J.D.'s Revenge (1976) Movie Script

'You're crazy.
You're such an idiot.'
'You said
you was gonna leave Elija.'
Ha! Fool!
'You said
you was comin' with me!'
'You're such an idiot.
You're such a fool.'
'I give you money.'
'You could never give me
enough money.'
'I give you more money
than Elija gives you!'
If you don't stop, I'm gonna tell Elija
that baby isn't his.
And he'll kick you out in the street.
- And if you do, I'll kill you.
- You wouldn't do anything.
You ain't gonna tell nothin'!
You ain't gonna tell nothin'!
Betty Jo! Oh, God!
Ready. Hup 1, hup 2!
Come on, come on!
All right!
- Oh, yay!
- Not bad. Not bad.
Hey, come on! Now, break!
Cut it out, man! Cut it out!
I'll kick your ass, Alex!
You used your knees on me, man!
- Yeah, cos you elbowed me, man!
- You crazy! I didn't do nothin'!
Come on,
ain't nobody out here gettin' paid!
Y'all cuttin' in on my weekend time!
Come on. Cool it, man.
I know you ain't gettin' paid, man,
cos if you is, I want my $5.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Huddle up!
You guys kick off!
You looked pretty good
out there, baby.
Yeah, I took it easy on them.
Listen, baby, I'm late for work.
These guys here
will take me home, right?
- Sure.
- All right.
- Hey, good game, man.
- Yeah!
And y'all be careful
drivin' my baby home, now.
All right, OK. Now, erm...
Let's go over this part one more time
to make sure you got it, OK?
- Yeah, OK.
- OK, good.
What is the next step after a case
is argued before a Court of Appeals?
It's reviewed by a board then sent on
to the next highest court in the district...
- Ike. Ike.
- What's wrong?
Honey, you wear these things
night and day without socks and they stink.
Baby, those are $30 superstar shoes.
That may be so,
but would you mind putting them outside?
If I put 'em outside,
somebody might steal 'em.
Ha-ha! They won't be able
to get close enough.
Oh, that's cold, Christella.
If somebody makes off
with my track shoes, it's on you, hear?
I will take all the responsibility.
You heard that, shoes.
It's on her.
Honey, er...
Hey, let's knock it off for tonight, baby.
Yeah, I've had enough law.
I have a very good idea.
I think a night out on the town
will do you a whole lot of good.
No, I can't do it, baby.
We did promise Phyllis and Tony
we'd celebrate their first anniversary.
Yeah, yeah, but...
Now, listen, it's just one night.
It's been ages
since we've been anywhere.
It'll throw me off, baby.
Come on, Ike, how often
do you celebrate a first anniversary?
Why do I let you get me
into stuff like this, huh?
Oh, I guess it's, er...
cos you love me.
- What's the matter with you, Tony?
- I'm fine, man, I'm fine.
You better close your mouth, kid!
God, I could never do anything like that.
Could you, Christella?
At least not in front of an audience.
No, man. I got it. I got it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Besides, you ain't drinking
nothing but beer.
Man, when are you gonna learn
it's medically proven
that good gin cleanses your soul out?
Listen, man, ain't nothing wrong
with my soul.
Oh, ain't nothing wrong with his soul.
Sara Divine!
Just follow me inside!
Now, gentlemen, step right up now.
Here it is, so catch this show.
The best show on Bourbon Street
here at the 500 Club.
No cover charge.
See the whole show.
The best show on Bourbon Street.
Sara Divine, the hip hypnotist.
- Let's go.
- Catch this show. It's the best show.
Just relax, fellas.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
just a few seconds of seriousness.
I wanna explain exactly what's gonna
be happening with these boys.
Number one,
while they're under hypnosis,
they will do nothing
they consider morally wrong.
For instance, they wouldn't
shoot anybody or hurt anybody.
They are not able to respond
to something they feel is morally wrong.
They merely imagine whatever I tell them
in a bigger, bigger way.
One thing is very, very important.
No drinking, no talking,
no clinking of glasses.
You'll notice no one's allowed
to serve a drink while I put them under,
because they must concentrate
on the sound of my voice.
