Ivan (2017) Movie Script

Mara, listen to me now
That's right, breathe, good girl.
Slowly, slowly.
- Well done.
- We're pushing, pushing, great.
- And breathe.
- Listen to the nurse.
Knees up.
Head forward.
- Close your eyes.
- Tightly. Again.
- We're pushing, pushing.
- Again. Closed eyes.
- Head's out.
- Now rest.
- The next one won't be so strong.
- Breathe.
Closed eyes.
- Congratulations.
- It's a boy !
Here's your mama.
Will you take him ?
Just like this.
Cradle the head. Good.
Hold his bottom with this hand.
There you go.
The number is unreachable
at the moment. Please try later.
Come on.
Come here sweetie.
That's right.
Let's go see mama,
Mama's going to feed you.
Will you breastfeed ?
He's very hungry already.
- Take him away.
- Try feeding him.
It's good for you and your baby.
Or we'll have to
give him a bottle.
Take him away.
I just visited him. He was asleep.
He's tired from the birth.
He already takes the bottle.
And he looks strong and healthy.
He's really adorable.
You've done nothing wrong.
And you're not a bad mother.
Giving birth is a harsh stress.
Especially the first time.
Hormones rage, everything's new.
But it all works out.
And the maternal instinct
can show up with delay.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Does something else worry you ?
So the dad wasn't at the birth ?
Does that worry you ?
Should he have been ?
Should he have been, but he wasn't ?
Give me my child.
Good. Now grab his bottom,
and press him close.
It's okay to press him close.
That's right. It'll work.
Like this, hang on.
Press from above.
From above so that it flattens.
Try from above. It'll work.
- Give me a bottle.
- One more time, it'll work.
- No, give me the bottle.
- Alright, we'll try again later.
The number is unreachable
at the moment. Please try later.
Ms. Repnik, please wait !
You almost got away from me.
You forgot to fill in the
form determining his name.
I've filled it in,
all I need now is his name.
His name, for his birth certificate.
My client is successful
and that bothers some people.
What about the rumor
of political connections ?
In our small country
everybody knows everybody.
My client is no different.
And the evidence on the
irregularities in public tenders ?
There were no irregularities.
Everything was transparent.
- Transparent ? Yeah, right !
- Rok Kratohvil's lawyer...
What about Rok Kratohvil ?
He stole, and got locked up.
And today he's free again.
Unbelievable !
That's only possible here.
They let you go for big offences,
but they lock you up for minor shit.
This country's really fucked up.
- Go to Vrtaa 9 !
- Where ?
Vrtaa 9.
Ma'am, a quick statement ?
Do you know Rok Kratohvil ?
- Ma'am, do you know where he is ?
- Leave me alone.
Just a quick statement.
- Ma'am !
- Go away !
Go away !
Take a shot of the baby.
Ma'am !
Mara ! Mara.
- Hey, Bane. I knew he was here.
- You can't go in, go away.
- I gave birth.
- Congrats. Now go away.
I'll show him the baby.
Call Rok, talk to him,
He's busy, you can't go in !
Fuck off, Bane !
You can't go in !
Don't come back !
Stop !
Stop ! Motherfucker !
Bane, it's ok !
- So you hurried things up a bit ?
- You weren't there.
- Total mess. I was in jail.
- I know. Are you okay ?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Better go home and rest.
I'll come tomorrow.
- What happened ?
- I don't know.
When ?
Around lunch.
- What is it Rok ?
- Karmen, it's okay. Go on inside.
Good evening.
Who is this Rok ?
This is his child.
What did you say ?
What did she say ?
Rok, stop. I'm talking to you !
Karmen, that's my son.
Where's Rok ?
Rok is busy.
So he sent us to settle things.
Where are you going ?
Bane, what the fuck !
You motherfucker.
Bane, stop, please.
Put her on the chair.
You ready ?
You are going to
sign this statement I have.
It says that Rok Kratohvil is not
the father of your child.
It's not his child.
She spit on me.
What'd you have to do that for ?
Now calm down and sign.
Think about the child.
It's his child.
You see these keys ?
