Jada (2019) Movie Script

1000 years ago, there was a king, who
ruled a part of the Europe continent
During wars, the enemies
heads were chopped off...
The soldiers enjoyed playing with
those heads by kicking them around
The king who, noticed this, then
declared it an official game
The soldiers played that game
with an out of shape ball
The played with no rules and brutally
attacked each other while playing the game
Years passed by and later that
game was addressed as Mob football
Later the Mob football turned
into a gambling and betting game
The king saw this and banned it
Years passed by...
Many successors ruled as king and they too
never revoked the ban on Mob football
However the game started
gaining attention worldwide
The game was played under many names,
each being differentiated
based on the rules of play
Out of those, football
earned a good recognition
It was further categorized as 'Elevens',
where each teams had 11 players...
and as 'Sevens' where each
team had 7 players in it
'Sevens' is played with strict
rules in many parts of the world
But in few places, like the
banned Mob football...
it is still played very rough without
strict rules and involved gambling
Many good players have
broke their arms and limbs...
as result ruining their
career and dreams
Such a story about 'Sevens' football
is what we are going to witness now
"Don't you try to scare us"
"Try it and you'll see chaos"
"Don't you try to scare us"
"So don't mess with us"
"Get out there and
showing off our skills"
"We are invincibles!"
"Score a goal with a Corner shot"
"We are the expendables!"
"Head the football
and make a pass"
"Now, that's how we show off!"
"Try stopping us"
"We are unstoppable!"
So, come on! Come on!
"Torn boots! Not a problem!
We know to fix it"
"Our style is swag once we set
foot on the ground after the toss"
"We call ourselves
Neymars and Messis"
"That's when emotions
run high in us"
"We let the opponent play
and then overtake them"
"And then we make them gasp
for their breath and win"
"We know how to mind our tongues"
"We don't care about the riches.
We stay humble at heart!"
Come on
"We'll show our mettle
the whistle blows"
"Our game will make you envy us"
"We will rock!"
Guys! The coach is here!
Let go of me!
Save yourselves!
Dude, our coach is here
Greetings, coach
Jada, return my coolers
- Return it man!
- Thank you, Jaggu! Now, get lost!
Showing off?
This is the game that'll earn you and
your family's bread and butter! Mind it!
The selection is coming up in two months.
I asked you all to practice
Instead you're playing
Tik-Tok with kids?
Not Tik-Tok! It's football
I repeat it again and again...
For the next two months...
don't you focus on anything
else but the selections
Now, remove your Jerseys,
run two rounds and leave!
Coach, why are you in the same
pants since three days...
- Keep moving, guys!
- Kulo...
Tell me...
If they keep playing street
soccer, I'll finish them off!
Drink like this and who can run?
- Sit down!
- Shut up! Will you buy me a lemon soda?
We must somehow take part
in the Sevens tournament this year
Shut your mouth!
He just punished us for
playing street soccer
If I tell him about this...
then he'll make me run nude and
the none will visit this church
Yes. Forget the
Sevens tournament
Moreover, there is no way
I'm seeing him run nude!
I've seen you many times!
Can't you see me once?
By the way...
our friend Raj...
Where is he?
So, you are an expert in computers too?
Dear, Darshini...
- Now, leave!
- What the...
- Open the door!
- Coming, dad
What are you doing in there?
In a minute dad!
Crap! Crap! Look how he shows
up early in the morning!
Damn with your greetings!
Get lost!
Raj is here
Stop saying it like as
if the governor is here
There he is
- Hey guys!
- Dude!
"Maddy! Maddy!"
- "Oh! Oh! Maddy!"
- What is it?
What is it, guys?
- Look over there
- Now, run!
Come here
Morning, coach
He's a goner!
Tell me, coach
What's this?
Actually, in the morning...
I was getting late for practice...
So, in a hurry, I...
instead of shorts,
I turned up in boxer
All this doesn't look right
Keep doing this and soon you'll be
running for life, without boxers
- Four rounds! Run!
- Go!
Get lost!
Get lost!
I don't have good feeling about him.
Keep an eye on him
- Our coach is too strict!
- Dude...
the Superman boxer
suits you really well
- Here, wear this
- Why'd you throw it on my face?
Get up and run!
I started the workout
right when I was at home
We know that!
Let coach keep looking at us as we
run out of the gate and go home!
Howmanyeth round is it?
Just forget it
You dirty fellows!
- Dirty fellows? Us?
- Guys, our coach is watching!
Even coach was
watching what you did?
Shut up and run!
It's only on the ground, I am
unable to run with good stamina
That means your knees are dead!
- Dude
- What?
One day he'll get
caught by her dad...
He'll be a goner then!
Fine, come on. Let's leave
You can't even run...
Who named you Messi?
It's not like Nehru is
playing at the Nehru stadium
It's the tag our locality
girls have given you
Dude, come on! Did you forget? You gave
me this nick name when we were high
Guys, quiet!
Guys, run! Run!
Don't get caught or else he'll
get you married to that girl!
Dude, this way!
Sorry, brother!
How many times do
I warn Darshini?
I have never got caught!
I could've instead
ran at the ground
This why you must never
hurt a kind coach's heart
Oh Lord! Why are you testing us?
- Let me rest
- Who are touch the gate?
Who's get on the hand to you?
Thought only Raj was a play boy
I chose her but Swati was in love with me.
I could've chose Swati!
A narrow alley! Let me escape
through it without getting jammed
Ok, see you
You broom-head!
Take your hands off!
Get lost you pot-head!
Why'd he put us in
such a situation?
Raj! Come here!
Come on!
Come, hide here
Hands off my belly! Don't touch
my belly, doesn't feel right!
Are you always in the sleazy mood?
If her dad had caught me,
he'd ripped off my clothes
Did you see properly?
Was it Darshini's dad?
Her dad?
Who's dad?
Then why did you ask me to run?
Dude, to see my crush
Instead of letting her
walk ahead of me ...
I prefer to walk across
her as she passes me
So that you can decide,
with which shoe to hit her?
Are you making a fool out of me?
Like that's a new thing!
We do it all the time! Shut up!
Dude, is she coming?
What's cooking, Bhai?
Country chicken?
No. Broiler chicken
I doubt that.
Doesn't look like it.
I'll slipper you! Mind it!
Give that slipper to that Bhai.
He'll at least fix that
Dude, he'd have seen her
and later moved away
- How's the lollypop?
- Awesome
Come on
So, did you talk to her?
No, dude
Dude, have no worries!
I shall give you an idea
for your love to workout
Don't you worry
Your love life will be
a success for sure!
Go, confess your love to her...
and stretch out a rose to her!
Giving a Rose isn't a big deal
The right thing to do is
befriend her in Facebook
My dad's calling. I'll be back
Where are you barging in?
Sorry, wrong house but hitting
with a broom? Very wrong!
- What happened, Messi?
- Shut up and walk!
That was a good session
You'll know only if you're
regular to the classes
Forget about me and worry
about your schedule!
Enough! Don't talk too much
Sorry. It took a while for
the session to get over
Here you go
Where is he?
Wait and watch!
Let me not mind them...
Let them find out who
I'm dressed up as
Mr. Arjun Reddy!
- Spot on!
- Over here
Hi guys
Look at his aim!
You were saying?
while I was...
Do you want to consult
Salem Siddha doctor?
You shake your drink. He was bathing.
You heard it wrong
Oh bathing!
An awesome idea struck me!
Put forward the idea.
We shall judge it. Ok?
Arjun Reddy mannerism
He wastes half of the cool
drink and then drinks it
What's your favorite color?
Tomorrow evening, sharp
at 3 'O clock...
Ask your girlfriend to wear a red
dress and come to the church
Why, dude?
