Jai Bhim (2021) Movie Script

They said 12 PM. Where are they?
-They'll be here soon.
Eleven cases pending.
I need at least eight people.
Alright, sir.
Don't know how many we'll get.
-Cops from other stations are here too.
We'll see.
What's taking so long?
The jailer, sir.
I'll talk to the jailer myself, sir.
New recruit, eh?
-Yes, sir.
Move aside!
Our leader is here.
Are you well?
Alright then...
What caste are you?
-Chintala, sir.
Theft case?
Stand aside.
Get going!
Go, man!
What caste?
-Naidu, sir.
What are you?
-Konda redlamandi.
Stand aside.
Aachaari, sir.
What caste?
-Girijana, sir.
They framed me on a false charge, sir.
As if he's a lord!
"Framed on a false charge", it seems!
Stand aside!
I'm Chenchulollamandi, sir.
Stand aside!
What are you?
Stand aside!
Kommari, sir.
Aachaari, sir.
Peddha kaapu, sir.
What are you?
Maadhollamandi, sir.
-Stand aside!
Why has nobody come to receive them, sir?
And you?
-Reddiyaar, sir.
Are they orphans?
You could say that.
Send them away.
Don't let them dawdle.
Clear them out!
Twelve guys in all.
Six Konda redlamandis.
Four Girijanas. Two Chenchulus.
They are drawing attention.
Get them away quick.
Plenty of pending cases.
We'll need at least six.
We're under pressure too!
The Inspector himself is here!
He's due for a promotion.
We need to wrap up pending cases soon.
We're answerable to higher-ups too.
Split them fairly!
As if the law says you can file
only one case against someone!
Slap at least two cases on each guy.
Like anyone will question it!
By the time they confess,
the station will be all wails and tears.
Get in!
Everyone get in!
Thought you were freeing us,
but now you load us back in there?
Don't hit me, sir.
My wife and children are here.
Get inside.
-I didn't do anything.
Let me go!
-Get in, I say!
I am as good as dead, dad!
Take care of my wife and child.
The cops won't let me live anymore.
Please stop the vehicle!
Please don't, sir!
My boy!
Please don't hit me, sir!
Hey Sinathali, get the smoke pot.
I'm coming.
Make it fast.
I'm coming.
Hold on.
Hurry up, brother.
-I'm coming.
Here you go.
-Give me.
Blow in.
What are you doing? Blow harder.
-Wait. I'll do it.
So much smoke
and still these don't come out.
Let's see who wins today!
They are coming out, dear.
-Catch them.
Catch them all.
Got them.
Look how many rats are in here!
Get them.
Dig deeper, man.
-Got it.
Okay, dearie...
It's okay...
That's it.
Run along!
Letting the hard-caught rats go scot free?
It's a baby rat. Should we ease our hunger
with that little thing?
Is that so?
Very well...
Bring it here.
I'll get the gunny bag!
-What is it?
I ask you to catch rats
and you dig a well instead?
What gives, Auntie?
Won't keep your brother in line?
You find it funny, eh?
-What else to do?
You keep digging
as if for treasure!
Won't I catch them if I find them?
-As if! Keep digging!
Watch how many rats I catch!
-I've been doing that for years!
(An old film song plays on the radio)
Are you here to listen to music?
Get back to work!
It's the song we both love.
Why get worked up now?
So that's how it goes?
At this rate, you'll make a baby
right on this field.
Wherever you wish,
I'll make a baby!
Born a huntress,
would I be afraid to bear a child?
Alright then.
Tonight's sure to be a sleepless one!
Oh my!
All the rats in town are hiding here!
Dig it up.
-Here you go.
It'll be all good, now.
What is all this?
We've caught all the rats, sir.
No more snake trouble for you.
You've dug up the farm
like a damn flock of pigs!
We'll fix it up before we leave.
See to it.
-Yes, sir.
Big mistake letting you in the village!
Offer a place to sit,
you'll ask for a place to lie down!
A riddle for you.
Crack it if you can.
Go ahead.
"Little fellow makes me bend low!"
Quit laughing and answer.
House entrance.
You have to bend low to enter, right?
Wrong answer!
Oh my!
Come by home, brother!
No. Got sacks to haul at the rice mill.
-Heading there?
Give a kiss to your uncle!
-See you.
"Despite not having eaten betel leaves
or betel nuts, the lips got red."
Tie up the goats, Vijaya.
-Move, move!
Hey Sinathali!
Do you not hear me?
-What is it?
I said it was a sleepless night, right?
-Shut up and sleep.
Get over here.
-Let go.
Look... I've been calling for so long.
Why play hard to get?
Must I work on you
like I do the smoke pot?
Here, bundle them up.
The house is all damp
and you try out lame charms!
"Lame charms"?
I'll build you a brick house.
Hug me tight, won't you?
As it is, we live on the lake bund.
You think officers are going to
let you build our house there?
Get over here.
First, fix that roof.
You can fantasize later.
My precious!
I swear upon you!
Before I die...
...you'll be the proud owner
of a brick house! Wait and see!
I'm going to Vizag
for a heart operation.
Meet the head of the municipality.
-Yes, sir.
Oh heavens! A snake!
-What happened?
How many bricks have I cut out
with these hands!
Yet, I cannot build
one brick house of my own.
There's a snake at the house
of the Radhapuram President. Hurry!
On my way!
Get the medicine.
O Goddess...
-O dear Goddess...
Take this. Eat it.
See you.
-Be careful.
If my uncle comes, have him fix it up.
Let's go, brother.
All the firewood got wet.
I'll put them out to dry.
-Move aside, sister.
Did it go in here?
-Right there.
Come here.
It was there, wasn't it?
That's where it went.
Why leave the closet open like this,
you idiot?
Protect me, O Dear Goddess!
Damn! I have to deal with this
ahead of the trip.
Did he find it?
-I don't know.
Maybe he got it.
It's not here, sir.
Here's your earring, ma'am.
Checked the jewellery closet?
How could it get in there?
-What if that damn snake bites me?
You dunce!
Come, come...
Don't be scared...
That's it...
That's it.
Got it.
Of all places, you preferred
the President's house for feast, eh?
Why the hell are you coddling it?
Kill it and toss it away!
-What will this poor thing do, sir?
God smeared venom on its fangs
and it gets whacked everywhere it goes.
If not for it,
this town will be infested with rats.
I'll release it into the woods.
-Do whatever you want. Go!
Nothing to see here! Go away!
-Here you go.
What the hell were you doing
all this while?
Couldn't you have gotten it started?
-I'll check.
Give the car a push!
-Yes, sir!
Will the car make it to town?
Come here.
-Oh please, sir!
Why pay for a favour? No need.
Moreover, ma'am comes from my village.
-From your village?
Next, you'll say I'm your relative!
You have no right
to talk about this village!
Diesel tank full? Get going.
-Yes, sir.
A new dawn has come!
A new dawn has come
to our people here in Konasema!
The light of education
is about to shine upon you!
Please come, ladies and gents!
The light of education
is about to shine upon you!
If there are two of these strokes
it's pronounced 'ed'.
"Read the deed."
"Read the deed."
Teacher ma'am!
No matter what we do,
none of us can get a land title deed.
And you tell us
about reading the deed?
No, we don't get it!
Learn to read.
Everything else will follow.
Who cares if you learn to read or not?
Tribals should stay in the hills.
Instead, you come into town and nag
about Tribe certificates and whatnot!
Calling him a tribal isn't enough.
Does he know to catch snakes?
So as to not catch snakes all his life,
he wants to study.
He's bright.
Please help him...
Welcome, sir!
Have a seat. Is he your son?
-Sit, dear boy.
What's up?
-My son needs a community certificate.
Please look into our case, sir...
You have no land to live on.
You have no ration card.
Your names aren't on the voter list.
On what grounds do I give you
a scheduled tribe certificate?
File a petition
at the collector's office.
Let him say so,
and I'll give it to you. Now go.
Get going!
Tell me, sir.
We ask for one certificate,
and he demands ten of those from us?
Let's catch a cobra
and let it loose in his office.
Then, they have to come to us,
for sure!
Be quiet.
As it is, they are not letting us in there.
This is Akasagarudan!
This is Asvagandha! This is Thipothega!
Along with Nelevembu, Nalajilakara,
Jiledukaya, Garika, Vepapoo...
The leaves, twigs, rinds and roots
of sixteen such herbal plants...
...must all be collected,
dried under the shade...
...ground to a powder
and stored away safely!
This plant right here?
If you can't taste
its bitterness...
...it means the snake's venom
has reached the brain!
We need to be careful!
All your dreams will come true!
What is it?
Why don't you dance? What's wrong?
-Come here.
Come closer.
Remember I said I'll make a baby
wherever you want me to...
Oh my goodness!
My girl...
-What is it?
You're going to have a little brother!
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
'The moon, we gaze through holed roofs,
completes our little huts'
'Even lions are our friends'
'We take joy rides atop tigers'
'We remove the venom and wear the snake
as a garland around'
'We are a clan
at ease with shields and spears'
'Poor, we may be...'
'...pure, are our hearts'
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
'The moon, we gaze through holed roofs,
completes our little huts'
'Even lions are our friends'
'We take joy rides atop tigers'
'We remove the venom and wear the snake
as a garland around'
He's been bitten by a viper!
'Over here...
Over there...'
'Over here...
Over there...'
'Your charm entire,
I shall take away'
'In return,
my affection, I shall give'
'My love foams up
like white waves of the sea'
'In the envelope of your embrace,
I will live as yours forever'
'As the moon comes into view,
it's your face I see there'
'When you are with me,
there is no yesterday or tomorrow'
'That you are my own,
I want to shout to the whole town'
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
'The moon, we gaze through holed roofs,
completes our little huts'
'Even lions are our friends'
'We take joy rides atop tigers'
'We remove the venom and wear the snake
as a garland around'
'We are a clan
at ease with shields and spears'
'Poor, we may be...'
'...pure, are our hearts'
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
Only staying away from humans
will do you good! Got it?
Get going.
'We are the children of the forest'
'The hills and ponds are our own'
Have those guys who left early
They reached the kiln early yesterday.
-That soon?
When do we reach if we leave so late?
-We'll be in good time.
I'll go with you, dear.
Am I going to a faraway land?
Will hunting squirrels and hares
and running behind you be enough?
Up to two kids now, right?
How else do we earn?
Advance payment from the brick kiln.
Go wherever.
But, take me with you.
Must you burn at the kiln's fire too?
Burning there is nothing
compared to being away from you!
Must the little one suffer too?
Look at me.
Look at me!
