Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) Movie Script

Pardon me, excuse me, step aside please.
Jesus Christ!
Lee's Diner.
There are four down. I'll
need two MS vehicles.
What the hell happened here?
Somebody run 'em over?
No, man.
It was a fight.
One guy took them all out in like seconds.
He's still in there.
That's him.
Turn around, mister.
Let me see your hands.
Military ID. Expired.
$38 bucks.
And a toothbrush.
And no home address.
In other words, homeless.
Aggravated assault is a second-degree
felony in this state, Mr...
Reacher. First name Jack. No middle name.
You're looking at 10 to 20 years, once those
boys you beat out there are fit to testify.
Process him. Get him to county.
Two things are gonna happen
in the next 90 seconds.
Excuse me?
that phone over there's gonna ring.
And second...
you're gonna be wearing these cuffs
on your way to prison.
That is one magnificent prophecy,
Mr. Reacher.
That'll be a Major Turner of the 110th CID
Military Police in Alexandria, Virginia.
You and those boys out
there made a mistake,
operating on land owned by the US Army.
What are you talking about?
Kidnapping illegals.
Selling them.
MP's are on the way now.
If it were up to me, I'd just kill you.
It's just gonna keep on ringing.
Sheriff Raymond Wood.
Who the hell are you?
The guy you didn't count on.
Thank you.
United States Army 110,
Sergeant Leach.
Major Turner, please.
One moment please.
This is Turner.
Major S. Turner?
This is she.
Who am I speaking to?
Jack Reacher.
No kidding?
Well it's nice to finally speak.
Thanks for tipping us off to that sheriff.
You know, I...
I wanted to thank you for helping me.
Out of a tight spot, huh?
Isn't that what army folks
do for each other, Major?
Ex Major.
Oh, once a Major always a Major.
Where are you calling from?
Outside Independence I think.
You're not sure?
It doesn't really matter,
I move around a lot.
So I've heard.
What else have you heard?
Oh, come on, you're a legend around here.
Some folks still wonder why you left.
Let's say I...
woke up one morning and
the uniform didn't fit.
United States Army, 110, Sergeant Leach.
Jack Reacher for Major Turner.
Hold on, Major.
How's my office?
I'm sitting here now.
You know, there is this
big dent in the desk.
And people say you made
with someone's head.
Is that true?
It was not my finest hour.
You're not in trouble again, are you?
I'm afraid you have a way of finding it.
looking for it.
You know, I was thinking maybe I
owe you dinner for what you did.
Oh, dinner well it took you a while
to come to that conclusion.
When are you coming to DC?
I'll get there eventually.
Well then I won't hold my breath.
You're not saying anything.
I'm deciding whether I'd
like you in person.
Which way are you leaning.
On the fence.
I'm not sure you can handle me.
I'm not worried.
Oh, worry...
just a little.
Take care of yourself, Reacher.
Jack Reacher, for Major Turner.
Major Reacher.
Sergeant Leach, we've spoken on the phone.
Welcome back.
Just Reacher.
I'm a civilian now.
Yes sir.
I'll take you up.
I'm sorry, I was looking...
Come in, Major.
Sam Morgan.
Please come in.
Come in.
Have a seat.
I've heard a lot about you.
Stopping by to see Major Turner.
Oh, well, that's a problem.
Major Turner has been relieved
of her command.
I spoke with her a few days ago.
She's been arrested.
Court Martial's pending.
On what charge?
I'm assuming her duties
until a replacement is assigned.
Is there something I can help you with?
No. Just a personal visit.
You know each other from back
when you we're C.O. here?
Nope. Never met her.
I'm sorry to give you
the bad news, Major.
Ex Major.
Sir, I wanted to warn you.
Ordered not to.
Colonel Morgan, directly.
Maybe you should warn me now.
Speak freely Sergeant.
Major Turner is an excellent officer, sir.
Has she been assigned an attorney yet?
Ordered not to give out
any information about that, sir.
Always follow orders, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Just curious, who was your DI in boot camp?
Sergeant Green, sir.
Well, let's say, if Sergeant Green
were having legal troubles.
Would you be able to recommend
an attorney for him?
Definitely I'd recommend Colonel Moorcroft over at Fort
Dyer, for the highest security person you can find, sir.
You're the assigned counsel
for Major Susan Turner.
I'm Jack Reacher.
Former Commander of the 110th.
I was wondering
when you were gonna show up.
Major Turner requested under no circumstances
are you to be granted visitation privileges.
Why would she say that?
Maybe she read your file.
Anti-authority, anti-social.
- Anti-lawyer. - Deadbeat dad?
Excuse me?
Says here you never paid child support.
I'm not a father.
Well, a woman named
Candice Dutton begs to differ.
She contacted the army
seeking compensation for her daughter.
Samantha Dutton, she's 15 now.
This is a mistake.
They usually are.
Mother's got two
priors, prostitution, possession.
The kid's been in and out
of foster care her whole life.
Any feelings anything about that?
About foster care?
Life sucks.
I meant the kid.
I don't have a kid.
I've never heard of Candice Dutton.
I'm here about Major Turner.
