Izzie's Way Home (2016) Movie Script

I think it's time.
It's time!
What do you think?
It's time, right?
I think so, too!
It's time!
Harold's so enthusiastic.
Carmel, it's his
first fry.
I just hope she has
her father's shimmer.
- Oh!
- Aw!
- Oh!
- Aw!
- Aw!
- Oh!
Come on, my darling.
You can do it.
Just break that shell!
Come on, Harold.
Leave it.
It's not going to hatch.
I knew that one
wouldn't hatch.
I can always tell.
It's a bad egg.
Sometimes it's not
meant to be, Harold.
- Let it go.
- No!
I'm not giving up on my fry.
It just needs a
little help is all.
It's alive!
My fry's alive!
It's a girl!
I'm a father!
- Ugh!
- Ew!
What's on her face?
The fry takes
after her mother.
Congratulations, Harold.
Thank you.
She's so...
- Beautiful.
- Hmm.
So what are you naming her?
Isabella, the name
her mother wanted.
Bella means beauty.
But I'll call her
Isabel for short.
That's smart.
So how do you feel?
So, when are you leaving?
Harold, old man, let's face
the fish facts, shall we?
Isabel is...
Our human doesn't look
too happy about that fact.
Not happy at all, old man.
You'll have to keep her hidden
at all times if you stay here.
You don't want your little
Isabel getting tossed out
of the aquarium into
the ocean
all by herself
like Clara, do you?
But, Thurston,
this is our home!
I don't want to take
any chances.
Harold, Harold, Harold.
The way it looks, we'd...
well, she'd be better off.
Take your chances here
where she could never be seen,
or out there.
I won't let anything happen
to my darling girl!
I'll always
protect you, always.
What are they doing, Dad?
Whoa, flying? Wow!
Wouldn't it be
amazing to fly, Dad?
Look at me!
I'm a flying fish!
[ grumbles ]
- Yippee!
- Watch out!
Isabel, you don't
need to fly.
All you need to do is...
Stay out of sight!
Dad, do we have to do this
every time there's fish flakes?
Your mother used to say it
doesn't matter how you look.
It matters what you do.
She was wrong.
It matters to him.
I took my eyes off her for
a moment and she was gone.
You miss her, don't you?
Your mother hooked my heart
the moment I saw her.
Was she as beautiful
as the sky?
More beautiful.
Hi, Jenny!
Kirsten! Marcie!
Why is it every time
I see you,
your spots keep
getting bigger and bigger?
Like, gross.
And in all
the wrong places.
At least you have your
purple and pink shimmer.
Saving that for later?
[ giggling ]
So gross.
Dad, did Mom have
any friends?
She had me.
I bet I could find lots
of friends in the ocean.
It would be so cool.
I think it'd be kind of hot.
Look at the coral reef!
It's beautiful!
Look at that volcano.
It's dangerous.
What if this was
a giant hot geyser?
And we had to leap over it
or get burnt to a crisp?
One, two, three, go!
No, Isabel!
[ screams ]
Hey, watch
where you're going!
I'm sorry, I--
Talk to the fin.
Looks like you've got
your fins full.
Ah, she's at that age.
You know,
wanting to explore.
[ chuckles ]
She needs to be
careful, Harold.
If I had my way...
[ chuckles ]
You need to keep
an eye on her.
Of course.
That's why she's right
by my side at all times.
Isabel, there you are.
Come on, Dad.
This is fun!
Yeah, yeah, very fun.
You guys want to play?
No way. Gross.
It doesn't look that bad.
It looks a little fun.
No. I've had fun before.
This isn't it.
You look like a
rotten fish flake.
Slime fight!
Oh, yuck!
All right, Isabel.
Enough fun for now.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Now remember...
- Stay under the arch.
- Stay under the arch.
Good. I'll be
right over here.
[ chuckles ]
Looks like all of
our fry got slimed.
But this is nice.
We really haven't floated out
together since they arrived.
Wish I could float
around, Harold.
But I have to, uh,
wash my gills.
Yes, that's right.
Me too.
And, besides, shouldn't
you be watching over Isabel?
No offense, Harold.
We just have to go
with the flow, you know?
Best not make waves
with Thurston.
The cleaner fish might
as well give up now.
They'll never get this
kind of sparkle on you.
