Jaal: The Trap (2003) Movie Script

Nawed Rabani!
If you want to stay alive,
answer our questions.
Holy war!
All that we do
is in the name of holy war.
Was it you who attacked
the Dohda military camp,
in which our 22 soldiers
were killed?
We killed 4 terrorist
that were your men.
Answer me!
Answer me!
22 of our enemies were killed.
Our 4 soldiers
became martyr in this operation.
This means, you admit,
you planned the attack.
is not just an organisation.
It's a fight for our freedom.
Where is your headquarter?
Who is the leader
of your terrorist organisation?
We want to know,
what your organisation is
planning against us?
We have been taught
to respond to your questions
not in words,
but by using guns.
Remember one thing, officer.
You won't be able to
keep me jail for a long.
Because our Jihadi soldiers
know what nerve to hit
to bring your government
down on its knees.
Oh my god!
This is beautiful!
C'mon, girls. Let's go.
Yes, girls.
Yeah! Come on, girls. Come on!
C'mon, catch up!
- Anita!
Don't go that side. It's dangerous.
Anita, get aside.
I'm sorry, uncle.
I'm really sorry.
- What is your problem?
Why don't you realise, a terrorist
group is behind your life?
Though Amarjeet and I
warned you, yet you come here.
Can't you listen to us for once?
We've brought you here
so that you're safe.
I have been
given your responsibility.
If anything would've
happened to you,
what would I answer?
Our attempt to kidnap Home
Minister's daughter has failed.
[Uradu language]
[Uradu language]
[Uradu language]
[Uradu language]
[Uradu language]
[Uradu language]
Uncle, have you
cancelled your trip to India?
- I'm sorry, uncle.
It was my fault.
You forbid me, yet...
- It's tough to understand you.
You are quite a character.
First you make a mistake
and then apologise for it.
I'm a fool to think,
you won't repeat your mistakes.
- Hello, Mr Kaul.
Yes, Mr Choudhary. Don't worry.
The situation is under control.
Please speak with Anita.
It all happened
because of her carelessness.
I would like to speak with her.
Take it, speak with your father.
Hello, dad.
- What am I hearing, Anita?
Actually, dad...
- Shut up!
I don't want to hear any excuses.
Get one thing very clear.
I want you to obey
Mr Kaul's orders.
It's not only your life
but the country is also at risk.
If anything happens to you,
people will make a joke of me.
Do you get that?
- Yes.
I don't want to hear
any more complains.
- Okay, dad.
I won't repeat it.
- Okay. Take care.
Uncle, forgive me.
Trust me.
I won't be discordant
to your officers.
I'll do as they say.
But please, don't cancel your plan.
If the marriage doesn't happen,
everyone will be heartbroken.
Everyone will blame me for that.
Commandos are placed up to 12
kilometres diameter of this house.
The enemy won't even
think to come here.
Okay, uncle.
I'll stay in the house.
But please go to India.
I really feel to
I'm giving you a very big
responsibility, Amarjeet Singh.
I know, sir.
- I hope you'll stand up to it.
Don't worry, sir.
I won't shatter your confidence.
Good morning, Anita.
What are your intentions, now?
Uncle, may I come
to the airport with you?
All right. C'mon!
Uncle, tell me about your family.
A lady who rules my life.
My wife.'
I have a son, Ajay.
Ajay! What does he do?
I'm also trying to figure out
what he wants to do in his life.
He doesn't like,
what I want him to do.
And I'm unable to understand,
what he does.
But what does he do?
"They attract attention,
wherever they go."
"They touch everyone's heart."
"They attract attention,
wherever they go."
"They touch everyone's heart."
"If ever they love someone, they
will never betray their beloved."
"They are the best."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"They attract attention,
wherever they go."
"They touch everyone's heart."
"If ever they love someone, they
will never betray their beloved."
"They are the best."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"Nehru and Gandhi brought
in the winds of change."
"I salute every martyr."
"Bhagat Singh and Udham
Singh were soldiers who rebelled."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"Our Mother Theresa spread
the message of peace."
"Our Queen of Jhansi
found martyrdom."
"No foe could stand
against Rana Pratap."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"Lord Ram, the great archer..."
"Lord Krishna, the mesmerizer..."
"Our bagful of benevolence...
Our bagful of pride."
"Our soil is golden,
our water is elixir."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The Indians are also saccharine."
"The Indians are also saccharine."
"The boys of India."
"The girls of India."
"Their polite talks
are like Indian sweets."
"The love is boundless."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"They attract attention,
wherever they go."
"They touch everyone's heart."
"If ever they love someone, they
will never betray their beloved."
"They are the best."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
"The strong hearted Indians."
Ajay, you sing so well.
Everyone is crazy for your voice.
Why don't you release
your own album?
As you know, it's necessary
to dance in an album.
And I don't know to dance.
Anyway. When did you return
from Delhi? - This morning.
I thought, to give you a surprise.
Your articles are really good.
Your news reports and
investigative stories.
How do you manage
to meet the terrorists?
No one knows about their hideout.
It's very difficult.
At times,
it takes me months to find them.
I manage to meet them somehow.
- Ajay, I hope you remember,
you have to go to the
station to receive dad.
I remember that.
Ajay, the train is scheduled
at 4 pm. Be there on time.
I'll reach the station by 4 pm.
It's near 4 pm.
Alok, I'll meet you later. Okay.
I missed another opportunity
to interview him.
Who's scarf is this?
Whom does this scarf belong to?
What are you looking at?
Someone answer me.
Who's scarf is this?
Can't you take care of a scarf?
All right. Please come ahead,
to whomever this scarf belongs to.
Take your scarf.
It's mine.
You're so careless.
Can't you take care of a scarf?
Your scarf has caused an accident.
I'm a teacher in a nearby school.
While I was crossing the road,
the wind started to blow fast.
My umbrella was flying away.
I was trying to control it
but my scarf flew off and you fell.
What is more important,
scarf or umbrella?
Don't you know, how important
a scarf is for an Indian girl?
It was a mistake.
Please forgive me.
My scarf.
Here you go.
'Passengers, please pay attention.'
'The train coming
from Kalka to Shimla,'
'241, Shivalik express
is arriving on the 1st platform.'
'Attention Mr Sunil Dogra.'
'Please report to the station
master's office, immediately.'
I knew it. Ajay hasn't
reached the station yet.
Despite the train being delayed
by half an hour.
He is so irresponsible.
- Yes.
I want to go to Mashobra.
- Okay.
