Jack Squad (2009) Movie Script

(shimmering instrumental music)
(alarm beeps)
Shit, I'm late.
("Bubbles and
Butterflies" by Remedy)
(people chattering)
It's hot.
(people chattering)
Good morning, class.
- [Class] Good
morning, Mr. Kendall.
Yes, I see everyone's
in good spirits.
I guess that means we have
all our homework in order
and we're ready to
start today's lecture.
All our sewing
materials and machines
should be in shortly.
Um, so we need to
be ready for that.
If you will, pull out
your full fall schedules
for the fall line, and, uh,
we'll check those out.
Oh, sorry, Professor.
Ooh, I'm,
I'm sorry, Professor.
I have it right here.
Miss Fortune, how
are we doin' today?
Fine, Mr. Kendall.
Hmm, that's good.
Now, I see everyone else
has their assignment out.
Any particular
reason why you don't?
um, see, Mr. Kendall, see,
my dog ate my home work.
No, for real,
listen, Mr. Kendall.
My dog ate my homework,
and the ink from the sketch
made him sick,
and I had to rush him
to the vet, Mr. Kendall,
and they wanted to
do an emergency,
like, surgery on him
because it was so bad.
They said that the
ink was givin' him
shakes and shit, Mr. Kendall.
It was bad.
I mean, I'm sorry.
It was, and that just
took too much out of me,
and I couldn't possibly
restart the assignment
all over again.
It was fly, too, Mr. Kendall.
I was crying.
Well, relief you want,
relief you'll get.
I'll give you a chance
to redo the assignment.
Thank you, Mr. Kendall,
you are the bomb!
Yeah, sure, no problem.
I love you.
So, class,
since we have to give Miss
Fortune another chance
to restart the assignment,
which everyone else clearly
has already finished,
here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna collect everyone
else's assignments,
and, instead of grading those,
I'm gonna have you redo them.
- [Class] What?
All for you, Mona.
(class shouts and grumbles)
That's enough, that's enough.
Let's pull out our books.
Let's get ready to work.
Would you cut that out, Mona?
You don't need to smoke.
Yes, I do.
When I get nervous
or upset, I do.
That damn Mr. Kendall.
Girl, he gets on my
damn nerves, I swear.
Hey, y'all.
Hey, Dawn.
Dawn, move!
What, what y'all lookin' at?
Shit, the big dick in the sky.
- [Dawn] Oh, well move,
bitch, and let me see.
Oh my God, that bony tail.
Move out the way.
Right there.
Can you see the man?
Okay, I see that one.
I see that one.
- [Mona] You know
what, there is a God.
There is--
Shut up!
So what's up, y'all?
We goin' to the spot tonight?
Oh, baby, you know I'm in it.
Yeah, girl.
What's up with you, Kennedy?
You goin'?
Uh, no.
Thanks to genius right here,
girl, we got extra
homework to do!
Thanks a lot, Mona!
I'm telling you, I
can do it in my sleep.
It don't take but two seconds.
Oh, y'all, come on.
I don't know what's
takin' you all weekend,
to draw a skirt.
Y'all I'm about to go.
Whatever, I'm goin'
to the library.
I'll check y'all later.
Come on, Kennedy!
- [Kennedy] Bye.
We're just playin'.
Bye, nerd.
- [Woman] I got you.
I got you, I got you, I got you.
I got you.
(soft instrumental music)
Oh, I am so sorry.
I, I didn't mean
to frighten you.
Well you did.
I'm Jason.
So what do you have here?
Let's see.
The Lives of Paul Parade.
You have Halston.
And (speaks foreign language).
Now those are very
famous designers.
You must really
do your homework.
Move out of my way.
- [Jason] Hey, look, I'm
just tryin' to be nice.
I am just tryin'
to be nice, okay?
Look, I know you from
class and everything,
but I have a boyfriend, okay?
So leave me alone.
And what does your boyfriend
have to do with me?
That line is so played.
You can't come up with
something better than that?
Well, all I'm sayin'
is that he just might
dump you one day,
and I was hopin'
that maybe I could
get his leftovers.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry,
that came out all wrong.
That's not even me.
Let's start over, all right?
May I have your name, please?
I mean, you're
such a pretty girl.
Please, may I have your name?
It's Kennedy.
Kennedy, and I'm off-limits.
Well, very nice to meet you,
Miss Kennedy Off-limits.
I'm Jason.
You said that already.
Okay, obviously
I'm holdin' you up
from your reading, so.
Yes, you are.
So have fun reading, Kennedy.
Hey, hey, Kennedy.
Maybe I'll see ya around.
(Kennedy groans)
(Jason sighs)
I can make it feel good
I can make it
feel better, baby
All right, girl.
I can make it feel good
I can make it feel good
I can make it
feel better, baby
Make it feel better
Goin' somewhere, baby?
Tony, um.
Yeah, I, I'm goin'
out with Mona.
Well, you told me you
were workin' late.
So I, I just, I figured
you wouldn't mind.
I wouldn't mind, huh?
So is this what you
do when I'm at work?
Sneak out with your ho friends?
Tony, Mona is not a ho.
You raisin' your voice at me?
No, I.
I said are you raisn'
your voice at me?
- [Dawn] No, I wouldn't do that.
Now take that shit off.
You ain't goin' nowhere.
But I promised Mona!
Look, you also promised me.
Promised you'd be there for me.
Now I need you, and you
ain't goin' nowhere.
Take this shit off,
Tony, stop!
Stop, what are you doin'?
You want me to stop?
I don't wanna stop!
I want you to tell me who
the fuck you was out with
the other night.
What are you talkin' about?
You know what the fuck
I'm talkin' about.
As soon as I get
myself together,
I'm leaving you.
(Dawn cries)
You ain't goin' nowhere.
You leavin' me?
You wanna leave?
Maybe I need to give you
a reason to leave, huh?
All right?
(clothes rip)
What are you doing?
What'd I tell you about wearin'
this cheap shit, anyway?
Don't I buy you better
stuff than that?
Don't I?
Tony, please!
Please, don't!
Leavin' me, huh?
Oh, no, please, Tony, don't.
- [Tony] You're
leavin' me, right?
(Dawn whimpers)
- [Dawn] Okay, I didn't
mean it, I'm sorry.
- [Tony] You ain't
never leavin' me!
- [Dawn] No!
- [Tony] Never, never!
Dawn, it's Mona.
I'm at our spot.
Dawn, I've been
waitin' outside for you
for almost 20 minutes.
Where are you?
You know what, I'm goin' in,
and you're gonna
have to find me.
Dawn, would you
pick up the phone?
I know you hear me.
(sinister instrumental music)
You know what, just
whatever, girl.
(people chattering)
come here.
I can't sleep.
Baby, I said come here, now.
Baby, I said come here.
I can't sleep.
Ain't this better
than goin' out to
some stupid club, huh?
Yes, Tony.
All right.
All right, baby.
(soft instrumental music)
It's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
You know she in there.
Knock again.
Let me bang on the door.
I don't hear nothin'.
I'm gonna do the old
pick a lock trick.
You goin' pick her lock?
I say go for it.
Show me how you do that.
Hello, Dawn.
- [Mona] Dawn!
I, I didn't answer because
I didn't wanna be
bothered, okay?
- [Mona] Damn, bitch, you
scared the hell out of us.
- [Kennedy] I know.
Why the hell you
whisperin' and shit?
You guys just make it a practice
to break into people's homes?
No, just yours when
we're worried about you.
Where you been
and why aren't you
answering your phone?
Yes, and why did you stand me up
the other night, too?
I waited outside for
almost an hour for you.
- [Dawn] I just didn't feel
like being bothered, okay?
Girl, why you got it so dark
and hot up in here?
My God!
It is dank in here, Dawn.
- [Kennedy] You're gonna
die from all this heat.
- [Dawn] Oh wait,
Kennedy, no, don't!
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh.
Oh my goodness.
Tony did this to you, didn't he?
Where is that
motherfucker, where is he?
Tell me where he at right now.
I'm gonna fuck him
up, I swear to God!
Mona, would you
put that gun away?
No, I won't put it away.
I stay strapped.
You never know when
you're gonna need this.
Mona, put the gun down, okay?
Oh my gosh.
Dawn, why did he do
something like this to you?
I, I told him I was
gonna leave him.
You what?
Why did you tell him you
was gonna leave him, Dawn?
You broke the number
one rule, girl.
You never tell a nigger
you're gonna leave him.
You just leave.
I know that now.
- [Kennedy] Do you need
to go to the hospital?
I'm okay, okay?
I just, you know, it's
just a busted lip.
So what?
I mean, he's done worse.
This is tame compared
to the other times.
- [Kennedy] The other times?
- [Mona] Oh my God.
We need to get
you up outta here.
You can't stay here anymore.
Oh my God!
Where am I gonna
go, Kennedy, huh?
What, am I gonna stay
with you and your mom?
Or, or maybe you, Mona.
I'm sure your
parents wouldn't mind
another mouth to feed.
Oh my God,
you sound so retarded
right now, Dawn.
You're not five years old.
Damn, you have a job, girl.
You can leave.
Girl, I make 7.75 an hour
at the grocery store.
Do you think you could
make it off of that, huh?
That's why you're still
with your parents.
- [Mona] What?
We gotta do somethin'.
I am, okay?
You know,
as soon as I get
myself together,
I'm gonna leave him.
You know, actually,
really, you guys,
you should get outta here.
You need to go, okay?
I, I'll see you on
campus, all right?
You know, I just, I,
I got stuff to do.
I gotta clean up around here,
and, you know, I
gotta make dinner.
Dawn, would you stop?
You sound like somebody's
battered wife right now.
Sit down!
Girl, sit down.
We are your girls.
Listen to me, Dawn, look at me.
We're gonna get you
outta this situation,
do you hear me?
We're your girls.
I swear to God,
we're gonna get you
outta this situation,
do you hear me?
Whatever it takes, do
you hear what I'm sayin'?
- [Kennedy] Mona, would
you put that gun away?
Hell no, I ain't
puttin' this away!
That motherfucker come in here,
and he goin' get the fuck
he got comin' to him!
- [Kennedy] It is
not about him, Mona!
It's about Dawn
right now, come on!
I know it's about Dawn!
It's okay girl, my gosh.
Well sit down.
Oh my God.