If you come there as well,
Latchmi can't go to school.
Won't her studies be spoilt?
You take good care of the kids.
I'll earn our living.
Are you coming or not, Rajanna?
-On my way, brother.
See me off
without these tears, Sinathali.
I'll get going.
Take care, alright?
As if wed yesterday, they are standing
entwined like two snakes!
Won't you smile?
Shall I go?
Take care!
Don't give your mother
any trouble.
Go to school without tantrums.
-Alright, dad.
One for your dad?
Shall I go?
Let's go, brother.
About time!
-See you.
He won't leave his wife's side!
-Get up and let's go!
Listen up!
Focus on studies. Everything else can wait.
-Okay, brother.
Take this.
Study well.
Why does he keep looking back?
"You can see the flowers.
But can't see the fruit." What is it?
See the flowers...
Not see the fruit? Seems like a riddle.
-Take a guess.
I don't know, brother.
Think hard!
Think it over!
Coming through!
Hey Rajanna,
you slog away doing two people's work!
If you had brought your wife,
she'd have been of some help.
What, she thinks herself a queen?
My wife is indeed my queen!
Expect me to have my pregnant wife
suffer here?
You are telling that to a woman
who birthed and raised eight kids here?
"Eight kids"?
Your husband didn't work just the kiln,
did he?
Believe me, sir.
All of them are new voters.
None of them have cast a vote yet.
When they don't even have ration cards,
how can they be added to the voters list?
Don't they need a proof of residence?
Is that their fault?
Nearly 50 years of independence, and
they don't even have proof of residence.
Please speak to the Election Commission
and arrange something.
Isn't it bad enough to plead with folks
from lower castes to get their votes?
Must we bend low in the hovels
of these people too?
Just stick to teaching.
Get going!
This Adult Literacy stuff must be axed!
That will fix things!
Oh no!
Good grief!
O Mother!
I'm devastated the jewellery you lovingly
gifted me has been stolen!
And you just stare at me so?
How is that right?
Don't just stare!
Do something about it!
The hands who stole it must go useless!
His family will suffer!
No need for courts and police.
That woman on the wall will take care!
They dare to rob someone
from the ruling party!
What the hell are you cops
and the courts here for?
You went out of town, sir.
You could've informed us
before you left.
Did any strangers come in here?
Let me know
if you suspect anyone.
I don't suspect anyone.
That snake catcher wisecracked
asking if we'd make it to town.
He jinxed us
and now all is lost!
Tell me who he is
and I'll question him.
One of those tribal chaps
from the Konasema lake bank.
His name?
What's his name?
-Rajanna, sir.
-Yes, sir!
You promised you'd stay for six months
when you took the advance.
I'll get back in two days.
Haven't even been here a month
and he wants to head home already!
Why come to work if you can't be away
from your family? Get back to work!
10,000 bricks need to be dispatched
We'll get him. Be patient.
We're looking for him.
After he spends all the money
he made from the loot?
Then, you'll put him in prison
and that will appease me, eh?
Good grief!
Putting our faith in you
will do us no good!
I'll talk to the Superintendent.
I'll show you
the ruling party's clout.
Wake him up and ask him.
Get up!
Get up, I say!
Where's Rajanna's house?
-Not here...
There, sir!
-Near the neem tree...
Shut up!
-Go straight.
Check there, Constable!
-Yes, sir!
The two of you go there!
-Yes, sir!
Check that hut over there too.
Who's home?
Open up!
One of you head there!
-Yes, sir!
Get up.
Where's your husband?
He went out of town
for work.
Why are you looking for him?
Which town is he off to rob?
Only if I question you at the station,
you'll open your mouth. Move!
At this hour, sir?
Whatever it is,
I'll come by in the morning.
Think you're Ms. World, eh?
Come along!
Come along, I say!
I don't know, sir!
-Keep going!
-Come over here, Latchmi!
Where is your brother? Answer me!
-Don't hit us, sir!
Isn't he your uncle?
-Get in!
Get in!
This woman is pregnant, sir.
Really? Shall we have a baby shower
and deliver her child?
Do your job!
Load them up!
-Get in!
Get in, I say!
-Shut up, woman!
Let's fight!
Let's fight till we get justice!
Let's fight!
Let's fight till we get justice!
Arrest them!
Arrest the cop
who indulged in rowdyism!
Let's fight!
Let's fight till we get justice!
Down with it!
Down with police brutality!
Let's fight!
Let's fight till we get justice!
Down with it!
Down with police brutality!
Who is at fault? Lawyer or cop?
Lawyer, sir.
If I do not strip you off your uniform
in court...
I'll show you police power!
Send out a press release
saying the Inspector's suspended.
The one you beat up yesterday,
is out protesting today.
You call this 'thrashing'?
Useless fellows.
Let's fight!
Arrest them!
Arrest the cop
who indulged in rowdyism!
Arrest them!
Did you study law
to cause such lawlessness?
Quit making trouble
and disperse quietly.
Are cops born special or what?
Register an FIR against the cops
who defied the law.
Then, come for talks.
I'll arrest the lawyer who misbehaved
at the station too. Cool with it?
You'll arrest a lawyer?
Lay a hand on one of us, if you dare!
Go ahead.
Try laying a hand!
We go on an indefinite strike.
Until the guilty cop is arrested,
no more hearings at the High Court!
Sit down, everyone!
Down with police brutality!
Down with police brutality!
Down with police brutality!
Down with police brutality!
Down with police brutality!
-Come back, sir!
As lawyers are protesting police brutality
at the High Court...
...the one lawyer conducting a case
has caused quite a stir among his peers!
How come you are here, Mr. Chandru?
You were the leading voice at the protest!
And now you're here to try a case?
The protest is to end a problem,
My Lord. Not to escalate.
Else, his son will remain in jail
until the next hearing.
Glory to God Shiva!
Not taking part in the protest,
Mr. Shankaran?
How could I, My Lord?
I can't protest even against
blood pressure and diabetes!
I watched the show for ten minutes
and came in.
So, till the end,
you'll just watch the show?
Glory to God Shiva!
Who let these people in?
Sorry, My Lord.
Thought the hearing was off,
due to the strike.
What does a government lawyer
have to do with a strike?
Please proceed, Mr. Chandru.
My Lord!
All newspapers mentioned the DGP's order
to only promote cops with completed cases.
The next ten days, thousands of innocents
were hurriedly charged and arrested.
My Lord, be it whether cops do their duty,
or they don't, it's wrong!
This is strange logic!
If they can complete the investigation
in ten days...
...then, why were these left pending
for years together?
Strange logic, indeed!
The petitioner Kondaiya's son,
An innocent tribal.
Kondaiya witnessed cops from Vedachalam
assault his son and haul him away!
His enquiries with the police
got no response.
My Lord!
Komariah is not an innocent tribal.
He is a habitual offender.
A serial robber.
You have a copy of the FIR, right?
Can you read it to the court?
"In the matter of two thefts, the cops
of Vedachalam were looking for Komariah."
"On October 20, 1994
at 2 PM..."
"...on receiving information,
he was arrested at a bar."
How is it relevant?
An extract of the exit record
from Kakinada Jail.
Please tell the court
the time of Komariah's release from jail.
Read it aloud, sir!
Four in the ev...
Four in the evening!
If Komariah was in the Kakinada Jail
till 4 PM...
...how come Vedachalam cops
arrested him at 2 PM?
On the occurrence of both the thefts,
Komariah had been in prison, My Lord.
Cops who foist false cases
are the habitual offenders...
Serial fake-case makers.
It's not the only foisted case, My Lord.
Twelve tribals who were released
from jail that same day...
...were falsely charged and rearrested
right outside Kakinada Jail.
Thanks to a social activist,
Kondaiya made it to this courtroom.
The other eleven had no such opportunity.
I'm passing an order
to grant bail for all twelve of them.
Not just these twelve,
My Lord.
In the past two weeks, 7,000 such people
were arrested in haste all over the state.
We don't know how many of them
are innocent.
So, you expect the court to grant bail
to all of them?
This is ridiculous,
My Lord!
Citing one mistake from a random place,
the counsel is misleading the court!
Not one. But twelve mistakes
in one place alone.
It's not a question of 7 or 7,000!
Whoever is affected, whatever their number,
they deserve justice!
This court has a moral duty
to ensure that!
My Lord.
I appoint an investigation commission
headed by a retired High Court Judge.
The report must be submitted
in three months.
Till then, the 7,000 people arrested
in those two weeks by the DGP's order...
...can move the jurisdictional court
for bail.
Thank you, My Lord.
Great, Chandru.
7,000 birds with one stone!
7,000 humans, sir.
Glory to God Shiva...
'A power beyond control...'
'Dare to leap above it'
'All the schemes of foes
shall shatter away before you'
'Your courage is your power'
'No one there to question you'
'Your boiling blood is your weapon'
With just one case, that lawyer
humiliated the entire police force!
Tell your department folks
to at least do the wrong right!
I'm sorry, sir.
'In a fight,
enemies shall shiver before you'
'To go on this hunt,
bring even the frightened one...'
'To those anxious hearts
beaten down for years...'
'...reclaim the right that is theirs'
Can milk factory workers be fired
for seeking wage increase?
Do not see this as a case
involving 800 workers!
The future of 800 families
is at stake!
'A power beyond control...'
'Dare to leap above it'
'All the schemes of foes
shall shatter away before you'
'Your courage is your power'
'No one there to question you'
Law is a very powerful weapon!
What's important is who we protect
by using it.
All important leaders
like Gandhi and Nehru are here.
How come Ambedkar alone
isn't here?
In the name of nabbing Veerappan,
those people caught and tortured...
...tribals on the hills!
Are they a hit squad?
Down with unlawful violations!
Look how he badmouths cops
right in front of us!
What's ugly is not just his words,
but also our actions.
Why so much anger against cops?
Why so much hatred?
It's not hatred against anyone.
It's love and care towards the society.
The cops feel the same love and care.
There's a blockade planned.
Please participate.
'In a fight,
enemies shall shiver before you'
'To go on this hunt,
bring even the frightened one'
(Blockade protesting DGP's Arrogance)
'...reclaim the right that is theirs'
"We want untouchability
to be abolished."
"We have been carrying on with
untouchability for the last 2,000 years."
"Nobody has bothered about it!"
"Nobody has bothered about it!"
'Lost in thought,
your sleepless nights are many'
By the order of the Supreme Court,
convicts cannot be handcuffed in court.
'Shrug off your foes and step on'
'Keep calm and carry on...