Who do you think gave them to us ?
Do you understand now ?
Now calm down, and sign.
Sign it !
It wasn't that hard, was it ?
And empty our apartment by tomorrow.
Here's some money.
Get your act together woman.
Here's how it is.
No internal bleeding and
what's from the birth is normal.
No broken bones,
but many hematomas.
Those under your liver
will hurt a while.
Nothing dangerous.
You got lucky.
If you can call it that.
Get lots of rest.
Visit your doctor in a week.
If you bleed or feel worse,
call an ambulance immediately.
A volunteer Katja will take over now.
And you take care.
A boy ?
He's adorable.
I'll tell you the code tomorrow.
Everyone's asleep.
This is it.
This is the only room left.
I'll be right back.
For the baby.
It's only temporary.
The turnover here is constant.
A nicer room will free up soon.
Lock up. Just in case.
Bye !
Hi, Mara. Over here.
Did you get some sleep ?
So, you're the new one.
Boy or girl ?
Why'd he beat you then ?
Have a seat.
I bought you some food.
We can go to the store later.
Can I have some juice ?
I'm so thirsty.
- Can I have some more mama ?
- Sweepeas's thirsty.
I'll take some more. Can I ?
It's really good.
Where did you buy it ?
In the store.
Across the street.
It's really good.
I'll have to buy some.
The key to the lock.
That's your fridge.
Eat something.
- I want to go to the police now.
- Okay.
You explicitly state here:
Rok Kratohvil organized the attack.
How do you know that ?
I just know.
- Do you have evidence ?
- What evidence ?
Was he there ?
Did you see him ?
Any witnesses ?
Did he threaten you ? When exactly ?
- He was there.
- Physically present ?
I have to warn you that
perjury is illegal.
I know.
- Okay, I'm writing it down.
- You do that.
- Is it on yet ?
- Yes, Suleyman is on now. Change it.
- What channel's it on ?
- On 3.
- It doesn't work.
- Press It like this.
Is Rok Kratohvil.
The Court of Auditors estimates...
Put that back on !
- What ?
- Put it back !
- Put Suleyman back on !
- Not the news ! Radmila, tell her.
Shut up, I can't hear !
Put Suleyman back on !
It's going to start now.
Motherfucker !
- What's wrong with you ?
- Go to your room !
Don't you dare !
- What's your problem ?
- Sit down !
She can throw things ?
That's okay ?
I said sit !
You broke the remote !
- What the fuck !
- You cunt !
You take a look,
and we'll talk later.
I can't talk anymore.
I'll call you later.
Yes. Bye !
Yes. Bye.
I'm sorry.
What's his name ?
- Ivan.
- Ivan. Nice.
Let's have a look.
Do you have any contact
with your foster parents ?
Not really.
And with your mother ?
Anyone else ?
It says that you
rejected the child in the hospital.
That's not true !
There was a moment,
but I changed my mind immediately.
A moment.
Income ?
Maternity leave ?
- No.
- Okay. We'll do that.
Education ?
I studied textile technology.
It's not written ?
No. Did you finish ?
- No. It's been two years since.
- How many years did you finish ?
Three, almost.
There you go ! Almost done !
The best for you is
to stay where you are.
Because you're safe there.
Get some rest, settle in,
and we'll talk again. Ok ?
Here's my card.
- Yes ?
- Mara, is that you ?
- Mara ?
- Yes.
I've been calling you like crazy.
The apartment's all messed up.
Where are you ?
Were they looking for me ?
Are you two okay ?
We have to meet.
Can you come to our trains ?
- Yes.
- Can you ?
Please come. In an hour.
We have to talk.
Can I ask you to watch
the baby just for a little ?
Where are you going ?
I need some air.
He is asleep, so there's
nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
You should be worried.
I don't know what you mean.
You don't ?
- No.
You're going back to the guy
who beat you.
I'm going to him,
but he didn't beat me.
- He didn't beat you ?
- No.
Go then.
Mara, my sweet.
March, are you okay ?
What's this ?
Who did this ?
Bane ?
He came with your lawyer.
That cunt ! She's crazy.
She's really gone too far.
