Jackass 4.5 (2022) Movie Script

The stunts in this movie
were performed by professionals,
so for your safety
and the protection of those around you,
do not attempt
any of the stunts you're about to see.
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
When you get knocked down
You gotta get back up
I ain't the sharpest knife
In the drawer
But I know enough
To know
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
I lit my brain with rotgut whiskey
Till my pain was chicken fried
And I had dudes with badges kiss me
Teach me how to swallow pride
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
When you get knocked down
You gotta get back up
That's the way it is in life and love
Yeah, dude.
So if you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
I've been up and down and down and out
I've been left and right and wrong
Well, I walked the walk
And I run my mouth
Been on the short end for too long
But if they gave medals
For honky-tonk wars
- Honky-tonk wars
I'd spend mine on booze and whores
With my IRS bills and all that stuff
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
When you get knocked down
You gotta get back up
I ain't the sharpest knife
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
You all right?
- You gotta be tough
- Yeah, you gotta be tough
You gotta be tough
When you get knocked down
You gotta get back up
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
I ain't the sharpest knife
In the drawer
- But I know enough to know
- Wow.
- All right.
Oh my
If you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
Yeah, you gotta be tough
You gotta be tough
Here we go. Here we go. Steve-O.
Holy fuck.
I ain't the sharpest knife
In the drawer
But I know enough to know
That if you're gonna be dumb
You gotta be tough
Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville.
Welcome to Jackass.
- Come on. Just come on.
- Shit.
There we go! There we go!
- A double whammy!
- Oh shit!
- Get it off!
- He got a double whammy!
- Oh! Get it off! Please get it off!
- I can't!
- Oh my God!
- I'm trying!
- He won't stop!He won't stop!
- Oh, please!
- I'm trying!
- Please!
He's bleeding.
Please! Oh my God!
Please let me outta here! Crap!
Oh my God! Fuck you, Jeff!
Hello. My name's Johnny Knoxville,
and I'm about to end this movie.
First of all, let me say this.
We've made every Jackass movie
like it's the last one.
We always take on that attitude.
"This is the last one."
We did that after the first movie.
We did it after the second movie.
We did it after the third movie.
And after the third movie,
I truly did believe that was the last one.
Oh my God! Look in the mirror.
A grown man. Yes.
And, uh, I got a call
from Knoxville, and he's like, "Hey."
"I think, I'm"
"I wanna do another Jackass movie."
I'm like, "Holy shit."
I don't know.
I just had a feeling, y'know?
I'd been writing it
for ten years, since the last one.
And I just got looking through
all the ideas one day,
and I thought,
"These would really be fun to shoot."
Then I got that feeling,
which I couldn't get rid of until we shot.
I was 100% sure that the ship had sailed
and that we would never make
Jackass again.
Then all of a sudden,
outta nowhere, after a decade,
Knoxville says, "I'm ready to go again."
Yeah, I know. Totally blindsided me.
But I was stoked. God.
- How you doing?
- Good morning.
- All right. Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
We all knew
we wanted to bring in some new blood,
but I wanted to also make sure
we had the original cast
and get them represented.
They had to be on board with it too.
- Yeah, Wee Man. Good morning.
- Yeah, man.
- Yeah, Johnny.
- What's goin' on?
And then,
as far as finding new cast,
we just reached out to friends.
This man right here, Trip Taylor,
is the reason we have this man, Poopies.
- Legend.
- Yeah.
Lookin' for some fresh blood,
and Trip's like, "You gotta meet Poopies."
He's just so lovable and dumb.
Which is a really good mix for Jackass.
Hey, I'm Jasper,
and I'm gonna jump off this ramp.
I met Jasper in 2010,
when we started shooting a show
called Loiter Squad together.
I knew he'd fit right in.
- You a'ight, Jasper?
- Victory is mine!
I learned about Zach
from the World Wide Web.
You'd see these gnarly videos
of a larger fellow
doing really outrageous stunts.
This is the Suicide Vest.
Yeah, Zach won everybody over.
Jesus Christ.
And how'd you find Rachel?
I just liked her Instagram.
I thought she was funny.
My mom, she was the judge
that put O.J. Simpson in prison.
- What the...
- Yeah.
So basically, O.J. Simpson
got sent to prison
by the same woman who sent me to my room.
But we got out.
- This is Eric Manaka.
- Mm-hmm.
did you think when I cast you
for that film in South Africa
that you would be standing here today?
- Never in a million years.
- Covered in semen?
With semen in my mouth, currently.
You've hit the big time, kid.
- Hi, Mum.
- Ooh. Sorry, Mom.
So we got
this great new cast together,
but I think we still all
had some questions.
And then, you know, there's,
like, there's trepidation just on,
y'know, how we're older now.
- Like, is it still funny?
- Yeah, I was skeptical. I was I mean
- You were the most skeptical.
- I was very skeptical...
We came to you. We were all psyched.
Then you were like, "Uh"
It was like, "We have to prove it
to ourselves that it's a good idea."
So let's shoot
a couple days but not commit,
and let it tell us that it's a movie.
The first thing we wanted to shoot
was a bit that Steve-O shot a while ago,
just to see if the new guys
could really, y'know, keep up.
First of all,
thank you, guys, for being here.
- Yeah.
- Bear with me.
This is the first intro
I've done in ten years, I think, so
- Wow.
- Holy shit.
Oh, stop. Stop. Please stop.
All right.
This is Fire in the Hole.
There's other hot sauces, but this is his.
Wee Man's Chronic Tacos.
For the best in hot sauce enemas.
The old taste of Mexico.
Let's, uh
let's assume the positions, fellas.
I Goddamn.
I don't know
where I'm gonna put it in at, Preston.
There might be
some, uh, scrounging around a little.
Okay, everybody insert.
Sorry, bro!
Oh my God, kid.
You gotta make sure it goes up.
It's in his butthole.
- To the left! Too much air!
- To the left! The fuckin' left!
Oh my God! No, you're too low!
Higher! Higher! Higher! Higher!
Are you ready?
- You can put it in yourself.
- Hot sauce is goin' in!
Are you ready?
- It's not goin' down!
- Hey!
It's not goin' down!
- I don't have any.
- Oh, Poopies' is going down.
Oh no!
- Slowly going in.
- It burning?
- It's burning!
- It's not going!
There you go.
- Oh, fucking fuck!
- It's all over my hands now. Ugh.
- Yours isn't goin' in either!
- Oh shit!
- Oh God!
- Jesus!
- Here, try this pump.
- Okay, we got a pump.
Guys! I got shit on my hands!
- One second.
- We gotta let... Go on, Spike.
- Okay, are you in, Jaws?
- I'm in.
Oh no!
Fuckin' put it in my eye!
Guys, watch it. Whoo.
- Yeah.
- Oh God.
- Here's some relief, fellas. There you go.
- Yes.
- What flavor you need?
- I want one.
PJ, please.
- He needs a poopsicle real quick.
- There, Preston.
- Who... There you go, Poopies.
- Thank you, sir.
- Relieve your ass.
- Jaws, are you okay?
- It feels so much better.
- It does feel way better.
- Great.
- Good. Doin' the trick.
Oh, yeah.
You dare me to do this?
Ass to mouth. ATM!
- My God!
- Wanna see something? Watch.
Oh God!
Oh shit.
- It's gonna be a fucked-up movie.
- Yeah.
In hindsight, it was like an initiation.
It was like, if you can get through this,
then you can, y'know?
If you don't storm off set going,
"Nothin' doing,"
then it shows that you're down.
I didn't know what to expect with Jackass.
'Cause it was this weird feeling
of, "I've known you guys my whole life."
