia was Miss West.
I'm coming, Daddy!
I think this is our
official start, sir!
Come here.
Do you have invited this man?
Yes, Dad!
I'm glad you came.
A little late.
Was it hard leaving the theater?
Marcia, I want
you go. It's crazy.
Go, Dad!
Okay, I'm leaving.
Go back to bed.
Do not worry.
Understands nothing.
It could not, right?
How did you find me?
No matter if you are here.
Thanks for coming.
The pleasure is mine.
Come. I'll show you your room!
The output is here, sir.
Do not worry, Digges.
That will be the moment of truth.
Will this be enough, sir?
I think it's quite theatrical.
I hope you do not ask balloons!
Can you imagine, William?
If Mr. West had to work
to cover their expenses,
this would not happen.
Another clear example of
dilapidad money ...!
It's breakfast time.
Come. Prepare for everything.
Right. At two
It is really here.
What are you doing, dear?
I am inviting more people to
Party this afternoon
More? What nonsense!
We invited Mr. Underwood.
Who? That actor?
Did not you know?
I invited him!
- Really?
- Yes
Of all the ...
Why argue?
Let's have breakfast.
"Every night
got you under my pillow.
"But only your photo, by
unfortunately. I love you. "
Is this a home?
Remember you are
a lady.
Needless to say
everything we think.
There are some really crazy.
How do you know?
I peeked through the keyhole.
I told you never do that.
What did you see?
There was a man dressed
and another in his underwear ...
Dress ... and told him
other terrible things.
Not another word!
We'll talk after breakfast.
I think I'll have to
teach manners!
"I love you passionately,
"And if you send me $ 500,
I'll love you even more. "
- Who is it?
- From a lady, sir.
As always.
A very misunderstood lady.
The usual.
No, that's enough,
Digges. Thank you.
Answers to all
my best pitch.
Very good, sir.
And now, to keep up the charade.
Do you know your first
scene, Digges?
- Al pat, sir.
- Good.
Too bad it has to be she.
It is a good girl, Digges!
- Not too late to change your mind, sir.
- Oh yes it is!
As you say.
What a strange situation!
In which for better person,
I have to behave
like dirt.
I will try to understand while
I'll take my breakfast.
I send my love. Want to know:
What's for breakfast?
Who called kipper?
Did you hear?
Do not be silly, Daddy.
Kipper is a type of fish.
What, and that fixes everything?
What am I? A fish?
My master tells
you want to eat kipper.
Like to fish?
Treats it as a
rotten fish.
Eggs? Would not be right?
They come from aristocratic chickens.
Darling, if you want a kipper Basil,
probably not want eggs
even aristocratic.
I guess with eggs
will have to suffice.
Eggs and a bottle of whiskey.
- At breakfast?
- And another for lunch.
No kippers, ha.
And no autographs on Sundays.
Have you ever heard this?
What a shame!
Good work!
You should be ashamed.
Thank you, friend.
I told him a thing or two.
I think it's wonderful.
What is it?
No kipper.
What a shame!
Do I understand that we are kipper-less?
We eggs.
We kipper
- How did you sleep?
- Impossible. Someone was snoring.
- Who?
- I do not know. Me?
We prepare your kipper.
Meanwhile, I offer.
I forgot to present last night.
This is my prom ... A friend
Henry Grant.
How are you?
My aunt Paisley.
- That hand! That hand!
- What's wrong with your hand?
Look how heart line.
He will marry once.
May God watch over his wife.
The lucky!
Mr. Underwood has
time for that.
Oh, Mr. Underwood,
We're soul mates!
I met Sir Henry Irving,
a great actor.
Well, it's your opinion.
Come. May I present
Mrs. Kane.
My friends
say "Blossom".
How sweet!
I know him well:
Wearing boxer shorts with blue polka dots!
Is there reformatory in California?
This is Mr. Babson.
Nice to meet you,
You can call me "Chico".
The Babson lady.
I recognize the hand.
And Mr. Hinkle, Hinkle Utilities,
and Mr. Kane, Kane Chemicals.
