Jack N Jill (2022) Movie Script

Grandpa, remember the story about
the illusion that tricked hanuman...
...Created by Ravanan's Son Indrajith,
A Mayaseetha.
Our concept is also somewhat similar.
Thank you, Grandpa.
[Narrator] When the Prehistoric humans...
Rubbed two stones together,
What burned before them...
Was an eternal flame of curiosity.
This flame would ignite humankinds
constant search for knowledge...
And would lead humans of 21st century...
To the next phase of evolution,
through the phenomenon called
Artificial Intelligence.
Or in short...AI.
Possibilities we could only dream of,
now becomes a reality through...
Artificial Intelligence.
Comprehending problems
like a human would and
Finding solutions faster then humans,
A.I can do it all.
For a human to human like interaction,
the scientists gave AI a face.
They created Humanoid.
A notable AI conference is conducted
annually in London...
Along with a humanoid competition
to find promising new scientists.
To Find the best humanoid
That will aid our future.
Everyone's here already?
- This face won't change.
- I am doctor Subramannian.
Me and Kesh, we played and
grew up together.
My advices have obviously been crucial
to his success.
Side please, Let me...
- He didn't even finish school with us.
- Hello!
- Here,Here.
- I always nurtured Kesh's ideas...
- I didn't finish.
- Even I have stories to tell.
- Yes Good morning.
- Hello Sir.
Sir, what do you have to say
to us about this achievement.
I am happy and proud.
When I lived for this country...
My Grandson, Kesh...
...made the country proud.
What more can I ask for.
Kesh got his talent from his Dad, Right?
The intelligence runs in our family,
his father got it from me.
Kesh had a curious mind
from a very young age.
Look at all the medals he had won.
Sir, is Kesh coming home soon?
- Yes of course.
- Don't tell.
Of course not, not yet.
I will inform you.
(Humming song)
Hey, Drive carefully!
- Start when I say.
- Planning for his wedding this time?
I am hoping.
What a cheap homecoming party.
That too for scientist coming back
from London.
Hey, come here.
He asked you to keep it a secret,
Look at the crowd.
- I didn't tell anyone.
- Colonel
We won't get the fireworks,
they have another program.
Ah! Should we expect elephants also?
I just told the Panchayat President,
I should right.
Then just mentioned it to the area
committee. That's it!
- Then why the Band?
- Ah that is...
- Hello Colonel!
- Ha! There he comes
Now,now beat the drums.
Cheorlett, come.
Little bugger, got a girl.
Stop it! stop it.
- Subbu!
- Scientist!
- Fraud doctor.
- What's this? So much crowd!
- Ask your Grandpa.
- Everyone except the street dogs know.
- Even the dogs will come now.
Could have brought one more garland
if we knew about the bride.
How elegant.
Grandpa, what happened?
Did you like Cheorlett?
Get lost.
- I'll take that.
- No No No.
I Will take it.
- I...I..I Will take.
- I'll take.
Oops slipped.
Close the damn thing and come.
- What's the matter?
- Come here.
What is it?
This box, white box.
- This Box Ill help?
- Thank You very much.
What's with you?
- What is all this?
- All what?
- Who is the Foreigner?
- Oh! That...
In a frail moment I had to do it.
Oh dear God!
But her star sign is Gemini,
like you wanted.
Libra and Gemini is a good match no?
How will I face the people now.
Don't you wanna see the Maayaseetha
I made for you?
Whatever I have seen is enough.
This is the Maayaseetha...
Awww look at him.
Everyone's here!
This looks like us only.
I am Kuttaps. Short name for
Mr Colonel Ramachandran Nair!
He knows my name!
Age 75.
Retired life is chill, right ?
He knows Malayalam?
I can talk Malayalam, I can walk Malayalam,
I can laugh Malayalam.
- This is mind blowing!
- This is nothing, just see.
"Singing 'Kaanana Chayayil'
by the renowned Udaya Bhanu."
You are Udhaya Bhanu sir's fan, huh?
Yes Yes.
Phone is loaded with his songs.
You send a Good morning message with
national flag to 18 people, right?
- It's very irritating.
- Uncle's secrets are out.
Hey the phone is at 10% battery,
put it for charging.
Check check.
Yes Check it.
Correct! Correct!
I am always correct.
Now it became 9.
Dr Subramanian!
Was online in whatsapp till 1:30 am.
A Patient was online.
Is this Jalgi your patient.
Was prescribing a medicine.
Do you prescribe medicines with
adult videos?
What a pity.
Till 1:30 am...
Sharing videos with Jalgi...
One sent and two received.
They have a give and take relationship.
This Kuttaps and his comedy.
You can't touch him without his
He is very keen on his self-defense.
Just like a tiny devil.
- I am cheorlett.
- Cheorlett buddy.
She is Kesh's...
Oh! Assistant? really? I am relived.
Why is Tara standing outside?
Is she not allowed inside?
Tara? who is that?
There! You guys didn't see?
She is hiding.
To the left.
Getting Warmer,warmer...found!
Why are you hiding? Come here.
Bring her in, I will scan her.
It's not yet time to hold her hand.
- She is our kid only.
- Our kid?
Will she attack?
Oh! this is that big invention.
Yes, take a look.
Don't go out.
This is nice.
Ah yes, now leave.
Don't make her leave.
Don't you remember Subash,
he was with me in the army.
- Ya.
- She is his Granddaughter.
- Kudos.
- She doesn't look Malayali.
Her mother is Kashmiri.
Oh that's why, she looks so charming.
Doesn't matter You leave now.
Poor girl.
Please go!
Closed the door also.
Jack and Jill,
It was my father's dream.
- Now its My dream.
- Mine also.
It will be path breaking in the tech
I hope the technology won't
break us in the end.
No, we won't do such things.
We AI's are everywhere.
We read news in Japan,
play football in France.
What more to say, we are being hired even
in the Police Headquarters.
We are making it easy for you.
Whatever you bought by standing in a Queue,
now it's in your fingertips.
Even your directions are instructed
by my sister.
We started using IBM Watson for Human
like assistance.
Who is that?
- Everyone is pushing their limit.
- Might be his friend.
- I am also testing the limits.
- Yes!
I needed the lab space for that, did you
find any place?
Everything is already ready.
Let's go.
Sacred grove!
Human habitat 8 km away.
Noise level 25dB
The smell of mother Earth.
Wow! kim kim kim kim,
Perfect place.
Dude, Kesh.
Why set up a lab in this forest?
Is it to hide the shame if you fail?
A blend of nature and science,
I am gonna set up my lab here.
My dream project!
- What is it?
- Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill was mainly developed
for education.
Through Jack and jill, a 10 year old kid
can have the intelligence of a graduate.
A kind of superhuman effect.
Then we should set up a farm
called Jill and Jack.
Oh No! We will have to actually
start working?
Not for that.
It is for us to keep an eye on them.
Oh...like that
Like this!
Like that!
Like this!
Like that!
Hey sis, over there!
Hey sis, over here!
The demon has come
beneath the banyan tree
Horned like a bull
As fierce as a horse
Like an elephant trumpeting its trunk!
Like how?
Like that!
Like this!
Like that!
There are 60 coconut trees
near Vadakara junction
60 holes in these 60 coconut trees
If there are 60 owls in these 60 holes
How many eyes do the owls have?
There are 60 coconut trees
near Vadakara junction
60 holes in these 60 coconut trees
If there are 60 owls in these 60 holes
How many eyes do the owls have?
