IWOW: I Walk on Water (2020) Movie Script

Blessed assurance
Jesus is mine
Oh, what a foretaste
Of glory divine
Heir of salvation
Purchase of God
Born in the Spirit
Washed in His blood
This is my story
This is my song
Praising my Savior
All the day long
This is my story
This is my song,
Praising my Savior,
all the day long.
Pay me ten dollars.
What do you
want just the voice?
Just go slow just
like you're talking to me.
I walk on water.
I walk on water.
I walk on water.
I walk on water.
I walk on water.
I walk on water Nigga.
I walk on water.
Like I walk on water.
SO all the disciples decided that
they gonna watch the boat go down.
They gonna watch the shit go down.
So I decided to walk on water.
I walk on water, what up?
men marry men inside the Vatican.
Poked by the dragons pen.
Numbers in my tatted skin.
666 Leviathan, Iron skin rise again.
The sea serpent.
While God plants His seed in the virgin.
Weed merchants lurking
through the beaded curtain.
And I'm the fetus rap with Jesus' turban.
Writings, disturbing.
Writing the scrolls on my mother's cervix.
Peep the street version.
I'm Da Vinci, my pen
squeezes out sculptures
of Renaissance art;
of niggas with guns in holsters.
Crime bosses, under bosses
playing poker in the back.
I'm slow compulsive, hold up.
My Garden of Eden
is apartments where they smoke
their weeds in.
Lead to the weed secretions.
Quiet Priest is teaching.
Riots around the precinct.
Tabernacles in the ghetto
it's a Pterodactyl.
Graveyard shoes cover my black shoes.
Cemeteries with thug statues.
When Escobar died it snowed coke.
WOW, oh that's
the shit you spit with Nas?
Yeah, Exactly.
Wow, hold up,
hold up one minute G!
I could do this shit all day.
Your shit be raw, your shit, your shit,
the pictures you be showing.
The shit be like real, word.
You know what I want to shoot over?
I wonder if you could shoot this over?
You ever saw Sun Ra movie,
"Space Is The Place?"
Yo you gotta check that shit out.
Yo Sun Ra did a movie.
I wanted to do the shit
over, you know what I mean?
And you the way he shot it, was crazy!
It's by Sun Ra
Yo, I don't wanna take a
lot of samples from there,
'cause he said some ill shit in there.
I wonder if you could shoot that?
You know what
I would like to shoot,
The movie "The Egyptian."
that shit would be crazy.
That would be crazy, word.
That's the flyest movie,
yeah, that shit is dope.
Yup, "The Egyptian," yup.
4th be going to sleep early.
Yo peace, yo.
- What's funny yo, you laughing?
Being silly ugh shit.
What's good man?
Just put on The Twilight
Zone, bout to chill it on out.
Yo I just got off the phone
with Killah Priesthood!
Oh okay.
No I was dreaming
Yeah, you were dreaming, yeah.
So funny.
Let's go on with your dream,
I want to know that.
What I mean
is I was in the bushes.
Of my vagina?
Already, so you knew
where you were actually.
So do you wanna
to make this movie with me?
- Okay.
- It'll be a simple,
be a little simple movie.
Want to make it with me?
Well let's pray;
Dear Heavenly Father,
we call upon the Holy Spirit
to guide us truly,
from this part to reality.
Yeah let us remember, and let
us undo what never happened.
In the name of God, Amen.
Let me hear how you pray.
No, I never pray.
You never pray?
But, when you breathe you're praying.
Your breath smells like a baby.
You know how babies smell?
New born?
Well when I was a kid,
I was in the bathroom
and I was looking at it.
And I thought it would
keep growing forever.
And I really thought that it
would like, just keep going.
And I think that's why
it got the way it did.
Oh wow.
I ugh, used to
take a shit in the bathtub,
my grandmother used to be bathing me,
and out of nowhere I would
just shit in the tub.
And I loved her because she
never got angry at that.
So patient, so patient.
You know?
Yo Frenchie, what's going on right now?
Just give my viewers
a little introduction.
- Uh, everything is so cool,
I'm thinking about giving
some more big thinking,
I'm thinking to make my
thought become reality.
I'm thinking to make things
become, for real, for real.
For I know that life could be very easy.
Everything could be fine.
There is an understanding
something is very strong.
To make people understand,
how to learn the way.
Because sometimes the way is easy,
sometimes the way is not easy,
but could be better.
We could live
So Frenchie,
you and I have been working
together since around 2012.
This is now 2019, so we're
looking at like 7 years
I've been working with
you, taking photographs.
What do you think about the
work that I do with you, man?
Cause a lot of people
wanna hear it from you.
They wanna know what you think about me,
taking your picture, putting you in books,
putting you in movies
What do you think about all of that?
I think that's the best thing
that I ever have to see in my life.
With that, I feel like everything
is easy for me right now.
And I can see,
everybody in life have a way.
The way human beings live,
is the way that I must live.
That's the best way.
That's the best way.
I love everyone, even so someone,
could make a mistake,
I just take it as something
I take it very understanding-able.
Because, the way I see,
about your movie,
life is easy.
You make life easy, you make life easy.
Cami. you
have a question for him?
Anything you wanna add on, Cami?
Um, right now?
Okay, she
doesn't have a question but
give me one of the prayers that you,
like when you speak to
God, what do you say?
I say "God
give me the serenity
"to accept the things I cannot change,
"the courage to change the things I can
"and the Wisdom to know the difference."
Yes, that's the Wisdom.
I finished high school
and I went to college.
I spent one semester in
college, and I finish GED
I learn from,
someone that already knew,
someone like you, somebody like you.
Already know what you're doing,
and I'm learning, to make life easy.
- "Still Alive" that's a fire sweatshirt
Oh Frenchie!
- Papa!
Gangsta, yo that hoodie is hot!
- How many times, am I going to tell you?
Sometimes I want to feel happy, I can't.
But it's coming by seeing another friend.
My happiness coming from another friend.
Like I see you with me
I'm happy, I'm happy.
Mmh Hmn.
You know, I hadn't
seen you for four years,
I thought you were dead, I
wrote about you in my book,
in my book forward, I talked about you
and I talked about our relationship.
- Mm hmm.
And I expressed that I thought
that you had passed away.
- Mm hmm.
Or died or whatever.
You know what I'm saying?
- Mm hmm.
So when you went
missing, where did you go?
Talk about that.
- I went to Florida.
I got a job in the hotel,
working in the hotel as a
security guard police officer.
And after that,
I went to my father's funeral.
My father passed away,
I went to the funeral.
First sunshine I met was
from the Bahamas, from Haiti.
My mother and my father, my
father and my mother, my father.
Manuce Dulcio, my name.
If I don't got you, I don't got anybody.
You got a car, you can give me a ride.
If I live with you, I miss nothing.
I'm on the street, no place
to live, sleeping outside.
Doctor already know, police officers know,
the residents know, the life I'm talking.
Singing, using my head, my responsibility,
I didn't have a chance to
make myself become somebody.
You survive, you eat you drink,
you smoke, you sleep.
My body.
Doctor knows I do drugs
and I went to the program
I finished, I graduated.
Everybody know, me smoke.
Everybody knows me do drugs
Everybody knows, me
hear voices in my head.
In regards to a relationship
between a man and a woman,
like my woman in the back seat.
Mm hmm.
I'm a young
man, I'm only 33 years old.
I don't know everything.
What is some direction and
advice that you could give me
to have a good relationship with women?
Tell the
secret, keep the secret.
Talk about the secret.
To make a good relationship,
with peace, with love,
with happiness,
with kind love, goodness,
is to share the secret
between you and her,
talk about it.
Share the secret.
If you don't share the secret with her,
you will not know her,
she will not know you.
If you share the secret with her,
just like you living
with the way you want,
the way you want to make yourself happy.
Share that with her,
share that with her,
and you will see how life is changing,
time after time.
That's the goodness for you and her,
share the secret,
let her listen to you, you listen to her.
On 125th and Lex,
there's a song that you
sing that when you sing it,
it brings smiles to everybody's faces.
And that song is "Frenchie's A Good Man"
Can you give me just a
few lyrics from that?
Frenchie's a good guy, yeah
Frenchie's a bad guy, no
Frenchie's a good guy
Frenchie's a good guy
Frenchi got all the girls
Somewhere Frenchie stay
Frenchie a good guy
Frenchie a good guy
When you need a star to wish upon
Wave you hand into the sky and say
Frenchie never let you down
Keep you warm all night long
Frenchie's a good guy
Yeah Wo wo wo wo wo wo good guy
Frenchie's a good guy
Frenchie's a good guy.
What's some countries
you would like to visit?
Hmnnn, really?
En heh.
You would like to go to Rome?
Rome, yes I
would like to go to Rome.
Just running in
the bank, so hold this Cami.
Yeah, hold what?
- Oh the microphone?
- Yeah.
It's still recording alright,
so just hold it and speak to him.
Sit in the front, come
on, come on, come on.
Do the knowledge, go ahead
baby, you can't play out here.
Hi Frenchie.
It's me now.
How are you?
Very good, thank you!
Good huh,
do you like the rose?
Yes, the color?
So you would
like to go to Italy?
Oh yeah.
Also to France?
To France.
France, aha.
Have you ever been to Europe.
I never go yet, not yet.
Not yet.
You know I come from Italy, yeah.
It's a beautiful country.
Mhn hmn.
Mm hmm.
I heard about
Italy, I heard about there.
Mm hmm.
- I never visit yet,
but I heard about Italy
I had a friend of mine,
come from Italy.
Mm hmm.
And they live here in Harlem?
She went to Haiti.
Uh huh.
I met her in Haiti.
In Haiti, okay.
Thank you
baby, come on let's go.
You have a friend Frenchie,
that went to Italy, no, come from Italy?
That's what you were saying.
That's right Frenchie?
Mmh hmm mmhh.
Yo Frenchie,
I like that song man,
I'm gonna turn that into a classic.
I'm gonna edit that up, chop that up,
that's gonna be the theme music.
Yeah you
sang really really well.
Oh thank you.
Yo Cami.
Say, sing the back up vocals
for "Frenchie's A Good Man."
I was gonna
have you sing a little bit.
What song?
What song?
You don't
know the Frenchie song?
No I don't know actually.
It was the first time.
Oh that was the first time
she ever heard you sing it, Frenchie
Yes, Yes.
It was very beautiful really.
Frenchie's a good man.
Frenchie's a good guy yeah
When you need a star to wish upon
Wave you hand into the sky and say
Ah man, look man.
Jesus, the Christ, Jesus Christ.
Your arms too short to box with God
KP Killah Priest, Iron Shiek
See, in these times
we gotta take one step
Royal Fam
Put one foot in front of the other
My brother
Yo, check this out
Talk to me about,
talk about Frenchie, in Italian.
Talk about the night you met Frenchie.
In Italian.
Why in Italian but okay.
- Lexington Road.
- Lexington Avenue.
Sorry, Lexington Avenue.
Talk a little bit
about when we found Frenchie.
Remember when we were driving,
and I was telling you to..
I already told
everything in that what I said.
Oh you did that, okay.
In Europa, Frenchie is a
good guy, is a bad guy.
And then what you say?
I don't remember, can you say it?
Frenchie is a good guy
Frenchie is a bad guy, no.
Frenchie is a good guy
Frenchie got all the girls
But yeah yo.
I'm ready to do that.
Yo Islord.
I'm ready to
talk about the system, man.
The system, the system.
The fucking system.
Tell me about it.
Word up,
but I will uhm, tell you in person.
Nah I'm recording
you now, go ahead Lord.
The system is fucked up.
Nah, listen, we gonna do that,
cause I wanna, if you can, I
wanna put video to this shit
- [Khalik What you talking About?
Of course I'm gonna
put video to this shit.
You know what I'm saying,
but, no I want to tell the story to you,
your face, it's like,
I want you to be a broadcaster.
Like how fucking um,
what's the nigga name?
Like when they be going to
other states and other countries
and, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, I'm the
new Barbara Walters.
Exactly, exactly,
we could set it up like that
and every fucking thing son.
You could even have motherfucking,
you can even have homeless
people that come and..
the system Khalik, the system,
the system, yeah the system
and you listen son,
I'm telling you, yo people wanna uhm,
Khalik listen; people wanna,
they wanna hear from me.
You feel me?
Everybody, even, with the music shit,
the system, whatever,
people wanna hear about me
and I think you
I think I could be your
artist in that way.
It don't always have to be rhyming,
it could be another platform in the music,
where we talk, we talk about
our shit, the whole system,
the whole system son.
I know how the system is B.
From being homeless, from
fucking being on welfare,
motherfucker, from
motherfucking incarceration,
all that shit, I know it.
Ayo, it's like
I remember my old earth G
It used to be
Me, her and my grand earth in the bed
Know what I mean
One room apartment type joint
Roaches all in ya shit
You know
It's like I'ma flash back right now
Me and my physical
I love that nigga
We was co-defendants
Yo, my mind flashes
back to '82 when I was 7
Short, light-skinned,
curly-head, starting trouble
Young God, in the schoolyard
Never kept my laces
tied, shirt tucked inside
Never abided by the
rules that I had to
Me and my physical was on some
Quick to snatch the Cash Rule
From a flashy, analog
nigga in the projects
Know to transport weight outta state
And front, with they big
boys in the summertime
cause we was on some,
grime-time all year 'round
Tackling pockets, tearing
chains off of necks
Straight up disrespectful
ways and actions
Towards any man or female
cause the life that I live and tell
Is identical compared to no one
And I'll be damned
if I have to show one
Never show you something
Nigga we all
slept in the same bed,
it was me my grandmother and my old Earth.
You know what I'm saying?
And it was real like that,
you know what I mean?
I used to be in the middle,
you know what I mean?
My moms on one side, my
grandmother on the other side.
I was a young shorty growing
up, you know what I'm saying?
Sleeping in between my
grandmother and mother,
you know what I'm saying?
Like real-talk, yo!
You know, life was good,
you know what I'm saying?
But that was like the
struggle that we went through,
one bedroom jump-off, you know wat I mean?