Ah, captains of industry!
Where is my kipper?
Ah, here you are!
I was thinking about what you said
on my acting conditions.
You call this kipper
smoked? Test.
What's this?
Who brought it?
Quemado, and so all the meat.
What crap is this? Where
is the rascal cook?
How dare, villains, you get this from
and serve wardrobe who does not appreciate?
Take him everything!
With knives, mugs and everything!
The Taming of the Shrew!
- I tell to you, Kate ...
- My name is Ella.
That is burned ... and dry.
And I can not even touch it ...
Begets anger ... well,
Rooted anger!
Because of his nature we have
fact likely to anger ...
better still feed
more dried meat.
It seems he did not like.
And I thought that since
had seen it all!
I'm stunned.
Interpretation insurmountable, sir. And we
leads directly back to Miss Joyce.
What a lack of education!
I'm sorry that happens, my dear,
But what did you expect?
I get sick!
Price and pruritus!
What right do they criticize?
What are manners? Rules
small for small people ...
It's too big for that. Genius
is above such trivialities.
I will apologize
on behalf of all.
Marcia, wait!
Oh, sorry the
attitude of our guests!
No problem, dear.
We're used to it.
Are you fond of horses?
As a child, I liked the carousel.
I ride on Sunday.
I'd love to come.
Would you? Yes.
What's that? What?
That little thing on your cheek.
Oh! That is a beauty mark.
None of that.
Is it a mole!
A wart certainly, sir.
Here is another one!
If she has two, she must have a third.
- I have another!
- Where?
It is not your business.
What do you want from
my daughter, Mr. Underwood?
Leave him alone, Dad. Please!
Nobody has my
minor consideration.
I can not bear to
Women with warts.
Enter the convent! Gone!
Ah! Hamlet, Act III, Scene 1a.
How can you say that?
It's a beast!
I hate you! I hate you!
Last act last scene!
Go players we are, sir!
Henry, I congratulate
their future commitment.
Quick but effective.
I can never thank
No, no, it is I who have
be thankful ...
For allowing me to recover ...
my dignity.
Oh, please, don't mention it!
And now, sir?
Pack your bags.
For this relief, thank you very much.
Hamlet, Act I, Scene 1a.
My sweet ...
Now you see it as it is.
But he's right.
These warts are horrible!
I had not noticed ...
Not true. I love them!
You know what beauty!
He is an expert ...
I'm going to get.
What do you mean?
Cut them??
Well, I do not know the other, but ...
These two have
to go!
All for what that fool says?
He's not dumb, I'm the one
behaved like a child.
It is frank, and I admire him.
Do you admire? ... Listen to me:
If you love me, or touches.
Sorry, but you are not engaged to
my warts. And I'm going to remove.
Come on, Digges, Miss Joyce
will be proud of us.
I hope with all my heart, sir.
Today there will be a wedding at noon.
Oh, nothing like
a wedding at noon!
Hey, Lord Actor!
Be something you ignore.
She knows something
we ignore.
It may not be as important
if ignored.
Where are you going?
To a desert island with little children.
You'll never know what
she going to do?
It will get rid of your moles.
At least two.
He's crazy about you!
And Henry is that doctrine.
Come, sir, remember the wedding.
I have caused the effect
"Bash me-to-me-love" ...
I do not know that you will be given
you, but it works!
I have to talk!
Sorry, man, I gotta go!
Cracks, huh?
"Sticks and stones will break my bones,
but the words do not touch me. "
He's right, Digges.
What do you say?
Not here.
With his hand on the lock.
If you do, stick a pin.
Use a glove, Digges.
If I were not a gentleman,
behave like a lout.
What is Babson's room?
Second lock on the left.
I made a
small tactical error.
Come on, before it gets worse.
What do we do?
I have not exhausted my repertoire.
Think of something more drastic.
Think of something that works.
- It's noon and you said ...
- Undo bags.
Should I return without
purge my fault?
I'm willing to give 300 points
for trying, sir.
I refuse to cheat.
The bags!
Henry, trust me.