What evidence do they have?
A hard drive.
Containing classified information
found at Major Turner's residence.
The inference being she's selling secrets.
And that's it?
What do you want? A picture of her wearing a
burka and having drinks with the Taliban?
What did she tell you?
Can't talk to her until tomorrow.
Public safety exception.
And you accepted that?
Where did you get your law degree?
It's possible you were
once a good lawyer, Colonel.
But what I see is a tired lifer who'd do
anything not to endanger his pension.
Let me know when you remember
what that uniform stands for.
Thank you.
How long are we supposed to do this,
I'm getting hungry.
Just be patient.
What do you think he's eating?
Shut up.
New gun?
Ah, it's nice.
It makes your hands look big.
Ah, you don't like big hands?
I'l put one of these in your face
in a minute you carry on.
Everything will be alright.
Hey, hey. Where did he go?
I don't know, maybe he went to the pisser.
You're supposed to be watching him.
What do you think I have eyes
in the back of my head?
How's it going?
Show me.
Throw it in the back.
I don't like being followed.
I don't like being followed.
On the sidewalk before.
And then the market.
You're a little thief.
You a cop?
I look like a cop?
Narc maybe.
You know a lot of narcs.
It's the hair cut.
I did it myself.
So, you're looking for something weird.
See ya.
Are you Candice Dutton's daughter?
What'd she do this time?
I'm an old friend.
Well, she's not into doing
that kind of thing anymore.
That's not what I meant.
If you're looking for my mom,
I don't live with her.
Who do you live with?
You were right, Major.
I am tired.
But I'm not stupid.
Seargants Mirkovich and Cibelli.
Two weeks ago, Major Turner dispatches
them to Afghanistan on an investigation.
And they file reports daily.
Two days ago, they're both found
dead near Bagram Airbase.
Shot at close range.
The next day Major
Turner's thrown in prison.
What do you know about Para Source?
Para Source?
It is...
a big military contractor.
I don't know how they're
involved in all this,
but they've been following
me since I got here ..
Whoever killed Mirkovich and Cibelli,
wanted Major Turner isolated.
I think they're going to kill her too.
What are you talking about? You have no
idea if any of these things are connected.
- We need to get her out. - And might I
reiterate she does not want you involved.
Do it now.
I'll call you tonight.
People question the value of enhanced
interrogation techniques.
Enhanced interrogation techniques don't work.
Torture on the other hand, works very well.
Attorney client privilege goes back to the
earliest days of English common law.
It means, that Major Turner
told you in confidence.
A great deal about what she learned
from her investigation in Afghanistan.
How much did you tell Jack Reacher?
We didn't talk about that...
Of course you did.
We talked for 10...
10 minutes.
10 minutes is a very long time.
As you're about to learn.
- No ..
Jack Reacher? Colonel Morgan
was wondering if you have a few minutes.
You don't remember me do you?
Anthony Espin.
Ah, you were still C.O. when I got here.
Held back my promotion for 6 months.
Why'd I do that? - Cause you were hard ass person said I
jumped to conclusions. - I'm sure I jumped to conclusions.
Have a seat.
You're under no obligation
to say anything Major.
Ex Major.
Upon leaving yesterday,
did you attempt to contact Major Turner?
Did you confront her attorney
Col. Moorcroft at Fort Dyer at 1100?
You told me not to say anything.
I said you didn't have to say anything.
Yes, you confronted him?
Yes I understand, I don't
have to say anything.
For the record, you did
confront Colonel Moorcroft yesterday.
Can you state your whereabouts last
night between 0130 and 0500?
Yes, what?
Yes I understand, I don't
have to say anything.
Note for the record the Major has an injury to
his hand not present during yesterday's meeting.
We're done here.
At approximately 0230 this morning Colonel
Archibald Moorcroft was beaten to death.
You're my attorney?
Lt. Sullivan.
- How do you do? - You are hereby charged
with the murder of a Judge Advocate General.
- Where was he killed?
- In his apartment.
- Off base?
- Yes.
This is a civilian matter.
As a private citizen the army has no
jurisdiction, turn me over to DC police.
You're familiar with article 10.75
of the military code?
An officer with your security clearance remains
subject to recall in event of emergency.
You agreed to it when you
signed your discharge.
Welcome back to the Army, Major.
You're under arrest.
Washington, DC]
Open BA211.
Stand here, don't move.
Pass for prisoner transfer.
I'll file for disclosure.
They'll turn over whatever evidence
they have on you.
There won't be any evidence.
What are you talking about?
They killed their investigators,
they killed their lawyer.
- Evidence suggests you killed Major
Turner's lawyer. - They're gonna kill her.
And they're gonna kill me,
for all I know, you're part of it.
Listen dickhead, you're the one
accused of a murder.
Want to show me one shred of evidence?
I'll defend you to kingdom come,
otherwise go to hell.
I apologize, I have low blood sugar.
Excuse me?
I didn't eat this morning.
I feel light headed.
Can you get me something from the
officers mess? Sandwich maybe?
Open the door please. 22:42000
44000 We're done here.
Open BA201.
Ma'am, these men are here to transfer you.
