Jab Harry met Sejal (2017) Movie Script

One of those rare countries
that's below sea level.
And the weight of you tourists
is bearing it down further.
Look to your right. So they had
to build these windmills...
that pump out water
from the fields.
If I face you and say
right, it means your left.
When I turn my back to you, my
left and your left are in synch.
Any questions? I can
give you any info...
except for star Deepika
Padukone's cell number.
Like her?
Want a picture of you
and the windmill?
Before our long bus trip,
I can pee for you too.
Only for you, Sarlaben.
All good?
Seventeen! Seventeen and a half.
Eighteen and a half.
The past has faded from memory.
The present is where I live.
I travel on. Who knows
where I'm heading.
Where am I?
Faith let me believe...
that the world is good.
And those I meet on the way...
who walk with me for a while...
are good people too. I know.
Just a little cross...
that drifting traveler...
was from my village.
That old path...
whose memories I
could not escape.
My home shed tears without me.
I have a nagging fear...
that I no longer
belong to my home.
I'm a man journey has chosen.
Neither from here
nor from there.
I'm a man journey has chosen.
Neither from here
nor from there.
I'm a man journey has chosen.
That's me.
That's me.
That's me.
I befriend milestones.
The road knows me by my gait.
Every day...
the world feels
the same every day.
I sell cities to
people of leisure.
I leave empty-handed, I
return empty-handed.
Every day...
I'm becoming a
stranger to myself.
When I turned from
village to city...
turning bitter, like poison.
Every day...
I wish it could
have been different.
This age, this time, this
road keeps passing by.
I'm a man journey has chosen.
That's me.
You lot are the most
ungrateful wretches. Get lost!
Eat as many theplas, dhoklas
and fafdas as you want.
But get out of my face.
Curses on you!
- Your phone isn't working?
- Why?
I lost my ring.
I was engaged on this trip. The
ring my fianc gave me is lost.
- You'll miss your flight.
- I know.
I can't leave without my ring.
I tell you what...
Send an email to
Describe your ring and
explain where you lost it.
Send them your address.
- I know where the ring is.
- Where?
It's in the Amsterdam hotel
where you put us up.
No problem! Run!
Catch your flight.
I'll tell them you're coming.
I won't change my mind, boss.
Not going without my ring.
No point staying, ma'am.
Hello... Flight status? 9W231.
Let's go to the hotel.
Unfortunately, ma'am, I'm
headed the other way.
No worries. I'll get you a taxi.
How generous! A taxi!
You're coming with me.
No way, ma'am.
You can't order
me about anymore.
The tour is over.
Talk to me politely.
So two-faced! Tour's over so
you show your true colours.
It's just that you folk don't
consider others like humans.
Aren't I human too? How
can I travel all alone?
Where's the loving fianc?
We fought. I told him
I lost the ring.
He's gone?
The ring belonged to his family.
He got upset and said:
"It's a sign that you don't care.
Wedding cancelled." Cool!
I tore up the boarding pass and
said I'd return with the ring.
Has your family left too?
You mean half my family?
They let you stay alone?
I'm a modern woman.
"Let me?" Meaning?
I told my Dad I knew
where the ring was.
His flight hasn't taken off.
Call him, say you're with me.
But I am not.
I'm trying to explain.
I have another booking.
I must go.
I'll pay you. How much?
It's not always about money.
It's always about money.
What's your daily rate?
Ma'am, I can't come with you.
Please understand.
And I am sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I have no option. I
can't let you go.
So, I am sorry.
Your bag...
See? It's always about money!
Shall we go?
Want the volume up?
I don't mind.
You want it higher?
I don't understand the words.
What language is it?
I learned French
till 7th standard.
- I'll get you on tomorrow's flight.
- We find the ring first.
- You know where it is?
- It must be there.
There? Where?
I told you many times the
ring fell off my finger.
So you know where it fell?
In the restaurant where
my engagement took place.
In the restaurant?
It was a romantic engagement, so
it happened in the restaurant.
You said it fell in the hotel.
The hotel restaurant,
where we ate last night.
So it fell in the restaurant
where you got engaged?
Better in the car, no?
I swear.
I'm hiring a car like this
on our honeymoon. Open top!
I have to find that ring. God!
This Amsterdam, is it in France?
Why is this song French?
I don't know.
"My beloved, my sweetheart."
My romantic engagement
took place here.
He sat there, I sat here.
Sailesh, Nimesh and
his wife were here.
And... what's his name?
Is the name so important?
Ok. So your family were cozy
at your romantic engagement.
So where did the ring fall?
I'm thinking! No need for sarcasm.
It was very romantic.
He came up to me. Went
down on his knees.
I gave him my hand. He put the ring on.
I reacted, wow!
Then everyone clapped.
They asked me to show
them the ring and I did.
The ring was loose.
Bhabhi said we'd get it fixed in India.
It must be here.
They've cleaned the place. The
staff have found nothing.
It slipped off right here.
I remember.
You remember? But it
was only last night.
- We came here the last time too.
- What?
We first landed in Amsterdam.
You brought us here.
We had dinner and the
engagement took place.
- What are you doing?
- Booking tonight's flight.
Not going without the ring.
It's high season.
Where will you stay?
Do as you please. Live or die.
What's it to me?
Ma'am, I'm off.
- I paid you for the day.
- So...
Let's sit and relax.
Some coffee? Don't worry.
It's my treat.
I don't drink coffee.
Too much caffeine.
Espresso, please. One.
You know what?
In the middle of
your nonsense...
