Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town (2017) Movie Script

Where are you headed?
[Izzy] East.
Are we even going east?
Northeast to be exact.
Where are you headed?
What's in Providence?
A guy?
A guy. It's a guy.
It's always a guy.
- What's his name?
- Roger.
- [woman] What's his name?
- [young Izzy] Roger.
Have you known each other long?
[Izzy] We were 16.
We fall in love much later
but that's when we met.
I first saw his face through
a window.
It was raining
and he was wearing
a black pea coat.
Oh, he had...
the funniest way of
telling stories about his past.
Each time, he re-tells one
he gets a little bigger,
a little more dramatic.
A little bigger.
A little more dramatic.
Like he was constantly
work-shopping them.
He was trying to will,
the eventual story,
the not real one,
into something much better
than the truth ever was.
Or ever could be.
Sounds so strange
with ever something so...
endearing about it.
When did you last see him?
["Fuck You" playing]
You wanna tell me
how to do it
You wanna tell me
what's going on
Hey man do you know
how to do it
Fuck you I know
what's going on
Do you wanna tell me
where to end
[snoring continues]
[wood creaking]
[snoring continues]
- [peeing]
- [sighs]
[peeing continues]
[peeing stops]
[breaths out heavily]
- [footsteps]
- [creaking]
- Hmm, oh, oh, hey,
- [Izzy] Hi.
[George] Ah! Hi!
Who are you?
- George.
- Hi, George.
Ah, where are we?
In my apartment.
Yeah, and where is that?
Santa Monica.
And how did I get here?
I don't know.
Who are you?
I'm Izzy.
- Did we, uh...
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, I saw
a condom wrapper but...
- Yeah, we...
- Well that's good.
That's good.
I mean, not that I think
you're sketchy or anything.
No, no, I get it and you know.
Same, at least we got
that part right.
What are...
Please, tell me I've got nothing
to do with that.
- All that.
- No, don't worry about that.
That was earlier in the night
at work, that I do remember.
[deep breath]
[exhales] You read a lot?
Are you asking me
if my books are for show?
Nah, I try to read every night,
you know, at least an hour
before I go to sleep.
What are you reading now?
- Moby Dick actually.
- [Izzy] Oh, damn!
- Yeah.
- You re-reading or never read?
Might be a surprise
but I never read.
No, I don't know you,
so I dunno
if it would be a surprise.
So, what's going on here?
George got a well curated
literature collection.
Sparse design sense. You make
some money but not too much.
You are doing
something creative,
cause, freaking everybody in LA
does something creative.
Writer's too obvious,
you're an editor?
No, I'm a helicopter pilot.
Uh, yeah, I fly
from Long Beach Harbor
to Catalina Bay and back.
[distant siren wailing]
All day, every day.
Wait, that's reality,
you're not making that up?
- Yeah, that's real.
- That's amazing.
I mean, you are saying that
cause you don't do it
all day, every day.
Sure, but I mean, I still think
you're seriously underplaying
the importance of being
able to say,
"I'm a fucking helicopter pilot
and it not be a lie."
- Well, yeah, it has its perks.
- Yeah.
Well, I think we just solved
90 percent of the mystery
of how I ended up here.
[George] Hmm.
And what's the other 10 percent?
Your post card collection.
I do road trips, you know.
Every couple of years
I did a cross country
and everywhere I went
I picked up a post card.
No reason.
Can you take me home?
How'd you know
you didn't drive here?
My car's at the mechanic.
Yeah, I don't even know
if I drove here.
I hope not.
What are your instincts saying?
[rock music playing]
[Izzy] Here.
- No, God, no it's okay.
- It's all right.
[both laughing]
- Yeah,
- I know you...
No, no, it didn't... I mean...
it was weird.
- Yeah.
- Just thought maybe...
- [Izzy] Okay.
- So, yeah.
So bye.
[engine revving]
- [beep]
- [footsteps]
[birds chirping]
It's called America.
You're disgusting.
- [barks]
- [laughs]
What a bitch!
What the fuck!
No, no, no, no, no...
Fucking pick up! Hi!
Yeah, yeah, no shit, that's why
I'm calling.
What do you mean,
"Don't be mad."
I shouldn't be finding out about
this on your fucking Instagram.
Because you should've told me.
I can't believe
you are fucking engaged.
When? You mean tonight?
At fucking five!
Oh my God! Where?
No, you better fucking tell me.
Fucking tell me,
you shallow cunt!
[yells] Fu...
[yells] ...uck!
[breathes heavily]
I need my fucking car, Dick.
Oh Black Santa, whoa, whoa.
- I need my fucking car, Dick.
- Izz.
Izzy, what's crackin'?
What're you doing here?
- I need my fucking car, Dick.
- You wanna... you want it now?
Yes. Now.
You said, "It would be done,"
two weeks ago.
I pay you every dime I have.
Where are my fucking keys?
- [keys tingling]
- Okay, here's your keys.
- Jeez.
- Thank you.
[Dick] Keep your car, have it.
- [ignition revving]
- Great, yeah.
Cause you ain't going nowhere.
You see that?
Good, that's what we've got.
[Izzy] Ah! Fuck!
No! Fuck! God damn it!
- Fuck!
- And it goes that.
I know exactly what you need.
Yup, I know what you need,
hold on girl.
That's way too much,
that's a lot.
- Oh God.
- [Dick] That is a lot.
I know exactly what you need.
- Here you go.
- Whoa, whoa.
What are you doing with that?
- I'm putting it in your drink.
- No.
No, you're not putting it in my
fucking drink. I can't get sick.
I've got to... get somewhere
and fuck some shit up.
This is fine, it's European egg.
Is that supposed to mean
- something to me?
- [Dick] Really?
Like these eggs here in America.
All being genetically
processed by Monsanto.
Monsanto is killing us.
- Don't you understand that?
- Okay, stop.
This is not your fucking
twitter feed.
