Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2013) Movie Script

If I could, I'd keep you there,
tucked up in my tummy forever.
# They say that
I was born #
# The coldest ever
day on earth #
# They say that
I was born #
# With a frozen heart #
# Some might even say #
# I was carried at
womb's length #
# To the top of the hill #
# That looms over the city #
# And its soaring spires... #
# Way up where a house
with a steeple #
# Was home to a midwife #
# Called mad by the
townspeople. #
You have a dead
bird in your hair.
And a fledgling in
this cage here.
He's in good hands now.
A warm drink?
Tea, coffee, whisky?
You must eat.
I made pancakes.
The best you'll ever taste.
You can't give birth
on an empty stomach.
Feels very solid here.
- He has ice for a heart.
- A nice heart?
No, ice.
Cubes, not cream.
This will do the trick.
It'll give you good heart.
It goes with your scrawny head
and big feet.
Mint chocolate would
improve the taste.
William, the window!
Listen to me, my boy...
If you don't want to freeze up again,
you must obey 3 rules.
# Firstly, never touch #
# The hands of your heart #
# Rule number two #
# Keep your temper under control #
# Last but not least #
# The most important rule #
# Whatever else you do #
# Never fall in love #
# 'Cause then forever more #
# If your heart goes in a spin #
# The big hand at your core #
# Will pop out of your skin #
# Your bones will implode #
# Your cogs and springs explode #
# And your cuckoo-clock heart #
# Grind to a halt for good #
No, little ice cube,
I'm not your mother,
even if I wish I were.
He looks like a snowflake
with clock hands sticking out.
That way, you won't lose him
in a snowstorm.
I'm sure she'll make a much
better mother than me.
Here we go! The basement
of the mountain is mine!
The great escape
in the sky catacombs!
Not today, pumpkin,
I'm very busy just now.
Arthur went out in the rain
and he rusted up.
It's my birthday.
You promised!
Teeth brushed?
Clock wound up?
Clock brushed, teeth wound up.
Like every morning for 10 years!
I'll see to Anna and Luna
and take you.
You have my word.
It's the same every year.
Work first, me second.
Anna and Luna
have been playing storks again.
Who saw storks?
Sit with Arthur
while the oil soaks in.
And spare me your
stuffed bird face.
C'mon, life heals every wound.
You'll get over it, in time.
Take me, my boss
gave me the boot.
When I told my wife,
she kicked me out, too.
Why do you carry eggs?
Because they're
full of memories.
My wife cooked great eggs.
- You learned her technique?
- No.
But when I boil eggs,
I feel like I'm with her again.
Take one.
As a birthday present.
I'll be taking your memories.
Don't worry.
I have more than I need.
One day, you'll be glad to find
a childhood memory in your bag.
Christopher Columbus!
Ready to explore?
I'll just change and we'll go!
Hold your horses.
You don't need to change
before we go,
but I have something
important to say.
I wanted your heart to consolidate
before unleashing you.
Every heartbeat is
a minor miracle.
- It's fragile.
- I know.
There are 3 rules
you must never forget.
Don't touch my hands, I know!
Yes, and keep your
temper under control.
The third, which I never told you,
is the most important.
You must never,
never ever,
fall in love.
- That's why we never went
to town. - Finished?
You'd die in a heartbeat,
felled by the emotional
shock of love.
I know, I have a toy heart
nobody can play with.
It's no joke.
How can I fall in love?
I don't even know
what love is.
Not so fast!
Jack, calm down.
Is that my dad?
No, not your father.
A cloud I could eat!
You mean me?
The thing you're nibbling.
What's that...
- What's that music?
- A barrel organ.
Pretty, isn't it?
It functions much
like your heart.
That must be why you like it.
It's mechanical with
emotions inside.
I apologize for
importuning you,
but would you
have the time?
Six o'clock, sir.
And one minute!
I knew it.
She won't come now.
You poor thing.
Here, I have a hankie for you.
May I?
You know men cry
better than women?
It's true.
With tears twice as big.
# My vision's not
quite right #
# But glasses make
me look a sight #
# Enough to give
the world a fright #
# Like a sprite #
# Wearing specs #
# Oh, sparky little pet #
# It's dangerous
to be coquette #
# Don't refuse to
wear your specs #
# If it leaves you
in the dark #
# I prefer life all a blur #
# I forget to wear
my glasses #
# When I sing and
share caresses #
# It feels good to
close my eyes #
# Oh, my pretty arsonist #
# Let me clasp you
close to me #
# Rip your clothes
with my teeth #
# And tear them
into confetti #
# To scatter as we kiss... #
# On you and me #
# All I see are stars #
# Suddenly some days #
# My eyes lead me astray #
# Far away down the street #
# Then I can't bear to steal #
# A glance at the sun #
# Or dare to look the sky #
# Straight in the eye #
# All I see are stars #
# I won't let you stray #
# I'll be your only guide #
# Let me be your pair of eyes #
# You'll be my special flame #
# There's one thing
I must confess #
# Of all five senses
my hearing's best #
# I'll never recognize
you by relying on my eyes #
# Smoldering embers
alone in the dark #
# We'll raise cascades
of sparks #
# When the clock of my heart #
# Strikes midnight
we'll catch on fire #
# And blaze so bright
you see the light #
# All I see are stars #
# Suddenly some days #
# My eyes lead me astray #
# Far away down the street #
# Then I can't bear to steal #
# A glance at the sun #
# Or dare to look the sky #
# Straight in the eye #
# All I see are stars #
You often sprout Italian ice creams?