To eat the offerings
If she obeys you, that
means, she too loves you
If she doesn't turn up?
Then that means, she is in love
with this fellow, Arjun Reddy
Ok, I give up
Listen, you jerk face!
All these ideas are outdated
Currently Whatsapp,
Twitter, eMail, Facebook...
These are the trending media.
Formulate an idea using them
What say, dude?
You're a darling!
Why don't we both go to the
church to meet your girlfriend?
You'll come only till
the entrance, right?
Greetings, sir
Is he home?
Boss is upstairs
Greetings, sir
What issue has the SI come with?
Sir, I hear that the tournament
will be conducted this year?
After all it's a tournament
Let the boys play
Come on, sir
How can you say so?
Why all of a sudden that
too after a long gap?
Fine, let's say the tournament
takes place as planned
What's the guarantee that
no problems would break out?
Can you wait outside?
Ok, sir
Now, what's all this?
Boss, it's been 10 years since we
conducted the Sevens tournament
It's very difficult
to run the club
I'm not saying for my benefit
Only such tournaments attract
sponsors for the boys
Not just that...
If we don't conduct the
tournament this year,
then none in our
locality will respect us
Boss, don't have second thoughts
Just get me the permission.
I'll take care of the rest
Fine, go ahead with tournament
arrangements. I'll get you the permission
Thanks, boss
- Dheena
- Yes boss
SI looks very charged up
He is like a snake
So, all of you better be careful
Boss, they made us desperate by banning
the tournament for so many years
Wait and watch, this year...
The whole city will be awestruck watching
the tournament conducted by Dheena
Dude, when will she come?
People have started to think
that I'm a taxi driver
Look! The church father
is here for a ride
Dude, he is an auto
rickshaw driver!
Dude, did your girlfriend give
her the correct color and place?
She'd have passed the information properly.
You, shut up!
Poor guy! If his girl doesn't
up, he'll be heart broken
You are worse!
All your thoughts
are so negative!
She'll come
Fool! He was happy with the way
his love affair was building up
Now, you are irritating him by
making him wait outside church!
I curse you!
You'll never prosper!
Your curse will have
no effect on me, dude
Where is he going?
He had an audition at Vijay TV.
He got rejected
Now, watch him perform
better than that audition
Come, let's leave
We'll leave. Just 10 minutes
Listen, dude...
Do you think she'll turn up now?
Come on. We'll take care of it
Forget it. Come, let's leave
target the black coins
Stop playing with the striker
and give it to me, John!
Watch me now
I hear that Dheena is going to
conduct the Sevens tournament
He has been saying that
for the past 10 years
First, the police must
permit, for it to happen
He has already got
the permission, boss
Tell me you already
enrolled our team's name
It'll be done, Charles
Don't you worry.
The trophy is ours this year!
You think it's that easy?
A tournament that's
rebooting after 10 years
If we let them win...
they will show it off on our face!
Tell him! Tell him!
Damn it! What is it?
I've two friends who play
for the Kerala team
They are best when it comes
to Sevens, in their locality
They are quite skilful!
- Quite skilful, are they?
- Yes boss
Aren't you ashamed...
to hire players from
outside in our team?
So that is all you value the
local Sevens tournament?
Look here, this isn't
any normal tournament
Don't baffle such ideas
outside like you just told me
You'll be embarrassed
I'm ready to go to any extent to win
We must win the trophy!
Only then our team name
will be etched in history!
And all the hard work must
be for that recognition
Now, get lost and go
start practicing
"When I saw you, my
love, I realized..."
(Song from 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge')
Dude, that's wrong
You're singing in the wrong tune
Shut up, Mr. Han Zimmer!
What happened, dude?
More emotion?
I will sing for you
A song that no one would
have sung like this before
Now, watch me
"Bottle of booze is empty"
What's bothering you?
Dude, forget it
She must have got held up
Hence, she didn't turn up
What else could be more
important for her?
Do you have a job?
No. I'm idle
Then shut up and get lost
- What?
- No feelings
I have got a new idea
Even I have got an idea
I forgot it. You say it
He was a teetotaler till yesterday!
And now he started drinking!
Thanks to your idea!
- This is a new formula
- Look!
All your ideas have earned us thrashings
from people all over the place
Utter the word 'Idea' or
'Formula' once again...
and we'll thrash you, flush you
and lock you up in the closet
So, just shut up!
Now, an A R Rahman
song in high pitch
Dude, please be
quiet for sometime
He's already dull and
down in love failure
Stop mocking at him
If he's dull then bright
him up with a baby light!
Now, my own composition.
Check it out
"She's a flower without any fragrance..."
"As she waits for the spring..."
Dude, looks like you're
girlfriend's grandma is here
What's up, grandma?
Visiting your grandson
on a cold evening?
Uh-oh! It's her!
Watch out! Stamping my snacks 'mixture'
- Dude...
- Tell me
Why does his girlfriend's face
look like a coconut shell?
That's her friend
She looks good.
I'm talking about her
Raj, hands off her. I'm in love
with her from this moment
Oh! You?
What brings you here?
I'm here because I wanna talk to you
- Dude
- Tell me
I'm not in a mood to talk
Ask her to leave now and
not to turn up tomorrow
You heard him. Get lost!
Hear me out
You won't listen to us...
but you want us to hear you out?
Get lost!
Wait, listen!
Yes, that is what I was doing.
From 3 pm I was
waiting at the church
Will hear me out or no?
No, thank you!
You girls take us, boys for granted.
Isn't it?
Well, actually...
We boys, we are always the same
We don't express
our love too much
When the girl we love
stands right next to us...
we'll be on cloud nine!
Raj, hands off that girl. Please
The moment a girl
accepts the boy's love...
The boy will treat her like a queen
Like a queen!
That is how even I treated you.
Like a queen!
But you? You never treated
me like your king!
Dude, even the barking
dog has a better voice
Get me a stone!
Even dogs doesn't value boys
or the love they express
Done talking?
Why? Are you going to start talking?
Why are we tortured
for their love issues?
I didn't come to church...
That doesn't mean I don't love you
Don't say it here. You should
have said it at the church
I'm not supposed to
go to holy places
You can't go to holy places?
But you came to my home
when my parents are away?
Wonder how am I gonna spend
rest of my life with him?
Try to understand why I
must not visit holy places
Why? Did you have a spat with
the father at the church?
Dude, shut up!
Sorry, sister. You leave
- Come, let's go
- Hold on!
It's either me...err...
It's either me or her! Let's
decide who's correct, now!
Excuse me...
I'm too high.
I'm going home
You! Came in your scooty, right?
Now, drop me home
Dude, it's her time of the month.
That's why she didn't
turn up at church today
Don't you see she is in
the custom red Saree?
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
So she is in love with me?
Dude, kiss her!
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Tell me. Why did you
come into my life?"
"Was to make me desperate
for you and fall in love?"
"All I'm yearning for is a moment
with you, that lasts forever"
"All I wish for is this desperation to end
and move to a new phase in life with you"
"Tell me. Why did you
come into my life?"
"Was to make me desperate
for you and fall in love?"
"All I'm yearning for is a moment
with you, that lasts forever"
"All I wish for is this desperation to end
and move to a new phase in life with you"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Don't mesmerize
me like that..."
" I might blast! I won't last!"
"I am a soul lost in love but
wonder how I'm attracting you"
"And you too seem to follow
me and trying to catch up"
"It because we are destined
to complete each other"
"Oh my love, come to me"
"I'm a free bird yet I'm
trapped in your love"
"I want you to shower
me with kisses forever"
"I can hear your
love calling me"
"I want you to shower
me with kisses forever"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"Don't mesmerize me like
that, I might blast!"