But also, "Oh my God."
"I can't believe
I'm here with them in person."
We're gonna have a little competition
between Preston Lacy and Zach Holmes.
Who can do the biggest long jump?
All competitors follow our instructions
as the gospel truth.
We frown on poor sportsmanship,
gambling, and slang.
- Okay.
- All right. Get in our positions!
Oh God.
- Fuck, I'm prime time! I'm prime time!
- We are fucked.
- He's like, "I'm fucked."
- Stretch it out, Zach. Stretch.
- Right there. There's the...
- You guys are in the sweet spot.
Man, I'm right in there.
- Planned this out well.
- I'm makin' muscles.
I just wasn't thinking, and whoop-de-do.
All right. Good luck.
- Zachary, are you ready?
- I'm ready.
- Let me see the Tootsee Roll
Fuckin' God!
Cotton candy, sweetie, go
Let me see the Tootsee Roll
Got kneed right in Oh God.
- How much do you weigh?
- Like, fuckin' 400 pounds.
- Oh shit!
- Approximately.
Cotton candy, sweetie, go
Oh no. Oh no.
Fuck you, P!
Fuckin' dying.
- Dude, I think he's cryin'.
- You went and hit me so hard.
Oh my God.
Oh. Now, that was
a straight knee to the nuts.
Sorry, Wee Man.
Judging this contest
is next to impossible.
There's only one way to really find out
which athlete's day will be today,
and that's if they run simultaneously.
Goddamn it!
Oh, that hurt.
That hurt quite a lot.
Oh shit.
That was fun.
The athleticism was dazzling.
- It was magnificent.
- No.
The judges
have, uh, assessed the results,
and it's obvious
the clear winner today is diabetes, but
I think by halfway through the first day,
we were like, "Oh, this just feels great."
- He just...
- Oh my God. That's amazing.
I mean, it just felt good immediately.
Everyone was psyched.
Everyone was in a good mood.
It was just...
We were getting great stuff.
A lot of those bits
from the test wound up in the movie.
- Mom, I'm sorry.
- You don't wanna play, Jasper?
It's cool.
The plexi penis smush.
Oh my gosh.
This is where I was like, "Okay."
"Things are gettin'
a little too gnarly right now."
"Things are goin' too far."
But I had to do it.
First time I've ever shown my dick
on camera.
I've for sure never seen
a dick that flat in my life.
It was like science class.
You just learn something new.
What the dick can do.
My name's Johnny Knoxville,
and this is Dong-Pong.
- Gentlemen. There you go.
- Thank you.
Holy shit.
- Ah.
- Hey, try and get the ball.
- Ow! Go get that!
- Get it, get it.
- Oh my God.
- Fifteen,love.
We just gotta take a breath.
Look each other in the eyes.
Get in sync.
Ping-pong, rally on.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- Victors!
Let's try this.
This is like a mini tug-of-war.See how
- Back up.
- Oh.
- Ow.
- Oh, dear.
Ow! Oh my God! Ow!
Ow! Oh my God! Ow!
It's a slider! Oh my God!
That was my first day,
meeting everyone and then seeing
all of their dicks and their buttholes.
And then it felt like family after that.
- That's a wrap on this test.
- Sorry, sorry.
Amazing job, everyone.
Thank you, everybody.
And so, after the two-day shoot,
me, Spike, and Knoxville all said,
"It's a go."
"And it's definitely It feels right."
So, we officially began shooting
the movie on March 3, 2020.
Here they come.
Yeah, legend.
- What up?
- What's up? How are you?
- Good, and yourself?
- Good, man. I'm ready.
Got the boys here.
We got the crew. First stunt of the year.
Um, first stunt of the movie, actually.
- Yeah, Cordell.
- 'Sup, buddy?
- How're you?
- Great to see you.
Good to see you.
So, yeah, we're on. Good to see you.
Yeah, man.
Are you excited to get things picked up?
Dude, I'm so excited.
I've been waitin'
pretty much my whole life for this, so
I mean, we're
I'm workin' with legends right here.
I mean, it's crazy.
I'm excited.
Can you guess who I am, Dimitry?
- Who?
- Can you...? I'm Tesla.
Tesla's under-admired.
And this is going to do
nothing to help that.
All right.
This is our friend James,
an esteemed scientist.
- You're a scientist?
- Yes.
What is that?
That is an electric eel.
They can put out up to 600 volts.
So, the idea
for the electric eel was that,
"Can electricity come
from this animal, go through somebody,
and into a metal key
and then into somebody else?"
That was funny.
Oh, man. Wee Man tryin' to do intros?
He could not get those intros right,
and it was so satisfying.
Hi. I'm Benjamin Franklin,
father of electricity,
and this is an electric eel.
Countrymen, natives
Wait, no.
- Romans.
- Friends.
- Friends.
- Romans.
- Romans and countrymen.
- Countrymen.
Friends, Romans, and countrymen,
show me your rears.
Lend me your ears.
- Show him your rear!
- Lend me your ears.
Friends, Romans,
and countrymen, lend me your ears.
- Okay. Oh, yeah.
- Ready? Yes.
Friends, Romans, and Ehren,
lend me your rear.
Oh gosh!
It did.
- Jesus!
- Are you ready?
Keep it on there, Wee Man.
Get the key in.
Did it work?
- Yeah, it worked. We got electricity, man.
- What? Fuckin' key, man.
What do you think the lights are on for?
We learned that electric eels
do conduct enough electricity
to go through Wee Man,
into a key, into a butthole.
It's like, we learned important things.
Science things.
- Yeah. Who knew?
- Who knew?
We ended that day on a high.
And I remember
going home that night,
and it was my birthday.
And I got a call from Spike,
and I'm like, "Oh,Spike's callin'
to wish me happy birthday."
And he's like, "Hey man."
we're going to shut down."
I'm like, "What do you mean?"
He goes, "COVID."
And I was... I just couldn't wrap my head
around us shutting down.
We didn't know
if it was gonna be for two weeks,
if it was gonna be for a month.
- Exposure to someone positive?
- No.
All right.
You're gonna get swabbed twice.
So if you need to blow your nose,
go ahead and do so now.
Because of the coronavirus,
today is our first day
filming againin seven months.
- Notice anything different?
- A funny thing happened.
When we came back,
Johnny Knoxville had gray hair.
- Thank you. We're good?
- You're okay.
All right.
I'm all safe to shoot
a very dangerous film.
And then, we're one of the first movies
in Los Angeles that's back up and running.
Good morning. Whoo. Day one.
And we're almost like guinea pigs.
Like, it was tricky.
And we had to get tested every day.
There was just
a whole new set of safety protocols.
Steve-O just coughed.
I'll get Ebola.
So, let's use that to our advantage.
Like, let's
Let's throw a COVID safety meeting.
This is Don,
our "COVID safety officer" for today.
He will be running the guys through
some safety precautions while on set.
And, uh, man, I just hope it goes well.
There's Pontius, Zach.
Well, my name's Don Ruffin.
I'm a COVID-19 compliance officer.
I'm here to help implement
the standards by the CDC
to help you get... keep you guys safe.
So, we wanna keep the crew...
Oh my God!
What the fuck, you asshole?
Jesus Christ! Fuck!
I thought
the world was ending for a second.
I thought that was a COVID test.
Aren't we supposed
to take this shit seriously?
That was a real good way
to get back into
And at that moment,
I truly realized, like,
we're fucked.
Like, anything goes.
Uh, we, as, uh, the cast,
are basically gonna just be
tortured for the next year.
- Whatever.
- Oh my God.
That was the first thing
we shot back from COVID.
So already, the guys were on their toes.