I do it for their happiness ...
and my salvation.
I hope you are sincere.
Go kindness on your part!
How I adore the girl!
And how we love
Mrs. Joyce, sir!
And me too!
- Or not?
- Sure, sir!
I wonder: is Marcia
so young and innocent ...
Higher? Excites my feelings
become that she thinks I'm ...?
I would say its more exciting
low feelings, sir.
I apologize, I'm sorry, sir.
What if I reformed by
wrong woman?
Who is this?
Miss Joyce, I am
very worried.
I have a head full of small creatures
green jumping from here to there.
And you are the one
is concerned?
Come and find your man
if you really love him.
Yes, I realize.
Mr. Basil is sorry
about yesterday.
Miss Joyce,
there to help him.
Tucked in
awful mess!
That stew in its
own sauce!
Things to try your
own poison!
Has he said that?
Are you sure you love me?
He said that?
Any other
friendly thing?
What kind of mess
is the boy?
How he can not speak?
Are you back in prison?
Oh, a home phone.
What do I do?
Let me think.
Remember the trick
use in Detroit?
It will now be useful.
What is this mystery?
I learned one thing.
I'm not sure.
I think Marcia is
falling in love with the actor.
Mr. West, You are brilliant.
Where was all this time?
Foul come out in the headlines!
He invited all the neighbors
to display it!
Everyone knows that ...
Nobody ever tells me anything!
Sorry, Marcia. I want to talk
with Mr. Underwood.
See you next to flowers.
I thought his intentions
and seem very suspicious.
Make no mistake.
Our friend to me too
perplexes me.
- Ours?
- Well, yours.
She will not leave
deceived by an actor.
I decided to reason and
speak as a father.
- What kind of father?
- Desperate.
- What will you talk?
- For you.
- I will praise his qualities.
- And in the meantime?
His Cyrano owners!
In that case,
I give him a punch in the nose.
I'm coming!
Trust me.
It is very important to me too.
- Does it seem sensible to be alone?
- I just want to talk.
I know.
As a father.
He's been starting as
father and end up as something else ...
Hopefully, sir. Parental speech
It may not be necessary.
Why not?
Anything can happen.
What are you talking about?
Could something emerge, sir!
I've thought it.
It is decided.
- I'm with you.
- No. It's not a family reunion.
I could watch them.
If you stay more relaxed, do it.
Thank you, sir.
Monitors, but with discretion.
Consider a signal.
One of my birds?
If I step on the line, whistle!
Do you prefer the lark or the nightingale?
I leave it to your expert judgment.
That reassures me.
You are restless for nothing.
- They are beautiful.
- Awesome.
The color of her cheeks.
I'll put in my bouquet
And they live happily.
You want me to marry Henry?
Of course!
Good old Henry.
I do not want!
He's a good boy,
your way.
It is so stiff and boring.
When it is a little more
great, dear ...
will appreciate a strong person ...
on which to rely.
But I'm young,
I want joy,
live a little.
Say what?
I said "phew".
I thought I heard
the whistle of a bird.
It's not weird!
Come with me.
No surprises!
I love birds.
Nice. I wonder
what they think now.
I like lovebirds.
Do you like?
I like everything
it's romantic.
The actors are romantic.
If they were not
would not actors.
Tell me about yourself.
Come. Sit.
I want to talk.
Count all about you
Nothing to say. I'm an actor.
Represent a role,
I return to my home. That's all.
I'll tell you something.
It must be fascinating
be worshiped!
Romances dying
first light.
You are a loner.
I perceive ...
What an observer!
Yes, I'm a loner.
In the depths of my being, I am.
I look forward to mourn!
Very friendly.
You need to
someone to love him.
Who cares ...
Take me with you!
I can not.
I told him I did not know
who he wanted.
Now I know.
Are you sure?
Or is it a passing fad?
Take my hands.
Feel my heart.
Love? Youth?
It is as real as
everything you've ever known.
And two days or two lives,
do not change anything.
Oh, dear!
- Impossible, you're a girl.
- I am 20 years old.
- Not more than a chemical reaction.
