Jaadugar (1989) Movie Script

Your devotees are waiting for
you, Mahaprabhu (supreme lord).
May there be peace!
- Glory to... - Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
- Glory to... - Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
- Glory to...- Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
Mahaprabhu has asked
for an account
of the amount
collected so far.
He also wants an estimate of
the amount we hope to collect.
Has Mahaprabhu asked you
to make the enquiry?
Not me, really. I heard him
ask someone as I passed by.
I thought I'll ask you
and let you know.
Mr. Kanchanml was
in your position 2O years ago.
The matter of the donations is a
secret between Mahaprabhu & me.
You concentrate on the other
affairs of the ashram, okay?
Mahaprabhumyou re great!
You're compassionate
and generous.
I have everything...all
the wealth and status.
If there was anything I lacked,
it was an offspring.
Thanks to your blessings, my wife
has delivered a baby-boy today.
That's the outcome of
my meditation, Mr. Nathuram.
- That's true, Mahaprabhu.
- I visited your house...
...for a week, to
pray to the Almighty.
This is but the outcome
of those visits.
Yes Mahaprabhu, even I used to
visit his house sometimes...
as per your orders.
No Mahaprabhu, he is lying.
He used to give blessings to my
wife and leave in 5-10 minutes.
- Take this.
- What is this?
Mahaprabhu, I have a big house.
I want to gift it to you.
Bless you.
These are two dry dates.
Keep them in a corner
of your safety vault.
It will never be empty.
You are great, Mahaprabhu.
You are very kind.
Mahaprabhu, may you always
bestow your blessings on me.
Glory to Mahaprabhu!
By your grace, this ordinary
corporator became an MLA.
Then a minister,
and now by your grace again
very soon, I am going
to be the chief minister.
By my grace,
you have served the people.
This is the
outcome of that service.
Accept this small gift from
this inconsequential disciple.
You are very fortunate.
As oblation, you've got a silver
idol of the Goddess of Wealth.
- Glory to Mahaprabhu!
- Accept it.
Glory to Mahaprabhu!
Glory to Mahaprabhu!
This disciple will bask
in good luck now, Mahaprabhu.
Bless you.
Glory to Mahaprabhu!
I got it! I got it!
Enough, devotee.
Yes, you do have my blessing.
I am not saying that,
- What I meant is that
I hit jackpot. - Jackpot?
With your prediction,
I hit jackpot in a gamble.
I won Rs.500,000.
I am offering Rs.100,000
to you, please accept it.
What nonsense are you talking?
I never promote gambling.
I know. You told me to fast on
the 4th day of the 10th month.
So I took 4 and in number 10,
I left 1 and took the zero.
I staked on number 4O
and won the jackpot!
What nonsense are you talking!
Go away! One two three!
One two three?
Three! Double three.
- Go out and play.
- You also play.
Mahaprabhds son,
Shanker has arrived.
I'll get your luggage.
Excuse me. I am tired of asking
you where you have brought us.
And I am tired
of telling you
I have brought you
to the right place.
- At the
- This is strange.
Shanker, why did your
businessman father
leave a city like Bombay,
and come to Dharampur?
I don't know, Mona.
I don't understand any of this.
When I spoke to him
over the phone
he said he'll tell me
when I meet him.
- Your consignment was caught?
- Yes.
- How much was it worth?
- Rs.5O million.
- 5O million. - How much
donation will you give?
Rs.2 lakh.
Your problem
is of 5O million
and you'll give donation
of only Rs.2 lakh?
Mahaprabhu is very kind.
Come and seek
Mahaprabhds refuge.
- Want to get your
daughter married? - Yes.
- How much donation will you
give? - Rs.5000.
If you put Rs.5000 in this,
by Mahaprabhds grace
it will turn to Rs.25000.
Seek his blessings.
What are you waiting for?
How much donation
is made in the temple?
About Rs.5-6 thousand.
If I can open
one more temple
then I'll
have sufficient money.
I'll donate half the
earning to your ashram.
Even your idol
will be erected there.
Seek his blessings.
What are you waiting for?
Bless you.
Speak to the minister
about the other temple.
I'll take your leave.
- Daddy.
- Bless you.
I didn't recognize you.
But what is this daddy,
what facet of yours is this?
As per the atmosphere around
here, call me father.
Father? Alright, father.
But what is all this?
From a well to do businessman,
how come you became Mahaprabhu?
Son, have you forgotten,
I had written a letter to you.
- I remember. - I had mentioned
lam going on a pilgrimage.
Visiting the holy places,
I had a change of heart.
I lost everything. Everything
was snatched from me.
I gave up worldly attachments,
money, pride.
In return,
I gained a precious wealth.
The wealth of peace of mind.
I sighted the Divine Power.
God Himself resides in me now.
Devotees reach God through me.
The ones we saw just now?
- Son, who is this girl?
- My name is Mona.
Daddy, she studied
with me in America.
We share the same wave length.
Oh....take this, dear.
Thank you.
Daddy, I have a
lot to talk with you.
Look, you must be tired
after the long journey.
Go and take rest.
take them to the rest rooms.
- Come. - But
- Go son, we'll talk later.
Hello Mahaprabhu, how are you?
Nice pigtail.
- Recognize me?
- Gaja!
- Yes!
- Come.
Disciples, go and take
rest for some time.
- Rajbharati...
- Rajbharati, it's you?
- You are Gajendra?
- Recognized me right!
I am your friend
of good and bad times.
Speak softly.
Things are not like before.
Things have changed here.
Yes, they have. One shaved,
the other grew a beard.
- Even you have grown a beard.
- Forget about me.
Have you come with my son?
No, your son
has come from aboard.
And I have come from jail.
Good. Our business is
also flourishing now.
Now that you have come,
we will have additional help.
No, I am a flying bird.
I can't stay in one place.
And living in jail
for so many years
I'm not used to
working for a living.
Earlier, I used to make money,
and you enjoyed.
Now that you are making money,
I will enjoy.
Don't worry, I only need
Rs.200,000 for now.
- Rs.200,000?
- Only!
- And what will you do
if I don't give? - Nothing.
You identified me
and got me arrested.
I will make your son identify
you & get you ousted from here.
Just a minute.
- Neelkanth!
- Yes Mahaprabhu?
His niece is getting married.
Give him Rs.200,000
from the donation box.
My mother is very sick.
I have brought
Rs.1O from my piggy bank.
I want oblation from Mahaprabhu.
I told you,
the time is over, come tomorrow.
No, I want oblation
for my mother now.
Mahaprabhu is sleeping.
Come tomorrow, son.
Strange! If God goes to sleep,
what will happen to his people?
- Greetings, Rajbharati.
- Welcome sir.
ls Mahaprabhu resting?
Mahaprabhu is always waiting
for true devotees like you.
- Come through the back door.
- Wait!
Why Bharati, are they
two your sins
that you are taking them
in through the back door?
And because this kid is poor,
you are leaving him here?
Come, child.
Let's go.
Daddy, I know two millionaire
devotees of yours
are waiting
desperately for you.
But before that,
fulfill this kid's wish.
- What does he want?
- His mother is sick.
Give him some oblation.
Shanker, I am pleased to see
that you are taking
an interest in the ashram.
She kept calling for Krishna
till her last breath.
Krishna has gone to take
oblation from Mahaprabhu.
The poor kid has been orphaned.
No sister,
don't worry about Krishna.
I'll take care of him.
You make arrangements
of his mother's final rites.
Take, keep some money.
You'll need it.
Thank you.
I will take care of
this kid from today.
Shanker, don't you
think Mahaprabhu
is responsible
for this death?
Had he gone to a doctor
instead of Mahaprabhu
his mother would
probably have survived.
Such poverty, and moreover,
this blind superstition.
What a shame it is!
- Why have you come, my love?
- I wanted money.
Money? I had sent
you money yesterday.
- The doctor wants more money.
- What for?
Acting very innocent, eh?
As if you don't know.
- I'm three months pregnant.
- What nonsense are you talking!
You are holding me responsible
for someone else's sin?
I am a true
celibate, understand!
Better pay up, or I will
scream and tell the people
whether you are celibate
or an amorous man.
- What did you say!
- I won't spare you!
- Leave me!
- No!
- Leave me, I say!
- No!
You....! Move!
Why you rascal!
If not your honor
...you should have at least given
a thought to these clothes
you are wearing.
How dare you play with
an innocent girl's life!
What's going on here?
I won't spare you for this!
Can't you see what's going on?
One has eyes to see,
ears to listen.
And the hands were doing
what they are meant to do.
And anyway, it is on the
miracles of these two hands
that this entire
gambit is going on.
Would you like to see what
miracles my two hands can do?
Why are you staring at me?
You are Mahaprabhds son, have
just returned from America
that's why
lam not saying anything.
You will understand
everything gradually.
This is beyond limit!
I'll have to
tell Mahaprabhu about you.
Come, Mona.
Show, man.
He has lost
his earnings of today.
But it doesn't matter.
He'll trap 1O more rich
foreigners tomorrow.
Mahaprabhu wants to see you.
- Take care of this child.
- Yes.
Shanker, work as a doctor
all your life
but you won't be able
to make even this much.
Take. Open it yourself and see
what all I have kept for you.
No daddy, I feel suffocated
here. I'm feeling dizzy.
What happened?
What happened, son?
Why are you feeling dizzy?
First, the blind
superstitions and poverty
of India bewildered me.
And now, seeing
this treasure of yours.
The sight of this treasure
should please you, son.
And where poverty is concerned,
each has his own destiny.
Some don't even
get alms on asking
and some get everything
even without asking.