I could think of a lot cooler
things than a good sparkle.
Like what?
[ rumble ]
Hope you don't bruise.
Yeah. Black and blue
would totally clash
with your
pink spotty shimmer.
Or maybe it would be
an improvement.
[ laughs ]
Oh, hey, Isabel.
We were going to go
play in the grotto.
Want to come?
I thought you guys
were mad at me.
Well, we were.
But that's like
ancient history.
This is now.
I can't.
I have to stay hidden.
From human?
He's not here.
Yeah, we saw him leave
the boat after fish flakes.
You can come out
and play with us.
We know lots of games.
And we'll keep an eye out
for human to come back.
It'll be fun.
[ giggles ]
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm not supposed to.
It'll be okay.
We won't stay out long.
You'll be back inside
the castle before your
Dad wakes up.
Okay, but just
for a little while.
[ giggles ]
What do we play?
Oh, wait. I know.
Bubble Trouble.
- My favorite!
- You go first.
- Trouble!
- Trouble!
[ giggles ]
[ gasps ]
What are you doing?
Do you have any
fish sense?
[ chuckling ]
Isabella, our human
could toss you out
of the aquarium
into the ocean!
I don't care!
Besides, Mom's out there!
Your mother is gone!
[ sighs ]
My darling girl, it's time
to stop daydreaming about
a bigger and better world
when your world is right here.
I don't want
to lose you too.
You won't lose me, Father.
I'm right here.
[ cackling ]
Daddy! Help!
[ screaming ]
[ grunting ]
[ shouts ]
It's all right!
I got you.
We need to figure out how to
get back into the aquarium.
[ rumbling ]
Then we'll just have to
keep you out of sight.
I mean, really,
really out of sight.
Maybe under a rock.
She's better off in the ocean
where she belongs.
Hey, who's swimming
in my light?
[ screaming ]
[ shouting ]
Just hold on!
Hold on!
- Ah!
- Whoa!
[ shouting ]
Grab my fin!
Grab my fin!
I can't!
I have to find my Dad!
Swim! Up!
Swim up!
Whoa! Whoa!
Where are we?
Where are the cleaner fish?
I need a shimmering
like now!
I'm gross!
I'm gross!
Can you see where we are?
Yeah, the ocean.
There's only one fish from
the aquarium that belongs here
and it is not me.
It's not me, is it?
No. It's...
Has anybody seen Isabel?
You've seen Isabel?
Maybe, a little.
When? Where?
[ groaning ]
You're going to be all right.
You're a rock and
now you're a fish?
How are you doing that?
I'm a rockfish.
We blend in.
So do you have a name?
Isabel. What's yours?
April. Pleasure to
meet you, Isabel.
I have never seen a fish fight
a current like that before.
A current?
Where am I?
Uh, the ocean.
And you live here?
This is kind of the place
for a fish to be, you know.
Yes. I think I do know.
And you're a really
real wild fish?
Yep, a really
real wild fish
that lives right
here in the ocean.
What's out there?
Lots of stuff.
But mainly the volcano.
I guess I'll have to cross it.
I have to find my father.
[ chuckles ]
You can't just
cross the volcano!
Why not?
Well, there's lava, steam.
Lots of ridges and mountains.
Eruptions with
boiling bubbles and hot ash!
And that's just the start.
How do you know?
I've tried crossing it
a few times
to get to
the coral reef.
I bet your father is
waiting for you there.
It rocks!
Oh, yeah!
The reef in the picture!
What's a picture?
Well, it's a thing
on a wall.
Not important.
Anyway, that's where I'm going.
I've never been to a reef.
What's it like?
Ah, it's the most spectacular,
beautiful and best place
in all of the ocean!
It is especially
for fish like me
and every fish that
lives there gets along.
Like you?
You know, fish that are not
the colorful,
shiny, ooh-ah type.
They even have a queen.
[ gasps ]
I've never met
a queen before.
The reef is where you
feel like you belong.
Where you belong.
A place I wouldn't
have to hide?
And where I would
have friends?
Like him!
I'd be there if it weren't
for the volcano
and the island surrounding it.
But I found
the one little spot
that opens into the ocean
and the coral reef.
I mean, there's still
the hot steam and the lava.
But this time,
I'm gonna do it.