Who are they?
I asked you a question, who are they?
Are you gonna answer me?
Reacher? What is this?
Hold! Stand down!
- These men are here to kill you.
- What?
They killed Moorcroft.
- Wait, what?
- Last night, in his apartment.
And now they're gonna kill you.
Soldier, you know who I am?
I need you to stand down.
- You've been relieved of command ma'am.
- There's no time.
I want to know who told you...
That soldier was under my command.
We don't have time for this.
Get his bags and his papers.
I left explicit orders
for you to stay away.
- Orders? You ordered me?
- Yes, I knew you'd do something like this.
Don't make me regret it.
Espin? What did you do to him?
He'll be fine.
- This is insane.
- Does this mean dinner's off?
- Act angry.
- I am angry.
- Prisoner transfer.
- Lieutenant Sullivan coming in.
Open BA211.
- Hey wait a second.
- Move!
His keys, give me his keys.
- What kind of car would my lawyer be driving?
- A black sedan.
Damn ..
- Hurry up now, let's go!
- Survey the perimeter.
- Secure the service lot.
- Move! Move! Move quick! - Let's go!
Food truck.
- Move! - Move in!
They're in the food truck! Stop that truck!
Go! .. Go! Go!
- Go! Go! - Move!
- Out of the truck! - Hands up now!
- Get them out of that truck.
So now I'm a fugitive from justice.
And a traitor to your
country, don't forget that.
Why do I feel like you're enjoying this?
You have a very interesting way
of saying thank you.
Were those men really gonna kill me?
Thank you.
Nice job.
Oh, his ass is mine. - XO, one of our
vehicles has been hijacked, L67.
All units suspects
travelling MP vehicle L67.
Primary is Jack Reacher, white male
who is considered armed and dangerous.
Secondary is Major Susan Turner, female
wearing military fatigues, white, age 34.
- Really? - Shut up.
We need to ditch this car
and get into my email.
Alright people, lets go, lets go.
Where the hell are they?
Specialist, have the
state troopers called back yet?
- On it sir. - Alright has anybody heard
from the Capitol police?
Anybody? Anything .. a location, something?
Is there still an internet
cafe around here?
- Pennsylvania and North Street.
- Take us there please.
Should have gone to Afghanistan myself.
Merkovich and Cibelli
were my responsibility.
The job is about giving orders.
Did you ever lose anyone
on your watch Reacher?
My men weren't killed by the Taliban.
They were shot in the back of the head,
with slugs from an army issued 9mm.
By one of our own.
I'm gonna find out who did it.
What are your guy's doing over there?
What are they looking for?
Dozens of weapons decommissioned
during the draw down.
Whole plane loads gone missing.
Hey, I like your hat.
- You Nat's fan.
- Yeah, from the beginning.
They arrested me the day after
my investigators were killed.
The time difference, they might have
filed another report.
They locked me up so I wouldn't see it.
Sir, she is trying to access the system.
- Get me that location. - Yes, Sir.
Pensylvania and North Street.
It's Morgan, ready to go to work soldier?
We've located them..
They're at an internet cafe...
Pennsylvania and North Street.
Get it done.
Whatever Merkovich and Cibelli found out
got them killed.
But by who?
Shit, they locked me out.
- They can find you like this. - I know,
just give me a second, ok?
- They will know this location. - I need a minute.
- They will know this location. Shit, lets get ..
There's a bus stop on the
other side of the park.
We're being followed, it's not a cop.
He's a pro.
50 yards.
Black coat, brown hair.
- They made us? - Maybe.
- Hello. - Meeting someone in the back.
- Everybody out! - Ok, lets go!
- Out! Move!
Come on, lets go, go out!
I got this door.
Stay back! Stay back!
No, no. Stay Back!
Police! Freeze!
Drop your weapon!
- Sir, I said drop your weapon!
- I'm military police!
He's not a cop.
Sir, drop your weapon!
- I'm military police. - Sir, I need you
to drop your weapon.
Listen, I know, I know what this looks like, I know.
- Turn around and let me see your hands on your head!
I know, I'm putting that weapon down.
Listen to me, I'm military police, these two
are fugitives of the United States Army.
- Sir, sir get your hands behind your head.
- I understand, all right I'm turning around, I'm turning around.
Place your hands behind your head.
- Now. - My identification's in my
right front pocket.
Will you just check it. Just check it.
- Out of the streets please.
- Go! Move! Move! Go!
We got our signals crossed.
He's good.
We'll get him next time.
Now I admit being a little jealous
when we talk.
Go where you want ..
Eat when you want.
Nobody telling you what
to do or how to do it.
It's definitely not the army way.
Just take a look at that registration.
Para Source. You think that guy in
the kitchen was one of theirs?
Freelance, is my guess.
You made a mess I hear.
This Reacher guy, is interesting.
You have no idea, we ran out of medals,
so don't make this a competition.
- Too late. - Sure you can handle
him by yourself?
I can handle him just fine.
Prove it.
- Coffee? - Cream?
Right sizes.
Good eye.
Spent the rest of our cash.
It's time we stopped running
and start hunting.
