Jab We Met (2007) Movie Script

Leave It.
There is a nice to go the court.
All things is clear in 4 question.
Look! I don't think we should
come to any confusion.
Good morning sir
Good Morning.
Hello Mr. Kashyap.
Nice meeting with you.
Do quick train has gone.
Do Quick.
Please take it my luggage.
Come Come.
Take It.. Take It..
Give him all luggage.
Madam please go up fast.
Don't worry about me.
Get inside all luggage fast.
I'll tell you madam.
Leave the coolie luggage.
Look the frame that's a baba frame.
Have you other luggage.
How much you have a luggage.
No Problem, No tension.
Take It...
Take It...
Madam please see on the front.
Yes I saw there.
please you get this Luggage.
Please come Please.
Go away Go Away..
Please Come.
Today the limit is end.
Today line will be cross.
Do you know what?
I didn't miss train in my whole life.
Thank you uncle.
You save me record before broken.
I am come inside.
So please leave my hand.
I am not beautiful too much.
I am feeling better in Non A.C.
But my family told me I am girl.
As like I don't know I am a girl.
Brother this is A-One.
- Yes
Thank you.
Now what a connection
between A.C. and girl.
I don't understand about this.
I mean I didn't travel first
time in train.
No sir in this Train.
You thought that is my
second home.
Please show me the ticket.
I am talking with you.
Hey Boss.
No body hired a passage seat.
But I insist please give me
the passage seat.
The uncle who sit in the reservation.
He worried about this.
But my funda is this.
My travel not finished with this train.
I want to go Bhatinda.
There is my house and my family.
Everyone have a family.
And also I have.
Everyone told me Mumbai is
too much Crowded.
what does mean the crowded.
They made like us crowded persons.
we are a part of Rush.
and we get problem also.
I am leaving Mumbai.
Do you know when I was come there.
when Mumbai is Bombay.
Hostel... Hostel... Hostel.
I swear I didn't live in hostel.
After today.
I hope digging must clear
before raining.
Otherwise do you know
what happened.
what happen.
what are you doing?
Open your mouth.
You didn't speak?
You are like a silly boys.
Or Else you are only bad boy.
Any thing is possible I ask
Ticket Please
I'll give you ticket is on my berth.
Excuse me brother.
Ticket Please!
Hello brother.
First you come inside.
.. please come inside.
Now show me the ticket.
He wants to see your ticket.
where is ticket?
I don't have a ticket.
Actually do you know
what happen.
His plan changed on the last moment.
That's why he have no time to buy a ticket.
well train is going much free now.
So please make ticket now.
No any problem.
Brother now you're convince
or more I tell you.
which place I make the ticket.
where the train was gone.
Last Stop.
Make the ticket of Delhi.
Look I tell you.
He had a one accident.
That's a bad time.
Now he is in Delhi.
what Boss.
what's a matter?
Look if you have any problem in life.
So you tell me without hesitate.
I don't mind.
Tell me.
My whole friend his all problems
discuss with me.
And I solve all of them.
You know I am girl like this.
the articles come into the
Like this.
what happen?
Tell me what's your problem?
Tell me, Don't be shy!
Tell me what's your problem?
You are a my problem.
Talking talking talking.
You can't understand I am not
interested to talk with you.
I don't want to talk with you.
I don't want to know that you're
go to bhatinda, or Banaras.
You live in hostel or brothel.
I just don't care alright.
Just please.
please Leave me alone.
There is no right thing
about brothel.
Look My...
- I Know that.
Clearly you are very upset
about anything.
That's why you're upset on me.
And talking like rubbish.
But It's Ok.
I didn't feel bad.
Actually now a days
I didn't feel bad.
Do you know why?
Because I am getting married.
Very soon.
Ok listen.
I'll getting married by runaway.
Boy is not a Sikh.
nobody accept this.
But who will do after marry.
Go and down in his legs.
They must forgive us.
I like Fahad very much.
From childhood I have too much craze
to getting marry.
what is a difference between
Hill and Mountain.
I don't understand about this.
I just wait when my college was finished.
and his travel agency get start.
There is not a Good variety of shoes.
That's why I am.
One minute.
Train has gone.
Listen Hero.
what's his name.
He Brother.
He have a name brother.
Look there.
He is with you.
Oh Dear.
Hey Brother.
Sister where are you gone.
Train has leaving
Hey Black pant.
- Sister.
Hey Mr. from Bombay.
Listen train has gone.
You're mad train has gone.
Come let's go.
Go to hell.
Look what will you do?
where are you going.
who paid me..
Come train has gone.
Somebody pull the chain.
Any blind person can seen this
bigger luggage Fat woman.
And she mad.
I don't know my tomatoes has
gone in which corner.
I pick all these from front.
you'll get here and there.
You're in which world.
I missed my train just
because of you.
My all luggage has gone.
And in this dress with the slippers.
I am stand on this station.
And now what I do now.
I'll tell you get down
from the train?
You didn't do your work?
Oh that my mistake.
Shameless person I'll help you.
You want to tell me Thank you.
And you show me your attitude.
Ok Thank you
Thank you, Because of help me.
Now please don't follow me.
Leave me?
That's not easy.
My train was missed because of you.
And now you'll drop me to Bhatinda.
at my house, with all my luggage.
I can't spare you.
Don't take any doubt in your heart.
I am sikhni from Bhatinda.
Hey you run.
somebody caught this person.
Thief Thief..
Go away..
- Stop.
Somebody catch the thief.
Pull down your uniform.
Do fast.
Go Go...
Yes Lord listen your voice.
what are you doing?
we pick the train like this?
You didn't get train like this?
Ritlam is next station.
what do you know?
who are you?
He is mad!
He is totally mad.
Stop the car?