"Without you by my
side, I won't last!"
"I might blast! I won't last!"
"Without you by my side..."
"I might blast! I won't last!"
"I might blast! I won't last!"
"I won't last!"
'Sevens football tournament is
conducting by Naren's elder son Deena
- Listen
- Boss?
Stick the bills all over
Make sure you cover
every locality
Ensure it. Ok?
The winners get
a refrigerator and a motor bike
Runners up get an air
cooler and a bicycle
Friday is the last day to enroll.
No one gets enrolled after that deadline
Ok, boss
- Yes boss
- Inform this to all our boys
Sure, boss
- See you, boss
- Ok. Take care
SI and Dheena keep locking horns
Wonder what will happen
Come on, boss! Don't
boast about the SI too much
Do you think he'll come in our way?
He's nothing!
Just say the word...
One blow! And he'll
be "not reachable"
Good night, sir
Get some refreshments for SI sir!
- What's up, Shekar?
- Yes sir?
Looks like tournament
arrangements are in full flow
Well, sir....
You won't obey, when I say
don't conduct the tournament
Come on, Kumar. You mustn't say so
In fact you must help us with
'our' locality's tournament
Look! I won't be a hindrance
to the tournament in any way
But if you create problems in the
tournament and walk into my station...
Heard that, Dheena?
Looks like the cops won't let us
conduct the tournament in peace
No one can stop the
tournament this year!
- Go and take care of the proceedings
- Ok
Check if the boys are
working with dedication
Ok, boss
Guys, I'm planning to request our coach to
let us play the Sevens tournament this year
- Are you kidding?
- He must be nuts!
We must participate in the
Sevens this year! Got it?
Dude, it just won't work out.
Try to understand
Our coach doesn't like Sevens tournament.
It'll become an issue
I've made up my mind
We are enrolling our team for
Sevens tournament this year!
Jada, I've advised enough.
Your call
Dude, don't invite trouble.
Don't be so stubborn
Awesome! That was a superb kick !
- Super shot!
- Superb!
- Jada...
- Yes, coach?
Santhosh trophy is
coming up, next month
You'll get selected for sure
Your skill sets are good
- So, keep practicing. Don't miss it. Ok?
- Sure, coach
Sevens tournament is happening
at St.Thomas mount this year
Let's enroll our team for it, coach
So, this is how attitude changes
after becoming an expert?
I didn't mean it that way
This is not the place
for you to show off
Don't you want your arms
and limbs to be in tact?
Told you the other day, not to lose focus!
Don't you get it?
Focus and play Elevens game and try
getting a government job with that quota
If I come to know that you are playing
Sevens or similar tournaments...
Coach, at least this year...
Hey! Arvind!
- Arvind!
- Coach?
Come here
Why is he calling him?
- Coach?
- Do you know him?
He was a star player, a long time ago
He wants to play in the Sevens tournament.
He isn't listening to me. You tell him
When I set foot on the
football field...
the whole crowd in
the ground erupts!
And to my ears...
It was a different kind of high
When the fans chant our name...
It pushes us to show off our
skills on the football field
One day, I was invited to play Sevens
This tournament doesn't
have any specific rules
Target is to win!
And they'll go to
any extreme to win
They attracted me with money, to play
I fell for it
Kumara, pass it to me! Over here!
Yes! Awesome buddy!
I played really well
and made a fortune
Then, later...
Even if they didn't want
me, I still wanted to play
Since I was at top of my game,
the opponents players...
invited us for a match and...
They broke my leg
Post that, this football game...
I'm now just a spectator
This is not just our foot, dear
It's the heart of every
single football player
You better obey the coach
Sorry, coach
See you, coach
Here you go
- Its ok, coach
- Keep it
Carry on
Sorry, coach
See that?
Hope you understood
Now, go
Go and focus on practicing
I don't care at all, coach
We must take part this year!
You don't care at all?
Your coach is not important...
The job you'll get from
this is not important...
But the Sevens tournament
is important. Right?
We have been taking part in
the selections every year
But who offers a chance
for the talents here?
Santhosh is coming up next month
You will get selected for sure!
Keep practicing
Just this one time, coach!
Let's enroll in the
Sevens tournament
Since Sethu, it is now our
boys are quiet and disciplined
Do you want to spoil it?
It is for Sethu,
I am requesting this!
I don't care at all, coach
I'll enroll our team this year
Come on, Jada
Get lost!
Hey, wait
Are you in your senses?
- Ok, calm down
- Get lost!
He's already upset
Who's upset here?
His words got our coach upset!
Who do you think you are?
Isn't he talking about your welfare?
What if you get hurt?
Stop it!
- Give it a break. Let's deal it later
- What do you mean?
Did you consult anyone
before deciding to enroll?
Did we agree to play?
I will enroll a team
Those who are willing can join me
Or else, take a hike!
- Are you nuts?
- Get lost!
- This won't work out
- Wait, buddy
Are you coming?
Dude, try to
understand his point
Stay with him. You'll learn
your lesson when you get hurt
Dude, they have a point.
Think about it.
See you
Ram, use all your connections
Get any big shot to recommend
But Sethu's signature...
aren't you a man with a reputation?
Can't you understand when I'm
not responding to your calls?
quote your price
Put my son in the playing team
If only money can put
players in the team...
then what are coaches and selections for?
Anyone can pay and
become a player
Come on, don't say so
My son is a good player
Of course he is. He is a
successful player material
I'd have asked him to try again next
year if only his game was at fault
But his character is at fault
Good morning
Even if I select him, one day
the game will kick him away
Look, do you have any idea
whom you're talking to?
I don't care who you are
As far as I am a member in
the selection committee
Only those who are talented and
disciplined has a place in the team
Cut the call, you...
Good morning, coach
Don't stop, keep running!
Arun, look straight when you run
Come on! Come on!
Morning, coach
- All good?
- Yes coach
When's the selection?
Next month, coach
Who's the one in red tee?
He is John, coach
- He's got good skills
- Indeed
- Let him play center
- Ok, coach
Kulo! What brings you here?
How've you been? So long!
You tell me! How do I look?
Became a big shot, did you? Not even
turning up to our place these days?
Come on, you know about
this coaching job
How's Ilangovan?
Dude, pass it to me
Move aside
Dheena, let's take him to a hospital
- Move!
- No need
You conduct this Sevens
tournament without any rules!
This is wrong!
This isn't Kerala but Madras!
I will keep hosting this tournament
with one rule and that is no rules!
He was a promising player. Now, look!
His foot is hurt
What about his future?
Getting hurt is part of the game
If you're so concerned, you could've
asked him to stay home. Why let him play?
If getting a job is important, then try
other ways. Why come and play here?
Show offs! I run this for money
You're going off
the limits, Dheena
I pull in an investment
and host a tournament...
and you show up talking
about 'rules' and 'future'?
Dheena, if not his seniority, at least
show respect him for the player he was
Oh yeah? Player? In the
fields or in the bed?
This is wrong, Dheena
I will run this tournament the same way!
Stop showing off your talking skills
and exhibit skills on the ground
Enroll a team, play and
win the tournament
Then, I promise I shall conduct
the tournament with rules!
Do it, bro
There, he said it. Now, do it
Come, let's go
Come on, bro! Accept his challenge.
We shall pay for your enrollment!
Do you think we are beggars?
How dare you? I'll finish you off!
We'll see the later
Get lost!
Our boys don't know anything
but football, Sethu
Dheena's tournament has
hurt professionals...
and they are unable to
make it to selections
Ilango tried stopping him from conducting
the Sevens without strict rules
But all in vain
If we win this tournament...
Dheena cannot conduct Sevens after that
If not for Ilangovan...
will you at least
play for our boys?