There was a time when I
worked hard to make your future.
And today, when I have
relinquished everything
people themselves
come and fill my coffers.
When you have
relinquished everything
then why do you call
this treasure your own?
Not mine, after me,
you will take over my throne.
Everything here
will belong to you.
After you take over, people will
treat you like God & revere you.
This throne seems like a
fraudulent grocer's shop to me.
Where sin is
passed off as goodness.
Man cannot even become human
but dreams of becoming God.
He puts on a charade.
Do you want that even my picture
be put up in every home
and people worship it?
No, I will consider such worship
a humiliation for myself.
That means you want to shun
this throne & my immense wealth?
This wealth is
neither yours, nor mine.
It belongs to the people and
should be used for their welfare.
- And will. - How did
you make this decision?
You knowl can disown you.
You can disown me
if you like
but I won't let people be
disowned from what is theirs.
Daddy, I am saying
this before you now.
Tomorrow, I will say
this before the people.
That situation won't arise.
Because by tomorrow, you will be
disinherited from this property.
Come, son. If you have
left your father's home
you are welcome
in your uncle's home.
Chandu, you will take care
of this kid from today.
Thank you, uncle.
Uncle, what
fate this country has.
Earlier, foreigners looted it.
Now its own people
are looting it.
ls there any cure to this
scourge spread by Mahaprabhu?
There is a
cure to every scourge.
If one doctor
cannot cure it,
consult another,
more renowned doctor.
What do you mean?
The world's biggest
magician, Goga
is doing a show
in Bombay these days.
He shows his tricks, pleases
people and makes a living.
But your father
shows cheap tricks
and loots their
mind, body and money.
Don't worry about the money.
Somehow, make that magician
confront your father.
And watch what happens!
Magician . . .magician . . . .
magician . . .magician . . .Goga
Magician . . .magician . . . .
magician . . .magician . . .Goga
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"This is my
first show in your city"
"Watch it and tell me
what you think of it"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"You have not
understood what I am"
"What you think,
I am not that"
"You have not
understood what I am"
"What you think,
I am not that"
"What you will see,
is make-believe"
"ls the slight of hands"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
" Magician.mmagician..."
"l can make a bevy of
beauties line up here"
"l can call a fairy here
from the sky"
"Watch what miracles
I show you"
"I'll turn Juliet into Romeo"
"What you will see,
is make-believe"
"ls the slight of hands"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
" Magician.mmagician..."
"There is no
chain in the world"
"That can tie me down"
"l will break
all chains and show you"
"Lock me up,
and I'll free myself"
"You will believe what I
say in a few moments now"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
" Magician.mmagician..."
"Hear my voice
and look for me"
"Tell me where I am"
"l was over there just now,
I am here now"
"There is no place
where I am not present"
"Friends, tell me howl
came from here to there?"
"And then from there to here"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"This is my
first show in your city"
"Watch it and tell me
what you think of it"
You are a magician,
your name is Gaga
"There is none like you"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
You are a magician,
your name is Gaga
"There is none like you"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
You are a magician,
your name is Gaga
"There is none like you"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
Who is it?
I want to meet Mr.Goga.
Mr.Goga will not give anyone
any photographs or autographs.
I neither want a
photograph, nor an autograph.
I have some
urgent work with him.
I have come from Dharampur.
My name is Shanker.
Look, he is very busy right now.
Come and meet him
in office tomorrow.
Pyarelal, let them come in.
Go in.
Mr.Goga, I have
seen all your shows.
lam highly impressed by you.
Thank you very much.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
I'm so sorry,
I didn't introduce her to you.
She is Mona, my friend.
Pleased to meet you.
It can click,
but it will take some time.
Take as much time as you please,
but things must click.
That they will.
This is strange. You
haven't even heard me yet
and say the
job will be done?
That is what I am saying.
Until you don't tell me,
how will matters click?
Where do you
want me to do the show?
In Dharampur.
Where is Dharampunto the north,
south, east, or west of India?
Between west and south.
And when do you want the show?
This is not as
simple as you think.
I want to talk
to you in private.
You can talk to me here.
They are all my trusted men.
Not here. I want to talk to
you in absolute privacy. Please.
The English invented
two words and messed everything.
One is sorry,
and the other, please.
They break your
head and say sorry.
And wake you up in the middle
of the night and say please.
Anyway come,
we'll talk in private.
Pyarelal, look after the guests.
So Mr. Shanker, tell me,
what is it?
There is a renowned
personality in Dharampur.
Who, by doing small tricks,
is looting the innocent public.
And the innocent people
worship him like God.
I want you to show
bigger tricks than he does
and make people
realize their foolishness.
And prove that the fraud,
by posing as a Guru
and doing
small magical tricks
that he
claims are miracles
allows himself
to be worshipped like God.
I understand
what you are saying.
This deception has
been going on since eons.
The only difference is that when
people like us do these tricks...
it is called magic.
And when those who you are
talking about perform them
worship them like God.
I only want to ask you why you
are so interested in Dharampur?
Because the man who is
worshipped in Dharampur
is none
other than my father.
He has made the innocent
people's lives a living hell.
And is himself enjoying
a heavenly lifestyle.
You also sit
with him and enjoy life.
No Mr.Goga,
if I had to do that
...why would I come and meet you
after watching your show?
Shanker, think again.
You are going to play with fire.
I like playing with fire.
Once, just once,
give your consent.
Look Shanker,
I don't like playing with fire.
But since a son is
rebelling against his father
even I feel like praising
your courage and intentions.
So should I assume that
you are ready for this game?
Yes, I am.
But I have some conditions.
Firstly, it will take 3-4 months
to expose your father.
For which my fees
will be one million rupees.
The other petty expenses
will be separate.
And second,
and more important condition.
After your father
has been exposed
what if people start
worshiping me as God?
Then tell the people who
you really are
and make them
realize their mistake.
This is not as simple
as you think it is.
Yet, since you are
giving me so much money
I'll do it.
I'll take an
advance of Rs.101,101.
I don't have Rs.101,101
right now.
I can only give you Rs.101.
I'll pay you the balance
money on reaching Dharampur.
On reaching Dharampur?
Why, don't you trust me?
When you don't trust your
father, how can I trust you?
Anyway, forget it,
give me Rs.101.
'Message of magician Goga
for one and all'
'From tomorrow, the milkman
will not supply milk'
'The vegetable vendor
will not supply vegetables'
'The newspaper vendor
will not give newspaper'
'The car washer
will wash the car'
'No one will come here,
no one will leave'
- ls that clear, Flori?
- Yes.
And come and clean both the
flats that are above each other.
Because I am not going to
be here for three months.
- Have you kept my luggage
in the car? - Yes, sir.
I will be leaving now,
because it's time for my flight.
This is the house.
Wow! Such a small door
on the outside...
and such
a huge house inside.
It seems to
belong to a very rich man.
Flori, if your master comes
to know, won't he dismiss you?
My master is a very nice man.
He has said he is not going
to be here for three months.
This is a duplex flat.
This is flat 402.
And the one above is 502.
Don't touch anything.
Sleep in the hall.
And take your bath
and leave in the morning.
But remember, I don't want any
other person living here.
Don't worry. I may not need
to live here for three months.
A producer has called me today.
I am hopeful of getting work.
As soon as I get the signing
amount, I will leave this place.
Shanker, have all
arrangements been made?
The flight has been delayed
by two & a half hours, Mr.Goga.
I called up your residence.
The bell kept ringing.
So I knew you
had already left home.
Two and a half hours?
Shanker, do you know,
in two and a hour hours
Anyway, forget it.
You sit and have
I'll go do something else.
Come, Pyarelal.
Bring him back soon.
- Pyarelal, you may leave.
- Alright.
Call me as soon as
it's time for us to leave.
0K5! '
- Go soon.
- I am.
Excuse me madam,
can I dare to sit here?
Thank you very much.
I knew you would not refuse.
- Look...
- I am looking.
I know from your face you're
desperately waiting for someone.
- Look, what I want to say is...
- You have said enough.
Let me also speak.
Because what I will say will
be after reading your heart.
Just a minute.
Let me read your eyes.
I can tell you
everything about yourself.
What can you tell me
about myself?
Everything that's
written in your fate.
You are a very good artiste.
I cannot see clearly what
type of an artiste you are.
Sorry for the interruption!
But either you are a painter,
a writer, or a singer.
Or maybe an actress.
I am not one yet,
but I desire to be one.
- You desire to be one?
- Yes. - Then you'll be one.
How can you say that?
Because to be anything,
one needs to have a desire.
Only those who desire succeed,
those who don't desire
don't succeed.
You desire,
so you will surely succeed.
Your beautiful shimmering eyes
tell me that you will become
a famous actress one day.
All other actresses will
be jaded compared to you.
And very soon, that opportunity
is going to come in your life.
And the name of that
opportunity is Goga.
- What?
- I mean, my name is Goga.
A saint has said, that
whoever you shake hands with
what is written
in his destiny will happen.
But what is not
written will also happen.
Now it surely will happen.
I mean...what is your name?
What a sweet name.
Like sugar sweating honey.
Anyway, who were you
waiting for over here?
A film producer.
He promised to meet me here.
Look, elders have said,
never trust
a leader's emotions,
Bombay's rains
and a producer's word.
These film people never
reach anywhere on time.
That is why,
time also doesn't care for them.
But your time will surely come.
You will become an actress.
And it will take about
seven days.
- Seven days?
- Yes.
The lines on your hands clearly
say it will take me 7 days
to make you a star.
In 7 days...
It will take me 7 days.
