It's Me, It's Me (2013) Movie Script

So about the old man,
you think that's okay?
You still wanna talk about that?
You asked me for advice.
I think it's fine if money can solve it.
That's so stupid.
He's not your husband anymore.
Mom. Mom?
-I don't wanna hear that word anymore.
-You agreed to call me Masae.
-Are you still saying that?
Why can't you call me Masae?
Because it makes me sick.
When I turned 40, I quit being
your mom and became Masae.
I told you I don't care.
Hey, do you see me?
-What do you mean by that?
-I meant nothing.
If you're gonna say something to me,
make it meaningful or interesting.
You've got a point.
I wanted to ask you.
-Don't you want a camera-related job?
-I have one.
-No, I mean a cameraman.
-Pick up the phone.
-No caller ID.
-Set it up to block those calls.
Oh, okay. Even though
I paid for your photo school.
Did you?
Aren't you hiding something from me?
Don't lump me together with the old man.
Listen. I know you better than
anyone else in the world.
That's a delusion of grandeur.
How could you say that?
I was the first person
in the world to acknowledge you.
So what?
We'll open in half an hour.
Please move the dollies on the aisles
to the back
-I shouldn't be doing this?
-You'd always do that.
Take this!
-Are you listening to me?
-I am.
If you can't stop working
like a contractor, go back to being one.
-Go back to being one
and follow your dream
of becoming a cameraman until you die.
That kind of lukewarm life
is suitable for you.
You're right.
What is he doing? Huh?
What do you think this is?
I wonder
All right. Go back to work.
-Leave it to me.
Got him.
Excuse me!
Even so, Minami,
how could you do that?
Idiot! I had to kick you like that
to settle things down.
Because you headbutted him
on purpose, right?
-It felt so good!
You looked reliable, Nagano.
Yeah, you did!
I almost, almost fell in love with you!
Please don't.
So today's dinner is on you,
Nagano Hitoshi.
Because today is your Independence Day.
-That has nothing to do with this.
-Okay! Let's toast.
To Nagano Hitoshi and his fading dream
to become a cameraman.
I told you I'm not trying
to become a cameraman anymore.
-You have regrets and Tajima knew it.
-He's not that sharp.
-No! Absolutely absurd!
-That's not funny!
-Oh, that's mine!
Let's hit the reset button of your life.
What a crazy Famicom life! Hadoken!
That's a bit too old. Yoga Fire.
You're doing it wrong. Yoga Fire!
Cut it out already.
Cameraman Fire!
Oh, I'm sorry.
-You got kicked.
-Oh, please.
Can you hit me? Give it to me!
Nagano, thank you for the dinner!
Well, can't you pay just a little?
Well then! Goodbye!
The last train!
Please don't forget
to take your card and receipt.
Thank you.
Some cream and gum syrup?
-No, thank you.
-Excuse me.
One moment ple
I'll bring you fries to your table.
Murayama! Murayama!
Over here.
-Sit down. Murayama, sit.
Murayama, you can keep a secret, right?
Here are your fries.
They're not mine.
I'm not the type to eat fries, you know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let's see
Um, those are mine.
-I ordered fries.
Oh, I'm sorry.
-Don't tell anyone.
-I won't.
I think I'll quit the company, you know.
What? Really?!
Well, I wanna do
something big now, you know?
"You know"?
Sorry, I'm eating now,
thinking about big things.
-So quick!
-It's my girlfriend.
-What's that big thing?
-That's a secret, you know.
What's that secret?
A secret is secret, you know.
-Eat, Murayama. Shut up and eat, Murayama.
Sorry to say this now, but I'm gonna
quit the company in the next five years
-What? You'll stay for five years?
-I feel so bold.
You won't know
what changes your life, you know.
(Thank you very much.)
Mister, are you all right?
Hello? Oh, it's me.
I said it's me!
Daiki? It's your mother.
I got an invitation to
your high school class reunion.
Call me back when you hear this message.
Hello? Mom? It's me, Daiki.
I'm sorry.
I just needed to take a dump, you know.
"Y-You know"?
That doesn't sound like him at all.
REJECDaiki? It's your mother.
Did you hear my message?
Come pick up the reunion invitation.
I want to, but I have a lot going on.
You must be tired. You sound down.
Are you eating all right?
Yes, hamburgers and those stuff.
That's not healthy.
