Ivana the Terrible (2019) Movie Script

She's very friendly.
- For sure?
- Yes, sure.
Her name is Andreea.
No, it's Cloud.
Andreea Cloud.
Can you take it, please?
- Do you want some tea?
- Yes.
It's a little bitter, it doesn't have
sugar or anything, but it's good.
Thank you.
Are you a student?
Yes, I'm studying agriculture.
- Agriculture?
- Yes.
I think it's very important to learn
how to eat properly
and live a healthy life.
So young,
and yet so responsible.
And you?
Have you practiced yoga for a long time?
Twenty years now,
and my daughter has started too.
You passed your passion
on to your daughter.
I tried yoga too,
for a couple of sessions,
but I didn't stick with it.
I had some health problems
and it was a bit hard for me.
It's great for your mind and body.
They corrupt innocent souls!
- Can you speak more quietly?
- No, I can't.
They want to corrupt you.
They want to pull you into their cult!
- Have you read the newspapers lately?
- Lady, I don't care.
Can you mind your own business?
I don't want to.
I want to express my opinion.
It's a free compartment.
Why do you only listen to them?
And they brought
this disturbing rat to piss us off!
Are they allowed with it on the train?
Oh, now you leave, it's too much
for you. You can't handle it.
I just can't listen to you!
How long before we arrive
in Turnu Severin?
We'll be there very soon.
Are you alright?
- Do you want an apple?
- No, thank you.
Are you cold?
The car is over there.
Come on, my dear.
Come on,
why are you walking so slow?
What happened?
- I'm not feeling well.
- What do you mean?
- Are you sick from the road?
- I feel bad.
- Maybe you're hungry?
- I'm not hungry.
The car is right here,
we'll be home very soon.
No, I'm not alright.
I have a problem.
- Tell me, what's wrong?
- I've been sick for days.
My veins are shrinking.
The veins can't shrink,
don't be stupid.
You've been on the train for hours.
You haven't eaten for sure.
Come on, get in the car,
we'll take you home
and then we'll go to the hospital.
There you'll be checked properly.
Easy, sit down.
We'll be home in no time.
Get in!
- I can't!
- Get up, get up.
I'm not feeling well.
I won't make it home.
My God, all that clutter.
It's pointless.
All your old stuff's in the cellar.
- I looked, its not there.
- I'll find it. Have some patience.
Did I say anything about toys?
Where is my diary?
Admit it, dad burned it!
- He threw it away.
- No one threw any of your stuff away.
Pack your bags and
go back to your beloved Bucharest.
There's no room for you here.
This is not your house.
You took over my room,
you filled it with icons and candles.
Don't touch those, those are the taxes.
I'm looking for my diary,
don't you get it?
The diary is not there.
Goco, look what your daughter is doing.
She's throwing everything on the floor.
Both of you calm down!
Look at what she's doing!
This is her house!
- Go back to Bucharest.
- I don't want to.
- Like a rabid dog!
- Did I do something to you?
- You did.
- Why are you saying all this shit?
I can't stand this.
- I'm an old woman.
- What did I do to you?
You're bothering me
'cause you're a fool.
Good news!
Ivana, your test results came.
You're fine!
I told the nurse:
"Please give her something!
Im afraid to tell her
theres nothing wrong with her."
I wanted her to invent
a yeast infection, salmonella...
Wheres the urine sediment?
You have it all in black and white.
There's nothing wrong with you.
They didnt run the one test I wanted.
Wheres the urine sediment?
The sediment is causing
the blurred vision and hair loss.
Ill start taking
calcium supplements tomorrow.
You can start going to hell tomorrow!
Get it in your head that youre fine,
its all psychosomatic.
They blame stress whenever
they can't find the cause of something.
Youve been working
your tail off on your last film,
and that film sucks,
sorry to break it to you.
Or maybe its genetic, you were
on antidepressants for 2 years.
Yes, you know?
Maybe you can start
taking them as well.
You can stop it, you're fine.
When the fuck will you realize
it's your mind that is sick?
Oh God, what idiocy!
Blaming stress for everything.
I know better than them.
I told you a thousand times
you'd be better off tending sheep.
- Enough with the acting.
- Give me a break with your sheep!
Maybe its time
you started taking pills too.
Mama, come here.
Do you need to go
to the bathroom right now?
What are we having?
You have to learn
to settle sometimes.
