Jack Squad 2: The Next Generation (2022) Movie Script

(upbeat instrumental music)
(film rolling)
(dramatic music)
(birds singing)
(swing creaks)
(bird house creaks)
(swing creaks)
(dramatic music)
(birds singing)
(dramatic music)
(tires crunch)
(birds sing)
(dramatic music)
(doors open)
(footsteps crunch)
- This is the biggest job
we've had yet.
- See, that's why
Caesar called us in.
Man, this job ends the
whole Jack Squad era
and it's no better
time to end it
than with the bitch that
started all this by jacking
one of Gray's dudes.
May Gray's soul rest in power,
- Sweet.
I'm gonna earn my fuckin'
stripes today. (chuckles)
- Stripes?
See that's a newbie talking.
We don't do stripes.
We do bones, dog.
And we don't do blue either.
We do black.
Gotta earn your fuckin'
stripes around here.
- That right there is why they
call us the Bone Collectors.
You sure you got the balls
for this kind of work, man?
- Have you ever seen the
balls of a bull?
- Can't say that I have, Jeff.
(Jeff coughs)
- Well, just say they
got some big ass balls.
And mine are fuckin'
bigger than that. (coughs)
- Okay, well if that's the case,
why don't you take the lead?
Why don't you go in
first and check it out?
- Mm hmm.
(gun cocks)
I wanna see them big fuckin'
- I hope she ain't pretty.
I hate hurtin' pretty bitches.
- Let's go.
(dramatic music)
(door opens)
(door closes)
- Didn't your mother ever
teach you fellas
to knock before entering
someone's home?
- Well, excuse our bad
manners, Ms. Kennedy.
- So we meet again.
It's been a long time, Caesar.
You're all grown up.
- You look a bit
different yourself.
I guess time will do
that to you.
Do you know how much damage you
and your Jack Squad crew caused?
- I do, and I am deeply
sorry about that.
- You and your girls
murdered Gray.
Slit his throat like a pig.
- I didn't kill Gray.
I was just there.
- Innocent?
I am the one who
escorted you in.
Remember, you were part
of the Jack Squad crew.
So that means you are
not innocent.
- That's how you see it?
- I was wondering what happened
to all that money you
stole from us?
Well, let's not prolong
this reunion any further.
- Let's not.
(guns fire)
(shotgun fires)
(shotgun fires echo)
(shotgun fires echo)
- Come on, man, go check it out.
- Come on, man.
You was talkin' about
the big balls and shit.
Come on, man, go check it out.
- Later brother.
(footsteps crunch)
- Come on, man.
- Ooh.
I think she's dead, Caesar.
(gun fires)
Ooh, shit, ooh, (screams)
This bitch shot me in the balls.
- Not the big bull balls.
(Jeff moans)
- Stop whining like a bitch.
(Jeff moans)
You ain't got no balls, boy.
(gun fires)
(gun fires)
(swing creaks)
(blues music)
Oh, Lord
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
(mysterious music)
(funky music)
Got that will
To learn
Yes, I have
Gonna be a star one day
Got that will
To learn
My name is gonna be on top
Lemme tell you about it
Otis Redding
Had too much soul
And you made it
Yes, he did
James Brown couldn't
mash potatoes
But he knew how to beg
He made it
(camera clicks)
Aretha was the queen of soul
- [Announcer On TV] Batter Up.
And Jess Quake.
On the mound, now.
Base, and the wind up.
And the pitch.
There's the hit.
Out to left field.
This one is way out
there and score.
Over the left field fence.
(dialing phone)
The queen of soul
(phone ringing)
She made it
- Hello.
She did, y'all.
But me, got that
- Hey girl, just
checking on you.
What happened?
- We broke up and I
threw him out.
- Are you okay?
- Girl, I'm good.
I'm used to people walking
in and outta my life.
Besides, you can't hold a
good woman down for long.
So, what are you telling me?
- Just finished packing
up all the Marco's stuff.
Girl, I am now single,
and I will be just fine.
I do think I'm gonna go
grab a coffee
or a smoothie or something
just to clear my head.
You wanna come?
- Cam, can I have some
more c-c-cereal, please?
- Well, no, you haven't
even finished the cereal
you're eating now.
Save some for next time.
- Oh, C-C-Cam, no fair.
- Girl, I can't go.
I gotta drop Will off
at the Learning Center.
But you enjoy those
green smoothies.
You'll be running to the
bathroom so much
you won't even think about
the breakup with Marco.
I'll drop by later, okay?
- Okay, cool.
All right, bye.
Got that will
To learn
My name's gonna be on top
Lemme tell you about it
My name gonna
cover the world
You gonna know me
(dramatic music)
(calm instrumental music)
- That's her.
Girl's gonna kill me,
but I have to know.
(dog barking)
(dramatic music)
(dog barking)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(footsteps retreating)
- Are you watching me?
- What would make
you think that?
- Girl, I'm a female.
We know when we're
being watched.
Now, who are you and
what do you want?
- I was.
- Oh, okay, I see.
Look, if you're one of
Marco's little side chicks,
you'll be happy to know
that we broke up today.
So he's all yours.
- Marco?
I don't know anyone named Marco.
- Listen, the last thing
I have time for
is to fight over a dude.
So, stop following
and watching me.
I ain't here for that.
- I'm okay.
Can I ask you a question?
- What?
- Was your mom's name, Dawn?
- Now why would you
wanna know that?
- Wasn't she best friends
with a lady named Kennedy?
- Okay, now you're
starting to freak me out.
Stop following me and
tell Marco to kiss my ass.
- Jack Squad.
- So, you're Kennedy's daughter?
- In the flesh.
Are you moving?
- Somebody is.
- Is it that Marco dude?
- He wasn't shit.
He couldn't hold a job
and he was sorry in bed.
Now I was willing to deal with
looking for a job, but girl,
you gotta keep me right?
I take care of no one but me.
Listen, I have iced coffee,
- How about that Goose?
- Well, damn, you might
be all right after all.
(slaps legs)
(funky music)
I got that will
To learn
Yes, I have
Gonna be a star one day
- Uh uh.
My God.
It's that bright.
What's up girl?
Hey sis.
Who's that?
- It's a long story.
You gonna need that shot glass.
- Ooh, what are we drinking?
- [Nikki] Goose.
- Straight up?
- [Cam] Let's get it.
So, Cassie, what made you
come lookin' for Nikki?
- Well, I wanted to
meet the daughter
of my mom's best friend.
(snap clicks)
- Is this you and your mom?
- Yep.
- That's one of the only
pictures I have of us.
- Is she still alive?
