Jai Lava Kusa (2017) Movie Script

[ Villagers cheering ]
Dear citizens,
Dear aesthetes...
We are now going to exhibit
The Chapter 'Aswamedhayagam'
of 'Uttara Ramayana'
Hey Dibbalarao,
Call Lava and Kusa first.
Ready... Why are you sitting still?
Jai closed the door
to get ready, uncle.
Yes, uncle.
Greetings, All the minister
and citizens.
Remembering the responsibility
you have all put on me today,
Believing my prosperity
is in people's welfare,
Considering their will to be mine,
I promise to reign
with the following policies.
We remember the Legend's dialogues
really well. Open the door first
Uncle, they are both playing
Lava and Kusa.
I have been mugging up dialogues
to play Lord Rama, since last night.
Tell me those dialogues.
The chivalrous warrior
of the Ikshvaku dynasty...
The one to defeat Lord Rama's
brother Soumitri is this child...
Hey... stop. stop.
There is a special role
especially for him.
And he will play that role.
Re - Re - Really, uncle?
Re - Re - Really, son.
[ Villagers cheering ]
My sweethearts.
Brother, have you seen this?
- Yes,
It seems like a divine horse to me.
Whichever horse it is,
it can not enter our hermitage
We will immediately capture it
and present in front of Sage Valmiki
Dear, this is not an ordinary horse.
It is a divine horse.
The horse left behind by Lord Rama
during exile. Let it go
Urmila's better half,
Don't you know you are supposed to fight
against the ones to capture the divine horse
But not kneel before them?
Call your Lord Rama for a war.
We don't exactly know
the Lava and Kusa in Ramayana
but we can't praise these two kids enough
for presenting them so beautifully.
You are the elder one. Take it.
- No.
My brother performed
better than me, sir.
Give it to him.
- Both did well, Both of you take it.
[ Villagers cheering Lava and Kusa ]
[ People cheering ]
'Hail Lava Kusa'
'Hail Lava Kusa'
Don't impurify the holy ritual.
Leave respectfully.
[ Villagers cheering ]
Hey Jai,
Even if a single mosquito bites,
I will crush you like one
Lava, Kusa,
I'll spin it faster.
My sweethearts.
Lava super.
- Hey sleepyhead.
There is no cooking here.
Go to the President's house
and check if food is ready
Hey, Lava and Kusa will be here
for lunch, make it quick. - Ok madam.
Take that basket quickly.
There is a lot of work there
My dear...
Here you come, My sweetheart.
You have come alone.
Are you Lava or Kusa?
- He is Lava.
- He is Kusa.
Your clothes are dirty.
Kavita, get a new shirt
from the shelf - Ok, mom.
Eat, dear.
Tell me Rama's dialogue.
- Tell me Lakshmana's dialogue otherwise
You guys wait. Let him eat first.
He will say the dialogues later.
- [ Shouting telugu proverb ]
I thought Lava and Kusa
were just two people.
These two are original
and that one is a replica.
I asked you to check
but you are eating it all alone.
Isn't it wrong?
- No, u - u - uncle.
Uncle wanted to tell who I was.
- He wanted to tell uncle.
Is it?
- Yes.
But --
- But none of them listened, uncle.
Is it so?
That's his talent.
Ask me for food if you want.
Do you have to lie for that?
Come guys.
- Why does the replica need this shirt?
Take it off.
Oh no! I wish Dibbalarao
were hurt badly.
How many times will he hit you?
Even the supreme isn't fair.
Though you three are born identical,
He gave you a flaw.
Rama, forgive me...
Ravan broke my wings
and captured Sita.
I couldn't save her, Rama.
Sita. Sita.
- Uncle.
Why did Ravan make them suffer?
As Rama and Lakshman...
Insulted Ravan's sister by cutting
her nose and ears off,
Rama and Ravan fought a war.
Insult is like fire.
Once it begins, It turns everyone
into ashes
So, this makes Ravan right.
Sister, you don't worry.
It is my responsibility to make
your sons the finest actors
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
Ha Ha Ha,
Introduce that crazy monkey
Set this egoistic
monkey's tail on fire.
[ Villagers cheering ]
Sir, Special effect just like in the movies.
- Super.
Hey! it's really on fire.
Damn with his movie effects.
- Let's go.
Where's Ravan?
Brother, he is not inside.
Brother, he isn't here too.
Did you check properly?
You pee with just a Ravan's picture.
Do you have the guts
to see Ravan in his face?
You are alive just because
he isn't here.
But you have made a huge mistake
by attacking Ravan's fort.
Where are you hiding?
"Krishna Mukunda Murari"
"Hail Krishna Mukunda Murari"
"I will steal all your troubles,
I will steal all your tears"
"I will steal all your worries,
I will steal all your darkness"
"I will steal all your fears.
I will steal all your burdens"
"I will steal all your debts,
I will steal all your dangers"
"The lines on your palms,
The lines of your fate"
"I will steal all of them"
"I will cast magic and steal
all your worries"
"I will dance around
and mess everything up"
"I will come to you
as an innocent kid"
"I will clear your paths
of any disturbances"
"All the salt in the sea,
All the errors in education"
"All the troubles in a job,
I will steal it all"
"All the stains on the moon,
All the impurities in vegetables"
"All the scams in the country,
I will take it all away"
"I will cast magic and steal
all your worries"
"I will dance around and mess
everything up"
"I will come as Lord Krishna
with Lord Rama's qualities"
"All the tears behind happiness,
All the hatred behind love"
"All the betrayal behind pretense
I will take it all in"
"All the plotting behind colors,
All the illusions behind words"
"All the selfishness behind humanity,
I will erase it all"
"I cast magic and steal
all your worries."