- Just give me the drink.
- Take it, take it.
Take it, drink it. Yup.
- [gulps]
- It helps you feel better.
- Oh God, that yolk.
- [Dick] Yup.
That happens every time.
Gotta calm down, Izzy.
I need my fucking car, Dick.
- [Dick exhales]
- When is it gonna be done?
I took the money,
bought some parts.
Man, now, this... this... this car
have been through a lot, man.
A lot of war wounds
under that hood.
What's this?
What's going on here?
What? Huh? About that?
- What? Nothing.
- Yeah.
You see her?
She stands there every day.
Same place. Same time.
She smokes.
A single bud. Alright.
And she savors
every moment of it.
Have you ever talked to her?
[Dick] Hmm-mm.
No, no, no, no.
You can't talk to her.
- Let me talk to her for you.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, you can't.
Yeah, I'll just figure out
what she's about.
I won't say your name,
I won't make it obvious.
- I'll just get a sense of her.
- No. It's not about that.
It's about the way...
I wanna see her.
You know.
Like her truth...
for me is... is in here.
Now, look, the other day
she was just here, right,
and it was raining,
it was gushing rain.
Like the type of rain, it just...
gets rid of all the smog,
like that smell of rain.
And she went under the overhang
and just stood there.
Just stoic, like she is now.
Look, look, look, look.
Just like that.
Like she has something
that she don't wanna tell
She keeps it inside.
But, man, let me tell you...
I saw it.
It was like droplets just
running down her face.
And if you didn't know
or look closely,
you would've thought
it was the rain.
But it wasn't.
It was her tears.
And that tears were just mixing
with the rain, and...
'Cause she could hide it,
she let it go.
Look, I don't know, it's like...
I got... I got nothing for you,
Don't worry about it.
I'll just a...
See you next week.
I won't... the car won't be done.
- See you soon.
- All right.
[door closes]
[helicopter whirring]
Oh, here you are.
Who's got the time?
Oh you got the fucking time
or what?
Oh, shit, alright, yeah.
It's 11:45.
Gotta fucking run.
[lip sync] Really good.
- [Casey] Hey.
- Hi.
[Casey] What are you doing?
I think I misplaced my passport.
- Oh, you taking a trip?
- Yeah, Machu Picchu.
Zika. Risky and expensive.
I heard different.
Who are you going with?
Char Davies.
- Char?
- Yes, Casey, Char Davies.
Is that short for Charles,
or something?
No, it's just Char.
Put that on my baby name list.
I do have a thought though...
What about using this trip money
and moving off my couch?
Do you know what?
The trip's on Char,
so no dice just yet.
Blood or wine?
Fuck, Izzy, that catering job
- was good fucking job.
- I know.
I stuck my neck out for you
on that one.
[Izzy] I know, okay, I know,
I'm sorry.
Is that why you were rummaging
through my drawers for money?
If time travel existed, I'd make
sure that it would never happen.
Not like, taking a bullet
for Lincoln?
Oh, I don't know...
What would that be,
like a time machine scenario,
- or more of a monkey...
- What's the money for?
I have to get
somewhere, tonight.
Or now, fuck.
I have to get somewhere now.
I was invited.
Casey wait.
- Take me with you.
- No, I'm not fucking going.
- Fuck Whitney!
- Go, take me with you.
What, 'cause you are gonna
break up their engagement?
- It's over.
- No, no, no.
Nothings over till I say it is.
You're aware of how insane
that sounds, right?
- It's gonna work.
- Based on what?
Rock solid intelligence.
- From where?
- Peter Percy.
- Roger's dad?
- Yes.
- Why?
- We are Facebook friends. Here.
- Oh my God!
- Read the message. All of it.
Sweet shorts, Tom.
I know you are being sarcastic.
But the shammy on these shorts
were precisely designed
with multiple densities of foam
to minimize saddle fatigue.
And they are road tested
by Vincenzo Nibali himself.
So, yeah,
they are pretty fucking sweet.
Okay, sorry, my brain
just murdered itself
after he heard the word
'saddle fatigue'.
Nobody says 'sweet' anymore.
It just your people
that talk like that.
What do you mean, "your people?"
Other people of your ilk,
i.e. assholes.
Have you packed your shit yet?
Baby, has she packed
her shit yet?
What's he talking about?
We decided, it's time
for you to go.
[scoffs] What?
Forty-eight hours.
And your ass is out.
No, Casey, I don't have anywhere
else to go.
I'm not gonna just throw you out
on the street.
[Tom] But baby,
we talked about this.
We can't just kick her out.
- Yes, we can.
- No, Tom, listen.
I'm sorry, okay.
I was being a dick.
I love your shorts.
I don't give a fuck.
We are starting a family,
and you don't fit those plans.
Can you at least give me
some time to find a new place?
How long you need?
Another week?
- Another month?
- I don't know.
What do you know, Izzy?
Why did you move here?
Why is the guitar still
in the fucking box?
Because I'm waiting on a couple
West Coast booking agents.
Labels keep fucking
standing me up, okay?
Virginia quit on me
with no warning.
- Two years ago.
- Fine Tom, you caught me.
It takes fucking time
to start over.
Then you need to speed
that shit up.
- I played South by Southwest.
- Three years ago!
"Dig This" was on heavy rotation
on Sirius XMU.
Four years ago!
My songs are all over Spotify.
Oh yeah? Which ones?
The ones with Virginia?
Cause I was on Spotify earlier,
and I didn't see your shit
anywhere on there.
You are an asshole.
I'm right.
You're a fucking asshole.
[Tom] Listen, you played
the Mercury Lounge,
right after she quit.
And as much as it pains me
to say this with every fiber
in my body,
you killed it.
Straight crushed it.
But you weren't this.
Whatever this is.
You are fucking mess.
I'm trying to take a shower.
Come get your friend.
Oh, oh!
[Izzy yells]
- What the fuck...
- Hey!
- ...is wrong with you?
