Jabariya Jodi (2019) Movie Script

I swear I will leave
my Navodaya School Scholarship
if she gives looks
at you even once. Promise.
Listen. This is my
first attendance in her class.
If she doesn't end up kissing on my
cheeks, then my name isn't Abhay Singh.
None of my promises
were ever fulfilled.
What is my fault?
What is my fault?
Even though I won,
my dreams lost.
What is this madness?
What is this madness?
This crazy world
doesn't understand love.
The crazy world doesn't
understand love.
This heart only recognizes
someone like itself.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
How do I make you explain.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
People are crazy
for they taunt me.
People are crazy
for they taunt me.
This heart only recognizes
someone like itself.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Let's make a wild guess.
Just name your price.
Don't be shy.
How about a piece of land?
Come closer.
I have a question, mother.
Father stays away from
home for days in a row.
You know everything
that goes down there.
Father isn't being
fair with you at all.
Who am I not being fair to?
What is cooking
between mother and son?
Listen, I am leaving
for Aarah tomorrow.
I've put clothes out to wash.
Why soil them in the first place?
Don't try to be a wise guy.
Bravo, my boy.
What are you doing?
- Listen.
Babli is leaving for
Patna tomorrow for good.
Won't you meet her?
Will see.
How do I make you explain.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Whenever you're upset with me...
I will be heartbroken.
I will be heartbroken.
I'll renounce this world
whenever you're upset with me.
The world's crazy.
Crazy is its people.
You are crying.
It's not easy to make me crazy.
Uncle, I've come
asking for Babli's hand.
Do you want one or both?
After all the risk I've taken,
I would prefer both.
Why doesn't someone get rid of him?
Take that...
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
I wonder...
Babli Bomb...
Pink cheeks, high heels.
You are an amazing girl.
Curly hair.
But you have a killer sway.
Watch where you step.
We've been waiting
to catch a glimpse.
What an amazing girl!
Amazing style!
Even your nose ring's amazing.
You are a complete illusion.
You are a complete illusion.
You can kill with
just your looks.
Babli Bomb...
Babli Bomb...
I am coming, Santo.
Hold on to your horses.
Are you crazy?
This is my second
attempt at running.
The first was in school,
in a race,
where I lost.
This time I am running
away to get married.
So take care.
The guy, I mean.
I always take care of myself.
Look after yourself
and that Duniya Lal as well.
where are you going at this hour?
Where to?
Uncle, hear me out first.
She never listened to you
why do think she will listen to me.
You can hit me if you like,
but please stop staring at me.
Yes, I am running away with Santo.
She is lying, uncle.
I love him,
and we are getting married too.
No, Babli.
- I am running away with him.
And you are free to
do what you feel is right.
She is lying, uncle.
There is no such plan.
Are you crazy.
You always lose your
mind when you're worried.
You have known since you were
a kid that he walks in his sleep.
Let me take him back.
Let's go.
Santo, take proper
care of Duniya Lal.
Give him his pills on time and
check his blood pressure regularly.
Only in Bihar can a guy
be so diversely multitasking.
Take care of yourself.
I have Ravi for that.
He is a nice guy.
And handsome too.
Yes, we'll have handsome children.
Like Baby Taimur.
Taimur who?
Saif's kid.
Saif who?
My aunt's son.
- Your aunt...
Let it be, Santo,
not your cup of tea.
Now listen.
I won't tell anyone
where you two are going.
I believe you more than
I believe myself, Santo.
Stop calling me Santo.
I am a male, not a female.
Santosh Pathak.
How about a few lines
since I am leaving?
We were parting ways like...
My final breath leaving my body.
Bravo. Bravo.
At least now show that you care.
I will call you
once I reach Kolkata.
I know you won't.
Three people on the same
bike and without a helmet.
It's a trust-building exercise.
Don't worry, we will find Babli.
I know the Inspector personally.
I know he must have helped her.
He has been following
my daughter like bad luck.
Say something.
- Of course.
Take a detour if you
see a betel leaf shop.
My daughter's missing and you can't
stop thinking about betel leaf.
Don't forget this is Patna.
You don't get it.
Oh man.
What do you think you're doing?
Not you, sir.
The people here are so...
Sir, what time is
the train to Aarah?
Shut up and get lost.
The people here are so stubborn,
it's hard to find any breaking news.
Frankly speaking, sir...
Two things about India, Bihar and
Aadhar, is beyond my understanding.
Stop it.
No one knows how
deep their roots spread.
You should send
me to Delhi instead.
We'll have breaking news
even if some Minister sneezes.
I swear I will manage out there.
I will stay in Patel Nagar.
I will quit chewing tobacco.
Believe me,
we will get our breaking news...
Deepak Chaurasiya.
Excuse me.
Bakabhai Tandiya, from Rajkot.
Yes, sir. Please just...
How about breakup news instead?
I have sensational
breakup news for you.
But who broke up?
Babli Yadav!
What the hell is this?
Its has no taste.
Leaving it unfinished.
After betraying the girl in love,
the boy's relishing on
'litti chokha' roadside food.
When you had no guts,
then why did you
say let's run away?
Babli, show some respect.
We live in a cruel world.
The girl's heart is shattered.
And the guy is showing attitude.
What will this poor girl...
Babli, what are you doing?
She let him have it.
Are you crazy.
What are you doing?
Another one!
Babli. Babli Babli bomb.
Babli bomb!
Hit him, Babli!
Hit him!
Here Babli, there Babli.
Everywhere you look there's Babli.
Running after her
cheating boyfriend...
He made her a puppet of his hand.
Little water, more rum.
Babli Bomb...
- Hit him, Babli.
Babli Bomb...
- Hit him, Babli.
Babli Bomb...
- Hit him, Babli.
Babli Bomb...
- Hit him, Babli.
Babli, you hit him a lot
worse than my wife hits me.
But believe me when I say
that you have everyone's support.
She isn't Babli Yadav.
She is Babli Bomb.
Long Live Babli!
Hey! Mukesh just
topped the class. Brother!
Really? Is it true?
You were unbelievable.
You achieved the impossible.
Long live...
- Brother Mukesh.
Long live...
- Brother Mukesh.
Long live...
- Brother Mukesh.
Boys, this calls for a dance.
The wedding procession's
coming this way.
won't you do this
little thing for us?
Watch me now.
Put me down.
Come on.
- Come on.
Turn up the heat, sweetheart.
Let the breeze in.
Turn up the heat, sweetheart.
Let the breeze in.
Your hero has arrived
to do the impossible.
Raise the volume
and watch me
groove to the beat.
Call on my number
that's free of cost.
When you sway that waist,
my heart lets out a big sigh.
When you shake your hips,
it causes an earthquake.
Patna Sways...
Patna Sways...
Baliya Sways...
Chhapra Sways...
Sweetheart, when you sway...
Lady, when you sway...
When you sway to the beat,
we can't stop
swaying with you.
When you sway to the beat,
we can't stop swaying with you.
My love's very rustic,
don't be surprised about it.
Every day you groove to disco.
Today try Zumba.
When you sway that waist,
my heart lets out a big sigh.
When you shake your hips,
it causes an earthquake.
Kashi Sways...
Kashi Sways...
Mathura Sways...
Jhansi Sways...
Sweetheart, when you sway...
When I sway to the beat,
you can't stop
swaying with me.
When you sway to the beat,
we can't stop swaying with you.
My hero. Smashing hero.
Dashing hero. Tarantino...
Flying hero. Superhero.
Desi Hero.
Al Pacino.