"I will dance around and mess
everything up"
"Hey 'Cheese' Krishna... Steal it away,
Hey 'Little' Krishna... Steal it away"
"Hey 'Cute' Krishna... Steal it away,
Hey 'Plump' Krishna... Steal it away"
"Hey 'Cute' Krishna... Steal it away,
Hey 'Flute' Krishna... Steal it away"
"Hey 'Naughty' Krishna... Steal it away
Hey 'Beauty' Krishna... Steal it away"
"Hey 'Gokul' Krishna... Steal it away,
Hey 'Gopal' Krishna... Steal it away"
"Steal it away,
Steal it away, Steal it away"
"Steal it away,
Steal it away, Steal it away"
"Steal it away,
Steal it away, Steal it away"
Oh no, my bangels.
- My chain
- Oh, my necklace.
- My earrings.
He stole us.
Waiters, my friend
is leaving to America.
Two more large,
only on the rocks.
If you don't pay the bill,
you will be 'on the roads'
Here are 10000 rupees. Enjoy
Bill is 20000 rupees.
- Count it twice then.
Stop it.
This is just the tip. Go and enjoy.
On the rocks for our brother.
Lawyer... Come...
- Hello.
Have a seat.
He is the most famous
'Irritation' Lawyer.
Greetings, Irritation Lawyer.
Not Irritation lawyer...
It's Immigration Lawyer...
- Did you bring the cash?
Invest this money in America
and get me that Aadhar Card
It's not an Aadhar Card.
It is a Green Card
Talk to Trump quickly.
Start my Visa processing urgently
Please do it.
Trump isn't some village politician.
He is America's President.
- Whatever.
Kusa, why are you so crazy
about America?
Why wouldn't I be?
If we steal here,
it's just three crores.
If we steal in America
it's going to be three crore dollars.
If those dollars --
- I Understood.
Sign this file. I'll do my work.
- Ok.
I'm going to America.
They cut our bag in the dark.
What's up dude?
Hey Fatso, where are you going?
I am going home
as my stomach hurts, dude
Remove the bundles of cash
near your belly and it won't hurt
We just know to steal.
We don't know the return policy
Along with stealing,
I also know how to hit
Hey! that's our money.
Beat more.
This is correct for him.
[ Screams in pain ]
Here, take it.
Take it out.
- Take it.
I won't leave you.
Today in the midnight
- Don't leave him.
Cut him to pieces.
- 2 November 2016
Break his bones.
500 and 1000 rupees currency notes
Will not be in the legal tender.
Printing them will be against the law.
Old 500 and 1000 notes
are to be exchanged
Hey, move.
Brother you too.
You were so strong-willed until now.
This man brought
a lot of change in you.
Change isn't in us but the notes.
Let's go
Kusa, 500 and 1000 rupee notes
are not valid anymore
Government has just declared it.
- What?
That man had destroyed
all our dreams
What do we do with these notes?
- Shove them up.
Hey, check if he is dead or alive
You - You...
- Yes, I'm Kusa.
You are still alive.
You thought I was dead?
Why do you say that instead of feeling
happy for having met after so long?
How would I feel happy?
Do you know what happened
after the blast that day?
That day in the fire accident,
I fell on the police station.
Along with the station, the houses
and farms close to it burned down.
As it happened because of me.
They put me in Junivelle jail.
Getting to know I am an actor,
The jailer and his associates
They made me do dance and dramas
They tortured me.
This was not for one or two days.
- For some years
Everyone used me like an ATM machine.
Why are you so frustrated?
- Why wouldn't I be?
I thought you were
dead until last night.
Being alive, you didn't even
try to find out if I was dead or alive
Don't get furious.
Listen to me.
The officer from the Fire Department
Saw me lying unconscious
and took me to the hospital.
It took me 10 days to recover.
As I had no one, he took care of me.
I listened to him...
I studied well and
became a Bank Manager
Everything was going well for you.
Why did you fall under my car?
My time was running bad.
What was so troublesome?
My humanity.
It looks good only in textbooks. If
we have it, it will teach us a lesson.
The same happened to me.
Where do I get money
for alcohol now?
I have to find some fool
What? Tablets again?
I can't do it anymore. Die...
What happened?
- That doctor prescribed tablets again, sir.
I have nothing more to sell
for my mother.
Am I working at the Secretariat?
I am just a Security Guard.
Let her go... Old lady.
- Hold it.
How much will it cost?
- 1500 rupees sir.
I can buy a full bottle with it.
Take it.
Sir, you are a saviour.
Do you know why I give you money
without questioning the reason?
It's for mom
And I don't have one.
Take care.
- Did you get all the documents?
- Yes sir.
Sir... Sir... Sir...
- Mr. Rambabu.
I can't carry your responsibility, Let
me carry your briefcase at least, sir
No. You are the Bank's
Assistant Manager. Not mine.
- You are so humane.
Have to learn a lot from you.
Mr. Juthada, you sign the register
in the morning and leave.
We can't see you until
the next morning.
Your signature is in the register but
there is no result in the recovery.
I keep getting mails
from the Head Office.
You keep getting mails and I keep
getting piles from roaming on the bike
Whoever has a car and bike
loan from us, are never home.
They are roaming outside. It's quite
difficult to do the recovery, sir
It's going to start.
- Shut up! I will do the recovery before evening.
All the best.
- Thank you sir.
Mr. Rajini,
you can arrange those papers later.
Adjust your saree first.
How many times do I have
to tell you, Mr. Rambabu?
She is V.A Rajini. Not Virgini.
It's the same after joining.
The joy in joining
isn't there in separating.