Who is it?
What happened?
Tell Mr.Goga it's
time for the flight.
- Ask him to get ready to leave.
- Alright.
Over there. Hurry.
Oh yes. No one other than me
can make you a heroine.
What are you doing?
I am awakening
your lines of destiny.
They have to be
tickled and awakened.
Excuse me.
Shanker is calling you.
Tell him I am busy.
Ask him to wait.
If he cannot wait, ask him to
get in his car and walk home.
He is saying it's time for
the flight, we have to go.
Ask him to come in January,
and if it's more urgent
then ask him
to come in February.
Try to understand.
I do, but how
do I explain to them?
I am here,
and will stay here.
You go and meet the guy
who is waiting for you.
Alright, if you say so,
I'll meet him and come.
Don't go anywhere.
Wait here for me.
Shanker, pardon me,
but my program has changed.
I won't be coming
with you right now.
What are you saying!
It's time for the flight to
leave & you say you cannot come?
Look, flights come and go.
But if I leave
from here today
I will lose a big
opportunity of my life.
I don't understand.
What are you trying to say?
What happened is,
when I entered the hotel,
I saw a precious,
invaluable diamond on a chair.
Yes, a diamond.
People came and went, but no
one paid any attention to it.
Must say the people in
this hotel are very honest.
Mr.Goga, I don't
understand what you are saying.
Look, it is my job to talk
and Pyarelal's
job to explain.
I have only come to tell you
I cannot come with you for now.
If you can wait seven days
for me, I may come with you.
Seven days?
Yes, seven days.
Because I have got the diamond.
But it is rough yet.
I have yet to polish it.
So that I can wear
it on my finger.
Which will take
about seven days.
If you can wait that long,
okay by me.
Or there are many magicians in
every street. Take someone else.
Pyarelal, explain to them.
I'll polish
my diamond till then.
See you later, Shanker.
Pyarelal, what is the guarantee
Mr.Goga will come with us
after seven days?
I stand guarantee,
that is, if Mr.Goga
...doesn't find
another diamond until then.
Meena, you told me your name, but
didn't tell me where you live.
Driver, drive to Pali Hill.
- Even I live in Pali Hill.
- ls it? - Yes.
Where do you live in Pali Hill?
- Union Park.
- Even I live in Union Park.
Even I live there.
Which apartment?
This world is becoming so small.
Even I live in Apsara Apartment.
Which floor?
- Fourth floor.
- The world was small until now.
But now it is shrinking.
Even I live on fourth floor.
- What is your flat number?
- 402.
Now don't tell me
you live in that flat.
No, how can I say that?
What doesn't belong to me,
how can I say it is mine?
But it's strange that despite
living in the same vicinity
same building,
same floor
we have never met before.
But we will meet.
Won't we?
We've arrived.
What are you doing?
That board...
That board...that board...
The board I had...
no, not me.
- Board?
- The name plate board?
Oh, that board?
I understand.
What did you understand?
Nothing. I don't like
putting up a name plate.
When did you purchase this flat?
Just a few days ago.
It's beautiful.
Where have you seen it that
you are saying it is beautiful?
Come on, if the owner of the
flat is so beautiful
how can her flat
not be as beautiful?
It has to be beautiful,
that is why I am Goga.
You are very naughty.
I had a friend
named Sharafat Ali.
He taught me decency.
He is no more.
- Anyway, can I peep in?
- No.
You said you live on
the same floor.
Yes, it's here.
You can peep in if you like.
I don't have the habit of
peeping inside others homes
like you.
What a good thing you have said.
Meena, what high
principles you have.
Your talks have opened my eyes.
Now open your ears
too and listen.
Don't hope that a girl
who lives alone
will let you enter her
house on the first meeting.
Not at all.
I don't have any such hope.
But I do hope that this girl
will come to meet me
everyday at 10:30 am
in Lucky restaurant.
Because it is written
in her destiny
that if she wants
to become a star
she will have to
spend seven days with me.
What do you think?
Will the girl come or not?
She will come.
She will surely come.
Very good.
Si? you?
How come this girl is staying
in my fourth floor flat?
She is my friend.
She didn't have money
to pay her hostel rent.
Since you had gone out
for three months
I thought your place
will get regularly cleaned
and she will get a
place to stay for free.
It is not her mistake, it is
my mistake, please forgive me.
I'll throw her out right now.
Wait Flori!
This girl who you have put up
in my fourth floor flat
has floored me.
- What is this, sir?
- A tip.
Keep it. This girl should not
know I'm the owner of this flat.
Sorry. That I am
the owner of this flat.
But why, sir?
She is helpless, upset.
The poor girl will be hurt.
If you have any more girls who
are helpless and in trouble
then send them to this flat.
But they should not come to know
I am the owner of this flat.
Because you know
I unite hearts.
I don't break hearts.
Alright, Flori?
Sir, eggs.
- I don't want them. - Why not?
Sir takes them everyday.
My eggs will become rotten.
I said I don't want eggs.
You may not want them,
but sir wants them.
Which sir?
- Looks like sir has a new girl.
- What?! - Forget it.
- Good morning....Eggs.
- Eggs indeed.
Mr.Goga, good morning.
You are up and
ready quite early today.
Come, Pyarelal.
How are things upstairs?
Very bad.
Flori has removed the board.
There was a fight going
on with egg seller.
The bread vendor will
come now.
Then the milkman.
Wonder who will come next.
I can understand 1-2 days,
but why 7 days?
Pyarelal, come here.
Give me the eggs.
Open the window.
Put the eggs in.
Close the window.
Sit down.
Stand up.
Open the window.
What is this?
The eggs turned to chickens?
You've never done
this trick before.
Give them to me.
I had brought
the eggs for breakfast.
Sit down.
And listen...
Sit down fast.
I don't want milk.
Go away.
- But sir drinks milk.
- There is no man here.
Take the newspaper.
I don't want to read
the newspaper, go away.
- But sir reads the newspaper?
- Sir again! Which sir?
Looks like sir has
brought in a new girl.
These men!
What's going on inside?
Plates are being broken.
It happens in every home.
- What happened?
- Ask her.
Ask me what?
Just a minute.
Actually, her chicken
wooed my cock in one meeting.
I told her
this is not done.
Shut-up! He is lying.
I don't have any chicken.
He promised to make me
a heroine in seven days.
He forced a chicken in my house,
and also a cock behind it.
- Your house?
- Yes.
- Your house?
- Yes, my house!
Firstly, this is not your
It is your house.
And even the chicken is yours.
And it entered your house.
And who knows better than me
where my cock has entered.
Just tell your chicken that if
she tries to woo my cock again...
then I am
vegetarian until now.
But it won't take me long
to become non-vegetarian.
This is a limit!
I have reared my
cock with great love.
Until today,
he has never eyed any chick.
But her chicken ruined
his character in a moment.
Before getting
into an alliance
one has to check
the family background.
But who will explain
that to her?
I tried my best
explaining to her...
but she
refuses to understand.
Tell me,
how do I explain to her?
You tried every way, right?
Now sing and explain to her.
- Why are you going down?
- To catch the notes.
"Like a crazed
fellow leaves ..."
"Like a crazed
fellow leaves ..."
"... breaking all bonds"
"My cock left, ..."
"... leaving his roost"
"So neighbor ..."
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"What do I say"
"What do I say
what has happened"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"it runs in the courtyard,
on the terrace"
"It runs, and runs"
"it runs in the courtyard,
on the terrace"
"It jumps over walls,
it's gone berserk"
"There is chaos in
the entire neighborhood"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"My cock has gone wild"
"It's gone wild"
"He holds the chicken's
wing in his beak"
"Half on one side,
half on the other"
"Two hearts in limbo"
"Half this, half that"
"The cock is
crazy about the chicken"
"And I am crazy about you"
"Crazy about you"
"Crazy about you"
"It is many years ago"
"It is many years ago"
"You were young"
"l waited to hear"
"The tinkle of your anklets"
"My heart skipped a beat"
"And I was lost in your love"
"As soon as your ..."
" anklets tinkled"
" anklets tinkled"
"That is why today ..."
"That is why today
I explain publicly"
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"Understand and understand it"
"To understand is
also understanding"
"One who understands,
yet refuses to understand"
"l think is a fool"
"Understand and understand it"
"To understand is
also understanding"
"One who understands,
yet refuses to understand"
"l think is a fool"
"My love, my darling,
she never looks at me"
"She is so cruel"
"She always hurts me"
"She says I don't
mean anything to her"
"That I can go and die"
"Don't love me"
"Don't waste your time"
"l swear she is unfaithful"
"She is unfaithful"
"What do I say
about my unfaithful lover"
"What do I say
about my unfaithful lover"
"The one who doesn't
concede even to love"
"One day, even my day ..."
"One day, even my day
will come"
"It will come, it will"
"Every dog has his day"
"That is why I say"
"And say it for the last time"
"Please, please, please!"
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"Take care of your chicken"
"My cock has gone wild"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
"Keep your chicken in check"
"Keep your chicken in check"
"Keep your chicken in check"
"Keep your chicken in check"
"So neighbor,
keep your chicken in check"
"My cock has gone wild"
My board?
Pyarelal, what will happen now?
You all leave! This is a
colony of decent residents.
This much is enough for today.
You still have five days.
If you go so much after her,
your formula will fail.
No, my formula will
never fail, Pyarelal.
He refuses to listen.
- Who is it?
- A letter for Mr.Goga.
Mr.Goga lives somewhere there.
Everyone knows the famous
magician Goga lives here.
Take. Looks like
you are the new maid.
New maid?