I've got a new way
to cross it.
It's called
the dart and spin.
It's sure to work, I think.
I mean, it better work
or it's gonna be bad.
Bad, bad, bad!
[ growling ]
Wow, I've never seen fins
as frilly as yours.
They're spectacular!
[ roars ]
Isabel, swim!
So you think making
friends with a Lion Fish
is a good idea?
Well, he was so incredible.
So are a lot of things
in the ocean.
That doesn't mean
they are safe.
I suppose you're going to say
hello to those jellyfish next.
Ooh, pretty!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
You're not from
around here, are you?
I'm from an aquarium.
Father really liked it there.
But I like it here.
Even when you're
about to be eaten?
- Ooh, what's that?
- What?
Isabel, no!
Where are you going?
We'll need all our strength
to get across the volcano.
Yes. Do you think
I'd leave you here
where you might make
friends with a barracuda?
Ooh, a barracuda?
Hmm, I bet we could be BFFs.
What's a barracuda?
[ engine running ]
The boat!
It's leaving!
- Wait!
- Wait!
It's no use.
They've gone.
How could they just leave us?
They'll miss
looking at us.
They'll come back.
What do we do?
The boat will come back.
Will it?
In all my years in a tank,
it only moves after big waves.
It will return.
We will wait here.
Wait here?
But Isabel's out there
near the volcano!
[ laughs ]
You mean, Fish Fry City.
Did you say something?
The volcano?
Fry City.
Fish go in.
They don't come out.
My daughter's out there!
Oh, geez.
I'm so sorry.
Look, I'd be happy
to help look for her.
Well, thank you,
but I got this.
The thing is, is I've been
looking for my kids too.
How long?
Well, if you count
the last algae bloom,
the sardine migration.
Coral bleaching...humans have
to stop that, by the way.
We don't need your help,
you slimy-looking thing.
We need to get back
to the boat.
Suit yourself.
Wait! You there!
Are you talking to me?
It appears you...
The name is Carl.
Yes, all right, Carl.
You've seemed to
uncover something that...
And your name is?
Well, nice to meet you, Harry.
Harry, Harold,
what's the difference?
The difference is he's
a Purple Queen Anthias Fish.
Carl, I need you to keep
doing what you're doing.
It appears there's a trail
from Isabel.
My daughter.
Oh, yeah, look at that.
We'll find her.
All we have to do is
follow the trail.
Um, you're not
seriously thinking
of going with that thing?
Hey, watch it.
I think you mean
Sea Cucumber, missy.
I know what you are.
You're just gross.
I have to find Isabel!
Are you coming?
No! No, heavens forbid.
We don't want our human
to see us mixing with
the, uh...
local catch.
[ laughs ]
Yeah, and it's almost
time for fish flakes.
Uh, fish what?
You know. Dinner.
Yeah, right, little lady.
You may be waiting a while.
[ rumbling ]
You know, Harry,
we don't have all day.
I mean, the cracks are
getting bigger.
You see the closest star
in the sky up there?
It's daytime.
There's no stars.
Just the sun.
That's what I said.
Anyway, after the closest
star comes up twice,
the volcano will be
darn hard to cross.
I've seen it before.
I mean, with my own eyes.
These cracks are
almost ready.
Ready for what?
Ready for what?
To spew ash, lava,
burning bubbles!
[ chewing ]
Mmm, delicious!
Uh, no, thank you.
Come on, try it!
Oh, it's delicious!
Don't move.
- It's beautiful!
- Shh!
Look how it glides
through the water, oh...
Now let's go.
I know a hiding place.
In here.
I've been worried sick.
I hope you weren't looking
for food for our trip
across the volcano that
we're never gonna take.
Never say never, Ginger.
We don't have a choice.
Oh, there's always
a choice, honey.
June, you didn't see
the cracks.
They're getting bigger.
Oh, honey, that's not all
that's getting bigger.
I lost two ounces,
gained five.
But still healthy
as a horse.
Then you can swim even
faster over the volcano.
What makes you think
you can cross that
molten lava mountain?
We can and we will.
I found an opening and just
think what's on the other side.
Right, Seymour?
The other side
of what?
Certain doom?
It's all gonna end in disaster.
I, for one, am
'ofishally' fabulous.
Wait until you see
what I found.
