Ittymaani: Made in China (2019) Movie Script

I can't bear it!
Take me there quickly!
Oh no!
Oh no!
My God!
I'm not well!
Mother Mary!
Your mom has been
admitted to the ICU.
Hey! It's a hospital case.
Bring a bag full of
cash when you come.
- Okay. I'll call you soon.
- Name and details of the patient?
- Theyyamma.
- What?
- Age?
- Around 65 to 70...
Write 70 over there.
- Are you her son?
- No. I am her driver.
I'm Sugunan,
with an age of 30.
Her son will come now.
He's on the way!
- I was asked to bring the scan report.
- Show it inside.
Sir, the parking is not here.
It's over there.
Just hold this happily.
Please park it.
What is he doing?
Your mother has started to develop
gall bladder stones.
Everything will be alright.
Hey! There's nothing
to be scared of.
There are a couple of stones
in her gall bladder.
We can take them out with
a keyhole surgery easily.
Get rid off them then, sir.
We needn't do it so quickly.
For the time being,
I've given her medicines for sedation.
And yeah...
There are some formalities
for the surgery.
Sign the consent letter,
and pay the cash at the counter.
By cash you mean...
Around two lakhs.
It's a small surgery, right?
Money is not a problem for me.
- It's for my mother, right?
- Yes.
Please don't mind, Doctor.
I will pay two lakhs.
- From that, what will I get?
- What?
If I pay two lakhs here
for mom's surgery,
what commission would I get from it?
Pay a commission? The stones being
surgically removed from your mom's abdomen
are not granite or marble!
I know all that!
But for Sugunan's corner seed operation
at Ashwathy hospital...
- Yes, corner seeds.
- What?
Corner seeds means piles.
When they were removed, they put
20% of the bill back in my hand.
- We don't do such adjustments here.
- No need!
There are hospitals that make adjustments,
right? I'll take her there.
You said that there is
time anyway, right?
Can you please
discharge my mother?
What are you saying?
You idiot! Didn't I tell
you not to bring her here?
Doctor, if he opens his mouth,
it's like a dam being opened.
It will spread all over town.
Not being able to take
out some small stones,
if you turn a patient away, and
if people know that tomorrow,
oh God, think of this hospital's
- Oh God!
- Come!
You've been pushing this
for a long time now!
Can't you keep it somewhere?
One guy has caused me trouble
all morning.
- This one doesn't have a stand!
- Just do something.
- I can sit, right?
- Yes, sit.
Look, Mister...
It's not because we're scared that
it would affect our reputation
if you discharge the patient from here,
and take her to another hospital.
It's because this case is unique.
So we neednt talk much.
After a 20% reduction, you can
pay the rest of the amount.
- 20%?
- Yes.
I'll get that even in
the other hospital.
I needn't talk so much also.
25% is the minimum.
If it's difficult,
discharge my mother!
Sir, I'll discharge her.
We'll do one thing.
25% of two lakhs is 50,000.
So after that, you can pay 1.5 lakhs.
Hey! Don't say that!
Huh? Why?
Don't say that!
If you ask me to pay,
I'll pay two lakhs in full.
From that, you can give
me my commission now.
Commission at the end.
That's the normal custom.
But for me, I take
commission at the beginning.
That's my style!
It became a commission only now.
If I pay 1.5 instead
of two, like you said,
it would only be a discount.
When I bargain and get back an
amount from the money I've paid,
and keep it in my bag,
there's this great feeling.
Only us Malayalis would
understand that.
It's a superb feeling!
You don't have to be so sad
about this, Doctor Moopen.
If the medicine companies don't pay
commission, don't you ask for it?
A car, fridge, TV, European tour...
Why? Don't you even take
European commodes as commission?
I haven't stooped so low!
So it's all wonderful!
There shouldn't be any negligence
towards my mother because of this.
This Jesus is witness to
whatever happened here.
Along with that,
a small hidden camera too.
Hey! Don't worry.
My mom's life is
in your hands now.
And your lives are in my hands.
Now wherever we go,
they ask for digital evidence.
Otherwise, you guys have the
usual doctors' lines, right?
Sorry, Mister...
we tried our best!
But your mother...
I made Jesus a witness,
so that you wouldn't say that.
Shall I leave then?
Oh no!
The money!
Where was this guy born?
Mr. Ittimathan...
Come fast.
Your wife is about to give birth.
Theyyamma, don't be scared.
Try once more.
Try once more.
It's a boy!
- Ittimoney!
- No! No!
It's my father's name!
Ittichan, good morning!
Good morning!
He said good morning!
That was Chinese.
Good morning!
Hey, Sainu!
Is there any order for chilli chicken?
- Order?
- Yes.
- For us?
- Yes.
I was making some upma.
I just added some chicken
masala to get some fragrance.
My stomach is cursing
me due to hunger!
Do you want some, boss?
Chilli upma!
- Chilli upma?
- Yes.
If there was a bulls-eye on top of this,
it would have been awesome!
If I sit to lay, eggs won't come out.
Is this the language in which
a worker speaks to a boss?
But our relationship
is not such, right?
Then what's our
relationship like?
Aren't we buddies, boss?
What's happening there?
It's a chicken we bought for
catering work recently.
Since that chicken doesn't
know how to commit suicide,
it's crying, 'Please kill me!'
Will we get an order before
that chicken grows breasts?
- Hey?
- You know, if you won't feel bad.
Let's stop this stupid catering service,
and start a street food joint!
Tapioca and intestine curry.
It will be awesome!
Go start it yourself and see if I care!
I've got more to say
when I come back.
Was he just telling me off?
But since it's in Chinese,
it sounds good.
You broke your promise in the
first deal between us.
Tell me the matter, man.
The fatso is furious.
Where is its bend?
These are Sri Lankan cashews.
These are Brazilian.
These ones are African.
There's just a small
difference in size.
This is the king!
All of these have the same flavor.
So we use Palakkad Matta rice,
gram flour and white flour,
then a little cashew essence.
Look at me.
If I mix all this and
pour it into the dye,
not just the bend you asked for, I can
even make you cashews with two horns!
Chemicals are sprayed on most cashews
to ward off insects and fungus.
There's nothing like that here.
I won't do any job risking
the health of the people!
Sincere duplicates!
That's the motto of the Manikkunnel
You should take the load only
if you're interested.
A long time ago in Kunnamkulam, when you
could get just about anything here,
boss' grandpa was the uncrowned
king in the business of duplicates.
That was Grandfather Ittimaany.
- Do you want some?
- No.
The Chinese who came here
for business then,
got impressed by grandpa's talent,
and took him with them.
- Is that so?
- Of course.
This is our kitchen. Boss never
compromises in matters of hygiene.
This is our pet rat.
So what I was saying...
The sight he saw in China,
brought tears to grandpa's eyes.
They were so poor and hungry that 10 to 12
people would share and eat a slim snake.
Finally, grandpa taught
them his family profession.
The trick to make duplicates
that can beat the originals.
That's how that poverty stricken country
became today's famous China.
Can't believe it?
After going to China, as soon as boss
was born, grandpa made his last copy.
- Huh?
- Grandpa died.
Shang Shu...
And that's our "Made in China" man!
So why did Ittichan come back
here from China?
The picture tube in a TV
that boss' father made
didn't stop working
even after five years.
Isn't that a good thing?
For the Chinese,
it's not such a good thing.
Whatever they make,
it shouldn't last longer than six months!
They packed boss' father
away right then!
After coming back here, he made
this hotel to serve Chinese food.
I am the cook here.
- How about a plate of fried cockroaches?
- No.
When his father died,
the hotel flopped.
Now we're running it as the front
office for our duplicates business.
- You have such a great family heritage.
- What?
You have such great family heritage.
I mistook you.
As you said, make it the
African ones with horns!
- You'll get the rest when I get the load.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
He's like a burger
with hands and legs.
But he's a good guy.
Boss, I need 5,000 rupees.
Mom is not well.
Didn't you take 10,000 from me last
time saying that your mom died?
What can I do if my dad
married four times?
You needn't do anything.
Your dad has done what needed to be done!
Don't grin.
I'll pop open your tummy!
Oh God!
You'll burn me to death.
It's time to break the stones, Theyyamma.
Very funny!
Don't call me. If I say I need
2.5% commission, that's final.
Hang up, you idiot.
You keep taking commissions
from everywhere.
If you had married in your heydays, your
wife would have given me company now.
She has a point.
She is not as healthy
as she was earlier.
My God!
You're bringing this up?
Though I'm your only son,
I'm always by your side, right?
If I had married, that girl
would get half my love, right?
Now that's not the case, right?
Now I'm giving it fully to you, right?
Enough! Enough!
- Both mom and son seem really happy!
- Leave me be.
She's proud that she gave birth
to such a son, Annamma aunty!
Why did you rush
here in the night?
I'll come back there
in two days, right?
How are you now?
When a load of stones were removed from
her tummy, she became really smart!
Hey! Your eldest son Alex
studied with him, right?
He has two children now!
She wants me to get married now.
That's all.
I'm going for a matchmaking next Sunday.
It will happen.
Yeah, right!
It will happen if he stops
this commission business.
That's common these days, right?
He didn't steal or snatch
from anyone, right?
You are smart, Annamma aunty.
If I marry, I should
marry someone like her.
Annamma aunty!
How many years has it been
since Avarachayan died?
How long will you live alone like this?
Just get up!
Stand up!
Just look!
Don't we make a good match?
- Right?
- Not bad.
Get lost!
See! If we say
something serious,
he'll avoid it saying
something silly like this.
I'm taking my phone!
I'm leaving. If I stay here any longer,
I'll fight with this crone.
- Come home! I'll show you!
- I'll show you too!
I said I'll sort him
out once we get home.
- Why do you always fight with him?
- That's just for fun!
It has become a habit
for both of us.
Whatever is said and done,
you are lucky, Theyyamma.
He treats you royally.
The priest used to give money
without any hesitation,
since it was for the church bell.
It's already gone over budget.
Rest, after you finish the work.
That's enough.
Don't put me in trouble.
Anyway, I must get at
least 10,000 more.
Bhaskaran, you're such a nuisance.