Yes. Why did you call
so many times at night?
To come to your place...
My place? Why?
Lots of doubts in the audit files.
Thought of showing you my accounts.
Send them to my cabin.
I will have a look.
Just the accounts?
He left. Close the account.
I too have my place and a phone.
Didn't you remember me?
- You have everything,
Except the calling bell.
Mother Teresa's father is here.
- I told you earlier
There's a guy preceding Mother Teresa
Oh... Call him in.
- Okay sir.
Sir, He is calling you
- Greetings.
I am from Kudbullapur.
Despite having a bank there,
Do you know why I came here?
Listening about your humanity.
- Tell me.
What do you want?
There was a drinking water lake
in our area.
But now It dried up.
We have to fill our thirst with tears.
We wish to renovate the lake
And fill it with drinking water again.
It will cost upto one crore.
You have to give us loan
and eliminate water scarcity.
I am pleading you.
- Please. You are elder to me.
Here are my land documents, sir
Please keep these documents.
I have checked already.
It is valued at two crores.
We can loan a crore easily.
People these days
don't even bother about family
But you want to help a few
putting yourself in debt.
I will start your
loan process immediately.
You should be blessed.
I'm leave.
Oh shit.
Had 20 already.
When were you supposed to come?
I have called and texted
like a zillion times.
Sorry, Priya.
It's the end of the financial year.
Had to refer accounts at the Bank...
I have been waiting to tell you
it's the end of our journey.
I said it. I am leaving. Bye.
Just once.
- How many times will you say that?
Priya, everyone is staring at us.
- Let them.
Every idiot has to know
how much you torture me
Ma'am, why are you torturing
this innocent guy for being late?
Being lovers, you have to adjust.
Hey blackie, Who told you
we were lovers?
He is my customer.
- Customer?
Don't worry.
She is from the Subhamasthu
Marriage Bureau.
I left my marriage responsibility to her.
- Understood?
Mind your business.
Priya, listen to me.
- What?
My father did 90 wedding
in this marriage bureau.
I challenged him to make it to 100
by finishing the rest.
Nine were quite easy for me.
I am unable to finish yours
since three months.
We can get an alliance for
Salman Khan too but not for you.
You know my problems.
- They are not problems but complaints.
You said one girl was not traditional,
as she didn't wear anklets.
The next girl didn't know culture,
as she didn't apply eyeliner.
One of them was too fast
and the other too talkative.
I finally got you the perfect girl
and you are late.
That girl left.
- She doesn't have patience
You are the only one to name flaws
without looking at the girl.
I lost my patience. Leave me.
Don't say that. We will try hard
one last time
Okay. This is your last chance.
But you have to finalize
one of the girls I show. That's all.
We raised her with a lot of values.
She can cook everything.
I don't drink coffee.
- I know.
That is why I brought you milk.
Are you fine with her?
She is too classy.
If she was a little informal...
Is it? I was controlling her,
as you might not like it.
Come on, dear.
Show him.
- Why do you ask?"
"I am local for sure.
I am local for sure."
"All the accessories I use are tacky"
"I am local for sure.
I am local for sure."
"All the accessories I use are tacky"
"I am local for sure."
Mass. Mass.
If you want to talk to her personally,
go ahea.
I got him till here.
See that he doesn't give any excuse.
This is my world.
This is my family.
What about you?
There's nothing much about him.
He lost his parents during childhood.
He is looking for a mother
in the girl he will marry.
Every dream he has ever dreamt
is about his wife.
He will become your mother
if you are unwell...
A good friend if you feel low...
Support to your family
through any trouble...
He will not let your put your head down
except while he makes the three knots.
Don't think anymore, Sravani.
Just accept it.
I'm okay with him.
- FInally, I could finish my target.
Do you accept it?
What? Mom is getting operated?
Sir, Sir, Sir.
My engagement date has been fixed.
Priya stopped calling me.
I would be tensed
when she called daily
But as I don't get calls from her,
I felt I am missing something.
Only when she went far from me
I realized how close I have gotten to her.
She looks beautiful.
- Arrange all the stuff.
[ Indistinct chatter ]
On the day of engagement, I felt happy
looking at Priya rather than the bride
It is our sheer luck.
It is shocking that our son-in-law, with such
desirable qualities hasn't been married until now.
Nothing like that. Everywhere we go,
he is frank and honest about his opinion.
That is his negative point.
No, uncle. Speaking from your heart
is very difficult.
That's a rare quality.
I love you.
How he is expressing his love for you
in front of everyone.
That wasn't for me.
It's for you.
You are misunderstanding him.
- She is right.
I have been looking for a girl
who understands me.
But I took time for me
to understand it's you.
I'm sorry, Sravani.
I hope you understand.
The bride's family
was angry with Priya.
They made a mess at the
Marriage Bureau. I went there.
Why did you come here?
Why did you come again?
Do I yell at you
for defaming our Bureau
Or beat you up for insulting my daughter
amongst everyone with your proposal.
I might have said it at the wrong place
but what I said was correct, Priya.
Dad, don't argue with him.
Ask him to leave.
No, Priya.
- What?
- Dad, look.
Please leave. Please don't come
infront of me again
At the same time,
I also had a huge blow professionally
Hey... Is everything loading?
We are sending everything.
- Hey bank manager
Sir you said it's a lake.
- Hey bank
You are standing in the lake.
Where is the water then?
Mischievous fish drank it all.
Fish? Where are the fish?
There goes the murrel,
Red snapper,
Sir, this is unfair.
You asked the loan to fill people's thirst
- That is what I am doing.
I am filling many people's thirst.
Not with water but with alcohol.
