Jackdaw (2023) Movie Script

[unintelligible voices over radio static]
[muffled voices]
[man] Oi, oi, lad!
I got your message.
I knew you'd be in touch
with your old pal Silas eventually.
It's been a long time... yeah.
How can I help you?
I recommend you see
some of the sights whilst you're here.
You could go have a nice paddle
out to the North Gare Windmills.
Take in the lovely scenery.
Whilst you're there,
go for a relaxing swim at the Jolly Roger.
You could collect my treasure
while you're at it.
Do that for me, and I'll leave something
nice for you and your little brother
at the Third Bridge.
I'll call you again when it's time.
And Jack?
Let's just leave our old baggage
at the door. No dramas.
[radio playing in background]
Simon, that thing I'd said I'd do,
it's today.
I'll be gone a few hours.
What if something happens to you?
I'll be on me own again.
No, it's nothing like that.
I'll be home before supper time.
Now, remember, we're leaving
as soon as I get back.
You pack what's essential,
'cos we won't have much room on the bike.
The bike's fucked!
I can hear it from here!
[telephone buzzing]
Do you really have to leave, Jack?
We've been over this, Si.
[ringing continues]
We can't stay here.
[Silas] Are you ready, Jackie?
[engine revving]
[gasping and coughing]
[radio playing folk music]
I need you to take me to land now.
Hurry up!
They're gonna fucking kill us!
You shall ear, you shall hear
Your doctrines I must blame
You shall hear
What is right and what is wrong,
by the law, by the law?
What is right and what is wrong,
by the law?
What is right and what is wrong?
The weak arm and the strong
The short sword and the long
For to draw, for to draw
The short sword and the long,
for to draw...
[intense music playing]
[music continues to play]
Please leave your message
after the tone.
There's no fucking money here, Silas,
you fucking snake!
I'm keeping this shit
until you give me my money.
[engine sputtering]
[engine sputtering]
-[horse whinnies]
[engine sputtering]
[engine dies]
Come on!
[radio] Veering west later,
four or five, showers for a time...
[doorbell chimes]
[Jack] Hiya.
I broke down.
I'll pay you once I've filled up.
Reports of gunfire at Factory Road...
Suspect seen leaving the scene
on a motorbike.
Any units nearby, please respond.
[muffled radio response]
Are you gonna pay for that? Hey!
[engine revving]
Fucking stop.
I don't want to hurt you.
I need back-up. I've been attacked.
Farmer's field behind old diner
going south on Gare Road!
Detained IC1 male,
driving a blue and white scrambler.
Fuck! Wake up.
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
[clock ticking]
[ticking continues]
[motorbike arrives]
[Jack] Simon?
[creaking and banging]
-[ringing device in room]
[ringing continues]
Hi, this is Simon.
I'm away at the moment.
Please leave a message
after the tone. Bye.
[upbeat music playing]
[music continues to play]
[woman] Tony, you're putting me off.
Stop fucking flexing your fucking pecs
when I'm talking to you!
You've got more muscles than brains
in there, haven't you, you fucking prick?
If you ever do that to me again,
I'm gonna fucking...
-[banging at door]
-[woman] Who is it?
-[woman] Jack who?
Have you come to paint me
like one of your French girls?
Let him in.
Now, how the fuck do I know who that is,
dressed like Batman?
Now, you two, fuck off!
I didn't know you were back
from the Army.
Yeah, no one does.
And what brings you to me?
Need jewelry?
Sit down, man.
You're making me nervous.
Eddy, I need your help.
-Simon's been kidnapped.
By Silas.
I've got something that he wants.
I trusted him like an idiot.
What don't you just give whatever you have
back to Silas, and avoid any drama?
No, it's not that easy.
I'm starting to get the feeling
that it doesn't belong to him.
-Whose, then?
-I don't know.
And where did you pick
this something up from?
In the North Sea.
-I think you should put it back.
-No, not until I get Simon.
-Does your dad know you're back?
It's gonna stay that way.
Where is Silas?