This war is yours to win'
'To the downtrodden,
you are the saviour'
'Listening to the troubles of the oppressed
let's change their history'
'Focusing on your goal,
chase it till you attain it'
(Provide justice, High Court)
'Rising from your fall,
show who you are to the world'
'Living is your right...
Believe and be firm in it'
'Even in situations that question
your fate, respond with bold answers'
'A power beyond control...'
'Dare to leap above it'
'All the schemes of foes
shall shatter away before you'
'Rule over the world'
(No one is a God here.
No need for garlands.)
'You are the one to change the past'
'A power beyond control...'
Do not assault!
Do not assault
the livelihood of workers!
Do not assault!
Do not assault
the livelihood of workers!
Let it flourish!
Let workers' unity flourish!
Two minutes, sir. A pregnant woman inside.
-Move out!
Let it flourish!
-I'll inform him.
Let workers' unity flourish!
Let it flourish!
They've come to meet you.
Mr. Kalyan referred you to them.
Take them home.
-Yes, sir.
Do not assault
the livelihood of workers!
Do not assault!
Do not assault
the livelihood of workers!
Do not assault!
Do not assault
the livelihood of workers!
Let it flourish!
Please have a seat.
Describe everything that happened.
Don't overstate or understate anything.
Get it?
Where is Rajanna's house?
Where is your husband?
Where is your brother?
Will you shut up or not?
A low-paid manual labourer, she is.
But, see how that stolen wedding pendant
When we have the strength to earn
our living, why must we steal?
Shut up!
I'll stir the baton in your mouth!
Where does Rajanna's brother live?
That hut over there.
Who's in there?
-Who is it?
Open the door!
-Who is it?
Asleep after the theft?
Where is Rajanna?
I didn't do any wrong! Leave me be!
-Answer me!
Don't hit him, sir!
-Drag him along!
Please don't, sir!
-Get up!
Shut up!
-Grab him!
Shut up, I say!
Go that side!
Get in!
-Get in now!
They're taking my husband away!
Start up!
Sambiah's been working for me
for years!
He's no thief!
His brother is a prime suspect.
I'll question him and let him go.
-Hold on, dear girl!
Wait, Parvathi!
Get a hold of her.
What the hell is all this?
Don't cry, Parvathi.
You say he was here until the day
before yesterday. Where is he now?
The money got to his head, sir!
He ran off without telling me.
Is that so?
When did you come?
-I got off late from work.
Get up, all of you!
Get up, you!
Stretched out like he's royalty!
Is this a motel?
Get up!
Must I repeat myself to everyone?
Weren't you thrashed enough
last night?
Get up, woman!
Get up!
Are you really pregnant
or are you smuggling illicit liquor?
SI Gurumurthy.
-This is the SP.
Hello, sir!
-The status on the President's case?
The prime suspect is missing.
We'll get him by tomorrow!
Same excuse every time!
My damn fate to run these police stations
with useless people like you!
We'll get him.
-They are grilling me no end!
I'm sorry!
-I need him found in two days!
If not, you're finished!
-Noted, sir.
Where is Rajanna?
Where is Rajanna? Answer me!
-Don't hit him!
Lying to a cop, are you?
How dare you?
Back off!
Back away!
Where is he?
Answer me!
Tell me where he is!
Is this a school
to put out your hand like this? Tell me!
He's just a kid.
Don't hit him!
You dare touch me?
Where is he?
Where is your brother?
Let go of my leg!
Speak up
or none of you will leave here alive!
Tell me where he is!
Tell me where he is!
Tell me!
Don't you know? Don't you know? Tell me!
-Let me go!
Answer me!
Dealing with these devils
sends my blood pressure to hell!
Where is his sister?
-We're going there.
Bring her to me!
Where is Payaduthalli's house?
Over there.
Why I ought to...
Where have you hidden
the jewels your brother stole?
I don't know what you're talking about.
-Get up!
Answer me!
-Oh God...
Where did you brother run off to?
Tell me where your brother is,
or you'll all be thrown in jail!
Move aside!
Get out of the way!
-Who are you?
Speak up!
Tell me where Rajanna is!
Will you tell me where Rajanna is
or not?
Hurry up!
Please don't, sir!
Come along!
-I don't know anything, sir!
Load them all up!
Please don't, sir!
-Load them all up!
Haul them all in!
-Load him in first!
Here's my stop!
Pull over!
Give me that.
Carry on.
-See you!
Tell me what you want!
How much is this, sister?
Five rupees? Don't bargain!
Give me a good price, please.
How about this one?
-Same price.
Lower it a bit, please.
Is this a jail cell
or a pig pen?
Him, her, and him.
Send everyone else out.
Send them all out!
Get up, woman!
-Get up!
Go out!
-Get up and go!
Get out.
Have them wait out in the shed.
Get out, you!
Get going!
Here. For both of you.
-Take it.
Here you go. Eat.
You don't know where he is, huh?
-I don't, sir!
You don't know?
-I don't know!
You don't know, eh?
-Oh God!
You don't know where he is, huh?
Tell me where he is!
You dare put your hands on me?
Tell me where he's going next!
Answer me!
Save us!
Who the hell are you calling?
Who can come in here to save you?
No one can save you!
-Please stop!
Go sit there, you!
An entire family of thieves!
Tell me, or I'll skin you alive.
You're dead meat!
How much ever you beg,
I won't let you leave! Answer me!
(Rajanna sings a song)
Hold it right there!
-What is it?
Don't let him get away!
What's going on here?
Bloody thief!
-What's wrong? What did I do?
Please let me go!
I didn't do anything!
Please let go of me!
I didn't do anything wrong!
I didn't do anything wrong!
-Grab him!
I don't know anything!
Let me go!
Let go of me, brother!
I didn't do anything!
Greetings, sir!
I didn't do anything, sir!
Hello, Sub-Inspector Sir!
Are you well?
The village president called.
There's your thief right there!
So he's the guy?
I don't know anything, sir!
I beg of you!
People work hard day and night
to make a fortune.
You make off with it easy
and expect the cops to just watch the show?
You dare make us chase you around?
Are we a joke to you?
You think
the police have nothing better to do?
Load him up!
I don't know anything, sir!
Start the vehicle!
I worked on your fields many times, sir.
-Keep moving!
Tell them I do not steal, sir!
I don't know anything, sir!
-Get in!
I don't know anything, sir!
Get up!
I swear I don't know anything, sir!
-Come along!
Why did you come here?
My dear!
-Back off!
Let him go, sir!
I'll burn you like the trash!
Why risk another beating in there?
Listen to me.
Get going.
If he did not steal, they'll let him go.
Listen to me.
Bring some food when you come
tomorrow. Now go!
My dear!
My dear!
Tell them to let him go!
My dear!
Hoist him up!
-Please no!
Raise him!
-No, sir!
Answer me!
-Let him go, sir.
Tell them not to hurt him, sir.
As long as you don't confess,
he will be beaten.
We didn't steal anything, sir.
He didn't do anything wrong.
Tell the truth!
Do you confess?
Don't hit us, sir!
Why get thrashed like this?
Tell us where the stolen money
and jewels are! We'll release you.
We swear on our families!
We didn't steal!
Oh... is that so?
Stop it!
Lower him down.
Lower him down.
Does it hurt, dear fellow?
A herbal patch will heal this, right?
It burns!
Let us go, sir!
Burns, doesn't it?
Where did you stash the money and jewels?
Do you not see this,
O Goddess?
Admit to the crime!
How can I admit to a crime
I did not commit, sir?
I swear on my child
we didn't steal!
Let us go, sir!
We'll leave!
We know nothing.
We did not steal.
No matter how much we beat them,
they don't confess.
I don't know what else we can do.
We men are here, sir.
Please let the woman go home.
-Get up.
Get up, woman!
Who among them is a man?
Or him?
Who among them is a man?
Don't do this, sir!
-Back off!
How dare you all?
You dare order us
on who should stay and who should go?
Hands off!
Shut up!
Now do you realize who the real man is?
Now do you get it?
Where are you going?
Oh God!
-Let go!
You claim to be a man, right?
Show her your talents!
I'll break your limbs!
Get over here.
Who among you is a man?
Show me who among you is a man!
My sister, sir!
She's my sister, sir!
Payaduthalli drank poison.
It took four days at the hospital
to save her.
She has lost everything but her life!
Just tell me what happened
at the police station.
Nothing else for now.
What happened the next day?
Send them to eat...
Who let you in?
Get out!
Come here, Sentry!
My dear! Oh no!
-What are you yelling for?
Come along outside!
Oh my God!
-Come out, I say!
I'll send him. You sit outside.
-Come. Quit yelling!
Bring him here quickly, Sentry!
Watch your step.
Just a minute.
Been two years
since I gave the money you asked.
My juniors are getting promoted!
Please see to my promotion.
No matter how many times we tell them,
the cops won't believe us, brother.
Let's just do what they ask
and confess, brother.
I can't bear this pain
No, Sambiah...
These wounds will heal in a few days.
The stamp as thieves
will stay forever.
Don't break.
Just hold on a little longer.
Just hold on.
-Eat, brother.
Open wider, my dear.
Open wider, my dear.
Oh no!
Just a little more, my dear.
Oh no!
To brand him a thief,
they've tortured him so much...
...he can't even eat one mouthful!
I'll call you back.
-You'll all be ruined!
You dare wail at a police station?
You dare curse me
while you feed a bloody thief?
I'll slaughter you!
Get in here!
I'll skin you alive
if you don't confess!
Don't forsake me, Sinathali!
-Let him go, sir!
You're dead meat!
-My dear!
Get lost, woman!
The two of you get back inside!
Get back in there!
Take them in!
He's getting away, Kiruba!
Nab him!
You get in there!
Let go of my husband, sir.
Let him go, please!
Where do you think you're going?
-Let me go, sir!
You dare run off under my watch?
-Let me go, sir!
Get in there!
-Let me go, sir!
-Lock him up in there too!
Get up.
Things aren't going right.
Fetch someone influential in town soon.
You come wail here
after the evening lamp has been lit?
Don't you have all the stolen money
and jewels? Go see a good lawyer then!
What do we do
when even you accuse us so?
You are the President
of this village.
Please tell the cops to not beat them.
That's all I ask of you. Please!
Did I become President
with your Girijana tribe votes?
The cheek of this vagrant!
Get out of my sight!
What is it, sir?
What are you looking for now?
Where is your husband?
I swear he hasn't come back!
All three of them got away.
Inform us if they come here.
Talk sense into him to surrender.
If not, nobody can save them!
What are you saying?
'I walk in a place,
where even my shadow forsakes me'
'A once lush life has turned barren now'
-Please watch my child until I get back.