I won't ask after this.
- I swear.
- Okay. Let me talk to the priest.
- Ittichan, your tea!
- Put it there.
Tea has come by courier?
Sathish, I need tea for
two people tomorrow.
Mom will be discharged today.
It's really sad that you can't buy
some milk and make two glasses of tea!
Dude, he stays right next door.
When he milks the cow and makes tea, he
just has to make two glasses extra, right?
Should I wash the dishes
and light up the stove?
Nice, then I'm also going to get tea
delivered instead of milk from tomorrow.
I can save the gas
and the effort too!
- You are a textbook, Ittichan!
- Is that right?
Light the lamp in the evening,
and learn from it then!
Stop troubling me and
finish building the bell!
That's true. It's not the tea.
The bell has to be made now.
Phew, I forgot the main thing.
When will she get discharged today?
I'm going there, Annamma aunty.
Sugunan and Sindhu are there.
You know, Avarachan's death
anniversary is approaching.
I have to buy some groceries.
Why not, Annamma aunty?
Get a list ready. I'll come soon.
Annamma aunty...
Will your three children
at least come this time?
They haven't come this way in a long time.
That's why I asked.
This time they'll definitely come.
Twenty five years have passed
since their father's death, right?
Coming home with a
siren to scare people?
- Then she'll be proud to come home.
- Shut up! Come, mom!
Move away!
- Come, Theyyamma.
- Move.
Don't touch me.
Why did you come like this?
When I saw the ambulance,
I lost breath for a moment.
I won't die so soon.
- Did you hear me?
- What did I do?
- Hey! What is this?
- Have your medicines on time.
Okay, Doctor.
You came too, Doctor?
That video?
- Which video?
- That certain video!
Certain video?
That day's...
So this set-up was for that?
I was wondering why you came.
- How long should mom take her medicine?
- Two weeks.
So, after two weeks,
I'll ask Jesus to delete that video.
- Will Jesus delete it?
- All our memory cards are with Jesus.
Get going, Doctor.
He will delete it.
Not Jesus, Doctor.
Ittichan will delete it.
Tell me what's the matter.
Do you know what he did?
When his own mother
was about to die inside,
the son was bargaining
for commission outside.
Yes! Who else?
That's why her face was so
bloated when she came home.
I found out only when
that doctor told me.
Bloody rascal without any ethics!
- Would he do that?
- Are you surprised?
If he could get commission,
he would get even me married!
- Is that right?
- Get lost!
It's true I took commission.
If I asked them to reduce ten rupees
from the bill, no one would agree.
But when it became a
commission, see...
Your stones are gone,
and I saved 50,000 rupees too.
A son doing so much for his
mother is wrong or what?
Listen to you!
You made them agree by attaching
a camera to Jesus on a cross?
This Jesus doesn't
have any camera.
I just fooled them saying that
there's a camera in this,
so that she gets good treatment.
I don't think what
he did was wrong.
Please tell her that,
Annamma aunty.
Along with the stones
in her stomach,
I think they took out
what was in her head too!
Hey! Just check here
if there are any marks.
What marks?
Who knows!
Maybe he sold my kidney while
I was lying unconscious!
I already sold one of them years ago.
I'm too good.
There was a live show of our
tiger dance today on TV!
I missed that because of you!
Couldn't you tell me at least yesterday
about this matchmaking meeting?
What's there to specify.
It's a routine on every Sunday, right?
Just go fast!
Where to?
I am standing on the accelerator
to get this moving.
The day I drive this, my wife
doesn't let me sleep next to her.
- Why?
- She says she will get infected.
You scared me!
Sit there, broker!
If we go there in an ambulance,
what would the girl's family think?
What are they going to think?
I'm thinking about holding
my first night also in this.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
That would be different.
You'll have ghosts
to guard you too.
Well, bro...
Is he gone?
What's your name?
Also known as Pauly.
But we'll call you Nivin Pauly.
- Hey Pearle...
- Not Pearle... Pauly!
Well, Pauly...
Have you told them
everything in detail?
Well, about my age.
Sheesh! That's not an issue for them!
Is she good looking?
The girl?
I saw her even yesterday.
If you see her standing at the altar,
it's like an angel has descended.
She's super hot!
- Hot?
- No, I mean...
She's a nice girl.
Hey, Sugunan!
- Fire it up, buddy!
- Firing away!
We've reached their house.
Switch off that siren at least now.
Or the girl will run away.
- This is nice!
- Yes.
How much would land cost here?
Have we come to see the girl,
or her land?
Since the girl's father is dead,
after her mother's death,
both children will have
equal share of the wealth.
It's good to know the price of the land,
the number of fruit on the tree and so on.
- That's true.
- Pearle is calling.
- Not Pearle. Pauly.
- Please open it.
You're waiting around like that?
It's so hot inside.
Corpses should be saluted
for lying inside this.
Didn't you switch on
the AC for Pearle?
- It had AC?
- Of course.
Why have you come in an ambulance?
Since we came in a hurry...
Ittichan will go to see girls
only in his own vehicle.
He's really proud like that.
Do you have conjunctivitis?
Mom, they are here.
Please come.
Do you export jack fruits?
I don't export them.
I import them.
Jack fruits are a weakness for me.
Come inside.
- See this guy's humility?
- Who's this saint with glasses?
Not impressive at all.
He's not a saint, you idiot.
That's the girl's dead father.
Sit down.
I don't have to introduce Ittichan
to you, right, mom?
Of course. Please sit.
Though it has been only some
time since we came to this town,
we know you really well.
Well, who is this?
I am Ittichan's dri... friend.
Is the church bell's work completed?
It's going on.
I'll bring tea for you.
- That's nice.
- Okay.
What's your name?
I asked your name.
That's my name.
Joji Pothen.
That really matches.
- What's your job?
- At the bank, I...
- You're a manager?
- No.
You know that my sister
is in London, right?
So, all the cash
dealings in the bank...
That's it.
So you don't have any job!
There should be someone
to do this too, right?
Hey! If she's ready,
please call the girl.
- Let them see her.
- Okay.
Just a minute.
Mr. London!
Since the brother-in-law
is an idiot,
if you play it smoothly, this whole
set-up will end in your favor.
- Just wait.
- Why? Don't you want it?
Hi-tech family!
Tea is coming on a laptop.
Will the snacks
come on WhatsApp?
Did he get his mom ready
for a second marriage?
She was supposed
to come yesterday.
But there was some emergency
in the hospital suddenly.
Her leave got cancelled.
Oh, what do I do?
Don't blame him.
It happened all of a sudden.
I'll solve it.
- This is Jessy.
- Hi.
Shall we step outside?
They might want to talk together, right?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Hey! Take a full look at her.
- Now?
- It might be graphics.
Full look, okay?
This is my first time.
I mean meeting a girl for matchmaking
through a computer.
I've seen you at the church.
Is that so?
This vehicle is dedicated to the grace
of Ittimathan.
Why is it written there?
This vehicle is used in
Ittichan's father's remembrance!
An ambulance in remembrance?
His father died while he
was being taken in this.
He bought this saying that his father
made his final journey in this.
Good that he didn't die in a train.
Otherwise, I'd have had to
build a railway station here!
Just a minute.
I'm busy today.
Sister's having a matchmaking.
Then why did it get late?
I will only marry a girl
who works abroad.
That's why it got so late.
Why are you adamant about that?
I am just adamant about it.
So that you could hang around
here eating and boozing,
without doing any job, right?
Little devil!
I liked your name.
Jessy Pothen.
I also liked it.
- Actually, I was supposed to come.
- You see her?
- But I didnt get leave.
- See her fully?
- Ask her!
- What's happening there?
Hello? I'll call you back.
Uncle is coming.
Joji, dear...
- Have they come?
- Yes.
Are they upset the girl hasn't come?
The matchmaking is happening
live on video call inside.
Science has progressed so much!
- Jessy, dear...
- Hi uncle!
Did you like our girl?
He liked you!
Did you like him?
She's shy!
She liked you!
Little devil!
Since you both like each other,
I'm going to fix this.
What do you say?
We'll let you know about
everything through Nivin Pauly.
- Okay.
- Come, let's go.
So, we'll do the betrothal soon.
Then three announcements,
and then the wedding.
- The cup.
- Give it to me.
- Joji, I'll call you.
- Okay.
What is this, bro?
You didn't say bye!
Say it.
Shang Shu...
Don't you want to attend
Ittichan's wedding?
Anyway, the girl liked Ittichan.
- About the dowry, right?
- Yes.
They will give ten lakhs
and 101 sovereigns of gold.
So there's no car?
Instead of the car,
they're giving...
so much money, right?
So what about you?
Usually, I don't get much from the
bride's house.
That's a lie.
No! I swear!
I should be getting
it from here, right?
According to the
current market value,
I should get at least two lakhs.
- You will get it.
- Right?
Now I'll tell you about me.
I'm only used to taking money.
So, one for you...
One for me.
You should give half of your
commission to Ittichan.
Half of my commission?
That won't happen!
That will happen,
or else the wedding won't happen.
- How can you say that?
- Hello!
This is the norm here.
This is Ittichan's 34th matchmaking.
- Hey, it's 36.
- Yes, it's 36.
Hey! When we ran out
of brokers here,
we brought you here
from the next district,
to make such deals as well.
Aren't you ashamed to take
commissions for your own wedding?
Not ashamed at all!
If you can take commission
from the dowry I'm getting,
why should I be ashamed of taking
commission from your commission?
Hey, man!
You are getting this commission because
Ittichan is getting married, right?
Why are you hesitant to give
him half of that commission?
- When Ittichan will divorce that girl...
- Hey!
What if you do it some time?
Would you return the commission
you've taken, Nivin Pauly?
Nivin Pauly?
What's happening here?
What kind of deal is this?
The deal here is like this.
Do it only if you want to.
I don't want to!
You needn't take so much
trouble to get married then!
As if there are no
other guys in town!
Troubled me unnecessarily!
I know how to marry
without your help.
You called me a dog, right?
If it's a dog, fine.
Instead, if you swear at my dad,
I won't let it go.
Was that Nivin Pauly?