Look, that's what I was hoping
that you could help me with.
Try the farm.
You might need this...
The boys round here
are becoming desperate.
Things have changed since you left.
England isn't what it used to be.
Can you help me with this, please?
Men round here are suffering
from a disease, Jack.
Instead of facing the inevitability
of their annihilation,
they seek refuge
in meaningless hedonism,
self-improvement and shiny objects.
Don't end up the same
as the rest of them.
-How's that?
I'm sorry about your mam.
We all miss her.
Thank you.
Be careful, Jack.
The road to hell is paved
with good intentions.
[upbeat music playing]
[intense music playing]
[TV volume low]
-[bones crack]
-Ah, my finger! Aargh!
[yelling in pain]
You broke it!
What are you fucking doing?
-Where's Silas?
-I ain't telling you shit.
-I ain't got a clue, bruv!
-Don't fucking lie.
I'm not fucking lying, man!
This gun, that horse downstairs...
It was you that chased me.
Fucking horse?
Do I look an equestrian to you?
You're handy with a shotgun, though.
You fucking broke in here and tried
to split me head open! What do you expect?
-Honestly, bruv, he doesn't tell me shit!
He just leaves me guarding all his stuff,
freezing my fucking bollocks off! Aargh!
Aargh! Aargh! Okay! Okay!
He was over there.
By the water cooler. There's a flyer.
Please! By the cooler, over there!
What's wrong with you, man?
My fucking throat, man!
-Yes. Nocturnal.
It's a fucking rave. It's on tonight.
He'll be there shifting his stuff.
Honestly, you come in here,
break my finger,
strangle me half to death,
and I'm just trying to make
an honest living!
I've got three fucking kids
to feed at home!
[Jack] What is this place?
It's a crypto-farm, whatever that is.
Makes money out of thin air, apparently.
-Silas built this?
He believes that, ultimately, crypto will
become the reserve currency for the banks,
playing the same role that gold did
in the formative days of banking.
Silas said that?
Well, yeah, something like that...
Look, my finger.
-What are you watching?
-Ultimate Motocrosser.
I find it relaxing.
You're a fucking violent bastard,
you know that?
[electronic dance music playing]
Alright? You lost?
Fancy some sniff?
-Nah, I'm good.
-Come on, mate.
-It's fucking good sniff, like.
-No. I only buy from Silas.
Silas? The little fucking prick!
Do you know, is he here?
I'll knock him out for you for fifty quid.
It's Armstrong brand. Yeah!
Proper rocket fuel.
None of Silas' dishwasher powder.
You work for Armstrong.
No. I'm self-employed.
-How old are you?
-Old enough to fuck yer mam!
You stay away from Armstrong.
Are you gonna tighten me back wheel?
-How long has it been?
-Five years.
-How's the flock?
-Not many of us left.
Sub-culture's dead now, man.
Let's have look at you.
You look like you've seen
some things, Jack.
These are old and new.
Heard about your mom.
Why did you bring me out here?
What are you here looking for, Jack?
-An old ghost.
Aren't we all old ghosts to you?
Isn't he why you left?
Funny to be the thing
that brings you back.
-What have you done?
Yeah, where have I heard that before?
Jack, it's been so long.
Come and have a dance with me.
[upbeat music playing]
[music distorting and echoing]
-[sound cuts out]
-[man on PA] This is an illegal rave!
-Stay where you are!
-[sirens wailing]
-You're all under arrest!
Get your shit and come find us.
We're at the old Crow's Nest Farm.
[shouting and screaming]
[shouting and screaming]
[engines revving]
[dogs barking]
[sirens wailing]
-[dog barking]
-[sirens wailing]
Aargh! Get the fuck off me,
you bastard!
Get the fuck off me now!
[overlapping voices]
[engine revving]
Oi! Fuck off! This is my spot!
No, fuck you, mate!
I found this spot first!
Please, please, just shut up.
If you don't fuck off
and find your own spot,
I'm gonna scream at the top of...
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You keep your mouth shut,
otherwise we're both fucked, okay?
