Ittefaq (2017) Movie Script

His name's Vikram Sethi.
6ft tall... He's in a black car.
You guys overtake him from front.
Barricade all the roads.
Mister, are you alright?
Someone help him.
What happened?
What happened?
Someone call the ambulance.
Are you alright, mister?
- Are you okay?
- Careful...Careful...
Someone get water.
- Sir, Vikram Sethi.
- Where?
- There...
- Let's go...
Stopmstop you...
Stop...l said stop... Stop!
Stop...l said stop... Stop!
What are you doing?
Stop! much more
are you going to make me run?
You'll regret this
when I get my hands on you.
- Did you find him?
- No, we didn't find him.
Gawde, you go there.
And, I'll look here.
Call me if there's any message
on the wireless.
Okay, sir.
What the...
Control room beat number 4.
Hello, sir.
What is the situation
at Worii Checkpost.
Everything alright, sir.
Shinde, report to Haji Ali Road.
There's a traffic jam.
Tam be, come I n.
Tam be, come I n.
Vikram Sethi was last seen
near Palm's Court Society.
- Over!
- Tam be!
Tam be!
Tam be!
Tam be!
Tam be!
Open the door!
What's wrong with you?
- Were you sleeping?
- No, sir.
Mumbai's monsoon
is so unpredictable...
It starts pouring without a warning.
Let's go... Cuffe Parade.
Vikram Semi and the rim,
Both are getting on my nerves.
while you're sleeping
Sir, I don't see anyone.
Look... Hey...
- Sir.
- Come here.
- Sir.
- Where were you?
The bathroom, sir.
And have gone six
times since morning.
I had milk over fish and rice.
- And since then...
- Enough! We don't want details.
We're not making a sketch.
Did someone in a gray coat
come in Here?
- Around 6ft tall.
- Impossible, sir.
Why? You can see everything
from the bathroom
whose coming or going?
Toofan's is there, sir.
- He's Toofan?
- He's a very dangerous dog, sir.
Last time he bit two people
right in their Main Point (crotch).
How does a dog know
where a man's Main Point (crotch) is?
You can check yourself, sir.
- Tam be, go check.
- Sir.
- Hey, dog...
- Sir, it's Toofan.
- Stay sharp.
- Yes, sir.
What if that dog had bitten
my Main Point (crotch)?
It's not funny.
- Main point...
- And I am yet to become a father.
I need a son to carry
my lineage forward.
- Tam be...
- You have two.
- Tam be..
- The elder one's called...
Don't Move!
Tam be. Gawde.
This is R-J Anmo! with you
at the moment
But the one who's been with
you since morning is the rains
This monsoon
My advise is stay at home.
Don't step out in this weather.
I'll be there.
I said I'll be there.
Babe... Where's my white shirt?
Oh...there it is.
Thank you, baby.
Oh god! This is really shocking.
The entire city of Mumbai
is talking about this
Famous novelist Vikram sethi
was taken into police custody
Come on.
There are no CCTV cameras here only.
They are all over the city,
but do they even work?
Your right, sir.
- Sir! Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
I am Sub-Inspector Gautam Kohli...
I am in-charge here.
Every-thing's under control.
You making tea at a crime-scene?
Are you out of your mind?
Actually, sir...
It's been a long night, sir.
They all were feeling sleepy.
So I only suggested
let's have a cup of tea
it will refresh us all.
That's why, sir.
It's a good thing
the crime scene is in a house
and not a dance-bar.
Otherwise you'll would be
throwing money.
No, sir...
It's nothing like that.
- Did you put ginger?
- I did...
But there isn't any Cardamom
Hey, mister, who killed you?
He isn't saying anything
why don't you tell me.
Sir, it's a very high-profile case.
This is Vikram Sethi,
he's a celebrated novelist in England.
And, he's in India
for the launch of his new book.
He's facing double-murder charges.
First, his wife Katherine Sethi.
And the second,
this lawyer Shekhar Sinha.
- Cause of death?
- Head injury, sir.
He hit his head on the table
which lead to his death.
Have a look, sir.
Blood is found on the table.
I've sent it to forensics.
So it's quite obvious,
sir, this is the cause of death.
Have you seen the wound on his head?
It's not caused by the table.
He's been hit by something heavy.
You call yourself Policemen... You're
not even fit to be security guards.
- Send it to the lab.
- Yes, sir.
- Send it.
- Yeah...
- Shravan.
- Yes sir.
- Send this to the lab for investigation.
- Okay, sir.
Its empty, sir.
And the one outside?
Tarn be, I told you to check
the one outside.
No, sir.
- Yes...sir.
- Then why didn't you?
- Sorry, sir.
- Go check it now.
What are these burnt things?
Okay bye.
- Jai Hind, sir. Good morning.
- Sir.
Good morning. Good morning.
What's the progress
on Vikram Sethi's case?
We're still at initial stages, sir.
You know the department's speed.
We take a week just to get started.
We have to solve
this case in three days.
Sir in three days it's impossible
to find a missing dog
and this is double-murder.
Can't help it.
And you've got three days only
because it's a long weekend.
By then either we charge him
or we'll have to let him go.
We can't keep him in remand.
- Sir, are you serious? I mean...
- Listen he's a UK Citizen.
Plus, he's well connected.
And, there's a lot
of political pressure.
Then why don't we let him go, sir?
Acquit him.