Then when they are under,
then we can have fun and enjoy ourselves.
So, I would appreciate
complete silence. Thank you.
OK, boys, you'll hear only
the sound of my voice.
You'll put your hands on your legs.
You will choose a spotlight
and you will stare at that spotlight.
At the count of ten,
you will be in a deep sleep.
You'll hear only the sound of my voice.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
Two. Your eyelids are getting
heavier and heavier.
Three. Your eyelids are about to close.
They feel very, very heavy.
Four, five.
Your eyes are closed.
You're very relaxed, you're very relaxed.
Six, seven.
You hear only the sound of my voice.
Only the sound of my voice.
You are very relaxed.
You cannot open your eyes.
You will concentrate only
on the sound of my voice.
Nine, ten.
You are completely asleep.
You are completely asleep.
You hear only the sound of my voice.
All right, boys, at the count of three,
you will raise your right hand very tight.
You will spread the muscles
in your fingers in your right hand.
You will not be able to bring them down.
Ready? One, two, three.
Right hands into the air.
Fingers stiff.
There's no way.
Try to put your hands down. You cannot.
You cannot.
Fingers stiff and spread.
You cannot put your hands down.
You're relaxed and hear only
the sound of my voice.
So innocent in their sleep. Aren't they
beautiful? Look at these gentlemen.
OK, let's have some fun.
OK, guys, arms down.
You're in a hot place,
a very hot place.
You're in the Sahara Desert,
and you're hotter
than you've ever been in your life.
It's 105 degrees,
and you're hot, very hot.
It's 110 degrees.
It's 115 degrees, and you're hot.
Very, very hot. 120.
You believe this guy?
Hey, what are you,
a stripper in drag?
Lovely, lovely.
OK, darling,
put the three-pieces away,
because you're all in a cold place,
a very cold place.
You're inside a big, giant refrigerator,
and you are colder
than you have ever been in your lives.
It's cold.
You've never been colder in your life.
Now let's have a big hand
for these talented gentlemen!
All right, Ike!
That was all right!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Put these in your bag.
Just go ahead and put 'em in your bag.
- How was it?
- It was fine.
I just saw a lot of colors
and stuff like that.
Let's go somewhere
where we can dance.
- That sounds all right.
- Let's get out of here.
- OK.
- Go ahead, baby, I'll catch up.
- Hurry up. Don't forget anything, OK?
- I got it, I got everything.
Hey, Ike.
What is it?
It's, uh...
It's all right.
- Come on, baby, we better sit down.
- Well, what's wrong?
Nothing. I got a little headache,
that's all.
Maybe a little too much beer.
- I think we'd better go home.
- I said it's just a headache.
All right, I'm gonna get Tony
and we're gonna get out of here.
Hi. You feeling better?
Yeah, I feel all right.
I took some more aspirin.
That's great, cos I've got something
really terrific to show you.
Chris, can we cool it tonight, baby?
What's happened to my lover man?
What's the problem?
Christella, please, huh?
Not tonight, huh?
I've got a lot on my mind tonight.
You sure everything's OK?
Yeah, I'm sure, baby.
Let's just go to sleep, OK?
'Oh, God!'
Something on your mind, man?
Hmm? No, man.
You come in here
and say you gotta talk to me,
then you just sit there
staring into space.
- You got something on your mind?
- Nothing, man.
- Everything's fine. Nothing on my mind.
- You're fine, huh?
How come you put sugar in your coffee
without taking it out of the package?
- Aw, shit.
- Mm-hmm.
Now you tell me
ain't nothing on your mind.
I don't take sugar in my coffee.
Hey, man,
I'm your best friend.
You can tell me.
Now what's jamming you up?
- I don't know.
- What you mean, you don't know?
Lately I've been getting
these headaches, you know.
I mean, like, all the time, Tony.
They just come on me like that,
for about a week now.
I'm turning into an aspirin junkie.
Oh, man, sounds like tension to me.
Hey, you got a heavy load at school
and you're driving that cab in between.
Now that's bound to get to you.
Maybe I got high blood pressure
or, uh, or that, uh, hyper...