GOga? 402?
That means this
flat belongs to Goga.
Flori, what have you done!
This is 402,
and the one upstairs is 502.
The world famous magician Goga,
....and his Gogias.
Reena Das, two days.
Sonia Gill, five days.
Jamuna Gupta, one day.
Nisha Singh, four hours.
Meenamseven days?
'It will take me
seven days to make you a star'
Goga's mantra?
Look at this home
Look at the owner of this home.
This is not a home,
it is a ruin.
Where a crazed fellow,
cloaked in his loneliness
is living his lonely
life like death.
Mr.Goga, you have not come
across a girl like me yet!
Yes! Oh yes!
It's the seventh day today.
Strange! I cannot believe
we met only seven days ago.
It feels like we have been
.. since 700 days,
700 years, 7 births.
It feels like every moment,
every birth
the path of friendship
...we've walked together, stood
together, sat together, slept...
No, ate together.
It feels like I have
been eating food
cooked by your delicate
hands all my life.
Lies! All lies!
You haven't eaten food
cooked by me yet.
That is what I am saying.
We have been together
for seven days
and you haven't treated me
to food cooked by you yet.
You should have told me before.
My heart had said it long ago.
It has come on
my lips only today.
There were hurdles in the way.
Your talks are so complicated,
I never quite comprehend them.
Even I cannot
comprehend them sometimes.
You are coming home
for dinner tonight.
Of course I will!
When there is a host like you,
I will surely come.
ls someone else
also coming with you?
Meena, I do look like one,
but I am not one.
You look so beautiful today.
You'll have to put at least
50-60 black dots
to save
yourself from evil eyes.
- I'll put black dots
on you today. - What?
- Come.
- Where?
- Come on!
- Okay.
Sit down.
Take this.
Look at this home.
Look at the owner of this home.
This is not a home,
it is a ruin.
Where a crazed fellow,
cloaked in his loneliness
is living his lonely
life like death.
Come to my bedroom.
This is the bed that
torments my life.
Sit down.
It lies empty
and complains of loneliness.
My day passes somehow.
But the night is like
a sword that kills me.
- Really?
- Absolutely!
Tina, when I sleep alone
in this bed at night
I feel the four walls
of this house are devouring me.
Like the roof
is falling over me.
The ground beneath
my feet slipping
Tina, there are millions of
people in this world
But I have no one.
I am absolutely alone.
Like a twig of
grass in a desert.
What are you saying, Meena?
Your state is just like mine.
But now you are no more alone.
I am there for you now.
I will bloom flowers
of love in your life.
I will turn your deserted
life into a blooming garden.
Yes, a slap.
Mr.Goga, how many girls
have you told this dialogue to?
Not at all.
Not to a single girl.
ls it?
Come out.
Now tell me, who did
he say this dialogue to?
- He told me.
- Me too.
Me too.
And me too.
Then what are you waiting for?
Grandmas! Enough! Leave
something for the next birth.
This is enough for now.
Now you all leave.
You cheat, you fraud! You
said you live somewhere else.
You deceiver!
I have got so badly beaten,
I cannot even take abuses now.
Even abuses are
hurting me like a whip.
It's painful.
Where deceiving you is
it's difficult to decide.
Because it is difficult to
decide who deceived whom.
You deceived me
or I deceived you?
- What
- Stay away!
My whole body has turned sore.
You are occupying
this flat illegally.
And I have to live
in a hotel.
Now that you know
I own the flat
tell me,
who will live here tonight?
You, or me?
Because after
getting beaten so much,
I don't have the
strength to go to the hotel.
Sure, cheat some more girls.
I realized for the first time
there is a fearsome devil
in every woman.
- Come to your sense now?
- Of course!
Then I will let you live here,
but on one condition.
Henceforth, you will stick only
my picture in this album.
And if you say this dialogue,
it will be only for me.
Look at this home.
Look at the owner of this home.
This is not a home, it is
Let's have dinner now.
Alright. Will you serve me
with your soft delicate hands?
Then even I have a condition.
Today is the seventh day.
Come, Mr. Shanker.
your seven days are over.
Yes they are.
You must have
polished the diamond by now.
Then let's go,
the flight is ready.
Yes, let's go.
what about the others?
They have already reached there.
Come, Mr.Goga! The town
of Dharampur welcomes you.
I don't think I know you.
Who are you?
An man invaluable.
I am a person who comes to
your rescue in your bad times.
There are some people who stoop
low, but then realize their folly.
Like me.
And there are some people
who stoop low, and never rise.
Like Mahaprabhu.
Mr.Goga, he is Gajendra,
our financier.
I don't understand.
We have financiers in business.
I'll explain.
Like you have come here
for this good cause
likewise, I take money from
his father & give it to the son.
You continue with
your talk.
I'll go and make
arrangements for your stay.
I made all the arrangements
as soon as I got your call.
Let's go.
Shanker, I'd first
like to see Mahaprabhds ashram.
Because I want to know
what he does
what he used to do,
what he will do.
Only then can I tell you
what I can do.
What he does, you can
come and see for yourself.
What he used
to do is a long story.
I'll narrate it
to you at leisure.
We want to
know what you will do.
I will be able to tell you that
after you take me to Mahaprabhu.
It is Monday today. He must
be in the Ganesh temple
openly fooling
the innocent people.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go.
- Glory to... - Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
- Glory to... - Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
- Glory to... - Mahaprabhu
Janaksagar Chintamani!
Glory to you, Mahaprabhu!
You are great, Mahaprabhu.
Bless me, Mahaprabhu.
May you be praised!
lam very unhappy.
Have mercy on me.
Rid me of my sorrows.
You will be
rid of your sorrows.
Eat this apple, the apple
will eat away your sorrows.
But how will I eat it,
I don't have teeth.
Boil it,
soften it and eat.
Mahaprabhu, save me!
Save me.
Where are you?
Over here.
Mahaprabhu, save me.
I have been ruined.
I and my wife looked
for you everywhere.
Meeting you,
we both are elated.
Having met you,
we have found everything.
Who are you?
What do you want?
- I don't understand.
- You don't understand?
What you don't understand,
who will understand?
We came to you thinking we will
keep our problem before you.
And you will
understand our problem
and tell everyone
you have understood.
But you won't
actually understand it.
I am understanding
your problem somewhat.
Tell me what your problem is.
...Hold my hand.
Our boat is floating away
in a sea of sorrow.
We have no oars, no sails,
to steer our boat.
We are just drifting away.
I understand the
depth of your sorrow.
- Proceed.
- Where? There, or here?
Not here or there,
proceed with your narration.
- Narration? - Yes,
tell me what your problem is.
My problem is that
I don't have a problem.
- No problem?
- Yes, I have a big problem.
And that big problem has
inflicted me six wounds.
And you are responsible
for those six wounds.
What nonsense are you talking!
Mahaprabhu, please don't name my
hope as nonsense & disappoint me.
Or I will turn into a recluse.
Actually, I had six wives.
One, two, three...
I had six wives.
But they all simply
disappeared in thin air.
- Six wives disappeared?
- Yes, Mahaprabhu.
They had come to
take your blessings
...and didn't return thereafter.
What nonsense are you talking!
My job is to bless women,
not make them disappear.
I am a renouncer, what have
I got to do with women?
I know. Pardon me, you may
not, but they were my wives.
Six birds disappeared
from my nest
and my nest was shattered.
I have brought my 7th wife
to you to seek your blessings.
Will you bless her?
I have a demarcated place
where I bless women.
Send her there tomorrow evening,
I will give her my blessings.
Oh no, this time, I won't send
my wife for blessings to you.
I will come to you.
You give me the blessing.
I will give it to her.
Then you do what you should,
and I'll do what I should.
There is no need to tell
anyone what happened.
Even I won't tell
anyone what I did.
I have understood your problem.
You are suffering
from mental ailment.
take him to our hospital.
I want to give him
the proper treatment.
Mahaprabhu, he is not sick,
he really is sad.
He had carried his tale of
woe to your son, Shanker.
He thought him to be God
and fell at his feet.
Shanker has said only you
can rid him of his sorrows.
Because you are
Mahaprabhu after all!
Oh, so Shanker
has sent him here?
I will surely
eliminate his sorrow.
Leave me.
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
I just want a small, cute son.
Can you give me one?
Hail the world!
I'll give you oblation.
- Give it to your wife.
- I will.
And she will beget a son.
I'd asked you for blessings
and you are giving me a banana?
I don't want this rotten banana.
I have a better banana
than that. Want it? Take.
Mahaprabhu, he seems to be
capable of performing
great miracles.
Not miracles, magic.
I am impressed by
your magical powers.
- What else can you do?
- I can perform many miracles.
- Can you remove water?
- Water?
Shall I make water come
out of this banana?
Water, start!
See what a shower of water
is coming out of this.
This is a miracle!
Magicians can make
water come out from bananas.
Can you make water
come out from the earth?
When I can make water
come out of a banana
I can also make
water come out of earth.
Where should I make water
come out from? Here or there?
-From anywhere.
-l'll make it come out of there.
Look there.
Look, water.
Mahaprabhu, he really does
seem to be a miracle man.
Mahaprabhu, the devotees are
waiting. It's time for prayers.
Let's go.
Wait! I will worship you.
And in such a way
that you will enjoy it.
Just a minute.
Hold this banana.
Wait. Hold my shoes
too. I'll visit the temple.
- Mahaprabhu, if you
permit me, I... - No.
Wait. Let me understand
what he is up to.
Forgive me, God.
I have to put on this charade
to teach this fraud a lesson.
