Iyobinte Pusthakam (2014) Movie Script

The national security
bill was passed unanimously.
Today, for first time in the
histoy of post independent India..
..the trains have arrived on time.
The president has praised
a state of emergency.
He proclaimed that to fight
the conspiracy against the county..
..by destructive powers, a declaration
of emergency was inevitable.
He also said that as far
as the common man is concerned..
..the declaration of emergency
has been historically beneficial.
Okay. Okay.
l'll tell him.
Comrade, there was a phone
call from the party oice.
The police are raiding
all the places.
They have asked you to go into hiding.
l'm too old to go into hiding!
lt's all a nightmare of an old lady.
Eveything will be fine.
Get me some blacktea.
l have some writing to do. - Ok.
Why does a man migrate
from his place of birth?
Because life is elsewhere.
The British people drank tea
to sustain themselves in cold weather.
When China stopped exporting
tea leaves to Britain..
..they landed up in India.
They started to find various
ways of cultivating tea..
..leaves themselves,
to meet their needs.
Thus, the British started
to arrive in Assam..
..Nilgiri and Munnar
for cultivating tea.
When this stoy was going on..
..l wasn't aware that
even l was a part of this stoy.
The first agenda of Mr. Haryson was..
..to clearforest and
make roads for tea plantation.
When men came from England
to get the work done..
..labourers came from Adimali
Theni and from tribal territories'.
When they were scared and hesitant
of snakes, agents and supervisors..
..beat them up and made them work.
That boy was the discovey of
Mr. Haryson.
The Englishman loved
him like his pet dog.
He took him to the
Christian community..
..and baptiMd him
in the Devikulam lake
Maybe because he was a good worker
that Mr. Haryson named him as Job.
When Job became a man,
the Englishman got him married.
lt was then thatAnnamma
entered his life.
l'm fed up.
You leave me alone all the time.
You don't care about me.
l never see you.
You just le me to rot in
this blasted jungle long enough..
..and l want to leave.
Within a few yean, Haryson's
wife got fed up with him and..
..Munnar and went back to England.
lt was at that time that Kazhali got
excommunicated from her community..
..after being accused
for practicing black magic.
She left Nilgiri and reached Munnar.
The Englishman had
seen many beautiful women.
The glee that he had on his
face at that time when he saw her..
..disappeared only after supper.
lyob and Annamma had
three children by that time.
The Englishman named them aer
the characters of his favorite novel.
Dimitri, Ivan and Aloshy.
Thacho didn't die of lyob's gunshot.
But was scared and
jumped offthe cliff.
The Englishman brought
Kazhali back to his bungalow.
ln those days,
instead of pesticides children were..
.. used in fields.
For all the
insects and rats that they caught..
..the Englishman used to
throw coins sitting on his chair.
Nearthat chair,
Kazhali Stood as an English lady..
..in her new attire
and her new name as May
Being new Christians, lyob and Lazar
didn't like this new madam at all.
When men were murmuring
in the portico, women were..
..forging new bonds in the kitchen.
During World War l, Haryson's
cargo of tea leaves didn't reach..
..the destination and sank in the sea.
Haryson had to face huge losses.
Finally to collect his Dues,
the Englishman left for England..
..aer giving the power
of attorney to his faithful lyob.
The Englishman who
had left for England..
..died of a heart attack
as he reached Cochin.
Aer meeting the
Englishman in Cochin..
..lyob came back with stern decisions
Out.. Get out.. - Leave me.
Poor Kazhali.. - Go inside.
Go inside. Go.
You and your children
will die of madness.
You wait and see. Wait and see.
l have also slogged in this soil.
l have more rights
here than that slut.
Why have you placed a mat on the bed?
Maybe.. he is unfamiliar..
..the child is unable
to sleep on the cotton mattress.
She is pregnant.
It is a matter of mo lives.
God won't forgive.
Haaaa..What a nuisance.
That nightAnnamma couldn't sleep.
Annamma was scared that Kazhali's
curse might hunt down her family.
