J Revolusi (2017) Movie Script

Hey Judo, your sister is smart, isn't she?
Her English seems pretty good!
We're both smart.
What do you want?
Nothing. l texted her yesterday.
She replied in English.
[Tin dredge Tanjung Tualang, Batu Gajah]
Next time don't skip
English classes in school.
Eh! Your wife also texted me yesterday.
Huh? She texted you?
What did she say?
Nothing... She told me to remind
you of your son's birthday tomorrow.
Oh thank God!
Hey guys, make sure you turn up!
lf Judo's sister is going, l am definitely going!
My dad will be there as well.
That's enough. Everyone standby.
Baik, Judo!
[UTK headquarters, Bukit Aman]
Fatcon 1 , Base. Masuk.
Roger falcon baby, 1aporan sayang?
This contact lens is so uncomfortable, baby.
Apa? The lens is not treating you well baby?
Bodoh punya lens!
Kurany ajar punya lens! Takpe!
l will make you a
much better lens baby, don't worry.
HD 1ens! And 1 will make it 379 megapixels.
Untuk awak sayany!
Hey ifyou want to fli,
do it at the mamak, not here!
aporan fa1con 1, the Ultra Virus
and the antidote is ready.
Falcon 2 is in the lab, recording evidence.
ls Davron coming?
That's what we want to know.
The P. F. O. will do a demo
lirst before he arrives.
But in the mean time, l suggest you
gentlemen close your eyes first.
My goodness!
Sierra 1 , there are 4 tangos
scattered in the vicinity.
Baik, Sierra 1 .
Sierra 4, 2 vehicles approaching
from the Yellow Zone.
Dragon 1 , copy that.
Dragon 1, bersedia untuk bergerak.
Sierra 1 , Base. 8 tangos inbound to Blue Zone,
2 tangos located at Red Zone.
Sierra 1 , Dragon 1 . Target sighted,
in the Red Zone, 100 metres. Out.
Dragon 1 , copy that.
Confirm the target.
Baik, Commander. Base to FaIcon ,
Target approaching, over.
Baik, Base.
Sierra 2, Dragon 1. 2 tangos
approaching the Yellow Zone, over.
Okay Mr. Davron, tonight l'm going to
do a demonstration ofthe Ultra Virus
and l will use 50 cc in a liquid form.
Mr. Davron, as you requested, a virus
that can be activated on command
and this remote is set to a frequency
which can activate the DNA of the virus.
Before activation the victim won't
know that they are a carrier.
But once activated,
the victim will only survive for 30 minutes.
Commander! What's the update?
Datuk Seri.
The P. F. O. are planning to sell it.
The buyer will use as a biological weapon.
Kau? Tunjuk aku apa benda ni bo1eh buaf!
Hurry up!
Dragon 1 . Attack!
Dragon 1 , Sierra 1 , Sierra 3,
clear Green and Yellow Zones. Now!
Dragon 1, Drayon 2, gerak.
Baik, Dra0on 1.
Sierra 2, Dragon 1 , Green Zone cleared.
Terima, Sierra 2.
Mr. Davron, we've only made 100cc of the Ultra
Virus and the antidote lor this demonstration.
The Ultra Virus and the antidote.
What's the point of spreading a virus
il you can't sell the antidote, right?
Dragon 1, 5 meter, iam 9.
Who's Dragon 1's assault leader?
Jay, Datuk Seri.
More than 53 missions as an assault leader.
1000/o success rate in every operation.
He's never failed.
That'siust the tip ofthe iceberg, Sir.
He hasn't even begun to show what he can do.
Banyak lagi dia boleh buat.
fbahasa Rusia) : Virus. Bagus. Ambil ini.
(in Russian): Virus. Good job. Take this.
Berambus! Kau datang sini!
0ah tiba masa untuk periksa virus kau.
Dragon 1 , tango inbound 1 1 o'clock.
Falcon 1! Your job is only to
confirm the target! Not to catch him!
What am l supposed to do, Chief?
Just do nothing?
Commander, we have to stop Falcon 1 !
l know what I'm doin0. epaskan!
{epaskan dia!
Falcon 1, you are not trained to
handle this kind of situation!
Negative! l've got the target!
Jangan bagi mereka terlepas!
Don't let them escape!
Who is closest to Falcon 1?
Dragon 1 , Dragon 2, 50 metres
from the lab, Commander!
Dragon 1 , secure the target.
Dragon 2, assist Falcon 1 and Falcon 2!
Ahtong down! Ahtong down!
Get him out.
Falcon , Fatcon ,
bagi laporan, cepatt
falcon 1 ceclera? Falcon
1 ceUera! Hantar back up!
Dragon 1, ikut arahan!
Judo, obey your orders!
She's my sister!
0ragon 2, lapor! fa1con, se1amat?
Negati1! Negatif?
Di bawah serangan!
Skodeng, give me tango positions.
Judo, 3 tango di Uepan.
Jam 12, 1, 3.