No, your...
Is that what it's called here?
The cuss words won't change
even if the district changes?
Was it...
Or was it...
A new one?
When I refused him,
he asked me...
He asked me to marry
the girl then!
I didn't say this for me to marry her.
When I said that Joji would
give a fitting reply for this,
the answer that he said...
How can I say that to you?
With your mouth!
Tell me!
What did he say about me?
He asked what job do you have other
than eating up your sister's money!
Usually brothers work and earn
money to take care of sisters.
Here, the sister is working
to take care of her brother.
In that way, he's saying that
you are the girl in this house!
Ittichan said that he
can marry you then!
- Sheesh!
- Then...
He said that you are
so fond of jack fruits,
because you were born from some jack fruit
picker who came here long ago.
Anyway, good that it ended with this.
I'll bring some great guys for our girl.
Shall I leave then?
Good of you to agree.
Oh no!
Did that broker leave?
What did he say?
Tell me what's the matter.
I said it's nothing.
It's a problem between us men.
If it's a problem between men,
why are you getting upset?
Shall I pluck a jack fruit?
Get lost!
Damn jack fruit!
It's a wiper that wiped
the tears of so many lives.
Now its life has
come to an end.
Oh God!
Did the tire just burst?
That's actually a gunshot!
Did anyone shoot Ittichan down?
This gunfire was just
to kill these chickens?
Have you heard of
game meat?
- But have you tasted it?
- No.
So this shot was to get the
taste of that hunted meat.
And not because you're
scared to kill them, right?
There won't be any such trouble
if you buy it from the shop, right?
- I should pay money for that, right?
- Yes.
Now I can lie that we bought our
home grown chickens from outside,
give it to Annamma aunty, get money,
and eat it ourselves.
Anyway, her children are not going to come
for their father's death anniversary.
Before mom comes back from church,
take these to Annamma aunty's kitchen.
- Okay!
- Hey!
Can your mom identify
these chickens?
Why? Do these chickens have
ID cards or what?
Get going, you fool!
Shall I shoot him down?
Didn't I tell you?
That we will have to
eat this whole thing?
All three children didn't come.
That's good anyway.
Don't be upset.
They will come after going to their
friend's houses and wives' houses.
Come and eat something.
I'm really tired.
Let me lie down.
Please have food and go, Theyyamma.
I'm not going today.
I can sit here and talk to you, right?
Listen to him...
Since the younger daughter
is in Mundakkayam,
I had a doubt whether
she would come.
Alex Chettan and Ajoy
are in Kochi, right?
They are just a quick call away.
Why should they forget this
poor aunty like this?
In a rush to make money,
for years they've forgotten
their mother's happiness,
and their father's
death anniversary.
- Shall I serve one more?
- Did you eat, dear?
- I'll eat later.
- So much love!
Wife is feeding the husband,
husband is feeding the wife.
- Such love!
- Hey!
No point in being jealous.
You need to be fortunate to
bite and chew like this.
Sindhu, it tastes great anyway.
You stole it from your
own house, right?
It will be even more tasty!
Gorge on it!
Did you tell her?
I didn't say anything.
Sit there!
Eat the whole thing and go!
You go home with Sugunan today.
I'll stay here.
Eat it!
What is it?
Shouldn't I send her?
Then eat it fast and go.
One slap!
What is it?
A tooth?
It's a pellet.
Your shot is so powerful!
I could have died now.
That means that we've left you alone,
and that we don't bother coming, right?
Not that...
You could have come with him.
Xavier had gone to the
plantation yesterday.
To shoot a tiger down.
Since we couldn't come for
the death anniversary,
I made Xavier pay for
three Holy Qurbanas.
Do you know that?
- Give it to me.
- Mom, just a minute.
It's me, Xavier.
Instead of the death anniversary,
we both have decided that
we'll attend the midnight Qurbana
for this Christmas with you!
- Right, dear?
- Yes.
Aren't you happy now, mom?
She is happy.
You also promised that
everyone will be there.
Couldn't you think of
your father's death anniversary?
If I had time, would I skip it?
But Jeep's new SUV was
launched yesterday.
Otherwise I would have
come, definitely.
You could have sent Susan
and your child, right?
I'm alone there, right?
If they come there, who's there to
serve food for him, and bathe his dog?
- Right?
- Why don't you understand that, mom?
Excuse me, sir.
- A customer is waiting.
- I'll just come.
Then, shall I?
Okay then.
I didn't skip it on purpose.
All day yesterday, I was busy with
meetings for next year's admissions.
You won't understand
all this, mom.
Try to make her
understand, Ittichan.
I had told her that
you are really busy!
Mom struggled so much
to educate you, right?
So, to run such a big school,
Annamma aunty would know
how difficult it is.
Sophie, one minute.
Mom, we'll definitely come
for this Christmas vacation.
Tell me, Sophie.
I'll send the car.
Don't be upset.
It's at 5 PM, right?
- Shall we go?
- I'll reach there by 4 PM.
They don't have time,
just to come to me.
Everyone is recording it!
My dear people.
My dear people!
Over here!
I'd like to take this opportunity
to thank you all for the love and support,
you gave me for the past two years.
I am really sad that I
have to leave from here,
before Christmas and
the church festival.
At the same time,
I appreciate the service of Ittimaany,
the construction committee coordinator,
who finished the work of the new
church bell right on time.
My dear people, to hand over a memento
to Ittimaany, on behalf of the parish,
I'd like to call up a staunch believer and
a member of the first immigrant families,
Mapranam Varkey.
Varkey, you are being called.
Stand here.
Give him this.
- Give it to him.
- To him?
Father, shall I...?
You may go!
Aren't you ashamed to run there
as soon as you're called?
I am a staunch believer, right?
How can I refuse when
Father calls me?
Thanking God,
with everyone's permission,
I am going to inaugurate
the new church bell.
Please move.
Here you go, Father.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit...
So melodious!
Not good enough!
Oh my God!
Father, what happened?
Father! Father!
- Get up, Father.
- Lift him up!
Where's the water?
Bring the water.
Open your eyes, Father.
- Give it.
- Jesus, forgive me for doing this.
He has come to his senses.
Drink it!
What kind of a man is he?
You made a duplicate of even the
church bell and got commission, right?
Oh my God!
When he was assigned to do it,
Varkey Chettan said...
"We have given the
key to the thief."
- When did I say that?
- When you got drunk at my house.
You said it's made in China,
with no guarantee.
- Right?
- Yes...
We'll let you go from here, only
after giving an explanation!
Stop it!
This is a church.
We'll have no violence here.
- Move, everyone.
- Then call the police, Father.
Father, dismiss Ittichan
from the church committee.
- That's what should be done now.
- Yes.
What Advocate said is right.
Ittichan should be dismissed.
- Don't shout.
- Shouldn't he be dismissed?
- Right?
- Yes. That should be done!
Stop! Stop!
Do you have any explanation
about this, Ittichan?
Father, I...
What is he going to say?
You are supposed to fire him from the
committee, Father. Just say that!
Say it, Father.
Calm down!
Listen to me!
Since that's everyone's opinion,
Ittimaany shouldn't
continue in that post.
I dissolve the committees for Christmas
and the festival led by Ittimaany.
- Father!
- Don't say anything.
Let the new priest decide the rest.
All of you, disperse.
Didn't you hear Father?
What is this?
You and your death bell!
I'm lucky that I didn't die.
Praise the Lord!
- Bhaskaran?
- Bhaskaran escaped!
I checked the locked smithy,
and his house thoroughly.
He's not there.
He couldn't have gone anywhere.
He must be in some bar.
He's not in any bar.
I checked even in the breweries.
Then I tried calling him again.
His mobile was ringing.
That rascal didn't pick up.
So I sent a couple of
messages with expletives.
As soon as he got it,
he called me back.
- Then?
- He is on his way to Goa.
- To Goa?
- Yes.
It was his final wish,
to bathe with foreign girls in bikinis,
at a Goan beach.
When Joji paid him for that,
he messed up the church bell.
Who's that?
That girl's brother!
That Pothen!
Since you didn't marry his sister,
he messed up your bell.
I can't sleep peacefully
because of this ringing.
There's no point stopping this ringing,
my dear son.
If the people come to beat you to
death for the church bell issue,
I swear on your dad,
I'll run away!
I will also run!
After taking from everywhere,
you picked even Jesus's pocket now!
That's why you're suffering now.
I wish that bell fell on my head,
instead of this!
Here comes Francis, the sexton.
Must be to say that you've
been expelled from the church.
Why has this rascal
come here now?
Go and talk to him!
Look at him lying there!
Isn't Ittichan home?
There he is.
The sun didn't rise here or what?
Get up.
I have to tell you something.
Did someone die?
Just because you
own an ambulance,
don't think that you'll
get trips often.
The new priest came in
this morning.
Before everyone else
gets him on their side,
try to get him on your side.
I'm lying here like this
because of that bloody bell!
Don't be disappointed.
The new Father seems like
he would listen to us.
I won't have any trouble,
only if you are there, Ittichan.
You know, right?
I have three daughters!
Should I take the blame
for that also now?
You made your three children.
Now try peeping as well.
Do you want to see?
Hello, bell boy!
Bell boy, I'm at the church.
Call me later.
The Qurbana is starting.
He has come again,
that shameless fellow!
Walking around after breaking the bell?
God, please don't forgive him.
I strongly sought refuge in Jesus.
Jesus, O Messiah.
Is this the bar?
I need two large drinks!
Don't hold me!
I am fine.
You are fine.
I know! Come!
- Mom, my hand!
- Do you want a drink?
I'll buy it for you.
Manager, where's the counter
where I can stand and drink?
I'll show you now.
Show him the counter where
he can stand and drink!
Hi, bro!
I just need two drinks.
- Two drinks!
- Come, sir.
I'll show you the counter.
Come on!
Just two drinks!
Doctor, he is my only son.
My dear Doctor,
do whatever you have to do,
and just stop his
damn drinking habit!
- What happened to your hand?
- This?
I hit a foreigner at Goa.
He couldn't share his drinks, it seems!
He didn't understand
what I said.
- Shall we buy a pint and share it?