Well, I wish I could have
my mom's stew, you know.
"Mom"? Since when
you started calling me "Mom"?
You're acting strange.
What's wrong?
What? Sorry. I don't know why I said it.
Things aren't going well these days,
you know.
Even so, it's not like you
to call me "Mom."
Is it about your career? Or Mamiko?
Or other stuff?
Well, it's not easy to say
What is it?
I don't wanna make you worry.
That makes me worry even more
Hello? Hello?
You there?! Hm?
I'm in debt, you know!
What? How much?
A million yen! I crashed my friend's car.
Are you hurt?
No I'm fine.
If you're not hurt, that's great.
While there's life, there's hope.
If money can solve it Oh!
I wonder if this is the "It's me" scam.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said such a thing
when you're down.
What's your bank account?
Oh, no. Could you pay directly
to my friend's account instead of mine?
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
A million yen, right?
No, I managed to pay a hundred thousand,
so nine hundred thousand.
Hello. Thank you for choosing us.
Please don't forget
to take your card and receipt.
Thank you.
What am I doing?
-Here you go.
-Excuse me. Is this a new model?
-Yes, it is.
-Can I see it?
-Of course.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Oh, I was just wondering if this camera
would fit into my bag when I go walking.
That's what many of our
female customers consider.
This is a good camera.
The lens is quite sharp.
Wow! It's like a professional photo.
Of course. He's formerly
a professional cameraman.
-No Well
-It's completely different.
To walk with, maybe that one
with a good wide-angle lens is perfect.
-Can you shoot cats?
Yes. I saw a cat jump up
to catch a pigeon.
The pigeon barely escapes.
But the cat looks at it as if to say,
"I wasn't attacking you anyway."
And the pigeon makes an "Oh!" face.
-You didn't understand, right?
-For cats, telephoto cameras
-I'll come back.
-May I have your business card?
-What? Oh, here.
Will you help me choose a camera?
Of course.
She has a ring on her ring finger.
She's married.
Oh! Need help?
Stop it.
Daiki, you're home late.
-I'm sorry.
I got the wrong apartment.
Don't be silly.
Panicking because
your mother's suddenly here?
I've been worried.
You changed your phone, right?
Why didn't you call
and tell me how it went?
I thought something happened.
I was gonna go to the police,
but Kasumi told me
to check your apartment first.
Thank goodness.
Why are you just standing there?
What? Because
-Who is she?
-You bought fried chicken again?
I know those are delicious,
but you're eating too much greasy food.
So is the trouble
with your friend settled now?
Oh, thank you for your help.
Daiki, let's not hide things.
-I'm sorry.
Is there something you want to say?
I'm sorry!
I'll give you back all the money!
What do you mean?
You lied about the trouble?
No, Daiki sat next to me
and put his cell phone
on my tray, so I stole it
I'll pay you back all the money you sent!
Don't move.
Daiki, why are you saying that?
Because I'm not your son Daiki
How could you say that?
You want to treat me
like a stranger? Fine.
How How could you?
This is my new phone number.
Oh, okay.
Good! See you!
-It's so crowded.
-It is.
Are you all right?
It's good that it didn't rain today.
So crowded.
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you very much!
-What an impressive young man!
-So rare these days.
-Not everyone can do it.
Why are you here?
The thing is
my friend cancelled on me
right after that.
So I thought it'd be nice
to chat with you a little more.
Is that so?
You didn't even come home
for New Year's.
Kasumi doesn't come visit these days, too.
She says that old houses are too dusty
and never brings Sho here.
Oh yeah, Daiki,
you've never seen Sho's face, right?
Sho I guess not.
You have.
There's a picture of him behind you.
They say, "Children of your relatives seem
to grow quickly," but he's my grandchild.
Coffee, please.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
-No, I mean
Gonzaburo, it's Daiki.
Do you remember him?
See, Gonzaburo?
I really like the pictures that you took.
-That's my little cameraman.
You have a talent for it.
Why did you give up?
You can still become one
No way
I'm sorry!
-What's wrong?
Are you hiding something?
You look suspicious.
Tell me everything later.
You can relax today, right?
Today, I'll see my friend and
Didn't your friend cancel on you?
Oh, yeah, yeah. You're right.
-You're off today, right?
-No, I'm not.
What? But you were gonna go
somewhere with your friend, right?
