Jacked (2022) Movie Script

Hey streamers, how's it going?
It's Ethan here.
I am finally doing it.
I'm moving to Los
Angeles, I am on my way.
I am about to catch a bus
and I packed all my things.
I'm leaving.
I'm gonna become a famous actor.
I just know it, I can feel
it for myself, you know.
I'm gonna be a hundred
percent honest with you guys.
My mom kind of gave me like
the ultimatum of ultimatums
where she told me that if
I don't stop being gay,
then I can't live there anymore.
So as you know,
you can't stop being
something that you are.
So I'm off.
Everyone, I made it iconic
Hollywood and Vine sign.
I can't believe I
made it this far.
All right, I'll check you later.
Hey, is this apartment one?
No, it's actually over there.
Oh my gosh, you must
be Al's new roommate.
Ah, yeah.
I'm your neighbor, I
live right back there.
I'm just out here
taking my medicine.
Cool, cool.
Do you want the last hit
before you knock on the door?
Sure, why not?
Oh my God, are you okay?
Yeah, it's much stronger than
the stuff I have at home.
My name's Ethan, by the way.
What's your name?
My name is Ricardo
Manuel Diego de la Mon,
but most people
just call me Ricky.
Well, thanks for the weed,
but I should probably...
Hey, before you
knock on the door.
Did you say something?
Yeah. I just wanted to
give you a heads up.
Al seems like a really nice guy,
but he's been going through
a lot of roommates lately.
I don't know what that's about.
I just wanted to let you know.
Thank you, nice to meet you.
I'm a hugger, new roomy.
Let me show you your room.
It's right back this way.
I left it pretty empty
so you can do whatever
you want with it.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
I know you must be exhausted.
Perfect, I really
don't need much.
Thank you.
See you later.
Welcome to sunny
Southern California.
Okay, my new behind the wheel
dilettante named Imani.
Your pronouns are she/her.
My name is Raymond, my
pronouns are he/him.
I'm the head of the LGBtransportation department.
I maintain order through
safety while this department
is under my magnificent
and watchful eye.
Okay, got a busy day
so let's get started.
T-minus 300 seconds to
debrief you on your orientation.
And then we will begin
the first of your many
transportation training days.
Glad you're with us.
It's raining cats
and dogs out here.
Let's get started.
Ethan, I'm not really
sure where you are,
but with the Lord's help,
you can receive his
forgiveness and love.
Fuck you.
Thank you for calling Greyhound.
You can say check
schedules, book a trip,
find a bus stop, track my bus,
or say help me with
something else.
Pancakes, bacon, hash browns.
Sound good?
You know, I forgot if
you were keto or vegan
or something like
that, but anyway,
sit down and pour
yourself some OJ.
You okay?
Fine, yeah.
What's all this?
I've been saving for this move,
working fast food,
smelling like old grease,
you know, just trying to get out
of my family's religious claws.
I just lost all the
money that I saved.
It was stolen or something
on the bus and you know,
I called Greyhound, but
it's not like anybody
is gonna turn in $4,000
in cash, you know?
Oh, wow.
I'm so sorry.
There's plenty of
fast food places here.
Hey, you're paid up until
the end of the month.
I'm sure you'll be
able to find a job.
I'm living on kind of a tight
budget, so if you don't...
Yeah, I understand.
I do, yeah.
These pancakes look amazing.
You know, I've got some
contacts in the industry,
casting directors, agents,
producers to mention a few.
What if I reached out
to some of them for you?
Maybe I can have one 'em over
for a drink or something.
Maybe one of them can help you.
I mean, that would
be outrageous.
That's great, I'll reach out.
Man, I'm gonna have to
find a job or something
real quick now.
Good morning, streamers.
Ethan here.
Already, my new roomie
is gonna set me up
with some nice
connections in Hollywood.
So be ready to see
me on screen real quick.
I can't believe it.
It's been raining for days now.
Who says it never rains in LA?
I want introduce you to
this beautiful work of art.
The van!
The LGBT Center's newest asset.
Or new to the LGBT Center.
She's top of the line,
the transportation that
takes us to our higher power.
Smell that Imani?
It's the smell of
hope and freedom.
Soon you will be assigned
a transportation department
vehicle of your own
and complete a noble
and inspiring deed
every time you do.
In the end, you'll know
everything there is to know
about transporting homeless
youth to the center
and all the information
you'll need to navigate
the treacherous and unforgiving
waters of the streets of LA.