Annamma found peace in prayer.
As she didn't have
any daughter of her own..
..she brought up the
housemaid as her own daughter.
Without lyob's knowledge,
Annamma used to meet Kazhali.
Their love grew to Aloshy
and Kazhali's daughter Martha also.
ln that span of time, there
was a breakout of Malaria in Munnar..
..which claimed Annamma's life too.
Forthe first time lyob was shaken.
Mother! - Come.
Leave. - Mother!
Mother.. mother..
WithoutAloshy even saying anything..
..Martha knew what
he had in his mind .
lyob tried to teach his children
the life that he was faimiliar with.
Aloshy, this is the opportunity. Hit.
lfyou waste this minute,
you won't get him back.
Gradually, lyob undentood
thatAloshy was not like him.
He was likeAnnamma.
ln that house
his life became more m'iserable.
Don't hit me. Don't hit me. Father!
Other than Martha the only other
companion thatAloshy had was Chemban.
l had gone to your house.
There was no one to be seen there.
They must have been inside.
All are suering from fever.
There are boils all overthe body.
Mother! Mother! - Its An epidemic.
Let me know, if anyone
in nearby area suffers from it.
ln those days..
..if any family got aected
with epidemic..they were burnt alive.
..with evil pleasure..
He stood helplessly
and saw the plight.
Chemba! - Father!
They were affected with disease.
- Mother!
Mother! Leave me.
What is this, boy?
You're always after the cow!
Get lost bitch !!. - Come.
Move from the way.
You are acting over smart.
l'll complain to your father. Come.
ln that house, the servant girl's
death was considered natural.
By sanctiing the house,
bad omens vanished.
AccidentlyAloshy happened
to see the recruitment process..
..forthe Indian British Navy.
ln order to fight many
wars for the British..
..like many others even Aloshy
joined them and began his journey.
By the end ofWorld war Il, the
British started to descend the hills.
lnto the turbulent world,
they swarm like ants.
When they went away,
a new class appeared..
..wearing their discarded attire.
The local foreigner.
Aloshy's letter from Mumbai.
Nothing special.
Just the usual greetings.
My youngest son is an
oicer in the Royal Navy.
lt is his letter. Aloshy.
There is news.
Madurai Muthu Ravuther's son..
..Angoor Ravuther and
brother has entered the forest.
Call Ivan.
This time the Tamilian
must not cut the trees.
lvan, don't create problems.
It is a government order.
Move away. - Who are you?
Don't die worthless.
Gun has.. not only
a butt but a face also.
Shemone !
Narayana! Take the timber lory home.
Tell brother Ravuther to
come home and meet our father.
Until then, let the boy pluck tea
Ieaves with the girls in our estate.
Hey, they are bringing timber.
Where are you going
all dressed up so early?
How is it going to make
a difference to you , Slut!
What to do?
So many people are mobbing..
..like ants from Kottayam and Vaikom.
What to do, Boss?
They are building houses
in those places which we acquire.
Where are you going?
Outside. To check our boundaries.
What is it?
What is it? Who is that?
Go away.. Run away, swine !
Run away.
Run. Go away. We know who you are.
We'll deal with you.
Run away.
Angoor Ravuther.
l'm Angoor Ravuther.
This is my uncle. - Sit down.
Sir.. this is government order.
This is more than enough
to cut trees in the forest.
lt is not enough.
This is not enough to cutdown
trees in the Munnar forest, Ravuther.
You are farmen who
stand rooted on earth.
You can talk strongly.
But we are businessmen.
We don't stand rooted at any place.
We can do some compromises.
l have brought a gi for you
Sir,from Malaya.
lt is peume.
We've cutdown trees since
the days of our anceston.
Timber is our main business.
We have a big family in Madurai.
Please don't create trouble.
Let us compromise.
You have cutdown
trees all these years.
No more.
No need to do it .
Don't cutdown trees.
You can take your brother and leave.
There are no tea leaves here.