Me and my physical was quick
to snatch the cash-rule
from a flashy analog
nigga in the projects,
known to transport weight out of state.
You know how they had them niggas
that used to be in the hood,
but they was making moves outta state?
So what we used to do,
we used to catch them niggas,
we used to vic them niggas,
like, you know what I'm saying?
Like flashy analog niggas in the projects
known to transport weight out of state
and front with their big
boys in the summer time,
you know what I'm saying?
Because we was on some
grime-time all year 'round,
tackling pockets, tearing
chains off of necks,
straight up disrespectful
ways and actions,
towards and man or female
cuz the life that I live and tell
is always identically compared to no one.
So when I talk about that,
me and my cousin, you
know what I'm saying?
Which is my co defendant, eventually,
we used to really, stick niggas,
niggas that was selling
weight out of state,
and fronting with they big boys
they whips and all that shit
B, like word up, real talk yo.
And then I caught my gun case,
you know what I'm saying.
But that song, you know what I'm saying?
Lady sings the blues,
that was about me and him.
We used to live in the
Bronx and shit, though.
Know what I'm saying?
We used to live in Edenwald,
and all of that Edenwald...
And all that, and the niggas
that we was running with,
that was the kinda lifestyle
that niggas was on.
You know what I'm saying?
Like you know, even when I
said "shirt tucked inside".
Now I'm going back to when
I was in fucking 6th grade.
Know what I'm saying?
I was the nigga, I never tied my laces.
Know what I'm saying?
I never tucked my shirt in,
you know what I'm saying?
I always had my laces
untied, shirt tucked inside,
I never abided by the rules.
Know what I'm saying, that I
had to, know what I'm saying?
I don't think a lot of kids did
but I definitely was one of them kids
that never abided by the rules, real talk.
I don't give a flying fuck about
none of y'all niggas out there.
None of y'all niggas out there!
Word, I can't even remember that verse.
How that verse went?
None of y'all niggas out here,
'cause if you ain't none of
my motherfucking comrades,
I don't give a flying fuck about
none of y'all niggas out here.
I walk on water nigger.
Yo Frenchie,
give me some advice man,
for me, because my friend died,
what do you want to say to that?
- I'm sorry my friend, I wish the best,
I hope to see him in Heaven.
I will see him, God will
see him, everyone will see.
He will pass into everyone.
He will find God.
God will find him.
I walk on water.
Like I walk on water.
- Hi Roger I need a new cut.
It's too long now, you see?
What's up brother, how're you?
You can give me singles of a 20?
Singles, 20 singles?
- What's that?
- It's my recorder.
I'm making a film.
uh huh.
- Yeah I'm making a movie.
Action movie?
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
That's twenty right there?
Alright brother, thank you.
Be careful.
Can I get some tissue?
You heard?
I heard you,
I heard you, thank you.
You can spare a coin?
Please I'm panhandling.
Thank you, blessings be.
One Love and many more, thank you!
I appreciate
you man, you're the man.
I'd like to say
Harlem East 125th street,
Mainly is, of the best of the
best, survival of the fittest.
If you could keep yourself warm,
occupy yourself with good
idle time then you survive.
If you don't have no
weapon, it's kinda hard,
you know what I mean?
You know, life is a struggle.
Life is what you really make it.
It's best to be abundant,
if you know what that means.
He's the Lily of the Valley
He's the Bright and Morning Star
He's the fairest of all numbers
Jah-Rastafari hymnnot!
It everybody should know,
Everybody should know
some people don't know
Everybody should know
some people don't know
Everybody should know
some people don't know
Who Rastafari
Rastafari is
Stop your coming and come
Or else you have to get a beating
Must get a beating
He was one of the guys
who raised us.
I was trying to get to you
to ask you a question
about the shot right here.
They had keys left for me,
I needed to shave my hair one day.
I couldn't get back here, so
I looked for you this time.
Talk about the
details of your life, survival.
Uhm, hospitals, hospitals,
mostly hospitals like walk-in centers.
What did you
say about the hospitals?
Walk in centers
and stuff like that.
You be living
in the hospitals a lot?
No I live on the streets.
Tell me about the street.
Uh, it's just
thirsty, I think here,
a little water will never help.
So how do
you get by day by day?
I panhandle.
The people
out here show you love,
or they show you...?
No I got cars
but I don't tell nobody,
I let my family get that first, you know?
They just say I'm sad,
you know people say everybody's sad.
Like people that work I feel they're sad.
They may not even walk
here but they sad to me.
I used to stay eating a pizza.
Warm my body up with the food.
I don't really buy too much
Chinese food and stuff.
Now if I get money I want Chinese food
but I don't walk over there.
I try to demand people to get me it.
But I swear to God like, yes.
Because when somebody sees
me I want some Chinese food,
But that's
just coming from my heart.
I be thirsty, water's good for me.
You got it.
Prayer, I be like yo,
I just want a Bible.
Swear it can be hard
because the words of Judaism
and them and the different
Just out in the school
or just a "scratch" that says
you won a million dollars.
You'll get sick and be with your family
or someone who was on drugs forever
he is not really going to tell
you that they was on drugs.
They're just gonna try
to play with you anyway,
Kill you, whatever.
In that situation you
just stop talking one day
and that's it.
You know, if it's a stroke or you sick.
Or a level of a bed that had bugs,
or somebody leaves and says "I'm leaving."
Feel me?
So people
that situation or nothing.
Somebody will just walk up to you
and hit you in the head with a bottle.
I'm telling you, if you
was leaving me with crack
I would really walk back
and really look at you.
So stuff like that, you
ain't gonna show me,
so just get on the train.
Don't have shoes, you said
it, but get on the train.
Feel me?
Like that!
I was dope fiending.
It made me throw up so I tried it again.
I really got sick.
It's a pester in my head.
Yo in my head I wasn't
really too demented,
I was just trying to say
why are you on me like this?
If I want to change my
clothes, even if I feel sick.
I don't get too much money but come on.
Get that, come on.
Even cigarettes, you know.
Yo look, uhm,
stay up around here tonight
because I'm gonna come back
and film you some more, okay?
God bless you
I just gotta
reload, don't go too far.
She's not a bad girl
Because she made me see
She wants to be free
She's not a bad girl
To look at
She's finer than fine
Said she was mine, mine, mine
- This side of Harlem is
wild on a Saturday night.
It's just that, I don't
even like being around here,
especially at night.
And now all the things,
and I don't even watch TV,
and when I watch a little bit of news
at one of my daughters' or sons' house,
it's too much going on!
I'm on my way now trying
to get my daughter
to have a nice time while I
have my time off from work.
I believe that He
has a universal space
We're all thinking right now
We're feeling His sense being done
Some of us ain't make
it but most of us will
We'll make it to a better
And we'll
- What we're going to do
with our children's life?
All facts abating.
And the way we change
because of guns and God.
Do you pray
sometimes, do you pray to God?
- No, I believe I'm a man.
I shouldn't get on my knees and pray.
That ain't the way God built a man.
That's what I mean, you have free space,
you don't got to get on your
knees he didn't ask you to.
A book was built in time.
You never know who built that book
but you know there's a
God because we're here.
Tell me
about survival out here.
Survival, survival.
Survival is between the
best and the gutters.
The gutters and the best,
the best and the gutters.
The gutters and the best.
Nobody can survive in this place.
Nobody can survive in this place.
You have to be a hero in order
to survive in New York City,
hold the flowers, hold the flowers.
You have to be a hero in order
to survive in New York City.
You gotta be a hero.
Only a hero can survive in New York City.
Give me another dollar, one more dollar.
Yo go, what's
today's mathematics?
Who is the original man?
- The original man is
the Asiatic black man,
the maker, the owner, the
cream of the planet Earth,
Father of Civilization, God of
the planet Earth.
Give me one more dollar.
The original man is the Asiatic black man,
Asiatic black man,
the maker, the owner
cream of the planet Earth,
father of Civilization,
God of the Universe, peace!
I come in the divine name of
Supreme Father Universal
Wise God Allah, peace.
Peace God, yo, when is
this film coming out?
It's coming out probably,
by the new year, by 2020.
So God, I'm on film?
Of course God, thank you God!
God, thank you!
Protons, electrons,
atoms, cause explosions.
You Got a business card?
You went by the school?
Go hola at Allah B and them man.
She's alright, She's...
Gotta get that 6, get that 6 get that sex.
Yo God, what's
the speed of light?
1,120 feet per second.
That's sound.
You remember we built on this; light speed
Light Speed?
Light travels at...
186,000.miles per second.
Thank you, God!
Give me one more dollar.
One more dollar, one more dollar
I don't even
got no more change man.
Yo Allah, that's peace God,
what's the name of this film?
- Camilly?
- Camilla, can I get
one more dollar Camilla?
- Can I get one more dollar son?
No G, I already
gave you enough, come on!
- Yo Camilla, appreciate you, yo Legacy!
Yo chill G chill,
chill, hold it down.
Camilla, Camilla!
Peace, leave my brother alone, peace!
Alright peace
almighty I'll build with you God.
- Peace God, thank you!
Peace almighty.
This shit was
always ground zero son
but even dope and crack
didn't do to this block
what that K2 shit did son.
Like right here there used to be a hotel
where there used to be
prostitutes in there.
Know what I'm saying?
So from the dope era, the crack era,
everything it always was wild out here G
but it wasn't like this.
That K2 shit is powerful.
They be saying that
shit is synthetic weed,
but I don't know what they say that
cause weed doesn't do that to people.
Know what I'm saying?
That shit is synthetic fucking
dust plus 7 or something.
Yo, sit in the
passenger seat right here.
Yeah that shit is synthetic something huh?
- Emily, Emily.
Mum, Emily.
- I'm gonna reload the camera.
- Like yo this shit,
that shit is taking people's
brains out they head, man.
And that shit is legal?
- Legal, son!
But you know, that's
something I was watching
this thing about it one time, man.
and they was saying
that the reason that it's legal,
is because whatever the
stuff that they put in there
is not on the list of
controlled substances.
But what happened was when
they do a raid, right?
They put it on the list
of controlled substances.
So in order to combat that,
they just make a different formula.
So what happens is that's
why every couple of months
you hear like yo a whole bunch
of people OD'd on that shit.
Because they switched the chemicals in it
and now that shit might
don't agree with you
like the last one you had.
You know what I'm saying?
That shit is savage God.
- Yeah, this nigga said,
yo the dude that was there,
he said he had 30 formulas
already set up, to where
the police can come and bust
him everyday for a month,
and he can have shit right back in stores
because he already got
next batches pre made up
with whole other formulas
that's not on the list.
And I'm gonna tell you another thing,
I don't know how that shit is sold
but when I be seeing people with that shit
they be having a lot of it.
- You know what I'm saying?
Now you get
4 grams for $5, God.
That's why niggas smoke it more than weed.
That's what I'm saying, right...
See that shit aint like
crack, you know what I mean?
Where, you know for $5
shit is gone like that.
Yeah, but with that shit $5 man,
niggas is going in.
Especially if they got an
alcohol habit with that shit.
Ah man!
The way I see it,
the gentrification just
happens slower over here.
Historically, it kinda
was always like that;
like once you pass Lenox
Avenue it was just less,
you know business, less you know,
a little bit less like
a vibrant community.
You know what I mean?
And it's just carrying over.
So right now see they got
all this construction set up,
once they get all these people over here,
then they become complainers,
you know what I mean?
So they're calling 311,
they're calling the police
and then that's what
makes them come over here
and get these people out.
You know what I'm saying?
But they already had
investments in the Apollo.
The state building is
down there and everything,
you understand what I mean?
So it makes it look a lot worse
if you got what's going on over here
going on in front of the state building.
It's kinda like,
if anytime, if you got an enemy, right?
You know what I mean?
Most people have the mentality that,
they gotta take out the
most powerful enemy.
You know what I'm saying?
like if somebody's getting
ready to get jumped,
their mentality is generally, you know,
let me do something to the biggest person.
You know what I'm saying?
Because that's gonna have an impact
on the rest of the people
that's there because of how they see him.
You know what I mean?
So, you know, when you looking at somebody
that's dealing with any type of knowledge,
any type of righteousness,
it don't necessarily have to be a 5%,
they gonna be the target.
You know what I mean?
Meaning like, you got tens of
thousands of people, right?
That partook in Civil Rights.
But they took out Martin
Luther King and Malcolm X
and Medgar Evers, know what I mean?
People who was, you
know, at a point where,
you know, if they stayed
around they activity
and what they was teaching
about, know what I mean?
Could have an impact.
You know what I mean?
So, when they put drugs
out there in the street,
the target was already
the brothers that's dealing
with some type of militancy,
you know what I mean?
Or you know, some type
of antiestablishment,
you know what I mean?
And those was the brothers
that's outside at that time.
So you gonna either be targeted as,
you know, somebody that "we choosing you"
to be the one to distribute
this in the community
or we targeting you
as the one we trying
to take out with this.
That's the thing about the
5%, is that we walk that line.
You know what I mean?
Where, we righteous people,
but we still out here in the world.
You know what I mean?
So when it say,
"Who is the 5% on this poor
part of the Planet Earth?"
You know, that's specifically saying that,
we're out here walking the land,
you know what I mean?
But as we're walking the land,
you know what I'm saying?
You know, you got the 5%
and then you got the 85%.
You know what I mean?
We out here to take the 8 of they 5.
But some brothers will get caught up
and get the 8 put on they 5.
You understand what I mean?
That's just a fine line,
that yeah, you know,
brothers will get caught up
in, you know what I mean?
Because we're in a predicament where look,
as soon as you get The Math,
you're sent out there to do teaching.
You know what I'm saying?
But, you know, that's you now,
in terms of build or destroy, you know,
either you gonna be teaching them
or they gonna be teaching you.
Since the, dope era, you know what I mean?
This ain't the first thing that happened.
You know, it happened with
dope, it happened with crack.
You know what I'm saying?
Ah, you know.
A lot of brothers, you know,
the good thing about having
the knowledge though,
you see what I mean?
Just like when you hit
that brother right there
and you sparked him back up,
like yo, yo know, how you
see certain things is that,
you always have that, so you
can always find your way back
to shore, you know what I'm saying?