Only if I eat spaghetti
after midnight.
What's that pitter-patter?
It's rain.
Do you like it?
Rain, no.
The sound it makes, yes.
What's that?
A thunder storm?
No, magnetic.
Anything but that!
What did you do to him?
You could have died!
Have you forgotten the 3rd rule?
Your cogs hurt when you cough?
It's pitiful suffering
compared to the pain of love.
The more you love,
the more intense the pain.
You experience an ache,
the torment of jealousy
and incomprehension,
then the agony of rejection
and injustice.
Your heart's mechanism
will explode.
I transplanted it,
I know its precise limits.
One kiss, however light,
could destroy you.
Just like that...
Six feet under!
Love is dangerous
for your tiny heart.
Know why I saved you?
You're the child I never had.
How come?
My hard luck.
Nature plays dirty tricks on us.
You should know that.
I shed a lot of tears,
but I came to terms with it.
One day, you arrived,
heaven sent.
A kind of consolation prize.
The idea of losing you
makes me insanely sad.
You see?
That's when you started
drinking tear liqueur?
Among other things.
How are you?
We never got to wish you
happy birthday.
You were so captivated by the
basement of the mountain!
How was your journey
to the center of town?
I have work to do downstairs.
It was fabulous!
What was so fabulous?
A little singer who won't
wear her glasses.
What's that?
She's mesmerizing.
Like a bird
perched on high heels.
She has something
so fragile yet intense.
Like kindling.
When she sings,
it's like birdsong with words.
And her nose!
A work of art!
So pert I wonder if it works
or if it's only for decoration.
It's too tiny to hold her glasses.
With a cold,
she snores like a locomotive!
No, a nose like that
only sounds like a flute.
You're sure you haven't
caught a bug?
You have!
It's against the rules.
Against the rules!
I know.
For your own good.
If only I could live without love!
Take it from us.
I fall in love with every
patient who comes here.
And it never lasts
with any of them.
Like the flowers?
I chose them myself!
Took them off a grave,
you mean.
Of a very rich and
much beloved man.
Drowning in flowers.
We just tidied it up,
so people can see
the tombstone.
The poor man's name
was hidden.
Poor man.
That reminds me,
I have a surprise for you.
You do?
Thank you!
A new dress, Luna?
You don't like it?
She found it next
to the flowers.
It's a teenage throwback.
I just remodeled it a touch.
It was our school uniform
at Calton Hill.
I was a real Goody-Two-Shoes.
Madeleine, I was thinking
about the 3 rules...
- That's wonderful.
- Isn't it?
- I found the solution.
- What solution?
I need to go to school.
To learn and understand
the rules,
and apply them in real life.
How about you start
by studying the slate?
If I want to work properly,
I have to go to school.
School! You'll be bored stiff.
No, I won't.
You will so.
You won't get to choose what
you read, unlike here.
You'll have to sit still for hours.
You won't be allowed
to make any noise.
Even dreaming's only
allowed at recess.
Knowing you, you'll hate it.
And they'll all make fun of your clock.
As if you were a monster.
All children go to school.
You're always working
and I get lonely.
I need to discover
the world now.
Discover the world?
At school?
There's a satchel in the attic.
Bring it down.
That's the best birthday present
I could wish for.
Do you know a tiny,
short-sighted singer?
Hi, have you seen a singer...
For a few years now this
place has felt like home.
It's not only the schoolyard
that I've made my own.
All the other pupils respect
and fear me.
If they didn't, they know
they'd pay for it dearly.
I don't like change.
For me life's about stability.
I crush anyone
who challenges my authority.
I always do what needs doing
to be the undisputed king.
But a new lad just started
and he wants to muscle in.
Looking for something?
Yes, a singer.
In miniature.
What do you want with her?
I saw her bumping into things,
so I wanted to buy her
a pair of glasses.
Her name's...
Her name is Miss Acacia.
Miss Acacia.
Nobody's allowed even to
speak her name, except me!
You hear me, pipsqueak?
Forget about her.
What's that ticking?
Is that your heart racing?
You're in love with her, as well?
A bit.
Your tough luck.
She's gone.
She fled the country.
Don't let me hear you think about her.
I'll smash your ticker.
Got that?
I'll crush you, so you can
never fall in love again.
# Hail to you, my feline friend #
# On the rooftops every night #
# With the moon as
your bedside light. #
What was school like?
Did a satchel-clad imp
dodge giving me a kiss?
Next time,
I'll crack your heart open
on your skull.
Come and see Big Ben!
Come and grind his gears.
Go ahead, take it in turns.
