Izbavitelj (1978) Movie Script

Wait! Wait!
I'm sorry,
I'm very sorry people,
but we didn't have
any offers today.
Enough for today!
You can go now!
Excuse me, please...
Mr. Gajevski, I'm telling you
every day, there's nothing.
Crisis is going on, man.
Wait until things
settle down a bit.
So for the third time,
we urgently ask of
esteemed head board to do
something so this editorship could,
under normal conditions,
fulfill it's own bussiness.
Water-works are so...
- Good afternoon.
What do you want?
I came because of that manuscript
I gave you a month ago.
You rememebr, that novel,
About the pestilence that spreads
around the town like a plague
...but it's all alegory for birocracy.
- I remember, just a moment.
Where were we?
- Water-works are so...
Are corroded so much that they start
to leak so that every room stench
of dampness and became
inappropriate for work and dwell.
Excuse me, but can't you see
the situation we're in?
I just want to know will you
publish it or not.
Unfortunately, I must return it
to you. It's not for publishing.
But you promised.
You said that it's splendid.
I can't remember, maybe I did.
Maybe I liked it, personally.
But there are other members of
editorship. I think that most of them
animadvert that the way
the plague is spreading,
is showed very unrealistic.
Where were we?
- Inappropriate for work and dwell.
Yes. Write this too. Floors became
so rotten and worm-eaten that
they could tear down in
any moment now.
And they became good for nesting
of mice, rats and other vermin.
But sir, that in the novel is symbolistic
situation, you can't expect it to be shown
...realistic like in life.
- I'm sorry. But I really can't help you.
And even if artistic value would
be alright, it's hard that we decide
to publish the novel in
this kind of situation.
You understand me.
Good bye.
And so, related to everything
that was written, we ask that
head board send commission soon.
Nothing without the money. Now
leave us alone, you see we have work?
What is it?
- He's asking on a tick again.
Here you are.
And you don't have to pay me.
I think the bussiness will
be over anyway.
Thank you, Mr. Rupcic.
So mister writer,
all your stuff is here.
Madam, I'll pay you in a few
days, be patient.
To be patient. You didn't pay me
3 months and I have to be patient?
I could have new lodger, I'm poor
widow, I live thanks to that money.
I assure you, I'll pay you everything
as soon as I get a job.
You and job! You're looking for it
but you're hoping not to find it.
And for what job are you
capable of? Come on, please!
Let me go!
I am still a lodger here!
Lodger?! Alright!
I won't let anyone to annoy me!
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Well miss, how it's going?
Same as you.
No how.
- What can we do?
Times are like that, people
are not interested in books.
And I think so.
You have many books?
Whole shelves at home.
All yours?
No. My father's.
And you?
No. This is all I have.
Why did you stand so close to me?
When we're close together like this,
we're going to sold much
harder. Both of us.
It's a little bit cold.
- Yes.
Take this.
Don't, that's too much.
- No, I have so many scarfs,
I don't really need this one.
How can I repay you?
- It's not important. Maybe I will ask you
to sell our books sometimes.
Here, I'll give my phone number.
3, 0, 6, 4.
What's your name?
- Sonja.
How much do you ask for this books?
- Whatever you're willing to give.
Madam, please, that girl that was
standing here, you know where
...does she live?
- Son, I know as much as you do.
But she often comes here.
As your Mayor, I'm bothered by all
the problems of this town.
Cause you are life roots of this
town, and foundation of the all
commerce, economy, industry,
food production and culture.
You are the bloodflow of this town,
it's driving force.
And in the same time,
while you make this town alive,
it's not capable to give you
even a basic resources
for normal living.
That's why, my fellow citizens,
ladies and genltemen, I came here,
to do everything, with your help,
to make your life better
and more bearable.
But you must realize, that even
we who preside this town,
encounter so many problems.
We're now in big economic crisis
that have overtaken,
not just our country,
but the whole Europe.
But, in spite of that,
we invest a lot of effort to
solve problems that are
of basic importance for you.
Where you're going to live
and what will you work.
And 'cause of that,
my fellow citizens,
I call you to follow us,
because we're taking care
of your own good.
And don't forget
that old folk proverb,
"After the rain,
sun will show up!"
Madam, did that girl, Sonja,
came here?
You remember her?
- I do. She didn't.