She should be gassed !
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
It can't be okay. This shouldn't
have happened. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Where's the baby ?
- In the safe-house.
- In the safe-house ?
- What safe-house ?
- That's where they put us.
What the fuck ! Who's he with ?
A woman.
What woman ?
Do you know her ?
- It's okay.
- Are you sure ?
- Yes.
- Fucking hell.
Everything got screwed up.
Everyone screwed me over.
At the head of it all
is this barren bitch.
She and this lawyer scum
took papers to the prosecutors.
Then everything went down.
Politicians ! Media ! Partners !
Friends ! Everyone turned against me !
Or they hid like rats.
I barely got away yesterday.
- What ?
- I fucked up.
- I really fucked up.
- What ?
What are you saying ?
- I reported you to the police.
- About what ?
Those two said you sent them.
- It doesn't matter !
- I'm sorry.
March, calm down.
It's not your fault.
You couldn't have known.
Relax. I'm the idiot on standby
for all the shit in this place.
Everything is alright.
We're going to have to leave.
I want us to leave together.
The three of us. Now.
- You sure ?
- Yes, of course.
Do you have the car keys with you ?
- Yes.
- Great.
March, you're going to go back,
pack your things, get the baby.
And I'll pick you two up.
- Where is this safe-house ?
- Tolstojeva 16.
- Tolstojeva 16.
- Yes.
At 6:00 p.m.
Be careful that
no one sees you.
- Where are we going ?
- To Merano.
Remember ?
It's where I told you
things would be different.
I knew they would.
You always knew what
a fuckwit I am.
And also...
I once woke up at night there,
and you were gone.
You were at the computer.
I thought, you know,
that you were busy.
But you weren't.
Then I saw you looking
at our photos from there.
And you were...
I knew It all then.
My wacky wackadoo !
But you know what ?
I love you like that.
Wackadoo ?
Another thing.
I was in bed.
You came after me. I think
you thought I was asleep.
You lay down next to me.
I felt you really,
really close.
I opened my eyes
just a little.
I saw...
You listening to how I breathe.
You listening
to me breathe.
What are you doing ?
It'll be alright.
- What was that ?
- They followed us. With my car. Cunts.
That fucker isn't going to stop.
Hang on.
He's alright.
Now I'm going to deal
with that fucking bitch.
There's no signal here.
You know what,
let's wait here for
things to simmer down.
There's my champ.
My little champ.
- What happened ?
- We did a poopy.
Hold this.
Hand it over.
Give us a smile,
little fellow. Taras.
Smile for your old man, Taras.
- Ivan.
- What ?
His name's Ivan.
Ivan ? We said he'd be Taras.
Yes, but you weren't there.
I was in jail. They don't
hand out maternity leave there.
Well, now he's Ivan.
- We will change that.
- We won't change it.
- What won't we change ?
- We won't change anything.
This is for later.
Get him ready.
I need to feed him.
You'll do It while we drive.
I gave birth days ago,
everything hurts.
And you think I can
feed him while driving ?
I've been watching this kid inside that
car for 20 min. Somebody left a baby.
It could die. People are fucked.
I'd call the police.
March, come here.
Give me your phone.
- What is it ?
- Give me your phone.
- They're tracking our phones.
- Who ?
Wait, there's another
ape over there.
Wait, he'll go away.
Calm down.
Everything will be okay.
I need you to be 100% now.
Mara, listen carefully.
The social workers get Ivan tonight.
The police will do that.
He will be safer there
than with us.
- It's best for you, best for him.
- No, no.
Please, just hear me out.
It's best for him, for you,
for the family.
If you go there, they'll take him.
You'll go to jail. For collaborating.
I'll go to jail for the next
125.000 fucking years.
But if we cross the border,
arrange things in Merano,
tomorrow we get Ivan,
and we're set.
- The three of us together.
- No, I can't do this.
Okay, you decide.
Go over there, and we're fucked.
Or go with me and we're set.
All three of us.
March, I love you.
I'm doing this for us.
I could have ditched you already.
But I want us three together.
March, family.
Family, hey.
- Can we get a lift to Italy ?