Give it a thought, Sethu
This won't work out
When I was mad about Sevens, you guys
pointed it out to me that it was wrong
It was when I quit playing Sevens...
my locality boys also
quit playing Sevens
It is because I obeyed Ilangovan...
I played Santosh trophy, Nationals
and I'm in a good position today
I am able to take care of
my wife and child
Hop on
Please, give it a thought, Sethu
We started coaching so that this
game doesn't fade away along with us
Now, if I play Sevens then all
our boys will want to play that
It won't workout, Kulo. Forget it
Do we have everything for
the summer camp this year?
Coach, Sethu is here
- Greetings
- Sethu!
How are you, Sethu?
Long time
- All good
- Yes
- How are things?
- All is well
- Order tea
- Ok, coach
Looks like you're training the kids
Their welfare is everything to us.
Isn't it Sethu?
If not us, then who else do they got?
Tell me
- Just a second
- Go ahead
I have conveyed him everything
Ram passed away, coach.
- What?
- Yes, coach
He doing well in his life
Why drag him into this?
You ask him once
Tell that it's for our boys
and he'll surely play for us
A small emergency.
I'll be back
Have tea, Sethu
Like I said, it's an emergency
- Ok, carry on
- Ok. See you
Kulo, come with me
I'll talk to him
Good morning, coach
Dude, that's Sethu
Whoa! It's him for real!
Take a hike!
Hey Messi, I just spoke
to the famous Sethu anna!
Morning, coach
Selection form?
- Upstairs. Go take it
- Ok, coach
You'll find it in the
shelf, on the right side
- Morning, coach
- Hey, guys
Coach, remember we
have a match today
Wait. Wait
Here you go
- Ask me if you need more money
- Thank you, coach
Come on. Forget this and
focus on the game. Play well
Careful. Don't get
hurt while playing
Get on the bike
Meet me after the match
Boss, Sethu...
Welcome Sethu.
What brings you here?
Looks like you challenged our team?
I'll bring the team
Name the place and time
Get in
We have a match tomorrow!
See that!
That's the man, Sethu!
- Awesome, Sethu!
- Awesome!
Good going. Play the same way
Sethu anna! Yay!
Play, play
Sokku, pass it
Come on, pass!
Hit it to the left!
Pass it! Here you go, Suresh!
- What happened?
- Nothing
It's ok
Are you alright?
- Give him some water
- Water!
Something is wrong with Sethu!
Go check!
Sethu anna!
Sethu! Sethu!
Check what happened to Sethu!
Come on! Come on, guys!
Quick! Take him to the hospital!
Sethu! Sethu anna!
I'm worried that something might happen
to you like Sethu, while playing Sevens
Like they say, what if
something happens to you?
Isn't your coach saying it for your
welfare. What if you get hurt?
There are no strict
rules in that game
They'll go to any extreme to win it
Here's your omelet and tea
Move, you crow face!
Why are you carrying
a long face?
Answer him!
Can't you see I'm talking?
So? You want to play
in that tournament?
Enroll our team. I'm with you!
We'll face it!
- Go, get me a tea
- Hello
I'll come
- Dude?
- Where are you off to?
Dude, where are you off to?
- Come on
- Where are you guys off to?
Start the bike
You can't even call this as a team!
Hey, sit!
Coach, 10 years later...
For Sethu!
Win or lose! This is your
last Sevens tournament
What Sethu kick-started...
You must end it in
this Sevens tournament
Anto! Are you aware that
you're in the team?
Look at his arrogance!
Stop staring at him like
he said something wrong!
Son of a coach and well wisher
of our boys, Ilangovan
Being a drunkard, you're
spoiling his name!
Hands off him!
He's just explaining you!
Why are you being so rude?
Hands off him!
Your dad himself registered
our team for the tournament
He has given your
name in the team
Forget the team. At least for
your father's sake, don't drink!
Hello and greetings
to one and all!
On the commentary seat, for this match of a
tournament that's being held after 10 years...
is myself, 'Galatta'
Guru and Thangadurai
St.Thomas mount football
association presents...
33rd District level Sevens
football competition
Taking place after 10 years
with "Waka-waka" celebrations
It's time for this extravaganza to begin!
Dheena welcomes the chief guest, who is the
our football committee member, Naren sir
On behalf of all the football
players and us, we welcome you all
Whom are you betting on?
Santha, Rs. 100
First match between St. Thomas
Mount and Mogappair is underway
Our boys are rocking!
And it's a goal!
- Any luck?
- No, switched off
Forget it, if he isn't coming
That doofus!
The match will start in sometime
Quiet, they are boys
from Puliyanthope
Puliyanthope! Our locality!
"Right under the Tamarind tree! Along
with Pushpalatha, where I could be me!"
Damn with his rhymes!
Irritating fellow!
Did he pick the call or not?
There he comes wearing
the shots inside out!
Can't you attend the call?
Jada, now that he is here,
what's with the long face?
- Here you go
- Hold on
Drink water
- Raj, there's a bubblegum stuck your shoe!
- Arvind!
What is it?
Why did you call him?
I'll tell you
What's up? You guys look confused
Wondering how do we place the ball and
play Sevens against them. It's confusing
Huddle up! Relax
This isn't your usual
Eleven player game
This is Sevens
This Sevens is an ugly
side of the soccer game
One who picks
the ball isn't targeted
The one who possess the ball...
He is the target
First, play in the
position you're given
Keep playing man to
man with opponents
At the same time, don't
advance on the across
They'll hit with their elbows
Important, don't play
lose with the ball
If you play lose, they'll snatch
the ball and also break your feet!
Hold on! One at a time!
Take turns and strike among yourselves
That will confuse them
on whom to target
The most important point...
No matter how good you play...
They'll still play rough with you
10 minutes is all you got, guys
Use the time properly
You don't have to risk your life
to prove you're a good player
The voice of the whole crowd...
depends on that one shot you'll play
That one shot you'll play...
must be remembered forever!
Either play without getting hurt...
...or else, get down and play rough!
- Wait
- Thank you
Hand us the ball
Come on. Hand it to us!
After 10 years...
Ilango's team is here to
give an awesome performance
Believe it or not, it's not a hoax!
Ilango's team always rocks!
Stop showing off Thangadurai
Stop talking like your team is Argentina.
We'll meet at the arena
Our team captained by Dheena!
Shut up, you hyena!
I'm going to sing a Gaana
Hit it!
Spray water on his face!
Shows off like he can play!
Look at him!
Who are they? They appear like
they belong to the Addams family!
Next match is between
Puliyanthope and Royapuram
We've never witnessed Puliyanthope
team playing a Sevens game
First time, under the coaching of
Ilangovan, they will be playing
Two captains are ready.
Referee will toss the coin now
Let's see who wins the toss
Who's that coming in later
after the toss is done?
When did this fellow come?
He is sober and also
he has taken a bath
Puliyanthope is
known for it's swag
You think so? Royapuram
is the epitome of Swag!
You fatso! You think you can play?
Can you even run?
Yes! Yes!
Whoa! He ain't no ordinary player!
Thought he was just a rust!
But he kicks the ball
like an "Iron thrust!"
I didn't expect much from him but he just
silenced the whole ground with one kick!
He just made Ilagovan proud!
Hit it!
On one hand, the match is quite exciting
On the other hand
the betting is rocketing!
There is a lot on the grabs!
One at a time! One at a time!
Play forward!
Ilango's team is
rocking out there!
Play forward! Come on! Come on!
This match is mind blowing!
Hey! That's a foul!
- Dude, it's a foul!
- Referee foul!
It's a foul!
You black tee! Hands
off his jersey!
You deserve that!
You 'Wildcat
face' fellow!
