It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway (2017) Movie Script

The lips, the teeth,
the tip of the tongue.
Tip of the-tip of the-
tip of the tongue.
The lips, the teeth,
the tip of the tongue.
Tip of the-tip of the-
tip of the...
How you doing.
Hold it
right there, big fella.
Five minutes, Mr. Spencer.
Would you mind?
Yeah. Sure.
It's for my sister.
Okay. What's her name?
And there were
all these bikers, you know,
they were all cumming, like
all over me, and it was hot,
and then I thought...
Who am I? Who are they?
So then I thought,
maybe I do have a problem.
So that's why I'm here.
That's it.
That was very brave.
Thank you, Victoria.
You're next.
You can do it.
Hi, I'm Diana.
Hi Diana.
I don't wanna say it.
The second part.
I'm not gonna say
"And I'm a sex addict".
I don't know if that's
even really a thing, like
it's controversial, medically.
I think the real reason I'm here
is 'cause I'm a girl. You know?
I like sex and I'm a
girl, so I must be sick.
If I were a boy
it would just be like,
'ha, ha, ha, you know,
teenage boys are so horny'.
Can I smoke in here?
In rehab, you could smoke.
Excuse me,
Detective Stone?
What do you need?
It's about the
Spencer kidnapping.
I hear you have a suspect.
Is that him?
Big fella.
That's him, right?
Who wants to know?
The public.
I'm a journalist.
Oh. Well, then.
No comment.
Care to elaborate?
No, none, zero.
Statements, things
to say, comment.
No comment.
Can I quote you?
Where should I start?
Why not start at the beginning?
We were a happy family,
when I was young.
Back before people
started dying.
And my Dad
was never the same.
He started drinking, and,
well, he hated bullies.
Hey! That's
enough of that now!
Hey fuck you!
Don't you ever put your hands on
a woman. Do you understand me?
I'm sorry.
Fucking, come on!
Are you okay?
I am gonna call 911.
Stay with me.
I want you to-
I wanna say it now-
I'm your father,
and you always gotta do right.
Even when it's hard.
Because I ain't always
gonna be there to help you.
You do right, you hear me?
I'm gonna call 911, Ok?
- Stay with me...
- It's gonna be ok.
Okay, son.
You go, son.
Seems like
pretty deep background.
It's all related, sir.
Cause it's how I came to be
in this weakened condition,
available to bad influence.
Continue. Please.
Well, I started doing drugs.
I tried everything, you know.
But heroin...
Heroin was the one that stuck.
And after I sold everything,
I was living in my
Daddy's Lincoln.
It's not that bad.
Nothing's that bad,
provided you're on heroin.
You don't mind stuff that much.
Comforts and morality and that.
That's no excuse, I know, but...
It's a reason.
Public Speaking.
It is the Number One
fear in the world.
And why?
Because it is the
one time you know,
everyone is looking at you.
His palms sweat.
His pulse quickens.
And if you listen real closely,
we can even hear his thoughts.
Oh my God.
Oh no, they're
all looking at me.
Oh! How's my hair?
I hope there's
nothing in my teeth?
Oh no, I wish, I really
wish they would stop.
It's scary, when
everyone looks at you.
But it doesn't have to be.
I'm Patrick Spencer.
Of course, you can
see the size of me.
There's this gland in my
head, the pituitary gland,
and mine, it just
keeps going and going.
It's a medical condition.
Symptoms include shortened
life span, heart troubles,
benign tumors -
Okay. When did you
meet Johnny Adebayo?
Is that his last name?
We always call him
Johnny Three-Fingers.
Nobody knows how he
lost those fingers.
Some say he lost em in a bet.
One guy told me
he chewed them off to get
out of a pair of handcuffs.
I buy my medicine from Lil'
Charles, but everybody knows
that Johnny's the boss.
Well, one day I was
buying my medicine,
and I was about 50 cents short.
Yo, that's
50 cents short, Giantman.
Yeah. I think I got it.
Yo. You ain't got it,
you ain't got it.
Move along, double-stuff.
Oh my holy
mudda of fuck.
Is dis a mountain
I see before me?
Are you some kinda urban
Sasquatch? You all seeing dis?
You seeing the raw, magnificent
size of dis here muthafucka?
Yeah, boss. They call
him the Giantman.
Now what's this, you say
you fifty cents short?
Can you give me a break?
I mean, it's only fifty cents.
And I feel everyone
stop and then I remember why.
I said 'only' to Johnny.
About money.
He once beat a man half to
death for saying 'only'
about five dollars.
Only you muthafuck...
Only five dollars, you fuckwad!
And that's a famous
story where I live.
I really screwed up bad.
Yeah, Giantman.
I'ma give you a break.
I'm give you a big break!
So, I'm told that being
a young person with absent
parents, I need extra guidance
or whatever, or else I risk
being a super fucked up mega-
bitch and I'll spend all
my money on coke and be a freak.
I don't want that, and
neither do any of my agents.
So here I am.
But I also have to ask, are
you sure that this the cure?
Telling these stories?
Because like, yours
are all like super hot.
It's seriously, I mean like,
titillating, you know.
You with the pool boy...
And like you giving
blowjobs at the airport...
I never did any of that stuff,
but now I kinda want to!
This is like treating
obesity with ice cream!
You know?
Because it's the opposite.
And hey! You know, maybe I'm
already cured, because right now
I would love to get high and
fuck some dangerous-looking
guy that I don't know.
You know, it really takes
your mind off stuff, you know,
and I would love to,
but I won't.
I promise.
Also, that first step, you know.
Admitting that I'm powerless.
And then this higher power
will return me to sanity.
And that's God, right?
Okay well, I don't know much
about God, but I do know
that God doesn't make
people not want sex.