- what?
Stop the car?
what happen?
what happen?
Oh God.
You didn't wait few minutes.
Go inside.
what are you doing?
what are you doing?
Stop Stop...
Don't disturb him.
Accident has must gone.
Brother please please.
All things are moving.
Don't take a tension.
Listen to me.
This man is not a ordinary man.
See his style.
I was buy this car after
selling my land.
Look we are in this situation
because of him.
If any thing will be damage they give you.
Don't take a tension.
I'll give you.
If anything do with this car.
so you understand.
Nothing will be done.
My money?
where are you gone?
My Money?
Give me my money?
where are you gone?
They go without given my money.
Go inside.
- And you?
Look please don't try
to help me more.
I am alone fine.
Give me my money.
Stop it dear.
One second.
Madam you're also there.
Give me some money.
I want to buy water.
I'll return you in a train.
It's complete.
Look I'll give you money.
Stand here with quietly.
My breathing will stop.
Everything is on his place.
water done his work is only water.
Otherwise water is not a free.
How much?
-14 Rupees.
Railways prices is less.
That's a rate madam.
Can I ask with the consumer court.
Make me a fool.
You're talking just for 2 Rupees.
If 2 rupees is nothing.
why you stole?
Give back money.
Take this.
Somebody pull out the chain.
Please stop...
Next Station is Kota.
I'll call the station master.
He take your luggage?
And not anything will done.
But how I reached there.
So who tell you get down the train?
You want to be active.
Now what will you do?
You don't understand.
Look life is like a train route.
The bent of 1 inch and faraway miles.
Your small mistake destroyed your life.
I also missed my most train.
But that day I am a man.
Mean now a days I am a man.
But you are a Girl.
Alone girl like open locker.
Do you know?
what will happen with you?
I tell you!
- Excuse me.
I want to ask with you.
You're telling all of this.
.. can you charge this or
that is a free guideless.
That's a free.
Because I don't have a Penny.
Look Old man do your work.
and stop talking like rubbish.
Call the kota.
Other is my problem I'll handled.
Let's call.
One girl who is the passenger
on 6 number.
Your water.
we are not a thief.
That's very bad.
what happen brother?
what happen.
Train has gone.
There is no train till morning.
Oh Shit.
She is alone?
- Yes.
what she do?
You know all things.
Alone girl like open locker.
Listen don't you play drama.
Now go away from here.
we are a bomb who will blast?
Try to understand madam!
Before this who take a bad
decision about you!
we think!
we help you.
In the night don't spare her there.
You're getting some problems.
But get her any where.
Yes! There No any solution.
Don't you trying to get smart.
Go out...
It's Limit.
There is no matter to do Good.
we'll get you a right place.
And you.
Shut Up.
I'll slap you.
If you talk more.
Get slap!
She touch you by mistake.
Alright. If you are happy
in this so please slap me.
Please slap me.
Slap me.
where are you gone?
we are going after slap.
Listen brother.
Madam what are you telling.
Slap me.
Let's Go.
Let's go.
I am only one man Full
night place is mine come let's go.
I am not like this.
- what?
what you are not?
- what?
Oh You want money?
I'll give you.
why you take hesitate.
Intoxicate person come here daily.
why teach me yoga at night.
Listen to me.
I'll give you money Tell.
why you making drama.
Thank you uncle.
Oh God I don't know what
will happen with me.
Thank you...
You again missed this train.
And who is this joker
on the bike.
Hi Jeet.
- Aditya.
Pleased to meet you.
I am not glad like this
before meet with you.
Because that you're who
get all these problem.
I tell you.
Don't take any doubt.
I won't spare you.
You drop me on my house.
I see in your wallet you
have a money.
we stay here to nearest
hotel till morning.
And after this we are going Kota.
Get a luggage and after.
.. all the way to Bhatinda.
Come on..
Let's go.
This top look you gave with walking.
Come on come on..!
Come on.
It's enough.
what's mean that.
I am walking on the streets of Ratlam.
I saw from the train this house
these streets.
Life is Good luck.
Are you enjoying.
we are on the picnic.
You made for a museum.
Everyone get a ticket to see you.
And where you took on which place.
You are in train but you don't
where train was gone.
You get down on a strange station.
And after this drive like madly.
Unless take my life and reach there.
And what is there.
walking on the Night street.
On the streets of Ratlam.
But what is your problem.
Tell me now.
Sorry sorry.
You didn't share your
problems with anyone.
Are a fan of Bachchan.
Angry young man.
Today you are so happy.
Tell me.
well who is your favorite hero?
Tell me.
That's not a secret dear.
where I am?
what I do?
Come please.
Did you accept credit card?
No Credit only cash.
Credit Card.
what is tariff.
How much you charge of one day.
You want a room by the
rent of hourly.
How much I ask you.
Then you give me answer that.
How much charges of one day?
Not for all day.
why we live here all day.
Listen I am talking with him.
Yes you are talking.
we a less money.
we want a room by hour rent.
Jeet you're not understanding what ls.
- Be practical why getting shy.
we have a some hours work.
we get a room by per hour.
How much hour.
Ok lets Safe site
- Ok.
where you'll find.
In Train.
In the train?
In the trainee.
Good Idea.
Listen how's this item.
Very tough.
what are you talking with him?
You know?
You are a very big cartoon.
Maybe possible.
But I know Karate.
I just tell you
I am Brown Belt.
Oh you know about Karate.
If I try to rape you, you can fight.
Maybe possible.
I mean yes sure.
I am looking like this.
But I spare too much persons.
Don't worry.
I didn't rape attempt on you.
You can't do!
I don't want to do this.
If you want so you can't do!
Your are forced me I am trying
to rape with you.
No I am just give you clarification.