[boy chuckling]
You look absolutely
off your fucking tits, mate.
You're the guy that Silas is after inside,
aren't you?
Why... you know Silas?
Where's he going?
Tell me where he's going.
Fuck you, mate!
I'm not your little bitch!
[dogs barking]
[overlapping shouting]
My bike's there.
You're gonna take me to him, okay?
What, you're gonna kidnap me
on a motorbike?
-No, it's not kidnapping.
-Well, what if I just jump off?
-Why would you do that?
-Well, 'cos you're kidnapping me.
And I don't quite fancy me chances
with a guy brandishing a fucking crowbar,
dressed like a low-budget Power Ranger!
-[dog snarling]
[Jack] You fancy your chances
with them instead?
[helicopter overhead]
Hurry up, man!
I've got a pocket full of cowies!
Hurry up, man, this is supposed
to be a kidnapping, innit?
[shouting and jeering]
Ha-ha! Fuck off!
[cheering and whooping]
What now?
How do you know Silas?
I don't know, I just do.
I help him out with a few things
from time to time.
In fact, that prick just left me.
You know when the cops
scrambled the rave?
Look, I need your help.
I need you to go in there
and find my brother.
Your brother?
-He's been kidnapped.
Yeah, youre the guy they sent out
to the North Sea.
Silas is pissed off you never dropped
that bag off. Is that it?
Let's have a look.
Well, why should I help you?
'Cause you'd be banged up
if it wasn't for me.
-Give me your phone.
-Why would I give you my phone?
To put my number in it.
What am I even gonna say to him?
Don't you think it's a bit random, me just
turning up in the ass end of nowhere?
Just tell him that
Jackdaw's looking for him.
Huh? Fucking Jackdaw?
I'll be hiding out under Third Bridge.
I'll trade the stuff for my brother.
How do I even know what he looks like?
He's called Simon.
When you find him, you call me.
Fuck's sake!
[sighs heavily]
[engine revving]
Yo! Open up! It's the police!
-[man] Oh, shit, man! It's the rozzers!
-Course it's not. It's me, Craig.
Open up.
I need to tell Silas something.
-Didn't bring the police here, did you?
-Course not, man! I was proper stealthy!
I'm like fucking Delta Force climbing
through farmers' fields to get here.
Look at me, covered in clarts.
Alright, come in.
[dance music blaring]
[Silas] Tell me, Craggy.
Yeah, I, er... bumped into that geezer,
you know, on the motorbike?
-[Silas] What'd he look like?
-How the fuck am I supposed to know?
He was wearing a helmet.
But he did call himself
the fucking Jackdaw.
[music stops]
-Yeah, he said to send you message.
-Which was?
To meet him by Third Bridge.
To trade that stuff for his brother.
-His brother, eh?
-Yeah, he said that you'd kidnapped him.
Maybes I did! Ha-ha!
Maybes I did, Craggy boy.
Maybes he should've done
as he was telt,
and left my property
where he was supposed to.
But why didn't you just...
leave the money for him?
What's that gotta do with you?
Did he tell you that?
No. No, he just said that
you owed him some money.
-And I just pieced the rest together.
-Maybes he didn't look hard enough for it.
Does he think I'm a liar?
You haven't told him
anything about me, now, have you?
Course I haven't.
You're not lying to me...
are you, Craggy boy?
No, I'm not, marra. I swear.
Better sniff that, then, best you?
[raucous laughing]
Make your way over to Third Bridge
and get my stuff of that little prick.
Away, you wankers!
Let's have a fucking rave, man!
Silas, do you mind if I use the netty?
That gear's gonna make me shit meself.
Fill your boots!
[metallic clanging]
[liquid dripping]
[engine starts]
[muffled moaning]
-Oi! Fuck off, you pervy nonce!
-Shit! Sorry, lads, carry on.
-[phone ringing]
-Why are you calling me?
-[Jack] Is my brother in there?
-I think I've found him.
-Are you sure?
A fucking white guy with brown hair.
What more do you want to know?
-What's he wearing?