How could I settle?
Nothing is ever good enough for you.
Sometimes you have
to pretend it's OK.
I'm suffocating again.
I'm fine, I'm not even panicking
but its still happening.
It's all because of your work.
- And that idiot in Bucharest.
- Hes the only one taking care of me.
Yeah, right.
He dumped you for another girl.
He's like a brother to me.
He can't be your brother,
this is your brother.
Ive been watching you
since you arrived.
I was sure you were fine.
If you'd really been choking
for the last two months as you say,
youd have choked to death by now.
Please understand
that its just your imagination.
It doesn't help me
when you talk like that.
I wouldnt wish this on anyone.
You have to stop with all these tests.
Do you know how much money
we've wasted on them?
Please promise me.
Say you'll stop.
Ill try.
Let him promise he'll
stop fucking with me.
OK, I promise.
Go to hell,
both you and your mother!
You're fine!
You're on vacation!
You're just making up this stuff.
- Promise you won't do it again!
- OK, I promise.
It seems to be a man's destiny
to win awards all over the world
before he is finally
appreciated back home.
Were currently running projects
worth over 2 million Euros,
we renovated the roofs of the churches
in the nearby villages,
were renovating the school,
we invested 200,000 Euros
in the hospital for new equipment
And now its time
for the Romanian-Serbian festival.
We're organizing
this folk festival in Kladovo
to Romanian-Serbian friendship.
As you know, our two nations
have shared traditions for centuries.
And how can I help?
This is the film that inspired us.
The aim is
to promote tourism to our town.
The town doesnt have any industry left,
or anything else for that matter.
The bridge is a symbol
of Romanian-Serbian friendship.
At our last meeting
we agreed that this year
we would like you,
as a child of this town,
to be the promotional face
of the festival.
And on this occasion,
we would also like
to give you an award.
And the key to the city
as an honorary citizen.
We lent a hand
when you came to us for help.
Now its your turn to help.
To promote the town,
to fill it with tourists.
I can't get that type of attention.
You got shy now that you're famous?
What kind of actress are you?
Come on.
Let me kiss you!
Ah, Mira is here!
- Wow, it's you!
- Hi!
Let me kiss you!
Its choking me here,
like something is pressing on my throat.
Let me listen to your lungs.
She keeps complaining about it.
The lungs are OK.
I've felt this pressure
for about 3 months now.
I did some thyroid tests, some of them
indicated signs of hypothyroidism.
I dont think so.
Your eyes are a bit exophthalmic,
sooner indicating hyperthyroidism.
Yes, everybody says so.
But the tests indicate
Im closer to hypothyroidism.
Let me see the tests.
Shes been having...
these problems for a while.
At one point
she wouldnt get out of bed,
her hair started to fall out.
She works as an actress, in Romania.
Shes sensitive,
shes always stressed.
She lives in Romania?
I thought
they didn't get sick in Romania.
"The sun of another sky won't keep us
as warm as our own sun."
Where did the hair fall out?
Yes, youre right.
This is stress-related.
Lets do an EKG test.
Watch your thoughts.
"Thoughts are deeds,
and deeds are habits."
"They form our character and then
they create our destiny."
- Everything is fine.
- Is it OK?
The doctor is on her way here
to see the results.
You should just get married, have kids
and youll feel much better,
youll see. All the best!
The doctor doesn't have a clue.
How did this woman get a degree?
She sees people every day,
she knows what she's talking about.
You're not a doctor to contradict her...
This pressure is connected
to thyroid problems.
You have no thyroid problems.
I told you not to look
on the internet for answers.
I didn't!
I walk down the fucking street.
Oh God!
Don't laugh!
I see something resembling little worms.
I see those too when I look up the sky
or at something white.
I see them all the time!
- Im afraid of this dog.
- He's tied up.
Good thing no one saw me.
Who's gonna see you?
Everyone is sleeping.
What did you do today?
I went to the Danube beach with my dad.
Why did you stop the music?
- Take off your shirt.
- I dont want to!
- Why are you doing this?
- Keep it down!
Talk quietly...
You have to ruin everything.
I told you, theres no one coming here.
I hope nobody knows were here.
- Grandma knows.
- And what does she say?
She says I should make you a baby,
and it doesnt matter
that youre 13 years older,
'cause youre beautiful
and accomplished.
"Make a baby and
grandma will take care of it."