# Everywhere I go #
# There's a door called Joe. #
# I have to find the key #
# And at least set me free... #
It belonged to a good friend.
He died in the saddle,
going giddy up, giddy up!
Ride 'em, cowboy!
Libido killed the rodeo star!
That's enough!
Let's have some fun.
14 years old! Party time!
Back home, you'd be
considered an adult!
Arthur, Anna, Madeleine...
Come on, let your hair down!
# Happy birthday #
# To you #
# Happy birthday #
# To you #
# Happy birthday #
# Happy birthday
to you, Joe #
# Happy birthday #
# To you. #
Happy birthday, Joe.
Give me that card.
It's my birthday.
It's for me.
Signed Miss Acacia.
It's for me.
It's my birthday!
You're running slow, Big Ben!
Did school go well today?
What happened?
You saw that singer!
- I killed Joe!
- What?
I killed his eye with the cuckoo.
policemen coming up the hill.
To arrest me because
of Joe's eye!
Take Jack and put him
on the first train out.
Leave it to us.
I'll handle the police.
I'll pack a bag
and you'll go out back.
What'll you tell them?
That you never came home,
then that you're missing.
In time, you'll be declared dead.
Arthur will help me dig a grave.
With what in the coffin?
No coffin. An epitaph on the tree.
The police won't check.
The advantage of being a "witch. "
They don't open my tombs.
Take care of your key.
As soon as you settle down,
consult a clockmaker.
- Don't you mean doctor?
- Definitely not.
Don't let a doctor
near your heart,
only a qualified clockmaker.
Not so hard,
you'll damage your clock.
You have to leave now.
I'd die if they caught you.
Come on, let's go.
I haven't even left yet
and I feel so cold.
# As the train departs,
I'm falling apart #
# Like a clock tower
left to rot #
# In a desert of
blue smoke #
# I start my trip
going lickety spit #
# Prey to a fear that grips #
# All the while
scared to bits #
# I'll learn to control
the shakes #
# But for now my heart rattles
like a snake #
# In a tin can #
# Panic's causing frantic
antics in my heart #
# Loco locomotive #
# Loco locomotive,
steam away #
# Watch out for me without you
I'll have nowhere to go #
# My heart's on the blink
so heavy it just sinks #
# I'm teetering on the brink #
# It tosses and turns and skips
a beat a shipwrecked heart #
# Is no good for love #
# Roll in the fog #
# Rattle your ghost trains #
# The time is right
to conjure up for you #
# Specters of sublime women #
# Blondes or brunettes
rolling the dice in the night #
# I'll slice 'em up
before they take fright #
# Compliments of your humble servant
Jack the Ripper #
# Have no fear, my boy #
# You'll soon learn to scare #
# To prove you exist #
# Have no fear, my boy #
# You'll learn to send shivers
down spines #
# Panic's causing frantic antics
in my heart #
# Loco locomotive #
# Loco locomotive,
steam away #
# Panic's causing frantic antics
in my heart #
# Loco locomotive #
# Loco locomotive, steam away. #
Damn thing refuses to work!
Apologies for the intrusion,
but I'm anxious to play
with my invention,
and it keeps breaking down on me
for no reason, see?
Yes, I think I see.
What do we have here?
Superb volcanic mechanics,
mon ami.
I need to find a clockmaker.
Do you know one?
I'm no clockmaker,
but I'm a handy fellow.
I'd enjoy tinkering with that.
Would you care to pay a visit
to my workshop in Paris
to put you back in working order?
Your Dr. Madeleine is a genius!
The way it's pieced together is...
It's a labor of love.
Down to the tiniest detail.
Trouble is,
love is dangerous for me,
according to Madeleine.
- Is it badly damaged?
- No, it works fine.
That's an idea for my camera!
If I use a spring
identical to the one I used in
the barrel of your arteries,
this dream maker should
crank back into life.
Just like yours, my friend.
Call me Georges.
Georges Mlis.
Mr. Mlis,
I met a little singer.
These things happen.
When I first saw her,
I felt an earthquake in my clock.
My gears creaked,
my tick-tock raced.
I gasped for breath,
hands whizzing, head spinning...
Did you like it?
I loved it!
Well then?
I became scared Madeleine was right,
that love would kill me.
Fear of being hurt
increases the chances of being hurt.
Do you think a tightrope-walker
stops to think about falling off?
No, they savor the thrill
of braving danger!
If you wrap yourself
in cotton wool,
you'll die of boredom.
You want to embark on
adventures with this girl?
If I can find her.
She may be in Grenada.
Nothing's more thrilling
than recklessness!
When you're 14
and chasing a girl across Europe,
you must have highly developed
reckless genes, right?
It works!
It functions like your heart.
A device that absorbs emotions!
I could make a film about
your cuckoo-clock heart now.
That sounds fun.
You know, when I was in love,
I kept inventing new gadgets.
Gadgets and more gadgets,
all to amuse my fiance.
I think she was sick
of my gadgets in the end.
One day, I chopped up
two of her shelves
and put them on wheels
from an old hospital cart,
for us to go gliding
in the moonlight.