- No!
It turns hormones!
I love you!
I do not know.
As I know you.
I love!
It is false!
I can not love more than one
year, a month, a week!
But what a week
what month, what year!
What a mess!
Something is wrong, Digges?
I wonder why love
It is so wonderful ...
This is no time for riddles ...
Do not be shy, dear.
There it is! Follow!
Joyce! What a pleasant surprise!
I'm no surprise.
- A good day, right?
- Very nice. Beautiful light!
Nice place, right?
Yes! Just for murder.
You are not Joyce Arden?
Yes, and you young of the car
of last night.
Is not that right, Basil?
I think so.
How will your research, dear?
What right does she
so to speak?
Virtually none.
Today, almost Wives
have no rights.
His wife?
My wife.
Are you married?
Ah, yes, I'm married.
This is my faithful little wife.
Nice to meet you, Miss West.
Did not he have said,
my poor child?
Do not touch me!
It is wonderful! My wife!
I take out of a terrible mess!
How could you think that ...?
No, Joyce. You deserve
an explanation.
Yesterday afternoon I came to
Henry Grant me.
Do you remember the man yesterday?
It was Henry! Your father and I
We're great friends.
Come, love, sit.
Henry is engaged to a young man.
He's crazy about her,
and she is madly in love with me.
You know how it is cured.
I was begged to come
to take away their illusions.
A gentleman could not refuse.
And what do I find?
The girl in the dressing room!
Is not it funny?
That's what I was doing.
Make it "out of love" me.
I think I'll scream.
Please, no guests.
Sure I'm going to scream!
Control yourself.
Remember your heartburn.
Do not worry.
I do it for a friend,
by you.
would not understand.
I'm going.
You are to blame for everything!
- My cab is gone? Where is?
- Let me explain.
I insist. Where is my cab?
I fired him.
Stay please.
Another call.
What do I do?
Follow it.
Do not lose sight.
If I did not contain, I ...
Wait a minute!
I forgive you.
Knew before me.
What happened, I walked.
- Have you no shame?
- Not if you love me!
I do not love, it was platonic!
Not with that kiss.
Me you will not deceive.
I hate to mention it,
but I'm married.
Very kind to your
woman, but ...
I have to go.
Talk to you later.
Have not seen a woman
crazy here?
- What, sir?
- The woman who ...
Ah, Mrs. Underwood! It is
in the room that you
Do you try to escape from me?
My little girl, I ...
You can not kiss me like that and get away!
Yesterday as I closed the door.
It is true.
I'm going as the taxi arrives.
Joyce, if I open it, kill me!
Well! Let there be blood and destruction!
Opens or I do now!
You should call your agent
Press ... and photographers!
You will not do
something secret!
For? Last time, are you open?
I'll get my gun.
Eye. The trigger is
the back.
Okay, remember this
time, woman!
Die with your name
on my lips.
Goodbye, Joyce.
Listen, let's be sensible.
Hogwash! Neither can kill you!
Honey, you gotta believe me!
I do this for you!
I already pictured
The Love Triangle.
It is exactly that!
Your alibis are
getting worse!
Do I have to do or
Bring Mr. Grant.
I will ask you for forgiveness on your knees!
Who insulted who?
It is a monstrous being.
None of that.
- Basil Underwood!
A monster!
Oh, I give up!
Did you do come to his wife?
- The woman whom?
- De Basil.
- Are you married?
- No woman would have if not.
Mr. Underwood wants
see you right away.
What do you want to see?
Let me, Dad.
I've suffered enough.
You prove that you are
being unfair.
Henry, come here.
There is a small problem
to fix.
My wife is a
suspicious person.
This is the Lord Grant.
How are you?
Is not it true that came to me
last night,
in order to dissuade his girlfriend
no love for me?
Prepare to blush.
- Not a word is true.
- That's what I wanted to know!
- You're a liar!
- I'm no liar.
There is another reason.
I dared not speak in the garden
but really what did it for you.
What garden was for me?
That was a temporary detour.
I came here to improve ...
by you.