Dawn, it's gonna be all right.
Hey, Tricksey.
Girl, you look like you
lost your best friend,
sittin' over there with
your lip all poked out.
What's wrong?
Tricksey, who was my father?
I ain't goin' there
with you today.
My head hurt.
I need to go take
me some aspirin.
Just like I said,
every time I ask you
about my father, you--
- [Tricksey] Look,
what I tell ya?
I'm not goin' there
with you today.
I told you, we'll
talk about it later.
Always avoid my question.
This your boy D. Cross.
Owen Entertainment.
Welcome to G Money's party.
It's goin' down.
Trilogy is on the
speakers right now.
Y'all have a good time.
(pulsing hip-hop music)
Girl, where is Kennedy?
She said she was gonna
be here in five minutes.
Girl, I don't know.
You know how she is.
Her car probably
broke down somewhere.
Oh, you did not say that.
I'm gonna tell
her you said that.
She already know it, trust me.
Girl, this is jammin'.
And look at you, Dawn!
I see you done made it out
to G Money's house party.
I did.
Where's Tony?
Oh, girl, please,
he's out of town
on a business trip.
Oh, I swear, I swear, Dawn,
we need to just get him, girl.
I wish I was as
strong as you, okay?
You are!
I'm not!
Yes, you are, look at you.
You steppin' out.
You at G Money's party.
Doin' your thing.
How you ladies doin' tonight?
What's up, babies?
Speakin' of the devil.
Big Mona,
what's happenin', baby?
What's up?
Dawn, how you doin', baby?
Hi, G.
Hello, baby,
how ya doin'?
Look at you
lookin' all good.
Where your girl Kennedy at, man?
She's always with y'all.
Aw, she, she comin'.
She'll be here.
Don't even worry about it,
you know what I'm sayin'?
Y'all here.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Matter of fact,
get these ladies
somethin' to drink.
It's on me.
That's what I'm talkin' about!
That's how we do it,
that's how we do it.
Hey, I'm gonna see you
later, all right, baby?
All right.
- [Mona] You got a nice
place here, G Money.
What can I get y'all tonight?
Um, a Hennessy and coke.
Hennessy and coke.
What you want, Mona?
Give me everything.
Just put it all in a tall glass,
on ice, please, thank you.
Girl, you crazy.
You don't need to be drinkin'.
He's sweet.
I know, I told you.
Girl, girl.
Yeah, I don't know
about later.
Oh my!
Oh, that's my jam, girl.
You don't know nothin'
about this at all.
Come on, let's get
this party goin'.
Ooh, I get my drink.
Thank you, girl, thank you.
Cheers, baby.
To you and all your strength.
Thank you, girl.
I, I'm with you.
All that good shit.
What's up, chicks?
Damn, bitch, you
almost made me choke.
Yeah, thanks.
My bad, sorry!
Uh oh, my girls is
hangin' out tonight!
Okay, Dawn, it's good to
see you out and about.
What'd you have to do?
Kill Tony?
Now see,
that's what I said.
Okay, I wish.
Wow, you're beautiful, baby.
He smells good, too.
Fuckin' nah.
I'm so goddamned tired
of your triflin' ass.
Nigger, get your ass over here!
Slow down.
You know what?
Fuck you, okay?
Was he serious?
I don't care.
I tell you what, though.
I'm gonna have to
get with that, girl.
All I gotta do is
get rid of that ho.
- [Kennedy] Come
on, don't you have
enough boyfriends already?
I ain't got no boyfriends.
- [Kennedy] Yes, you do.
I just got mens.
Damn, baby.
Would you like to
dance or somethin'?
And what happened
to your girlfriend?
Shit. (chuckles)
She looked like she was all
Hey, you don't have to worry
about her at all.
She's, she my sister.
She's so protective.
She's your sister?
That was just, that
was his sister, y'all.
I'm tellin' you, my sister is--
- [Mona] And I'm
supposed to believe that?
Believe it.
It's about you.
What's your name?
Come dance with me.
Come dance with me.
Come on, let's go.
It's about time.
Hold my drink.
I got your drink,
girl, go ahead.
That girl is crazy.
(pulsing rap music)
- [Mona] Girl!
That was a quick dance.
It sure was.
Baby, that's 'cause
he's on the phone
talkin' some shit,
talkin' about he
had to make a run,
but not before I got
Oh my God, girl,
put that up!
He gave that to you?
Hell yeah.
Oh my goodness.
And it look like
it about a grand in here, too.
Miss Goody Two Shoes,
I got some money.
Go on somewhere, Mona.
- [Dawn] He gonna come
back and kick your ass.
He sure is.
He ain't comin' back
and kickin' shit because
that motherfucker
was so fucked up,
he probably think his
old raggedy-ass sister
stole it.
Y'all, I'm hungry.
Let's go, I'm hungry.
Girl, shit.
Uh, hello!
We ain't been here that long.
Damn, I made a damn fortune.
It don't matter.
It's dead up in here anyway,
and plus it's nothin' but lames.
Baby, we hit the jackpot.
I see.
Would you put that away?
We hit the jackpot.
Come on, let's go
get somethin' to eat.
Let's eat, let's eat.
It's on you?
It's on me.
You buyin'.
We out!
Bye, G Money!
Thank you!
(pulsing electronic music)
Girl, would you wat that shit?
Hell, I ain't treatin'
if you ain't eatin'.
I'm tryin',
it's just, my stomach,
it's all topsy-turvy.
Girl, I cannot believe you
pickpocketed that nigger.
Sure did.
Did you count it?
and it's all of $1500.
[Dawn And Kennedy] $1500!
Girl, shh!
Sorry, I'm sorry.
Who walks around with
that much cash on them?
Girl, a baller, hell,
who the hell you think?
Girl, a sister
goin' shoppin', too.
- [Dawn] You're crazy.
Y'all, I'm tellin' you.
This was so easy.
It was almost too easy.
It gives me an idea.
Oh gosh.
A way to get Dawn
some more money.
Get you some more money
so your mom can stop workin'
two or three jobs.
Mm hmm.
And it gives me another hustle.
Girl, what are
you talkin' about?
I'm talkin' about
gettin' these niggers
for their cash.
I'm talkin' about datin' 'em,
and helpin' ourselves
to their stash.
Girl, are you crazy?
You're gonna get
yourself killed, Mona.
Don't nobody fall for
that stuff no more.
Oh, they don't?
Okay then, what's this?
Huh, hello!
What's all this?
That was a one-time deal, okay?
And that dude
comes back for you?
Ooh, it's a wrap.
Ain't nobody comin'
back for me, girl.
Would you stop bein'
so goody two shoes,
and so worried all
the time, girl?
You need to live a
little, for real.
What is so wrong
with livin' life
and havin' fun and
makin' a little money
while you're doin' it.
Shit, you down, Dawn?
Are you down?
Yes, girl, I'm down.
Look, anything to get
me away from Tony.
Exactly, that's what I'm
talkin' about, right there.
Are you serious?
Hell naw, uh uh.
Not me, nah uh.
Not me at all.
I'm not down.
I'm not even, mm
mm, that's not me.
Uh uh, hell no.
I get my shit fair
and square, okay?
If I gotta work harder for it,
then so be it, at
least I'm safe.
At least you safe?
At least I'm safe,
You know what?
Well you gonna be a
safe, broke bitch then,
that's what you gonna be.
I'm safe, huh?
You know what,
forget you, sister.
I'm broke, and you ballin',
and you got all your money
and everything, Mona,
but you got this,
right, you got all this.
Of course I got this.
I told you, I have this.
You know what?
No, go ahead--
What is wrong with you?
You make me sick.
(soft R&B music)
Hey, baby.
How was your day?
Tricksey, what you
doin' home so early?
I got fired.
You know what?
I was the best
motherfucker workin' there.
They ain't gonna
find nobody like me.
- [Kennedy] Okay, so you
come home and get drunk?
You know what?
Let me tell you
somethin', little girl.
I'm the mama up in here.
I pay these goddamned bills.
You see all that
shit right there?
I do that.
So if I wanna come
home and get drunk,
guess what?
It's my house.
You know what, fine, whatever,
do what you wanna do.
I need to go study anyway.
- [Dawn] I know.
So what's up?
Girl, I'm excited,
I'm ready to do this.
It's time.
I know.
I been thinkin' about it, too.
I'm tellin' you,
it's just perfect.
It's the perfect way
to make some money,
to help us out with
our situations.
I know.
I'm in.
In what?
Mona, don't act stupid.
I said I'm in, okay?
Are you serious?
What changed your mind?
Y'all, Tricksey lost her job.
And if she doesn't
find another one soon,
I don't know what
we're gonna do.
- [Mona] Oh my God.
She pawned our refrigerator,
our stove.
- [Kennedy] We don't have
nothin' in our house.
Oh no, girl, we can't have that,
now can we?
All right, well good.
I'm glad to see you finally
came to your senses.
Now Dawn and I have
been sittin' here,
we've been discussin'
all the particulars
on how to do this.
And, look, as I see it,
all we gotta do
is just go to the
clubs, the hotels,
wherever, just go to
where the money is,
Spot out the dudes with money.
Now that'll be
really easy to do.
Just look at what
they're wearing,
their suits, their shoes,
Now, but, in particular,
look for the wedding ring.
Those dudes are perfect.
That's right!
Right, 'cause what
are they gonna do,
call the cops and tell
'em that they got, uh,
robbed at a hotel or somethin'?
They're not gonna do that.
They're not gonna let, right.
They ain't gonna let
their wives and kids
know what they been up to.
Exactly, so just do
whatever you gotta do,
date 'em, do whatever,
just get 'em back
to the hotel, right?
Once you get 'em there,
get 'em to sleep.
Now the way to do that
is to use Visine.
I know, I know, but it
works every time, trust me.
Once they fall asleep, girl,
then just start jackin' shit.
They money, wallet,
jewelry, whatever,
anything of value, just take it.
It'll be fun.
And then we can see who
makes the most money
doin' it.
And you know what?
Then I could make enough money
to get away from stupid Tony.
And I can finish school.
Exactly, but what,
one more thing.
No messin' with the same guy.
Uh uh.
All right, well cool.
You know what?
What are we gonna
call ourselves?
Oh my God, y'all,
this is so childish.
No, it's not!
Yes, it is.