-It's him. It looks like him.
He's wearing boring-ass,
fucking brown clothes.
The rest of the nutters in here are all
wearing tutti-frutti-colored shell suits.
Okay. Well, find a way to let me in.
No, I've helped you out enough.
Look, they're gonna fucking kill me
if they find me sniffing around here.
I think I've just found a fire exit.
Yeah, it's round back.
I'll leave the door to.
[blaring dance music]
Silas, er...
you don't mind if I grab
another little bump, do you?
Appreciate it.
Oi, Silas!
This little fucking perv,
he just burst in on me,
taking a mental photo
of my bare bollocking ass!
Well, it's quite impossible
to see anything else, man!
Yeah, no shit! What you talking about?
I was just looking for the toilet, man!
Who was you on the phone to, then?
Who the fuck are you?
[muffled shouting]
What was that sound?
Darren, Marzy, go and check that out.
Who were you chatting to,
Craggy boy?
Just-- just me old lady, mate.
Seems a bit late.
-What time is it, boys?
Aargh! Fuck!
Bingo, motherfucker!
[Darren] Fucking crackheads, man...
Fucking get him, man!
Fuck off! Fuck!
[laughing maniacally]
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
A little Jackydaw!
Where's Simon?
Did you bring my little baggie?
Doesn't belong to you, Silas.
Jesus, Jack! Are you here
to give me a lesson about morals?
I tell you what, let's play a little game
of Pass The Parcel.
If you win, I'll tell you
where your brother is.
Come on.
-Come on.
-Tell me.
-Throw it to me.
-Tell me!
-Tell me where he fucking is!
-I never kidnapped your brother, man!
-You broke into my house.
-I was looking for you.
[Silas chuckling]
-Whose is this?
-Whose do you think?
[Silas laughing]
[Agonized screaming]
Whose is it?
It's big bad Armstrong's!
You really fucked it, Jackdaw!
-You set me up.
-Daddy's home, Jackie boy!
Here, Silas, he wasn't at the bridge.
He's right here on top of me, man!
Fucking get him, man!
Here's Johnny!
[whistling] Oi! Let me jump
on the back, will you?
Where's your brother?
Come on, man, let's fucking go!
Mate, you're gonna have to go faster!
[laughing] Oi, oi!
-Jackie boy!
-Quick! He's catching us up!
Let's fuck with these little pricks.
Just give me my little baggie!
[Craig] Jesus Christ, you fucking nutter!
Fuck off!
Spin around! Spin around!
Enough fucking around.
[cocks gun]
He's got a gun!
[engine sputtering]
-What you doing, man?
-The fuel's run out.
-[engine sputtering]
-I filled it up!
Fucking hell, man!
[engine sputtering]
[sighs] What's up with it?
Why are you stopping?
It's the carb. It's been hammered.
I'm not fucking surprised.
I know where we can get it fixed.
What, you're walking?
Are you coming, or what?
[dogs barking]
What do you want, Birdie?
I need some repairs.
Who's your friend?
Put the kettle on. It's freezing.
What happened to your arm?
Some knife-wielding nutter
tried to give me a shorter neck.
[sighs] Sit down, I'll take a look.
-[Craig] Aargh!
-[Bo] Take your jacket off.
Listen, I never take this off.
I'm already pissed off it's ruined.
Have it your way.
Oh, fuck!
-Where you boys heading?
-[Craig] Aargh!
-[Mia] Who's hollering?
-[Bo] You remember Jack, Mia?
You were only a bairn
last time you saw him.
Yeah, I know exactly who he is.
Hello, Jack Dawson.
Three times FIM 500cc champion.
Also known as Jackie boy, Birdie...
or more commonly... the Jackdaw.
Did you hear, Jack? Bo clocked your
lap time at Barleigh Castle at 1:57:415.
[Mia giggling]
What's in the bag?
Yeah, what is in the bag?
Well, it don't look like nothing.
It's something belonging to Armstrong.
Armstrong? Well, shit! Let me see.
Yo, that looks fucking wild.