Like how?
Like that!
Like how?
Like how?!
Like this!
Like that!
Hey, over there!
Hey, over there!
Hey sis, over there!
Hey sis, over here!
The demon has come
beneath the banyan tree
In the fields near Alathoor bridge
60 women farmers sow 60 green grams
They tally, till, plough, pluck, pound,
dry, fry and powder it
Have you had a curry tastier than that?
Have you had a better curry?
Have you?
Have you? Have you?
Like this!
Like that!
Like this!
Like that!
Like how?
Like that!
Like how?
Like that!
- Hello, Mr.Wheelar!
- Hey Kesh.
Just checking to see if the lab is
all set up.
Yup! We are ready with Jack and Jill
and all set to go.
- That's great.
- Thank You for your support.
We are really looking forward to seeing
how effeciently you used our resources.
Okay... surely, I will keep you posted.
Now we need a test subject.
Ah! back to his old self, testing on cats
and dogs.
I really thought you would improve
after going abroad.
You can't do anything on cat or dogs or
cows here.
Can't even touch a cow.
What can we do with a cow?
We need a human specimen,
One with flesh and blood.
Kick this thing out,
what does he think?
That we are also machines like him?
Kim Kim Kim.
Is there a scarcity for humans?
Doesn't India have like 1.3 billions.
You can bump into one at every corner.
If i was abled, i would have easily
caught one.
Well ya, we can arrange, but it will
cost us a lot.
Money is there to spend only.
No wonder he came back here
to do this.
He would have been jailed there.
- No man, it is not that.
- Then?
I had always planned to do this here.
Dad wanted this project to happen here,
i'll make it happen.
Well, if you are ready to pay...
I am willing to be the specimen.
We need someone with weak intellect.
You can't be a choice,
To make you smart is beyond science.
What is this Ravi?
I will squish this insect.
- Come on, let me see you try.
- Kuttaps
- Sorry
- Be serious!
We need someone with weak
nueron connections.
Someone who thinks like a child, maybe
with disorders like amnesia or dementia.
They shouldn't be aware of the experiment.
Changing them from the inside without
even they knowing it,
That's Jack and Jill.
But, is this of any benefit?
Human brain is not what we know of it.
At a given time we only
use ten percentage of it.
If we can boost these levels...
We can create history.
A probable usage of only 10%.
Such waste of brain data.
If its this complicated
it will cost you alot.
Money is not a problem.
Money there no problem,
I'll bring the right person.
Anthrappan is here...
Poor guy, he has been like this since
his wife's death.
Spends all night dreaming and
Spends his daytime waiting for her here.
What are you doing here? You have
gotten so skinny.
She is not there in the obituary today,
so she could be alive!
- Who?
- Salomi!
Look here Salomi has sent you
I'll show you, come with me.
- You'll take me to Salomi?
- Ofcourse.
- For real?
- Mother promise!
- Hmmm
- Whats the doubt?
You look like a crook.
Oh! that's hereditary.
Come, I'll reunite you two.
- Do show me.
- Just come.
- Quick, quick.
- Take the umbrella!
Give it here.
See you bro! Sorry I mean Sis..sister.
Where are we going?
- Nearby only.
- Oh Lord.
- Oh God, What a timing!
- Ah! its you.
- Where were you, in hiding?
- I was just thinking about you.
And i show up, Come let's talk,
Joseph! I got him.
I wasn't hiding, i'll give the money.
Not even your father can hide from me.
- I will get you the money.
- Is this Salomi's brothers?
Come here.
Who are those scientist and foriegner?
It's my friend Keshavan, he is from
I would advice you not to drink toddy
this early in the morning.
This is Cow's milk
Fresh hot milk.
The one Dhoni drinks to hit sixes,
That kinda milk.
If Dhoni hits six, will I see Salomi?
Not if Dhoni hits a six but...
If you snort this,
you will see Salomi.
True that!
Oh no, his buttons are shedding.
Is he going to walk around like this?
- What do you call this?
- Don't know.
Didn't study in biology?
- I don't know!
- Umbilical.
I hear a phone ringing.
Ah! tell me Achaya.
Where is my Son, Jospeh?
Joseph is here,
he is taking a biology tuition.
- Bhaskar?
- Yes!
Did you finish the other guy?
He is chilling inside the sack.
- It must be a suicide.
- Done
We are all set for another suicide here.
Sign it!
Sign it bastard!
Should have just done it earlier itself.
Do you know swimming by any chance?
Ha! Then it's a suicide,
I shall drown you.
Don't drown someone who can't swim,
It's illegal. I am warning you.
Be careful when you play with blade.
Be punctual with the balance amount...
Or I'll tear you and pull out everything.
Got it?
We should go, Salomi must be waiting!
Oh! Your Salomi, here take this.
Take his hands, now walk straight.
Go go now,
Oh yes Salomi Salomi, keep going.
'To Kerala'
'To Kerala...'
'We come the whole way here to Kerala'
'To Kerala'
- 'Wohooo!'
-Dont be afraid, its fine.
- Hi!
- Salomi?
Salomi...No, Its not her.
She looks like a Vella Paatta
(white roach).
What does it mean?
Salomi is not like this,
she is tan and beautiful.
Where is my Salomi?
Which Salomi?
Now its like that? Didnt you bring
me here for that?
I think we will give it a try.
You want to see Salomi?
- Yes!
- Come then.
This uncle will show you.
Neural mapping uploaded.
Synapsis connection initiated.
Data Transferring...
No need to fear Anthrappan,
I am doctor Subramaniam.
Where is your Peacock?
- What?
- Peacock, Peacock.
Its parked outside.
Doesnt look like the jack I had in mind.
Hello, I am Kuttaps.
You dont fear Everything is safe
in my hands
- Why is he like this?
- Is his growth stagnant?
Hey! Dont talk nonsense. I have been
hearing this since childhood.
I was talking about him...
He is made like that.
Looks like a tiny genie.
The box was built small otherwise,
I would have been big.
Show your eyes.
Not mouth, your eyes.
- Not like that.
- Vitals are all Okay?
Kuttaps is ready for Jack and Jill.
We are gonna fix this here!
Don't worry man, you will be fine.
Scratch later, let me check the pulse.
Ill get to see Salomi, right?
You will even see her dead grandmother.
Ya, that looks fine.
So, Anthrappan will start thinking
straight after this?
I dont think so, these things are never
It's possible.
We first stimulate IQ and concentration
by uploading brain maps, that's Phase 1.
After all these phases...
He will become an advanced human being.
Kuttaps! Initiate the process.
Command received.
Subject Anthrappan.
Power level positive.
Data inventory selected.
Bridging is completed.
Kuttaps is ready for Jack and Jill phase 1.
Kim Kim Kim...Kim!
It's working! working.
There are so many songs in this computer.
You want to listen? Wait!
Brother, are you okay?
Oh my! will he be alright ?
Good grief! is he dead?
Oh thank goodness, he is alive!
Bring the chair...let him sit.
He is having trouble breathing.
- You will put us in jail!
- Shut up!
I have a dream...
I have a dream
That my four little children...
Will one day live in a nation
Where they will not be judged...
By the color of their skin...
But by the content of their character!
Martin Luther King speech!
It's working out Kesh, something's out
but working!
There is something fishy Kesh.
Hail Hitler!
Hail Hitler!
If you want to shine like a sun!