When you sway to the beat,
we can't stop swaying with you.
When you sway to the beat,
we can't stop swaying with you.
Congratulations, Mukesh.
I heard you topped your college.
Soon you will find a job.
Your life is made.
Have you given marriage a thought?
Not yet.
Come on, speak up.
What kind of a girl
do you have on your mind?
- Yes.
Beautiful, calm, cultured.
Such girls only exist
in fairy tales. Not in reality.
You know you are very lucky.
I know the perfect match for you.
- Jyoti who?
Your would-be bride.
This is my wedding
and I have no clue.
Happens sometimes.
Have you heard about
a surprise party? - Yes.
This is your surprise wedding.
Come on.
You've been kidnapped, son.
Put me down.
Do you guys know what you're doing?
This is Bihar.
More than half the population
don't know what they are doing.
But I do.
Giving a beautiful girl your name
and your other arm some rest.
Stop this.
Do you think this is a joke?
Do you know who he is?
They call him Abhay Singh.
We apologise for
the interruption,
but you've been kidnapped.
He is a smart guy.
Topper of his college.
You see, sonny boy.
Marriages are a one-time affair.
So let it be a
memorable experience.
Leave me.
Listen, son.
Weddings and funerals
are my specialities.
Because they both cost the same.
Few bouquets and a dozen men.
And the priest will perform your
final rites instead of your wedding.
And the band will
play the funeral song.
What would you prefer?
Wedding suit or coffin?
You get two choices
for the wedding suit.
And we have no options
for your shroud.
So hurry up.
'Live reporting
from the cheater boyfriend.'
You really cleaned his clock.
Why did you interfere?
I would have killed him myself.
And you expect the Police
to just watch like an audience.
Such boys...
Take a look.
Courtesy Bihar Police.
You are a magician, Inspector.
We came down here to file
a missing person complaint,
but you already found her.
You guys are really swift.
Is that all?
Who are you?
You said that you know him.
Babli's father.
He's a history teacher
at the University.
And we live in Meethapur.
Duniyalal, that's his name.
I see.
So you are a part of this world.
Who is the guy?
- Doesn't matter.
She has been charged
with attempt to murder.
He's ended up with 12 stitches.
Two out of which
even the doctor gave up.
Take him to a tailor instead.
There is a solution
to every problem, sir.
Is there any scope for settlement?
You are the real expert.
The world might be
founded on principles,
but runs only on settlements.
- What settlement?
I will explain to you later.
- Look at me. Look at me.
Allow me to explain to you
over a cup of tea.
No, sir. Sorry, no tea for me.
I have diabetes.
Even I have stones in my kidney, and
I still don't stop chewing betel leaves.
Come on.
There are CCTVs everywhere.
They know how much
sugar we use for settlement.
Come with me.
- What are you doing? Come.
Babli Bomb.
You have become popular.
You look happy.
You look sad.
What to do?
Life's completely sc.
I always ended up
with spineless idiots.
Not a single guy
in Bihar that has guts.
I would rather die than say yes.
Let me go.
I don't want to get married.
- Yes.
Did you witness the
partition of Bihar?
I did.
Now watch a Bihari
meet the same fate.
Watch how his head
separates from his body.
Let me go.
One last time.
Will you get married or not?
The train's coming closer.
Take it off.
How can I get the
train off the tracks?
Get me off the tracks.
Or I will die.
Do or Die?
- I won't do it.
Hurry up,
the train's coming closer.
I won't do it.
- Do it.
I will do it.
- Speak up. Do it.
I said I will do it.
- I can't hear you.
I said I will do it.
- Speak louder.
I said I will do it!
I am really happy.
You deserve a pat on your back.
Come on.
Don't try to act smart.
- He is calling me.
Here I am, uncle.
He looks like he's
been in an earthquake.
First, you will patch him up.
Then fix him up
I've said this before.
No harm should come to the face.
Wasn't I clear?
- Loud and clearly.
Then what is this?
You have turned
his handsome face
into an ugly duckling.
I am strongly against violence.
And strictly never on the face.
But Abhay threw him on...
On the ground.
When uncle already slapped
you once then why take my name?
Uncle slapped me so hard
I couldn't control myself.
I feared he would slap me
again and I blurted everything...
Let's go.
- Coming. Coming.
Let's all go in pairs.
- Bless you, son.
You see, what you're doing
here is neither business nor crime.
This is a social service.
So learn to be a little polite.
Elections are around the bend.
And I want you to be
the next youth leader candidate.
So be more careful.
The people like fearless leaders,
not reckless.
Who is this down to earth person?
Get up, uncle.
Bless you, Hukum sir.
This way, uncle.
How can I ever repay this favour?
May you live as long as me.
Why take the trouble
for a few extra days?
No need to give even a
second of your life to anyone.
You are the reason my
daughter is getting married.
Otherwise, weddings are a difficult
affair in times of inflation.
Dowry is a terrible
tradition in Bihar.
That is why
we do this good deed.
Come on.
Carry on. Carry on.
God bless you. God bless you.
I guess he's too overwhelmed.
Call the groom.
Come on.
Let me go.
Hold him.
Let me go.
It's almost done.
-Sit. Sit.
Hello, sister-in-law.
Hey, photographer.
- Yes, brother.
It's a forced wedding.
I know.
Shouldn't look like one.
Move aside.
Yes, uncle.
It's been a while since
I last smelled a good perfume.
Find me something
fresh on the market.
I've heard there are a couple
of fresh ones on the market.
Uncle, you're too much.
There are only three
ways to get married in Bihar.
Arranged marriages,
for those with courage
Love marriages, for the lucky ones.
And for the greedy...
Force marriage.
So Mr. Groom.
You and your bride are our
guests for the next couple of days.
Get talking,
catch a flick, chill out.
Get to know each other.
Fall in love.
Consider this your honeymoon.
Do you know what is a honeymoon?
Or did you focus on
just theory all your life?
He's the topper of
his college after all.
I don't think he ever
had time for practicals.
Let me explain to you, son.
Come with me.
Hold on.
Money first.
where's the money for the shoe.
That will be 11,000 rupees.
Are you blind?
He is still wearing his shoes.
We cannot ignore the rituals.
But this ritual is
for the sister-in-law.
For 11,000 rupees
I can be his aunt.
Come on brother-in-law, now pay up.
Come on.
Here you go, keep it.
500 rupees again.
Keep it, son.
You will get a raise next year.
Now get lost.
- This is unfair.
I may be in the business
of forced weddings,
but I follow all the rituals.
And listen, you are nice guy.
So don't try to run.
You see Puttan here, never
tries to stop the gun from running.
He just shoots him.
Demonstrate, son.
Come on.
Go inside.
Go on.
Can I fill in for him today?
He's a topper.
He will manage.
Time was slipping through
my fingers like sand...
Time was slipping through
my fingers like sand...
Write it down.
Don't repeat it after me.
Write it.
What are you checking?
- Your biceps.
What else will I
check with a BP machine?
Pathak, when your young
daughter elopes from home,
how can the
father's BP be normal?
Tell him to stop
being a drama queen.
I saved him a fortune
in wedding expenses.
Do you hear how audacious...
She was in jail.
I grew tired of telling
you to talk to Ravi's father.
But you never listen.
He doesn't even want dowry.
No dowry.
That Ravi and his father
are as greedy as a pig.
- Their demands were so high
that I had no way to fulfil them.
What do you mean?
Tell her.
2 million rupees and a Sedan.
That was their demand.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
And what good would that have done?
I would've turned
him into that sedan.
She is different.