I remembered where my ring fell.
- Know where?
- I'm sure you'll tell me.
The ship? The day trip?
We went to a cheese factory and
an art museum. That's where!
I have a photo on my iPad.
Thank God I remembered. The
ring didn't fall here.
Sorry. Let's go.
What's your name, ma'am?
Didn't Rupen tell you?
But Rupen isn't here. So you'll
have to tell me your name.
Your name?
Sejal. And Sejal means...
The meaning is irrelevant.
Sejal will do.
No need for you to
pay me for today.
Hey, all the best.
- So you won't cooperate?
- No way!
I'll complain.
I'll check your card.
Ma'am! Is this fair?
It's absolutely fair.
You have a split personality.
You fooled me. I will complain.
Please understand.
I was booked for your tour.
I have another booking.
- What booking?
- My business.
That's an excuse.
Yes, it's an excuse.
I've stood at attention for
a month for your group.
Ticket, bus, train, phone,
Indian food, sanitary napkins...
What's another day?
Why not spend a month looking
for your ring in every city?
You don't know where it is.
Maybe it's under the sofa...
or in Vienna,
Prague, or Budapest.
That's profit for you! You'll
be earning a daily rate.
And for what?
Travelling, looking for my
ring, and making some calls.
A few hours and it's done.
Then it's your time.
No tension, only relaxation.
A paid holiday!
Actually I don't understand
what's your problem.
You're panicking.
She's a girl.
If another girl complains,
know what the boss will do?
The boss is under pressure.
He's had 25 calls already.
Her family is in the diamond
business in Mumbai.
They say their daughter is all alone.
They trust Harry...
to look after her.
Is Harry the only one they know?
Do they know the
kind of guy he is?
Did I ask her to cling to me?
This is crazy! This is a first.
A girl chasing you
and you're upset?
What's so funny?
If I quit, you can manage
YourEuro Travels with your boss.
The idiot won't stop calling.
I've been trying you.
Line's engaged.
Hello! Bad signal...
Talk to the girl.
Confide in her.
Are you crazy? You mean
tell her everything?
Nehra isn't here.
I'll look for Harry.
You asked me...
"What's your problem?" I
mean what's my problem.
Can I talk?
More excuses? God! How much now?
I shouldn't tell you, but
you keep calling my boss.
I have no choice I'll have to...
confide in you.
What's wrong? Come in.
Close the door.
I have a bad character.
Do you understand?
Character, ma'am!
Girls are not safe with me.
- Meaning?
- Meaning! I'm a sleaze.
I'm cheap! A womanizer.
I've been caught
flirting with clients.
Bad! I know it.
That's my problem.
Are you scaring me?
No! I'm the one who is scared.
The client makes excuses and runs off.
And who gets caught?
Who pays?
I've been fired four times.
Not because I'm bad at my job.
I'm A-One.
I should own a travel
agency by now.
But I'm still a tour guide.
This is the reason why.
- What reason?
- I have a weakness for girls.
Moved cities.
Gone underground many times.
What happens with these girls?
Who knows! It's a
bloody mystery.
I know what I am doing.
I tell myself...
"Stop, you'll get in trouble."
"All hell will break
loose" But I don't stop.
I cross the line. Then it's the
same old story, the arguments...
I test myself.
I keep trying to control myself.
But I fail every single time.
Don't want to risk it again.
Don't want to go there. I
don't want to work for you.
If another client complains,
forget being sacked...
I'll be deported from Europe.
So you're saying if we travelled
together, we'd have sex?
That's crazy! Did I say that?
I didn't say any such thing.
I'm saying Mayank is a very
experienced tour guide.
- Who?
- Mayank.
He's marrying his sweetheart.
He's safe!
He'll be with you and
I'll be in touch.
So he's safe and I'll touch.
Ladies? That's your problem?
Any other problems?
No, only one.
Tea, coffee?
A cold drink, a juice?
Take a seat.
Indemnity bond.
It states that I asked you of my
own free will to travel with me.
In the duration of which...
if there is any physical
interaction between us...
amounting to or not amounting
to full copulation...
I shall not take any legal
action against you.
You're absolved of
all legal charges.
I'm a lawyer. I handle my
family's legal matters.
So I'll show this
paper to the judge?
"My lord! Ms Sejal's charges against
me are baseless and irrelevant.
"This hotel letterhead
memo clearly..."
Are you serious?
Forget the courts...
gossip in the tour circuit
is enough to ruin me.
They all know my problem.
Ok. It's your problem. I
don't have this problem.
You have bad traits.
I don't.
I'm neat and clean.
Can't control yourself? I can.
Anytime, anywhere, anyone.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
High hopes, eh?
She's a fool.
Bet she knows nothing about sex.
Even if she's about to marry.
What do couples do?
More like brothers and sisters.
Get the Frankfurt booking done.
Ask the boss to put pressure on
her father and call her back.
Stubborn girl.
They'll nag me forever.
"You lost the engagement ring.
Mummy's ring."
They won't let me forget.
That's why I left the flight.
It's just one day. We'll
find the ring tomorrow.
Sister, find a cure for your insomnia.
Now go to sleep.
Yes, I'm fine.
Goodnight. JSK...
You cheat. Rascal,
that's what you are.
Nice girl, eh?
Last night?
Got the job done?
You must have. That's your style.
Done it with your boyfriend?
No? You two are not the type.
Why aren't we the type?
We're looking for a ring.
No point getting personal.
Let's get personal. Why
wouldn't we have done it?