Shine like a Sun!
First you have to burn like it!
Burn like it!
- Hail Hitler!
- Jai Hind!
- Anthrappan wait, dont run.
- He is running for his life.
- Hitler I am coming to you!
- Anthrappan please stop!
If he runs like this, he'll reach
- Mea culpa
- Anthrappa!
Get lost you! Mea maxima culpa
Hail Hitler!
Hey, stop! nuisance!
Mea culpa!
- Anthru...
- Mea Culpa!
Mea culpa...Mea culpaaa!
Connections were perfect...This must be
a human error for sure.
Not my fault!
Kuttaps wont agree its not Kuttaps fault.
Mr. Kesh all this has been
an utter failure.
Edison has said!
He didnt fail thousand times!
The light bulb wasn't invented after
thousand mistakes,
but was through thousand steps.
So this should also work with time!
I think we chose the wrong subject.
A female subject would have
been more suitable
Of course!
I was just about to suggest.
XX Chromosomes are better than XY
I mean women!
They always carry an aura right?
Then...They also have an
investigative mind no?
Thats why you all have passwords in
your phone.
Well if its a female, we will be more
enthusiastic to participate right?
True, true.
Female huh!
Do you have anyone in mind?
Wait! he will say now, I know a person
but it is gonna cost.
I know someone.
Obviously, you can Ravi, you can.
- But it will cost you.
- Thats not a problem for him.
See! He said it...
kuttaps is always right
She is an orphan, which is good for us.
Staying with an old family friend.
That guy fell for the cash and arranged
it for us.
- Hello, Ratheesh hows it going.
- Come come.
Hows the place, Vintage house.
A very antique lunatic.
She is the one...
She got scared!
Bless me please!
Hi Grandmother!
He is a doctor in London, scientist.
Colonel Nairs grandson, he will cure her.
She hasnt talked to anyone since
her time in the hospital.
They said she has some kind of amnesia.
Hi, what's your name?
Kim Kim
She has post traumatic amnesia!
The ideal one!
Come...Come here.
Don't be scared, come on,
Sit here.
There you go...Let me, I am just
gonna take this.
Okay? Okay? You don't...
It's okay.
Dont take it from her.
She doesnt go anywhere without that
- She always needs it in her hand.
- oh poor girl!
You don't...
Cheorlett! It's okay relax.
I smell something fishy.
Look at her!
Where did you find her?
I have intelligence unlike you, Doctor.
Your intelligence is always a pain
in the ass.
Get her ready for phase 1.
Oh! They are bathing her.
Looks like a demigoddess appeared
in front of us.
Like a Demigod ready to iron some clothes.
Take a seat
That would be enough, right?
Sambar is wiped out.
Might have been starving in that
big house.
What did you say?
She would give the demigoddess
Eat well.
- Any food kept aside for us?
- No
Careful, dont swallow it.
- Looks tasty!
- Why don't you...
Eat this chilly also? Why avoid it.
Nothing, just walking towards our field.
- All vitals okay?
- She is perfect.
Then let's begin.
Mmm! Kerala Meals.
Ah! Ok Ok.
Don't be tensed!
Feel free.
I am just gonna put this here.
See...it's Nothing
What is he doing?
Don't be scared, Okay?
It's just a small experiment.
Why fear when Kuttaps is here.
Don't worry, this time it will be...
...A success...
...I hope so.
Okay...Okay, let's start.
Kuttaps, initiate the process.
Command received.
Subject Parvathy!
Power level positive.
Data inventory selected.
Bridging is completed.
Kuttaps is ready for Jack and Jill
Phase 1.
Kim Kim Kim.
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Through some way or the other
Jack and Jill reached out their hands
to touch the evening sky
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Through some way or the other
Jack and Jill reached out their hands
to touch the evening sky
Hey crow, do tell
That black is beautiful
Hey wind, do tell
That its fun to skip and jump!
Laugh Parvathy...laugh!
Laugh with your whole heart.
We all live only to laugh right?
The fireflies taught us
That all that glitters is not gold
The squirrel once said
That every little helps
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Through some way or the other
Jack and Jill reached out their hands
to touch the evening sky
Mr. Cuckoos here to teach you music
Miss Peacocks gonna dance along
Sir Parrot will help you learn the ABCs
And Lord Sea Turtle will
be your swimming instructor!
The tiny ants that
walk in a straight line taught us
That if we stand united...
Even the little ones are strong!
Phase 1 completed.
100% Success.
Check her.
Are you okay?
Oh! she is alive.
Maybe 98 percentage success?
Kuttaps, it's a success right?
Let me check please.
50% for sure.
After an upgrade you need to reboot.
I think she must take rest.
I am also in need of a reboot.
The great Einstein showed us
that the speed of light
Within a vacuum is the same no matter
the speed at which an observer travels.
As a result, space and time are
interwoven into a single continuum.
Known as space-time.
Got it?
Catch my point?
'Wake up, wake up its time, Its 7:30
Wake up, wake up its time, Its 7:30'
'Wake up, wake up its time, Its 7:30
Wake up, wake up its time, Its 7:30'
Thats not me.
You might have had good dreams, no?
Have you thought about me?
No dream, No food, No girl, No soul,
no Aadhar card and not even a dad.
- Why did you create me like this, Kesh ?
- Kesh!
- Kesh come!
- What happened?
Where you off to?
Whats the matter?
Hey, You didnt take me.
Nothing will happen without me you know,
I shall wait.
Look how passionately she is ironing
the burned cloth.
Another failed attempt.
Bring her to the observation room.
Did all the effort go to waste, Kesh?
Be Positive!
She is human.
You dont know the potential
of a human mind.
Oh, now its like that?
Subject is not responding.
Maybe...her hippocampus is damaged.
Who finished this?
Success is not final; failure is not fatal,
It is the courage to continue that counts.
She is talking! It is working.
Winston Churchill.
I told you right.
This is 50...70...80...
...100 percent success.
Arise, awake, and stop not
till the goal is reached.
Swamy vivekananda.
This is going overboard.
Human brain is...unbelievably used.
People who dont use it will
find it as overkill.
Her brain activity is developing.
He'll make some Gandhi notes with this.
Good for us also right?
Gandhi has said that real wealth is not
gold or money but happiness.
I think it's time for Jack and Jill
Phase 2.
Kim kim kim kim.
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim.
Hydration! Dehydration!
Tender coconut with Vodka.
Best combination!
Just watching this tempts me so much.
You want it?
I'll set for you.
Wow! she took it in a gulp.
And we are presenting Jack and Jill
to the world.
We have given so many things to the world.
Ya! India was zero,
- Zero was India.
- Alas, I waited for so long
Chanthu, you deceived me again.
What did you do to her?
I didnt do anything
Ilanthar Madam was merely a few miles
to the west.
Kunjiramettan was also away,
a good opportunity...
...was wasted.
Unniyarcha of Vadakkampaattu.
Unniyarcha? Who is that?
You don't know Unniyarcha?
Unniyarcha was Kalari,
Kalari was imported to china...
Kung Fu, Kalari!
Is that the topic here?
You were inventing future and
she has gone to the past.
Kuttaps will clarify,
Past, Present, Future; A human life is
combined of all three.
- You want to have one more?
- Were you a bartender ?
I waited for you with open doors,
Why didnt you come, Chanthu?
I need some rest now...
Where did you get her from?
In such cold blue nights,
It is said that cuddling under
a blanket is the usual custom.