Judo, 5 meter dari arah Utara.
Do not engage! We need Davron alive!
l repeat, capture Davron!
Jangan beindak!
Dian, are you okay?
See you tonight, don't be late. Silly!
- Nothing.
- Silly!
Dad loves you, D. You
should cut him some slack.
Yeah, right! Chief only loves you!
But you still love me, right?
You've been unconscious for a week.
l thought you had died.
Don't you remember?
Base ordered us to capture Davron.
Where is Dian?
Jiman, where is Dian?
l thought you knew. You were
the last person to see her.
What are you talking about?
We couldn't find Dian.
We managed to capture Davron and got the
Ultra Virus but we couldn't find Dian!
You haven't searched properly!
She couldn't have disappeared into thin air!
Do you know what your sister did?
She jeopardised our whole operation.
That place is vast, you guys haven't
searched the place thoroughly.
Well, we have to wait for forensics.
Yesterday they found some human remains.
You never know, one of the
pieces could be your sister.
Dian is still alive!! Go find her!
Don't stop until yove lound her, Jiman!
Don't be so arrogant!
What do you mean arrogant?
Shah and l? l'm not afraid of him!
l've beaten him before with
a pestle and mortar! What?
What's wrong with that guy?
Jay, let's have some noodles.
Hey! Go and eat by yourself!
You were so brave just now.
Just give me three years
and l will be the next commander.
Badang? You called?
lf your parents were alive,
they would be very proud of you.
Move! Move! l'll shoot anyone who doesn't
move! Get up and have your picture taken!
You! l know you! Go! You!
Go! And...
Come on everyone! Photo time!
D! Come here!
Come, stand beside me.
Come. Let's do it.
Come on D, smile!
One, Two, Three.
Proud of you, silly!
Proud of you, silly!
You could have just called.
Dian is still alive.
After the lab exploded, Dian
was captured by the P. F. O.
And you are only telling me now?
One by one the operatives involved in the
mission have either been killed or gone missing.
The P. F. O. have demanded that we hand
over the virus before they release Dian.
But HQ does not agree.
Why not?
HQ made the decision not to negotiate.
So we are just going to leave her there?
l tried to save her.
But l failed.
Now the P. F. O. have threatened
to bomb a public area
and the bomb will go off in an hour if
we reluse to hand over the Ultra Virus.
They've asked for you to personally
deliver the virus to them.
We're sure that they know Dian is your sister.
So what are my orders now, Chief?
Sniper Observer Dragon 2,
surveillance and snipers over here.
The rest will be placed around
the perimeter of the building.
Dragon 1 will drive up to the North
entrance and enter by himself.
The rest of you make sure Dragon 1
Ieaves the building with the virus.
Don't forget Dian!
Today we will bring her back.
1 will suppo you unfil you find her!
Jangan risau, Jay.
l don't think you should be
taking the actual virus.
Jiman, do you think l'm here
to ask for your permission?
lt has been so boring without you Jay.
l've started talking to my
cat for 3 days and 2 nights.
Next time, don't be like this, okay?
Ty to understand.
Janyan sentuh.
Are you okay, Jay?
Okay. Are you okay, Eddie?
l'm okay.
Not following us today?
No. l have to go to Central Complex. HQ
asked me to lead assault team for Cat 1 .
Okay. Be careful.
l'm oH now.
Jay, bring her back.
For sure.
Breaking News: Police have
conlirmed a bomb threat in KL
All relevant authorities will be doing a city
wide search especially in high density areas.
And the police has urged the public to
be careful when they are out in these areas.
Game on!
Be quiet!
Squad, status?
Cat 1 , Base. 3 K9 units are
covering three high stake areas.
Cat 1 at Central Complex
following a tip om.
Baik, Cat 1.
Sierra 1, Base. Tango negatir.
Baik, Sierra 1 .
Dragon 2, standby 2.
Baik, Dra0on 2.
Sierra 1, Base. Judo entering the vicinity.
Baik, Sierra 1 .
Cat 2, Base. Bukit Bintang clear.
There are 40 roadblocks on the
main route heading towards KL.
Terima, bomb squad sedia.
Dragon 2, sedia.
Base, Judo. Proceed to
the south top floor over.
Baik, Base.
Sierra 1, Dragon 1. Tango negatif.
Judo, be careful.
Dragon 1, sedia.
[Klang, industrial area]
Dragon 1 , there is still no tango in
the vicinity, proceed to Green Zone.
Skodeng, l stashed the virus
in the Red Zone.
Baik, Dra0on 1.
Judo to Base, the area is clear.
There's a staircase 20 metres in front of me.
Terus ke Zon Hijau dan bersedia
untuk bertindak.
What's going on?
Black, check the comms.
Dragon 1, masuk.
Sierra 1 , Base.
Saya ulang, Dragon 1, masuk.
To1ong berifahu kami, di mana
UItra Virus tu?
What's going on, Skodeng?
Sierra 1, masuk!