Anyway It's become a trend...
Commit a crime in India
and flee to a different country.
One more won't matter.
Look, we've got to do it.
And you know you can do it.
You have three days.
Excuse me.
Jai Hind, sir.
How are we going
to do it in three days?
Go ask him.
It happens...
When you're on a Run.
Vikram Sethi...
You're a writer right?
Don't look like one.
I mean I always
thought that writers
dressed in homespun shins,
with a bag slung over their shoulder
and slippers.
But look at you...
I am Dev.
Your casemis under me.
Why did you kill your wife at home?
You should've taken her
to a Hill-station
and while she's busy admiring
the beautiful view
you could've given her a...
little push.
And as she spiraled to her death
You could have walked away a happy man.
No one would've suspected you.
Oh yes...
Your wife's dead and
you're in a state of shock!
Where is Katherine?
Come let's eat and talk.
But skip the "I am innocent,
I haven't done anything" part.
Last night was my book's launch party
at the Hyatt.
I was there since 7:30 pm.
Katherine was resting at home.
The entire trip took
its toll on her...
She was tired.
The company,
which published your book
-wasn't Katherine their CEO?
- Yeah.
So she flew all the way from
London to India for the book launch.
But didn't attend the launch party.
How tired was she?
Katherine has a minor heart problem
since she was a child.
I mean 'she did'
She had exerted herself
in the last couple of days, so...
I only told her to take it easy.
That's why I also returned early.
Don't want to ruin your breakfast.
then, you called the Police.
The Police wanted to take you
to the Station for questioning
and that's when you ran.
Why did you run?
Do you know how they behaved
I got scared.
Hey... Hey...come with us.
- Me?
- Well, we can't take her now. Can we.
So you'll have to come
with us instead.
I'm the one who called you.
Yes but...
That doesn't mean you didn't kill her.
Are you suspecting me?
Until the case is solved...
We suspect everyone.
- Come on...
- Let's go.
- I want to talk to my lawyer.
- First Talk to us, mister. Let's go.
Sir, guilty until proven innocent.
- Let's go...
- H urry up.
You see, sir...
In 95% of the cases, it's always
the husband who kills the wife.
Sometimes it's because
he's had an argument
with the neighbor but
takes it out on the wife
or it could be because
he didn't get enough dowry...
In fact, sometimes it's because
he didn't like her cooking.
Nobody says a word in the beginning.
But once we reach the station
they start singing like a bird...
- And that's where we're going now, right?
- Yes. Come on.
- Can I use the washroom?
- Huh?
Yes, of course.
Everyone's sh scared
to see the Police.
Tam be...
Instead of looking for the real criminal
they were framing in on me.
What else could I do?
- Send the body for post-mortem.
- Okay sir.
- What's taking him so long?
- I guess he's taking a big one.
Let's go, mister...
we've to go home.
We won't do anything... Come on
Kadam sir...
Kadam sir, he's escaped.
Running was a big mistake,
You see the Police are like dogs.
If you had just stayed still
we would've sniffed
and left you alone.
Anyway- - -
Let's say that you ran away
because you were scared.
But why did you kill Shekhar?
I didn't kill Shekhar.
I didn't even know him.
I was driving very fast.
I was injured.
...and in a lot of pain.
Excuse me...
Can you please help me?
I was in an accident.
- I really need your help.
- I am sorry.
- Please go elsewhere.
- No-no, one-second ma'am.
My name is...Vikram Sethi.
I am a writer.
- I lost my phone in the accident.
- Just leave, please.
Just one second.
Excuse me. I need to...
I need to call a doctor, actually.
Please, can I make one phone call?
Just one call, okay.
Thank you.
Wait right here,
I'll go get the phone.
Recent news about Divya Singh...
students gave their exam...
Our reporter Lalitha
is present at the scene.
Lalitha, have the results been declared.
Yes Meenakshi the results
have been declared.
And it's also been
uploaded on the website.
And this year there's a
concept of marksheet as well...
Call whoever you want,
and hurry up.
My husband will be back
home any minute.
Thank you.
India tv aapki awaaz
In breaking news,
the wife of Vikram Sethi,
writer of the famous novel
'Shadow Beneath the Tree',
has been murdered.
And Vikram Sethi is suspected
to have killed her.
Right now the Mumbai Police
are looking for Vikram Sethi.
Checkposts have been
put up all over the city.
- You know what, just leave.
- No-no, just listen...
- Listen...
- I don't want to hear anything.
Get out of my house.
I don't care, just leave.
I was the one who called the police.
- Give me my phone.
- Listen to me...
- I said give me my phone.
- The police are trying to frame me.
- Listen...listen... Listen to me...
- Get out.
- Please believe me, I didn't murder anyone.
- I said get out.
Please, just listen
to me for a second...
Please don't open the door.
Go and stand there quietly.
Do you want my help or no?
Go and stand there.
- Yeah...
- I tried the key, but the door didn't open.
Why did you lock the door from inside?
- Come back tomorrow
-'ll only take 5 minutes.
- No...l said let it be.
- But, the dishes will stink later.
No, I said come back tomorrow
- Who's inside?
- There's no one.
- Where is sir?
- Sir is not at home.
- Please leave.
- Why are you behaving like this?
What happened?
You were standing
behind the partition
and, she was near the door.
Then why didn't she run?