- Let me borrow your car, Casey.
- I have work tonight.
- No, I'll drop you off.
You pulled me out of the gutter
when my sister died.
So, I've put up with a lot,
a lot.
[shower running]
I have limits.
And protecting this engagement
is one of them?
No, I'm just not gonna enable
you anymore.
Casey, you read the messages.
Roger's dad wished things
turned out differently.
And he's sure Roger does too.
No, that's just something
people say to be polite.
- No, not in this case.
- Sweetie...
[Izzy] Okay, listen to me.
I had this dream last night
that I was trying
to get to Providence.
- A dream?
- Right?
This morning, I wake up
in this guys' apartment,
and he has this postcard hanging
on his bathroom wall.
I'm sorry, where did you
get this?
- It's irrelevant.
- It actually sounds
- the opposite of irrelevant.
- Okay, here.
Look, at the address on Roger
and Whitney's invitation.
- Providence Road?
- You are reaching.
No, no, no, no.
Don't you fucking act like
I'm a batshit.
You believe in this stuff too.
I know you do.
You told me tons of stuff
like this about you and Tom.
- That was different.
- [Izzy] Why?
Why was it different?
Because he wasn't engaged
to a fucking snake
that used to be
your best friend?
It... it doesn't end well
for you,
Izzy, I'm promising you that.
I am 35 dollars overdrawn
on my bank account.
- Okay?
- Right.
- My credit is blown to shit.
- Right, okay.
So you need to understand
that that's what this is about.
Your life is fucked,
and now you want Roger
to come in and save you.
Please, help me.
You're the only person
I know in Los Angeles.
What about Virginia?
The only person
that would help me.
Please, Casey.
Please, let me borrow your car.
I'm begging you.
No, absolutely not.
Take the bus.
The bus?
Oh, fuck you.
Name me one person, that's ever
taken a fucking bus in LA, ever.
- Tom loves the bus.
- I... fucking hate Tom.
Look, I'm sorry, but if you
get there, that's on your own.
Please, no.
You follow me
on the fucking street
You make me feel like
a piece of meat
You think I don't know
what war means
Now I'm the terrorist
see how it feels
I'm going to kill you
I'll cut you up
gouge out your eyes
I'm going to kill you
I'm not your prey
I'll make you die
On my mouth there is a gag
Everything I say is wrong
You laugh at me
and knock me down
Oh, shit, this is taking
too long.
Walt, hi!
Come on, I know
you are in there.
Hey, can you...
can you let me in?
Can you just open the door?
Hey, I paid the errands service.
I know you got paid.
No, no, no, I did.
Thank you for that.
- Okay, what do you want?
- I need a job, Walt.
Wha... I didn't engage
the TaskRabbit app so...
No, I know, I'm working as
an independent contractor now.
I'm just looking to run
a really quick
errand for you
to make a little bit of money.
- I don't have anything.
- Come on, man.
Everyone got something, and you,
especially are someone that...
generally, I mean this
in the best possible way,
it needs a lot done for them.
I asked you
to write a breakup letter
- for my girlfriend.
- I did, and you loved it.
It didn't work.
She's still my girlfriend.
The website said, "satisfaction
guaranteed." I'm not satisfied.
You were when I handed it in.
Because I thought it would work.
You know what, Walt...
Not to split hairs here,
but that really has more to do
with her satisfaction
than yours.
And, those snickerdoodles
you baked for my book club?
They went stale the next day.
You put them in the fridge,
didn't you?
I told you,
that would ruin them.
Fridge keeps things safe.
You know, what you need?
I'll go get it for you,
right now.
- That's an errand.
- Tomorrow.
I don't have time for this
right now. I'm coding.
- I'm on a tough deadline.
- Please, man.
[Izzy] No! [screams]
[Izzy] God damn it.
- Jesus!
- [door closes]
No, it looks like...
All right.
Cause it looks like this chick
came over,
drank a shit ton of beer
and then passed out
on that chair.
Okay, so, it's exactly
what it looks like.
[Walt exhales and sniffles]
Jesus! How'd she get here?
We were on a date.
This is how it ended up.
I'll remove her for you.
There, that's a task.
She looks a bit
on a sketchy side, so...
Forty bucks, we'll call it even.
I don't want her to leave.
- Okay?
- [Izzy] Oh.
It's okay. Um...
Just... follow my lead okay?
- Just trust me.
- No, Izzy no...
Walt, just get down here.
- Oh! Fuck me.
- [whispers] What?
- [woman snores]
- What?
Nothing, um...
So, you...
love this girl, right?
- I do.
- Yes, okay.
You need to tell her.
- I know. I will, eventually.
- No, now.
- Do it now.
- Now she's passed out.
Exactly. This is the best time.
- No, what are you talking about?
- Listen...
Until you say them, the words,
that you feel so deeply in here,
that you so desperately want
to say to her...
Don't be afraid.
You won't know,
if you can find the courage.
But, once you say them out loud,
even just to yourself,
then you'll know.
- You can do it.
- No, this is ridiculous.
So what? What do you have
to lose by trying?
It's... it's embarrassing.
- I don't wanna be embarrassed.
- It's just impossible.
- She is passed out.
- You are not.
I've done a lot of stuff
for you.
Odd stuff.
Have I ever judged you?
- No.
- Exactly.
This is a safe space.
[sighs] Now, say it.
Do it. Feel.
What! No, you fucking psycho.
Say it what you feel.
- Okay.
- Jesus!
No, I can't do this,
it's impossible.
- It's not gonna happen.
- Just say it.
Woo her.
Just like in the movies.
This isn't like the movies.
No, fine, not even the movies
are like the movies anymore.
- What? I already told you.
- No... okay.
Just watch me, okay,
I'll go first.
Should've told you this sooner.
God, I should've told
you every day.
Your touch still...
I can still feel your hand
cupping my cheek.
Your lips,
pressing against mine.