Hard to realise whether
she has taken after
her mother or me.
- Give me your hand.
His BP and Sugar are high.
I knew it.
I am going to meet Shreya.
Babli. You've become
popular all over Bihar.
Your pictures are
all over the newspapers.
Can I get your autograph?
I mean selfie.
Yes, of course.
- Kanhaiyya, where is Santosh?
He will be here soon.
But you were amazing, Babli.
Isn't that right, Pintu?
- You know what..
- What?
She taught that Ravi a lesson
which he never forgets.
I am getting married
and you guys are partying.
What? Marriage?
- All alone?
Do you expect to
be a public affair?
But listen.
The cards are getting printed.
And you will all get
your invitations tomorrow.
But why so soon?
Don't be silly.
Who is the idiot?
Who is he?
- Be quiet.
Here you go, Babli, have a bite.
Where did you find
your prince charming?
Do tell.
You guys will never know.
Tastes pathetic.
What's wrong with her?
- Babli, listen.
She was supposed to be
celebrating her wedding today.
But here she is with us instead.
Too bad, I tell you.
But you don't look sad at all.
on your new bank job.
This one's on me.
I got the job six months ago,
What is this?
What do you call this?
So small.
Give me a packet of chewing
tobacco and a pack of cigarettes.
Here you go.
Guddu. Looking handsome.
- Here you go.
I am getting married
and you're celebrating.
Don't be absurd.
Shukla, make a juicy one for him.
You hit that straight for a six.
- Will you come or not?
Of course, I will.
It's your first marriage.
I'll be there and won't
stop dancing until I drop.
Why didn't you tell me
that this is a forced wedding?
Well, Babli.
Every other guy had huge demands.
And you know our
condition pretty well.
Keep it, Bharat.
You're looking handsome.
You should get married instead.
Stop joking.
I always look handsome.
But this is not my wedding.
This is his wedding.
Have you heard of a surprise party?
Well, sonny,
this is a surprise wedding.
Want to know a truth...
I am scared.
Wait. I'll get some
lemon water for you.
Go on.
Let me go.
It's you.
I am your father-in-law.
And he's your brother-in-law.
Prashant. Son. Take your
brother-in-law's blessings.
First of all,
you couldn't meet my dowry demands.
And now you got me abducted.
You want to force
me to this wedding.
But let me warn you.
I am a Gwala of Madhepura village.
And we let our fist do the talking.
Hold him.
I want to have lemon juice.
- Have you seen his list?
Bring lemon juice for her.
- Look here.
One million in cash.
Sedan car.
TV set, Washing Machine, AC-Cooler.
Hand cart?
Look again.
It must be hand watch.
Why didn't you include
sugar and spice as well?
He's a father, not a supermarket.
Greedy people.
Now you decide, wedding or jail.
Brother, one minute.
I am stupid, idiot.
I made a huge mistake.
I don't want any dowry.
I want to get married now.
No more delays.
Well son,
what's your favourite song.
Your favourite song.
Favourite one.
The world's made of brass.
And baby, I am made of gold.
This is a wedding, not a dance bar.
It's the only thing
on your mind, right?
Come on.
Hey DJ, stop the music.
Kamlesh, play my favourite song.
This country of bravehearts.
You scoundrel!
Dance. Smile, son.
This crazy world
doesn't understand love.
This heart only recognises
someone like itself.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
You are crying.
It's not that easy to make me cry.
You still don't understand
love and emotions.
Not changed a bit.
Earlier you carried a katty,
and not its a revolver.
you still remember.
I thought maybe you brushed
it off thinking as childhood love.
I would have done just that if
you hadn't come asking for my hand.
And anyway,
childhood is not easily forgotten.
Everything is pure in childhood.
Are you studying philosophy?
Right now I am only
trying to study you.
Didn't you ever miss me?
Where do you live in Patna?
Thinking of sneaking
into my house again.
Back then I was just a kid.
I don't ask anymore.
Just take what I like.
You should try to ask for a change.
Maybe you will never have to
take anything forcefully again.
Was that your childhood
flame Abhay Singh?
He still loves you.
But does he know that?
I am warning you.
He doesn't look
like the romantic type.
You don't know.
Oh, God, What the...
- What happened?
She is really taking
that guy to the cleaners.
Brother, I thought I will
make her my sister-in-law,
get you two married.
But she looks dangerous.
Do you know what's vasectomy?
You don't know what is vasectomy.
All juice no seeds.
Instant service.
So as I was saying...
Once you get a bull vasectomized
he turns into an ox.
Works hard on the fields all day...
...and stays tied to a pole all night.
Marriages are like
vasectomy for men.
And I don't want one.
And anyway, this year
I am looking to be the MLA.
- Absolutely.
My focus is on my goal,
and not love.
You're right, brother.
- Correct.
Enough about me.
Any solution to
Raman's stubbornness...
I've already laced his milk with...
He's a clever guy and crafty too
He can refuse after the wedding.
Curse that bloody curse,
there is no way I will let him.
I will twist his neck.
There is no need for that.
Here you go.
We are trying to charge him up
and you're talking
about safety precautions.
Why use a sword when
you can use a needle?
What the...
- That's great.
Puncture his dreams.
He's a crafty bugger.
He must be planning on having some
fun as long as he has protection.
But my name is Abhay Singh.
His fun will be short-lived.
What an idea, brother.
Sorry for the Interruption.
Where did you get my number?
Is Litti-chokha
still your favourite?
I won't say no to you.
These people make the best in town.
Let's go.
- Come on.
You force people to get married
but haven't found
a bride for yourself.
You don't have to be
a confectioner to have sweet.
Such high thinking.
Well, you can tell
me if you like someone.
I'll abduct him too.
I have someone on my mind.
But he's a big guy.
I don't think he's your cup of tea.
Do you like Bappi Lahiri?
I would marry him.
But I don't want the groom to be
better dressed than me at the wedding.
Seriously...tell me.
We offer a wide array of
services and fast delivery.
Such hasty weddings never last.
How dare you touch Abhay Singh?
Abhay Singh.
Then do you want me
to fall for you?
Give it a shot.
Madam. I saw you on TV.
Aren't you Babli Bomb?
Madam, can I have
a selfie with you?
Of course.
Move aside, man.
Come here,
son, let's take a selfie with you.
Let's take a selfie.
Open wide.
I said open wide.
Show your teeth.
No, no, please.
- Come on. Please.
Why did you scare him away?
It's really hot.
Have you lost your mind?
Listen carefully.
Strict orders from
Bhartiya Bhavishya Party.
No one will celebrate
Valentine's Day this year.
You are ruining the
culture of our country.
Guddu, round them up.
Look at her.
I want to make her my wife.
So do I.
Stop being such a smarta
If you want to watch the film
in Bihari, then go some place else.
And you want to continue
watching English film?
Wise guy.
And you two.
I sent you two here
to disperse the couples.
This is all your fault.
Shut it down.
Let's go.
I said shut it down.
No ones celebrating Valentines.
Shut it down.
- Shut it...
Come on. Shut it down.
Shut it...
Hey Romeo,
take your Juliet and get lost.
Hurry up.
What are you doing here?
Why are you stopping the film?
Party's orders...
No Valentine's Day...
I was here on an
official party business.
Are you watching the problem?
Is there a problem?
No, problem.
I just brought the party
Workers over to watch the film.
- Correct, brother.
Is it any good?
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Ask him. Don't ask me.
Do you always let the fizz dry out?
Nirauha's films are
much better than this.
'Vardi Wala Gunda... 2.'