Past the Yellow Mansion, to the end
of the road.
Don't crib later.
Uncle, I'll drop you
wherever you say
Uncle, did you recognise me?
I met you with Ajay several times.
- Okay.
My name is Sukhvinder Billa.
Sukhvinder Billa?!
- Yes.
People know me as Billa.
The door opened on its own!
Shut it.
Close it, else you'll fall.
Uncle, I'm Ajay's fan.
I watch his every show.
I spend all my earning
to buy his show tickets.
Uncle, why don't
you send Ajay to Mumbai?
He'll make his own
album and become a star.
He'll be a star!
I have thought up a name
for myself for the album.
Name for an album?
- Yes.
Singer Billa Brandy.
- Singer Billa Brandy?
Yes. And I have composed
a song too.
"O my car, take me to Patiala..."
Stop it, will you?
- Uncle!
Is it a car or a piece of junk?
- Shut the door.
- Just shut the door.
The handle came off.
Never mind.
Keep the broken piece down.
Do you like my song?
- Look ahead!
Hello, Mr Ajay.
- Hello!
Mr Kaul went in Billa's cab.
Billa's cab.
- Yes.
My dad will be irritated
with his nonsense talks.
Stop the car.
Did you like my song?
- Stop the car!
Shall I sing another song?
- I say, stop.
Hear another song I composed.
You are driving me insane!
You speak a lot.
Uncle, I think you got angry.
Ajay is my idol.
You're my idol's father.
Please, uncle.
Ajay can be an idol
only for fool like you.
Uncle, I'll take the luggage.
- Don't touch it, lay off.
Uncle, please.
Uncle seems to be very angry.
I think,
we've left Mashobra behind.
This time, I was holding my
scarf and the umbrella flew away.
As you said, scarf is more
important for an Indian girl.
You're hurt.
Ajay has become very irresponsible.
Even in this age,
I'm physically fit.
He didn't had to carry
me and get me home.
I would've felt good if my
son would've come to receive me.
Forget it, dad. Ajay has come.
Here he comes.
Where were you?
God bless you.
I did go to the
station to receive you.
But on my way.
- What happened?
What happened on the way?
a girl's scarf come on my face.
I lost my balance.
I'm not that hurt, mom.
- What happened?
No, mom.
- How did this happen?
It's just a scratch.
I managed to control the bike.
Else, it would've
been a big accident.
How was the girl?
Was she beautiful?
Yes, mom.
- So, that's the reason.
He must have lost his senses
after looking at the girl
and must have forgotten about me.
What's the problem?
He met a beautiful
girl and he likes her.
What's the problem in that?
No, mom. It's not that.
I don't even remember her face.
'As you said, scarf is more
important for an Indian girl.'
'You're hurt.'
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"As if she has taken away my life."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"As if she has taken away my life."
"She has made me crazy."
"She has made me crazy."
"Her eyes are mesmerising."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"As if she has taken away my life."
"Everywhere I see only her."
"Everywhere I see only her."
"My heart is hysteric,
I'm sleepless."
"My heart is hysteric,
I'm sleepless."
"In the garden of my heart,
flowers blossoms..."
"In the garden of my heart,
flowers blossoms..."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"She has made me crazy."
"She has made me crazy."
"Her eyes are mesmerising."
"Her hair is black
like the dark night."
"Her hair is black
like the dark night."
"Her face is as bright
as the sun shine."
"Her face is as bright
as the sun shine."
"I gave my heart
away almost at once..."
"I gave my heart
away almost at once..."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
"She has made me crazy."
"Her eyes are mesmerising."
"A girl has taken my heart away."
Hi, Neha.
- Ashu, where had you been?
I was busy taking
the extra classes.
- Bye.
Keep the luggage inside.
I'm going out.
- Neha.
- How are you, Neha?
You were supposed
to come on the 10th.
Yes. But the company granted
an extra leave of 4 days.
So I came early.
Looks like,
you love the life of Chandigarh.
You've become fat.
Yes. A little.
- Yes.
Shall we?
- Of course.
How is your job going?
- How is your new workplace?
Excuse me, what are you looking at?
Do you stay in this colony?
- Yes I do. So?
Can you tell me,
who lives in that apartment?
I live there. Any problem?
So, the owner,
Mr Suresh, has sent you here.
He has started to take
the support of hooliganism.
So what, if I haven't paid
the rent for the past 2 months.
The apartment won't move from here.
I'm not taking it anywhere.
Tell him,
I'll pay it in the next month.
You're taking me wrong.
- No, I'm not.
This is what jobless
boys like you do these days.
I'm a free citizen of the free
country. You can't threaten me.
Which apartment
are you talking about?
The apartment in which
the rope is hanging.
No. I'm talking about
the apartment next to that one.
Okay. That's Mr Sharma's apartment.
- I'm here to meet Mr Sharma.
You may go and find Mr Sharma.
He is never at his house
and people ask me about him.
What a problem!
Stupid Sharma.
don't go anywhere
tomorrow morning.
You have to be with
me the entire day.
Dad, I have to
meet someone at 9 am.
Only few days are
left for the marriage.
We've to give the catering and
decoration contract to Pannalal.
We shall go at 3 pm.
Her school gets over at 3 pm.
What are you whispering?
Nothing, dad.
I can't come with you tomorrow.
I have arranged everything
for the marriage.
Everything is done.
Tomorrow morning, you'll
be coming with me. That's it.
Yes, dad.
C'mon, young man.
Are you ready?
C'mon, let's go.
- But dad.
Didn't I tell you?
I've to meet someone at 9 am.
I can't come with you.
I knew it,
you wouldn't take me with you.
Hence, I'm waiting
on this bike since 7 am.
I have read the entire newspaper.
I have also had my
breakfast on his bike.
Dad, why are you being so stubborn?
I have to meet someone at 9 am.
All right.
Let's complete
Pannalal's work first.
Then you free to
meet whomever you want.
I'll also meet that person.
it's 8:30 now.
We'll take 25 minutes
to reach Pannalal's shop.
You'll speak with
him for about 30 minutes.
How will I reach at 9 am?
All right.
First, let's go to meet Pannalal.
- Mom!
What are you looking at?
C'mon, sit. - Let's go.
- Yes.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
- Mom.
Take a look at your husband.
What do you mean?
Be careful!
Slow down.
Ride slowly.
Be careful!
You love it, dad, don't you?
- Slowly!
You used to enjoy the way I drove.
But it appears you have turned
old enough to get cold feet.