First Henry, then by me.
Who is next, Basil?
Love, I beg you to help me!
- I'll help.
- Will you?
It's one of those times
I love to help you!
That laugh I do not like!
Go coward he was!
What did you expect?
He had to keep the secret.
So honor a friendship?
I'll admit that I
helps to keep my girl!
- The bags, Digges.
- Are you sure?
Right now!
What will you do?
We return home, Digges. We postpone
reform until further notice.
So you'll see that Joyce
Girl I do not care.
- But she's even more in love!
- That's your funeral.
You do not know like me.
Able to follow!
Do the ... Goodbye!
Sorry sorrow
we may cause you,
but beyond our control.
We suddenly assaulted.
We could not help it.
I understand.
"Love is like leaves in the wind."
I'm glad you understand.
Are you in love with him, dear?
I think it's wonderful.
It's so different from the others!
I have no words
to describe it!
Maybe they exist, but require
more vocabulary ...
Call a taxi, please.
It must be very painful.
You love it too.
My feelings for him
They are indescribable,
but it is stronger than
my love, I wish
Happy to see that boy.
What are you two talking about?
Have a wonderful wife!
I can not wait
tell everyone!
Tell them what?
- What were you talking?
- For you.
From me, what?
You and love ...
Why the smile
Berkshire kitten?
- Cheshire, dear.
- For Cheshire.
- And what of "gata" I did not like.
- I said "cat".
As the kittens become cats.
What matter. What is
that smile so mellow?
A I'm happy for you.
It's a wonderful girl,
and adores ...
They live an ecstasy of happiness.
What do you mean?
When I tell you, you
are you shaking with laughter.
Tell me. Make me shake.
It is basically that
I grant you a divorce.
So we're not married.
- See? I said I would help.
- Joyce! I beg on your knees!
I love it when you kneel.
Please stop, stay!
Listen carefully,
because they are certainly
my last words.
Since I can remember
you're strutting ...
regardless of the damage it causes.
It's always spring
in your heart ...
so if you pick
some flowers in passing
What's wrong with that? Huh?
And ultimately, always
Joyce was the little ...
Joyce small and helpful,
to rescue at the last minute.
The small and gullible Joyce
tall tales that thought.
The little jealous Joyce
to which you could torment.
The small and temperamental Joyce
with which you could fight.
Small and faithful Joyce whose
lap can always go back.
Joyce, you're being unfair ...
Today you pick up your last flower.
And I'm sure that
the conserves forever.
Want to tell you
Today your life over?
Love for breakfast, love
lunch, dinner and love.
Worship sweet syrup.
So you will live until
you make me want to scream.
You will wait in vain
a good fight.
You will try to flee,
but she will not leave.
It's just what you deserve,
Lecherous bastard!
Have you no pity?
Save me!
Oh, Mr. West! Just
I was looking for.
Who, me?
Do not show me your garden?
And that cute birdhouse?
With pleasure.
Why is it that you men
business attracted me so much?
Be that they are so different
actors ...
You already know the
gardens, right?
Would not it be funny to come back
like your mother?
We're in
one mess.
If I had heard ...
No matter, sir.
Now we will, like many
other times.
Not in a mess like this ...
It's a real mess.
Thoroughly met our
obligations to Mr. Henry!
Do not think of him.
Neither eternal salvation
my soul.
It goes much further.
You know the life that awaits me
with this naive?
What sir?
Love for breakfast! Love
in lunches! Love for dinner!
Oh, horrible, sir!
I have to get rid
of it as,
or Ms. Joyce lost
and that could not stand it.
I understand, sir.
This girl has us crazy!
- Think, Digges, think!
- My mind is a barren field, sir.
Deplete the possibilities
the Love Triangle ...
Something must have!
- There, Digges!
- What, sir?
"Alone in the City."
He quips!
- "Alone in the City," Digges.
- But you can not ...!
I must! Last resort
She is so young,
sir, so innocent!
Right. It will flee ... terrified.
This will work, Digges.
Pack your bags.
Ah, beautiful doll!
What are you doing?