Frankly, at that point
it didn't strike me as to
why she didn't run.
Then I thought that maybe
she really wants to help me.
But, ever since I
entered that house
I had this strange feeling...
something wasn't right
- Like...
- Like the coffee table was broken.
Shards of glass scattered everywhere.
Maya had a bruise on her neck.
And she had locked the bedroom
door from outside.
She...was definitely hiding something.
Maybe she murdered her husband
-and hid the body in the bedroom.
- Exactly.
- That's what I'm saying...
- And coincidentally...
After killing your wife,
you ran in to a house
where a wife had
murdered her husband.
- Sir, last night when l...
- Sir...
Just a minute.
You're a writer, aren't you?
You write well.
Please hear me out, sir.
Excuse me.
Si r, Maya's here.
Have you read any of his books?
Sir, he's just Chetan's
'Bhagat' (fan).
And, doesn't like anyone else.
Who arrested Vikram
from Katherine's home?
Inspector Kadam.
- Is he here?
- Yes, sir.
One second.
Take this one.
- Kadam.
- Sir.
- Kadam.
- Sir.
- Did you arrest Sethi?
- Yes, sir.
Both the times.
Before he ran, and also afterward.
Why did he run?
Sir, Tambe scared him out of his wits.
He told him in 95% of cases
it's normally the husband
who is the killer.
We'll make you sing
like a bird in lockup.
He was scared s
Sir, one last thing.
There's another case
registered against him.
- Who?
- Sir, Vikram.
A girl who committed
suicide in Aram Nagar...
She was the same girl on
whom Vikram's novel was based.
Her father registered
a case against him.
- Thank you, Kadam.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, I asked Maya
to sit in my office...
-and made sure...
-ls there another case registered
against Vi kram?
Yes, sir, actually...
A girl had committed suicide
and her father registered
a case against Vikram.
And, when were you going to tell me?
Actually, sir, it slipped my mind.
- There's so much work load, and...
-if this happens again
-you'll be off this case.
- Sorry, sir.
She didn't open the door,
how could I see anything.
- Fine.. Stop jabbering and leave.
- You're just wasting my time
and she hasn't paid my dues either.
- Call that girl's father.
- Yes, sir.
- Hi, I am Dev.
- Hi.
Please, take a seat.
I am really so sorry
that I had to call you
in a situation like this.
Would you like something?
Some tea or refreshments?
Can I just see Shekhar?
No, I am afraid that's impossible...
Not before the post mortem.
Did you charge Vikram?
Ma'am, this isn't like
baking a cake
where you mix all the
ingredients and voila.
It's a murder case
and, frankly, I don't
even know the entire story.
I'll tell you whatever
you need to know.
But...he should be
punished for his crimes.
Why do you think
Vikram killed Shekhar?
Because frankly speaking
I don't see a motive here.
Someone who can kill his wife
won't hesitate to kill a stranger.
And, Shekhar...
And, Shekhar was only trying to save me.
But that's still not a motive.
So, are you sure Vikram
and Shekhar didn't know each other?
No...they didn't know each other.
I'm Pretty sure.
So what happened last night?
Shekhar often returned late from work.
I was alone at home.
Don't scream.
- Who else is at home?
- Who are you?
Who else is at home?
My husband...he's in the bedroom.
- Where's your husband?
- Get out!
Go away!
Come on.
I tried the key,
but the door didn't open.
Why did you lock the door from inside?
- Come back tomorrow
-'ll only take 5 minutes.
No...l said let it be.
You can wash the dishes tomorrow
Why you behaving like this.
Open the door.
Who's inside?
There's no one.
Sir is not at home.
- Please leave.
- God knows what you're doing inside.
India tv aapki awaaz
Stay here.
The wife of Vikram Sethi, writer of the
famous novel 'Shadow Beneath the Tree',
has been murdered.
And Vikram Sethi is suspected
to be the murderer.
You killed your wife.
Right now Mumbai Police is
looking for Vikram Sethi
and checkposts have been setup
all over the city.
If anyone sees this man
then call the police
at 982001234 or message them.
Hey stop...
- Can I get a glass of water?
- Yeah, sure.
- Listen...
- Yes, sir.
- Get some water.
- Don't try to shut me up.
- My daughter is dead.
- Give me one minute.
I am tired of coming to the
Police Station every day.
Why don't you guys believe me?
Why do you keep calling me
and asking me the same
question over and over again?
I've told you a thousand times
that man killed my daughter.
Why can't you ask him?
What's going on?
Sir, he's the father
of the girl who committed suicide.
Sir, I know you're upset
with our Department.
But, we just want to help.
You're not helping me
rather, you're asking for my help.
As long as this was
my problem alone
this case wasn't important for you.
Now, since it's become your problem
this case has suddenly
become important to you.
But don't worry,
I won't behave the way you did.
Ask whatever you like.
Why did your daughter commit suicide?
It wasn't a suicide...
It's a murder.
Vikram Sethi killed her.
Everything that happened to Sandhya
Vikram coaxed her into letting him
write a book about it.
He said that her story can help
other rape victims cope.
And, he promised that her name
would remain anonymous.
The victim's named has been
leaked on Social Media.
Who maligned the reputation
of an innocent girl?
Police investigation hasn't
revealed any hard evidence.
According to the Indian Penal Code.
The news spread
throughout the city.
"Leaking the name is a crime.
Friends and family were embarrassed.