What happened to all our signals?
l dont know, Jiman. See for
yourself. It's all gone.
We don't have signals for the
intercom, internet, GPS. No signals at all.
Black, beri aku status, sekarang!
Aku fanya kau e1ok, Jay.
Di mana Ultra Virus itu?
Pergi cari sendiri!
They are still searching for the bomb, Sir.
Jay Zulkarnain.
Ketua Serbuan.
Nama panggilan.
Dragon 1
Dragon 2, sedia.
Eight years.
As a Special Forces Operative
53 missions, all successful.
Then why are you on your knees today, Jay?
Nama panggi1an, Andra.
Squad? You don't know.
Mission? You don't know.
ln Iront of my eyes, D.
How could you be alive?
Dragon 1 .
Dragon 2.
2 Dragons are not enough for me,
Would you like it if someone kept intemering
with what you like to do?
l don't think so, right?
Don't give it to him, Jay.
Senang sangat kalau kita tembak dia, Andra.
Cuba engok sejauh mana dia boleh
tahan kalau kakak dia diseksa.
- 1 ango, 1 o'c1ock,
- Terima.
Wait lor Base's command.
We already have the virus, Jay.
Periksa virus tu.
Dragon 2
akan sampai dalam 2 minit.
Who are they coming lor, Jay?
Cari. Cari.
Cat 1 ke ftase, Cat 1 ke Base
Base ke Cat , Ketua Serbuan,
sila beri laporan.
We have located the bomb.
Repeat. We have located the bomb.
Tell Jay, not to hand over the virus!
How am l supposed to tell him?
Shall l use the bomb to tell him?
Or should we take a wefie and send it to him?
Hari ini bukan hari kau, Jay.
Dragon 2, masuk.
Dragon 1, saya ulang, masuk.
Dragon 2, masuk.
l knew it!
Black, l want that status!
Jay, if it wasn't for you,
l wouldn't have passed the training.
Don't say that, we'll stand
together or we'll fall together.
Remember, we are a team.
6 dead. But we haven't lound any finger prints.
Teruskan pencarian.
Do you know why you are here?
You are our main suspect.
The only one left alive.
We want to know what happened.
If we can believe anything you say.
We found this in your car but there
aren't any prints.
This contraption jammed our signal just now.
Forensics found it.
l understand how you are feeling.
Your squad were killed.
You didn't even manage to save Dian.
The P. F. O. got their virus back.
- How are you going to explain this to HQ?
- l don't know what l will say to HQ.
Do you actually know
who is behind the P. F. O. ?
- Virus...
- Yes! The virus.
Yes, now that you've mentioned
it, l just remembered.
You know about the bomb they planted?
Well, we found it.
So truth be told
you shouldn't have given the virus to them.
But what can we do, it is already done.
You want to save Dian?
Take this.
Take it.
Eh! Why should l give this to you?
lf l give it to you, you will just
hand it over to the P. F. O.
l told HQ not to let you take the real virus.
But everyone believed in you.
Everyone always trusts you.
Do you want Dian to die,
That's not my problem.
Your father is the Commander, isn't he?
You'll have to answer to him.
Bring Judo back to HQ for lurther questioning.
Go through Jalan Pudu.
We've cleared the way to Bukit Aman.
Get out!
Commander, we couldn't find Jay.
Have a seat.
We have to utilize all ol our assets to find him!
Jay is not a suspect.
- Then why did he run?
- What has he done wrong?
Some operatives in the
Iab ops have been murdered.
As if the P. F. O. knows
all their information.
We do not know whether Dian has
given them this information or not.
Why did he keep insisting on taking
the real virus on the mission?
Because he wanted to
hand it over to the P. F. O!
Are you accusing Jay of being a traitor?
Think about it, Commander.
The convoy transporting Jay was ambushed.
As if they were helping him to escape.
Why are you being so suspicious of Jay?
Jiman has just reminded me of our
training days.
Do you remember when we had to escape
from a room within 60 seconds?
Kau ada, Jay pun ada,
aku pun ada, PuIau pun ada, Nibung pun ada.
Jay made it out.
But you were still inside. You saw
that Eddie and l had fallen down,
but instead of helping, you
stepped on us to get out.
The question in my mind is, Jay
had escaped and yet he was
willing to come back in to help us.
So it doesn't makes sense for
a traitor to help us. Does it?
Meet me at our usual place, 2. 45 PM.
You don't have to trace the call.
l know the place.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
Why are you doing this, Jay?
l've been sabotaged.
But you have to turn yoursell in.
Sorry, l can't.
They must have some ulterior motive
Ior asking me to deliver the virus.
We cannot be sure if it is an
inside job or not.
Please get on the tram, Dad.
Where are you?
l can surrender.
But not now.
l understand that you feel guilty
and are trying to fix things.
No Dad, you don't understand.
l was intentionally released.
But what about the rest? They were killed.
They've got the virus. But they didn't let
Dian go. They must want something more.