That doesn't even work
on Catholic priests,
so how am I supposed to feel.
Like my Dad says;
'It's not my fault.
And I don't care anyway.'
It's not my fault,
and I don't care anyway.
You've heard it before,
you've seen the T-shirts.
The meaning is clear on the
surface, but let's dig in.
It's not my fault.
Let's apply that to something
big and disastrous, let's say,
Climate Change. Climate
Change is not your fault.
I mean, yeah, sure, we are North
Americans, we are the leading
consumers of carbon on
earth, but we share that
responsibility with hundreds
of millions of people.
sufficiently shared,
is no responsibility at all.
And what if it is perhaps,
maybe, somewhat, oh just a
little your fault, well...
who are you. Are you not the
product of your parents
with their flawed genetics,
their terrible habits.
Are you not the person
they made you to be?
Yes, you are.
You had no choice.
Therefore, it is
quite simply-
And now the second part.
I don't care anyway.
This is a little trickier.
Apply it once again
to Climate Change, and oh,
I can see you already
all prickly in your seats.
Of course you care!
You care!
Don't tell you that you
don't care, because you do!
You do care!
Well. To that I ask;
Do you? Really?
Do you really?
Well, I think
that you don't care.
That society changed,
at some point and we
simply stopped caring.
No one knows why.
Was it the media, was it
horror movies, was it violent
video games that
hardened all of our hearts?
No one knows.
But one thing is certain;
It wasn't my fault!
And I don't care anyway.
And neither do you.
So say it. Everyone!
Come on!
All together now!
It's not my fault,
and I don't care anyway!
- You got it.
You understand this!
Give yourself a break.
Why not?
It's not your fault.
And you don't care anyway.
And I was scared.
Right this way Giantman.
But it was
nice in there, Girls. Drinks.
His own pool table.
He had everything.
Yes, alright.
You like it.
I got some things for ya.
But for Johnny,
it was never enough.
- Smoke a little of
this so you hear me,
but no much you
can't listen, you know.
Thank you, sir.
Dis muthafucka polite!
A muthafucking gentleman
giant up in ma muthafucka!
That's a big man.
That's Moose.
Dat's Bottlecap.
Dis is -
Who the fuck you?
I'm Darla.
What do you think
of my new giant?
Aw... He looks like a
big old Teddy bear.
Oh no.
He a demon.
See Johnny,
he was a crook of all trades.
Lately he was trying
to move into Chinatown.
And that was what I was
supposed to help with.
You see there was this
Chinese guy called Wing.
Dis mutherfucka Wing!
Got Chinatown wrapped
around his pink shorties!
And you, you be just de
dimensions to whip it from
his grip, you feel me?
Got a plan. Mega brilliant.
Megawatt like the sun
is my mind, big friend.
Because honestly,
that's just how he talks.
We're going to put a
scare in him and scare the
white from his rice, no time!
Better den killin'
him, you know.
We gonna fear him
something worse than death.
A demon, to haunt his dreams.
Ya do dis.
Ya do it right, and you
get high on de Johnny.
All month.
Ya do it right.
Wait, wait, wait.
He said he he wanted to
scare the white from his rice?
Wing was the wisest of
the old Chinese wise guys.
Everybody in Chinatown
did what he said.
Johnny said that
if Wing fell into line,
the other shopkeepers would too.
- Like little yellow dominoes.
- Because Johnny was kinda
racist for a black guy.
Anyway, the
one thing about Wing,
like his one weakness maybe-
He was superstitious.
He believed in demons.
Not demons that
hafta stay in hell,
like Christians believe. But
demons that infect your soul.
Demons that will kill
your whole family line,
like in that
movie about Bruce Lee.
- Anyway, dis here.
Dis will make ya voice even
more deep and scary
than it is right now.
I sound like Darth Vader.
No ya sound like a bad ass
mudder focka, mudder focka.
The force is strong
with this one.
Yeah, yeah.
Luke! I am your father.
Don't fuck around.
Dat's right.
You're more than Darth Vader.
You're something better.
Something else.
What am I?
Are you a scary demon,
head ass escaping monsta
style, mudder focka!
Who's da scary monsta?
I'm the scary monster!
Der's one lass ting.
What's that?
Ya gotta smell right.
What do you mean?
Demons are of death and decay.
Ya don't smell of roses,
but you're not quite yet
of death and decay neither.
I've been keeping
dees in the closet.
Two months.
It stinks.
Not enough.
No, like that really stinks.
Is this shit?
Is this human shit?
Yeah. It's Moose's.
I ain't fuckin
talking about that.
You aren't going to
put that on me, are you?
Death and decay, mudder fucker.
Ohhh, Ohh.
Come on.
Ouuu, shit.
Let's go.
I don't want to be a demon.
It was gross.
And as a homeless person,
I have a high tolerance
for bodily functions.
Morning mudder fucka.
Wake up and smell your demon!
And that's my cue.
He slapped him and
I'm supposed to roar.
But I got the Darth Vader
thing on my throat so
I accidentally, I say,
"Luke! I am your father!"
Which I
figure was a dead give away,
but I guess Wing wasn't
a big Star Wars fan.
Yeah, Yeah,
I'm a voodoo, mutherfucka
and I brought a
demon to your dreams!
I am Johnny of the Tree Fingas
and you will respect me!
- And I opened my mouth to roar
and I can taste how I smell.
Stand in my way and
I'll eat your soul.
That was the bombingest
grenade you ever exploded,
that throwing up like that,
that was some real demon shit
like from The Exorcist!
What was that stuff that Moose
was spraying on him in there?
Concentrated LSD.
You did good my giant friend.
You and me we work together now.
- I should have
been scared, but ah,
but all I could see
was that big bag of Heroin.