You don't get wrong signal.
On the station I hug you and told
you come lets go to any hotel.
Don't know what you think?
Like your type person.
Like my type?
what do you mean?
Like this who follow you in
Bombay streets.
But I tell you I am not this type girl.
Don't Think.
I am old thinking girl.
And mine is Anjuman.
One and only.
you are also happy when I tell you
that I am also one woman man
Look at this!
wait wait..
So nice.
You are so lucky.
I am not lucky.
Oh so that's a problem.
This girl was dumb you.
Life dumb me.
Oh God the famous silence in all.
what's your biggest secret.
I will tell you everything.
why you didn't share with me.
Look at this picture.
This girl ditch you.
Take it.
Burned this.
Come on Jeet you can't be serious.
Damn Serious.
Burn it.
why you react like a child.
Accept this.
and burned this.
You are feeling better.
Hey burned all of these.
Take it.
No tension.
And now go to bath room and flush
out her forever in your life.
Did you feel better?
You know what?
work like foolish.
Actually I am feeling better.
You are right.
See and can I tell you truth.
You are not bad looking wise.
You are handsome.
And rich also.
And you get better girl.
She is like a shit on front of you.
Thank you.
I just tell you.
I am a girl or not?
Anyone girl getting flirt on you.
You are like this.
Look my marriage getting with Anjuman
.. But if she is not in my life
So you never know.
Maybe I am loose with your hand.
Just imagine.
You like your self too much?
Too much.
I am a favorite of mine.
what happen?
I wish I could be like you.
Its difficult!
But you got a batter
girl then her its true.
So you will find a good girl for.
Ok tell me.
what about me?
Look at me.
what kind of question is this.
Open the door quick.
Madhav we don't
have time go fast.
Give my money
Oh hello what happened?
Police rate.
Go go...
quick... go...
Go away..
what happening?
we have to run.
Lets go.
Quick... go...
Go down straight ahead.
I will open the back side door.
hey listen...
what happening?
Mr. Gupta.
Quick... fast...
Next time you have to carry a
luggage to show the police.
Shawn like a foreigner.
But I have lost my stuff in train.
I have seen first time a train girl.
why don't you reserve
a bogie in train.
Its just for only two peoples.
I will tell you next time.
Come on.
Come Come...
what he telling?
But why?
Please God its enough now.
Don't give us any more
excitement in this night.
Make this night boring please.
Buss will go in the morning at 6 o'clock.
why you ask me
I like you or not?
Oh yes.
Ok tell me
How am I
But why?
There is not any answer for why.
May I looking good pretty?
Hey tell me quick.
If you like me then
you like my sister too.
Mine cousin absolutely like me.
Listen I have to run very soon.
with Anjuman.
so you and Roop run with us.
Your problem is same.
Grand father will never agree.
And then we fours will live
together in mountains.
Its so fun.
what do you say?
why don't we do this?
you and me run together
and live in mountains
Look its a convenient option
if we don't go to Bhatinda.
It means we are ruined
if you married with Roop.
Then I will be your sister in law.
Mid wife.
what I do with mid I
want complete.
you get Roop
completely and I'm mid.
Its a bargain offer.
Mid is free with one.
If I married with you
then offer is valid too.
I am telling to you about
my sister's relation
And you trying on me.
Are you telling that much always
or today is special occasion
No. I am telling too
much always
No its my first time.
I don't meet any like
you till today.
Lets Come to Bhatinda I met you.
You are wonder.
I don't listen any body ever in my
life who singing good like this
You have to be a singer.
Everything which human
wants when it becomes.
I feel this which human
wants in real he got it.
You know it was a time
when I wants in real
In actual.
There is not any passion in
my life bigger then music.
Is your life ends?
You talking like this
you have died.
It never Ends but I don't
have interest in music now.
why not?
what the problem like this?
Tell me
Oh God...
Ok don't tell.
But don't acts like an
angry man please.
I am starting a new topic.
Of Course.
Nice water yet.
Have you jumped ever
in lake like this?
Geeta I think we
have to go down.
we have to try its very exciting.
one second I have to
ask you something.
have you ever consult
to any psychiatrist?
Oh shut up.
You need it.
Shut up and lets jump.
Just listen to me.
Think about it we don't get
any chance like this ever.
I don't have to do this are you mad?
You have tried my innocence
its so funny now try madness.
Listen to me.
Isn't it funny?
you need a psychiatrist.
Don't look here.
Do you listen the name
of Dharamraj Kashab?
The industrialist?
Of Course.
which died last year.
I am his son.
You are Adyta Kashab!
Yes you know me.
You Addi Kashab.
that was your Mom who
runs with somebody else?
Yes that was my mother.
who runs with someone else.
I have listen in News in this
language which kind I m saying.
I am really sorry really.
No Geeta I have to listen.
why are you telling sorry?
If someone's Mother can do
like this cheap then.
you don't have to talk like
this about Mr. Kashab.
why can't?
She destroyed my whole family.
And make me ashamed
to all of you.
Then why I cant
talk like this?
Because she was in love.
Are you serious?
Look its very difficult to know like this
about her because she is your mother.
But if someone falls in love
then nothing any right or wrong.
who told you all of this who?
in which cheaper Novel
you read this?
Everyone says
All is fair in love.
They are telling lie.
Its all bull shit.
Do you understand?
I understand. Understand.
Listen you are very rich.
Run with my sister.
Our life's can settle.
You are the original piece
no any other like you.
Geeta Comes.
Geeta comes.
So what is the plane?
I will try.
You come in with me.
No.. No
I have to go Geet.
where you go?
I will be ok don't worry.
You come in with me.
I cant let you go like this.
Geeta really I cant.
Look my family comes don't
create a scene between them.
