Jagga Jasoos (2017) Movie Script

(Purulia Folk Song)
There's the first signal.
That's the second.
Waiting on the third.
There it is.
Deploy! Deploy!
Go... go... go!
That's our final signal.
Let's go.
Drop it, drop it. Fast!
A shower of weapons in broad daylight.
17th December 1995...
It was just another day
for the villagers of Velamor.
The farmers were heading
to their fields when suddenly...
Big huge umbrellas!
In the Purulia district
of West Bengal...
This raises serious concerns
about India's internal security.
A foreign aircraft has breached
the Indian airspace
dodging radars et al.
For who? How did this cache of arms
reach a village so small?
Who do these guns belong to?
What's the plan?
The village is not a terrorist camp!
No guns can feed hunger.
We are the largest imponers
of arms in the world.
The whole system is corrupt.
Hand in glove waiting to erupt.
This isjust the tip...
The tip ofthe iceberg.
The tip ofthe iceberg!
A bullet is cheaper than bread.
Questions unasked,
answers unsaid.
Purulia... Purulia...
Purulia arms drop!
Jagga Jasoos and his magical world.
Fabulous characters
and stories unfurled.
Breaking out of his
own comic books page.
What if he pops up on the stage?
Let me present to you
the new book ofthe series,
Jagga Jasoos and the
Magic ofthe Red Circle.
Be you a topper or a back-bencher,
and if you love adventure,
then, pick up,
with no hiccup,
a Jagga Jasoos comic book!
Stall number 37, please have a look.
Read and share,
make your friends aware.
And get a special bonus for this task:
an autographed Jagga mask!
Okay guys, it's all ven/ informal
and interactive.
Any doubts, just ask me. Okay?
So, let us sta with the first...
First book!
Jagga Jasoos and the...
- Ma'am, ma'am!
He is saying that
this autograph is a fake.
No, it is real.
Is Jagga for real?
He is ven/ real!
As real as your dimple.
Just like the sound ofthis piano,
Jagga too is real.
You've forced me to change my plans.
Okay guys... change in plans.
Let us rewind a little.
To Jagga's childhood.
Somewhere in Mainaguri,
in a hospital teeny,
the matron found a child whiny weeny.
In an accident he
lost his mom and dad,
was left all alone, lonely and sad.
No one came for him,
passed days and years.
The hospital became
Jagga's little universe.
Riding moon's back,
piggyback like a sack.
To a world where he's not alone,
here comes Jagga.
A piece of candy,
face all dandy,
in a style of his own,
here comes Jagga.
A gift from above,
forming bonds of love,
tugs at your head,
as he goes about mingling.
With eyes almost weeping,
under the stairs,
you'll catch him sleeping.
A teeny weeny cot,
a pint sized little thing.
Riding moon's back,
piggyback like a sack,
to a world where he's not alone,
here comes Jagga.
He's one of a kind,
with a head that's divine.
Sleepless he lies on lonely nights,
counting the stars that shine.
Bottled within,
he's bubbling with tales.
But when it comes to talking,
his tongue fails.
Though a little devil,
his head is not a wee bit bad.
Oh, he is a lovely lad.
If it's decided, for two souls
to be united...
come what may,
they will come together in
a red circle, and stay there forever.
What's your name?
Tell me your name?
He hesitates...
because he stutters.
Chocolatey Chunnu!
He's an imp, a moppet,
a goat's furn/ poppet.
He's got tiny feet,
tiny tail and whiny bleat.
Biscuita Bunnu!
He's Chunnu's paPPV,
he's tall n strappy.
With button-y eyes
and a moustache that's quite sappy.
Chocolatey Chunnu.
On a terrible Tuesday,
got into a bungle, lost in a jungle,
trapped in the wild, oh lonely!
Biscuita Bunnu.
Dans to the jungle,
unjumbles the bungle,
fights the wolves all alone, only!
I had a friend.
He'd stutter no end.
Can't talk, he would pretend.
People felt that he was so cute,
but thought he was mute.
And then one day, he staed talking,
rat-a-tat, non-stop, no pause.
Ask me how?
Our brain...
it... is...
like a walnut.
It has two pans.
Left... Right.
For example, when I'm talking,
I'm using the left side.
Left is for logic, left is systematic.
And the song that I was singing?
That was from the right side.
This right side of ours,
is... is a little nutty,
is creative.
So, then what did Babu do?
He quit talking from the left.
Staed talking from the right.
In songs.
And never ever stuttered again.
Now, I'll ask you a question.
And you...
sing and answer.
And then you'll see...
C'mon, tell me what's your name?
Don't fear...
you sing and answer.
C'mon, tell me what's your name?
My name is... Jagga.
Now ask me, what's my name?
Wha... what?
Totally broken bones.
Fully fractured fate.
You can call me Tutifuti.
What will you call me?
Chocolatey Chunnu!
Chunnu is a little lamb
tiny teeny-weeny.
Chocolatey brown,
chocolatey brown.
Biscuita Bunnu
he is teensy weensy.
Chunnu'5 PaPPV,
tall and strappy.
Eyes round and button-y
and a moustache that's quite sappy.
Odd n mismatched, O what a pair.
One sang his mind with not a care.
And the other whose luck
was rather unfair.
In a world that's jinxed,
it's often said
when your road looks smooth,
no rubble,
at the crossroad of life,
all decked up and nice,
eagerly awaits Ms. Trouble.
We need more job opponunities
for the youth.
So many of us do not have access to
even basic education and healthcare.
The state must take
care of its citizens.
Our mothers and sisters
need to feel safe on the streets.
Give way, please.
We have gathered here to peacefully
ask the state for our demands.
Excuse us.
Give way, please.
Who's this guy?
Oh, no!
Break it open.
- Yes sir.
Don't let him get away.
Hey, stop! Reverse the car.
UV.-- UV.-- UV.--
When will you come back for me?
I'll be back
in 6 months, 7 days and 8 hours.