- Hypertension.
- Tension.
Maybe I ought to see a doctor.
Well, look, there's a brother here
named Dr. Caldwell.
I'll ask him to check you out.
But I bet you he tells you
the same thing I'm saying to you.
Man, you're working too hard.
Call him, OK?
Say, Ike.
You want that strawberry cream pie?
- Ike.
- Hmm?
Where did you get this?
Oh, a little old second-hand shop
over on, uh... You like it?
Oh, sure, but what are you
gonna do with it?
I mean it's not exactly you,
if you know what I mean.
I'm sorry.
It's cool.
You're perfectly healthy. You don't have
hypertension or high blood pressure.
As for those headaches,
they're probably emotional.
All I can recommend is that you lay back
on the studies a bit and on the job.
Maybe meditate.
Smoke some weed.
And if the headaches come back,
you come back and we'll check further.
But I don't think
there's any problem.
Nothing physical...
Ike, don't let that mind of yours
play tricks on you.
You're a perfectly normal young man
who's burning the candle
at both ends, that's all.
It don't go down that way
and she knows it,
and she's messing with me,
and no one messes with Enoch Land.
You hear me?
You tell Doris what I said.
You tell that bitch
I say she better straighten up,
or I'm gonna go over personally
and get into it with her. You dig it?
Homeboy! Homeboy!
- Kiss my ass.
- Hey...
- Long time no see, blood.
- Enoch, how's it been, man?
All right.
Hey, look, uh... you still
into a lot of things, ain't you?
You know,
a man's gotta make a living.
Er, what brings you down, blood?
Maybe you got someplace
we can go and talk.
Yeah, step into my office.
Don't tell me,
don't tell me, young blood,
you decided to steer johns?
Man, with your cabs and my ladies,
we could clean up.
And it's a percentage game, you know.
You get a good piece of the action.
No, no, Enoch,
ain't nothing like that, man.
Uh... I just want to put some money
on a number, that's all.
Look a-here, look a-here.
My man decided to get down.
Man, do you know I've been wanting you
to play for over a year now?
You know, uh... a dollar.
Yes, sir.
Good doing business with you, blood.
You know it ain't steering,
but the numbers is a good start.
Uh, what you want?
Oh, uh...
- 141.
- Mm-hmm.
Like I said, blood,
good pleasure doing business with you.
Yes, sir. What you say? Ha-ha!
A- ha. Here's a good one.
"Review boards are generally called upon
to act in cases involving what?"
Uh, cases...
Cases that appeal
to a lower court that, uh...
Is Daddy doing you good?
Hey! Ike! Ike?
Isaac, you in there?
Sure. Yeah.
- Baby, my head is killing me.
- Oh.
Ooh, your neck is as hard as a rock.
I better take some aspirin.
What you need is a little wine
to kind of loosen you up
and get rid of all that tension.
How you doing, baby?
You should get some sleep
and you'll feel better in the morning.
Hello! Hey, what happened
to your headache?
It's gone.
Oh, great.
Oh, that's nice.
Take you on a long ride, girl.
Let me take you down, baby.
Hey... Aargh!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Daddy ain't gonna hurt you, baby.
Oh, God!
Daddy's doing you good, baby.
Oh, yeah, oh, yes!
- Yes?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Don't stop now. Man, come on.
Come on, now.
Don't stop.
Daddy's doing you good!
Oh, God!
'Champion of God,
the Reverend Elija Bliss.'
- 'Satan, whose wife is an evil spirit...'
- 'Yeah!'
'...is dark and engulfs all of us
with his wicked ways.
'He is the prince of darkness!
'We must not let Satan
come into our house.'
What are you trying to do? Stop!
Stop it! Stop it!
What are you trying to do?
Will you stop?
Oh, please!
Help me!
Oh, my God!
Please, please!
Come on, get the fuck on
out of my goddamn car!
- Don't kill me.
- Kill you? Bitch, get off of me.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Is you crazy? Ha!
J. D. Walker, the Ace! Hey!
what kind of dressing do you want?'
- Roquefort.
- Huh?