If you care so much, you stay here
and wait. Maybe she'll show up.
Excuse me sir, I must ask you
to sleep on some other place.
Here is strictly forbidden.
You think I'm doing this
because I like it?
I know but I am park keeper
and I must warn you.
But if police finds you here,
you'll end up in jail for drifting.
Let them come! At least
I'll sleep on expense of the state.
Is that you, Mr. Rupcic?
Mr. Gajski!
What are you doing in that uniform?
Well, I closeed my bussiness
because of the debts.
I entered in public service.
It's much safer that way.
Paycheck is certain.
What can we do?
Times are like that.
Alright, I'll find another place,
I don't want to get you in trouble.
Wait! Well now... I know one place,
but comfort is not that well.
What comfort do I need?
And don't tell about this
to anyone.
And just for night or two.
Or I'll be in trouble
if someone hear about this.
Don't worry, Mr. Rupcic.
Here! Abandoned building
of the Central Bank.
260 rooms are completely empty.
Building is sealed but
I know how to enter.
No one comes here?
- Just some officials, occasionally.
But no one at this time.
Not there, here.
Entrance is a little bit odd
but that's the only way to get in.
Help me.
Come on, pull it up.
Just come after me.
You see. Who knows can easily
find the way in.
Just don't tell anyone.
- Don't worry.
I won't go further. You can
settle yourself as you wish.
And like I said,
only for one night or two.
Alright. Thank you, Mr. Rupcic.
Central. Can I help you?
I need one number
just I'm not sure that...
I'll connect you with group A.
Group A. Controled numbers.
Hello, how can I help you?
I need number of one girl. Her name is Sonja,
I think that she lives with her father.
3064. -Yes! That's her
number! Thank you!
Hello. Daddy, see this miracle!
Phone is broken but it rangs. Hello!
Hello. Who's there?
Is that you, Sonja?
I'm the one from the market,
I was selling books. You remember?
It's unbelievable, it's strange
how we can talk.
Where do you call from?
- From the abandoned Central Bank.
I got your number by a miracle.
Please, tell me where do you live?
Chestnut Street 97.
Hello. Hello!
Chestnut Street 97...
Salute to the Saviour!
Salute to the Saviour!
My ladies and gentlemen,
I'm happy to see that our mission
is becoming a reality.
The one who weren't on our
side are joining us now.
The one who are against us,
diseappear one by one.
That day is not far, when
we'll be only us and no one else.
And now tell me, what is
with professor Boskovic?
He will die tonight, Great Saviour.
His adress is Chestnut Street 97.
His daughter is with him.
Somebody's upstairs!
- Get him!
Get him!
It was right here, sir.
I was standing upstairs.
Chief, there's no trace of
what we're looking for.
No trace of any banquet
or someone's presence.
But that can't be true,
they were really here.
I saw them.
Come with me, please.
Let's go!
Now you'll see where they
stock their food.
But it was all here.
And that with professor Boskovic
who maybe they killed already.
I found his apartment
ravaged, this morning.
I'm sure that we, at professor's
apartment, if he exists at all,
find everything in order.
Believe me sir, this is serious.
And they are danger to us all.
Dear sir, it's already late noon,
I'm on my feet from the morning,
and I have busy night
ahead of me.
Go and get some sleep.
Enough! Stop it!
I know very well who you
are and what you're up to!
But it won't work!
That's some spy!
We should show him!
Stop it! Stop it!
Let that man go.
I will take care of him.
Come on, let's go.
I am professor Martin Boskovic.
Professor Boskovic is murdered.
I'm not yet.
I apprehended that they'll attack
me so I prepared for evacuation.
Your phone call was a signal
that was time for that move.
Why you didn't notice
the police?
You saw how they believed you.
Here we are.
I moved to a house of my friends
who now live abroad.
Come in, come in.
This is my daughter, I believe
you already met her.
Do come in.
Mr. Gajski, what are you doing?
What's your occupation?
I studied philosophy. Then tried
to write but with no success.
I don't do anything really,
I am unemployed.
Have you read a book by Ert
Ertrus "Warehouse of Rat King"?
Book was written 400 years
ago in Germany.
Author was burned on
a stake, in Bremen.
Like you're not some writer, I'm not
some scientist. People don't believe me.
Or they laugh when they
hear what am I doing here.