I want to know.
Because he left you alone here.
That's no good.
You left that girl too.
Not the same relationship.
Does your man feel for
you like I feel for her?
Do I care if someone
lives or dies?
I'm getting a coffee.
You, ma'am?
So you'll teach me how
to treat loved ones?
Perfect counsel.
You coming?
You think the ring would
still be here after a month?
Why am I looking then?
If I told you...
you won't like it.
It must be here. See?
The ring is on my finger.
I'm wearing a floral top.
That's the last place we visited.
How it is possible? The ring
was on my finger in the photo.
Do you have a photo
of it slipping off?
Very funny!
The ring could've fallen here.
Or in Budapest or Prague...
- any place on the tour.
- That's just it.
Ma'am, forget the ring.
Everyone has been informed.
If they don't find
it, buy another one.
You're in the diamond business.
Get a better ring.
Forget this one.
Do you understand emotions?
Should've taken another booking.
What shall I do, sister? If I
don't find it, do I forget it?
Calm Papa down.
Tell him Harry is with me.
Papa knows he's helpful.
I'll do some shopping in Prague.
What a coincidence!
Are you following me?
Why would I?
- You can't stay here.
- Why not?
- Because I say so. Come.
- Don't bully me.
You're not my guide here. We're
not looking for the ring.
Go. She's waiting.
Smart! This place isn't for you.
I think it is.
No, it isn't.
How do you know the true me?
I see.
You're something else!
I was...
So you're hitting on me?
Why not? Aren't I sexy?
- No.
- No?
Not even a little?
And now?
You're very cute.
You're very sweet.
I can see that. But sexy
moves don't suit you.
You're not the kind of
girl that guys hits on.
You're like a Chinese vase.
Beautiful, pure, delicate.
Lovely to look at.
Meaning, I'm boring?
Boring. Not hot?
That's not what I'm saying.
I said you're
beautiful and pure...
and sweet, nice, sister-type.
Sisters can be beautiful too.
So I'm cold, not hot?
What's with you girls?
Pay you a compliment...
and you find a way of
turning it into an insult.
- It is an insult.
- Are you nuts?
An insult? Saying guys
won't hit on you?
- Insulting my body.
- How?
Here I am flirting and you say:
"No, sweet baby."
"Don't. You don't turn me on.
Not my type."
And you... a womanizer, not attracted to me?
Am I that...?
Is this for real?
Me? Running after you?
The progress we've
made in a day!
Why are you coming behind me?
- You're going the wrong way.
- I'll find my way.
Before that you'll find a
villain who'll kidnap you.
At least he'll find
me attractive.
Let go off me.
- You mean it?
- Let go or you'll be in trouble.
I won't let go. So
what happens now?
- What will you do?
- Let go!
Are you done?
Let go!
Don't try to dominate me.
I'm not your girlfriend.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I shouldn't behave like this.
Scared I'd complain?
Ma'am, to your left.
The boss insisted that I
help the lady to find it.
We're looking everywhere.
- Where to?
- Why?
These places are dodgy.
And you're all dolled up.
Let me sign another indemnity bond.
Get me something wicked.
Too crowded.
No problem.
We go to private room.
Much better, no crowd.
I like Paki girls.
What you drinking?
Wild, yeah? How wild? Show me.
No. Harry!
What? Harry, Harry!
What Harry?
I told you these places are dodgy.
You'd get into trouble.
Thought I was
barking like a dog?
One minute, my friend.
My head's all messed up.
What can Harry do? Tell me!
What can Harry do?
Fight a random stranger?
Put my life on the line?
Will you keep staring like a bat?
Or will you run?
Have you no brains? Run!
Hurry! Run!
Run, will you?
The Mafia?
So sorry.
I shouldn't have hit him.
Why not?
He needed ten blows
between the legs.
He can play gangster at home.
Glad you hit him.
Hope they don't find us.
Bad place to get caught.
You crying?
Why are you crying?
- Don't know.
- If you don't know, then don't cry.
They'll hear us.
If Rupen was here,
he would kill me.
He'd be mad if he hears.
Don't tell him. How
would he know?
- I won't tell him.
- Don't tell him.
He always thinks I'm to blame...
and that I don't understand.
I don't care.
I'm here because of his ring.
And he hasn't called even once.
I don't care.
- Looking for a ring like some nutcase.
- Ssh! They'll hear us.
- Blast!
- Have they found us?
Come here!
What now?
- What will they do to me?
- Quiet!
- Will they force themselves on me?
- Quiet!
If they force me,
what shall I do?
Shut up!
- Practically speaking...
- Practically? Shut it!
- Here?
- Inside.
Where to?
The hotel's over there.
You missing them or something?
- How you are talking.
- How you are talking!
Waiting for them to
I was terrified. I thought...
Thought what? You're crazy.
Why are you so upset?
Why am I upset? You're
not even my girlfriend.
You're an uninvited guest.
go home.
This is too silly.
You won't find your ring.
Seek, and you can even find God.
How would you know?
Have you found God?
I haven't.
You would've found Him,
if you had looked.
Maybe you have found what
you were looking for.
I was not looking for you.
That's for sure.
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
Don't forget to sometime
send word of how you are.
Perhaps the seasons
abroad take care of you.
Don't forget to sometime
send word of how you are.
Perhaps the seasons
abroad take care of you.
Here, every season feels
like autumn without you.
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
You may not be mine now
but you were once.
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
It happens, I know. It's ok.
It happens. Never mind.
Have you been to Punjab?
I'm from there.