The first time I saw your face,
it was through a window.
It was raining, and...
you know, bla bla bla.
That was amazing.
Yeah, fine. Now you do it.
No, you already said it,
you know,
Remember the first time
last night.
Come on, dude. Start over.
[sighs] When... when...
You know, we mesh together
really well.
Okay, Walt.
Feel. Okay.
I've gone...
There's moment when your...
your finger looped over
the rim of your glass.
And your... your lip curled.
And you said,
"This is the moment
everything changes."
And, you grabbed the back
of my neck really hard, and...
squeezed as hard as you could,
and you laughed when I flinched.
And, it felt infinite.
I wanna hold you.
I'm terrified,
it'll never happen.
That was good.
- That was good?
- Yeah.
That was perfect.
You know,
when she's lucid again,
you can do it for real.
Yes, okay.
my work is done.
What do you think?
Like 40 bucks feels appropriate?
Less, of course
the price of this water.
I'm sorry Izzy, I don't have any
cash right now.
You didn't feel like...
- like, mentioning that before?
- I didn't know
you need to get paid
like this minute.
[Izzy groans]
I need to get somewhere now.
Can you help me get there?
- Where are you headed?
- Huh?
Uh, uh, up in the hills,
past Silver Lake and Los Feliz.
- Los Feliz?
- Whatever.
- Yeah.
- What!
- I'll give you a ride.
- Amazing.
I live in Glendale so it's
definitely on the way somewhere.
- Amazing!
- No, I was...
I was gonna make us poached eggs
- and cinnamon toast.
- No.
Well, that does sound dope.
It does and, I really want
to but, I really can't.
We gotta...
- Let's go, girlfriend.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
[Izzy] Oh.
You still owe me 40 bucks.
Walt, let's do this again
[Walt] Yeah.
For real.
[Agatha] Yeah.
Sorry, you had to see me
that way.
It's not really me, I'm just...
having a bit
of a rough patch lately.
Tell me about it.
I am.
You mean to tell you right now?
No, I mean like, same.
[birds chirping]
Agatha Benson.
It's my name.
Don't wear it out.
[Agatha coughs]
[Agatha] So, I ended up
with the Masters.
- [Izzy] From Princeton?
- [Agatha] In bio science.
But, you know,
I'm a little bit of a... legacy.
My dad went there, so...
The whole system
was a bit rigged.
St... Why are we stopping?
I just gotta run a quick errand.
You are still okay.
How far are we?
You are gonna be fine.
That isn't a problem, right?
You got like...
two and a half hours. Right?
It's only like a 10,
20 minutes' drive, tops.
- [Izzy] Who's house is this?
- My friends'.
She's out of town.
[Agatha] Anyways,
like I was saying.
I got this degree, right?
- Yeah, from Princeton.
- Yeah.
And, I realized...
that my life didn't turn out
the way I imagined it would
at all.
God, the more and more
I talk to people,
the more it seems to be
everyone's story.
Cause see, I'm starting to think
it's the exact fucking opposite
and that there are a lot
of people out there who...
are actually living...
exactly what they dreamed.
Right? Like Steven Spielberg.
Okay? The director.
That fucker, is definitely
living the life he dreamed.
Uh, yeah.
That's a pretty
extreme case, though.
I mean, you don't think
he's in the minority.
I mean, he's a Jew,
but um...
but, I don't wanna make
this like a race...
issue or whatever so...
While we're on the subject,
what about
Barack fucking Obama, right?
That guy is definitely
living his dream.
I mean, you don't think he's
even got further
than he imagined?
No, I think,
he knew exactly, exactly,
that he's gonna be a President.
I mean, and he's black,
I mean...
you might as well say he's...
half white, but that's
beside the point.
He willed that shit to happen.
So you just don't believe
in fate.
No, hell no, and...
I mean, really,
I don't understand how you can.
what I never understood about
believing in fate,
is how pointless it makes
everything seem.
- No.
- It's like, why try
if everything just gonna happen
the way it's gonna happen.
You know,
it's like who gives a shit.
Like with you
and this... this party.
- You know...
- Yeah.
I mean, every place I go today,
there is some sign,
confirming for me
that this is exactly
- what I'm supposed to be doing.
- Right.
So, if you believe in that
then essentially,
no matter what you do today,
you are gonna end up there.
- So, why try so fucking hard.
- No, no, no, no.
You can't just sit on your ass
totally inert.
I mean, if you do then that
was your fate to begin with.
Fate and will
have to work together.
Well, that's what you said,
but that's not like you.
Really know.
Oh, no, it's just
belief in an idea
that were all interconnected.
- You need some help?
- No, no.
I'm fine.
Keep going.
Okay, how I think about it
is that
like all our fates are colliding
all the time, right.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, look at us.
Over the course
of each of our lives
we've both made a billion
tiny choices that led both of us
to be at Walt's
at the exact same time today.
- Aha.
- Well, come on,
there is meaning in that.
There is no meaning in the fact
that I saw, uh...
- Walt.
- A... yes, that I saw...
- Walt.
- Walt, yes, I saw fucking Walt,
his photo, on my Tinder feed,
and I thought,
he looks all right,
so we decided to meet up,
and then it turns out, he's just
a grade-A chicken shit.
So, I got wasted,
and I passed out.
There's absolutely no meaning
in that.
[Izzy] Oh!
It's just a bunch
of random fucking chaos.
Wanna give me a boost?
Look, my...
I'm... I'm house sitting
for my friend
and I lost...
The key's inside.
So, what do you want?
A drink or beer or anything
while you're waiting?
- Sure, yeah, I'll have a beer.
- Yeah.
Yes, lukewarm, microbrew.
Just like the Europeans drink.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
they don't drink this.
And they wonder why
they lost World War II.
Yeah listen, I really have to go
to this party.
Yes, I know. Two seconds
in and out, I promise.