No, it's not, no,
it's a good idea.
Let's think about it.
It's the three of us,
and we're jackin' dudes, so,
let's call ourselves
the Jack Squad,
and this'll be the sign for it.
Jack Squad!
The Jack Squad, huh?
I like that!
Jack Squad!
That's hot.
I like that.
All right, so when
are we gonna start?
Girl, ooh.
See that guy right there?
Victim number two.
- [Dawn] Mona.
- [Kennedy] Get him, Mona!
Work it!
are we really gonna do this?
Against my better
judgment, we are.
- [Mona] Does shavin'
turn you on or somethin'?
Because you seem to be
payin' more attention to that
than you are to me.
Come on now, baby.
Now, you know,
ain't nothin' turn
me on like you do.
Just wanna make sure I don't
stab you with this beard,
that's all.
Gotta get it right!
- [Mona] Well, I
like bein' stabbed.
- [Man] Okay.
- [Mona] I made us some drinks.
- [Man] That's what's up.
(percussive instrumental music)
Would you come on here?
Oh, okay.
Well if shavin'
doesn't turn you on,
it certainly turns me on.
Look at you.
- [Man] Look at you.
You know, you are
beautiful, girl.
You know, you're
not so bad yourself.
- [Man] Hey, I try, right?
- [Man] Little drink?
That's my favorite.
- [Man] Have a drink.
Don't worry about
tomorrow, I got you.
Are you still
takin' me shoppin'?
I got you.
You promise?
Anything you want.
But first, but first,
you gotta take care of
me tonight, all right?
Drink, drink, drink.
Mm, that's good.
That's my favorite.
- [Man] Come here.
- [Mona] You good?
Why don't you come on over here?
That spot right here.
You got those sexy
heels on and everything.
What you got, some
kind of shoe fetish?
Oh no.
I got some kind of Mona fetish.
That's the left.
With your tongue.
All right now.
You sure you know what
you're doin' down there?
Trust me.
All right.
Is somethin' wrong?
Aw, damn.
I at least thought
we was gonna be able
to finish that before
you passed out.
This ain't no chump change.
Oh yeah.
I'll be sure to
use this sparingly.
All right.
Thank you, Nigel.
You be sure to tell your wife
that I said hello
when you get back to Boston.
She lookin' for a new place.
Think over there in
Buckend or somewhere, girl.
It is live.
It's a high rise?
I think so.
I think, actually,
I think it is.
You need to ask her about that.
Ooh, I know she like
furniture shoppin' now,
but Tony.
There's a nice
furniture spot, too,
It is.
She lookin' at all this, like,
designer stuff.
Any names?
Excuse me.
Hey, what's up,
girl, how you been?
Oh, I've been good.
Just studyin' for next semester.
Yeah, me, too.
But, you know, I
got this summer job
to help pay for school.
Hey, everybody ain't
got money you know.
(Mona clears her throat)
Oh, yeah, I know these
shoes are busted up.
But, Kennedy, as soon
as I get my first check,
I'm gonna buy some
new ones, I promise.
But, anyway.
Have you thought about
what we talked about?
You know,
maybe goin' to dinner or a movie
or lunch or something?
Um, I, um.
Listen, like I told
you, I have a boyfriend,
and, besides, you--
Broke, okay?
Listen, baby boy, she is
not interested, all right?
So can you just get
our plates up, please?
We were right in the
middle of a conversation.
- [Mona] Thank you!
Thank you.
Sorry I ruined
your dinner, Kennedy.
- [Mona] All righty.
It was really good seeing
you again, Kennedy.
What'd you go do that for?
He is a nice guy, Mona.
Yes, he's nice, a little nerdy,
but he's nice.
Girl, nice don't pay no bills.
Did you see him?
Did you see his shoes?
That fool was busted.
He's a bus boy, Kennedy.
He ain't got no money, girl.
Look, you need to
let me hook you up,
for real.
No, listen, I met these dudes
at the Ritz the other day, girl.
Them mofos are paid.
- [Kennedy] All I'm worried
about is my education.
I think one of his
friends, from Philly,
the other one from Chicago.
I like the east coast.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Up north.
That's what I'm
tryin' to tell you.
Excuse me.
I hate to interrupt
you lovely ladies,
but I had to come
over to tell you
that you are the
most exquisite woman
that I've ever laid my eyes on.
Is it possible that I
can get your number?
Sure, why not?
My name's Smooth.
Smooth, I'm Kennedy.
Kennedy, you are so beautiful.
Thank you.
Excuse me?
You're a beautiful
young lady, as well.
I see you.
I'm right here.
I see you there.
I'm glad you gave me
the nod of approval.
You saw that.
Yes, I did.
You ladies enjoyin' you evening?
Yes, we are.
That's good.
Well thank ya.
This actually has my cell
and my work number on it.
I'll give you a call.
Take you to dinner or somethin'.
I'll like that.
Think I'll like it, too.
Nice to meet ya, Miss Kennedy.
- [Kennedy] Likewise.
That's fine.
Ooh, nice.
Chivalry isn't dead, huh?
I'm tellin' you, I'm
bringin' it back to life.
You ladies enjoy your evening.
All right.
I'll be talkin' to you.
Girl, he was nice.
You're so beautiful.
I think he's great, girl.
- [Kennedy] Hey, y'all!
Hey, girl.
How you doin'?
Hey, Kennedy.
I see y'all out
there exercisin'.
Better y'all than me.
- [Neighbor] Okay.
- [Neighbor] Okey dokey.
(phone rings)
Hello, may I speak to Kennedy?
This is Kennedy, who's this?
This is Smooth.
Oh, Smooth. (chuckles)
What's goin' on?
Nothing yet.
I'm tryin' to see if I
could take ya to dinner,
lunch, breakfast,
whatever you like.
Um, let' see.
Can you meet me at Piedmont Park
around the canopy?
How's that sound?
All right.
What you say, what,
about three o'clock?
Three o'clock?
Okay, I'll see you there.
Not if I see you
first, all right.
Stay focused, Kennedy.
Can't like him.
Only out to get his money.
You know, Kennedy, you
got the kind of face
that a guy could fall
in love with at last.
I'm serious.
Is that right?
Definitely, look at
you, you're flawless.
I like this outfit
you got on, too.
It's nice.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right.
You know, I make the
majority of my clothes.
Get outta here.
I'm in fashion school
for it right now.
Don't look like the type.
All right.
You know, one day,
I plan on openin'
my own clothing boutique.
Okay, okay.
I even got a name for it.
- [Smooth] What is
it, what's the name?
Strictly My Designs.
Sounds good.
I could, I could see that,
I could see that.
Yeah, it rings, it rings.
All right, all right.
Okay, so tell me,
what do you do?
This and that, you know.
I dibble and dabble.
Dibble and dabble?
What the hell
does that mean?
Come on, tell me more details.
Let's just say, um,
I'm in the
pharmaceutical business.
- [Kennedy] Oh, pharmaceutical.
You have a good job.
Well, you know, I, I've
done pretty well for myself.
I can't complain.
So, um, let's get back
to you, beautiful.
Look at you.
The hair,
the eyes,
those beautiful lips.
Baby, take your coat off
Let's chill it
for a little while
And I'll massage
your shoulders
And relax your mind
Girl, it's no secret
The mood is kind of sexual
We don't have to tell a soul
Just grab ahold
of this feeling
And know that I will be
Kissin' you
Touchin' your body
Next to you
Let's make this happen
(Smooth snores gently)
(Smooth snores)
(Smooth snores)
I gotta get outta here.
What time is it?
Six o'clock in the
morning, I gotta go.
Where's my stuff, I gotta leave.
I gotta go.
Can't be here all night.
(pulsing electronic music)
You broke, nigger.
All you got is $300?
You gotta be kiddin' me.
(pulsing electronic music)
My keys.
(pulsing electronic music)
You dirty, married motherfucker.
Damn it.
What is this?
Oh, shit!
Oh, I gotta go.
(pulsing electronic music)
Sorry bastard.
You deserve this shit.
(pulsing electronic music)
(moves into twangy
hip hop music)
Oh, man.
(twangy hip hop music)
I did it.
I really did it.
(twangy hip hop music)
(moves into pulsing
electronic music)
(pulsing electronic music)
The fuck?
Why she wanna leave
before I get up?
You know she didn't
give me a goodbye.
Oh, hold on, shit.
Stupid bitch!
You don't know
what you just did!
How the fuck am I gonna
tell this to Grey?
- [Mona] So you
finally did it, right?
Oh my God.
Girl, yes, I finally did it,
and you know what?
I almost thought he was
gonna catch me, too.
Thank God he doesn't
know where y'all live.
Woo, but he doesn't
go to the clubs.
That is awesome.
And his job has him
out of town all the time,
so, girl, I am a free woman.
Honey, that is awesome.
Thank you.
That is awesome.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
Me, too, girl, 'cause I thought
I was gonna have to
kill that nigger.
For real, I am not playin'.
Yeah, he was crazy.
Girl, you know what?
I almost got like $10,000.
But I hope I don't ever run
into any of these dudes.
Girl, look, they
were married, right?
All right, well as long
as they're married,
trust me, they will not
want their wives to know.
You are good.
They are the perfect
victims, I'm telling you.
Every time.
Now, wait a minute.
Look at this.
- [Dawn] Mona, where
did you get that?
Girl, you didn't know?
Come on!
- [Dawn] Oh my God!
Woo, that's hot!
Grab me one!
Kennedy, look at this.
Kennedy, are you here?
What is wrong with you?
Girl, how much money
you got anyway?
I got about $2000.
That's it?
Kennedy, you are
not doin' it right.
I'm serious.
I don't know what you are doin',
but it is all wrong, for real.
How much do you need for, uh,
next semester in school?
I need about seven
more thousand dollars.
Oh, girl, well you good.
Just pick you up a
couple more losers,
and you're in.
That's it.
$7000, that's nothin'.
All right.
I'm just.
- [Mona] What?
Some of these guys
are really nice.
I mean, they're really cool.
Nice, Kennedy?
Yeah, I don't like
doin' this.
Fuck that, girl.
These niggers been gettin' over
on us for years, all right?
It's finally our turn.
It's our turn.
What we're doin' is
not so bad, trust me.
But listen--
And we're good at it, too.
What goes around,
comes around.