Try to understand the emotion.
Why waste time on emotions?
Now watch...
The heroines going
to fresh kiss the hero.
French kiss.
You mean on his beard?
No one knows
what this bond is.
Once in love
there is no
way to out of it.
Such is the bond of love.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
People are crazy
for they taunt me.
I've known her since childhood
but couldn't understand her yet.
The day you do,
you'll be will know what to do.
This heart only recognizes
someone like itself.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
How do I make you explain...
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Whenever you're upset with me
I will be heartbroken.
I will be heartbroken.
I'll renounce this world
whenever you're upset with me.
I will be heartbroken.
I will be heartbroken.
Whenever you're upset with me...
The world's crazy...
Crazy is its people...
You don't know,
Love is devotion...
The world's crazy...
Crazy is its people...
You don't know,
Love is devotion...
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes.
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Do you want to know the truth?
I still love you a lot.
Babli, your father's staring at us.
I am not scared of him.
Let me introduce you two.
- Let it be...
Let me introduce you two.
Come on.
Duniyalal, meet Abhay Singh.
The most influential guy
around and your future son-in-law.
Don't be scared.
Remember the guy mom slapped
me for when I was a kid.
That was him.
He loves me, and I love him.
No, uncle,
I just came over to drop her home.
It's really late, and I thought...
Why are you laughing?
He walks in his sleep.
He's asleep.
His eyes are wide
awake even in his sleep.
Take him to a doctor.
Or else he might sleepwalk
his way to China.
See you.
You look cute even
when you are scared, Mr. Singh.
So what is your opinion
about your son-in-law?
You and that boy as well.
Duniya Lal...
You make me want to slap you.
I am a decent man.
Led a decent life.
Even educated you
in the same manner.
But now you're putting
my decency to test
by roaming around with
a goon in the middle of the night.
You will marry whoever
I tell you to.
How is your son-in-law?
What is the score?
You're still on Luv,
and he's on 2.
You've got yourself in
a terrible mess.
Your focus is shifting...
From your goal to love.
You don't know which way to go.
Oh no.
Here you go.
My focus isn't shifting.
Stop bothering me.
I am Abhay Singh.
I can change interest,
but not my focus. Don't forget.
The female always takes
the first step, not the guy.
You will be dying to get her out
of our hair when she sticks like glue.
What then?
I will get a haircut.
2 million for our son.
Our son is studying
at the Medical College.
we can pay 2.5 million.
Look at your age.
Something will happen
to you after the wedding.
And son-in-law will be around.
He won't charge his father-in-law.
Think of it this way,
its a lifelong health
insurance for 5 million.
Are we looking for a
groom or health insurance?
Don't be absurd.
Look. He's a split
image of Lord Krishna.
With a hint of
Lord Ganesha as well.
Listen...such people are
not worth our time, or effort.
Get up, Pappu. Come on.
Get up.
- We will discuss this.
We'll conclude.
- Listen...
Such penniless people don't
deserve such a decent guy...
Mr Pathak, you look like a
matured person.
Please make him understand.
- Sure.
What are you doing?
You have already eaten
six pieces of biscuits.
How many more do you want to have?
Put it down.
If I don't have it,
I'll have acidity.
Here is Gas-O-Fast.
My son is a doctor. You'll get
all the medicines here.
You are great. You give medicine
along with the pain.
Come on. Have it.
- Okay.
Mr Pathak, please make him
understand about social etiquette.
Look, you travelled a long distance
in the morning by foot.
So, this is the final amount.
The healthy soap
for healthy people...
Where did you find
alcohol in a dry state?
Mister. People can have
children even after vasectomy.
This is just alcohol.
Don't give up just yet.
Take small sips.
Count me out.
Listen to me. There are
other ways to solve a problem.
Like this one.
there are many ways to get married.
I've heard about people
who intervene in such cases.
And do what?
Marriage, of course.
No, never.
Babli is my only daughter.
I raised her with
such love and care.
If things go sideways after the wedding,
then who will take responsibility?
I've heard that these people
are fearless and complete professionals.
They guarantee happiness until
the couple don't become parents.
Gulp it down.
You are a professional too.
I've become a teetotaler now.
But when alcohol wasn't banned,
I used to have
a couple in a week.
I have a question.
You are my friend, then how
do you know this illegal stuff.
Forced wedding.
What is the meaning of this.
This is wrong.
Even dowry is wrong.
That is illegal as well.
And what did that man do?
He wanted 5 million for his son
that looks like a sack of potato.
Where will you get
that kind of money?
Listen. Try to
understand the situation.
After Babli's escapades were
telecast on TV,
everyone knows
she is not cultured.
She is a rebel.
Everyone likes a rebel...
But, not in their own home.
I don't think she will
ever find a decent guy.
The rest is up to you.
How dare they demand
5 million from a teacher.
- Exactly.
And no mention of GST yet.
I think their demands are
high because the lad is a doctor.
He looks more like a confectioner.
Consider it done.
Don't worry.
Once we say yes,
we guarantee everything,
from wedding to settlement.
But before we say yes,
I would like to meet your daughter.
You see, she was raised in a city.
How could she say
yes to a forced wedding?
Why am I covering
my head with this?
Are you ready yet?
I don't want to get married.
Don't start that again.
Babli, I swear if
you make a scene,
then you will never
see Duniyalal again.
It wasn't easy for
me to convince this man.
Get her ready.
And hurry up.
Come on, dear.
Babu, this is Babli's house.
Why didn't you tell me?
What do you mean you're coming?
Mister, whatever your name is.
Unbelievable, Duniyalal.
You knew my choice.
Please, listen to me.
Sorry, can't hear you.
I am deaf.
Goodbye then.
Goodbye accepted, son.
Cheeky people.
What an amazing car.
I feel it is the best car.
Mercedes has three stars.
This one's an Audi.
With four circles.
One extra.
Take a look for yourself...Audi.
Looks fantastic.
Abhay hasn't arrived yet.
He must be on his way.
Well, Abhay will be here soon,
and since I am already here,
where is your daughter?
Not that way.
Bring her out.
There she is.
This way.
Wish him good morning.
God bless.
Very cultured.
But why cover her face?
This is just a glimpse.
You know during Navratri,
she wears two saris together.
Two saris?
One from the waist down,
and another one from the waist up.
You are overdoing it now.
Be quiet. Owing to her reputation,
I covered it up with a lot less.
I hope you don't have a problem
with this wedding, dear?
None whatsoever.
I am talking to her.
Not at all.
I am very happy about
Duniyalal's decision.
I want to know everything
about this boy.
Cigarette, tobacco, alcohol,
if he has any such bad habits,
then we'll have
to make him quit first.
And yes, check whether the guy
is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Because the girl
is pure vegetarian.
She is also short tempered.
So we need the guy
to be a little patient.
Why do I feel you're
behaving like her father.
If you love her so much
then why don't you marry her?
Stop irritating me
and prepare a file on Pappu.
Before Babli gets
too serious about me,
I will get her
married to someone else.
Why are you getting him
married if it's not right?
There are many things
I felt was wrong since I was a kid.
You've been too.
It's so spicy.
You want the tears to roll down?
We haven't told Babli
that this is a forced wedding.
Are we making a mistake?
You are doubting your idea.
Telling her will lead
to a bigger problem.
Have some confidence.
Hey! Where do you think
you're going with that?
Keep it down.
Brother, Ghanti on the line.
Put it on speaker.
Brother, this lad is very naive.
No bad habits
like tobacco or alcohol.
From college to home
and back to college.
That's all he does.