But maybe we could together,
joined, you and me...
Science is not my bright side.
All the same. I'm offering you
a position of my assistant.
If you accept, you must live here.
It would be my honour but
I'm afraid I would not be some help.
Now you'll excuse me.
So, can I consider you as my assistant?
- You may, professor.
We'll talk later about what
is ahead of us.
Ert Ertrus.
"Warehouse of King Rat".
Rat. That cunning and dark
creature can rule the man's mind.
It rules the secrets of
underground where it's hiding...
Has a power of transforming
its own shape.
They have hands, legs, wear suits,
have faces, eyes, movements
so that they're not differ
from human at all.
Pest, hunger, wars, raids relish them.
Then rats gathered,
secretly transformed,
working as people.
You'll speak with them,
not knowing...
what they are.
They steal and sell with gaining profit
understandable for a honest man.
They decieve with burnish of their suit
and liquidity of their talk.
They loot and burn, spy, they're
surrounded by wealth.
They eat and drink a lot.
And most of all, they love power.
In time of crisis,
Saviour comes among them,
Guinean big rat.
He gives them power that
humans can't understand.
Have a seat.
What do you think?
Did experiment work?
If you're looking a rat poison,
then, it is.
I'm not looking for a weapon for
rat animals, but for a rat people.
Can you believe, that night in the bank,
you were not surrounded by people.
What if they were rats
disguised as people.
I'm trying to produce
indicator B.
I named like that the matter I found
that can trace, even smallest
trails of rats in people.
And kill them.
Chemicals that I need, disappear
over the night from the stores.
If you wish, I can find them.
Think about it.
That's not harmless.
Working with me, you'll draw
attention of the whole crowd.
They'll try to kill you
more than they try to kill me.
And why you need that so much?
Great number of rats appear
at my place, so I need it to...
Why didn't you say that
right away? And I noticed that.
So many of them have breeded, lately.
You know, I'm renting rooms...
- Alright, alright...
I must warn you right away,
expences of supplying...
Don't worry, I'll pay for everything.
- Alright, alright... Come in two days.
We'll work something out.
Sonja, what's a matter?
I don't know.
On the shelf, between medicaments.
Some rat.
Those eyes, it looked right at me.
I feel so sick.
I never felt something
like this before.
Come. You'll be better.
What happened, sir?
You have rats here like
this is a dump.
What rats in our restaurant?
Real rats, you idiot!
Sonja is not in danger anymore.
Like nothing happened.
People in the restaurant.
You remember how did they look like?
Everything seemed normal.
Now he's obssessed with
devouring of his own kind.
Rat cannibal.
Tonight we'll put him in
the sewer.
This one first, then more of them.
Why did you kill those rats? -That's
our job, man. We're from public utilities.
Sonja. What are you doing here?
Well, I came outside.
I was worried about you.
Sonja. Sonja!
Did she really looked like me?
Yes, very.
What was she wearing?
I can't remember.
When he disappears
they become what they were.
From your story I can't understand
what you wanted to say.
Is it a murder or an accident?
First you say that professor Boskovic
could be bitten by some animal
some rat. Then, that he's
victim of some organization.
Either can be true.
If someone die when he was bitten by
an animal, in criminal practice,
we treat that like an accident.
But if that animals have collusive
plan of acting then that
cannot be an accident.
If I remember well, you already
took us to the Bank to show us
seemingly headquarters of some
secret underground organization.
Just then I couldn't even
imagine that members of that
organization could be rats.
And that so many people are
already in their service.
Dear sir, you've gone far.
Something new? -Nothing you
haven't seen yourself, chief.
Pack everything.
- Alright.
Receive my most sincere
condolences, miss. Sir.
Let me express my deepest condolences
in this sad moment for all of us.
Who are this people?
- I don't know.
I never seen them before.
Let's go.
Let's hurry.
Please, keep this
between us.
I have notice myself that
some strange things are
going on there lately.
That's not isolated case,
mister Mayor.
They are holding some
significant points in town.
And that with the chief of police...
- You leave that to me.
I'll take care of that.
Tell me, can you continue to
work on that indicator by yourself?
Maybe I could.
I learned a lot from the
late professor.
Just as you know...
- About the chemicals, don't worry.
I'll get them.
We should stay in contact.