You wanna cut down on your hours
until exams are over?
Hendricks, do you realize
how shorthanded I am?
Three guys quit on me
in the last two months.
Gasoline has gone up 2 cents a gallon.
Look, Ralph, I didn't mean to cause you
any problems, I just thought...
You don't know the half of it! Problems...
Insurance is going up this month,
this place is falling to pieces,
and to top it off,
the cops came by.
Seems this woman is laid up
in the hospital.
She claims that one of the drivers
roughed her up,
beat her up in one of my cabs.
All she can remember
is that it was a black guy.
Well, I got thirty guys working for me
that fit that description,
but that'll make the insurance
premiums go up, sure as hell.
The body shop called
saying I owe money on three cabs
that they fixed in one month.
'Everybody say amen.'
'Everybody say amen!'
'Everybody say amen!'
'Murderer! Murderer!'
'We must be vigilant!
We must be watchful!'
We must not let Satan
come into our house!
I got to get more comfortable
because I feel the spirit in this house.
I feel the spirit in this house now!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!
I can feel it! Ha-ha!
I can feel it!
It starts in my head!
And it starts to move on
down to my stomach!
And it makes me feel all good inside!
It fills that void!
That empty space
right here in my gut!
I say the spirit, yeah,
the spirit does that!
We all can feel a part of that joy!
We all can feel a part
of his wondrous love!
All you've got to do
is get in touch with it and go with it!
Go with it and feel his joy!
Go with it,
and feel a part of God!
Then you've got your negative forces
on the ropes,
and it's going down for the count!
Only a matter of time
before God is in your corner,
going to blows for you!
It's only a matter of time
before sadness and sickness
is going down for the final count!
Some, some, someday soon,
someday soon
each and every one of us
will see our demons going down
for the final count!
Someday soon,
each and every one of us
will see our own personal devils
going out for the final count!
Someday soon,
each and every one of us will step
to the center of the arena of our souls!
Clasp our hands
above our heads in victory!
In victory!
Murderer! Murderer!
In victory! Victory!
And with the holy help
of the Holy Spirit,
I fought my way back!
Yes, I said
I fought my way back
against the evils and the demons,
and now I am victorious!
I am victorious!
With the help and the grace of God!
- Just say amen now!
- Amen!
You're a fake and a phony!
You wasn't even a decent fighter!
You're a fake!
Let the poor soul go.
Let him go!
This man's got enough chains.
You see this poor soul?
This is you and me.
Are you all right?
Get him out of here.
- Liar! Liar!
- Young man?
Young man?
Thank you.
I don't know your name.
Ike. Isaac Hendricks.
This is my daughter, Roberta,
and my brother, Theotis.
I hope you come back again. I...
I feel I know you.
Perhaps our souls are connected.
I will.
I will come back very soon.
I hope so... Isaac.
Good name.
- The car's waiting.
- See you again soon, Ike.
Goodbye, children.
Goodbye, children.
- Bye-bye.
- Same to you.
'You said
you was gonna leave Elija.'
'You're a fool.'
'You was comin' with me!'
'What kind of money?'
'More than Elija gives you.'
'Oh, come on. You could
never give me what Elija gives me.
'And if you don't stop,
I'll tell him that baby isn't his.
'And he'll kick you out in the street.'
'If you do, I'll kill you.'
'You fool.'
'Oh, God!'
Ike, I was so worried about you.
You're drunk. Why?
I called up the garage.
Nobody knew where you were.
I thought you had an accident.
You coulda called to say you were OK...
Bitch! I hate you.
Quit flappin' your goddamn gums.
What the hell is the matter with you?
Are you crazy?
How dare you talk to me like I'm some
kind of common sissified nigger wimp.
- What is this shit, anyway?
- Don't nobody talk to me like that!
Especially no bitch ho like you!
Teach you to fuck with me!
I ought to put your ass out
in the goddamn street.
You're crazy. Get...
Teach her to fuck with me.
Goddamn, Chris!
Silly-ass ho! Hm!
Silly-ass bitch!
Fuck with me.
Stop fuckin' with me!
Chris... honey...
I don't remember
doing any of those things.