- No, she was murdered.
- So, your mom was killed?
Mine too.
- My godmother, Pearl,
raised me.
- Well, at least you had that.
I've had to fend for
myself my entire life.
I lived on the streets.
(bottle clinks)
(shot glass clinks)
(snap clicks)
I don't know if you know this,
but after all the jackings
that our mothers did
they got arrested
and my mother took the
rap for all of it.
At the time she went to prison,
she was pregnant with me.
I was born inside
those prison walls
and then taken to foster care
where I bounced from
family to family.
I still kept up with
my mom though.
I would visit her at
that prison,
never being able to hug
her or anything.
The best we could do was to
touch the hard cold glass window
that separated me from her.
We would have long
talks on the phone
and she would tell me how
prison has changed her
from a nice, docile lady
to a hardened woman.
This sketch, it's the
only picture
that I have of me and mama.
She was murdered in that prison.
- I don't know what to say.
(picture clangs)
(purse snaps)
- Look,
- [Cam] Selfie time,
come on girls.
Selfie time.
- Cam.
- No.
- Come on, selfie time.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Cassie.
(camera clicks)
Ooh, look at how we look
in this picture.
Looks like we've known
each other forever, y'all.
- Don't post that.
Girl, we look super
roasted and raw.
- Girl, look, I'll just do
a little filter
and then add some makeup.
- Yes do that.
Because ain't nobody got time
for that blackmail pic later.
- Come on.
(camera clicks)
(calm instrumental music)
- Hey Cam, look.
Your show, iPad.
- Yes it is.
Can you not play with
this baseball in here?
Do you remember what
happened last time?
- Yes, but I b-broke the
TV on accident,
but I'm getting b-better now.
Watch my fast ball.
- Will, no.
- Okay.
- Who was that on this card?
- Hey, hey, be
careful with that.
That's a Michael Jordan card.
- I didn't know Michael
Jordan played baseball.
- Yep, with the Chicago
White Sox in 1994.
Batting average 202, 127
games, 114 strikeouts
and three home runs.
- Wait, you remember all that
without looking at the card?
- Yep.
(both chuckle)
I'm gonna be a great
pitcher someday, Cam.
- Of course you are, Will.
I mean, just keep practicing.
- When?
They don't let me
practice there.
- I know you hate being
there at the Learning Center.
- Stop calling it th-the
Learning Center.
It's a home.
A home for handicapped people.
I'm not handicapped.
- I know that, Will.
Doesn't the Learning Center
sound much better than the home?
One day I'm gonna get
you out of there.
I promise that.
(piano music)
(doorbell rings)
- Cassie, can you get the door?
- Now, Pearl, don't be upset,
but I found Dawn's daughter,
and that's her at the
door right now.
Come on in, it's open.
(screen door creaks)
(piano music)
You can sit down.
- Okay.
Wow, this place is comfy.
- Hmm.
You must be Nikki?
- Pearl, right?
- That's right.
I brought you girls some
fresh lemonade.
- Pearl, this is delicious.
What do you put in this?
- It's an old family recipe
passed down from generations.
Lemons, distilled water,
cane sugar,
and a few million dollars
secret ingredients.
I hold this recipe
close to my heart.
- She ain't lying either.
I've been trying to get
her to tell me
what she puts in it for years.
She won't even let me near her
when she's making her lemonade.
- [Pearl] One day I will.
For now, it's your job
to just enjoy.
Girl, your eyes are red.
Look like you've been
hanging out all night.
Here's some Visine to
clear up those eyes.
- I'm good.
- [Pearl] Well, if you
change your mind,
I keep it on me at all times.
My allergies are
always acting up.
- So, Pearl, did you
know my mother?
- I knew of her, but I
never met her personally.
Well, I'll leave you
girls alone.
Nice to meet you Nikki.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm okay.
I was just thinking
about how nice it must be
to be raised in a house like
this by someone like Pearl.
Someone that you know loves
you and someone you can trust.
- We are family now
bonded by our moms.
You can trust me.
- This lemonade though.
- I'm trying to tell you,
maybe we can work together
to get the secret.
- For sure.
- Right.
(calm instrumental music)
Mommy, I'm scared.
- Shh.
Cassie, do you know the
between fear and courage?
- No.
- Fear is a reaction.
Courage is a choice.
Do you understand?
Now, this is my heart
and this is your heart.
As long as we have these,
we will never be apart.
Don't lose it.
And if you ever need my
love and energy, I'm there.
(gun shoots)
(gun shoots)
(gun shots echo)
- When I met your mother,
she was very quiet
and closed off.
Eventually, she told me her
deepest, darkest secrets.
She joined in a pact with her
girlfriend's Mona and Dawn.
And they formed a group
called the Jack Squad.
- What happened to all
the money they stole?
- She left us this house and
some money to provide for you.
She said the rest of the money
was hidden in plain sight.
(lamp clicks)
(dog barks)
- I have been trying to
FaceTime her all day.
Her damn phone is cut off.
- I know, right?
I called a few times and I
keep getting this message
that say something like,
"the person you have dialed
isn't available right now."
And then one time, "your call
cannot be completed as dialed"
and then one time.
- Stop.
You're giving me a headache.
I get the point.
(Cassie knocks)
- Bitch, we can see you.
Open the door.
- They could've come pistol
whipped me right now.
(jazz music)
(lighter clicks)
(jazz music)
- Hey, you guys, what are
you doing here?
- Mm hmm.
What is going on?
- Nothing.
I guess I overslept.
- For two days, Cam.
- Look, Nicki been having me
drinking these green drinks
and they running
right through me.
Where's the restroom?
- Right up the stairs.
(Cam sighs)
(footsteps retreat)
(light switch clicks)
(faucet creaks)
- Look, don't be mad at me.
- How am I not supposed
to be mad right now, Cam?
- I got a lot going
on right now.
- [Cassie] Cam.
- That's all.
- [Cassie] We're your friends.
You could have told us if
you needed help.
- Cassie, what are you
talking about?
- Look around.
The lights are off.
The water is off.
- I am working on it, all right.
Don't worry about me.
I will figure this out.
I don't wanna keep
talking about this.
This is why I don't
answer my phone.
- Mm hmm.
All of this drama is
making me hungry.
- UberEats.
(snaps finger)
- Yes.
(calypso music)
- Excuse me.
I don't mean to bother
you, beautiful ladies.
I'm gonna be in town for
a couple of days
and I'm looking to
have a good time.
Any of you ladies available
to show me around?
- Dude, you are way too thirsty.
- Yo.
That's stone, sis.