She refused to get on and
made me repair the shelves.
Love isn't easy every day,
my boy.
Come with me to Andalusia.
Anything's possible there!
A conjuror on the verge
of a nervous breakdown
on your pilgrimage to love?
I'd love having a
magician along!
I'm your man.
Let me throw some tricks
in my bag and away we go!
Anda. Anda. Andalusia.
Anda. Anda.
Anda. Anda. Andalusia!
Anda. Andalusia!
# I'm a human illusion #
# Who wants to be a man #
# No mechanics, no tricks #
# The gimmick of
my dreams #
# Would be to be
seen as a man #
# A grown man,
a human being #
# Who needs no tricks #
# A human not a freak #
# No mechanics, no tricks #
# The gimmick of my dreams #
# Would be to be seen as a man #
# A grown man, a human being. #
I do believe we've arrived.
What do you think?
Makes a change from Edinburgh.
My head's spinning!
Oh, extraordinary.
Roll up!
A man laying eggs,
two monsters in love,
three sobbing specters
at the Circo Bizzarro!
A man is turned into a bird
at the Ghost Train...
Looking for work, shrimp?
I need a Frightener.
No, I'm looking for a
tiny flamenco singer.
A speck of dust in a sandstorm!
She has rinky-dink ankles
and knocks into things.
Knock it off!
Do you want the job or not?
The chica chocolate herself!
It's said she catches fire
to light up starless nights.
Coming up at the bandstand,
the flamenco picante
of Miss Acacia!
Miss Acacia?
Make your mind up!
I'll think it over.
Mr. Mlis!
Mr. Mlis!
Put your best poker face on,
never show any fear or doubts.
You have an ace up your sleeve.
It's a Heart.
Don't play the Jack.
Act the King and you'll
win the Queen.
I'm no good at cards.
You're different and you
think it's a weakness.
The reverse is true.
Difference is your strength.
Your fragility, your clock-heart,
makes you special
and so attractive.
Accept your difference.
My handicap as a weapon
of seduction? Seriously?
Didn't you fall
for your little singer
because she kept
bumping into things?
Maybe so.
It's open.
The coast is clear.
Madeleine: One kiss, however light,
could destroy you.
Just like that...
Six feet under!
# My vision's not quite right #
# But glasses make
me look a sight #
# Enough to give the
world a fright #
# Like a sprite... #
Who let you in?
The ultimate seduction
is giving the illusion of
not trying to seduce her.
Hey. Hello.
I leaned against your door
and landed on your couch.
You often crash in on
girls about to change?
No, not often.
Where else do you land?
In the bed or the shower?
I'm sorry.
Haven't we met?
You look familiar.
What do you want?
I have something for you.
What is it?
A bouquet of glasses.
I prefer flowers.
I don't wear glasses.
They make me look like a fly.
Fine by me.
Can we see each other again,
glasses or no?
- You're not from here, are you?
- I am.
I work on the Ghost Train.
Great, so you're the
new Frightener?
The new Frying-Tonightener is me.
Can I see you in action?
The Ghost Train.
Of course!
4 o'clock?
How did it go?
Yes, how?
She said "perhaps. "
Georges, would you care to stay
for a cup of coffee?
- Or tea?
- Both.
The job's still open?
You always run to
think things over?
Yes, I gave it lots of thought.
I'd really like the job.
How do you frighten people?
It won't make us millionaires.
At least, you'll make
the trains run on time.
Count on it.
Know your place, scare people
and we're good.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Miss!
You gave me a fright.
I have a sensitive heart.
Me too.
# When I went
on the Ghost Train #
# I met this old girl called
Brigitte Heim #
# I'm the boss of
the Ghost Train #
# I used to steal skulls
from the graves #
# To make nice decorations #
# In the Ghost Train #
# She was a soul
on the Ghost Train #
# She wants me to
frighten people #
# Little me #
# If you walk on skulls #
# And break something #
# You pay #
# I was the king
of the Ghost Train #
# 'Cause other people want
to see my heart bleeding #
# I was the king
of the Ghost Train #
# Until the day
when the little fire girl #
# Comes to see me #
# I don't care about
scary woman #
# And all her houses
full of emptiness #
# Oh, I don't care about
scary woman #
# And all her houses
full of emptiness #
# 'Cause the little fire girl
of my dreams #
# Is sleeping in
my arms now #
# Arms now #
# Arms now #
# Arms now... #
# I'm the king
of the Ghost Train... #
# You're in love
with your own skull #
# It's a nice decoration #
# For the Ghost Train #
# If you give me a headache #
# You'll pay #
# If you don't scare people #
# You'll pay #
# Pay, pay, pay,
they always pay #
# Pay, pay, pay,
they always pay #
# Pay, pay, pay,
they always pay #
# There's ghosts,
goblins, red smoke. #
Nobody was frightened.
You were pathetic.
I have a reputation to maintain.
He was scary. I was petrified.
Of course. She can't
see beyond her nose.
You were great.
I couldn't see a thing, but it
seemed a lot of fun. Congrats!
Did you try the glasses?