It's my latest treasure part
of "The Herman Collection"
named after yours truly.
Isn't it simply amazing?
Not as amazing as you!
Just when I thought the ocean
couldn't get any better!
You are so, so...
just look at you!
Not that it's bad.
It's good, so, so good.
You are bumpy and blobby,
and amazing!
Gang, this is Isabel.
She's coming to the reef
with us to look for her dad.
This is some
serious shimmer!
Better than any treasure
I've ever seen!
I love the ocean!
It's so weird!
Oh, those are some seriously
scary cool teeth.
[ shark whimpers ]
Was it something I said?
Oh, honey, that's Beatrice.
She's quite skittish.
Now you.
See how seriously
scary you are?
Oh, apex predators
are awesome!
Nice to meet you, Beatrice.
Uh, nice to meet you too?
Welcome to our
home sweet home, Isabel.
Not for long.
This cave's no much
for the next eruption.
Weak walls, flaky rock.
We'll be much safer
at the reef, June.
The reef looked really neat in
the picture and it has a queen.
You're gonna love the warmer
waters and colorful corals!
It's the perfect
place for us.
Even with blobs
and bumps?
And bellies?
Especially with blobs
and bumps and bellies.
We'll fit right in.
Hey, how do you know so
much about the reef?
It used to be my home.
But Rock Fish
tend to wander.
And, well, I wandered
a little too far.
So now...
[ rumbling ]
It's getting close.
I need to find my father!
I'm sure he'll
love meeting you.
Oh, honey, you should
stay with us.
But we can't
leave the cave.
Can't or won't?
How would you feel if
every fish in the ocean
looked at you like you were
some sort of freak?
Who are you
calling a freak?
I know how you feel, June.
That was my life
in the aquarium.
But the reef is supposed
to be different.
All of the fish there get
along swimmingly.
June, the volcano's
going to blow!
And you'll be feeling
a lot worse if you don't
come with us!
Besides, do you really
expect me to leave
the only family I've got?
[ rumbling ]
If you won't listen to me,
then listen to the volcano!
Come with us.
I promise it won't
be that bad.
Just take the first stroke,
one fin in front of the other.
Well, now, I mean,
a little open ocean
would be great
for my scales.
This cave is getting
a little stuffy.
[ chuckles ]
[ rumbling ]
Nope, not ready.
Thought I was, but I'm not.
[ whimpers ]
We've got to stay here.
I bet I could lose an
ounce with a short swim.
[ rumbling ]
Better yet, I can just
swim in place here.
See? It won't be so scary
if we all go together.
No rocky walls?
Just water?
Miles and miles of water?
I'm ready...
to go back
in the cave.
We'll be with you
the whole time.
Right, Isabel?
Is it going
to stay this dark?
Until morning, pretty much.
Don't you guys have lights?
Lights? This is the ocean.
Of course.
What ocean has lights?
[ crackling ]
Does this help?
Oh, yes, very much.
Thank you.
I had to do it!
The space is marvelous!
April, what's over the dune?
I guess the ocean
does have lights.
Come on.
[ cheering, laughing ]
What is it?
It's so beautiful here.
I just wish my father
could see this.
[ crying ]
I told him I didn't care,
but I do.
I really, really do
And you can tell
him yourself
when we cross the volcano.
These cracks
are way bigger!
Like blue whale big!
Giant squid long!
And colossal clam wide!
They shouldn't be
this big, not yet.
We better move!
Move! Move!
Ginger, you got a light?
Let's go, guys!
Let's move when the
sun comes back, honey.
But I have to find my father.
Listen, no fish wants
to dart as much as I do.
But look at them.
We'll leave as soon
as it's safe.
This coral sure looks
comfy enough for a
good night's sleep.
Oh, ah!
Yep! Oh, this is so comfy!
Goodnight, father.
I love you.
[ belches ]
Heh-heh. Excuse me.
So then I looked at
this shrimp and said,
"Buddy, you're shrimpy.
Shrimpity, shrimp,
shrimp, shrimp."
And he was short.
I mean, I meant no offense.
But he got all up in my sand.
Perhaps we can swim
in silence for a while.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Sure, fine.
No problem.
I'm quiet.
Not moving my mouth.
I'm good.
I mean, you just got
to face the facts.