Am l supposed to let them get away with it?
You shouldn't act alone.
We have to settle this together.
Sorry Dad, l can't.
Actually the P. F. O. 's leader is not Davron,
but a man called Andra.
And they are not common criminals,
they know everything about us.
And l want to find out why
they didn't let Dian go.
Before your parents passed away
they asked me
to look after you and Dian.
l've failed.
No Dad, you haven't.
Peace be upon you, Dad.
Peace be upon you too.
l'm sorry for everything, Dad.
lf l don't make it back,
please take care of yourself.
There! That's him!
He's wearing black and white checks
and a black hat. Get him, hurry!
The target is gone.
How can you lose him?
Negative, sir. There were too many of them
wearing the same shirt. He used decoys!
Alert all operatives! Don't
Iet him leave this place!
Jay, turn yourself in.
Eddie, this is public place.
Put your gun down.
Please Jay, don't do this.
Put your gun down.
Get in! Go!
Don't be stupid, Jay.
l'm sorry, Eddie.
The Jay l know wouldn't
do something like this.
Do you know what you've done?
Aku pergi bancuh feh kejap.
l'll make some tea.
Terima kasih.
Thank you.
l didn't tie it tightly.
You can free yourself if you want to.
This place is safe. You can stay here.
Siew will take care of you.
Do you know what your problem is?
You think you can do everything by yourself.
HQ said not to take the real
virus but you had to take it.
- What if something happened to Dian?
- It has already happened to Dian!
Then you go and do this.
You're so stubborn!
You wanted to shoot me?
l don't want to get you involved, Eddie.
l don't want to lose you like l lost Dian.
l am going to let go.
You got me involved the minute
you pointed that gun at me.
When our parents passed away, Dian
felt like she was left alone.
But l was the only one she trusted. She
couldn't accept anybody else, especially Chiel.
l've told her so many times that
Chief loves her too, but she won't accept it.
She always felt that Chief loved me more
than her. She became very, very sensitive.
But l don't care because
she's the only family l have.
l don't care if people think
that l am going against our principles
or anything else, l don't care.
l have to find her and get her back.
l'll help you.
No, it's too dangerous.
l have to do this alone.
l'll be your co-pilot, okay?
Peace be upon you, Katy!
Katy Perry, Daddy's home.
Why can't you learn how to greet me back?
Everyday l come home and you
still don't know how to greet me.
Peace... be... upon... you... too!
Herman, it's a sin to torture animals.
Enough! Why are you back so late?
Mum, what do you think l do evey day?
l work in an oflice.
Ask Katy, even Katy knows
that oHice people...
Okay, okay, l cooked fried rice lor dinner.
Oh. l lorgot to tell you. Your friends are here.
Katy, l understand the fried rice... but friends?
Awak rasa siapa, Katy?
Jay, your friend is finally home from work.
Since he was promoted to Supervisor,
he always comes home late!
Whenever he is not in the office
no work can be done, Auntie.
Really? Such a clever girl,
so helpful around the house.
And so pretty.
What was your name again? Iddie?
- Are you Javanese?
- No, Auntie.
My real name is Ida but people call me Eddie.
Oh Eddie. . Id... Nevermind,
l'll just call you Ida.
Beautiful name. Give me a second,
l'll go and get some drinks.
Hey! What are both of you doing here?
l don't feel sale sitting here, next to you.
What is up with you guys?
You! You are famous now. Eveyone
is looking for you. And you?
Yes, you're gorgeous but you're the same.
You kidnapped him. What's going on?
- He kidnapped me! Now sit down!
- What do you think l am? A cat?
Just sit down!
Jay and Ida, please don't be shy.
Help yourselves.
Herman, why are you still standing?
Sit down!
Come let me serve you, don't be shy now.
- Jay, can you please advise my son?
- Kenapa?
Because he comes home late every night.
Meeting up with his girlfriend maybe? He tells
me he has many girlfriends at work, does he?
l'm not sure about girlfriends Auntie, but what
l do know is he has a lot of admirers at work!
- Really?
- Really Auntie. Right?
That's why he is sweating so
much. Here, have a drink.
That's wondeul.
l thought he was just telling me tall tales.
No, Auntie. Never.
But he has never brought anyone home
to be introduced to his own mother.
l thought l had to go and find him a wife.
Right, Ida?
Eh Ida, do you have a boylriend?
No, Auntie. She's still single.
Oh really? Praise to God!
You hear that Herman?
You are always working. Right in front of
your eyes and you are not even trying!
Mak cakap apa ni?
l have a lot of work to do. l'm not the kind of
person who stays at home and plays with Katy.
l have a lot of work to do there, Mum,
rather than flirting with someone like her.
l just have to snap my fingers and
it's done. But l don't want to do that.
Do you know the latest issue at
work? You have no idea. Someone
allowed something to be stolen.
Why are you coughing? Terrible,
right? It's a good story, isn't it?
After allowing the thing to be stolen, he ran!