- Yes.
- But I'll pay.
- No. I'll pay.
- No, I'll pay.
- No. I'll pay!
No! I will pay for it.
Then you pay!
Come on!
This is the counter.
That one?
I'll go and get the cash.
Come back quickly.
Hey, bro!
Can I get a drink?
A drink?
Just go and join that queue.
Bro, can I get a drink?
One drink?
I've been asking for a drop here
for two weeks.
Here every day is the first of the month.
See that?
It's always dry day.
Joppan, it's you?
- Don't laugh.
- God! I'll die laughing today.
You will ruin everything today.
Hey! Keep it down!
- I am a priest now.
- Father?
Father Joppan?
Hey! It's not Father Joppan.
It's Father John Paul.
You were always drinking shady rum.
When did you become a priest?
I've seen many kinds of duplicate
stuff, and made them too.
But this is the first time I'm
seeing a duplicate priest.
I'm not a duplicate priest.
I am the real thing.
Yeah, right!
You became a priest so that you can
drink wine for free, right?
Shut up! If someone else hears this...
I'll lose respect.
Move away!
It's been years since I stopped
doing those con jobs.
Where did I go after having a change
of heart at the rehab center?
To the seminary!
Since there was no age limit to
become a priest, I was relieved.
Since I had a degree of my own,
I could do a Qurbana in my seventh year.
This is my third parish.
Please don't humiliate me.
You've come here at a great time!
I've also been humiliated.
Why don't you tell the people that
it was Joji who broke your bell?
My own mother doesn't believe me!
How can I explain that?
People are saying that I
made a duplicate bell.
You are my only hope.
If this was a government job,
I would have escaped from here with
a transfer, the moment I saw you.
So many nights we spent in a single cell,
pining for a single drink!
Even if you forget it,
I can't forget it.
What you said now means that
you will blackmail me, right?
Yes. True, I will do that.
I understood that.
What should I do now?
I want to rejoin the
church committee.
Rejoin the church committee?
Why are you so adamant about
being in the church committee?
- Joppan!
- Hey!
This is my third parish.
In both the parishes I was in earlier,
I was a failure.
A mega failure!
I need to gain a good
name at least here.
I'll get that done!
First, you make a good church bell,
and get rid of the people's anger.
- That's all?
- Yes.
It's simple.
Father, please support me strongly.
I'll play the rest of the games.
My God!
Wait and watch! Before
leaving this church,
I'll make the people of this parish
declare you as a saint!
Saint Joppan!
Saint Joppan!
Isn't that a bit too much?
Not at all!
We are going to rock 'n roll here, Father.
You'll see! It's true!
Praise be to the Lord!
God bless you.
You were expelled from the church
committee! What are you doing here?
You think this is your church?
Hey! That Bhaskaran who
escaped from town?
I'll bring him back here someday.
Your games will go
on only until then.
Is that noise a civet crying?
Who are you?
Praise be to the Lord.
- What is it?
- He said, "Praise be to the Lord."
I got that.
I don't know who he is.
This is the Joji I
told you about.
The bell?
- I need to talk to you alone, Father.
- Hey!
Don't think you can
complain about me here.
Father and I are close friends!
- Right, Father?
- Of course.
I'm going to be spread out
everywhere around this church.
You heard me, Pothen?
- Shall I leave then?
- You should.
- Shall I spread out then?
- Go ahead!
Are you ready, my fruit?
Boss, move!
The jack fruit will fall on your head!
The jack fruit won't run away, you idiot!
Slowly! Slowly!
You stand here
counting jack fruits!
Ittichan has gone to the
church with a new bell!
- Really?
- Yes.
Will I get paid for
saying this now?
Get all the ripe ones down.
Be careful.
There's a fool up top there.
Look, there it goes.
Ittichan's bell.
- An ambulance?
- This is a good burial spot?
What is it?
Tell us a good burial spot.
Oh no! My husband!
- Father and boss are tight friends?
- Who told you?
Sitting in the back since first grade.
Tight friends like that?
Wait! Wait!
You are really something.
You shook up the whole
parish as soon as you came!
- Is your name Varkey?
- Yes. How did you know that?
There is be one such
guy in every parish.
And all their names
happen to be Varkey.
And never a day's honest work.
I don't think he'll leave
from here properly!
Father, stop this secularism and
this collection drive right now.
Otherwise, we'll bring Bengalis
who became priests in Jabalpur
and make them perform Qurbanas.
- Will you do that?
- Yes.
Then I'll perform your last rites today!
Scaredy cat!
Ran away!
This looks better than
the original, man!
- Have some. Get some energy!
- Okay!
If priests get extra energy,
it will be a problem.
That's true.
- Is there a problem if I bathe with soap?
- No. Go ahead.
What's the selfie for?
To put up on Facebook?
Ittichan and the priest
are close friends.
They will take this whole
church to China.
This is to be framed,
in the church's remembrance.
[Inauguration of
Shoot-out Competition]
Oh my God!
- One pint!
- Will a pint be enough, Advocate?
- Shall I get you a full bottle?
- Praise be to the Lord!
Yeah, right!
The priest is here!
Come here.
We could achieve this award
for the best parish,
only because of Ittichan's
sincere services.
Damn service!
I've decided to re-appoint Ittichan
as the church committee president.
What's your opinion, Ittichan?
Just because you said so,
I'm not ready to accept this.
If the entire parish
has such a wish,
I won't object to it either.
Who wishes for it?
Do you?
So Ittichan will be the next
church committee president.
Hey! This was a moronic decision.
Varkey, if you have
such an objection,
you needn't sit here.
You can leave.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
Come on, everyone.
No one came?
It's all you, bro!
So the decision has been passed.
Happy Christmas!
Annamma aunty, it's me.
Sainu Claus.
Happy Christmas!
Move! Move!
Please move!
You were here? Now you needn't
go to church. Give it to me.
This should reach the church!
Is it real?
- One slap I'll give you!
- Happy Christmas!
Didn't you get ready yet?
I'm not coming.
None of them came so far, right?
Try calling them.
Let them come if they feel
like seeing their mother.
Is that a tiger or
a monkey in front?
It's the image of a tiger,
but it's worn by a monkey!
- Shall I devour that Pothen, bro?
- No! No!
Stop! Stop!
We won't allow such tiger dance troups
to enter the church!
Why? Is the tiger an enemy of Jesus?
I don't know that.
But tigers aren't mentioned in the Bible.
- There are only tiny sheep in the Bible.
- Yes.
And it's against our canon law too!
As if the Pope said that tigers
shouldn't be allowed inside the church!
If you have a doubt, call him.
Come on, dance!
Call him and see!
It's the Pope!
Oh no! Pope Francis!
Is it the actual Pope?
Yeah, right.
Come on!
What is it, mom?
Yes, Ittichan.
Alex, where are you?
At Ajoy's house.
What is it?
Annamma aunty had a chest pain
and she's been admitted to the ICU here.
Munnar will be really cold now.
Ittichan, one minute.
I'll call you back.
- There's a problem.
- What is it, bro?
Ittichan just called.
Mom has been admitted to a hospital.
Oh no!
What happened to mom?
It's just a chest pain.
- Then it will be a heart attack.
- Keep quiet.
Bro, shall we go there?
Don't be so hasty!
What do we do now?
If we postpone this tour,
and ignore the offer we got now?
When will we get such an offer again?
The kids are all really excited!
Now don't cancel the trip.
Cancel the trip?
For what?
Mom is in the hospital!
We planned this vacation thinking
that everyone would be together.
But now...
Ask Ittichan to adjust the schedule
for a couple of days.
To be frank,
we're just leaving
on a tour to Munnar.
In the meantime,
I'll do one thing.
I'll transfer some
cash to your account.
For the time being, you manage
everything there for a couple of days.
Alex, that...
- Escaped from that crocodile?
- Oh no!
25% is okay, right?
We'll give it, sir!
I'm going to buy tea.
You want some?
Get lost.
Don't disturb me!
Have some more.
Which day is it today?
We came here on Monday evening.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
So, I'm lying here without any memory
for three or four days?
Where are my children?
It will take two or three more days for
them to come after their tour from Munnar.
But this time there's some relief.
They are sending money promptly!
Put it away!
- What's wrong with this?
- One punch I'll give you!
Is this the time to say all this?
The doctor said that she
shouldn't feel sad at all.
I forgot that.
One slap I'll give you!
I'm going home now.
It's been three or four days
since I came here.
Don't go anywhere to get commission.
You should be here, okay?
Tell those tiger dance
guys to go to hell!
Money for the tiger dance?
She's fast asleep.
I'm leaving.
Take care of her.
Take care.
Annamma aunty!
What a view!
- Morning!
- Good morning, brother-in-law!
Can I drink this too?
Here we go.
What, bro?
In the morning too?
I got a hangover!
- Brother...
- Yes.
Not you!
- Call for you.
- Who is it?
I don't know.
When did it happen?
Don't know when.
I came here as soon as I heard it.
Anyway, two hours have passed.
Did anyone think that
this would happen?
That's all human life is!
The vehicle has come.
He became complete only now!
- So this was her disease!
- What?
Staying unmarried!
- Were they already in love?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes.
They must have been!
Stop there!
My God!
Why should I stay alive now?
I came to see if
what I heard is true!
I know you'll do any shady
business for money!
But still, to do such a vulgarity,
what magic did she perform on you?
- Tell me!
- Mom, my wedding garland!
You and your damn
wedding garland!
- Theyyamma...
- You shut up!
Don't call me that name again!
You were with me
always, for so long.
I considered you not just as a friend,
but as a sister.
Even if you hear that I'm dead,
don't step near my place!
- Mom, please bless us!
- Yeah, right! I'll bless you!
Don't touch me!
Move away!
I won't have such a son hereafter!
Don't come to me,
claiming that.
That's pretty tough.
You too!
Old age marriage!
Shameless fellow!
Aren't you done watching?
Get out, all of you!
Get lost!
They have come to
attend the wedding!
He's talking as if we
got his mom married.
You're saved because this Ittimaany
didn't stay in your house.
Otherwise, he would
have married your mom!
That's your sister, Advocate!