Else, l would have served you tea.
You leave.
Okay, let us see.
Boy, while leaving..
take that box with you.
Before coming here, you
should have asked your father..
..Muthu Ravuther as to know who lyob is.
You could have avoided this trip.
Four months back,
uncle and l, killed my father.
Six..yes, six.
He won't let us do anything new.
l killed him. Now it is peaceful.
Why do you have to waste time?
Call Dimitri. - Okay.
lvan and men are going
to clearthe settlers.
By tomorrow dawn not a single
person should remain in that hill.
Your remaining frustration
can be shown there.
Hey! Leave my daughter.
Leave her. Don't harm her.
Aaaa! Come, dear.
Run. Run away. Oh!
Run, children. Run.
We are coming from valley.
They burnt down our house.
Whatever it is,
you come in the morning.
There is no one here right now.
- Don't say like that.
You should go now and
come tomorrow. l'm going.
Come, let us go. Run.
As per the law enacted in
the year 1942, anyone can enter..
..the forest and build a house.
But ifyou step on the
Iand marked by land lords..
..they'll beat and drive us away.
But won't there be
any changes in this..
..if the priest interveins?
Changes won't come from baptizing.
lt will come only
when people stand united.
The comraday about
which Rosamma told..
..didn't happen in Munnarthat time.
lt happened in Mumbai.
Naval Mutiny.
On 1946 Februay 18th in
British Royal Indian Navy 20,OOO..
..soldiers started a protest
Against the British government .
All those soldiers
who participated in..
..that revolution were
dismissed from the Navy.
Among them,
mo ofthem landed in Cochin.
They were comrade Aloshy
and comrade P.J. Antony.
This has been lying
here for a vey long time.
The Englishman in the port
gave this here and went for war.
He never returned.
Keep it there.
l'm going to start a drama
school here in Panchalam.
You should have been an actor?
You can come here anytime,
with orwithout a consort.
What was her name?
Why are they here?
We have come to speak
on behalf ofthem.
Why? can't they talk on their own?
Father, l don't want to listen to any
arguments of those who don't work.
lyob agreed to this meeting
only because we all believe in Jesus.
lt is right.
Who asked them to come here?
We believers in
God must stand united.
lnstead of that if you listen
to the words ofthose who have..
..no fearfor God,
Will end up straying.
You please go outside.
Let us go.
Boss is vey keen on the land,
which you occupy.
Why don't you settle
in the southern hill?
There is no waterthere, father.
It is dense forest.
Yes. Then let them
settle in that land itself as tenants.
They are poor people.
l see. If it was tenancy,
You should have told that earlier.
Poor are blessed.
because heaven belongs to them.
ln that case you all can...
Who is he?
Haven't i told you, father?
My youngest son who
fled the county. Aloshy.
On the arrival ofthe prodigal son..
..you must serve a feast
by butchering a well grown cow.
You must be feeling tired.. Go..
Take rest in your old room.
What the hell is this?
Were you in the army all these years?
l have heard that, there are
Rape during wan. Is it true?
How many have you killed?
He must have been
scared and gone into hiding.
ls it so?
What is your plan?
l need to go back.
Where to? Bombay?
l have friends in Cochin.
For what?
What is wrong if you stay here?
Take yourtime and think over it.
You can decide later.
Laar, take him around
and show our places. - Okay.
Do you still remember these places?
Till there.
All those hills belong to us.
..she is mad.
That is Kazhali's daughter.
Don't look at her,
she has evil spell.
Lazar, take him away.
Laar brother, you can leave.
l'll come after a walk.
Take it.
Cheeru works in your tea estate.
Kazhali is vey sick.
She works and looks after her mother.
People here say that both mother
and daughter practice black magic.
So no one enten
their house out offear.
Still my father and brothers
have a bad reputation. Isnt it?
lt is wone than before.
l have come to help you.
lyob.. is my enemy too.
But if l do, it is murder.
lfyou do, it is revolution.
l have seen many scavengen.