He even buys his vegetables,
cooks it, and eats it too.
So he is a decent guy.
You know I feel he
might call his wife sister.
Shut up.
Don't be a wise guy.
Honestly, I know such idiots.
Seems like a serious matter,
Otherwise, you wouldn't
come down here so hastily.
It is a serious matter,
and a personal one too.
It's about my sister's wedding.
And only you can
solve this problem.
How can I solve your
sister's marriage problem?
Show him.
Let me see...
What the bloody...
I've already taken up this case.
- That's the problem.
You have taken an advance,
but I'll give you double.
Money in milk canisters.
I have a question, Daddan.
This money is enough to give
your daughter a grand wedding.
Why do this favour to me?
I am not doing favour.
The family doesn't want just dowry.
They want a decent family.
And they will never say yes to me.
I don't want your money.
Keep it.
But I will be the next candidate
from Gaya in the next election.
The seat is yours, with my support.
But I won't take this money back.
Fine. Not a problem.
Now Guddu,
the problem is how do we say no.
My beloved, don't go
to the river bank.
My beloved, don't go
to the river bank.
Come to me when you are sure,
my beloved.
I will adorn the
ring on your finger
and make you my queen.
Show you the world, beloved.
I will tell you all
my passwords and pins.
And put your face on DP.
I'll rub your feet all night,
get yourself a pedicure.
It will be fun.
When we start having
rosy-cosy conversations,
you can pull the string.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because its very hot.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because its very hot.
It's so hot and
you don't stop being shameless.
Let me turn up the
AC because it's really hot.
My beloved, don't go
to the river bank.
My beloved, don't go
to the river bank.
The boys out there
are very stubborn.
The boys out there are very rude.
They tease me all the time,
My beloved, don't go
to the river bank.
I'll rub your feet all night
get yourself a pedicure.
It will be fun.
When we start having
rosy-cosy conversations
you can pull the string.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because it's very hot.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because it's very hot.
It's so hot and you don't stop
being shameless.
Let me turn up the
AC because it's really hot.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because it's very hot.
Abhay, I have a job for you.
- Yes.
Take these 2 million rupees
and return it to Duniyalal Yadav.
He hid the fact that
his daughter's been to jail.
Isn't it wrong to
return the advance?
Seal the deal with your lips
and give your confirmation.
Don't try to ignore...
We'll be serious
when we come to it.
We'll think about
it when the time comes...
Don't try to be too sentimental.
You will have to handle
my moods and my attitude...
Don't get irritated.
It will be fun.
I will handle your
moods all my life.
Just pull the string...
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because its very hot.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because its very hot.
It's so hot and you don't stop
being shameless.
Let me turn up the
AC because it's really hot.
Don't pull up the mosquito net,
because its very hot.
Sister, Abhay has arrived.
Let's go.
Keep it inside, son.
It's from Motihari uncle.
And food... Tell the ladies that
the food is ready.
Otherwise, it will get cold.
Come on...
What are you doing here?
I've had enough of this.
No love or anything...
She is getting married.
First of all,
I don't love Babli.
And secondly, Hukum Dev sent me.
To return the money.
- What money?
Father has said that
we cannot get her married.
She has been to jail.
What father? Whose father?
What has he said?
I am Hukum Dev's son.
- Yes. Yes, Duniyalal.
Look, he's Hukum Dev's son.
- What hello?
Say something.
- Of course.
Tea or cold drink.
- Hey...
Look, son, are you behind all this?
Have you lost your mind?
I already said that
I don't love her.
She has been to jail so
no one's willing to marry her.
Here you go.
- Hey mister, what did you say?
Who are you to decide
anyone's character?
We haven't slept for
three nights in a row.
I took care of all these
decorations single-handedly,
so I won't take
any nonsense from you.
Look at me when you're talking.
The name is Abhay Singh.
There isn't going to be any wedding here,
but I will turn this into a funeral.
Goodbye then.
You can never trust a Yadav,
you know.
It's difficult to get their votes.
Did you return it?
- Bravo.
Follow my instructions
like the word of God.
And then...you won't just
win the war, but conquer too.
Did you arrange for
the picture with a smile.
I've added the smile.
Looks bomb.
Sometimes I feel
really proud of you.
I always thought
I am doing a good deed
but suddenly I realised
what crime I was committing.
This is not right, Babu.
You haven't eaten
anything since morning.
You will fall sick...
All your life you taught me
to stay away from strangers.
And now you were getting
me married to one.
To the dinner table, everyone.
Don't waste a single morsel.
We can't stop living
if the wedding was cancelled.
At least eat now.
Don't force him.
Because it's never good.
What do we do about
that Abhay Singh?
What have you done?
What do we do about
that bloody idiot?
I will kill...you.
If you waste any more beer.
We only have a few bottles left.
Babli's wedding got cancelled
and you're worried about beer.
Why doesn't anyone
abduct that Abhay Singh?
Stop talking, will you?
Only someone with a death
wish will abduct Abhay Singh.
I will...
I will abduct Abhay Singh.
You don't have to.
He can set an alarm
and wake up on his own.
Let's go, you are drunk.
I will abduct Abhay Singh.
We will wake up Abhay Singh...
Are you with me?
Yes, we will wake him up.
We will abduct him
and force him to marry me.
We will abduct him
and force him to marry me.
Not you...just me.
Babli Bomb's forced wedding.
It's my best friend's wedding.
I won't spare you, Abhay Singh.
I won't spare him so easily.
Babli Bomb.
So who is with me?
Were you serious last night, Babli?
I thought it was
just a drunken rant.
Whether drunk or otherwise,
I never go back on my words.
So who is with me?
Now that's what I call friends.
They are surrendering.
No ones with you.
Babli can pull it
off all by herself.
By yourself?
What do you think, Babli?
I didn't build this
body only to attract girls?
Correct, Pintu.
- Exactly.
We are with you.
Do worry.
And I am with you too.
Me too.
Count me in too.
Me too.
We are all there for you.
And Santo, you?
Fine, I am in too.
I'll arrive on time to bail you out
of jail and collect your bodies.
I know he's Abhay Singh, but
don't forget I am Kanhaiya Kuswa.
are you with me or not?
Look, Babli...
- Yes or no.
Yes or no.
That is all.
What is the plan?
There is only one place
where we can find him alone
aand the only place
where he bows his head.
That's where you will
abduct that Goliath.
Are the handkerchief
and chloroform ready?
Yes, ready.
What are you doing?
I remember.
Charge. Charge...
I mean let's charge
on the sweetmeats.
Brother, give me the offering.
Me too, brother.
Who are you?
Banke. Pintu. Kanhaiyya.
He's our brother.
Older brother.
Wish him.
Greetings, brother.
Glory to Lord.
- Glory to him.
Glory to Lord.
What do we do about
that Abhay Singh?
You suggest.
Busy eating ice-cream.
Are you going to do it?
You guys just take care that
I don't end up killing him.
- I'll be right back.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to her benevolence!
You suggest.
What happened to your
immeasurable strength?
And you still couldn't
get Abhay Singh.
Have another...
He's coming. He's coming.
Handkerchief ready.
Greetings, brother.
He left.
- God saved him.
I've been observing for three days.
What is going on?
And where will you take me?
- Let's get past stage 1 first.
Listen to me.
I will show you.
Brother... Leave him...
What's going on, Guddu?
What is all the commotion about?
It's been 6 hours, uncle.
And still no clue about Abhay.
God knows where he is.
He loves to plan surprise weddings,
doesn't he?
But today he is in
for a surprise himself.