[buzzing sound]
[clanking sound]
[door closes]
- [glass shattering sound]
- [clanking continues]
Fuck, motherfucker.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- Where are you going?
- Emergency, gotta bounce.
[screams] Who the fuck
is this guy?
This is Rabbit, he's harmless.
Fuck you, he's harmless!
Put that needle down,
you shithead!
- Don't call me names.
- Can you tell him
to put this fucking thing down.
Don't talk through me,
talk to me.
I'm right here, ma'am.
He's my boyfriend okay,
we are in love.
- Yeah.
- Rabbit, come on let's go.
Move, get the fuck out of there.
You just robbed
your friends place?
Long and short answer, yes.
Hey, thank you for that boost.
What the fuck am I supposed
to do now?
You believe in fate, right?
- I don't know, where I am.
- Well, then...
That's your fate.
Let's go, Rabbit.
[both yell]
[Rabbit] I'm sorry.
[Agatha] Rabbit!
Damn it!
No, you're driving.
You're driving.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- [engine revving]
- [yells]
[bell ringing]
[door opens]
- Yeah?
- Hi. I'm returning this to you.
- I don't want this garbage.
- Would you please just take it.
So you can feel better
like you did a good deed
or something.
Yes, actually, I think
you'll regret it if you don't.
Says you.
Hey, what are you thinking?
I didn't say, you could come in.
- Sorry.
- No, no, no.
[Izzy] Just take...
I'll take it, I'll take it,
fine. Alright. Jesus.
Go, go.
[Izzy] Can you at least tell me
where I am?
[Mary] What do you mean,
where you are?
Look, it's a long story
but my...
friend left me here, and...
I'm new to LA, I don't know...
what neighborhood is this?
[Mary] It's called
the Miracle Mile.
[Mary] I don't know why they
call it but they just do.
Okay, is it, close to Los Feliz?
Is it... can I walk there?
[Mary] Well, you could but...
it would be late.
How late?
[Mary] Tomorrow.
What if...
I can hitchhike or something.
What's in Los Feliz?
A party, an engagement party.
I'm guessing that maybe
you weren't exactly invited.
Okay, well...
I don't have a car
but I can give you directions.
And... maybe a beer for the trip
or something. Come on.
Come on.
You can come in now.
[soft music playing
in the background]
Can you grab me some,
hydrogen peroxide too?
Don't worry.
Nothing a tetanus shot
and a good AIDS test won't fix.
Don't make me change my mind.
Shoes off.
- [Mary] Don't touch it.
- Sorry.
Why are you painting this?
[Mary] Well, you see,
I don't leave here now.
Well, I mean, I should say
I'm working on it.
Well, I'm actually trying
to do that but...
When I paint this stuff,
you know...
I think...
if I paint it and I
look at it every day,
then eventually it'll just
sort of...
It'll drag me out to see them.
What's in there?
Just, you know, memories
and things I wished for.
Did they come true?
Let's see.
This is my husband, Ethan.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
Is he still alive?
He is.
But you are not together?
And this...
This is what is known,
as the lost art form
of the mix tape.
[Izzy chuckles]
And here's your great bands.
Siouxsie and the...
- Ohh.
- I saw her.
You... you know, I saw...
I saw her at
the Palladium in 1933!
- Stop.
- Yeah.
- It changed my life.
- Oh, my God.
You see, we used to use these...
we used to use these
to tell stories to each other,
you know, we would...
Now, Ethan,
He used to...
he used to start off
and the opening songs
would always be
like totally full of hope
and optimism and everything.
And, you know, by the time
he got to the end,
it was like
all about loss and...
[clanking sound]
I could show you this.
[Ethan] Because I miss you,
that's why.
Yeah, I miss you.
[Mary] Hmm.
Just a moment in time.
Three seconds.
[Ethan] Because I miss you
that's why.
Yeah, I miss you.
[static sound]
[Mary] Hmm.
You hope you imagine,
you know, that all of this
will be a story
that's told to somebody
some time.
Maybe your children to theirs.
We putt off having kids
and then...
it was too late, you know.
[sighs] Too old.
And then it's over,
and the story just starts to...
[Mary] Hmm.
And then...
young love...
the one that meant the most...
it's just in that box.
Well, you better get going,
or you never have a chance
to make it.
[Mary] Okay, where are you going
in Los Feliz?
Uh... Providence Road.
[Mary] Oh yeah, I see it.
It's up there
in the hills there.
It's pretty straight shot.
A couple of twist and turns
at the end but you know...
I'm sure you'll make it alright.
Oh, look at this. Hey!
[Izzy chuckles]
- [Mary laughs]
- All right.
What are we toasting to?
Well, you making it, of course.
You making it.
All right.
[sighs] All the way to the end.
All the way.
[both] Ugh!
What's that?
Okay, here's your map.
And just a minute, look at this.
This happens to be
my nephew's, but...
that's pretty fast and...
If you hurry,
I think you might make it.
This is perfect.
["Pray For Rain" playing]
Are you careless
like a child?
When you lost her
did you smile?
Do you stumble
are you wild?
Are you fading
In the shadows?
Is it always on your mind?
When they ask
do you decline?
Are you ruthless?
Are you kind?
That's my fucking car.
[yells] Dick!
I'll fucking kill you.
[screams] Dick.
Or are you out in two
Cut all the way through
You only just met Roger.
I wish I could know
what that felt like again.
You'll know this soon,
but every time he sneezes
he is a double.
One right after the other.
And he loves the Cubs.
Every time they we are on TV,
he'll nervously tap his fingers
against his thumb,
and stand back on his heels,
just hoping...
What happens to us?
- [inhales]
- [sirens wailing]
Oh... fuck.
Oh, God!
Well, that...
["History Eraser"
by Courtney Barnett playing]
...is just my fucking luck.