It's me! Hello? What?
Really? Well, I can, but
You owe me one. Okay.
Oh, man!
-I've got to go now.
-To where?
To work! Someone suddenly called in sick.
But that was a pretend call, wasn't it?
It's me.
You again?
Will you stop?!
Whoa-whoa, it's me, it's me!
I just haven't come to see you lately.
Please go away!
If you don't, I may call the police!
Why are you saying that?
Are you messing with me?
Enough. It's not funny.
You're messing with me!
I'll call the police!
I said, "That's enough"!
Just open it!
Go away! Stop bothering us.
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm obviously Nagano Hitoshi.
Are you trying to do
what you did yesterday again?
What about yesterday?
I didn't come here yesterday.
Then, who was that?
How should I know?
That's him. He's playing dumb!
Just let me in!
I said stop!
Ow What the
Just go! Or I'll really
call the police this time!
Hey Masae! Masae!
Your card.
I bet you have your business card.
If you give me your card,
I won't call the police.
Well, I don't understand
what's going on
Your cell number, too.
-What are you doing?
-Photo evidence. Just in case.
-Never come back!
-Enough, Masae.
You have to make it really clear!
Otherwise, he'll come back!
Don't ever return!
Hey! Please!
He came here yesterday, too!
What does he want?!
What's going on?!
I'm sorry for what happened earlier.
What's going on?
Yesterday and the day before,
someone like you came twice
and said that he came home
because he was on vacation.
-Did he look like me?
-His hair was more brown.
-That's not me.
I know. I think he's a college student.
-What happened to him?
-I forced him to go away.
Masae yelled that
she'd call the police, too.
Why did you believe me?
You called my mom "Masae."
Oh, that.
-I can't call her "Mom."
-On her 40th birthday.
Your mom became Masae.
Is that why?
Seems you're not a total stranger.
Is that a guinea pig, too?
Yes, it is.
-I'll call you sometime soon.
Nagano, please report
to the camera section.
All right. I got it.
Hey, Contractor, you know what?
It's gonna be chaotic from today.
I know that customer there
really likes me, but she asked for you,
just because she has your card.
All right.
Sorry for the wait.
I'm sorry,
but I wanted to ask for your advice.
All our staff members
know cameras very well.
They're different from you.
That old guy.
I didn't understand a word he said.
What's with him?
-You'd better ignore him.
-But he's annoying.
Yeah, well, he is annoying.
No! He's still staring!
I can't believe it!
Oh! Ma'am, wait
Hey, why are you staring at me?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Ma'am, come this way.
-He sniffed me.
-No, I don't think so.
-No, he did.
-That's okay.
His nose is stuffy.
I'm sure he couldn't smell anything.
-It's his sales strategy.
-What do you mean by that?
To tell you the truth,
he does it to all female customers.
-Staring and stuff.
To make you think that you're special.
Some women think
he actually likes them and feel good.
We're getting more sales by that.
So, is it my fault to think he liked me?
-You mean it?
-Nagano, "food" soon!
-What does that mean?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Sorry. Something came up
and I have to go.
Buy me lunch another time.
Oh, I see.
Hey, you're formerly
a professional cameraman, right?
No, I'm not.
Would you like to be a cameraman again?
Could you take a picture of a house
on this address for me?
-A house?
-I think it's just a typical spec house.
-A picture of a house?
Take some from the front and the side.
-Are you a realtor?
-Well, sort of.
Don't you wanna do it? I'll pay for it.
No, you don't have to.
If I can take it myself, that'll be easier
but I don't know much about cameras.
-Photography is pretty easy.
-Then do it for me.
-Here. This is the address.
Hi, is everything going well?
Okay, bye. See you then.
This is my number.
-What are you doing?
Watch how you talk.
You'll get into a great deal
of trouble one day.
-What happened after that?
-After what?
I'm talking about that sexy married woman.
-Did she say anything about me?
Not really.
I think she likes me, you know.
You know!
I can't understand him.
If she wants my number, just tell her.
You know my cell number, right?
Are you listening?
I know.
What's wrong with you?
I'm glad that I'm not you.
"The student will come."
"Meeting Tonight"
No, I don't want to.
-It's fine.
-No, move already.
Take one.
Let go. I said no.
This is Nao. The student.
No, I'm Nagano Hitoshi.
What's on your student ID?