That's not true, Singh sir.
We searched high and low
except for the women's cleavage.
But don't worry,
he will be recovered pretty soon.
He's not some piece of ammunition
which you will recover.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
Guddu, you guys leave too.
Just a few more minutes.
Let them bring some
tea and biscuits.
Can you forget the
damn tea for a minute?
I said leave. Leave.
I looked everywhere from
Sultanganj to Meethapur.
But still no clue about him.
I even updated the
status on Facebook.
Lost brother, with 28 others.
Come closer.
- Yes.
Did you have breakfast?
I haven't had a single
morsel since morning.
What about you?
I had breakfast
in the morning, uncle.
Brother has been missing all
day and you were having breakfast.
It's Abhay.
We've been looking for you,
even the Police.
It's been 6 hours.
Abhay, I am asking you something.
Say something.
We've been looking for you,
even the Police. But...
You are riding around
the city on a horse.
Are you going to tell us anything?
Move aside.
What is all this?
Where were you since morning?
I had a quarrel with couple of
boys outside the temple.
Then I suddenly fell unconscious
and don't know what happened next.
What boys?
Find out who they were.
Babli Bomb has sent
an explosive video.
Don't forget to watch
it with your family.
Pardon me,
the wedding was arranged
on a short notice
so we couldn't invite you.
- Isn't that Babli.
But we followed every
ritual and tradition.
I would've even cried
if there had been a send-off.
But we couldn't get to that part
because the wedding is still incomplete.
You're a hollow man.
And I can never expect
you to complete anything.
What you saw was
just a whiff of things?
We have a full video too.
And its called...
Forced Couple.
It will be released
whenever you want...
It's a goodbye.
Guddu, Haddi, Halla.
Show that girl...
- Don't worry, uncle.
We will kill her.
Come on.
- Bravo.
Come here.
Everyone has a brain,
but not everyone is smart.
Elections are around the corner.
No bloodshed.
- Uncle, I get it.
Let's go.
I will do whatever
needs to be done.
Teach her a lesson that she
never forgets even if she wants to.
What is going on?
I won't let you through. Never.
Look, son, for ugly faces,
wise guys, and meddling people
I only give funeral service.
That day I slapped you,
but this time I will kill you.
Come here. Come here.
I'll make you regret it.
Get lost.
- What are you doing?
Hold on.
- What's going on?
Where do you think you are going?
Maybe you don't remember, uncle.
I asked for her hand
when I was just a kid.
But you refused.
So I am taking her now.
You are worried about her marriage,
aren't you?
So I am going to
get rid of that forever.
It's goodbye.
Say something, Pathak.
- Bless you, son.
They are not husband and wife yet.
He is abducting her.
Let me go, Santo.
I want to know what is
on this Abhay Singh's mind.
Because he doesn't have a heart.
Shattered dreams,
even my heart betrays me.
Pines for the one
that never belongs to you.
The yearning eyes
searching in every direction.
Tries to find a refuge in you
always so stubborn.
My heart... Shuns me.
Makes me pine
even though
its not my mistake.
Always fighting with you.
Always yearning for you.
You're the sky
and I am the earth.
That's the only difference
between you and me.
It's a business of cheating.
Deceit is all the heart has won.
Shattered dreams,
confused stars.
Unlucky fate,
and two shores
that never meet.
Wondering aimlessly...
My path is lost.
I surrender myself
to the one who
couldn't be mine.
Some unsaid words still remain...
Which should have been said.
Was I wrong
or was I right.
We share no connection anymore.
Our paths are divided.
Everytime I see you
our story repeats itself.
I didn't render you unconscious
nor will this be an incomplete wedding.
I will finish what I started.
And don't even think
about running away.
Do you really believe that
you brought me here forcefully?
I came here willingly,
and also leave when I want.
Let's see how far you go.
Guddu, start the decorations.
Call the priest.
She will get justice.
Be prepared to get married
according to tradition and ritual.
Then don't go back on your words,
Mr. Singh.
See...I told you so.
The tears turn to fire
and turns my body to ashes.
I am bleeding from inside
drop by drop
falling in the abyss.
Fake promises,
unfulfilled desires.
And absurd intentions.
The tears turn to fire
and turns my body to ashes.
Shattered dreams
confused stars.
Unlucky fate
and two shores that never meet.
Wondering aimlessly...
My path is lost.
I surrender myself
to the one who
couldn't be mine.
Too good, Abhay, too good.
You saved Babli from
Hukum Dev Singh's wrath.
She is an amazing girl.
Imagine she adducted me.
Even forced me to marry her.
I knew it all along,
she is the perfect match for you.
But I am not worthy of her.
Abhay, where is the problem?
If you love her then just tell.
Talk to her with confidence.
The world is scared
of Abhay Singh
but why is Abhay
Singh scared of her.
I am not scared.
Stop lying...
This body...
It's like my father.
But my heart's like my mother.
I've seen my mother
cry in a corner.
Don't you remember,
I rebelled a few times
but what good did that do?
Father punished
her for my mistakes.
Since then I did
everything he said.
Mother's condition
never got better...
but I became like her.
You know.
Father still keeps hooking up.
If I turn out to be like my father,
I will never be honest
with this relation.
Not to forget that charade
that Babli cooked up in that video.
If I tell father about us,
he will shoot me first.
Listen. These emotions suit Arijit
Singh better, not you, Abhay Singh.
I have decided, Babu.
I have decided.
You coward.
- I have decided.
Call yourself Arijit Singh instead.
Ask someone else to finish
combing the rest of your hair.
Looking good.
Why don't you answer your phone?
Are you okay?
Yes, I am fine.
Why wouldn't I be fine?
Are you alright?
And Duniyalal, uncle.
Is everyone alright?
I can't vouch for them,
but I am good.
You said that Abhay
Singh doesn't love me.
But lover boy's all ready
to walk down the aisle with me.
I know he's ready, but are you?
If he's ready, then so I am..
Let's wait and watch.
No couplets today?
Why not?
They are made for
situations like this.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Presenting to you Santosh Pathak.
I am heartbroken
and shattered to pieces.
Life feels devastated.
So what if I am heartbroken.
What's satisfying
is that she is happy.
Why did you...
Why did you hit me?
Let me go.
Oh, my dear.
Keep quiet.
Babli...your groom's here.
What groom?
You abducted me to marry her.
I am willing to
marry her at any time.
And listen, you didn't have
to go through all this trouble.
But I won't let your effort go to
waste. I will pay for everything.
Listen...I am coming.
I am ready.
Take him inside.
No. I don't feel like it.
Why do you look stressed?
Did some girl say yes to you?
Remember that guy whom
we got married two months ago.
He is talking about divorce.
Says that he will divorce her.
What the...
Let's go.
We'll first set him straight and then
get those two to renew their vows again.
You don't get it.
The girl says
why did you get me forcefully
married to him when he doesn't love me.
Forced weddings are
like Chinese goods.
You can't guarantee
how long it will last.
Love is important in marriage.
You can't force someone
to live together forever.
The entire situation is screwed up.
Am I wrong?
Abhay Singh abducted
your innocent daughter Babli.
And she didn't scream,
or shout, nor tried to resist.
She left with him quietly...
...after all he is a gangster.
Why take a risk after all?
Then there is no case here at all.
They are both adults.
They have free will.
First, she abducted him,
now he's abducted her.
Let them continue with
their little game. Move.
Pathak, please reason with him.
Say something.
Sir, you are being unfair.
I think you have been corrupted.
I am ready to be corrupted again.