And please, when you come
the next time, don't come on the
main entrance, come on postern.
Through the backyard. Announce
yourself to my personal secretary.
That's person of my full trust.
Come. I'll show you.
I'm sorry. In 5 minutes I have
a very important meeting.
I really don't know can
I thank you enough.
You will, when we
succeed, youngman.
Good bye.
- Good bye.
You know what this means?
Your father produced
that indicator after all.
They came to destroy this
and they all died.
We don't know what
professor did that night.
Should we call the police?
- No.
Only the Mayor can know
about this.
I'll remove these.
I don't know anything
about that.
I can only notice mister Mayor
that you are here.
What was your name again?
Gajski. Ivan Gajski.
I'm sorry. Mister Mayor
is not even here.
He just went out.
And if you can't wait,
write what you have to say,
fill the application and
give it to me.
Like he couldn't left me
some note.
We should go there
again tomorrow.
Who knows what's
going on there.
And maybe he's dead too.
Salute to the Saviour!
Please sir, tell me where's the man
who came in to your apartment.
Who are you?
What is it with you?
Maybe he's here.
Sir, can you explain to me
what do you want?
Who are you looking for?
He's here somewhere.
What is it? Who you're
looking for, sir?
Listen, who gave you
the right to do that?
We should call the police.
Not the police, you see that man
is insane. We should call hospital.
Please, help me.
He must been escaped here.
What are you looking for, anyway?
Monster-man, a rat!
Go to hell, sir.
If rats bother you,
catch them by yourself.
Be reasonable. That's humans
with the powers of the rats.
If I kill their leader,
they're done.
Maybe you have a rat
in your brain, eh?
What are you doing here?
- He's looking for some kind of rat.
Take him to asylum.
- Come on, go away.
And you! Come with me!
- I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere!
- Sir!
Hey stop! What are you doing?
Leave that man alone.
Mister Mayor!
Gentleman is my friend.
Get me a car.
- Yes sir, mister Mayor!
Everything is alright, it's alright!
- Mayor.
He got away.
And I almost got him.
Who, Mr. Gajski?
What is it with you?
This belongs to him.
Why you did this by yourself?
Why haven't you noticed me?
I was looking for you.
Your secretary didn't tell you?
My dear Mr. Gajski,
she was one of them.
I'm surrounded by them.
I cannot be sure anymore.
Don't be surprised that I'm
alone here now.
Lately I often get out
at night by myself.
I feel that something
is going on.
I know that I have to do
something, just don't know what.
Professor Boskovic could save us,
he knew everything.
Actually, he produced
indicator B.
Well man, why didn't you
tell me that right away.
You're the saviour of this town.
Car is here, mister Mayor!
Let them take this gentleman home.
We must meet tomorrow,
...come in my office.
- Thank you, mister Mayor.
To the Flower Square, please.
Great Saviour, they told me
to guard the Bank.
But they haven't told me that
you have meetings there, by night.
Man was without a roof over his
head and I just wanted to help.
There. That "help" is
giving you away.
It proves that you remained
what you were. Execute it!
What is it, Mr. Gajski?
Like you didn't expect
that this could be me?
Now you see that we are
everywhere and on every position.
In spite of your indicator.
Don't be afraid Mr. Gajski.
We're more human than any of you.
Our bond with them just gives
us supernatural power.
You'll have a close encounter with us,
like you friend, Mr. Rupcic.
Or daughter of professor
Boskovic, that time in a restaurant.
Every our man had gone through this.
That bonds us. It gives us power.
Soon or after, everybody
will be with us.
From today there will exist
another Gajski, beside you.
And loyal to us,
like your fiancee.
Have you noticed any
difference between
yours and ours Sonja?
Ours is more regardless, perhaps.
But she's more of a woman.
Mr. Gajski, like you don't
have nothing to say.
We are old friends.
We'll see each other more from now on,
besides, we'll have the same cause.
Execute it!
Ivan, don't go home! They're
already there. They ocuppied everything.
I barely manage to escape.
I know who you are.
You're not Sonja.
Ivan, what's wrong with you?
Who was messing with this?
No one. You know that
I don't understand that.
I'm dying and there's no hope
at all for you.
As long as new Saviour appears.
And he will come.
In the time of crisis.
He will come, soon maybe.
He will come.