Just lies.
The big toe rides your small toe
each time that you... lie.
Just lies.
Tutifuti left, just as he came.
All of a sudden.
And Jagga was left with many
questions - What, who, where and why?
The answers, his curious mind
set out to find. What an obsession!
To find the answer to even] mysten/
and even] question!
The best gunman by far,
no fancy car.
Neither an overcoat norjudo.
Nabbing thieves is child's play.
A Ia snakes n ladders or Iudo.
Stiff hair as an
antenna helps him spy.
Sharper than binocs and x-ray,
his eyes that magnify.
of a caoony kind.
With a thousand childish quirks.
Has a naughty smile,
and a weirdo style.
with a brain that works.
Ukhru | 's heanbeat:
He is Jagga Jasoos.
Cheats, crooks, pretty thieves,
he blows them out like fuse.
The password to Jagga's world
is safe with me.
Cause in his many sagas
is my special ston].
of a caoony kind.
with a brain that works.
Can someone tell me
what the time is?
Left turn!
This con-job involves three layers.
Love triangle with three players.
Mr. Bhaduri and Ms. Mala.
Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala.
Mrs. Bhaduri, she teaches histonj.
her husband is her soft spot.
Ms. Mala, ven/ stylish.
Teaches English.
Amongst the boys she's quite sought!
Mr. Bhaduri.
- PT teacher.
Steady body, wayward heart
June was about to start
Thunder! Lightening!
Pitter patter showers.
Ms. Ma | a's body was found
below the clock tower.
It is clear.
Definitely suicide.
Ms. Mala Moitra was not only loved
by the students and faculty alike,
but also an inspiration to all.
She was the head and soul ofthe
English depanment and Culture Club.
N... N...N... not suicide.
It is murder.
Jagga said it is a murder.
It is murder.
- Even/one says it is suicide.
You say it is a murder!
How is it a murder?
Early morning Ms. Mala went out
for milk to buy.
Oh! Must commit suicide, she thought.
Then, she jumped off the tower,
good bye!
It's true.
You have a point.
She who soaks beans in the night,
come morning why would
she commit suicide?
Dimwit. It's suicide.
It could be a last minute plan.
Get me a cola.
Could be an early morning thought,
mind must be in a knot.
"With life I cannot cope,
death's my only hope."
It's m... mu... murder.
It is murder!
Shall I pop it?
According to Mr. Milkman
the clock tower was
their secret hideout.
Buying milk was only a way to get out.
Actually they...
Wanted to drink the milk
and keep the cream.
This, even/one knows!
Do they?
We do.
Tell me something new.
Should I?
- Shall I pop it?
Inside the tower entered three.
6:15 exits the wife. No one but she.
6:30, Ms. Mala.
6:45, the husband, carefree!
But, at 7, out come only two.
So... arrest them.
My foot! Arrest them?
When Ms. Mala jumped from the tower
where was Mrs. Bhaduri
and her husband dear?
In school.
Even/one knows it.
You know?
We know... we know... we know.
If it happened, it did, but how?
What did they do? And how?
If it happened, it did, but how?
What did they do? And how?
How was one man
in two places. How?
How was one man
in two places. How?
If it happened, it did, but how?
What did they do? And how?
If it happened, it did, but how?
What did they do? And how?
How was one man
in two places. How?
O How?
The sticker in the cereal pack
is right at the bottom, whack!
This ten-day wait bores to death.
I have to eat the whole box
for just a sticker.
My little fool.
First turn the packet upside down.
Now, open it.
The sticker at the bottom
will now be on top.
So, what is the moral ofthe stow?
When you can't figure
something straight,
turn it on its head and look.
When you can't figure
something straight,
turn it on its head and look.
Twas bright and early in the morn
Singi song dingi dong, lover's dawn
Mr. Bhaduri and Ms. Mala.
Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala!
One who met her even/day.
The lovers secret he would betray.
He sent their love ston/ astray.
Mr. Milkman, and his foul play.
Quietly, without uttering word,
he flew to the lady like a bird.
He bluned it all,
secrets, big and small.
Gave a sample of a snitch.
Keeping quiet without a twitch.
Then, went for the big six.
Yes... your husband has some
extra marital tricks.
He's a fraud, oh he's a quack.
He has stabbed you in your back.
The ship sank.
Even/thing is blank.
Take this, with thanks.
Bouncy stride and head aflutter,
Ms. Ma | a's off for coochie coo.
Gritsy gutsy appears madam
with her Kung Fu.
Shameless, spineless twit!
That's not me,
it's you, you twit!
WhV mV hubby, my man?
Control love, who can?
Cambodia, Colombia, Estonia, Algeria,
Veldoria, Kandetoh, Haribol!
That's how this ston/ goes tra Ia Ia!
Gon/ and dark,
what cou | d've been gala.
Lost in love and lost her life.
Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala... Ms. Mala!
Jagga, but we all saw Ms. Mala jump
from the clock tower.
The dead body fell with a loud crash!
All were stunned with the smash.
What happened in that fatal one hour?
The secret is safe in the clock tower.
Tick tock.
Tick tock... tick tock
The body lay in front of our eyes.
Mrs. Bhaduri stood by with her lies.
Her hands were stained
with Ma | a's blood.
Not like that...
from the epiglottis... Blood.
Tick Tock...
- Blood!
Tick tock...
- Blood.
Such moments leave you
at loss for words.
But, our Mr.
Bhaduri was a sman sly bird.
His wedding vows were now at stake.
Scratched his head for clarity sake
and thought, what to do?
Tick tock... what to do?
He ran, distraught.
From Humpu's garden a rope he got,
and tied the corpse against the clock
with a Magic knot.
- Magic knot!
Magic knot?
Basically, this knot is used
for mountain climbing
and to tie horses.
If you loop the rope once
and pull a second loop from under
the first one and pull tight.
Basically, though this is ven/ tight
it takes just a tug at the other end
to undo the knot.