'Lighting a thousand lamps,
when we worship you...'
'You have taken me from myself...
Is this fair?'
'Is it my fate
to have been born in a lowly place?'
'The dream I saw in my eyes,
you steal away... Is it right?'
'When I cross my obstacles...'
'O time, will you stay by me?'
'I stand here with tears
as my companion...'
'Is there no one to comfort me?'
Hold it, woman!
You won't listen?
Who let you in here? Get out!
Did they really escape?
If the Sub-Inspector sees you,
who knows what he'll do in his rage!
Get lost!
Drive her out!
-Get going!
'Misfortunes follow me ceaselessly...
My heart is weighed down'
'Am I to bear troubles
beyond what I can?'
'Unstopping, this torment is...'
'I see no path ahead'
'When will I see the way?'
'When will I hear
the words of the good again?'
'When will I hear
your flower-like laugh again?'
Think these flags and protests
will scare us?
You run a party only to support thieves?
All the missing people
are tribals!
If you don't take action, we'll complain
to every high ranking official there is!
You people will politicize everything!
Get a complaint from that woman, Bashyam.
File an FIR, conduct an inquiry
and submit the report.
Alright, sir.
Don't have a picture?
How can we find a missing person
without his picture?
What era are you all in?
Get going.
Check if, fearing the cops,
they are hiding where your people work.
'Even when I go to the ends
in my search...'
'...nothing is to be found'
'There is no sign of you...'
'If I cannot find you as my companion...'
'...my life will become a void'
'Fate plays a cruel hand...'
-Where is your husband?
We'll see how long he stays underground.
'In the moments you are not there,
I stand frozen'
We're still looking.
We'll let you know when we find anything.
'Seeing blue skies,
this naive woman searches for you'
'The moment you return
is the moment I yearn for'
Do not forsake me, Sinathali!
I can still hear his voice pleading
as they dragged him away.
We are dying like orphans
with no one to care for us.
Please help us, sir!
Drink up.
Despite searching far and wide,
we couldn't find them.
We don't know what to do.
Evidence of the stolen jewels pawned
for money.
There are eyewitnesses of those three
escaping town.
Read the report.
Don't politicize a case of robbery!
Strong eyewitnesses
on behalf of the police.
We don't have a case to make.
If they're innocent,
why did they escape?
If you got money,
you make the laws around here! Got any?
Antagonizing the police
won't get our clients even a bail.
Out of pity, I can give out alms.
But can I take up a case?
It is you we pity.
Only if the court steps in,
there can be progress.
What do we do, comrade?
I have a friend who is a lawyer
at the High Court.
Meet him.
I'll fill him in on the situation.
He does not charge fees
for human rights cases.
I know those three men very well.
They're innocent tribals.
But I don't know how to prove it.
We cannot find their whereabouts
The police enquiry report.
"Rajanna, Sambiah and Buchibabu
were brought in for questioning."
"At 9:50 PM, on April 6, 1995..."
"...they tricked the Athuru police
and escaped prison!"
Where did they go?
Get up, you two!
Why didn't you lock the cell?
Those three escaped!
What are you saying?
-Are you deaf? I said they escaped!
Don't just stand here!
Find them!
What are you saying?
Inform the control room.
I'm coming!
Three suspects escaped from their cell.
Why the hell weren't you watching them?
Where's your uniform?
Sir, I...
-Be ready to face the SP's fire!
If those three aren't found by dawn,
you're all finished!
Find them quickly!
(T. Pawarlal Pawn Shop)
How did you treat them?
They were wounded.
I prescribed medicine. That's it.
Three guys showed up
as I was closing up.
They bought the prescribed medicines.
They had tattoos on their left hands.
How many of them in all? Three?
-Yes. Three.
I didn't know the jewels were stolen.
Had I known,
I wouldn't have filled out a receipt.
Does this belong to you?
-Yes, sir!
"Going by the evidence
and witnesses..."
"...this inquiry proved that the three men
escaped with the stolen money and jewels."
Rajanna had been to the house
before the theft.
Rajanna's fingerprints were found
in the President's house.
There's a receipt of the jewels
Strong eyewitnesses for them
escaping prison and fleeing from town.
The petition you'll be filing at court
is 'Habeas Corpus'.
A petition to produce a person in court.
Any person born in this country
has the right to live free.
No one can be unlawfully detained
by anyone else.
If it happens...
...this petition can be filed
in order to produce them in court.
Two judges will immediately look into
the petition.
You file the petition, stating your husband
is missing from police custody.
You've named me as your lawyer.
For that, I need your signature.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I don't know how to sign, sir.
Show me your thumb.
(Latchmi Rajanna)
Only now I feel hopeful
Sinathali's troubles are coming to an end.
There are strong witnesses
to Rajanna escaping prison.
Evidence is all the court cares about.
The police have that.
It is a very complicated case.
The case we're filing with no evidence
is not just against three cops.
It is against all those in power.
It is against this government.
It will be quite an uphill battle.
Get ready!
Here you go.
Come along.
This way.
Please sit here.
Please be seated.
No matter who asks...
No matter how many times they ask...
...speak only the truth.
That is what will save us.
Item number one.
HCP: 711/1995.
Counsel for the Petitionier.
Mr. Chandru.
Sorry, My Lord.
You may proceed, Mr. Chandru.
My Lords, the petitioner
is a tribal woman.
Her husband and two other tribals
in police custody, are now missing.
Sinathali suffers not knowing
her husband's whereabouts.
This court is her last hope.
I ask this Habeas Corpus to be accepted
and to direct the govt. to file a reply.
My Lords!
Petitioner being a scheduled tribe...
...this petition has been made
for publicity sake.
Please don't waste time by entertaining it.
I plead that the petition be dismissed.
That is all.
A habitual latecomer
like the Government Advocate...
...is much worried about the court
wasting time. It's funny, My Lords!
Mr. Chandru, who is the petitioner?
Please go to the front.
Go ahead.
In front of my eyes,
my husband was beaten and dragged away.
They tell me he escaped.
We looked everywhere,
but couldn't find him.
With a baby on the way,
I do not know the way out.
Please find the father of my children, sir!
What do you say?
Do we hear this?
This petition can only be filed if someone
is abducted and held against their will.
In this case, the three have run away.
The case will be dismissed in two minutes.
Glory to God Shiva...
Take notice, PP.
Next hearing is in three days.
Issue notices to all parties.
-Yes, My Lords.
Thank You, My Lords.
The court has admitted your petition.
It will be heard in three days.
-Alright, sir.
Mr. Chandru!
Don't assume human rights and tribes'
sympathy factor will make it an easy win.
Luck won't be on your side always.
I don't believe in luck, sir.
I believe in the truth.
You can't properly interrogate three men
in custody.
Why the hell do you head a station? Idiot!
-But, sir...
Thanks to you,
I'm now answerable to the High Court.
Talk to the PP.
When summoned, you all turn up.
Alright, sir.
My Lords!
Rajanna, Buchibabu and Sambiah.
The three of them, even as they were
questioned by the police about a theft...
...absconded from the station.
Cops are conducting an intensive search.
Here's the inquiry report
authorized by the Superintendent.
My Lords!
We have no faith
in this police report.
The prosecution has eye-witnesses
to Rajanna's escape, Mr. Chandru.
Mere speculation with no proper evidence
will make us dismiss this case.
My Lords, for the sake of argument...
Even if Rajanna had stolen,
legal action must be taken.
Athuru Police has no respect for law.
No FIR registered.
Severe custodial torture inflicted.
We have many doubts in this police report.
If witnesses are cross-examined, the truth
will be brought out before this court.
Witnesses cannot be cross-examined
in a Habeas Corpus proceeding.
I suggest he reads the law
before arguing.
The PP has a valid point.
If you wish to examine witnesses,
take it to the District Court.
My Lords.
During Emergency, the Kerala Police
took a student named Rajan into custody.
Later, they said he had escaped
from custody.
On entertaining a Habeas Corpus,
the Kerala High Court...
...permitted cross-examination
of witnesses.
Many truths came out.
I submit a copy of the judgment
to the Honourable Judges.
"1978. CrILJ 86, Para 3."
I object, My Lords.
This court is not bound
by the decision of the Kerala High Court.
Every judgment has persuasive value.
This court can accept it if it wishes.
No one can prevent it.
My Lords...
Justice denied to victims...
...can create more damage
than the injustice suffered by them.
My Lords, I pray that Rajan's case
be taken as a precedent...
...and permission be granted for me
to cross-examine government witnesses.
That's what will happen, for sure!
The prosecution has nothing to lose
from this cross-examination.
Issue summons
to all witnesses.
Okay, My Lords.
-Thank You, My Lords.
Normally, this would have been dismissed
in two minutes.
Quoting Rajan's case?
Good God, that was a wise move.
The case is entirely in your favour now.
No, sir.
I feel I am handling this case wrongly.
No, you're not.
You're on the right path, I say!
No, sir. I'm beginning to doubt
since you are so sure.
I'm sure I'm missing something!
What is he...
-This way, sir!
Laughing, are you?
Am I late?
-Nothing like that.
Stop, Kiruba.
-Yes, sir.
So this gentleman is the lawyer?
Heard an independent inquiry
is going on.
So it's true then.
Even the police couldn't do a damn thing.
Only you should find those culprits, sir.
Definitely. I'll find them.
I'll find the real culprits very soon.
Don't you worry.
What are you looking at, ma'am?
For the first time in this HC's history,
in a Habeas Corpus case...
...a witness stand is brought in.
Not a VIP case even.
An ordinary tribal woman case.
Everything is in our favor.
Don't worry.
The case will be dismissed.
-Okay, sir.
Witness number one: Dr. Mahesh.
Were you the doctor who treated
Rajanna, Sambiah and Buchibabu?
Yes, sir.
How long have you run the clinic?
-Eight years.
When did you complete your degree? Why
aren't you in the State's Medical Council?
I'm an Ayurveda doctor, sir.
I have formally registered that, sir.
Then why prescribe allopathic medicines?
You even have a huge sign at your clinic
that reads 'Mahesh, MBBS'.
Not just the witness, My Lords.
Even the doctor is fake!
I object to this type of cross-examination,
My Lords.
The question is not whether he studied
Acupuncture or Ayurveda.
The case is whether persons who escaped
took treatment from his clinic or not.
Do you have any relevant questions
for this witness, Mr. Chandru?
No, My Lords.
Witness number two: Dhanasekar.
One of them had a tattoo of a flower.
Another one was short.
Witness number three: Mr. Vinod.
As I was closing shop at night,
three men showed up.
They gave me a prescription.