You ain't gotta be so mean.
- That was rude as hell.
- Girl, ain't anybody got time
for these lame ass pickup
lines when our
tacos are getting cold.
- And he seemed nice, too.
- Probably got a pocket
full of money too.
- Ooh, well maybe I
changed my mind, huh?
Let's see what Mr.
Distinguished is all about.
Hey, actually there are a few
places I'd like to show you.
(calypso music)
- Cassie, where are the lemons?
Do you mind if I use your car?
- Sure.
The keys are on the counter.
- Okay.
(calm instrumental music)
- Did I even bring my wallet?
(buzzer buzzes)
(calm instrumental music)
Can't believe that.
(calm instrumental music)
(horn honks)
(Pearl screams)
(cars crash)
(calm instrumental music)
- Hey Nikki, it's Cassie.
I need y'all to meet me
at the hospital.
Pearl got in an accident,
and I need support.
I'm scared.
I'll be in the room with Pearl.
Just let me know when
you get here.
(calm instrumental music)
- Yesterday afternoon,
I had some labs done.
- Okay.
- So, we're hoping to hear back
from the lab as soon
as possible.
Once we get those results,
I'll call her.
Dr. Sandstone, do you have any
updates on Ms. Pearl Davis?
- She had a major head injury.
She'll need surgery within
the next couple of days.
- I'm checking her
medical records
and she doesn't have
any insurance.
- I'll let you break that news
to her goddaughter, Cassie.
(footsteps retreating)
- Did you hear what they
just said about Pearl?
- Well the good thing
is at least she has a
chance to survive
if she has the surgery.
- I mean it sounds expensive
and the nurse said she
doesn't have any insurance.
- I know how Cassie can get
the money for Pearl's surgery.
- You do?
- Jacking.
That's how.
- Jacking?
Ain't that what y'all's
mamas used to do?
- Exactly.
- Cassie ain't going for that.
- [Nikki] Yes she will
because she needs the money.
My girl Vee is a total scammer
and she lives like a queen.
She knows how to do this, Cam.
we need to pay her a
little visit.
- Let's just go check on Cassie.
- Yeah.
(footsteps retreating)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(Nikki knocks)
- [Nikki] Hey Vee.
- Hey Nicki.
Welcome to the lab.
- This is Cassie
and this is Cam.
- Hey y'all.
Nice to meet y'all.
Everybody gone except
my assistant.
But y'all can go ahead
and have a seat.
I like your shoes.
- [Nikki] Thank you.
So, I already told Vee what
our moms used to do back
in the day and we came
up with a plan
to tweak it a little bit.
- My team came up with a
card that goes
inside a credit card reader
and allows us to get
information through Bluetooth
as soon as we swipe the card.
But on y'all phone it's
gonna show regular.
But on my phone screen
I'm gonna see all that.
Nobody gonna know.
- See, I told y'all she
was a genius.
- But look, you gotta get mens
that's older, like 55 and up.
And if they married even better.
Then after that, take
'em to a room,.
- Hotel room?
- No girl.
That's old fashioned, Airbnb.
Nobody allowed, private.
Just us.
- Well don't you have
to register for that?
- Fake IDs.
Fake IDs.
Pay credit card all day.
I'm gonna give y'all all that.
- So, what happens when
they find out?
- They just gonna call
the bank and report it?
It's stolen or it's just,
you know, gone.
Technically we ain't
stole nothing.
We borrowed it.
- Fake ID didn't work for
our moms, but,
- Okay girl, watch this.
(cap clinks)
Whoop, my bad, y'all.
I'm gonna put like four
drops in that
and that should be enough.
One, two, three, four.
- [Jeff] Yes.
- You thirsty?
You look thirsty.
- [Cassie] What's she doing?
- She knows what she doing.
- Hi.
- Yeah, I appreciate it.
- All right.
- All right.
- Y'all see I only put
a little bit of drops.
It's strong now 'cause if not,
he can die.
(body thuds)
- Oops.
- Oh snap.
It still works.
It's gonna be rainin'
cash up in here.
- Cash. Cash. Cash.
- That's how it's playing.
(phone buzzes)
But hold on, y'all.
It's important.
Somebody calling.
Y'all let me know now,
all right.
- [Nikki] Okay.
- I be playing.
- That's an interesting
perspective you got about this.
- Look, all we are doing
is working the system
that I was born into
by no fault of my own.
Just like you.
Pearl needs you, Cass.
So, are y'all in or what?
- I'm in.
- I'm in.
But Pearl can never know.
- She will never know.
Hey, one thing, let's not keep
any secrets from each other.
- [Cam] Deal.
- [Cassie] Deal.
- Woo.
- Okay, so let's be cheesy
and come up with a
name like CNC.
(everyone chuckles)
It's the initials of our names.
- Girl, our destiny is
already laid out.
- [Everybody] Jack Squad.
- Now put your mother
fucking jays in the air
because the Jack Squad is back,
(all scream)
- Now, where should we
start looking?
- I know a place.
- Money, money, money.
- [Everybody] Money.
- Money, money, money.
Make it rain, huh.
- [Everybody] Money.
Chalk it up, baby
- Three shots of vodka, please.
Oh, yeah
I like that
Do it again
Uh, good God almighty
- Thank you.
- [Cam] We gonna take this shot
and we gonna get this money.
- All right.
- All right, thank you.
- Who's gonna pay for
these shots?
- Do you see how fine we are?
- You're right.
- Thank you.
- Ooh yes.
Pull it up.
Pull it up.
- [Cam] Hey.
Get it all in, there you go.
There you go.
There you go.
I don't care
- [Cam] Okay, come on, y'all.
Take your shots.
Thank you, Jack Squad.
Hey, hey
Charge it up, baby
- Woo
- Aw, yeah, yeah.
I sure hope I don't
see my grandpa in here.
- Girl, I thought you told
me he was dead.
- He is.
That's my point.
It's dead in here.
(Nikki laughs)
- Okay ladies, let's
get to work.
Charge it on up now
Got to do it now.
Oh, yeah
Lordy, lordy, lordy
Look it here
Do what you want to do
Don't be no fool, now
- Hey lovely young lady.
- Hey there.
Got to do it
Real good
Broken slang
- You look lonely over here.
You need some company?
- Actually,
- Can I help you?
- Sorry.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, tighten up
Oh yeah
All right
Got to do it now
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, lordy, lordy, lordy
Good God almighty
Got your number
Oh yeah
Light it on up now
Whatever you do
Tighten it on up
- Ooh girl, I think I
found three potentials.
Frank, Bobby and Mike.
One of 'em I might just like.