And plus, with the new protocols,
they knew we weren't gonna be able
to shoot as much man on the street,
so we were gonna take that out
on the cast.
Hi. What's up, everybody?
My name's Poopies.
I'm the newest member
of the Jackass 4 crew.
What is gonna change
about your life once this comes out?
Well, I think that, um
Well, one thing that I think
is gonna change in my life is, uh,
the fame.
But I don't let that get to me, dude.
I just wanna be by the beach,
surfin' and chasin' chicks my whole life.
So, I mean,
that's gonna be definitely a plus,
but I just wanna make
more more projects and film more...
Oh my gosh, dude.
- Oh, bro!
- Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Oh my gosh! That was a good slap, dude.
Holy shit.
Knoxville, good morning.
I'm always on edge
when I'm on set because,
y'know, anything can be a prank.
What the fuck?
- What the fuck?
- Oh my God!
I knew it!
- I fuckin' knew it!
- Oh my God!
Like, this could be a prank right now.
I don't fuckin' know.
You know?
And every... Nothing is real.
- Let's lay it down.
- What the fuck?
Sorry. It's so nerve-racking in here.
What's the grossest bit
that was shot so far in this movie?
That was fivegallons of horse semen!
I'll fuck you up!
They told me
they was doing something. I forgot.
Sayin' they were scaring somebody else.
Next thing you know, I'm locked in a room.
But I never imagined
they'd put me in a room with a bear.
Hey, man!
Hey, hey!
Hey, get that fuckin' bear, bro!
Hey! Aw, shit.
Hey, man! What the fuck, bro?
He's trying to hide!
- Help! Hey, man, get this damn thing, bro!
- Dark Shark.
My dad's in there
with a bear right now.
Dark Shark,
those trees aren't real.
You can't climb them.
He's biting me! He bit me!
Throughout the years, y'know,
I slowly developed more and more PTSD,
just like any of the other guys,
about what's really happening
or if we're getting pranked.
And I'm gonna have to say that that came,
for me, at a height
at Silence of the Lambs.
That was They took it too far.
Doggone it!
Oh fuck!
We got locked in a pitch-black room
and tortured for like 20 minutes straight.
It was terrifying.
Hey, what do you guys
want us to do...? Ow!
Ow! Ow!
- You guys are fuckin' assholes!
- Guess!
I hope it's funny, but, man, to be
in that moment, it was it was
It was like
I thought I was gonna die,
and not a a painless death.
That was I don't remember
being that scared, like, maybe ever.
Oh, man, dude. I still don't
It's so hard to trust.
Is it over? Is it over?
It's over.
It's over, bro.
I'm scared of what you guys do,
you guys go through.
Like, no one's safe.
Fuck! Why?
And, uh, I was, like,
kind of scared every time I showed up.
I was, like
I was very nervous the first day.
Get your temperature taken.
All right.
You're all good. There.
Thank you.
- Actually, I'm gonna pee quick.
- We're ready.
- I'm gonna pee.
- Oh, okay. Go.
I fuckin' knew it!I fuckin' knew it!
I knew it. I knew it, you motherfucker.
I fuckin' knew it!
- Yeah!
- Fired up!
That thing caught on fire, dude.
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- I peed, like, all over myself.
Went into the porta-potty,
and it fuckin' exploded.
Like, hook, line, and sinker.
Like, I produce pranks
for a living.
And the whole cast
plays it so well, I had no idea.
It's one of those things.
When you watch it growing up,
you're in love with it,
but when you're actually there on set,
you're like, "This is fuckin' hardcore."
Hello, governor.
We're here withEric Andr,
world-famous elephant hunter.
And we're gonna do
a little big-game hunting today.
This might be
the diphtheria, but they look delicious.
- That's fuckin' gnarly.
- Which way are we gonna go?
If there's one thing
any schoolboy knows,
it's hunting big game requires a big gun.
This is a bad day
to be an elephant.
So bad.
It appears they're linked together.
Is that how they snog?
Oi! Dead ahead.
- Aim for the mother!
- Hup, hup!
- Thrust, thrust.
- And fire when ready.
Got one!
Twenty pound sterling bounty
on the baby elephant.
Twenty quid for a baby?
Are you mad?
Oh fuck!
He's feisty.
He'll make a fine decoration
for the sitting room. Ha ha ha!
Fully reloaded!
They're getting tired.
We've got 'em tired.
God save the Queen.
Got him!
You got him
square in the bojangles.
Right in the ivory!
- Incoming!
- He's down!
Motherfucker, dudes.
Would someone provide this elephant
with a veterinarian?
He seems hurt.
Keep shooting. What are we doin'?
We gotta get it again.
We don't have this yet. Like
Can you take another? You're all right.
My favorite part of that
is Knoxville trying to get you
to go talk
to the elephants, who are upset.
And I feel like
that's a big part of the thing.
You guys are like...
You're good cop, bad cop.
You need to go talk to the elephants.
- They're good.
- They're good.
- Preston's good to go?
- Preston, you're good, right?
I don't know.
It's startin' to swell up.
- Ah, fuck. It hurts so bad. Oh, shit.
- Let's reset. We're goin' again.
- Let's go after the bull.
- You guys are thirsty.
- You're around your watering hole.
- You guys go on one leg. Go on one leg.
- Just happy.
- Move the camera.
Show them. The elephants
need to be on this side of the pond...
- Fuck!
- Good show!
Right in the fuckin' tuchus!
It's weird, though.
They don't like seeing me get hit or hurt.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- What are you talkin' about?
- Yeah, what are you talking about?
What? Everyone cheers when,
like, I stun-gun you or, like
People were so happy
when you got shot by the elephant gun.
- Yeah.
- Are we ready?
I'm sorry. I'm on cloud nine.
I dropped my accent and everything.
Show me what you got here.
Oh my God.
That thing hurt.
But then our hunt
was rudely interrupted by an explosion.
I think... Was itEhren
that was blasted out of the toilet?
- Get him!
- Okay. Put the gun down!
- Gun down.
- It's loaded. It's hot!
What the fuck! Ah, goddamn it!
Fuck you guys!
- Yeah! We got Ehren!
- Holy shit!
- It got you?
- What do you mean, did it get me?
We were shooting in the field,
and we saw a huge fireball from over here.
Everyone dropped the whole bit
and started running.
Are you fuckin' kidding me?
- Okay.
- What are you, Johnny?
I'm a fuckin' flamingo. What do you think?
What? I dunno.
So, what's gonna happen here
is we're swinging.
And they're coming down,
and they're gonna get in our way.
But our goal is to really damage them,
and their goal is to,
uh, somehow avoid us,
but they're not going to.
I'm Jasper,
and this is the Swingset Gauntlet.
- Mya!
- Ooh-whee!
- That's your cow sound?
- That's your, uh
Yeah, I'm a different type of cow.
I wanna see a little pelican head
go flyin' across the yard.
Look at the pelican fly!
Come on, pelican!
All right, start pumpin'.
You had me at "start pumpin'."
Watch your head!
Oh my God.
Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Dude.
- Holy shit!
- Are you all right?
He spun
in the air like a fuckin'
- Did I do it right?
- Oh my God!
- I didn't even know what happened.
- Oh my God!
I was cruisin' along
on my cool little box here.
Fuckin' dickhead Ehren
smashed the fuck outta me.
I didn't land in the soft sand.
I landed back on this bullshit.
Your head broke your landing.
Hi, Nick Merlino. Bye, Nick Merlino.
I'm gonna clobber that crustacean.
Okay, go.
Get the speed, Chris.
I'm gonna pulverize that prawn.
Oh my God!
Holy shit!