Bid adieu to the corpse,
and set the deathly tick tock.
By the hands ofthe clock.
Hands of the clock.
Hands of the clock.
Tick tock... Hands ofthe clock.
Tick tock... Hands ofthe clock.
Tick tock... Hands ofthe clock.
What to do... Hands ofthe clock.
What to do... Hands ofthe clock.
What to do... Hands ofthe clock.
Behind his smiling face, was hidden,
a lonesome, lonely Jagga.
Come summer, other kids would go away.
Empty chairs,
tables and beds would stay.
And... a lonesome, lonely Jagga.
There was a bridge connecting
Jagga's present and past.
Made of video tapes.
On even] bihday, there would be
a new tape added to this bridge.
One that Tutifuti would send
from some corner of the world.
I do envy Jagga at times.
Tutifuti had taught Jagga
the spirit of living,
from miles away,
just through these video tapes.
which despite staying together
most parents fail at.
This one tape would bring Jagga
his annual supply of oxygen.
Happy binhday!
HaPPV bihday, dear Jagga!
There are only two kinds
of people in this world.
Nails and hammers.
Which do you want to be?
You decide.
This is a magazine.
Safety lock.
Off spin... leg spin.
Worries and googlies,
spot them early,
and you will hit a six.
Else, you'll be in a fix.
The human mind
and a parachute are alike.
Ifthey are open, it's great
Else, you are dead.
Stan from up.
The other way... wrong.
Not the other way.
Life's biggest disease today
is worn/ing about
what people will say?
Till the time a thief is not caught,
he isn't a thief, he is an anist.
If you want to punch,
make a fist at the last minute,
it will double the
force at which it lands.
This year,
you will get no pocket money.
Pay your school fees on your own.
It's simple.
Catch fish and sell it in the market.
Feluda, Sherlock, Ray,
Ghatak, Hitchcock.
Maradona, Sampras,
Sir Don Bradman,
Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Jackson.
Hitler, Chenghis, Scarlett.
Modern Times by Chaplin.
Happy birthday to you.
here... somewhere.
Or then...
you are nowhere.
Yet again.
Yet again.
Dreams with broken wings,
Vet again.
Yet again.
Yet again.
Upset unfulfilled yearnings,
Vet again.
Yet again.
Yet again.
The cloud of doom.
Why is my head,
so filled with gloom?
First you bond then break my heart
Why did you come, if you had to pan?
With some excuse as you depa,
Vet again.
Yet again.
Their death ceificates.
VHS tape?
You are a free man, Bagchi.
Go back to life.
So long, sir.
Green light.
Tutifuti and Jagga were miles apart
Will his last tape ever reach Jagga?
The answer can be found in here.
What happened to Tutifuti?
- Is he dead?
Your answer is in this book.
But to get to this one,
we must first read this book.
The second book ofthe series...
Jagga Jasoos and the
Murder on the Giant Wheel.
Look, look, so beautiful,
look, look, so mesmerizing.
These lands are so green,
this town is like a jewel.
By the way, we too are characters
from a comic book.
And He is the writer.
The one with the office
behind the clouds.
Sometimes, for two estranged
characters to meet,
He creates a third twist in the plot,
that no one can predict.
From the Shirui mountains
to Loktak lake,
our motherland is so beautiful.
This case isn't one of Jagga's best.
But, it is my favourite.
for ven/ good reason.
Look, look, so beautiful,
look, look, so mesmerizing.
These lands are so green,
this town is like a jewel.
Look, look, so beautiful,
look, look, so mesmerizing.
These lands are so green,
this town is like a jewel.
Whose bags are these?
Take the bullet out.
Take the bullet out... fast!
Is the ambulance here?
- Not yet, sir.
Look under that.
Why are you touching it?
Look up there.
- Okay, sir.
Did you check thoroughly?
Found anything?
No, sir. Nothing.
Ma'am, keep walking straight ahead.
Do not turn to look back.
The moment is right.
The lovers unite.
There is a scandal.
One, you cannot handle.
There is a scandal.
One, you cannot handle.
Can't we go somewhere else?
It would be safest on the giant wheel.
Their people are all around.
I feel giddy in these rides.
Hey! Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
What is the information?
There is a scandal.
One, you cannot handle.
There is a scandal.
One, you cannot handle.
There is a scandal.
One, you cannot handle.
Move aside. Move!
S... S... S...
Some flowers, to bloom
take a little time.
My words, too, sleepily fall in line.
Which is why I sing it out,
you know, so it comes out smooth.
Without consent,
entered your den.
I agree it's a mistake.
I did it for good intentions sake.
Need to find out
what is behind this mystenj.
What is your role in this?
What is your histonj?
The commotion in Ukhrul
that you have created
the solution for which
is sincerely awaited.
Hello! Help! Manager!
Not anyone else,
only I can help you out.
Just spill the beans
to clear my doubts.
Anyone there?
He who is dead, who was he?
What's the scam that he had done?
Was what he did that killed him,
the same one?
How do you know all this?
Did he have some scoop so grim?
Something so deadly
that it actually killed him.
Why should I tell you, tell me please?
Instead I'll just call the police.
The police are already on their way.
What will you say?
How will you save yourself today?
Let me tell you my love,
the body's been found.
The murder weapon
has your finger prints abound.
Can I h... he | ...?
What's your name?
J... J... J...
Got it.
No, listen. Can I h...?
No, thank you.
I can take care of myself.
Ms. Shruti...
I know you, Ms. Sh... Sh...
The hotel register
has your name as Sangeeta.
But, your real name is Shruti.
Isn't it, Ms. Shruti Sengupta?
Age: 26.
Oops. Sorn].
Schooled in London,
your accent gives you away.
"Help... Police!"
This accent is western, I say.
From Calcutta, a journalist you are.
Illegal arms form your stow, so far.
Actually, it's not your fault,
I'll blame it on your bad luck
that's just not leaving you,
it's badly stuck.
Even on the bridge,
you're followed by ill luck.