You are who you are.
Why hide it, you know?
[ belches ]
Must you do that?
Hey, sorry.
I can't help it.
I come from
a gassy family.
Hey, you ever been
worked over by a shrimp?
Shrimp do not
fight clean.
It worked out great, though.
I hit him with my intestines.
Straight out of my butt!
Wait. You said you hit him in
the face with your intestines?
Yeah. Us Sea Cucumbers,
when we become enraged,
we fire our intestines
out of our back sides.
Your back sides?
Yeah. Right out of our rumps.
You wanna see?
No, that won't be necessary.
Are you sure?
Absolutely sure.
Okay. Well, it's
a great defense.
My kids were really
good at it.
I mean, they used to have
these competitions to where
they were throwing
their intestines everywhere.
It was floating all
over the place.
It was fantastic.
Made me a proud papa.
Where are your children now?
No, let me guess.
They swam off because
you were too gassy!
[ laughs ]
Well, it was
a beautiful day.
Sun, sand, plenty to eat.
I never saw it coming.
The net, it was covered
by sand, you see?
In one minute,
we were together
and the next, I felt
a hole in the net.
But not before it carried
me across the volcano.
[ chittering ]
Uh-oh, Harry, be cool.
It's the Claw boys.
Hey, guys, it's all right.
We're just passing through.
We don't want any trouble.
Oh, I am so sorry.
So, so sorry.
Oh, boy.
Let's go, Harry!
[ laughs ]
Did you see those
intestines fly?
I'm good, I'm good.
I don't think we lost 'em.
Chill your gills, Harry.
That trick works every time.
We're in the clear.
[ screaming ]
Nothing like the light of day
to remind us where we belong.
We belong together
in the rare,
remarkable coral reef.
April, did you just see
how those fish looked at us?
I can't take it anymore!
You don't all have to
go looking at me that way.
I told you the cave is
the best place for us.
Let's get moving, then.
What has gotten into you all?
It's my potbelly, isn't it?
I know!
It's a Lion Fish!
[ screaming ]
[ growling ]
Hey, ugly, look at me!
Over here!
[ growling ]
Get to the cavern!
Don't worry, Bea.
They're right behind me.
Oh, there's something wrong.
Come on.
You mean out there?
We can do this.
Remember, you got
the teeth.
[ growling ]
Hey! Hey!
Look at me!
Bea, smile!
[ whimpering ]
That was pretty scary.
[ chuckles ]
Seriously scary,
but you did great, Bea.
Well, I for one have had
enough of this neighborhood.
I'm with you.
This is just
like the aquarium.
Oh, I miss the sunshine.
[ sighs ]
There will be time
for sun-basking at
the coral reef later.
I'm not sure what
magic this is.
But I'm starting
to feel funny.
Is this happy?
I feel lighter.
[ chuckles ]
And so relaxed!
It's gonna be
a sunshiny day!
I've had all the excitement
I can handle for one day.
Jeez, tell me
about it!
This ocean is so...
filled with treasure!
What's wrong?
I'm fine.
Just taking in the scenery.
Do you sense a tremor?
Better check for cracks.
I know it looks
pretty bad.
Actually, it's pretty solid.
We're okay for now.
[ crying ]
I mean, my scales.
Oh, honey,
you think we care?
Well, no, but
I have to care.
All of you are so
cool looking like
rocks and sponges.
My scales were my one
pretty thing about me
and now they're gone!
You would think being
a fish without a stomach
would help me keep
the ounces off.
But all I want to do is eat.
Yeah, well, how would you
like to literally be a blob?
You know, it's not
a pretty sight.
None of us are.
It doesn't matter,
especially where we're going.
But don't you see?
In the aquarium,
things were different.
I can't go to my father
looking like this!
He'd hide me forever!
Hey, it doesn't matter
how you look.
If you ask me,
it matters more what you do.
My mother used
to say that.
Honey, give your
father a chance.
Hey, what about giving
yourself a chance, June?
Come with us.
That's what I keep saying!
Come now before the lava
and raining ash
start oozing
all over us.
It would be pretty hard to be
friends all covered in lava.
If you're okay with
some missing scales...
And you're okay with
some lumps.
And bumps.
Of course.
So are you coming?
We're coming, Dad.
Wherever you are.