Well, open it, then.
No, I'm not fucking with it.
I need to give it back.
He's taken my brother.
What, you robbed this from him?
What, you think Armstrong's gonna let you
just walk away scot-free,
like you didn't take his shit?
He's gonna proper fuck you up.
Along with your brother.
Hey, real talk, your brother's
probably dead already.
[zipper closing]
If I was you, I'd just cut my losses,
fuck off with this while I still can.
Jack's bike needs his carb sorting.
Get it sorted, will you?
-[Mia] You coming?
Alright, listen, yeah?
I don't want Armstrong's dickheads
coming round here.
So, you need to get your shit...
and leave.
You see, it's easy.
All you do, unscrew the top.
And it's just clogged with soot.
Mia, how do Bo and Jack
know each other?
They were childhood lovebirds,
right up until Jack just...
...left and joined the Army.
And who's this, er... Armstrong geezer?
He's Jack's dad.
So, what's so big and bad about him?
He did something terrible.
Why, what's he done?
You heard about his mom.
He strangled her to death.
In front of Jack's little brother.
But that's just a rumor.
Is Simon okay?
I don't know.
What's this tangled web you're in, Jack?
Silas offered me money
to go and do a simple pick-up.
I never even stopped to think
that it might not belong to him.
Who are you trying to convince there,
me or yourself?
Why didn't you come see me
when you got back home?
I would've been
a good friend to you, Jack.
This isn't anything personal to you, Bo.
You joined the Army without telling me.
You ghosted everyone here
who loved you.
Maybe you actually managed
to better yourself.
So, why do all that
to fall straight back in with Silas?
I should've known
he'd create this nightmare...
No, Jack...
You created this nightmare
all by yourself.
Where you running to this time?
I can't have Simon living in that house
after what happened to our mom in there.
You could've changed it
if you'd been here, Birdie.
All this shit was supposed to be easy.
If you try to take the easy way out
and run away,
you'll end up right back where you started
and nothing will have changed.
The thing you're running from...
...needs to be dealt with, right here.
[horse whinnies]
[dogs barking]
[Dani, muffled] Bo!
How long was I...?
Don't worry, you just drifted off
for a few minutes.
[Dani] Bo, are you coming or what?
There's a car parked in paddock's field
looking mad dodgy.
You brought Armstrong's dickheads
right to us.
[sucks teeth]
Fuck's sake, man! Look.
No, that's not Armstrong. It's Silas.
Bo, go and lock up all the windows.
Dani! What are you doing? We are not
getting into a fucking shootout.
-Where's Mia?
-She's in the workshop.
We need to get her
and then get the bikes.
[dogs barking]
[Dani] I'm getting out of here.
I didn't sign up for this fucking shit!
[door rattling]
[handle rattling]
[glass smashing]
[man groaning]
[Bo] Dani! Jack!
Get something for her neck, quickly!
Dani, you're gonna be okay, sweetheart.
Come on, Dani, don't you fucking die.
-[labored breathing]
[breathing stops]
[banging and glass smashing]
[man screaming]
-Aargh! You fucking bitch!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
[metallic clanging]
-[Mia]Let me in, it's me.
-Where's Craig?
-He got shot.
-Where's Dani?
[Jack] Go!
Mia, get the bikes started.
-Where are you going?
-Fuck knows.
Wherever the wind carries us.
Okay, I'll come find you.
You won't.
Oh, fuck's sake, Mia!
-Ah, fucking hell!
What's going on, man?
[Craig] NCS!
You are a fucking cop?
Deep cover, mate.
The Oscar goes to...
-Hey, Silas, is that you?
[Silas] Course it's me, you little prick!
Jesus, Craggy, you little piggy!
[mimics pig squealing]
[Silas] Aargh!
[engine revving]
Look, take me with you, Jack.
I can help you put this right properly.
Mate, I cannot let you
leave here with that.
[dogs barking]
[horse whinnies]
Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
I need picking up.
Yeah, and hurry the fuck up, please.
I've been shot
and I'm on a fucking awful comedown!