But forthe first time
l'm seeing one with a golden teeth.
ln this place,
no one knows what is business.
lf l ioin with you and kill lyob..
..it'll become more
difficult to kill you.
Let it remain there. - No..
Let it remain there.
What do you want? - Give us mo tea.
There is ''Kambam Thoori''.
Shall l serve that?
What is that?
They call it as rice cake.
lsn't this ''Puttu''?
- You can say it like that also.
We call it as ''Kambam Thoori''.
Shall l serve one?
No need. Just Two tea.
Tea Master! - Yes.
4 cups oftea.
What happened to Louis?
Is he having feve
What can l say? Don't you
know Kazhali's daughter Martha?
When she was ploughing the bounday,
Louis abused her.
She blew something,
spat on the sand and walked away.
Till last night
he was pemectly fine.
By this morning, he is unable
to move his left hand and leg.
Sounds like black magic.
Go to the hospital and see a doctor.
There is no use.
Teresa, look .
Stop there.
l'm telling you to stop there.
You evil witch !
What did you do to make him so sick?
lf you do such things
which are against God..
..cuned snake will bite you.
You'll be doomed. Oh!
Saw that !!
Saw that !! Black magic woman.
You must be aware of all the things
that are happening in our county.
Eveyone says that
the British will leave.
Maybe we'll get
independent Travancore.
Otherwise some jobless
advocates may rule us.
Whatever it may be
orwhatever happens..
..we must only look after ourselves.
Tomorrow itselftake ourworken..
.. Ieave for eastern
hill and mark our boundaries.
You do know the place and
where to put the base?
l know, father.
l'm saying this foryou too, Aloshy.
Why are you sitting like
this with your head down?
Do you see that hill far away?
It is all ours.
We conquered that after
fighting with earth.
You always run,
when faced with problems.
l don't want this hill
and mountain, father.
As you said the
situation is changing.
You must also
understand that, father.
Hey , give respect.
Talk to him properly.
You may be a big
oicer back in Bombay.
But here you'll have
to obey your father.
Who allowed this wretched
woman inside? Throw her out.
What do you want here? Get out.
Get out from here.
l told you to get up and go.
Get up.
lvan ! Move aside. - Leave him.
Leave. Move away.
Take your mother and go.
Aha! There is an egg too.
What is this called?
What kind of a name is this?
Viriyani. - It is Biriyani.
lffather comes to know about this,
it'll be a problem.
lvan, fint you come
out ofyourfather's feet.
Are you kids with a mustache?
What a foam?
Don't hit me.
Stop! l told you to stop.
Aloshy! Aloshy! - Chemba! Chemba!
Cheeru, Aloshy. Cheeru..
What are you doing here?
Go and mind your own business.
We iust.. iust friendship.
We are moving into the forest.
l know how to protect
them from wild animals.
We may not meet again, Aloshy.
Your siblings are like wolves,
Aloshy. Take care.
Not eveyone can leave
without saying goodbye.
l'm leaving this place.
Once l ran away from
here when my mother died.
This time,
l came here to leave again.
With you.
Greetings! - Greetings, son!
Father, this is Chako sir.
He is from Pala.
He wants to talk to you.
- An elephant is on the loose.
This gun is to drive it away.
Go ahead. What is the matter?
Have you heard about sir's family?
A big family. They are patriots too.
Nowadays he has great
interest in serving people.
Eveyone says that he
must contest in the election.
lt is vey expensive,
cant take it from the family.
So you must help him
to start one cultivation.
lt is all for the county's good.
What kind of cultivation is it?
Little Gania.
That is why we are in need of help.
It is all for the county.
lfyou don't agree, lyob..
..l'll have to enter the forest..
..and do the business
with Tamilians from Theni.
Speaking about it, lyob
is not from a prestigious family.
l am a newly convert. But l won't be
a partner in this kind of business.
You are from a prestigious
family and doing ganja cultivation.
You leave, sir. Next time
when you come, you must have tea.