You live here some time
I have to talk to you.
And you go after that come.
Hi Geet.
They hostel mates
never gives you to eat
how thick you looking.
How are you?
Come here.
Grand father.
Hi grand father.
who's this guy?
He is my friend Grand Pa'.
which kind of friend?
Not anything like that
Grand father.
Not of which kind?
Means only friend.
Then why you get
him at home?
Because I lost my train at
an station at night.
and he brings me here.
If he was not there
then you know
Lonely girl is like an open treasure.
I don't knows him we
met in the train.
But he comes over 1000 kilo
meters with me at Bhatinda.
To bring me home safely.
Good Son.
Nor any more friend there?
Because in my age I can
feel in one second
what happening
between girl and boy.
Please Grand father you
make me ashamed.
If there is some shame in you then
you wear clothes like this?
If you can come to
home with this dress.
then you was live
naked in Mumbai.
what's the name?
what Adyta?
Adyta Kumar.
what you do?
I am a musician.
we are your payees Son.
Now you have to live
here for one week.
with us. because we have
to thank you in good form.
God Bless you.
You Mumbai peoples
eats so short.
My stomach will blast.
what's this non sense
do you listen ever like this?
Yes then what.
Geet please safe me.
Oh you people missed
to give him milk shake.
He comes to Punjab and you
people never gives him milk shake.
I bring it.
what are you doing?
I have to talk with you
come inside.
we are about to say you thank.
Oh I make a big mistake
when save your sister.
Next time I never do this
with others sister.
Son you go I will give
you night suit.
Oh God I have to die
if it goes like this.
Oh friend its ok come.
you don't understand that
my stomach will blast.
You see guest room is opened.
what happened?
Its a big matter
Now what?
I was told you that here
nobody knows about anshu.
Just me and Sister in law.
Geet what are you doing?
Its good you comes here.
Adyta she is my sister Roop.
Roop he is Adyta.
you have to marry him
Geet you have to think for
one second before saying.
And what was you doing inside?
You feels jealous from now?
Don't get upset we
don't do that.
He is one women man.
He goes fit with you.
Room is opened.
Then get him.
why you leave him here?
Ok listen.
You look there.
Its a secret.
you have to get up early
in the morning tomorrow.
There is an old tractor at
the back side of house.
we met there.
Good night.
Good night.
Nice to see you sweety
Today your face have a nice glow.
You don't seen anything
see latter my colors.
Its fantastic.
You talk very strong Panjabi
Its mine color too.
where you learned
Panjabi like this?
My Mom was Panjabi.
Oh yes.
Then why not you speak in Panjabi?
You have to talk
do you know?
You have to awake me
just for do this chit chat?
Oh no there is a big problem.
what happened?
Manjeet is coming.
Now who is this Manjeet?
Manjeet Maan they shifted in
Patiala some time ago.
Grand Father and all was fixed
my marriage with Manjeet.
And they comes
today to see me.
Hold on Hold on.
they don't ask you?
Marriage go on
without this.
it is a twist in
story suddenly.
Lets begin.
they are our old family friend.
Me and Manjeet was
live together in childhood.
All says when they becomes
young then marry them.
I feels very nice to hear
that I am marry with Manjeet.
when we play home I don't
let Roop to be Manjeet's wife.
In the age of 8 years.
Me and Manjeet was standing
together on this tractor.
And think that we make
our home behind the farm.
And then I becomes young
and takes Manjeet like a joke.
But yesterday I feels that my
parents are never comes bigger.
They are serious.
All of them are serious
and its not good for me.
Then now?
I have to run.
You always speak about run.
Its a cheap thing.
It has many types of
risk and problems.
There is nothing any option.
There are thousands of
options. Like?
Like you have to inform your
parents about Anjuman
They never accept.
And make me emotional
black mail reversely.
Bad option.
Look if you cant guide your
parents about Anshu
then leave him.
Next option. Don't get
married with anybody
Let Married Manjeet
and Roop together.
You have to prove it in
court Manjeet is incomplete.
He is not impotent.
how you know that?
One second.
Manjeet is not impotent
how would you know?
Its proved easily.
You and he?
Does he told you he will
Do you seen him
with someone?
well come..
They all are fools.
see how are they smiling?
what they knows I have to run.
very fast.
Listen you don't get close to me
like this they will take it wrong.
I cant marry with you.
They will hit me then?
do this to me sweet heart.
Leave me what are you doing?
Its a nice idea to stop
this marriage right option.
You live far from
me understand.
How are you?
Fine long time ago.
After marriage of Jaspeet.
what about Mumbai?
You people can talk there is
nothing any punishment.
Son Adyta.
Listen son.
Hello I have to introduce
him he is Adyta.
He is a Singer.
You have to remember all of
us but meet the biggest man
Manjeet Singh Maan.
Hi Manjeet How are you?
Come sit.
Oh no you have a seat.
He is a nice singer.
Oh good.
At this occasion he have to sing.
Yes of Course.
Oh no.
she is joking.
No I am serious.
Am I smiling look?
Ladies and gentle man
My friend comes from Mumbai.
Have to sing a song to all of us.
No please.
Then I want all you enjoy it.
Look now sit.
you have to sing now.
we want to see how much
power Mumbai peoples have.
Guys get the chair.
Come sit here.
Lets begin.
why are you looking at
me I m getting nervous.
look there don't see him.
I am starting all of you
have to join please.
nothing problem we have to
join it we are Punjabi.
Ok silence.
Our main work is fertilization but now
we have to enter in industries.
Oh yes.
One minute ok.
Get it hit Oh super.
You are here go
papa ask for you.
Now what you have to do?
He is coming?
Looking here?
Yes you go back side.
Did he see this?
Hey Manjeet she is acting.