In four steps... watch outl!
Your foot will get stuck.
Where should I sta?
F... F... From the beginning.
Ma'am, I can't speak right now.
Let's meet in the evening.
I'll see you at the fair at 5.
Poor Tumba, an ex-millitant,
he just wanted to save his brother.
He had to get the bullet taken out.
Those who killed him
were a dangerous and lethal lot.
The local youth would be brainwashed
and trained to become militants.
In the last phase oftheir training regime,
new recruits are tricked to trade in arms.
Ifthey escape the army, they would be
killed the moment the job is done.
Tumba and his brother,
escaped such an encounter,
and became my informers.
They wanted to blow the covers off
this cross border arms movement.
But they could not hide for long.
I was charged with murder.
And with them, the information on this
secret route was silenced forever.
What does this mean?
I'm here with you because I want to.
What are you doing?
According to the police,
you... a... a...
are a murderer.
Thanks... for reminding me.
Hello. Hey!
Hey, Jagga!
Found her?
- Not yet.
ls she still here or left?
Hasn't left Ukhrul, for sure.
She better not have.
The girl,
her source, her investigation,
put an end to it all.
- Let's go.
Just a minute.
A girl in our hostel?
How did she get in?
I'm from Jhumri Talaiya.
You are maybe from Timbuktu.
If we're meant to, we'll surely meet.
Even if after that, I never see you.
It's fate that made us two collide.
Our stories will surely coincide.
- F... F... Fire.
- F... F... F...
F... F... fire!
Fire brigade.
The world,
it suddenly seems more bright.
Out to please me with delight.
Tends to my whims, real polite.
The world,
it suddenly seems more bright.
Out to please me with delight.
Tends to my whims, real polite.
Are you angnj?
Are you angnj?
Are you angnj?
She asks me if I'm angn/l
Feluda got burnt, so did Sherlock.
Hostel said, "No entnj",
will be sealed with a lock.
My stubble from my ven/ first shave.
My binocs from Nainital,
I couldn't save.
My mouth organ,
my little lamp,
my tea kettle,
my canvas cap,
my underpants, my towel
my bed burnt to rubble.
I'm doomed!
And, you ask, ifl am angn].
I never wanted your help,
never once did I ask.
How dare you think
you could take me to task?
Older than you, am I.
A little respect, you may tn].
It's my case, I can handle it.
You go your way, ta-ta, goodbye.
And now don't you dare
come following me!
Why am I singing?
My home is a burning desert
Yours, maybe in the Nor1h pole.
But, if we do run into one another,
the world will go out of control.
I'll leave some songs for you to sing,
some simple words to heal your soul.
The world,
it suddenly seems more bright.
Out to please me with delight.
Tends to my whims, real polite.
The world,
it suddenly seems more bright.
Out to please me with delight.
Tends to my whims, real polite.
Is there a brave one amongst you all?
The brave one to face a knife
Will Win 1000!
Face two to get 3000,
and three to win 5000!
The brave one in the yellow shin.
Come up on stage.
Give him a big round of applause.
He's brave indeed!
It is much bigger than I thought.
What will happen to me?
The killer has escaped,
now, the rest of my life in prison.
Question mark?
Now that you have been a silly fool.
Who else knows that you are in Ukhrul?
Just my editor.
And A... A... Akash Vidyarlhi?
Question mark?
You and Akash are from
the same profession.
Always writing in collaboration?
So what happened this time?
Or a job switch?
Professional rivalnj?
Or a personal glitch?
Personal glitch?
Nothing like that.
After our engagement,
we decided not to work together.
Question mark...?
Your world has gone haywire, askew.
He's not bothered nor are you.
Not even a call?
He is with me,
even when he is not.
He understands it all.
Whether spoken or not.
This kind of love,
in books you read.
I'm nothing without him,
he's my need.
From the files you asked for...
Here... December 2004...
In the forest, 21 dead bodies found
under mysterious circumstances.
They were all young boys
between 16-25 years of age.
This is from six month ago.
15 bodies were found in Kamjong.
Reason of death: Unknown.
Here's the book on Netaji.
Papa... W... W... who's this?
Netaji... Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
Do you know why his statue is here?
In the year 1944,
the war was on in full force.
The British were facing
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
Via Burma he planned
his army to attack.
Hidden from the Brits
through a secret track.
Which track?
Under the hills, hidden behind trees,
was a small cave
through which flowed a river.
The cave passage is 20 kms long.
On one end is Burma
and on the other is Ukhrul.
Walking for three whole days
Excess of calcium in even] drop,
white feet, is what even/one got.
After three days, they leave the cave
on a track unsteady.
They were in for a shock to see
the Kayans waiting and ready.
Kayans are a tribe from this state.
They have a unique trait.
Away from the world
a hidden life they lead.
The men ofthe hamlet,
elephants they breed.
Makes sense.
To smuggle out all the weapons
from this jungle,
what better mode of transpon
than elephants?
The route that Netaji used
is now used to smuggle weapons.
We're late.
The men are missing, elephants, too.
Hum], that is enough!
We are shod on time
and have along way to go.
Let's go.
There! Look, who is there?
Be careful. And make it fast.
Isn't she the girl
you've been searching for?
Do I look like I've lost it?
Shruti Sen...
Shruti Sengupta?
I read your anicles.
They are good!
There was one more repoer
with you, right?
What was his name?
Hey, Churko.
Yes, sir.
Killed him in Chhattisgarh.
Didn't we kill him
in front of you at Billai?
Still didn't get the warning?
You've come here to die?
Sad, huh?
Finish them off.
Don't move.
(Bihu Folk Song)
I can never get myself
to do anything right.
If it weren't for you...
C... C... Cool.
| ...
P... Ph... Phone...
Happy binhday!
I do a bit of snooping, too.
If you need me,
I'm always there for you.
I feel I felt a slight little shake,
my life just stopped
with a sudden brake.
Why my head, are you confused?