Where a lot of these other people,
they just out there on the open waters
and they might not ever make it back.
Uh, you know one things
that's happened is,
is the Black Community has
been broken down morally.
You know what I'm saying?
Where, um, you know, it
used to be certain things
that you would be surprised
to see Black People doing,
you know what I'm saying?
And, um, I think that
just in terms of a lot of these
social revolutions, right?
You know the sexual revolution
and the drug revolution whatever
they tune out and tune in,
you understand what I mean?
That stuff, you know, we not
in stable enough communities
for people to experiment like that.
If a kid goes to Harvard
or something right?
And he's Caucasian, and he goes over there
and the party life or
whatever, he gets caught up.
His family might have the resources,
you know what I'm saying?
To send him to rehab to help
him out of that or whatever,
but you know, if a kid from
the hood he goes to college,
and you know, when he comes back,
he's just another junkie.
Most of our advances, right?
As people, was made through unity.
Martin Luther King, you
know, Malcolm X, whoever,
these certain leaders right?
They use to come out
and they would give they speeches, right?
But the people, the actual
person on the street
actually persevered with those ideas.
So like for instance, the boycott,
when they did the bus boycott in Selma,
Martin Luther King didn't break it.
He just came and rallied the people
but after he left they
continued to boycott the bus
for like another 9 months.
You see what I'm saying?
So, he would go out
there and say something
but he got the capitol amongst his people
where they gonna stick
together and support that.
You see what I'm saying?
Whereas you know,
right now, people is a little more;
look "if I got the Kanye
sneakers and the Gucci shades
or whatever,
then, you know what's my real stake
in trying to do anything out here?"
You know what I'm saying?
Because, you know,
that's kinda one thing
that segregation did.
Like segregation was a common enemy,
so it brought all kinds
of Black People together.
You know what I mean?
If Black People with money,
still had to deal with segregation.
Once you got desegregation
and Black People was comfortable to go
spend they money with White People, right?
Then they stopped spending
their money here in Harlem.
See that's something that people don't,
I don't know if they don't realize it
or don't want to admit,
but see that's one of
the things that caused
Black Wall Street and these
type of things to exist
Is because Black People wasn't
allowed to spend they money
in White stores
But you going to work for white people.
So that means that
you're pulling that money
into your community and then
it's just circulating there.
You see what I'm saying.
But now that, you know,
like when you look at
the average rich person,
the clothes that they're wearing
the, you know the stuff
that they're endorsing
is basically for you to go spend big money
with people that don't even like you,
you know what I mean?
So sometimes, like when they
come up with something like
yo we boycotting Gucci like,
I been boycotting them
about 20 - 30 years now,
know what I'm saying?
Talk about the strength,
the tenacity of Black folk
to just be able to survive this shit.
In this country right here,
for Black People, right?
It's almost like, no matter how bad it is,
it's been worse before and
it can get worse again,
know what I'm saying?
And it comes to a point
where it's like air pressure,
know what I'm saying?
Like its a certain amount of air pressure
but we don't really feel it,
you know what I'm saying?
Like unless you're falling,
you don't really think about gravity
because you live with it so
much, know what I'm saying?
So, you know, people out here, it's like,
the survival skills is past down
whether they positive or negative.
So somebody that works on wall street,
they'll be able to teach their
kids how to do investing,
you know what I mean?
People that is coming out
of slavery and Jim Crow
and all different levels of segregation,
they passing down these skills
so that by the time that
you, you know 7, 8 years old
you already got these certain habits
that you don't even realize.
But yeah, these is the survival skills.
All right, yeah, yeah yeah.
There's a man that I be filming
out here named Frenchie.
- Yo not for nothing.
I like the way they
play it off right there.
Everybody lined up like
they catching the bus,
like you ain't taking the bus.
But look,
that's one of them places where look,
as long as you standing up
they ain't gonna mess
with you because you say,
"Yo, I'm waiting for the bus."
A yo, peace, peace.
Peace King, how you doing man?
Respects, God!
I'm just, I'm making another project.
I support you.
Can anybody spare a coin?
Please, thank you for earlier.
Change, thank you for earlier
Yeah I don't know man,
I don't want any of that
music in the background.
Let's go over to the
next store on the right.
Can you spare a coin?
flows like sea billows roll
Whatever my Lord,
Thou has taught me to know
It is well
It is well
With my soul
With my soul
It is well,
It is well
It is well
With my soul
whatever you take your time.
It brought tears to my eyes
- Cause I can sing you a worshiping.
Oh I got something that's on here
that I think I remember.
1, 2,1, 2 yo
1, 2, 1, 2,1, 2
- Yeah but the problem is,
I don't want it with that
beat, know what I mean?
The God is out for
money, power, respect
Since '87 had my knowledge correct
You ain't polished yet
I'm with the Gods with
these 1's split between us
Hood stars, my gun speaks with English
I'm about to bring it!
I got, I got the knowledge
doing boss things
I've been doing this
since I was off-spring
Killer bees with awful sting
Above the ring like Mike Tyson
Spit rims on the mic device
And niggas like fighting
Bronx streets to the beach in Brighton
And received enlightenment
G O D thing
Knowledge of self made me a street
Check my record
Shy nigga to the type to set it
Allegedly G pedigree
I don't think these
fuck niggas ready for me
Make the nights colder
Say it twice, Book of Life quoter
Book of Life quoter
When the God shines light it's over
- Yeah hold on, I got this one,
let me listen to it a couple of times.
I'm a, I'm a homeless saint.
I pray everyday and I get by via
having a fun life.
Give me a prayer, please.
Um, dear God,
help me get through this day,
and let me make dinner tonight.
What's your name again?
Talk about that name,
that name is a special name.
- Talk to me about...
Yes, I'm named from the Bible.
The Angel Gabriel, uhm, appeared
to them and stuff, yeah.
Thank you brother.
Thank you bro, God bless you.
The police
got this shit clamped!
- Yeah they, yo they.
Listen but you know they was having like
riots and shit out here.
Like I seen some shit it was some brothers
you ever seen those brothers
they got like an app
when they walk around and like
if the police is messing with somebody
they press record and then,
they could, like, it goes real time.
Like even if the police take your phone,
it streams straight to whatever service.
Know what I'm saying?
And I seen them out here having
like a whole riot situation
Then after that I started seeing
this out here all the time.
But you know, overtime man,
the more people they get,
certain amount of white people
start coming around here
then they really gonna clean it up.
You know what I'm saying?
But um,
you could start telling when
you start seeing those bars
because one thing about
these people that's coming,
that's coming in this neighborhood,
they not New Yorkers.
Know what I'm saying?
Like see as a New Yorker, right,
I don't care what type
of gentrification happens
I'm never moving to Bensonhurst.
You understand what I'm saying?
So, by the same token,
ain't no White person that's from New York
moving to Harlem or the
South Bronx or Brownsville
or nothing like that.
You understand what I'm saying?
But one thing about them,
is they from them small towns
and they just coming out of college.
And if you look at New York right now
that's what they trynna recreate,
them type of college towns
where its bars and all that.
You know what I'm saying?
But it's not a lot of
this right here going on.
Where it's a lot of people.
They not used to that, you know.
You're dealing with people now,
they're used to "play-dates."
Where your parents take you to a place
and you play with a set of kids,
it's not like when we was coming up,
when look, you go outside,
and you know, whoever's
your friends out there,
whoever's doing what you're interested in,
that's your people.
You could see, any place
where they still got Popeyes,
then it's free for all.
Yo what happened to you?
He put his hands
on me, that man in there
I told him and
then he chased me to Wendys.
And he got a bunch of K2 so watch me move.
Fucking fake as churches,
fucking fake ass trees.
Cops is in there shaking with them.
Yeah God, it's wild up here, man.
- Yo, son you know to me
that it's always a thing
where it's like damn...
You know, a lot of things,
how you looking it,
it's like from where you knew the person,
you know what I'm saying?
Or from where you knew the thing.
Like for me it's like, damn, you know,
125th Street was like a cultural thing.
Like even there was a lot of
things that people would do
but it's like, do that up
in the blocks and shit.
Know what I mean?
Like right here, 125th, like over here,
this is where the Muslims used to be
before they was on 7th avenue.
Know what I mean?
So all out here, well not
at this time of night,
but I'm saying, you know,
you seeing the Muslims
out here selling papers.
Know what I'm saying?
You know, whoever it is,
the answers is out here with they oils,
you know what I'm saying?
So it's like,
you know I mean,
there's still some business
going on and all that
as far as the prosperity, you know,
there's people that got
businesses out here but,
in terms of the real knowledge man,
and really looking for a way
to improve our situation,
that's not going on too
much out here no more.
You know?
See that's why I fear for this generation,
that's why Nipsey meant so much for them.
You know what I'm saying?
Because he was the one that,
that introduced that to
these group of people.
'Cause they grow up with this.
YO these buses
be driving like cars.
You ever notice how these buses whip?
Like regualr cars
- listen, I been told people man,
It's not the cabs son, it's the buses!
See you got the Wholefoods right here.
Right, that's what I'm saying,
because this is more already like,
you could see look,
any place where they putting
a whole bunch of banks.
You know what I'm saying?
The type of stores they got in here,
Raymour and Flanagan.
You know what I'm saying?
The Olive Garden
You see what I'm saying?
Look you don't see no
Popeyes over here.
Our type of stores,
the Dr Jays and all that,
that's gone!
Yo you could pull
up right here and just...
Hi mom
Hi son,
getting ready to go to work.
My fifth day.
I'm working on another film.
You are?
Mmh-hmm, yeah I'm with Camilla
That's a big
deal you did't tell us.
Yeah, well,
it's not, it's complicated.
It's just at the beginning.
What is it about?
It's just everyday stuff.
I was in Harlem last night shooting a lot.
Oh really?
But you're not
going to do another film
about Harlem?
No, I mean after the first one.
Did you like Camilla, mom?
Yes, she was very nice,
very quiet, well not too quiet but...
You know, the
name of the film is Camilla?
Uh huh.
Yeah but if you say Camilla,
then the whole thing would
have to be about her.
Or centered around her.
You think?
Uh, it has to
have some significance
to the name or to the film.
You know, whatever you name the film,
the body of the film has to have some
significance to the name.
It's like Ben, Michael Jackson's.
Who's Ben?
Song called "Ben" about the rat
and they made the movie called "Ben."
Ben was about the rat.
Don't you remember that song?
mm mm.
You never heard that song?
Look up that movie.
YO Frenchie!
Yeah, oh.
What up, man!
Yo you wanna take a
little ride with me man
- and come back?
- Yeah!
But listen
the ride is like an hour,
I'ma take you back here.
I wanna go back to where I live,
get my camera and bring you back.
Are you willing to take an hour trip?
It's like an hour drive and come back.
Can you do that?
C'mon, C'mon.
Yo dawg, this is my dude right here.
Yo Frenchie what up!
All right.
You can sit down there Frenchie, okay?
What is that Frenchie?
It's a time, to tell time.
Yo Darkim, uhm,
I think I'm gonna run up
in the Bank of America.
Get some gold, just to bless you with,
you know what I mean?
And then take you, which
way you want to go?
I'm gonna take him back to like
close to where I rest
so I can go get my film
because I ran out.
And I been looking for
Frenchie for a minute.
Uhm, you
know the Halal Chinese?
In Medina?
Na, right here.
Where at
It's like on 110th Street.
I'll take you there.
All right, bet.
Give me a minute.
That's running by the way
So if y'all politic it's gonna pick it up
What's the deal Frenchie?
You alright?
Yo dun, this is just 40, alright?
Frenchie you want some water?
Please papa God bless you.
Thank you very much papa.
There you go brother.
Frenchie always
forget to take the top off
before he drink,
Frenchie likes to drink water.
Frenchie drink water.
Don't spill it, aight?
No no, Frenchie drink papa.
Gotta take your time.
drink water.
Frenchie drink water.
Frenchie drink water.
Frenchie, Frenchie drink water.
Frenchie drink water.
Frenchie drink,
Frenchie, Frenchie drink water
Frenchie, Frenchie drink water,
Frenchie, Frenchie drink water
Frenchie drink, water.
Frenchie drink water.
Yo Frenchie,
tell me how long you've been
living out here in the street?
37 to 39.
Since you were thirty seven?
Since I
was twenty-second 22nd.
Where you from originally?
Originally I from Haiti.
And what year you came here?
I came here in 1982.
And you came
straight to New York
or you came somewhere else first?
I came straight to New York.
And this is
where you came to Harlem,
or you went to Queens or Brooklyn?
That's when I went to Harlem.
You came straight to Harlem?
Straight to Harlem.
You got
family out in Flat bush?
I used to, not in Flat bush,
no in Flat bush I got friend.
What about Hollis Queens?
In Queens I got friends.
I could have cousins, cousins, cousins,
but no brother, no sister.
Your family came here with you
or you came by yourself?
My family came by with me.
Well where they at now?
In Miami Florida.
Ohhh, they went to Florida.
I got some family down there too.
Beautiful country.
So how come you
don't go down there with them?
I went there with them,
but I went, my father
died, my mother died,
and I couldn't stay.
I went to the funeral and
I come back to New York.
And when I come back I lost my house.
I came back to a wreck.
I got no more money I could pay,
I couldn't pay rent, no place to live.
You used to work at that time?
I used to work, yes.
And what happened to your job?
I lost my job
because I went to hospital
to take medication.
That's why I lost my everything,
I lost my house everything,
I never go back home.
I never have any place to live.
I'm on the street for life.
Never can go home.
Because the doctor told me
there's no place for me to live.
Because they treat me in the house crazy,
something's crazy, I gotta
take medication, no place,
I gotta sleep on the street.
Nah you can make it back.
You just gotta put your mind to it.
You gotta get your mind right.
Yo Frenchie you're gonna move
into the front seat okay?
Alright Frenchie,
hop in the front seat.
Yo dawg can we build soon God?
Peace Almighty!
Alright, yo Frenchie, man you good?
We gonna take
a little journey today.
You know what I'm saying,
I'm gonna bring you back safe
and ah, I'm gonna give you some food,
some money, some clothes,
whatever you need man,
know what I mean?