And I gave them the medicine.
Do you have any questions,
Mr. Chandru?
Mr. Chandru?
-Do you have any relevant questions?
No, My Lords.
You may leave.
-Alright, sir.
Thought it would sizzle like firecrackers,
but it has fizzled out like flat soda!
The opposition could not disprove
the witnesses, My Lords.
I seek instant dismissal of the case.
That's all, My Lords.
File a forgery case against Dr. Mahesh,
Mr. Public Prosecutor.
He is disbarred from practice.
-Yes, sir!
This case is dismiss...
-My Lords!
I wish to examine Inspector Bashyam,
the inquiry officer.
Court is adjourned.
We'll continue after lunch.
Thank You, My Lords.
Just say what is in the report.
-Alright, sir.
If that lawyer tries to trip you up
with his questions...
...just reply with a standard
'I don't know' or 'I don't remember'.
Remember what we discussed?
-I got it.
"I don't know."
"I don't remember."
"Those three men..."
-Glory to God Shiva...
Is this your report?
-Yes, sir.
You know fully well what's in here?
Wake me up and ask
and I'd still be thorough!
Why? You memorized it so well?
How far away from the station
is the pharmacy the escapees went to?
The store is called 'Om Medicals'.
The salesman's name is Mr. Vinod.
Don't regurgitate what you memorized.
Just answer the question.
Question: How far is the pharmacy
from the police station?
I think it's a little bit away.
Never mind that.
How far is the pharmacy from the clinic
of Dr. Mahesh, who treated the escapees?
Which side of the station is it?
I strongly object, My Lords.
The counsel is trying to confuse
and intimidate the witness.
The witness is no commoner.
He's an Inspector.
The inquiry officer of this case.
Even I'm confused, My Lords.
Allow the counsel to proceed
in his own way, PP.
Please don't interrupt.
Sit down.
I don't know... can't remember.
He's saying both responses...
You forgot an inquiry you conducted
a month ago?
I say you never conducted this inquiry.
This report isn't yours.
-I object!
I strongly object, My Lords!
I strongly object
to this suggestion.
Do you have any proof for your claim,
I made a personal visit to that place,
My Lords.
Dr. Mahesh's clinic is two kilometres east
of the police station.
The pharmacy is one kilometre west
of the police station.
So, the three escapees...
...ran two kilometres east
of the station...
...showed their wounds
and got a prescription...
...and ran three kilometres west
past the very same station...
...and bought medicines
at the pharmacy.
That is what
Inspector Bashyam's inquiry report says!
Would the escapees be doing catwalk
in front of the police station?
Would he give such a report
if he investigated it himself?
I did investigate!
I don't remember. I forgot...
One or the other!
My Lords.
A photocopy of the report Inspector Bashyam
submitted to the SP of Sitapuram.
The FIR and chargesheet from Veerasamy,
the writer at Athuru police station.
My Lords.
With east and west, the counsel
has already confused the witness.
And now, these papers.
What does this case
have to do with these photocopies?
Only your inquiry officer
can answer that!
Why does the handwriting on his report...
...and writer Veerasamy's handwriting
look the same?
I'm sorry, My Lords.
In an attempt to help
my fellow officers...
...I signed the report given by them.
Who the hell made you a cop?
Is this how one responds in court?
How do you respond to this, PP?
What is there to say, My Lords?
I have nothing to say.
Good thing. At least you didn't respond
saying 'don't know', 'don't remember'!
That will do.
-Glory to God Shiva...
Do you admit to being
a false witness?
Let's see if my case comes up now.
Glory to God Shiva...
I can't refuse the police's demands, sir.
It is an utter disgrace...
...that the evidence submitted
by the police, is fully fake.
The petition filed by Sinathali
is prima facie valid.
Six months imprisonment
for the two who committed perjury.
We direct you to file a government report
within seven days, Mr. Public Prosecutor.
The department has to conduct an inquiry
on Inspector Bashyam.
When will they find my husband, sir?
We will find him very soon.
Come along.
Good morning, sir.
(High Court condemns)
It's become a routine
to be humiliated by that lawyer.
Must we stand ashamed in court
because of you?
No, sir...
You let a tribal woman
enter the High Court.
Why the hell are you even a cop?
Be bloody honest with me.
Did you remand them in false cases?
Not at all, sir!
They escaped from prison.
As it was night,
there were no witnesses...
If I tell that to the judges...
...they'll ask
who the hell gave me a law degree!
I'm sorry, sir.
If we are disgraced in court,
it's as if the government is disgraced!
Where is that case file?
Now on, I will lead the case myself!
(An old Telugu song plays on the radio)
'As a jasmine,
you spread fragrance in my heart'
'In my little heart,
the doors are shuddering open'
'As a jasmine,
you spread fragrance in my heart'
'In my little heart,
the doors are shuddering open'
'As blue clouds shower rain,
the fragrance from the earth, that is you'
'As a jasmine,
you spread fragrance in my heart'
I'll build you a brick house.
Hug me tight, won't you?
'The glowing beauty
that danced in my dream...'
'...now shines as the light
in your shy eyes...'
'I'm your companion,
whatever happens, I shan't part'
'O beauty, I must be one with you'
'Your breath is my life'
'As a jasmine,
you spread fragrance in my heart'
'In my little heart,
the doors are shuddering open'
The village has got a bad name,
thanks to you!
Think you can survive
antagonizing the village and the cops?
We give you a place to live and work
and it gets to your head?
How long will it take for us
to burn down your huts?
Bloody withdraw this case!
Stay safe, Latchmi.
-Alright, mom.
Sinathali speaking, sir.
Stay by the phone.
Sir will call back.
Alright, sir.
He said he will call back.
Hey, the SI sent for you.
I won't come anywhere
without my lawyer's say-so.
Drive! Quick!
Shut up, girl!
Let go of my daughter, sir!
-Drive faster!
Oh God!
Somebody save my daughter!
If you don't withdraw this case,
I'll lose my job.
My family will end up destitute.
Listen up.
We'll pay you how much ever you want.
Just withdraw the case.
We'll even find your husband soon.
Whatever it is,
talk to my lawyer.
Why I ought to...
-Don't, sir!
The cops are pleading so much
and you, a damn woman...
Citing the law, are you?
You and your people
won't make a living anywhere.
I will finish you all!
Unless you sign here,
you cannot leave!
Think the lawyer can save you
all the time?
-This is the DGP speaking.
Hello, sir!
It's the Director General of Police.
Good day, sir!
Is someone called 'Sinathali' there now?
I brought her in for a small inquiry...
I'll skewer you!
Spinning me tales, eh?
The High Court is tearing me apart!
I'll release her immediately, sir.
Drop her back home
in the police jeep.
If not, you'll all be arrested!
Alright, sir...
-Hang up!
My daughter...
It's for you, ma'am.
They took away my daughter, sir.
Go to the police station. I'll handle it.
Yes, My Lord.
Hold up, ma'am.
Wait up!
Get in the jeep.
We'll drop you.
They've told us to drop you home.
Please get in.
Hurry up, man!
Let's go by jeep!
-Come here, sir.
What's going on?
-The DGP ordered us to drop her home.
"The DGP"?
The hearing is at 10:30?
-Yes. Let's go. We'll handle it.
You informed the judges I'll be appearing?
-Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
How are you, sir?
I'm fine, My Lords.
Thank you.
Any further trouble from the police?
No, sir.
HCP: 711.
Respondent, Advocate General.
My Lords.
I'd like to call the witness Dhanasekar,
the tea shop person.
Tell the court what you witnessed.
Three men came to the shop
and drank tea.
They were there for a while.
A lorry heading to Kerala pulled up
near the shop.
They got on board and left.
My Lords, please permit
the prosecution to examine a key witness.
There is no prior request.
Who is this witness?
Rice mill owner.
We just learned of this yesterday.
An important witness,
My Lords.
Any objection, Mr. Chandru?
No, My Lords.
You may proceed, Advocate General.
Witness number five: Mr. Varadarajalu.
-Thank You, My Lords.
Tell the court
exactly what you know.
As I was leaving the mill that day,
I got a phone call.
-This is Sambiah speaking, sir!
Where in the world are you?
We escaped from the police
and got out of town!
We're fine, sir.
We'll be back once it's all clear.
Never mind all that!
Where are you?
Please let our families know.
It was Sambiah, my mill worker,
who had called.
How are you sure
it was Sambiah on the phone?
He's been working for me
for over ten years.
Won't I know his voice?
That's all, My Lords.
This is just another political stunt.
An attempt to humiliate the government.
That's all!
Why didn't you tell the cops earlier?
They only asked me about this yesterday.
You should've at least told
the families.
Another fake witness
from the prosecution...
I did. I got all three families together
and told them!
You can ask Sinathali about it.
Look how the AG flipped this case
with just one witness.
Sinathali is well aware
of Rajanna's whereabouts.
This case has been filed
with some ulterior motive.
She's a pitiful tribal woman.
She's innocent.
I think someone is misguiding her so as to
claim compensation from the government.
Many people from this community
are habitual offenders.
They hide away
in Tamil Nadu or Kerala.
Could you please submit these documents?
The cops are actively looking for them.
So, the court can dismiss this case.
I need some more time, My Lords.
The AG has proved beyond any doubt
Rajanna escaped police custody.
Why do you need more time?
How can I cross-examine a witness
without preparing, My Lords?
This is a genuine request.
The court should not deny it.
For what it's worth, let him have it.
Okay. Time granted.
-Thank You, My Lords.
Item number two: CMP 442 of 1995.
Even if you had no proof or witnesses,
I believed you had the truth.
It's my fault.
I stood there looking like a fool!
That's my fault too!
Why did you hide the truth?
Don't you hear me?
Why didn't you tell the truth?
I told her not to tell you.
When they heard about the phone call,
no lawyer would take the case.
That's why, we thought it was best
to leave it out.
I won't handle this case anymore.
Find another lawyer.
You may leave.
Please be patient
and listen to what I have to say.
There is no chance
Sambiah could've made that call.
I've taught adult literacy classes
for the rice mill workers.
It's not just Sambiah.
None of them know the alphabet or numbers!
How many sacks needed for this grain?
Around eight, teacher.
Which among these
is number eight?
I don't know, teacher.
-You don't know?
This is number eight.
Got it?
Dialing an STD code on top of all that
is simply impossible!
Did the rice mill owner say
what was the date of the call?
The day before the full moon day
of the month.
The phone records you requested.
Do you know 'Varadarajalu rice mill'?
-Yes, I do.
Is that so? Where is your house?
-Why do you ask?
I asked to deliver sweets for Diwali.