Who said that?
No one did...
But, according to a universal
gaze...a male and a female!
Male and female?
That is, you know...
kim kim!
kim kim?
Kim kim kim kim.
Kim Kim Kim!
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
O, my love, I longingly wait for you
Why dont you come, my love?
O, my love, I longingly wait for you
Why dont you come, my love?
I miss your honey glazed voice
Why don't you say something?
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Why dont you come?
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
One, two, three, four!
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
Oh, wow!
Oh, no!
On this fifth night when the moon
shines a smile into the sky
Like a blooming garden of flowers
Why didnt you come, my love?
The evergreen magnolia flowers on
my hair have withered
So has my face!
Why haven't you noticed it, my love?
Cooped in a gilded cage
This chirpy little parrot
Isn't it your heart's desire to come
to my doorstep and call out to me?
Isn't that what your heart desires?
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
My love, my love, my love!
O, my love, I longingly wait for you
Why dont you come, my love?
I miss your honey glazed voice
Why don't you say something?
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Why dont you come?
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Why dont you come?
Mey mey mey mey mey mey mey
Kim kim kim kim kim kim kim
Hey, look who is here!
What's going on here?
Good morning Grandpa.
Who is your Grandpa?
- What was the need?
- Oh not a Grandpa then
Thinks he is a teenager.
Only he is allowed
to call me Grandpa.
By the way...
You should come with me tomorrow.
We are going to see a girl for you.
Let me see if I can get you
married this time.
Can I also come?
Oh! "Can I also come".
Do you think Ill come?
Marriage is a dangerous arrangement Kesh.
For every 10 weddings statistics
shows 3 to 4 divorces per day.
Why waste your time,
there is no need.
Him and his statistics.
It's the truth.
Just like you grandpa,
truth is always scary.
People are still
getting married right.
Uncle, people get
married just to get divorced.
Shut up.
No one asked your opinion.
You guys are spoiling him.
That's correct.
Uh, look at her.
The Astrologer was right.
She is the witch
who came to ruin you.
Don't waste your time convincing me.
I am not getting married.
A man is only complete
after a marriage.
Complete as in
his life is finished there.
Child, come here.
I am not going to live forever.
My forever wish is to
see you get married.
Much Sentimental!
Get lost.
Grandpa...I can't concentrate on
anything until I finish this project.
After that maybe I can do it
just to make you happy.
Please don't ask me again.
Is this your final decision?
- Is it?
- Yes for sure.
Then do as you wish.
Good Decision.
Kuttaps is ready for
Jack and Jill Phase 2.
Will Phase 2 further
increase her intelligence?
She will be put through
extremely violent situations.
She will have to endure the trauma.
When Phase 2 is completed...
her survival skills will become powerful.
A powerful defense mechanism.
Will she thrash ?
I can.
Shut up you.
My dear Kuttaps
stop this violence.
Go, go stand over there.
Don't be scared.
Are you ready?
initiate phase 2.
Kim Kim Kim Kim.
Of Colours...
Of Ideologies...
Of Cast...
Of Politics...
Of Language...
Of Knowledge...
Our urge to divide into groups
lead us to the inevitable war!
For Power
For Religion
For Titles
For Wealth we fought.
What did we gain from war?
The world burning in rage.
Turning into ash.
Jack and Jill Phase 2 Completed.
Hey Parvathy?
Tiring work.
See See.
She hasn't taken the Iron Box
It might have worked.
Charlotte Give me the reports.
She took it.
Oh no.
Nuclear explosion.
Hey, that was all old time visuals.
All that won't happen now.
No No...
it happens now also.
Before it was a war that
everyone was aware of.
A war made on agreements.
But now
The war can happen
anywhere at any time.
On the borders or
even in our street.
There will always be war as long
as you humans carry hate inside you.
Parvathy, are you okay?
Don't worry.
Phase 3 will mend everything.
It will be a major breakthrough.
They are asking you to
vacate the lab property.
Who asked?
Obviously the owners.
I don't know the details.
And you didn't say
anything to them, Grandpa?
I tried talking but
it didn't go well.
You do one thing, you go and
talk to them first thing tomorrow.
The project is finally getting
in the right track.
Anyway, Ill go meet them.
Do it tomorrow itself.
Who should I be looking for!
Why are you here?
This is a public place right?
Who are you searching for?
Owners of that land.
Grandpa asked me to meet them.
What's the matter?
I'll discuss that with them.
What a coincidence!
I am that landowner.
It was my grandfather's place.
Now it's in my name.
The thing is my project has come
halfway through, so...
So now...
Say now, what will you do?
Now I have to
finish the project no.
The land...
Well if you like me then I can...
let you stay.
If it's a no then you can
look for another place.
Oh no, I do like you.
Do you want ice cream?
No, Ill just take the land.
I was just scaring you,
you continue.
Hello Scientist.
-How are you?
-All fine?
I'll introduce you to someone.
He is a big businessman.
Might help you in the future.
I have someone to introduce.
He is that colonel's grandson.
-Oh is it.
-The one in London.
Oh, the scientist.
Doing good?
Scientist, I saw your news on TV.
Have you planned the next project?
Next one is Jack and Jill.
Oh, Nice...
Jack and Jill went up the hill
and came back with a daughter
And this is my daughter Aarathi.
We are doing a small
program tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Kids will be performing.
But the main highlight
is a magic show by me.
Oh is it.
- You also come.
- Sure sure.
Let's celebrate.
Bring your girlfriend also.
Yes definitely.
See you, sir.
What are you looking for Parvathy?
Poor fishes no.
They are born to live
and die in this small circle.
That's not nice.
One should live like a bird.
Letting no one to decide our fate.
No one to stop us.
Just the freedom to fly and explore.
Nothing, i was just ranting some truth.
Well is there anyone standing
against Parvathy's freedom?
Isn't there?
Isn't there someone
standing against it?
I got a party invitation today.
I have not danced in
front of an audience yet.
If you insist I shall try.
No need.
I see it as an opportunity to
present Parvathy to the public.
I wanna know how she
interacts with people.
That seems like a good idea.
What's Kesh's plan?
What if we make her do a speech?
Any particular topic.
The absence of
freedom is a notable topic.
So maybe she can
talk about Freedom.
Ya, that's a good idea.
I like it.
- You like it?
- Perfect.
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen
and welcome to the magical head chop
of Stephan Tharakan.
Man, your
dad is such a jobless chap.
Trying Magic,
that too at this age.
Well, I was his greatest
magic trick.
He killed her.
Cut off her head.
It's okay, it's just magic.
Watch Now.
Smile for the audience.
Everyone is looking, smile.
I...I know that guy.
Hey, Parvathy leave it.
Concentrate on your speech.
I don't want to give a speech.
No speech?
Gosh, what will we do now?
Please do something.
Shes got the gait of a swan
And the gaze of a deer
Shes chatty like a parrot
And sings like a cuckoo
Shes got the gait of a swan
And the gaze of a deer
Shes chatty like a parrot
And sings like a cuckoo
Hibiscus cascading over nearby fences
Like blooming red smiles
Hibiscus cascading over nearby fences
Like blooming red smiles
Blooming smiles, smiles, smiles!
Dance like a golden peacock
Groove to the music
Come on, come on, O little one!
Lets have a party!
Dance like a golden peacock
Groove to the music
Come on, come on, O little one!
Lets have a party!