He left us all with a big
headache, Mum. A huge problem!
And l'm the one who has to supply
the medicine Mum. Me!
lsn't that just crazy, Mum?
This sort of situation.
Auntie, if something is lost,
just look for it. Am l right?
Right? So you should find someone who is
good at l. T. , who is brilliant and who can...
Yes. Exactly.
Oh that l. T. guy? That l. T. guy is too
demanding and l don't think you can get him.
Can't we convince him at all?
But l heard the guy who ran is
a good friend ofthat l. T. guy.
That guy must have had a
really good reason to run.
Who else can help him
besides that l. T. guy?
- lot of...
- Dah! Dah! Dah?
He still won't do it?
- He can'f be persuaded?
- Tetap tidak.
Never mind, you are both
giving me a headache.
l don't understand a word
of what you are saying.
lda, please eat.
Thank you, Auntie.
Just call me Mum.
Let me get more food.
Just go, Mum.
Pergi, Mak!
You are rea1ly cramping my syle, Mum!
Mak suka kacau saya!
What is going on?
What did you mean when you said you can
get me just by snapping your fingers?
l never sweat like this.
So cute, right? It's Herman's.
And this is another one.
Jiman asked me to take a look at the signal
jammer and l immediately knew how it worked.
This is called the intemace.
And these things which look like
terrace houses. These are the CPU.
Once we have the CPU, we
can find out everything!
That's how good my interFace
is! Just give me a second.
l'll prove it to you!
lf you don't know what you're
touching, don't touch!
You are muscular in your muscles. l'm muscular
in my brain. We're so dimerent, Jay.
Yes! Now we can log in!
They can only log in 4 times.
Yesterday's ops? That was the fourth time.
The ofher 3 times, fhey loed in from here.
Dan ini1ah lokasinya.
lf it is the same person using it,
he can take us to Dian.
l was just going to...
Eh! It's Jiman!
Yes, just give me a minute.
lf l were 20 years old, l could be laster. Wait.
Auntie, is Skodeng [Peeping Tom] here?
Skodeng? Who is Skodeng?
Oh! Are you Herman's friend?
Why didn't you say so?
Don't you youngsters know
how to greet your elders?
ls Herman home?
No, Herman is not at home.
Really? Then why is his car in the driveway?
Oh yeah. He was home just now
but he went out with a Iriend.
Which friend?
ls this him?
Who is that?
Surely you know who he
is. Herman's best Iriend?
l don't know him. Eh, wait a minute.
lsn't this that actor?
In that series that l like to watch so much!
What is his name again?
This is my card.
ll you see Herman's friend,
call me.
Let's go.
You don't have to wory, Mum.
l haven't done anything wrong.
Please believe me.
l have never asked you about your work,
whatever it is that you do
you will always be my son.
l will love you no matter what.
l'm so sorry, Mum.
Please don't worry about me.
Okay, Jay. You have to go straight in.
Then go to the left,
then you go straight for 20 feet,
on your right, there will be a toilet.
Do not go into the toilet, go to
the left. His room should be there.
Who are you?
His set up is just like mine. Did he
come to my house and photocopy it or what?
Did you make this?
l want to know who hired you.
My boss does all the...
Let's go, take me to your boss.
Hey! Wait.
Where is he?
That's my boss.
Mr. Hakeem.
- The one with the cap?
- Yes.
Go finish your chips.
Angkat tangan. Jaga-iaga.
Gepat-cepat, kau kena lepaskan diri.
Lepaskan diri.
Hey? Apa yang kau buat ni?
Boleh saya tolon0?
Jadi, kenapa?
Jadi, kenapa?
Aku tak kenal kau.
Jadi kauIah orangnya?
Orany apa?
Orang yang ada barang tu.
Barang? Apa yang kau cakap ni?
Siapa kau? Siapa lelaki ni?
Apa yang kau buat di sini?
Korang ak payah masuk campur.
Biar Saiful selesaikan dia.
Aku harap kau bo1eh menari, kawan.
Okay Jay, tango is heading to
the rooftop.
Okay brother! l'll tell you
whatever you want to know!
What? We are exactly the same! Indian Muslim!
Just from a diHerent father and mother!
Posing as if you were from somewhere else!
Hey, l'm going to punch you
il you don't keep quiet!
Aku cuba nak fokus ni!
Eddie, tango entering 12 o'clock.
- Diam!
- What?
Confirmed. Tango is in the car.
l told you, he always comes
here after his workout.
l know. Don't mess with my intel.
Can l have your l. D. ?
l'll help you with the form.
Sure. Include his things in my bill as well.
Why so generous?
lf you tell me who hired you
to make the signal jammer,
l will treat you to more than this.
ls this the best you can do?
You hit like a girl.
Come a little closer. Closer.
l want to talk to you.
Please don't embarrass yourself
by hitting like a girl.
- You think this is funny?
- Yes
lf anything happens to Dian, l will
Iook for you until l find you.
Then we'll see if you can still laugh.
ftegini sajaah...