Oh no Manjeet.
Look Manjeet which you thinking
there is nothing like this.
She is acting ask her.
Yes he is telling true.
there is nothing
anything among us.
we are only friends.
Tell him Adyta there is nothing
happened in Mumbai among us.
Tell him.
Papa tells me he don't ask for me.
He is lying.
Go I am coming.
Listen brother.
You are in a fame.
There is nothing among us.
we don't met in Mumbai.
She was acts like this.
I am not smart like citizens
but I have eyes.
I can see.
Friend she was do
this to show you.
Tell me why he
shows me like this.
you ask her you knows
her since childhood.
Don't shout.
Are you mad what
are you doing here?
Congratulations you done
our work dirty.
I was done a good scene
he go back till now.
Now he tell me he want to
talk to me in private.
I am going.
where means I am running.
Geet you don't do
like this ever.
I am doing like this
everything is planed.
I am here to tell you bye.
you go now.
You live here
someday comfortably.
And then go to Mumbai.
One second.
You are running and I live here?
Tomorrow Manjeet say everything and
then they bring me with cows.
great then you have
to come with me.
If we runs together then they
think that we run together.
Good deal what's your goes?
Correct what's mine goes.
Listen do you tell to
Roop about it?
what are you doing?
I will comes after two days
I will call you tomorrow.
And please don't tell
this to anybody.
Papa. Uncle.
Geet is running from home.
what is the plane?
we go to railway
station or buss stand.
But how we go there?
we get an auto rickshaw
from main road.
Unbelievable man.
Its your plane. we can get auto
rickshaw do you have brain?
I knows that she will see us
now why are you stop go.
why are you seeing there?
Come on.
I don't have to go back.
Geet you do this wrong
now do as I am saying.
But why we going back?
just shut up and come.
where they goes?
There at the road side.
And you let them go
you cant stop them?
Look go quick.
Call the boys.
there is any stairs
to go at the roof?
But why on roof?
You tell me or not?
Open the garage quick.
get the jeep.
Do you see them?
where they have to go?
where do you seen them.
they are goes out from the gate.
what happened?
I was knows that.
I was guess him.
Get my valet quick.
what goes between them.
but you people are very smart.
when you listen me?
what we doing here?
Look Roop was seen
us when we run there.
And they will catch us easily.
And now they go
outside and find us.
very where but they
cant find us in home.
then we have to wait here.
and then at correct time we
reach to other taxi stand.
Do you have a plane
with picture girl?
Believe in god
He tell me everything but I
don't no why he skip that
Its only Adyta bloody
who do this.
He changes our Geet's mind.
Your blood pressure is
high don't get angry.
he lives with us eat with us.
If we get him then I kill him.
Yes kill him.
where he is your boy friend?
At Manali.
he don't comes
Bhatinda to take you?
Actually I cant contact him.
No man.
Please don't tell me he bastard
don't knows about this all.
what are you doing Geet?
why are you playing
with you life?
Because its my favorite game Life.
what's your Football Badminton?
I know Car racing.
You know I think that I have
many problems in my life.
How we get rid from this problem?
You are very selfish just
think about yours and I?
what you its your life your
plane you run to marriage
what I am doing here?
I mean they find me to
kill and blame it on me.
And I cant get the girl.
I was told you to
run with Roop.
Its very funny no.
Uncle goes to Railway station.
we have to call the police.
Don't tell to police.
So I'll be happy
This Funda is too much.
That's a time who is there.
who passed here!
That a very good time.
See we remember this time and laugh.
I was come back soon.
After marry with Anjuman.
I said sorry to him.
They tease me but after all
they all are understand.
Shall we go?
Tell me true.
That's right what I do?
No you can't do right.
But you tell..
when someone in love.
So nothing will be right and wrong.
All is fair.
And today if I understand my Mom.
So don't worry.
Tomorrow your parents understand you.
Come on..
Look at this Anjuman.
He was look out side.
Let's Go.
Bye Geet.
You living like this forever.
Come meet with him.
Take care.
Good Morning
Are you guys going to beat me together?
Mehra Sir please don't beat me
I know I have done something like that
I have gone away without telling!
while Company was already in loss
I know that there are rumors
in market about me!
that I couldn't take my father's place
company is going to split,
my girlfriend married to other man!
that's why he run away from the city
false rumors
by the way
that all is truth!
our share prices are at all time low
all new plans turned out flop!
besides 572 claims too
in others word, we are in much trouble!
we are doomed!
no worse could happen than that!
what a man really wants, he gets it!
and this time I want it really!
that I will face all problems myself
that I want to complete
all incomplete plans
to raise this company as
much as Dad can't think!
I know you all love him much!
he is somewhere
watching us
so come let show him
that Boss! don't' need to worry much
this company can run without you
and can run better than your expectation!
so what you say?
what do you say?
Mrs. Khanna does not want to entertain,
any settlement of the stage!
she is here only to honor the
request for this meeting
she thinks that Mr. Aditya behaved to her
in very inappropriate manner
so there's no further company negotiation
you talk too much!
you have fun talking in such way?
eventually, I have seeing guys
like you for two three days
excuse me
that's your client's claim
I'm ready to sign it.
you job is finished
now be easy, relax,
take a chill pill
hello, take care of Sir!
and ask him, how
much is his mobile bill!
Mrs. Khanna whatever you
do, in your personal life,
with your husband and family,
that's your personal matter!
that's none of company's concern
I can not snatch your whole life effort,
because of this,
you and Mr. Kashaf started
this company in a room,
because of your efforts, this
company is at this stage,
these five things,
you can't ask to anyone,
and no one can give it to you,
this company is as much your as mine,
I want to give you the same place,
same responsibilities,
as it was 5 years back,
is that ok?
you get the papers ready,
I want to sign in one hour, ok!
welcome back!
you have to get itemized bills,
it's very important,
Yes Sir!
call our telecom team, I have
a new product idea,
and what else am I afraid of?