A small place, Nurmahal.
My village.
Know why Punjabi
singers sing so loud?
They sing loudly.
Do you know why?
They're farmers. When they drive
their tractors they sing.
They sing over the tractor
sound to hear themselves.
Can you sing?
I had to sing at every
family birthday.
I know many songs.
I ran away to Canada
to become a singer.
Leaping from terrace to
terrace at midnight.
Did you think being
a lover is easy?
Your turn.
Looking deep into your
eyes I made a vow...
that I will be your Radha.
Beloved, I will be your Radha.
Nice, sweet, sister-type.
Can you raise the heat?
Let me sing for you.
Leaping from terrace to
terrace at midnight.
Leaping from terrace to
terrace at midnight.
Do you think being
a lover is easy?
Do you think being
a lover is easy?
Lovers fight and quarrel.
The wise always say:
The days of youth
are fleeting...
once gone, never to return.
Throw caution to the wind.
I will be your Radha.
I'll keep you close
to my heart...
closer than any other.
I will be your Radha.
Keep me safe in your dreams...
more than any other.
I will be your Radha.
How can I venture out when
mist covers the month of June?
We toss and turn
on a bed of rope.
The wise call this
the fire of youth.
Don't make false promises.
I will be your Radha.
The thoughts I never shared...
I now share with you.
I care little for anyone...
I only care for you.
You're a fibber. I
shan't be missing you.
Once you're gone,
I'll forget you.
I surrender to the magical
sound of your flute.
Youth's fire will
not be put out.
So burn we will.
- I will be your Radha.
- You will be my Radha.
I'll keep you close
to my heart...
closer than any other.
I will be your Radha.
Keep me safe in your dreams...
more than any other.
I will be your Radha.
Not worth touching?
- Will your wife hit you?
- What wife?
No wife? Girlfriend?
You don't need one, you
get enough action.
If I had someone, I
wouldn't look for action.
You're lonely.
That's why you were crying.
You're lonely.
Will you find me someone?
I can't even find a ring!
As long as I'm here,
consider me your girlfriend.
You don't need to feel
lonely with me around.
Five Whatsapp
messages from Rupen.
Give me your phone, please.
Sit down.
- You talk, I'll come back.
- It's ok.
Hi, sweetie.
Five messages?
Don't worry. I'm fine.
Prague. Yes.
What? Really?
Oh God!
The ring was on my
finger in Budapest.
I showed the ring
to Rupen's friends.
He sent the photo. We
were wasting time...
Shall I call you on
Facechat, honey?
It's free.
Hello? Excuse me. I'll get this.
Yes, I called.
Sir, your espresso.
What's happening to me?
A guy like me...
No understand.
Even I no understand.
You were looking at me.
You were looking.
So I was. Is that bad?
Why deny it?
What's this?
You're so beautiful!
So stare away. A
Chinese vase, right?
Lovely to see, but touch not.
Keep looking. It's allowed now
that I'm your girlfriend.
Why do I see your face...
in my every dream?
What's the secret?
You were not mine yesterday...
nor will you be tomorrow.
You're mine only for today.
All my loyalties are to you.
You are the one I pray for.
Who knows where this
breeze will take you.
Who knows where this
breeze will take me.
These tourist spots look the same.
How will we find the caf?
Is this it?
He came from there.
I was standing here. I waved to him.
Help me!
Pretend you're Rupen.
Walk down the steps.
Take me to the caf.
This helps?
It'll help me remember.
Walk up those steps.
This way, please.
Who treats a fianc like that?
How do I know what Rupen does?
Forget Rupen.
What would you do? Now
that I'm your girlfriend.
We haven't met all day.
We meet, you take
me to the caf.
Follow your heart.
Feel it.
I shall keep you there...
near my faith and belief.
If I cannot belong to you...
I shall belong to no one.
Who knows where this
breeze will take you.
This breeze so unknown,
so rebellious.
Who knows where this
breeze will take me.
Neither you nor I know
where we are heading.
These memories that you make,
how long can they last?
I keep going day and night
thanks to these moments.
My world of dreams exists...
only because of you.
The winds that pass me
by call out your name.
These winds that call out to me,
I don't know what they say.
Who knows where this
breeze will take you.
Who knows where this
breeze will take me.
Neither you nor I know
where we are heading.
I wish Rupen was like you.
Will you train him?
I'll be sorted for life.
Get him on Facetime. I'll
train him right now.
I remember!
This was the exact spot.
The ring was on my finger.
Don't remember after that.
Shall I tell you? Now, all
hell will break loose.
Your heart is now racing.
Your lips are softening.
It's so pleasing.
We're falling in a trap.
Sejal, a time will come
when you'll have to leave.
No matter what happens
between us, you must leave.
Just don't look back.
You're saying, maybe
I won't leave...
I'll cancel the wedding,
break the engagement and stay?
Is that what you're asking?
I'm not the type to dump my
fianc for a tour guide.
Don't worry. It's ok.
It hurts me to hear you say that.
I'm heartbroken.
You're naive. There's
a rocky road ahead.
Many wiser than you have
got lost on this path.
They make one mistake
and undo their lives.
Harry, will you come to my wedding?
25 November in Mumbai.
It'll be fun. Rupen and
I look good together.
You'll see for yourself.
You won't be able to.
You'll feel hurt.
You don't know me, Sejal.
But I know myself.
I am very selfish.
I play cute now, say all
the right things...
pretend I'm your girlfriend...
but when we find the ring.
It's bye bye.