I got drunk and fall asleep
atop the sheets
But luckily
I left the heater on
And in my dreams
I wrote the best song
that I have ever written
I don't remember how it goes
I stayed drunk and fell awake
I was cycling on a plane
And far away I heard you say
you liked me
We drifted to a party, cool
The people went to arty school
They made their paints by
mixing acid wash and lemonade
In my brain I re-arrange
The letters on the page
to spell your name
I found an Ezra Pound
And made a bet
that if I found a cigarette
I'd drop it all
and marry you
Just then a song comes on
You can't always get
what you want
- Izzy!
- Virginia.
Oh, you piece of shit!
I'm coming for you.
The hipsters made a mission
to the farm
[Christmas music playing]
What the fuck, Izzy!
Are you insane?
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You are a high
and mighty piece of shit.
You fucking had plenty of shit
to say when Roger and I broke up
and now, look at you,
you are cheating
with your fucking cousin's wife.
Your fucking cousin, Leo.
You think you know everything?
- You don't know shit, Izzy.
- No?
And you have two kids
and a fucking wife
and these two kids'll hate
your fucking guts
for the rest of their life
if they ever catch wind
- of this shit.
- We're in love.
Oh, get back, you fucking...
you idiot.
You don't know,
what she says to me.
I don't know?
Is it anything like...
I can see my future when,
I look into your eyes, Leo.
Every time you're gone,
it feels fucking endless, Leo.
Listen, the sound of your voice,
and touch of your lips
is like fucking heaven
to me, Leo.
Your cock, it's fucking perfect.
Nothing ever fit
like that before.
I've never cum so hard
before in my fucking life, Leo.
- You don't know anything.
- No?
You are not the first.
You are
just the fucking creepiest!
[Bennett] Izzy.
Is that you?
- Hey.
- [Bennett] Hey, oh my God it is.
Izzy. Get over here.
- Hey, Bennett.
- Give me a break.
How are you?
Good, Ben. How are you?
[Bennett] Amazing.
I'm so excited that you're here.
- Thanks, me too.
- Leo, you're taking off?
- Yeah, man, see you later.
- Okay, man, love you.
- Um...
- God, it's so good to see you.
Why didn't you respond
to my e-vite?
I didn't hear from you,
I didn't know you were coming.
- E-vite?
- Yeah.
I sent it to you, man.
I sent it to...
- I... I... Did you say "aol"?
- Yeah.
I don't think that's anyone's
email anymore.
[Bennett] Well,
it didn't bounce back so,
somebody definitely got it.
[door closes softly]
So psyched you're here.
Virginia, did you say hello
to your sister?
I didn't.
[Bennett] Alright, I'm gonna let
you guys catch up.
I'll be right back.
That is a very cool jacket
by the way.
[footsteps receding]
I need a ride.
Oh right, that's tonight.
Roger and Whitney.
- You were invited?
- [bottle planks]
Uh, no,
not even she's that dumb.
For the record, I would've gone.
Whitney's mom is known
for the legendary food
at her parties.
Apparently one of
Jose Andre's underlings
is preparing the menu.
All molecular gastronomy
which of course is clich
at this point
but who cares,
it still tastes amazing.
Okay, the party's starting soon.
I need to get there.
For what?
We're in love.
This isn't how it ends.
Um, actually this seems to be
exactly how it ends.
I need your help.
If you don't help me,
I won't get there in time.
Will you please for once
just fucking do that?
I think your time
might be better spent
meditating on the series
of brilliant and impressive
life choices you made
to end up here,
looking like that without
even forty dollars for cab fare.
Fuck you. Fuck you!
You abandoned me.
I stepped off the Titanic
before it hit an iceberg.
- What? We were so close.
- To what?
Going on tour
and losing less money?
We lived in a van
for three years.
You're a fucking sell-out.
Fate, right?
This is your destiny - Roger.
Just like that...
song you could never finish.
That sad fantasy of yours
where's it all empty
and beautiful and she's there.
He still loves you Izzy.
It's not too late.
You can make it.
Uh, some what? Future you?
Some alternate you?
Oh and then there's
the younger one,
three times the Izzy,
three times the never ending
exhausting drama.
So, let's say you do make it
to good old brilliant Roger
and his affluent world of tech.
Then what?
Uh, destiny fulfilled?
He snaps his fingers and... and
all your problems disappear,
and you end up years later
some place like this,
everything in its right place?
Take me.
Or I'll tell Bennett.
Go ahead, he's right there.
- Bennett.
- [Bennett] Yeah, babe?
- Izzy has something to tell you.
- What's up?
Izzy was sneaking around
this side of the house
when she saw me cheating on you,
sleeping with another man.
I don't get it. What's going on?
Go on Izzy, tell him.
That's what you saw, right?
No Bennett, it was just a joke.
I'm sorry, it was just a joke.
That's a really fucked up joke.
[chuckles nervously]
I mean...
it's fucking dark,
I guess that's funny.
No, it wasn't, you're right.
I should've thought it through.
It was really...
Hey, what's going on
with your music?
Do you play shows around?
Oh, yeah, I... I got this
new booking agent and she's...
she's done booking me a couple
small things around town,
just to try out new material
but, um...
Um, but yeah, nothing big.
But... but it's going well.
- It's freaking awesome.
- [Izzy] Yeah.
I was always such a fan
of you, guys.
I was always a groupie,
you know.
- [Izzy] Yeah.
- Yeah I'd love to...
hear something at some point.
I'd love to hear you guys
play a song together.
Why don't you guys play
a song right now?
- Us?
- [Bennett clears throat]
Kinda feel
like you owe me for...
No, Bennett I really
would rather not.
[Bennett] Izzy, come on,
it's not a big deal. One song.
One song, um...
Hey everybody, uh, this is Izzy.
This is Virginia's sister.
And they used to play
in a band together
and they wanna
play a song for you guys.
- Bennett I don't wanna...
- It's fine, Virginia.
Come on.
Virginia, come on.
You can pay with kids' guitars.
And now play that song you guys
used to close your shows with.