I felt very sick today
and my parents thought
it was about my ex.
Do you realize they have
no idea who Im seeing?
What about your brother?
- I told him you're gay.
- What?
- I told him you're gay.
- Are you crazy?
Do you think he believed you?
Im afraid hell find out about us.
And now
he's supposed to believe I'm gay!
Id die if someone found out.
Get it?
I hope you didn't tell anyone.
I didnt.
Why do you care
what people think about you?
You're so upset.
This stupid town...
Everyone's gossiping so much,
they can predict your every move.
It seems
like you care more than they do.
Whats wrong? Relax a bit.
Shh, someones in the yard.
- Come on, Ivana.
- Go and check.
Theres no one for sure.
You idiot!
You got scared, lil' baby.
Nobody's here.
Slow down a bit,
you cant keep going 300 an hour.
No sign from you in 2 weeks
Ive been waiting.
I have been texting you.
You didnt even
show up for my birthday.
This again?
Its not that I didnt want to,
I couldnt.
Im gonna take a shower.
Do you want to say something?
Stop looking at me like that.
Youre pretty as a girl.
Get out of here!
You said we are going
to take lots of pictures.
We didnt do anything.
Sit next to me.
Let me finish my cigarette.
Im sorry Im too old for you.
We could stay in this little house
for a thousand years.
We have
my great-grandfathers permission.
Did we ever have sex in here?
We tried once but you ran away.
You were afraid the ceiling
would fall on your head.
I'm happy to see you smile!
- Can you cut the grass?
- Fuck off!
Mom, do you see how he talks to me?
Get dressed,
you look like a crazy person.
This dog is so beautiful!
Hello, goddaughter, how are you?
Dont kiss my daughter,
I'll have to wash her for two months.
- My goddaughter?
- Your goddaughter, yes!
Hurry, come on!
- Doc, my dogs need a vaccine.
- What are their names?
Cleo and...
Cleo and Cleopatra.
Have you heard of the Nile virus?
Grandma forces us
to close the windows all the time.
An old woman afraid of mosquitos!
What causes this?
Can people get infected by this too?
What did you say?
What, am I bothering you?
Yes. Dont you see
how many patients are here?
Lately I've been thinking
about leaving to Romania.
That's your decision.
- Really?
- Really.
Wont you miss me?
I told you before:
I will and I wont.
What are you waiting for?
- Should I go?
- Of course. Go.
Ok, bye Dad!
Does it take long?
The filming.
It depends on the film.
Sometimes it seems
like it will never end.
I forgot the lyrics.
We have such hideous hands...
Both you and me.
My veins are beautiful.
They keep on going...
Left, right.
This is a snake, you see?
Snake, snake, snake, snake...
The snake slides on the water
and it shouts that it's not drowning.
But the ugly one crawls on land
and cries, "I'm drowning! I'm drowning!"
Your fingers are so inflexible.
I am all broken.
In Romanian they call this "os."
- "Os."
- It's a bone.
Os, like the Japanese say in karate.
And how do you say "knee" in Romanian?
- Genunchi.
- Genunchi.
Oh, my broken knee!
- And this?
- Dick!
The way you're looking,
chances are I'll live longer than you.
In Romanian you say:
"You will die before me."
You wish.
The way you're looking,
you will die
before me.
I'm sick of that woman,
when I need her she's not there.
Silvija, bring the boss' laptop.
This one won't play the DVD.
Don't yell at me!
Come on kids, hurry up!
These grannies
were singing back when I was a kid.
We have a 3-day programme to fill up.
Whos playing this year?
Youd probably be interested
in Bregovic or a Romanian band.
- Not bad at all.
- Hurry up ladies.
I have some friends in Bucharest...
They play
a sort of avant-garde world music,
maybe they would fit.
Are you interested?
You're such a little hustler.
What's their fee?
- They're not expensive.
- Not expensive?
- Ok, we'll talk about it.
- They're really good.
- They put on a good show.
- We can talk about it.
They would be perfect for the festival.
You don't want us grannies
at the festival anymore?
We will always take you, no problem.
But you have to be
as beautiful as you are now.
And to smile.
Bravo! Just like that.
My name is Ivana Milenkovic,
- I was born in Kladovo...
- Did you think about your speech?
I can say...
Just say the film you act in,
was shown
at festivals in Germany and Italy.
- The film is about two sick people.