They're all twisted or broken.
Yes, so you won't be scared
of breaking them.
I have a strange feeling,
as if we'd already lived,
or at least dreamed,
what's happening.
I really feel like I know you.
Could we dance?
Here, in silence?
That way, we stay in rhythm.
What's that pitter-patter?
It's rain. Do you like it?
Rain, no.
The sound it makes, yes.
I heard it somewhere before.
- That's my heart.
- What?
My heart.
I was given it the
day I was born,
on the coldest day on earth,
with a frozen heart.
It's a tinkered ticker,
but it works.
Want to try?
Here to wind it up
and here...
To open it.
Do you show your wooden
heart to all the girls?
You're the first.
So, thanks.
Don't mention it.
I can't.
I feel the magnet growing in my tummy,
drawing me to you but...
I'm in love with someone else.
And have been for ages.
Yesterday, in my dressing room,
you reminded me of him.
I confess I liked that.
But embarking on an adventure
with you would be dishonest.
I can't do it.
- Well?
- She loves someone else.
I crossed half of Europe for her.
For nothing!
You declared your love?
Why? Her heart's full.
It won't empty like a sink.
- She recognized you?
- No.
But I'd rather that
than be recognized
and not loved.
She's a spark,
but how to tame a spark?
Sparks can't be tamed,
my young friend.
They're like shooting stars.
I've never been so sad
and happy, all at once.
2 amazing feelings
for the price of 1.
You're blessed!
If only she believed in my heart.
She thinks it's a gimmick.
Girls like her are wild animals.
Born free and beautiful.
Don't try to tame her.
Even if Miss Acacia falls for you,
she'll always escape you.
But do you know to whom
her heart belongs?
I was wondering...
You bursting in again?
- Do I know him?
- Who?
The boy you love.
- No.
- No, you're not in love?
No, you don't know him.
It's been such a long time
since I saw him...
It was in Edinburgh.
The huge city suited
him so well.
The spiky spires
soaring in the twilight.
He was a bit scary,
but I was reassured
by his odd silhouette.
Cut out those tricks,
it's dangerous.
You'll hurt someone.
Take it off now and then.
I can't. It's not a gimmick,
it's my heart!
I'm sorry.
I'd be delighted to
be your friend.
Let's go to Story Extraordinary.
They have a new storytelling gadget.
It's called a film.
I'd love to go with you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and young ladies!
Tonight, for your delight,
the greatest magic show on earth,
no, the galaxy!
You see,
for years, I've tried to
sew dreams and reality
into a single fabric
of exciting duplicity.
I started with photos,
but they lacked the essential...
Cinematography is shamanic!
Summoning up the shadows,
endless possibilities!
Soon, this device
will raise the dead.
The finest remedy to melancholy
the world has known!
Ladies, ladies, ladies
and ladies!
Now, the first ever
Cinematograph picture,
which could only recount the
greatest love story of all time!
I must express my gratitude to
the man who triggered in me
the discovery that brought my
moving picture machine to life.
May I present, on my left,
Jack, the human clock!
50 kilos of bone
inlaid with crispy cogs,
coated with a fine layer
of epidermis and freckles,
each more succulent
than the last.
And a heart, ladies and ladies,
as big as a clock!
In fact, by trying to
repair its mechanism,
I stumbled on the missing link
in my invention.
And now, enjoy the film!
Bravo, bravo, bravo.
Wasn't it good?
Yes, it was wonderful.
You cried.
No, I didn't.
I know your Romeo.
Not that again!
He's evil.
He ridiculed me,
bullied me, humiliated me,
every day, in public.
Him? He wouldn't hurt a fly.
A fly, sure.
Me, he did!
Why didn't you fight back?
He was much bigger
and stronger than me.
You must be getting
him mixed up.
- He was my size.
- And some!
I only met him once,
but I remember it
as if it were yesterday.
I replay the memory every night
before I go to sleep.
You're jealous?
That's not the problem.
I wasn't wearing my glasses,
because I was singing.
I can't be sure I'd
even recognize him,
but I'm certain
he's not your monster.
How did you meet him?
One rainy day in Edinburgh...
Ever since, the sound of the rain
is my favorite music.
Just before my parents
were denounced...
Can you stop that?
- What?
- That.
I don't think I can.
Never mind.
Go on...
I was singing, and suddenly
someone joined in.
We danced. Or, rather,
bumped into each other.
As if in a bubble.
Sorry, I'll spare
you the details.
No, carry on. On the contrary,
I'm enjoying it.
I don't know how he did it,
but he half-tore my dress.
- No?
- He did!
- And I trod on my glasses.
- No way!
I had an indescribable feeling,
as if anything could happen.
I had complete faith, I felt great.
More than great.
I have something...
I have something to tell you!
- You had something to tell me?
- Yes, yes.
So, tell me.
I'd really like to...
see you tomorrow.
Alright. Where?
I don't know.
The Cinematograph, perhaps?
That's all you had to say?
Yes, I think so.
- What's wrong now?
- Nothing.
It's the film.
It stirred my moving parts.