Jada, do the 'bluff'
Jada from Ilagovan's team is
getting down and playing hard!
What a class performance?!
You got it! You got it!
Jada is played well
Good shot
He deserves to be the captain
Bets on Jada are on the rise. Bet if you got
the paper or leave the place like a pauper!
Play forward! Play forward!
Without any foul,
that was a wonderful goal!
Didn't had much expectation
from Ilango's team
The have set
the whole place on fire!
That's Ilango for you!
Boys are playing just awesome!
So sad that there are stadiums for
cricket in India but not football
Come on, Santha! You're enough
to finish off the opponents
Come on!
Look at him! Forget Ronaldo!
Dheena's team rocks!
They've kicked out
the Madhavaram team!
Madhavaram team didn't
stand a chance at all!
Now, this is awesome.
What do you say, Guru?
The boys are rocking!
Praveen! Stop playing
like a wuss!
To the left! To the left!
Superb! Awesome Praveen! That's it!
We will give a tough fight
to the Puliyanthope team!
That's an awesome
goal by Ilango's son!
"Will a cat becomes the tiger's child
or rat child will become an elephant?"
So, who all are in the semis now?
First team to qualify for Semi finals
are Charles' team from Avadi!
Along with them Ilango's
team have qualified
The team that barged into
the Semi finals are...
the St. Thomas mount team!
Two more teams. Let's see who
qualifies for the semi finals
The first team is
Senneri Kuppam team
They go against
the Sathankulam Note that guy in blue tee
Who is your money on?
I think Sathankulam team because
every player looks like a Satan!
Muruga pass it to Palani!
This side!
How dare you?
Please listen! Stop fighting!
Why is everyone
giving an opinion?
You just banned us from conducting
the tournament in the city limits!
Come on! You say it like I'm
the one who passed the order
It's an order from
the Commissioner's office
Now that you've delivered
the message, leave!
warned you the other day
when you were sticking bills
You ignored it
Now look
Your tournament cannot be
played within city limits
And I'll ensure it!
See you!
Then where do we conduct
the semi finals and finals?
What kind of question is that?
We'll conduct it in our locality!
Won't workout.
Let's host it at Puzhal
But Puzhal is now
within city limits
Then where do we conduct
the tournament?
Why not in Sethu's native?
This is the 10th death
anniversary of Sethu
All of you know, what
a player Sethu was
If none of you have any objection, then
let's conduct semi finals and finals...
at Sethu's native.
That's my opinion
Sounds like a good idea
No way! Traveling that
far is out of question!
It's a good idea, Dheena
In two days we must conduct semi finals
and finals. Where else can we conduct it?
Or else you suggest a place
Well, good! Dheena has accepted
Let's conduct the rest of the
tournament in Sethu's native
- Let the arrangements begin
- Fine, let's do it
Take care, guys
Win or lose! Play carefully,
without getting hurt
It was so happy to see you play!
Forget about me
You must have seen the happiness
on your father's face
The other day I slapped you
I'm sorry
Express as you wish, Anto
I understand you
I love football
I wish to become a successful player
No matter how much
my dad trained me...
I couldn't play in league matches
Because I'm...
hearing impaired...
and speech impaired
Hence, none of the teams selected me
I couldn't even get a job
It was in that frustration
and anger, I use to drink
I abuse and pick
fight with everyone
I love my father a lot.
He's my life
It's been a long time
since he spoke to me
I started hating myself
You're an excellent player, Anto
Quit drinking hereafter
You think about only yourself...
Have you ever spared a
thought for your dad?
Imagine the hardships he would've gone
through to make you such a good player
Coach, you train us
from dawn till dusk...
Now spare us some money.
Come on, coach
Come on, take it out
from your pocket
Yes, give it to me
I've only got this much. Spend wisely
It's a new place. Do not pick up any
fights with the locals and strangers
Ok, coach
Jada, take care of my son too.
- Ok, coach. Bye
- Ok. See you
Bye. Bye
Coach, don't forget to close
your house door before sleeping
Don't get hurt. Play carefully!
All the best. Ok. See you
Who is talking to at this hour? Move!
It's okay
I will buy the idli for you
Will you buy dosa also?
Your father
Driver, play some song
- There is no music system
- Then we'll sing
"Our hero is a brave heart!"
"This is my native! My soil!"
"I won't bow in front
of anyone but my hero!"
Man, that dialogue is just brilliant!
Which movie?
You've sinned!
Lux, tell me
I want to talk to you in person
I not in a situation
to make a video call
Just say it
Hope there's no one around you
What? What's wrong with what I said?
No one will hear. Say it
Now, come on!
I think...
I am...
I think, I'm pregnant!
What are you saying?
Told you!
You might be pregnant?
You could've eaten some
tomatoes or papayas!
I did but nothing worked out
- Is there any problem?
- Hello?
It's ok?
Hello, honey...
- Hello
- Hello
- Lux
- Hello
- Hello
- Hello!
Hello, Raj!
- What could be the problem?
- It's ok
We'll handle the issue together.
What's the issue?
Any fixing emergency?
- Tell us!
- If so, we'll fix it
Tell us! What happened?
She thinks, she is pregnant
You impregnated her?
Ewww! Fools!
It was not me. It's him!
- What a topic to talk in the open!
- You! Yeah!
- Dude...
- Sorry! Sorry!
Is it Darshini?
No, Lux
- Who's that?
- Who are you, Lux?
Like that's very
important right now
Just so that I could
know her details
Sorry! Forget it
Ask him
Regarding this matter...
Please don't tell
any of the boys
I'll be embarrassed
We won't tell the boys
But when you go back to Lux...
- Just the two of us...
- You!
Intro us and we would tell nice things
about you. That's what I was about to tell
Messi, leave it
Tickets. Where to?
To Lux's house
Tickets! Where to?
Can't you hear him! What's
the name of the place?
Eight tickets to Sathankulam!
Sathankulam stop!
Don't forget your bags
Can't even see a stop.
Is this the place?
Don't push us! We'll get down.
Get me my bag!
Raj, don't forget the water can
Told you, guys! We could've
started in the afternoon
Look! We are standing in a strange
place and it's pitch dark!
How do we go from here?
Must blame myself for
trusting you guys with this!
Even the road fades off into
darkness after a few metres
Something just jumped
right behind us
It was me, laid down my bag
You fool!
What's the route to
the place we must go?
I know the route to our place.
Let's go back
Yes! Let's return!
Now, how do we go?
Go check it out
Get lost! I ain't going
alone and checking it out
Excuse me
Don't stop! Faster! Faster!
He looks scary! Faster!
Don't ring the bell. Keep
cycling with the same energy!
Hey! Dude!
Excuse me
Please don't be scared.
You're scaring me actually
Aren't you all here to
play in the tournament
I am here to escort you
Guys! Stop it!
Reached home?
Stop this madness!
He's got fits!
Nothing like that! He
is acting like that!
- Even I got scared!
- Fool!
Can't you wash your
face and say that?
Is this midnight hour
a time to come in disguise?
Now, come on
- Sorry, bro
- Just get up and sit
Come on. Nothing to worry
Why are you scaring him?
He is just a man in disguise
- He is a normal human
- Just a man in disguise
Hi. Nice to meet you
Now, go!
I said, go!
- One second
- Yes, bro
Just a small correction
Why is there no pillion
seat in your cycle?
The back tyre is now as
flat as smooth tile now!
Now go! Go, get the
cycle and lead the way!
- How, even if you get scared of all these?
- Why is the whole place so dark?
Well, they will light up the lamps
only after a ritual is complete
It's a custom around here
Well, let that be.
Other teams arrived by afternoon
Why are you late?
Why did you stop?