Steak owners,
Arrange the meeting with Steak Owners,
tomorrow morning,
when they come to know that Mom is back,
I want to see the expression on their faces,
than I'll put my terms in front of them,
you tell what happened?
you went to Manali?
there you went to some Church or etc?
Correct, that's right
no there is something you are hiding!
the matter is serious,
I'm afraid, you'll solve all your problem,
if you'll work like that?
you are doing this much work,
that Bill haven't done in 6 months
do you have any care of your reputation!
what is wrong with you,
what's wrong with me,
How can I forget?
the most important thing,
Annual Report,
no, no!
I'll see you,
India's first long distance calling cards,
for them who wants to talk much!
Excuse me Sir!
how you come up with the
idea of calling card in India
the world is getting shorter,
and India is getting bigger,
today we talk to worldwide,
Idea is that, people talk looking to heart,
not looking to bill,
we'll call, it doesn't really matter,
Matters is as our terms are meant
what you thought you'll get rid of me?
excuse me,
who are you?
one minute!
move, hold on a second!
where is she?
tell me, what are you looking at?
where is she? tell me!
Call her here!
I want to talk to her!
but Geet is not with me!
shut up!
don't lie to me
we just met in train,
we didn't know each other 2 days before!
Geet has told us everything!
she saw you from her own eyes,
Roop saw you, make her run
and you think that we are..
are we retarded or what?
Uncle I know, that what
impression you had,
you just call her here
pick up the phone!
I can explain,
it was explained on the same day,
you launched caller cards on her name,
didn't you announce in front
of whole world,
now tell me,
Uncle please listen to me,
you listen to me,
you and she, went Bhatinda together,
everyone knows that,
and now you saying that,
she is not with you,
tell me truth,
Is something happened to her?
is she dead?
tell me please!
common tell me,
what nonsense are you talking!
because it can't be happen,
that she didn't speak for nine months,
must have happened
she can't resist herself for 9 hours,
Uncle nothing happened to her,
she's perfectly fine,
how do you know?
I know!
Geet is alright,
nothing happened to her,
it means she is with you!
is she with you?
yes she is,
call her here!
I want to talk to her,
Call her right now!
she's not in Bombay!
wow, very well!
you want us to believe that?
you should,
I'll bring her back to home,
we aren't going anywhere else
in 10 days,
I promise, I'll bring Geet to Bhatinda
within 10 days,
alright than, I'll wait.
Brother, he's fooling us,
should I ask?
or you can read my mind?
I'm going to Manali,
we have never met but maybe
you have heard my name
Aditya Kashaf
Aditya Kashaf
Aditya Kashaf!
By the way I've heard a lot about you,
from the same source of course,
this a present for you,
and your family
Thank you!
Actually, Geet's family is
a quite worried,
she said that after marriage,
you both will go to Bhatinda,
but I guess, not such happened!
who said that after marriage..
Geet said!
which Geet are you talking about?
how many Geets you know?
I don't know any Geet!
take care!
how Anjuman!
how can you do this?
please don't make me feel guilty!
I didn't tell her to run from home!
you get it?
but still she came to meet you!
leaving all the things behind,
because she is mad!
you know her!
than you must know that,
how childish she is!
she lives in a world of dreams
she thinks that everything happens
as she want that to be!
and you proved her that she has
no world of dream
because there lives guys like you!
look! I know you are a billionaire!
but this is my personal matter!
and I don't have to give any
explanations to you!
what you have done with her,
there's no explanation left!
everything is clear!
but it's not clear that
what are you doing here?
she never said, that she knows you!
but you came this far for her sake,
what's the scene boss?
I definitely would have told
you what's scene between us!
but cheaper man like you
is not able to understand!
what's cheap about me?
you talking like that,
I have promised her to marry?
I never talked her about marriage!
she was crazy about that
we'll do this after marriage,
we'll do that!
such home, such balcony
such curtains,
I told her,
Go back to Bhatinda,
when she used to call from Simla,
I said the same!
but, she don't listen to me!
than take it that way!
don't matters to me at all!
she isn't back to her
home for 9 months!
she's all alone
somewhere for 9 months
don't know, how is she?
how she had been these days!
just because that you refused her!
If this don't matter to you,
than that's good happened to her!
she must be punished, that she
loved a guy like you this much
what a surprise!
how come you here?
as I come to know
that you are here!
so how are you!
how's everyone else?
you know you hurt me much!
can't you tell me?
can't you call me once?
pack up your stuff
and come with me!
you go away Aditya
you know I'm too angry right now,
don't make me much angry!
No Aditya!
I have made this life for me,
and I'll live in it!
please let your philosophies to yourself,
right now you are coming with me!
you can't force me Aditya!
Of course I can!
Geet you are coming with me!
what are you doing Aditya!
Listen to me!
what you think of yourself?
Such happened to me, doesn't mean
that it's your chance now!
I'll remember it!
Shall we go now?
why are you doing all this?
reason is not necessary to tell!
Get your stuff, and come with me!
no Aditya
I can't take much of your help!
you already have done a lot for me!
I have done so much for you?
I have done so much for you?
If I'm alive today, that's because of you,
you fool!
right now I'm standing here, it's
my second life that you gave me
you know how successful I'm today!
today's my company has such position
as it wasn't at my Dad's time
I have started 3 new industries,
don't know how much
products I have launched,
everything is going wonderful,
and today what really
I'm, is just because of you!
when I have trouble in anything, I use to
think what Geet would do if she was here!
and I do the same!
Shall we go now?
or want to act much!