I'm not the type to get hurt.
But watch your heart.
You have high hopes, right?
Sweetie! We'll see about
those high hopes.
We'll see.
That's right.
- The game is on!
- Absolutely!
Let's go.
You and me...
between us, we
blow hot and cold.
I sing to your tune.
Between us, a song flows.
You and me...
between us, we
blow hot and cold.
I sing to your tune.
Between us, a song flows.
Smoldering embers,
brimming with desire.
You and I burn in turns.
Our status will change...
from single to
somewhere in between.
You and me...
between us, we
blow hot and cold.
I see the sky flying...
passed the earth.
Our story may or
may not be told.
Moments of folly...
live them now or
they are gone forever.
The softest moments
swiftly pass us by.
Let me know you, all of you.
Who knows you, all of you?
Show me your anger, between
us, let it explode.
You're in Budapest, Manky?
So am I. I'll send
you my location.
Don't mind her.
Hi! Who are you?
Who am I?
- That's what I asked.
- Who are you?
I'm his girlfriend.
No. He can never
have a girlfriend.
He has no heart.
He's just using you.
- Also that.
- No.
It's not what you think, Clara.
She's just a client.
Let her think what she wants.
And now tell me who you are?
I'm the one he cheated and ran away.
He'll do the same to you.
Cheating is not good.
No! We'll settle this
matter immediately.
Come, we'll settle it.
- Sit!
- She says she has to go.
Ok, what's your complaint?
This man had fun
with me for years.
Then he ran away from Frankfurt
without informing me.
I had to go through
many troubles.
One two three - fun,
ran away, trouble.
So he had fun with you and
you did not have fun?
Means he had fun against your wishes?
By force?
It's not like that.
With your consent? Consensual?
That's not a legal
offence in Europe.
Ran away?
You have a signed
document stating...
he cannot leave Frankfurt
without your permission? You have?
I get it!
- So answer me.
- No.
So no legal offence.
Trouble? What kinds of trouble?
All kinds of trouble.
Like what?
Even the keys, he didn't give
them to me when he went.
- You had to make a duplicate key?
- Yes!
And spend money?
- Of course.
- How much?
One euro, two euro?
Twenty euro.
Very bad.
Come on. Give her
twenty euro right now.
Sejal, what are you doing?
Take it. Don't be shy.
Take it.
Now you listen, sister Clara.
Harassment... what you just
did, that's a legal offence.
If you do it again...
in public or private,
he can sue you.
So nice to see you.
Clara, see you later.
You're a piece of work.
I've avoided Frankfurt for
two years because of her...
Don't talk to me!
You were into her? You were
with her for two years?
But I'm not worth it? How
is she better than me?
Perhaps someday I'll explain.
Why "someday"? Tell me now.
If you have the guts.
- Well?
- I'm dying to tell you.
- Is that it?
- Not at all.
What are you doing?
- Have you no shame?
- I have your permission now.
- Mummy!
- Don't want your Mummy, I want you.
Control yourself!
Get some treatment.
You can't go on like this.
You're here?
Hello, ma'am. Mayank.
You said you had important news.
Breaking news about your ring!
You left your number
at the Budapest caf.
The owner called.
They've found a diamond ring. But
someone else has claimed it.
Nastassja Spacek Dubronovijck.
She gave a Prague address.
So he gave her the ring?
Why you gave her the ring?
Where's the proof
that it's hers?
It's not a police station.
It's a caf.
Nastassja must have
said her ring was lost.
So she took the ring.
Oh no! We almost found it.
- Did you try calling her?
- Yes. No reply.
Are white people thieves too?
Thieves don't care about
colour, caste or creed.
Thievery just happens.
Like love.
- We'll catch her in Prague.
- If she's there.
Thieves won't leave
a proper address.
Hello. Nastassja?
Is that Nastassja?
You must come to my
engagement and my wedding.
I can't. Try and understand.
Full aerobics in Europe!
- Ticket?
- Don't worry.
Why don't you go home?
It's been two years.
Clara is history.
Frankfurt is safe.
You don't get it.
I'm getting engaged in two days.
You can find the ring today...
or tomorrow or later.
My wedding is on the 5th.
I'll come.
The groom's party is
not just the groom.
We could go shopping together.
Buy a gift for Irina.
We don't have family here.
We're orphans, in a way.
Don't overdo it! If we
find the ring, I'll come.
You must come too! The
groom's party must impress.
When we find the ring, I'm gone.
- Please stop, Sejal.
- Why?
I'll get used to this.
Where do you usually live?
I'm always on tour.
No spare time.
And if you have spare time?
I stay in the last
stop of the tour.
You rent an apartment?
I'm in tourism, Sejal.
I manage somehow.
You find someone?
No, you can't go on like this.
You should go home.
Because I say so. Any
problem with that?
Sejal, it's my personal business.
Don't interfere.
I will! What will you do?
You'll do as you please?
What are you looking at?
Sejal, can you give me a hug?
That's her. On the pole.
She's really worth it.
She's really worth it.
Naste, talk to Gas.
- Go!
- We're not with them.
- She'll walk you home.
- Come.
Gas is getting angry.
You're safe with us.
Are they dangerous?
Gas is waiting on phone.
- Talk!
- She doesn't want to.
Get away! Don't touch her.
Back off!
You're better than her.
You asked me how you rate.
Don't butt in.
Get it?
What did you say?
- Who are you?
- Shall I tell you?
The man who knows who you are.
So shut up and go.
No ID?
All illegal immigrants.