My advice I think you should take.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
C'mon build your body.
Pump your muscle.
Your cheeks are too soft,
grow a stubble.
C'mon dude,
get set.
Give the deo some trouble.
Make the girl next
door pop your bubble.
Take off one button
or make it double.
Bare your chest with
the overgrown stubble.
You were pushing around a cycle,
now pick a bike that you can find.
Ifthe speed's getting you the chill,
make a girl sit behind.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
This is just the age,
to err a mistake.
Hi, Santa.
Son, your courier is not here.
It's okay, it happens.
Happy bihday.
Sorn], sir.
Sir, we've had no
one here in 10 years.
I wonder where
these two have come from.
You know what you are called
in our circuit, don't you?
Blackmail Sinha.
You were to get goods woh millions.
And all you've got is this scrap?
Sir, just hold on a second.
This is just the appetizer.
The main course is yet to come.
And, by the way,
this main course,
is nothing but your death ceificate.
Do you know what this is?
This will expose you
and your Godfather, Bashir Alexander.
If this tape goes public...
Happy bihday to you,
Happy bihday to you,
Happy bihday, dear Jagga...
Just give me a second.
Happy birthday to you.
I really didn't get that joke, Sinha.
Happy birthday to you.
| ...
It's a... mistake.
This isn't that tape.
I do have the tape with me. I...
It's just that...
Happy bihday to you...
Happy bihday, Jagga.
Nothing has come.
No package for you, son.
It would've been here, if it had to.
If it does arrive,
I'll deliver it to the hostel.
H... H... H...
He didn't even...
tell me his name.
Tu... Tuti...futi...
B... Bagchi
Badal Bagchi.
Tutifuti Badal Bagchi.
Sad, isn't it?
- Yes!
Anyway, let's take a break?
We'll continue with the third book
when we're back.
- Yes.
We'll meet after 15 minutes.
If it wasn't for Bagchi's bad luck
striking at the right time and place,
no one would know about
the Puru | ia's arms drop case.
Such cases occur daily
around the world.
Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Libya...
There is a common link
between all these arms drops.
This emblem... this isn't a emblem.
It's two people - Basheer, Alexander.
No one has ever seen them.
lnterpol's most wanted
illegal arms smuggler and supplier.
And India is their biggest market.
And why not, there are
so many militant groups.
How many could there be?
AnV guesses?
About 500.
Ever wonder,
people who are stan/ing away,
where do they get these
expensive guns from?
Someone must be behind this.
This is what our
next book is all about.
Bored, aren't you?
Arms drop in Purulia.
Why do we care?
A bomb blows up
on the Patna Express.
Why do we care?
Our door has a lucky charm.
We're safe from all harm.
Why do we care?
Factories swallow even] field.
Why do we care?
Farmers commit suicide, no yield.
Why do we care?
Our door has a lucky charm.
We're safe from all harm.
Why do we care?
A hospital, the village has none.
Why do we care?
But a sale in the mall, what fun!
We're set, you bet.
Thanks to our lucky charm.
We're safe from all harm.
Why do we care?
The nation is trivial,
only votes matter.
Why do we care?
Riots rampant,
people out to slaughter.
Why do we care?
Thanks to our lucky charm.
Thanks to our lucky charm.
Thanks to our lucky charm.
We're safe from all harm.
Happy birthday to you.
What have you got?
Their death ceificates.
VHS tape?
You shou | d've gotten a player, too.
Anything else?
Pope's Christmas
gift to seven countries.
"Airdropping cakes"
Instead of cakes...
- They will drop weapons.
We can't do jack!
There's the KGB and CIA.
They'll son it out.
But sir, I'm this close to it.
Would you like to bathe?
You're a free man, Bagchi.
Go back to life.
So long, sir.
Green light.
Yes, sir.
Dodged a 100 obstacles,
on a banana peel, he slipped.
Who else, but Bagchi,
has a fate so flipped?
His destiny is harmed,
fails even the lucky charm.
No charm, no gemstone,
holds favor over his fonune.
His stars align into a
failed constellation.
A stray arrow, too, cannot refuse
his backside's invitation.
It's a complicated situation,
without explanation.
His luck has severe constipation.
Do you know what this is?
This will expose you
and your Godfather, Bashir Alexander.
If this tape goes public...
Happy bihday to you,
Happy bihday to you,
Happy bihday, dear Jagga...
I am Harsh Upadhyay.
Chemistn/ Honors, '93 batch.
It is because of Bagchi-sir that I...
actually, many students like me,
found our sense of purpose.
This is not a time to mourn him.
In fact, he was the youngest professor
in our depanment.
Bad Luck Bagchi.
He was probably the only professor
who didn't take attendance in class.
We, as students could never
understand him...
I am sorn]...
I won't be able to speak fuher...
thank you.
Clouds rumbling in the sky;
teeming rain.
I sit on the riverbank,
sad and alone.
The sheaves Iie gathered,
han/est has ended.
The river is swollen.
My name is Kishan Pal Sinha.
Bagchi was my colleague.
I put this obituan/
in the newspaper...
to find you.
As a matter of fact,
I cremated him, too.
Had I known he had a son,
I would have waited.
H... how...
How... how...
How did he die?
Let's go to my office and talk.
When I was a child...
you left a note.
What did you write?
Oh, yes.
To dad.
Yes, I wrote a letter to Bagchi.
Oh, you were there?
Did your father ever tell
you his full name?
He... was a nice man.
He was a ven/ nice man.
But, he was running from the Police.
He was charged with murder.
No. He was framed.
In the letter, I made an offer to him,
I told him that I would get the charge dropped...
if he worked for us.
Who is "Us"?
I can't tell you that.
It's confidential.
Fair enough.
We need to gain your trust.
Isn't it?
This lawyer's office that you see...
It is just a facade.
We work for the
intelligence depanment.
A government body.
And Bagchi was working for us
on a ven/ impoant mission.
Six years of work.