You my demon, mofo!
You my demon, forever.
- That was like a lot of Heroin.
A month's supply.
And maybe I could ahead
on my bottle collecting.
Then I'd be a month
ahead, possibly forever.
To an addict like
me that's a dream.
It seemed harmless at first.
The beef between Johnny and
Wing, it wasn't my fault.
And in a few minutes,
I'd be so high...
I wouldn'a cared anyway.
So, like I say, my
sex life was getting dicey.
I was getting into some stuff
with some questionable dudes.
I'm sorry.
This is confidential, right?
Cause like, I signed exclusivity
on life rights for a book
and a movie and also
I'm getting a reality show.
But that's also a secret.
This is all confidential
and anonymous.
And I mean, who even
are you anyway, right?
- Yeah.
- Big fan.
Okay, so...
Here's what happened.
After that I was Johnny's boy.
Johnny would let me park
my car at his warehouse.
And he let me use the shower.
He took me to the big and
large and got me this suit.
He said I was bad ass.
- You bad ass.
I thought so too.
I also got these
fight'n lessons.
Alright, alright.
The ting about ya giant man
fry pan hands is that you
gotta lay em on em, you know?
Charles. Git here.
Who the fuck else is Charles.
You, stand here.
Alright, now pretend he's a
resistant-ass shop keeper and
we gotta take him to school.
Alright, now you say
something resistant.
I ain't paying you shit. Get the
fuck up outta my shop, nigga!
- Oh, ohhhh. That
Chinese man said the N word!
Now you, you can get very angry.
Put your hand around his neck.
Yeah, now lift
him up on da wall.
You wanna pay now?
Yes please.
That's what I thought you'd say.
We cool. We cool.
Shouldn't I learned
how to punch him?
Naw, naw. That is the
only move you'll ever need.
Trust me.
He was right.
So it was Johnny's idea that
I wear these Halloween fangs
and give them em a little peek.
So that everybody wondered
if Johnny really had
a demon after all.
You gonna pay now?
Okay! Okay! Okay.
I felt pretty bad
about it, but whenever I did
I'd just get high some more.
At this point I realized
that I was turning into an
actual criminal. And
I wasn't proud of it at all.
But I also knew it was one of
the only class of people that
could get high all the time.
Pretty soon after that,
we heard about Diana.
So, I started seeing this I
guy who I bought coke from.
Now, how do I know you're not
just using me for my cocaine?
Well, how do I know you
are just using me for my body?
I guess mainly cause
I ain't used your body yet.
Well then, mister.
We are behind schedule.
His name was Lil Charles.
It was one of those
ironic nicknames.
And like he was beautiful.
He has this scar on his chin.
And that's the adventure
scar and I know cause
Indiana Jones has one.
And like everything
would have been fine,
except I wanted
to go to his place.
He liked it at my dad's place,
but I specifically wanted
to fuck at his place in
the hood cause I thought
it'd be hotter.
So, you know.
But also, I was right,
it was stupid good.
Fuck yes!
- We'd fuck like we
were in the Olympics.
If there was an
Olympics for fucking.
Which would probably be
pretty good for the ratings.
And uhm,
he bragged about me, and like,
that's why people knew
about it, but he
wasn't in on it.
Like he's questionable,
sure but, he's good at heart.
So, I was over at
Johnny's place making banana
pancakes for me and Charles,
Moose and Johnny
and some girls were there.
And I can't really cook, but
I can make banana pancakes and
spaghetti sauce and chili
which is just spaghetti sauce
with beans and chili powder.
uhhh, sorry.
Anyway, Lil Charles is
bragging about Diana.
She is white, rich, sweet,
she generates her own heat,
you know what'm sayin'?
And she knows she
ain't 'sposed to be fucking with
no kid from the block, but
that's what she likes about it.
You feel me? It's like it
flips the freak-switch,
makes her pistol-hot,
like a preacher's daughter
or a Mormon or some shit.
Goddamn, goddamn!
You say she rich?
Yeah man.
Why she rich?
Her Daddy is some big
ass self-help guy, right?
It's almost like
a church he's got.
People worship the motherfucka.
Patrick Spencer.
Wait. Patrick Spencer. Da guy
from da TV all fuckin hours.
The infomercials.
That's him.
Da guy with the books and
everything and da sold out
shows at the convention centre?
Cocaine bring people together
from all walks of life, J.
True that, dog.
We gonna boost her.
Dis little rich girl
o' yours. We gone boost her.
For da ransom.
Nay. We ain't gotta
do all that, J.
Google me dis.
How much dis Spencer
man worth in Dollars?
Eighty six million.
Okay we can't afford to
not boost dis little girl.
Dats money on da
fucking table, G.
But she's a good customer man.
Her and her friends...
Is she ten million Dollars good?
Nah, Lil one.
Let's make a plan.
Nah. I'm outta this one.
You ain't out on shit.
You're, you da bait.
What is dis.
Fuckin art?
I love you too, Giantman.
And then they got into it.
You know, like it
was a staff meeting.
We need some shit
to knock her out.
What's dat stuff
from the old movies?
Does dat even exist?
I'll look it up.
But I guess it was
like anything else we did.
We did terrible illegal
stuff all the time.
We were criminals.
It was our job.
And sometimes it's part
of your job not to care
about things, right?
So we boost Diana.
We burst into the
room and they were...
They were making sex in there.
Ha, ha, haaa! Goddamn,
crime is so fock'n easy.
I don't know why everyone
not do it, ya know.
I felt bad.
Not only to interrupt,
but she was naked.
The only thing worse
than getting kidnapped
is to get kidnapped naked.
Why do you have to hit her, man?
Chloroform only
work in da movies.
You said you wouldn't hurt her.
