Ixcanul (2015) Movie Script

Come on, let's get her pregnant.
We'll cook one for Ignacio's family.
Open the gate.
Come on!
They don't want to do it!
Rum will make them horny.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Thank you, spirits,
for all your blessings.
Your blessings for my daughter.
Pray with me.
Thank you, earth, wind, water, volcano.
Bless my daughter
with a good marriage.
I'm praying for my home,
my work, my daughter.
This is what I want,
what I pray for.
I want my daughter
to be happy and protected.
Take me with you.
Why should I?
If you want to come, let me taste it.
My father will yell at me.
Lucky for you.
Stir it or it will burn!
Come on.
Come here.
Don't cross your arms!
- Hello!
- Welcome!
You brought the whole family.
Our house is yours.
Your kids have grown!
You brought too many things.
Thank you, brother.
How are you?
Thank you for coming.
Welcome to our home.
This is too much.
You even brought a duck!
Oh, God! Thanks.
Please sit at the table.
What a beautiful kid!
Thank you for bringing all this.
Thank you for the basket.
Maria, you look beautiful.
Sit at the table!
Smile at them.
The secret is
to simmer the pork the night before.
It was good, huh?
Thank you very much.
Let's get to the point.
- I'm not a pretentious man.
- Of course not.
- You know me. I'm sincere.
- Yes.
We know you are a good person,
but I care about Maria's future.
You understand?
Don't worry.
She'll have everything she needs.
That's a relief.
After the wedding,
we'll all be the same family.
You'll keep your house, your job.
What else would you need?
Thank you very much!
So be it.
Ma'am? Mister? I have a question.
Is Maria a good housewife?
Don't worry, she's a good cook.
She helped me cook this.
Don't worry.
She planted the last coffee trees.
Best harvest ever. Very good coffee.
She has fertility on her hands!
She is young and strong.
To fertility!
To new babies!
May our line continue.
We've had a lot of problems.
Juana had problems
getting pregnant.
The spiritual guide helped us,
but I had a girl.
With Ignacio in the family,
I'll have a boy at last.
Tell me, did Ignacio mourn
his first wife with dignity?
Of course. He's a respectful man.
He can be trusted.
We hear no gossip about Ignacio.
With all the female workers around him!
I want to be sure Maria loves Ignacio.
If not, she won't take care
of him and his children.
Don't worry. Of course she loves him.
Don't you?
- Don't you?
- She really loves him!
Then it's fine, that's a relief.
She's shy because she's never done it.
But she'll enjoy it.
When she tastes it,
she'll like it.
How not to enjoy it?
You'll see.
We're teasing you!
You'll have to perform very well.
To the future couple!
I have more good news.
The boss is taking me to the city.
As soon as I come back,
I'll marry Maria.
Thank you.
- Aren't you scared of going to the city?
- Not at all.
Wherever you go,
don't forget where you come from.
By the way,
what will you do in the city?
Business, Manuel. Business.
- To business.
- Good luck.
Are you asleep?
Are you asleep?
Wake up.
Come on, wake up.
- Feel like it?
- Get on top of me.
Touch me.
Are you tired?
You don't want to?
Wait, it's getting hard.
Sing for the volcano to fall asleep.
You work too slowly.
- What's in the United States?
- Big houses.
With gardens.
People have cars.
The electricity works all the time.
Even the streets are lit.
They sell the fruit peeled.
And everybody speaks English.
You'd better learn Spanish
before thinking about English.
It's because of people like you
this country is stuck.
And what else is there?
Money. Dollars.
- What does the air smell like there?
- I don't know.
Here, the air smells of coffee.
And of the volcano.
You're not afraid to leave?
More and more snakes.
There's danger here too, you see.
It must have walked a long time
before falling here.
Let's go.
What do you have in mind?
You think the Gringos are waiting for you...
with a job and a home, huh?
White people will treat you like shit.