His hard work of six years
was all on that one tape.
But, Bagchi being Bagchi...
he goofed up as usual.
Do you know what
his friends called him?
Bad Luck Bagchi.
Sad, but true.
Here... this is the tape he gave me.
This one.
But, this is your bihday tape.
And the tape that was to come to us,
went to you instead.
Son, if you want this tape,
you bring us our tape
and take this one in return.
N... N... N...
No, I don't have it.
You do...
What proof do you have
that he's dead?
- Yes, sir.
The body was charred
along with the car.
When did this happen?
It happened on 3rd August.
Three weeks ago.
It was really a sad day.
I really...
He's alive.
| ... | ...
I got a call two weeks ago...
from dad.
From Moombaka.
Hold this.
Write... write down your address.
What... do you wear to sleep?
What I mean is,
you'll have to stay here tonight.
S hrivastav.
- Sir.
Some water, please.
Hey, Gupta.
Catch him.
Don't let him escape.
Catch him!
Search even] nook
and cranny of Kolkata.
Even] street, even] hotel,
even] bus stop, even] airport.
I need Jagga.
I need my tape... tape.
Hi... I...
Pany's over... no one's at home.
Even/one's left.
Jagga! What a pleasant surprise!
It's Shruti's friend...
How many roads must a man...
Guess who?
Jagga? Michael.
Lights off.
Sit... sit.
My neighbor, Ganguly,
is ven/ stuck up.
No, the pay's over.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
How come they left?
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
Empty house, no song, no sonata.
Empty house, no song, no sonata.
Ramu's left behind,
the rest have left.
They've left.
Banerjee, Ahuja and Khambatta.
Banerjee, Ahuja and Khambatta.
Saying goodbye and ta ta.
They've all left.
They've left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
The philosophy of life,
let me simplify.
Life is too shod,
live it before you die.
It's a non-stop pay for all,
I believe.
| agree!
You eat, you drink and then you leave.
You eat, you drink and then you leave.
A life is a good life only if...
A life is a good life only if...
Without a wince, you ate,
you drank, you left.
Empty house, no song, no sonata.
Empty house, no song, no sonata.
Ramu's left behind, rest have left.
They've left.
They've left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They ate, they drank, they left.
They've left.
Do... Do... Do you know him?
Professor Bagchi?
Professor Bagchi is your father?
Yes. He is... T... T...
He is Tutifuti?
- Y... Yes.
You know...
I don't believe it.
'Puru | ia Arms Drop Bagchi'
is your father?
Such a small world.
Step back. Move!
A shower of weapons in broad daylight.
17th December...
- We didn't call him
Bad Luck Bagchi for nothing.
- With him around, you could be assured
that trouble would follow.
Not sure, ifthat was
his bad luck or good luck.
But, had he not have been there,
the world would have never known
about the Purulia arms drop episode.
Once Bagchi set his mind
on something; that was it.
He said, this incident appeared
in front ofthe world by accident.
Otherwise, such cases
would have continued undiscovered.
Imagine, a single man alone,
exposed an international conspiracy!
And spilled it out
on to the streets of Kolkata.
A foreign aircraft enters
Indian airspace
openly drops arms
and doesn't get detected?
How can that happen without someone
from the inside being involved?
And you won't print it?
Sir, I'll lose my job.
And... the plane's pilot...
Kim Davey.
He crossed the border in a VIP car.
Think about it.
- I'm sorn], sir.
But, he is right.
We need facts.
And to print such a theonj,
we need some proof.
I'll get you proof.
No, no. I'll get you the proof.
Print the ston/ after that.
- Sir, please listen to us.
And from then on Bagchi-sir
set out to find evidence.
He would send his student, Samrat
with the evidence.
Which I kept publishing.
As he got deeper into the case,
names of bigger fish staed emerging.
Obviously, these powerful people
had a problem with him.
Then one day, Samrat didn't turn up.
The Police turned up
the next morning.
The Sinha that you talk about,
was an Investigating Officer.
He was on the Purulia arms drop case.
Yes, but he was thrown out
ofthe bureau a while back.
Corruption charges.
So then, what secret mission?
No, it was Sinha's
conspiracy for treason.
He handpicked seven,
tested and tried men.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
All were bumped off, except Tutifuti,
the thorn in his side.
No, I'm sorn].
But, how do you know
Bagchi-sir is alive?
The photograph
of the charred body was fake.
Never has Tutifuti worn
canvas shoes to date.
Moombaka's mention aleed Sinha.
He was worried about
exposing his mission.
Like the Iie he sought
had been caught.
How do you know about Moombaka?
The code?
Whose murder was Bagchi charged with?
Our friend, Samrat.
Unfounately, I was the one
to write out his last ston].
Stop the car!
Open the boot.
It is open.
Hey. hey. Stop!
Don't let him get away.
Gautam Buddha drew
a red circle and said,
"Iftwo people are destined
to be together,
they will come into this red circle,
meet and will never ever separate."
Like us.
This is me...
This is you.
Jagga, you don't need to convince me.
If it weren't for you,
I'd be in jail.
If you need me, I'm there.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
He said that the passport
and visa would be done.
Your clue?
H... Hotel...
And plan?
To search for a man in Moombaka
with just his phone number...
is like looking for the Taj Mahal
in Kolkata.
T... T... T...
T... T... T...
T... T... Tutifuti.
Come with me.
How will I be of any help?
Am I a genie?
No, a carbon copy.
- Carbon what?
Of my dad.
- Taxi.
What do you mean that
I'm a copy of your father?
C... C... C...
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
Just come along, Hun.
A web of bad luck will be spun.
And the Taj Mahal
will come to Kolkata, it'll be done.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
Bad luck, huh?
We won't find Tutifuti.
Instead, you will be doomed
with my bad luck.
No... no!
In Ukhrul, you got stuck.
Your bad luck
was my good luck.
We were meant to meet.
You'll take me to my dad,
the journey... complete.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
I never thought
you could be this illogical!