While others were
feeling pity for her.'am...
Everyone wanted
to know only one thing.
We heard that there were 5 guys.
It was terrible.
And it's all that
bloody Vikram's fault.
He sweet-talked her into it.
We never imagined he could
be such a bas
People's sym Path)!
...killed my daughter.
- Cheers, sir.
- Cheers.
Both Maya and Vikram's stories
are believable.
We just have to find out
who is telling the truth.
I feel there are
three sides to this story.
Vikram's...Maya's...and the truth.
And We have to find the truth.
But how's it possible to
find it in 2 days, sir?
- you're handling this case?
- Hmmm...
He can't be the murderer...
He's so good looking.
Then, he must have
killed her with his looks.
According to you...
Everyone is a criminal.
But genuinely Sir,
Maya is innocent.
According to her Vikram's innocent
and, according
to you Maya's innocent.
So did Shekhar hit himself on the
head with the candle-stand?
This is R-J Anmo! with you
and it's still pouring in Mumbai, but...
Sir please tell us...
Sir one question please...
Stop pacing around!
Sit down.
Wait a minute... Come here.
I said come here,
Do you need an invitation?
Come here...
Hold this... hold it.
I've to keep telling you
the Same thing over and over again.
Now hold this.
Give that.
I am doing it na...
Why you poking around.
Come on...
What the...
Yeah... See?
Go sit.
So, Mr. Writer,
according to your story...
It's not a story, sir.
Ya Whatever it is...
What happened next?
After Maya's maid left
I told her about my situation.
And, she believed you?
Let me have a look.
In the accident...
Take your jacket off.
It's okay, I'll be fine.
Take your jacket off and sit down.
Let me clean it.
Show me.
This might burn a bit.
It's okay.
Do you think I should surrender?
Do you really think
the Police want to help you?
They're just interested
in closing the case.
If they can't find the real murderer
they will put it on you.
Or if your lucky maybe someone else.
My husband is a lawyer.
I know how all this works.
In fact, my husband
should be back any minute.
Since you've waited this long
why not stay a little longer.
Thank you.
- But the news...
- Don't stress yourself.
Just try and relax.
Would you like something to drink?
- Can I have some water?
- Water?
- Have a drink...
- No wait, listen...
Come on, where else will you
find such a good hostage.
Hello, Maya
Hello, sir.
Can I get you anything?
- No, thank you.
- Sure?
Small whiskey, rum, maybe some wine?
Come on,
you enjoy a criminal's company.
Why not the Police.
What do you mean?
Maya... Maya... Maya...
We found two glasses at your house
with Vikram and your
fingerprints on it.
And, you'll were definitely
not drinking apple juice.
Hold on...
I didn't have a drink
with Vikram willingly.
Is there a locker at home?
Do you want money?
- If you want money, I can...
- Stay there!
Is there a locker at home?
Can I drink some water?
It's right there. you want something?
Shall I make you a drink?
Wait, just a second.
I'll make you a drink.
Do you have a bandage?
In the washroom.
I've to use the washroom.
Go ahead.
- Like this...
- Then don't...
Okay, but can you please turn around.
- How much longer?
- Just a minute.
Hurry UP-
No, not at all!
I didn't have any reason
to be aggressive
in fact she was very friendly.
If she was being so friendly
then, why didn't you also?
You look like a man
who enjoys himself.
I don't know what you would've done
if you were in my place?
But all I could think
about then was Katherine.
Just can't believe she's gone.
Everything was fine yesterday.
I don't even know how she died.
Who killed her?
And I am on the run...
I just...
I just don't know what to feel.
Have this... It's the best way
to drown your sorrows.
You really loved her.
People say all men are the same.
Not true.
I wish Shekhar was more like you.
How did the table break?
I dropped a vase on it.
I can be clumsy sometimes.
That's Shekhar's wallet.
He must have forgotten it.
I'm telling you, sir...
something was definitely not right.
Your right it does sound strange...
You were on the run
after murdering your wife
and Shekhar's wife
was coming on to you.
I agree... is strange.
Did you use a condom?
Its better if you didn't
cause it will prove
your story right.
What is wrong with you guys?
I've been trying to tell you
the table was broken
-his wallet was there...
- Hey boy...
Keep the volume down
otherwise we have ways
to do that for you...
You... You guys don't get it.
I am telling you,
sir, Shekhar was already there.
You saw Shekhar come home, right?
Yes, sir.
He came home at around 7:30 pm.
- And, you didn't see him leave?
- No, sir.
Because my shift ends at 8 o'clock.
He didn't leave as long as
I was on duty.
Si r. . . Shekhafls post-mortem re port.
What is this? What have you done?
- You should've wiped your shoes first.
- Sorry, sir.
And you?
Sir, I was sick that day...
stomach problem.
When I was in the bathroom
I don't know...
But, when I wasn't...
he didn't either.
I mean... l...
I didn't see him leave, sir.
Shekhar returned at around 12 o'clock.
If he hadn't come home
then he would've killed me.
- Shekhar!
- What are you doing?
- Let Maya go.
- Close the door.
What do you want?
Pleasemtalk to me.
- Let me go.
- Leave her.
By the time I returned
he had already killed Shekhar.
I shouldn't have left him.
I shouldn't have left him.
Did Shekhar always come home late?
Only when he was busy with work.
Then he must've been
really busy that day.