- Morgan. - Catch you at a bad time?
I hope you're calling
to turn yourselves in.
I don't know your role in this yet Colonel .. I'm
guessing money, I promise you I will find out.
Nobody's going to find anything.
Not even in Major Turner's e-mail?
- Find it yet? - Nothing to find.
Check out looking hard enough.
Why don't we check my field reports?
Snap the tendon before it breaks
the bone, takes longer to heal.
- Locked, need the code.
- 12, 1, 9, .
Merkovich and Cibelli's field reports.
What else we got on here, huh?
You think you're invulnerable?
Almost done uploading.
There are ways to get at you Reacher.
Got it.
Thanks for all your help.
Okay, Merkovich and Cibelli did
file a final report.
Orlars .. okay, here we go.
Last one they spoke to was a
contractor named Daniel Prudhomme.
He oversaw weapons transports, said he
was evasive and he disappeared.
This is Leach.
This is Sergeant Green, your old DI, do you
remember me?
Sergeant Green, so good to hear from you.
I'm here with a friend of
yours, we need a favor.
There's a military contractor called ParaSource, think you
could ask around find out what role they played in Bagram?
I might be able to do that.
Also there's a ParaSource employee named
Prudhomme, we need his whereabouts.
Prudhomme, copy that.
- And sergeant, carefully. - Sir, Yes Sir.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Hey, hey hey!
Okay, it's okay.
Ok, you said you're not a cop?
I'm not.
- What's Military police?
- That's different.
But you stole this car.
- It's complicated.
- Where are you taking me?
We don't know yet.
- Do you have a phone? - Why?
- Give it to me. - I left it in the
apartment wher you kidnapped me.
We didn't kidnap you.
Kidnapping is a federal offense.
Look at me kid.
There are people out there
who want to hurt you.
I feel sick.
Put your head out the window.
It doesn't open.
- When was te last time you had something to eat?
- I don't know.
We need to get her some food.
- How long have you been drawing?
- I don't know why?
Just asking.
They suck.
Whatever you say.
How can they hurt those two nice old
hippies, who'd want to kill them.
You've had a shock.
Your body's pumping adrenaline cortisol,
they call it fight or flight.
It's going to take a while to calm down.
I can't eat. I'm pumping adrenaline.
I know a place you'll be safe.
What does that mean?
I'm not going to a stupid school.
They have a dress code, this
is what they wear there.
I know the head mistress,
you'll be safe there.
Head mistress, what is it, a convent?
Do you want to live? Do you?
Then you will go where we say and stay
until we say it's safe. Do you understand?
You're very intense you know that. Yeh, I
- What are you doing here?
- Reacher has the girl.
You were supposed to take care of that.
You people, you take off the
uniform and lose all discipline.
How did he find her?
- How did he? - How would I know?
When he here earlier today?
You're watching me now? Who the
hell do you think you are?
- What did you give them?
- What are you talking about?
What did you give them?
I don't have to be interrogated
by the likes of you.
He came in here with that bitch and
threatened me, I give him nothing.
What's so funny. We hired
you to clean up this mess.
You're right.
- He touched this phone didn't he? - So?
That means his prints are on it.
I mean really, if I, if I had any other
choice, should only be for a few days.
You know how we feel about
you here, look Susan.
- Thank you. - So nice to see you.
Good to see you too ..
- Welcome to Pembrooke - Hi, I'm Olivia.
- And I'm May.
- Carla. - Come sit with us.
- Where'd you go before this?
- Different places.
Ooh that looks really good for college
- Have you taken the PSAT's yet?
- You can sign up right away.
May, oh my god they're earrings,
where'd you get them?
Oh thank you, actually my dad
brought them back from New York.
My parents promised me some intense retail
therapy when we're in Paris for christmas.
- wow, Paris. - (its really..) - It's beautiful ..
Could he?? christmas. - he's cool, - I could tell him.
- What are you doing?
- You said you didn't have a phone.
- How many times you use this?
- In my life?
Let's go, get your things.
What, just one person?
Excuse me, we have to go.
- Thank you. - Excuse me a moment.
Hey, what the hell is going on?
- She was texting. Shit.
- What's wrong with that?
They can trace us.
Come on, lets go.
Get in.
God that place was ridiculous.
That place changed my life.
Sorry about the phone.
Go. - I did some digging about ParaSource.
Some of their boys got into trouble in
And lost some big government contracts
word is their in financial trouble.
Why does he get to have a phone?
- Daniel Prudhomme. - You need to be quiet.
Okay, sorry. Daniel Prudhomme. Keep going.
The contractor her guys talked to.
He lives in New Orleans.
He disappeared right after he was interrogated.
Hitched a ride back home to his wife and kids.
New Orleans is Parasource's home base. They
know he's back and their looking for him.
- We're going to New Orleans.
- Sir, something else. - Yes?
Colonel Morgan was killed.
Your prints were found
on the murder weapon.
I appreciate your help, sergeant.
We need to find Prudhomme before
Parasource gets a hold of him.
There's an airport at Norfolk.
- We need credit cards. - And ID's.
American Express?
Visa? Discovery?