Your hair, like storm clouds
Your face, lit up like a lamp
The moon in your chest
A starlet in scarlet hues!
Your hair, like storm clouds
Your face, lit up like a lamp
The moon in your chest
A starlet in scarlet hues!
Shes shimmery like a fish
Look how she gleefully wades
Shes shimmery like a fish
Look how she gleefully wades
Look at her, look, look!
Dance like a golden peacock
Groove to the music
Come on, come on, O little one!
Lets have a party!
Dance like a golden peacock
Groove to the music
Come on, come on, O little one!
Lets have a party!
Get some palm leaf crackers
Some string crackers
And light them up!
Get some palm leaf crackers
Some string crackers
And light them up!
Hey Joseph.
Oh no!
Subbu, Ravi take Parvathy and run.
Everything is ruined, someone close
my box and take me away.
Hey, hello!
Call the Ambulance.
- Lift him carefully.
- Lift.
- Move.
- Move Quick.
Joseph are you Okay?
You come with us.
- Why do you need me?
- You just come.
Leave me.
Hey Parvathy.
Let's dance no.
Dance? Really?
Asking to dance after
leveling someone's nose?
Count us out.
Go dance alone.
Her and her dance!
Parvathy what just happened?
Weren't we dancing?
I don't think your project can go
forward with this girl.
I think something went wrong.
Look at you getting smacked
by some woman's iron box.
Brother, is it paining?
No, it's very pleasing.
Get lost!
You have no shame.
What kind of a father are you?
Sitting and mocking me.
What if this had happened to you?
I have seen her somewhere.
Even i have.
- Yes, Brother.
- Smoking Kills.
I need to meet her.
Bring her here.
That's what he is here for.
That wouldn't work.
Why wouldn't it be?
Just listen to us, please.
Otherwise, Ill cut open and
roll out your intestine.
Stop the obsession
with cutting me open.
I will try to bring her.
Let me go, stop the torture.
- Go now.
- Take Shahid also.
Let go of my hand.
What's all this mess you have created?
She hit someone with an iron box.
Do such experiments inside the lab.
It's not a big problem.
You are not bothered
about anything.
It was that Stephan's son.
Do you think they'll let it pass?
Enough! just stop this.
Grandpa, I didn't start
this to end it halfway.
Dad designed the project with great vision.
I'll face any problem to complete it
and fulfill his wish.
If I have to do
it alone so be it.
Mr. Colonel, I will do it.
What did you say?
"I'll do it"?
Say that we will do it.
I will stand with you for anything,
was just concerned.
-What are you doing here?
-No nothing.
I was...
Kesh is calling inside you.
Oh ok ok Thank You.
Princess Unniyarcha?
There is an issue
Why brother Chandu, you look disturbed.
Is our Kingdom in danger?
Alot of disputes, Neighboring King has
called for a rendezvous.
What's the concerned matter?
Ask him to come and meet me.
The king is suffering from
stomach ache, poor old man.
So he has sent a carriage...
...sorry car for you princess.
Oh, he has sent a wagon?
Yes, a car.
Then we shall travel.
A relationship with the neighboring
Kingdom will always be a boon.
Get in.
Coachman, let's move.
- Okay.
- Let's Go.
You stay here.
Ah, look who is here.
Go inside...Go.
Oh, are you that girl.
I was looking forward to meeting you.
You are the king here?
Looks more like a Royal Buffoon.
But my jokes can kill.
We in our Puthooram lineage
learned to fight face to face.
Not to joke around.
Why don't we try fighting then?
According to National crime data
Daily 106 rape attempts happen.
Then you can add one more to it.
Plus one...107.
I think she is dead.
Then go bury her somewhere.
If not now she will die then.
Call Bhaskaran!
You said you just wanted to talk.
But she dropped dead.
Cover the body.
What happened brother?
She bonked my ear out.
Causing all that trouble.
Only to be Cramped
up in a coffin.
Simply wasted a life.
Go bury her somewhere.
Pick up the body.
Go and help them.
Lift up higher.
The ambulance idea was good.
Now what.
Now nothing, he will bury her.
- Why should I do it?
- You expect us to do it?
Come with us.
Start digging here.
Go take the coffin now.
Do you see yourself in this video?
You did all the work.
So just be careful.
That's the end of this chapter.
'Rise and Shine. It's time to wake up.
It's 7:30am.'
Wake up, wake up. It's time.
There is a crowd waiting outside.
I detect 46 phones.
Open the door Kesh.
Kesh it's live.
- What's the matter.
- Mr.Kesh
Heard that the girl you brought here is
missing now.
- Missing?
- Yes.
What do you have to say about it?
Tell us.
Move aside.
Oh my!...Police.
Police have become punctual or what.
We got a man missing complaint.
Where is Parvathy?
What are you saying sir?
We can just search and confirm.
- Do you have warrant?
- Warrant?
Is that really needed?
No No, it's illegal to
search without a warrant.
Move...Give way.
What happened?
Go go.
- Tell us sir, what happened?
- Why should I?
Move aside
Ah look Parvathy is here.
I told you she is here.
Was taking a bath, look at
her hair.
This is the Parvathy that
was supposed to be missing.
What's the matter?
And they said she went missing.
Ms.Parvathy did something
happen yesterday?
Yesterday...Ah yes I overslept
a little.
Any other question?
Lady, you can also ask.
Are you being kept here
against your free will?
What is freedom?
Ya, ask that to their damn
face Parvathy.
When a person isn't depended on someone
or doesn't take orders from someone or
doesn't comply to the values of someone
and is free of bounds,
Isn't that...The state of freedom.
Yes! My hard work in phase 1
has paid off.
Didn't we get
independence in 1947?
Didn't we rule the Kadathanadan
Wait, this wasn't there in my
programming! Might be a bonus.
Nothing more right?
Thank You.
No more questions right.
- What just happened?
- Who knows.
- Hello.
- What's happening their idiots?
Boss, we did bury her.
You saw the video, right?
Then who is that standing there,
her ghost?
No idea!
You don't know?
Who is this?
How did it come into your wallet?
Who is she to you?
This is my property. Not to be kept in
your wallet.
Bloody boyfriend.
I'll chop you off.
What's with you?
Please trust me when I say this, our
friendship go way back, so trust me.
She is a ghost!
There is no such things as ghost,
but they might show up at night.
Smoked up morning itself?
I am sober.
Believe me, she is a ghost.
Are you mad?
You and your English.
Dude I am telling you she
is a pure ghost.
- Then go touch and confirm.
- Touch?
Ya go see if she is real.
- Come with me.
- Go.
Absence of an opaque body will
prove she is a ghost.
Yes got it, he needed that.
She is not a ghost, she
is alive but she was dead.
- Dead?
- Yes.
What are you blabbering?
But my jokes can kill!
How can we trust you, you would even
sell us off in black market.
Trust me, I didn't do anything.
That Bhaskar and Jayaram forced
me into it.
Get in.
Was buried here.
Hail Hitler.
Salomi is not there.
She escaped even before the burial.
I was walking back devistated, after seeing
them destroy the berlin wall...
And my eyes spotted a coffin.
There was a cloth.
There was a movement and I opened
the coffin. I was in shock!
Go take the coffin.
Then this sir dragged the coffin
without Salomi and buried it here.
I had always suspected this Sir
to be a crook,
but now I understood that he
is just stupid.
- Keep at it.
- He might have been high.
I told you I wasn't.