Now that's some bullshit
if I ever heard it.
You know it's true.
That is some bullshit,
That is some bullshit.
No, I'm just sayin'.
Look, there is a reason
for everything, okay?
I mean, damn, Kennedy,
we the Jack Squad, girl.
That's right.
That's what we do.
Now, look.
Look, look, look, look, look.
Come on.
Come on, Kennedy.
That is cute!
Now tell me this is not you.
Tell me that's not you!
Tell me that's not you, okay?
That's you, girl.
We goin' to the spot tonight?
Ooh, yes, girl.
Come on, Kennedy.
You in?
Come on!
Come on.
- [Kennedy] Okay, okay.
I'm in, I'm in.
And, girl, this is what I got.
Look at this.
Honey, ain't it hot?
- [Dawn] That is cute!
What you doin', you could
make one better than that.
You know what, I probably can,
but why spend time makin' it
when you can buy it?
We rich, we rich!
Say what, say what
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on
Come on, come on
Real music
Trial and terror
I'm in the spot
And the place was packed
The club was
crunk, I'm drunk
And every face was black
I played the back
I'm chillin' with the ladies
I'm in the buildin'
rockin' navy black
For crazy cats
Rolled up a sax
Started blazin' that
Watchin' Charlie
gettin' down
In that baby fat
Everybody on the prowl
Tryin' to make the match
Connect with
the opposite sex
Waitin' to snatch up
A quarter piece
Who ever body's the best
I see 40 freaks
And everybody was
blessed, uh huh
On the floor I see
This one shorty was best
She doin' her
dance, a groove
I might ruin her plans, yo
I'm cool but I like the
way she movin' them pants
Apple bottom snatchin'
Louie bag
A jazzy model
beauty with class
Crackin' the bottle of Hen
With four fly friends
Girl, go and
show y'all thing
You got it
Shorty in the club
doin' her dance
She know she got it
Go and show her thing
Go shorty, go
I think the way you
poppin' in those pants
Then she dance
Go and show out there
You know you got it, go
She ain't playin'
No, and she not fair
She drinkin' Hen
With her four fly friends
Sexy bodies, whoa
The hottest on the flo'
Doin' her dance
She know she bad
Go and show out there
Go shorty, go
She got her hands up
Jammin' like and what
She went the pop lock
And y'all, I gotta stand up
To get a better view
Every fella's sweatin' too
She's incredible, uh huh
She will never
lose, never lose
I get my one-two step
Like I'm the shit, dog
She get about
five or six steps
I had to split, y'all
Dick crawl
And it's all in
her hips, y'all
Pink thongs, painted clothes
Got the lip gloss
Poppin' my collar
Walkin' a swallow
Back on the flo' for sure
Man, I gotta go holler
Shorty, wild and
started buckin' on me
Started slidin'
Hit the rush on me
I did the George
Jefferson shuffle
She truffled on me
Shorty smilin', put
her foot up on me
Started bouncin'
Started touchin' on me
She feelin' good,
she lookin' good
Man, she so damn fine
She gives love a whole club
Before the Soul
Train line, oh
Shorty in the club
doin' her dance
She know she got it
Go show out there
Go shorty, go
I like the way you
poppin' in those pants
Then she dance
Go and show out there
You know you got it, go
She ain't playin',
She do her thing
She drinkin' Hen
With her four fly friends
Sexy bodies, whoa
The hottest on the flo'
Doin' her dance
She know she bad
Go and show out there
Go shorty, go
This is Dana Foley with
Channel 12 Action News
with breaking news.
There have been a rash
of men getting robbed
in the last couple of days.
We're actually here
at the local Motel Six
in Decatur, Georgia,
where the latest of these
jackings has occurred.
These men range in
both age and race.
We could not get any of the men
to speak on camera, for
fear of repercussions.
However, the men have all stated
that the perpetrators
of these crimes
are women.
Details of how these women
are committing these crimes
cannot be released at this time,
as it is still
under investigation.
If you or anyone
that you know of
has any information
regarding these crimes,
we urge you to contact the
Atlanta police department.
This is Dana Foley,
with the Channel 12 Action News.
Back to you, Susan.
- [Older Man] Somebody is on
my territory makin' money.
I smell it.
And I don't like it.
I need you to find
out who they are.
Report back to me who they are.
I'll take care of it from there.
Nobody makes money
on my territory
without givin' a cut.
(soft instrumental music)
Why don't I fix us
somethin' to drink.
I'm a little thirsty.
Okay, baby?
I got some al-ah-zay
over there by the fridge.
Be right back.
I'll give you what you need
Anything you want, girl
Would you like it
if I kiss you there
Kiss you there
Baby, let me pull your hair
All night long
And give you what you want
You want
Anyway you like it
Okay, here ya go.
Here ya go.
- [Man] Thank you.
- [Kennedy] You're welcome.
To the sexiest
woman of the night.
What would your
wife think of that?
I'm not wearin' a ring.
How did you know I was married?
No, you're not wearing a ring,
but from the ring
mark on your finger.
You know that light
area right there?
I'm sure the sun doesn't tan
on only certain parts
of your hand, does it?
Okay, okay.
You got me there.
Would you like it
if I kiss you there
Kiss you there
Baby, let me hold your hand
I want you.
My wife hasn't served
me in three months,
so I don't consider
this cheatin', you know?
It's more like
takin' care of my needs.
And the way you look right now,
mm, I'm about to bust.
And I don't consider
this cheating, either.
Just takin' care of my needs.
(doorknob rattling)
G, is that you?
(tense instrumental music)
(tense instrumental music)
Who's there?
(tense instrumental music)
I didn't leave this unlocked.
(tense instrumental music)
Hey, Dawn.
You look good.
Real good.
I told you if you ever left me,
I would get you back.
What are you gonna do?
Didn't I tell you?
- [Dawn] No, Tony, no!
Nobody leaves me!
Baby, you had another bad dream?
Yeah, baby.
Is it the same one again?
Yeah, G, it's the same one.
I don't,
I can't shake it, I don't.
Dawn, are you okay?
Yeah, I, I'm gonna be fine.
I'm here.
You don't have to worry.
I'm here if you need me, okay?
Come on.
I just,
I feel so safe with you.
You are, baby,
you are.
(pulsing hip hop music)
(women chattering)
Oh, that's me right there, girl.
They havin' a two-for-one sale.
Oh my God.
We need to go in there!
Now wait a second, y'all.
Hold on, hold on.
I got my bracelets
and my shoes, okay?
Yeah, girl!
I don't do--
Over there!
You see.
This meeting is called to order.
But before we get started,
everybody table your shit.
Do it now.
Ooh, I like that.
Pistol packin' mama! (chuckles)
Girl with a big gun.
See we missin' somebody.
So we've become a large network.
A force to be reckoned
with in this business.
- [Man] The business.
Well, how nice of you
to join us, Mr. Smooth.
- [Smooth] I'm here, Grey.
Now table your shit.
Do it now!
Now, as I was sayin' before
I was so rudely interrupted,
we're becomin' a large network.
A force to be reckoned
with in this business.
Now it's good to see all y'all.
And I know y'all
got some good news
for ole Grey.
Now what our numbers lookin'
like on the east coast?
It's all good, Grey.
I got that shit on lock.
Had to take care of a few people
that was gettin' out of place.
- [Grey] Really?
Yeah, you know me, though.
Put 'em back in line.
Office runnin' smooth.
Bringin' in 100 grand a day.
All right.
Now what about you?
The west coast is cool, man.
Crenshaw, the jungle,
even them rich motherfuckers
up in Merino Del Ray.
- [Grey] No shit.
We got 'em all in line.
You know, we've taken
over the majority
of the departments,
so all the druggies
are ran from us.
Okay, okay.
You know,
keep 'em in pocket now.
Y'all hear that?
- [West Coast Man]
In servitude to us.
Very smart, very smart.
that nigger there,
clockin' 100,000,
that ain't shit.
Here we go with
this bullshit again.
Try 300,000.
That's what we clockin'.
- [Grey] What's over there, son?
See, what needs to happen
is somebody needs to
check Caesar's numbers.
- [Caesar] Real talk.
Why the fuck is you
casin' my money, son?
You need to be worryin'
about your own shit!
- [West Coast Man]
You need to calm
your little young ass down.
Is that so?
Understand how this
game rolls.
Is that so?
You know what, fuck you.
No, son, fuck you.
Look, matter of fact.
Fuck you!
What the fuck you doin'?
- [West Coast Man] Do it.
You know what, you ain't got
shit to say.
Do it.
Fuck, you know you
ain't got shit to say!
Do it.
Do it.
- [Caesar] Grey, you
be hearin' this man?
Nigger, you ain't got the heart.
- [Caesar] I'll part this fool.
Just give me the word, Grey.
You know I'll do it!
Y'all shut the fuck up.
- [Caesar] Anything
for you, Grey.
I'll pop him--
Shut the fuck up!
Get the goddamned gun
outta my face.
I said now!
So what about you?
How's it workin'
in cold ass Alaska?
Everything under control.
We don't make the big
dollar like this guy,
but the product is excellent.
- [Grey] Good.
People are gettin' hooked.
We makin' 'bout $25,000 daily.
Is everything here?
Report and all?
- [Alaska Woman]
Everything I have.
(Grey chuckles)
Now what about you?
That's us, baby.
How we lookin'?
- [Smooth] I got jacked.
- [Grey] You got jacked?
What the hell does that mean?
You got my money?
No, man.
She got it.
(gun clicks)
You's a fuckin' cunt.
Yeah, man?
You fuckin' placin'
bitch before business.
Never thought
you'd let your dick
come before your business.
Tuckman, find my money.
Oh, and, uh,
- [Smooth] Come on, Grey,
I'm gonna get your money, man.
Never be late to
another meetin'.
Grey, naw, man.
(gun booms)
(Grey chuckles)
Now what would you
do for the $10, huh?
What would you do
to save your life?
I bet you would do just
about anything, Lane.
I bet you'd even
rape your own mother.
I bet you would.
What's this, Lane, huh?
(suspenseful instrumental music)
(static hisses)
(static hisses)
(tense instrumental music)
- [Dawn] Tony.
Hey, baby.
Now come on now.
I know you didn't think
I wouldn't be able to find you,
now did you?
What are you doin' here?
How did you even?
I'll tell ya.