- Hey.
- I think I got mine
over there too.
- Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Yes, okay.
Cassie, did you find one yet?
- Nah, I'm just not
feeling it tonight.
- Girl, too bad.
- That's okay.
- Yeah, well y'all tell
me how it goes.
- Okay.
Money, money, money, money.
- Money, money, money, money
- Money.
- Money.
- Bye, girl.
Hold up
Take my little ol' hand
I'm gonna talk if it
takes it all night long
Girl, I know
That you'd understand
I won't beat around the bush
About it
'Cause I know that's
the way you're tied
I'm gonna get right
down to my business
I'm gonna say just
what's on my mind
Ain't no other way
Better believe it
Girl, I want you to know
'Cause I love you
Yes, I do, now, baby
Oh, sock it to me
All my heart and soul
Uh, uh, hey
Tired of all the whispering
(upbeat instrumental music)
- You got a little
something on your nose.
- That's the good stuff.
You don't know
nothing about this.
- You don't know me.
- There ain't no
amateur at this, huh?
- I'm from the streets.
This is nothing.
Ooh. Ooh.
I love this music.
- This lovemaking music.
They don't make music
like this anymore.
- So are you from here?
- Maybe no.
Maybe yes.
Does it really matter?
Look baby, we done did
all the talking
we needed to do at 291.
I'm ready to see some of
those sexy dance moves.
- Okay.
(phone buzzes)
- Damn.
It's business.
I gotta take this.
So, how's little shit doing?
- Just business?
- [Man] Mm hmm.
- Okay.
- [Man] Yeah. Okay.
That's fine.
I know, I understand.
Yes, yes.
Mm hmm.
Okay, cool.
We'll handle that tomorrow.
Yeah, mm hmm.
Me, too.
Sorry about that.
Now where were we?
- You gulped that
first drink down.
Would you like another?
- No, I'm good.
You are gonna need it afterwards
to quench your thirst.
- Oh, cool.
- Nice, soft, smooth, sexy.
- Hmm?
(Nikki slapping)
Frank, wake up.
Damn, that shit
really does work.
Excuse me, bro.
Let's see here.
Oh, Chase.
Uh huh, uh huh.
Oh, United, we stand.
Oh, MasterCard?
And, oh, hang on gold card.
Yes, yes, yes.
Thank you Frank.
You're the best.
Oh, I got a present for you.
Yes, you had the best
time with me.
(calm instrumental music)
(water runs)
(calm instrumental music)
(text dings)
(text dings)
(text dings)
- For Pearl, I'll do it.
(jazz instrumental music)
- It sure is busy outside.
Glad I called outta work today.
- Yeah, this is one of
my favorite Airbnbs.
So should I fix you some drinks?
- [Man] Sure, why not?
(drink pours)
(jazz instrumental music)
(belt buckle clanks)
What's you mixing over there?
- Just a little
something to relax us.
- Shoot, I'm already relaxed.
- Oh, I see you looking at
my Medicaid socks there.
They just keep the
swelling down.
From all my injuries, you know?
From football.
I expect that I actually
have muscles and everything.
They still in there somewhere.
But I promise you
everything still works.
- Yes, very sexy.
- [Man] You be ready
for all this?
Enough of these drinks.
I'm ready for the
main attraction.
- No, I'm still just a
little thirsty.
I get lit once I've had
a lot to drink.
- I don't know what lit is.
I like to get freaky.
- Yeah, same thing.
- Well now don't get too
freaky on me now.
I'm an old man.
You ready for all this, girl?
Ugh, ugh, ugh.
Better do my whole
three point stands
from my football playing days.
Oh, my back.
All right.
Girl, I'm about to come
over that table.
(body thuds)
(jazz instrumental music)
- Hut one.
Hut two.
(jazz instrumental music)
Good game.
(jazz instrumental music)
(footsteps retreating)
Charge it up, baby
Oh, yeah
I like that
Do it again
I like that
Good God almighty
Uh huh
Don't you listen to me now
(plane roars)
Hear what I goT to say now
Everybody go around
Sock it to me, baby
Do your thing
I don't care what you do now
But you're so brave
Turn it up, baby
Don't be dead
(airplane roars)
Charge it up, baby
Heard what I said
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, yeah
Turn it up now
Come on
Oh, yeah
You can't do me now
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, yeah
You've got to do it now
Oh, yeah
Darling, darling, darling
Over here
(plane roars)
What you gonna do, now
Hey, don't be no fool now
Child, you got to do it
- Ooh.
Do it, oh baby
You can't say nothing
Do your own thing
Do your thing
Oh, yeah
You can do it now
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Lord, yeah
- Damn, I'm high.
Do what you got to do now
Hey, hey, hey, hey
La, la, la la
Good God almighty
Do your thing
Do your thing
(ominous music)
- This money is short.
- Short?
How much is it short?
- Five bands.
- Shit, man.
Yo, whose run was it?
- It was Fatal's run.
Bone Collectors.
Y'all slipping.
- Slipping?
Nah man, my shit is
always straight.
Somebody had to mess
with it this time.
- So you calling me a liar?
- Caesar, I'm not
calling you a liar.
I'm saying somebody
messed with it.
It's probably one of
them sorry ass bitches
you got around here
watching over the money.
- Who you calling a bitch?
- Well if the shoe
fits, slip it on, bitch.
(gun fires)
(body thuds)
- With a name like
Fatal, you should've knew
that was gonna happen.
- As I was saying, Slim
go handle the Blackstone.
Ray, go take care of our
little friends
that up at the docks.
(piano music)
- We got one here.
Ain't got time to be
Trippin' on these fools
Ain't got time to be
Takin' all your keys
Ain't got time
- Hey, we need some more ice.
- Really?
Do it
Ain't got time to be
Praying that you went up
Ain't go time
Ain't got time
Ain't got time
(ice cracking)
- Okay, let's talk.
So, you know you're late
on this week's payment.
- Man.
My guys were supposed to
drop that off.
Honest mistake.
You know those guys
sometimes they don't think.
- Yeah sure, I know how
those guys can be.
- Yeah man, you know?
- But just like you're
responsible for them.
(bag zips)
I'm responsible for you.
You making me look bad.
- Look, oh, God. Oh.
- Now be honest with me.
Is all the money in the bag?
- It's all there, man.
I promise.
- Good.
(bartender groans)
Keep that.
(mysterious music)
(ominous music)
- Man, look brother,
y'all need to help me
count this money, man.
I mean it's a
celebration but still,
you know somebody
running these streets
and it's gonna be me.
- Oh, so you think I'm
about to do it?