I have to meet them,
it's a serious issue.
Dude, You don't know that Joseph
guy, he is a big psycho.
He keeps a blade under his tongue,
was even going to cut me open.
This will be our primary
processing area Sir.
The electro-magnetic
separator will come there.
Now ill have a chemical factory
to my name huh!
- This is not yours...
- Then?
This is for Aarathi and her kids.
They are also entitled for all this.
Architect,Explain and finish it off.
Sorry Sir. Sir, This is where we will
have the waste treatment plant
So we will reduce emissions by
10 percent.
What's that for?
Are you new to this, Architect?
Waste treatment plant?
No need for that.
Just keep a board for the sake of it.
Then just pump the waste underneath
the lake.
No one will notice.
- Wouldn't the lake be spoiled?
- You get lost.
'If you hurt the nature'
'It'll eventually strike back'
Do you live here?
Then you can shut up.
I have been waiting.
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Everything's gone now.
If we don't kill these off now
Environmental acitivist will
screw us later.
Man, this is how you finish off a job.
Did you understand ?
Can't even kill and bury a girl,
Just walk around sipping milk.
The Prey...
It should be brought to our gun point.
...Ya, Sure.
- Hope the project is not in trouble.
- No no no
That was just a fake news.
Actually she is responding
well to jack and Jill.
Thank God.
We will start the next phase
as soon as the funds arrive.
Don't mind the delay, just
get everything into full swing.
No network...
Which network are you using?
Please don't disturb.
Ya sorry Mr.Wheeler.
You do have network no?
Hello, if you are a journalist
you can leave, they all left.
- Who are you to order me?
- Eeyal!
My God don't kill me.
- You will slap me?
- Leave me!
I liked it, slap again.
Let go.
It would be pretty to see this face
getting cut by this blade.
Then Ill make you say sorry.
Sorry brother.
Oh is this your sister?
No, someone special but...
that's not the matter here.
You can let her go.
What if I don't?
If you have ask then...
Don't worry, You will be fine
in an hour or two.
You better run.
Hey are you okay?
Keep this pen.
Don't be scared.
The crucial step to connect the
fragmented mind with the body.
That's phase three.
I would have to take make parvathy cross
all barriers...
With the vigor of a trojan virus.
Prepare for phase three.
kim kim kim kim.
Look, Parvathy.
Parvathy! the headgear.
Parvathy get into the car.
- Gun?
- That's not an umbrella.
It's a gun be careful.
Parvathy No!
Please take her away.
- Parvathy!
- My God she is after me!
Ah! Please.
Kesh, Tranquilizer?
I was just scratching my back,
aren't we friends parvathy.
Give her the iron-box.
Exchange it for the iron-box?
(Chants Mantra's for safety)
Set! Okay.
We came so close,
How will we advance without completing
phase three.
Not everything will work
according to plan Kesh.
To leap forward we always
need to take two steps backwards.
Don't sit, leap Kesh.
Maybe we shouldn't have done
first two phases back to back.
Possible...Anyway it's a human
error, not one from our side.
This artificial intelligence didn't
pop out of earth one fine day.
We humans only created you.
I hope you got me.
Still we are kind of superior.
OK I call truce.
We both are equals.
We have no egos like you people.
I am detecting a new number
here, someone is here.
Kesh, go look. I am serious.
Go Go.
What happened?
- An unknown mobile detected.
- What?
Might be some thief.
Oh no thief!
A bigger thief than you?
Dude...Dude, why the mockery?
How did this get here?
What's this...
There are more.
Here here.
What's this...
Oh What's this?
Is this headgear?
No not that.
Can I dance?
In Bharathanatyam, Bha is Bhavam
(Expression) Ra is Ragas
Tha is Thalam (Rhythm)
Watch and enjoy.
O thou beloved
Whatve you done, lil one?
Hot summer heat glares down
All the steps are perfect.
Burning fire inside of me
I haven't seen such a step in
O thou beloved
She is gone, catch her.
Whatve you done, lil one?
O thou beloved
O thou beloved
Eyes, like the arrows
shot from the cupids bow
Piercing through my heart
Sending shivers all over
Goddess Chamundi
has taken over the divine body
Come, fall into my stride!
Quench the fire of my anguish!
Let your footsteps shake the ground!
Come sing a thousand chants
Come here.
Oh no! This is Shahid,
Joseph's friend.
What happened here?
Might be a suicide.
Don't test my patience!
Will we do?
Should we call the police?
You and your police, let's set up his
funeral also then.
We should scoot from here now,
take her also.
Get up!
His phone...phone.
No no. Don't, come on.
- And the Iron rod?
- Ill smack you.
Someone's calling him, poor guy.
Who might be calling?
Might be calling to see if
he is alive.
My lord Ganesha. I hope you are
aware of what happened yesterday.
Please just get me out of that mess.
Like you know, I am innocent.
God shall protect you.
I am tensed, what actually happened
there yesterday?
I asked you to take the box with you.
Tell us Parvathy, what happened
there yesterday?
I asked the same thing no,
tell us the truth Parvathy.
It was a suicide.
Ya right, suicide by stabbing himself
with an iron rod?
I have never seen or heard of such
a suicide in my medical career.
What about jumping in front of a train?
Is there a more unnatural suicide?
Get lost you.
Is it my fate to be jailed
at this age?
Section 302 and Section 303.
Life sentence for sure.
All of you will be caged.
Should have just put a doctor board
and stayed home.
Then you would have already gotten
a death sentence.
He could you just shut up.
I live in a place with right to speech,
Anyone can say anything.
Those who can't bear it please
shut your ears.
You want me to stop talking, right?
I shall pause myself and shut up.
Let's do a prelim scan, yes?
Good point.
I like that.
Move aside.
Brother, it was not a gang feud.
But they are showing things in the news.
What are they saying?
That Shahid was killed by people in
some drug mafia.
Nah, this can't be their doing.
But i wonder why the news people
are saying that.
They are always fond of making up
things and blowing it up.
That Shahi...
Say it.
The news is showing that Shahid was
killed by some goons.
- See.
- I told no? Parvathy is innocent.
You were only putting the blame
on her.
Anyone would have thought that only.
I broke two coconuts at the temple,
that's why we are safe now.
What logic is that?
How's breaking a coconut there affect
the situation here?
Then can't everyone save jail-time
by breaking coconuts?
An artificial item like you advising
a spiritual like me?
Bloody fool!
Not a fool.
We are the Gods of future.
For sure.
What now for you? Phase 2,
Phase 3 or face cream!
Anything left?
- I'll even do Phase 4!
- Ya you will never learn.
[Humming Song]
Good morning Sir, There is
a delivery.
What's this? No one here has
a birthday today.
It's the right address.
R I P Joseph!
Dude, you have a courier.
Rip Joseph.
For me?
Sir, Signature?
What's going on there?
Dad see this!
A courier.
For me?
No, for me.
RIP Joseph.
So that was not Drug Mafia, someone
is messing with us Stephan.
You should look into this.
Also move him from here for
few days.
Why you getting scared for this?
I am your father.
He is my only child.
Just do as i say, Okay?
Why are you sitting inside this?
I tried telling her that it doesn't
work in petrol and won't drive.
You are only interested in people
who sit here.
That's kind of your case right.
Atleast now you'll spend some time
with me.
What all is this girl blabbering.
Kesh, no no.
We will talk about it, you come
out now.
No. I won't come out till we talk
this through.