I woke up this morning,
you were gone.
And you don't remember?
Well, that's funny, because, uh...
...you were so drunk, I'm surprised
you even remember your name.
Ike, you, uh...
You beat me up.
'You cursed me.'
And you threw me out
of the apartment.
I don't know what to say.
I don't see how I could...
Oh, honey, listen...
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
She won't talk to you?
She blew in last night
like she had the devil on her tail.
She was all hysterical.
Took hours to calm her down.
I'm flippin' out.
I'm fuckin' flippin' out.
I don't even remember.
Maybe I should see a shrink.
I mean, I'm crackin' up, man.
I blacked out.
Man, you don't need no shrink,
and you ain't crackin' up.
You under a lot of pressure,
and last night you got your head bad
and let off some steam.
- That's bullshit!
- Hey, Ike.
Christella is gonna be back, man.
I think it's a good thing
to go upside of a woman's head
when she starts handing you lip.
Believe it or not, they like that.
Hey, man, honest to God.
You have got to go into your nigger act
on 'em every once in a while.
They gonna push you
till you show 'em where the lines are.
You know something, man?
It's pretty encouraging
that you did what you did.
Now, as long as I've known you,
you've always seemed to be,
you know, sorta repressed.
Well, last night,
you got tow-up and let it all out.
That's fantastic, man.
I don't know.
I do know...
that my baby says I beat her up,
and I don't even remember.
Don't worry about it.
She's gonna be back.
Chris, your folks are really
worried about you.
They called and asked me
to talk to you.
This guy could be dangerous.
Ike is not dangerous.
Now, he is going through a thing.
He needs time
to get his head together.
- So do I. That's why I left.
- You don't call that dangerous?
This looks worse than it is.
I thought you didn't like violent cats.
I thought that turned your stomach.
I don't understand you.
Let's not start in on that, Carl,
because it wasn't about that.
Then what was it about?
Now, look, my parents didn't call you
because you're a friend.
They called you
because you are a cop.
They blew this whole thing
out of proportion.
Now, your being my ex-husband
doesn't give you any right
to come back into my life.
I told them I would keep an eye on Ike.
All right, it's for you.
You just don't stop loving someone.
I wanna make sure
he's as cool as you think.
Girl, would you stop
thinking about that man?
- I can't help it, Phyllis.
- It won't do you any good.
I know.
How you doing, baby?
Speak of the devil.
Sooner we talk about this thing,
sooner we get it straightened out.
I guess I don't have much choice, do I?
About, um, uh, uh, uh...
the other night...
I need you.
Baby, something's happening to me
and I don't know what it is.
I've never felt this lost before
in my life, baby.
I don't know what's happening.
I know I... I did something foul to you.
I said some foul things.
I'm sorry, baby.
I want you to come back to me, Chris.
It's hard, Ike.
I'm just as confused as you are.
Now, your head is in a bad place
for whatever reason.
You beat me up,
and yet you say you don't remember.
- I don't remember. Chris...
- That's not the point.
Now, how can I be sure
it won't happen again?
I do love you, Ike.
And I want to see you
get this thing cleared up, but I...
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, baby.
No, no, I'm sorry.
Goodbye, Ike.
I'll give you a call and, um...
- Good evening, church.
- Good evening, Reverend.
Ha-ha. And it is a good evening
with all you good brothers and sisters
here tonight.
And we gonna try and make it
a little bit better, all right?
- 'Amen, now.'
- 'Amen!'
'Faith is the evidence
of things hoped for.
'Faith is the evidence
of things unseen.'
- You a big boy now, you can take it.
- You think I'm gonna take it, huh?
I'm gonna take you to the killing floor,
and I'll cut you every kind of way!
I'm gonna cut you all kind of ways.
You know, it's over. Your life is over!
You think that
you can get hold of me!
Oh, shit!
'I believe...
'I believe that we have worked
our way to this point.
'I believe the source
we call ourselves... Ha-ha-ha!
'And the spirit did that part,
the spirit did that part!
'I said, the spirit did that part!'
I said, the spirit did that part!
The Holy Spirit!