I'm not scared, son.
But where is the need
to drive so fast?
Dad, my motorcycle doesn't
get any slower.
Look at this, dad.
Hey! Go slow on the slope, Ajay!
Dad, I run 12 kilometres everyday.
I take good care of my health.
I meditate for an hour.
Watch my command on the bike.
Look at this, dad.
Look, my hands are free.
- Hold the handle.
Don't loose your grip.
Dad, aren't you having fun?
- Hold it.
Watch this lovely cut.
Did you see that?
Dad, another lovely cut.
Dad, aren't you having fun?
Isn't it fun, dad?
Real fun, of course!
It's a routine move for me, dad.
- Grab the handle!
So, dad. Did you see that?
I can't see anything.
The only thing I can think about
is, why is Pannalal's shop so far?
Dad, Pannalal's
shop is not that far.
Open your eyes, dad.
We've reached Pannalal's shop.
Dad, are you feeling dizzy?
Can you see the world go round?
C'mon, Ajay.
I was joking.
You're really funny, dad.
I know that.
After all, I'm your dad.
Try me. You will be with me
all day, right?
Wait right here.
I'll be back in few minutes.
Don't go anywhere.
Mr Pannalal!
Mr Pannalal!
Excuse me. - Yes.
A teacher named Neha
teaches in this school.
Who, Neha Pandit?
- Pandit?!
Yes, Neha Pandit.
Where can I meet her?
She hasn't come today.
She is not keeping well.
She is not keeping well.
What are you doing?
I went to your school
and got to know, you're unwell.
- Why did you come to my house?
Please, go. Please.
- Listen, I...
I want to speak with you.
My father will be here any moment.
If he sees you here...
My father is here.
Please go.
If my father sees you,
I'll be in trouble.
But I want to speak with you.
- We'll speak tomorrow.
Please go for now.
All right. I'll meet you
tomorrow at Mount View at 2 pm.
I'll be there. For now, go.
I'll wait for you.
What were you doing in my house?
Mr Sharma.
I told you,
that is Mr Sharma's apartment.
No, you said,
this is Mr Sharma's apartment.
I remember it,
you had pointed at this house.
What rubbish are you talking?
Am I crazy to point at my apartment
and say it is Mr Sharma's?
I don't know what's wrong with you.
But you had pointed
at this apartment.
I pointed at the other apartment.
Look there. Didn't you
see the name plate? R K Sharma.
Look that side.
I didn't bother to look that side
as you pointed at this apartment.
How couldn't I not believe you?
You seem to be a decent
man and cannot lie.
You can't be funny either.
All right.
It was my mistake. Forgive me.
Now do you know,
that is Sharma's apartment.
That one!
Yes. I saw the nameplate
and also the locked door.
I'll take your leave.
I'll come again.
There's something
wrong with this boy.
Sharma, I won't spare you.
Okay, Mr Pannalal. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Yes.
Let me ride the bike.
You sit behind.
All right, dad.
- It's all yours.
Are you comfortable?
- The gear is here.
You've to kick-start the bike.
- I know.
Are you ready?
- Yes, dad.
Hold me tight.
- Okay.
Watch the fun.
Dad, you're insulting
my bike by riding it so slow.
We shall reach home tomorrow.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Then, I'll take the shortcut.
- Dad!
What are you doing, dad?
Slow down.
What's the matter?
- Dad, this is the dirt road.
Dad, trust me, let me drive.
We are on a dirt road.
But son, I'm strong enough.
I have seen you ride rough.
Now watch me make the bike jump.
Here goes!
Are you having fun, my son?
- Yes.
Now watch the best jump
of mine. - I've seen it, dad!
Let me drive it, dad. Please.
- No! Never!
Now watch my balance and command.
Dad, look in front.
What are you doing, dad?
Hands down, please!
Dad, don't damage my motorcycle.
Please, drive slow.
So? How does it feel, son?
Dad, look in front.
Look in front.
I can see the mountains ahead.
Ajay, hold me tight.
Ajay, we've reached home.
Leave me.
Leave me.
So, my son?
Are you feeling dizzy?
Can you see the world go round?
Look at your face.
It seems you've seen a ghost.
You claimed to run
12 kilometres and meditate.
feed him some dry fruits
and make him fit and strong.
I knew, you would come.
My sixth sense had informed me.
The thoughts in your mind
regarding me can never come true.
Because I'm married.
My husband is not
in this world anymore.
But I'm alive, baby.
Very good!
If you don't mind, can we join you.
You'll be very comfortable with us.
Don't be so harsh with her.
She is the most
beautiful girl here.
Let's go. Please.
Where are you going?
Where is she going?
I'll take your leave.
- I'll drop you home.
No, I can go on my own.
I'm going through the same way.
I can drop you.
Why are you taking the trouble?
Are you scared of me?
It's not that.
Let's go.
Let me get down here,
I'll walk home.
No need to worry
when I'm with you.
Drop me here, I'll walk.
That guy is quite weird.
Do you mean Mr Sharma?
Who does he think he is?
R K. Sharma!
Had I met him today, I'd have
given him a piece of my mind.
I've been waiting
for two and half hours.
He calls me here
and doesn't turn up.
He has driven me insane!
If you meet him, tell him that
I'm really angry. - Okay.
Whether he comes in
the evening, night or day.
You will not sleep tonight. You
will not go to work tomorrow.
You will do only my job.
What are you staring at?
Why are you staring?
I'll come here again and ask you
whether you have informed
him or not.
Step aside, will you?
Move out of the way.
To hell with your Sharma! And why
will I stay up all night?
What do you mean to me?
And what does Sharma mean to me?
He orders me as if
I'm his servant or his orderly.
Good that he left before I got mad,
else I'd have given him one rap.
Excuse me...
- Shut up!
You want to know
about Sharma, right? - What?
Sharma is dead.
His last rites have been
performed. He's in heaven now.
I'm going to stone anyone who
dares to ask me about Sharma!
Who is Sharma?
Hurry up, will you?
- I'm trying.
Hello, police station.
Let me make you comfortable.
What are you doing here?
We came to know,
Ajay has been arrested.
- Why do have deck up so much?
Have you come to release
him or get him married?
Please come in, Mr Kaul.
Now I've to see such
days because of you.
I have to come to the
police station to bail you.
Mr Kaul, it's not that.
It's nothing but a few formalities.
Sign here.
I'll sign it.
But first,
ask him, why did he beat those men?
Dad, they were teasing a girl.