I've studied the science of bad luck,
through and through.
Just trust in me
and I guarantee.
What nonsense!
The banana peel,
that made my father slip...
Now, the same peel
will make you flip.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
Theon/ won't do.
Prove it, practically.
Then, I'll believe you.
C... C... Cool.
36 eggs, one is cracked.
You will pick that one, I'm sure.
My dad's bad luck is same as yours,
you'll be drawn towards
the broken egg's allure.
Cause you are
that bad lucky.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
Cause you both
are bad lucky.
No, sir.
We've checked the school,
hostel, even/where.
No luck.
Why am I not surprised?
But, sir. I've got interesting news.
Last month in Burma...
- Sir, here. Have some hot tea.
the arms racket bust,
was Jaggafs 110N19-
This means that the tape
is definitely with him.
And if he didn't have the tape,
he would never have been able
to figure out the Burma route.
Anything else?
And sir, a journalist from Kolkata
was with him.
Shruti. Shruti Sengupta.
Shruti Sengupta, sir.
Shruti Sengupta.
Can't believe I'm doing this.
If your bad luck theon/ backfires,
don't blame me.
Pray that the plane takes off safely.
S... S... Seat-belt.
Sir, the tape.
It happens, sir.
Welcome to Moombaka. | You want my gun?
Hey! What is this?
You are damaging my car!
Will you buy me a new car?
What is wrong with you?
What are you doing?
What did I tell you to do?
Did I ask you to shoot
or follow them?
Hotel Agapastala.
Which Agapastala?
What do you mean which Agapastala?
Beside Labambala.
You mean there are more than one?
How many Agapastalas are there?
100 total.
In the Moombaka nation.
No, no, 98.
I hope you're joking, right?
Even/thing's set.
I swear to God.
Oh, you're such a fraud.
Just like even] African jungle
has a deer named Impala.
Come to the point.
Similarly, in Moombaka at even] turn
there's a Hotel Agapastala.
Beside Labambala?
Why didn't you tell me before?
- You never asked me before.
Hotel Agapastala?
Yes, Agapastala.
- Yes, Agapastala.
Okay... okay.
Yes. Tell me, Gupta.
Sir, we've found the tape.
What are you saying?
Are you sure it's the right tape?
Did you check it?
Sinha, Ahuja here.
I saw your tape. All okay.
Sinha, just get rid ofthese two kids.
Sir, but...
the deal was for the tape.
Not to get rid ofthem.
You family is waiting
for you in Nainital.
And you want to play deal or no deal?
Well you are absolutely right, sir.
I will finish the job and then return.
Give me the gun.
The small one, please.
Shall I go, sir?
Last chance.
Sit right here.
No, I don't know.
These two?
ln my b89-
Why does it go where it shouldn't?
This head's a fool.
Why tn/ a fractured destiny?
This head's a fool.
Why does it go where it shouldn't?
This head's a fool.
Why tn/ a fractured destiny?
This head's a fool.
Senseless are its ways.
Knowingly invites trouble grave.
In a flash it comes and goes,
this head is like small change.
Why does it go where it shouldn't?
This head's a fool.
It's confused.
It believes in friendship.
Lost in the colors of friendship.
Drenched in love.
Can't escape it,
can't let it go.
Makes castles in the air,
this head's a king's lair.
Why does it go where it shouldn't?
This head's a fool.
M... M... My lips were dn].
Please get me one omlette.
They have taken this route.
I know where they are going.
Search the whole place.
Across 56 hotels,
the search is complete.
20 more to go,
the target is close.
Just two days more!
Sorn], Jagga-
It's not going to work.
I'm going back to India.
You said that you'll be
there for me when I need you.
Live up to your promise.
Just two days more!
Listen, I'm here to help you.
But, I have a problem with your ways.
What about money?
No problem, honey.
The police are chasing us.
They'll never catch us, no way.
Jagga, they even shot at us.
But failed miserably, didn't they?
Do you think this is a joke?
You think I'm going to spend my life
dancing with you
in the streets of Moombaka?
Ifthere is a slightest chance
that Tutifuti is alive,
then even that is good enough
for me to find him.
Who can understand better
as to how I feel, other than you.
You, who still celebrates
your dead boyfriend's bihday, too.
S... S... S...
Don't be.
It's true.
Sorn]... sorn].
No one can replace Akash.
| \/I... me?
What tangent.)
One... day, please.
24 hours.
Not even 24 seconds.
Then, tell me...
What I have been saying all along.
We don't know anyone here.
So, let us go to the embassy first.
O... O... Okay.
S... S... S...
Why don't you put a signboard there?
Sorn], sir. Relax.
R... R... Relax?
There's no railing.
Anyone can fall.
No, no. Nobody falls.
This city,
all building, same architecture.
Same style, same steps.
Only that Indian upstairs.
- Sabaka!
Indian, what?
Sorn], madam. Relax.
Are you making fun of Indians?
No... no.
No. I want to know.
These boys say,
they've been working for 20 years,
no one has ever fallen down.
But this year, two people fell down.
Both Indian.
T... T... T...
No. Not this person.
That man had a beard.
Yes... yes.
From 3rd July to 20th July.
Mr. B. B. Bagchi.
From India.
He stayed here?
Strange man.
Went out and came back
at the oddest hours.
Where did he go?
Hey, freeze!
Yeah, okay.
It's been a long chase.
How you've made me run!
Did you find Bagchi?
You know what?
I shou | d've killed
you that day itself.
Cunning, aren't you?
You made a guess?
"Bagchi's a | ive."
Is he?
| ... | ...
I agree that I bluffed.
You, too, tried.
And fed me some lies.
With a fake photo that implied,
a living man is dead.
The one I seek,
is the one you want to find.
We both have only Tutifuti
on our mind.
I guessed it right.
Guessed it right.
Oh my, Bull's eye!
I guessed it right.
Oh my, Bull's eye!
Caught even] sin,
wiped off your grin.