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah what up?
I'm okay, word up run
We be a team, cause everybody
plays a part in this
Ain't no chuckin,
we coming from the parks
Where the gun sparks after dark,
you got your three point shooters
Yeah I was looking for you earlier.
You was
looking for me earlier?
I was there, I was there.
All the time you look
out for me come out here.
All the time, all the time
If I ain't got you I ain't got nothing.
Frenchie put your seat belt on.
There's a seat belt there, pull it around.
No no no no no, yeah put that down,
pull that seat belt around you, sit back,
There you go, smash it in.
Good, good, now you safe alright.
Is your mother still alive?
My mother died,
but she's alive in heaven.
We throwing 52 blocks at outside shots
To bubble up your snot box
No penalties or shot clocks,
It's similar to Comstock kid
You catch an elbow in
this hell Hole of concrete
Add a touch of Soul before we compete
You better have your Vietnam fleet
My squad deep like Ethiopians
Peep me in the open and I'm closing in
Focus on the broken rim now
We shake a bone out your shin
Toss a back pass
With enough force
that it'll crack glass
We celebrating at
last for stopping you
So take your sorry black ass
Back to the locker room, yo
My team work to make your team hurt
We pulling up skirts so back down
Before these Wu niggas
tear the fucking shack down
What what what
No doubt, no doubt
We got the all-star lineup here
Yo niggers better sign up
In the hole
In the hole
In the hole
In the hole
What happened French?
Uhhh, down window.
If I got a friend and my friend got a car,
I'm going with my friend with the camera
I'll kill anyone for him.
That's why I talk to nobody there.
That's why I told you I
wanted to come with you,
I didn't want to stay in my fucking area.
Because if I ain't got
you I ain't got nobody.
When you come to my area you see me.
I know you.
People in my area don't know me.
I never talk to no
fucking body in my area.
When you're talking to me
privately, they don't talk to me.
We are all different, I don't
know them in my fucking area
I don't know them.
Yo Frenchie,
I got a friend, I got a
friend, named Vikki Tobak.
You know what I'm saying, Vikki Tobak.
Wow, hi!
My friend Vikki is
saying "Hi" to you Frenchie.
Yeah, hi!
Hi, Frenchie,
where are you guys?
Right now we're driving
on the Grand Central Parkway,
and I'm taking Frenchie
to my house, and uh..
Yeah, I'm gonna, you know,
re-up because I had a bunch of film,
mm film and I finished it,
and uh it's rare that I
see Frenchie these days so,
you know, I gotta go get some film
and he never been to where
I rest at, so you know.
Let him take a shower maybe change,
give him some clothes, give him some food,
you know what I mean just kick it.
And uh, maybe break day,
break day on it so that,
you know what I'm saying?
We could get the sunlight
later, know what I'm saying?
What you think about that Frenchie?
I think good,
I think that's a good idea.
I ain't got nothing, if I ain't
got you I ain't got nothing.
Yeah we're
coming from 125th Street.
Wow, nice!
Well I'm calling you guys from LA,
I'm driving on the
freeway in LA right now.
Oh word?
It's still,
it's still light here
Oh yeah, it's 10
o'clock here, so you know.
Yeah, yeah!
What, have you guys had dinner yet?
Na we don't eat dinner, we're like..
You know, we eat once a day.
Very nice.
Well Frenchie I know Khalik is
gonna take good care of you,
get you some good food.
Yeah, yo Vikki I
love you and I'm whipping,
so let me hop off and uh,
we'll build soon alright?
Okay, all right.
Yo we'll
talk soon like tomorrow.
Okay, yup, bye.
Aight, peace!
So Frenchie, tell me a
little more about God.
I like to hear you talk about God.
Yeah, God is
good, God is everything,
God is in everything around you.
Yeah God is good yeah?
God is everything.
I think God, I
think, I think that you are God.
I think that you're God.
I'm God, I'm God,
I'm God, I'm God, I'm God.
God lives inside of you
God lives inside of me.
What do you think
about the Lord Jesus Christ?
The Lord Jesus
Christ is the only one..
The way the truth and the life.
The truth and life.
The truth and life.
And what do you think
about the Sermon on the Mount?
The Sermon on the
Mount is the good, best one.
The Sermon on the Mount.
Best one.
Sermon on the Mount
Sermon on the Mount says
There's nothing impossible.
You can cross any water, any where...
Everything is so beautiful.
Everything is so perfect.
If you got God in you
Because God says something you
learn people are good people.
Frenchie talk
to me about miracles.
What is, you know, tell me
about the miracles in your life.
The miracle in my life is,
the best miracle is when I meet you.
When I meet you.
After I meet you,
after I meet you, I ain't
got no more problems.
Right now I got no
problems because I got you.
Before I got you I was naked.
I wake up in the morning
to somebody house, naked.
Because I was outside naked.
No clothes to borrow,
no place I can get warm.
And I went to the bathroom,
no light in the bathroom.
I went it was raining,
I went inside of the house
naked to use bathroom.
And I took a piece of,
she didn't have no toilet paper
for me to clean my back ass.
I took a piece of paper outside.
I went outside for a piece of paper.
She didn't have no paper to clean my ass.
But she got clothes to
give to me to put on.
I tell her I need
something to clean my ass.
I don't need nothing to put on.
That's why I come inside the house,
to shit, I gotta shit.
I need something to clean my ass.
And they say, "Well, to
come inside the house
you got to buy something.
You see what I mean, I cannot shit.
Nothing to clean my ass
If it's raining you have to walk naked,
in the rain
When you shit, rain
water, you're in the rain.
When you shit outside in the rain,
you're naked in the rain
all your clothes wet,
is wet, your clothes wet,
you shit, wet clothes.
No place you can go inside,
if you don't have a house,
money to pay to go inside to take a shit,
you're already outside naked.
If I ain't have you, since I
met you I'm in big trouble.
I wouldn't have no clothes, I was naked
Yeah, I don't want to talk to anybody
I want to talk only to you.
You the only good people I talk to.
Those people man, they will fuck you up.
So Frenchie, Frenchie,
What do you think happens when, you know,
when you leave this world?
When you leave this world where do you go?
When I leave this world,
no more darkness, no more darkness.
Oh where's the darkness?
Where's the darkness?
When I get over darkness
I get into the light.
I see the light, it's more better.
I take the darkness and I leave the light.
Frenchie when we go in here,
just try not to make too much noise,
'cause there's people that are sleeping.
Alright, cool.
Yo Frenchie take your shoes
off here, leave 'em here.
Yeah, you never been here before.
Never, never
uhm sit, you could sit,
hold on let me move this, yap.
- No don't bother to take any of us, Dave.
You said you
want some hot coffee?
Okay, I'll get that for you.
Danny, let her look, look.
No but she wants
to look at the computer
and Dave wants her to look at him.
Ahhh, it's a little
nappy, it's a little nappy,
but it's not like a afro, it's less than,
it's a little less than an afro.
Look at David Emily, clap.
It's not so bad,
aight yo yo, I'll be there
in like fifteen minutes.
Come on Frenchie.
Frenchie you want to use the bathroom?
You want to take a shower?
Yes, shower, okay.
Yeah okay, take a
shower I'll get you a towel.
No shower, ah..
Go ahead, I
want you to wash your hair.
I don't know if that's gonna..
Is that gonna cut, he got locks.
The shoes I just gave him,
the new shoes and socks.
Why, what he had on?
Oh, some sandal type shit.
When you came out here,
did you have the windows open?
My windows?
I had the AC
blowing, I had the windows open,
I had the prayers going,
I had to pray to God.
I'm gonna imagine you telling
this story to your customers,
like yo, this nigga Khalik, man.
They're gonna say yo...
- I can't tell them!
Because they'll be scared, like,
they'll be like yo you clean those joints,
you did this you did that?
He must have just went
in there and let the,
the water hit him and that was it.
You ain't, did you have any soap for him?
Yeah, yeah.
- He ain't use it?
I don't know I wasn't in there.
- You should've went in there...
My man blew it up
first though know what I mean?
- No he didn't.
Like the whole New York City came out.
- You ain't call your moms down there?
- You ain't call your moms
down there, let her...
They woulda kicked me out.
- Yo.
The funny thing is,
his brothers are pretty wealthy.
- His what?
His brothers be driving benzes.
- So why they don't look out?
They do, but then he dips off.
- I guarantee it's some kind of substance
that got him twisted.
Yeah, you right about that.
Frenchie you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm gonna tell
all your customers man.
I'm gonna say "yo, this dude Rog man,
"he made me bring my boy here,
"he saw the dudes cut so he
said 'yo Khalik bring him, '
"and I said okay."
Not only did he cut him,
but he paid him to cut him.
What you think he's
gonna do with that money?
Buy some shit maybe.
I never really
give him too much 'cause
cats will steal it from
him know what I mean?
I'm saying he ain't gonna be
able to rock no Caesar outside.
You know when the Winter season hits.
You ever cut
somebody like him before?
- Not at all,
unless they was trying to
get rid of their dreads.
Cause he got locks, they all underneath
I tried to comb it a little bit
but it's all grabbing, you know?
He was kinda wilding in
the car at one point,
he threw some glass
shit down at the ground.
And uh I got a little
anxious like I thought maybe
he was gonna fucking
push the car into park
while it was driving and
shit, like know what I mean?
Like crazy shit.
See nobody ain't
ever really care for him,
you know what I mean?
Like, give him a cut, know what I mean?
Shit like that.
Nobody ain't really doing
nothing like that for him,
so he's just relaxed now.
Now he's like what?
Kinda, kinda confused about it.
They twisted us up man,
they knew just how to get us.
Threw that junk in our neighborhoods.
I didn't think he was gonna
let me put a line on him
but I put a line on him.
See it, can you see it?
Yeah, it's fly
That's God's work right there.
Yo Frenchie.
Yeah, yeah.
You look beautiful man,
you look beautiful Frenchie.
You got a beautiful cut now, look at you.
Yo Frenchie
you're my best friend.
Yeah you're
my best friend too.
You're my best friend too.
Thank you man.
Ah yes, thank you, thank you.
Thank you very much!
Without you I ain't got nobody else.
Yeah so you're like my father,
but you're also just my brother.
I love you Frenchie.
I love you too.
God bless you.
God bless you too.
Friends for life.
Friends for life.
You happy to
be back in Harlem now?
How you like your cut?
Very good, very good.
What are all
the girls gonna say?
The girls gonna
say "I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you,
with all my heart."
Alright Frenchie I'm
gonna let you out here okay?
Okay seor.
Be safe out here,
man, and get some sleep.
Aight Frenchie, give
me dap, God bless you,
- take that with you.
- Yeah.
God bless
you forever my brother.
God bless
you, God bless you too.
God bless you.
I'll see you soon.
See you
soon, I'll see you soon.
God loves you.
God loves you too.
God loves you, God loves you too.
Peace brother.
Alright Frenchie
I'll see you soon man.
I got no money yet.
Oh shit,
yeah I forgot man, shit.
I'm coming right back, okay?
Don't let nobody take it from
you, be careful all right?
Alright big bro.
Alright big bro, yeah.
Don't spend it all on K2.
Buy some food, make sure
you have some breakfast.
Know what I'm saying?
Yeah, yeah.
Don't spend
it all on drugs and shit.
I love you man.
I love you too,
I love you, love you too.
Aight big bro.
Aight big bro.
Peace God.
Ah peace!
Look why don't
you put the $20 in here?
I'm gonna
put it in the back pocket.
No you put the
singles in your back pocket.
I put the,
me hiding the the 20.
And then put the singles up here maybe.
Okay, that's that's tight.
That's tight.
Put the singles
in this pocket, yup
Don't let nobody take it from you
Okay papa.
I love you
God, travel in harmony.
You God
first, I love you first.
I'll see you soon all right?
See you soon.
I Love you bro.
I Love you.
I love you.
Me love you.
Alright Frenchie,
close the door I gotta bounce.
Only the truth is true
and nothing else is true.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
My mom gave birth to the Christ.
Wade in the water
Wade in the water
Wade in the water
Mom do you know you
gave birth to Jesus Christ?
What're you talking about, son?
Danny it upsets
me when you say those things.
Because I didn't.
I gave birth to you.
You don't think I'm Christ?
No, no son.
What if I was?
Yeah but you're not.
How can I not be?
mm mm.
You don't think
that he loves me so much
that he would allow me to be him?
No, no.
Is it blasphemy or something?
nobody should say they're
Jesus Christ because...
Well Jesus would
tell me that I'm his equal.
No, you can be Jesus-like.
But Jesus and
Christ are a little different;
if I'm Christ that just means I'm Christ.
What about Jesus Christ,
what about Christ alone?
Maybe not Jesus
I don't know,
Jesus Christ is the father of Jesus.
Christ was the Father?
Jesus was the son, mom.
No, Jesus is the son
but I mean God is the Father.
Speak to me
about the Holy Spirit.
No, you're
recording all this thing?
No son, no, no.
You know I
went to the nuns today.
What nuns?
I went to the
nunnery and I said look,
"Can I walk in the hallway
and film you guys?"
Can I come and a pray with the nuns?
And they said what's wrong with this man?
They thought I was crazy, I'm
gonna bring Frenchie there.
I'm bringing Frenchie to the monastery.
Because how could they turn
me away, I don't get it.
They don't understand their
speaking to me, I'm Christ.
I know the book of Matthew, mom,
I know the whole book of Matthew.
But Danny come here.
These things cause me concern son,
and worry me when you just
come in here with this..
This uhm, what is that thing?
It's a microphone.
Microphone and
start asking me these things
and it makes me get worried.
Well, let me tell you mom,
Sometimes, there's a psychedelic thing,
it's called mushrooms,
psychedelic mushrooms.
You know, it's not a drug,
but sometimes I eat them.
I eat these mushrooms.
They're psychotropic!
So you shouldn't do that!
They're not deadly,
mom, they're they're uh.
They're, Jesus ate them.
No, Danny, please,
please don't do anything like that son.
Mom when you call me Danny,
the people are gonna be confused anyway..
Yeah but this is very bother..
Very concerning to me.