It says Motoyama Naohisa, I think.
Something like that.
-So call yourself Nao for now.
-For convenience, I'm Nao.
It doesn't feel comfortable.
By that logic, you're Daiki?
Well, okay.
For convenience, I'm Daiki.
That makes you Hitoshi.
Sorry to make you cook.
No problem.
Does grated cheese go with Hiyashi Chuka?
Oh, yes.
-And kimchi on top of it?
-Try it. It's the best.
So, what were we talking about?
Oh yeah, you left the house?
Yeah, a lot happened between
my mom and me after that.
-And you found shelter here?
-Okay, Hitoshi, sit here!
Let's make a toast!
It's such a high density of ME!
-I was thinking the same thing.
-Me, too.
Wow, we even think the same way.
Because we're all ME!
Yeah, you're right.
I've never felt so carefree
with others in my life.
Because we're all ME.
This cold ramen looks awesome!
Yeah, just try it.
Oh, it's delicious.
I really
really wanted to eat something like this!
-How did you know?
-Because you're me.
If there's a girl
who understands me like this,
I'd marry her.
Yeah, I agree.
To be honest, I thought this was gonna be
more hostile.
It was hostile at first. Right
-What was it?
-I'm Daiki.
-Daiki! What about me?
Oh, now you remember, Hitoshi.
Of course, I know you because you're me.
You sure?
I can't hang out with strangers anymore.
-It's gonna be a pain.
-You're right.
-Do you mind if I dance?!
Because I'm happy!
I wish this had happened sooner.
So true!
It'll be nice if this place becomes
the ME Mountain.
What's that?
Like how monkey mountains have monkeys,
ME Mountain only has MEs.
That's great. This place is
the ME Mountain from today!
"Why don't you dance
after you finish your meal."
-Who thought that?
-I did.
ME Mountain!
Oh, I have a headache.
Don't you have to go to work?
No. I have a late shift today.
Oh! Can you go to work for me today?
No, I can't! I have to go to school
after this.
Did you know
that Cleopatra had twin children?!
-I knew that!
If everyone becomes ME,
what should we do about girlfriends?
It'd be easier if your girlfriend was you,
but having sex with yourself is weird
It kind of feels like
we're starting to live with a girlfriend.
There. I did my best.
This is the key to ME Mountain.
This one is the original.
-How much is it?
-How much do you think?
Around 10 a.m. today,
a 76-year-old man disappeared.
If anyone sees him, speak to him,
and report to a police box nearby.
Excuse me!
Yes, I arrived at your company.
Yes, it's Number 47.
A green door? Yes.
It's not locked?
I trust quick workers.
Here you go.
I can tell that you really were
a cameraman.
-Where did you take this from?
-A hill by the house.
I could take a clear shot from there.
You went up that steep hill.
Oh, have you been there before?
Hey, did anyone see you
going up the hill?
I don't think so.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
Here's your reward. It's not much.
-I don't need it.
-Business is business.
-Thank you.
-Could you check to see if it's enough?
-Not enough?
-It's too much.
Don't worry.
These pictures are worth more.
-Hey, when are you gonna quit?
That electronics store.
There are two types of people
in the world.
Those who want to quit their job
and those who don't.
Do you wanna do it with me?
-You mean work?
-Of course.
-It's not a dubious job.
-No, that's not what I
Could I have some time to think about it?
Well, yes.
-Can I ask you a question?
Why me?
Hmm I don't know why,
but that's what my gut tells me.
It's just a feeling.
Well But
Like how you don't need
a reason to fall in love.
I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, but I can't hear you at all.
You're a pain.
No, you guys are a pain.
You feel uncomfortably dizzy, right?
I'm sorry.
This time, I don't know what you mean.
What are you doing with my wife?
Hey, what are you gonna do?
No, please don't!
What the Ouch!
It hurts
Ow, ow, ow It hurts
It's what you get
for messing with someone's wife!
I told you that I didn't.
Then, do you wanna do it?
-Do what?
-Wanna fight?
We can do that,
but we'll end up in trouble.
Don't be chicken.
I'm just saying that it's risky.
People can get killed for small things.
Every year,
about 80 thousand people disappear.
But they started it, right?
-It's ringing.
-I got an email.
"I'm sorry to cause you trouble.
I'll sort it out. Think about my offer."
"I'd be happy if you gave me a call."