- To Italy ?
Thank you !
I need your ID now.
Good day !
I need a car.
A VW Golf or something.
We have what you need. Come.
Are you alright ?
Do you need the bathroom ?
March, are you okay ?
Okay ? Come sign this
and we'll go.
One here.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Have a seat and we'll be
done before you know it.
Why did you take me with you Rok ?
Now what ?
Look at me.
We don't go further
until you look at me.
I know It's hard for you.
But it's hard for me too.
For me, maybe even harder.
Hard because of Ivan, you,
all of it.
Look what all we've been through.
We can do this too.
Just drive before
someone kills us.
Okay, sweetie, I'll be right back.
Wait for me here.
Good day !
I'd like to access my safe.
We work till 5:00 p.m. The safe
locks automatically 15 min earlier.
- You arrived too late.
- This isn't possible !
Where is it written that
safes close earlier ?
What are you doing ?
Are you crazy ?
You wanted to call ?
Are you fucking with me ?
I have to call.
I don't know where Ivan is !
Fine ! Just not from
the fucking cell phone.
Hello !
Go ! They're taking Ivan
to a foster home.
- We can't go.
- Why not ?
We have to go to the bank.
Fuck the bank !
Ivan's in a foster home !
We'd be in Ljubljana at 2:00 a.m.
Can't solve anything at 2:00 a.m.
I'll find Ivan. Drive !
- How ? Do you have an address ?
- Well, no.
- Who will you call at 2:00 a.m. ?
- Just drive !
- We have to fix things at the bank.
- Who gives a fuck about the bank !
Fuck !
What will you do at 2:00 a.m. ?
Listen to me !
Calm down ! Crazy woman !
- Fuck you !
- Listen to me.
Calm down ! Stupid woman !
I am calm !
- What will you do at 2:00 a.m. ?
- Use your brain !
- What will you do ?
- First, the bank !
- Fuck your money !
It's not about money !
- Just to get Ivan back and to leave !
- Exactly !
What will you do at 2:00 a.m. ?
What will you do in fucking Italy ?
We left our child at the
gas station ! The gas station !
- At 2:00 a.m. ?
- At the gas station !
Do you have a problem ?
All's good.
Ma'am, do you need help ?
All's good.
Move the car off the sidewalk.
Yes. Right away.
Thank you, for being
available right away.
Because this was just...
I don't understand how
someone can do this to any child.
It's not a problem.
How are you otherwise ?
How are you Tinca ?
Have you adjusted to living here ?
Sometimes she still gets upset,
but it's much better now.
- And you two ?
- Good.
That's nice.
- Who got an F in math ?
- Come on, I'll fix that.
- Here you go ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Would you eat something ?
- Thanks, but I have to get going.
I'll have the papers tomorrow. You'll
get paid for the baby this month.
Take care.
Say bye-bye, Ivan.
Take care. Bye.
- Why didn't you tell her ?
- Why would I tell her anything ?
Don't you think
she'll find out anyway ?
Kata, we need this kid.
We need him.
What ?
Trust me.
I've got things under control.
I know you're worried about Ivan,
but everything's fine.
I know these situations. I grew up
slugging my way through on my own.
My brain works 100% in these things.
Believe me, you can trust me.
If there's something
I'm good at, it's this.
I get it though,
I mean, your reaction.
And I like your reaction.
I like seeing that bit of woman in you,
like an animal that bites.
It's beautiful.
And don't think it's
about the money.
There's lots of cash,
but it's our cash. It's Ivan's cash.
I want Ivan to have a normal life.
I don't give a fuck about money.
I'm used to living without it.
The only thing I need...
Is that you trust me.
Then everything will be fine.
Are you any better now ?
If you're hungry, order something.
I'll be right back.
We have to get rid of the baby.
Or else someone goes to a new family.
Why would anyone have to go ?
Once they know Franc lost his job,
one of us will have to go.
- They could give the baby away.
- They won't give the baby away.
- He's too little.
- I'm not going to a new family.
Will you go
to a new family ?
Then we have to get rid of him.
We've got this.
Now let's go get Ivan.