Let me tell
you I went into the woods,
and I seen some people,
and I stopped them.
And I was telling them
that forgiveness is the key to happiness.
I told them, I said "forgiveness
is the key to happiness."
And it was a couple, and
they were drinking wine.
And they looked at me, they
said this man is crazy.
They said this man is very, very crazy
But to tell you the truth mom,
the world is crazy I'm not insane.
Anyway, don't worry about me.
No but I don't
want you to go to any woods
and eat any mushrooms Danny.
Have you ever
heard about that, dad?
- Maybe in Iran they have that stuff.
- Maybe in Iran they have that stuff.
See now you're
getting dad worried too.
Well look,
mom, look, the thing is,
Grandpa made sure that all
of his children are safe.
Grandpa already sealed it for all of us.
So you don't understand,
you don't understand.
Your worry is, is not...
I'm sorry mom, don't worry about me.
No but I have to be worried
when I hear this sort of talk.
Mom all my life...
See dad, dad is worried too.
What do you
think about 4Th Disciple,
remember 4th Disciple?
Yes but I
don't want you recording
any of these things son, I really don't.
These things upset me more
than you could imagine.
Well mom look, I'm not really
mortal, a mortal being?
I'm different,
didn't you just see I drove to Montreal
in 36 hours and came home?
You don't think that the prayers
already have taken me up?
Mom I'm so advanced you don't even know.
Anyway, man, I'm out of here.
Read the books, please, please read them.
Uhm, I can't
read that book now son.
I can't.
That's a very heavy book
you need to have the...
I am upset because I..
That's a choice,
why would you use your
choice to become upset.
What are you upset about?
I'm upset because
what you are saying to me is..
Q is the seventeenth letter.
T is the twentieth letter.
U is the twenty-first letter.
B is the second letter.
A is the first letter.
C is the third letter, R...
All these things
cause me a great deal of upset
I wonder if something is happening to you.
R is, I'm a genius.
R is the eighteenth letter.
V is the twenty-second letter.
Danny do you feel okay?
Mom, look, you're concerned..
Of course
I'm concerned, because..
Well let me
tell you about fear,
people fear what they don't understand.
When you feel fear, you feel worry,
it just means you don't understand.
It just means you don't understand.
So I'm gonna leave you
alone but don't be worried,
if you're worried remember
it's a choice to be worried.
You have a choice not to be worried.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to bother you,
I'm sorry to bother you.
You don't think I
have any reason to be worried?
Mom, you know how
many of my friends I outlived?
Do you know I'm just like Frenchie?
This man is 60.
It concerned me, first of all,
the fact that you brought Frenchie here.
- Hold this, face me.
You have never ever
taken Frenchie here before
and I thought that those
people who you photograph,
they're in ah, in their own vacuum.
And you go there, you photograph them,
you make movies about them.
But to actually take him in the house,
that was sort of surprising to me.
Yeah but mom,
Jesus used to wash the feet of the poor.
I know that, I know that Danny,
but that's because he was
Jesus, he could do that.
And he was
teaching us humility.
Fuck Trump!
Yo hold on
man, what day is today?
I remember mom, in this
room when I was a young guy,
Dari would be out all hours of the night.
You'd be so worried.
Me and you would be driving
around looking for Dari.
Mm mm.
Sing the song to Camilla,
the "Who's that Peeking out the Window"
Okay, who's that peeking out my window
Pow, nobody tonight
That's it, that's
all I know, yeah...
And what's
your message to Camilla?
Uh I love her, I love
you or something like that?
Yo, Khalik.
Yo, Larisa,
yo I'm filming right now,
I'll hit you back in a moment.
Oh shit, alright!
Alright, peace!
Alright peace.
Just say hi to her.
Hello, my name is Mark Wilson.
Yo Cami speak
up because Mark is here,
my boy Mark, Yo Mark hit her
with the song, "Who's That."
Who's that peeking out my window
Pow, nobody tonight
Hello Mark.
Hi how're you doing?
I'm fine.
That's good, it's
good to hear your voice, yeah.
Uh huh.
I'm doing good girl.
And you Khalik?
Oh yeah,
this is my good friend,
his name is Mark, Mark Wilson
You know, I know his family,
his dad is a good man.
His mother is a good woman,
you know his older sister is a good woman.
You know, he has a dog.
Well the dog passed away
but it lives in Heaven,
the dog doesn't die.
Where do you live Mark?
What happened?
Where do you live,
do you live in the neighborhood or?
I live in the
neighborhood, yeah, yeah
I live with him I live
in the neighborhood.
The same neighborhood as Danny, yeah.
Bye Mark.
Hey, have a
good day, peace, Camilla.
You too.
Yo tell him
where you're speaking from,
tell him where you are
in the world, Camilla.
I'm in Belgium, in Brussels.
Wow, that's a long way, yeah...
Uh huh, yeah, yeah.
But I'm Italian,
my family lives in Italy
Oh that's
awesome, that's awesome.
Alright, peace out!
Who's that peeking out my window?
Who's that peeking out my window
Pow, nobody tonight.
Alright peace baby.
please tell me about
this area at night time.
We can't comment on that.
Can't say anything?
Can't say
anything about that, alright.
They gonna say woah,
what's wrong with you dude?
You made a movie called Black Mother
and you married a white girl?
I don't really, I don't
really see it that way.
I don't see it that way but um..
They gonna think that maybe, some of them.
Some of them don't give a fuck,
they don't give a fuck, really?
But yo I like them
so let me just throw them some
of the tastefulness, alright?
If you don't mind?
You know, share me,
share me a little bit
with some other women.
I like this girl in
Romania actually, fuck.
I'm gonna fall back, on the pleasure.
There's no pleasure in
the body, you understand?
Any pleasure in the body turns to pain.
You know, that's how the
Holy Spirit teaches you
that you're not a body.
I'll work it out later, all right?
Four in the morning out here son.
Three and change and I'm on the mushrooms,
and I'm speaking to the police
on the mushrooms, I'm wild.
Should I go get some more shots?
I should bank around,
go look for Frenchie.
I'm going to the park.
Wade in the water
Wade in the water
Wade in the water
Wade in the water
Give me like a hum of that.
Oh man, yo I just found
Frenchie out here I'm wilding.
Oh it's still running.
Yeah man I just found Frenchie.
The police are wilding,
they see me they say,
"who is this psychotherapist?"
You know what I mean?
Who is this?
"As the Heavens for height
and the Earth for depth,
so is the heart of kings unsearchable."
Proverbs 25:3.
Yeah I want
to stay close to you.
I want to be with you, you're a good guy.
That's the good guy in
the area, a very good guy.
Ayo Frenchie, um,
I can't believe I just found you just now.
Uh huh.
That's perfect.
Uhm, yeah let's get away from
the police and all this shit.
And I'm gonna move you to somewhere else
and then if you wanna
stay in a hotel later,
I'll get yo a room.
You wanna do that?
Where do you sleep now?
You're sleeping on the road?
Where you at?
Outside, that's
where I stay, outside.
I'm making a movie,
making a movie for the future.
That's why I stay outside, to learn,
to, to practice.
You want a banana Frenchie?
Yes please papa.
Alright, hold on.
I'm gonna get up out this area,
you know what I'm saying?
I'm gonna get up out this
little area right here.
All right.
And then we
gonna move around alright?
All right.
I got one of my
friends coming to help me, okay?
Okay, good shit.
Take you over by the Allah School.
Yeah French, Yo I
was thinking about you man.
I'm always thinking about you.
Yeah, I miss you too.
I miss you, I think about you.
I think if I ain't got you, I miss a lot.
Yo Frenchie, you
think that we're family?
We family, family.
Exactly, exactly.
We're practicing love, we got love.
We love everyone, we're very good people.
Good people.
I love everyone just
like you love everyone.
That's what I learn from you.
I be with you.
What I learn from you,
I learn it to practice.
To be someone like you.
Some good people like you.
You show me, I can learn, I can practice.
If I ain't got anyone to show me,
I cannot know it.
You show me love, you show me good heart.
You show me a good guy.
You're a really good guy,
and all you show is goodness.
And you show it with all your heart.
You got it good, you got it good.
Not everybody, but people
are looking to find it,
from others
You're my best friend.
You're my best friend too.
You're my best friend.
God is good man, God is good.
You want orange juice?
Orange juice.
Let me get a banana.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Okay man.
Ayo, where you at?
Yo God I
bounced out I went home,
I was dead tired man.
Ah man, alright
bro, it's all goody man
I got my dude from Beirut coming out here.
Ah it's like 2:00 AM right now,
but he's gonna come find me man.
- I just wish that..
- Where's he at?
In Brooklyn or in Harlem?
He's coming uptown.
No but where's he from?
He's from Beirut.
Where the fuck is Beirut?
A yo Frenchie.
One time we gonna do a duet.
And I say yeah yeah yeah yeah
And I say yeah yeah yeah
Hold on French, hold that.
Hold that back because you know,
you gave me that one before
and I already got it locked
so I don't wanna confuse
myself when I'm editing.
I don't wanna have thirty
of those same tracks,
so hold on!
Fab 5 Freddy.
Yo I locked that!
You see this guy right here?
Yo he murdered Sam.
And it was just like,
once again a good dude
trying to help a dude.
A good dude you hear me?
Shit happens man, and I'm like, you know?
He just was trying to
be a nice fucking guy.
Hold on.
I just think sometimes
getting a little too close to the subject,
could be problematic.
In a way that's, I mean
everything you doing,
the way you talk to them,
I mean I see that, you hear that,
in the way you deal with those cats,
that's part of the special
magic in the relationship.
But just, you have to keep
a line, you understand?
I think of it like this,
doctors help people, right?
No matter who you are, whatever shade.
They will get in there,
get in your insides and they
will help you and fix you.
That's their thing, they've
been trained to do that.
You know what I'm saying?
But when they go home,
they don't bring that work home with them.
They can't, you understand
what I'm saying?
Because, think of think of that dynamic.
Like they're trained to help us,
that's their passion,
and to be good at it.
Hours and hours of
college, complicated tests.
Thousands of new words in the lexicon.
All so they can effortlessly say,
"oh you got this that and the third."
You feel me?
Imagine if they bring that home too.
Did you see the video
where I took Frenchie to my house?
All that's...
I think your, your
instincts are good, man,
but personally, I just think like
you go a little bit too
far with some of them cats.
Those are like real wild elements.
Like not wild animals,
but they're like wild things in a way B,
that really don't want to be, you know,
they want to live free
in that type of context.
Just keep that in mind
when you're thinking.
I think your instincts are good
and the love that you share,
but I think as adults
as able-bodied individuals,
they gotta make a decision on their own.
And I think, just keep that in mind.
I mean you're an intelligent brother,
but I feel your compassion,
I feel your desire to wanna help,
that's remarkable, that's
incredible, that's special.
But you have to, I think,
as a person that's gonna
always have an instinct
to wanna work with those that are
not 100% in sync or whatever,
you have to keep a separation.
Just keep that in mind.
I would hate to have to be like,
pick up the paper and be
like "yo, that dude..."
'cause like I'll tell ya man,
I'm not trying to say you
would do something stupid
or a nigga would murk you.
But it's just like, whoa,
the complications that might come,
that dudes ain't really trying to reason
in the way we trying to reason.
We got responsibilities,
we got car notes, bills.
You trying to get something
and do the right thing
and help your fam.
All that's the real important.
That's important shit
right there, you feel me?
But, I would just keep that in mind.
And then there's
a place in the Netherlands
called Haarlem which this
Harlem gets its name from.
I'm aware,
yeah, I heard of that.
So I'm shooting
there I'm going to Rotterdam.
Amsterdam Avenue
is the next block over.
Wow, talk
about that for a moment.
I mean, there
ain't nothing to talk about.
It's New York history.
You know the Dutch, they were settlers.
They were early settlers.
They settled and named shit.
You know it's history my
nigga, what do you mean?
You know and they named
shit after generals
and other motherfuckers.
Apple Juice, no?
Mmm orange juice.
Fresh orange juice?
How long is
the train, how long is it?
Two hour trip?
Two hours and a half.
Yeah so 1:49,
or 2:10.
1:49 get's
us there at what time?
1:49 we are, well
it's two hours, so at 3:50.
What do you want to do?
You know what, we'll figure it out.
You know right after this,
we'll go back upstairs.
Can I say what
you tell me every night?
I love you, I love you so
much Cami, I love you so much.
So sad that you're my wife.
Why should I be afraid man?
Look man, I'm from Harlem New York, man.
Harlem New York City.
This is my first time in this Harlem.
This is where New York
Harlem gets it's name.
From this one, Know what I'm saying?
So tell me about
this place Haarlem, man.
What's up with this city,
what's up with this town?
Talk to me.
Oh you're not gonna say anything?
Come on man, you were just talking.
I'm not with the police man.
No, no, no, no he
doesn't want to be recorded.
Oh you don't want
to be, what about you, man?
No no no.
Tell me about Haarlem,
this is for a movie, I'm a filmmaker.
I make movies man.
Okay brother man,
okay I'll maybe stop somebody else, man.
You wanna talk
you switch this shit off.
Okay brother,
but I'm not with the police,
I'm a filmmaker, I make movies.
I see your eyes,
you have something,
something different you're not simple.
I'm not simple?
Maybe people over here make tricks.
That's why you're
not afraid and come to us.
I'm not afraid
to talk to anybody.
I see people straight away.
So what do you think?
You're suspicious.
Alright brother man, yo
Peace man, peace and love, peace God.
That's very strange huh?
Yeah I mean.
I mean what can I be afraid of?
He's asking me why I'm
not afraid to talk to him.
He should see who I speak to.
You know what I mean?
Maybe you
don't understand some stuff
There's a lot,
there's probably so much.
I was in the bathroom praying
about it actually, you know?
Yeah, I was telling the Holy Spirit
that I don't understand anything actually.
I'm a little kid, like I
watch children sometimes,
they look around and stuff.
They look around, they don't
know what the details are,
you understand what I'm saying?
That's how I am, I'm a child.
I don't know.
I don't understand the intricacies
of what I'm dealing with.
You know?
Do you want to be happy?