I could send you
packing from Europe.
Get it?
What are you staring at? Go!
Phone Gas. Seems dangerous.
- I am better than her?
- Cool it!
Better than her? Really?
This is my house.
Listen, Nastassja.
Last month you were
in Budapest...
where you picked up
a ring from a caf.
- It belongs to her.
- To her?
You took that ring, right?
- Yes.
- Thief!
How does the ring belong to her?
It does! You have to
return it to her, ok?
I don't have the ring.
You just said you had it.
When I got the ring, I
threw it back at his face.
At whose face?
Gas, the son of a $ #!
He sent his men.
Why throw the ring at him?
Because he's scum.
His name is Gas?
Don't wanna be his girl.
I say - take the ring,
break-up, finish.
Gas gave you this ring?
Yes, but I hate him.
That scumbag.
This Gas got the ring from
the caf and gave it to her.
And she lost it again?
- She threw it at his face.
- That was later.
Ask her where's the ring.
This Gas, does he have the ring?
He picked up the ring, came after
me saying please, please...
- So he has ring?
- Yes.
- Where is he? In Prague?
- No, between Sintra and Lisbon.
- In Portugal?
- Our tour didn't take us there.
Nastassja, tell me. Are you
are speaking the truth?
Why I lie? I hate him.
So you'll give me his
address, phone number...
I give it all.
Can I get a selfie with you?
What does Gas do in Portugal?
Oh. He's a criminal.
"I do business, I have a
caf." No, he is criminal.
This one is not nice.
- Take it from there. Better light.
- Come this side.
That's better.
Thank you.
Are you nuts, Sejal?
Two days, no news.
Rupen has been trying.
Sister, no tension.
I'm too sexy!
Even Rupen's Dad wants me.
This is a new side to you!
- What are you up to?
- I'm honeymooning.
I'll be as boring as
you after marriage.
So why not enjoy
a honeymoon now?
Don't talk nonsense. Where's Harry?
Is he with you?
I'm honeymooning with him.
Crazy girl!
Sejal, come off it! Be sensible.
Is this desire or devotion?
I must win you, come what may.
Here we go.
Here we fly.
I desire you in our skies.
Desiring you as long
as you are near.
The skies whizzes by, the
ground whizzes by...
time whizzes by as I desire you.
Desiring you as long
as you are near.
The high life that
we are living.
Ecstatic, intoxicating,
flying, high.
As the sky whizzes passed us.
Don't over-think this
thing between us.
Don't try to figure it all out.
Just live in this moment.
Is this desire or devotion?
I must win you, come what may.
This longing overwhelms me.
Feelings are more
than mere words.
Harindar, Mr. Gas has arrived.
Wait, I'll go see him.
- Don't worry.
- He's a criminal.
- Hello. You look for me?
- No, no.
My name is Ghyasuddin
Mohammed Qureshi.
Europeans can't pronounce
it, nor can I.
What can I do for you?
We're looking for a ring.
A ring.
For you?
Actually you have it.
The ring you gave Nastassja.
Sorry. I know that's
your private business.
The ring is very
important to us.
It's in my Lisbon workshop.
So you have it?
Not sure how the
ring belongs to you.
But if it's yours, take it.
It's of no use to me.
I didn't offer you anything.
Tea? Masala tea?
Cutting chai?
Take care.
I'm fine.
He's a sweet guy.
We can collect the ring
from his address tomorrow.
We had Gas all wrong.
We'll find the ring tomorrow?
Seems like it.
I'm taking this with
me, my queen size bed.
The sailor leaves the
shores for distant lands...
for the riches and
spices of India...
many hundreds of years ago.
But his woman still
cries for him.
She wails at night: "I
am lost without you."
Come back to me.
Come back from India.
Come back to your love.
Hello India!
Namaste! Salaam!
Nehra here! Remember me?
Eternal is the Glory
of the Timeless Lord!
Kulwant Kaur, I miss you!
Who is she?
She used to live in Nurmahal.
- When you rode a tractor?
- Yes.
Took her into the fields?
Our love was true.
We met only twice and
then she got married.
One must miss someone, so I miss her.
Never told a soul.
How come?
People will misunderstand.
Kulwant Kaur...
they may think I miss a man.
Your name is better.
All well?
Sounds good.
I miss you!
Come back! We'll go
looking for another ring.
I have a gun.
Go easy!
- Have you lost your mind?
- Shut his mouth!
All this for a ring?
Why are you doing all this?
You said you'll
have me deported?
How will you do that exactly?
Over here. She's here.
I gave a ring to my girl.
She returned it to me.
So how does the
ring belong to you?
Put the gun away.
You'd kill me for a ring?
Put it away!
What's special about this ring?
I don't get it.
Talk straight.
Who told you about me?
What do you want? Who are you?
I'll tell you.
Ghyasuddin Mohammed Qureshi.
That's my name!
Who are you?
That's the name we
have in our records.
What records?
Illegal immigration.
Get it?
When someone sneaks into
Europe without papers...
then hides like a mouse.
Like this.
Your papers legit?
Legal or illegal?
Show me your ID card.
I'll explain.
- I have to go to the toilet.
- Come here.
- He's making a fool of you.
- Enough!
Is this your idea
of a kidnapping?
You left my phone in my pocket.
It's on.
My department is tracking me.
They won't be long.
What is it?
I thought my department arrived.
Why are you going?
Listen to me!
I've had enough of you.
Got a gun license?
Not even that.
Let go!
What are you doing?
What can I possibly do? This
is the story of my life.