I'm back from my break!
Hey, Contractor! What's with you today?
Thank you for waiting!
Why are you taking a nap there?
-I'm not.
-You scared me.
Don't do that.
Thank you for waiting!
You're making me more confused.
Well, this one over here
is more expensive,
-but it's got better specs.
This one is way cuter, too.
But they're ten thousand yen different.
That's big.
It is big.
Could you discount it to the same price?
No, I can't do that!
Come on! Please!
What should I do?
Let's use the extreme measure.
-I'm begging you!
What will I get in return?
-In return?
-What do you mean?
Any problem?
No, I'm just thinking
how you're like a different person.
-Am I?
You're more upbeat than I thought.
-What? You don't like it?
I love it.
It's great!
-Working at an electronics store!
Why are you so excited?
Who cares! Oh, yeah.
I'll give you back the watch.
No, keep it for now.
I'll ask you to take my place soon again.
All right!
What did you do?
-The girl had good vibes!
-You mean, a customer?
That's right! Next time,
go ahead and have a good time.
How could you--
Well, you asked me to fill in for you!
I did! But
-She's quite cute.
-No, thanks!
I know you want it!
Oh, I'm tired.
Do you wanna take a break?
All right.
-I know what you're thinking.
I finally found one.
-Another ME. At the college.
Yeah! I kind of knew there was a guy
named Mizonokuchi in my class,
but I never paid attention to him
since he's dull.
-Does he look like you?
-He's really dull, but I'm sure he is ME.
It means we're multiplying.
Maybe there is another one there.
Mizonokuchi said he wanted to see you two.
-Oh, I'll bring him sometime.
-That'll be nice.
Where are you hiding Sayaka?
-I don't know where she is.
And could you speak up a bit?
Oh, yeah?
One, two
Could you guys beat those in the back?
I thought you avoid trouble.
-Attack the right one first.
He's probably drunk.
Ow, ow, ow!
Cut it.
-Daiki, I'm sorry.
-For what?
You, too, Nao.
For getting you into this mess.
Sometimes, the direction of your life
changes by accident.
Something new has already begun.
I'm very lucky to meet you guys.
I've always thought that
it was a pain to get involved with others.
But not anymore.
I guess you must respect others.
In order to get respect.
Maybe that's how it is.
Yeah, that's right.
Hey, I've never seen Nagano run before.
How refreshing.
Oh, that was close!
You're quite upbeat.
-What are you doing?!
-I'm just carrying the box of products
Don't make me say, "What are you doing?!"
because I don't wanna say it!
I heard Tajima didn't use to be like that.
Yeah, apparently.
Are you gonna keep working here, Nagano?
Yeah, I guess.
You'll be like Tajima.
No way.
You're like him in a way.
-I mean
You're both so pure
and because of that purity,
you're always fooled by others.
But I'm not gonna be like Tajima.
Forget it. I've got to go.
What? You're getting off already?
I'm going to school now.
Tax accountant?
Don't you think we can reset our lives?
The courage to start from zero.
What's the courage to start from zero?
What's the courage to start from zero?
What's the courage to start from zero?
What's the courage to start from zero?
Oh, Daiki! What are you doing here?
It's been a while!
Just in time.
Kensuke and Sho are here, too.
-No, I mean
-Come in!
Come on.
Oh, why didn't you call me
if you were coming?
Right, Gonzaburo?
Well, I wanted to talk to you a bit.
Oh, you're looking healthier
than the last time.
-Am I?
-What's the matter?
Nothing serious.
Oh, come on,
you only turn to Mom!
-Because his sister isn't reliable.
-Oh? Where's Kensuke?
Your husband's still in the bath.
Gee! He loves taking a long bath!
Get out of the bath already!
Daiki, why don't you take a bath
after him?
-No, I'm gonna go home today.
-Oh, you are?
-What did you wanna talk about?
-Well, nothing in particular.
Ka mate! Ka mate! Ooh! Ooh!
Ka mate! Ka mate! Ooh! Ooh!
What do you think of them?
Keep them or do you wanna eliminate them?
Neither, I think.
There it is! Apathy!
Apathy is the most dangerous thing
in the world!
At this rate, because of apathy,
Japan will perish.
Oh, your love is just blossoming,
so you're not interested.
What are you talking about?
-Sayaka, was it?
-Do you know her?