Yeah I want to be happy.
Why not begin
right now, why not begin now?
Right now, where we are now.
Know what I'm saying, you said
I'm only here for five days,
this is the last day that I'm here.
This is the last day I'm using
the best lens that I have.
Yeah but you know,
this is happiness for you, the best lens.
The best lens,
the best lens that I have.
Is that happiness for me?
Using that,
is that happiness for you?
You can tell me and I, and I understand.
I know that, which rules
our feelings, exactly
I know that, I know.
But in this moment tomorrow
you are leaving at 9,
you have the flight.
And we could be, you
know, one for the other.
Why do you
keep thinking I'm leaving?
You're gonna see me in a
couple months, in like..
Yeah but not in Brussels.
And I haven't had dinner,
I'm not gonna because
my stomach now, it's...
I'm not hungry.
You want some coffee, you
wanna go get some coffee?
Did you drink any alcohol
when you were with him?
Yeah I drink a...
Why would you drink
alcohol if your stomach hurt?
I was okay,
when uh, I met him.
You know, you're delicate,
your physique, your
physique, is a thin thing.
You understand?
That means you're sensitive, you know?
If you eat something,
your nerves are working,
your mind is working on it.
If you drink some alcohol
and shit like that,
and I'm on mushrooms and you drink,
and then you're complaining
that I'm on mushrooms.
Yeah why it's only me now,
why you talking only about me?
You drink alcohol,
you took mushroom.
I'm on them
all the fucking time.
What should I do?
You could do other stuff also.
Don't worry there are plenty
of stuff that we can do.
Like sex?
We do in general,
I'm not talking about the two of us.
I don't understand
what you are talking about.
What are you saying to me, Camilla?
No, I'm saying..
You're saying
I'm doing some other stuff
like what, like smoke, like what?
No no no I'm not saying that.
I didn't understand.
You said, I was talking
about mushrooms right?
And I was telling you I do them a lot.
And then you were like
"you'll do some other stuff"
what is that, what does that mean?
No, no you could do, I said,
you may also decide to do other stuff.
Which is not to take mushrooms I mean,
everyday or smoke or..
What do you mean
like read or go do some stuff
like walk or..
Yeah plenty of stuff,
there are so many beautiful things that
you could do and decide to do.
What if I just
decided to take a shit like,
all day I'm on the toilet
just dumping it out?
You know what I mean?
Like picture that, picture
if I was, instead..
Yeah you can do that.
Picture, you can do.
You can take pictures everyday.
You take pictures everyday.
And you take picture, also good picture,
also when you are, you aren't on mushroom,
you are not on mushrooms okay?
Because you mind is clear.
Miriam told you that you
have a very nice head.
You have that.
But let me tell you something.
Tell me, I'm listening.
Not everybody
can do what I can do.
No, I couldn't do what you do.
There's people that got special talent.
You know what I mean?
In whatever they do there's doctors.
There's different people
that are specific,
specialists okay?
But all of us will
share all of the talents.
And you?
because we're equal.
You and me are equals.
You know when I'm walking and I'm like,
"Yo Camilla come this way, walk over here,
"come do all of this and all of this."
You're my equal, you know?
I'm your student.
I told you that a while ago, man.
I'm one of your patients, you know?
I'm one of yours, know what I'm saying?
The shit that I teach you is
because I'm trying to learn it.
You know what I mean?
Do people live here, like over there?
No, offices.
What do you want to do now?
You wanna go get some coffee or something,
- because if you drank..
- No nothing I,
actually would like to go to sleep.
I'm very tired.
Yo Camilla I feel
like I made a big mistake.
Ah cinematically okay?
What did you do?
Because, man,
like I got this crazy lens,
and I came here this whole
time, and I didn't even use it
I was using the 10mm lens.
The Bolex lens on my Lumix.
And nice shots?
It looked nice, it looked okay,
but the shit that I got,
I mean, I'm gonna go walk around,
like if you want to go home,
I gotta go spend a nice two or three hours
just shooting stuff, you know?
Yeah I don't know if I can...
No you don't have to baby..
Yeah but you know..
Oh no no no,
I'm not gonna do that,
I'm not gonna do that,
because it's our last night.
Okay I'm not gonna do that.
I promise I wont do that.
And you're gonna get lost
because you don't know Brussels,
so I have to come with you.
Well I could come
back and I mean fuck that lens.
Chill out, man, what the fuck?
Yeah, yeah,
I didn't expect anything
from this, from tonight.
Really I didn't have any expectation.
And I don't want to project my desire,
my anything to you into you, et cetera.
Well you know..
It's just that,
we travel a lot and I follow
you everywhere, everywhere.
I follow you everywhere.
- Well lemmi ask you.
- I choose that, I choose
that, I take responsibility.
I take the responsibility of course.
Because I'm not a kid, not a kid.
I have more respect for kids
I'm not stupid, I'm not
uh, I don't know what.
But you know at some point..
Look at me!
You look
at me with your camera
but it's not the same stuff.
Look at me.
How would you know?
How would you
know how I look at you?
Tell me, I want to know.
Well look,
you see in parts now,
you see differences.
You think that seeing with the camera,
is different than seeing.
Shitty music.
What do you, what?
I'm not talking about gaze,
I'm not talking about
that, I'm talking about..
You just told me that,
well look, you were asking
me a question okay, honestly.
You know, it was in
the form of a statement
but you're really asking
me, how do I see you?
And you're saying
"look at me", as if I don't.
You're a
little younger than me,
know what I'm saying
Uhm, you don't understand how I see.
Yeah but
I'm, I'm enough smart,
to understand stuff.
And to understand and to talk to you.
Well look, I can
see peace instead of this.
We're already in Heaven.
In peace,
you're already in peace?
A lot of
people don't understand
that we're already there.
We're already in Heaven, that's the shift,
if you would.
If you..
Oh my goodness.
Heaven doesn't wait.
Whatever is eternal is now.
I'm gonna pass on.
Yeah, I feel like I been
feeling like I'm gonna die soon.
You know what I mean?
Physically, physically,
you know what I mean?
But actually I'm not gonna do
that because I control that.
I think I'm gonna stick
around, know what I mean?
Teach little children in
this world, know what I mean?
When I'm walking around
and I'm doing that stuff in the streets,
like, I'm leaving my mark here.
Some people they leave
their mark with Graffiti.
I don't do Graffiti.
I leave my mark in your memory.
Everybody I spoke to now,
they gonna remember that.
Those little girls, they gonna
remember what I told them.
You know, 20 years, 30
years down the line,
they'll remember that,
it'll come back to them.
They'll forget it for a little
while then it'll come back.
They'll see something
that reminds them and say
"oh, I heard that, yeah."
That's me, I'm a skateboarder,
the way I skateboard is slick.
You know, I get into
people's psychology man.
Why did you cry?
Tell me, why are you crying?
Tell me.
When I was looking at you,
when I was looking at
you I felt what you felt.
I saw you finally, I saw.
Yeah I saw all of that shit,
all of your pains and stuff,
you know?
I really felt it.
I was looking at you when I was crying.
I was looking at you
and then I was like yo.
What's interesting is that you were sad
and then when I started
crying your face changed.
No, you know why?
While you were doing that,
you were shooting me in that moment,
I start to say, to tell myself
that I am fucking beautiful.
And I don't need anybody,
I don't need anything.
That I'm powerful.
And I know that in a few months,
I'm going to be so fucking...
I wont need anything.
I wanted you
to know that though.
There are people sleeping,
they wake up very early.
Oh man, well Frenchie is so happy.
He's the happiest man I know.
I want to be just like him.
Yeah because I care
about dirty stuff like if I,
if I touch some shit I wanna
wash my hand real quick,
you know what I mean?
If I touch some shit that's dirty,
like even tape, I don't like tape.
Because a lot of tape is
made out of pork and shit.
Bones and shit, so if
touch tape or some glue,
I just wanna wash my hands and shit.
But I don't wanna be like that
anymore, know what I mean?
I don't want to give a fuck
about anything physical,
anything on the physical
plane, you know what I mean?
You know, and Frenchie does that for me,
you know what I mean?
Yeah take care of yourself.
Take care of yourself.
What do you mean?
Also of your body.
My body is..
Love yourself, love your body,
love everything about you.
You think I don't?
No, I'm just telling you.
All of this is so funny.
Ah man, I'm in Heaven,
I'm already in Heaven.
I've already passed away.
Nobody can follow me, know what I mean?
So you are alone?
Nah I'm with the Angels.
I'm in the presence, I'm in the presence.
I'm in the presence, you know?
When I made Black Mother and I
communed with my grandfather,
I was already in the presence.
That pushed me up.
That movie helped so many people.
Because it prayed.
Even the people they told
me in different places,
in Martinique and different places I went,
They said "ahh I didn't like the prayer."
But, that meant that they loved it,
that meant they needed it the most.
You know what I mean?
The people that didn't
like it needed it the most.
Know what I mean?
And uh, it's their right,
it's their right to criticize me.
We all need pardoning.
Why are you smiling?
Why are you laughing?
Ah hold on man, I'm gonna call
Killah Priest, that's better.
Yo peace Priest!
What up, what up!
Yo what's good with you bro?
I just want a verse.
You know what the verse I want is uhm,
"Greatest Lessons."
I got you!
I stepped in a church
Ashamed, naked and hurt
Wet from the rain,
My face shows pain
I'm desperate in search for answers
Grabbed the pamphlet
that the ushers handed
Blood stain shown through my shirt
Cause beneath, my arm was bandaged
I walked up the aisle
But didn't stop 'til I got the altar
I was being blocked by
the preacher's supporters
But he'd seen my torture
So-called friends filled
me with false love
I spoke "Sorry I have nothing to offer
But lost hope and an empty soul"
Yeah, tell me what you want.
Give it to me one more
time, go ahead say it again.
You said "You judge me
"but what would you do if you was me?"
you saw through my eyes,
if you've felt the pain
that I've felt inside.
What would you do, would you cry?
I do sometimes.
See you have a home and a swimming pool,
a big backyard and a living room.
I said, you fed with a silver spoon.
You probably sinning
too but you don't know.
Pardon me if I'm offending
you but you won't go.
I question my faith, been
in a depressional state.
I said, self-hate, one
day blessings will wait.
Stared in death's face,
planning my escape.
Yo that's real shit!
Wait wait hold on brother.
Now you going to fast now.
I'm not saying that.
You threw a question, you threw
something at me and I'm just
letting you know, when
you said "Let's go,"
I want you to ride with me,
'cause I got something I want.
You know what I mean?
I was like I wonder what this is.
'Cause most people call a week in advance,
before they set up
something, that's business.
Or they'll call, and let you
know, give you a heads up.
But I just don't, you
know what I mean, like..
Damn we ain't seen each other in years,
then I'm just gonna jump to, come on man,
you know that shit don't sound right.
You know, but you need to
hear me say that though,
that's all.
Yo you the
wildest, man, you the the..
Na I'm the realist!
You God listen man,
I been, uhm, conjuring Old
Dirty Bastard, know what I mean?
And I don't mean any disrespect to anybody
that may hear me say that, like you know.
Some niggas may not want
to hear me say that,
but seriously God, ODB visited
me a couple of times, God.
And I don't mean...
Yeah, he's still living.
Of course.
I always say that.
Na, na, well it ain't no, first of all,
let's get this straight.
Ain't no such thing as no white woman.
First of all when you say,
look at the word white,
White don't fit their genealogy.
When you say white, these
people are Caucasian
They not even Caucasian.
They're Paleolithic.
You know they Paleolithic.
There's really not a name to them.
Yo God, they Black.
Yeah they Black.
White people are Black people.
Yeah, thy black people.
Yeah, that's what they are, Black.
Like, it's so dark that
it turned like burnt
like, silverish, like ash-like.
You know what I mean?
So that's why they call it near white.
But they exchanged places,
they did the movie,
they did that movie trading places.
That's what they did with
us, they traded places.
Yo God, I got
a White girlfriend, God.
And uhm she's
Italian, her name is Camilla
And uhm, I met her in Brussels.
I tried to kiss her, and her
lips were straight colonized.
Closed mouth, she wouldn't
even fucking kiss me
at the end of the night
even though she made me wait two hours
in the tracks, in the subway, yo for her.
This is the Allah School in Mecca.
Yeah the man in the back seat
is one of my best friends
and his name is Frenchie.
You know, he survived a train hit.
All right, yo.
I see what's going on.
Yo he's getting ready to get out lord
Yeah I'm coming out.
Go ahead brother,
it's opened, go ahead.
It's opened?
Yeah go ahead it's opened.
It's opened?
It's opened, let yourself out.
It's not
opened, yeah it's opened.
Yo Frenchie I love you man.
Yeah, I'm
outside, I'm outside.
Close the door Frenchie.
Yo Frenchie look
man I'm gonna see you later,
I gotta drive man.
Ahhh papa, I
need money, I need money.
I don't have
any cash on me Frenchie.
I need money, I need money,
I don't got any money
look man, seriously man,
I don't have any cash on me.
Alright, what do you want Frenchie?
Take off your jacket, why
do you got that jacket on?
I need money, I need money,
I need money, I need money.
Hold this for a minute.
You move quick lord.
Yo God, you got cash on you?
I'll give it to you,
I gotta go to the bank
and I'll give it to you.
I don't have, like,
I didn't bring no cash on me.
pick up your jacket please.
Oh they said Frenchie,
they, the police know him.
French, come on man let's go.
I need money,
I don't have no money,
I need money, you said
you'd give me money.
I'm gonna go
to the bank for you man,
come on man, stop acting like that.
Alright, look man, I'm gonna come back,
give me about an hour okay?
All right.
All right.
What you doing?
Aren't you in my film?
Didn't I film you a couple years ago?
I think so, maybe.
A movie called "Filed Niggas."
Oh, I've
heard about that movie.
That's me man, that's me.
You made that movie?
Matt McCarthy
used to work with you.
I didn't like
that movie very much, but..
- Well, I mean...
you know, did you see it?
Yeah I think I
watched, I tried to watch it.
My dad told me to watch
it, he saw it on Netflix
and my dad told me to watch it.