Can you pay the same price?
Can you?
Brother... Brother,
please put this up somewhere.
Hey drummer...
Yes, you. Make some noise.
Brother, dance with me.
Come on.
- Yes, brother.
Bring some ice.
Brother, I've finished
decorating the venue,
all the flowers are in place.
And also instructed
the priest to be thorough
and promised him a bonus.
Want a sip?
No, brother. I don't drink.
How else did you get this paunch?
Come on.
Only because you are insisting.
You're forcing my hand.
Can I have another one?
This is because I
worked so hard all day.
Making sure the flowers
and decorations are in place.
This is my first wedding after all.
Everything should be perfect,
What are you looking at?
Make me another drink.
Brother insists...
This suit is really tedious.
Should I take it off?
- Why not?
Can I tell you a secret...
You have done a big favour
to Papendra Yadav aka Pappu,
I mean...I never imagined I'll
end up with such a bodacious gal.
Finally, all those years
of waiting will pay off.
Put some ice.
And, I don't know
if you've noticed,
but whenever our eyes meet,
she looks the other
way out of embarrassment.
Put some water, will you?
And you know...
One more thing...
She may look naive,
but she is gorgeous, no doubt.
And feisty.
And. One more thing.
You're teasing me for this paunch.
For the next six months, I am going
to shower her with so much love
that soon she will be
sporting a paunch like me.
Another drink?
Spare me, brother. Not another sip.
One more sip and my wedding
night will be ruined.
But I will
Why you bloody...
- You are not even fit to be her brother.
Beat him.
Hit him to the beat.
You can never let me marry him.
I thought he's a decent guy.
He will take good care of him.
But he turned out to be a pervert.
You don't get married yourself
and don't let
me marry anyone else.
Even wondered why?
I did...
My father's blood
runs through my veins.
I won't be able to take care of you,
just like he never took care of my mother.
But you must remember
your mother's upbringing too.
If you can't go
against your father,
then don't forget that
even I have a father.
I am not scared of him,
but I do love him a lot.
And I never cared about him.
So now you do as
your father says
and I will listen to my father.
Are you okay?
Is everything okay?
Yes...did you have dinner?
I'll cook something.
Anything left to eat?
What's the matter?
You are asking about dinner.
Is everything alright?
I fixed that Abhay Singh for good.
I don't know whether
he learned his lesson or not
but you don't look fine to me.
Because you are chopping
chillies instead.
What happened?
What happened?
You know what's wrong
and what's right.
Then why don't you act accordingly?
I couldn't do it, mother.
I've seen you suffer
since I was a kid.
And there was nothing I could do.
I will do as you say.
I will marry anyone you want.
First of all,
stop crying like a girl.
Come on.
Let those tears out, son.
they can be very painful.
I won't do anything
wrong anymore
nor let anyone
be treated unfairly.
Let your mind take the decision
and your heart follows.
That's all.
I can't get that bloody
female out of my mind.
Once the elections are over,
I will personally take care of her.
- Yes, brother.
Show him.
We've taken advance for this guy.
Go and get him.
Hello, candyman.
What's up?
Show some respect.
The name is Salim.
Prince Salim.
Forget about Anarkali.
The emperor has sent for you.
Don't you get it?
Do you know what's
a surprise party?
This is your surprise wedding.
Son...you've been kidnapped.
What nonsense.
I love Ruksar.
But if you love Ruksar,
why are you taking her for a ride?
She is Ruksar.
And I want to marry her.
So she is Ruksar.
This is not love, my son.
This is lust. understood.
Let him go.
- Let him go?
Think about what you're saying,
For the first time, I let my heart take
the decision and listened to my heart.
Let them go.
Salim, make her your wife...before
some other villain arrives in your life.
You cannot leave like this.
I mean take your bags too.
Madam, take your bag.
Go on, don't worry.
I have a question, Abhay.
Do you see Abhay and Babli in them?
Ran away.
How did they run away?
Father, I...
- What?
I was...
- I have taken an advance.
Then return it.
That is not a problem.
We have done it before.
What did you say?
He's grown wings.
I fully support development.
You know that.
I regret that our deal went sour.
You are an MLA candidate.
And you don't know what's
going on in your home.
What do you mean?
That guy Pappu whom
I wanted to marry my sister...
...he tried to get him
married to that Babli Bomb.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Now you will know how hazardous
I can be as an emissary.
Trying to be a wise guy, huh.
Friendships last
longer than enmity.
I am no longer interest.
I've already severed
both my hands.
I've no reason to spread
an olive branch to you.
Then what about your
sister's hand...for Abhay.
I hope you will guard
this promise with your life?
This time I will.
Right said.
You want to meet him.
Even I have something
important to say to you.
But I get to decide the place.
Be ready.
- Yes.
Play it on time.
- Yes.
- Yes, brother.
Have you gone crazy?
- Hey!
He only wants to propose to her.
That's it.
We ought to make it big, Guddu.
Listen carefully.
This is my first proposal.
Don't ruin it for me.
It's really simple, believe me.
Imagine I am Abhay
Singh and he is Babli.
Propose to Babli.
- Yes.
The name is Abhay Singh.
Weddings and Funerals
are my expertise.
I smoke weed and drink beer
all day, and still don't budge.
And always carry a revolver.
Listen, I love you, here's a rose.
Marry me.
The name is Babli Yadav.
Wasn't one clip enough for you?
Should I make another one?
We can file a case
against her for this.
Was that a proposal or an exposure?
We're doing exactly as we've seen.
Now listen...
Have you given these
people clear instructions?
Brother, wear your glasses.
Come on.
Come on.
What happened?
- What is this?
As soon as you reach
on spot and wear your glasses,
the band will start playing.
She's here.
Listen, Babli's here.
Get lost... Leave...
How are you?
What about you?
You look happier.
So... What was so important?
I will say what I want to say...
But you say first.
Why did you want to meet?
It was for the wedding.
You see,
we've been through a lot lately.
So, I've put my past behind
and came to give you
this wedding card.
Wedding card?
Yes... I always did what I wanted.
But now I want to do something
to make my father happy.
I am marrying Santosh.
He loves me.
That's all.
What was so important?
It's not that important anymore.
When is the wedding?
25th May.
See you.
Do come.
Of course.
Let me know if you need anything.
Abhay Singh...
Weddings and...
I don't understand, brother...
Did Babli leave too early
or was brother too late?
I am also confused.
I've been repeating the
same thing over and over again.
Don't try to be a wise
guy with your father.
I don't get it, father.
Are you in love with that girl
that you don't understand anymore?
That's not it.
And shouldn't be.
Cause only as much
trouble as you can handle.
I've fixed your marriage
with Daddan Yadav's daughter.
How long will you
fix other weddings?
And let lovers escape?
Do you have something to say?
Because I'm not going to listen.
Fix the wedding for 25th May.
You scared me.
Meena...start preparing
for Abhay's wedding.
The heart's broken...
Everything seems unreal...
What have you done to me?
The world seems aloof.
There is no God.
What have you done to me?
My eyes are so teary that
even my dreams are slipping.
Whom do I tell what love is...
I wander around to get
a glimpse of my beloved
and tell her what love is.
You are going to have a
boy and he will make you proud.
Here you go.
- Wait, Babu.
You won't take this
money if I have a girl?
Babu. Give him 500.
Here you go.
Here you go.
And say that I
will have a daughter.
You will have a daughter.
Someone convince me
and explain me...
why I never get what's mine.
Even if I rebel or
devote myself...
no matter what I do,
you never listen.