When I took your place, I had a peek
Don't tell me
No, no, no, no, no!
I didn't do anything.
But she's very attractive.
It's none of your business.
-But I'm you!
Instead of being in unrequited love,
let's build the ME Empire.
-ME Empire?
-It's an empire of ME.
Why'd you wanna build it?
Think about it.
There'll be more and more of ME.
I don't want MEs to fight one another.
Don't be silly. They won't do that
because they're all ME.
But you're opposed to my idea, right?
Well, that's because
Kill them all or
kill myself.
Screw you.
It can't cut anything.
That's Mizonokuchi! Mizonokuchi!
Nao, welcome home.
Hey, Nao! I have something to tell you!
Oh, is that a new ME?
He's Mizonokuchi!
Nice to meet you! I'm Mizonokuchi.
And they're new MEs.
-Oh, I'm so happy.
Isn't it cool?
Mizonokuchi found them all! Right?
No, it's nothing.
You did great!
You found five at once!
Now there are nine
-We can make a baseball team!
-Sounds great!
-We'll use the squeeze play.
-Oh, ouch!
Use the squeeze play.
Look! I made ME T-shirts!
Please try it! I want all of us to wear it
at once and get really confused!
Sounds good.
Welcome home!
Everyone, he's Daiki!
-Oh, he's cute!
I don't think
you can remember everyone at once,
but I'll introduce them.
This guy with tattoos is Tolu.
Named after toluene.
I'm sorry. Introduce them later.
What? Not now?
Nao, come outside.
-Just come outside.
What? What's going on?
Just like that?
-What should we do?
-What's wrong with him?
-What's the matter?
Daiki told me to send
Mizonokuchi and the others home.
-Yeah, they'd better.
-What? Why?
We finally gathered that many MEs!
We've got to build the ME Empire!
Right, Hitoshi?
-Well, yeah
Do you wanna push Mizonokuchi out, too?
That's not what I'm trying to say.
-What are you trying to say?
-Cut it out.
What are you trying to say?
-What are you trying to say?!
-Stop it!
What's the hell? I don't understand!
There are MEs that I can accept
and those that I can't.
-We're leaving.
-What? Why?
Seems like
they can't really trust us, right?
No, that's not true. Right?
Well, I don't care.
-Hey, let's go.
Hey, wait, guys.
That's illegal.
We must exclude those deteriorated clones.
Deteriorated clones?
They're all ME, but the poor-quality ones.
-Hey, don't mess around.
-What are you talking about?
You hit on a female customer!
-What are you talking about?
-I know you did! That specific girl
flirts with any store employee
to give her a discount!
Ten thousand for a kiss,
50 thousand for sex.
-That's who she is!
-Again, I don't know about it!
Shut up, you guys!
-Nagano. Your customer's here.
Oh, welcome to our store.
Now it's an eyepatch woman.
Did you see the newest
Pirates of the Caribbean film?
-Just asking.
-Don't ask me about it.
It's nothing.
More importantly, I'll wait for you.
-Hey, can I eat something?
-Are you still here?
I'm so hungry!
But the lunch break will be over soon.
Sayaka will be here, right?
Could you just go now?
-I mean, ME.
You make me do your job
and have fun?
It's unacceptable!
If I don't go back, Tajima will lose it!
You can be late a little bit.
-Ow, ow, ow
-No, I can't.
-Come on.
-What's the matter?
Oh! No
Excuse me. Who are you?
-I'm sorry,
but I need to talk to him in private.
Oh, okay
Pardon me
He was there at your workplace, too.
-Can you see the difference?
-Between me and him.
-Of course.
-I can't stop thinking about it.
-How can you
-Just a little bit, okay?
Here, take a look.
No, that's not what I wanted to ask
I know it's you guys
who kicked my husband's butt.
It's fine. I know it's his fault.
You see? This part isn't tanned.
I'm gonna get divorced.
It's about time for me to grow up.
I see.
It's no use chasing
after an illusion of love.
There are things I wanna do, too.
And By the way, don't tell anyone.
I won't. I can close up like an oyster.
Whatever. You sure you won't?
I won't.
Yasokichi said he'd quit.
You're too loud.
What's he gonna do?
I think he'll try to become
a tax accountant.
How old is he?
We're the same age, so 28?
I see How about you, Ukaji?
-Who's Ukaji?
-Oh! You're Nagano.