Dude, he did, like, four flips. Dude.
- Dude.
- Pontius, that was a good one.
- Holy shit.
- That was great.
Yeah, that knocked
the wind outta me.
- Dude.
- That fuckin' sucked.
Hey lobster, you lost?
It was really fun
to bring back Irving Zisman.
We haven't seen that guy in a while.
You gotta see the manager in here.
You should see the bunglestein on her.
I'd like to tap her like a keg.
Oh no.
What kind of a thing should I
'Cause she's a little sweet on me too.
- I feel like...
- She's about your age.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Maybe...
- Don't go blowin' up my spot.
Gotta watch out.
Yeah, I don't need
any cockblocks around here.
It's Brad?
- Yeah.
- You wanna have some fun?
- Yeah, man.
- Okay.
Irving, what did you
what did you do that for?
What should we do now?
- Oh my goodness.
- Hold onto that.
That's a pretty nice soup bone.
Mm, my goodness,
check out the torpedo on that submarine.
He's got a broomstick like a banana slug.
How...? Oh my God. Oh wow.
Hi, Cheryl.
Oh, fuck. Hello, Irving.
- What the hell did you do now?
- I didn't do it. He pulled it.
Why do what? You pulled it!
You said, "Watch this" and pulled it.
Oh, why are you being
a cockblock? Talk me up.
You're bein' a cockblock. Talk me up.
He's your age,
so he's, like, trying to hit on you.
And it's not a good time
for you to do that.
- I
- What?
- What's your name?
- Brad.
- Did you pull the fire alarm?
- No.
- Okay. Irving says you did.
- I know...
All of you who think Brad did it,
raise your hand.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- What's your problem?
Ah. Wow, this is my kind of party.
- All right.
- I kinda feel like partyin' right now.
Oh! Hey, oh!
Come on, Brad. Let's get rad.
- C'mon!
- Yeah, man.
Yeah, Brad!
Yeah, Brad!Yeah, Brad!
- Good luck, Wee Man.
- Thanks.
That's one of the disco-iest
camel toes I've ever seen.
Stop, okay?
Oh my God.
I'm Wee Man, and this is the Ballknocker.
- It's fuckin' party time, man.
- Yeah.
Three, two, one, go!
Oh shit!
- Wee Man, are you okay? Holy shit.
- Jason? Jason, speak.
- That was intense.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Talk. Talk, talk.
- Am I bleedin'?
- No.
- How did that feel?
- It felt like a car crash.
- It looked like a car crash.
- Fuck.
Oh my God.
- How do you feel, Zach?
- Dude, my asshole hurts.
How does your asshole hurt?
I don't wanna hear anything about that.
- You asked me how I felt.
- I know. But why does that hurt?
I don't know!
- I don't know!
- I don't know what bit you just did.
So, on Wildboyz, we filmed this bit
where we were in Africa,
and we had fish attached to strings.
Like, cinched up around our packages.
It's time for a little penis fishing.
We're fishing for fish eagles!
And so, the eagles
would swoop down, grab the fish,
and then yank our packages taught.
Oh my God!
But MTV wouldn't let us air it.
It was a little graphic.
And so we thought,
"Well, let's try to do that idea."
Like, I got word
that this guy had two fish eagles.
I'm like, "Ah, fish eagles.
I've got an idea for that."
I gotta tell ya, breaking bones
and shovin' things up your butt
doesn't get any easier with age.
I'm just kidding.
Shovin' things up your butt
gets a lot easier.
I'm Steve-O,
and this is the Dine and Dash.
- Oh no.
- Oh God.
The basic idea
was shove a fish up Steve-O's butt
and have an eagle come
and just grab the fish hard
and fly off,
hopefully grabbing some of his butt
and flying away with it.
But the fish eagle just,
kinda just gently lands next to him.
Oh my God.
I just saw his fuckin' beak.
- He's checkin' it.
- Just smack it.
Oh my God.
- Ow!
- Oh my God!
- I saw it come out of his asshole!
- Ow! Oh!
- Ow!
- He got the first fish easily.
So, well, we got
we gotta make something out of this.
So, we just stuffed the fish
a little further up in there
and wrapped it up
around his balls and stuff.
Do you want to, uh,
really rub the fish all over my balls?
I can.
Do we have a rubber band? Ah, no?
Jesus Christ. How big are his nuts?
I don't know how... My God.
I got a hair tie. Would that work?
- You're a genius.
- I want that back, though.
I need...
- Wait, Steve-O, I'm not...
- Hey, no cheap shot!
It doesn't get any cheaper than this.
Let him get every last scrap.
Come on, man. That's HomeTown Buffet.
Oh shit.
His beak is so fuckin' gnarly. Oh shit.
- Need to go for it.
- Oh shit!
Eat more.
Literally a bottom-feeder. Yeah!
Here I am, like, butt naked.
I got, like, stickin' stuff up my butt,
and my balls were on the line.
Oh! Oh!
- He literally ate your ass.
- Oh, he really did.
- Does it look sweet?
- Give Pontius his hair tie back.
Dude, I'm gonna sell this on eBay.
I'm not surprised that bit's in 4.5.
- But I wasn't givin' up on the raptors.
- Yeah.
So, we got a raptor
to rip off my eyebrows.
That was amazing.
- Put your chin down.
- Okay.
After we're all done, after it's all over,
I want you to relax
with some cucumber and elderflower water.
That's crazy.
Look at that big motherfucker.
- Do you like birds?
- I ain't sayin'nothin'.
Yeah, no. I'm scared of birds.
You can't tell I keep jumpin'?
Dark Shark was funny during that bit
because he's so scared of birds.
Yeah, I'm I been scared of birds
since I was, like, ten years old.
You know, I got a phobia.
- We're ready to go.
- Oh, shit! Oh, damn.
Oh, shit.
That motherfucker
ready to go, got business.
I'm serious.
I'm gonna be well groomed.
You're gonna be as smooth as the new guys.
Let's see.
Got one little bit still left.
There's a tiny racing stripe.
That's the way
they're wearing them these days.
Know what? I have those eyebrows.
- I saved them.
- Oh, did you?
I thought it'd be a good idea.
After 4.5 comes out, we can auction them
off to charity to help the kids.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
You look really sexy.
If you think I look good now, just wait.
Job's only just begun.
Yeah, I didn't even realize
how badly I missed working with Chris
until we started shooting this movie.
Yeah, we just have the best time.
Yeah, I think it makes us become better
than our own individual selves.
It makes our personalities multiply.
Chris and I together
is better than the sum of its parts.
That's the word, yes.
The problem was,
once we ripped his eyebrows off,
now we got Steve-O with no eyebrows,
and we're only two-thirds of the way
through the movie, so
I walked out, and I was like,
"What the hell ramp is that, dude?"
Like, "What kind
of sissy operation is this?"
And then I found out
that he's wearin' a rocket pack.
I'm like, "Okay, cool.I'm in."
Welcome to my Fantasy Island.
Today, we got a couple
of hot-shit water skiers,
Parks Bonifay, Poopies,
a rocket jet pack.
I mean, what's the worst
that could happen?
Oh, and we also got,
uh, Bunny the Lifeguard.
Kind of a new alter ego.
Creepy porno dude.
- "Creepy porno dude."
- Yeah, there we go.
So, where are we gonna fuck?
Poopies, with the two liquid CO2
rocket-powered backpacks,
and he's gonna edge out
of the big red kicker.
And then he's got a little strap here,
and as soon as you pull that,
she kicks, and you're goin'
for a ride for eight seconds.
Poopies, when you hit the ramp,
hit the jet pack for additional thrust.