My benefactor taunts
and teases me...
your love shows no mercy.
Even though your love's true,
you ended up alone.
Even my broken
heart skips a beat...
...wants to fly away.
- What is love...
- Don't be a miser.
That's it.
It's delicious.
You see Babli, brother has sent a message
that he cannot come to your wedding.
I see...
What happened?
He proudly said that
he will come to the wedding.
But one can't leave his wedding.
I mean...it's on the same day.
25th May.
He also sent a card for you.
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
My heart's broken, beloved...
Some...pretty words...
...tried to convince me.
But I said...you're unaware...
...only the one suffering,
knows the pain.
My eyes are so teary that
even my dreams are slipping.
Whom do I tell what love is...
Bro, I've taken care of everything.
The entire band will be on time.
No need for money.
We practically own them.
They played for us
at so many weddings.
Won't they play at
your wedding for free?
The heart's broken...
Everything seems unreal...
What have you done to me?
Babli, did you call me?
I want to tell you something.
Go ahead.
Abhay and I have done everything
together except for marriage.
I didn't want to
keep anything from you.
There is still time.
Think about it.
Do you think of me as an option?
If you can't get science,
you'll take arts instead.
I am prepared to be
your fall guy too, Babli.
And you know that.
So you have to decide...
Why can't you marry the guy
you've already
done everything with?
No. I have decided.
I want to marry you.
You are the right guy for me.
This reminds me of a few lines,
and I can't keep it to myself.
What do I call the helplessness
of love, my friend?
Because the one in my arms
is not the one in my dreams.
I am necessity, Babli...
...but you need someone else.
Play a wedding song.
Too much alcohol
is not good for anyone.
Hazardous for health.
Return the bottle.
I can't say injurious
so I said hazardous...
Sit back down.
Can you tell me what's
going on in your mind?
You tell me, brother.
This Ghanti can even
give his life for you.
Tell me...
Tell me what to do.
Can you call off this wedding?
What did you say?
I didn't hear you.
Not your cup of tea.
And you heard that.
Stay glued to that
glass...and don't come out.
I had a lot on my mind...but
who should I do it for?
She is the right one for you.
Abhay, I'll check
the fuel in your car.
No, she is the best.
But she gave me her wedding card.
What are you doing, son?
Following father's orders.
Then don't.
Don't listen to him this time.
You are scared that
you might not be able to take care
of the girl that you love so much.
Will you be able to take care of
the one your father wants you to marry?
You love Babli, don't you?
Or was it a charade?
I love her, mom,
but she is getting married today...
She did say...
But what did you do, Abhay Singh?
It's not too late.
Listen to your heart.
Or else your life will
turn out to be like mine.
Don't be so scared of someone
that you stop respecting yourself.
You see, son...some relationships
erase the fine line
between respect and fear.
What was the need
for this grand event?
We could've had a simple
wedding at a temple.
Look at all the guests.
They are feeling uncomfortable.
Get used to it.
Uncle is really pleased
with me these days.
He's the Development Minister.
What about that?
I've arranged for everything.
Are you seeing what I am seeing?
Why did you come here?
I promised you that I
will show up at your wedding.
Even I was getting married today.
But I thought this
was much more important.
What are you doing here
instead of your wedding?
Counting the plates.
I've come to marry Babli.
And if anyone interferes,
it will be his last.
Don't make a scene.
You've broken your
promise so many times...
But not today...
Not today.
Because I let my heart
decide and heart follow.
Every time it was
my father's attitude...
...but today,
it's my mother's love.
Every time I tried to snatch you...
...but today I am going to ask.
He's the right guy for you.
Say yes...
He was confused,
you were on an ego trip.
There was no love in the
first place, except for me.
Say yes...
Abhay Singh!
I knew it...
Your focus has shifted
from your goal to Love.
You just ruined a lifetime
of honour and pride.
You tried to be the
wise guy after all.
Guddu, kill that lass...
The name is Babli.
And she is your future
You're thinking about her, and
I am thinking about the elections.
I would've forgiven a mistake,
but what you did is a crime.
Guddu, didn't you hear me?
Yes, Guddu. Shoot.
And shoot me first.
Because as long as I am alive,
no one can lay a finger on her...
...or my name isn't Abhay Singh.
Don't forget that
I gave you that name too.
And I've been paying for that.
What do you think?
Relationships can be enforced.
All these years my mother's
been living in the hope
that you will change someday.
But you never changed...
...and I turned into you.
You never understood love
and emotion, but I do now.
I know...what you
taught me was wrong.
Forced wedding instead of dowry.
Dowry is a big sin and
so are forced marriages.
because all the forced weddings
that we performed are not happy.
Matches are made in heaven.
When will you understand?
Guddu, make him understand.
Shoot, Guddu.
He will get more votes if
his son dies before the elections.
If you can't shoot him,
then give me the gun.
Here you go.
Now shoot if you can.
Abhay Singh!
See...this time I didn't turn back.
For the second time,
my sister's waiting to get married.
And you guys are making a scene.
Hukum, I am taking
your son with me.
And I will show you
what is a forced marriage.
Go, get him!
- Say something, uncle.
I gave Daddan my word.
Stop them, uncle!
Do you want him dead!
Stop them, uncle!
He is killing Abhay, uncle!
We won't spare him!
No one knows except
for my heart...
what is this bond.
Once formed...
It cannot be broken...
Such are bonds of love.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
No one knows except
for my heart
sooner or later we
will be together forever.
People are crazy
for they taunt me.
People are crazy
for they taunt me.
This heart only recognizes
someone like itself.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes...
No promise is greater than your child,
Guddu. We are bound to retaliate.
Har Har Mahadev.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes...
I wonder what
they are looking for.
How do I make you explain...
I wonder what
they are looking for.
Can't stop looking
in your eyes...
I wonder what
they are looking for.
What they are looking for.
You scounderel!
Daddan Yadav.
Nothing forced is ever good.
Neither love nor Marriage.
I understand now, so should you.
Har Har Mahadev.
You are crying.
The name is Abhay Singh.
I am angry and in love...
with you.
Remember I said...
The day you find out,
you will know what to do.
I love you Mr. Singh.
In the bars,
they daily raise a toast...
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
Yes! He's Back Again.
From all the way,
Make you crunk again.
And another day,
We can spin your brain
into another brain.
This is Mastie with
your boy Honey Singh.
They treasure you.
They have also
tattooed your name.
They treasure you.
They have also
tattooed your name.
They spend a lot for me.
They also have my pictures
stuck on the walls.
They spend a lot for me.
They also have my pictures
stuck on the walls.
They keep following you.
They might kill each
other fighting over you.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
In the bars, they daily raise a
toast... They raise a toast in my name.
In the bars, they daily raise a
toast... They raise a toast in my name.
They raise a toast...
They all want to claim me.
I wonder which one
of them truly loves me.
They all want to claim me.
I wonder which one
of them truly loves me.
My heart beats for you...
O beautiful!
My heart beats for you,
it yearns only for you.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
Yes! He's Back Again.
Make you crunk again.
We can spin your brain.
Break it down like this. Boom!
You are mine, I am yours.
Just say yes!
What's a heart,
you can even take my life.
Just give me a chance.
Or find me another
one just like you.
But that is not possible...
O handsome!
It is not possible
to find another one like me.
In the bars, they daily raise a
toast... They raise a toast in my name.
In the bars, they daily raise a
toast... They raise a toast in my name.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
In the bars, they daily raise a toast...
They raise a toast in your name.
They raise a toast...
They raise a toast...
They raise a toast...