Tell me something is your
Security guard's mother dead or alive?
- I am sorry.
- You see...
Your Security guard swore on his mother
and said that Shekhar
came home at 7:30.
And you won't lie to us.
Oh yes, he did come home
at 7:30, but
only for a few minutes.
Then he finally returned
home at midnight.
I guess he forgot to give you
a goodbye kiss in the morning.
Do you think I am stupid?
I am telling you, sir,
Shekhar did come home at 7:30
and only after he left Vikram came.
And, everything that
happened after that
-everything important, l...
- You don't decide what's important!
Now, tell me everything
that happened
after you woke-up in the morning.
What time did you get up
in the morning?
Seven... I woke up at 7 o'clock.
- Next, I had breakfast...
- You didn't brush?
- Excuse me?
- Brush... floss clean your teeth...
- Didn't you brush your teeth?
- After we freshened up...
Why did Shekhar come home at 7:30?
I don't know...
He came back for some papers.
- Not entirely sure why?
- Maya, look at me.
According to the
post-mortem reports
Shekhar died between 8 and 12.
What are you trying to imply?
That I killed my husband.
The Security guard saw Shekhar
come home at 7:30.
But no one...saw him leave after that.
Sir, I've been trying to tell you
that I didn't kill Shekhar...
You...have been saying
a lot of things...
- But, none of it is true.
- I am not lying.
Why will I kill my husband?
I didn't kill Shekhar.
I didn't kill my husband!
I loved him.
I didn't kill my husband!
- Sir, almonds?
- No...
Please close the door.
Sir, freshly soaked almonds
helps make your memory sharper.
You won't forget anything.
And remember everything.
And Who reminds you to eat these?
Please close the door.
Please close the door.
Why don't you just come
and show me how to shut it?
Did you find out any other
information about Vikram?
Yes, sir...
His first book was a huge success.
In fact, he even won awards for it.
But his second book was a disaster.
So, it was very important to our Writer
that his third book be successful.
Sir, his...
What are you building?
Sir, his third book
would've been a disaster too.
But, then he leaked Sandhya's name
the rape case victim
and the media took a keen interest.
- And the book was an instant bestseller.
- I see...
- Which is the house?
- Yes?
- Yes?
- Mrs. Kawatkar.
Yes speaking.
From Colaba Police Station...
Oh yes, come in, come in.
We've been waiting for you.
- Where's the camera?
- Camera?
- Uncle, I want to be on TVtoo.
- Wait...
You've come for the interview
with no camera?
Not an interview madam,
we came here for information.
So you were saying on the phone
that you've information
about Kathereen Sethi's murder.
You see,
it was our tenth-anniversary
and, he took me to JW Marriot
to celebrate .
We booked it on MM'l'.
It was so romantic.
He's like that, you know...
Completely different.
- Then, madam?
- Then what?
I wore that deep-neck
blouse for him
and you should have
seen his face turn pink.
Immediately he took out his new
12 megapixel camera phone,
To take my picture.
He was trying to capture my video...
he captured the fight.
- What's wrong?
- Come here.
Zoom in!
How are you doing, buddy?
0k... This is a little embarrassing.
But I need a small favor from you.
Can I get your autograph?
I am serious, I'm not joking.
My wife's a huge fan.
Thank you.
We had a little
argument in the morning.
So you see...if I get
your autograph for her
at least I won't have
to sleep on the sofa tonight.
You know how it is...
These H us band-wife disagreements.
I'm sure you and Katherine
had your share of them.
I've heard that your books and looks
are quite popular
amongst the women.
Didn't Katherine feel jealous?
No, never.
Oh, come on...
You're such a celebrated writer
always surrounded by women.
You never had the hots for anyone?
I don't know what
you're trying to get at.
We were happily married.
- You can ask anyone.
- We did...
- Your neighbor.
- My neighbor? What did she say?
See for yourself.
Look, this is not
what you think it is.
All I can think of
is that Katherine
and you had an argument.
And two days later Katherine
ended up up dead.
I admit Katherine
and I had an argument
but, you don't know
the reason behind it.
I promised her,
Katherine...and her father.
But you still leaked her name.
Katherine published
this book at her own risk.
She killed herself...
because of you.
It was very important
for this book to succeed.
I can't change that.
No one can.
She was doing all this for us.
But Sandhyds name
shouldn't have leaked out.
I was really upset.
I do...I'll fix this.
Trust me.
And I didn't want the book
to launch after what happened.
But Katherine didn't want
to cancel the book launch.
The book launch
is two days from now.
You cannot cancel it.
I am sorry...l can't do this.
It's not right.
And I know you know that too.
Let me remind you that
you're under contract.
And if you go against it
I'll file a case so big,
that you will never write again.
Katherine was a wonderful person, sir.
I owe her everything.
That's why please
don't drag her name into this.
She was under tremendous pressure
that why she wouldn't understand.
- Vilas, where's Dev sir?
- Don't know, sir.
- Where's Dev sir?
- Don't know.
Go back to sleep.
- Sir.
- What? I'm busy.
Sorry, sir.
But Katherine Sethi's
post monem report has arrived.
She died of a heart attack.
And, in Shekhar's report
the cause of death
is 'Blunt Force Trauma'.
I already told you that.
Sir, we found fingerprints
on the candle stand.
It's a common household object.
You'll find many fingerprints on it.