And we did that all
with the help of the spirit.
The Holy Spirit did it, huh?
The Holy Spirit. Ha!
You know what the Holy Spirit is, now?
The spirit helped us
to move on up a little higher!
Move on up a little higher! Ha-ha!
I believe that the Holy Spirit
and faith are the helpmates
that help us to spar
against the evil, wicked life!
And with their help, we will win!
We will win!
Let the church say, "We will win!"
- We will win!
- We will win!
- Why don't you give me a lift home?
- You mean to your father's place?
No. I've got my own place.
I'm a big girl.
Good evening.
I'm glad you could come.
Papa, Ike's giving me a ride home.
Good night.
I don't like him.
I don't want him around.
You shouldn't have let Roberta
go off with him.
I like him. He's all right.
- We're all God's children, Theotis.
- "All God's children."
Shit, he's a rowdy street nigger,
and he's gonna cause trouble.
Always hanging around
with his funny eyes.
He's on something,
and he is trouble.
I'll tend to spiritual matters
and you run the organization, OK?
You do what you do best, and I'll use
my own judgment in these matters.
"Spiritual matters," my behind!
You're starting to believe
your own jive sermons, brother.
You're pimping God's consciousness
like some kind of fat whore.
You're just selling cheap feel-good thrills
to a bunch of suckers
who are looking for the second
coming of Jesus, or some such shit.
Just keep in mind
what you really do, Elija,
and I'll keep the show running...
- I feel no danger, Theotis.
- Well, I sure as hell do.
And I'm gonna make sure that somebody
keeps a beady eye on his ass.
There is no danger, Theotis.
I know these things.
What about your mama?
I never knew my mother.
She died when I was a baby.
I lived with an aunt
till I was about 15.
Then I went to live
with my uncle and my father,
But I had already started
my evil ways.
Ever do something on impulse?
All the time.
Come here.
We're a lot alike, aren't we?
Hey, man! Hey!
Aargh! Shit! Oh!
This is just a warning, sucker.
You shape up quick,
or we gonna get down.
- Who are you? What do you want?
- I do the talkin', nigger.
Theotis Bliss don't want you
hanging around Roberta.
Now you be cool, or you gonna
come up with your throat cut.
Dig that, Doctor? Huh?
Yeah, you...
run with them motherfuckers.
You're my baby sister.
You're my baby sister, Betty Jo!
You my baby sister, Betty Jo.
They are my enemies!
They my enemies!
The boss is right.
You one weird nigger.
Now, you been warned, so be cool.
Dig it?
'Oh, my God!
'Oh, my God!'
Oh, I missed you so much.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you, too.
What in the world
have you done to yourself?
What's the matter, baby?
Don't you like
your daddy's conk, huh?
Oh, God.
I thought this shit was all over with.
Bitch, J. D. just gettin' it together,
just startin' to make his move.
I thought you had gone away.
It was over. You said it was over!
I hate bitches like you,
think you better than somebody else.
You just tryin' to get
in between me and what I got to do.
Now, I don't want that nigger flatfoot
following me around.
You call him off, the motherfucker!
What's the matter, baby?
Scared of your daddy?
Gonna teach you once and for all
to fuck with J. D. Walker.
No! God!
No! Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Hell, there is a dead bitch.
Get her! Punch her!
Goddamn bitch!
Open the door.
Open the goddamn door.
Open this goddamn door!
I'll kill your ass, bitch!
Oh, God.
My God.
Oh, God, help me.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
It's all right.
I don't need your ass.
Oh, God.
Man, I ain't seen a get-up
like that in 25 years.
Ah, ha-ha-ha! Yeah.
Yeah, sharp as a tack
and ready to sting.
Don't you have a table?
Not right now, sugar.
I'm gonna look around.
All right, have a good time.
Have a good time.
Ain't you a fine young thing?
- What's your name?
- Sheryl. What's yours?
J. D. Walker.
The boss talker.
The water walker!
You're really something else.
That's right.
Me and Jesus.
He wasn't himself.
He turned into this... into this monster,
a whole other person.
I don't give a damn who he was.
Look at you.