Ran into an old friend of mine
at the bar the other night.
Might even know him.
Good old G Money.
I told him all about you.
Oh my God, Tony,
what did you do?
He was hurt, Dawn.
I thought you were different.
But don't worry.
I told him you were mine.
You surprised?
Well you shouldn't be.
I told you, Dawn, it's
me and you forever.
I think it's time for
you to come home, baby.
I miss you.
Come on, Dawn.
Come on, baby, I want you back.
No, Tony, please, stop.
Look, no, I can't!
Okay, please!
I have a new life now and
you're not a part of it.
A new life?
You call whorin'
around town a new life?
Yeah, that's right.
I heard about it.
I heard about how you
been gettin' your money.
Your little trick.
- [Dawn] I want you
to leave right now!
I ain't goin' nowhere.
You know how it go.
It's me and you forever, Dawn.
You and I.
I'm callin' the police.
- [Tony] I wouldn't
do that, baby.
That's a bad idea.
Yes, please. (shouts)
Come here, bitch!
I told you to stop
playin' with me, didn't I?
Didn't I?
You had to make me
do this, didn't you?
You had to make me do this,
didn't you?
You just had to make
me do this shit.
I didn't wanna have to do this!
I didn't wanna have to
do this to you, Dawn.
I told you don't fuck with me.
Now I'm done with
your trick ass.
(droning instrumental music)
(droning instrumental music)
(moves into gentle
instrumental music)
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
Damn it!
(phone rings)
What happened?
Mona, calm down, calm down.
Oh my God!
Okay, I'll be right there.
(soft R&B music)
How is she?
Not good.
Oh God.
Not good?
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
First of all, watch
your language.
Second, I understand
your concern.
Your friend's in critical
condition right now.
We're watching her condition,
but she's been beat up real bad.
I can't tell you anymore
than that right now.
No, what you're
gonna do is tell me
that my friend is gonna be okay.
You hear me?
You're gonna tell me my
friend's gonna be all right.
That's my girl in there!
I'm sorry.
If there's any changes,
I'll let you know.
Right now, we're
contacting relatives.
Can we go see her at least?
Very briefly.
But I warn you,
if there's the
slightest disturbance,
I'll have you removed.
No, I don't fuckin' understand.
My friend is in pain.
She's layin' back there.
What are you talkin' about?
Come on.
Can we go see her now?
(mournful instrumental music)
Oh my God.
Oh, I'm gonna kill that
motherfucker, girl!
I told her that he was
gonna do this shit to her!
I knew it!
Come on.
You heard what the doctor said.
We can't worry
about him right now.
We have to worry about Dawn.
(sad instrumental music)
Oh God.
Dawn, you have to
pull through this.
Do you hear me?
You just have to.
You gotta stay strong.
Everything's gonna be okay.
He's not gonna get
away with this, Dawn.
I promise you.
Ain't no way he's gettin'
away with this, Dawn.
He's gonna pay for this, Dawn.
I promise you.
I'm gonna handle
him, do you hear me?
I promise you, I'm
gonna handle him.
I promise you, there's no way
he's gonna get away with this.
There's no way he's gettin'
away with this shit.
(sad instrumental music)
(moves into harmonica music)
Dang, girl, you
killin' them shots.
You might wanna
slow down a little.
Who the fuck are you, huh?
My fuckin' bartender
or a shrink?
Fix me another shot.
Look, Mona, I'm just tryin'
to look out for you, sweetie.
Look, I appreciate it.
I just,
right now, I just
need another one.
(tense instrumental music)
Let me light that
for you, pretty lady.
Do you need somethin'?
I do.
You see, I have a,
a friend
that would like
to speak with you.
Mm hmm.
And who is this friend?
That's not important.
What you need to
know is that he's a
Similar to you.
Now you and your girls,
y'all intrudin'
on his territory,
what you're doin'.
all he wants to do is to
speak with you.
Clear the air.
Get a few things straight.
And what is this friend gonna do
if I don't come with you?
You know what?
I appreciate you
being your boy's,
you know, runner and shit,
but I ain't goin'
nowhere with some nigger
I ain't never seen before,
so you can tell your buddy
that I said some other time.
No other time.
I don't think so.
(gun clicks)
I think we go in right now.
keep the change.
Let's not make a scene, mama.
One false move,
and I'm gonna blow
your pretty ass away.
(soft instrumental music)
- [Kennedy] Come in.
I heard.
Baby, I am so, so sorry.
How can he do something
like this to her?
Because men are stupid.
They just so stupid.
They don't think.
They don't use their head.
Do they know where he is?
I don't, I don't know
anything right now,
except that one of my
best friends could die.
Ken, I can't tell
you why folks do
what they do.
The only thing I
can do right now
is tell you we need to pray,
we need to pray real hard.
That girl gonna need all
the prayers she can get.
(tense instrumental music)
Now look, nigger.
I ain't playin'
no games with you.
You owe me,
and I want my money.
I don't like bein' angry.
Grey likes to feel good.
Grey likes to laugh.
Grey likes to feel good.
Can you help me feel good?
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, Grey, man, I can
help you feel good.
Well good, good.
I, I can't hear you.
And the best way to do that
is what?
To, to get you your money.
I'm gonna get you
your money, all of it,
I promise.
(chuckles) See,
that's the problem, ain't it?
Your promises are no
good to me no more.
You done broke those.
So let's see.
I'm gonna trust you
to bring me my money
at the end of the week,
By the end of the week.
All of it.
I promise.
Well good, good.
Now I'm glad we
understand each other.
And just to make
certain that we do,
I'm gonna need a little
You know,
something to make sure
we're both on the same page.
Come on, Grey.
I done gave you one
of my fingers, man!
(Grey laughs)
Come on!
Yeah. (chuckles)
I guess I do have
some collateral.
(tense instrumental music)
But this is your
second time, baby.
Three strikes and you out.
Now I just can't let you
walk outta here scot-free.
This is gonna hurt.
- [Fingerless Man]
No, wait! (screams)
Have my money by
the end of the week.
Do we understand?
- [Earless Man] I got you, man!
(screaming and groaning)
Get his ass outta my sight.
Get up.
Get out.
Yeah, baby.
That's good.
Sit down.
I been expectin' you.
What, Grey?
What, Grey?
What'd I do, Grey?
Bitch, didn't I
tell you no teeth?
Grey, I can do better.
Please, Grey.
No, we're done.
- [Woman On Floor]
I can do better.
Get this bitch outta here.
- [Woman On Floor] Grey,
Grey, I can do better.
I'm sick.
Give her one hit.
- [Woman On Floor]
I'm sick, Grey.
I'm sick, Grey.
Get the fuck up.
What are you, deaf?
- [Woman On Floor]
I'm sick, Grey.
Come here, Mona.
Come right over here.
Come on, baby.
Have a seat.
Damn, you fine!
Damn, Tuckman,
you didn't tell me
she was so fine.
Mm mm mm.
No wonder Smooth
was so taken by you.
I don't know no fuckin' Smooth.
And Tuckman didn't tell
me much about you, either.
Oh, smart mouth.
I like that.
A girl with guts.
So let's make this
short and sweet, baby.
'Cause after we finish,
I'm gonna need you
to get back to work.
Now and your girls been workin'
cats in my territory.
And one of the dudes you fucked
works for me.
And you took something from him
that belongs to me.
But it gonna be cool.
I ain't even mad at ya.
But you gonna have
to break me off
a piece of that shit.
Now I need my $50,000 back.
I ain't got no $50,000.
I don't know what the
fuck you talkin' about.
(chuckles) Deny, deny.
I like that.
You should be workin' for me.
Now, bitch, I want my money!
I ain't got shit
that belongs to you.
Calm down.
Calm down.
No need to get upset.
Now we gonna handle
this problem, okay?
I could take you out
right now, little girl.
Cut your tongue out your mouth
so you won't be
able to do nothin'.
You feel me?
But we gonna play this nice.
Now you bring back
the $50,000 you stole.
And I want 60% of every
thing you make from now on.
You and your girls.
And, in return,
you get to keep your life,
and maybe a little change.
Fuck you.
(chuckles) Patience.
Oh, that's comin'.
Now I know you'll
probably get my money.
So I'm gonna give you til Friday
to bring me my $50,000.
And I wanna see you here
every Friday after that
with my cut.
And if I find out
you cheatin' me,
I will kill everything you love,
and when I'm finished,
then I will kill you.
Do you understand?
Bitch, I said do you understand?
(chuckles) I think we do.
That's good, good.
I got a surprise for you.
Go ahead.
I know you like the white.
Go ahead.
It's on me.
No, I don't fuck with this.
Bitch, I said it's on me.
(dramatic instrumental music)
(coughing and sniffing)
That's good, ain't it?
(dramatic instrumental music)
I can handle it.
(chuckles) Well I'm
glad you like it.
Now, you know,
there are a few
other things
you can do for me.
You know what?
I don't do that shit.
(fleshy smack)
He said suck it, bitch!
And you will do it
or I'll blow your
fuckin' head off.
I mean it!
And I don't wanna feel no teeth.
(dramatic instrumental music)
(pulsing electronic music)
(people chattering)
- [Woman In Brown]
Hello, gentlemen.
How are you guys
doing this evening?
We doin', we doin'.
My name is Deltonia,
and I'm the owner of the club.
Anything you guys need,
just give me a holler,
and I'll take good
care of you guys.
I'll have a scotch.
Drinks for everybody.
I'll take some
Hennessy straight.
Dog, just want some Patron.
Some champagne, whatever.
That's how we do it, baby.
I'll take Remmy Red.
That's all I want.
All right, well, I'll get
a waitress for you guys,
and she'll come in a minute.
Patron here, baby.
(pulsing electronic music)
(men chattering)
- [Dawn] Aw, man, that's
a cute shirt, girl.
Aw, thank you.
I'm so happy you're
gettin' out tomorrow.
Me, too.
- [Kennedy] Let
me comb your hair.
Aw, you so sweet.
Isn't she sweet, girl?
Uh, Mona, hello?
Do you hear me?
I'm sorry, y'all.
I just got a lot on my mind.
Well then spill it out, girl.
Don't be skirt.
You stupid.
Y'all, I got introduced
to a guy named Grey.
And not in a good way.
This is his shit.
This is his territory,
and we been jackin' all over it.