I'm Bunny the Lifeguard,
and this is Hot Shit Water Skiing,
take 69.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Get my mind off of you
- Yeah, bro! Yeah!
- Back here at home
There's nothin' to do
Go, Poop!
- Yeah, man!
- Get it!
- I wish I'd stayed
Oh no!
That was
about 20 feet before the ramp.
I pulled it, and I think I fell forward.
Yeah, it pushed you forward
into the water.
And I still
Haven't gotten over you yet
Let's try one more! One more!
Here we go.
I'm feelin' good about this one.
- Vacation, had to get away
Vacation, meant to be spent alone
Vacation, had to get away
- Vacation, meant to be spent alone
Yeah, Poops!
Yeah, Poopies!
Let's get his ass in the peanut gallery
and give Parks a chance.
- Yeah, Parks!
- He's locked in.
Locked in.
Vacation, all I ever wanted
Shit! He's haulin' ass!
Oh shit!
Meant to be spent alone
The plane!The plane!
Vacation, had to get away
Vacation, meant to be spent alone
Dude, I knew when I was up there
it was gonna hurt, and then it hurt.
- You ready?
- Yep.
Oh shit!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I didn't have a first try.
You didn't hit the apple!
Um, my worst injury
through filming Jackass 4
my testicles, obviously.
He sees it.
I will say, seeing
Danger Ehren's crotch get mutilated
while I was on set helped me
feel comfortable
'cause I would just be, like,
anytime I got hurt,
I was like, "It's not as bad as getting
a pogo stick to your testicles."
They're ripped to shreds.
I mean, I think you guys...
You lit him up more brutal in this movie
than, uh, the previous three.
Meh, I don't know.
You ripped his fuckin' tooth out
and cracked his skull in half
and broke his neck three times
and threw him into a wall.
Keep hittin' him!
It's kinda
It's kind of funny
how you destroy Ehren.
I'm here with professional bowler
Missy Parkin,
and this is
the Cup Test with a Bowling Ball.
And I will let you know that I do use
the heaviest ball you're allowed to use.
- Oh God.
- I use a 16-pound bowling ball.
I don't know if this is the right cup.
- It's got...
- Yeah, it's right.
It's got really bad edges. Like, it'll...
Missy, what do you think
of Ehren's chances?
I mean, I'm gonna
I'm gonna definitely hit that, so
This is this is the danger zone.
Uh, please just hit him, Missy.
Oh God.
Oh my God. I don't know what to do.
Oh, that was on the leg!
Oh my God!
- It hit you on the leg first.
- The leg slowed it.
- That was deflected.
- Are you sure? It didn't feel like it.
No, that was
That was It went, "Boom, boom."
Oh my God!
I'm gonna
Dude, I'm not gonna take one
like that again. I can't.
- Missy did her job perfectly.
- It's in my butthole.
Like, I swear to God,
it's hurting in my butthole.
- Sit down!Sit down!
- I don't think I can do it, man.
- I can't do it!
- You have to sit down!
- I can't do it!
- Wanna do it while he's standing?
Jackass 4: Breaking Ehren.
Do you think he could go again?
I think he could absolutely go again.
You could do one more.
She's a professional, Ehren.
- Come on. Man up.
- I just, like
Ehren, are you ready? Don't move.
Am I in the right position?
You're just making her angry,
Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
Ah God, dude!
Yeah, Ehren!
Oh, Ehren's always had my respect,
even though he can be annoying.
Like, he always gets great footage,
and he, like,
is amazing in Jackass Forever.
I mean, 'course,
he didn't mean to be.
But he was.
I'm Poopies, and I'll show me.
- Dude.
- Like Steve-O.
That was a knocker, bro.
Ah, my teeth hurt.
Oh, thatdrop came fast.
Ow. My teeth are numb.
You showed you.
Fuck me. I just fucked myself right there.
So, here we are
on the Paramount back lot,
where they shot The Godfather,
Chinatown, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
And we're shooting Zach Sashimi.
Mm-mm! This is Zach Sashimi. Everyone?
Find a fold and put in the sashimi.
- Got some nice tits, Zach.
- Thanks, Steve.
How deep are we with this guy?
Whoa. Watch it slide.
Let's cook that sushi.
Are you ready
to get in the best shape of your life?
Time for some wind sprints.
Gonna cookit
in Zach's own juices.
- Much like ceviche.
- Oh, man.
- Really focus on that form.
- Fitness.
- Jog now.
- Go, Zach.
I'm gettin' harder
than Portland cement right now.
All right, let's get started.
- I'm goin' in.
- It's belly-button time.
We have to be careful
this doesn't just become chaos.
- Oh!
- Oh, wow.
- Great job, Rachel.
- How could you?
I've had worse things.
Fuck, that was gross.
- In here.
- Like a petri dish.
It's slippery.
It's slippery from his sweat.
Tear it open
like a bear going for salmon.
- Yeah!
- Superfood.
It's slippery.
This is the first bit we've ever shot
on the Paramount back lot,
and may be, well, our last.
Open up, Bubba.
You got it. Swallow it.
- You got this.
- Hold your ground!
Oh, gross.
It's disgusting Zach
more than anyone.
- The thong.
- Gotta be something in there.
Oh, look at that. Jesus.
- Wow.
- Look at how slick he is.
Oh. Ugh.
All right. Hey, guys.
You like shrimp?
I see one
with Steve-O's name on it.
Steve, feast on that eel.
Should I should I do it no hands?
Steve-O going for the no-hander.
- That's wet-ass bootie.
- No-hander.
Oh yeah.
- This is not...
- Leaning down in everyone's puke.
Oh my God!
Can we get can we get
Get it down. Get it down.
No, no, no, no, no.
- You got it, Steve-O.
- Hold it together.
Feels like we've really crossed a line.
Oh God.
I can't believe it.
Focus. How you doin', Lance?
Can we get Lance another mask?
How many times
did you puke this film, Lance?
I think it was six.
I tried to stay off camera.
So, you puked once or twice
in past movies and six times in this one.
- That was a record.
- That's a record.
I came for sushi, but I had salad.
Jeff was joking with me before
about like, "You're gonna find sushi
somewhere when you get home."
And I was thinking,
"Oh, ha ha. You know, whatever."
I'm pretty sure
he found one two days later.
He sent me a photo of a piece of sashimi
that he found two days later.
It was nasty. So messed up.
- Hello.
- Hi. How's it going?
- Good.
- Hi.
- This is my grandpa.
- Hi.
- My name is Alex. How are you?
- Good.
- Alex?
- Alex, yeah.
- Irving.
- Irving.
- I'm Rachel.
- Hi, Rachel.
Um, so, I just have
a couple meetings today,
and I just need you to, like,
sit with him for a couple hours.
You don't have to babysit him,
but just kinda keep an eye on him.
And then just one thing.
Like, just make sure he doesn't smoke.
Like, that's all.
- All right. Thank you so much.
- Of course.
- Have fun, Grandpa. Be good, okay?
- All right, baby doll.
- Love you.
- Right.
- It was Irving, right?
- Yes.
What would you like to do?
There's a little coffee truck
right around the corner.
Would would you mind getting me a coffee?
- Do you want black coffee?
- Please.
- With no sugar? Nothing?
- No sugar.
I'm sweet enough.
- Where are you?
- Help!
- Where are you?
- Help?
- How did you get up there?
- Help.
Oh my God. Don't move.
- Don't move.
- Oh my God.
Don't move.
- No! No, you're not supposed to smoke.
- I gotta smoke. I'm nervous.
- Mm.
- Don't move.
- Mm. Mm.
- Oh my God, please. You're gonna fall.
Oh! Oh! Ah!