Bride and groom, please stop!
Aren't you ashamed to come home
marrying someone who's your son's age?
You have a problem only because
he is younger than me?
I don't have the health to
marry someone older to me,
and to look after him!
Then why did I marry him
to look after me when I have
two fully grown sons.
If I hire someone as paid help,
people will make all
sorts of gossip.
In this case, no one
will open their mouth.
Before we throw you out of here,
both of you get out.
Go where?
Whatever you see here,
was hard-earned by
Avarachayan and me!
You've come to
establish your ownership?
Where were my children
and in-laws for so long?
Get out of here!
Where are you going,
Mr. Groom?
Aren't you ashamed to marry
your classmate's mother?
Is it my fault that
he was my classmate?
When I failed the eighth grade twice,
he reached my class.
Right, Alex?
What's your plan?
You don't have the time or interest
to look after your mother.
And my wedding hasn't happened
even after so many years.
Moreover, I'm her neighbor too.
When Annamma asked me,
to marry her and enjoy the rest of our
lives, and offered as much cash I want,
I agreed!
You know right?
Money is a weakness for me.
We'll get rid of that weakness!
Leave me.
This is not the Itti who played
silly games with you in childhood.
I'm Plamoottil Annamma's husband.
That means, your step-father,
Take your hands off me!
Come inside.
That's it!
Your mom is great.
You could have brought a lamp
to welcome your dad and mom.
If you don't like it, there's no need.
Then, with the permission of
our children and in-laws,
this father is entering
with his right foot.
Or there's no need.
I'll enter with my left foot.
- The door is closed.
- Keep quiet.
You guys sit here boozing!
Our dear mom has started
preparing for her first night.
So? Should we
decorate her bedroom?
Leave it, bro.
Don't argue.
I'll go.
But then I'll be up for
life imprisonment.
- There's no use.
- What happened with the registrar?
We've been asking you
ever since you came back.
So your mom's...
You want to know if your mom's
wedding was registered?
That's an interesting matter.
Sir, our mom made a blunder.
As if your mom is at the right
age to make blunders!
She's sweet 17, right?
Sir, what should we do
to annul this marriage?
Since the first client Annamma's
husband is not alive,
according to the special
marriage act,
this client has the right to
marry anyone of her choice.
- We...
- You're objecting.
You should keep objecting!
You have the right
to do that as well.
This is what happened there.
Advocate Tharian asked us not
to do anything in haste.
Otherwise, we would have
solved this today.
Only the legal route is closed, right?
Let's see what happens.
Whatever is said and done,
this was absolutely disgraceful.
How can I go back to Pala now?
It's Sugunan.
Let me go and see.
Oh no! He's coming!
Want to see the preparations?
Since the wedding
happened suddenly,
Annamma couldn't go
to a beautician.
So I became her beautician.
What is it?
Take this.
This shouldn't be missed.
When you go to your room for the first
night, let there be some fragrance.
This is nice!
I was really tense
sitting at home.
You're going to drive a '65
model Ambassador car, right?
Who knows when the
engine will go faulty.
So it's great to have an
ambulance in front of the house.
- Okay, get going.
- Hey, Ittichan!
How do you get so many
secondhand items?
First, the scooter.
Then, our ambulance.
- And what you got now is also secondhand.
- Enough.
When you go,
take your wife along with you.
I know how to take
care of my wife.
How's that possible?
This ambulance won't
get any rides.
If I take her back,
how will I live?
You can ask her to
stay with my mom.
If Sindhu is there,
we can get live updates, right?
Not for free.
I'll give you something extra.
When you bought it,
couldn't you buy some extra?
Who bought it?
I took it out from the wreath on
Karthu's body, from the colony.
Yes, I took it from a corpse!
Get lost!
- You can't have it.
- Give it to me.
- I'll take that. Enough games.
- Go and sit there.
What a beauty!
Where did you hide this
beauty for so long?
Though I was right
across the wall,
how come I never noticed this!
We should have married much earlier,
right, Annamma?
She's shy.
That's why!
She's shy!
Mummy, is tonight
grandmother's first night?
Is tonight grandma's first night?
Shut up!
What do you both want to know!
Don't say that.
So wishing everyone a...
bad night!
Oh no!
I forgot it!
Oops! I forgot it!
Your mom's pretty earrings
This man is going to steal it
Your mom's pretty earrings
This man is going to steal it
Your mom's pretty earrings
This man is going to steal it
Your mom's pretty earrings
- Stop it!
- This man is going to steal it
Go and sit down!
Didn't any of you sleep?
All of you are in the same positions!
Hey, Betty!
Get a strong tea for your dad.
Let me start the day properly!
Oh God!
Dad? Whose dad?
In Mundakkayam, do you address your
step-father as brother-in-law?
- Come on.
- You want tea, right?
- I'll make it.
- That's nice.
Let things happen as
they are supposed to.
Now you can say all your
choices directly to me alone.
I should be cooking for
you hereafter, right?
I didn't remember that.
What are you looking at?
Drink it fast.
I might cope well, right?
- Did you sit on it and check?
- Of course.
Haven't you caused
enough drama already?
Now you want to humiliate us
further with this road show?
Why don't you have a cold drink?
Get lost!
What nonsense!
Let us meditate for a moment about
the Lord's words we heard today.
The Lord's...
Hey! The Qurbana is happening here.
You can look here as well.
How many years has it been
since your wife died?
This is the eighth year.
- I've never skipped the requiem so far.
- Good.
- You light the candles. I'll come soon.
- Okay, Father.
Hey! You go ahead.
I think I forgot to
say a couple of prayers.
Annamma aunty...
This was something that's unheard of
With your age and maturity,
I never expected you to do this.
You gave a speech even today that God
will protect those who are alone, right?
I'll say whatever comes to
my mind in my speeches.
But how could anyone do such nonsense?
What is he doing here?
We came to pray to Avarachayan.
Avarachan must be
really happy now.
Let me...
I'll sort him today.
What madness are you making here?
I was asking forgiveness
to Avarachayan.
You married his wife, came to his grave,
and asked forgiveness to him?
Give some peace of mind to him,
at least when he's dead.
If you stay here any longer,
he'll break out of this grave,
and hit you on your head with that slab!
What magic did you perform on her,
to make her agree to this?
What's the point
knowing all that now?
- Just tell me...
- Don't touch me.
This is like marrying your sister,
since you couldn't find a bride!
Even if it's for money, I didn't
think that you would be so cheap!
- Is that it?
- No.
What's your intention?
I attended the Qurbana,
prayed at the cemetery,
now I have to buy two kilos
of beef and go home!
That's the habit of
us Christians, right?
Forget about beef.
This is called arrogance!
Didn't that Alex and
Ajoy grow up with you?
They've been sitting in the
church since morning.
They are asking me how they
will face the people here now.
What should I tell them?
It's true that you've done
many good things for me now.
But in this matter,
don't expect my support.
If they know that I supported this,
people will bash me up.
From now on, I'm a believer in this
parish, and you are the priest.
You're a believer
and I'm the priest.
That's all our relationship will be!
Who are you?
I am Ittichan's chef, Sainuddeen.
You can call me Sainu.
I was transferred here.
Are all of you staying here?
Wow! Now whatever you need,
just ask me.
I was so bored without working.
Now I'll die working!
Hey! Shall we do a Tik Tok video?
Not interested?
What about a selfie then?
Selfie with a chef!
Get lost!
Who wants your selfie!
Bloody tadpole!
It's like a ladies' hostel.
Either I'll go viral
on Tik Tok from here,
or I'll be caught in #MeToo.
This frame became
balanced only now.
That's true.
Even when Christ was crucified,
there was one each on either side.
Check out my BF.
- Your BF? Where?
- Not that BF.
Beef fry.
If you have this...
Who's that?
We'll eat it while
drinking tonight.
The entire parish is here?
Is it for some collection drive?
No! To grab you by your
neck and throw you out!
Why did you have to drag
Father along for that?
The fight is between us, right?
Ittichan, the entire parish has
objected to you accepting the Qurbana,
without getting married
at the church.
We came to tell you that.
Annamma aunty, I might
be your family advocate.
But I'll say what I have to say!
Those who live according to their own
will, without following the canon law,
can be banned from the parish.
Do you know that?
You will be expelled!
Is there any age limit to
get married in the church?
There's no law that the bride should
be younger than the groom either.
- No.
- As for a widow...
It's not said in canon law that a widow's
wish to remarry should be stopped.
Isn't that so, Advocate?
- Isn't it?
- Yes.
Then listen...
Not just you all who came to
separate Annamma and me,
I'm saying this for your
attention also, Father.
On the coming 27th,
on Annamma's birthday,
at our church,
with all the believers and
non-believers as witnesses,
Manikkunnel Ittimathan's son Ittimaany...
will marry your mother.
We are going to get
married at the church.
Be careful! You are
messing with the church!
Those were some really strong words.
You can see my wedding at
least like that, right?
He's saying sorry?
Go say that to your dad!
Now she brought up his dad.
What a mess.
- So, you've made up your minds?
- Yes.
We have decided to marry.
It's not enough if
you decide it alone.
It's about the marriage
between Annamma and me.
It's enough if we decide it.
- You...
- Ajoy, don't fight.
Since the people know about it,
I'll publish our wedding
photo on all the newspapers.
Let Annamma and me fill
up the front pages!
These guys, her grandchildren and
in-laws can also join.
Picture a full length headline.
"Big wedding to be held today"
No! No!
"Our mother..."
"Our mother is getting
married again today"
That will be awesome.
- Right?
- Yes.
If anyone has any
kind of objection,
you should say it now.
I'll tell him.
- Do you have any?
- Not at all!
So no one has any
objection, right?
Then get going.
Go home!
- Will you go to the wedding, Varkey?
- No.
I'll go for the feast.
You should come to the bachelor's party
on the eve of the wedding.
For old times' sake,
we can have a few drinks!
Has the groom come alone, or...
has the bride also come?
Are you planning to get married at
night? I'm just curious.
That wedding won't happen, Father.
It won't happen?
Then why did you announce
so proudly to the people
that you'll marry
her at the church?
In that situation...