-My address...
I have the address.
I'll send it. Thank you.
Do you know 'Varadarajalu rice mill'?
Just checking if our load had arrived.
That's all. Thanks.
-Yes, I know of it!
Who is it?
I'm calling from 'Varadarajalu rice mill'.
This number...
What are you saying?
-This is Kerala.
Where in Kerala?
(in Malayalam) Where in Kerala?
Near Munnar, sir.
Your name please?
My name is Rajesh.
What's this about?
-It's nothing. I'll call you back.
I checked all the calls. One call
has come from a public booth in Kerala.
Only if we go there
we can find out for sure.
Will Sinathali be able to come that far?
I will go wherever this takes us, sir.
'The caressing young breeze
walks along with you...'
'The forest entire stands by you
to hear your song of victory'
'The day your troubles will end is here'
'The day you will step out of darkness
fast approaches'
I need some information, brother.
We're looking for three missing men.
One of them is short.
They're Telugu.
Do you know of them?
This state maybe Kerala.
But everyone who works here
are Telugu and Tamilians.
They made a call from this STD booth.
A month ago.
Please try and remember.
There are plenty of estates here.
Try looking there.
'The caressing young breeze
walks along with you...'
'The forest entire stands by you
to hear your song of victory'
'The day your troubles will end is here'
'The day you will step out of darkness
fast approaches'
'In every sprout and shrub...'
'...flowers smile and bloom'
'In every sprout and shrub,
flowers smile and bloom'
'Every step you take,
buds will celebrate in cheer'
'Joy is your name'
'Why the tears in your eyes?'
'Joy is your name'
'Whatever you wish, will happen'
'Your wish shall come true'
Show me your hand.
Stretch it out like this and place it here.
Better now?
You're doing us a huge help.
I have no money to give you.
To sell and raise money...
...this is all I have.
He worked a lot to get me
this golden wedding pendant.
If not for that, I'd have sold it
and paid you.
I wasn't born a lawyer.
I was born just a human.
Suppose a snakebite victim
comes to you, struggling for life.
Will you turn him away
if he had no money?
Is life and money the same?
Even if it were those cops,
I'd still treat them.
The respect a person's talent gets
depends on what they use it for.
When people like you get justice,
that day, I sleep soundly.
That is my fee!
'Without a nightingale's song,
can a garden bloom?'
'Without the rain's aid,
can the land smile with crops?'
'Even before the sun rises in the east,
can the clouds shroud?'
'Even after the night has ended,
can the rays of light stay away?'
'Every dawn will bring victory...
March on... It's near'
'As the town entire gazes,
what you dreamt will be within grasp'
'The caressing young breeze
walks along with you...'
'The forest entire stands by you...'
-It's Buchibabu!
'The day your troubles will end is here'
'The day you will step out of darkness
fast approaches'
'In every sprout and shrub,
flowers smile and bloom'
'Every step you take,
buds will celebrate in cheer'
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
The case will be dismissed today.
Don't worry.
Item number one.
HCP: 711/1995.
Counsel for petitioner,
Chandru vs. Advocate General.
Come along, sir.
He's here, sir.
Please come.
You may start, Mr. Chandru.
I have a new witness to examine,
My Lords.
I too learnt of him only yesterday.
Permission granted.
Salutations, sir.
He is Mr. Rajesh.
He runs a phone booth in Munnar.
Sambiah had called the rice mill owner
from his booth.
Great going, then!
Many thanks to counsel for his efforts
in finding a witness for the prosecution!
Hold on, sir.
Let the witness speak.
By all means.
Estate workers come to my shop
to make phone calls.
The phone booth is busy all the time.
In a space where one person should stand,
three were standing.
That caught my attention.
Who are they?
What's this?
So many people inside the booth?
Hold up.
-Come on out. What's this?
Come along.
We're with the Andhra Police.
He's an officer.
You proceed, sir.
-So what? What's the problem?
He's speaking on an important case
and you're making a scene here.
Come along.
We'll sort this.
What nonsense...
Can you identify them?
This witness does not seem credible,
My Lords!
Weren't you just thanking me
for producing this witness?
I wish to examine Sub-Inspector Guru,
My Lords.
Permission granted.
Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy.
Were you in that phone booth?
Your silence will be taken
as affirmation.
Open your mouth and respond,
We got word that the three men who escaped
in a Kerala bound lorry, were in Munnar.
We went looking for them,
but could not find them.
The pressure was mounting
from complainant Kanakavel's side.
The Communist party also escalated this
by taking it to the Superintendent.
In order to cool things down...
...passing off as Sambiah...
...we made that phone call.
Useless fellow.
The cops have repeatedly foul played
this case, My Lords.
This case is nothing but a scandal!
The local cops must no longer handle it!
It must be handed over to the CBI!
Aren't the cops admitting the truth?
-One truth to hide many others!
We want a CBI inquiry, My Lords!
Do you not trust even a single officer
in the police force, Mr. Chandru?
How many CBI investigations
have led to conviction of the guilty?
We named Tamil Nadu cop Lethika Saran
to handle the Chidambaram Padmini case.
Didn't her thorough investigation
lead to the imprisonment of guilty cops?
Similar to that, you suggest a name.
We'll appoint them
as the Investigating Officer.
He has suggested a cop
in the rank of IG.
I don't think the state will object.
We pass order for Inspector General
Perumalsamy to investigate this case.
You may oversee the investigation,
Mr. Chandru.
The report must be submitted
in 30 days.
Please communicate this order
to IG Perumalsamy.
Thank you, My Lords.
Yes, My Lords.
This case is escalating day by day.
The opposition party is giving interviews
about deteriorating law and order.
How will I answer the Chief Minister?
I can't make any sense of this.
This case needs to be closed soon.
The CM has ticked my name
for a seat in the Parliament too.
But, if I lose this case...
All my efforts so far
would have been in vain.
The Home Secretary is very concerned
about this case.
You know how law and order is.
-I do.
The CM is very sensitive about it.
So, we can't do anything on a whim.
The department must not be tainted.
This guy is a bothersome lawyer.
Handle him carefully.
-Yes, sir.
Welcome, Chandru.
A cop who considers lawyers
to be the worst people on earth...
...and a lawyer who considers the same
about cops, are working a case together.
Strange, isn't it?
I've been meaning to talk to you anyway.
Good you came.
You are against police torture, right?
We don't like it either.
Only if cops go to that extreme,
do thieves confess.
What are we supposed to do?
This is the only way
to make criminals fear the police, Chandru.
I'll give you a personal example.
A school girl wrote to me.
A local thug was molesting her every day.
If she told her family, she was afraid
they'd pull her out of school.
No one else could know about it.
No complaint registered.
No FIR filed.
What legal action do I take?
So, I went with my conscience.
I broke every one
of that ruffian's ten fingers.
As long as he lives,
he can't touch even his wife.
I know I was wrong
according to the law.
But, why must I wear this uniform
if I can't even keep a schoolgirl safe?
In order to uphold democracy...
...there will be times
one must be authoritarian.
That's the truth.
Take a good look
at this case file.
You'll see how much nastier cops behaved,
when compared to that ruffian.
I look forward to see
how you uphold your democracy.
And... I have a request.
You must meet a few people
before you start this investigation.
Thank you.
Officials have come to listen to
how cops frame false cases against you.
Without any fear,
tell them everything.
You can be seated.
Please remain seated.
Against my father...
Against my husband...
Now, against my son,
false cases are going on.
On my way back from a hunt at night,
I saw come cops.
I greeted them with folded hands.
Claiming I no longer feared them
as I dared to greet them...
...they put a theft case on me
and had me jailed for three years.
I was walking down the road.
Cops were standing ahead of me.
Wanting no trouble,
I kept to the other side.
Noticing that, they claimed I was trying
to get away from the police...
...and charged me
with motorcycle theft.
I can't even ride a bicycle!
They took me to the forest
and strung me up by the thumbs like this...
...stuck a rod in the back of my neck
and beat me half to death!
I still didn't admit to any wrongdoing.
I'm afraid to even think about it!
-My husband...
He even bore the pain, sir.
They brought me to the station
and did horrible things.
Unable to bear it,
my husband admitted to the crime.
Does anyone else wish to speak?
When they couldn't find my father,
the cops took me in and beat me up.
Since then, even if an eraser goes missing
at school...
...the first thing which is checked
is my bag.
Fearing that shame,
I don't even go to school.
Stop crying
and boldly tell us what happened.
Good morning, sir.
He is Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy.
Stay here.
This earring was all that was recovered
from the loot.
What we spent serving coffee,
tea and food to investigating officers...
...has only given back
a big, fat zero.
Your name?
A Constable at the Athuru station.
I don't know how I forgot to lock up
the cell that day.
I just resumed duty
following a suspension.
The three of us were handling security
at the local minister's meeting that day.
We were on night patrol that day.
I went to buy dinner
for the Head Constable that day.
I covered the day shift.
I wasn't at the station that night.
Was Rajanna involved in the theft?
I don't know, sir.
But, Rajanna was well aware there was
cash and jewellery in that closet...
...and that the President was out of town.
Is it true Payaduthalli was harassed?
I have a conscience, sir.
Don't do it, sir. She's my aunt.
-Back off!
Go on!
You repeatedly claim to be a man,
don't you?
Take your clothes and wait outside!
What's going on there?
This guy's out of control
and you just sit back and watch?
Do you have no conscience?
Why are you supporting those thieves?
If there were to be a mishap,
we would all be in soup!
Remember that!
We'll deal with it when it comes!
You're not even human.
Go home.
If that had gone on,
she may have even committed suicide!
You may go.
-Thank you, sir.
Boldly tell the IG the truth.
He'll never let down his fellow cops.
I'm a cop too.
I've said the same line
to many others.
The victim of the theft filed a complaint
naming Rajanna as their suspect.
No matter how much we beat him,
he didn't confess.
How else could we get the truth out?
You look for the truth
by pulling down the skirts of women?
Send a team to Kerala to investigate.
-Yes, sir.
Check every place where Girijanas work.
-Yes, sir.
Get out!
Yes, sir!
Inquiry statements
from the Athuru station.
Here are the videos of it.
The IG told me to give it to you.
What is your perception of this case,
Could all three of them have escaped?
It's a tiny station, sir.
Night time too.
Only four cops were present.
Two of whom were asleep.
So, chances are high
the three of them did escape.
Out of fear,
the SI made a lot of mistakes.
Besides, it's quite common for many in
their caste to be convicted in theft cases.
Is any caste devoid of thieves,
In yours, in mine...
there are thieves in every caste!
First, stop branding people
based on their caste.