- You don't know shit. Sit down.
Girls, see you at the festival.
Good night, you were amazing!
Good evening, glad to see you.
I heard you were throwing a party
and I thought I'd invite myself.
Milice, did you send
invitations to the Vlach Party?
Of course we did.
Anything the matter?
Please check if the people from
the Vlach Party received an invitation.
How are you, miss?
You look
like you're still in your twenties!
I want to fly with you to God himself.
Leave the girl alone.
I haven't seen such a beauty
for a long time.
Do you know my father?
Its you I want to talk to.
Did you forget?
You asked for my help 13 years ago.
- Can we talk in Serbian?
- Of course.
We can talk in German
or in Danish if you like.
Say something in Danish.
This man says he knows me,
but I don't remember.
You came to my office, Ivana.
You got on your knees
and kissed my hands and feet
and begged me to get you documents
to study in Romania.
I remember, but I recall
a tall guy with glasses.
I was much more handsome then,
younger, taller.
Now I am too old for you?
Can I say something?
Your organization
promised me decent facilities
and a place to stay in a dormitory
when I moved to Romania 15 years ago.
But when I got there,
they wouldn't even open the door.
Everything I've accomplished
was paid with the blood of my parents.
It had nothing to do
with any organization.
Come on, say what he wants you to say.
You never know when you'll need them.
Ill say it, I dont care.
And stop worrying.
You take things too personally.
Be more like me.
Just tell everybody what
they want to hear.
And that's it.
I know,
Im just a bit afraid of politics...
What politics?
There is no politics.
They split into
a few dozen Vlach organizations
and now it's not clear
which ones are separatist.
What separatists?
These nations
lived together for centuries.
This heaven will last forever.
Let's give a big round of applause
for our rising star:
Ms. Milenkovic,
the actress from Kladovo!
You are going to hear
about her in the next few years.
Can I have some water?
- Here you are.
- Thank you dear.
Stop it!
Don't let him spray!
- Hello.
- Hello dear.
Have you calmed down?
Yes, but dont annoy me anymore!
Ah, you're so pathetic.
It's all in your crazy head.
I took pills for 2 years.
- It's not the same with me.
- It is.
I would walk around Kladovo
and if I saw a crazy person,
I thought I was going nuts too.
I was so scared.
I went to a doctor in Belgrade
and told him about my problems.
And he asked me:
"If you see a millionaire on the street,
do you think youre also a millionaire?"
It will pass after a while.
Dad, I see some pink spots
every time I take a shower, it's scary!
I was also seeing white rats and dragons
and yellow and violet crosses.
And all kinds of rubbish...
Some light effects.
- But it passed after a while.
- How?
You have to fight it a little!
If you think of something really bad.
You have to change
your thoughts immediately
and think of something nice.
Go swim a little.
Do some laps
and get that sorrow out of you!
Can anyone lend me a towel?
I forgot mine.
Do you want some ice cream?
I'm not allowed, I'm lactose intolerant.
I get a rash.
Get in the water!
It is too cold.
If you ate a bit,
your intolerance would slowly disappear.
And also you should try
and get more sleep at night.
Listen, I was having coffee
in the city centre yesterday.
Im a bit embarrassed,
but I have to tell you something.
Some guys were sitting next to me
and they were talking
about you and some boy, Nikola.
The only thing I heard well was...
that this Nikola asked a friend
for the keys to his apartment...
And that you stood near him
and smiled lasciviously...
And everyone figured out
what was happening.
Excuse me? When?
And that... I dont know...
That you fuck him
and let him come on your face.
That you meet
in his grandmothers house,
who locks herself in the kitchen
until youre done...
Anyway, that this guy
is much younger than you are.
Let me show you where your money went.
Where is that beer?
In a second.
Did you really need three floors?
I told Dad not to, but hes as crazy
and stubborn as you are.
What do you think?
What can I say, its huge.
It'll take a few more years to finish.
What colours should we paint it?
Grey, yellow?
You need to settle down...
- To have your own family...
- Yeah, right.
With your job, you never know
if you'll be able to support yourself.
Maybe I dont want to get married.
Maybe I like women.
Yes, youve been
with a lot of women till now.
Its just what were missing.
Lately I keep dreaming of disasters.
Last night I dreamt
that I came to the construction site,
and something black flew over me.
A stork was flying towards the house,
and the workers were gone.