Look... we are sending cases of alcohol.
- I will file a case in court.
Hey Bank.
those fish are soft only until
they are under water.
They become crocodiles
as they reach the shore.
They will attack and eat you up.
Without listening to me or checking
the documents, he gave one crore as loan.
Wonder how much he took.
- I have already told him, sir.
Loans shouldn't be disseminated like
pamphlets. He didn't listen to me.
He gave loans to everyone
and asks me to recover.
Yes sir.
My fellow colleagues, held me
responsible in front of my managers.
If I don't repay the money to bank
Not only I will lose my job,
they will send me to Jail.
This accident happened
when my time was so bad.
Tell me what to do?
Hold this.
Don't feel bad.
Problems are common to humans
What? How can you laugh
when your brother is in trouble?
He is not in trouble.
He is in the bank.
I have to take his place
to change our notes.
Let's do it. Come on.
What are you suggesting?
You would play Lakshmana
while I played Rama in our childhood.
I would play Rama
if you became Lakshmana.
We managed well
which ever character we played
Make me understand.
- I will come to the bank in your place to
- Rob the bank.
- Shut up.
He was going to say he would rob
the customers off the recovery amount
What will your brother do?
- You seem to be in a hurry.
Wait, I will tell you.
He will completely focus on the girl
and try stealing her heart
How will I steal?
She said, 'Get lost!'
- So she gave a red signal
What do you mean?
- Girls are like traffic signals.
They will give red
if you say propose directly
They give orange
if you ask for friendship
And after we slowly impress them,
they give green
What if we break the signal?
Oh no...
My brother will just be fined for it.
If it's you, they will
send you to hell, idiot
What should I do now?
Wait for the opportunity.
Every lover has the chance
until the three knots are tied
The one who sticks to her for life
The one to steal her
at the right moment is greater
I will rush into it then.
I will rob it all then.
Go ahead.
- Sir.
Go ahead.
- Sir.
You disturbed me while Alia Bhatt
was about to kiss me
Kiss you?
- Obviously.
Will she appear in my dreams
to kiss you?
What's this?
- Coffee.
don't have the bad habits
like drinking coffee and tea.
I begin anything with alcohol.
What did you make for breakfast?
I prepared Upma.
- Upma?
Am I a prisoner in jail
to have upma?
Go and make roti, goat trotters,
Chicken curry, and mutton fry.
prepare them.
They have to be hot.
Burning hot... Fumes...
Emitting fumes...
Is this hot enough?
- Oh, it's burning.
Your baldhead wants Alia Bhatt, huh?
- Bro.
It's You? Super...
You look great as a banker.
You look exactly like him.
When I can't find out,
No one in the bank can
Hey Kusa, here is the lunch box.
When did you wake up
and cook all this?
I didn't sleep all night
out of the joy of meeting you.
Everyone in that bank is a rogue.
They are just rogues.
He is above them all
Stop it.
- Isn't it true?
You don't worry. I will take care of him.
- Go.
Hello, my car.
- Dear.
- My wife.
Why did you get our car, sir?
- Would you give me a lift?
That is why I stole it.
I am sorry. I brought it
Where can I get you
a TV right now, sweetheart?
Even the Bank Manager
is not coming to duty.
What? Mom is suffering with T.B?
We can't afford saline as of now.
- What happened?
Doctor prescribed once again, sir.
- Oh no...
Why didn't you tear the prescription?
- Sir?
Tear the prescription.
Let it be, sir.
I will let the old lady die
But I will not leave.
Dear, ask her to come here.
I mean... mom...
Ask mom to come here, Ammaji...
She ran away
with the fear of medicines, sir
My mom died when I was a kid, sir.
My final word
Give me everything you stole
from a good guy that's like me
Like you? Wasn't it you?
Did I say like that
I was talking about
the good guy in me.
Get me everything.
Give me 24 hours
and I will return your money
Very good.
I will keep this change until then
Does 2000 rupees come under change?
- Why do you care?
Hey, my fellow bank employees...
Audience have a positive reaction
that I am a great actor.
But you blamed me infront of the
auditors with your stupid performances
What is this change in you, sir?
Hey... found out.
We change addresses for loan sharks
and phones for reception
Shouldn't I change my character
for rogues like you? Climb on.
Look... I don't care
how you go around.
You have to do what may
and recover the sanctioned loans.
Or else,
Tomorrow's news will be 'Thieves attack on Bank,
Bank employee's body found...'
I understood, sir.
That body is mine
Sweet boy.
- Not Virgini, It's V.A Rajini...
Do you have any problem
if I call you that?
Not at all.
- What's your problem?
When players have no problem.
I am just the umpire. No problem.
- Do umpiring and hold this gun.
You said you have
lots of doubts in accounts.
Let's sit in the locker room
in lunch break and settle it
Locker room?
It's very dark.
That is what we want.
Oh! She wants the same
I feel very shy
- E verything is fine?
All fine.
- Ok.
Be ready with cash by afternoon.
Lets change it.
Let's leave the city by tonight.
- Ok.
This is really nice.
- Shall I get this wrapped?
That one too.
Choose one.
- Hi.
Thanks for meeting me
as soon as I called, Priya
It's okay.
How's the saree?
- It's good.
What about this?
Pretty nice color, right?
- You look good in any saree, Priya.
What's the occasion?
- My wedding.
- Yes.
Do you know whose wedding
is the hundredth in our bureau?
It's mine. give me the card.
- Priya.
It's all because of you.
Are you happy now?
Priya for once...
Do you want me to talk
to your dad? - No.
He will get me married tomorrow.
Let me be happy this one week.
Please leave
They have been inside for 30 minutes.