It's my life, leave me alone,
and all that!
I'm coming!
get the stuff!
so you stay here,
I'll be in other room!
what's the need!
It's a big place here!
alright than!
besides I know Karate,
so there should not be a problem!
you don't worry!
I won't rape you!
of course you can't!
I don't want to!
If you want than also,
you can't do!
I got!
what a night that was!
you remember the hotel!
well tell you what,
everyone was thinking you a call girl
that night at Hotel Descent!
I was going to use bad..
what nonsense are you talking!
you remember I told you,
let to speak to them
but you are you!
Oh God!
I was fool!
I was such a fool!
that's why all this happening to me!
that's why I'm in such position!
what have I done!
I'm stuck here in middle!
All the time I use to think,
what should I do?
what should I say
him that he agree,
I can't understand anything!
don't know what I was thinking!
I tell you what you should do!
just throw out Anjuman from your life!
do whatever you can,
he's not coming back!
he would have come
much early, If he wanted to!
he's not even thinking about you,
he's happy with his life!
you met him?
what was he saying?
Anjuman chapter is closed!
and this is truth!
accept it as early,
it'll be much good!
like he throw you out of his life,
you just throw him out of your life,
his photograph
take out his photograph and burn it up!
give me his photograph!
I don't have his photo.
we'll call him and you have to
start abusing him
the much abuses you know,
give him all!
it's kind of childish act?
do the childish act,
abuse him much as you can,
spit all what you got inside
and you'll feel fantastic!
Aditya listen
it's ringing, get ready,
spit all what you know...
One second.
Come on, just go for it.
- Yes.
was that Aditya's voice?
Anjuman, I wanted say that...
Say it Geet.
Don't think, just say it.
- what?
Dog, stupid!
More, bigger curses.
You bastard.
Son of a pig!
what did you think? If you leave
me I will long for you. Right?
You will be restless, rascal.
You'll be eaten by worms.
You'll die like a dog.
And you'll burn in hell
forever after dying. You son of a...
Feeling better?
It's ok.
It happens.
It won't happen again.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm hungry.
what's in food?
I'll see.
You'll give me tour
of Simla tomorrow. Right?
Don't be embarrassed.
Come on.
Lets eat, we have a long
day tomorrow.
what's this?
what did you order?
Is it good to eat?
You should've ordered some
cheese bar b.q.
Some local dishes...
Geet, give me your hand.
You know, I had been having
nightmares for a few months
that I'm running after a train
and I can't catch it.
So have you caught it now?
- Yes.
Come then.
You like me much. Right?
Very much.
I live you very much.
But that's my problem.
I can feel whatever I like.
You don't have to worry
about that.
we will leave for Bhatinda in a while.
- Yes.
How I'm going to face them?
what's to face?
You are going home.
Come on.
Can I talk to you?
what is it?
Just two minutes.
Now there's no use of talking.
Please Geet.
Lets go somewhere.
I don't want to talk to you.
I made a mistake.
I wan too coward to take
you home with me.
I've been acting for nine months
that I'm too strong.
I'm practical. I'm right
whatever I did.
But the truth is I couldn't handle
when you came out of nowhere.
I was scared.
Of mommy papa, society, religion and all.
But now, I don't care about anything.
It's not so important for me.
You left me alone and helpless.
And after nine months you're saying..
that you made a mistake.
How easy it's for you.
No, it's difficult.
And I'll ease this difficulty.
You've had enough.
Now all problems are mine.
Lets go to Bhatinda.
we'll talk to mommy papa.
I'll explain them.
I'll fix everything.
Everything will be fine.
why he had to come now?
It's was all going to be fine.
It's too late now.
Now nothing can be done.
It's too late for that.
You know Geet.
My mom and dad didn't
use to love each other.
They were in love with
some other individuals.
That's why I had always
been in pain.
They were very nice
to each other at work.
But at home...
I always used to ask myself that
why did they married each other.
They should've listened
to their hearts.
Then eventually everything
would have been all right.
You should also listen to your heart.
Then everything will get all right.
when many year will be passed..
these 9 months,
No one will remember them.
Really Aditya
I couldn't have ever thought
that you would take his side.
I'm taking your side too.
You and Anjuman
are at the same side.
It's simple.
Those who love each other,
should live with each other.
Only then everyone
can stay happy.
And what about you?
Do your first affair after
marriage with me.
I too will be happy by that.
- Done.
No Aditya.
It doesn't seem right.
I wish...
I wish it wasn't right.
Evening, when?
Are you bringing her?
Bringing Geet?
At what time?
In the evening?
All right son.
we'll wait.
what's going on here?
The girl is returning
home after 9 months.
Are you all right?
I didn't believe you
that you'll bring Geet here.
But you've won our heart
by proving me wrong.
Great job.
Thank God my daughter is back home.
So, brother-in-law!
You secret couldn't be hidden.
So, now you can't even
take off your eyes from her.
wait here.
Are you happy now?
They look beautiful.
They are made-for-each-other.
Listen mom.
Look here guys.
He's sitting here alone.
Come, welcome.
Don't be shy.
You're at Punjabi's place.
Is your friend?
Have sweet.
Don't eat all, leave some.
- Eat it.
It increases love between
the couple.
we should tell them.
what's going on?
Control yourself brother-in-law.
So sweet.
what a smile!
Shut up, naughty.
Don't tease them.
Come, inside.
Mom, one minute.
Not like this. You went holding hand.
Now you have come holding hands.
why are you being shy today?
That's the right way.
Mom, I need to talk to you.
Go inside and meet grandfather.
I want to talk now.
Go, he's waiting for you.
You've to meet a lot of people.
It's a long queue.
Take them.
Come, brother-in-law.
Greetings grandpa.
One minute.