Ho-ho, Jimmy Eight Legs!
Hey, I heard you got caught up
and put in a jar.
And you were right.
I unscrewed it
and got out.
Thanks for saving
our butts back there.
But what are you
doing way out here?
Gliding through on
the annual migration.
Who's the fin?
Harry? Jimmy Eight Legs.
Jimmy Eight Legs? Harry.
Nice to meet you, Harry.
Yeah, likewise.
Hey, what's
happening here?
Isabel's trail!
I can't find Isabel's trail!
Is this it?
Yes! That's it!
That's it!
What do you suppose
is down there?
One way to find out.
[ grunting ]
Here we go.
There we go.
Hey, we're still moving
in the right direction.
Speaking of moving,
I've gotta glide.
See you around.
Thank you!
All right, let's go, Harry.
Hey, I just called you Harry.
[ chuckles ]
I know.
There's something to be
said for moving.
I think my days of
being a blob are over.
At this rate, I'm gonna
be nothing but fins and bones.
Are you okay?
Phew. Yeah.
My fins are
a little tired.
Well, now that you
mentioned it,
my belly is a little achy.
And my light is fading.
My lumps are saggy.
You guys are wimps!
I never had so much
fun in my life!
Who am I kidding?
I feel bloated.
We can take a break
if you want.
[ gasps ]
I have a better idea!
Just one little ride.
Come on!
We can rest and be
there in no time.
Isabel, no!
Oh, no!
Do it!
That's it.
Few more seconds.
[ fishing reel clicking ]
You sure know how
to keep things lively!
You okay?
The sun was so warm
on my face.
But I like breathing better.
Looks like we got off track.
It all looks so blue.
I've never come
this way before.
Don't worry, honey.
I have a special
trick up my pouch.
What are you doing?
Using my lateral lines.
Lateral lines?
Yes. You have them.
Every fish has them.
Seahorses have a lot of them.
The electromagnetic fields
in the ocean
are very strong
along the volcano.
Once my lateral lines pick
them up, we'll be on our way.
Hmm, beep!
Waa, beep!
Aww, beep!
Volcano, here we come.
Hmm, guess I'm a little rusty.
Honey, you try.
Now close your eyes
and take a deep breath.
Now feel the earth magnetic
field with your body.
Eyes closed, deep breath.
I don't feel anything, June.
Wait for it.
I feel it.
I feel it!
A tremor?
You felt a tremor?
This way!
The volcano is this way!
A good effort.
Metal. It can mess
with your lines.
Ralph, come outside.
We have guests.
Did you say
something, Mona?
Yes, Ralph.
We have visitors!
For dinner?
No. We were swimming
to the volcano on our
way to find my father.
Oh, you lost your father?
Ralph, we need to help.
What? We don't need
any kelp!
Help! Help!
Mona, what's the matter?
We can help you, dearie.
We've lived in these
waters for more tides
that I care to count.
Oh, thank you.
- For what?
- Quiet, Ralph!
The volcano is...hmm.
Oh, dearie.
It could be this way
or this way
Oh, good grief!
The reef is that way.
Past the volcano.
Thank you so much.
That's right.
The volcano is this way
through the tunnel.
The tunnel?
Follow me.
You'll be safe in there.
Swim until you
reach the end.
At the end, there
will be an opening
in the ocean right
by the volcano.
Thank you again, Mona
and you too, Ralph,
for your help.
For the last time,
I don't want any kelp.
Meet at the tunnel!
Seymour! June!
- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh.
[ dolphin clicking ]
[ screaming ]
[ chirping ]
We can hide in the Sea Chimney
and come out the other side.
Those can get
pretty narrow.
[ chirping ]
Come on!
I wouldn't do that if...
I told you.
Just give me a minute.
Sometimes you can
be such a fishhead!
[ chirping ]
[ grunting ]
Put your fins out!
I'll push you through!
Suck in!
Put a little fin in it!
[ grunting ]
[ screaming ]
Go, go, go, go!
Go! Go!
[ grunts ]
Suck it in!
Put a little fin in it!
[ chirps ]
[ clicks ]
To the left!
The other left!
[ screaming ]
[ screaming ]
Maybe he just
wants to play.
[ whistles ]
Maybe not!
[ screaming ]
Quick! Hop on!