And now this motherfucker say
he wants a part of our dough.
And every Friday at that.
And get this.
He claims I jacked one
of his boys for 50 grand.
50 grand?
Now I know I didn't get
50 grand from nobody.
And I know neither
one of y'all did
or you'd have told me by now.
Hmm, girl, you know it.
Shoot, I wish I
would've jacked somebody
for that kind of cash.
Oh shit.
Oh, man.
Don't look at me.
I'm still workin'
on gettin' my 5,000,
let alone 50.
That's what I thought.
Man, he must got us mixed up
with some other bitches.
I swear, I don't know what
the hell he talkin' about.
Well who told him
about the jacks anyway?
How did he find out?
- [Dawn] Yeah.
I don't know.
But the point is
this motherfucker
is dangerous.
I'm tellin' you, he got people
all around him and shit.
Dogs and shit.
- [Kennedy] Oh my gosh.
Y'all, I saw him
cut off a man's ear.
Oh my God, what?
Are you serious?
A man's ear, Mona?
This is crazy!
Look, y'all,
don't start gettin' all
scared on me now, all right?
Just relax.
We the Jack Squad,
ladies, all right?
We can handle this.
We can handle this.
Look, I only wanted
to make enough money
to get through college.
We never dealt with
people like this before.
I am puttin' my
life on the line.
Puttin' your life on the line?
Kennedy, you put
your life on the line
every time you go
into a hotel room
with one of these dudes.
Oh, God, y'all, we
need to get outta town.
Out of town and away from here
because these people are crazy.
We are gonna get killed,
and I don't know
what's gonna happen--
- [Mona] Kennedy, would
you please just relax?
I don't wanna die.
Stop freakin' out on me,
I need you to stay
with me, okay?
Now we the Jack Squad.
I'm gonna handle this.
I got a plan for Grey's ass,
along with some other loose
ends I'm gonna tie up,
all right?
Just stay with me, okay?
Come on now, y'all.
- [Kennedy] Okay.
Jack Squad.
Jack Squad.
All right.
(percussive instrumental music)
I know what happens.
I know why you're here.
(percussive instrumental music)
You do what you have to.
If you need me,
you know where to find me.
(percussive instrumental music)
You need Jesus to
touch you right now.
You're doin' some things,
and you don't know
why you're doin' it.
I got an idea.
What, what?
What's that?
What's that?
Those two girls seem to
really care about you.
Cling to them and your family,
not your man.
You hear?
- [Nurse] I'll see you
when you get better.
I'm here to tell you the Lord
is a forgiver.
He is your savior, hallelujah.
And he can redeem you
and set you back
on your right path
before it's too late.
Oh, hallelujah in this place.
We thank ya, Father.
- [Mona] Damn.
- [Man] Lookin' for
this right here?
Bitch, get the fuck off of me.
Well, let me take
this blood pressure
for the last time.
- [Preacher] Thank you for
savin' her soul, Father.
- [Kennedy] Oh God, thank you!
- [Preacher] Thank you.
You have a new
life, oh hallelujah.
We give you glory
and honor for you
in the name of Jesus.
Thank you.
- [Preacher] Thank you for
settin her free, Father.
What the fuck was
you lookin' for?
I got what you was lookin' for.
No you don't.
I got it, bitch.
(gun bangs)
Hey, mamasita,
you gettin' ready to
get up outta here, huh?
Oh, yes I am.
I am glad to see that,
even though I'm gonna miss you.
But it was, look.
Don't let me see you
back in here no more
with no craziness, okay?
You won't.
All righty then.
- [Mona] What's up, girl?
You ready to get out this bitch?
I'm outta here.
Take care, good luck.
Would you shh?
Look, this is a hospital,
not the damn club.
I know that shit.
Shit, you ready to go?
Come on.
Girl, look, you know what?
Actually, I, I need
you to help me move
a lot of my stuff, okay?
Tony, look, he knows
where I am now,
and I gotta get outta this town.
Listen to me, listen to me,
you ain't gotta worry about
that shit no more, all right?
I got that taken care of.
You just come on, let's go.
Uh, wait, what do you mean
you got it taken care of?
'Cause I took care
of that motherfucker.
- [Dawn] What do you
mean you took care of it?
I mean I jacked him, Dawn.
You jacked Tony?
What, are you crazy, Mona?
He's not gonna stop until
both of us are dead!
Listen to me, listen to me.
I shot that motherfucker dead
between his eyes, all right?
And I made sure
he was dead, too,
so he ain't fuckin' with you,
he ain't fuckin' with me.
We ain't gotta run from nobody.
You hear what I'm sayin'?
Wait, wait, wait, Mona,
you shot him, you killed him?
You're gonna go to jail!
What about the police?
Ain't nobody goin'
to jail, Dawn.
Didn't I tell you I just had
a few loose ends to tie up?
I told you, listen to me.
Listen to me.
I got this, all right?
We got it all taken care of.
We got it handled.
Now just--
Oh my God,
thank you, Mona. (cries)
Thank you.
Oh my God.
I owe you my life.
I owe you, big.
No, you don't owe me big.
Just buy a bitch a
drink or somethin'.
Come on, let's get
outta this bitch, girl.
I got places to go.
And don't tell Kennedy.
That bitch will freak.
I mean, she gonna freak out,
and I don't need her
freakin' out on me.
I won't, okay, I won't.
I just can't deal
with that shit anymore.
Just thank you.
Oh my God, I can't believe this.
- [Mona] You got it, you need?
Yes, okay.
Just twist it off.
Let's go.
I know, let's.
Let me get my stuff.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, Terry.
- [Terry] Hey, girl.
Lemme get a vodka and tonic.
On me.
- [Mona] Do I know you?
No, you don't.
But I think you need
to get to know me.
Is that right?
Make that a double on it,
with a twist, please.
(soft R&B music)
Thank you.
Is that a wedding ring?
It's a long story.
Hey, how about we
get out of here
and go somewhere else
to talk about it?
I know just the place.
Let's go.
Keep that.
Say, um,
do you have any powder?
You one of them freaky hos, huh?
Come on ever here.
I got somethin' for ya.
Come on and get it.
Watch out now.
That's some good stuff.
That just might hurt ya.
Ah, you like that, huh?
wait a minute now.
Here, you didn't even
finish makin' your drink.
- [Man] I don't want a drink.
Let me fix it.
I want you.
Where's your glass?
Slow down!
Would you wait?
Get off of me!
Slow down, you wait, shit.
Bitches like you
like it rough.
And I'm gonna give it to you
just the way you want it.
Right up the ass, bitch.
You're a tease, aren't you?
Well, you're not gonna
tease me tonight.
- [Mona] Get the fuck up!
Get the fuck up right now!
- [Man] What the fuck?
What the hell?
What the hell is
wrong with you, girl?
Shut up!
We were havin' a good time,
weren't we?
Gimme your wallet.
Shit just got a
little out of hand.
Toss me your wallet right now!
Okay, so that's it?
Just came to town
to find somebody.
Shit, I never meant to hurt you.
Fuck, this has all been
just one big mistake.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up.
Give me your jewelry.
Take it off, take it off,
take it off right now.
Gimme that fuckin' shit.
This ain't worth shit.
Give it to me.
Damn, girl!
Give me all that fuckin' shit.
Give it to me!
This motherfucker is crazy.
You fuckin' perverted
Crazy as shit, aren't you?
Give it to me, give
me all that shit!
What the fuck?
Come on now.
Put the gun down.
All right, I want you to
lay face down, all right?
Lay the fuck down!
Face down before.
(gun bangs)
- [Man] I just wanted
to find my daughter.
Well good luck
findin' her, bitch.
Gimme this shit.
(pulsing hip hop music)
Oh, shit!
Oh, fuckin' shit!
There's gotta be like
thousands of dollars here.
(pulsing hip hop music)
"For wrath killeth
the foolish man
"and envy slayeth
the silly one."
- [Mona] What the fuck?
What's up?
Mona, look.
If you came over here to
talk about the Jack Squad,
forget it.
I'm out.
You out?
Yes, I'm out.
Bitch, there is no out.
What there is is a man
named Grey and his cronies
who want half of
everything we make.
Half, Mona?
I'm not givin' him
half of nothin'.
I said I'm done, that's a wrap.
Oh my God, you're such a,
are you a fuckin' idiot?
He knows who we are, Kennedy.
He knows what we do.
I don't care.
Okay, listen, he is a a
very powerful man, okay?
And he will kill all of us.
You and Tricksey, do you
understand what I'm sayin'?
Well I'll just go
to him and I'll say,
look, Mr. Grey,
I don't wanna have
anything to do with this
so you gonna go to him?
Yes, I'll go to him.
You out?
You out?
Look at this.
- [Kennedy] What?
Mona, who did you Jack
to get all of this?
And there's money in there, too.
All right?
Now listen to me,
and all this money
gives me an idea, okay?
We can--
An idea?
Yes, we can go to Grey
and we can just pay him off,
tell him he can have all of it.
There's gotta be like
100 grand in there
or, or better.
That's right, that's
what we'll do.
We'll go to Grey,
and we'll tell him
he can have half of it,
and then we'll
tell him that's it.
That's it, Mona?
That's right.
That's it?
That's it!
Mona, look at yourself.
You're on drugs and stuff.
They got you losin'
touch with reality.
I need you to,
I need you to really
lay off that stuff
right now, for real.
I'm not layin' off shit!
Because that shit,
that shit right there,
that shit makes me feel
fuckin' invincible.
Invincible, Mona?
Yes, invincible.
I feel like I'm
fuckin' Scarface, girl.
I'm tellin' you, Kennedy,
the world is ours, girl.
I'm invincible!
No, Mona.
You're not invincible, Mona.
You are crazy.
Is this Tony's wallet?
What are you doin'
with this, Mona?
Where did you get this from?
I jacked him, okay?
I did our girl a favor
and I jacked him,
and I jacked his ass for good.
Mona, what are you sayin'?
Is Tony dead?
Damn, that's the
last thing I need
is for Tricksey to come in here,
callin' the police on people.
She needs to call the police.
Somebody does.
Mona, they're gonna
find out anyway.
Bitch, wait a minute.
Ain't nobody findin' out shit.
All right?
Now just listen to me!
Damn it, I got it
under control, okay?