Natives here say that you
are a great black magician.
Here, It is not just me, even a poor
black cat and..
.. wild foul also bear
this bad name.
What is it?
Didn't that elephant
make quite a noise?
l can't stop thinking about it.
- What is the point?
All it took for father was
a bullet to kill the elephant.
Boss's gun belongs to the Englishman.
That is why it is so accurate .
We use a .303 rifle even now.
It is absolutely useless.
The other day, l heard a
man giving speech at the junction.
America has bombed Japan. Did
you hear about it? - Yea, yea heard.
They are using atom
Bomb and we are still stuck with.303.
What is the use?
lt is high time for us
to start using atom bombs here.
lfthere is any kind of problem,
we must blow one immediately.
We will neither change nor progress.
Maathupillai police, don't say that.
We do have seen a lot of changes.
vehicle, binocular, wireless.
Now this torch.
There is something else..
something new in the market.
Biriyani. - What is that?
A dish made out of ghee,
masala, egg and chicken.
Don't tell anyone.
Kazhali! Kazhali!
What happened?
Read it out.
This letter is.. - Speakto the point.
This is the report
of the Naval Mutiny in Bombay.
Royal Navy has condemned Aloshy for
revolting against the British Queen.
Even now, the food that
you eat and the house..
..that you live
in were given by them.
l am a subject of British Queen
and their principles. Do you know?
Aloshy, are you a communist?
And, what do you have to do with
that prostitutes daughter?
She is my mother's friend's daughter.
Martha is my friend.
Do you want me to
explain further as to..
..how she is connected
with this house?
Have you grown so big
to go against your dad?
Take your hands o, Ivan.
Take your hands o. - Hey!
l told you to take your hands off.
Move away.
You don't touch my children.
They have always stood by me..
Have you ever thought
why l was never here?
The girl who was brought
up by my mother as her..
..own daughter was seen
hanging in this vey own house.
Should l narrate
eveything from then.
Get out..
There was no problem
when you weren't here.
Get out from here. Go away.
Laar! - Yes.
Ask the surveyor
to come here early in the morning.
We shall divide
the propem tomorrow.
Son, father told
all that in the rage.
Once his anger subsides,
he'll be alright.
What will become alright?
l have no problem.
Just take care of dad. Make sure
that my brothers don't harm him.
l have some friends in Cochin.
l'll go set things in place
and come back.
Martha, have you
seen the ocean before?
You must tighten mo
rods here like this.
Then you must pull
and tie it like this.
Aer that should buy
it in 2 and halffinger deep mud.
The pigs will come
running and step on it.
This sharp rod will pierce through the
pig's mouth and come out of its back.
That pig must not come back.
House, estate and hill must be
equally divided into two. Isn't it?
Are you not having 3 children?
Then what about the youngest son?
He died.
His fever is not subsiding.
From somewhere,
infection is spreading.
lfthis continues, l don't
think he'll survive the night.
The Tamilians from Theni and Chako
master are cultivating ganja here.
We came to work here.
Where else can we go?
Medicinal potion.
But Tamilians will
never grab our women.
Eating this aphrodisiac seed does not
benefit me in anyway.
Though, l take this in large quantity,
it is still not woing.
There is no movement.
You are a real man.
All your body parts
are functioning peectly.
So that is not the matter.
Someone is doing evil magic on you.
You understand? Something evil...hmmm
Go away, rascals.
Dimitri didn't have to think much to
undentand who had done black magic on him.
Chako sir is a patriot.
Have you not heard about his family?
Kurisingal. They have..
- Do Kurisingal family people..
..have separate graveyard
in church cemetey?
ln future you leave the Tamilians.
We'll deliver the
stu in Kodaikanal.
Business will be
done by those who work.
Else this whole cultivation
Will be set on fire.
We also have patriotism.
Not that, son.
All this goes into election fund.
l'm not your son.
l'm lyob's third son, Aloshy.
Without getting into a fight..
..By avoiding mainland, Aloshy paved a
mountain path from Munnar to Kodaikanal.