He's a maniac.
I'm gonna teach him a lesson.
Goddamn it, Carl, I keep telling you,
there is something wrong with Ike.
He was trying to tell me and I wouldn't
listen. He was calling out for help.
Chris, why do you keep defending him?
He almost killed you.
No, listen, man, she's right.
We all should've known.
Well, I should've known.
The headaches, the doctor thing.
The guy was going through some
heavy changes and wouldn't nobody listen.
Tonight, he kept saying
he was this "J. D. Walker".
- It wasn't Ike, I know that.
- I'm going after him.
And I want to get my hands on him
before anybody else does.
Aw, man, why don't you listen?
I warned her about that guy
the first time he beat her up.
I told her Hendricks would be dangerous,
but she wouldn't listen.
She went back to him anyway.
Now she ends up half dead and raped.
Carl, I'm warning you.
Now, simmer down.
You can't afford to go losing your head
over this thing.
There's an APB out on him.
We'll get him.
I wish I could get my hands on him first.
I'd blow his goddamn brains away.
He's a maniac, George,
a fuckin' schizo killer.
- "J. D. Walker," my ass!
- What?
Ah, the bastard told Chris
his name was J. D. Walker.
J. D. Walker's been dead
for over 30 years.
That was the best fucking I ever had.
That's cos you've been dealin'
with the Ace.
You gotta leave?
Where you goin', sugar?
I got business to take care of.
Oh, shit, that's my old man!
Better go talk to him.
Hey. What you doing back
so soon, baby?
You got somebody with you,
don't you, bitch?
You got somebody with you,
and I'll kick the son of a bitch's ass.
Back off!
Yeah, that's right...
I fucked your woman, sucker.
Motherfucker, I'm gonna kill ya.
I'm gonna rip your ass apart.
Come on.
This nigger's crazy.
I'm the craziest nigger
you ever gonna meet.
I'm gonna cut you
everywhich way but loose.
Son of a bitch, I'm gonna kill you!
Come on.
Come on, fool!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
You get up,
I'll send you to meet your maker.
Now, what you know?
Big nigger got some sense.
I'm taking your car.
Goodnight, sugar.
Let me go!
I'll have my revenge!
'Gonna give you a break, man.
I'll mash your face...'
- You a big boy, you take it.
- You think I'm gonna take it, huh?
I'm gonna take you to the killing floor,
and I'll cut you every kind of way!
'I'm gonna cut you all kinds of ways!
It's over! Your life is over!'
'The church says amen!'
'Anything that you can conceive
and believe in can become true.'
As long as it becomes
a thought in your mind,
then it becomes reality!
If I had not thought that it was possible
for me to change my life,
I'd still be in the gutter today!
We are all...
So you're a jackleg preacher now,
huh, Elija?
Yeah, that's right.
It's J. D. Walker.
Where's that good-for-nothing
brother of yours? Heh-heh!
I got a score to settle with him.
Why did you come back, J. D.?
My business is with Theotis.
You never was in this.
You tell Theotis to meet me
on the killing floor.
He know where it is.
Ha-ha! Whoo! Ha-ha-ha!
Whoo! Ha-ha-ha!
Walker turned up dead one night.
They never found out who killed him.
He was a hustler,
ran a numbers game
and a black-market meat racket
during the war.
He had a lot of enemies
and a lot of women.
Bliss was involved
in the underworld in the '40s,
and Hendricks is tied to him.
But why?
Why would a kid like Hendricks
even know about J. D. Walker?
Carl, just got a report of a guy
fitting Hendricks' description
assaulted and tried to kill
a man and his wife with a razor.
He took their Continental.
We got the license number.
What the hell do you mean,
J. D. Walker is back?
He's back. I saw him. He said
he has a score to settle with you.
It's some hustler running a game.
This is what comes
of being so open about the past.
It's not a game.
J. D. Walker is back.
Don't you understand?
This is a test.
God is testing me.
This boy is possessed by the spirit
of J. D. Walker, and his...
Theotis, his soul must be
purged of this evil spirit.
I must make J. D. understand
that his soul won't rest
until he comes to grips
with this heinous crime he committed.