Suddenly 200 storks flew over,
and everything turned black.
My stomach hurt.
I woke up.
A catastrophe.
How do you like the house?
What can we do
to please the Romanian tourists?
I dont know.
How much money do you need this time?
Same as last time.
Kosta, what would you say
if I were going out with a younger guy?
What should I say?
13 years younger.
I dont know what to say.
What if he's from Kladovo?
Don't talk bullshit.
Youre talking crazy shit.
I ask you what you would say...
I would say you're not normal.
I would say it's not allowed, of course.
I don't even know why you told me this.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
We wouldn't be arguing right now.
Set the table!
What if I had fallen in love
with a woman, or a guy from Syria?
You mention women all the time.
Whats the connection?
You have to love me unconditionally.
Im young, I need sex.
You'd better marry a Chinese man.
What do I care
what this snake thinks about me!
You just need to have 3 or 4 kids
and you'll be up to your neck in riches.
She's yelling
'cause she doesn't have a husband.
Why isnt the table set?
Youre not a prince to have servants.
Your mother raised you very well indeed.
- Good afternoon, mother-in-law!
- Good afternoon.
What's up with her?
Now he can control your life.
- Im telling you, youd better...
- Id better what?
- Watch your mouth!
- I gave you all the money I've made.
And you buried it
in the ugliest house Ive ever seen!
But no, Im the insolent one.
All that money will come back to you,
you fool!
Youll just sit back
and benefit from your brothers work.
You won't have to do anything.
Why, why are you acting like this?
Look how the waves are crashing.
They really are.
And there is this thing
you can swim under,
like we have in Romania.
- A pontoon.
- Yeah.
That ugly thing on the wall is a woman?
Those three holes seem to be dicks, yes.
Shes a woman,
she doesnt have a penis.
Dont mind him,
he just likes dirty jokes.
Otherwise hes a good guy.
I think she does have a dick,
but its smaller.
Who are you talking about?
The poster.
How much is the room?
I don't know, around 60 Euros maybe.
Stop it, what the fuck?
You wanted us at the festival,
now you have to pay.
I saw a documentary, and gorillas
have more strength than humans...
But they are not so well endowed.
So, early men probably
had smaller ones than guys today.
Shes a woman,
Mother of all the mothers.
Shes getting ready to give birth.
Shes an eyesore, poor thing.
Would you bone her, Andrei?
- He'll fuck anything that moves.
- I'll forgive anything I can catch.
Tomorrow if you want,
I can take you to the museum.
Take us where?
To the museum to show you a magic hill.
They say its the only place
in the world where the sun rises twice.
We've been there, remember?
Yes, I remember.
And what did you do?
Since you both remember.
Its the oldest trace
of civilization in Europe.
Everyone thinks everything
was invented in their country.
Jesus is Romanian.
What I say is true.
Andrei truly believes
that Jesus is Romanian.
Andrei is so knowledgeable.
Yes. Very much so.
I still need to read things on Google.
But he has it all in his head.
He got smarter
since your last fuck, right?
When was the last time you two fucked?
Eight years ago, maybe more.
And how was he?
- I'm going outside to practice.
- How was he back then?
How was he back then?
He was very nice.
We decided to get married.
And one week later we broke up.
- Which of you wanted to get married?
- He did.
- Really?
- Really.
You were "traditional" back then.
Can you feel it?
I feel the price
per square meter was high.
It was kind of crowded.
The houses are very close together.
I felt something similar
at the Dacian temple.
Like they used to perform sacrifices.
It's not easy to raise kids
in a studio without basic amenities.
I think it was distressing
to be a woman.
To give birth over here.
I think
they were delivering under water.
They're pretty crammed.
Are they were buried here?
- Tell me...
- Yes, I think some are buried here.
Because I feel something
I can't explain.
Dont you feel it?
- Do you like it here?
- Something intense.
- Do you like it here?
- Do you feel it?
- Do you feel something?
- Yes.
Do you still feel something?
Yeah, now and then.
- Do you like it?
- Or are you just tourists?
Do you like it?
It's not about liking.
It's about crossing the threshold.
I'll get you!
You gained weight.
We are driving through Derdap gorge.
This is Dr. Dragoslav Srejovic,
one of the most prominent
archaeologists in the world today.
Behind him, Dr. Letica, fellow
archaeologist and his closest associate.