Talk what?
Do you like me or not?
I need a definite answer.
It's not like that, come out first.
Ms.Iron box is on time.
Flirting huh?
Can i steal him for sometime?
To where?
It's a hot day, i am craving
ice cream.
- Ice cream?
- Come.
You want it now?
Any problem in getting one?
Just getting an ice cream not
getting married.
She's quiet the comedian.
- Come.
- Hey Parvathy, i am busy.
Parvathy Kesh's busy, please leave.
Leave it no.
Oh no! don't shake the floor.
No can't jump out.
No No! I am shutting down.
I am dead.
Fooled her. Girls are so innocent.
Ok, we can go for ice cream.
Could have said it before she
freaked out.
Shall i take leave?
Get off my sight.
Poor you.
'Your treasured fruit of love
is being snatched away by Parvathy'
'Poor Kesh is getting snatched away'
'As usual i stand as the all seeing eye'
' I stand and see you weep...'
Stop it!
Raise no weapon against me. I don't
harm woman.
Didn't you see, i played dead earlier.
We just started talking...
And she came in.
Why does he agree to everything she asks?
What if she asks for marriage?
Will he agree to that?
He could! He is just a mere human.
Will he even feel something like that
to someone older?
Classic human behaviour shows beggars
can't be choosers.
Should be satisfied with what
you get right?
Were you always this violent for
ice cream, Parvathy?
Not always, only when i am
in the mood.
Hey! what the...
- Drive carefully man!
- Sorry
Wanted to ask directions.
You do that by blocking vehicles?
Which way is Ananthapuram Palace?
Ah! i dont know.
Okay, Thank you.
Hail Hitler.
If you want to shine like sun
first you have to burn like it.
Who said this?
Adolf Hitler, My Idol.
Come lets discuss.
We shouldn't let Japan grow, they
are a growing concern.
Hey! Salomi is gone.
Salomi vanished.
Parvathy! Parvathy!
Hey wait!
Parvathy, what happened to your hand?
Let's go get ice cream then?
Don't want ice cream now.
Hail Hitler!
Salomi is back huh?
You want water?
Try not to drink much, you have
a bladder injury.
It's inflamed down there.
Are you investigating this?
Yes, it's happening.
What's there to investigate so much?
We are questioning some goons and
repeat offenders.
For what joy?
it's evident, someone is targeting
me and my family.
Whoever it be they know their craft.
They have accurately striked
his pressure points.
Are you on my side or theirs?
No, it's just you have to always
appreciate good work.
- Bhasker.
- I'll look into it brother.
I'll nab the ones who did this.
Just few drops of blood, even a big
mosquito could do that.
Why think so much into it?
I think we made some mistake while
tweaking combat skills in Phase 2.
That was defence mechanism no?
But could that trigger such...such
issue! Yes it could.
Yes! it's possible.
I think she only killed the other guy.
Dad might have shelved Jack and Jill
foreseeing such problems.
Could be true.
Oh! Lasting life line.
I am hungry.
When i break coconuts to save us, she comes
back with new problems.
- Why take that?
- Start eating.
You don't need a knife to eat idly,
something is wrong.
Eat it, chop chop.
Give her the iron box.
- If she had missed that swing.
- She is finally eating.
If we continue like this, Parvathy's
current situation could get risky.
It's getting out of hand.
Well, her ventromedial prefrontal
cortex is greatly affected!
Maybe that affected Phase 2!
You were supposed to conduct tests
on Parvathy
but now she is the one testing you, Kesh.
Parvathy is standing infront of us
like an unsolved question!
We need to study her more discreetly
to solve this.
We went to Parvathy's house yesterday.
Her father and sister was supposedly
killed by a Deepak.
He is missing now.
She was probably hospitalised because
of that trauma.
But what's bugging me is
There were photos of Stephan and
his gang there.
What's there role in this?
My God, Why we do always get tangled up
with those psychos.
We are destined to be killed
by them.
Don't wish and make it happen.
Just stating the obvious.
It's a bigger problem now.
It must be that Deepak who came here
that day.
All of this are somehow connected.
I think she is in trouble.
I was only thinking about the project.
I was thinking only like a scientist.
I never saw the emotional side
in this.
Now i feel like i shouldn't have
started all this.
I am sorry Parvathy.
I think i must put a stop to Jack and Jill.
Kesh! Kesh!
Behind the car.
Cheorlett, what are you doing with
the ape?
You started drinking milk?
Not the monkey on top of the car,
there is one behind it.
One with shades on.
This is Cow's milk
Fresh hot milk
The one Dhoni drinks
to hit sixes
Kid, Where is Parvathy?
It took us much effort to get her
hospitalized once.
Call, call her kid.
'We won't call her here,
what will you do?'
Oh you have brought a gun?
Oh! not bad not bad.
He has come prepared.
Are you a RAW agent or what?
Wipe that smirk off your face.
Only one person can smile here.
My smile...
You have to wield a gun,
but here I am the gun.
You are right, only one should smile.
I'll be the one.
(Swearing in Norwegian)
Oh My! Oh My!
Ear bursting filthy abuses.
Don't worry she was just swearing at
your ancestors.
We have washed him inside out,
you just have to iron him now.
- Is he dead?
- Not dead.
Just a small dose.
It's a device I made, KSUX 127.
He will be out for two hours.
That's just theory, but
I made it practical.
Call the police.
- What happened?
- Section 441, he was trespassing.
Section 354, assaulting woman.
Towards a foreign women.
We have all the proof, will
submit to the court if needed.
Kim Kim Kim Kim.
Who is that?
Oh my!
Don't come here, you can't see me.
I am just an echo...echo...echo.
Just miss, if caught I don't even
have an aadhar to show.
He is a fraud, I was after him.
But you need to be a bit careful
with Stephan.
Just saying out of the respect
for Colonel Sir.
Stephan, Abracada kopra kada.
Magic...that head chopper...
Kesh we should be careful.
Ah Kesh, welcome.
I was just about to ask you to sit.
Expected, thats why I sat down.
How's Jack and Jill?
Project is going well.
But you didn't have to send people
to supervise it.
I don't send people to your
chemical factory no?
I now have an idea about
Stephan Tharakan's magic tricks.
Oh, is it?
I have done a lot of magic,
but a small mistake in one and
it hit me back like a boomerang.
It's best you go back to America.
When it's time Ill leave.
But, Parvathy is not alone now.
We will be with her.
Remember what I said.
Okay, see you soon.
Hey, you escaped last time because
of your annoying thingy.
But, you should know where you
are standing now.
I do know Sir.
Convey my regards to your foreigner friend.
Will do.
My palm is itching.
I think it's that bloody handshake,
take a look.
Sit and scratch.
I want to meet Parvathy, please.
How do you know Parvathy?
I was friends with Parvathy's sister,
I used to find solace at their home...
they were like family.
But there were issues between Stephan
and Madhavan uncle.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Abracadabra
It's a blank cheque. Write down
your magic figure.
Fooling public and filling lakes,
turning them into land.
You think no one's seeing that
magic of yours?
And your plan to pocket Arathi's
father's properties,
Is that also one of your trick?
We will put a stop to your dream
for a chemical factory.
Must be your boyfriend huh?
Arathi, go get in the car.
Hey Hello! you can't scare us.
Did it scare you?
Just adjusting my dress.
Come kid, let's go.
You shouldn't mingle with such people.