[ sighs ]
I know a certain fish
that has been
looking for you.
My father?
You've seen my father?
Did you hear that?
Where did you see him?
Across the ridge.
Getting awful toasty,
if you ask me.
Hold on, Dad.
I'm coming.
Wow, real Sea Chimneys.
Oh, yeah.
My kids would play
for hours in them.
Poppin' in and out,
up and down.
Running all over the place.
Getting real filthy.
Isabel too.
What is it with
kids and dirt?
I don't know.
They just like having fun.
Not quite sure how
getting dirty is fun.
But what are you gonna do?
They're kids.
I'd give anything to see
her dirty face right now.
I miss my little
gutbusters too.
Try here.
Over here?
[ rumbling ]
Well, uh, maybe we need
to scale back a little.
Scale... No, I didn't mean
All right, all right.
Let's see what
we have over here.
Oh, oh!
Look, here we go!
Here we go!
Well, now, this doesn't
mean anything.
Nothing at all.
Nothing down there.
That's good right there.
Not a thing.
Have you seen my daughter?
About this long?
Pink and purple
with some spots?
And missing scales?
What are you doing?
We have to keep going,
keep looking.
[ rumbling ]
So that's it?
Are we really at
the end of the line?
No! This isn't it!
Yes, it is.
Let's head back
to those stuffypants
fish friends of yours.
Isabel's smart.
She's got a good noggin.
I bet she found
her way back by now.
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
Well, fancy
meeting you here.
June, Herman, Bea,
Seymour, Ginger!
You made it!
A volcano crossing wouldn't
be the same without you.
It's impossible to cross!
We can do this, June.
It's time to
dart and spin.
Maybe it's better
to spin and then dart.
Hmm, okay.
Looks like it's time
for the bob and weave.
Oh, we can't bob, weave,
dart, spin or swim across it!
It's just too
hot and bubbly!
[ screams ]
No, but we can fly!
Come on.
[ screaming ]
Uh, excuse me?
Hey, hey!
Harry, look at me.
Look at this beautiful piece
of Sea Cucumber I found!
I thought I was doing
the right thing
keeping her hidden.
But now she's out here
in a world I never
prepared her for.
She was always
so inquisitive.
Me! I was the one
who was afraid.
This whole time I wanted
to bring her home.
But now I realize that
home is wherever she is.
[ sighs ]
It doesn't matter
now anyway.
Isabel's gone.
I'll never see her again.
Hey, that's crazy talk.
It matters to me.
Come on.
[ screams ]
We did it!
June, where are you?
Oh, Daddy, what I would
give to be with you!
Wait a minute!
[ breathes deeply ]
[ laughs ]
Where's Isabel?
She's gone.
Oh, Harold,
I'm so sorry.
[ wind roaring ]
Here we go again.
Does this mean we're
finally seeing eye to eye?
For the life of me,
where is that boat?
It simply isn't safe here
any longer
what with the volcano's
stirring up the water
like this.
No, no.
Perhaps if we swim
in the direction it went,
we'll find it.
Harold, since
Isabel is gone,
you can come with us.
Gee, what a nice offer.
Harold, you come with us.
Or you could come with me.
I have a couple
of sandy spots.
With you?
You wasted so much time
belching and burping
that now my daughter's gone!
Don't you understand?
I actually do.
You know, Harry, I really
thought we were friends.
Come on, Harold
Fa-- Father? Father?
[ crying ]
[ belches ]
Excuse me!
I tasted that one.
[ crying ]
There, there,
there, there.
Now what's a fish like
you have to cry about?
I was looking for
my father and...
You look awfully familiar.
Isabel? Isabel!
You're Isabel!
[ wind roaring ]
Swim, swim, swim!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
How do you know my name?
Your father, Harry...
I mean, your father
is Harold!
You know my father?
Yes, of course, I know
your father, Harold.
I mean, we went
looking for you.
But then we thought
you were, uh...
Well, never mind.
It doesn't matter.
You're here.
Well, I am, but
where is my father?
Oh, your father?
He's gone.
Yeah. I mean, I tried
to tell him.
But there was an explosion
and it was a kapow,
boom, bang and then,
all of a sudden,
the lava was dripping and
it was like, "Ah!
Oh, no! It's lava!"