[indistinct chatter]
Hi, we're Kissie Dickens.
this is a Heavens to Betsy song.
One. Two.
One, two, three, four.
[guitar playing]
[both singing]
Here we go axemen
Here we go
At the pep rally
I stole the show
Wearing our purple
and our whites
Hey, look around
There's so much white
Do you wanna live
this teenage dream?
The punk white
privileged scene
Oh quarterbaok,
I'll steal your axe
And I out it out of here
Cause I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I'm going out there
And I'm going fast
And I'm going hard
And I'm going crazy
Do you wanna watch?
Do you wanna come?
I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I said oh teacher, teacher
Can you tell me what to do?
Or do you believe
those white lies
You are supposed
to teach in school
Cut off the part of me
That's privileged
Cut off the part of me
That's privileged
But that's too easy
This is work I've got to do
High school, it's me
High school
I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I'm going out there
And I'm going fast
And I'm going hard
And I'm going crazy
Do you wanna watch?
Do you wanna come?
I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
Here we go axemen
Here we go
At the pep rally
I stole the show
Wearing our purple
and our whites
Hey, look around
There's so much white
Do you wanna live
this teenage dream?
The punk white
privileged scene
Oh quarterbaok,
I'll steal your axe
And cut it out of here
[guitar strumming]
[Bennett] Hey guys, you want
something to drink?
[crickets chirping]
- What?
- Look at me.
Let me see.
I am not gonna
wish you good luck.
No, no one
in their right mind would.
Thank you.
[Virginia] Alright.
[car engine starts]
["That's When I'll Stop Loving
You" by Belita Woods playing]
I'll stop loving you
Will I tell you
Let me tell you the truth
Right now
Till the rivers run dry
And there's no moon
In the sky
We're closed up here.
The party moved downstairs.
What? Fuck you,
those bottles are still open.
Excuse me, Ma'am,
- are you invited to this?
- Yeah. Here's my invitation.
Dude, you're not security.
Gibson. Heavy four.
No, I'm not getting fired.
See this jacket?
Same thing. Einstein catering.
You and me, we're practically
fuck buddies, okay?
Do you hate Elaine?
Are you kidding,
that fucking bitch?
Do you know what I heard
she did last night?
Yes. The evidence
is all over me.
- You're Izzy?
- Yes!
Jesus Christ, you should've
fucking said something.
- Tell me everything.
- I don't know.
Let's just say the cards had me
winning ten to nine, alright?
I love you.
Sticking up for Ramon like that.
Here, have a goddamn triple.
Stop loving you
Oh, you see
I really do need you
Oh, baby
Everyday of my life
But I just can't live
without you
Oh, baby
- Fuck.
- What are you doing here?
- Hello, Mrs. Percy. How are you?
- Let's try not to make a scene.
Shall we?
I think it's best for everyone
if you come to your senses,
and leave quietly
with your dignity intact.
Clearly you overestimate
how much I care
about my dignity.
You, help me escort her out.
- [Mrs. Percy] Izzy!
- Oh, fuck you!
- You are leaving right now.
- Mom, I'll handle this.
Toast is in five minutes
I need you there.
Mom, I'll handle it.
- [Mrs. Percy yells]
- [door slides with a thud]
I wanna be with you.
Izzy, no, Izzy.
Please, um...
This is right.
- We belong to each other.
- No.
You do not get to come here
and say this.
- Yes.
- Okay?
You know this is right.
You believe in this.
- I know, you do.
- S... stop it.
Look at me.
Do you remember that night?
When we were still friends.
You were in UCLA,
I was in Chicago.
We went to that party back home.
Over Thanksgiving.
- That girl Eve's party.
- This is over. Okay?
And we stood by the window
and the light
was fucking perfect.
And you even said
how perfect it was.
And there was this
fucking moment...
when we were talking,
and we were laughing,
and we were drinking,
and in the mid-sentence,
just stopped.
And the light outside
turned red.
You looked down at my hands
because they were shaking.
And you fingers reached out.
And held them
until they were still.
And, you said,
"Are you cold?"
I smiled.
And said... no.
We moved closer.
I could feel your breath...
across my bottom lip.
Your closed left hand
and brushed my cheek.
So softly.
So deep.
Oh, I miss that silence.
It ended.
[Roger] We didn't just...
[Roger exhales sharply]
Drift apart.
It was a fucking mess.
Things got ugly.
we did...
terrible things to each other.
Or have you just conveniently
forgotten about that?
A mistake... [sniffles]
We made a lot of mistakes,
but I'm sorry.
- I know you're sorry.
- I... I'm getting married.
Do you understand?
This. Us.
- It's over.
- No.
No, we... we can start over,
we have to.
I know we can.
You don't love her
like you love me.
Please, Roger.
We can make it right, again.
I promise and... and... and...
you believe me.
I know you do,
I can see it in your eyes.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
[door slides with a thud]
[gasps and sobs]
[indistinct chatter]
- [man] Roger and Whitney!
- [all cheering]
[shoes squeaking]
[sobs and sniffles]
- [guests applauding]
- [Izzy sniffles]
[Izzy sighs]
Well, uh...
I could say
this was a pleasant surprise,
but of course...
I'm not surprised
and this is far from pleasant.
I wanted to call you,
so many times.
I'm glad you didn't.
But... I... I... [sniffles]
I wanted to tell you
how sorry I am,
and how awful I feel I... I
didn't mean for this to happen.
Yet here we are.
Roger didn't either, okay?
It just did.
[Izzy] No.
You were my best friend,
I loved you.
We can still be friends, we...
So, let's all go see
a movie this weekend.
Or better yet, shall we can go
on a lake trip?
That way when you guys kiss
I can pretend
I don't give a shit
and wonder if in the next room
you're doing all the butt stuff
that he likes.
- What butt stuff?
- Ask him.
His butt or mine?
Whatever, both.
Figure it out, ask him.
But it makes him cum super hard,
so it will give you
a sense of accomplishment.