- Oh, my, Georges.
- My Georges.
Your film was so moving!
- I want to be your Juliet.
- So do I!
No, choose me!
She loves me.
Jack, the spark tamer!
Bravo, my boy!
but there's a problem.
She loves the other me,
the Edinburgh me.
That's no problem.
The other you is still you.
Now, you can connect them.
Dream and reality.
But how do I tell her?
Come now...
"It's me, Jack!
"I left Edinburgh and crossed
Europe for you, my love.
"Now let's scale
the skies together!"
I tried that and the words
jammed in my throat.
You're scared your
heart will explode?
I think of Madeleine and all
the effort she put into me.
Don't be scared.
Don't you want to
live and be loved?
# To be seen as a man #
# A grown man, a human being #
# Who needs no tricks #
# A human not a freak. #
I should've told her.
Help me come up
with something.
Something, perhaps not.
But an idea, possibly.
This way, miss.
Yes, this way!
Sit there.
Don't move.
The scene is Edinburgh,
April 16, 1884.
Typically British drizzle
besprinkles the city center...
# She dances like a bird #
# With high heels
as her perch #
# Her arms and legs
in a jumble #
# She bumps her nose
when she stumbles #
# On the cobbles #
# I smash my head open #
# On trees whose
leaves so high #
# Seem planted
in the sky... #
What's that pitter-patter?
Yes, what is it?
It's rain.
Do you like it?
Miss Acacia loved
the sound of rain
but she'd no idea
it was in fact
the heartbeat of her
mini-prince charming.
If only, that day,
he'd told her what
that noise was,
a few years later, after Jack
had crossed half of Europe,
like Don Quixote tilting
at impossible dreams,
she'd have recognized him
because she would have
believed in his heart.
Then they could sample
the peerless magic
of blending dream
and reality.
Go on!
What are you doing here?
Practicing kissing you
while you're sleeping.
If you are the boy from
my dream in Edinburgh,
what stopped you
from saying so?
Fear you wouldn't remember.
I find it hard to believe.
Mummy taught me only
to believe my own eyes.
Put your glasses on.
My parents were
tricked like that
and I never saw
them again.
That's why I fled Edinburgh.
They were so trusting.
Too trusting.
We were smuggled
into Scotland.
Mummy and I were
illegal aliens.
A neighbor promised
to help us.
Next day, he came
with policemen.
I lay so long in the snow
that my feet froze.
So did my eyes in places.
I cried ice tears.
I never had good sight,
but since then, even with glasses,
I can hardly see at all.
I wind my heart
with this key.
Without it,
I'd fall to sleep forever.
You can open it, wind it up,
do anything you want.
It doesn't hurt?
Not exactly.
Is that normal?
Yes. Don't worry.
It's just I've been in
love with you so long.
Trust me. Keep going.
# You are the key
that opens me totally #
# You may explore my body #
# From the inside,
give my heart a tweak #
# To see if I weep #
# When your tongue shimmers
like a prize #
# Gazing in your eyes, I rise #
# You make me complete #
# My lady key #
# My lady key #
# I know where to press #
# To make you laugh or fry #
# I'll scatter butterflies
wherever you lie #
# To give you the feeling
you'll take to the skies #
# Flying, flying, pop go
your pretty high heels #
# Let me suspend
time so it lasts #
# A fraction longer. #
Where've you been?
And you! You're wasting
your time with him.
You're on stage at the
bandstand in 5 minutes.
I have to go.
Keep it.
It's the key to your heart.
It's yours.
No, it's yours now.
- Shall we go?
- Sorry?
After your concert,
shall we run for the heels?
The hills, you mean!
Where'd we go?
I've no idea, but say yes.
Watch out. If you split
my skulls, you pay!
I'm splitting!
What'll you do, you old trinket?
Window-dressing at a clockmaker's?
In a cemetery?
Good idea. I have a
grave in my name.
- Well?
- Yes, well?
She loves the real me!
I'm so happy for you.
After her concert,
we're taking French bread.
French leave, you mean?
That as well!
In any case,
it's all thanks to you.
We'll miss you.
Write from time to time.
Anda... anda...
Jack? You're early,
your clock's fast.
Joe? What are
you doing here?
It was my dream
to see Andalusia.
As I'd kept the birthday
cards you sent,
I said to myself,
I'll go and see my Miss Acacia.
With any luck,
I can hear her sing.
That's nice.
You're leaving?
Yes, with the man I loved
when I was little, Jack.
We leave tonight.
You're going with him?
I didn't recognize him at first,
but I think I always knew.
Funny. Running into my
childhood enemy again.
His heartbeat's haunted my nights
since school.
I can't stand hearing a clock now.
It drives me mad.
Right, I'm ready.
At the time, little Jack,
with his air of a sad bird.
I never realized how
dangerous he was.
You've noticed he doesn't
have a normal heart?
I've noticed.
That thing of his,
shaped like a clock.
It's not a heart,
it's a grenade, a time-bomb.
I should know, I paid to find out.
That's impossible.
Jack wouldn't hurt a fly.