How long will it take?
What is she showing him?
I can't see anything.
- Here, catch me.
He is asking her to hold. Hold what?
- Who's the one inside?
Where are you?
I will remove it.
- No, Don't remove it.
Is this Bank or Bangkok?
It's like a racehorse
has found its bridle
Where are you?
Before these accounts are settled,
population will increase by one.
Your death will balance it. Shut up.
Lav, where are you?
I am removing it.
I removed it.
Leave me.
Hold these keys.
When did he take keys?
Search everywhere.
Come on. Come on. Make it fast.
Don't spare anyone.
- Leave me.
Who is the Branch Manager here?
He is settling accounts in the locker.
He settled accounts long back.
He is behind you.
He is the manager.
We are from CBI.
Post demonetization
Many managers are scheming
with big shots
To replace old notes with new ones.
We got the information
Until your entire bank accounts are tallied,
no cash transactions in the bank.
Seal the locker room.
- Yes, sir
Hey... Hello
- Stop. Stop.
Why did you bring my vehicle?
- Pay the Ola cab.
How much?
- Ola?
He doesn't want it seems. Come.
- Ok.
Hello. Hello.
- Bro.
If everything went well, we would
be roaming in America in such a car
I am already raged. I crush you.
Bro, Bro.
It's been so long since I updated
my Facebook profile picture.
Can you click me a picture?
Enough. Stop it.
How do I look?
- You look fine.
Where are you going
all dressed up
My girlfriend is getting married.
She gave me the first invitation.
I am going for the cocktail party.
It's her wedding
and you seem to be happy?
You only said there's chance
until the three knots are tied
I'm trying.
What did I tell him
and what did he understand.
Why are you so dull anyways?
Wouldn't he be dull when CBI came
and sealed the locker?
Why would you be dull for that?
How will we run the bank
with the cash in locker?
You shouldn't worry about
the locker but my job.
I have four more days time.
If you don't recover
Yadagiri's lake loan by then,
I won't be just fired.
I will go to jail.
You reminded me well.
Don't worry. Go party. I will recover
the loan from him.
Thank you.
Count would be perfect with bottles,
Why did they put tankers?
How many will they finish now?
Sir... we need 4 to 5 for your party
4 to 5? My bill will explode then.
Get water in buckets,
climb up and fill them
Sir, they are beer tanks.
Aren't you selling cocktails with
a spoon of alcohol and mugs of water?
Mix everything.
- Ok sir.
Hey Obilesh, did you call me?
Baby... Call me Obu...
Ok? I want you to meet
my childhood buddies
Dallas Dasu.
- Hi.
Washington Vasu.
- Hello.
Boston Bose.
- Hello.
Bank manager Lava Kumar.
Hi... Your friend?
- Hi.
My customer.
Relax guys,
My fiance runs a marriage bureau.
That client.
Why did you come?
- You invited me.
Bro, did she fix your marriage?
- What happened basically is --
- He might tell him everything.
- Obu...
Come I will introduce you
to my friends.
- What happened?
Come soon.
Can you get me a drink, please?
You were telling me something.
I didn't listen properly
Priya arranged a good alliance for me.
Have you come to invite us?
- No.
- Then?
- That marriage has been cancelled
I'm so sorry man.
How did it happen?
They cancelled it as I proposed
on the engagement day
[ Obilesh laughs ]
What are you doing here?
My friends are waiting to meet you.
Let's go.
- Wait.
Look at this innocent face.
When someone proposes
on the engagement day,
One should go hug and kiss.
She cancelled it.
Where do you find such dumbos?
Don't abuse her,
I proposed to Priya.
One side love,
Don't bother about it.
Let's go.
- Leave!
What he is saying is...
- Come fast.
Obu was quite the macho man
before going to America
She already said it's one side love.
Stop all these crazy trials.
Oh no! There's chance
until the three knots are tied.
How could I not try?
- Bro?
What's your nuisance?
- Obu, come... I will introduce my friends.
Go away! Did your friends
come for me?
You can say by their faces
they came for free drinks.
Why do you show off
like they are Sania or Saina?
Priya, I need to talk to you.
- He started again.
Everything you told
the bride that day,
Did you tell her
so that she would like me?
Or did you tell about
the things you like in me?
Think once, Priya.
[ Indistinct Voices ]
Why is he coming here?
Why do you fear him?
- He isn't like before.
He is like an upgraded iPhone.
What is this?
You stole our vehicle.
I didn't steal it, I took Baba's help
to beat some people up.
Convey my greetings to Baba in Shirdi.
- Hail Sai Ram!
Hey Rambabu, what are you doing
in the lake?
I was...
- Were you pooping?
Hey bank...
why have you come again?
It's Sunday. I came to get good fish.
Hey, an earthworm
came into the lake.
Eat it and do your work.
- Shark, beat him.
Oh no...
Why is the shark looking dead?
Next item please.
We are saved.
He is wearing a boxer.
The red snapper is wasted.
Hey Bengal carp...
Bengal carp?
My favorite fish.
Look what I will do to you.
With this brick...
I'll scrub you properly...
Are you gonna fry him?
Fantastic idea.
Hey, Hey.
Don't mess with my tie or shirt.
I will take forever to set it again. I
am not used to it, Please understand.
Wait.. Oh no...
My tuck...
They are not fish or crab,
They are leeches.
They won't leave you
unless burnt off.
Got it.
Is anyone left?
- Here, take this one crore.
One crore?
I need 3 crores.
Plan B.
I didn't come to take but to give you.
What you gave until now is enough.
Don't want anymore.
What did you want to give him?
- Ask him to go get fritters.
I should bring? - Yadi.