I didn't mean it that way.
It's okay. Tell the IG
I'll talk to him after going over this.
Okay, sir.
We scoured Kerala and every place where
people from that caste work.
I don't think they're roaming free.
Didn't they escape in a lorry?
Could they have been caught at a checkpost?
No, sir. We notified
every police station in the district.
If they were arrested,
we'd be told of it.
Would you be told of an arrest
made on false charges too?
I'm sorry, sir.
Not every cop is a bad person.
Not every cop is a good person either.
We look into the wrongdoings
of criminals.
He looks into the wrongdoings
of cops.
Listen up.
Collect FIRs from that week
from every station.
Track down every jail, sub-jail
and special jail in the district.
Yes, sir.
Come along.
Stand in line.
The kids are ready to be picked up
from coaching. Ask them to send the jeep.
You'll never change, will you?
I'm talking to you!
Head in!
Get down quickly!
Got a flashlight? Bring it over.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Any more police stations
in the surrounding area?
Yes, there is. But this is the last one
inside the Andhra border.
The next station
is at the Tada border.
Good morning, sir.
Many files are missing serial numbers.
Some of them don't even carry photos.
Lot of rat trouble
at the station, sir.
We dispose the bitten pages ourselves,
as higher-ups would blast us otherwise.
Rats will nibble it, bit by bit.
Why not give it to donkeys?
They'll finish it clean.
Sure, sir.
Anything serious?
I'm not sure...
Greetings, sir.
He's here.
This is Subramaniam. The VAO.
He reached the scene first.
-Yes, sir.
Have a seat.
-Yes, sir.
All set?
-Yes, sir.
As soon as I heard,
I sent my men over early, to secure it.
There was nothing here
during patrol at 10 PM.
Someone did a hit and run accident
after that.
Even a lorry had gone past.
Only below the knees
comes under the Andhra border.
Three-fourths of the body
is in your station's limits.
You need to take charge of the body.
Couldn't he have died
four feet further away?
Consider our plight guarding a dead body
all night with a torch!
Yet, you are mocking us.
Your job ends with laying limits
to the corpse.
Who's the victim? Was it an accident
or murder? If murder, what's the motive?
Before this wraps up,
we'd be knocked out.
If no one claims the body,
we'll have to turn undertaker too!
Lift it up!
Till the end,
we didn't know who the victim was, sir.
Are the forensics here?
-They're on the way.
The forensic officer from Tada.
-Hello, sir.
Have a seat.
Fingerprints, footprints,
body findings.
All the fingerprints and impressions
found at the scene are in here.
Are there any pictures from the scene?
-Yes, sir.
All photos from every hit and run case
of that month.
Why on earth are you printing my hand
on this, dearie?
This will be the first brick
in the house we build, dear.
My dear!
My dear!
My dear!
You people!
When will you tell me
the news of my husband's death?
Why torment us so?
Is there no one to question this?
Playing the cop game with me too, eh?
-Nothing like that, sir.
No one from the government
will represent you anymore!
We hid the truth out of fear, sir.
Only you can save us in this case.
Whatever it takes,
we are ready!
First, tell me what the hell happened!
Sir, I...
I don't know anything, sir!
Just for a few days!
You'll be released soon!
You'll be beaten to death!
-I didn't do anything, sir!
Confess! Won't you bloody confess?
I'll beat you to death!
I'll beat you to death!
Won't you confess?
Where are the jewels?
Shut up!
Make a sound and I'll kill you!
Tell me!
I don't know anything, sir!
No matter how much we beat him,
Rajanna didn't break.
Our bad time...
Everything went wrong.
Get up!
Rajanna is dead, sir.
No one at the station knows.
I don't know what to do!
Don't panic!
Don't panic.
Do what I say.
Alright, sir.
Sekar! Sentry Sekar!
Always dozing off!
Get us two meals!
-Alright, sir.
Hurry up.
Get up, you two!
Why didn't you lock the cell?
Those three escaped!
What are you saying?
-Are you deaf? I said they escaped!
Don't just stand there!
Find them!
Three suspects escaped from their cell.
Let me know if you hear anything, sir.
You followed my instructions, right?
-Yes, sir.
Clean this up.
-Yes, sir.
Why the hell weren't you watching them?
Where's your uniform?
Be ready to face the SP's fire!
If those three aren't found by dawn,
you're all finished!
Whenever you're asked to testify,
you come. Got it?
Anyone asks, one had a tattoo
of a flower on his hand. Stick to it!
What are we going to do
with the other two?
I'll tell you.
Lift it down, Kiruba.
-Yes, sir.
Hold tight.
Drop it.
Get back in!
No corpse.
No eyewitnesses.
This can't be proved
as a lock-up death.
Under pressure from the SP, you beat them.
They escaped.
Stick to that story.
-Yes, sir.
Until the case is over,
lie low.
The accident happened when they tried
to escape from the Athuru police station.
Rajanna died in the accident.
This is the report
from the Tada police station.
The cops are looking for the other two men.
It is my humble request
this petition to be dismissed, My Lords.
An innocent man was beaten to death
in custody and thrown out on the street!
We don't know if the other two
are still alive. How can this be over?
How do you call him innocent?
There's proof he pawned the stolen jewels.
Sambiah and Buchibabu went underground
with the stolen money!
The only innocent party here
are the police!
I'd like to question
the 'innocent' cop Veerasamy.
My Lords...
Following that, I humbly request
the Honourable Court to decide.
Do you maintain a general diary
to record daily activities at the station?
We do, sir.
You've written that they escaped
at 9:50 PM.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
When did you inform Mr. Gurumurthy,
the station in-charge, about it?
Those of us on duty
tried looking for them for a while.
We did not find them.
Then... at about 10:10...
I called the Sub-Inspector
and told him what happened.
My Lords...
I'd like to bring to the notice
of this court something very important.
There is an entry in the general diary
of the escape at 9:50 PM.
Here's the outgoing call record list
of the station on the day in question.
According to it, a call was made
to Guru's residence.
More importantly...
After 9:50 PM...
...no further calls were made to Guru
from the station.
That's why Chandru is a brilliant lawyer.
He already had these records.
He always waits for the right time.
Of the three,
Rajanna is dead.
We don't know
what became of Buchibabu and Sambiah.
No one cares about it, either.
Those two are the only witnesses
to the truth.
Beyond words of support to justice...
...the court's silence towards injustice
is more dangerous.
We need more time to investigate,
My Lords.
Having indulged him so far,
we can give him another ten days.
Should be fine.
Next hearing in ten days.
-Thank You, My Lords.
Have Chandru meet me in my chamber.
Even if a judge calls, he won't go
to meet them in their chamber, sir.
Tea for Sir, comrade.
-No, thanks.
What are you going to achieve
in ten days, Chandru?
I'll get that woman a fair settlement.
That's the only good thing
you can do for your client.
I didn't take up this case
to achieve anything.
I'm fighting for justice
for an innocent tribal woman.
For Sinathali today,
for another tomorrow!
If denied justice here,
I'll take to the streets!
The law is a weapon for my fight.
That's all!
I won't spare anyone
who's responsible for Rajanna's death.
Best of Luck.
-Back at you!
Chandru won't listen to reason.
Try brokering a compromise.
Or else, it's trouble for you!
-Sure, sir. Let me try.
A seat in the Parliament
is all the AG cares about.
The DGP doesn't want the department
to be tarnished.
The Sub-Inspector has money, caste base
and local support backing him up.
They will go to any extreme.
Criminals have caste, money, and power
backing them up.
But the victims?
We are all they have.
Let's go to any extreme too.
Do not trample!
Do not trample upon tribals!
We will not rest!
We will not rest
until we get justice!
We couldn't stop the injustice
done to Rajanna.
To make sure another does not suffer
his fate, we must fight.
(We demand justice)
We demand justice!
For Rajanna's death...
...we demand justice!
For the tribals...
...we demand justice!
They are coming!
The Girijana people are coming!
They are coming for justice!
Down with police brutality!
Arrest them!
Arrest the cops!
This case is dragging our department
through the mud.
Yes, sir.
We can negotiate an out-of-court settlement
for the affected family.
Handle it.
-I'm sorry.
I can't broker a compromise.
Put this aside for the department's sake,
I can put aside anything
for the department.
But I will never put aside my conscience.
I'm sorry.
The dead man is not going
to come back to life.
There is no evidence to prove
he died in custody.
Those cops will be acquitted.
In the end, only the department
will be humiliated.
Why do you deny that poor family
the money they will receive?
If you can't do it,
I'll do it myself.
Okay, sir.
The forensic report
from the President's house.
Bring me the details of the pawn broker.
-Yes, sir.
(in Hindi) I've already told them
everything, sir. But, they...
Why are you hitting me?
Speak in Telugu.
Speak up!
They were guys I know from my area...
"We got word the three men who escaped
in a Kerala bound lorry, were in Munnar."
"We went looking for them,
but could not find them."
"In order to cool things down..."
"...passing off as Sambiah, we called
the rice mill owner ourselves."
"In order to cool things down..."
"...passing off as Sambiah, we called
the rice mill owner ourselves."
He's been working for me
for over ten years.
Won't I know his voice?
In a space where one person should stand,
three were standing.
That caught my attention.
Go ahead, sir.
I need a record of SI Guru's
service history.
Okay, sir.
According to Mithra,
Sambiah cannot read numbers.
But the rice mill owner was sure
it was Sambiah who called him.
Rajesh of Munnar said there were
three people in the booth.
But writer Veerasamy...
...spoke to Rajesh
outside of the phone booth.
If we can connect the dots...
...it was Sambiah
on the phone.
But it was the police
who forced him to make that call.
Guru served in Udumalaipet for three years?
-Yes, sir.
That phone booth is eighteen kilometres
from the Udumalaipet police station.
Guru still has good rapport
with his old station.
We were right in searching in the jails.
We were just looking in the wrong ones.
He's right there.
-Thank you.
I just need a minute, doctor.
Please wait.
Bring them all in!
You stated the cause of death
was a broken rib piercing the heart.
That could be caused by the cops
kicking and stomping, right?
Quite possible.
But I can't say for certain.
Being run over by a vehicle
could've also caused it. I'm not sure.
No, doctor, I...
Can you confirm Rajanna's time of death?
-That's difficult.
We cannot be that precise.
Doctor, please.
I need at least one evidence
to prove Rajanna died in police custody.
You may have missed something.
Please think hard.
You won't win this case.
There's proof Rajanna was killed
in a road accident.
If you're fine with it...
...I'll talk to those cops
and get you the money you need.
You'll need it for your children's future.