Floods in my country washed
away all my possessions.
I am totally ruined.
O Mother!
- Untie us!
- Stop staring. Untie them!
You OK?
Sejal, now's not the
time, let's go.
Get some water!
Nothing's wrong. I am fine.
Here's the water.
O Mother!
Take your time.
Any antiseptic?
Pass my bag.
A big misunderstanding.
Let's work it out.
Why did you harass Nastassja?
Me? I did no such thing.
I love her.
Nothing but rings!
Pick any one you like.
I want the Budapest caf one.
They're all the same.
They're all fakes.
Nastassja didn't tell you?
That's why we broke up.
She discovered the ring was
a fake and I sell fakes.
So our ring can't be
among these fakes.
- Is that so?
- I'm a scumbag, right? I lie.
Ask Nastassja.
Sejal, he says these
rings are fakes.
Still, take a look.
Found it?
Like an ember it will burn...
this memory of ours.
Stinging and singeing
this memory of ours.
These memories
will torment us...
but we shall not complain.
With the setting sun,
even the sky burns.
I expect nothing...
and I can't complain.
But you've become
a part of me...
and I long for you.
This is just a feeling...
a fleeting sensation...
and yet I can't
stop longing for you.
What can I do...
when our memories...
will start to fade away?
you should go back.
All hell will break
loose, Sejal.
Harry, let all hell break loose.
Not like this.
I can't behave the way I do
with the others. On the sly.
Not with you.
You think I'm better
than the others?
I know you do.
If there was someone
else in your place...
what would they have done?
You're wrong about who
you think you are.
Perhaps that's the lie.
Sometimes I think
you can save me.
I'll save you.
Like an ember it will burn...
this memory of ours.
Stinging and singeing
this memory of ours.
Good morning!
Mayank sent tickets
to Frankfurt.
Very good.
You asked him?
Don't worry. We have 2
hours' before the flight.
Why Frankfurt?
The tour didn't go there.
Your ring can't be there.
We'll find the ring. You're hurt.
Just rest.
Should I rest? Or do
Mayank's wedding shopping?
So what? He's getting married.
He has no family here.
Don't get involved.
We are going.
Come here, sweetie!
We'll miss the flight. Stop!
It's time!
Last check, final
check, all check.
Let me light this, Monica.
- They're here.
- It's done.
Don't they look lovely?
Pomp and splendour abound.
All arrangements are set.
The welcome drinks are served.
The wedding turbans adorned.
You're looking all dolled up.
The hall is all decked up.
Myriad delicacies
ready to relish.
A song with a Desi beat plays.
Our meeting is full of mischief.
Soak in the happiness, honey.
We have everything
we need, honey.
Let all hell break loose!
Listen to me, honey. Let
tomorrow worry about tomorrow.
Honey, I am all yours today.
Let all hell break loose!
Let all hell break loose!
Gone are the days of solitude.
Now my world is
full of friendship.
Feelings fill my heart.
All words are now spoken. The
world has turned upside down.
Poems recited, drinks swallowed.
Delicacies all gobbled up.
Our meeting is full of mischief.
Soak in the happiness, honey.
We have it all, honey.
Let all hell break loose!
Listen to me, honey. Let
tomorrow worry about tomorrow.
Honey, I am all yours today.
Let all hell break loose!
What's the scene?
I mean between the two of you.
- Go home.
- What do you think?
I think you shouldn't leave.
Just stay here.
Is it do-able? Any chance?
You look so good together.
Don't you feel like staying?
Don't overdo it, Manky. Go!
Keep him out of it.
I have never seen this
side of his personality.
Tell me honestly...
Do you feel the same with your
boyfriend as you do with Harry?
This is too much! You better go!
You know I didn't know this
girl was hidden inside of me.
I can't believe I'm
behaving the way I am.
I have never felt as
happy as I feel now.
It's a dream, it's
too good to be true.
It's not real, right?
My life is in Mumbai.
My life plan. Family,
business, Rupen.
I have to go back.
We are tour guides.
We should know.
Everyone goes home in the end.
Everyone loves a holiday...
but holidays don't last forever.
Let's go.
- Great party.
- Yeah! Good fun.
Thank you so much.
- I was waiting for this moment.
- To chill in the balcony?
Exactly. That was my plan.
How did you guess?
That's just the problem.
What's next? Where
do we go from here?
Still looking for the ring?
What's our next stop?
Did we go to Switzerland?
What is it?
Let's stop. We're done.
What are we doing...
playing husband and wife?
It's a sham.
Who are we kidding?
- Let's not spoil it.
- No, we must spoil it.
Stop this play-acting.
What's wrong? Why are
you behaving so badly?
Our time is up!
We both know it.
There's no time left.
And you have to leave.
It's a farce, Sejal.
Sipping wine, chilling out.
Nothing but a farce.
- What do you want, Harry?
- What difference does it make?
Who am I to want anything?
- Answer me.
- Be practical, Sejal.
Let's be like you.
I'm a tour guide.
A nobody. I know
what my life is.
I know what I can have
and what I cannot have.
It's all right.
OK, you're just a nobody.
But you can have desires?
I'm asking you. What
do you want, Harry?
- That's not the point.
- Then what is?
What do you want?
Are you someone who dumps her fianc
and elopes with a tour guide?
Do you want to be a
bad woman like that?
Do you?
It stings for a bit.
Then time heals everything.
Keep your advice to yourself.
Sister, can't you sleep?
You make me tense.
Not anymore! Here,
talk to Rupen.