Oh! I'm so surprised!
-I won't quit.
-What about being a cameraman?
I've already given up.
Is that how you wanna live your life?
Well I'm totally fine with it.
More importantly,
don't tell anyone about Yasokichi.
Yes. Bye.
All right. I'm getting back to work now.
-Stay alert, Yasokichi.
-Take that!
-You know what?
-Don't tell anyone.
-I won't.
-I heard Yasokichi's going to quit.
It's top-secret! Zip it up!
-What is it?
That's what I told you earlier
and I also told you not to tell anyone.
You're right! No, no, no, no
What's wrong with me?
How should I know?
Sorry I'm late.
Don't worry. Nao's not back yet.
What's the matter?
Don't stick your nose in.
You won't understand even if I tell you.
Do you think I'm a fool?
If you share advanced knowledge of
baseball to someone who doesn't play,
that person won't really understand.
It's like that.
Hey, are you really ME?
Sorry! Sorry I'm late!
-Are you drinking?
-Yes. I'm sorry.
Since today's the anniversary.
The anniversary? Of what?
Never mind that!
Whatever. Thank you.
Hey, it's empty.
Oh, no! What should we do?
We bought too much.
No, we should've bought more.
"Perhaps we should drink some alcohol."
-What's that?
-How Daiki talks.
-It wasn't like him at all.
-I don't talk that way.
How's tomorrow looking?
The kanji for "tomorrow"
is also "bright day."
-Is it an accident?
-Looks like it.
Look at that.
Are you okay?
Hey Hey! Hey!
He's dead
Let's go.
Was that really an accident?
-What do you mean by that?
-He was murdered?
You're wrong.
How can you be so sure?
No, I just think so.
You said today's the anniversary earlier.
-The anniversary of what?
What was it?
Be honest.
I eliminated.
-I said
I eliminated.
-What do you mean?
-An elimination.
Be clearer.
It means I eliminated a ME.
-You killed?
-No, I eliminated!
Are you crazy?
You said you only need us, three MEs.
So I eliminated an unnecessary one.
Why did you do that?
Huh? Why are you asking me that now?
-You two said Mizonokuchi needed to go.
-But still
You said we can build the ME Mountain!
Even so, we should think it through
before we act.
You guys are indecisive,
that's why I acted!
I just pulled the trigger!
You shouldn't have done that!
I can't say this for sure,
but if Nao eliminated someone,
the opposite is just as likely.
-You mean we'll get eliminated?
No way
First multiply, and then eliminate.
It is possible.
-Just be careful.
Wanna stay with me?
No, I'll just go home.
-I'll call you tomorrow.
-I'll call you, too.
Thank you.
Nagano, over here.
-Yasokichi got killed.
TAX ACCOUNTANThis is Yasokichi, right?
-Tajima, Yasokichi got
-Hey, Contractor!
Stop reading the paper.
It's the morning assembly.
No, but
Contractor. You look like
you wanna say something.
It's hard to understand, isn't it?
Yes. Chief and I are the same ME.
So what?
Were you aware of it?
-Is it the worst?
-It's so childish.
MEs who only can accept themselves
gather and comfort each other
saying, "We're different from others."
You won't pick it up?
Let me be frank.
You don't even know
whether I'm you or you're me.
I think
I'm me.
You're so stupid.
That means I'm stupid?
This is Sobu Police.
What? Police? How can I help?
-Nagano Hitoshi.
-Could we talk to you for a minute?
Y Yes.
Do you have any idea
why your sister and her family got killed?
No, I don't.
We think that
this isn't murder, but "that."
-Yes, it's "that."
-What's "that"?
"That" means "that," right?
I can't believe this.
Everyone knows what "that" is.
-Don't you?
-Are you just pretending?
Oh, you mean elimination?
You know it.
What? So you think Kensuke,
Kasumi, and Sho got eliminated by someone?
It's possible.
A butterfly knife can't
Right, officer?
Yes, it's only a butterfly knife.
You know anything?
No, I don't.
Come on, this is your problem, too.
You wanna get eliminated, too?
Oh, I'm sure you will.
By the way, Daiki Hiyama's mother sent you
9 hundred thousand yen to your account.
Hiyama and Nagano
are the same person, right?
-Well, that's
ATM machines have security cameras,
you know.
-And we compared fingerprints.
What will you do with the money?