Save Us! Save Earth!
Parvathy and Madhavan uncle gathered
a protest against Stephan's factory.
- Revoke the plan for Chemical Factory!
- Save Us. Save Earth!
[Crowd Protesting]
Son, this is getting out of our hands.
One day me and Parvathy were
going back to her place...
Poor guy, cut himself with a blade.
- Dad!
- Stand there.
Madhavan was a big activist.
But when you die, you are
just a dead body no?
Leave me! Dad!
- Dad!
- Shalini!
Leave her, you!
Let go of her!
Leave me!
Parvathy was hospitalized in
that shock.
It's me Arathi? Don't you recognise?
How long have you been with Stephan?
He took me in after my Dad's death.
Stephan was my Dad's business partner.
Initially he saw me like a daughter.
Slowly he turned me into a prop for
his magic.
What am I hearing!
I had started to call him dad,
But one day as I was coming out
from the shower...
You have grown up in the blink
of an eye, sit sit.
So, the thing is...You don't have
to call me Dad now.
When you call that, I feel we are
A celebration is about to happen here!
A small magic show, you will like it.
I am sure.
Turning a daughter into a wife!
He is waiting for me to turn 18.
We shouldn't leave such buggers,
should drag him to court.
Child abuse!
I am scared of him!
Even I have influence in the higher-up.
I was an army man!
- I'll show him.
- I'll also come.
No, you guys should be here.
Don't let her out, it's risky.
Kid, don't worry Okay?
We are with you.
No brother, I'll just scare them a bit.
A warning.
Kesh, I am detecting a new number.
Yes, It's me Colonel.
Is the commissioner there?
I am just coming there.
There is a case.
- Okay, okay.
- Kesh, ask Grandpa to stay.
Oh no!
It's nothing.
- Yes?
- Don't hurt them. I'll come.
You should inform me before going
somewhere, right?
See, now I had to send a gift
to them.
- I am coming.
- Come.
Come fast.
Don't hurt them, Ill be there.
Grandpa, How are you feeling?
Hey! this is nothing.
Don't be tensed.
He has to be concerned no?
It's just the flesh wound, will
heal in few days.
I have stood bravely and stared
into the eyes of a patton tank.
That Stephan rascal doesn't know that.
- Him and his firecrackers.
- Colonel, try not to speak much.
- Brag less, rest more.
- OK, OK.
Yes Cheorlett?
They are gone.
- What?
- Aarthi and Parvathy, they are not here.
What are you saying?
Where did they go?
I don't know!
I knew you will be back.
Why did you have to get so upset
and leave? Aren't we a family?
Heads or Tales?
A ring!
You will have to wear this. Go,
freshen up.
Go on.
(Humming song)
Hey! Hey, Old Man.
Stephan Tharakan, Magician!
What kind of a human are you?
How can you think of destroying your
own species?
Don't smile, don't.
I have hacked into your computer
and all your dirty violations,
I am copying them folder to folder.
Cut and clear Forrest and then
you want to make what?
Chemical Factory!
And now you want to marry that girl!
If I had a long leg I would have
kicked you in the nuts.
I feel like calling you a lot
of things,
- You son of a beep.
- Bastard!
Joseph! Bhasker!
Do you remember this?
You know what I did to your
sister with this?
Daughter! Help me.
Help me.
Oh My!
Arathi, where is Parvathy?
'You can run but you can't...'
Dude, call the police!
What's the number for police station?
'You can run from me, but you can't
'You can't hide, I'll find'
Parvathy! Are you hurt?
Don't forget to take me also Kesh!
What were you saying?
Jack and Jill,
Changing humanity, historic!
This won't work. I told you,
this isn't medically possible.
It is possible.
This idiot won't agree,
I am your friend...
But, I am done.
Because of her condition and your
Colonel's influence
all the accusation went towards
that Deepak.
We got away this time.
Please! Count me out of this.
I would rather go to some village
in america,
And survive with the money this
poor girl makes! Right?
Jalgi, we can go to Bengal no?
- Oh he rebooted!
- Hey, Ravi i am leaving, come.
We are coming wait!
It was a blackout!
Oh, Where is Parvathy?
She is safe, phew!
How are you feeling?
Hey, she is okay. Minor bruises only.
You don't worry Okay? We are with You.
I killed Stephan!
He should have suffered...
Arathi come, the Lawyer had called
you need to sign the documents.
So...you didn't complete the sentence.
That Stephan should have lived
and suffered right?
He should have lived in unbearable
- Scientist realised everything no?
- Ofcourse!
Even i knew, but was slightly doubtful
so ya, i was oblivious.
Now i am clear.
I had my doubts when Deepak came
and left that bag there.
Then obviously the bloodstains
on your hand that day.
But someone's acting skills here,
left me clueless.
Even i was full on acting, right?
Can i ask you something?
When did you get back your memories?
When Phase 2 ended...
I had started to recollect things
by then.
Then i thought...
I should let it continue like this.
To settle my scores...
I needed a false face.
And then Me and Deepak decided.
Shahid was first.
Jayaram was killed by...Deepak.
Shalini was his everything.
I went Stephan's bungalow to end it,
to end them for good.
You scared?
Isn't this just magic?
I won't kill you, but...
You should know the pain of lose.
Your sister was also in pain.
Your dad should watch you die.
- Dad!
- Why don't you smile now.
Jack and Jill wasn't a failure!
and i won't misuse the things
you gave.
Whatever one says...
It's kind of hard to decode a woman...
Very hard!
Not just men and technology,
If there is God, even he wouldn't
be able to figure out a woman.
My dear Kesh, in the next version
please update me as a female.
I don't know. I am just impressed by
women, you're pretty fascinating.
Why are you sitting here, go be with him.
I'll look after myself.
Now that this invention is over...
He will search for something new.
He will search and search and we will have
to go in search of him.
You just go and latch him. Go!
Go on!
- Hello.
- Hey
Ah, where were you?
Parvathy didn't really change huh?
You tried so hard!
It happens, need to find a new
What about me?
Finally everyone got what they wanted.
You said i had a father!
And whenever i ask for him you'll
just update my software.
Why you fool me like that, Kesh?
Okay, fine, you want to see the Dad?
Oh, going to update me again?
No need, i just got a reboot now.
No, I'll show you.
- Is he inside your phone?
- Yes.
Then he will be smaller than me.
Hello Kuttiyappa!
Ha! Hello. Keshava!
What's up? Where are you?
Oh you remembered me?
I'll forget you?
Don't think that foriegn land will
fetch you honor. Okay?
When the floods happened, we went out
with our boats for rescue.
Saw it in T.V ? Did you see our
Obviously you guys are our
Show me no? It's my father!
How's your business now?
Oh! It's damp now. Was thinking of
changing jobs.
Like garbage business.
Go for fishing now and you'll mostly
be getting plastic and waste.
I called you to give you a surprise.
What? Surprise?
Don't think of tempting me with
whiskey bottle through phone.
No man, do you know?
My invention was based on you!
- Really?
- Has your look and nature.
I'll show.
He looks just like me.
- Weird!
- Wow?
Can i get one for my boat?
Looks just like me!
Kim Kim Kim...Dad!
Dad? Kid, i am not even married!
Just some grey hair.
Who are you?
You need to be married to have kids?
Poor illegimate me.
Not even getting any action now.
- kim kim kim kim Bye
- Ya kim kim
Keshava, Keep in touch!
Kim kim kim