It's y'all's job.
That's what I'm paying you for.
- You pay us.
You really wanna be Caesar,
don't you?
- Nah, I don't want
to be Caesar.
I want to be better than Caesar.
Now, open the damn door.
- I got this.
- No.
Ah gotcha.
Paper covers rock.
Beater before that beard.
- [Jay] You know
what I'm saying?
He was my bodyguard on
my first job.
- Man get off that game and
help me count this money, man.
God, you know you not supposed
to be popping on that candy
man, or something.
- [Ray] Fellas.
- Here we go.
- [Ray] How we doing today?
Why so quiet?
When I walked up I
heard the music.
Sound like a little party.
Now crickets.
All right, cool.
Stay silent 'cause the
last thing I need is one
of you want to be thugs
running and screaming.
Then I gotta get you.
So let's keep it
clean and smooth.
Nigga, what you
doing over there?
Get over here.
Hold up.
Ain't you that dancin''
mother fucker?
- No.
- Yeah, that's that chicken
dancing mother fucker.
You got a whole lot of
followers too.
- Damn, I hate liars.
See now you gonna have to
entertain us for a moment.
Dance your way over
to that chair.
(gun fires)
Don't be scared.
I'm actually a fan.
But you need some music.
Y'all niggas give him a beat.
- Yes, sir.
You better dance, nigga.
(hip hop music)
That beat's fire.
Now, it's your turn.
And remember, I might be a
fan but trust me they ain't.
- And the next time
I won't miss.
(footsteps scrape)
- Cool you better in person.
Good for you.
You, fat boy.
Let's talk.
You shorted us on your
payment this week.
Now is that the money
you counting right there
to miss a payment?
I mean see this,
this right here.
I mean, I mean you, you already,
- Why are you stuttering?
I asked a simple question.
Maybe I said it too fast.
Let's try it again.
Is that the missing payment?
- Excuse me?
I was just wondering
if you could
- Now, this is mixed up.
- If I could.
I'm in the middle of a match.
This battle is
getting real good.
Can I finish?
- Wait, wait, wait.
Is that is that Fortnite?
Handle this, Nicky.
- Fuck your match, nigga.
- Yeah, fuck your match, nigga.
- The money.
- These mother fuckers.
All there.
We good?
- Yeah, we're good.
See that wasn't so hard, right?
Next time, take your time
when you're countin' our money
and I suggest you never
shorts the king.
Got it.
(footsteps retreating)
- Here, take your shit back.
- Who the fuck did they
think they were, man?
Y'all niggas were scared.
- Nigga, you were scared.
- Nobody scared.
I told you that joke was
gonna get you in trouble.
But take that shit out
your mouth man.
I know this nigga ain't just
go back to playing the game.
(crickets chirping)
(text dings)
- Oh, so he's not coming.
(car engine hums)
(brakes squeal)
- Let's see what we got here.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
It's all here.
What a week.
All right.
Niggas are back.
(bag zips)
All right let's see what's
going on on this app.
(phone dings)
- A match.
Oh, and he's fine.
- Are you available now?
- I'm available now.
- Send me the address.
- Hmm?
(phone dings)
- She sent me the address.
On my way.
- I'll see you soon, Slim.
(Slim knocks)
- It's open.
Come in.
(door opens)
- [Slim] Daisy.
- Hi, Slim.
- Wow.
You are gorgeous.
- You don't look too
bad yourself.
What's inside the bag?
- Oh this.
This is just my gym clothes.
Yeah, I don't don't like
leave 'em in the car.
They kind of smelly.
- Okay.
Make yourself at home.
- Wow.
Nice place.
- Thank you.
How about some music?
You can play off your phone.
- Is there anything specific
you wanna listen to?
- You can decide.
(cork pops)
Air feels like October skies
Lost all track of
space and time
And I know how
things must seem
- You ready for this wet one?
- Hell yeah.
In our shells
It is not so
- Daisy, huh?
Why your parents name you that?
- Well my mom really
like flowers.
- What about you?
Why do people call you Slim?
- Hmm? You can't tell?
- [Cassie] You make a point.
- Hmm.
You know you got a really
dope vibe about you.
So, how can I help
Watching the clouds
pass through
No clue of the time
I must say
We outline the skies
for the first time
I'm very intrigued.
We draw the lines just
read in between
I'm tracing you
Pause myself
I don't wanna start
out like this.
Before I die
- Slim, I need to tell
you something
and then we gotta get you
to a hospital.
- Hospital?
Why, what's going on?
- I really like you.
But we just met and I
didn't know I was gonna
be feeling you like this.
But I put, look Slim, we
don't have time.
Slim, Slim, Slim.
It's funny how sometimes
We need to lose our
way to find our home
(bag unzips)
- Wow.
Wow. Wow.
I should.
I really liked him.
Gym clothes, my ass.
(jazz instrumental music)
(door slams)
(jazz instrumental music)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(knife slices)
- Nothing like fresh
veggies from my garden.
Every day something more
(phone rings)
- [Nikki] Girl, what
are you doing?
- Nothing much,
painting my nails.
- [Nikki] You're doing
your own nails?
Girl, we are getting money now.
We go to the salon.
Anyway, how was your last jack?
- Actually he was a lot younger
than the ones we usually hit up.
Honestly, he was nice.
I was up there catching
feelings and shit.
- [Nikki] Seriously?
That ain't cool.
To be real, we know these
niggas out here don't care
about anybody but themselves.
Not you, me or Cam.
That's what makes this
so easy to do.
No commitment.
I just hope you used
that burner phone
and didn't give that
nigga your real number.
- I know better than that.
- [Nikki] Was he cute though?
- He was fine.
- [Nikki] What's that
sniffing noise?
You catching a cold
or something?
- [Nikki] No, my sinuses
are acting up.
I just took something for it.
- Good, 'cause you
sound terrible.
- [Nikki] What now?
- I left.
Let me hit you back.
Oh my God.
I left my locket at the Airbnb.
Hey, DJ, can you
play that song
Dancing, all night
Hey DJ, can you
play that song
Keep 'em dancing
All night
We got a party going
on right here
Everybody else
holding up the wall
Don't be scared
(crickets chirping)
(Cassie knocks)
We're gonna have fun
'cause right now
The night's still young
So, right now, let's
go ahead and live it up
You know that
We only live once
Let's go
Good vibes we party
Good vibes
(Cassie knocks)
We party right now
We're gonna have fun
Right now the night's
still young
(door opens)
Right now there's
gonna be love
You know that
(door shuts)
You only live once
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- What the hell?
You scared the hell outta me.
What do you want?