Is there any toilet paper out there?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Throw...!
Did you catch it?
So that means we've nothing.
No-no, sir. There is one thing.
Sir, Shekhar Sinha's
height was 6 feet
and looking at this head injury,
we can assume that
the assailant
was at least 6 feet tall.
But, couldn't it also be that
Shekhar's Assailant was short
and he attacked him
when he was sitting down.
That's quite unlikely. Let me explain.
Please, sir.
One more time.
If you notice, sir
there's a huge difference
between both the injuries.
In place and angle.
So you see sir, it's quite evident
that Shekhar was attacked
when he was standing.
And the assailant
is at least 6 feet tall.
Come, you've been summoned.
Time to go.
Where's Dev?
Dev? Who Dev?
Amdev or Kamdev?
Get up...up...
Hey...take him to the lockup.
- Come on.
- I want to talk to Dev.
Yeah. . . get up.
According to forensics report
Shekhar Saxena was killed
by someone having a height of 6 feet.
Vikram Sethi is 6'1
and, his fingerprints
were on the murder weapon.
- I want to talk to Dev.
- Fine...get up.
Stop with your English...
I'll make you sing in Marathi.
Hold on...l want to talk to Dev.
What about Katherine Sethi's murder?
We need some more time for that.
Katherine Sethi's forensics
report stated that
she died of a heart attack.
We've also talking
to her doctor in London
for her past medical reports.
But as of now, we've enough
to charge Vikram Sethi for murder.
- Listen to me...
- Yeah-yeah, we'll listen to you.
- What's going on here?
- There was someone else.
- Take him away. I said take him away.
- Listen to me.
Stop. Catch him.
Excuse me sir.
Sir, will you please look this way?
Thank you.
Dev! Dev!
Catch him... Catch him...
Stop...I'll beat you up.
Catch him.
Catch him.
- Let me meet Dev.
- Quiet.
- Let me speak with Dev.
- Quiet...
Take him upstairs, lock him up.
He's lost his mind.
- Hello.
- What's going on?
Nothing, sir. Nothing.
- Go upstairs.
- It's all okay.
Everything5 under control.
Did you find out anything
about those photos?
Photos? What photos?
The ones we found at Maya's home.
Oh yes...
Its from a small time
detective from Andheri.
It's all been sorted out.
He's coming tomorrow.
Hey, writer...chew on this.
Naik, when he pushed you down...
Did you get hurt?
No, sir.
You know after you fell down
I picked up my stick
and then,
and flogged him quite well.
You know how it is
Yes Sir I saw.
Where is your hat, goggles, coat?
- That's only in the movies, sir.
- I see...
So how do you peek inside
others bedrooms?
Sometimes from a tree,
or the building next door.
But how do you know when
the action's going to start?
We don't.
Sometimes we have to wait all day.
I see...
So you must be seeing
a live sex show everyday.
...minus the sound, huh!
- What a Great job.
- What's so great about it?
We've to work very hard for a living.
Someone else is doing all the work...
your just...
Now Take Shekhar for instance
he's got a one-way
ticket to heaven.
So, who's going to pay you?
I've heard that the
police pays for information.
That also only happens in the movies.
Sir, detective.
- Who is it, Ramesh?
- It's Suresh, not Ramesh.
Come on... put the beer down.
- You guys can't just barge in here?
- Let's go.
Leave that... Sir's called you.
Look, I am a lawyer, I know my rights.
- Get out.
- Listen.
- Out.
- Listen...
If you're right,
there's nothing wrong.
- What?
- Si r...
- He doesn't get it.
- One minute"
- Bring him in...
- We'll explain it to him in our language.
- Keep the phone down.
- Don't touch me. Don't touch me.
I am coming.
Come on...
- Come on, Tambe.
- Sir, one minute.
Dev, if the media finds
out about these pictures
then, our department
will be ridiculed.
Do whatever it takes,
but solve the case in one day.
Are you in charge?
What is the meaning of this.
Forcibly dragging someone
out of their home!
Is this how you're
going to interrogate me?
Firstly it's a Sunday
and you don't even have a warrant.
0k... Let's get straight to it...
What do you want?
You had come to drop Maya at the
station the other day, right?
Yes, sir. She's a friend after all.
If friends don't help each other,
then who will.
I am sure you have friends as well.
What kind of friendship is this?
One with benefits it seems.
I'm sure there's a story behind
these photos as well.
Shekhar was over-am bitious.
He never had time for me.
Maybe that's why
we started having differences.
That doesn't mean that we killed him.
Shekhar and I were very good friends.
Chirag used to spend time with me.
Talk to me... He understood me...
I don't know how this happened.
But it didn't feel wrong.
Maybe we should've never done it.
And that's why we
were trying to end it.
That's the truth.
Everyone seems to be a bloody writer.
Both your stories
are word for word.
Well rehearsed.
On the day of Shehkar's murder...
Did the two of you meet?
No, sir. That day I was
at the office all day
and after that,
I went straight home in the evening.
Really then...there's a really
big conspiracy against you.
Because your blood was
found at the crime scene.
Now quickly give yourself a call
because, you my friend
desperately need a lawyer.
Yeah, that day l...
Maya, we should stop this.
What if Shekhar walks in on us?
Shekhar never comes home so soon.
I have a feeling he knows about us.
Shekhar will never know.
What's wrong with you?