Okay. So, this situation
is also because of some girl.
Your every story
is related to some girl.
Is this the same girl
whom you met before?
Mr Kaul, Ajay is right.
He is beaten the rogues.
They had no work other
than to tease girls.
All right. But he shouldn't
have messed with them.
That's the job of the police.
Ask him to an oath,
he shall never beat anyone.
Take the promise.
All right, I won't repeat it.
- He said it.
C'mon, sign the paper,
we've to go home.
My son is hungry.
'My son is hungry!'
- Quick.
Let's go.
- C'mon!
You are incorrigible!
You hit someone again!
Dad, he was staring at me.
He promised, didn't he?
- Yes.
I forgot.
He forgot, he says.
- I forgot, mom.
Come on.
these are a few marriage cards.
You've to distribute them today.
You'll have to invite everyone,
personally. - Okay.
And I'll go to invite Mr Sharma.
Who is Mr Sharma?
R K Sharma is my friend.
Sector 2,
B Block, Kent area, Cottage 39.
How do you know him?
I know him very well.
I'll give him the marriage card.
- That's all right.
I want to personally invite
Mr Sharma. He is my good friend.
It won't make a difference,
no matter whoever goes.
Mr Sharma will surely
come for the marriage.
I'll invite him.
Why was he so excited
to invite Mr Sharma?
Something's fishy!
You, again!
Get aside.
This boy is not right.
Sharma, you...
Take this.
My sister is getting married.
I hope you'll come.
Don't say no.
I'll wait for you.
Congratulations, Mr Kaul.
The marriage
arrangement is awesome.
Your son-in-law is a gem of a man.
Thank you, Mr Gupta.
Your son,
Ajay is not seen anywhere.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Congratulations!
Wish you the same.
- Congratulations!
- Welcome.
- Yes, dad.
Did you invite Mr Sharma?
I'm waiting for him.
I'm desperately waiting for him.
All right. I'll wait for Mr Sharma.
Some girl is on stage
and is asking about you. Go.
- Thank you.
- Salutations!
- Hello!
When did you come?
- A few minutes back.
I was waiting at
the entrance for you.
It's good to see you.
I thought you would...
In our clan, we go to give
our blessings to every new couple,
even without an invitation.
You had invited me here.
I'll take your leave.
You haven't had anything yet.
No, it's getting late and
no one's there at home. So...
Okay. I'll drop you home.
But the marriage...
There's no problem.
I'll come back soon. Let's go.
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
What's wrong?
I had filled the tank this morning.
I don't know, how it's empty.
What shall we do now?
We'll take a lift.
I'll stop that car.
So, this is what you're doing?
Don't you feel ashamed
to roam with this ruffian
and spoil my reputation?
Listen - Shut up.
I'm not speaking with you.
You're trying to fool me?
It's not even a year,
my son has passed away
and you've started
to show your true colours.
Leave my hand, go away.
Come with me.
I'll teach you a lesson. C'mon!
Make him understand.
Singing and dancing
won't secure his future.
He has completed the commando
training 6 months back.
Ask him to join
me and start working.
What's wrong with you?
Why do you look so upset?
Nothing, dad.
- Think about what I just said.
It's good for you.
It's not easy to get a job,
these days.
I'll speak with him.
He'll join you soon.
All right, Sudha.
I'll take a leave.
Take care.
God bless you.
Good morning.
Hello, dad.
- God bless you.
How are you, my child?
Are you fine? I'll take your leave.
- Fine.
Ms Neha?!
She has resigned.
- This is Ajay.
How dare you call at my house?
I want to speak with you.
But I don't want
to speak about anything.
I'm coming to your house.
If you come here,
you won't be spared.
I'm coming right now.
What's the problem?
My sister's life
is getting settled.
Ajay is a boy from a decent family.
And you're...
- Don't try to teach me.
She was your sister.
Now, she is my daughter-in-law.
She is from my family.
She is not a burden on me.
It's my decision,
she won't remarry.
I have tolerated you enough.
Have you ever thought, your
decisions might be harsh on others.
Your son committed suicide,
because of you.
She is a widow because of you.
Neha, go with Ajay.
As an elder brother,
I support their relation.
You have the right to decide.
She is as good as your daughter.
Hence, only you can
take decisions for her.
The day you trust me
and give your consent Only then,
I shall marry her.
You not only understand relations
but you also respect them.
Your thoughts clearly
speak about your character.
I accept your relation.
"The feeling you have given me..."
"The feeling you have given me..."
"What do you call it?"
"Love is a strange feeling."
"Everyone burns
in the fire of love."
"Let your eyes speak
your inner feelings."
"You'll understand
the bond of love."
What are you thinking?
- There is something.
I'm thinking.
I didn't come to know,
when you came into my life
and I fell for you.
The first time I saw,
I fell in love with you.
As I started knowing about you,
my feelings for you also
started getting stronger.
I had decided to make you mine.
And today, you're with me.
"Lonely, my life was..."
"Tearful, was my happiness."
"There was an unsurmountable pain."
"Your Lonely life,
I will embellish."
"I will lay happiness
in your path."
"I will show this cruel world."
"This is a promise I will fulfill."
"The feeling you have given me..."
"What do you call it?"
"The feeling I have given you..."
"I simply call it love."
What are you looking at?
I'm looking at your
eyes and wondering
how much they mean to me.
Do you know how it all happened?
It was because of your scarf.
Had it not flown,
had it not covered my face,
had I not fallen,
I'd never have met you.
"You have given
desires to my heart."
"I don't know what
you have done to me."
"My dreams seem to be coming true."
"My prayers have been answered."
"You also love me
the way I love you."
"It's not so easy
to find a true love."
"This is the magic of my love,
"What do you call it?"
"What made you attract to me?"
"Love is a strange feeling."
"Everyone burns
in the fire of love."
"Let your eyes speak
your inner feelings."
"You'll understand
the bond of love."
"The feeling you have given me..."
"What do you call it?"
"The feeling I have given you..."
"I simply call it love."
Let me go!
Let me go!
I'm Junaid Afghani.
A soldier of 'Wafa-e-alhak',
I have abducted your beloved.
If anything happens to Neha
I can understand your pain.
You're passionate for your beloved.
But it's not right to
lose temper in such situations.
Calmly, listen to me.
At this moment,
we haven't planned to kill Neha.
We'll return her safe.
But for that,
you'll have to do something for us.
I won't do anything for you.
Throw him!
Our principles don't restrict
us from killing anyone.
On my next command,
Neha can also be thrown.