Besides, on top of that, girl,
this fat motherfucker, girl,
this dude I just jacked,
this motherfucker was loaded.
I'm talkin' cash and powder.
Loaded, Mona?
I don't care.
I hit the fuckin' jackpot!
So what, Mona?
Ooh, but I had to do that
motherfucker in, girl.
That motherfucker
tried to rape me.
Ooh, pop, pop, that
nigger went down!
Damn, that shit felt
so fuckin' good, girl.
You should've seen me.
Mona, you are crazy.
That shit felt good, girl.
That shit felt.
You know what, I want you out.
- [Mona] Look, look, you
can have half of it, too.
All you gotta do is
come back in with me,
and come with me to handle Grey.
No, I'm not comin'
back in with you, Mona.
Are you crazy?
Listen, look at this shit!
This is more money
than you ever made
on any jack, Kennedy.
- [Kennedy] I don't
care, Mona, get out.
Oh shit.
Take this stuff and leave.
You crazy.
Gimme my shit.
You know what?
You know what?
This shit, this shit
ain't over, okay?
It's not over for you or me.
Now, I'm gonna handle Grey.
All right, you,
that I promise you.
And then we're gonna
make some more money.
Me, you, and Dawn,
whether you like it or not.
Mona, get out of my house.
And I swear,
if you even think about
goin' to the police,
girl, I swear to God.
Get out!
I'm not playin' with you.
Don't you, don't you--
Get out!
I'm not playin' with you.
Give me my fuckin'.
Give me my shit.
Get out.
Lord, please.
(shimmering instrumental music)
can you meet up?
Where is she?
Oh, girl.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What's wrong, Kennedy?
What, did you get in
another fight with Tricksey?
No, we need to talk about Mona.
Do you know she killed Tony?
You don't look surprised.
Please, tell me that
you're not in on this, too.
No, no, of course not.
Look, she did tell me,
but, honestly, Ken,
she did me a favor.
Tony tried to kill me.
Are both of you outta
your freakin' minds?
Dawn, she murdered somebody.
Do you hear me?
Murdered, okay?
Are you sure you're
not in on this, too?
Look, I was at the hospital
when it all happened.
Look, Mona has freaked out.
She's lost her mind,
she's on drugs.
We need to go to the police.
The police?
We ain't goin' to
the police, Kennedy.
What, are you tryin' to get us
all thrown in jail?
I didn't do anything.
Oh, so you didn't
jack no dudes, huh?
- [Kennedy] But I
didn't kill anybody.
You still committed crimes.
You ain't no better
than the rest of us.
Look, Kennedy,
I talked to Mona,
and if you want out of this,
we gotta go to Grey.
We gotta clear this up.
No, there is no other way.
Look, we go see him, okay?
We do this one thing,
and, and we give him the money.
We tell him that we quit,
and, and if Mona
wants to continue on,
then that's her.
I'm leavin' this town anyway.
There's too much
bad blood for me.
Police and all.
But we,
we gotta do this first.
Trust me.
Okay, look, I'll go to
Grey's house with y'all,
but, whatever happens,
I don't wanna have
anything to do with it, okay?
Dawn, I'm, I'm changed.
I'm a Christian now.
I'm saved.
Okay, all right, just--
I'm tryin' to live my
life in peace okay?
Okay, will you chill out?
Just wait and see how
this all plays out.
Look, whatever you do,
don't go to the police, Kennedy.
Dawn, I just don't want--
Just wait, just wait.
Look, I, I gotta go.
But I'm gonna call you tomorrow,
and we all go to Grey's.
All right?
Come here.
(pulsing instrumental music)
Oh my God, I've never seen
that much money before.
Yeah, well we in the
big leagues now, girl.
Not me, I'm not a part
of anybody's big league,
I got this.
(pulsing instrumental music)
Do you have to do
that right now, Mona?
Right here?
I need my courage, Kennedy.
No, what you need, Mona,
you need some prayer, okay?
You need to go to church.
You need to get
God in your life.
Shut up!
That's what you need.
I don't wanna hear
that right now.
Hey, hey!
You ggttin' on my nerves.
Hey, hey,
look, now I don't know what's
gotten between you two,
look, but we are a
united front, okay?
Look, we go in here.
We give Grey the money.
We tell him we're through,
and we get outta here.
Okay, whatever.
All right.
Grey's got this place covered.
Yes, he does.
Now we need to be careful.
There's several different
exits and entrances
to this place, all right?
Who cares?
We'll just go give Grey
the money and that's it,
it's over.
Yeah, sure, whatever, it's over.
(pulsing instrumental music)
What are you here for?
- [Mona] Grey's expectin' us.
Come on.
(pulsing instrumental music)
- [Tuckman] You ready to
deal with them bitches?
Those broads.
now I've been waitin' on them.
- [Tuckman] Here they come
to drop the money.
- [Grey] Yeah. (chuckles)
(suspenseful instrumental music)
Mm mm mm mm mm.
- [Female Guard] Sit down.
I'm lovin' this.
Did you pat 'em down, Jade?
I took care of it.
Thank you.
Welcome, ladies.
I've been waitin' on y'all.
We've been waitin'
on you, too, baby.
So let's talk.
And I'm sure you got my money
in that briefcase there, right?
Yes, we do.
Now, Grey,
these two are my accomplices.
All right?
Now we brought you your money,
and an offer.
An offer, huh?
Lemme see the money first.
Now there's 100 grand in there.
More than what you asked for.
That's right.
Okay, now we've paid, and now
we want out.
We aren't in the jackin'
business anymore.
You want out? (laughs)
That's the offer? (laughs)
Don't you understand?
There is no way out.
You started takin' my money
on my turf!
Now the way I see it,
you bitches still owe me,
and I know there's more
where this came from.
Look, Mr. Grey, I
only got through this
just to get through college,
and I, I'm raisin',
I got enough money for that,
and I'm saved now,
I'm a Christian.
I changed my life around.
I'm the only one
who can save you.
The cops are lookin' for you.
So are a lot of other people.
Now the way I see it,
you need my services
to cover your ass.
And that service ain't free.
So not only do I
need you to pay me,
but there are a few
other things
you can do for me.
Look, look, Grey,
we wanna make you feel good.
We wanna make you
feel real good.
But see, these girls here,
they're the private type.
You know, they
look their privacy.
Now come on, Grey,
you a big man.
Just forget about the money
and let us make you feel good.
Now come on, what you got?
You got somethin',
somethin' for us to drink?
You know, somethin' to
loosen us up a little bit?
I know what you like, Mona.
- [Mona] Mm hmm!
But for your girls,
what would ya like to have?
Some red wine would be fine.
Um, yeah, I, I'll take
a few shots of Patron.
Oh ho ho, now she
got taste!
See what I say?
go fix these
bitches some drinks.
go with her.
Don't trust them, Grey.
I can handle this.
Now step off!
What are you doing?
I see you come prepared.
You know I always do, baby.
Now tell me, Grey.
Which one of you
want first, huh?
Huh, you want Kennedy here?
Or how 'bout Dawn?
Or how 'bout, how
'bout all three?
- [Grey] Ooh.
How 'bout you?
The saved one. (chuckles)
Get over here, bitch.
Get down on your knees
and make me feel good.
Ain't she pretty, Grey?
Just like you like it.
Just your type.
But see, you're gonna have
to be easy on her, Grey,
because she's not used to this.
And you're not?
Aw, come on now.
I'm a little bit more sinful.
Doesn't that feel good?
So what you waitin' for, baby?
Wait, no!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Get the fuckin' suitcase!
Oh no!
Get the fuckin' suitcase!
Get the fuckin' suitcase!
Goddamn, go get the briefcase!
- [Kennedy] Oh my God!
Y'all listen, listen
to me, listen to me.
I got this place
scoped out, all right?
We gotta split up, we
gotta get outta here.
We got Tony's men all
over the fuckin' place.
Oh my God, what about my car?
Fuck that car, girl!
Leave that car!
Besides, I left
somethin' at the murder,
and look at this
motherfucker, he's dead.
We got it all worked out,
we got it all worked out.
Oh Lord Jesus,
please forgive her!
Shut up with your praise
God layer, all right?
Now we split up, and
we're goin' to your place.
I swear to god, if you--
Mona, Mona.
I will fuck you!
Stop, she won't, okay?
Take it.
Take it!
God, oh God!
(pulsing instrumental music)
Grey, Grey, Grey!
(Grey gurgles)
(gun bangs)
(gun bangs)
(guns bang)
- [Mona] Oh shit!
- [Kennedy] Oh my God!
(guns bang)
- [Mona] Shit!
Hey, Kennedy?
Hey, what's up, beautiful?
Hey, hey, hey, what's,
are ya late to a
meeting or something?
Kennedy, what is it,
what's wrong, sweetheart?
Hey, come on, just
have a seat, please.
Let's talk about it.
Please, have a seat.
Can I help you?
What's up?
Hey, Kennedy, come on.
You can trust me.
Remember, I'm busted-up Jason.
There ya go.
Now come on, tell
me, what's wrong.
Please, Kennedy.
Jason, I've been doin' somethin'
I had no business doin'.
- [Jason] What is it?
Me, Mona, and Dawn,
we all got ourselves
into something,
and it was supposed
to be really simple,
but it's turned into
something really ugly,
and I don't know how
to get out of it.
What is it?
What have you guys been doin'?
I don't understand.
Kennedy, talk to me.
What is it?
Jackin' guys for money.
That, that was you guys?
Oh my gosh, you know?
They were sayin' on TV
that these girls were
goin' around town
doin' exactly that.
Oh my gosh, Kennedy, do
you realize something?
You are a small, unknown
celebrity, Kennedy.
Jason, please.
Oh my gosh.
Did you know that?
Jason, please, please,
you cannot tell anyone.
Hey, mum's the word.
But, Kennedy, I don't
understand this.
If you want out of
this jack thing,
why don't you just stop it?
I wish it was that easy.
I wish I could stop.
Mona, she has lost her mind.
She's been freakin' out.
I mean, everything's
just gone way too far.
Even with the money.
I mean, we got a lot of money.
What money?
Jason, look at this.
Look at all of this money.
Hold on, Kennedy.
You didn't kill
anybody, did you?
No, I didn't, but still.
Good, good.
Oh my gosh, look at
all these hundreds.