You think you can handle it?
I think I...
Good, I'm glad to hear your
sweet reply of approval.
On to our first
pickup of the day.
All right streamers,
check it out.
Look, we are at the world
renowned Chinese Theater.
Look at it.
So many parties, award
ceremonies and movie premieres
all happen right here.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll hold, I'll hold.
Hey, how you doing?
Yeah, yeah.
I was calling about
my schedule next week.
I was hoping if
there was any chance
I could get any more hours?
Uh, I think at this moment,
this is all we could do for you.
I'll work anytime.
I'll come really early.
I'll even learn how
to make the bagels,
like I'll even wipe the floors.
I'll do anything,
just let me know.
I understand, I understand.
Just at the moment...
Yeah, yep, yep, yep.
We have all the staff
that we basically
need for full-time.
See, I'm only working
12 hours next week
and I was really hoping
for a full-time position.
And you did promise
that at least that...
But right now we can't do that.
Yeah, yep.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but we...
Yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
See you in the morning.
Yeah, I'll see you first
thing tomorrow morning.
How's the new job?
It's okay.
I now know 24 different
kinds of smears
and 11 different
kinds of bagels.
I don't know if you noticed
the bag on the counter,
but figured out at least
help with some day-old bagels.
Great! Coffee?
I'm gonna have to
get another job.
They promised me
full time, but I...
Well, I've got some good news.
I have this casting
director friend, Tommy,
who said he'd be
happy to meet you.
I know some of the
basics, head shots,
getting into an acting
class, getting an agent,
but I'm sure he can point
you in the right direction.
It's all who you know.
That's fucking amazing.
Thank you.
You're welcome, I'm
glad I can help.
Thank you
You are a very good looking kid.
Got the blonde hair, blue
eye, whole thing going.
So why do you wanna be an actor?
That's a great question.
Something within me,
always just the ham
and just wanting to get
in front of people...
- Okay.
- At a young age.
And you know, I'm good.
I know it, and I just really
want to follow that dream.
I've really got nothing to lose.
Nope, nothing to lose.
So you're willing to
do pretty much anything
to reach that dream?
He was brought up very
religious, like crazy.
Yeah, I think I'd do
just about anything.
You know, there's something
so incredibly commercial
about you.
I have six...
I have at least seven projects
I could put you on right now.
I admire your tenacity.
Come out to California,
Hollywood with nothing,
just the shirt on your back.
It would be nice if there
was someone on the inside
who was helping you out, right?
I could do that,
I would do that.
I mean, you have no
idea how thankful I'd be
if you did that for me.
It's insane out there.
So many young men like yourself
come here almost daily.
They never have
anybody like Tommy here
to step in and help them.
It's fine.
See, you're a natural.
It's so good, you're
staying in shape I see.
Strong, working out.
Got your hair cut short.
That looks good.
All kinds of looks.
You got a great look.
What kind of stuff do you watch?
What are we gonna
send you out for?
Streaming, movies?
Ethan, I had a dream from God
that you will one day
know his love and grace.
He can either hate the one
and love the other or else
hold the one and
despise the other.
You cannot love
both God and money.
Hey, this is
Jim at the bagel shop.
And where are you?
We just can't have
people coming in...
Good morning, sleepy head.
Al, what the fuck
happened last night?
Oh, well, it looks like you
and Tommy really hit it off.
I don't remember it.
It's all blurry and fucked up.
I think we had sex.
Was that your first time?
I lost my job.
I was supposed to come in
really early this morning
and I didn't wake up till
a couple minutes ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
If I knew, I would've
woken you up.
Well, I have some good news.
Tommy called and said he
had an audition for you.
It's really easy.
All you need to do is do a
self audition and send it off.
I'll help.
Tommy already
emailed me the sides.
I think he wants to
see you this weekend.
Al, I'm a little
freaked out by Tommy.
Well, Tommy can really
do a lot for you.
I kind of have a boyfriend.
He lives here?
I've never met him in person
and he hasn't responded
to any of my texts,
so I don't really know what's
happening with that, but.
Well, Tommy mentioned he might
also have some
other work for you.
Work, what kind?
Well, I don't know.
You'll have to ask him.
He really likes you.
I guess I'm a little bit
of a lightweight, huh?
Hi, I'm Ethan Bates
and I'm auditioning
for the role of Kevin.
I don't know what to say.