Theotis, it is really my fight.
It was I who loved Betty Jo.
It was because of me
that he killed his only sister.
Well... I'll get rid of the fool.
No. I will go and talk to him.
That almost got you killed once before.
Theotis, I've always been indebted
to you for saving my life.
Now, me and Roberta suffered
a terrible loss
when Betty Jo was killed.
Now, this thing,
I must bring this thing to an end.
I will walk into the valley
of the shadow of death
and talk this evil spirit down.
Elija, deal with the real world.
We don't know what this maniac will do.
No, Theotis.
Just once, let's do it my way.
We'll both go.
You're crazy.
You're such an idiot.
You said
you were gonna leave Elija!
Ha! Fool!
You said
you was comin' with me!
You're such an idiot.
You're such a fool.
I gave you money!
You could never give me
enough money.
I give you more
than Elija gives you!
If you don't stop,
I'm gonna tell Elija that baby isn't his,
and he'll kick you out in the street.
- If you do, I'll kill you!
- You wouldn't do anything.
You ain't gonna tell nothin'!
You ain't gonna tell nothin'!
Betty Jo! Oh, God!
J. D.!
J. D. Walker!
We're here!
I've come to save your soul, J. D.
Let this feud be over.
Let your soul rest.
Leave vengeance to the Lord.
Shut up, Elija! Fool!
You always been the bootlickin' lackey!
You still is a buck-dancin'
nigger puppet!
You should've stayed
in your church, Elija!
I told you my business
was with Theotis.
Get out of here!
Theotis killed my sister!
You took dives
whenever that nigger told you to.
You the chump, all right, Elija.
Theotis killed Betty Jo because
she was gonna tell you something.
That baby she had wasn't yours!
Belonged to Theotis!
You look just like your mama.
I had to do it.
Your mama and J. D. were no damn good.
In the name of Jesus...
I made you.
You were nothing without me.
You were shit.
I made you,
and she was with you.
She had my child,
but she was with you.
She laughed at me,
mocked me, threatened to tell.
I had to kill the bitch!
Give me the gun, Elija!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Kill him!
You're dead!
I killed him.
Oh, God!
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
I'll kill you.
Carl! What the hell's
the matter with you?
My God...
What have I done?
What have I done?
- You live in New Orleans?
- Yes.
- Drive a cab?
- Right.
You said you go
to law school. Are you married?
Not really.
You're living with someone?
What's her name?
Christella Borden.
You can remember that,
but not anything else?
- Not much.
- Let's keep on trying.
The girl says she did it.
I don't believe that for a minute.
I want that joker's ass under the jail.
Hendricks says
he can't remember anything.
Of course he doesn't.
He doesn't wanna be slapped with
a murder one, not to mention forcible rape.
You're just pissed off
because the girl won't press charges.
- The son of a bitch raped her!
- She won't press charges.
Are you telling me I did all those
weird things because I was possessed?
It was J. D.'s voice and his manner.
Isaac Hendricks was a vessel
for God's justice.
And now he's free to live his own life.
J. D. Walker can, uh...
rest in eternal peace.
You mean...
...I can just be walkin' down the street
and get taken over by some demon
out to get revenge on somebody?
It can happen anytime, anywhere.
You were possessed.
There's no doubt about that.
But is it over?
How do I know it won't happen again?
There's no way to know that.
Aw, that's crazy.
All right,
let's set the record straight.
It's my understanding that
in the struggle, the gun went off.
Theotis might've even pulled
the trigger himself, right?
All right,
that wraps it up for me.
I raised you as my daughter,
and you'll always be that to me.
Come on. Let's go.
Ike, I don't wanna see you
in here again.
Well, I don't...
Well, I don't wanna be back here again.
Uh... thank you, Captain.
That's a bad suit, blood.
Man, I'm sorry, but I had to.
- I could use something to eat.
- That's nothin' new.
That's his problem, always eatin'.
Hey, man, do you see this?
Now, people call this
a natural rock formation.
There's your natural
rock formation, man!
- Good to have you back, blood.
- Good to be back, man.
Let's go.