To say that you'd marry when
you feel so, and then say no,
are church matters like your
duplicate business?
You won't have a problem if you
don't have the church or prayers.
But it's not the case
with Annamma aunty.
The parish won't allow her to be buried
in the church cemetery when she dies.
- Father, I...
- I am sure about one thing.
If her assets become yours,
you won't even hesitate to kill her.
I didn't do this seeking
anyone's wealth.
I didn't want anyone to know
anything for the time being.
Since so much has happened,
you should know what happened.
Then decide whether I should
marry at the church or not.
The day Annamma was
admitted in the hospital,
I called her children.
Even after knowing that their
mother had a heart attack,
all three of them didn't
even bother coming there.
It was in that shock...
that again she...
Annamma aunty!
Annamma aunty!
Oh no, Annamma!
- How much?
- 140/90.
This was due to a sudden shock.
She just survived a heart attack.
If she feels sad again and
things become complicated,
she might even need surgery.
Thanks to the prayers of some good souls,
Annamma aunty came back to life.
Enough water?
Why did you save me?
You should have just let me die.
One slap I'll give you!
If you die of a heart attack for
your children, who don't want you,
even God won't let you into heaven.
Once our children grow up,
our lives would melt
into nothingness.
Finally, when they
reach a good stature,
they don't want their
fathers or mothers.
What big shots, it seems!
You should give them tight slaps!
Mom has a point.
There's one way to make them stay with
Annamma aunty and never leave her.
Tell me.
Annamma aunty...
should get married again.
One slap!
What foolishness are you saying?
Don't be so hasty.
Listen to me first.
Sit down.
At this age,
if their own mother
marries someone,
and if they know that they will
lose so much wealth and money,
which children won't panic?
Leaving all their busy work aside,
they will fall at Annamma aunty's feet.
Yeah, right!
While waiting for God's call,
you're talking about marriage?
I wasn't talking about you, Theyyamma.
Get lost!
- Getting married again?
- But who has to get married here?
Just act like you got married.
We can bring them
under your control.
It might be the plus or minus
of living with my dad,
my mom understood the duplicate side
of what I said, rather quickly.
Though it's slightly twisted,
he has a point, Annamma.
Let them also suffer a bit.
What can we gain by
punishing them like that?
If they would be reformed
with this punishment,
they deserve that punishment.
But you need to find...
someone who's right for this.
Now who could we find?
There is someone.
There is someone like that.
- Me?
- Yes.
You are perfect for this.
I know that you'll do much more
than this, if you can get money.
Just because I had an awesome idea?
Now you're putting all
the burden on me?
Isn't it for a noble cause?
Moreover, it will be a penance
for whatever you did so far.
Come with me!
Forget about what I did so far.
Think of my future!
You and your damn future!
- Theyyamma!
- Shut up!
My wedding?
Your wedding in the future, right?
I'll see to it that your wedding
won't get cancelled because of this.
- Theyyamma, this is risky.
- Not at all.
Don't do it for free!
Tell me how much money you need!
If it brings her happiness,
even if I have to sell
my house and property,
I'll pay as much
money as you want!
That's not necessary, Theyyamma.
It is!
I've done many things for money.
Even for your surgery,
I took commission after quoting a price.
But because of me,
have your ever had
tears in your eyes?
Have you?
No, right?
Annamma aunty is like
my own mother to me.
Did you think that I would
quote a price for these tears?
I'm sure about one thing.
If you show the courage to
make such a decision today,
it will be a warning for
many children in the future.
So, it's not just for
you, Annamma aunty...
For all the mothers who are
dumped in temples and group homes.
Despite knowing that they would get
only tears and pain in return,
this is for the mothers who dedicate
their entire lives for their children.
Hearing they look neither clean
nor pretty,
this is for the mothers who are pushed
into the darkness by their rich kids.
Even while drawing their last breaths,
the mothers who looked around to see if
at least one of their children has come,
and closed their eyes
in disappointment.
For the salvation of all such mothers...
for the happiness of these
two mothers of mine!
For this marriage,
Ittichan has agreed!
That was awesome!
This idea of yours will uproot them!
Now, before dumping the
parents who raised them,
every son or daughter
would think twice.
That's all I intended to do.
I'm still not able to believe this.
To be frank, it's not me, but you who
should be giving Qurbanas in this church.
What do I do now?
Just wear this.
- Wear this vestment. Let me see!
- Oh no!
- No! No!
- No?
Then I'll put it there.
Then what do I do?
- Shall I get you some wine then?
- No! No!
- Don't want that too?
- Then maybe a little.
I'll get you a little then.
This wine was brought from Italy.
Here. Hold this.
Let me take the glass.
It's wine!
Yeah, right!
Stop there, I say!
Put on your clothes.
Stop, Michu!
You'll get it from me.
Listen to your aunty.
I won't stop.
- I'm fed up of this girl.
- Sit here.
- Wear your clothes!
- Give it here.
Wear it.
Before it all turns gray,
if you need one like this,
go and attend a retreat.
- What?
- What?
What did you say?
He's not going to a retreat.
Don't you want one like this?
Hey, Betty!
He doesn't want
children, it seems.
If you want children,
take him for a retreat.
So funny!
As if kids are born
because of retreats.
If you want kids,
you go attend a retreat.
Hey! My boss doesn't have to
attend a retreat to have kids.
- This paper talks about ladies' eggs.
- Don't be vulgar.
This is the newspaper that
covered the eggs.
The paper that covered the eggs?
Read it and see.
65 year old woman
gave birth to twins.
In Los Angeles,
in America,
a 65 year old woman who
married a 40 year old man,
gave birth to twins.
- What?
- This is the paper that covered the eggs!
- What's that?
- The paper that covered the eggs!
Yes, eggs!
- Come! Come!
- A paper?
What paper?
- I read the newspaper...
- Boss, don't be greedy.
This is the paper that covered the eggs!
- Where is Alex?
- He took our kids to the hostel.
- And your husband?
- He went to the showroom.
So he can go and come from the office,
even from here, right?
When there's such happy news,
there won't be anyone here!
- True.
- And this paper covered the eggs!
Hey, son-in-law!
Even if luck didn't favor you,
it has favored me.
This is the paper that
covered the eggs!
What is he blabbering about?
Hey! It's the paper
that covered the eggs!
- Egg! Egg!
- The paper that covered the eggs?
What's that?
Boss! Boss!
Shall I get you drumstick juice?
Drumstick juice!
You needn't make that juice!
He has great power even
otherwise, right?
Not here.
There's no hook to put a rope here.
What kind of house is this?
For your boss to hang and die?
Not for that!
When my boss has a child,
shouldn't we tie a cradle?
So you didn't understand anything?
Then, listen...
In America, a 65 year old woman
who married a 40 year old man,
gave birth to twins.
As soon as he heard that, Boss rushed
to his wife like a bull to its feed.
Something will happen today.
Spare me your jokes.
- Leave him!
- Boss!
Won't I also have a desire to be a
father like you and play with my kids?
This is the paper that
covered the eggs.
Keep it.
It will be useful.
The paper that covered the eggs.
Boss, if you have a boy,
you can name him after
your dad or anyone else.
But if it's a girl, don't name
her after your mother.
- Why?
- The name Theyyamma sounds weak and old.
Get lost!
If I hear that you bought eggs
to this house ever again!
You're blaming me for buying eggs now?
There's no problem if my boss sits
next to your mom all the time?
- Get lost.
- I'll stop that newspaper subscription.
Chetta, please move.
- Over here.
- Hi!
Oh wow! Bro!
You've put on weight again!
It's jack fruit season, right?
You haven't changed at all!
- Hello.
- Namaste.
Even foreigners know about
the Malayali people's behavior.
Who is she?
She is an M.D.
She came with me when I said I'm going
on leave. She wants to see our state.
Hi, madam. Welcome to God's own...
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
Why didn't mom come to the airport?
Mom still has that old leg pain.
And she's lazy to travel.
I make mutton soup for her at times.
And she's sad that your
wedding got cancelled.
How's our hero doing?
I forgot to say that.
He got married.
Is that right?
- Ask me whom he married.
- Who is it?
Plamoottil Annamma aunty.
Oh god! That old lady?
If you hear that story,
you'll die laughing.
Yeah right! Marrying
an old hag is great?
MD, I'm sure.
But I don't understand
why he did that.
For money!
What else?
Just imagine his
mother's situation.
After calling her Annamma for so long,
now she has to call her "daughter-in-law."
Oh god!
Annamma's children's
have it even worse.
They have to address
their classmate as dad.
But he's not at all
arrogant about it.
We've been waiting
for long, Xavier.
You said someone
will come, right?
He is on his way, bro.
He will be here soon.
I'll tell you something.
If that Ittichan plans
on staying there,
I'll go to my house
with my child.
He is coming.
This is the person I
was talking about.
I learned now that Ittichan has an enemy
in this town we weren't aware of.
This guy?
I understand that you
expected a goon for hire,
with a scar on his face, chewing
leaves and wearing a shady look.
But that doesn't matter.
- Sit down.
- Sit down?
How can you all sit
down in this situation?
I got shocked when I heard
that Itti married your mom.
When I thought that he couldn't have
a bigger disaster in his life,
I felt happy and burst out laughing.
But when I saw him turning you
all into real losers,
and having a ball with
the great wealth that is yours,
I couldn't bear it.
That's why I came here
with one call from Xavier.
Since he has said that he
will marry her at the church...
Since he has said so?
He will marry her!
He's the kind who would drown
a tortoise to death in water.
We're scared of being humiliated
even more.
What more can happen?
Well, what she's saying is that...
Both of them are eating and
sleeping together, right?
What if some mistake happens
in between that...
You mean, she'll die?
Not that.
Gas problem?
Not that.
Just come, Joji.
One minute. Let us discuss it.
Three in one!
Has he gone crazy?
I can understand your grief.
But I can't stop laughing!
You should remove a
thorn with a thorn.
And a missile with a missile.
You guys studied in English style schools.
So your ideas won't be like mine,
since I studied in a government school.
I learned how to write
using the local language.
This is our way.
Who is this in the night?
Who is it?