We first came here 3 years ago.
We never even dreamt that this
is where one of the most peculiar
and fascinating prehistoric cultures
would be discovered.
Every detail
was entered into the charts.
First it was only a bunch
of scattered stone blocks.
We soon realized that we'd discovered
a previously
undocumented ancient culture.
How far back are we?
Five, six, or eight thousand years
before our time?
When we removed the final obstacle,
we could see
the final prize of our expedition:
the skeleton of an ancient inhabitant.
We started a unique analysis of the body
of a person who died 8.000 years ago.
He was lying in front of the fire
like he was sleeping.
Ashes from the fire still remained.
The kids here are so beautiful.
I saw a redhead earlier.
I would just take her.
She's very beautiful.
The water is perfect.
I've missed you.
Me too.
We should see each other more often.
We're catching up.
You should do something for women here
like I did for women in Romania.
And for my family.
Look at this rugby team here.
They'll think
Serbia is very emancipated.
Come on, Ivana!
Take this off!
No, seriously, I can't.
My family would have a stroke.
Help me undress her!
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
The oldest rock bands in Serbia...
What are they playing?
They're playing a song
that I like a lot: Kotor.
- What did you say?
- Kotor.
Look, how nice!
What's in there?
What do you think is in there?
Good day, Mayor.
These are our guests from Romania,
they're performing at the Festival.
This is our mayor and his staff.
My friends, Anca and Andrei.
Welcome to Kladovo.
- Do you like it here?
- Yes, yes.
Andrei, ask him when we'll get paid.
Here we have a great beach,
this great festival.
Andrei, this brandy is for you.
Mr. Mayor, your tie is ugly. Change it!
No problem, you can buy me one
but it has to be blue!
Ask him when we'll get paid.
When will the payment be transferred?
In a month.
In a month.
Well, that can't be... It's too late.
She organises the Clitoris Festival.
It's growing a lot
and there are many expenses.
So she wants to know
when she'll be paid.
Anca, you're running wild here...
I want to give you a business card.
And we're live on Facebook!
I've just received the mayor
of Kladovo's business card.
This is my friend Silvija,
our Serbian representative.
Together we'll show you the Danube.
Lets drink some brandy Serbian style!
Three times, this is the tradition here.
To a successful festival!
Cheers, cheers!
I'm really sorry
we have to leave so soon.
Every time I've been here in Kladovo,
I felt very good.
People here are ten times
better than in Romania.
Romanians only think about money.
Here in Serbia,
honour is the most important thing.
Here in Serbia,
if you stay six months in Kladovo,
you'll become a Serb!
Yes, OK.
This is my friend Ivana
and she is very advanced.
She's screwing a teenager.
Stop it!
Come on!
Are you crazy?
I was live on Facebook.
I would rather die
Than lose you
I can't stand
Not seeing you
If you would leave
My longing would kill me
I couldn't love anyone else
1000 Jews arrived in Kladovo,
which was the only free harbour.
They were waiting for a Romanian ship
to take them to safety in Palestine.
But the ship never came.
They spent the winter here,
but the Germans occupied Serbia.
And they all died.
Don't you have any monuments
about all the crimes
you Serbs perpetrated?
You want to say you're sorry?
Yes, I think I am sorry.
But who was to blame?
The Serbians or the Romanians?
Where is Anca?
She's not in the room.
Did you happen to see
a blonde singer staying in your hotel?
She didn't even pass by.
- Go and check.
- Where do you think I've been?
She's not in the hotel.
Let's get out.
Now I invite the mayor of Kladovo
to greet the guests and participants
and officially open
the 13th edition of the festival.
Dear friends,
this festival is dedicated
to Serbian-Romanian friendship.
Thank you all for making this festival
even bigger and greater!
God bless!
Has she done this before?
Only at shitty concerts.
I know we're all a bit crazy,
but she's crazier than most.
Stop it!
I observed her more carefully,
she really is deranged.
I feel sorry for you
but she's a nutcase.
Shut the hell up.
Fine, we'll talk some other time.
How about not speaking at all?
You should solve your problem.
Please what?
Is it my fault that the doctor told me
that I suffer from this condition?
And what's your disease?
My hair fell out.
Your hair fell out?
Then what is this?
You really are terrible!
Fix your problems already!
You dont need pills!
Pull yourself together!
It's always something.
"The doctor said this and that."