He loots innocent
people in Your name.
Give me the power to make
these blinded men see light.
"Today, Kanhaiya will watch"
"And Radha will dance"
"And Radha will dance"
"l have made this
promise to my friend"
"A promise to my friend"
"No hurdle can stop me now"
"No hurdle can stop me now"
"Today, Kanhaiya will watch"
"And Radha will dance"
"And Radha will dance"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance in the east,
dance in the west"
"Dance in the east,
dance in the west"
"Dance in the north,
dance in the south"
"Dance in all
the four directions"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"l will dance
with abandon today"
"Why should I feel embarrassed
when I am dancing with you"
"Radha will dance
with abandon today"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Radha, with your beauty ..."
"... enthrall them all so"
"That those who perform
miracles are destroyed!"
"Kill the fraudulent with power"
"Kill the powerful
with fraud"
"Kill the fraudulent with power"
"Kill the powerful
with fraud"
"However tough the game,
win it with intelligence"
"Win with intelligence"
"The one who makes everyone
dance to his tunes here"
"l will have to make him dance"
"Make him dance"
"The one who shows
the path to fools"
"We'll have to steer
him to the right path"
"Steer him to the right path"
"Expose his fake facade today"
"Make the cruel one wear
a crown of thorns"
"The one who takes pride
in his miracles"
"We'll expose the secret
behind his miracles today"
"Dance in all four directions"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"The one who flies in the air"
"We'll have to
bring him down on earth"
"Bring him down on earth"
"The one who claims to be God"
"I'll have to make him human"
"I'll have to make him human"
"The fraud who
keeps deceiving people"
"How long can he rule
over people's hearts"
"These rituals and traditions
guided by fake illusions"
"May this illusionary world
burn to cinders"
"Dance in all four directions"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"To ruin the world,
one fool is enough"
"There are fools
all around here"
"So what will be the
outcome of this place"
"Whatever the outcome"
"Whatever the outcome"
"We'll deal with it later"
"This is just the beginning"
"This is just the beginning"
"The fun will come later"
"The fun will come later"
"The one who is our enemy"
"We will have to eliminate him"
"We will have to eliminate him"
"What had you brought,
that you will take with you"
"You will have to
leave everything behind"
"You will have to
leave everything behind"
"Dance with all hurdles"
"Dance with the storms"
"Confront the cruel
looters and dance"
"Dance with abandon
near the thieves"
"Dance in all four directions"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance Radha,
dance with abandon"
"Dance with abandon"
"Dance with abandon"
Close the water faucet.
Take your shoes,
I'll keep the banana.
The devotees are
requested to proceed
to the big hall
for the discourse.
we'll take your leave.
The prayers are over,
we'll leave now.
The prayers are not over yet.
I'll show you what prayers are.
- Bajrangi..Bhairav.
- Two!
Take him to the rest rooms.
Serve him well.
Show him our hospitality.
And then distribute the
oblation among the ashram dogs.
And take the ladies
to our women's home.
Oh my God!
....Wait a minute.
I forgot the
most important part.
Take me back.
Here is a check of
one million rupees.
A small gift
from me for the temple.
Will you accept it?
What is this?
ls this possible?
Mahaprabhu, there are no
restrictions upon donations.
One can donate as much as he
likes for the welfare of mankind.
You are right.
- Child, where do you live?
- I have many houses.
I keep shifting home,
but nowadays
I am staying with
the police commissioner.
You can come to visit me
there if you like.
- Will you come?
- I will surely come.
How can I not come when
my devotees invite me?
- ls that possible?
- Never.
But before leaving,
take oblation.
- Where is it?
- In your pocket.
What is this?
A check?
A check of two million rupees?
- In my pocket? - It is a small
gift to you on my behalf.
But how did it
land in my pocket?
- Take them. - Don't
bother, we'll go ourselves.
Come Radha.
Mahaprabhu, this is not a
check, it is a joker.
I know. That is why even he
will know what I have given him.
This is the King
from a pack of cards.
Tit for tat.
We'll have to think of a
better plan to deal with him.
Glory to Mahaprabhu!
Bless you.
Go and make arrangements
for the discourse.
You have come here again?
Mahaprabhu, you are
an ocean of kindness.
If you can show me
some mercy
I won't show you
my face for a month.
Pay me Rs.200,000, which is
two bags in business terms.
- Neelkanth, come here.
- Yes, Mahaprabhu?
Give him a donation of
Rs.200,000 from the donation box.
His niece is getting married.
Just last month
he took Rs.200,000
for his niece's marriage.
He has many more nieces.
Just do what you are told.
Brothers, sisters and elders.
The sins that are being
committed in your Dharampur
in the name of religion,
to put an end to it all,
Lord Gogeshwar has
come here in human form.
Those who don't know,
know this
that is it Mahaprabhu's son
who is telling you this.
Sing Lord Gogeshwar's
praises with true feelings.
In some time, Lord Gogeshwar
will appear before you.
- Glory to...
- Lord Gogeshwar!
No one will sing his praises!
Until we see his
miracles for ourselves
no one
will sing his praises.
Even I don't like to hear
people sing my praises.
Nor do I like
performing miracles.
But since in today's times,
only miracles earn respect...
I will fulfill your wish.
Lord Gogeshwar can do anything.
He can turn night into day
and day into night.
He looks a
crook to me, brothers.
Have you seen our Mahaprabhu?
He has a long pigtail.
He can show stars during day.
Today is the new moon night.
Ask him to make
you glimpse the moon.
Yes, do some such miracle,
only then will we believe you.
It seems you people
are very unbelieving.
I will make you glimpse a full
moon on this new moon night.
- Glory to...
- Lord Gogeshwar!
Wow Rudrapa, that was
a beautiful full moon.
Enough! I've heard enough!
Stop singing his praises.
As it is,
my following is reducing.
The amount of
donations is decreasing.
And moreover,
you are praising that fraud?
He showed us the moon!
The moon is always
there is the sky.
Anyone can show it.
You are forgetting, Mahaprabhu.
Today is the new moon night.
He made us glimpse
the moon on a dark night.
And not only I,
everyone saw it.
lam telling you
what my eyes actually saw.
What you saw was a cheap trick
of a cheap magician.
Even you perform tricks.
Now whether he will perform
a true miracle or you
only time will tell.
You are insulting me,
Whatever time may tell
but you will have to do
whatever I say in this ashram.
I had come here
looking for peace.
If that's the case,
I'll take your leave.
I served you enough.
- Gautam.
- Yes Mahaprabhu?
Give my message
to Rajbharati
that Gyaneshwar
is leaving our ashram.
The fool!
He was living a good life here.
Burn his clothes
and get rid of the dead body.
Your greed is growing.
Your being seen
here every time
Even I don't like it.
In fact, I hate it.
So let's strike a deal today.
I have an account of all
your earnings to date.
Let's share it fifty fifty.
Accordingly, my share works
out to be Rs.8004,20,256.44p
Pay me that amount
and I promise you
I'll never see
your jinxed face
I mean, I will never show
you my jinxed face again.
Look Gajendra, if you strike a
deal today, you'll be the loser.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
My devotees from far and wide
will bring me expensive gifts.
Your share will increase.
Come tomorrow, I'll settle
your account full and final.
Pyarelal, by showing the full
moon on a new moon night
we drove away half
of Mahaprabhds devotees.
Some day, we'll show the sun
during night
and drive away the rest.
Then our mission will be over.
Lord! Tomorrow
is Mahaprabhds birthday.
And Gajendrefs day of death.
But they are
Mahaprabhds disciples.
We are your disciples, Lord.
- We are his Guru.
- Guru? How is that?
That's a long story.
Avery long story.
We were in jail. Even
Mahaprabhu was with us in jail.
On charges of
dealing in fake currency.
We were thinking
of a new business.
We gave him this idea
of becoming a Mahaprabhu.
We taught him
all these magic tricks.
This is a small trick.
He'll show you bigger tricks.
Sit down.
He'll show tricks
that will amaze you!
Mahaprabhu, begin!
This is amazing!
You are so good
at these tricks
why didn't you start
this business of playing God?
We did.
We even made a lot of money.
- But then, we had a problem.
- What problem?
He cannot speak Hindi,
and lmstammer.
- We made one more mistake.
- What is that?
A beautiful hapless woman
had come to seek
blessings for a son.
She had four daughters,
but no son.
She came to pray for a son.
Mahaprabhu blessed her,
she delivered a son.
Her husband was away
in Dubai since two years.
When he came from Dubai,
and killed his wife.
And sent us here.
Mahaprabhu's blessings
are very powerful.
Mahaprabhu, will you
teach us this business?
He is saying
he will teach you
but we must get a 50%
share in whatever you make.
Sure. We agree.
Constable, open the door.
Mr. Jagat, come out.
Identify the man who
printed fake currency
and gave it to
you for circulation.
Inspector, it's him.
Inspector, he is lying.
I don't even know him.
Gaja, we'd decided to help each
other in good and bad times.
lam in trouble,
help me.
- Constable, lock him up!
- Careful, inspector.
Remember, I will teach
you a lesson for this!
Gajendra is
Mahaprabhds confidante.
That is why
Mahaprabhu wants him killed.
Then it will be our turn.
This is very simple.
These three should
together expose Mahaprabhu.
Pyarelal, you don't only look,
but also are a fool.
Come here.
Who will believe Gajendrefs
word against Mahaprabhds?
And where these two are
concerned, they even look crooks.
Do one thing.
Tell Shanker to be present
on Mahaprabhds birthday.