I say a lotta tings.
Giantman, take her away.
You, you not playing.
I wrapped her up in the sheet.
That way she was kinda dressed.
Then I wouldn't be touching
a naked girl, which you
can't do without permission.
She looks so small.
Charlie said her father
was the king of self help.
I guess that made
her a princess.
The princess of
helping yourself.
That was, I think, like,
ironic because she couldn't
help herself at all.
All knocked out and
kidnapped by a giant.
So. I know it's a clich in
therapy to blame your parents
for everything, but I
do think it's significant that
my Mom was suicidally depressed,
and my Dad doesn't care
about me, on purpose.
So, imagine me, 14,
with this depressed Mom.
Daddy's home.
And I hope, are
you feeling better.
My dad still cared,
but also he was a drunk.
And how was your day?
It was okay.
- Honestly, it wasn't
even that bad.
My drunk dad at least tried.
But then one day, bam!
Just like that, a whole new guy.
- Hey dear.
Move over and watch this.
What are you doing?
I am about to write
a great book and I
cannot stop until it's done.
Sometimes people
ask me, how did I become me?
What happened?
I'll tell you what happened.
I looked into the abyss, and
the abyss looked back into me.
See, I was a drunk,
throwing my life away
with the city's trash.
My marriage was a disaster.
My wife was an anchor.
My daughter was livid.
My headcastle stuffed
with my demons.
And my only comfort
was a steady supply
of my drug of choice.
On the fateful morning I
had awakened from a terrible
bender and my self-loathing
was at it's peak.
I was thinking,
"Why can't I stop drinking?
For my family."
Was I a terrible person?
Or are these
the wrong questions?
Was my responsibility to
them a reason not to drink,
or was it the very reason
I drank in the first place?
And the lights went on!
I finally knew why I drank.
I drank because I was
not living for myself.
The tension of living in
servitude of other people,
it tore at my soul, and my only
comfort was that anesthetic.
I mumbled it at first,
the phrase that would
become famous. I repeated
it to myself, until I was
shouting it to the heavens.
It's not my fault and
I don't care anyway!
Good bye.
Well, I brought these
ideas into my practice as
a public speaking instructor.
And this was when
I became more than that.
This was when I became,
as some say,
Yes, to this I say,
Yes I am dangerous!
Dangerous to the stale,
that is modern human life. Why?
Why are we flushing our lives
down some corporate toilet,
not even reaping the rewards!
Instead, it all goes to wives
and husbands and children
and taxes and charities
and other such parasites.
They will pull you under!
It is you or them.
Choose you.
God knows, I chose me.
Is anyone there?
I'm here.
You're Diana, right?
Yeah. What's your name?
Johnny says we're
not suppose to say.
That's not very sociable.
Well, they call me Giantman.
You're the one that carried me.
Yeah. Sorry.
So, I'm kidnapped, right?
Like this isn't a game
or a prank or anything.
I'm actually
seriously kidnapped?
Yeah, I think so.
So what kind of ransom
are you hoping for?
I don't know. Lots maybe.
Your dad's the king
of self help, right?
He cheats money out
of stupid people.
You don't like your dad?
It's complicated.
You're lucky to have a dad.
Yeah, you're right. Sorry.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
So what happens now?
I need your dad's phone number.
Who's Johnny?
How do you know... Shit!
I said his name.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
I won't say anything.
Cause, I'm, I'm kinda
new to all this and
I really don't
want to get fired.
I, I won't say
anything, I promise.
Thank you.
But I need you to
do something for me.
That's fair, right?
Uhhh, I guess.
Okay well, being a
kidnapped person is a pretty
dicey situation, right?
People get killed right?
It happens all the time.
You'll be fine.
No. It happens all the time.
I just, I want you
to look out for me.
A little bit.
If you get me through this
I have money in of my own to
make it worth your while.
You do this for me, I'll pay
you like tons, I promise.
So, would you look
out for me little bit,
Yeah. Yeah, I would have anyway.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, for sure.
These supposed virtues are
the very rocks that we put in
our pockets to drown
ourselves with!
Those who don't care,
are the ones who go furthest,
they do the most,
because they are free!
And I know that this is true.
Not only because I feel it
to be true in my very bones,
but because I was tested.
My time in the desert
started with a phone call.
It's 09:00 A.M. Do you
know where your daughter is?
Excuse me?
No ya don't,
cause she her with me.
Who is this?
I'm the guy that done boost her.
I'm not giving
her back for gratis.
- I'm sorry, I honestly
can barely understand you.
- Diana! What's going on?
Where are you?
I'm kidnapped. Daddy, they
got me here they want money.
Come on, now come on!
Come on sweetheart.
What's happening?
- Daddy look, I know
I've lied to you before,
but this is no lie, Daddy!
They have me.
They're serious and
they want money!
How much money?
Ten million dollars, Daddy.
Ten million dollars! Wow!
It's a lot of money.
But it was also
an amount that I had.
The ostentatious fact was that
I kept 12 million dollars in a
pair of duffel bags in the safe.
I could have gone downstairs
right then and gotten it.
Daddy I know we don't
get along right now.
I know I haven't
been the best daughter,
but I'm still your
daughter, aren't I?
Your little girl.
I'm still your
little girl, aren't I?
I'm still your little girl,
aren't I?
She said this.
And oh did my prehistoric
brain kick up a fuss.
Now, what to do.
I took a breath and
divorced myself from my
prehistoric mind.
I sat in my head-castle's
favorite chair
and I applied my credo.
Was this my fault?
No, surely no.
This was the fault of
the man on the phone.
Also the fault of my daughter
who I knew to be doing
drugs and having
relations with um...
Anyway back to me.