This is Anita Choudhary.
These days, she is in New Zealand,
under your father's security.
You have to get her to us.
That's it.
We shall let Neha Pandit free.
The faster you do this job,
more it will better
for Neha Pandit.
Because it's very difficult
to spend even one day with us.
This is Anita Choudhary and
your passport with different names.
I know, you would
like to meet us soon.
Good bye.
Excuse me for this.
Your things...
I'm so sorry.
- That's okay.
Let me help you.
- Fine!
I'll help myself.
- - No problem.
Take this.
- Thank you.
Take this.
Have you come from India?
- Yes.
Okay. Have a nice vacation.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Hello!
- Hold!
Move fast!
Anita, come out of the car.
You were trying to elope.
Come out.
Come out of the car.
Come out.
Come here.
- Sir.
What are you doing here?
- Sir.
What are you doing here.
- I'm sorry.
What are you doing here?
- Sir.
Sir, please forgive me.
Anita ma'am told me to do it.
Do you even know,
what you're doing? You, idiot.
I'm helpless.
I'm being tortured.
If I obey your orders,
she beats me.
If I obey her orders, you beat me.
Please forgive me, sir.
We don't have time. Where is Anita?
Who is this ?
Hey! Who the are you?
Who are you?
Why are you not letting me go?
How did you get in?
Who let you come in?
Excuse me.
Ajay, when did you come?
God bless you.
- A few minutes ago.
Ajay, did you see any girl here?
- Yes.
How dare you?
How dare you?
How dare you lock me in the boot?
How dare you put me in this boot?
Uncle, what does he think
of himself? How could he?
Dad, this mad girl was trying
to elope and I was... - Shut up!
How dare you touch me?
How dare you call me mad.
You think I'm crazy.
How could you say such a thing?
- He won't harm you. Go in.
I won't spare you.
Were you so rude to her?
No, dad. I didn't utter a word.
How do you tolerate her?
She's absolutely crazy.
Forget her.
Now tell me, how did
you come here all of a sudden?
Dad, after you left,
I thought a lot.
I thought,
I should concentrate on my career.
Hence, I came here.
- Good!
Better late than never.
- Mr Kaul.
What did I hear?
Anita again tried to elope.
Yes. But my son, Ajay stopped her.
Amarjeet Singh, he is my son, Ajay.
I had mentioned about him.
- Yes.
Ajay, he is captain Amarjeet Singh.
Chief of the commandos.
Dad, I met him in the airport.
You'll be working under Amarjeet.
- Yes.
Explain his duties to him.
I'll surely do that.
He must be tired.
Let him take some rest.
Mr Ajay, freshen up.
I'll also think where to keep you.
All right.
- Okay.
See you.
- Come, Ajay.
I'm coming. Give me a moment.
Ajay is very strict.
I'm telling you,
he is not like Mr Kaul.
He is being hired as a commando.
Ma'am, he won't take your tantrums.
- Shut up!
Whom do you work for?
Him or me?
- You.
Then, stop praising him.
What does he think of himself?
Is he the His Highness?
How can he be harsh with me?
I won't let him stay here.
He has tried to mess with me,
Anita Choudhary.
He can't even think what's
going to happen to him.
- Hello!
Nice dress.
Hi, good morning.
Good morning!
Is this the latest designer wear?
It's not at all bad but
please don't wear it here,
people will laugh at you.
You don't have to be so happy.
Sneeking into my room and chopping
my clothes is no achievement.
Girls are like cats.
They do everything very quietly.
- Really?
Boys are like owls.
They believe the world is
always dark. But that's not true.
This is nothing.
Wait and watch,
what's going to happen next.
I know what's going to happen next.
You'll be clobbered.
You'll need my shoulder to cry.
You'll apologise to me.
As it is, I'm an owl
I mean, I've a big heart.
I'll forgive you.
Let's see, who'll be the
loser and who shall bow down.
It's you who will
lose and bow down to me.
You'll be the one who'll quit.
- Challenge!
Don't involve our
elders in this game.
No one will come
to know about this game.
And you will vanish someday.
- Yes, sir.
Ask Ajay and Anita
to come for breakfast.
I've to go to the bank.
- Okay.
What have you done, Anita?
You have spoilt all my clothes.
I had kept the skateboard there.
How did it come here?
Why did you keep
it in the living room?
Anyone can be hurt.
You're a grown-up girl, why
do you act so kiddish all the time?
She is not hurt.
I'm fine.
But you have spoilt my shirt.
I'll have to change now.
I'm already late.
Dad, I'll go to the bank.
Okay. That's the only solution.
I have to withdraw money, urgently.
Anita, give the cheques to Ajay.
Stupid girl.
Your happiness is
for a limited time.
The over-confident
hare always loses the race.
All the best.
Can I speak to the manager,
Yes? This is the
Manager speaking.
Mr Brett, this is
Anita Chaudhary here. - Yes?
Well, I'm holding an
account in your bank.
My account number is 84205.
A cheque of 5,000
dollars has been lost.
And you know,
somebody could cash it.
May I know the cheque number?
Sorry. We cannot
make the payment.
But why?
Yes, gentleman.
I think I have a better answer.
Come with me.
'Hello, Miss Anita.'
'Someone has come in
to cash your lost cheque.'
He said his name is Ajay Kaul.
And he claims you
gave him the cheque.
Oh no, Mr Brett. I don't
know anybody by this name.
She says that she doesn't
know anybody by that name.
Let me speak to her.
Anita, what are you up to?
Hey! Speak English.
- Okay.
This whole thing
is getting very messy.
So, kindly clear the
whole thing out, okay?
What happened?
So you've landed in a problem?
I can pull you out of it.
But you'll have to do
something for me. - What?
You'll have to accept
defeat and apologise to me.
That's impossible.
All right then.
You can rot there.
Now what?
Call the police.
What's up with Ajay?
He hasn't arrived yet.
I think...
But that's not possible.
What are you thinking
about anyway?
Maybe Ajay's sitting
in a casino.
You never told me that
he's fond of gambling.
No, he has no such vices.
I hope you've been giving
him money to meet his expenses.
At his age, one feels like
going to discos and bars.
That he likes his liquor,
you never told me.
What rubbish are you talking?
No, that's just an idea.
Maybe that's not true.
Whenever you think of something,
it's always rubbish.
Why are the police with Ajay?
I didn't imagine anything so nasty,
What happened, Ajay?
Someone called
the bank and said
that the cheque I
have is a stolen one.