Do not be afraid, little one.
I'm not afraid. Only
I want to know what you do.
Some call:
"A fate worse
than death. "
Oh, wonderful!
Oh, my love!
I knew you loved me.
I think I chose a
wrong work!
Where is the key?
Let me out!
This weekend is better than that in
which Mr. Morley killed his wife!
But what about, honey?
They hug and kiss and ...
That man and your girlfriend!
Do not go!
Where is your sense of humor?
Do not run away!
What happened here?
No, Henry, you do not lay well.
Pure nobility. I saw with my eyes.
You call that nobility?
I was weak, and he strong.
It is useless, Henry.
Has shown me love.
I can not marry you.
Dinner is served.
Joyce! I have
talk to you.
Still trying
"Des-seduce", Basil?
It gives me a result.
I want to talk with you. Come.
Clear! If these days
I talk to everyone ...
although practically
nobody talks to me.
Oh, please, Miss Joyce ...!
Well ... what do you want?
Young ... what intentions
is my daughter?
- Absolutely no.
- All the better to take them!
You can not compromise my daughter
and turn a blind eye!
I assure anyone
the commitment!
Is it me
want to commit to me!
Go, Dad.
I must talk to him.
- As I speak to you Marcia.
- This is important!
Important?, And this is not?
We will.
Where are we going to stop?
Nothing matters in this world.
I know what's
plotting, Underwood!
Well, you know more than me.
Try to steal my girlfriend.
Henry, I swear on my honor
I have done my best
to return it.
Well I think I
deliberately betrayed!
If I'm the type of pig
you think I am,
I damned right here!
He's had his number.
I act now!
Oh God, the end did!
- What is it?
- I hit him.
That terrible!
Yeah, do not like being knocked out.
Miss Paysley, we go to dinner.
Are you hurt, sir?
Digges, can you stop with
the sounds of birds ...?
- Been reading bad novels.
- Do not you tell?
The truth! You did not act
to destroy their illusions?
I knew it!
Now it's your turn.
The suitcases are ready, sir.
Come on, Digges.
A good idea
sleep at home.
Before leaving, I made sure
of our devotion.
He said he will not return.
But he had a sad look.
- Yes?
- Definitely, sir.
I have only one
little hope.
Are not you Basil Underwood?
I took my wife to see Hamlet.
I do not know what to do with it.
It's a shame!
You not at fault!
Are the shims!
Oh, gosh.
Would you could ask a favor?
Do not come to my house ...?
Help me heal.
Disgusting What a guy!
Here we are.
And where are we?
Just you and me together,
I will do my best
can, sir.
I do not know what I'd do without you, Digges ...
It is very good to me, sir.
No, exaggerate, Digges.
No, I'm the one that sometimes
not lived up to, sir.
I'm surprised.
Digges, is here!
Do not greet me.
Followed me! I knew it!
What girl hard head!
Do you want to commit?
- Return home.
- This is my house.
Please! What will they think their
father and poor Henry?
It's there, sir!
- Who?
- Mr. Henry.
- I have left.
- Tell him we've gone.
He says if you do not go,
will enter it.
Oh yeah?
You are the gift, Digges.
Throw it out the window
or the fire escape ...
and unpacking.
If she's here,
I fall lightning!
I know it is there.
Are you saying I'm lying?
Not suggesting anything.
It is a fact.
But it is not
why I came.
Ah, no? Well, I'm glad
to see it, boy!
Underwood, a man must
know when to give up.
Yes, I'm also coming
to the bitter conclusion.
So I came to wish
Maybe both.
Oh, Henry ... I hope to be
misunderstanding ...
It's yours, I give.
Oh, please, Henry!
I do not want it!
- But she loves it!
- That's impossible!
Hey ... I did it as a favor.
I thought it was an attitude
decent for me.
You can not foist
the creature.
I forbid you to talk
and Marcia!
- I thought you loved her!
- And so it is.
- Well, take it with you, Henry!
- No, I love her too!
I just want happiness.
I will not marry her
if he loves you
I could not bear
her sad eyes ...