Due to my training and
clear thinking I saw in this
an opportunity. You see, there
are lots of people like me.
People who claim to have wisdom,
to claim to follow that wisdom
themselves. But how many of
them get the chance to prove it?
To prove that even
in extreme cases,
they can stick to their guns.
I was being given
that chance, folks.
To prove that I was real.
And nothing beats real.
Let me talk to the
gentleman you're with.
Yeah, mudderfocka.
Ya understand now, okay?
I want dee money in a
black suitcase with wheels.
In the trunk of a
Lincoln Navigator...
- Hey fella. Let me
stop you right there, okay?
My daughter does copious
amounts of cocaine and she
spends time with the
very worst sort of people.
I imagine that's
where she met you.
I will call the police,
because that is what a
concerned citizen does
when there's been a crime,
however I will not pay.
Is that clear? I will not pay.
No police or the girl dies.
Oh yes, yes, of course,
because that's kidnappers say.
Let me repeat.
There will be no money.
Is that clear?
No money.
I don't think you understand
what is happening here.
Daddy please! They're
going to fucking kill me.
She's absolutely correct!
Be that as it may, my daughter
and I are not close, so any
threats against her safety
will not have the usual effect.
And I called the police.
I got the call early
on Tuesday the 27th,
it was just after nine.
It was the father of the
victim, one Patrick Spencer.
Ahh, had you heard
of him at that time?
Sure I heard of him. We all of
us at the station heard of him.
He's the Tony Robbins of
Canada, right? World famous
for selling all those
books on how to be an asshole.
So you had heard of him,
but you didn't like him.
No I didn't.
But at the same time,
I felt for the guy.
I mean, I got two girls in
college, and the thought of
them being abducted, well,
I felt for him right away.
So, I grab Smitty and we headed
over to the Spencer house.
His fucking mansion,
I should say.
Fuck, I should swear less.
My daughters say.
But, fuck it.
It was a fucking mansion.
I mean, I knew you could
get rich doing this shit he did,
but I had no idea.
We're in the wrong
fucking business.
No shit.
Yes, yes, hello.
Please come in.
Hey, I got food.
Are the clothes okay?
Yeah, No I was uncomfortable
before, but now that I have
on a high end sweat suit this
whole situation is just fine!
Well, it's all I can do.
He's not gonna pay!
He's not.
Because of his philosophy.
This just isn't his fault,
and so he just, he doesn't care.
Come on...
No, he doesn't care, on purpose.
But I... I always thought that
he'd look out for me in the end,
you know, when the chips were
down, he'd take an interest.
I mean he has the money.
He has eleven and a half
million dollars in the safe!
But now that the chips are down,
like they are down right now,
I am in mortal fucking danger
and he just doesn't...
He doesn't care!
He never cares.
Well maybe...
Maybe he's got a secret plan.
There's this Mel Gibson
movie called Ransom
where they did
something kind of similar.
Maybe he's using his big
rich person brain to find a
new way to save you. Just...
I don't know how into...
you might be...
But... I think you're
really cute, so...
if it would maybe like help...
What? Oh no! No no.
That would not be right at all.
Sorry! Thank you, though.
Let's just be friends.
'Bye buddy!
I hadn't been turned down in -
I thought I knew men, you know...
This guy,
Mr. Spencer, he was calm.
He was cool as a
cucumber margarita,
and he lays it all out.
- I got the call
about 9:01 am.
They demanded ten
million in ransom.
I refused to pay, and I informed
these criminals that I
would be calling the police.
- Right there, that's weird.
I mean, sure, you call the
cops, but you don't tell the
fucking kidnappers
you called the cops.
You tell the kidnappers that
you would never call any cops,
and you'll pay right away, yes
sir, no sir, three bags full.
And he says to me;
It's not the money.
I have the money.
I keep twelve million
in cash right here in
the house in the safe.
- And the way he's telling me
this, I feel like he's proud.
Like he's somehow proud
of himself for being calm,
for screwing up the procedure,
for having the money and not
even trying to offer it.
So I say to him, I say;
- And I wouldn't normally
tell a vic this, but, I say;
Your daughter might die because
of the way you handled things.
And you know what he
says to me? He says;
It's not my fault.
And I don't care anyway.
- So yeah, I read the books
later, so I know where it
comes from now. But at
the time, it blew my mind.
I thought of my girls and
all my sympathy for this rich
motherfucker went
right out the window.
I was thinking, fuck him.
I'm in this for the girl.
So we're friends, right?
But not really, because
we don't know each other.
So, we need to get
to know each other.
It's easy.
It only takes three questions.
Like a game?
It was a game I played as a kid.
Three questions,
to know anybody.
I figured he was gonna
tell me shut the fuck up.
Okay. First question.
What's the best thing
that ever happened to you?
Jeez, I dunno.
There must be something.
Um, well,
there was this one
time when I was young.
My folks and I were driving
around and we splurged on a
day at the amusement park.
You know, with
rides and all that.
Well, I was only 6 at the time,
but I was tall enough that
I could ride any ride I wanted.
The other kids my age,
they couldn't ride anything
because they would come up to
the signs that said you had
to be this tall to ride, and
they weren't tall enough.
For me it was easy.
That sounds nice.
Yeah it was.
It was a nice day.
My folks were always
trying to give me nice days,
you know,
giants don't live too long.
Oh. I didn't know that.
And you, what's yours?
You'll laugh.
I will not.
I was in love with him.
Stupid, right?
Nah. No. Ehm...
He didn't wanna do it. Okay?
Johnny made him.
If that helps.
It helps.
It helps a lot.
Okay, next question.
What's the worst thing
that ever happened to you?
The worst that has
ever happened to me
has got to be when my Mom died.
She had a stroke and
she was in the hospital,
and they were keeping
her alive on machines.