- What is it?
- Now, spit it out!
What is it?
Stop giving that look!
Hear me out carefully
Go ahead, say it
Do you see that house on the right?
Please don't look at it
We looked at it as you said that
- Don't look again
- But why?
Please listen to me, brothers
- Just say it!
- Don't look there until we cross it
Whatever you say sounds scary.
What is the matter?
Just don't look at the house
Fine. Guys, just obey him
All of you turn the opposite way
Stop there you 'Dark-face!'
Why shouldn't we look at that house?
What's the matter with that house?
Answer me!
A lady and her daughter
committed suicide in that house
Since then anyone who
looks at that house...
They either have
nightmares or fell sick
- I'll break your jaws now!
- That is why I warned you
Are you trying to scare us all?
We used to go, get drunk and sleep
over night in such possessed houses
You doofus!
Don't you take this so light
- Then?
- This is super natural
Two months ago
A cab driver was exhausted. So he
halted in front of the house to rest
(Song from 'Moondru Mudichu')
Since then, no one nears that house
It is to prevent from such paranormal
activities, this ritual is done
This is the house
you all are going to stay
Check it out
Why are you ringing the bell
at the midnight hour?
Just to chase away if
anything is over there
Chase away "anything?"
Here is the key
It's time for me to attend the ritual.
I'm leaving
- Take care
- Excuse me...
Yes, bro?
Can you stay with us just for tonight?
One day
No way! I'm scared!
You guys are on your own
Meet you at the match
tomorrow, if you're alright
Black witch, come here
He just handed over the keys,
scared us and took off!
Get to bed. We got
practice in the morning
Sit down
Naga, come forward!
Murthy, towards right!
Pass and play!
Naga, kick it!
Pass it!
See that? They're
playing with a rage!
They are the real deal!
You should've watched their match
Their opponents struggled very hard
to get control of the ball from them
Run to the corner!
Forget that
Where's the football?
- On the chest!
- Like that!
This is how football
players in France practice
A method to sync
the mind and the game
Hold on
Won't you call and update
after reaching there?
Sorry, dear.
Totally forgot about it
Everyone's fine at your home?
What's wrong with you?
- I reached last night itself
- You doofus!
Are you even paying attention
to our conversation?
There seems to be some issue
with mobile range here
Otherwise, nothing much
Ok. Everything set over there?
You sound dull
Yes. Everything is set here
But then, this place;
it's quite strange
When are you back to Chennai?
I just reached here last night
I desperately want to meet
and spend time with you
I'll be back in two days
Ok. I'll call you back
- I'll call you back. See you
- Jada! Wait!
I'm Vethalakodi
Ok. So, what?
Time for the ritual. They
asked me to get you all
At this hour?
Time for the ritual.
They asked me to get you all
Listen, bro. We just
came back to the room
The boys are asleep. We shall
deal this tomorrow morning
Time for the ritual.
They asked me to get you all
Told you! We just
came to the room!
Time for the ritual...
Who's that? Take that broom
stick and chase him away!
It's so chilly!
Mr. Armpit raiser!
Been 30 minutes. Where
are you taking us?
Why is he leading us
as if he is an expert?
Why are you putting
us through this?
Well, when this ritual is
performed in our place...
men aren't supposed
to stay indoors
Mr. Handlebar Mustache!
Aren't you ashamed to leave the women
at home and roam in the forest?
Over here, we all pray and believe
in deity Periyandichamman
This is a ritual for that deity,
so please don't talk ill about it
What's so special about the ritual?
Dear boys, I shouldn't say that.
Come, witness it
"Oh deity, you're the only who
can save us from darkness"
"Oh deity, only you can bring
peace and harmony to us"
"Oh deity, shower us with
prosperity and fortune"
"Oh deity, please watch
over us forever"
"All hail our deity Periyandichamman"
God bless you
May you achieve everything!
God bless
"Oh dear deity, Periyandichamman"
- "All hail our deity Periyandichamman"
- Go ahead, pray!
- All of you leave and do not turn back
- Leave! Do not turn around and look!
Obey the priest's order and
do not turn around. Leave
"Oh dear deity!"
Keep moving.
Do not turn around
My grandpa has carried out many
such rituals. They're just bluffing!
He's right.
Let's turn around and look
Hold on
"Forgive these boys if
they've sinned in any manner!"
"Please accept these sacrifices
offered by us wholeheartedly"
What is he up to?
Where did the pot vanish off?
Dude, what is he performing?
"All hail our deity Periyandichamman!"
The second pot too disappeared!
"All hail our deity Periyandichamman!"
He saw us! Run! Run!
- Escape! Run!
- Dude, run!
- What thoughts are you lost in?
- Well...
The priest threw the
pot up in the air
It's didn't come down falling
What's the science?
Don't you know this?
The deity caught it in the air
and took the offerings in it
It's not like deity is Sachin
Tendulkar to catch and play?
He seems to perform like a conman and
everyone including you are falling for it
you guys are discussing
priests and pots...
I heard something really strange
Lower your volume. He might
think it's sleazy stuff
Looks like there is
a dog in this place
A dog?
Whoa! This is new! Duh!
Hear me out first
Go ahead
That dog never barks
If it barks...
all the people here believe that
something bad is about to happen
They believe in such stuffs?
- What?
- We've a match coming up tomorrow evening
So, shut up and sleep!
I won't play tomorrow.
I'm retiring!
- What is it?
- Sleep
Not a chance!
He has his armpit placed
right by my nose!
Dude! Move!
Looks like there is
a dog in this place
If it barks...
all the people here believe that
something bad is about to happen
Greetings Sathankulam!
St.Thomas Mount football
club proudly presents...
- Sevens football tournament!
- All of you clap
Powered by Sathankulam Satans!
I meant Sathankulam patrons!
So the first team coming in is...
The home team will play in the
first match, the Sathankulam team
Our team! Our home team!
And their opponent...
Charles team from Avadi!
Look at the home
team, Sathankulam!
No matter who plays, our
home team is going to win!
Look at the Charles' team captain,
looks like he'll flick the toss coin!
Sathankulam brave hearts!
Somehow, snatch the
ball and score a goal!
Pass the ball to Ramesh
Kick the ball well
Kick the ball to your right
Come on
Muruga, slowly
Three minutes into
the match and what a goal!
That was awesome! Superb!
You beast! The opponent scored a goal!
Why are you jumping in excitement?
What happened?
You always stay by your
team and encourage them
The match is on and why
aren't you by their side?
Oh! Well...
I didn't sleep well last night
Hence, I feel a bit weak
I know you from my childhood
I know you well. I can smell
that you're hiding something
Tell us. What is it?
Something's fishy about what's
happening in and around this place
What do you mean?
The day we reached here...
I felt like something is stalking me
I'm confused
My nights are sleepless
Stalked you?
Not just me.
Even my team boys felt so
Everyone's desperate to get back home
I somehow convinced them to
just play this one match
We can win the trophy next year too
But the boys life
is more important
you guys better be alert
See you
Let's inform the boys about this
Tell them and they'll get scared
Just don't talk about this to anyone
Come on
Jada! Listen...
- Wait! Listen to me
- Shut up and come
Hey! Super
Why are they playing like this?
He doesn't know how to play
Don't fight
Be patient
Dont spoil the game
That was not the referee blowing the
time up whistle but the end card!
End card for Avadi!
Sathankulam team has won!
The home team seems to have a
good support from their people!
This is just the semi final.
Guess more support will pour in for finals!
Listen you dummy!
Why are you bothered
about the finals?
We'll be in it and let
us worry about it
- Pack your bags and leave!
- Santha, no. Come here
If we defeat them and
advance to finals...
ask them if they'll stop
conducting the Sevens?