Maya, I am trying to talk.
Just listen... Just stop...
Sm u
- What were you saying, Chirag.
- Huh...
Shekhar comes really
late these days.
we were just talking about you.
You're home early today.
what would you like to have?
Nothing, buddy...
I think I should leave.
I was just telling here...
I'm getting late.
Where are you going? Sit down!
What are you doing, Shekhar?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
What is this?
Shekhar, this...
Shekhar... let me explain...
Listen to me.
Is there something more than this?
Try to understand, Shekhar.
- What?
- There's nothing between us.
Did he come here
to break up with you?
This happened long back.
- It was a mistake, try to understand...
- Understand what?
- Tell me...l am listening.
- Tell me...
Shekharjust calm down. Please.
- Tell me.
- I will.
- Talk to me...look here.
- What?
Chi rag! You okay?
Your bleeding.
Get up.
After that I thought best I leave.
And I did.
What happened next?
I was really concerned
about both of them.
I tried calling Maya,
just to check if everything's okay.
But her phone was switched off.
So I went over to Maya's house.
Maya, I've been trying
to call you for so long
why aren't you
answering your phone?
Chirag, I think you should leave.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I am fine. Pease leave.
- Wait. . .where's Shekhar?
- Chirag, just...
Maya, just listen...
What could I tell Chirag?
Vikram was standing
right behind the door.
I know that in your
opinion I am wrong.
Yes, I know I made a mistake.
I had an affair...
I was just lonely!
And what hurts me most is that
Right before he died...
I broke his heart.
I did love him.
Katherine was a
wonderful person, sir.
I owe her everything.
Someone who can kill his wife
won't hesitate to kill a stranger.
I didn't kill Shekhar.
I didn't kill Shekhar.
I didn't even know him.
She's definitely hiding something.
What's wrong?
I can't fight it anymore.
Not you...
Nor your questions
or the fact, that...
Katherine is no more.
You know, I always thought that
you really wanted
to know my side of the story.
But no you just want to frame me.
Because you have no interest
in knowing the truth.
Tell me your side of the story.
I am listening.
That's Shekhar's wallet...
He must have forgotten it.
- Where are you going?
- Maya, I think I should leave.
Shekhar will be here any minute.
See...Shekhar's here.
Sir that wasn't Shekhar
but, Maya introduced him
to me as Shekhar.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
I told Gautam sir, but
no one was listening to me.
How did he look?
He was about my height, fair,
average looking
and, he was wearing glasses.
Was this him?
Yes, sir.
Play along.
Come in.
Shekhar, this is Vikram.
Actually, he needed your help.
- Oh, hi. Shekhar.
- Hi.
Like I said before
Shekhar is a lawyer.
Now will you relax...
Let me explain everything to him.
Please, come.
Hurry UP-
Maya, the police are downstairs.
Go get them.
Stay there!
Tam be...Gawde...
Sir, Sometimes I think I should've
just taken up a desk job at a bank.
After 5 pm, even if there's
an eanhquake or a storm nobody cares.
And every holiday is a bank holiday.
And look at us.
On a Sunday also we have to work.
What's taking you so long?
Look, there can be two possibilities.
Who'll let me join a bank novfl
In the case!
Have you lost your mind?
If Chirag killed Shekhar...
Chirag! Get up.
Shekhar, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
Shekhar, leave him please.
And if Vikram killed Shekhar...
Let me go.
Sir, we know for sure that
Shekhar came home at 7:30 that night.
Yes, sir. I saw him...
He returned at around 7:30.
He did come home at around 7:30
only for a few minutes.
I didn't see Sir leave.
But no one knows whether
he left after that or not.
It's quite simple, Gautam.
If Shekhar didn't leave
then Maya and Chirag killed him.
And if he did leave
then Vikram killed him.
But, how will we know that?
What is this?
What have you done?
You should've
wiped your shoe first.
Sorry, sir.
- Ma'am, case 1147.
- One minute, sir.
Shekhar Sinha murder case.
- Did anyone tamper with the evidence?
- No, sir.
What's wrong, sir?
The night of the murder...
What time did it start raining?
- Raining...
- Around 11 pm, sir.
I had gone to see a movie
and, as I got out of
the movie it started raining.
But, what has the rain
got to do with the murder?
If Maya's telling the truth
and that night Shekhar
arrived after 12 o'clock
then, there should've
been mud on his shoes.
It was love.
Because of Laila Majnu's plan,
our Romeo was going to get framed
Maya and Chirag killed
Shekhar before Vikram got there.
I didn't kill Shekhar.
It was a crime of passion.
Coincidently, the house
Vikram chose to save himself
Excuse me.
Was going
to get him entrapped.
Please, can I make one phone call?
And Vikram Sethi is suspected
to have killed her.
As soon
as Maya found out that...
Have a drink...
I wish Shekhar was more like you.
The police are looking for Vikram
in connection for Katherine's murder...
Player on.
She cunningly pinned
Shekhafs murder on him as well.
Maya, the police are downstairs.
Go get them.
It was a good plan.
Bu! it failed.
Too bad.
It was Chirag and Maya.
And Katherine...
She died of a heart-attack.
Your paperwork's being processed
this will all be over soon.
No, Dev.
I killed her.
I shouldn't have left
her alone that night.
I should I have been that with her.
Shouldn't have left her alone.
You know my younger brother Aman
he loved riding bikes.