[gates buzzing]
-[girl] Dad...
-[muffled voices]
-[Simon] It's my turn. Give me the dice.
-[Girl] Here you go, Simon.
[Simon] Thank you.
It goes round clockwise, that clock.
There you are.
[Dice shaking and landing]
[Armstrong] There you go, go on.
Come on.
I've come to take you home.
[Armstrong] He is home.
Come and join us for some breakfast.
Your sister would like to meet you.
Brought you that.
Carry on with your game.
Don't let me stop you.
-[Girl] You owe me loads of money, dad.
-Sweetheart, you've nearly cleared me out.
[Girl] Here you go, Simon.
-Go on, son.
-He's not your son.
You decided that
when you walked out on him.
I see you're still riding that bike
I gave you years ago.
Come on.
Sit down, son.
[Simon giggling]
[sighs heavily]
Just sit down
and come play with your family.
How do you know I took it?
-The package. How do you know it was me?
All roads lead to Rome eventually, son.
Now, here you are.
So, you kidnapped Simon
to drag me here?
My own kid?
You think I really care
what's in that bag?
One of many.
Is that what happened, Simon?
-I kidnapped you?
-No, Dad.
See? He's quite happy.
This is where you should've been
all along.
Two nice big rooms upstairs
for you and your little brother.
No, I don't want anything from you.
Jack, you still need to take
from Daddy to survive.
You think if I'd known it was yours,
I would've taken it?
We've never taken a thing from you.
You've taken everything from us.
What was it?
What did she do to you
that you just couldn't bear?
Dad, there's a horse in the garden.
Amy, go upstairs and play.
No one steals from me
and gets away with it, Jack.
This is what your mother
should've realized
before trying to run away
with your little brother.
Then she might be still here
to join us for breakfast.
[Jack] Is that what did it?
Or was it that ultimately
she did the job of making sure
that we never, ever
turned out like you?
You turned out exactly like me, son.
So, don't come here
waving a gun around your sister
and giving me shit about how well
your bitch mother brought you up!
I tell you what...
I'm gonna give you a choice
that you didn't give her.
To take your family and leave here,
or let Amy grow up without a father
just like we did.
Go on, then,
if you think you're man enough.
Do it.
Or did your mommy
bring you up too soft?
[Simon] Jack...
Let's just go home.
You're not like him, Jack.
Shut your mouth, boy!
You're going nowhere!
Simon, let's go.
You'd have been too soft to do anything
if you were there that day, Jack.
-[cocks gun]
-Your mother was right.
You're not like me at all.
Soft little rabbit skin.
That's for what he did to your ma.
This is mine.
[door closes]
Look at me, look at me!
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Armed police! Get your hands up!
-Jack! Jack, show me your hands!
-Hands up!
-Jack, you need to show me your hands!
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah, okay.
[Sam Fender]
'Cos The Half Moon
The Waggon and The Dolphin
are in between
Stagger into the Mission Hall
And mumble a few words
One for me Ma
one for me sister who isn't well
And as I get through the door
back home
He's already took her
She never done nowt wrong
in the little time she had
Iris, I miss you like hell
You're little hands and funny laugh
will haunt me
Till the day I see you again...
Any idea what happened
to your little, er... baggie?
I geared up and went to war
with no need for persuasion...
[Craig] The flock has flown the nest.
Hopefully it won't come to that
Hopefully I won't have to do it
[sirens wailing]
The things that I have seen out here
will haunt me till I see you again
Let's keep this little radgie night
our secret.
Though I may join you soon
if I don't make it
Through this never-ending nightmare
-Iris, I hope I make it...
-[sirens wailing]
Come on!
[keys jangling]
Go and take care of your brother.
I told you it were fucked.
["The Prodigy" by Jericho playing]
The horns of Jericho,
the horns of Jericho...
I'll show you fucked.
[engine revving]
[music continues to play]
Feel the bass
come down on me, baby
Feel the bass
come down on me, baby
Want a favor, find a favor
want a favor, find a favor...