Hey! Stop play my role!
I'm the hero sacrificed here!
Do you really love me so much?
- Clear!
- You shut up!
Who asked him to
goal in our stuff?
He's right!
Well I love it! You ..!
Do not mess with Henry!
You can rest easy in two
weeks and I have forgotten!
I loved Clark Gable and am already
cured! With it you will like it!
Who is Clark Gable?
Do not know who Clark Gable!
I'm sick of all this.
I did a favor for Henry.
I know why you did what you did.
I studied psychology.
You are an exhibitionist.
All actors are exhibitionists.
You're just an actor!
- Just an actor!
- And not very good!
We all are.
Henry has played a big scene.
Shakespeare again!
A genius, that some
truths said.
And nothing more true
"The world ...
"It's a stage,
"Men and women,
"Everyone does their tickets
and exit ...
"And various roles in his life.
"Acts, seven ages.
"First, the creature, hiccuping and
throwing up in the arms of his mistress.
"Then the boy plaintively,
"That, reluctantly, with portfolio
morning and radiant face,
"Which snail creeps
to school.
"Then the lover, sighing
as an oven;
"And composing ballads mourners
the brow of his beloved.
"And the soldier,
with feline whiskers
"Astonishing and oaths
"Jealous of his honor,
vehement fighter
"Seeking the bubble reputation
until the muzzle.
"And the judge, who, with his round
tummy full of capons,
"Serious eyes and trimmed beard,
"Wise aphorisms and
quotes well known;
"Make your paper.
"The sixth age brings
"Emaciated old
"Glasses in napias
and bag on the side
"Shims with youth
well guarded,
"Anchsimas to as
bony stringers;
"And his big manly voice,
resumes childish ... "
By God! What annoying!
"The final scene
"So unique and varied history
"It is the second childhood
and total oblivion
"Sans teeth, sans eyes,
What, no one?
Magnificent interpretation, sir!
Thanks, Digges.
Check please.
I'm going.
I'm so sorry, Miss Arden.
This will not be the same without you.
Can you forgive me?
You're the one that I have
to forgive.
Back to earth
boys: ground floor.
You two ...
You can take possession of
her husband, Mrs. Underwood.
But of all the impertinent
vain ...
No, no, dear, remember that did
all that to turn to collect.
No, Henry! Everything you told me ...
What ... their efforts to reform,
and all that, is a colossal stupidity.
Do not ever want to hear
that name anymore.
You're very sweet,
Ms. Underwood, and believe me,
You have my sympathy.
You know, Digges? I was
a very happy man ...
before becoming a character
in the process of moral reform.
But I'm happy to know that
is all a man, sir.
You are on the column
Have the Big Book.
That's no consolation.
Yes, sir. But before starting
this moral reform
you had a little odor.
Now, it smells as sweet as
the lilies of the field.
And who wants to smell me?
Yes, it's very true, sir.
My friend, Miss
Joyce and I
We have had many differences.
But through it all,
we were happy.
Do you realize that this silly issue
lost me the only woman
without which I can not live.
Do not move!
I want to look.
What is love?
Have something different.
I do not know what it is,
but you look like a new man.
- See?
- Yes
I thought he was inside.
It may be the lighting,
but I seem to see as a halo
around your head.
I did everything for you.
The bags, Digges.
- What, sir?
- Pack your bags.
Another time, sir?
We flew to Las Vegas.
There will be wedding.
But needless
wedding clothes!
The bags!
It may not feel like it.
Do nothing, Digges!
You do not mess!
A pack!
- Maybe he's tired.
- Me too.
Everyone has a limit.
Too bad that you forget
What a way to talk!
- Do not fret!
- I do not get irritated!
Washington Does not
freed the slaves?
What has that to do?
I give orders because
I pay a salary!
Yes! A paltry figure!
Again the money
old mercenary!
On the contrary,
I'm a generous soul!
Now the Cobras
double, Digges.
Digges, I recess
Oh! Being stingy
and despicable!
What did you say?
This is life, Digges!
I do not know what to say, sir.