- I truly apologize.
I left my necklace in here
and your property manager
told me I could check
with you to see if you found it
while you were cleaning up.
(drawer opens)
- Is this the necklace?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Uh, uh, uh, uh.
When was the last time
you were here?
Maybe a few days ago.
- Really?
So, did you also leave this?
Ha ha.
And this?
- No, just that.
- Are you sure?
Are you really sure?
- You see, a man overdosed
in this room last night.
And I wanna know, did you
have anything to do with it?
- No, I wasn't.
- Are you sure?
- I wasn't here last night.
- The manager called the
ambulance and he's doing very
You sure you didn't have
anything to do with it?
- Yes.
Sorry to hear about that.
- Because you know what?
I clean this room every night,
mm hmm.
And I'm a good cleaner,
and I clean these rooms to a T.
And I'm just wondering.
You sure you don't know
anything about what happened?
- Yeah.
Maybe you were off that day.
- I don't think so.
- Thank you for
finding my necklace.
- [Maid] Mm hmm.
- Have a great evening.
- Yeah, you too too.
In that order, baby.
(ambulance sirens)
(machine beeping)
- Slim.
(paper crackles)
I truly am sorry that I
did this to you.
I guess I thought it
was all fun and games.
It never really was
real until now.
Me and my girls were riding
around and jacking guys
and I put some Visine
in your drink.
I guess I put too much.
I didn't intend to hurt anyone.
Especially not you.
I don't even know you that well,
but I like you and you
didn't deserve this.
No one does.
I just pray that you
can forgive me.
(machine beeps faster)
(indistinct chatter)
- [Overhead PA] Tyson
returning the patient.
(machine beeping)
- You up?
They told me you were in a coma.
- Just woke up.
Should be back out there
in a day or so.
- Ray told me you had a
little situation with Jay.
Did you take care of that?
- Yeah, I did.
- Good, good, good.
So where did you put the money?
- Money gone, man.
- Did you just say the
money is gone?
- Man got caught up
with this bitch.
She drugged me.
I had the money.
She jacked me for it.
Bitch thought I was in a coma.
She came here and
confessed everything.
- Hmm?
- Say her and her girls go
around drugging at jacking
I guess she thought these
flowers would smooth it over.
(card smacks)
- It's funny that you
mentioned the word smooth.
Back in the day, a guy named
Smooth worked for Gray.
- [Slim] Yeah.
- He made a fatal mistake
of allowing himself
to get caught up with a female.
He got jacked too.
Strange, how life
repeats itself.
- [Slim] I'll tell you
what, when I get outta here,
you better believe this.
I'm gonna find that girl
and I'm gonna get my money.
- Right and wrong, my friend.
See, she will be found, but
you won't be around to do it.
And I'm gonna tell you the
same thing they told Smooth,
something that we learned from
Gray that you need to learn.
And of course, see that's never
put a bitch before business.
- Caesar, come on man.
Let's talk about this, bro.
Caesar, hold on.
- Say good night.
- [Slim] Hold on.
- Come on, big man.
Yeah, come on, you big
mother fucker.
Yeah, come on, big man.
Come on man.
That's my money.
Come on, always thought
you were a big man.
- Oh.
(machine flat lines)
- [Caesar] Always been a
big mother fucker, Slim.
(machine flat lines)
- Sir?
Oh my God.
Code blue.
I'm just sayin yes
And we know when to shine
I'd like to say good bye
(horn honks)
- Cassie.
(horn honks)
- Hurry up, come one.
- [Cam] Cassie get your
black ass out the house.
I said get your black ass
out the house.
- Will y'all shut up.
Pearl can hear you in the house.
Can't stop moving
- It's money weekend.
You should have your
own place anyway.
Let's party all night
(hip hop music)
- This is how you
supposed to roll.
Shit, Pearl actually
did you a favor
because your car was tragic.
- [Cassie] Okay, Nikki.
- 'Cause this how we livin'.
- Mm hmm.
- Now that we got that sauce.
- Bitch.
- Hey I got something to
tell you guys.
Can you turn that down?
Like no one's watching
That's what we want
Let's go
- Nicky, you remember that
jack I was telling you about?
- Yeah.
- He didn't have any
credit cards.
Only cash.
I know we said we wouldn't
take cash, but it was there.
So I took it.
- How much was it?
- $50,000.
- $50,000.
- $50,000.
50, girl.
Now, that's a jack.
Ooh, we can really go
get that ice now.
- I can get that bag.
- Are y'all listening?
I found out that I
accidentally overdosed him
and he's in the
hospital in a coma.
I feel horrible.
I just want to give him
the money back.
I just don't feel
right about it.
- Oh, okay.
So you wanna give him
the money back
so he can call the police
and then we go to jail?
Real smart, Cassie.
- We are in too deep.
Did you hear me say I
overdosed him?
He could die.
- I really wouldn't
worry about it.
That man dying.
It might be the best thing
that could ever happen to him.
No evidence, no crime.
Just take the money.
Forget about it.
- I can't.
That overdose is the
last straw for me.
I just don't wanna
do it anymore.
I'm gonna give the money
back and get out of this.
- I don't believe you.
So, you want us to go to
jail, possibly prison.
Are you okay with that?
What is old Pearl gonna do
without you, Cassie, huh?
Listen, I did not get into all
of this so some sick
bitch can ruin it
because she caught
emotions for some dude
and has a little remorse.
The Jack Squad doesn't
have fucking remorse.
This is a game.
We all play it, and
we all know it.
This is what you're gonna do.
You're gonna keep that money
and you're gonna keep
your fuckin' mouth shut.
- But the man could die.
- You know what?
I've had enough for this today.
Get the fuck outta my car.
Get your cowardly ass out now
and keep your
fucking mouth shut.
(door shuts)
Don't slam my fucking door.
Don't say shit to me, Cam.
- You can't put your
damn seatbelt on.
- You put yours on.
How about that?
She get on my nerves.
- She don't have no cards
and she acting stupid now.
- Ain't nobody acting stupid.
Can you believe her?
(car motor hums)
- Wait, stop the car.
My bag.
- Hey.
Hey girl, you know what's up.
- Ah, ah, ah, ah.
- [Nikki] What?
- Well, well, well.
Guess who's going shopping?
(both scream)
- [Nikki] Oh, you know it.
Oh my God.
- Oh my goodness.
And Will is already at
the Learning Center.
So I got all day.
- [Nikki] What?
- Shit.
I gotta get ready for
this job interview.