Oh no!
It's me!
- It's you?
- Yes.
I'm coming.
What is this attire?
I got scared!
Couldn't you tell me before coming?
When I feel like seeing you,
I'll come in many attires.
That wasn't me.
She's snoring too much!
She starts it as soon as
she sees the sleeping mat.
You're watching this movie again?
This is fun.
Honestly, when I
see this Jackie Chan,
I'm reminded of your dad,
Not in that way!
And when I watch this movie,
I remember our life in China.
Those were the good old days!
- Did you eat anything?
- Yes.
There's fried banana and beef curry.
Beef curry at night?
- Don't you want it?
- Then I'll have some.
- Here.
- Enough.
Do you feel that you are alone now?
Are you sad?
Then I'll stop this whole thing.
Why should I be sad?
If I am with Mathan suddenly,
won't he ask me?
"Why did you leave our son alone,
without getting him married?"
The love that you show him...
I don't think dad has
that towards you.
Otherwise, for the past 10 to 20 years,
why wouldn't he call you up there?
Only after I marry a girl,
and after you play as much as you
want with little Ittimaanys,
dad will call you up there.
Otherwise, I'll teach your
Jackie Chan a lesson!
Spring onion soup is my specialty.
- Shall I get you a cup?
- No.
Well, should I help you?
Come on, then.
Look at you flirting!
Wherever I go,
there are only chaste girls.
Xavier, come fast!
Oh no!
- What? What happened?
- Mom!
Mom, he...
We know what you're like.
Don't you understand now that he's not
fit to be let into the house, mom?
Don't talk nonsense.
You did it, right?
So we're saying it happened.
We realized your intention of coming
to this house by fooling mom, only now.
- And there are more pretty girls here.
- Stop it!
- Don't touch him.
- Ittichan!
Let go of him.
What is she saying?
What did I do?
I went this way to take a bath.
That's when he...
I was sitting there
reading a Chinese book.
Yeah right! Reading books in
front of the ladies' bathroom?
Annamma, I...
I don't want to gain anything
by hurting my children's feelings.
Let's end this.
Annamma aunty...
I didn't believe what she said.
But still...
To justify you,
how can I go against my children?
You thought you could enjoy all the
wealth alone, right? Now what happened?
Ittimany, our father!
As he's leaving, give him the money
for two drinks at least, bro.
What if he says that
we cheated him?
Hey! You shouldn't step inside
this compound ever again!
We'll decide whether to
look after mom or not.
We're going to build a tall
wall in front of the house.
Get going!
Why are you looking at me like this?
I won't give it.
These Chinese guys are so funny!
Oh God!
Oh no!
Oh no!
- Someone help me.
- Betty!
- What happened?
- Someone come fast!
Xavier, come fast.
Did you understand
what this is for?
For making her do such
a disgusting thing.
You and your dirty rotten trick.
Aren't you ashamed?
Using your own wife?
Learn to respect women first.
He was born to ruin the
name of people in Pala.
But what you did was so wrong.
You can say or do
everything else.
But a girl should never play
with her own honor.
This dad will decide everything
in this house hereafter.
Children and in-laws,
will obey me.
Boss, what about my stolen thing?
I was the eyewitness.
Though what you did
was atrocious,
since that atrocious
act came of use,
I'm forgiving you now.
If I hear that you recorded
videos of my children ever again,
you know what happened to the
monk in Trivandrum, right?
- I was thinking...
- What?
Shall we start a
business in partnership?
I was asking Maya to stop
singing and start working.
- Did you send the soaps to Kayamkulam?
- By tomorrow.
A load of cashews
was sent to Kollam.
Should I call it back?
Swami, the soap will reach you tomorrow.
I promise.
Since I was busy with the wedding,
I was away for a few days.
- The load will reach tomorrow evening.
- Really?
I'll be there soon.
I had wished so badly to
take him in the ambulance.
- What?
- Advocate Tharian?
He's dead.
He is dead.
- When?
- Now.
They called for the ambulance.
Only if someone dies,
I can be okay.
When death approaches
I will come to you with an ambulance
Why did you take my dear
brother away so quickly?
I can't bear this.
He was my only brother!
What's this?
A movie in a dead man's house?
His last wish was to keep his body
for public display inside the court.
But they don't allow
corpses in there, right?
So, we've created a court
atmosphere here.
Isn't it good?
Sugunan, how did the advocate die?
Even though he's an advocate, he went to
the court for the first time yesterday.
As soon as the judge
said, "Yes, proceed,"
he fell on the floor unconscious.
He died on the spot.
- Sad!
- Do you want ice cream?
- No. I'll eat it after I come back.
- Okay.
Where were you, Ittichan?
The corpse has been waiting so long.
- Really?
- Yes.
Ice cream?
Hey! One chocobar!
Come, let's go.
They've come to
humiliate us here too.
We are leaving!
Go ahead.
I will come soon.
Why did you have to bring her
to this dead man's house?
He was her family advocate, Father.
She said she wanted to see him
one last time.
But this was a little too much!
The Advocate was younger than Tresya,
No. Uncle was older than mom.
Okay, Annamma aunty.
Get the red and yellow one.
Let's make it colorful.
Jesus! It's a
procession of troubles!
She is an MD at our hospital.
Go ahead.
They're about to take the corpse.
- Okay. Ittichan should be...
- Hey!
Were you trying to woo my wife?
No way! I was asking if the
Benz had good mileage.
Of course! It has great
mileage and pick-up!
Do you want to take a test drive?
One minute.
You are so thick skinned, Itti.
Aren't you ashamed to marry
a woman your mother's age?
My mom was lucky that you
didn't stay in my house.
Otherwise what would
have happened to my mom?
- Mom has leg pain too.
- Hey Pothen!
Xavier and you tried to trap
me in a molestation case,
and it was poor Betty
who got slapped.
I gave Xavier his share.
Now don't ask for your share.
I'm not supposed to say
this at a dead man's house.
But I can't help but say it.
Your sister is really beautiful.
You being rude?
No, dude.
Not like how I saw in the video.
Your sister is a super hot chick.
Whatever Advocate Tharian
told you is right.
What can we do now?
Tell us, Advocate.
According to Christian
law of succession,
the children lawfully have the rights
only over the wealth that their parents
have inherited as part of their lineage.
The entire wealth has been
written in your mom's name,
along with an affidavit
that says that
the entire wealth was hard
earned by your father himself.
In that case,
according to your mother's wish,
she can give it to Ittichan,
or some orphanage.
She can write it in anyone's name.
Is that him?
Hello! If you're paid money,
you'll marry any old hag.
Right, Ittichan?
Yes, Usman.
If you pay me money,
I'll marry any sick old crone.
So you can call a honorable man,
you idiot!
There's a bigger problem
happening inside.
See you later.
Didn't you start boozing?
Usually, boozing is common in such scenes.
That's why I asked.
Why did you ask me to come?
I'll tell you.
To back out from this wedding,
how many lakhs do you need?
- So you're bargaining, right?
- Yes.
Your goal is also money, right?
So we'll set a price for you.
Set a price for me?
So along with taxes and everything,
how much would it be?
Just to know the current market rate.
How much would it be?
- Hey!
- Don't argue, bro.
Ittichan, we are
ready for anything.
How much will you be able to pay?
Boys, if she has a heart attack,
your mother will be...
Then, who will be the
owner of all this wealth?
- Who?
- Not that.
Who are you?
I am their advocate.
Advocate Jerry D'Culla.
Jerry D'Culla.
Waiting till their mother dies,
won't it be difficult for
a scamster like you?
It's good to get the whole thing, right?
Otherwise, why would anyone climb
on a headless coconut tree?
I will go.
Annamma must say that
she doesn't need me.
If you can, give her some love,
and try it that way.
Instead, don't think that I would leave
my wife stranded on the streets,
being scared of your threats.
How can you go like that?
You'll go only after reaching
an agreement about this.
Otherwise, will you hit me?
I can do even that,
if the need arises.
I run institutions in
Kochi and Kottayam,
because I have contacts with goons
for hire and other set-ups.
To do something, you need the support of
three or four people behind you.
I don't need that.
God! Save me from being
beaten up by these guys!
Understand my Chinese?
Two beers.
Give it to these boys!
Let them cool down!
The ball is in his court now.
Before he scores,
it's better that you score
in your own net.
- What is it?
- Dad!
You weren't swearing
at my dad, right?
No, dad.
I was calling you dad.
- What is this, dad?
- This?
We have a 90 percent owned property
in Thrissur town, right?
I'm thinking of selling that
and buying a helicopter.
Isn't that better?
So we can go flying to the
church and to buy meat, right?
Take it inside and play, son.
Go! Go!
We've realized our mistake.
- We?
- Yes.
Over here.
We are going to love dad.
You realized my value
at least now, right?
Xavier was talking
about our own dad.
We couldn't attend dad's 25th
death anniversary, right?
Though late, we've decided
to commemorate it in a big way.
When she sees us loving
our dead father,
mom will start loving us.
When her love for us increases,
she will think that she doesn't
need this dad anymore, naturally.
Then I will leave
from here happily.
- Did Annamma agree?
- We will convince her.
You don't have any objection, right?
Leave me.
If what you said now was sincere,
once this death anniversary
function is over,
I will move away from this marriage.
Isn't that enough?
Thanks, dad.
Enough, man!
By calling me "dad"' so
many times like this,
don't ruin your dad's name!
Why has everyone come together?
You should forgive us, mom.
Please forget everything
that happened in the past.
Tell me what you came for.
Mom, we couldn't attend dad's
death anniversary, right?
So we've decided to
conduct the function
in a grand way,
inviting everyone.
Don't say no, mom.
For the past many years,
you didn't have time
for all this, right?
Now, in this matter,
not just in this matter,
in everything,
I can't make a decision alone here.
Mom, we spoke to Ittichan.
They have a wish.
To conduct Avarachayan's death
anniversary in a grand way.
What's your opinion?
If that's your wish,
it's my wish too!
Then, I have one more wish.
That day, Theyyamma
should also be here.
Is that necessary?
- Yes.
- We promise to bring Theyyamma aunty.