I just wanted to speak to you
ever since the
first day of school.
You're amazing and I wonder
if you might just want
to go out with me?
I know it's weird and all,
but really, could
you just say yes?
I mean, what do
you have to lose?
Is that okay?
Shall I make us some eggs?
Check it out, streamers.
I made it all the way
to the Hollywood sign.
I'll chat later.
I gotta head out
and keep exploring.
I can't believe I
made it this far.
I'm at Capitol Records
everyone, look at it.
Why is it shaped like that, huh?
Is it a record?
I don't know, it's
pretty sick though.
I can't believe it.
Does this look good or what?
It's party time.
I don't know why I'm so nervous.
Just gotta make sure I don't
get as wiped out as last time.
That was really embarrassing.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Did I tell you how he's bringing
this friend, a director?
No, Al.
God, now I'm even
more freaked out.
Hey, you two.
It's good to see you.
Al, good to see
you. Thanks for having us.
I've had a crazy
week. I'm happy to be here.
I need a cocktail.
Hey, beautiful.
You killed that self tape.
You didn't get a call back,
but there's so much more
where that came from.
You're just so natural.
Your instincts are great.
You're a talented man.
And speaking of talent,
this is Jonathan,
an amazing film director.
He's up and coming and always
looking for new talents, comme a.
Hey Ethan, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
He's really good looking, right?
Yes, yes very.
So what can I get you two?
Ah, whatever you're having.
I'll have some vodka.
Perfect, perfect.
Actually, let's
go do some shots.
We're doing shots tonight.
Hey, so where you from, man?
I better not.
I don't want to get as
fucked up as last time.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is a celebration.
You are going to be a
big star, all right,
with my help and
Jonathan's help.
You really think so?
I know so.
With a face like
that, of course.
So where are you from?
How long you been here?
Just a few weeks.
Having fun?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Got family here?
I don't really talk
to my family all that much.
So you need some
friends here, right?
It's good, it's good.
We can be your friends.
Okay guys, here we go, shots.
All right, shots,
shots, shots, shots.
That's not for you.
That is for you.
Here we go.
To Ethan.
To Ethan.
That's some good stuff.
So I have a perfect job
for you and it's so easy.
I've got these industry friends,
directors and things like that.
There are these
parties coming along
and they like handsome
young men by their side.
Emmy's are coming up, Oscars...
SAG awards.
Perfect, SAG awards.
Just smile and be polite.
It's a perfect
opportunity for you.
It's a great opportunity.
You'd be with these
big name stars.
Get you nice suits.
A nice haircut.
You're hanging with
industry professionals.
You like that?
- Yes you do.
- Yeah.
- You like that.
- Are you okay?
He's fine, he'll be good.
You'll be good, right?
You're good.
He should take a nap.
All right?
I'm impressed how you're
handling yourself.
Thank you.
How long have you
been doing this?
Over a decade.
Drugs, abuse, no education,
no resources or
employment opportunities.
It's horrific what
some of these kids
have to go through.
Something have learning or
developmental disabilities
or physical problems.
One time I found this new
intake in a parking lot
behind a 7-Eleven pushing him
himself around with a large stick.
That's terrible.
That's why I'm here.
This is so important to me.
I've been so close to
being where these kids are.
Me too.
I was fortunate when I
was thrown out of my house
by my father, I had an
auntie that took me in.
She was amazing.
That's good.
I wasn't so lucky.
As you know, most
homeless youth or LGBTQ
are thrown out of their families
just for being who they are,
or they run away 'cos they know
they'd be rejected or killed.
So they come to
Hollywood with a dream
and end up on the streets
doing drugs or forced on 'em,
sometimes even prostitution.
Is that something
you went through?
Sometimes you just
do what you gotta do.
Eat up.
You've only got 15 minutes.
From Pastor Robinson,
Jesus is with us in
our darkest hour.
I saw you on your phone.
Hey, I can...
If you want...
It's so pure, you won't
care about anything.
So fucking good.
You'll forget you're hungry.
Hello, Mom?
It's me, it's me.
No, I'm okay.
Everything's going great here.
I've got a couple
auditions and you know,
I think things are
working out here.
Yeah, yeah I know Dad
doesn't give a shit.
I understand.
No, a friend let
me use his phone.
All right, Mom.
Well, I gotta go.
All right?
I love you and I'll talk to
you when I can, all right?
Thank you.
I don't feel anything.