Hence, without any help from Tamilians,
he delivered the stu..
.. to the Irish foreigners in Kodaikanal.
Why have you brought it here?
Madam told me to give it here.
She said ,there are guests outside.
What is this Tamilian
doing on this chair?
Get up.
Father! Ravuther has
come on my invitation.
We had to talk some business.
What business do you
have with this stinker?
You looktired, father.
You go inside.
We'll look after our matter.
Don't make people say
that we hit our own father.
Come, master.
You have to fear
your children, master.
Because they are your children.
You know lyob that l
have always stood by masters.
Foreigner, lyob and now Ivan.
Whoever might come or go..
..Laar will be on the
right side of that chair.
lt is the benefit of going to school.
Travancore was changing.
The opposition against British
rule and Divan was rising.
Sir. C. P. imported Nazi
devotee Ganapathy lyerfrom..
..Madras to Munnar to clear up..
..communists who had taken
special training in this.
lyer turned a tea
factoy into his camp.
Rosamma, Mani Asan and
some other comrades got caught.
They were brutally beaten up.
Greetings, buddy!
lyer and Ramher buddies
who had studied together..
..in Madras Christian college.
Sir when l went to inspect
the border they threw stones at me.
Ravuther and lyob's
children betrayed us.
l decided to meetAloshy,
the only other enemy of our enemy.
l know that mo people who took part
in the Bombay Naval Mutiny landed in Cochin.
Comrade P.J.Antony
and comrade Aloshy.
ln short span oftime.. you have
become a known outlaw in Munnar.
Don't know why this change happened?
At times when there
are no laws, offence is
..the biggest resistance.
Till last night, it was a healthy cow.
Now it is lying like this.
With that Dimitri decided mo things.
One is that black
magic was done by Martha.
Second on getting a chance
he'll shatter her head.
Ghost. l'm sure.
lt was Aloshy.
Keep quiet, brother.
Don't talk nonsense.
No, man.
His leg didn't touch the ground.
lt is her. That black
magician has revived his soul.
God, there is no
use of your existence.
Shall we call the priest
from the church and sanctify?
Shemon, come.
Shemon, he is a fint class shooter !
That swine! tried to kill me.
lf l'm a man, l would kill him
and hang him in front ofthis house.
Who is it?
Locals are saying many things.
lvan and his men together
tried to kill Aloshy.
As they couldn't
succeed they sent Hamos.
Hamos was killed byAloshy. -Aloshy?
Those are rumours.
lfthis continues,
they will end up killing each other.
Why are you not laughing now?
You were laughing so much.
laugh.. - Stop it, brother.
Give me some peace.
Who asked you to enter my room?
Do you enter my room?
Tell me. When l'm not here
do you enter my room, you dog?
People are saying
that Dimitri is dead.
Sir, relax.
You need not wory.
l have made an FIR stating
that he accidently got hit..
..on the head and died.
l'll handle this.
Give it to me.
lvan..he'll kill me.
What is that sound?
Someone has caught a pig in a trap.
lt'll keep screaming till its death.
What are you doing among these pigs?
Kunia, come.
l couldn't sleep properly.
May be because l am not
familiar with this place.
Once you are old..it is like that.
Aloshy, you must give me a word.
There shouldn't be a day, where..
..you and Ivan face each other.
l don't want one more son,
who kills his own sibling.
l have something to tell Martha.
When Haryson sir was in his death
bed, l went to Cochin and met him.
Sir died aer writing
his will in Kazhali's name.
l have always hidden it.
Nothing is mine.
Eveything belongs to you.
l don't want that assets.
Father, we know..
..that this is not our place.
..the good thing about you
is that i didn't bring you up.
You are alwaysAnnamma's son.
To my knowledge Haryson sir wrote
all his properties in Kazhali's name.
Which will now belong to Martha.
The documents are in lyob's bag.
He'll give that to Aloshy.
..some things should never unite.
Ghee and honey. Both are good.