Daddy is so happy with my SAT's and
extracurricular activity.
He's taking us all to New Orleans.
Unless you want me to shut up!
You little shit.
Sure about this?
- No. - Want me to do?
Tan jacket.
- Sorry excuse me. - No problem.
Enjoy the flight.
Your seat is in an emergency exit row.
[intercom] Please review the responsibilities
for the emergency exit seating...
..on the back of the safety information
card located in the pocket in front of you.
Haven't flown before?
- You're kidding.
- Don't want you puking on me.
I'm not going to puke.
So, how long have you been in the army for?
- oh, 10 years. - Oh wow.
- What's your rank? - Major.
So, if you give a guy orders?
He has to obey? Like fast?
And if he tries messing with you, you
know like, all kinds of moves, right?
- a few. - that's badass.
Could I learn some?
- You're not married, right? - No.
Are you gay? I'ts totally cool,
I know tons of lesbians.
No. I'm not gay.
I thought all lady soldiers are gay.
Well, some are. Some aren't.
Like out in the real world.
So, is Reacher your boyfriend?
No. - Friends with benefits.
- And no. - You mean no, you don't want to.
Or, no he doesn't want to, or no
not yet, you guys haven't really.
Alright, I see how it is.
My dad was military.
Never met him.
He left before I was born.
Where was he stationed?
Around DC, I guess.
What was his name?
- Candy won't talk about him. - Candy? - My mom.
- Oh.
Just says he was a big
hero, and a total asshole.
[intercom] We're beginning our descent so if you
need to use the lavatory you should do it now.
I'll be right back.
It's the haircut.
All you contractors go to the same barber?
Check it?
Oh, he's not feeling well. You
might want to use this one.
Took 2 more of your pieces off the board.
They were the B team.
Who are you, JSOC? SEAL team?
Something like that.
When'd you get back?
I'm not sure I ever did.
Don't you miss it?
- Not a bit. - I think you do, drifter.
People like us.
We can never go back to the world.
We hurt people.
And the people around us get hurt.
Leave Turner to me. Walk away now,
and I won't hurt the little girl.
You coming to New Orleans?
I'm thinking about it.
- Look me up. - I will.
Go! Go!
- Here. - Go, go, go!
Wait! Wait! Wait, wait!
Now, you're going to
tell me what's going on.
Or the first chance I get,
I'm going to scream...
or grab a policeman!
- Okay, look. - We're protecting you.
- I found out that .. - Look you don't ..
- Can you stop? - Just ..
- Some people were stealing from the government.
- Stealing what?
- At this point, the less you
know, the better. - Bullshit!
I got us the credit card, okay? You wouldn't
have even gotten on that plane without it.
They're after me too.
You need to tell her.
They think you're my daughter.
Haha ha.
That's funny.
- You're not my father. - How do you know?
Well, why would you think you are?
Because your mother filed a paternity
suit with the Army claiming I was.
All we have available is a lovely 2 bedroom
suite. 350 dollars a night, will that do.
Yes, can I pay with cash?
So are you going to take a DNA test?
Little busy right now.
I got to tell you something.
You're going to get angry.
This whole thing is my fault.
How is that?
I was the one who made her
file the paternity thing.
Thought maybe she could
get something out of it.
Money, child support. Help her get her life
She's doing better since she got out.
Got a job.
Wish she could get a little house.
You mad.
You can see it in your face.
- I am not mad. - Yes you are.
You think I'm your kid so you have
to worry about protecting me.
- So? - So, I don't want to be here.
So you don't want me here.
So I should just leave.
Okay. Where are you going to go?
Oh my God.
Yes, understood. You're messing with me.
- And I just .. food. it's just ..
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, God. - Thank you.
- Im starving. thanks. - Yes.
She's out.
Our dinner date.
The champagne is still chilling.
I knew you we're the romantic type.
Sure after those phone calls. What
exactly did you think would happen?
I thought, a nice dinner. Maybe some wine.
And,... after dinner?
Back to your place. Right?
As opposed to your seedy motel.
Never underestimate the
charm of a seedy motel.
I could see the appeal.
What do you say we look for a seedy
motels after I find Prudhomme?
I'll go with you.
Only one of us should go.
So I'll go.
No, somebody needs to stay here with her.
What? Because I'm a woman? I should be the
I don't know how to be the babysitter.
- You think that I do? - Yes.
You know I have had to put up with
this crap my entire career ..
Forget the dickheads who think that they can paw me, it's every
male officer.. - hey excuse me, - who thinks that he's smarter...
- hey you've been relieved of command.. - tougher and more capable
than I am. - Hey I was the commanding.. -And the last I've heard..
- officer here. - you are a fugitive from
military justice. - So are you.
So we're both criminals.
I'm going.
Its a bad idea Major.
Thank you.
Mrs. Prudhomme.
Look. I told you people I
don't know where he is. Okay?
- Miss Prudhomme. I'm an MP.
- He's done with all of that.
It's for his own protection.
He needs my help.
Yeah, well. He needs all
the help he can get...
- for damn sure.
- Does he have any friends?
Places? Places he hangs out.
Any place there's dope is where?