- Heard him?
- Come again!
- You, step back
- He started it...
- What's your problem?
- Can't you hear me?
- Why create a ruckus? We're here to play
- Wait!
If we defeat you...
and progress to the finals...
will you guys stop hosting
tournament without strict rules?
You seem to take advantage of my silence.
Don't you teach us about setting rules!
Step back or I might
just thrash you!
He is a dummy, boss
Dude, listen to me!
Are you deaf?
- I said, stop it!
- Jada, no!
Quiet now!
They can't accept a challenge
instead they keep fighting!
Ok, I'll quit
Boss, why do you even
wanna reply to him?
Just obey me
You shut up!
I know very well why you
participated in this
Must have broken you in
the first match itself!
There is a reason why I
let your team come so far
Born yesterday and
talks like an expert!
Now that you've challenged
us, lets meet in the ground!
You are a goner! My boys
will finish you off!
Dude, that can be arranged!
Will finish 'em off!
- I want to see him do it
- Play time! Get in!
The earlier match might
have been a normal one
This is one is going
to be a blinder!
- Guess who is playing?
- Who?
St.Thomas Mount Dheena's team!
No matter what, Dheena's
team will win the trophy!
Play well
Don't leave it
Don't pass the ball to Jada
Jada! Pass it on the Messi!
Whoa! Thank God!
You! Give me the ball!
Santha, advance and play!
You heard him!
Keep passing!
Please don't confuse me like this. Look, I'll
be retiring after this match. So, please
Raghu! Defense!
Who was that? Please, dude!
It's ok. Come on, get up!
Get up!
Good try! Good try!
We don't have much time. Pass the ball!
Bala, pass
Dude, pass the ball!
Oh, is this Jada?
Hes an ace player
Santha, bro! I am counting on you
All these beasts are waiting to pounce!
Anto, keep the ball with you
- Jada!
- Mani, come on! Close in!
I am scared think of Jada
Santha bro, you got the ball
Were going to win!
Run! Don't leave
Defense! Defense!
Now that was one damn goal!
No one can mess with us!
Ilangovan's team was lucky
to make to the semis
If they want to make it to finals,
they must come up with something new
Did they hear me? Look,
they are huddling up
No matter what, we got the star player,
Santha and we are sure to win this
Half time break over.
The match resumes
Whoa! What's going on here?
Striker Jada has now taken
up the goal keepers role
Messi who plays defense is
now playing the striker
He's playing exceptionally well!
He isn't allowing anyone to near him
Wow! That was an awesome cut
Boys, watch out
Messi, behind you!
Come on, Leo! Awesome!
Santha brother has s played well
You sinner!
Dude, throw a bit far
Throw the ball
Awesome, Messi!
Awesome buddy!
What an interesting match!
- Boss?
- Crap!
Jada, ok?
You rock, dude!
Santha! Come here
How could you let that happen?
It wasn't my fault
Get lost before I abuse you!
I said, play rough but...
It wasn't his fault
Everyone is playing
a different game
We're confused about whom to target
Damn it! You found the reason
Target Arun
You mean Santha's brother?
I don't care!
Damn it! We must win this match
The victories so far
doesn't matter!
Got it?
Just obey my orders
- Ok
- Keep moving!
Come on! Come on!
- Here you go
- Superb!
Dude, play hard!
The goalkeeper has changed again
Pass it to Santha! Come on!
Dude, pass it!
Dude, attack...Hey!
What happened?
You alright? What happened
Why drag yourself unnecessarily
in to this mess?
See that, boss? Santha just
hit our own team player!
So, it has come down to this?
You wanna target my brother?
None of you will leave
the ground alive!
What this junior doing with the ball?
Jada is here!
That's why we want Jada
He planned and played well
Look! Their faces have become dull
Stop blinking!
That's why Jada will be in the field
Jada is the mass
Come on, do it!
Its for fun
Anto, pass! Pass!
If the ball is with Jada, then
it'll be a goal for sure!
Referee that was a foul!
Come on!
Foul! Foul!
That was a foul!
Dude, come on! This is it!
Both the teams have
scored two goals each
If they score a goal with this penalty
kick, they'll advance to finals!
You can do this, buddy!
Come on, dude! Come on!
Come on
Come on, dude! This is it! You got this!
Hey! Be alert!
For Sethu!
Win or loss!
This is your last
Sevens tournament
Come on! Come on!
Don't let him score! Ready! Ready!
It's okay if you just miss the ball
Santha bro, make it count
Fine. Anyway a team from Chennai
has made it into the finals
I'll be on their side in final.
Let's see who wins!
Hey Anto!
Send someone to buy tickets
for a movie tonight
Make it fast! I'll get the booze ready
Charles anna!
Charles anna!
Where is he and his team?
Did they leave without their bags?
I don't have a good feeling about this
Don't you confuse yourself!
Our boys are doing just fine
Let's tell them about it
Tomorrow we play the finals!
Whatever it is, we'll
talk after the match
Don't you confuse
any of our boys
Come on
So, how was the movie?
See that person walking away with a sad
face? He is the producer of this movie
Go, ask him
I came expecting to watch
my hero Billa Pandi's movie
Instead some crap movie
is running here!
I'll go ahead with Kulo.
You guys reach the room soon
How much far do we have to travel more?
My legs are paining!
I can't walk any more
A little more and we'll
the eight lane highway
My knees are bruised! I can't
carry you guys and cycle anymore
Get lost!
Eight lane highway in Tamil Nadu?
Are you councilor's son?
Yes bro
That is why you are trying to act smart!
We are tired
Look around us! It is all
forest and grave yard!
How do we reach the room?
I can smell corpses around.
I'm scared!
- Looks like we are lost
- Just a little more and we'll reach
I'll help you cycle,
by pushing from behind
- Slow and steady let's keep going
- You want to push?
Shut up! Don't act like
you know the route!
We are almost there. Let's go
No way! Get lost!
Stop irritating me or
else I'll rip you apart
I'm exhausted!
There's a vehicle!
I can't walk an inch further
Let me sit down
Guys, look. A vehicle
- Call out!
- Excuse me!
Excuse me! Over here!
- Over here! Please!
- Come here!
- I said, come here!
- Yes, over here!
- Shall I put you guys in that?
- Go, talk to the driver!
I said, go! Go!
Saami bro...
- They are here for the tournament
- Ok
We are returning after watching a movie.
They are exhausted
Please drop them
We've got to work from early morning.
Got to unload and set all these banners
Come on, please. Please help them
- Excuse me
- Yes?
How long does it take
to reach the village?
- 10 -15 minutes
- All of you get in
15 minutes. Ok
Boss, we got a match
tomorrow morning. Quick
When did you get in?
How does it matter to you? Now, drive
or all those banners will be damaged!
Jada, reach soon
You guys proceed. I'll follow
- Quiet
- Watch out!
how do we go from here?
The village is this way.
See that scarecrow?
Come on, how can you confirm the
route based on the scarecrow?
can I ask you something?
What is it?
Remember that ritual?
- Guess what was that for?
- For what?
The people here believe that the
spirits communicate with them
The ritual was for that
Just shut up!
I'm already confused
with the route
The ritual is for prevent that
Who told you this?
Sarath told me when I had gone
to get this cycle from him
- Watch out! A mud hole!
- Wait! Don't shake!
Damn, the mud hole!
The cycle chain has come off
Is it?
Show me some light
What's wrong?
Why did you pedal now?
I didn't!
Hold the light properly
I want to pee! Urgent!
Showing off your mimicry skills?
Why would I do that?
Must be Anto
Run! Run!
Quick! Run!
- Where are you off to?
- To our home town
We've got the finals tomorrow
Finals, my foot!