Oh shit! Oh God!
- Oh my God!
- Oh shoot!
Throw the coffee!Throw the coffee!
Oh, ow! Ow!
Throw it!Throw it!
Oh my God!
Don't move. You're gonna fall!
You want a smoke?
No, I don't want a smoke.
Do you have weed?
I don't have weed.
Do you have acid?
- No, I don't.
- Come on!
Oh my God!
Oh! Oh my God!
These things will kill you.
Oh, my back!
Okay. Okay.Okay.
I haven't been able to walk in two years.
- Okay.
- Bless you.
You're giving me a heart attack.
Get some of this
in the folds.
Thank you.
Jeff loves painting me.
He really likes
all the detail and everything.
Getting in every crevice, under each roll.
Makes sure you're painted really well.
How did you first
become familiar with Jeff's work?
I saw like, when I was a little kid, uh
When I was in elementary school,
I was told
I wasn't allowed to watch Jackass.
And I just I would haveto,
like, sneak to watch it on TV.
Yeah. I lived in a super,
like, Christian household,
and they were, like
They were just anti-MTV and everything.
So, I would just watch it and have
another channel on the channel return.
It was pretty dope.
- Three, two
- Shirt looks a little small.
I had Emily
take the extra-large tag
and put it in a size medium shirt.
Tuck. You have to tuck it.
- It's a tuck deal?
- Yeah. You gotta tuck it.
You left me
a lot of room to tuck, asshole.
It was funny because when they set it up,
it was supposed to be a winch,
but the winch wasn't gonna work out,
so they just tied a truck to me.
I was just pulled by a truck.
- That's really somethin' else.
- This is half-assed, even for us.
- That's a big ball.
- That's a really big ball.
Four hundred pounds
of baseball right there.
I'm Zach, and it's time to Play Ball.
Some people call this pitch a slider.
I call it a spitball.
Let's break up the party.
We got a game to play.
- All right. 'Kay.
- Let's do it.
I warn you, I'm wearing sexy lingerie
under this uniform.
Batter, batter!
Batter, batter, batter! Batter, swing!
- You all right?
- Oh my God! Are you okay?
Good job, you guys. That was awesome.
- Jasper, way to
- Yes, sir.
Way to watch it.
It was pretty scary.
Yeah, like, granted,
we had these just mini pads on,
like baseball players, but he took us out.
He knocked me
outta my shoes too.
Sorry, guys.
I didn't know my own strength.
Do horse riders usually carry
a whip the size of a license plate?
- I'm so sorry.
- Jesus!
- Oh yeah.
- Fuck you! Ow!
Oh my God! That sounded terrible.
It got me right on the dick head.
Like, right...
And it hurts!
It was right on the very fucking head
of my dick. Sorry for the coarse language.
This is the Blindfold Race.
We'll have four contestants
compete in a 50-yard sprint,
We show up.
It's a simple racetrack.
There's nothin' in the way.
It's a clear path.
Then right when you put on
those blindfolds,
oh, here comes all the objects
that we're gonna pretty much fall over
and get destroyed on,
but we didn't know they were there.
- I think Poopies' is good.
- Yeah, I can't see shit.
I didn't expect anything
to be in that runway at all.
All right. It's time to race.
Okay. On the gunshot, you will run.
On your mark, get set
Go, go, go, go!
- Fell from the roof on East Two-Nine
- Keep going! Run!
- Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug
On 26 reds and a bottle of wine
Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old
He looked 65 when he died
Run! Run, Poopies!
Run, Poopies!
Get 'em, Poopies.
He got it, yes!
Run, Poopies!
Those are people who died, died
And just died
Go, Jasper, go!
Go, Jasper, go! Fast!
So they died of hepatitis
In upper Manhattan
- Go, Poopies!
- You got it! Go!
- To your left! You got it!
- Get up!
- Yeah, that way.
- Two more friends that died
This way. Follow my voice.
Run, Wee Man!
Go, Wee Man!
Go, go, go, Wee Man!
Those are people who died, died
They were all my friends
All right!
- And the winner is Poopies!
- Aw, man!
- Man, he was in a full sprint.
- I got whacked so hard.
He hit his head really hard
on that sawhorse.
Poopies naively dashed.
Wow, Poopies. You were, like
I was telling you...
twenty seconds ahead of
30 seconds ahead.
I know. I know.
I felt the marbles, and I was like, "Oh!"
And then 'Cause none of that stuff
was out there.
No way! Really?
Well, Captain Obvious.
- So, I was like
- That's my horse.
Ow! Fuck!
- Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- I'm sorry.
Oh, fuck!
Look, we're not just
growing old, we're growing up.
Join me in the fight
against unwanted pregnancy
by buying my signature Steve-O condom,
the Dick Helmet, at steveo.com.
They're virtually unbreakable. Watch.
Time for a Steve-O
signature condom break.
I had the idea
when I saw this, uh, condom-drop thing
with putting the condom on people's heads.
As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Oh, man",
fill up a condom
with the sewage tank on my RV,
"and then that'll be epic."
So, for weeks on end,
I justbelligerently refused
to empty the sewage tank on my RV.
Did that sewage come
from you and all your bros?
I've been saving up
for weeks, dude.
Oh my! Oh gosh!
- These are quality condoms.
- Yuck.
- Wow.
- That's not apple juice.
I can't.
What was Steve-O
trying to accomplish?
Uh, advertise his condoms,
which he stopped selling after that bit.
They were poppin' like paper bags.
You might've wanted to test this idea
before you brought it to to the set.
Oh my God.
That Steve.
Put your finger in it!
- Put your finger in it!
- Oh God.
Don't get greedy.
C'mon, man.
- Okay.
- That's your bowels.
Hey, guys. I got one.
That's a shitty condom.
Oh my God!
I got it. I got it.
Yeah, we were trying to fill it up
and get the most we could in it.
And lucky me was right there
when it was about to burst, and it did.
And just got loads of flecks
on my face, on my clothes.
It's in my mouth!
Oh no!
- We never quite got it, right?
- We never got it.
Either the condom
would bounce off my head
One, two, three.
or it would break on my head.
We had to have tried it like 15 times.
I'm Poopies, and this is pee pee.
Oh my God, dude!
Seriously, there's so much piss
on you, dude.
So, you have a signature condom, though.
I was toying with the idea
of coming out with Steve-O condoms.
And in hindsight,
that's the worst idea I've ever had
because condoms and Steve-O
have never been a good mix.
It's red only.
Oh man!
Whoo. Six to midnight.
That's that hot-shit tennis coach
I was talking about earlier.
I think it was my first day on set,
so I was geeking out.
I was like,
"This is how the sausage gets made."
"This is fuckin' awesome."
I'm putting on my clown outfit
and taking in the whole cast
and crew and seeing how it's done.
And then I was like, "Oh no. This sucks."
Like, "I'm gonna get a tennis ball
to the fuckin' neck and the balls."
This is our tennis star, Shannon,
and it's time to play Down the Clown.
- Be gentle with me.
- Mm-hmm.
So, how fast do you serve, Shannon?
Up to 100 miles per hour.
- Hey?
- Mm-hmm?
Uh, Poopies said he doesn't believe you.
- You don't?
- I didn't say that.
- Totally said that!
- He said it!
- Oh, I'm mad now.
- Yeah.
That hurts!
Why'd you get me?
The fuck?
- You need to get Poopies.
- Yeah. Poopies is the one way left.
Way left.
Poopies' wiener is asking for it.
- Calm down.
- Right.
What about this side, Shannon?
Ow. Motherfucker! Goddamn it!
Leave the rookies alone!
He only has one ball, and you hit it.