I'm sorry.
She was signed up to be an
organ donor. And the doctors
knew this, and they started
in on my Dad about when they
could get some of her organs
for their other patients.
My Dad had this flashlight,
that he would shine into
her eyes. Because if her
pupils reacted to the light,
then maybe she wouldn't
have to die after all.
So my Dad would shine
the light into her eyes
every so often, just
to check for himself.
And we had been down
to the cafeteria to talk,
man to man you know, about
letting Mom go to Heaven,
even though we'd miss her.
And then we went back
to the room, and my Mom,
she had the prettiest eyes.
And so my Dad went to
check her eyes with the
light one more time, and...
they had already taken her eyes.
The look on my Dad's
face when he saw that!
That's got to be the worst thing
that's ever happened to me.
That's awful.
I lost my Mom too.
She killed herself.
But she was always sad.
The ironic part was that
things had just gotten a
whole lot better.
Yeah. My Dad had left a while
back, but suddenly his book
became a big deal, so I
suggested maybe it was a good
time to settle the divorce.
We got a bundle.
That's nice.
Yeah. Well...
I think my Mom was
sticking around for me.
But now we had money and I was
okay, so she was free to go.
So she went,
and that's the worst thing
that ever happened to me.
It's okay. I cry for
my Mom sometimes too.
My Dad said it's okay to cry.
I agree.
There you go.
Okay. Last question.
What's your dream?
My dream? Come on!
There must be something.
Something else!
Um... Oh no!
You can do it.
Okay well...
I went to the library
recently, to check on the
internet, about Holland.
Yeah Holland. It's a country.
You heard of it?
Yeah well, the people in
Holland are really tall.
Even taller than the Germans,
who are tall as well.
They're so tall in fact that
they recently changed the
rules of construction so that,
you know, doorways are bigger,
and buildings are made bigger,
and you know for taller
people, in general.
That's cool.
Yeah. And ehm, if I had a dream,
it would be to go there,
and you know, maybe live there.
I'd still be tall,
but at least I'd fit in.
I think that's a great dream.
You think?
Well what's yours?
It used to be
to you know, be famous.
Like an actress or something.
But now, it's just...
To live.
To live through this,
and to live some more.
Hey hey hey.
Come here!
Everything's gonna be okay.
I promise.
- So, I guess right there
is when we became friends.
He promised me.
And then Johnny came in.
Your father a real hard
ass for a rich man.
Is that my sweatsuit?
Sorry, Johnny,
she was naked and...
Did you just
say my fucking name?
Sorry Johnny-
Shut de fuck up!
And you little girl.
You tink about your least-
Now, I do not know if you have
ever been involved in a high
profile kidnapping case,
but it is extraordinary.
So drugs...
Yeah well, all the
rich kids buy their dope in
this area, but why should...
So many dedicated
professionals standing ready,
it's a wonder criminals
have any chance at all.
We're gonna do the
trace on on the phone from here.
Yeah, I know,
I'm gonna go downtown about...
I cooperated utterly,
even as I stayed cocooned in my
philosophy. Anytime worry
would get the better of me,
I would use the Ten
Selfish Thoughts technique
and the - Breaths of Me-ness.
At this point, I was still me.
But all that was
about to change.
Johnny was mad!
This muthafucka won't pay!
What kinda muthafucka
turns his back on his
own little girl dis way.
Maybe we should just
quit while we're ahead.
Yeah, maybe, just. Let her go.
It's just an idea.
You gone soft, giantman.
I didn't go soft.
No. You been
soft dis whole time.
Well, that changes today.
That morning I received
an envelope via courier.
And inside was a severed finger,
and the nail polish
matched my daughter's.
He made me put a
bag over Diana's head,
I think to help
me be mean to her.
Moose was with us.
Dis for you.
A tool for the trade.
What this for?
It's for cutting off the
little fingers of rich girls,
to get money.
Ah. I understand.
You forgot.
You forgot you who
you are, my giant.
You are in my family now,
and we are a different breed.
You gonna cut her
and get the money.
That's who you are.
Maybe one day a long time ago
you were someone else,
but dat's all over now.
There's no more Brian.
There's only Giantman.
There's only my demon.
Please Brian!
Shut her da fuck up!
You came to me with nuthin.
I care for you Giantman.
I'm more than your boss.
More than your commander.
I'm your father,
and as your father,
I'm telling you boy, you
gonna cut off her little finger!
Everything mighta gone a
little different if Johnny
hadn't said that last part.
Johnny was a lot of things,
but he was not my father.
My father was good,
my father was kind
and my father was smart.
So I said-
Back the fuck off!
Blood's gonna spurt
from this bitch and I don't
wanna get it on my coat.
- And Johnny relaxed.
And Moose heard what
I said about spurting so-
he had on his rare
Simpson practice jersey,
so he backed up a bit too.
No please, I beg you
please! Stop Stop! No please!
But then, at the last second...
I cut off Moose's
finger instead.
A coupla fingers actually.
Then I used the only
fight move I had.
Diana sorta freaked out.
And pretty soon, Moose was dead.
Yeah. Moose was dead.
Like-for sure dead.
It's just me.
Come on.
Where's Johnny, Brian.
Where's Johnny?
It's okay, I knocked him out.
He's over...
- But Johnny was gone.
- Shit!
- Diana was losing it a little.
So I figured I'd take
charge of stuff for a bit.
So I said;
- We gotta go.
- Yeah.
Johnny's Rover was gone.
We took the phone
and gun off of Moose.
But his car was
tiny, like a clown's.
But then I remembered
my Lincoln!
Where are we going, Brian?
To the police.
I thought this was a pretty
nice, unselfish thing for
me to do, being the
criminal in the car.