Hello, officer.
I'm Amrish Kaul.
Security chief over here.
This is my son, Ajay.
Yes. I know, Mr Kaul.
Good afternoon, sir.
My name is Hans Parker.
Good afternoon.
It's in bad taste, officer.
Before arresting him,
you should have called
me up and inquired with me.
Oh, I did.
Who is Miss Anita Chaudhary?
Hello. I'm Anita.
Do you want to ask me something?
Did you not call the bank
and say your cheque was lost?
Who me?
Well, I did no such thing.
In fact, I was the one
who gave him the cheque
and was waiting for
him to return home.
Is that so? In that case, someone
has played a cruel joke with him.
I'm sorry. But we can't
take a chance. Okay?
Okay, officer. Thank you.
- Okay.
Who could've played
this prank on you?
No one knows you here.
Excuse me, sir.
There's an urgent call for you.
Well. How was it?
C'mon, girls!
Let's go and have fun.
We're all set to go.
Oh god, uncle!
- Hi.
Where are you going?
Uncle, we're going
for the Ricky Martin show.
I can't give you
the permission to go now.
Uncle, please.
We planned this long time back.
All my friends...
- You won't go anywhere.
Oh no!
If you be stubborn, I'll
have to complain to your father.
Do you get it?
I'm under house arrest.
I can't go out,
I can't meet anyone.
There's no entertainment
in my life.
I'm so irritated.
I'm so fed up.
All of you seem to be very sad.
We were going for a show
but uncle didn't allow us.
Who's show?
- Ricky Martin.
He's a good singer.
- Exactly!
My dad is just concerned
about all of you.
Nothing is more
important than life.
If you want,
we can sing and dance here.
You mean to say, here?!
Why not? The singer
is right in front of you.
He will sing!
Looking at you, I don't think
you even know to sing and dance.
Looking at you, I felt you're
a matured girl but you're not.
Excuse me.
What did you just say?
Instead of have an
argument and fighting,
why don't you give me
a chance to prove myself.
This means, we'll have
to bear your discordant voice.
No way! Girls, c'mon!
Listen to me.
My songs are so melodious
that you'll start dancing.
You won't be able to stop yourself.
What if, we don't like your song?
I'll accept my defeat
and go back to India.
Very good.
Girls, he is ready to go back.
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"Come to me, I'll tell
you the true meaning of love."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"Why must you sulk
and torment my heart?"
"Where do you go,
leaving me pining?"
"Meet my gaze, O beautiful one...
keep anger out of this."
"Meet my gaze, O beautiful one...
keep anger out of this."
"Your glitter takes away my life,
O pretty one."
"I can see...
- The pretty faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"When a man makes a promise,"
"he can sacrifice
his life for his beloved."
"Don't be so proud of your beauty."
"Thank the god for
making you so beautiful."
"Don't be so proud of your beauty."
"Thank the god for
making you so beautiful."
"No one can live in
this world without love."
"I can see...
- The pretty faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"Come to me, I'll tell
you the true meaning of love."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see the pretty
faces all around me."
"I can see..."
Why did you stop singing?
I say, sing.
'It wasn't right, Anita.'
'It is not happening.
This is wrong.'
'He proved himself by
making you dance to his tunes.'
'You can't just slap anyone.
It's a mistake.'
'I think, it was very
mean on your part, Anita.'
'You should apologise to him.
It was wrong on your part.'
'You should apologise to him.'
'You must apologise.'
Hello, Atlantic travels.
- 'Yes.'
I'm Ajay Kaul speaking.
I would like to take the first
flight to India tomorrow morning.
'I'm sorry,
all flights are overbooked.'
Please try to understand.
It's urgent.
I need to leave tomorrow morning.
'Well, I'll try to put
you on the evening flight, sir.'
'Is it okay?'
- Okay, put me on that flight.
Thank you,
Did you forgive me?
Did you forgive me?
Yes, I forgive you.
I accept defeat, Ajay.
Have your lunch.
What's the matter?
What are you doing
here at this moment?
I thought, someone is
going towards Anita's room.
Hence, I...
It's not right to move
out of your room at this moment.
Security officers
might make a mistake.
It's my duty to keep
an eye on Anita at this moment
and I'm doing my job well.
Go to sleep.
That belongs to me, give it back.
- Take it.
Anita, give me the photo.
Anita, that photograph
belongs to me, give it back.
No, I want to see it.
I want the photograph back.
What's the problem, if I see it?
I want to see it.
I want the photograph.
- No, I want to see it.
I want to see it.
I was scared.
I thought, you're looking
at someone else's photograph.
Give it back to me.
Here you go.
love is such
a strange feeling.
It makes anyone do anything.
What can you do?
- Me?!
I can jump from
this bridge for you.
'He is laughing.'
'He thinks, I'm joking.'
'I'll jump and prove it to him.'
Why did you jump? Why?
Because I love you.
I can do anything for you, Ajay.
Are you all right?
We looked for you everywhere.
Come, sit in the car.
Mr Choudhary, you! Welcome!
How are you Mr Kaul?
Is everything fine?
Yes, everything is fine.
Mr Choudhary, this is my son, Ajay.
- Hello!
What made you come
here all of a sudden?
Is everything fine?
Mr Kaul, this is my friend,
Balwant Kargi. - Hello!
- He stays in America.
This is his son, Manish.
He is my son-in-law to-be.
- Hello, uncle.
This means,
Anita is getting married.
Congratulations, Mr Choudhary.
Yes, Mr Kaul.
I've fixed Anita's marriage.
Hence, I've come here with them.
Tomorrow is the engagement
and the day after is the marriage.
You have to arrange everything.
Of course. Please come in.
You didn't even bother to ask me
before taking such a big decision.
Listen, Anita.
I'm doing the best for you,
under such circumstances.
I want you to be safe.
But I can't marry him.
- I don't want to hear anything.
I'm not going to change
my decision. That's it.
That's enough, Ajay.
Your game ends here.
Anita, come towards me.
I won't let you succeed, Ajay.
Anita, come towards me.
He's a dangerous man.
I'm telling you.
Don't move or I'll kill you.
Anita, you don't know him.
He's a very dangerous man.
Come to me, Anita.
Anita, come here.
Come to me. Yes.
Don't move, Ajay.
- Ajay.
Mr Choudhary, your son-in-law
is a smart boy. - Thank you.
Anita is also one in a million,
Mr Ratilal.
Get ready to fire
but don't hurt the girl.
Okay, sir.