You need to decide.
To the baby on the way...
...there is no father I can show.
But I'll have lots of money!
That is what will feed my children.
If they ask me how I got
the money for food...
"It was given by the same people
who beat your father to death."
"That's how we survive!"
Should I tell them that, sir?
There's no one that cares
when we get killed.
But we won't live on alms
from the killers!
I don't care if I lose this case.
I'll tell my children
we went down fighting.
If you can...
...punish those murderous cops.
Please think it over...
Stand in line!
Come on!
Hands down.
Stand in line.
Step up front.
Teacher ma'am!
Where's Sambiah?
Isn't he with you?
Sambiah is in this prison too, sir!
Is my brother well,
teacher ma'am?
Don't close the gate, sir.
My work is all about details.
Do not question my experience!
In my capacity, I cannot conclude
Rajanna's death is a murder.
Sorry, Mr. Chandru.
It's okay.
We just need to get through
The judge panel changes
after that.
If Sambiah and Buchibabu don't make it
to court tomorrow...
...the hearing can be postponed.
Neither of them were there, sir.
Your department men
have moved their families somewhere.
What do we do now?
They're at the full security camp house,
sir. The IG is there too.
I hear Sinathali alone
is staying at the lawyer's house.
With no fear, tell us what happened
at the Athuru police station, Buchibabu.
The Sub-Inspector tortured us
to confess to the theft.
Don't know, eh?
-I don't know, sir!
Don't know, do you?
-I don't know, sir!
Tell them not to hurt him, sir!
Shut up or he'll beat you up too!
Please stop, sir!
-Confess to the crime!
When did you get so gutsy?
They kept beating Uncle Rajanna
to make him confess!
I did not steal, sir.
Hold it firm!
-I did not steal, sir!
I didn't, sir!
Will you confess?
Tell me! Will you confess?
-I did not steal!
How many times must I ask? Confess!
-I did not steal!
I'll beat you to death!
Where are the jewels?
Hold it tightly!
Will you confess?
Bloody confess!
Confess to the theft!
Bloody confess to the theft!
Won't you confess?
How long I've been asking?
I'll kill you if you don't!
Won't you bloody confess?
Must I beg to you?
Stop hitting him, sir!
-Let go of my leg!
You dare touch me?
Bloody thief!
He won't even confess!
Here you go, sir.
-What do I tell the SP?
He won't confess
no matter how much I beat him!
...didn't steal, sir.
Bloody die!
He stomped my uncle
right in his chest.
He coughed up hard and fainted.
...wasn't stirring at all...
Get up!
I tried waking them up...
Neither of them
opened their eyes.
What happened next?
They said my uncle had escaped.
They beat us up.
After that, they threw us in jail
in some other town.
When did you come to learn
of Rajanna's death?
When the teacher told us
day before yesterday.
That's all, My Lords.
Neither Sambiah nor Buchibabu
witnessed Rajakannu's death.
Pretending to be unconscious...
...when the police were in panic,
Rajanna escaped.
On the way,
he died in an accident.
So, this cannot be portrayed
as a case of lock-up death!
The witness is not done with his testimony.
What is it?
Both of them haven't woken up
for a long time!
Please come quickly and take a look!
They're not waking up.
-What is it?
They are both not waking up...
-Shut up!
Sit down, I say!
Wake up, you!
Wake up!
Wake the hell up!
Wake up, I say!
If you make a single sound,
you are done for!
-Yes, Constable sir?
Get inside!
What happened, sir?
-Get some chilli powder.
It burns!
It burns!
-Lift him up!
It burns!
-Get up! Keep quiet!
Pour some water!
Pour more!
Beat him...
Take him to that room.
-Come along!
It burns like hell!
-Get down...
Sit down!
Shut up or I'll kill you!
Don't make a sound.
Stop crying.
Make a sound and you're dead!
I couldn't even open my eyes, sir.
They locked up Buchibabu and me
in a room.
My brother was unconscious.
The autopsy report says the cause of death
as a broken rib that pierced the heart.
Because SI Guru repeatedly stomped
on Rajanna's chest...
...the latter died, when inside the jail.
It's a clear cut case of murder
in lock-up by the police.
My Lords, I'd like to call the doctor
to throw some clarity on this.
Witness number eight: Dr. Surendra.
If I'm not wrong, the accident
could've broken Rajanna's rib, right?
It might have.
My Lords...
The counsel is tactful in changing
a Habeas Corpus petition...
...into a murder trial.
But on examining Rajanna's body...
...I found some kind of powder
on his face and facial hair.
Suspecting it was poison,
I sent it to the lab.
It tested negative.
It was not poison.
It was chilli powder.
Hey... wake up.
How could someone travel this far
with chilli powder in their eyes?
Had he been alive
when the powder was sprinkled...
...there would've been a severe reaction.
There was no reaction
in the corpse's eyes.
My Lords...
If there are doubts in Rajanna's death,
the High Court need not hear it.
Transfer the trial to a Criminal Court!
This is no police station border
to shrug off our responsibility!
This is the High Court.
Don't you forget it!
Like the narrative
that tribals are innocent...
...we brand the police as suspects!
This is not fair!
So you don't know
who the criminals are?
You're about to find out.
My Lords, I wish to examine
Investigating Officer Perumalsamy.
Witness number nine: IO Mr. Perumalsamy.
This case began
with the theft at Kanakavel's house.
Two sets of fingerprints
were found at the crime scene.
One belonged to Rajanna,
who went there to catch a snake.
The other belonged to Ravi.
The actual thief.
Guys I know from my area, sir.
They visited me.
They offered me a great deal.
I bought it for a low price.
Lured by money,
I went along with it.
It's the house of a ruling party member.
I need to show recovery.
Return some of the stolen jewels.
Right, Constable sir?
What say?
-Alright, sir.
Despite knowing who stole it,
the cops took a bribe from the guilty...
...and made a scapegoat
out of the innocent tribals.
My Lords!
Does the counsel have evidence to establish
Rajanna was killed in custody?
That's my question!
-We do, sir!
Tyre marks of a van were found
next to the body of Rajanna.
Along with shoe prints
of two people.
It matched with the van
used by the Athuru police.
The shoe prints
at the crime scene...
...matched those of SI Guru
and Constable Kiruba.
I am ashamed to say...
...Rajanna was murdered in lock-up
by the police.
The cops themselves dumped the body
at the Tada border.
My investigation report contains
the entire details of the incident.
Thank you, Mr. Perumalsamy.
-Yes, sir!
Since the AG has the right to pre-audience,
he's permitted to rest the case first.
My Lords...
From the start, the inquiry has been driven
by the narrative that 'police are guilty'.
The court can give any punishment
for harassing the victim illegally.
I deeply regret the pain and agony
the victims have gone through.
But all are equal in the eyes of the law!
So, I request a free and fair trial
in a Criminal Court.
Just because the police assaulted, it
shouldn't be converted as a case of murder.
The law permits them
to demand a fair trial.
That's my humble request,
My Lords.
My Lords...
Tribals don't have a place
even in a village map.
Skilled bowmen, who go back centuries,
they live as bonded labourers now.
They are treated like address-less orphans.
Is this a High Court
or a history class, Mr. Chandru?
I don't understand!
It's not knowing history that led to...
...such cruelty towards the
innocent native tribes of the Telugu land!
Sinathali and her family work
as bonded labourers for a paltry amount.
They tried to dupe her with lakhs.
She said, "I don't want your money."
"I want justice for my husband's death."
This Court must not betray
Sinathali's faith in the law of the land.
To those of you unaware of history...
Sinathali, who demands justice
for her husband who was beaten to death...
...is today's incarnation
of the great Rani of Jhansi!
The petition filed by this destitute woman
is the modern 'Silasasanam'!
Like then, are we going to deny justice now
or not, is what the court should decide.
My Lords!
The guilty must be severely punished.
The affected must be duly compensated.
As a gesture of upholding
the rights of Girijanas...
...who have been denied
even a pinch of land for generations...
I ask a land grant be provided
to Sinathali inside the town.
This is no ordinary case
of custodial murder.
It is a tribal woman's rousing question
as to why no one stands up for them...
...when arrogant authorities
brutalize them!
So asks, her Habeas Corpus petition.
What the court will give
is no mere judgment.
It is hope.
That's all, My Lords.
The verdict in this case
will be given shortly.
So much for the seat
in Parliament.
I don't know what the verdict will be.
But I have total satisfaction that I acted
according to the law and conscience.
Thank you.
Without any justification...
...Rajanna and his family
were illegally arrested and tortured.
We order the trial for Rajanna's murder.
We name SI Gurumurthy, HC Veerasamy
and Constable Kirubakaran as the accused.
They have to be arrested immediately.
We order a compensation of 3 lakhs
to Sinathali and 2 lakhs each...
...to Buchibabu, Sambiah and Payaduthalli,
to be paid by the State.
That apart, Sinathali must be given
half-a-ground land grant...
...in a central place in the village.
If the police and the judiciary
work together...
...the rights of the people
will be upheld.
This case is a clear illustration
of that.
We record our appreciation
for the team headed by the IG...
...in redeeming the image
lost by the police before this court.
For taking all effort to obtain justice
for a tribal woman...
...this court heartily commends
advocate Chandru.
It is inhuman and against the law
for the police to foist false cases.
The subordinate courts should not be party
to jailing innocents.
This court strongly recommends
that custodial torture,...
...a violation of human rights,
must be put an end to.
(...Rajanna case)
(Rajanna House)
(Rajanna House)
At Cuddalore Kammapuram police station,
Rajakannu was beaten to death.
Cops claimed he escaped from prison.
The Habeas Corpus
filed by Rajakannu's wife Parvathi...
...was momentous
in Chennai High Court history.
'Palangudi Irular Pathugaappu Sangam'
was launched in 1996.
The union has handled
over 1,000 cases for the Irulas.
The Irulas, a downtrodden minority,
are unable to procure land grants...
...and are jailed on false charges
even today.
Chandru stood for freedom of expression in
cases opposing MISA, TADA and POTA acts.
He has not charged a single rupee
for any human rights case he handled.
He presided over 96,000 cases in six years
and delivered historic judgments.
He passed verdicts to ensure
Panchami lands are given only to Dalits...
...and abolished segregation
in burial grounds for lower castes.
"To understand cases I handled
as a lawyer and judge..."
"...the writings and words of Dr. Ambedkar
greatly helped me." ~ Justice Chandru
"Jai Bhim is light. Jai Bhim is love.
Jai Bhim is a path from darkness to light."
"Jai Bhim is the tear drop
of millions of people!" ~ Marathi poet