Except when he loses control
of his heart
and fails to abide
by the 3 rules.
What rules?
# Firstly never touch #
# The hands of your heart #
# Rule number two #
# Keep your temper
under control #
# Last but not least #
# The most important rule #
# Whatever else you do #
# Never fall in love. #
You want to make
me a murderess?
What do you mean?
Joe told me it all. The 3 rules,
his eye, everything!
You can't lie your way out of it!
Joe's here?
How could you hide
that from me?
Who are you?
Who am I...
Who was I falling for?
I could kill you!
I don't want to love you!
I refuse to be your murderess!
That's not love.
You're selfish!
You've got it wrong!
You didn't gouge his eye?
It was an accident.
I'd rather it never came to that,
but he forgot to mention
all he did to me.
He deserved to lose
an eye for it?
Of course not.
But why'd he come here
to tell you all this?
To steal you from me!
To protect me from you!
He never protected anyone!
He terrorized everybody.
Look at what he's doing to us now!
Lose your temper, too.
Don't touch me.
- Ah!
- Stop that!
You scare me.
I'm sorry.
It's raining.
Leave me alone.
My love for you is offbeat
because of my makeshift heart,
but it's true love.
Madeleine forbade
me to fall in love,
yet I put my life in your hands.
Since I saw you sing and we
bumped into each other,
all I wanted was to find you.
I can face anything for you.
I can do anything for you.
Apparently. What you're
doing now is just crazy!
I know and it's driving me nuts.
I'd prefer you to be
nuts than dead.
Now, go.
Go away, please.
# Years and years spent
reflecting and ruminating #
# Unable to accept my adventure
had been terminated #
# Miss Acacia haunts my mind
however hard I try #
# I set out to find her and the
man who poked out my eye #
# That's right I'm back
I'm here to take action #
# I won't stay in Edinburgh
floundering in woe and dejection #
# In my dreams my love
for her is undying #
# Now it's time to win her back
or I'll die trying #
# I couldn't wait to see again
my worst enemy, little Jack #
# And hearing that cursed clock
immediately took me back #
# When I caught a glimpse of him
I felt the pressure rise #
# We needed to have a talk
but I saw hatred in his eyes #
# I explained that losing one of mine
changed me forever #
# I'd suffered for being different
and revenge was not my agenda #
# Bullying him in the past cost
me an eye and now we're quits #
# The only battle I want
with Jack is one of wits #
# I understand he hates me
for all the torment he sustained #
# I humiliated and persecuted him,
caused him every type of pain #
# But asking about Miss Acacia
from day one was pretty dense #
# With just that single phrase
he signed his death sentence #
# What we have in common
is that we'd do anything for her #
# And older and wiser we can
forget the scraps and slurs #
# I'll take Miss Acacia home
to Edinburgh to begin again #
# But first I offer Jack a duel
and may the best man win. #
You have only yourself to blame.
You made it too easy for me.
I was looking forward
to a tougher opponent.
You don't deserve her.
Earlier, in her dressing room,
she threw herself into my arms.
- I hate you!
- No, Jack!
Stop that!
Come away.
He's out of control.
He's broken!
I want to change heart.
Transplant me.
I'm sick of it breaking down.
Madeleine was right.
With some camera parts,
I could try to repair you but...
No more repairs! I want
something solid and new.
I think your problem lies
deeper than your clock.
Give me a new heart
and rewind everything.
I never want to
fall in love again.
I understand, my friend.
You need time.
Nothing but time.
I'm out of time.
I gave my key to Miss Acacia.
You gave the key of your heart
to a spark?
Where is she now?
She left with Joe.
But that key is your life.
You were aware of the risk.
I know.
Hurry back to Madeleine!
She's your only hope.
When did you last
wind yourself up?
I don't remember.
No, it's better if you stay here.
I knew the risks, as you said.
I must face the
you're making your
voyage to the moon.
The two-in-one formula
suits you perfectly.
Take courage, mon ami.
Courage isn't what I'm lacking.
You think Jack will be okay?
Do you think he'll go
back to Edinburgh?
He has his family there.
I don't know, but if he
does decide to go home,
he's in for a nasty surprise.
Just after Jack left,
Madeleine the sorceress
was sent to prison.
She wasn't very...
Sorry, my left front
wheel has shattered.
Wasn't very what?
Happy to be in a cell.
She didn't stay long.
She died a few days later.
They say she died
of grief over Jack.
Over Jack leaving, you mean?
If you like. He brings bad
luck wherever he goes.
What's wrong?
- Jack gave me his key
before we left. - Wait.
I have to go back.
Excuse me, do you
know where Jack is?
He's left for Edinburgh.
Just as I feared.
I have his key.
Don't worry,
Dr. Madeleine,
who saved him as a baby,
will find a way to piece
his heart together.
- She's dead!
- What?
Go after him! Save him!
That's all he asks.
He's headed to Valencia.
You can catch him
before the train leaves.
Hold on, wait a second.
Here's the journal
I've kept since I met Jack,
something to read
on the long journey ahead.
Thank you.
At his age,
besides rowing and magic tricks,
my life was empty.