No, they have their Negroes for that.
He is an Indian, not a Negro.
Shut up, it's the same shit.
The Negroes are treated worse.
Pepe, proud Indian...
Pepe has no money.
He is poor.
- Another drink, please.
- Take mine!
Not from that one. The good stuff.
She doesn't drink your piss.
She's a lady.
We'll see.
Sit on this!
Teach me.
Juanito wants to taste you.
Buy me a drink.
Ignacio won't give me more credit.
I don't work to pay your drinks.
And you are too drunk.
Don't come inside me.
Don't come inside me.
The first time, nothing happens.
Behind the volcano,
it's the United States.
Well, there is Mexico in between.
Really, you're not afraid?
I have to cross a desert.
I must walk day and night
to escape the Migra.
Also, I'll need to swim
because I'll cross two rivers.
Are you taking me with you?
If you are nice to me.
I've already been nice.
I must take it back.
You almost finished it.
Tell me,
what's behind the volcano?
Cold weather.
- That's all?
- Yes, that's all.
- There are snakes.
- Don't move!
We're coming!
The snake repellent will work this time?
Of course it will.
- People won't work in a field with snakes.
- Sure.
They don't dare kill them.
And you are leaving too.
Yes, but this product will work.
It comes from the United States.
- So it must be good.
- Sure.
Serve your future husband first.
Thank you, Maria.
What's going on with Maria?
Might be the snake repellent.
It smells too strong.
Do you smell it?
Me too, it makes me feel sick.
I don't smell anything.
Really nothing.
Good for you.
Let's spread the anti-dengue
in all the other pools.
I'll do it.
Why not go together?
You can carry on here.
Don't stay out too late!
A quintal.
You soaked the coffee on purpose.
You think I'm stupid?
I didn't do anything.
Who will pay the missing weight?
Why do you defend the boss?
Maria! Go back to the house!
If you want to get paid, dry your bag.
Step aside.
Did you like it?
The other night.
It's been a while.
You should have come back.
I couldn't escape from home.
Did you like it?
And you?
Did it hurt?
Was it your first time?
It was good.
Come tonight.
I can't.
But we'll have time, soon.
When we leave.
After the coffee harvest,
when you get paid.
I'll hide in the forest and wait for you.
Whistle like that to find me.
When you whistle,
I'll come out of my hiding place.
I'll bring the bottle for you.
get the table ready.
Where are you? Come help me clean.
I'll make an offering to the volcano.
- What for? I already did.
- Let her go.
It's important.
And my wages?
You've already drunk
more than your pay, like Pepe.
You must do the next harvest
to be able to pay your debt.
Go to hell.
I owe you nothing.
If you don't come back...
the boss will come and get you.
Tell your friend.
Tell him yourself.
That son of a bitch robbed me.
He's crossing the border now.
What are you doing?
Pepe has left?
- When?
- Yesterday.
Without being paid?
The asshole knew what he was doing.
He fucked us over.
Why are you looking for him?
Can I walk you home?
Where were you going?
To the volcano, to make an offering.
I lost my way.
I thought you knew the plantation well.
That's weird.
No, don't move.
Let me see.
Why didn't you count your moons?
Are you dumb?
It was that bastard Pepe.
Since when?
When the coffee harvest began.
You waited until I noticed it
to tell me?
I wasn't sure.
Ignacio went to the city.
We can't marry you in time.
I'd better leave. I'll hide.
With a big belly,
you can't do what you want.
What do you think?
Don't be silly.
We have to get rid of it.
Drink this.
You don't want to?
Where is Pepe now?
Drink it.
Drink it all.
Why is Maria vomiting like this?
She is nervous.
Tell her to vomit further off.
I can't sleep.
Did you do it
because you plan to go away?
We gave our word.
If Ignacio learns about this,
your father will lose his job.
We'll go from farm to farm.
Is that what you want?
Jump hard with both feet together.
Otherwise it won't work.