- I gotta get that middle one.
- Ooh.
There you go.
I've gotten hit.Oh shit.
She's reckless.
- She hit me twice!
- Oh, man.
Oh, one man standing.
Chest up.Chest up.
- Chest up!
- Make me proud.
Get him good.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, Shannon. Whoo.
- Yes. Oh my God.
- Nice.
- God!
- Nice.
Oh God,
that was so fuckin' right on.
Thank you, Shannon.
Way to go.
You're welcome?
I heard Knoxville
go over to that tennis professional,
and he goes,
"See that big fat guy over there?"
"I want you to hit him right here."
Where I'd been shot by the elephant gun.
And I thought that it'd be pretty hard
for that tennis lady to do that.
But no, she could curve it right there.
- Whoa.
- Let's see.
Let's see, P.
Oh my God! She hit that?
- This center part is new.
- How dare you!
- Literally a bull's-eye.
- This is new.
It's like tie-dye.
All right, you guys. We're up
in one of the buildings right here,
and, um, they're filming the opening,
so, take a look.
Background and action!
Whoa, dude.
Oh my God!
Hello, I'm Johnny Knoxville.
Welcome to Jackass!
So, the big opening sequence
of Jackass Forever
started off as a much smaller idea.
We wanted to do
this sort of '70s monster movie,
where Chris's penis
was attacking a miniature city.
The airbrush is chillier
on the balls.
- It was never gonna be the opening.
- Right.
It was always gonna be a bit.
What's gonna happen?
Well, the sea monster
is going to lay waste to this town.
Trying to get our talent
in the proper position
for, uh, the sea monster to perform.
There we go.
I see the fearsome sea monster.
I mean, poor Chris was
in the most awkward position
'cause he's under the set.
You look
like you're having sex with the set.
I kind of am.
And we basically cut a hole
in the middle of the street,
and Chris had to fit his penis through it.
Well, the monster's "thighs,"
his balls,
kept dropping down
from underneath the, uh, sandpaper street
we had built for him.
Here. I'm going to...
- I've gotta push your balls through, okay?
- No worries.
- Okay. This is me, Pontius.
- No worries.
Like, I knew we had a problem,
and I knew I had a solution.
And by God, I was right there.
And if Pontius needed me to do that again,
I'd be there again.
I wasn't plannin' on this
when I came to work today.
Let's try to make this happen.
Let's go.
Well done.
- Yeah, moviemaking.
- Mm-hmm.
I think as soon as we started shooting it
that day, we were like,
"This is a great idea,"
and then we looked at the test footage.
Man, it looks so funny.
And that's when we decided to make it
the open and not just a bit.
- I started getting excited.
- And then the idea started growing.
Three, two, one!
- Yeah. Then the idea started growing.
- And then kept growing.
Yeah, it kept growing.
And the budget kept expanding.
- It kept doubling.
- It kept doubling.
Background and action!
I just wanted it to be right.
And I would settle for no...
Nothing but the best.
Every time Spike
opened his mouth, it was just, like,
millions of dollars
were just falling out of it.
Pretty exciting.
- Hey!
- It's a big deal, dude.
It's an expensive dick joke.
The opening sequence
and the ending
have always felt
like real,blockbuster Hollywood.
- Yeah.
- We feel like movie stars when we do this.
Oh, yeah. It's so fun.
- Rest of the time, we feel like schmucks.
- Yeah. Exactly.
- Okay, stop! Stop.
- He said, "Stop."
- I hit my head fuckin' hard.
- Listen, lay down that way.
Did we get it?
Did we get it?
- We... We good?
- No, we don't.
It was really strenuous to film.
It was it got so physically demanding.
I'd always be in these weird positions.
He's completely vulnerable too.
And it's cold
where we were shooting, and, like...
And we're shooting pyro
that he can't even see.
There's all this pyro on either side,
just blasting little debris into his dick,
and he doesn't even see it coming.
Tell me about these puppeteers.
It's very exciting.
The puppeteers are very exciting people.
My favorite thing is, like,
we pulled out, like,
the best people on every level.
The guy who's puppeteering it,
he's the guy who did
the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
in Ghostbusters.
He's just got this list of credentials.
We brought in Elia Popov,
who does special effects
for these huge blockbuster movies.
And this really talented DP, Shasta Spahn.
And our production designer,
Shepherd Frankel, who does Marvel movies,
designed this amazing set for us.
- And Tony Gardner's done these really...
- Academy Award-nominated movies.
People who have worked their way
to the top.
We're just dragging everybody down
to their lowest.
They brought their A-level skills
to our D-level idea.
Why did we come up with so many ideas
that were penises? What was our
Apparently, as you get older
- That's all you can think of?
- It's all you can think of.
But Jackass Forever has more penis in it
than any R-rated movie
in the history of R-rated movies.
- More penis hits or more penis?
- Just penis in it.
Penises are biologically fascinating
and so underused,
like, as far as movies go
and just entertainment.
I don't know why.
It's like, little boys know it.
When you're a little boy, you run around,
doing crazy stuff with your penis.
Flippin' it around,
peein' on things, doing all this stuff.
It's like, why do we all forget that
as we go into adulthood, y'know?
So, thank heavens
that we didn't.
'Cause there's so much
you can do with it.
Now it's time
for a friendly game of chance.
Here we stand,
with our penises tethered to bricks
that we're going to drop
to the ground below.
Unfortunately, one of the strings
is too short.
Actually, two of the strings
are too short.
I wonder who it is.
We don't know.
That's why we have to play the game.
- I know, dude.
- Are we ready?
Three, two, one, drop.
- Yeah.
- Ow.
Oh, it's bleeding.Oh, it's bleeding.
Oh shit!
The thing is, is where you tie it
is behind your balls.
So, I only have one ball,
so I don't have that anchor point
that some of the other guys do.
Threw the brick, and it slid past that
and caught me mid-shaft
and just pinched as tight as it could
and then stretched my wiener to a
I'm gonna have to say a good foot long.
I really don't think you could come closer
to ripping your dick off than that.
I really don't think you can, and I am
so dumb for agreeing to do it at all.
Just, the vein.
- My dick's ruined!
- Oh!
Holy shit.
It has love spikes now.
That bit was like a bruised dick.
You just can't beat it.
Making these movies is really probably
the funnest thing that I think you can do.
God. What a great time it's been,
hanging out with all your friends.
It's so rare to have the chemistry
of this of a group of people
that come together
to make something like this.
And every single person
is so important to the mix.
Everyone was gonna make this one count.
It was obvious.
It felt like we were all unsure
going into it,
but coming out of it,
it felt as good as all the others.
In the friendships that not only remain,
but have gotten stronger
over the years, uh,
really mean a lot, and, uh, for us
to still be doing this after 20 years
For there to be interest
and for us to physically be able
and for it to be as fun as it is,
I think that's special.
So what we have
behind me is my dad, Dark Shark.
He made his name up himself, but this man
is a OG Crip gangbanger from Los Angeles.
Doesn't bang anymore,
but been through a lot.
Been to prison multiple times,
probably did a lot of dirt in the hood.
You know, been through...
How many times you been shot?
Got nine bullet holes in me.
Been shot nine times, still here.
But when it comes
to little things like birds
and flying in a, I don't know, a airplane,
just simple things
you don't see in the hood,
it makes him very scared.
Dark Shark is terrified of flying,
and, uh
So we thought, "All right.
What's the scariest thing we could do?"
Let's make him skydive.
Then we started adding on to the bit.
Like, "Yeah, let's make him skydive.
Let's make everything go wrong."
This is Jasper,
and today we're gonna fulfill
your father's lifelong dream
of jumping out of a plane.