- Fritters!
I'll bring.
Bro, tell me.
Come inside, my dear.
Lav kumar brother,
I now understood the matter.
I understood your capacity.
You can give loan upto five crores
as the Manager. - Yes.
I settled for a crore trusting
that useless fellow.
Oh shit.
Fine, I'll give your 30 percent share.
We are partners from today.
Oh, congrats, congrats.
Super bro.
- [ Phone ringing ]
Don't talk.
Patel sir.
Yes sir.
What? Again?
Oh shit.
Is the decision made?
What can anyone do now?
Okay. Thank you.
It was Urjit Patel on the phone now.
Hebah Patel?
- You fool.
RBI Governor.
- What is it?
He is going to ban 2000 rupees notes
from tomorrow night. - Again?
I was also shocked.
I had a doubt when 5000 rupees sample notes
came to the bank yesterday, partner.
I didn't expect them
to implement it so quickly.
5000 note? Where?
- Yes, You want to see?
Why is it so big, partner?
It's 5000 rupees, Wouldn't it be huge?
- Hey, partner, Please...
I have lot of 2000 rupee notes.
Please help me. Please, please.
Stop squeezing me.
- Ok.
Five crores.
Bye, I will change everything
in two days.
Before going,
Can I keep that 5000 rupee note?
Oh crap! You want it?
- Yes, yes.
Keep it.
Keep it. Careful...
- He will keep it carefully.
First 5000 rupee note is mine.
10 lakhs?
Who drank so much?
That is why we also gave
a discount of 10000 rupees.
What discount? The bill is huge
and the discount is quite tiny.
Hey... Grandpa is calling you.
When will God call him?
Swipe this card.
- Ok.
You have to study well. Okay?
- Grandpa
Did you call me?
What are you doing there
when everyone is here?
You said all these things
and got me here from US.
If you had brought Priya and her family,
the wedding would cost nothing.
Look now... This doesn't even
seem like a party
Forget about the bill. Think about
the girl you are going to marry.
It's been so long since you came.
What did you understand about Priya?
- I understood her really well.
Priya is like 'Priya pickles'
Priya is spicy like mango pickle,
Tangy like lemon pickle,
hot like ginger pickle.
And sour like amla pickle.
You can find it in
Ameerpet or America.
asked you about Priya
and you are talking about pickles
Sir, Priya's likes and habits
are quite simple.
Did he come back?
She really likes coffee.
She drinks too much
if she is happy or sad.
She has a lot of
self-respect and patience.
She values her family
more than her career.
That is why she left an offer in US
to continue her dad's business.
Even now, she is getting married
to that NRI for her dad
If I have to say in a word,
Priya brings joy wherever she is.
It is like a festival
when she is around.
Who are you?
The one who loved Priya.
Don't worry.
One side love...
Despite the number of times
my daughter refused you.
I don't understand how you could
bother us shamelessly
Exactly, sir...
even I don't understand.
Since the moment I proposed, every
time she sees me, she asks me to leave
But never said she doesn't like me.
Ask her to say that once.
I will not show you my face again.
- What does she have to say?
Please leave from here.
Did you see that?
Even now, she is asking me to leave
but isn't saying she doesn't like me.
You look for life
partners for everyone.
You shouldn't miss that perfection
in your life, Priya
Why did you give me half Dosa?
Not half,
My heart.
What are you doing here?
- You said it, right?
You told me not to miss
that perfection in my life.
So I told my Dad about my feelings.
What did you tell him?
Dumbo that I have feelings for you.
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"My dream girl, My golden angel,
You injured me with your stare"
"My dream girl, My golden angel,
Hit a century with your kisses"
"Clarinet is playing in my nerves"
"Just like a syringe is poked"
"Romance blossoms gradually"
"Like a fired pistol"
"Don't sprinkle my hot thoughts
with salt and pepper"
"There's a voice in my heart
saying Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Let's sing and dance"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring,
Tring, Tring"
"My dream girl, My golden angel,
Hit a century with your kisses"
"Shall I circle you
like a satellite of love?"
"As you look like
disc moonlight to me"
"Shall I fly far away from you?
As I take you into my illusion"
"Japan's earthquake has begun"
"In our provoking youth"
"French wine flows on my lips"
"Shall I share it with you?"
"Thermometer is exceeding the limit"
"There's a voice in my heart
saying Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Let's sing and dance"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Like a beauty magazine
with a torn cover page"
"Earth would feel low
if you weren't born"
"Like a little ice
cube cuddling a glass"
"My body is chilled with your touch"
"Crossing the limits of tansport corporation,
You collided with a lorry of flowers"
"My Ferrari has no limits,
Come on, bachelor"
"My endless enthusiasm...
Halts my breathe"
"There's a voice in my heart
saying Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring"
"Let's sing and dance"
"Tring, Tring, Tring, Tring,
Tring, Tring"
[ Indistinct voices from Television ]
Partner, I am watching
all the news channels.
There's nothing about
the new 5000 rupee notes
You shouldn't watch news channels.
Switch to discovery channel.
New things are shown in that only, partner.
- Hey, switch to discovery channel.
Partner, Partner, Partner,
I need another favor please.
I found three 2000 rupee notes
in my clothes in this morning.
You should exchange them too. Please.
How will you live without them, partner?
- What?
I mean, Keep them with you
as my remembrance. Bye.
Where are you going at this time?
- Goa.
Govinda... Govinda...
I prayed that if your love story were successful,
I would get his head shaved in Tirupathi.
We are going there.
Let's go.
- Hey Kusa.
Thanks a lot.
All my problems are solved
because of you.
You will know the actual problem
after we leave.