I'm dressin' to the nines
You know I like to shine
I like to leave an
I like to set a vibe
Got one thing on my mind
Just tryin' to live my life
Goin' out, gonna have
a good time
That's right, I set the vibe
So, it's a game of
ala benita
I'm the hunter, you're
the retriever
Mess them up to know
what the speakers
We party all night
Love this spot
like a sleeper
Can't stop moving
- Word on the street is
Slim is dead.
- It appears so.
- I'm your number one
Bone Collector.
Why I gotta hear from somebody
in the street instead of you?
- Mother fucker, I don't
report to you.
I run this and don't
you forget it.
- Come on, Caesar, you
takin' it the wrong way.
- Yeah.
- Just concerned
about the money.
Did he have it?
- Nah.
A little rat took it.
But the rat did leave a little
information at the hospital.
Seems like someone felt bad
and left Slim a nice
little apology card.
- I called the florist
and they gave me all
of that little rat's
I was able to find her
pics on social media.
Look at this pic and see if
you see anything interesting.
The girl in the front,
her name is Cam.
She has a brother that's
a little slow.
The girl in the middle,
her name is Nikki.
And her mother's name was Dawn.
And the girl in the
back, her name is Cassie.
And you'll never guess
what her mother's name is
or should I say was?
Kennedy, sound familiar?
- It's Jack Squad.
Damn, I thought we took
care of them.
- Well those ladies had kids
that we obviously
didn't know about.
- Those bitches don't know
who they fucking with.
- Time to lay a trap.
- And catch a dirty rat.
(traffic noises)
(Will laughs)
(footsteps crunch)
(footsteps crunch)
- Hey, that's m-my ball.
- Okay buddy, here's
your ball back.
- Sorry about that.
I'm just learning how to pitch.
I wanna be a great
baseball player someday,
like Hank Aaron and Babe
Ruth and Jackie Robinson.
But first I have to learn
how to pitch a ball.
- I like baseball too.
- You do?
I like when the ball goes
over the fence
and they yell, "home
run" and they go wild.
Yep, that's my favorite part.
- Well, it looks like you
ain't got nobody
to play with out here.
Why don't you throw
me a few balls?
Let's see what you got.
- I don't know.
I'm not supposed to
talk to strangers.
- What's your name?
- Will.
- Okay, Will.
I'm, I'm
- You work here at the
Learning Center?
- Yes.
Yes, I'm from the
Learning Center.
- You must be new.
I've never seen you before.
- Now that we know each other,
we aren't strangers anymore.
Come on, let's toss the
ball for a few.
Let me see what you got.
- Okay.
- Okay, Will, let's have it.
One more time.
Wow, that was better.
Now try it again.
This time, control it.
Don't just throw it, but
have a purpose for the throw.
- [Will] Purpose, okay.
(tennis shoe scrapes)
- See, that was better.
(Will laughs)
All you need now is a good mitt.
- I, I can't wait to
show my sister.
She's gonna be so p-proud of me.
- Why don't we go get that mitt?
We can show her together.
- Okay, well I should at
least c-call her first
so she know we're coming.
- No, no, no.
Let's not.
Let's surprise your sister.
- Well, is there gonna be
ice cream where we're going?
- Yeah.
Grab your stuff.
Let's go.
- Okay.
(ominous music)
(refrigerator door opens)
(Pearl humming)
- Hello, Pearl.
(knife scrapes)
I don't think so.
- Pearl, where are you?
I wanna tell you about this
job interview I just came from.
(ominous music)
(phone dings)
- [Caesar] Hello, Jack Squad.
I bet you're wondering who I am?
I'm Caesar.
You stole money from a man
named Slim who works for me,
and I want my money back.
I have Pearl and Will.
If you ever want to see
them alive again,
you need to bring me
what we lost.
We can write out directions.
- We all got the same message.
This dude, Caesar,
sounds dangerous.
- [Cam] I need my brother back.
- Okay, he has Pearl too.
- This is all your fault,
I told you not to take the cash.
We said never take cash.
- Well I planned on
taking it back.
Look, it shouldn't be
that big of a deal.
We still have the money.
I left it in your car,
so go get it.
- It's not all there.
- What the hell are you
talking about?
I didn't spend any of it.
- We sorta did.
We went shopping.
- Are you serious right now?
How much is left?
- I don't know.
Maybe 20,000.
- It was $50,000 in that bag.
What the fuck?
I told y'all I was
taking it back.
- Look, we spent some of it.
So what?
You act like we knew this
shit was gonna happen
like we planned this.
- Planned or not.
Without that money, Pearl and
Will are gonna get killed.
But maybe you don't
understand that
since you don't have anyone
meaningful in your life.
- What does me not
having anybody have to do
with the fact that you
took the cash?
You dumb ass bitch.
- Who you calling a bitch?
- I said what I said.
- Wait, will you two stop it?
We are all we got right now,
just us.
Now instead of
killing each other,
let's just figure this
money thing out
and get Will and Pearl.
I think I have an idea.
- What?
- Go get the rest of the cash.
- Fine.
(footsteps retreat)
(door slams)
(upbeat instrumental music)
- It looks like 50,000 to me.
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental music ends)
(phone buzzes)
(phone rings)
- Hey y'all, it's him.
- [Caesar] Your ride is
waiting for you.
- What's that?
- Mind your business.
- Cassie, can I
borrow these shoes?
- Yeah, they're outside.
- Our chariot awaits.
(ominous music)
(footsteps scraping)
- Take them blindfolds off.
- Where are we?
- Shut up.
(gun cocks)
- Y'all handle this.
I'm gonna go back out front.
- Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, Cam, I'm okay.
He wouldn't give me any
ice cream though.
He's not being nice.
- Patted them down.
They're clean.
- Let's have a little talk.
Sit the fuck down.
Sit the fuck down.
So here we are,
the new Jack Squad
and I Caesar.
I thought that I had
put an end to this shit
when we killed y'all's mamas,
but here you are.
So, you must be Cam, the
one with the slow brother
(Caesar whistles)
and you look like you
breathe fire.
Gots to be Nikki,
Dawn's daughter.
You over here trying to
look innocent.
You must be Kennedy's daughter.
Do you know what the
definition of insanity is?
- No.
- It's doing the same thing
expecting different results.
So, imagine, to my surprise
that those girls had daughters
who decided to try the same
thing their mothers did,
expecting a different result.
You girls gotta be
fucking insane
to think you was gonna jack
niggas on my fucking territory
and get away with it.
One of you jacked one of
my Bone Collectors, Slim,
and took his money.
- We gave you the money back.
We just wanna get outta here.
We won't tell a soul
about you or Slim?
- Slim?