Berikan aku tumbukan terbaik kau
sebab kau fakkan dapar
apa-apa daripada aku.
Hey! Let him go!
Do you think Andra would hire
a coward to work with him?
Let him go! l will give him free shot.
Come on, hit me!
Get out of my way!
Biar aku yany uruskan dia. Tolony keluar.
Get him ou of here. ftiar
aku yang uruskan dia ni.
Like a girl!
Hopefully you can hit better than that girl.
Ready to talk?
Actually you're kinda hot.
Shall we go for
a date once you are done with all this?
Who do you think you are, Eddie?
A kitchen model?
Go check on him. He might have turned into
an ice cube for all you know.
Why are you still sitting here posing?
Tak tenany aku macam ni.
Are you ready to talk?
You know what? The air conditioning in my
penthouse is much colder than this, sweetheart!
Would you like a towel?
Oh no! It's dirty. Sorry.
Such a comedian.
Give me 15 minutes.
l've got a new clue about
him from the Internet.
Okay, enough. You had your chance to
spill the beans but you are too stubborn.
You should be more careful when sharing
your own phobia on your social media.
Maafkan aku, kawan.
l'll tell you whatever you want to know!
Just keep that thing away from me.
Keep it away from me!
[Andra's Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur]
The American has arrived.
Make sure you give him everything he needs.
- Good morning, Mr. Aiman.
- Good morning.
Who is Andra?
His business is in fine arts and jewelley
but that is just a front.
Cover for what?
Selling weapons.
The P. F. O. makes them.
Andra sells them.
But when you brought down the P. F. O. , he
Iost his main supply line.
You don't know him.
He will make sure that your loved ones pay
for what you have done to him.
Where is the boss?
Boss went to check the
paintings in the hall.
He has a hostage named
Dian. Have you seen her?
l don't know anything about her. What l do know
is that he only cares about the Ultra Virus.
He'll be auctioning the virus
at his place tomorrow night.
Skodeng, we need to get that virus.
Try turning around.
There's a painting, right?
The safe is behind that painting.
Who else are you expecting?
Anybody who is somebody.
And whoever needs the Ultra Virus.
Shut o all the exits and don't
Iet anyone out of this building!
- Now!
- Skodeng, where to?
You going too fast, l got vertigo, Jay.
Go up to the third level, find
the spiral staircase, get down,
there will be an exit door
20 metres on your left.
l knew it was worth watching all those
Mission Impossible movies!
Cari dia!
l've sent the accountant home.
He should be sleeping like a baby right now.
8aiknya dia, bagi kau pinjam kereta. And he
was kind enough to 1end you his car as we11.
Cuaca yang sangat baik
untuk berjalan, betu1 tak?
ltulah padahnya kalau cari pasal
dengan salah orang.
- Peter?
- Why don't we start again?
Jay Zulkarnain?
l have your virus.
You have Dian.
You want the virus? You know
what l want in exchange.
Tomorrow night.
My place.
Try to dress up a bit.
Because my place is not a night market.
Dress up?
Dian! What are you doing here?
Deputy Superintendent Malek is missing.
He has all the information
on the P. F. O. with him.
l've ordered an escort for you, Commander.
Another thing,
Skodeng has put in a tracker into this pen.
lf anything should happen, we
would be able to track you.
Do you have any children, Jiman?
My wife is due in three months.
Why, Commander?
When you have children
make sure you love them.
Hug them evey chance you get.
That might be the last time
you have the chance to.
Jay, do you know what is on my forehead?
Smart boy! Next time you want me here,
please put some air conditioning.
Take this.
This thing you can stick onto any surface
so that you can track the virus.
Do you know what this is?
This is a tracker.
l've programmed all the
inlormation into the phone.
All the maps, caps,
taps, everything is there.
- All good?
- Done!
Wait, let me just finish
this one. Almost done.
Are you trying to hit on me, Jay?
Rubbing my shoulder so sweetly?
Haven't you seen a girl in a dress?
l don't wear dresses often, always in uniform.
Siew picked it for me. Is it nice?
Vey nice.
Siew did a great job.
Siew has become sweet.
Okay. Jay. Make sure this
tracker is always with you.
Never let it out ol your sight.
Hold on to it with your life!
My biggest peeve is when the person l am
talking to, suddenly gets up and leaves.
Both ol you get ready.
Get ready? Famous last words from Jay.
You and Skodeng wait here.
l'm going to get Dian.
Have you forgotten what happened to you
the last time you went alone?
l remember.
All my friends died that day.
After this, who else? You?
l dont know, Jay.
lf l were you, l would do the same thing.
But the thing is, you are not alone.
[Andra's Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur]
Selamat malam fuan-tuan dan puan-puan
dan seIamat datang ke leIongan pada malam ini.
Perlu saya inakan bahawa setiap
transaksi hanya da1am dolar Amerika sahaja.
Tanpa membuang masa, kita akan mu1akan
pembidaan dengan lukisan pertama.