Where are you going ?
To Jurek's, to see
if he has any work for me.
Here I am. Where's Ivan ?
- Give me Ivan's address.
- Please, sit down.
- I won't sit. Where is he ?
- Sit please.
Sit down !
we spoke a few days ago.
I really had a good feeling,
that things would work out.
Until yesterday.
You vanished from the safe-house
and left the child at a gas station.
Now you show up and want him back.
As if nothing happened.
I know it looks bad, but it's just not
like that. I really want Ivan back.
Do you think kids are luggage ?
Or what do you think ?
Ivan is now with
a respectable foster family.
And he's much safer there
than with you.
You don't know
if you want him.
- Of course I want him, he's my child.
- Really ? It's not what it looks like.
- Give me Ivan back !
- I can't.
Give me Ivan, you cunt !
Sit down ! If I have to call
the guard, you'll never see him.
Ivan needs a mother.
A family.
You don't know about growing up
alone. He needs a mother.
Yes, I know exactly how it is.
I need you to please calm down now
and think things through.
Sometimes we think
we can do more than we can.
Until you resolve this
we can't give him back.
Because you are a danger to him.
I'm not saying this is forever.
Just, for now.
Maybe it just takes
longer with you.
Or you're not mature
enough for motherhood yet.
I'm mature !
Does leaving your child at a gas
station seem mature to you ?
Do you realize he could have died ?
- The police came for him.
- Luckily !
Do you know how many times
the child isn't so lucky ?
That you want your child is one thing.
Being a mother
is something entirely different.
- I can be a mother.
- It doesn't look like it.
Take some time. Think.
And then decide.
I don't have that time !
If you want your child,
you'll have to make it.
I can't believe this.
I know your bad childhood
is not your fault.
But to be so self-centered
and to ignore the child's needs,
is so... irresponsible.
The easy choice
is not always the best choice.
I understand you want
your child back.
But you're not helping him.
Your situation is not safe for him.
- You are a danger to him.
- No. You have no clue.
You don't know what danger is.
It's dangerous for him now to be alone.
Because without me, he's alone.
You sit here moving kids around.
You have no clue how it is.
To be somewhere.
You get a little used to it.
You really do.
Then someone comes and
puts you somewhere else.
And then again,
you get a little settled and maybe
you even like someone ...
Then one day, you don't know why,
you never do,
someone comes and
moves your suitcase and you.
And they simply move you.
Nobody has to
notice if you disappear.
Because there's nobody
who is always with you.
It's like not even existing.
You don't belong to anyone.
Ivan is mine.
You have no clue what it's like.
But I do.
You're going to have to work
harder for your child.
I am trying.
I'm trying so hard.
Too little.
Mara !
Tell me what happened.
- They won't give him to me.
- What ? Who won't give him ?
They won't give me Ivan.
They're taking him away from me.
That I'd like to see.
I'll be right back.
- There, done.
- Can we go out now ?
- Dajc, did you finish your math ?
- I did all of it.
Can we ?
Go ahead.
- Ouch, my leg.
- I didn't do anything.
You fell all by yourself.
I didn't do anything.
- Stop faking it. Please get up.
- It hurts.
- Please get up. Let's go.
- It hurts !
You'll wash your own pants.
Jesus !
March, where did you go ?
Don't scare me.
Are you okay ?
Look what I got.
The address. We've got Ivan !
Let's go get him.
Come, sweety.
Sit in the back.
Here you go.
First we get Ivan.
Then straight to Koper.
The boat's waiting.
The weather's perfect.
We'll be in Tirana
in the morning.
Then new IDs and a flight
to Istanbul, then Dubai.
From there on sweety,
anywhere your heart desires.
Rok ?
What is it ?
I don't feel well.
Does something hurt ?
Do we need a doctor ?
- Maybe if you found a pharmacy.
- Not a problem. I'll find one.
What do you want me to get ?
A pain killer.
Tell them I'm breastfeeding.
Okay. Do I get anything
for Ivan ? For the trip ?
Some diapers.
And wet wipes.
- That's it.
- Okay.
I'm Ivan's mother.