C'mon, faster!
Don't shoot. Hold on.
- Okay.
Come on. Get over to this side.
Stop, Ajay. I'm warning you.
Ajay, stop.
I say, stop or I'll shoot you.
Hold your fire. Don't shoot.
Anita, get aside.
I say, move.
Hold your fire. Don't shoot.
Don't be crazy, Anita! Move aside!
Anita, move aside.
- Ajay!
Hey, don't let him get the girl.
Sir, Anita is not in her room.
Don't talk nonsense.
I want to know,
where is Amarjeet and Ajay?
Mr Choudhary,
Anita has eloped several times.
I've given her photograph
to the police and airport.
As they get to know something,
they'll inform us.
You don't have to
worry about anything.
'Can I speak with Mr Kaul, please?'
- Yes, speaking.
Officer, have you found Anita?
Not yet but we're trying.
- Okay.
One minute.
What's the matter, Amarjeet?
- Anita has been abducted.
- Yes.
Ajay has abducted her.
What rubbish are you talking?
He can't do such a deed.
This is true, Mr Kaul.
Ajay had come here with
the intention to abduct Anita.
When I dashed him in the airport,
Anita's photograph
fell from his bag.
Why didn't you tell that earlier?
I thought...
- What did you think?
My duty is more important
to me than Ajay.
Take him to the ambulance.
Don't worry, Mr Choudhary.
I'll bring back
your daughter safely.
I'll forget, Ajay is my son.
I won't regret,
if I have to shoot him.
"I have found my soul mate."
"I tried to stop myself but
I couldn't control my feelings."
"I thank the lord for
the happiness he gave me."
"What else do I need in my life?"
"I have found my soul mate."
"I didn't imagine
I'd fall in love."
"And I'd lose my peace like this."
"I didn't imagine
I'd fall in love."
"And I'd lose my peace like this."
"The moment I saw you,
my heart started pounding."
"It went crazy with desire."
"You are the one
I have chosen for romance."
"I thank the lord for
the happiness he gave me."
"What else do I need in my life?"
"I have found my soul mate."
"My every breath chants your name."
"All I can think is about you."
"My every breath chants your name."
"All I can think is about you."
"These moments that
I'm spending with you."
"It is more precious
than anything in this world."
"I have fallen in love with you."
"I thank the lord for
the happiness he gave me."
"What else do I need in my life?"
"I have found my soul mate."
I love you, Ajay.
Ajay, I love you.
Ajay, I love you.
I going crazy.
Ajay, I'm flying high.
Don't let me fall.
Hold me, Ajay. I love you.
I knew it, Ajay.
You wouldn't let me fall.
Thank you, Ajay Kaul.
Ajay, who is he?
You have done great job for us.
If god wills,
our chief will be free now.
What are they talking about?
What have you done for them?
Ajay, please.
I'm asking you a question.
Say something!
I'll tell you.
I made a deal with him.
I have kidnapped his beloved.
To set that girl free,
he had to bring you to us.
You love someone else?
Why did you betray me?
You were the love of my life.
And you..
You were playing the
game of love with me.
I forgot all my relations for you.
I hurt my father.
Because I love you.
True love!
And you...
Why did you do it?
Why did you do this to me?
Why? Why?
Where is Neha?
Neha is there.
"Glory to Lord Shiva."
Throw the guns.
Junaid, what do you think?
You'll be successful
in your evil deeds.
Neha was outside my reach then.
Or else, the game would...
I'm Nusrat Raban.
Member of Wafa-e-alhak, Afghan.
I was doing my duty to
release my husband, Nawed Rabani.
I'm Krishnakanth...
alias Captain Rasheed.
Congratulations, Junaid.
Our first step towards
our goal has been successful.
Yes, captian.
Nawed will be released very soon
will be destroyed.
Jawed, throw him down.
If he is alive,
the Indian police will kill him.
Read the newspaper.
Read the breaking news.
Home Minister Bhagwat Chaudhary's
daughter kidnapped!
Home Minister Bhagwat Chaudhary's
daughter kidnapped!
Rs 2.
- Give me.
Colonel Kaul's son, Ajay Kaul
has given her to the terrorists.
Hit them.
How dare you work for
the terrorist. You traitor!
Hit him.
- What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Stop it.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Get aside.
What happened, Sudha?
These people are
throwing stones at me.
They are calling us traitor.
Hit me.
I'm standing right here.
Who wants to show his bravery?
We're not traitors.
I've been very loyal towards
my country for the past 40 years.
I have faced death several times,
while doing my duty.
Only for all of you.
Even we are hurt by our son's deed.
He has really hurt us.
I have told you earlier as well,
he is no more my son.
He is a traitor.
He'll also be punished
like other traitors.
I'll kill him and hang
his dead body in the road.
Search every area of this forest.
Search Ajay.
C'mon, move.
- Spread all over.
He shouldn't escape.
There he is.
Ajay, stop.
Don't shoot.
Ajay, stop.
- Shoot him.
Ajay, stop.
Follow him.
Search him. Where has he gone?
Where did he go?
'Welcome back to Zee News.'
'There are no news about
the release of Anita,'
'daughter of Bhagwat Choudhary,
the Home Minister.'
'An organisation
named 'Wafa-e-Alhak'
'has kidnapped Anita Choudhary.'
'According to the information,
Alok Das,
the journalist'
'will be the messanger of the
government and
go to the terrorist.'
'The place of meet
still remains a secret.'
Hello, Mr Rasheed.
Please come.
Please come. Please.
This way.
Mr Raheed, please have a seat.
Sit, please.
Mr Choudhary
I'm here only because
Alok Das requested me.
I have other ways
to keep my demands.
Nawed Rabani,
our soldier should be released.
Rs 500 million.
Transfer of the governor
and the election
should be cancelled, immediately.
The elections won't be cancelled.
You won't ever succeed
in your evil plans.
The terrorism and your evil plans
will be the cause of your death.
You won't ever get . Never!
Initially your demand was
only the release of Nawed Rabani.
Your new demands...
We haven't kept an ordinary
girl in our custody.
She is the daughter
of India's Home Minister.
We know she is priceless.
What will you do to her?
You want to kill her?!
Kill her. Kill her.
Neither the Indian government
will bow down to you
nor will your demands be fulfilled.
The Indian government
will definitely bow down.
We have played this game before.
We've defeated the Indian
government earlier as well.
You have 48 hours.
If it's a no, let us know, where
should we send Anita's deadbody?
Mr Rasheed.