Bringing her is good,
but that old lady shouldn't
talk nonsense to me? Okay?
We'll take care of all that.
We will never let our
mom be alone hereafter.
We will take care of you
royally from now on.
You made them conduct the death
anniversary themselves! Great job!
Shouldn't we do at least
this much for Annamma aunty?
Take her away!
Come, let's go.
Seems like they are fighting
in Chinese.
- No. Not fighting.
- Do you know Chinese?
I don't know.
A Father who doesn't
know Chinese!
How can you conduct Qurbanas
in the church, Father?
- So, do you know Chinese?
- I don't know. I'm not a priest, right?
So sad!
- Get lost!
- Theyyamma aunty!
I know that you both acted
brilliantly using Chinese.
Ittichan already
told me everything.
Ittichan has told me about your
old stories as well, Father.
Oops. Go and have some duck curry.
Carry on!
Mom, have some of that fried chicken.
How is it?
- How is it?
- What meat is this?
It's an event for 1,500 chickens!
I twisted the necks of 100
of them and killed them.
- What did you do for the rest?
- I gave poison to them.
It won't affect you.
I've added tablets
to stop vomiting too.
Then it's fine.
Give him two more pieces.
This is a consent letter for
annulling the marriage.
If Ittichan signs it, your mom will
also sign it, right?
Of course. Right now, mom will sign
whatever we want her to.
This nuisance will end today, right?
Then the old hag's
arrogance will also end.
After that, we have to make her answer
for all that she did so far.
Now she is quite impressed
with everything.
The Advocate is calling you.
I'll be right back.
Oh no!
What happened, mom?
Have some water.
What happened?
- Give her some water.
- Xavier...
I'll get it.
Didn't you say that you added
tablets to stop vomiting?
No way!
Don't get me beaten up now.
Move! Move!
- What is it?
- What are you all watching?
- Move!
- They went inside.
- I saw that.
- What is it?
- I'll also come.
- Move.
Get lost!
What happened?
What is it?
What happened?
I don't know if it's the food.
It suddenly felt tight.
I knew it when you decided
to use his catering service,
that something like
this would happen.
Mother Mary!
I hope no one dies
on such a nice day!
Mom, I will...
Annamma aunty, shall
we go to the hospital?
I'll be all right now.
Anyway, your children and
in-laws are loving you to bits.
That's their trick to get rid of me, mom!
It might be.
But still...
it's only because you forced me
to take such a decision then,
that all my children came to me now,
and I could be happy like this.
Once the misconceptions
are cleared today,
they will love their mother.
That's what I also thought.
But they still need to change.
There's one more round of fireworks
from Ittichan for them.
What happened?
What happened to mom?
- Theyyamma aunty!
- What happened to mom?
Theyyamma aunty...
What happened, Theyyamma aunty?
- Ask him!
- Wait.
What happened?
What happened, Ittichan?
Playing hide and seek?
- To our house...
- To our house?
A baby is going to come!
- Oh no!
- Awesome!
Hey, Betty!
I knew it when you took the
paper that covered the eggs.
- Shouldn't we tie a cradle?
- You devil!
Anyway, you won the Formula One,
driving that old Ambassador car!
Hey, Betty!
Hey, Alex!
There's a small twist
in the final plan.
In such a situation, how
can I abandon my wife?
- I'm not leaving right now.
- You!
Leave him!
- Take your hands off me!
- Ittimaany!
Sit down.
I'll get you some water.
Leave him!
- Get lost, you dog!
- I won't fall down.
You and your father drama!
Get out of here today!
- I will kill you!
- Ajo!
- No!
- You come to our house and...
- Don't spare him, Ajoy.
- Ittichan!
Ajoy, Alex, what is this?
- Leave him!
- Move away, you old hag!
In the present situation, there's no
other solution than heart surgery.
My God!
If you had brought her as
soon as she started vomiting,
it wouldn't have
been so complicated.
One of her close relatives
should sign the consent letter.
Whoever it is,
make it fast.
Why are you standing like this?
Go and sign it!
What is it, mom?
A consent letter needs to be signed,
if the surgery has to be done.
They are not going to sign.
You do it!
Mom, how can I?
So he hesitates.
If the old lady dies, great wealth
will come to him, right?
He won't sign.
I would sign.
I would do it without
anyone telling me to.
If I had married Annamma aunty!
So you kept my mom with you
without marrying her?
- Give him one tight slap on his face!
- Ittichan, leave him.
- Leave him, I say.
- No!
He's waiting for his own mother's death.
Better than slapping him...
If that life which is suffocating
inside, comes to an end,
how many ever times you confess,
you can't wash off the stains of that sin!
Remember that!
He did all this so that Annamma aunty
would get some love from all of you!
And unlike what you think, Annamma aunty
didn't marry him in this old age
because she was tempted.
Do you remember?
Despite being informed that your
mother was on her death-bed,
those days that you guys
went to booze and celebrate!
Annamma aunty!
There's one way to make them stay with
Annamma aunty and never leave her.
If at least one of you
had looked after your mother,
I wouldn't have had to do this.
If you ask me whether this was the only
way for Annamma aunty to get your love,
I didn't do it thinking
if it's right or wrong.
Along with the mothers who
are thrown into group homes,
without anyone to
look after them,
Annamma aunty shouldn't be there.
That's all I wished for.
After many years, you and her will
be in Annamma aunty's position.
Only when your own children
reject you and leave you behind,
you will understand the seriousness
of the mistake you're making today.
When your father died 25 years ago,
Annamma aunty could have married
someone else and lived happily.
Without doing that then,
she raised you, educated you and
made you reach these positions,
and that mother is waiting
for your mercy inside.
Once they grow old,
people will become ill.
Some people only conduct bodily
functions wherever they are lying.
Which parent wouldn't wish their
own children to be by their side,
in such trying times?
While carrying children like you
in our wombs for nine months,
we've also suffered much more
difficulties and pains!
If we had considered it as a burden then,
and walked with such pride,
none of you would have seen
the face of this earth!
There's no point in saying
this to them, Ittichan.
They want their mom's wealth,
not her love.
Why does Annamma aunty need
her wealth in this old age?
Annamma aunty has registered her
entire wealth in all your names.
He is the witness.
Aren't you all happy now?
Then get going!
That poor thing is lying there
with the confidence that
I'll be there in her son's position,
even if none of you are there!
- Ittichan...
- All the wealth has become yours.
Even if she comes back alive, Annamma
aunty won't have a place in that house.
But as long as I'm there,
Annamma aunty won't be alone.
I'll take her and look
after her royally!
Or if her fate is to die here,
no one needs to stay to
claim rights to that.
I will bury her at the cemetery.
Even when I called her just Annamma,
I was happy that name had an "Amma,"
meaning mother.
Do you know that?
We made a mistake thinking that they
would have a change of heart, mom!
During all that rush...
What rush?
Once they die, everyone
is placed right in front.
They cover their fathers or mothers in
granite or marble and show their pride.
If you sit next to them to serve them a
handful of rice while they are alive,
there's that smile that
blooms on their faces.
Seeing that is the biggest fortune, right?
Don't they deserve at least that much?
The biggest fortune is to get
children who have a conscience.
I got that.
I'm sad that I couldn't
get him married.
Let Annamma get cured and come back.
We'll get you married
on the date we fixed!
I didn't know that!
You'll know once you get married!
Wait, dear.
Your sari got wrinkled
sitting in the car.
Is he still angry?
This was my revenge, Ittichan.
I made up my mind the day you rejected
my sister because of the money.
When Father asks
for her consent,
she will say that she doesn't want you!
Hey, Pothen!
You go!
Since I knew that you'll
drop a bomb like this,
I have a small firecracker
with me as well.
Bhaskaran, whom you sent to Goa.
So what's the plan?
Shall we fix the marriage?
Of course!
You are awesome,
You are the right one
to marry my sister.
Varkey Chetta,
shall we go inside?
Since I'm the broker of this wedding,
don't try to back out saying that
you didn't get dowry or commission.
It's a blank check.
Write as much as you want!
- I don't need all that.
- Ittichan...
- Take it.
- It won't be right.
It's a blank check.
Don't be foolish.
I forgot that.
Since Ittichan's ID card and tax card
are not linked, he'll take it in cash.
This Ittichan...
I'll have to cash it.
The bride is waiting for the betrothal.
Go! Go!
When did you lose the greed for money?
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit,
Manikkunnel Ittimathan and Theyyamma's
son Ittimaany, of this parish,
do you take Thekkeppadathu Joseph and
Tresyamma's daughter Jessy as your wife?
I certainly do.
Poor thing.
Thekkeppadathu Joseph and
Tresyamma's daughter Jessy,
do you take Ittimaany
as your husband?
Why wouldn't she!
Do you take him?
- Shall I return the check?
- Why is she silent?
What happened?
If you don't agree,
you can say that too.
[speaking in Mandarin Chinese]
What did he say?
He said, "I love you."
Do you take him?
I do!
I love you.
You're going to start a new life, right?
Now don't go around
taking commissions,
and bring disgrace to her.
Now we'll go together to take commissions!
Is that necessary?
Ittichan should continue
taking commissions.
Since Ittichan married you,
Annamma got everyone back.
We are happy.
But does that mean that
Ittichan can marry all of us?
So, to look after us, Ittichan
should continue taking commissions.
All the commission that he got so far,
he gave it to these mothers,
and never took anything in return.
Who said I haven't taken
anything in return?
All your love...
I'm getting it, right?
I just had a duplicate
marriage with Annamma aunty.
What to do!
I was "Made in China," right?
Right, mom?
That's not the case with mothers
abandoned by their children.
If they make such decisions,
the arrogance of their children
would end then and there.
But they won't do that.
Fearing that their children
would feel sad or humiliated,
they will suffer everything,
and spend an entire
lifetime in tears,
and then just pass on.
I'm not asking you
to do it every day.
You can spend at least a little time
with your mother, when you get time.
If you don't have the
time to do even that,
I will get her married for real!
With him!
Pothen bro! That's quite a prize!
Are all of you leaving?
I just turned off the light
since it's my first night.
We need some energy, right?
Shall we have some lime juice?