Malam ini kifa akan le1ong
hasil kerja Ajim Juxta,
bermula dengan lukisan ''Crow Solitude''.
K' a akan mula bidaan malam
ini dengan 100juta do1ar AS.
Bo1eh saya Uen0ar 100?
Ah! Qua bidaan. Bidaan
sekarang ada 12Ojuta Uolar.
daripada wanita yang
duduk di barisan ketiga.
Andra is so arrogant. He has started the
auction without even having the virus.
150juta kepaUa saudara di barisan ke1ima.
- 160.
- You keep an eye out here.
- l'm going to look for Andra.
- 1 70.
Jay, look at his beard.
That's my dream beard.
l can't buy it anhere!
This guy is so handsome.
Cantik janggut dia.
- Dan dijual! Tahniah!
- Skodeng, Judo has le with tango.
Terima, Eddie.
Dan Iukisan seerusnya, ''Possess
Imptantation PotIution'',
juga daripada Ajim Juxta.
Kia bermu1a pembidaan malam
ni dengan 200 juta dolar AS.
200? Oh! Pembidaan serentak!
220 juta. Terima kasih.
3OO juta!
300 juta, satu...
300 juta, dua...
500 juta.
500 juta!
5OO juta, satu...
500jufa, dua. Dan dijual kepada
tuan di barisan hadapan. Tahniah!
Nice tuxedo.
Where is Dian?
There hasn't been anyone foolish enough
to steal things from me.
We should work together,
not fight each other, Jay.
Not interested.
This is the second time l'm asking.
Where is Dian?
There are times you get what you want
and there are times that you don't, Jay.
You need to learn that.
Let's go.
Don't you see?
He is more worried about the girl than you.
So, how does it feel, Jay?
Being betrayed by your own family?
What are you doing, D?
He's pretending not to remember.
Just like his father.
Tell me how they found out about my lab.
Who were involved?
You help me, l'll help you.
We are the same, Dian. We both
want to serve our country.
Serve with what? Your virus?
With this virus, the world
will be forced to unite.
No more wars, no more crime.
We can heal the world, Dian.
Anak perempuan kau. Tengok Uia.
Kau tak nak dia kembali ke? Kami
cuma mahu Ultra Virus. Ifu
sahaja Uan kami akan bebaskan dia.
Kau tak ambi1 berat tentang anak kau?
Xau tak sayan anak kau?
l'm sorry, Commander.
But we do not negotiate with terrorists.
Can't you see, Dian?
You can choose to fight for your father,
or you can choose to fight for me.
They do not care about you.
Your brother, your father. They don't
even care what happens to you, Dian.
They don't care about you at all.
Haven't you realised yet, Dian?
Your brother, your father. They
don't care about you at all!
Yourjob is to identi the target!
Not to capture him!
You're not trained for
this kind of situation!
This is all just a trap.
He has killed all our friends.
You have killed all my friends.
But you let me live.
On purpose, right?
lt wasn't him. It was me!
l've done everything.
You help me, l'll help you.
That's what we promised, right?
You have to go through what you and
your father have done to me!
lf it was only Chiefwho left
me, l wouldn't have cared.
But you are exactly the same!
lf l knew you still alive, l will have
searched for you until l found you.
lf l wanted to save myself,
l would say the same thing, Jay.
Tolonglah cakap apa-apa!
Sit down, Jay.
You think l didn't want to save you? Eveything
l have done so far is only to save you!
All l see is that you are
having fun wearing a tux.
Coming with a girl, probably
on some kind of date.
Dian, do you believe your little brother?
Adakah saya menggangu?
Anra, awak tahu saya san0at sibuk.
Apa yang saya mahu ada1ah demonstrasi
senjata pemusnah yang sangat mahal ni.
Ultra Virus an Uemonstrasi kamu.
Andra, do not go near her!
What do you want from me, D?
Do you want me to ask for forgiveness?
Do you want me to say this is all my
fault? Fine, it's all my fault. l'm sorry!
Don't do this, D!
See, he is still not worried about you.
Don't worry, Jay. l'm selling the antidote
together with it. If you can get it.
lt's okay, Jay.
l'm going to let you live to see her die.
We'll see il Chief still believes in you after this.
Skodeng! Eddie has been infected! Track
the virus, the antidote is with it!
Go after the virus, get the antidote and
send me Eddie's GPS now!
This is my Mum's car, Jay. She is very soft but
she will punch me if
anything happens to her car!
How could you shout at me like that, Jay?
This is Skodeng. Where do
you think you can run to?
Cepat. Cepat.
Faster. Get in!
Jadi, macam mana nak aktifkan virus ni?
Dengan ini.
Finally people will know
who Skodeng really is!
l shall make my country proud!
You're lucky nothing
happened to my Mum's car!
Misi selesai.
No. Don't!
Sangat menakjubkan!
Orang saya akan suka Uengan benda ini.
Senang berurusan dengan awak.