But Jack...
His dreams were incarcerated
in the wooden cage of his heart.
Little Miss Acacia had
opened the floodgates.
I've never seen one person dream
of another with such intensity.
It wasn't a cuckoo-clock but an
electric volcano grafted onto him.
He could have shrunk, after so long
spent in the rain on our journey.
A real Don Quixote.
When he tilts at his dream,
he's intractable.
# I'll die alone,
but I don't know where #
# I'll die alone, but I don't
know where #
# Oh #
# Oh #
# Get some #
# Oh #
# Get some #
# Oh #
# Get some. #
- My poor boy!
- Thanks.
You still look like a
shrimp with muscles!
I think Jack has gone
and caught a head cold.
Gently does it.
Hello, Arthur.
Rust has invaded his spine.
When he moves, it grates.
He's become scared of
the cold and rain since...
Where's Madeleine?
Jack, listen to me.
I must say words
that weigh so heavy
that I worry they
might stay stuck
in my throat.
The day you left.
We saw you onto the train.
Then Anna and I
climbed the hill.
The front door was wide open.
Nobody was home!
The workshop looked like
a hurricane had hit it.
Madeleine's remedies
were scattered.
Even the cat was gone.
With Arthur, we went
looking for her.
In the end, we found her
in St. Calford Prison.
- In prison?
- Yes.
The police arrested
her after we left.
It wasn't the first time
they'd jailed her.
We weren't really worried.
I want to see her.
I'd like to tell you
she is free now.
- Cooking with one hand.
- Fixing someone with the other.
And that, despite missing
you badly, she's fine.
Madeleine has gone.
She left her body in prison.
Sadness will overwhelm you,
but remember you brought
her the joy of being a mother.
It was the dream of
a lifetime for her.
She saw you as a
fragile little thing,
to be protected at all cost,
joined to her by that cord
in the form of a clock.
She dreaded the day when
you'd become an adult.
I'm stopping here and I'd advise
you to do the same, miss.
It's haunted up there.
It's me!
It's not too late,
I can still save you.
You just have.
No, let me turn the key
in your heart.
You came back here for me.
You couldn't do anything more
extraordinary for my heart.
- Thank you.
- No.
Now, whatever happens to me,
the responsibility is all mine.
You can kiss me now.
# What about the weather,
I've got you #
# What about the weather,
I've got you #
# Under my skin #
# What about the weather,
I've got you #
# What about the weather,
I've got you #
# Under my skin #
# What about the weather,
I've got you #
# Under my skin. #
# Oh, my baby,
my little one #
# How romantic
it could be #
# To climb the sky #
# Walking on a stair of stars #
# That's shining blue... #
# And build a hammock
of clouds #
# Between the south and the north
of the half-moon #
# And love you again and
again and again and again #
# I hang my head
like a snowflake man #
# In a burning sun #
# Because I'm my own ghost #
# I'm really dead this time #
# I'm dead like the corpses #
# In their six feet under graves #
# How romantic it could be #
# To climb the sky #
# In a hammock
made of clouds #
# A hammock
made of clouds #
# A hammock made of clouds #
# My little one #
# Yes, a hammock
made of clouds #
# My baby, my little one #
# My baby, my little one #
# A hammock #
# Made of clouds #
# My little one. #
# I never laughed so hard #
# As I did on that
cavalry charge #
# I don't bother with watches
or charts #
# I keep time with
my cuckoo clock heart #
# Knock me down
with a feather of fluff #
# But I'd shoulder the earth
soon enough #
# To find you again #
# In sharp stiletto heels
you can tell how she feels #
# From the spines
of her cactus heart #
# Love for her was the spring
that sprung in his clockwork heart #
# Fell apart #
# In sharp stiletto heels
you can tell how she feels #
# From the spines
of her cactus heart #
# Love for her was the spring that
sprung from his clockwork heart #
# Fell apart #
# Chasing dreams
all the lonely nights #
# Gold and silver
sparkles so bright #
# Even buried under the sea #
# Her precious lie
would still reach me #
# Treasure hunting
for so long #
# I don't know if she'll
ever belong to me #
# Miss Acacia #
# In sharp stiletto heels
you can tell how she feels #
# From the spines
of her cactus heart #
# Love for her was the spring
that sprung in his clockwork heart #
# Fell apart #
# In sharp stiletto heels
you can tell how she feels #
# From the spines
of her cactus heart #
# Love for her was the spring that
sprung from his clockwork heart #
# Fell apart... #
Oh, there's nothing quite so
amusing as recklessness.
When you're 14 and gallivanting all
across Europe on the trail of a girl,
I'd say that your reckless gene
must be highly developed, n'est pas.
# Can his ticker take it? #
# How much joy
would break it? #
# Can his ticker take it? #
# Loving you could break it all #
# Miss Acacia #
# Sharp stiletto heels #
# She had a cactus heart #
# Sharp stiletto heels #
# She had a cactus heart #
# Sharp stiletto heels #
# She had a cactus heart #
# Sharp stiletto heels #
# She had a cactus heart. #