Do you have a photo?
Can burn it for all I care.
- [good evening.]
You followed me in here.
That was a mistake.
And you didn't think we
were watching the wife.
That was a mistake.
So how do you want to do this?
How about one at a time?
I get a baseball bat.
Where's Turner?
If you were going to kill me,
you would have done it by now.
No we're not going to kill you.
Not until you beg for it.
And you're going to beg.
Left or right?
Turner's going to call me in 2 minutes.
If I don't answer, if I don't pick up.
If I sound distressed, she's in the wind.
You're bluffing.
Go for it.
Now tou're wondering how tou're going to
make me talk without tipping her off.
You can't torture me. You can't kill me.
And you're definitely
going to have to kill me.
Give me the phone... Wait!
Toss it over.
I told you people I don't
like being followed.
You're good, Jack!
Killing you isn't going
to be enough though.
So I'm going to take back my promise
about not hurting the little girl.
Never going to happen.
Sure it is.
One day, she'll be walking
home from school.
Or she'll be out on a date, or
hanging out with her friends.
And you won't be there to protect her.
Okay, let's try it again. This time I want
you to take the gun and hold it lower.
In your chest. Okay you're holding it way too high. Okay, so grab it,
yep bring it low, that's right now step out and rotate. Right, good.
Hi Reacher.
Check this out.
- Ready? - Yes.
- Good. - yeah?
What do you think?
Trust me, If all you have left is that
move. Just assume you're dead already.
That's good. Let's try again...
we're going to add a kick
to the balls into it, okay?
Welcome to New Orleans Captain.
I'm Lieutenant Kudrow.
We're here to help any way we can.
What do you have for me?
Guys on the plane were ex-military.
Hit pretty bad.
- Do we know who they were working for?
- They claim to be unemployed.
Yeah, right.
I want their bank records, service records, foreign
travel, gun registrations, car registration.
How they like their eggs, their favorite
flavor of ice cream. And I want it yesterday.
Sir, Yes Sir!
Is she asleep?
I spoke to Prudhomme's wife.
Turns out he's a junkie.
She didn't know where he was.
But she gave me a photo.
Are you more upset that I
treated you like a woman?
Or that I treated you like a man?
I am upset because I didn't deck you.
I should have been the one to go
talk to him. I can handle myself.
- I would have done better. - Maybe.
I appreciate the apology.
Is it really so important that you make every
decision? - Oh god you're such a dick.
Okay, I...
I'm used to working alone, okay?
I'm used to being alone.
- Obviously. - I'm trying to apologize.
Well, go on.
What do you think we should do?
- Don't patronize me, okay?
- I'm asking your opinion.
- Well we could go to the VA. - Which is
the first place ParaSource will look.
- How about the local MP's?
- They'll arrest us in a heartbeat.
Okay, what is your plan then, Reacher?
See you don't know what to do?
You're like something feral, you've got their
scent in your nose and all you want is blood!
You still don't get it, do you?
They killed my men, took
away my job, my life.
I don't want them as bad as you.
I want them more.
Would you go see if she's up. Should get
some breakfast and figure out the next move.
- What'll we do with the kid?
- The kid has a name.
I know that.
- Why are you so tough on her?
- It's a hard world.
Sooner she knows it the better.
You don't think she knows that already?
Reacher, what if she is yours?
Then I should have been there 15 years ago.
Sam? Oh, god.
- No, she's not here.
- I'll get dressed. - And go where?
Did she say anything to you?
She said she should leave.
- Whats up? - Where were you?
- Out. - Are you crazy?
- I was just trying to help.
- How were you going to help, huh?
- You guys said Prudhomme's a junkie.
- We never told you.
I heard you guys talking.
Some dude on the street said there's a place
on the 9th ward where homeless guys hang out.
Some old warehouse. People talk to me.
It's a thing.
- Do you know have any idea how dangerous that
was? - I told you I can take care of myself!
15 years old. People are looking for
you, okay? They are looking for us.
I just pick out the alpha guy.
- And he's supposed to protect you?
- No, I give him shit.
Strong guys don't hurt you.
The weak guys do that.
Strong guys always have little
sisters or they want one.
I don't know why, that's just a how it is.
I'm really tired.
I can't do this.
That was really stupid.
I know.
Please don't ever do that again.
Your welcome.
Let's go find Prudhomme.
[Rehabilitation Centre Opium] - Excuse me
sir can you look at this picture please?
Well folks call it the 9th circle of hell.
- If he's a vet. That's where
he's going to be. - Thank you.
I have money for Daniel Prudhomme.
- How much? - More than he needs.
- well how much? - You know Prudhomme?
- that depends. - It's a simple question.
What do you want with him?
I told you, I want to give him money.
You are Danny Prudhomme, right?
Specialist Daniel Prudhomme.
- Yes, I am. - Do you work for ParaSource?
The day you spoke to two
Seargants, Merkovich and Cibelli.
They interviewed you in Bagram.
No, I never heard of them.
Seargants Merkovich and Cibelli.
Merkovich had a 6 year old daughter.
Cibelli's wife is pregnant with their
first. Now tell me what happened?