But if both are eaten together,
a person will die.
Your father and Aloshy are like that.
Those who had to
unite got united. We are out.
Now what is the use of
hanging on to the new documents?
Else he should have died earlier.
Yes. Now you want me
to kill my father also?
Forthat matter,
who have you killed before?
No wonder my brother kept
beating you now and then. Bitch!
From now onwards the game
will be bemeen us, father and sons.
lf l am the one who started this,
then l know how to end it also.
Come on.
lf lyob had not been there..
..all these would have belonged
to Thacho and his daughter.
Haryson sir..
..believed in the British principle
of removing a thorn with a thorn.
He asked lyob to look
aer Thacho's family.
lyob also believed in the
natural priniciple that the sin..
..of killing will disappear,
once you consume it.
ln future, when it was clear
that Dimitri will not get a girl..
..from surrounding locality,
Iyob got him married to Rahel.
ln another perspective, Rahel was a
Iand mine le behind by Haryson.
lncluding Ivan, anyone who
Ieft this house shouldn't return.
lfthey don't return
..this house, land and..
..then me..
..will be all yours.
Don't you like Munnar's climate?
Ravuther had a clear cut plan.
And lyer to implement it.
l would even spare
one who smuggles ganja..
..but aertaking salay from British,
how dare you protest against them?
You rascal!
What is this?
What is this?
Sir, your son is vey bad.
lyer sir.
Will the legal force do its duty..
..or do you want our help?
lt is completely my pleasure, sir.
You cary on with your work.
lyob's forest instinct
knew that hunter will follow..
..after the hunting dogs.
lt is dangerous to stay here.
Next they'll come in
search of me and Martha.
We'll ascend the forest.
You inform Aloshy when he comes.
There is no one here.
l know.
Where did Martha go?
l don't know.
Don't you know?
lf she is not here, there is no doubt.
Boss must have ascended the forest.
l'm sure about it.
What are you staring at?
Loweryour eyes.
Lower your eyes, bitch.
lvan, let us leave.
Loweryour eyes.
Son ! - Come on.
During that period, even grass
in Munnar had the sharpness of a sword.
lf someone enquires
about your finger..
..say that you shook
hands with Aloshy in Munnar
lt is still hot.
Niamu, neither the
ones who ran away..
..northe ones..
..who went in search of them Shouldn't
come out of this forest alive.
All that followed aerwards was
our Munnar's own urban legend..
You go. Go. Listen to what l say. Go.
Aloshy, Go save Martha!
Aloshy, this is foryour child.
You are going to be a father.
Don't be a father like me.
Today you must listen to what l say.
How are you, sir? Are you fine?
l came to Munnarjust
to chop a few trees.
What did you say then?
No need. You need not cut trees.
Now your house, hills and your
daughter-in-law Rahel are all mine.
Your sons Ivan and ..
Aloshy. - Yes, Aloshy.
Both will fight and kill each other.
My calculations never go wrong, sir.
You are wrong, Ravuther.
ln the case ofAloshy..
..being his father even
my calculation went wrong.
Then yours is nothing.
His name is Aloshy. My third son.
My sincere deathday wishes
for you to rest in peace.
..just now your father
spoke so high about you.
He has so much love foryou.
..this is for you.
Aer Ravuther's death..
..Rahel wasn't interested in
serving anyone or cooking for anyone..
.. and thereby declared
her own independence.
Memories are like an old black and
white unimportant lifeless obituay.
But even now l think aboutAloshy.
ln 1957, for the first
time in this world a democratic..
..elected communist government was formed
in Kerala.
Rosamma Punnose contested for assembly
election from Devikulam and won.
P.T. Punnose got elected
to the parliament.
lt was the victoy ofthose..
..who didn't dierentiate
bemeen life and politics.
Afterthat l have never
seen Aloshy and Martha.
People like Aloshy who have
seen and travelled the world..
..one who is tolerant will
change this county one day.
That day life will be
more youthful and loveable.
The End