The doctor said youre fine,
do you understand? Fine!
Do you know what it means to be ill?
Look, you have rosy cheeks.
You look healthy.
I've had enough.
Me too.
Do you know what friendship is?
If something ever happened to you
I would be there in a second.
Ive been listening
to your bullshit for 7 years!
About how you fuck 5 women at once...
And what should I do?
Tell me...
You got involved with a kid
and now you're dying of shame.
You don't trust yourself.
And you chose a whore
because its the only way
you can feel like a real man.
The festival director
has run away to Belgrade,
but he will definitely be back!
I promise you that we will investigate
how this musician
managed to infiltrate our program!
Thank you!
The festival has ended!
Kladovo, I love you!
I'm Anca Pop!
Good morning!
Give me pastries.
- Good day!
- Good day!
I had my coffee.
- Let me kiss my daughter.
- Dad, please don't!
- My little sweetheart.
- You stink, don't kiss me.
- I don't stink. Here, smell this.
- Get the hell away!
- Why should I go away?
- You stink of fucking sheep.
Go and have a shower.
- Do I stink?
- Yes.
This bad smell paid for your school.
- You embarrass me.
- Shut up!
Listen, don't behave like this!
It would have been better
if you'd hooked up
with the boy's father.
At least you would have more money.
And you? What did you do?
You married a drunkard
who tortured you all your life.
I guess you did so much better than me.
- That's enough!
- Why enough?
- What is wrong with me?
- What is wrong with you?
Ivana, shut up.
- Ill throw you out.
- You're gonna throw me out?
- It's her house.
- I don't care if it's her house.
- I can't wait to leave.
- Dont yell!
Why are you yelling?
I'll yell as much as I want.
She should leave me alone.
Do you think I'm gonna be better off
if I get married?
- Shut up!
- You shut up!
- You should be ashamed.
- Why should I be ashamed?
Why are you yelling at the old woman?
Why do I have to endure this torture?
Shut up!
- I don't want to shut up!
- Shut up!
- You can't wait for me to leave.
- Leave!
- You want me to go!
- Yes, I do!
- I'm leaving!
- Good, you should!
What are you staring at?
For your new medical tests in Bucharest.
The doctors here
aren't good enough for you.
Do your parents ever come home earlier?
Never before 2 pm.
I never knew you had a parrot.
This sorry ass broke his foot.
He's got wings and he breaks his foot.
Want some?
Youre such a jerk...
Give me some water.
Youre the first girl
Ive brought into this apartment.
Ive never made love with anyone here.
Youre just 21.
When I was little,
I used to ask my mother:
"When I will get married
and sleep in a king-size bed?"
I see much better with my left eye.
Your apartment looks wacky.
We were lucky to find
the guy who bought the apartment,
he allowed us to stay here
until my sister
graduates from university.
You know that my parents took out a loan
for their kiosk business,
and everything went sour.
What are you going to do?
We'll manage somehow.
I told them
we didn't need the apartment.
But it's not their fault either.
They couldn't do anything about it.
You need to continue your studies.
I know that better than you.
I asked my father if his debt
will pass on to me. And it doesn't.
I can start my own business
with no debts.
You'll figure out a way.
You're the most resourceful guy I know.
And I will help you too, if I can.
But you have to start
taking care of yourself.
And I need to take care of my health.
Both of us have to find
someone that we can count on.
And I need to find somebody
who can really take care of me.
And they saw you with that girl
when you were leaving from an apartment.
- It's OK for you to meet...
- Which one?
We don't need to lie to each other.
I understand.
I couldn't care less about that girl.
I understand you want
to see girls your own age.
This is completely normal.
But no matter what I do,
everybody is against me.
And I feel like
I'm doing something wrong.
What's more,
I feel like I'm hurting you.
And my parents are old and sick.
I can't stand this anymore...
I don't want to keep hurting them.
All the best!
The mother in your head is not
the same thing as your real mother.
In fact you could stop
answering the phone.
You can keep things from them.
They don't have to know
what you're doing.
I think it's important to realize
that the family in your head
is not your actual family...
But how you see them.
So don't blame them for
the way you see them.
There's also the way
Anca's mother sees herself.
- Herself?
- Yes.
She also has an ideal type of being.
- That's her problem, not yours.
- But she propagates it onto me.
She projects it onto me.
I was saying that when you speak
about the family in general,
what you see is not your family
but your version of them.