But Diana said;
No police, no!
Well, we gotta go somewhere.
I have an apartment.
We can go there. It's on Queen.
Johnny will be
watching your place.
No, it's like a
secret apartment.
It's in my roommate's name
but she's in Thailand.
But what if Charles...
Charles doesn't
know about it, okay?
Nobody does.
We'll be safe there.
What's that for?
Then she tried to
hide it, but I saw.
It was one of Moose's fingers.
And then the courier guy
shows up, and I'm thinking
"Here we go".
Hey, I got a package.
Just a second.
What's up?
Look, this has gotta
be the finger, right?
Could be an ear.
Ears are getting more
popular these days.
But it's probably something.
Yeah. So, what, you wanna shield
Dad from the terrible carnage?
Take it downtown?
What, Fonzie over there
with the icicles up his ass?
Fuck him.
Yeah, he is a piece of work.
It's weird, right?
Maybe he's just in shock.
Maybe he's dirty.
Let's shake his cage a little.
See what bubbles up.
Well, you are the
senior detective.
Watch your mouth, Junior.
I'm gonna need a
signature on this.
Yeah sure.
We're gonna need you to
identify this finger.
And both me and Smitty can
see right then and there that
something is off.
As kidnapper police,
we see more than our fair
share of severed fingers.
But unless this guy's daughter
is 200 pounds, Aboriginal and
male, there is no fucking
way that this is her finger.
But we don't say shit.
We wanna see what
this does to the guy.
That day, I learned something
about myself. I have a limit.
I was in a haze.
I admit this now.
I was so far in, you see.
I had said those terrible
things to the kidnappers
and they cut off a
part of my daughter.
And as I started my usual mantra
"I am all that matters,
I am all that matters"
scenes of horror
were creeping in.
Her finger, her tiny finger.
What sort of tool did
they use to take it off?
How clean was it?
Is there an infection
building, right now? God!
Was she already dead?
It's ironic, isn't it?
The combination was her
And it finally works.
He comes back upstairs
with these duffel bags,
and he dumps the
money at our feet.
- What they asked for.
It's more than what they
asked for, but is it enough?
I don't know, is anything ever
enough with people like that?
The guy looked just wrecked.
Here it is, this is my house.
Make yourself at home.
Why do you have that?
I just-I need it.
As a criminal I know
that it's not smart to keep
physical evidence like that.
It's like, a test.
Are you okay?
I'm just missing my medicine.
Shit. Right.
I get sick without it.
I think I have some valium.
Yeah. Okay.
It was the first
time I had gone without for
weeks and weeks. I wanted
some for sure, but where could
I go to score that Johnny
wouldn't hear about it?
I know it sounds sounds crazy,
but this is how I got clean.
I stayed at Diana's place
and she took care of me
the whole time.
I screamed, I moaned
and I threw up a lot
and sweated even more.
But she was always there with a
cool cloth and a fresh bucket.
Brian no!
No! Stay Brian!
No I can't. I...
Yes you can.
I need my medicine.
No, you're doing so well.
You don't need it, you don't.
Sources close
to the investigation say that a
ransom has been demanded,
but Spencer so far has refused
to pay, stating that he is
simply adhering to his own
philosophy of
perfect selfishness.
This controversial ethos is
the foundation of Spencer's
motivational speaking career.
After three days my
head felt clear for
the first time in years.
I started to really think,
you know?
And what I thought was,
we were fucked.
How fucked?
Pretty fucked.
Johnny gets very emotional
about disappointment.
We'll think of something.
So there I was. A wreck of a
man. I was praying that there
would be another phone call,
just give me another chance.
And then the phone rang.
What de fuck?
It's me, Johnny.
Ooooh! Dis is a
spooky ting for me,
talking on da phone
to a dead man.
I'm scared, Johnny, nothing
about this is right at all.
Wrong is wrong.
You killed Moose for
that tiny piece of ass.
Your priorities
is a summersault.
Look, if you meet me at
the warehouse tonight,
I can bring Diana back to you,
and everything can go
back the way it was.
I just...
I just really need
my medicine, Johnny.
Alright, Giantman.
10:00 pm.
Don't be fucking late.
So public opinion is pretty
split on what I did, right?
Like some people think
that my Dad had it coming,
and others think that
I'm a terrible bitch
for putting him through it.
It's controversial,
which is I guess why I got
so much for my life story.
- Hello?
- Daddy?
Diana! Thank God!
Listen, you tell the man
that I'm doing everything
that he says! Alright?
I've got the money!
They say it's too late, Daddy!
They say they're
going to kill me!
No listen! You tell him
I have the money here!
The money is here. And the car,
the Lincoln Navigator,
I've got it,
I've got everything he wants.
They say it's not about
the money anymore, daddy.
It's the principle.
It's the principle of the thing!
No! It is the money, it's the
money, and the money is here.
You tell him that.
They just want
you to listen Daddy.
No! My God no!
Diana, Diana!
Who's there?
Talk to me, somebody.
- And...
My daughter was dead.
I thought long and hard about
what to do about Johnny.
I was left alone.
I was left with my...
my culpability.
So I dressed as
if for a funeral.
And for the first
time in a decade,
I had a drink.
I waited for him to leave,
and I let myself in.
I went for the safe.
The combination was my birthday.
I had been helping myself to a
bundle here and a bundle there
for years, so I took the rest.
And at the time,
I didn't feel bad at all.
I was just thinking,
fuck you, Dad.
Fuck you.
So you all
assumed Diana was dead.
Yeah. Officially
the case goes to Homicide.
But you kept investigating.
Well, I felt for the guy.
He cared about his
daughter in the end.
But also, it was fishy.
That was not her finger.
So who's fucking finger was it?
He sold us coke.