One minute.
when I saw him for the first time.
I knew it.
In my age, one can judge
in the first glimpse.
that what's going on
in between the girl and boy.
I asked you.
But lied.
It must have been your idea
to run away.
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
I knew it.
She's the naughty one
among them two.
Mistake can be forgiven once.
You made your mistake.
You're forgiven too.
And now, there should
not be any mistakes.
Got it?
Son, be careful.
She's the naughtiest in the family.
She has teased us a lot.
She won't spare you.
You talk to your mom
immediately, it will fine.
where's mom?
what's going on here?
Everything will be settled.
You go and talk to your mom.
You come too.
One minute.
You two ran away...
when did you run
holding hands?
There's a misunderstanding.
Brother-in-law, photo..
Sister, photo.
will you take our photo,
friend of the brother-in-law?
Son, why don't you go
and get fresh.
I'm very fresh.
You've had a long travel.
Take him upstairs to the guest room.
Look mom.
Ok daughter,
tell me how have you been.
It's been nine months.
Are you all right?
Don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
Does Aditya keep you well?
Isn't he good with you?
He cares about even more then you.
Now tell, why did you
cheat me?
You were going to run with me,
instead you ran with my sister.
It's wrong, why did you do
this to her?
what was that I didn't have?
Tell us.
Do you have an answer?
what happened?
Actually there was mistake
due to the darkness.
I thought it was you, but
found your sister in the morning.
Tell me, who's this guy
that you brought.
Your friend.
Is he my consolation prize?
in lieu of yourself
Can I have some space?
Come on girls leave,
we have to talk.
Let's go inside.
You've already married legally,
but we want a function here.
Don't look at Geet.
If you have any objection,
we won't do it.
I want you to talk
to Geet once.
You don't have any objection.
Don't you?
Just talk to Geet once.
That's fine.
It's done.
You'll have to invite
everyone from your side.
Of course people from
his side will all come.
It's good now.
It's too much.
way out of limits.
It's a solid confusion.
Nobody thought it would
have been like that.
But you don't worry.
Geet's trying to talk to her mom.
She should've told
her a long ago.
All the treatment is
being given to you
And they're trying me
to take bath.
where's Geet?
I'll talk to her right away.
wait a second.
She's surrounded by many people.
I'll talk to her in private.
Everyone thinks here that
you're my friend.
If you take her in private
everyone will see it as odd.
They'll see it odd.
Then be it odd.
It's truth.
That I and her are the couple.
That exactly what we have to tell them.
Yes, but let her handle this.
It's necessary to explain them
in a good way or it will be like
an insult to family.
There are many people
present here.
All these boys...
They want me to go to
see the sugarcane fields.
why should I see the
sugarcane fields?
what's so special about
the sugarcane fields?
I don't want to see
the sugarcane fields.
Don't go to see.
Refuse them.
Don't take tension.
Everything will be fine.
Should I tell you something?
Yours is better then mine.
Now tell me,
what's the matter?
Look mom,
The things you're doing...
I mean...
The thing I want to say...
There's no problem...
Everything is fine.
But here...
everyone's doing...
I should lie down for while.
All right daughter.
You must be tired.
Take some rest.
Attention everyone.
On 1 7th...
meaning after two days.
The temple has approved
the function of marriage.
Have you told mom?
I don't know why.
I could've told mom very easily,
even to papa.
I had the chance.
But I was having
a strange feeling.
It was like restlessness.
Like something wrong is
going on.
Like I'm going to miss the train.
Come here.
Let me see.
- what?
what's this?
Your face with so much tension..
it doesn't suit you.
You look horrible.
That face of yours...
Like this.
You look great this way.
Keep smiling. If you'll look good,
everything will be good around you.
Got it?
You've become just like me.
Talk to Anjuman, he's a bit troubled.
I'm coming inside.
what's going on here?
One minute,
we want to talk.
Grandma said, you shouldn't
be together at night till the function.
Someone has put the right names on you.
Saali... naughty.
You've broken my heart,
It's a fight of the lifetime.
Let's go Geet.
He's here too.
Geet, do you... in front of him?
Shut up.
we'll talk in the morning.
It's a cheating.
Bye brother-in-law.
Have a good night...
with your friend.
what happened?
Geet came to meet you.
She said she'll meet you in morning.
Are you ready this early?
Yes, I'm going in some time.
Are you leaving?
I have to
They won't let you go.
I won't stay this time, Geet.
You didn't them yet,
no problem.
Now we'll tell them.
I tell you how.
Look, pick someone.
whoever comes first.
Mom, papa or uncle.
And tell them.
That you will marry.
Not with Aditya
but Anjuman.
All programs will be same.
All arrangements will be same.
Everyone should be happy
as they already are.
Just replace Aditya with Anjuman.
As soon as you'll say this,
they'll ask you thousand questions.
This, that, how, when, etc...
Then tell them...
How we met.
How I used to come to your
hostel with my friend to meet you.
Then how we...
There was a strange fear in my heart.
A restlessness.
Like something wrong is
being happened.
Like I'm going to miss the train.
Geet, wait.
Are you going to tell them now?
I'll too.
we'll tell them together.
what happened?
what happened, Geet?
Is he coming?
- Anjuman.
Is he coming?
Is he looking here?
Yes he's looking here.
I'll always take this
as your favor.
Just one.
That you brought Anjuman back.
Or I could never have realized
what exactly I want.
I'm going to listen
to my heart from now on.
Then everything will be fine.
Your parents had been
very naughty.
They lied again and again.
But I caught them at
the first sight.
Didn't I?
Yes grandpa.
It was true, right?
Yes grandpa.
In our age, a glimpse is enough
to tell what's going on
between the boy and the girl.
Yes grandpa.