"And the tree is not the thing,"
as Krishnamurti said.
What was the name
of that singer with the hectic video?
That cocaine addict?
- And the name of the song?
- Fiery Lips.
- Fiery what?
- Fiery Lips.
It's all about your attitude.
By the time we reach Bucharest,
you'll lose all your hair.
If you go on like this,
it will come off your scalp.
Is this the right way?
To the ditch!
Are you stupid? You're scaring me!
What is wrong with you?
Now you want to be alive, don't you?
You don't want to die,
you want to live, right?
You want to enjoy the sun.
Why do you have to laugh?
Why do we have to laugh
about everything? Why?
Can you just finish
your thoughts for once?
- Are you a fucking retard?
- Yes, I'm a retard!
I really am a retard!
- Don't you know that by now?
- Are you joking?
I am not jocking. I don't know...
- "Jocking?"
- You are driving me crazy!
- Are you "jocking?"
- Yes.
Fuck your reverse psychology!
- I will take you both to therapy.
- Really? Why are you laughing now?
Say whatever you wanted to say
and let's go!
She just said it all.
- If you touch the wheel again...
- Just finish what you started to say.
I just don't want to say it.
I don't want to! You already said it.
- Doesn't matter!
- It matters, are you stupid? Let's go!
Come on, Ivana...
I tried
a little reverse psychology on you.
It's over, calm down.
We're headed to Bucharest, not Basel.
Dear friends,
the friendship between our nations
dates back to Trajan's time,
when the architect
Apollodorus of Damascus
raised the bridge over the Danube.
You look good.
How long will this take?
I want to get to Bucharest before dark.
We'll get there.
Lets not forget
that Apollodorus bridge
was not the only one built
with the sweat of Romanians,
Vlachs and Serbians,
but also this bridge
on which were standing right now.
This hydroelectric power station
is like a heart-pumping electricity
into the veins of our two countries,
its like a heart we share!
We have here today with us
the most beautiful, most ambitious
and intelligent daughter of our town,
Ivana Milenkovic.
So that she may represent
the city of Kladovo with honour.
Dont forget where you were born
and where you came from,
wherever your successful life
might lead you,
you remain a true Serbian!
Thank you, thank you!
Long live our Serbian mistress!
May you walk on gold and silver
upwards to God himself!
We thank you for everything!
I am Ivana Milenkovic's former teacher
from the Vuk Karadjic School in Kladovo.
We got along very well
from grades 1 to 4.
Ivana was a small, quiet and kind girl.
She looked like a little mouse
performing in the school programmes.
She was a little artist
and she became a great artist.
And I am very glad
to see what she has become.
Good health to you all,
and to your future!
Others have hit us
with all their might,
but we Serbians and Romanians
have always been like brothers.
Weve never stabbed
each another in the back!
In 1972, Josip Broz Tito,
the president of ex-Yugoslavia
met on this bridge with the president
- of the Socialist Republic of Romania.
- Hello!
But before the meeting
between Ceausescu and Tito,
many Romanians met bullets
shot by their own border guards,
who aimed their guns at the Romanians
that were trying to flee
through the Iron Gates
because Yugoslavia was
the Romanian path to Europe.
So here we have this joyous occasion,
but also a common cemetery.
Throughout history, the Romanians kicked
their own butts and so did the Serbians.
Let's not forget that!
We conclude this gathering
with a brief moment of poetry.
Two poets
from both nations will interlock
in the middle of the bridge.
This will conclude the Festival
of the Romanian-Serbian friendship.
Foggy strings bellows and pedals
Death comes equally to all fellows
Two potatoes hold each other
While two leaves leave one another
The cleric's daughter
has fallen in a pit
The mill's wheel
has killed all the white wheat
Brother, brother, where is your flower?
In the tower, where births the hour
Sister, sister, where is your mate?
Down in Belgrades fortress shade
I'm already wired up.
I will recite a poem by the
great Romanian poet Nichita Stanescu.
I can recite it in both languages,
but I know my own translation better.
It goes like this: "The Serbians."
Be damned whoever lays down
to rest on a Serb's heart!
He won't sleep for a second.
And he will shout towards the great bird
that stands for the sky in Serbia:
"I can't breathe, I can't breathe."
Why do you hold my air, bird?
And the bird will answer:
"This air is not for breathing,
this air must be sung."