Right from beginning I've been
saying but you didn't pay heed!
So you'll leave just like that?
You want us to die here?
Just one more day! One match!
If we leave now, everyone
will call us cowards
Don't worry about that
What matters is
that we'll be alive
- Just one day!
- One day?
Wonder who took my clothes?
My boxers and tooth
brush is also missing
- Are you coming?
- I am. Let's start
Miss the 1 AM bus then
the next bus is at 5 AM
- Let's hurry. Come on
- Ok
- Listen
- What?
He is confused but what's your problem?
Why are you all packed and ready to leave?
What do you really think of me?
This fellow...
He impregnated a girl and
is having fun time here
Tell me, I'm wrong
And him?
A girl rejected his love, slapped him
yet he managed to win over her heart
- Dude, this is embarrassing!
- So was it when she slapped you in public!
Even he has a girlfriend
I haven't done any such thing in my life.
I promise!
I'm a hardcore
single for long now
Do you want me to die
a single, over here?
No way!
- You!
- Tell me
Let's catch the 1 AM bus!
What do you say?
I'm really scared. Let's go home
You shut up!
Why are you scolding him?
everything happening around is strange
You heard the boys
Let's go home
Just one more day.
It's the finals
He doesn't even know why he is
here and even he wants to leave
What's your problem?
Let's go home, buddy
Raj, his expression tells me
that he will sacrifice us
Take your bag. Let's leave
I said, take your bags
What's your final decision?
You guys have made up your minds
Let's leave
We shall leave in the first
bus tomorrow morning
No way! That won't work out
Going out at this
hour won't work
First bus tomorrow morning!
As soon as we wake up, we'll leave
Now, let's sleep
Can we trust you?
Just go and sleep
Ok, come on guys
Dude, I can see that he is double minded
Let's escape as soon
as he falls asleep
We don't have any one to save us. He
has his brother, Jagadish to save him
Keep the bags packed and ready
Dude, Jada is screaming!
What happened, Jada?
Who spilled ink on you?
- That dog!
- Where?
- A dog?
- Yes, I saw it near the door!
Go, check it out! Now!
- It is that dog you told us about
- Chase it away with stones!
The dog that never barks...that one...
I saw it
Why do you scare me?
I don't see anything out there!
I swear, it was there
What are you talking about?
Sorry, it's my fault!
Let's not stay here
even a minute longer
- Yes...Yes!
- Go, get your bags
- Go, get your bags!
- Let's leave!
Quick! Pack up!
Come on, guys! Quick!
Come on! Let's go! Run!
Come on!
Come out from there first!
Come on!
Run! Run!
Guys! Run! Run! Forget the door!
I got you bag. Just go! Run!
Hold my hands! Hold my hands!
Crowd is pouring in from all over to witness
this final, happening after 10 years
Oh my God! Coach Ilangovan, who
doesn't prefer this, is also here!
So finally we are here at the
finals and the two teams are...
One is Sathankulam, the home team!
A round of applause for them!
The second team is..
- From Chennai, Ilangovan's team!
- Don't clap for them!
Boys, play with a free mind
Got it?
This is our home ground!
Let's win it!
The trophy is ours
Whole team started to pray
Match will start soon
The match is about to start...
Sathankulam team has arrived
Where is Ilangovan's team?
Ilango, how about we go
to their room and check?
No need. They'll come
After 10 years this tournament
is held with great difficulties
A big crowd has turned up
The club members are here
Sathankulam is in the finals! Of
course the opponents will be scared
Where is Ilangovan's team?
Shall we declared the
opponents as winner?
How can you declare without
the final match being played?
Your boys are missing.
Tell us if you know where they are
Then we can wait even forever
Finals must take place!
- Let's be patient and wait for them
- Ok boss
All faces look tensed
All the best, boys!
Play well! Ok?
All the best
This time the trophy is ours!
We are going to win
it with too much ease
Ilango, it's getting late
If my team doesn't turn up even after grace
period, announce Sathankulam as winners
Excuse me, please catch the
bus now or you won't get any
Why do you look sad? It's ok!
You can win the next match!
- Hey!
- What?
Chennai Ilagovan's team has arrived!
They are here!
Now, come on! Let's talk! Let's talk!
Wait and watch now!
Start the most hyped match!
Dont delay it
Run dude!
Don't turn around! Just keep running!
Mom, I'm hungry. Come on!
Even Blackie is hungry
Are you furious, dear?
Of course. Even Blackie is starving
Are you that hungry?
Forget it. I'll take Blackie
along and eat outside somewhere
Sorry, dear. Only today I'm a bit
late in serving food, right?
Take that dog and leave it outside
I hear that you are running back and
forth from home to police station?
Sir, I don't know who you are
Whatever the matter is, this is not
the time to discuss. Please leave
I hear you're going to press charges
It's of no use
Let me tell you what happened
My only son, Ram...
He is everything to me
But for him? Football is everything
It was for him I once became
a football board member
He tried his best to get
selected in the national team
Even I tried to get him
in the national team
You have no idea how much
I pleaded to your husband
I'm a football committee
board member
What else does my son
require to get qualified?
Instead of picking him in the team...
your husband selected a cobbler's son
and let him play for the national side
Because of that my son isn't alive
anymore and I have no one now!
Using the game which he
snatched away my son forever...
I used the same game...
and murdered your husband!
Everybody believes that your husband died
because the ball hit him on his chest
I poisoned some glucose
I murdered him
I buried the truth from everyone
- Maari...
- Mom...
Mom, what's happening?
Mom! Mom!
Mom, what happened?
Mom, please get up! What's going on?
Mom, get up!
Mom! Mommy! What happened?
Mom, what happened? Please, get up!
Uncle, please!
My mom is an innocent
I did everything correctly
but forgot you!
Well, rectifying it now
The best place for
you is with your mom
Mom, please get up!
Mom, what happened to you?
Kill him
Mom, get up
Mom, get up
My signature?
Give that to me
Thank you!
Referee is started blow the whistle
Don't leave
Give the ball to Messi
He played well
Come on! Play forward! Come on!
Wait and watch how the home
team scores a goal now
Hey! Here
Pass it! Super
Yes, just like that
Only two minutes left, right?
- Boss, are you leaving?
- No. You sit down
Pass! Pass!
Yes! Yes!
Come on flap your gums now!
A team that was trained by
Sethu anna once upon a time!
They won't leave without the trophy!
We are winning this one!
- Your boys did an awesome job
- Thank you! Thank you!
Please, no! Spare my life
Please, no
People like you always say that people
like us must not dream beyond limits
Sethu anna was the one who broke that
and taught us we can achieve more!
And you...
Your son was at fault but what was the
fault of that child and her mother?
You guys think money can
achieve you anything?
If only money can get you selected
in teams, then why...
do you have selections and
conduct such matches?
I feel like crushing you...
Do you have any idea how much we
struggle to even play in trials match?
The boys who play in local clubs...
Any idea where they come from?
Any idea what their parents do?
Have you ever thought about it?
At least one day?
Try finding it out
'My father is a cobbler
on the roadside'
'I am the son of a
sewage cleaner'
'My mother is a flower vendor'
Crossing all the hardships
We still continue to dream that at least
one day we'll make it to the national team
But people like you?
Just walk in, throw money, achieve
everything and walk off. Isn't it?
This is why the Indian team...
is still 'just a team'
Search for good players in the team and...
you'll find national level
players driving load vehicles...
and auto rickshaws
It is because of people like you, instead
of playing Elevens professionally...
we play Sevens and hurt
ourselves just for money!
Some even lose their career!
What do you know
about our struggles?
You must be...
By murdering people like you,
we'll only be spoiling our lives
Get lost!