They'll kill me.
She'll kill you.
No we'll protect you. You
have to tell us all of it.
ParaSource is running truck
convoys out of Bagram.
We just ran security for the base. All I had to do was
just lie and say all the weapons were accounted for.
They gave me a shitload of
money to keep my mouth shut.
We're leaving enough shit over
there to start another war.
ParaSource was selling off the weapons
instead of bringing them back to the States.
- What went wrong?
- Warlords want to renegotiate.
ParaSource says no.
The next day, we're driving
through those poppy fields.
- The whole convoy just gets lit up!
I was scared shitless.
Army had to send in a search and rescue.
3 search and rescue dudes
get wasted on the way.
2 of the dudes I knew.
What happened after you
gave your statement?
Nothing, I told them everything.
There was this guy he worked for
ParaSource, he told me not to worry.
That he'll take care of everything.
Next thing I know, I
hear they'd been killed.
I went AWOL...
hitched a ride back to the States.
I was a dead man if I stayed.
I uh..
I started shooting up over there.
Yjought if I could just get
myself home, you know...
I'd get myself right.
But you didn't.
There's more shit in the streets of New
Orleans than they're making in Afghanistan.
Something's wrong.
- Numbers don't add up. - What do you mean?
Why put huge government contracts at risk
selling US Army weapons on the black market?
- ParaSource is smarter than that.
- Yeah their smart alright.
What about our end didn't anybody
check to see the crates are empty?
Probably just some dumb guy like me.
We need to get inside one
of those transports.
A plane leaves Bagram every
Friday at 0600 hours.
6 hours to Frankfurt, rest,
refuel, 11 more to get home.
Jesus that's 10 o'clock tonight.
[ Back by 9pm ]
And that was without the hot sauce.
- haha, now you got to tell me that was worth
it, sir. - oh Hey, hey where you at chief?
- Ooh You know you're one fine mofellata.
- No, no. thank you maam.
- wait a minute now don't go depriving a poor girl a
taste now. - I don't have no money, I have no money.
Not today darling. - Okay.
- Not today. - Well it's his loss now.
- Go on now. - Alright.
- I have my wallet.
- Yeah, I think you're good.
Alright, I got my wallet.
- You do it? - Just like we negotiated.
- Well. - It's done.
Make the call.
Is that you?
No sir, it's not me.
Who is this?
I have a witness who can exonerate me.
But he has to live first.
Why don't you, why don't you
come in, we'll talk about it.
Will you guarantee his safety.
You're not in charge anymore, Major.
Neither are you apparently, operatives
have been ahead of you this whole time.
Who are those guys on the plane, hm?
They tried to kill me in my cell.
Here's a name for you, Parasource.
Here's a couple more names to think about.
Baghdad, Bazra, this isn't our
first rodeo is it Captain.
You think I want to be
in this position, maam?
I have a job to do, and I'm going to do it.
I'm going to take a leap of faith that
you don't have anything to do with this.
Look on the back of the phone, come
alone and make sure you're not tailed.
Kudrow to Espin.
- Kudrow to Espin. - This Espin, go.
We ID'd those boys on the plane. Paid by a
shell company out of the Cayman Islands.
- Traced the accounts back to a big military
contractor by the name of.. - Parasource.
Yeah. How'd you know that?
Uh uh nevermind, get me everything you can
on Parasource, and I mean everything.
Look I'm enroute to pick up a witnesses.
We'll send backup.
No stand ready 2 minutes out
and wait for my signal.
That's not procedure, sir.
No, that's called an order. Reacher knows
the game, if he smells heat he'll bolt.
Alright we'll stay 2 minutes out.
What's the address?
Nicholls Street Wharf. Espin out.
Nicholls Street Wharf.
No witnesses.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot
man, don't kill me.
Don't kill me. I, I'm, I'm here to help.
- You're the witnesses?
- Yeah, yes, yeah I'm the witness.
Where the hell are you?
Youe got what you need?
- Not good enough. - I suggest you
listen to what he has to say.
- I can help. - Okay. Let's go.
I like stories, tell me a story.
We'll return to our Halloween marathon.
Is your costume ready for
tonights parade tonight?
- I'm going to call this in. - I'll cover.
Officer down. Nicholls Wharf.
I'm out.
- You're still wanted for murder.
- That's right, I'm a stoned killer.
So I saved you.
Did Prudhomme give you a statement?
Most of it.
Cibelli and Mirkovich were your friends.
Thats right.
Parasource ordered their murders.
They also just tried to kill you.
They've been providing
insurgents with weapons.
Well you're going to need more proof
than the word of a dead junkie.
And you're going to help us get it.
Here. Put the cuffs on and
take us into custody.
Just get us on yhe TARMAC
at Parasource in 1 hour.
I need you to jump to a
conclusion here, soldier.
Yes. thanks.
Okay, here's what we got.
6 months ago, Parasource loses government
contracts worth over a billion dollars.
They're bleeding cash, and
the banks want blood.
And now, all of a sudden they start
paying back their creditors.
How much money can they really be making
selling weapons on the black market?
An M4 is what? 5 grand, a
rocket launcher's half that.