Do you have money?
- Five crores.
He was about to say five notes.
Useless fellow.
Keep this money.
I will put these in the hundi. Bye.
Go carefully.
This is it, sir.
[ Knocking on door ]
It's him.
- Sir.
- Search the entire house.
What's all this?
They filed a kidnap case on you
regarding their daughter
Why would I kidnap?
What happened to Priya?
- Tell him.
I saw you taking my sister last night.
- Me?
Sir --
- Hey.
Why are you playing around with us?
You ruined my daughter's marriage.
She never questioned me,
She is deluded by your words
and she back answered.
Tell us where she is.
- Sir, listen to me
[ Phone ringing ]
Talk now.
Sir, you exchanged the old notes
in the locker room
It's been recorded
in the surveillance camera.
CBI saw it sir.
I came out to call you.
GM also filed a case on you that
you didn't pay back Yadagiri's recovery amount.
When did I recover the money, sir?
Sir. Sir.
I need to go to the
bank urgently. Please.
Let's go to the station first.
Let's settle it there
Sir, listen to me once --
- Let's go.
I will come to the bank in your place.
I will...
Rob the bank.
- Shut up.
Wouldn't he be dull
when the CBI seizes the locker?
He was about to say five crores
instead of five notes. Useless fellow.
Sir, I understood,
My brother is doing all this
What are you saying?
- The truth.
We look alike.
He has taken advantage of it.
I didn't expect him to this.
- Hey. Hey.
You stold five crores
and gave us a 5000 rupee note.
And fooled him.
- I didn't give it.
Hey, my five crores.
Scoundrel, Can't you see the CI?
I will rip your skin off. Come to the
station if you have to say anything
Sir, why did you bring me here?
Please sir don't do anything to me.
Trust me, I have a look-alike.
He did all this.
I know.
Check if that's him.
I trusted you a lot. How could you
cheat your own brother?
What can I do?
It was my necessity
Are you even human?
Tell me, where is Priya?
Why are you getting her in between?
Priya's sister says I took her.
If it wasn't me,
you must have taken her.
I don't love anything in this world
except money.
Don't defame my character
with unnecessary insults
Don't act smart.
I am not acting. its you.
I hid my stolen money in the house
and you took it all.
Upon that, you gave me money to spend
along with a hug
What are you talking about?
- The truth.
My friend saw you packing
your bag last night.
He thought it was me and stopped.
I opened the bag to check for money
And found your inners instead of cash.
You clean up well.
Don't divert the topic.
Tell me where Priya is.
I know nothing about her.
Tell me where the money is.
- You took away Priya.
- You took my money.
Either you or me must have
taken Priya. Who else would take her?
Either you or me must have
taken the money.
What did you say?
Either you or me must have taken her.
Who else would?
What if another look-alike has taken?
What are you saying?
Just like you are alive,
Just like I am alive...
Do you think Jai is alive too?
- Hey!
It's not Jai, call him 'Ravan Maharaj'
Enough of fearing him
throughout our lives.
[ Voice echoes]
He has no authority over
the lands we were born on.
Do we fear him and live like the dead?
Or do we kill him
and live with courage.
[ Voice Echoes ]
What do we do with the Ravan
who has become the demon of our lives?
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
[Villagers] Kill him.
I will burn the Ravan he worships.
Will he try to stop me?
Will he return alive if he comes?
Give it.
Light it up.
[ Engine reving]
"Demon, Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Ruler of the world,
Emperor of kingdoms"
"You are a thousand volcanoes united"
"You are an embodiment of power, You
are the smartest brain in the game"
"You are a thousand suns united"
Oh, The only warrior... The
courageous fighter... The cruel son...
"You are the blazing fire,
marching forward swiftly"
"The bloodshed, The burglar,
The brutality, The aghora"
"The raging henchman of time"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
You have to cross the sea
to kill Ravan.
To kill this Ravan you need...
Co - Co - Courage
Do you have it?
Do you have it?
What do I do to him
who tries to destroy my fort.
Is it right to kill one?
Or is right to slaughter
entire village?
Kill him.
- Kill him.
[ Villagers shouting ] Kill him.
KIll him.
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"The king of the throne
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Hail! Hail! Hail!'
"The king of the throne.
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Money is not the issue now,
It's my passport.
Is there any other way I can reach
America with out passport
There is an extraordinary option
stay back in India.
Hello. Hello.
- Sir.
- Damn this guy.
Phone in the bathroom?
Don't we have phones?
Can't we talk too?
How will you talk when your phone
is with me? Hold this
Why so long?
Are you from the Godzilla clan?
Move aside...
Jai, He might be your brother now.
But we are blood brothers.
Did you remember now?
We just knew he was alive, sir.
What is this, sir?
Both of you are the reason
behind Jai turning into Ravan
It wasn't a fire accident,
Like you think.
It was the rage in Jai's heart.
It came out as fire.
And burned the good in him.
You didn't recognize Jai as an actor,
brother or even a human.
He went looking for recognition
and fate brought him to Berhampur.
Jitho, listen to me,
leave me.
Why would I leave you?
You started your own business
against the Mishra gang.
Don't you know no one except Mishra
will be recognized in Berhampur?
What was that?
He says no one gets recognition.
It isn't someones property.
It belongs to the bravest at heart.
That day, we weren't
looking at a 10 year old kid.
He is a 10 - headed Ravan.
It didn't take long for Berhampur
to realize.
Sea mafia, Coal mining.
Not just one...
He earned recognition
in every illegal activity,
He made lot of enemies.
The two important ones are
Mishra and his brother Tiwari
Unable to face Ravan directly,
They sought help of that
area's M.P Sarkar.