Oh my, Bull's eye!
You can't do jack!
Your guess was right, I agree.
Dead or alive,
Bagchi is no use to me.
You going back to India,
is a threat to me.
Hence, I won't let you go soot-free.
Kill him.
All ofyou...
kill him, kill him, kill him.
If you let us go,
I will marn/ all of you!
Should I make another guess?
- Go ahead.
Operation Weapons Drop was a sham.
You needed six more like Bagchi
t0 make a spy QTOUP.
Yes, I had to scam.
With information about the big fish,
you planned to make money and scram.
- Yes, true.
Politicians, businessmen,
Defence Ministers were blackmailed.
But, this time your plan failed.
The incorrect tape ended up wrong.
And Bagchi flew along.
Our bones you want to break,
cause your life's at stake.
We both know Bagchi's
alive and kicking.
You're right, again.
Your guess, and mine
Oh my, Bull's eye!
Your guess, and mine
Oh my, Bull's eye!
How much you sing!
It's so irritating.
Kill him, kill him, kill him!
Kill him now.
Your guess, and mine
Oh my, Bull's eye!
Your guess, and mine
Oh my, Bull's eye!
Caught even] sin,
wiped off your grin.
Oh my, Bull's eye!
What? Tick tack toe?
Look in the back.
He was in a car accident.
The car crashed into a tree. Boom!
He left this behind when he left.
To get to Bashir Alexander
was our mission.
But Sinha was actually
using us to get information.
If it weren't for these tribal folk,
I'd be dead, like the rest of my team.
And if I'm alive, it's because
there is a purpose:
I want to tell the world
and expose this illegal arms racket.
Bashir-Alexander are not two,
but one man.
In 1960, he was born in Afghanistan.
He was a normal child
but had two heads.
He was a child when his father sold
him to the traveling Russian circus.
Soon he ousted the owner
and became the boss - the king.
No one has ever seen him since.
He went underground.
A foreign arms facton/
was to be auctioned.
There was just one bidder.
CIA, KGB, RAW... none ofthem
even have a picture of him.
But even] three years,
in an underground arms fair,
people say, you can
spot Bashir-Alexander.
This time, this Fair of Death
will be in Moombaka.
He will come in his old circus train.
Next Saturday, from Tiktiki station.
Come what may,
I have to catch this train.
They've come.
Run... run!
Get out of here!
They are here!
Come with me.
Please come. Fast... fast!
Excuse me.
What time was the last train
from here?
10:30, last night.
To where?
Moombaka border.
When is the next train?
- None... only one private train.
Where has it reached?
The circus train... must be here.
He's saying it was a circus train.
Yes, a circus train. Look.
How much time do you need
to get there?
About one day's journey.
That's my scooter.
That's my scooter... my scooter!
Oh my God!
I'll kill both of you!
S... Sit in the front.
T... T... The controls on this plane
are in the back.
Where did you learn to fly a plane?
| ... | ... | ...
In the Iibran].
- What?
Oh, no!
To your left.
- What is it?
- My left?
Yes, your left.
- Where?
Not there?
- Got it.
Pressure check.
- Done.
Push the rudder?
- Pushed.
Up stick.
- What stick?
That stick?
- Yes, stick
Get it?
- Got it.
- Rocket?
- Oh no, we're dead.
How does this fly?
- 120.
How does this fly?
- At 120.
What at 120?
- It flies.
F | y, fly!
Fingers and toes crossed.
Take off! Take off!
How will we land now?
I'll just turn even/thing off.
Hurn/ up! Come out!
What were you doing inside?
Is this a joke?
Special mention for India,
a flourishing market.
Thank you, Mr. Sameer Jung.
- Cheers!
Our ven/ active agent
in the Indian subcontinent.
Where had we reached
in this search for Tutifuti?
In the Fair of Death,
an exhibition of weaponn].
No friend, no foe,
just simple principles.
Get the world to fight,
as they grease their pockets.
Divide to sell arms,
sell arms to divide.
One day we will be extinct
like the dinosaurs.
9/11, World Trade Center,
New York City.
26/11, Mumbai Terror Attacks.
Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein,
Hafeez Saeed, Mugabe,
ISIS, LTTE, Laskar-e-Toiba,
Boko Haram, Casa Al Qaida, Fatwa.
Atomic Bomb, TSA, RN-Hydrogen,
Bio-Chemical War, Mass Destruction
Iraq, Kashmir, Yemen, Syria
Palestine, Libya, Egypt...
In this Fair of Death,
Tutifuti was somewhere.
Did he even come here?
We were unaware.
Jagga was faced with two options:
Either continue to search for Tutifuti
which was his mission.
Or complete Tutifuti's mission.
Let's go.
If... If it was him here, he would...
Let's go.
Hands up!
Hands up! Freeze!
Do you still have faith
in your bad luck theon]?
Run... run!
Hey, stop.
He's Qone crazy!
T... T... T...
T... T... T...
T... T... T...
J... J... J...
Ch... Chocolatey Chunnu...
He's an imp, a moppet...
A goafs furn/ poppet-
He's got tiny...
Biscuita Bunnu
He's Chunnu's paPPV,
he's tall n strappy.
With button-y eyes
and a moustache that's quite sappy.
T... T... T... Tuti...
In breaking news...
an anonymous video
surfaced last night...
Bashir-Alexander, the most dreaded
arms dealer in the world...
The source of the video
is not known yet.
But the video is genuine,
and so is our intention
to fight global terrorism.
I want to travel,
with you as my guide.
My destination
is where you reside.
May your glow,
Iight up my 1133/5-
Wherever you are,
is where my head stays.
Not a soul around,
we are all alone.
Don't ever leave me,
don't leave me Iovelorn.
Jagga, We love you!
How wonderful it would be,
if sweets came out of a box of guns?
And bombs were filled with
chocolate cream?
One box had cakes, the other guns.
Jagga just switched the covers
and won this war!
What happened to the lights?