Ew, I shouldn't have asked.
You're a fraud.
Do you know that?
I mean...
the worst person
I've ever known.
Our whole friendship,
all those years
of me going to bat for you
and protecting you
and sticking up for you,
all of the...
fucking amazing wonderful places
we went,
Iceland, South America,
Australia, all of that...
is ruined.
It doesn't exist,
you stole that from me.
Look if you wanna make
a speech to me
to make yourself feel better
I understand it, I deserve it.
I'm sure, just...
Be done with it, okay?
You don't have to pile on all...
[Izzy] Oh, fuck you.
You followed me out here.
You're not the victim here.
This is supposed to be
the happiest day of my life.
You don't deserve it.
You broke up.
Thank God, you were there
to pick up the pieces.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
[door knocking]
[door knocking]
- [door knocking continues]
- [Izzy groaning] Okay.
- [door knocking]
- I'm coming!
- [Izzy yells]
- [Roger groans]
[Roger groans]
Ah! Fuck.
[both breathing heavily]
[door shuts close]
["Ivory Coast" by
Pure Bathing Culture playing]
I would rest my heart
Upon your silver screen
Colored eyes, black and gold
[Izzy giggles]
I would rest my hand
Upon your window pane
- [Roger snorts]
- [Izzy laughing]
I mean...
Oh, my God!
Is this okay?
I think people are gonna be
really pissed.
No, no, no, no.
Let's... let's not...
think about that. It's fine.
I mean, it's not fine.
[Izzy chuckles] No.
You know...
What was the alternative?
Imagine if I went through
with it.
No, it would've been...
- worse.
- Much worse.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
who cares
doesn't matter.
[Izzy moans]
Always mine, black and gold
Every time, black and gold
What do you wanna do today?
[Roger sighs]
We could, um...
We could go...
order brunch, and...
get a little tipsy
and celebrate.
Or we could make brunch here.
Virginia and Bennett aren't
gonna be back till next week.
Well, as much as I
love the idea of brunch,
it is like two in the afternoon.
Happy hour?
Even better.
[Roger sneezes]
[Roger sighs]
Bless you.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[Izzy moans]
All that practice we put in
over the years,
really fucking paid off.
Oh, my God.
It's like watching
your favorite movie over again.
You love re-watching
all the scenes, cause...
you know exactly
how it's gonna end.
[tree crackling with wind]
[Whitney] You told
me you loved me.
Drop to a knee.
A clich knee.
A clich knee.
And ask me to marry you.
No tone.
You said "Yes".
And now it's over.
But this still happened.
As did a million other things
before my knee even touched
that piece of ground.
And... and in a hundred years,
there'll be another million
that have absolutely nothing
to do with us.
But this still happened.
[Roger] Anyway,
we're at this mountain.
[Izzy] Mm-hm.
And you remember
what Evan was like.
- Right?
- Ah, fuck.
[Roger chuckles]
- Am I right?
- No, I can only imagine
- what he was like at ten. Jesus.
- Yeah.
He was a maniac.
He looked like
he didn't even have parents.
You know, he always had the...
- snot running down his nose...
- Yeah.
...and wiping food
on his clothes all the time...
Y... yeah he was the whole deal.
So, anyway, we, uh...
we're heading up
to this mountain
and he's been there before.
He... he'd gone up to...
just to find his sea legs,
you know he did
a couple of lessons, and...
He... he attacked
the bunny slopes, you know,
he... I mean he did a couple
that were like...
like this kinda thing.
Izzy, like, uh...
sort of like, a... you know but
never anything bigger than that.
- Yeah.
- But you know, decent.
We wanted to...
ski the black diamonds.
And he chickened out.
And went home.
And it was just eating at him.
You know, it's like he had
to do it.
[Roger's voice fades away]
His entire life
was just meaningless.
[Roger] ...in that car ride
on the way home.
I'll just never forget that look
on his face.
[indistinct chatter]
It's not how it happened.
That's exactly how it happened.
- No, it's not.
- Yeah, Evan I were just talking
about it last week.
No you guys were older,
you were like... 14.
But it's...
less interesting for the story,
if you're older.
[scoffs] Alright, fine,
whatever Izzy.
I'm gonna get another beer
before the show starts.
You want?
Um, yeah, yeah, it'd be great.
- Same thing?
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[horn honking]
[indistinct chatter]
Here we go axemen
Here we go
At the pep rally
I stole the show
Wearing our purple
and our whites
Hey, look around
There's so much whites
Do you wanna live
this teenage dream?
The punk white
privileged scene
Oh quarterbaok,
I'll steal your axe
And cut it out of here
Cause I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I'm going out there
And I'm going fast
And I'm going hard
And I'm going crazy
Do you wanna watch?
Do you wanna come?
Cause I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I said oh teacher, teacher
Can you tell me what to do?
Or do you believe
those white lies
You are supposed
to teach in school
She said, don't believe
Everything you read
that's written down
She said don't believe
and then
I will burn the school down
Cause I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
I'm going out there
And I'm going fast
and I'm going hard
And I'm going crazy
Do you wanna watch?
Do you wanna come?
Cause I'm out of my head
I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my life tonight
["Pray For Rain" by
Pure Bathing Culture playing]
Are you rough
and ready tumble?
Are you careless
like a child?
When you lost her
did you smile?
Do you stumble
are you wild?
Are you fading
in the shadows?
Is it always on your mind?
When they ask
do you decline?
Are you ruthless?
Are you kind?
Or are you out in two
Cut all the way through
Are you cut in two
Cut all the way through
Are you hot
and heavy jungle?
Visions lifted in the lace
Was it just a little taste?
Did you say it to his face?
Now you're dancing
in the shadows
And they're calling out
your name
Is it pleasure? Is it pain?
Did you pray for rain?
Or are you out in two
Cut all the way through
Are you cut in two
Cut all the way through
Or are you out in two
Cut all the way...