You don't have to
worry about Slim.
I took care of him, and he's
six feet under the dirt.
So, now that I got
my money back,
it's time to end this for good.
- Look, Caesar, these are
some young innocent girls.
They mean no harm.
Why don't you let me talk to 'em
and see if I can
straighten 'em out.
- So you think it's that easy.
Stacks, take her out
and shoot her
so I can enjoy ending
the Jack Squad.
Say goodbye.
- Wait, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
- Okay, I'll allow you
some last words.
Make it quick.
- She said that the rest
of the money was hidden
in plain sight.
- Before you kill us, there's
something I need to tell you.
- [Caesar] Oh?
- Pearl told me that my mom
didn't spend all that money
and she hid some of it from me.
Well, the other day, I found it.
- [Nikki] You never
told me that.
- [Caesar] Oh?
- Did you lie to me?
- Do I detect some
tension in the Jack Squad?
She didn't tell you
she had all that money.
Some friend you got there.
(Pearl coughs)
- Hey, can you get me some water
since it's going to be
my last drink?
No. No.
I can't drink after you.
Can you get me one?
(Pearl coughs)
- Since you about to
die, I'll give you that.
(Pearl coughs)
- Thank you.
- Any last requests?
Goodbye Pearl.
(gun clanks)
You wouldn't lie to me,
would you?
- No, she isn't lying.
She told me all about it.
We were just trying to get
the money back to you guys.
- You knew about this too?
- Ain't this a bitch?
- Can't trust anybody, huh,
baby girl?
Okay, so assuming that
this is true,
what am I supposed to do?
Let you go so you can go
get the money?
- You see any other way?
- What the fuck is taking
Stacks so long?
Shelly, go check on Stacks.
It's too quiet out there.
- Okay.
(footsteps retreating)
- Oh no.
- [Shelly] Oh, shit, Stacks.
- Gimme that gun.
And I'll take these.
Now, sit your ass down, bitch.
Drink it, I insist.
- Hmm.
(door clangs)
(tool clatters)
(gun fires)
(rifle fires)
(gun fires)
(gun shot)
(guns shoot)
- I'm on it.
(gun shoots)
- What the fuck?
(gun shoots)
(gun shoots)
(gun shoots)
(gun shots)
- B-B-Batter up.
I got him.
I got got him, Cam.
- Yay.
- Come on.
Come on.
Follow me.
Hurry up.
- The way out is
through that tunnel.
Here, these go to the
door around here.
(mysterious music)
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Ugh.
(gun shoots)
(rifle shoots)
(guns shoot)
- Oh.
(guns shoot)
- Cam, go, go, go.
(gun clicks)
- Oh.
(gun fires)
- What the fuck, bitches?
- So you bitches been holding
this secret the whole time?
I thought we made a pact.
Jack Squad, no secrets.
You knew where all that money
was and didn't say shit.
- Nikki, you had to know
I was bluffing.
I was lying to get us
outta there.
- I knew it.
That's why I just played
along with it.
- Yeah, right.
My mama told me to never trust
anybody, especially a female.
She was right.
From now on, it's every
bitch for themselves.
- You talking crazy.
Do you realize we left Pearl.
We left her to fucking die.
- [Nikki] We were next.
She knew that.
She sacrificed herself
for us the same way my
mom sacrificed herself
for your mom, you
and precious Pearl.
So get over it.
These guys are not
going to stop.
We need to get the
fuck out of town.
- We don't even know
where we are.
- That's what GPS is for.
Calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
- Stop it.
Stop fighting please.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Like I said, from now on,
it's every bitch for themselves.
(door bangs)
- I can't believe she
just ran out like that.
- Believe it.
Those drugs got her messed up.
She been off her game
for a minute now.
- Come on.
Let's get outta here.
(door shuts)
(calm instrumental music)
(calm instrumental
music continues)
(water runs)
(Cassie sobs)
(fist bangs)
(bag rips)
- Oh.
(bag rips)
- Hidden in plain sight.
- Is that the money?
- Nikki, what are you doing?
- Is that the money that
your mom stole?
The money you claimed
you were bluffing about?
- Yes, but I was bluffing there.
I didn't know the
money was here.
- Lying bitch.
- Nikki, come on.
We gotta get outta here.
They're gonna be coming for us.
We can talk about the
money later.
- We're gonna talk about
the money right now.
That money is mine.
- Yes, sure it is.
We can split it, but
we have to go.
Let's go.
- Oh, you don't seem
to understand.
You don't seem to understand.
I ain't splitting shit.
That money is mine.
Let me explain to your
dumb ass in layman's terms.
Your mama jacked a guy and
stole the money
that caused Gray to
go after them.
They had to kill him
or be killed.
Your bitch ass mama
took off with the money
and Mona tried to cover
her ass and got killed.
My mother took the rap
and went to prison
because she knew your bitch
ass mother wouldn't survive
in prison.
Caesar ordered a hit on
your mother and mine.
He got to my mother first.
With that being said, your
mother and you owe me.
But I don't just want the money.
I want payback for my
mother's death.
And the only way I can get that
is if I take that money
and kill you.
- Nikki, come on, we're
the Jack Squad.
You don't have to kill me.
There's enough for us to
get away and start over.
- You can't be that dumb,
You never learned to
read between the lines.
I never liked you.
We were never friends.
But we can make a toast.
With Pearl's good ol' lemonade
because that will be the
last thing you ever taste.
(refrigerator door opens)
(refrigerator door closes)
(glass pitcher clanks)
(mysterious music)
(glasses clink)
(liquid pours)
To the end of the Jack
Squad for you.
This is for my mother.
(gun fires)
(body thuds)
- Fear is a reaction.
Courage is a choice.
Who's a coward now, bitch?
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Hey, hey, yes, yay, yes
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
The sun is rising
Feel the warmth on my face
There's a lot to do now
But there ain't no race.
I sip my coffee
I'm feelin' fine
No need to work, yeah
I'm gonna take my time
It's a brand new day
Gotta take it on my plate
Gotta take it on my way
It's a brand new day
Gotta take it on my plate
Gotta take it on my way
Take a look out my window
See the birds in the tree
Their songs is inviting me
To sing a sweet melody
(tires screech)
How do they do it
Not a care or suffering
Wanna step into their world
Who holds the key
It's a brand new day
Gotta take it on my plate
Gotta take it on my way
It's a brand new day
Gotta take it on my plate
Gotta take it on my way
(car motor revs)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
(upbeat instrumental
music continues)
Charge it up, baby
Full power
Try it
I like that
Do it again
I like that
Good God almighty
Won't you listen to me now