Okay look, I'm gonna
be back in a little while,
all right?
Take care of my friend.
You got a fire on you?
Fire, you got a lighter?
Yeah I was just making sure
you're not like a serial killer
trying to pick on vulnerable
segments of the population.
Hold on one minute.
Do you watch
that show Mind hunter?
Did you, can
you repeat that question?
No it was just weird,
you were trying to get
Frenchie to get in your car
and he doesn't want to get in your car.
What do you mean?
You don't understand my
relationship with Frenchie.
I've been working with him for 7 years.
No, I know,
I seen you out here with
your 8mm or whatever.
Oh okay brother.
Look man, I got, I love the police man,
you know what I'm saying and uhm,
I see beyond the form.
The content of you is
the same as Frenchie,
it's the same as me.
The form is different, you're
clean, you got on a uniform.
You understand?
But it's the same spirit, okay?
Yeah I like Frenchie.
We like Frenchie, he's a good guy.
one of my favorite guys
out here.
I wish that they took care..
But where
you guys from though?
Where are you officers from?
you come from New York?
White stone.
Okay, okay, okay.
It's just funny to me
when officers question me,
because it's like sometimes
I'm asking where y'all from
but I love you sister God bless
you take care of yourself.
Have a goodnight okay?
You too, peace!
You're very pretty too, shit.
I wonder if that other cop is
smashing her, I'd smash her
He's smashing that?
He ain't smashing that.
These motherfuckers don't
follow by the rules of the games
that even they play.
Yo French I'm coming back God.
Frenchie, you don't
even know this motherfucker
he be sleeping out in the streets
He be sleeping
in the street but..
Be having
bugs and all that shit man.
You know what bugs can,
bugs get on you man,
you know what that do?
Some shit.
Yeah bed bugs, them niggas,
yeah you don't know about that?
It's some real stuff man.
Like I'm very, very knowledgeable.
I don't hate, you know I don't
have nothing against
Frenchie or nothing but,
being that he's hazardous to himself,
then he's hazardous to others.
Na God, look God.
If he's not
taking care of himself,
then he can become a
danger to somebody else.
Yo God, look God,
I've already returned to the essence.
See you just...
God listen
God, we already Home,
remember this world is an illusion.
What do we have to fear in an illusion?
Alright all right.
When was the last
time you seen like, uhm, GZA?
I ain't seen him in like...
I was supposed
to see GZA today man,
that's why really one of the reasons,
is I was gonna pick you up
and bring you to GZA's house.
I would love to see GZA.
He didn't call me back.
Yeah I would
love to see GZA, man.
But, uhm, GZA like to
play chess all the time.
that's exactly what he's
gonna want me to do;
"God play me in a game of chess."
That's all I do with GZA, is play chess.
GZA, I like GZA more than
any of them, for real!
I fuck with GZA, more so than any of them.
Well GZA was
the most generous with me.
GZA took me on tour
with him, gave me money
When I was 23 years old,
took me on the road,
I had just quit my job in
a nursing home he said,
"yo God come on the road."
See, see, see.
I don't know man, I don't know.
I'm taking
this doctor shit off.
If you was in my
position how would you feel?
That's all.
I'm a lot
younger than you, man.
I'm younger than half your age man,
what are you talking about?
Yeah, well you might be.
No I'm not.
I might got a son your age.
I'm 34.
I got a
son almost 40 years old.
Nigga I'm 34 man.
You ain't no 34 man.
How old do you think I am?
You're not 34.
I was born in 1985.
Come on man, stop it man,
Ay man I didn't see you in so long,
and here you ain't change.
You didn't change bro, that's one thing
You still got that same determined idea.
Yeah, that's one thing you got, you know?
I might need you though.
We've been injured.
Yo God, check this one out.
Everything that the white man
did to the Black man,
the Black man did to
the White man 10 times
or 100 times over.
I know that.
When we first
grafted them out from original,
we are the ones who gave them the dogs.
We're the ones who said
"look, here are the dogs,
"you gonna live with the dogs."
We are the ones,
who are still killing
Albinos in Africa, God.
God, right now Albinos are
being crucified all over Africa.
- Know what I mean?
- Yeah.
The original man,
which is the Black man, the
dark seed, the original man,
is the author of all of this.
He authored everything that we see.
Yeah, yeah, I know that.
And when we
look forward and we think,
oh racism and all this shit.
We did it first!
We did it first!
We did it to white people,
we grafted them out.
Yeah, we slaved them
They were
our science project, God
Yeah, yeah.
And you know what God?
Africans don't play around,
we use to kill twins.
If it was a twin we'd say
"Nah, recessive, murder him."
And we use to burn them.
And then, when we started grafting,
we started grafting the brown,
then we started grafting to the red,
then they started migrating,
we started grafting the yellow,
we grafted out to the white.
And when we finally came
up with White people,
we said "Oh fuck, we
gonna kill these niggas."
And look at what we did,
we put them into the caves,
we ran them out of Africa,
we ran them...
'Cause look
how they was living,
they were causing trouble
amongst the righteous people.
Causing them to fight
and kill one another.
But how could
they be responsible?
They were our children.
So what do you think
about White people now?
I don't
believe there's a white man,
I don't believe he's white.
I believe that he's a Antropophagus.
Yeah, of an ape or uhm
a chimpanzee or a chimp.
You know what I mean?
But can a
chimp build an airplane?
Well he just
got to be taught to do it.
A chimp is smart.
Monkeys is smart.
They could be taught, apes is smart.
They just got to be
taught to do these things.
Can a chimp do brain surgery?
Come on man, they're not that.
What I'm trying to say is
that, God only has one son.
And the Son
of Man is all races.
And all of that is God's son.
So when it comes down to women,
when it comes down to children,
when it comes down to the different races.
They all include you.
Yes sir.
God listen,
you're a dark skin Black man.
Inside of your DNA is everyone.
Yeah, yeah that's right.
So, so the
White man is in you God.
I just wrote
that in a text, man.
You can go in the acoustic
records and find that.
You know about the
acoustic records, right?
Akashic, yeah
well, I said it wrong.
Thank you brother for,
you know I need brothers like you.
Akashic, Akashic Records.
Yeah Akashic Records, you know,
that's the library in the atmosphere
with every person's life.
The Grand Recorder.
You very intelligent
but why you play like
you don't know sometimes?
Well "a wise
man can play a fool
but a fool can't play a wise man."
Yeah you right.
That's what these girls is,
I can't find a woman for shit, God,
because all them wanna be men.
For real!
I agree.
Now that's some real shit.
God listen,
I like feminine women
Like women that are like...
I like feminine women,
I like, they not feminine
no more, you too?
I like women that are soft.
Soft and feminine.
I like women, like
they make me feel like a man.
I don't want to feel like a woman
I got to challenge them,
yeah you trying to turn this shit around
and walk off in my body and
have me walk off in yours.
Now I'm the bitch and you
going to put a dress on me
and you gonna be wearing
the pants around here
get the fuck...
That's why I had to cut these women off.
They wanted me to get
married, go Christian.
Well this is the thing.
I mean,
Ain't blind men.
I mean I'm
gonna be a man anyway,
even if I had a woman that was
like her testosterone was up,
I'm still gonna be a man.
But I don't like to fuck
with women that act like,
they're stronger than me and shit.
You know what I mean?
Like physically stronger.
Like a chic with a mustache,
if she got a little mustache.
I like that,
that's freaky to me.
I mean the little mustache, like a little,
just a little, not no whole
lot you know what I mean?
I think that's sexy, that's my fetish.
Yeah a woman with a little light mustache,
and hairy legs, I love that shit son.
A hairy leg bitch.
I like hairy pussy.
I like hairy legs.
Yo God.
I got a funny fetish.
Big, little ass, long nipples,
I like long nipple titties.
Don't want them big just small and long.
Like a canoe.
You know, like hairy.
That's a fetish of mine, I
like them with hairy legs.
You a funny nigga, man.
Yeah I like
funny hairy legs, women.
You a funny dude, man.
Cause I like
to rub my legs against they,
and feel the hair on their legs and shit.
It just do, it strikes electricity,
you ain't know hair got electricity in it?
That's not a wedding ring?
Okay good.
We have a journalist.
I was coming from somewhere
walking this girl home
and I got up here,
and a motherfucker, bang
bang, bang bang bang.
I see these two Puerto Rican niggas
and a Black nigga running down this way.
And so I kept walking,
he ran passed me and shit,
nigga ran all in the store.
You know, and so,
I kept walking, I kept it moving.
I'm ducking as the bullets was coming by.
I'm ducking, I'm hearing the shots.
So I walk up this way, I see
a nigga laying in the street.
That nigga was dead, son.
Right over, right up here.
There's a lot
of drunk people right here,
I gotta be careful.
Look at them crossing the street.
It is, it
is kinda loose up here.
You see something you liked, yeah?
- Na.
- Shut the..
Na they um..
So Iva you
know Frenchie, right?
Yeah I know Frenchie.
Oh you know Frenchie?
Well I know of him.
I just met Frenchie though,
but I know of him like you.
But I didn't know,
damn Frenchie's a known
dude, man, to be a..
Well let me shut-up
Just from his work.
Really, that's it yeah.
What about Frenchie?
No Frenchie's a cool dude.
Is he at your house?
No he ain't at the house.
You knew what I
was getting ready to say.
Well I know you
brought him to your house
'cause I saw your clip so I
thought maybe he's still there.
Oh you did?
"Let me out of here!"
The police don't even mess with him.
That's how ill New York,
well anyway, one of them at least.
New York can't touch him.
They don't mess with him.
Oh look Frenchie, don't
take off your shirt now
they telling him don't take, he...
Frenchie do what he wanna do, really.
See they letting Frenchie
get away with too much.
Na, I'm just bullshitting.
Frenchie, on the outside -
he looks fucked up, right?
But on the inside he's clean and pristine.
Because he don't eat, he's always fasting.
So when you don't eat food like that,
your insides is clean and clean and clean.
So that's the enigma, of Frenchie.
So it's gotta be something,
an enigma, do you know what?
That's a great word.
It is a great word.
It's some type of thing
that we don't know about,
an enigma is something...
It's a mystery, yeah.
It's a mystery.
Wow, he's a mystery?
Well he's not a mystery.
Well who's the mystery?
There was no mystery.
How he look,
and what's really going on
is two different things.
But he's diagnosed as a schizophrenic,
bi-polar, schizophrenic, Harlem Hospital
on 135th diagnosed him.
Damn, that's the
hospital I was born in now.
Well, okay.
At least they took him to a good hospital,
well I don't know.
He was on the 9th floor.
9th floor?
The psychiatric unit.
Uh shit!
you know at the beginning
of the song C.R.E.A.M.
Wu Tang "Cream."
Yeah yeah.
That's him.
For real?
But I can do it right now.
Oh my God.
See I would
have to adjust myself,
eat a couple lemons, you know what mean?
Get a, you
know, do a voice check.
A spark, spark it.
And spark it
up, you know what I mean?
To do do it.
It's just a harmony.
And I stay there with the
rhythm and let it shake.
Keep the harmony with it,
but on a different octave.
You know what I mean?
I can still go there but I
haven't did it in so long.
Till as like, you know,
like, it's like a legal
thing out there man,
you can ask the police.
Yo but check this out Six.
I went to
Haarlem in the Netherlands,
like two weeks ago I
was in the Netherlands.
That's where
Michael Jackson went right?
Or he just named his
thing the never-lands?
I'm just saying, ain't
that the Michael Jackson?
Oh no no no that's Neverland.
Okay, Neverland, Neverland.
From Peter Pan.
Yo 4th Disciple was here.
4th Disciple was sitting here.
What was you about to say?
Na he looking,
he got him looking kinda good though.
He look good.
Yeah, for real.
It's a nice photo.
It's amazing
what a hair cut can do.
mmm, fresh fresh.
clean clean.
But how many people you know,
gonna take somebody like him and do that?
Not a lot.
They're not, that's an Angel.
Somebody to do that.
Well I love him.
Yeah but only
and Angel would do that.
And the reason why I say an Angel,
is because you gotta be a damn Angel
compared to some of these people out here.
How wicked these people is out
here, you know what I mean?
He dealt with
some Angel type thing.
these people out here.
Who goes to a bum?
No one!
They don't
even want him around.
They're just full of
fear and judgment aren't they?
Yo you right!
You can't.
You ask my brother, my brother's a pimp.
I got a brother, he's a pimp, for real.
He's one of them with his hair fired, dyed
and laid to the side and all that.
Gators on and all that.
He was one of the 42nd Street pimps.
Him and Goldie Mac and
all them niggas, yeah.
That's where I learned a
lot of this stuff from,
watching my brother and
other pimps around the area
over on The Nostrand Avenue area.
A lot of pimps used to come
through and I liked they style.
Some nigga
just got beat the fuck up
right here on the corner.
They kicked his head in and all this shit.
Yeah I saw that, um.
Come on man, get in the
whip, get in the whip
Yo Is come on man.
What's the science lord?
A nigga just
got his wig split man,
You ain't see that?
A quick-split?
A nigga
just got his wig split quick.
What just now?
that's why the Jakes is right
here like this, because..
Well they always over here though.
I know, I know.
But this nigga just
got kicked in the head,
they beat him up.
Just now?
Hell yeah, like
five minutes ago, man!
That was,
that was the first song I ever recorded
That was, um, "Seems it Never Fails."
It seems it never
fails that the devils
Got niggas domes locked in hell
So return to the dark side
Snakes are the niggas that
stares you in the eyes
Death is a penalty when you die
That one?