Super cute black guy.
She mentioned him a
coupla times. Which is rare.
She musta really liked him.
He got a name?
Well, everybody
has a name, right?
Do you know his name?
Shit. It was like,
one of the princes.
William, maybe.
Or Harry.
It was a prince name.
For sure.
Thanks for your time.
So she's dead now?
Seems so.
You seem real broke up about it.
I just always thought I'd get
my shot with her, you know.
I mean, she was
fucking everybody.
Now, kinda sucks is all.
Anything you can
tell us would help.
She was sort of dating
this Charles guy she
used to buy coke from.
Sort of.
What's 'sort of'?
Well, she was fucking him.
But you know -
Let me guess.
She was fucking everybody.
You don't have to
say it like that.
Lil Charles,
AKA Charles Washington,
dealer for Johnny Abedayo,
known as Johnny Three-fingers.
Johnny Three-fingers.
The streets are so colorful.
Where is Johnny?
You a big
disappointment, Giantman.
You let me down.
Where da fuck you
get a conscience from?
You're too poor
to have a conscience!
All of this, all of
this life is just a war
between the rich, and the poor.
I mean, if you don't know that
by now, then you just standing
in line, waiting to get fucked.
You know?
I guess that's one
way you can look at it.
Where da girl?
No, please, please, please.
Fuck you, Johnny!
I guess you're not
so stupid after all.
I left,
that was the deal.
He gets Johnny,
and I go free for
pretending to be a demon.
What a fucking mess.
What about known associates?
Now, that's a funny thing.
His number two guy,
Leo "The Moose" Tootoosis,
killed maybe three days ago.
Killed here.
Right here.
What's with his hand?
Cut up to shit.
Might be a sicko, though.
Yeah. The finger's missing.
By the way, the morgue boys
say that the corpse weighs in
about 200 pounds, and he
ain't a Tootoosis by marriage.
Do I know my fucking
severed pinkies or what?
What about other
known associates?
Well, I don't know, but word
in Chinatown was that Johnny
was breaking in some
impossibly big black guy.
Impossibly big?
Yeah. Black guys
call him giantman.
Chinese guys call
him 'The Demon'.
Like I said.
We leave that there a second.
And, we take another
look at the girl,
this supposedly dead daughter.
Turns out there was a little
something we were missing.
She has a secret apartment.
It's leased in her
friend's name, but she
gets a magazine sent there.
Erotica Weekly.
Erotica Weekly.
Kids today.
- So we stake it out.
Now that is an
impossibly big black guy.
Giant, even.
He weren't no real crook.
He told us everything.
So I think that's everything.
That's exactly what happened.
I didn't even
try and gloss it over
to make me look
better or anything.
How do we know
Diana's still alive?
Well, you can call her.
But you'll have to use my
phone or she won't answer.
Brian? Where are you?
Are you okay?
You said you
had new information.
Yeah. I do.
What do you think?
I dunno.
I believe him.
Yeah. Me too.
So. The girl's alive.
The kidnappers are dead.
All we got is this poor jerk.
I kinda like him.
Me too.
He'll die inside,
he goes down for this.
No doubt.
Yeah, well. Too bad
there's nothing we can do.
There's things we can do.
Come on.
We got no cover on this.
He's a nobody and the vic...
The vic has got a daughter
alive today because of that man
in there. He was in a bad
situation and he saved the day.
We're gonna lock him up
for that? For life?
My lunch is not
agreeing with me.
You don't look so good.
Must be food poisoning.
I left an hour ago.
Get well, buddy.
We're gonna want you to write
down everything you've told us.
Take your time, be thorough.
Is this your
first time in Amsterdam?
Yes, it is.
And how long
will you be staying?
Well then.
Happily ever after.
You're tall.
You too, sir.
Here you go.
Enjoy your, well,
enjoy your forever.
I will. Thanks.
And then
you found him dead?
Heart attack, poor guy.
I saved this.
Isn't that illegal?
Big guy's a hero,
as far as I'm concerned.
I want people to know that.
And then, there's me.
I'm a happy ending.
What does that have to do with
you trying to spring the giant?
The big guy, he inspired me.
He showed me.
You make your mark, and
then you take your reward.
You sound like
Patrick Spencer now.
Yeah well, whatever else
Mr. Spencer was, you know,
he talked his talk and
he walked his walk.
I mean, you gotta respect
that a little, right?
I'm not saying that
I'm like Mr. Spencer,
but I seen a lot
of shit on the force.
But I understand now.
A lot of that stuff,
it just wasn't my fault.
And if I were to be a
thousand percent honest with
you, I don't care anyway.
Hey, got any rum
in South America?
The rum's the best part.
What about the men?
The men are the other best part.
So I got my revenge, I guess,
but I knew I might
never see my Dad again,
and I miss him.
Is that weird?
And there I was. I had gone back
on everything I ever believed.
I grieved for her.
I drank for her.
And for what?
My daughter was alive.
It wasn't even her
fucking finger!
I cared.
Oh I cared. I cared.
And it cost me dearly.
And when I had nothing,
who was there for me-I was.
My lost money?
She can keep it, because
that's the last she'll get.
I consider that to be a small
price to pay for my certainty.
Because now, more than ever,
it is not my fault,
and I don't care anyway!
It is not my
fault, and I don't care anyway!
I gave Brian his reward.
For all the good it did him.
I mean, sure, a deal's a
deal, but he didn't do it
for the money. He did it
because he cared about me.
He cared about me when
he wasn't supposed to,
and my Dad was supposed
to care about me and didn't.
It just goes to show,
things aren't fair.
But some people try
to make things better,
and some people try
to make them worse.
So, which one are you gonna be?
I mean, at the end of the day,
it's the only choice we got.