"We have craved
for a glimpse of you"
"We have come from very far"
"We have come from very far"
"To give something,
to take something"
"To give something,
to take something"
"We have come from very far"
"We have come from very far"
"Best wishes, my master"
"Master, we ..."
"Sing your praises"
"We have come to
give you our best wishes"
"To wish away your ill fate"
"We have come to
give you our best wishes"
"To wish away your ill fate"
"Take our lives"
"Have fun, enjoy your life"
"May you live long"
"May you live long"
"May you live for
as long as you like"
"Now we know"
"Why the world
is crazy about you"
"Why the world
is crazy about you"
"You can make, you can break"
"With the slightest
movement of your hand"
"With the slightest
movement of your hand"
"You rule the roost here"
"The whole world
is crazy about you"
"You rule the roost here"
"The whole world
is crazy about you"
"You are great"
say it!
"Sing your praises!"
"Make someone and live on"
"Ruin someone and live on"
"Make someone and live on"
"Ruin someone and live on"
"Take our lives"
"Have fun, enjoy your life"
"May you live long"
"May you live long"
"May you live for
as long as you like"
"What no one has
ever given before"
"We will give you that gift"
"We will give you that gift"
"You will never again anywhere"
"Get devotees like us"
"Get devotees like us"
"Many helpless
people came to you"
"Came to you for mercy"
"Many helpless
people came to you"
"Came to you for mercy"
"You are great"
say it!
"May you live long"
"May people come and go"
"But you continue to smile"
"May people come and go"
"But you continue to smile"
"Take our lives"
"Have fun, enjoy your life"
"May you live long"
"May you live long"
"May you live for
as long as you like"
"We have come to
give you our best wishes"
"To wish away your ill fate"
"Take our lives"
"Have fun, enjoy your life"
"May you live long"
"May you live long"
"May you live for
as long as you like"
What happened to him?
- Think he is dead.
- Dead or killed?
Who will kill him?
We are sages.
Maybe you killed him.
Don't lie! I am an
eye witness to the fact
that he was with
you before he died.
We just hugged each other.
Whether you hugged or
gave him the hug of death,
only the dead man can tell.
What's going on here?
Shanker, look what's going
on in Mahaprabhu's ashram.
A very old devotee of
Mahaprabhu has been killed.
They say they hugged him.
But the dead body
says a different story.
Now you decide
what happened here.
Why will he decide, his father,
Mahaprabhu, will decide.
Take them inside the ashram.
After seeing all this,
I don't have the strength
to meet Mahaprabhu.
Carry me, please.
The poor guy
died in the ashram.
Wonder where his soul will go.
In heaven, or dream world.
I'm sure he's gone
into the dream world.
Or maybe, straight to God?
What is it?
Mahaprabhu, he killed your
oldest devotee, Gajendra.
What! Kill?
Such a heinous deed
on such a happy occasion?
Speak softly, Mahaprabhu.
It is a murder issue.
A murder that your
men have committed.
Your birthday, his death day.
He is dead.
And you ordered his death.
I don't understand.
What proof do you have?
I'll present it right now.
The commissioner's guest?
No, I am no more the
commissioner's guest.
The commissioner is
my guest these days.
What happened is that the
commissioner's roof gave way.
The commissioner came
to live with me.
He loves me very much.
Because my face
resembles his father's.
That's okay, but where
is the proof of murder?
I'll present
it right now, Mahaprabhu.
Pyarelal, get the proof.
Look, the knife which has the
fingerprints of the killed
and the blood
of the killer.
What am I saying!
This is the knife which has the
fingerprints of the killer
and the blood
of the one killed.
Tell me what you want
me to do with this now?
Come here.
Hold this.
Can you cover up
this incident somehow?
You have got him killed.
I can cover things up,
if you...look here.
Bharati, give him Rs.100,000
from the donation box
to perform the
final rites of the dead man.
What are you talking!
Nowadays, the final rites of
petty thieves
cannot be
performed in Rs.100,000.
And he was your ardent devotee.
I will take at least
one million rupees,
or I have
brought along the tailor.
Tailor? What for?
It's a murder case.
One could be hanged.
The measurement of
the neck has to be taken.
So, will you pay me?
Bharati, give him
one million rupees.
That's good.
The one million rupees
will present this
murder case as normal death.
Come, Bharati.
Open the donation box.
Mahaprabhu, catastrophe!
That fraud Gogeshwar
has broken the gate
and barged in
along with the public.
Even your son,
Shanker is with them.
Call the fraud Mahaprabhu out!
Call the fraud Mahaprabhu out!
Hail Lord Gogeshwar!
Call the fraud Mahaprabhu out!
Call the fraud Mahaprabhu out!
Hail Lord Gogeshwar!
Stop right there! One more
step and there'll be trouble.
We have suffered great
injustice. We will take revenge!
Whoever insults Mahaprabhu,
I will silence him forever!
Despite their bad behavior,
lam not angry with them.
It is this devil who
has instigated them
and is now
silently watching the fun.
He has spread sin
in all of Dharampur.
This fraud claims to be God
and wants to steal my ashram.
He is talking ill
against Lord Gogeshwar.
He is a fraud!
March ahead, friends!
Calm down! Calm down!
Devotees, it is very easy for
you and me to enter the ashram.
This fool's talk don't
even evoke laughter in me.
Your laughter and your
living moments are very few.
I will destroy you!
I will hang you in
the square of Dharampur.
We will hang you!
March ahead!
The fool doesn't
even realize
that truth is hanged
and becomes immortal
after destroying evil.
Doesn't even know
that in every era
good takes an
incarnation to finish evil.
Wearing a sage's clothes,
what have you done for
your innocent devotees?
What have I not done?
I have treated my
devotees as my children.
The one who didn't
support his own child
what right does he have to
call the people his children?
Shanker, you are
my son, my blood.
How did you get influenced
by this frauds talks?
By seeing your fraud.
The father-son
relationship ended
when I came here and saw the
evil that was flourishing
in the name of religion.
You have heard
your son's views.
And where the
people are concerned
they gave you
the title of Mahaprabhu.
Today, they want to dislodge
you from that pedestal.
So heed their desire.
Why don't Vi? s
Didn't I guide you on
the path of truth?
Didn't I make you see the truth?
Sure you have.
You snatched their clothes
and showed them nudity.
You snatched their food
and showed them hunger.
lam not saying this,
your son is saying it.
The people are saying it.
Speak up, devotees!
He posed as Mahaprabhu
and put on a charade.
Lord Gogeshwar, without telling
us, without imposing on us
sent clothes
and food to our homes.
The throne which is
made with public money
only Lord Gogeshwar
has a right to it.
throw these people out!
Bewa re !
If anyone takes a step forward,
he will be killed.
Don't dare to attack
the people.
Attack me if you like.
Look...look here.
Look into my eyes.
Then ask your weapons if they
want to be used against me.
Mahaprabhu, this delicate
situation demands
that we slip
out of the back door.
We've been distributing oblation
among devotees until now.
It may happen, that we
become their oblation today.
If this is what
my devotees want
I'll give up
my ashram right now.
Come Shanker.
Your one dream
has been fulfilled.
Your other dreams will also
come true gradually.
My job was to teach your
father and his men a lesson
which I have done.
Mahaprabhu, I have
brought important news.
Lord Gogeshwar is sending
free clothes and food
to the homes
of his devotees.
And your son Shanker, is giving
cures to all ailments
to Gogeshwar.
And Gogeshwar is mixing those
medicines in oblation
and giving it to devotees.
Mahaprabhu, you should not
have left the ashram.
Fools, all that was just an act.
I wanted to retain my image
of a renouncer among people.
Kanchan, take some of our men
and go and kill that evil man.
Then the innocent public will
themselves come
and take me to the ashram.
Seeing you evil men
posing as sages
there is
pandemonium even in heaven.
What have you come here for?
We have come
to send you to heaven.
It's quite a
long journey to heaven.
The government has not
made any ticket to heaven.
One doesn't need a
ticket to go to heaven.
One does.
- Jack of Spades.
- That's you.
Here's your ticket to heaven.
Just a minute.
It's very hot.
Come here.
It's very hot.
Let me wipe away my sweat.
It's a nice handkerchief.
Hey, who is it?
Blue underpants!
Get lost!
- Help me down.
- You look good there.
Listen, go and tell
your Mahaprabhu
to send canons to kill me,
not hand guns like him.
Take him along!
Very good!
His eyes are spell binding.
His hands
perform magical tricks.
Shame on you! I made a
mistake by sending you there.
only you can do this job.
A magician has all his power
centered in his hands.
Chop both his hands and
bring them to me. Go!
Mahaprabhu, there are millions
of magicians in the world.
We cannot chop everyone's hands.
It's a question of
wealth worth millions.
And don't forget
that after me
you will
own that vast treasure.
Why did you stop?
Come....come soon.
Why are you coming so slowly?
Why did you stop?
I know why you have come here.
And who has sent you.
And what your hands hold.
You have come
to chop off my hands.
Because I am a magician.
My magic is a slight of hands.
And you have come
to take away my hands.
I openly say I am a magician.
I do shows.
If people eyes get fooled,
what can I do about it?
But the one whose
disciple you are
with the slight of hands
fools innocent people
and claims to be God.
I am a bigger
magician than your God.
So aren't I bigger God than him?
Tell me?...Tell me!
My hands are before you.
Chop and take them.
But I have a condition.
Show my hands to the people.
And tell them that
they are a magician's hands.
Who, with his chopped hands,
has sent the world a message...
to stop dancing to
the tunes of frauds.
They are frauds,
those who call themselves God.
They are so base they are not
worthy of being called animals.