He's very excited.
- Yes.
- He's not excited.
I'm scared as fuck.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Scared as fuck, fuck, fuck.
But, um, y'know,
I'm with the big boys now, you know?
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O,
Wee Man, and them.
He doesn't know that "the plane
is gonna take a little oopsie."
And also, the pilot's gonna jump out
in the middle of it.
So, shit is gonna get
a little bit of real.
Scared of airplanes, scared of heights.
Second time I'm ever on a fuckin' plane,
and I'm finna jump out.
He's flown once before.
And how did that go?
We took this man to Hawaii,
and he cried the whole way there.
Had his eyes closed the whole time.
Yeah, I been scared of planes
all my life. I pump myself up.
That was my first time on a plane.
I closed my eyes the whole way.
Tears in my goddamn eyes.
Not cryin',
but, uh, tears came out my eyes.
This is Boyd, our pilot.
He's gonna be flying the plane today.
And Boyd, I just beg of you,
just no turbulence, as safe as possible.
Don't upset Dark Shark.
- Nice and smooth.
- Yeah.
- I can do that.
- Thank you.
Oh Lord.
From Longwood, California
the workin' girls' dream,
the old maids' delight, Dark Shark!
I'mma cry like a bitch.
How'd I get here?
- How'd I get here? A blessing, though.
- Bring it in. We got this.
- Yeah, Dark Shark. You got it, buddy.
- Goddamn.
- You ready?
- Hell no.
Yeah, Dark Shark.
Already got the first step done.
You got this.
Our pilot is solid as they come.
Yeah, Dark Shark.
How high are we gonna be when we jump?
How many feet?
- Two thousand.
- High.
- Thirteen thousand feet.
- First for me.
Everyone's wavin' to you, Dark Shark.
He was so terrified, right?
He was in a fear lock on the way up.
He just took both of his elbows
and just pressed them into me and Jasper.
And he just he was somewhere else.
As the plane takes off,
you know, he's already terrified.
He's just, like
He ain't sayin' nothin',
and then Johnny's cracking little jokes.
You got this.
He doesn't got this.
It was real quiet on that plane,
aside for me mouthing off.
We're at 4,100 feet.
I kept telling him, like,
"Oh, 3,100 feet, 4,700 feet."
Just tryin' to get in his head.
Now we're at 7,000 feet.
It's pretty smooth, though, right? Really.
Why the fuck you get on this damn plane?
How you doin', Dark Shark?
I was tryin' to hold back from not going
fuckin' berserk on that plane.
Is this on?
Goddamn, now, look at that shit.
And then, as we're all standin',
they have the pilot, um,
start shakin' the plane a little bit.
- Oh! Oh shit!
- Oh Lord!
- What the fuck is that?
- Oh shit!
And then from there, the plane starts
to "smoke" from the smoke machine.
Hey! Look at the floor.
Hey, man! What the fuck, bro?
- There's smoke!
- Hey!
So, when all the rest
of that shit went down,
I was already scared to the fullest.
So, in my mind,
I'm tellin' myself, "I'm gonna die today."
And then, the pilot comes up.
He's faking to put the smoke out
with a fire extinguisher.
He looks at Dark Shark and says
What the fuck? That's the pilot!
- Oh, shit!
- That was the pilot.
I gave up on livin'
for the first time in my life.
And I've been shot
in the head, face, neck.
Everything, never gave up,
but I just had enough.
I was just so scared.
That was the pilot!
- Let's go. Come on.
- Let's go.
Meanwhile, when I jump out,
my parachute had almost fallen off.
I didn't know, but I didn't have
my, uh, straps on my shoulders.
And if you look at the footage,
like, my straps on my shoulders
get all the way down to my elbows.
And then I just wiggle them on,
and boom, they hit the parachute.
Oh my God!
I was prayin',
"You fucked. You deserve to die."
You know, in my mind.
So I was just praying, like,
"Just don't go to hell.
I don't wanna go to hell."
I'm sorry, God!I'm sorry, God!
Oh, God. My heart!
I'm havin' a heart attack!
I can't breathe! Get me down!
Get me down, please. I'm done. I quit.
I'm done!
- There's Dark Shark, right there.
- Dark Shark's doin' 360s. Look!
It's all right.
Dark Shark!
You made it!
Oh my God!
Yeah, Dark Shark!
Pops! You did it, Pops!
You're here now! You're here now!
Smile! Smile!
How was it?
- I almost died.
- But you didn't die.
- I did.
- You did not.
You been shot nine times!
That ain't nothin'!
I'd rather get shot nine times again.
You know what I'm sayin'?
- I don't wanna never get shot.
- I almost died. I swear to God.
I was very proud of Dark Shark
for facing his fears.
'Cause even after that,
he just became a different person,
and he was even more positive,
and he's had a better look at life.
Y'know? It really changed him.
Remember the deal, though.
You gotta Crip Walk with me.
All right. Now, you show me
how to Crip Walk.
Throw the C's up.
Just move your legs.
Just give me a little of this.
Now do this.
Yeah, Johnny. Yeah.
- Little of that.
- Wipe your toe. Wipe it off too.
Yeah. There you go. Wipe.
There you go.There you go.
Damn! Did I do it? Did I do it?
- You did it!You did it!
- Yeah!
- Yeah, Dark Shark!
- Fuck!
Hopefully, my dick turns white
and not black like everybody else's.
- I think I seen this in a Jackass movie.
- You say you saw this in Jackass?
I don't think those guys
are around anymore.
- You keep talkin'
- Slap him.
- And I won't wait
Far away
What? It's just gonna be low?
Ooh, ooh, ooh
So neat.
Fuck! Motherfucker!
Goddamn it, dude.
- Oh my God.
- Oh.
That that thing is huge, man.
Jail suit.
Not a jail suit.
It's a flight suit.
- A what? Hell no.
- Flight suit.
Oh my God!
I know I was lazy, babe
But you're mean
Taking that shit from you
Oh, and all these people
That is, uh,
five gallons of pig cum.
Shut up! Are you serious?
- I wanna get back to you, babe
Son of a gun!
- Hi.
- All right. You got it, daughter.
Holy shit.
Hey, Poopies, what happened
with your thong, man?
Well, I took a poop
before I put the thing on,
and I only wiped twice and shoulda
shoulda added that third wipe.
I'm sorry, anyone in this room,
have you ever been in the clear
after two wipes?
I have never been
in the clear after less than 15.
Safety first.
Hey, what the shit?
Oh my God!
I'm Eric Manaka,
and this is Face Your Fears.
Was this Felix?
- Lance.
- Sorry.
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no! No!
Come on, we gotta focus, guys. Focus!
- Blocked, blocked, blocked.
- Fuckin' Mini Miyagi over here.
Mini Miyagi, dude.
- Did I get you?
- Yes.
Your order for today.
- How's this thing work?
- Pull the pin, aim, and shoot.
Wait a minute! Fuck!
- I'm Catwoman.
- Ooh. I like it.
I have to go use the ladies'.
- All right.
- Sorry.
I gotta think about baseball now.
- Are you guys twerking?
- Woof. Thank you.
Nick Merlino's
going down the hill in a pasta strainer.
He's mentally bankrupt.
Could you guys talk
about who's stronger?
I'm stronger.
- Spike sucks to fight.
- Yeah.
Like, Spike is so surprisingly
hard to deal with in a fight
'cause he's wiry, but
No, no, no, no! Don't! Don't!
See? I'm stronger!
All right, I'm done.
Reminder, the stunts
in this movie
were performed by professionals,
so for your safety
and the protection of those around you,
do not attempt any
of the stunts you have just seen.