Please listen to me.
Mr Rasheed.
'The fight between the terrorist
organisation 'Wafa-e-alhak''
'and the Indian government
has finally come to a conclusion.'
'The government has agreed to
fulfil the organisation's demands.'
'They are ready to release
Nawed Rabani, the terrorist.'
'Not only the common people
are shocked with this decision'
'but the political parties
are also opposing it.'
'They believe,'
'the government is taking a wrong
decision by setting Nawed free.'
'This decision will
encourage the terrorist.'
'They shall continue with their
terrorist attacks in the country.'
Mr Choudhary,
your decision is absolutely wrong.
You want to set a
dangerous terrorist free.
Good bye.
'Your this decision is
spoiling our party's reputation.'
Good bye.
'You're hurting the
feelings of the people.'
Sign here.
Just for 1 girl,
you're making a mockery of us.
You sidelined your duties and
responsibilities for your daughter.
Mr Choudhary,
we didn't expect this from you.
At this moment, I can't answer
any of your questions.
Sir, I know you from many years.
I can't believe,
you took such a decision.
No, Amarjeet Singh.
I have thought a lot
before taking this decision.
This is a plan.
I can't disclose it to everyone.
Till today, these terrorist have
always attacked us in disguise.
I want them to come out once.
I'll make sure,
all of them are killed.
I have given special
instructions to police and army.
I won't regret if my daughter
is hit by one of those bullets.
Though my daughter's
life is in danger,
I can't let go of this chance.
Open the door.
- Yes, sir.
Get in.
Get inside.
C'mon, soldiers.
C'mon, move. C'mon!
Move it. C'mon, move.
Move it.
Nawed has left the military camp.
It's crossing the bridge.
What is he up to?
Where are you taking me?
He escaped with Nawed.
'Ajay Kaul has abducted Nawed.'
Nusrat, what are you doing?
Drop the gun.
- I'll kill her.
I'll kill her.
He wants to kill Nawed.
- Nusrat, calm down.
I say, calm down.
Nawed is not only your
husband but also our chief.
We can't risk his life.
You should be smart.
We'll get Nawed, only
if she is alive. - He is right.
You have to be smart not emotional.
We should try to find out,
what does he want?
Where is captain Rasheed?
You may beat me how
much ever you want.
Anita and you are destined to die.
I don't understand,
what's your son's problem?
We had made all the arrangements
to teach the terrorists a lesson!
He abducted Nawed
and ruined everything.
Mr Choudhary, he has saved
Anita's life by abducting Nawed.
I wasn't sure of your plan.
He hasn't abducted Nawed
to be friends with him.
No, Mr Choudhary.
I think, Ajay is trying
to correct his mistake.
I'm sure, he solve this problem.
Ajay, do you know,
what you are doing?
After abducting Nawed,
you have triggered his colleagues.
Ajay, Anita's life is in danger.
They can do anything with her...
- They won't harm Anita.
They very well know,
Naved is with me.
Ajay, what do you want?
Alok, my one mistake
has ruined everything.
People know me as a traitor.
My father has to face
humiliation because of me.
If they get Nawed,
everything will be over.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to pass
my message to them.
Ajay, I know nothing
about their hideout and camps.
But I have a way to
pass your message to them.
- Hello!
I have a message for Mr Rasheed.
Please pass this letter to him.
'Nawed is all right.'
'He is still alive.'
'I abducted him because
I wanted to correct my mistake.'
'Come to Sarafa market with Anita.'
'Give Anita to me and
I shall return Nawed.'
'Today, sharp at 7 pm.'
'Ajay Kaul.'
'Today's meeting is cancelled.'
'We shall meet tomorrow
at 11 am at the potato market.'
The tea is specially come
from Sarafa market for you.
'Call me on this number.'
Wait here.
Is there a phone nearby?
- 'Near to the temple.'
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe.
Mighty Lord of the whole Universe."
"All the agonies of the devotees."
"All the sorrows of the devotees."
"You cure in an instant."
Ajay, they have given us 24 hours.
If you don't give them Nawed,
this time the school bus
filled with children will blast.
All right.
I'll give them
Nawed in the next 24 hours.
Tell them,
get Anita Choudhary along.
Our mission is successful, Nawed.
It's successful!
Give it to me.
I'll open it.
He has betrayed us.
Do it fast.
The train is about to start.
Quick, give it here.
Hurry up!
Hold on, I'll do something.
- Be careful.
Be careful.
Someone help me.
Someone help me.
Get the jeep.
Everyone, get in the jeep.
We have to catch the train.
Shoot the handcuff.
I neither want to
say or hear anything.
I don't need you any more.
So, you don't love me.
If my life would've been at risk
and in return you were
asked to do something,
what would y ou do?
You would also
have reacted like me.
Anita, this train shouldn't
stop until I say so.
"Glory to Lord Shiva."
Move fast!
Don't move.
The train shouldn't
stop until I ask to stop it.
Nawed, hang in there!
Don't fire rockets at the train,
Junaid! It'll jump off the track!
I said, move!
No. Don't fire, Junaid!
Go over to that side.
Let's try and stop the train!
Very good, Juned.
"Glory to Lord Shiva."
C'mon, go near the train.
Fire at the handcuff!
Come to me!
Move closer, Junaid.
Come to me! My brave lions!
Go on! Climb up!
Watch it, Nawed! I'll come now!
Very good, Juned.
We don't have the key.
I'll have to shoot it.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Set me free.
Juned! - Forget about me,
set Nawed free.
C'mon, position.
How are you, Anita? Are you fine?
Yes, dad.
- Anita, where is Ajay?
Forgive me, dad.
You had to face trouble
and humiliation because of me.
I know what had...
happened with you.
Do you know,
why you made this mistake?
So that, you can win this battle.
If you would've lost this battle,
I wouldn't be able to take it.
But I knew it,
you would win.
I'm proud of you, my son.
I'm proud of you.
I can still do anything for you.
"I have found my soul mate."
"I tried to stop myself but
I couldn't control my feelings."
"I thank the lord for
the happiness he gave me."
"What else do I need in my life."
"I have found my soul mate."
"I didn't imagine
I'd fall in love."
"And I'd lose my peace like this."
"I didn't imagine
I'd fall in love."
"And I'd lose my peace like this."
"The moment I saw you,
my heart started pounding."
"It went crazy with desire."
"You are the one
I have chosen for romance."
"I thank the lord for
the happiness he gave me."
"What else do I need in my life."
"I have found my soul mate."