So he freaked out.
So is my father
is really gone?
Well, I told him
it's normal.
But they don't call
the volcano Fish Fry City
for nothing.
Yeah, you know, because
of the hot steam
and the molten lava.
I get it.
So he got fried?
So, anyway, there was
no persuading him.
He had to come back here.
Then he followed
those snobby vertebrates
to that stupid reef.
You're not
like them, are you?
- Hey!
- I sure hope not.
I mean, you know, I may
not be some hotty-totty
Purple Queenie
I might be not gassy,
not classy.
But, heck, I got
to count for something.
I'm sorry.
You said my father's alive?
Yeah, he's alive.
What made you
think otherwise?
Where is he exactly?
That way.
If only there was
a way to get there faster!
[ rumbling ]
Whoa, watch it now!
Where's my butt?
Well, it's not every day
you get to go flying
through the ocean.
[ gasps ]
Look! The coral reef!
Hey, Isabel, wait!
You know
I'm a Sea Cucumber!
I can't move that fast!
That's funny.
It looks like they are
all mingling together
And they look like
they're enjoying it.
What more do I have to do?
Isabel was one thing.
And now all of you!
Just look at all of you.
This is... Wow!
Well, at least we've heard
the last from Isabel.
[ panting ]
- Isabel!
- Father!
I thought you were gone
and I was--
Where have you been?
And how did you--
Oh, Father,
I've missed you!
I'm so sorry
for everything.
Oh, my darling girl,
I thought you were...
Just let me look at you.
Look at her!
[ laughs ]
She's even uglier
than she was before.
Who are you calling ugly?
Sorry we're late.
Father, these are my friends.
They saved my life and
helped me find you
and now we're all
here together.
Finally where we
belong, home.
You, you don't belong
with us, Harold.
Never did!
This is not your home
and as for them...
You'd better go, Harold.
Who made you
King of the Coral?
But where?
I'm just saying, old man,
take your chances here
or out there.
But, Father, this
is our reef too.
I'm staying.
Isabel, I'm not leaving you.
You're coming with me.
We'll find a place
where I can protect you.
I can protect myself!
Please, Father?
Just go already.
You're such an eyesore.
My mother always said
it's not what you look like.
It matters what you do.
My friends taught me that
I'm beautiful
because of who I am.
I used to think I
needed your friendship.
But now I know I don't.
You say I don't
belong with you?
Well, you're right.
I don't belong with you.
I belong with them.
Nobody talks
to me like that!
We're outta here!
Oh, no, someone's
looking for dinner.
Oh, what's for dinner?
Eww, take your fins off me.
Stay quiet unless
you want to be eaten.
Where are you going?
To go get my daughter.
[ hisses ]
[ screams ]
Over here!
[ grunts ]
[ hisses ]
Think you're so tough?
Well, there's two of us.
[ screaming ]
Oh, you're in
for it now, buddy!
[ farts ]
Oh, no!
- Dad!
- Kids!
- Oh, Daddy!
- Dad!
Look out!
In here!
[ panting ]
[ screaming ]
[ screaming ]
[ grunting ]
They need our help.
Are you insane?
I'm not going out there!
Isabel would do it for you.
He's right, Jenny!
Isabel needs a fin!
We need to put these
shiny scales to use!
Where do you
think you're going?
We can't just float here
and watch!
I have an idea!
[ grunting ]
[ gasps ]
Kirsten, no!
If you're gonna shimmer,
do it right.
Oh, yeah!
All right!
Good job!
Woo-hoo! Yeah!
It's Queen Clara!
You're real!
I mean, really real!
Oh yes, I'm really real.
I've been here all
this time thinking
I'd never see you again.
Isabel and I thought
the same thing about you.
Hello, Mother.
My darling girls, I'm sorry
I was such a fishhead.
Especially to you.
Oh, Harry, you don't have
to say sorry to friends...
or family.
My darling Queen and
my beautiful Princess!
Hey, that's right.
Isabel, you're
a Princess now.
Go fish!
I never thought
I'd say this.
But I like the reef.
I can really pull
my weight around here.
Isabel, now that
the reef is our home,
I want you to...
to be you for all
to see and admire!
It doesn't matter
how you look.
It just matters what you do.
After all, beauty is in
the eye of the beholder.