I have called him over.
Sejal, you've made a
mountain out of a molehill.
Such drama over a ring!
I'm sorry, I was very angry. I
spoke out of turn at the airport.
And didn't call for three days.
My fault. I'm sorry.
Will you come back now?
Or must you be stubborn?
Are you all right?
Is Harry looking after you?
It's ok now? You are
coming back, right?
Say it.
I'm coming back.
Can you get me a
flight tomorrow?
Yes, ma'am.
Checked in?
This is the
moment... when I leave.
It was in my bag.
I found it two days ago.
Look after yourself.
Because I won't be there.
Don't worry.
I'm selfish.
I told you I'd leave.
We always find what
we're looking for.
I'm looking for something too.
All the time, everywhere.
I don't know what it is...
but it's something...
I have never found.
Could I have been
looking for ...you?
I am empty without you...
you belong to me.
Wherever you may roam...
you belong to me.
I am empty without you...
you belong to me.
How long has your name
been etched on me?
Whatever I have has
come from you.
You are my desire and my right.
I am empty without you...
you belong to me.
Now for some quality
time before we leave.
I can answer all your queries.
Anyone wants to take a pic...
a photo? I can take it.
Before our long bus
journey, if anyone...
We're heading to Liberty Square.
He means the place
we just visited.
Our bus leaves soon...
Brother, a call for you.
we can't head back, but
we can go to the toilet.
It happens.
You should forget her.
Why should I forget her?
Is that necessary?
Brother, take it easy.
It was bad but it's over.
Bad? Why?
Was it bad that I met her?
- Nothing better has ever happened.
- What about now?
Who would have thought...
she'd be the one to
do what I had feared.
Brash, stupid, juvenile.
She isn't scary but she made
my fears come true.
She became the person
who felt like home.
Why didn't you
tell her, brother?
Would she have stayed? And
abandoned everything?
You never asked.
Would it have made a difference?
Who knows! But you didn't ask.
Was it right for her
to stay for my sake?
It was up to her, not me.
You should've admitted your feelings.
But you said nothing.
She asked me three times.
Can I ask now?
- It's too late.
- Why is it too late?
Why? She's getting
married tomorrow.
I'll tell her
before the wedding.
I promised I'd be
at her wedding.
You're planning a trip to India?
I'm flying tomorrow.
What for?
She's getting married. What will you say?
What will you do?
I don't know.
Harry, will you
come to my wedding?
25 November in Mumbai.
It'll be fun.
Rupen and I look good together.
You'll see for yourself.
You won't be able to.
You'll feel hurt.
Mind the queue.
Hi, thank you for coming.
Who are you?
What do you mean? Who are you?
- Isn't this Sejal's wedding?
- Sejal. Sejal, who?
It is the 25th?
Yes, it is. So?
Sejal Zhaveri's wedding?
That wedding got cancelled.
That's how this
venue became free.
Have you come for her wedding?
A very happy married
life to you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're here!
Tea? Coffee?
No, no.
- Cold drink?
- No, no formality.
The wedding was cancelled.
What happened?
I am not a nice,
sweet, sister-type.
I'm the type to dump my boyfriend
and elope with a tour guide.
A few days after I returned,
I understood that.
I'm the bad type.
Poor Rupen is a nice sweet guy.
I couldn't have married him,
so I cancelled the wedding.
I've traveled so far to
attend your wedding.
So... no, no.
You'll have to get married.
How can I get married?
I've broken off the engagement.
I'm not even wearing a ring.
Not my fault.
What can I do?
Do you have a ring?
Let's have a romantic engagement.
We'll get married later.
I don't have a ring. It's
a silly thing anyway.
You lose it then you have
to look for it everywhere.
But you weren't
looking for a ring.
So what was I looking for?
Something I have
that belongs to you.
A certain void
that is inside me.
That's what you were seeking.
The void that's inside of me...
if you were to fill it...
it would complete you too.
If we still lacked
something in our lives...
I know it'd be fine as
long as we are together...
but you would not
miss anything because...
this void would fulfill you...
and keep you feeling
beautiful and worthy always.
I'm ready.
So how do we do this?
No more rings!
I'm not a girl on
the side, am I?
Like the others?
You can tell me if I'm worth it.
So tell me...
and when I understand...
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
May the path you
take shine bright.
The paths of yesterday
and tomorrow.
I recall the sound
of your footsteps.
Live well, even if you
belong to another.
At last the bird has flown home.
It's a new start.
It's been years since I heard my
voice sing above the tractor sound.
In the wheat fields...
that's where you'll find me.
Walking on the simple path
with a smile on my face.
Come to me!
Hear the song of my heart.
Your yellow gold-edged veil...
flies over the sky.
You bring colour to life.
Come to me!
I cherish your little tantrums.
I am all yours today.
Fly like a beautiful
and join me in the fields.
Today we dance,
today we rejoice.
Fly like a beautiful butterfly
and join me in the fields.
I feel beautiful
in the instant...
that I remember
that I belong to you.
I'll shout from the rooftops...
that I'm crazy about you.
I am not afraid or ashamed...
of teasing and
taunting you all night.
Must you tell me all this?
I hear you and I melt.
Don't complain if
I sound foolish.
I've filled my heart with
you, so don't turn away.
Fly like a beautiful butterfly
and join me in the fields.
Fly like a beautiful
and join me in the fields.
Today we dance,
today we rejoice.
Is this real or am I
just high on emotion?
Is this real or a
game of chance?
What you were seeking...
was seeking you too.