If God is an ocean
...they are not even a millionth
part of a drop of that ocean.
There is only one God...
then whether they call him
Bhagwan, Allah, Karim or God.
There is only one God.
But these men are
satans who pose as God.
Do give this message
of my hands to the world.
Take, chop them.
Do this good deed in the
name of religion and humanity.
Come on, chop them.
Chop them!
Forgive me.
I had gone astray.
Even I had forgotten my way
like millions of others.
Forgive me.
What are you seeking
pardon for, friend.
I should be apologizing to you.
You had come
to take something
but will
return empty handed.
No, I am not
going empty handed.
I have gained a lot.
lam taking with me a light
that will erase the
darkness of ignorance.
Today, I have
accepted this fact.
Tomorrow, the whole
world will accept
that Mahaprabhu Jagatsagar
Chintamani is not God
but an ordinary mortal.
A cheap magician who is selling
God's name in every home
and misleading people.
Take this.
The one whose
disciple you are
with the slight of hands
fools innocent people
and claims to be God.
Stop dancing to
the tunes of frauds.
These men are
satans who pose as God.
Do this good deed in the
name of religion and humanity.
Come on, chop them.
Chop them!
Brought his hands?
Give them to me.
Do this good deed in the
name of religion and humanity.
Rajbharati, what have you done!
You chopped off
Mahaprabhds hands?
Beware! If any of you
moves towards me
I'll behead him!
Kanchan, Bharati is a betrayer.
He has cheated me.
Kill him!
how did this happen?
Son, I sacrificed my hands for
the sake of your happiness.
Seeing the immense
wealth of the ashram
anyone can be
taken over by greed.
And you will believe this
when that fraud will
refuse to give up the throne.
I had amassed
this wealth for you.
You can spend it
however you like.
Whether on yourself or for
the welfare of the people.
Before axing my hands, I had
signed the legal documents.
Today, the people are singing
the praises of that fraud.
It is possible
that after some time
they may even start
worshiping him as God.
What will you do then?
Bring another
magician to oust him?
And this chain will never end.
What if people consider me God
after I have exposed your father?
Seeing so much wealth, anyone
can be overtaken by greed.
Shanker, what are you thinking.
lam thinking about
that magician, Goga.
- Bob, did you hear this?
- What?
I am his heir, but he bequeathed
all his wealth to that son
who doesn't
even treat him well.
Without any wealth,
what will I inherit?
It is so many years since we
have been sewing Mahaprabhu
but we are not
going to get anything.
Bob, hear me carefully.
Mr. must not
suspect our loyalty.
We must remove the
biggest hurdle in our path
Mahaprabhds son, Shanker.
Then we will kill the magician.
Mahaprabhu has
been rendered useless.
Then we will control everything.
What are you saying, Meena!
ls this true?
Yes, absolutely true.
I heard it myself,
and even Krishna heard it.
Mahaprabhds disciples
will kill Shanker.
Then they will kill you.
Alright, stay around this
ashram and keep a watch.
What? Goga has said my
life is in danger
so I should leave Dharampur?
Pyarelal, go and tell Goga...
that it is my dad who
has lost his hands, not me.
I can protect myself.
We fear that if anything
happens to you
then Goga's hard work,
the ashram immense wealth
Yes Pyarelal,
I understand everything.
The immense wealth
of the ashram
is making the intentions
of many people turn evil.
lam in a hurry right now.
Tell Goga I will
come to meet him later.
He misunderstood.
Such venom in Shanker's talks?
Alright Pyarelal,
to save his life
I will have
to put up a pretense.
Come with me.
Come Mr. Shanker.
What is this, Mr.Goga?
You are drinking
in this holy place?
'Let me drink
in a masjid, friend'
'Or show n1e a place
where there is no God'
When God is
present everywhere
what difference does it
make about where you drink.
I'd come to tell you that
the deal we had struck is over.
You have exposed my father and
made them realize their mistake.
I am grateful to you.
Take, here's your
one million rupees.
Prepare to leave this place now.
Do you hear
these voices, Shanker?
They are all my devotees.
They queue up from morning
to evening to seek my blessings.
Some ask for a child,
some ask for a job
some ask
for their lost love.
There are many among them
who come to seek blessings
that their illegal
businesses may flourish.
And you want me to
disappear from here
that too,
with only one million rupees?
Mr.Goga, I see that
your intentions are not good.
How can they be good?
People don't
value those who are good.
And worship those who are evil,
treat them as God.
- Like your father.
- Or like you.
You are absolutely right.
When people treat me as God,
why should I give it all up?
Remember one thing.
Neither you, nor your father
owns this immense wealth.
My devotees are the real
owners of this wealth.
And I am their God.
That makes me the
owner of this wealth.
Now when the world is asking
something from me
you also ask for something.
1o,2o,so,4o,5o... Tell me,
where do I send the money?
You also hear this carefully.
If I can rebel against my
father and teach him a lesson...
I can do the same with you.
What will you do?
I will expose
even you to the world.
These people
have accepted me as God.
If you make the mistake
of talking against me
they will
become your enemies.
They may even kill you.
I don't want to color
my hands with your blood.
That's great, Mr.Goga!
But now, two murders will
be committed, not one.
Before I am murdered, another
murder will be committed.
And that will be yours.
I won't spare you!
- Pyarelal.
- Yes?
It seems Mahaprabhu has
instigated Shanker against me.
Until I clear this
ask our men to
follow Shanker like a shadow.
Or Mahaprabhds men and his
disciples may kill him .
Who are you?
Who has sent you? Tell me!
Beat them!
Where did they come from?
Beat them!
Who are you?
You rascals!
You had come to kill me?
Where are you
trying to run away?
Come, kill me.
Gog a' s stooges!
The bastards!
They ran away.
So this was your doing?
Goga can stoop so low that
he sent his men to kill me?
Shanker, you misunderstand.
Shanker, where are you
going with the revolver?
Mona, Goga sent hired
goons to kill me today.
He wants to usurp
the ashram wealth.
I will kill Goga.
You will kill him
and go to the gallows yourself.
Wow! Find some way where you can
have your cake and eat it too.
There is no such solution.
People treat him as God.
Mr. Shanker, cholera
has broken out
in Dharampur
and neighboring areas.
We have a solution.
Cholera turns into
an epidemic very soon.
People will go to Goga
and he won't be able to
cure them without your help.
He will be exposed
and the people will kill him.
is someone around?
Aunt, save my child.
He doesn't speak or get up.
- Brother, come soon.
- What happened?
Kishori's son is very serious.
I doubt if he will survive.
Same is the situation
even in my house.
Cholera has broken out in
the entire neighborhood.
We'll have to take
everyone to the hospital.
Everyone will die by the time
they reach the hospital.
Let's go to Lord Gogeshwar.
His oblation is an elixir.
He will cure all of us.
Meena, what do we do?
Lord Gogeshwar,
come and bless us.
How can I cure them?
They should go to Shanker.
Claims to be a great magician.
He was out to confront us!
He cured sick people with
the help of my doctor son
and claimed
to be a miracle man.
Let's see how he cures them now.
Who wants even a
penny of this ashram's wealth?
Then why didn't you quit as
soon as the job was done?
Because Shanker's
life was in danger.
Mahaprabhds men
were after his life.
Mahaprabhds men or your men?
Even Pyarelal was among
the men who attacked me.
You are mistaken.
On Goga's orders, our men drove
away the men who attacked you.
I wanted to tell you
the truth right then
but you were
not ready to listen.
Shanker, if you still
don't believe me
you can punish me
but right now,
come and treat them.
- They are dying.
- Let them die.
You will at least be exposed
before those who survive.
The truth about
you will be exposed.
This fight is not
between you and me.
It is a fight
between good and evil.
Between life and death.
You needed my help to
expose your father
but I don't need
anyone to expose me.
I will go and tell them
the truth about me right now.
No Goga, they will
Kill me? This game had
to be exposed one day.
Then why don't I expose the
truth to them today itself?
I don't mind if I die,
but at least Shanker
will realize his mistake.
Shanker, stop him!
Calm down, brothers and sisters.
Please calm down.
Hear me carefully.
You people are inviting death.
The Lord Gogeshwar who you
want to take a cure from ..
is not God.
He is God!
What nonsense are you talking!
I am not talking nonsense,
I am speaking the truth.
He is not God.
He is a magician,
an ordinary mortal.
You call our God
an ordinary mortal?
Yes, he is an ordinary mortal.
He was made to pose as
God to expose Mahaprabhu.
He cannot do anything for you.
You are playing with death.
Because I was posing
as Lord Gogeshwar. Look.
Truth is very bitter,
but this is the truth.
I am Lord Gogeshwar.
Brothers, this sinner is
calling himself Lord Gogeshwar.
He seems to be some mad man.
Beat him!
Brothers, I am speaking
the truth. Listen to me.
Don't beat him!
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Don't beat him!
- What's going on here?
- He is mad.
If one man is mad,
why are you all going wild?
Hearing the
news of your illness
Lord Gogeshwar
is offering prayers.
When his prayers are over,
you will be called in.
Until then, please calm down.
Do you see how truth and lies
differ from each other?
Forgive me Mr.Goga,
I misunderstood you.
Get ready to dispense
medicine to the ill.
You go, I'll make
the medicine and come.
Your son is making
medicine for the ill.
We will turn
that medicine to poison.
Krishna, go and sit
in the other room.
And don't be naughty.
I'll just be back.
It's the poison of 111 snakes.
Whoever drinks it
will die a tormented death.
Hail Mahaprabhu!