I'm telling you, it won't work.
Go on, do it right!
It's the flame of life.
I can't do anything.
It is his destiny to live.
We must tell your father.
Tie it tightly.
Hide your belly.
Another magazine?
Ignacio gave it to me.
Don't burn it
before I finish looking at it.
Will you tell him?
Then I will.
Ignacio will kick us out
because of your daughter.
Besides, the product didn't work.
The field is still full of snakes.
There won't be any corn this year.
The boss won't need us.
Don't say anything yet.
You didn't watch her.
You see, women must stay at home.
I'll find a solution, as usual.
Did you find work in another plantation?
It's hard with two women and a baby.
Keep trying.
We must be careful.
The foremen have cell phones, they talk.
We need to find a house
before Ignacio comes back.
It will be difficult. There's no work.
What if I chase the snakes
off the field myself?
We'll be already sowing
when he gets back,
so he can't kick us out.
Even the spiritual guide
couldn't expel the snakes.
Thank you.
Your hat!
Don't worry.
When the baby arrives, he'll change.
I don't think so.
Because it's a girl?
So you count your moons?
You see, it worked!
You're crazy.
With this wind,
you could burn the plantation down.
Tell the workers.
We have to sow corn
before Ignacio gets back.
- It didn't work.
- Don't tempt fate.
Look, there are still snakes.
Don't run.
- They'll bite you.
- Let's go.
Good morning. How are you?
Health Department.
I'm here for the population census.
She'll ask you some questions.
Will you come in for coffee?
What did she say?
She offers you coffee.
Please go on.
How many people live in this house?
How many are you?
How many?
They will soon be four.
The daughter is pregnant?
Is this your permanent address?
What address will you give?
This is our address.
- They are leaving.
- Where are they going?
I don't know.
There's no electricity, no drinking water -
You finished? Let's go.
I'll finish without them.
Thank you very much.
Massage your belly every day
to bring the baby's head
in the right position.
Do it yourself.
Like this.
I have heartburn.
It's because the baby has hair already.
I feel like the volcano.
You have the light of life inside you.
That makes you magical.
You must lay your hands
on the sick hens.
You can heal them. Your light expels
demons, dark spirits, bad energies.
When I was pregnant,
I smelt of milk.
The smell of my milk chased off
mosquitos, scorpions, flies,
even snakes.
She's moving.
- Where?
- Here.
It's wonderful.
She hears us talking.
Go on with the massage.
Where will we live?
I can chase them off.
What are you talking about?
The snakes.
We still have a chance.
If I chase them off, we can sow.
And like you said, we can stay here.
I'm serious.
Shut up.
Pregnant women can chase snakes off.
Can't they?
You told me when you were pregnant,
you chased snakes off.
You did it before. I can do it too.
Don't believe everything we say.
Can't you see the difference?
Why not try? Nothing to lose.
Shut up!
Let's ask the spiritual guide.
See what he says.
Sacred snakes, go away from here.
Let us work in this field.
Hear our prayers.
Sacred snakes, go away from here.
You don't have to.
Don't believe everything they say.
If she doubts, it won't work.
The vibration of your footsteps...
That's what will chase them off.
If you have faith, go.
Walk heavily.
Walk heavily.
A snake bit her!
I told you!
Take her away.
Hurry up!
- Take her away.
- We must pray!
Shut up! Go get the cart!
Take her to Ignacio's place.
Pray with me.
Forget your prayers.
Take out the venom.
Hurry up!
Go faster.
Hurry, she's gonna die!
Pull harder.
We'll soon be there.
Wake up!
It will be alright, stay with me.
Wake up.
Wake up. It will be alright.
Move! We must hurry!
Why did you do this?
I told you it wouldn't work.
I told you, my little girl.
Why did I let you do this?
I'm so sorry! Forgive me.
Why, my little girl? I'm so sorry!
Why did I let you do this?