Just wait, just wait.
Hang with me.
I'll show you how to
survive out here.
How many transports do
we have left to do today?
Just one more intake.
What's the deets on it?
Well, let's get there
early and have a coffee.
It's a 19 year old
female named Sarah
and will be waiting outside
at the 7-Eleven in Hollywood.
Dispatch indicated
she should have ID,
so I'll check on that.
Copy that.
Coffee's on you rookie.
Don't worry.
7-Eleven coffee, surprisingly good.
Let's go!
That's 40.
Fuck you, fuck you pervert.
Ethan, the devil comes
like a thief in the night
seeking who he may devour.
Be careful, son.
Don't let the devil entice you.
I don't understand.
I'm a good person.
What the fuck?
I'm so stupid.
I just, I trust people.
I believe them.
I believe people and all
these fucking guys just want
is to just fuck me.
My life has been so fucked up.
A fucking fucked up religion.
I just...
All is not well.
I've got no money.
Nowhere to go.
You know, I thought I'd
hit rock bottom when...
I thought I hit rock bottom.
I didn't.
I didn't.
Hi, I was just wondering
if you were busy.
Sorry, I don't know
what I'm doing.
It's 40.
Are you okay?
I mean, you look...
I'm fine.
What happened to you?
Someone stole my bags.
I came here to be an actor.
I was staying with
this guy for a while.
I had to leave in a hurry.
It was really messed up.
You hungry?
Okay, here you go.
So are you you clean? No.
No drugs.
No, sir.
I mean, yeah.
Yes, I'm clean.
Good, good.
Go ahead.
I'll get you cleaned up, okay?
That would be nice.
I haven't had a
shower in a while.
No, no!
You can't have my phone,
no, no, no, no, no!
I haven't heard
from you in weeks.
I am so scared of what
might be happening.
Ethan, please.
Please just tell me
that you're all right.
It's all been a lie
since I got here.
I haven't been
posting the truth.
I have nothing.
I have fucking nothing.
Andy, Andy?
It's so good to see you.
Oh my God.
Ethan, is that you?
What the fuck happened to you?
What the fuck happened?
Oh my God.
I'm gonna help you, I promise.
I'm gonna help you.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Running already?
Imani, we are code
red this morning.
We were notified that the new
intake has no identification,
but he'll be with an
old program graduate,
actually my first
intake with my trainer.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
A real success story.
Makes like mega bucks
as a competitive gamer,
whatever that is.
Always the first
to help another.
Dear heavenly father,
I know that he is lost.
But there is no "lost",
in your loving arms.
Take him back, dear Lord,
take him into your loving arms.
Let him know, that
you are his savior.
Bring him back to you.
Ricky, an old friend.
Your name is Ethan Bates.
Is that correct?
Ethan Bates, my name is Raymond.
This is Imani.
We're here to help you.
You understand?
Did Ricky fill you
in on what we do?
The only way to find him
is through you, dear God.
Dear God, bring
my son back to me.
Take him back into your arms.
Let him know that you are
the source of all things.
That you are love, that
you are forgiveness.
Cast out the devil with
his hands on my son.
Cast him out.
Dear Lord, I beg you.
I beg you.
Give me my boy back, dear Lord.
I am your humble
and loving servant.
But dear Lord, I
am a mother too.
Let me know the
touch, the fellowship
of your child of God.
Dear lord, dear God,
dear lord, dear lord.
Take him, hold him.
Dear lord, I trust you.
I love you, I am yours.
When I was young,
jacked meant that primarily
adults who drank tea or coffee
would still practice
in the church
and they would be
called Jack Mormons,
but it evolved and it changed.
And suddenly it
didn't just mean that.
It meant that anybody
who didn't go to church
or identified as
gay or different,
that they were Jacked Mormons
and that there was
something wrong with them.
I thought I had
something wrong with me.
But I know that I didn't.
I had something special and
I wasn't a Jacked Mormon
because I knew how
to ask for help.
And I'm proud I did.
The only thing that we can
do sometimes is ask for help.
There's nothing wrong with that.
If anything, it's your strength
because there are
a lot of people
who don't know how
to ask for help.
And there's a lot of
people who go through life
thinking that they don't have
to, or they don't need to,
or they can't, and that's wrong.
Everybody should be
able to ask for help
and get to the help
that they need.
Everybody should be loved.
My name is Nathaniel
David Bates,
and that was based
off of my story.