Devotees, Lord Gogeshwar
has finished offering prayers.
Come and take the
oblation one by one.
In a queue,
one by one.
Lord, my wife, my children,
& my parents are all suffering.
They all cannot come here.
Please give me
oblation for all of them.
God will cure everyone.
Lord, you are great.
Even my family is
suffering the same fate, Lord.
Lord, save me too.
God will save everyone.
Pyarelal, I am
tired playing this game.
This is my last show.
I will request Shanker
to relieve me
and leave this place.
- Ask Meena to pack our things.
- Alright.
Get up!...Get up!
You, at this hour?
What is the matter?
You snatched my son from me.
You mislead my devotees.
You threw me out of the ashram.
I lost my hands because of you.
You think you have won and are
therefore sleeping peacefully?
Stay as much awake
as much as you can.
Because in a while,
millions of mourning people...
will lynch you!
And then you will sleep forever.
Because people who came to you
suffering from cholera,
instead of medicine,
you have given them poison.
What! Poison?
I gave them poison?
Yes, you!
No, Shanker
made the medicine
Yes, but you mixed poison in it.
That's not true!
You are lying!
Every dog has his day!
Run as far as you can until
the sun rises tomorrow morning.
That's the only
life I can give you.
Goga, how could this happen?
Who all can you explain?
They will kill you.
Let's run away from here.
No Meena, I will not run away.
Can anyone run away from death?
If this is my fate,
I accept it.
Mr.Goga, at this hour?
Come in.
You also come in.
- What happened?
- History has been reversed.
Deceit have won,
truth has been defeated.
Why are you
talking in riddles?
What revenge did you father
and son duo take from me?
How have I harmed you?
Tell me!
But what has happened?
Why don't you come clear?
The medicine you gave me,
your father added poison to it.
He made me distribute
death to so many people.
Wonder how
many people have died.
Wherever I look,
I see a pile of dead bodies.
I see a crowd of
orphaned kids...
crying in the laps of
mothers who have been widowed.
Shanker, why didn't you let me
die when people were lynching me?
Where will I go with the burden
of so many deaths on my heart?
Where will I go?
I have no place in this
world where I can go.
ls there any place?
Tell me.
This is so bad, Shanker.
Your father's behavior
is worst than satan's.
So many innocent people
lose their lives
.. and poor Goga,
he's finished!
If you don't do anything,
I will kill your father.
Then whatever
consequences I may suffer.
If that's the case,
hear this.
History will repeat itself.
History will record how a son
gave his father
a tormented death.
Goga, stop!
Where are you going?
O biggest
magician of the world...
how did this
catastrophe take place?
I always showed
tricks to the people.
I made them laugh.
I prayed for their long lives.
Even here,
I took your name
and distributed medicine
as your oblation.
Then how did this happen, God?
I had come to
break their blind faith.
You broke my faith.
You broke my faith, God.
God, if I have ever done
any good in my life
give me a boon
against it.
Like you have
always saved everyone
save these
people from death.
Take my life if you like,
but bless them with life.
They came to me
assuming I am your incarnate
but have
taken death in return.
Have mercy on me, God.
Have mercy!
Despite Your existence,
if evil triumphs
it will not be my,
but your defeat.
The death of
these innocents
will be the
death of your justice.
Have mercy on me.
O Giver of life,
turn the poison in
the medicine to elixir
and save them.
I plead with you, God!
I plead for mercy!
Please save them.
Uncle, why are you crying?
I have committed
a grave sin, son.
I have distributed poison
instead of medicine.
There was no
poison in the medicine.
I am speaking the truth.
When Shanker was
making the medicine ..
I saw two
huge devils come in.
Then I saw them mix poison
in Shanker's medicine.
I got scared.
When they left,
I quietly came in
and I broke the bottle
containing poison.
"Where do you look
for me, O devotee"
"l am always with you"
Krishna, my child!
You have given life,
not to me, but to truth.
People look for God everywhere.
I found Him right here.
In you.
You have proved today that
God exists in every child.
You are a form of God.
Tell me where Mahaprabhu is!
He claimed to sacrifice his
hands in the name of truth
he mixed
poison in the medicine?
Tell me, did he really
sacrifice his hands for truth?
Tell me, or I will behead you!
No, Rajbharati axed his hands.
I am speaking the truth.
What's happening on here?
Nothing has happened yet,
it will happen now, Mahaprabhu.
A sinful father's death is
written at this son's hands.
What nonsense are you talking!
You mixed poison in medicine
and killed innocent people!
I will not spare you today!
Stop, Shanker! Don't do that.
No one has died.
Krishna threw away the medicine
in which they mixed poison.
Everyone is cured & they are all
singing Lord Gogeshwar's praises.
Did you hear that?
I had heard that the Savior
is greater than the killer.
I saw proof of it today.
If you have any shame,
consume that poison and die!
Let' S
Mahaprabhu, now people's faith
and devotion
Lord Gogeshwar will increase.
So let it.
Kanchan, forget
about that ashram now.
I have the keys
to the treasure there.
We'll take all the
wealth and slip away.
In India, there is no dearth
of people who have blind faith.
We'll settle down
in some other place.
Glory to Lord Gogeshwar!
Calm down.
My dear brothers, sisters
and children, calm down.
Calm down and listen
carefully to what I say.
Lord, don't honor us
by calling us brother.
We are your devotees.
You are not my devotees,
you are devotees of blind faith.
Blind faith, that blinds people
in the name of religion
since eons.
You all are fools.
Even a blind man can see
a lot with his mind's eye.
But a person who has blind faith
is blind by eyes and mind.
- But God
- No, I am not God.
lam an ordinary
mortal like you all.
An ordinary magician.
First you
accepted Mahaprabhu,
who made ash and fruits
appear from thin air as God.
Then, to save you from
his deceit
when I showed
you bigger tricks
you accepted me as God.
Tomorrow, when a bigger magician
than me comes here
you will accept him as God.
ls God changed like clothes?
Your oblation cured us from
a fatal disease overnight.
Your arrival
rid us of our poverty.
Dharampur began to prosper.
What else do we call
you then if not God?
Don't give me any title!
Praise this child,
praise Shanker
who gave you a new life.
If it was not for them, the
oblation that gave you life
could have been the
cause of your death
because Mahaprabhu
had mixed poison in it.
If I had not mixed Dr. Shanker's
medicine in my oblation
then Dharampur would
resemble a graveyard today.
There would be
corpses all around.
I wanted to release you
from my father's clutches.
I wanted to
break your blind faith.
So I pleaded with Goga and
brought him here
as Lord Gogeshwar.
Thereafter, I screamed
and told you
that the one who
you assume to be God
is not God.
And you stoned me
right here for it.
You wanted to kill me.
No God, we cannot
commit such a crime.
You committed such a crime.
Open your eyes
and recognize me!
Recognize me!
Then where is God's true form?
Look inside yourself.
God exists in every being.
Man cannot become God by
showing fake miracles.
If anyone can
do real miracle
it is then Supreme Lord!
Who we call Allah, Jesus,
One cannot reach the
destination of truth
by walking the
path of falsehood and deceit.
Have faith in yourself.
Don't have blind faith.
And today, make me a
that you will do just that.
We promise!
I just have one last request.
Follow whatever
religion you want to.
Worship whichever God you like.
But don't have blind faith.
Have faith in your deeds.
What is this?
This is what I call a miracle!
See how devoted the people
of Dharampur are to me.
Open m.
Gajendra, you are alive?
Kiss me and
check for yourself.
Or give me all the booty.
Or else, I will shoot!
- Give him everything.
- Keep it here.
Friends, Mahaprabhu
has slipped into the ashram.
Come with me!
Look here!
People, look here!
Your Mahaprabhu, was running
away along with his men
with all the
wealth of the ashram.
This is your wealth.
Do you see
what a base man he is!
Mahaprabhu, if your son
was not with me today
I'd give you a death that
would make everyone shudder.
What are you waiting for?
Kill Goga!
You bastard!
What have you done!
Shanker, my son!
Shanker, my son!
How could this happen!
See this devil!
He killed Gyaneshwar.
He got Rajbharati killed.
He had even ordered
Gajendra death.
Today, he didn't
spare his own son.
You had given me time
until sunrise to run away.
I give you time
until sunset to escape.
Run as far as you can.
Don't spare this devil!
I have handed
over this devil to you.
Do justice to him.
Do justice.
Mr.Goga, my dream has been
realized today.
Nothing will happen
to you, Shanker.
That is my faith!
Move! Mahaprabhu
disgraced our women's honor.
I will not spare him!
Don't any of you
dare physical force.
Move! Queue up!
I am the commissioner who
Goga often mentioned to you.
I respect him a lot.
He spent all his life's earnings
just to teach you a lesson.
Inspector, take
Mahaprabhu along.
We'll show him the
government ashram now.
Not to worry,
he is out of danger now.
Come, Mr.Goga.
Mr.Goga, thank you very much.
Thank you is a very small word.
lam taking the burden
of your favors with me.
You have given me
a new mission in life.
The Rs.101 you gave me,
will always remind me
that my next show
will always be
there is a Mahaprabhu.
Pyarelal, return Shanker's
balance money to him.
Mr.Goga, will I never see
your show?
Sure you will.
"You have not
understood what I am"
"What you think,
I am not that"
"What you will see,
is make-believe"
"ls the slight of hands"
"l am a
magician....a magician..."
"lam a magician,
my name is Goga"
"There must not
be anyone like me"
"There has never been"
"There never will
be a magician like him"
"That's the caliber of
magician Goga!"
" Magician.mmagician..."