Wake up, my little girl.
Be careful with her.
Look out for cars!
Run, run!
Make way, please!
This way!
The entrance!
Make way, please!
Please! Doctor!
A doctor, quick!
Help us. She's dying.
Help us, quick!
A doctor, please!
Come on, come on! A doctor!
Where is the doctor?
A doctor!
There's a doctor.
Hurry up.
How is my daughter?
Sorry, I don't speak your language.
Sit down.
What did she say?
We have to wait.
Tell them she's fine.
She's out of danger.
And tell them about the baby.
They saved Maria.
She's fine now.
Thank you very much.
God bless you. Thank you.
- Please have my shawl.
- No, no.
Thank you, Doctor.
What about the baby?
The baby is dead.
Oh, my God!
- Can she still have children?
- Yes, don't worry.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
There is a paper to sign.
Maria must sign this.
- What is it?
- I never saw this kind of paper.
Why must she sign it?
To get money for the funeral.
They'll give you a coffin.
You won't have to pay.
It's government aid
for poor peasants like you.
Accept it.
But she must sign.
What is the lady doing?
She'll sign it with Maria's fingerprint.
She'll do it.
Where must she sign?
Thank you.
You'll soon be out of here, my girl.
Don't worry, it will be alright.
You'll be fine.
It will be alright.
Ignacio let us keep our house.
Why didn't they let me see the baby?
It seems the venom deformed the baby.
Better for you not to see that.
It's my fault, I tried to abort.
We'll plant this tree on the grave.
It will grow, become tall and strong
thanks to the baby's breath.
Plant it with me.
Here, take it.
Let go of the coffin.
- Let me see her!
- Let go of it.
- I want to see her!
- Calm down.
Let her go.
What are you doing?
Your scar could get infected.
Let's go.
The piglets need care.
It doesn't matter!
You must see the baby's grave
so you can let her go.
What have you done?
Have you gone crazy?
This is a sin.
You opened the coffin!
- Where's the baby?
- He's not dead.
Forgive me, Lord,
for having been so blind.
It's our fault.
We weren't worthy of this gift.
Are you sending us this trial
to make sure we deserve
the blessing of a baby girl?
This isn't my daughter.
If it's true, Lord,
thank you for your generosity!
Thank you, our baby girl is alive.
Help us find her.
Let's go and look for her.
Thank you for your generosity.
Show us the way.
Please lead us to her.
Let's go find her.
Did you receive money?
I understand poverty.
Maybe it's difficult to feed the baby.
But tell me,
did you sell the baby?
What is he saying?
How's the mother?
I don't know.
We couldn't see her.
You keep her in custody.
Here is the hospital form
with the mother's fingerprint.
Everything is in order.
Why did you let them sign?
You speak Spanish.
One shouldn't sign this
without seeing a corpse.
They'll find the baby?
You know how things work.
You can file a complaint,
we'll open a case.
But the first suspect will be the mother.
She'll stay in custody.
And you'll be next.
The girl is still young,
she can have more children.
It's up to you.
Will they find the baby?
They are trying.
- What did she ask?
- She wants to leave.
Please help us find the baby! Mister!
Mister, please help us!
Let me talk to him.
Don't close your file.
Please don't go away! Help us.
What are we going to do?
Don't let us down.
Help us find the baby.
You must help us.
You must help us.
Calm yourself.
You'll make things worse.
He's probably living
in the United States
in a big house with a garden,
like those in the magazine.
He must speak English by now.
She is a girl.
And she's too young to talk.
Even if she grows up far from the fields,
she inherited your fertile hands.
Don't worry, she'll survive anywhere.
You know she will.
I can't stay alone with three children.
I understand.
She'll recover little by little,
you'll see.
We are sure of that.
- She's a strong woman.
- So be it.
I have something
for you and your family.
That's for you.
Buy something
to make herself pretty with.
Thank you very much.
To Maria.
Thank you.