I've never seen this much
money in my life, Kennedy.
Wow, hey, let's go shoppin'.
Girl, you know I
need some new shoes.
Are you crazy?
People are lookin'
for this money.
I think I need to
go to the police.
Well, you do know that
with all this money,
if you go to the cop,
you're gonna be considered
an accessory to the crime,
so why in the world
would you wanna go?
'Cause people have been
murdered for this money, Jason,
that's why.
This is blood money.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, Kennedy, look, sweetheart.
Now if that's what you wanna do,
I'm still gonna support you.
But what I think you should do,
you should go home,
you should get
yourself together,
then I'll come right over, okay?
we'll get all the evidence,
and we'll go straight
to the cops, okay?
Kennedy, it's okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
You can trust me, Kennedy.
You can trust me.
You can trust me when I say
everything's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine, Kennedy.
Kennedy, hey, hey, hey.
You can trust me.
Trust me, everything
is gonna be fine.
Just fine.
I promise.
Everything will be just fine.
You trust me?
(gentle instrumental music)
Wow, that was, that was magic.
You've been here all
alone, haven't you?
- [Jason] Yeah.
I'm sorry if I
mistreated you, Jason.
Hey, it's okay.
I just really got
caught up, and
I didn't realize
I had a good thing
right in front of my
eyes the whole time.
Well, I figured if I
stood around long enough,
you'd get a chance
to see the real me.
So you'll meet me at my house,
Wait a minute.
- [Jason] What's wrong?
How you know where I live?
Well let's just say I
did my homework, Kennedy.
Now you go on home and
get everything together,
and I'm gonna come right over.
I promise, okay?
Just go on.
I promise, I'm comin'.
Go on and get yourself together.
Hey, Kennedy.
(staccato instrumental music)
We have a problem.
This child act like she
was raised in a barn.
And I ain't damn Hazel, shit.
I'm tired of pickin' up
after her nasty self.
I know I raised her
better than this.
What's wrong with Kennedy?
I'm tired of pickin'
up after her.
(jagged piano music)
Want it like this?
Shut up, bitch!
This can't be.
Tricksey, what's wrong?
What's goin' on, talk to me.
Where did you get
this wallet from?
Don't you lie to me!
Did you sleep with this man?
Tricksey, no.
I don't know, it's not mine.
Mona must've left it over here.
Why are you yellin' at me?
Tricksey, talk to me.
That man!
That man on the ID.
That's your father.
Not that man.
Yes, it is, baby.
No, he is not my father.
It is.
He is not my father.
I couldn't tell you
because he raped me.
He raped me in the alley.
Yes, he did.
- [Kennedy] I never got
a chance to meet him.
Then how do you have his wallet?
I told you, I have
it because Mona
must have left it over here.
Because I killed
that motherfucker, that's
why she got his wallet.
I was wonderin' where
I left that bitch.
Toss it to me.
Toss it to me.
Fuck yeah, that's
that motherfucker.
That motherfucker thought
he was gonna rape me, too,
but I took care of that shit.
Mona, baby, look,
put the gun down.
We can work this out.
Let's talk about it, okay?
Talk about it?
There ain't shit to talk about!
This fuckin' bitch
thought she was gonna
go to the cops on me,
and I can't have that shit.
No, Mona, I, I won't
go to the police.
I, I'll stay in Jack Squad.
I'll stay in.
You gonna stay
in Jack Squad?
Don't you think it's
a little too late
for that shit, Kennedy?
Besides, I can't work with
someone I can't trust,
now can I?
- [Kennedy] Mona,
just calm down.
Shut up!
Shut up and get the
fuck over there.
Sit over there!
look, you weren't
raised like this.
It's the drugs
makin' you like this.
Just, just give
me the gun, okay?
Look, baby, sweetie,
you don't have to do this, okay?
It's okay, Mona.
Just, that's right,
that's right, baby, just.
I didn't mean for
it to go this far.
I swear I didn't.
Kennedy, you're my girl.
And, Tricksey, you've
been like a mother to me.
But, but I can't go
to jail for nobody.
Now where's the money?
Where's the money, Kennedy?
You can have the money.
You can have all of it.
I don't want it.
Mona, baby, just
put the gun down.
We family, come on, we can
work somethin' out, okay?
- [Mona] Work it out?
Did you tell her
what we been doin'?
Did you tell her what
we been doin', Kennedy?
Did you tell her how
you paid for college?
Did you?
I swear, I didn't mean for
it to happen like this,
but I can't go to jail.
I can't go to jail.
And neither can I.
No, I, I'm sorry, Kennedy,
but I had to follow
you to make sure
you weren't tryin'
to do somethin' slick
with the money.
I heard you talkin' to Jason.
I know you were
goin' to the police.
And, honestly,
I like the life that I'm livin'.
I like havin' money.
That's right.
And me and Mona,
we got big plans.
That's right!
Big dough.
And we can't have no bystanders
goin' to the police.
So what you gonna do,
you gonna kill us?
You know what?
Now that's not a bad idea.
Seein' as I already killed,
what's a few more dead
bodies here and there, huh?
Two more bodies, what's that?
Dawn, you and I,
we are girls.
Mona is crazy, she is on drugs.
Look at her.
Come on!
It's too late for that.
- [Kennedy] I'm not
gonna go to the police.
- [Dawn] I heard you.
I'm not.
I heard you talkin'
to Jason, you're lyin'.
You're lyin'.
I was just talkin' to Jason
about somethin' else.
It wasn't even about that.
- [Dawn] I, you, I don't
even wanna hear it.
No, you don't understand
what I'm sayin'.
Listenin' to you tell him you
you wanna go to the police.
What happened to us, man?
We the Jack Squad.
Like, I don't understand,
you gonna give all of this up?
Dawn, you gotta listen
to what I'm sayin'.
Wait, Tricksey, no!
(gun bangs)
Oh my God.
Oh God.
Tricksey, get up.
- [Kennedy] Tricksey, get up.
Look at all this blood.
Mona, what did you do?
I didn't mean to do
it, Kennedy, I swear.
Get up!
Please, get up.
Mona, look what you did!
- [Kennedy] Look what you
did, look what you did!
I didn't mean to do it,
I didn't mean to do it,
you gotta believe me!
You killed her!
What's goin' on?
- [Mona] I didn't mean to.
- [Jason] My gosh.
- [Kennedy] Oh my God.
Tricksey, she shot Tricksey.
She killed my mom!
Shit, Kennedy.
Look what you did!
Baby, I'm so sorry.
My God, it's such a shame.
She crazy.
Sweetheart, no, no,
baby, don't cry.
It'll be okay, I promise.
It'll be all right, God.
Get your crazy ass over there.
Get over there!
Get over there!
I knew you was a crazy ass bitch
when I first met you!
I knew you was crazy!
- [Mona] Fuck you, what the
fuck are you doin' here?
What are you doin'
killin' her mother?
What kind of shit is that?
You crazy ass bitch!
- [Mona] You, what the
fuck are you doin' here?
Don't worry about me,
just keep your
fuckin' mouth shut.
Just shut up!
Yo, Kennedy, baby, listen.
Tell me, where is the money.
- [Mona] What?
I put it up.
- [Jason] Baby, go
get it for me, okay?
- [Mona] No, Kennedy, don't.
Kennedy, baby, it's okay,
just go get the money
for me, all right?
Shut the fuck up.
- [Kennedy] And then we'll
go to the cops, right?
- [Jason] Right, but what,
just get the money for me.
Kennedy, don't believe him.
Just do it, Kennedy.
Shut up!
Shut your damn mouth.
Baby, get the money for me.
Come on.
It's okay.
- [Kennedy] I don't think so.
- [Jason] Where's that
fuckin' money, bitch?
You better tell me right now!
Where is it?
Shut the fuck up.
Where is the money?
I gave it to Mona!
Bitch, tell me where
that money is right now
or I'll blow your
fuckin' head off.
Why would I tell
you where it is?
Find it on your own, punk.
Oh, shit, this bitch
gonna spit on me.
(fleshy smack)
Take a shit, bitch.
You know what, we can go
at it all day, big boy,
but you still don't
have the money.
Shut the fuck up.
Is that right, yeah?
What I want you to do,
take this fuckin' rope,
and you tie that bitch up!
Get your ass over there.
Get your ass over there.
Tie her up, tie her the fuck up!
Shut, shut the fuck up.
Tie her up!
You know what, you
real weak, Jason.
Yeah, whatever, bitch, whatever.
Just keep tyin'!
Real weak motherfucker.
Fuck you, keep tyin'.
Anybody tell you
what a weak-ass
motherfucker you are?
- [Jason] Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- [Kennedy] Please,
put the gun down.
- [Jason] You're the one
talkin' smack about me.
That's why you had to go
and mess with my business.
Keep that fuckin'
mouth, shut up!
I got it, Kennedy,
don't worry about.
This motherfucker
ain't gonna do shit.
You shut your mouth.
You ain't gonna do shit.
- [Kennedy] Jason, please!
(gun bangs)
- [Jason] Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Look at the fuck.
Shut up!
Jason, please!
Jesus, shit.
- [Kennedy] Please,
Jason, please.
Please, Jason--
Shut the fuck up!
If I ever meant
anything to you, Jason.
Shut up!
Where's that fuckin' money?
Where is it, bitch?
Jason, I put it up.
Get me that fuckin' money.
Where is that shit, where is it?
Jason, I'll tell you
where the money is,
just don't shoot me!
I'll tell you
where the money is.
I will blow your
fuckin' face off.
You understand me?
I hid the money.
Move, bitch!
Gimme that fuckin' money.
I'm fuckin' takin' it.
(gun bangs)
(soft instrumental music)
Oh, Ken.
I'm so sorry, I.
I didn't know.
(emotional instrumental music)
(crying and whimpering)
I'm sorry, Kennedy,
you have to forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
(sirens wail)
I guess the Jack Squad
finally got jacked.
Well, hear ya go.
It's all yours.
Are ya sure?
It's a lifetime
of memories here.
Okay, thank you.
So I sold my mother's house,
and I walked away from it all.
Or so I thought.
(pulsing hip-hop music)
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
For the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
For the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
For the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
for the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
for the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
for the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin
for the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music
Make you wanna hustle to it
And yeah I'm rappin'
for the trappers
Every time I do it
'Cause this is
hustlin' music