Well I was gonna buy a camera
-That's funny.
-Like you pulled the "It's me" scam.
-What's the matter?
-Oh no!
-What's with you?
It hurts so bad!
Better not pull that out.
Excuse me.
Are you there?
It's here?
Is this me?
No, it's impossible. I'm here.
What's up?
It's me. Do you recognize me?
I'm sorry, but I only have beer.
Um, have I changed in some way?
What? Hmm I don't know.
-A new haircut?
-That's not what I meant.
I meant the way I am My personality?
It hasn't changed.
Why are you asking me that?
What do you think of this?
It's absurd.
I'm sure this is some kind of trick.
Do you think so?
Of course.
Then, who's the guy lying in that room?!
I don't know what it is,
but you wanna solve this problem?
A problem? Well
I don't even know who I really am
Anyway, go back to the very beginning.
The beginning?
Problems don't just occur along the way.
It was there from the start.
Well, that doesn't matter!
What's happening to me?!
You're here with me and that's it.
But that's
You're here. That's for sure.
I'm touching you like this,
so I know you're here.
Is that not enough?
Well No
How about you?
Do you see me?
The problem is you.
Acknowledge the fact that I'm here.
Acknowledge the person
who's acknowledging you.
Then, you'll be sure that you're here.
Am I me?
Yes. You are you.
I'm thinking about going back
to the beginning.
Oh? Can't you hear me?
Hey, what do you think?
Hey, what's the matter?
Drank too much?
Are you okay?
What happened to you?!
What's going on?!
Remittance scam is on the rise.
Sejima, stop! He's one of us.
Are you?
I said stop. He's Hitoshi.
Sejima, would you excuse us?
Yes, sorry.
Hitoshi, what happened?
-I got eliminated?
I'm no longer me!
But you're here.
What do you think I should do?
What's really going on?
It's Nao.
If eliminations outnumber multiplications,
multiplications will stop altogether.
As a result of endless eliminations,
the very last one will remain,
and all of this will end.
The very last one?
Would the very last one be me?
Or you?
Let's forget about it for now.
We'll think about it after we survive.
You're right.
Wanna wait out the eliminations together?
I'm gonna go by myself.
To where?
I don't know.
But I'll go back to the beginning.
The other MEs will come to eliminate you.
This is my own problem.
I'll solve it myself.
I see.
I'll look for Nao.
All right? Don't ever get eliminated.
Thank you.
I'm glad I met you.
Me, too.
Even though we're both ME.
No, we're not.
You and I are two different people.
Where are you going?
You guys, too?
-Wait, you
Ow, ow, ow
Hey, wait! I'm you!
What the hell?
There he is!
It's him.
Good evening!
Hey! Back off!
Where'd he go?
Which one should we chase?
There he is! Right there!
Gee! Watch out!
Are you ME? Are you ME?
Who's ME? Who is it?
This one!
-What a pain!
It's not him?
Is it ME? Is it ME? Is it ME?
Boss, there he is!
That hurts! Ow, ow It hurts!
Oh, no way!
Get out of my way!
Bring it on, you fool!
What's up?
No, it's him!
It's you!
Gee! Wait!
My location?
What's the matter, Sejima?
You didn't eliminate Hitoshi, did you?
Hello? Hello?
Daiki. I haven't gotten eliminated yet.
Hitoshi! I knew you'd come here!
I really
-missed you!
-Me, too.
This is nonsense.
This is nonsense.
Too obvious, huh?
Daiki, that me who got killed
was Nao, right?
You killed Nao and pretended to be him
to kill all other MEs.
Nao warned me after he died.
-Do you wanna hear something great?
It's possible that I'm the real ME.
If I vanish,
maybe all MEs will vanish, too.
It'll be all right. I'm ME.
I'm ME.
Who are you?
Um I'm here
to return this to you.
And what was it like when I was born?
It was so strange. I was like,
"Something like this could happen?"
Yeah? That's not like you, Masae.
You just called me Masae
for the first time.
Not even once
after I told you I became Masae.
-Did something happen?
-No. Not really.
I just thought Masae might be better.
You finally acknowledge me for who I am.
No, I always have.
That's not true. When I was with you,
I felt like I didn't exist.
Here we go again.
I've heard enough of that, Masae.
Did something happen?
Never mind.
Subtitle translation by
Tsuyoshi Koide