I would teach him
how to ride a bike
without telling our father.
Then one day...
I let him take the bike out alone.
He met with an accident
and I lost him.
For years I kept blaming myself.
I wish I had listened to my father!
I wish...l had never taught him.
But, do you know what, Vikram?
Blaming yourself
only adds to the pain.
It doesn't lessen it.
If you really want
to remember something
then, remember the
times you spent together
and not when you lost her.
You know.
And these are your belongings.
What about Katherine's...
That will take a couple of days.
No-no...don't worry.
It'll be done today.
Thanks, Dev.
Thank you.
Come, Dev. Dinner's served.
Just a minute.
Looks like someone else
has also become Vikram's fan.
Babes, honestly.
I just don't understand
how you guys read this stuff.
I've been stuck on one page
for the last 30 minutes.
You are just too slow.
You took three days
to release my Vikram.
I My.-.
Come for dinner.
Remember when we went
to see 'Gupt' film.
And right after we bought the ticket
you told me who the killer was.
It's a good thing I am not like that.
I am not going to tell you that
the hero of this book
dies of a drug overdose.
- Arpit.
- Yes sir.
In Katherine Sethi's post monem
did we check for an overdose?
No, sir. There was no reason for it.
- She died of a heart attack.
- I know.
- I know, but did we check?
- Sir, I am sure.
Natural causes.
She was...
She was taking
some kind of medication, right?
For a genetic heart disorder.
She had been taking this pill
since she was a child.
One pill a day.
So it is possible that
that Katherine died
from an overdose of this pill?
Not possible in Katherine's case, sir.
I checked. Look here.
The date of purchase
is mentioned on the bill.
I counted the number of pills.
And Katherine took
only one pill a day.
As prescribed.
What's wrong, sir?
Maybe I am just over-analyzing.
I was reading Vikram Sethi's book...
Doesn't matter...
- Oops, I am sorry.
- It's okay, sir.
I'll do it.
Sir, this pill contains
almost 3 times the normal dose.
Katherine had a minor heart problem
since she was a child.
In the last few days,
she had too much exertion.
I told her to rest.
Katherine was a wonderful person, sir.
I owe her everything.
Gautam, listen to me carefully.
Vikram is on a Jet Airways
flight tonight to London.
Do whatever you have to do
but stop that flight, Gautam!
You hear me. Stop the h? flight.
What happened Gautam...
Are they stopping the flight?
Is someone trying to run?
I know you killed her, Vikram.
But I already told you that.
"No Dev, I killed her."
I was really emotional,
and so were you.
And, in that emotional moment
you told me
about your brother Aman.
I felt a real connection.
You know what
even I want to tell you
how my wife died.
You killed her because
she was going to cancel
your book release.
It wasn't just that, Dev...
she was threatening me also.
It's only two days away,
you can't cancel the book launch.
I can't...but you can.
All I did was leak a name...
Either that or I'll tell everyone
that you leaked her name.
She was going
to get me arrested.
- You know they will put
me to jail for that? -Yes.
It's about time you paid
for your sins.
Now if your wife
had threatened you like that...
What would you have done...
Yeah...exactly... That's what I did.
I was forced to kill her.
Do you know how much it hurt me?
I was almost in tears
but then Katherine's got
a message on her phone.
I realized that Shekhar
and Katherine
were planning this for a long time.
My sweetheart wife
and that over-enthusiastic lawyer
were going to file
a case against me.
They had to be stopped.
Hello. Did you enjoy your stay?
In fact, for a moment I thought
I will never be able to leave.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So, where was I?
Next, I arrived at Shekhar's house.
I'm sure Maya must have
told you the rest.
Someone who can kill his wife
won't hesitate to kill a stranger.
Shekhar returned at around 12 o'clock.
- Poor girl was telling the truth.
-'l didn't kill Shekhar.'
I didn't find Shekhar, but
when I was looking for the papers,
I found something else.
And you knew Maya would try
to hide her affair.
You're really not that stupid...
just a little slow.
I think it's the age.
Mumbai Police.
What's the status
of your London flight?
- The flight is about to leave the gate.
- Which gate?
Gate 51.
Call them, stop the flight.
After that l...killed Shekhar.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
And then I made up a story.
But, ever since
I entered that house
I had this weird feeling...
something wasn't right
I didn't have any reason
to be aggressive
in fact she was very friendly.
There was someone else
there that night.
Yes, sir...
My greatest ever, I think.
But every story needs a twist.
The night of the murder...
What time did it start raining?
Around 11 pm, sir.
'There should've been
mud on Shekhar's shoes.'
I am closer than you think, Vikram.
Seat no. 1A.
Come and get me.
But the UK Government won't let you
touch me without solid evidence.
And, all thanks to you I got rid
of the biggest piece of evidence.
You know what, Dev?
But don't blame yourself.
Blaming yourself
only adds to the pain.
It doesn't lessen it.
And if you really want
to remember something
then remember of all
the times we spent together.
And not the times we are apart
Bye, Dev. It was lovely meeting you.
...this is your captain speaking.
The ground staff has just informed
us about a slight hold up.
I think it shouldn't be long
before we get on our way...
Stop the flight!
Stop the flight!
Sir, the gate is closed.
The flight is on the run
way and taxing for take off
Some use the truth to their advantage
while some lie.
But I used coincidence.
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Presented by :
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