Blood seeps out your right eye
Don't go against the grain
or mad pain will be felt
Watch this underrated
expert do his work
Islord chopping his
way up the Billboard
The top notch; I got emcee
gatherings, sewn and locked
Similar to Fort Knox
Lyrical shots are
shot rapid fire style
Kill army Profiling
mostly buck whiling
Like your click hoodied
up with ten MACs
To the up most niggas is ghost
On the first lyrical dose
That'll wreck your brain
like uncooked cocaine
Straight from the grains
of the cocoa plant
Niggas chant Kill army
funky like Saddam's laundry
The president just ordered
The navy to hit the borders of Haiti
Slaughtered babies from
the waters of Euphrates
Maybe they sent germs
that polluted our sperm
And made us live uncircumcised
in the serpent eyes
And told us certain lies,
and each day a servant dies
But in the halls of Pharaoh
the walls are narrow
And religion is like a prison
for the seekers of wisdom
Now freedom, lets feed 'em
They took the first
book of Jacob to Jamaica
Promised us 40 acres and a mule
Treated like an animal
Understand the jewel
Brought to the 50 states
Deuteronomy 28, verse 68
It all relates, 1555 is
when we first arrived
We tell jokes with some get high
And watch the fish fry
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One step, one flesh, one breath
One Step
One, one, step, step
One, one, flesh
One, One, step
One, one, breath
One step
It depends what I'm wearing,
see I wear a lot of
clothes that's fucked up.
Like I like dirty shit.
Know what I
mean, my style is 1995.
I'm still on some Kurt Cobain
shit, you know what I mean?
Hey, hello,
this guy can't hear me.
Is it the long high street
and one of the turns is
going to be Madison Avenue?
Why don't you look
at the corner, walk to a-
- What up 9th?
What corner?
I'm on Madison,
I'm with Khalik now.
East, on the East side oof 125th.
I'm on 125th and shit.
Yeah, by Madison
That's where I'm headed.
Na we just was
chilling, we waiting for somebody.
God, damn, she chocolate.
She look like a walking Snicker.
Ah no, he waiting for one of
his friends to come through.
And then, then we go get 60.
Said he's suppose to meet up with 60.
Who are you with Khalik?
I'm with the Kill army veteran.
Yeah, I'm with the Islord.
Chopping his way up the billboard.
This beet juice?
Who drinks that shit?
I drink beet
juice everyday, God,
because it's the best thing for you liver.
Beet juice purifies your liver.
And it's also good for your blood,
that's why it looks like blood.
Yo they tried
to make us eat that shit
when we was younger, beets.
It's very earthy,
it tastes earthy
Yeah, yeah, that's like the..
Yo that's the only, like,
that's a vegetable right?
Beet is a vegetable, right?
Root vegetable.
That's the only vegetable B,
that always been nasty!
No no no Brussels
sprouts are nasty.
No beet is just always fucking
just the nastiest shit
ever in the world yo.
I like your ring, can I see it?
Beet is the nastiest shit, in ever!
Nastiest shit ever.
Yeah but
that's the whole science.
Some of the shit that taste
so bad is the best for you.
Is the best shit
for you, yeah, yeah, exactly.
Like even, even like see this
might, this might, taste good.
Try it, it's nice.
That's pure,
you probably had some that wasn't pure.
Na nigga,
the real beets your mom give
you on the kitchen table.
Nigga eat these beets.
You can't get no purer
than that them was beets.
Right or wrong?
You know what I'm saying?
Even fucking liver,
your mom ever tried make you eat liver?
I used to love liver.
Liver is disgusting.
That's the nastiest
shit ever in the world.
And kidneys as well, mmm.
But they said
that shit is good for you.
Pan fired with some oregano.
How the fuck
is eating another person's
liver good for you?
Taste good though?
Yo my mom used
to make me eat that shit
I had to put a whole shit of
fucking ketchup on that shit.
But you said
another person, hold on God.
Yo I'm talking
about so much ketchup
on that shit in order to eat it.
Hold on God let's retrace that,
you said another person's liver.
You don't eat
another person's liver.
Na na you
know what I mean like...
Yeah like another being's.
Yeah, another liver, shit.
What the fuck?
We over here
talking about beet juice.
Yeah yeah, I'm
talking about ones and twos...
And you're pissed.
Oh that beet juice
make you piss purple, huh?
Red, red.
I'm thinking
something is wrong with me man.
It looks like blood.
I was like oh
shit Khalik did this to me.
Like 60 started his period.
60 had his period
I said,
I know a man ain't supposed
to have one of them.
Oh word, the beet juice
was coming through?
But yo 6
did you like it though?
Oh I love,
that's my natural thing now,
that's what I do.
You drink that
shit all the time now, huh?
All the time son,
but you know what, I ain't
know you have to dilute it.
I didn't know that man,
you gotta put water with that that junk.
Until you get used to it.
I have it straight.
I drink it straight.
Oh yeah I like
drinking it straight though
because now that I know what it is.
I know it's cleaning me out.
I gotta put
some sugar in that shit.
No it taste like the land.
It taste like the earth.
And I love that taste, man.
I never knew what beets was like, man.
You moms ain't
never make you eat that shit?
Yeah but I
push them to the side,
I get rid of them
Yeah that's what I'm saying.
I ain't
never ate them things.
That shit have the whole house
smelling like a fucking farm.
so you knew it was a
vegetable thing up in there.
I used to hate that shit.
Beets fucking beets.
Yeah I
didn't even know that man.
That shit was
the most nastiest shit ever.
Yeah but it's good for you.
Brussels sprouts are nasty.
Na Brussels sprouts is good.
I love Brussels sprouts.
Brussels sprouts is good.
I love Brussels period,
my shorty from Brussels, one of them.
You know
what else is good too?
Brussels sprouts and what's the long shit?
Asparagus will
have you pissing the stinky.
Crowdsource the pure
Avalanches on 125th
But we endure
Inseparable force
In a "Still Alive" sweatshirt
I arise from the store
"Peace Gods" ricocheting
off their metro cards
Wiser than the clarity of the language
metro cards a real life film
not just a processed film
Khalik lenses mirror,
the wisdom ancient
Safety all telepathic
Empathy elastic
Each one protect, each
one through traffic
Remove the judgment you
cast on the physical plane
Remove malice to the onlookers
that shrug off my name
Brotherhood titanium steel
Let me introduce you
the inconceivable real
Let me introduce you what
tranquility looks like
In a constant state of
enlightenment and low diet
I look right, I look left
I look right
I took breaths never shook like
Creole crayons and
Harlem World legendary
Consume & produce the most necessary
Khalik Allah Frenchie
the most traveled
Left the critics baffled
on a higher plateau baby
Blessing the Gods.
I always bless him
man give me the dollar back!
I just gave you a dollar, you telling me?
What the fuck?
Come on, respect, God.
Loving to interject
I feel you.
He said "yo what
the fuck, respect son!"
Mountains of plastic and NYPD badges
The viral a Bugatti stuck
in traffic on Bowery
Ghetto spirits
Ghetto love
Boulevard wisdom
Bullet proof lungs
Elite level sons
Give me money,
give me money, give me money.
Alright I'm gonna
bless you French, hold on.
Give me money, give me money.
Yeah definitely,
definitely, know what I mean?
Haitian people, we good
people, know what I mean?
Right there, yeah I'm at
the shelter right there.
I used to do K2 and shit right there.
You chilled out on that.
But yeah that's why, those guys
they be going too hard on that K2 shit.
They be trying to smoke the whole blunt.
Right, right, right.
My nigga.
I smoked a whole blunt, one
day I smoked a whole blunt,
I got stuck.
I got stuck.
That sounds
like a horror story B.
Yeah man, like
look, I fuck with crack!
I fuck with crack!
You know what I mean?
You would never tell if I smoke crack.
You know what I mean?
But sometimes it's not
what you do, what you do.
Say it one more time?
sometimes it's not what
you do, it's how you do it.
I smoke crack, I was
smoking crack yesterday.
You heard me?
It's not what you do, it's how you do it.
Why do you smoke crack, man?
Oh, I'm done, I'm done my G.
You said you were
smoking crack yesterday though.
Yeah, man, that's that bullshit.
Let me tell you something man,
don't ever take any crack again, man.
Hell no.
You understand what I'm saying?
Hell no.
You gotta get some mushrooms.
Mushrooms yeah.
My brother was fucking with that.
Yeah shrooms are
probably like way better,
way better for you bro.
100 times better.
Yeah, shrooms?
They'll open
your mind not close it up.
It opens it up, shroom?
Ah where the fuck do we get that shit?
Get in touch with your spirit.
Crack is going, that
creates disconnect, bro.
God bless bro.
Take care of yourself, man.
Crack is wack!
I'm gonna try that shroom thing.
Exactly, you know what I mean?
There you go yeah, ask for that!
Give me money.
I got you Frenchie, hold on.
Ayo listen we gonna flip it
up onto something different.
Yo Noledge.
We gonna
wrap this up all right?
All right, all right.
I think I
got what I wanted, man
and, uhm, you don't want to
ask for too much out here.
You ask for too much, bad shit happens.
Get what you get and then you
keep moving, know what I mean?
America man it's a wild place.
A lot of other countries
they wouldn't tolerate
what we tolerate.
You know what I mean?
No I had to
tell the motherfucker
who walked up behind you.
He was walking mad weird.
I'm like yo,
that's why I said son what up.
what the fuck you doing you?
He was walking mad close he kept circling.
I said "do you need help?"
He looked like he needed help.
There was another dude man,
I had to tell the motherfucker, yeah.
You know,
it's a difference between
when somebody's curious
and when somebody's looking
like it's something negative
that they want to watch.
Let's go
papa, let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go.
I don't mean to make the
goals sound materialistic
But they raised us pessimistic
They need comfort because they quit
At 10 years old I used to carry
rocks to fight the witches
Had a chip on my shoulder but now
we're just champion chipping
When your heart speaks you
clearly don't ask permission.
Just hold this for a minute,
yo Frenchie, sorry to interrupt you,
Frenchie listen to me man, after tonight,
you're not gonna see me for a while
here will you be?
- I'm gonna be editing, man.
- Where will you be? Where will you be?
- I'm gonna be at home editing this film.
- You're going to be at home?
- I'm gonna be at home.
- You're not coming back?
- I'll be back but it's not
gonna be like as frequently as,
you've been seeing me.
Yo French I'm not
gonna see you probably,
for like maybe, I'll see
you every now and then,
maybe like, once a month.
It's not gonna be the way it was,
just because I'm working now.
Remember all the footage I recorded?
All of this?
I gotta work with it now
, I gotta make the film now,
so you know give me a little time,
you still gonna see me I'm
not gonna disappear but,
it's just not gonna be the
way it was, you understand?
I'm gonna try to come see you man,
from time to time, alright?
Don't feel bad about that man.
You understand me Frenchie?
And don't worry man, it's not the end man,
I'm gonna go try to,
do some other shit where I
could help you out better
You know what I mean?
- I love you, man.
- Go home!
Yo don't be sad, man.
Go home, I see you
tomorrow, come back tomorrow
Alright French,
alright Frenchie, I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow
Alright man, I love you man
I love you too
Peace French,
Peace God,
Peace Allah,
Keep your head up and be
safe out here, all right.
I'll see you soon, alright.
Don't worry, man I know I'm editing,
I'm still gonna come check you alright,
don't worry about it?
Oh you want some water?
You want something?
I love you man take care!
That's real sad, man,
Maybe I shouldn't have told
him I wasn't gonna see him.
I will come visit him, but I mean,
it's just not gonna be the way..
yeah let him know, like yo,
Maybe I shouldn't have
told him that though,
You know?
Alright, let's get out of here, come on,
That was kind of a good ending though.
Even Kings die, thrones rust,
skeleton bones turn to dust,
Memories are blown with the gust,
It's about how you live
when you were here,
How you celebrated those years,
Were you a follower? Did you
try elevating your peers?
Were you sincere when you
gave the prophets your ears?
But as soon as trouble come you disappear,
Listen here were you real?
Did you show love that people could feel?
Did you have jealousy
but keep it concealed?
Did you smile in your man's face?
But all awhile wanted to
take your man's place,
Moving around like a snake,
I know you hate that
term, don't call it that,
See lately that's why the
Priest been falling back,
'Cause when the Revolution start,
All those cliques that fall apart,
will soon be the the devil's mark,
The letter from Priest,
and none have a heart,
the adversary I said, I
said, hold up, hold up,
I said, I said,
all those cliques that fall apart,
will soon be the devil's mark,
and none adversary will have a heart,
the letter from Priest,
my freedom of speech,
Y'all read 'em and weep,
the demons that keep you
from the path just laugh,
that's why my ink pad
looks like stained glass.
A collage of art, that show
scenes from the Nazarene's past,
from my connections with 60 Second,
the Art of Walter in the
city signed to Geffen,
For 5% lesson, Israelite tribal dressing,
disciples of Armageddon,
that Bible record,
to son's of Man to damn near
becoming one of the Clan.
Members I remember, in
Brooklyn, GZA and Masta Killa,
to my last chapter with the RZA,
testimony stops, Ol' Dirty got knocked,
Came home, signed with the ROC,
Cocaine combined with rocks.
Rick James style, his
nickname "Wild; Old Dirt Dog".
It hurt us all when his
hearse disappeared in the fog,
I stayed digital, never analog, original
always camouflaged, turn them cameras off,
light those candles God, I'm the example,
Like I'm speaking from panels y'all,
the soul inside of me is
fiery, society lied to me,
They said, "You gotta die to be free".
My diaries of anxieties frightens me,
Light will squeeze through
my crack buildings,
where my writing be Striking
my page with hyphens,
and brighten my T's the
uncivilized time has come
Y'all better run, the time has begun.
Yo we do this we just,
all we do is just recite,
recycle what we used to do, that's all.
Just pretend, watch me blow
like the dust in a gust of wind,
flow with the rush when I adjust my pen!
- Wow
- Alright, well let me know.
- Aight Priesthood. Aight my bro.
- Peace
Frenchie's a good guy yes,
Frenchie's a bad guy, no,
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie's a good guy
Frenchie sucks pussy,
somewhere Frenchie stay
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie's a good guy, yeah
Waive you hand to the sky and say
Frenchie don't ever let you down
Keep you warm all night long, yeah
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie's a good guy, oh,
Frenchie's a bad guy, oh,
Frenchie's a good guy yes,
Frenchie's a bad guy, no,
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie got all the girls
somewhere Frenchie stay
Frenchie's a good guy,
Frenchie's a good guy, yeah
Waive you hand to the sky and say
Frenchie never let you down
Frenchie's a good guy.
Frenchie's a very good guy.
A good guy