Dian, don't you have something to do?
Orang saya cakap virus tu baru dicuri!
Mana Dian?
Kalau kau nak tahu, kau perlukan ini.
Eddie! Open the door Eddie!
I can't, Jay. Tak mengapa.
Hi, co-pilot!
Eddie! Please open the door!
- Eddie!
- It's okay.
l can't open it, Jay. You will get infected.
We've got the antidote!
Takpe, Jay. Takpe.
- Jay, Jay!
- Ye?
You would do the same thing
if you were me, right?
Bring her back, Jay.
Yes, l understand.
Datuk Seri
Skodeng and Eddie have followed our orders
to assist Jay.
Eddie was killed.
We haven't been able to trace Dian.
Only Jay can lead us to her.
Make sure Skodeng continues to assist him.
l understand, Sir. Okay.
l had a feeling that you would come.
Eddie is dead.
l know.
ln order to save lives, Jay.
- She died because of me.
- It's our duty.
Untuk metindungi, Jay.
l got my orders Irom the top.
Because you are the only one
who can lead us to Dian.
And you are the only one
who can expose Andra.
You want to find Andra?
We can inform HQ about this, Jay!
We can shut down all airports.
You can tell them yourself.
We'll tell them together. End of story.
- l just want to go home.
- Eddie is dead, Jay!
Almost all of your squad members are dead.
lf l continue, even more will die.
- l've had enough.
- Yove had enough?
Then who was l talking to
just now? A pole? Jay!
l'm going to Chiefs house
to tell him that l am done.
Skodeng, where are you?
- HQ.
- l was at Chiers house, he's not there.
l know. l am tracking the Commander now.
HQ sent a squad to Andra's place but it
has been cleared out. He's on the move.
We have tracked the Commander to Ampang Road.
You can cut them oH at P. Ramlee Road.
They are heading towards the front of KLCC.
We are closing the roads.
Jay, they are heading to Tun Razak Road.
Jay, don't worry. We'll
get the Commander back.
Terima, Jiman.
Skodeng, awak ambil alih di sini.
Akujadi bos? Wow!
- You think you can escape this time?
- Quiet!
Hey! Hurry up!
- Judo, squad's ETA, 1 minute.
- Dad?
l'm fine. Get Andra!
This is an order, Judo! Andra!
Dian, please turn yourself in.
l will take care of you, Dian.
Dian, let the Commander go and l
promise nothing will happen to you.
Jangan beindak!
Jiman, beritahu mereka jangan bertinUak!
All call signs, do not engage
unless l give the order.
Hold! All of you, stand down!
- D.
- Don't!
- Don't do this to Dad, D.
- Chief!
- Not Dad.
- Our father, D.
Whatever happens, he's still
our father, who raised us both.
He left me.
- You left me too!
- l have never left you, D!
Let him go, D.
Take me instead.
Dad tried to save you, D. He tried.
But he is only human, we all make mistakes.
Let's try to lix these mistakes.
- Stop talking, Jay.
- D.
You are the only family l have.
l don't want to lose you.
l'm the one who failed to look after you, Dian.
You don't have to involve
Jay and the rest in this.
lf you're angry with me, hate me, then
just take it out on me, not the rest.
l can accept whatever it is you want to do.
l am willing to accept
whatever you want to do, Dian.
Look after Dad.
lt's too late lor me.
l love you, silly!
ln Kuala Lumpur last night,
the Special Forces unit
were successful in bringing
down an organization,
which sold weapons and were believed
to be the head of the P. F. O.
The Special Forces unit,
known as UTK, were able to
successfully take down the
syndicate at Ampang Road.
All suspects were shot dead at
the scene. Next on the news.
[A month later Air Force Unit]
l've been watching you Irom just now.
Are you breaking up with the plane?
You look like you are about to cry.
lt's not a pretty sight. Such a tough body
and being all sensitive. l can't compute!
- You can't?
- No way, Jay.
But there is one thing l can say!
l want to thank you.
Because of you, l'm now a field operative!
Tidak 1agi di rumah! Tidak lagi di bitik!
That's the start of the end!
- Now they will see who the real Skodeng is!
- That's dangerous!
- We've been through all sorts of things.
- All sorts.
l would like to ask you something.
After what we have been through,
Iosing Dian, Eddie,
our brothers in the squad.
Kau masih nak buat semua ni?
Of course.
This is notjust a job Skodeng,
this is our responsibility.
- What is that about?
- That was a happy dance!
l was hoping you'd continue because l have
just staed to be a field operative.
l'll have a big headache if you quit!
l'll leave an open path for you.
What would be bad about that?
You would be happy, right?
Hey, don't say that, Jay.
It would be hard for me without you!
- Look who is calling?
- Hey! Uptight!
- HelIo.
- Tan0o, akan sampai 45 minit.
Baik, Base. Out.
So Skodeng, finally you get to be on field.
Are you ready?
Aku bersedia. Kau?
Yore asking me if l'm ready?