That's nothing compared
to government contracts.
So where are they getting the money?
The receptionist, what can we help.
Hey, do you have room service?
We're sorry we did not serve with
cash, we need a credit card.
Uh, yes. Wait a minute.
Do you understand that there will be a
parade and it will take a lot of time.
Em, it's okay.
Eh, if a visa is not any?
Pak we have accurate directions
with one stolen credit card.
Hotel Daphine, 10-18 Royal Road.
It was his girl.
I've warned her.
Captain Anthony Espin
110th military police.
I'm going to have to call this in.
They're unloading the crates.
I got to get in there.
Let's drill, Major.
Drill is to enforce the law.
Seat belts, please.
- Turner. - Major.
Hey, this is your last warning.
Get down!
Calm down.
Get down!
Put 'em down.
Put 'em down, boys.
Tak 'em down.
What is going on here.
You in charge of this operation.
I'm General James Harkness,
I run this company.
We have probable cause to believe
a crime has been committed.
And you are.
Major Susan Turner 110th Military Police.
The, Major Turner who's wanted
by the MP's for espionage?
Do you mean these MP's?
This crates are supposed to contain weapons
belonging to the United States Army.
In fact you sold them to insurgents.
And these are now empty.
Do you know who I am, Major?
Yes. General. I do.
You're the man responsible for
the deaths of two of my men.
Now open up those crates.
Before I grab you by your hairplugs and
bitch slap that smug look off of your face.
What does the manifest say is in there?
AT-4 rocket launchers, sir.
Open it.
Open it.
Open that one.
Open it!
Open it.
Opening that one.
I said open up that crate!
Open it.
Lieutenant, do your goddamn job, and
place this goddamn woman under arrest.
Sorry Major.
You're going to need to come with me.
You're right.
The numbers don't add up.
Sir, sir.
Stop that man.
- Reacher. - Stop that man.
Stop him!
Take him down, now!
Breathe deep, son.
Pure opium.
Now the numbers add up.
Get him out of here.
Good evening, I'm looking for a man a
woman, and a little blond teenager.
Sorry, I can not help you
with that kind of thing.
I'm looking for two adults
and a little blonde girl.
Find the key.
Search heroin into custody.
It weighs nearly 500 kilos.
- Reacher, its them, he's here here.
- What?
At the hotel, hurry.
Sam, listen to me?
What? Wait! Excuse me!
Hey, what are you doing?
Where are you going, come back here!
She's not answering.
Try again.
Car! Car .. Car!
She's not in the hotel.
She's in the street.
How do you know?
Because that's what I would do.
I'll go this way.
- Did you see anything? We searched 3 more hote;s and didn't find
a trace of her, nothing. - Then she's got to be hiding somewhere.
Lets finish this. Just you and me.
I'm going to have some fun
with a pretty little girl.
She's not my little girl.
Is that fear I hear in your voice, Jack?
I'm going to break your arms, I'm going to
break your legs, I'm going to break your neck.
What you hear is excitement.
Hey, you! Get out of there!
Come on, right now.
Nice try, Jack. I found a way to hurt
you like you've never hurt before.
Do you have her?
Sutter Street, La Fitt hotel.
Sam, run! run!
Shoot me and I let go.
Shoot me. Shoot me, Jack!
Well, shoot me!
ParaSource is done.
Harkness is in custody.
Congratulations, Jack.
I really, I don't give a shit.
Shut up!
Shut up!
I told you, this would happen.
You said this about you and me?
Put the gun down.
Okay, okay.
If I put down the gun, you let her go.
My life for hers.
I like it.
Deal Jack.
It's okay Sam, look at me.
It's okay.
It's the only way.
It's okay.
Now I'm going to put the gun down now.
You know what this means?
It means we're dead already.
Over here.
Kick it over here.
Look at me.
You look at me!
- Is he okay? - Yes, I think so.
I want you to look here.
I'm right here.
Can you walk?
Take it easy.
- Dude, you jumped off a building.
- Yes I know.
- Does that hurts? - Yes.
- Did you see how high it was? - Can we possibly
have this conversation some other time?
Thank you.
You know, it's funny. You came looking for
one girl and you ended up with another.
Let me know how that goes.
I still got your number.
Bye, Reacher.
Good to see you back, Major.
Thank you, Captain.
Sorry. Bus got stuck in traffic.
New T-shirt.
Shut up.
Thanks for coming.
So, Reacher ..
Are you my father or not?
I guess we'll see when
your mother gets here.
Sure you'd recognize her.
I tend to remember the
women that I sleep with.
- Who says she'll remember you.
- Thanks a lot.
You're not my father.
Why do you say that?
See that woman over there?
The waitress who's refilled
your coffee three times.
That's her.
You never had any idea who??? was.
I knew it all along.
No, you didn't.
I'm sure you're relieved.
Not really.
Just going to go.
Thats right.
Don't you ever get lonely?
You can call me when you do.
Shouldn't you be?
I'd better go.
I have got class.
You keep that up because,
you're really good at it.
You're really good.
You're gona be okay kid.
Well ..
See you around, Reacher.