So, One day.
Tell Ravan he only has two options.
One... Ask him to touch
our feet and apologize.
And run away from this area.
Live under our feet.
Hey, You gave us two options
But Ravan didn't give you any options.
Expect for death.
"Demon... Ravan the demon"
"The one with strange ways to torture,
The one who rings the bells of death"
"The one with a million ways
of destruction"
"The personnel on the battlefield,
The inhumane monster"
"The finest performer"
"King of darkness, The star,
The cruelest warrior"
" A demon with beautiful features "
"In the shape of demon, combative,
Evilest quince"
"A dangerous demon
laughing like a child"
Do you need his funds
given once in every five years
Or do you want Ravan
who will be with you forever.
"Ravana... Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"The commander of enemies
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"Ravana... Hail! Hail! Hail!'
"The king of the throne
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Sir, I beg you
Please spare my son,
I beg you sir.
Brother, why don't you stop working
for Ravan
Don't talk to me about it.
"The finest performer,
The ultimate destroyer"
"The form of savage
with expertise in destruction"
"The composer of pathos,
The resident of hell"
"The one hiding in
the face of brutality"
"The arrogant one,
The defeated one"
"The one with a robust personality"
"The fearless one,
The symbol of denial"
"The leader with wrong means
and cruelty"
"The one with his every atom
raging with destruction"
"Ravana... Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"The commander of enemies
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"Ravana... Hail! Hail! Hail!"
"The king of the throne
Hail! Hail! Hail!"
Sir, phone call.
What happened?
Everything in this
world has an expiry date.
In the same way, Ravan and
Sarkar's relation is on the edge.
Came in the form of Samasamaj leader
Understood, right?
If you are fine with it
Not just an MP seat.
I will make sure you get
Central Cabinet Ministry
Even after knowing the equation
between Ravan and Sarkar?
With what faith do you ask this,
Having our people in the post is different
from having a post for our self.
Only the winner has recognition.
Not the one behind him.
Think about it.
Hey Ravan, How are you?
Cool. Cool.
Dhanunjay, why did he come here?
To offer M.P ticket against you.
The celebrity in a poster
and the guy sticking the posters.
He doesn't know the difference, Dad.
- Hey Deva.
Dad... we use him
for our daily chores
And they want to send him
to the Parliament. - Deva.
Every other guy can not
become a politician, Ravan
Why do you take it seriously?
Just imagine. Just imagine.
Ask Ravan to spell Politics
without a pause...
Deva... Deva...
I'm talking to you. Sit.
Deva, stop it.
Say it again.
Ravan... How dare you cut
my son's tongue?
I settled for the tongue.
Otherwise, I would slit his throat.
Take him away.
Don't forget I am the sitting M.P
Remember I am going to be an M.P
Ravan decided to grow politically
and went to Delhi.
Tiwari, raging with his
brother's death, met Sarkar.
He attacked on the fort.
As Ravan wasn't there,
he killed his right-hand Tapan.
We searched the entire city, Maharaj.
We didn't find Tiwari
Everyone responsible
for this should die.
It's not someone else responsible
for my brother's death.
It's you.
Your sins have effected my brother.
He died because of being with you
Brothers and sisters of Berhampur.
I didn't know he is a demon.
I did a mistake keeping him with me.
Now I realized that mistake.
Will you repeat the same mistake
by sending him to the parlament?
If he comes here for votes,
kick him out.
We are the ruling party
in this constitution.
If he tries to threaten you.
I will make sure he is in Jail
for life time.
Brothers and sisters of Berhampur...
It is your luck that Ravan Maharaj
Will be going to Delhi as
an M.P from this constituency.
We will give each woman 1000 rupees
And men get to drink all they want
Don't beg.
They have to vote.
I will kill them otherwise.
Why should we vote for you?
For destroying our lives?
For turning this village
into a graveyard?
Look there...
My only son.
He loved being a cop
and you got him fired.
You ruined his life.
You will suffer.
You will suffer and lose everything.
What will you do?
- I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
- Ravan, leave her.
Do you even understand
what you are doing?
You wont get votes
by threats and dominance.
You have to impress and plead them.
If required...
You might even have
to hold their feet.
I can't do that, uncle.
- Ravan,
Even a lion puts the head down
to fill its thirst.
You have to put your head down
to fill your thirst for recognition
The situation is completely different.
They are the ruling party
and we can not rig the election.
Ravan can't accept failure.
He began to think.
At the same time,
Ravan found the ad given in
the marriage bureau for your wedding.
We came looking for one
and found both of you.
He got to know both your weaknesses
and brought your money and Priya
Get down.
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
Leader of the Gods!
Ruler of demons...
Leader of the Gods!
Ruler of demons,
Lord of Lanka.
This Ravanasura.
The name, which makes
the three worlds tremble...
The name, which can put the guardians
of the eight directions into difficulty...
The name, which brings shiver
in the spines of Gods and humans...
I am the fiercest
And my cheap and inferior
brothers are insulting
I will right away break his head
into pieces with my weapon.
How is my performance?
Is this acting?
It seemed pretty real
How are you, brother?
- How is he?
If properly raised
they will be like you.
I am like this because
I grew up on the roads
Jai is like that
because he grew up with fury.
One selfie Jai.
- Hey.
My money.
What is this, brother?
Punish us if you are angry.
But why did you get Priya
into this?
Why did you bring us here?
You are good actors, right?
I wanted you to play some characters
Oh, That's the matter.
But we have lots of entertainment now
with multiplexes, flash mobs, Netflix etc.
Who will watch dramas?
You wouldn't be playing
Rama and Lakshmana in the theatre.
You will play our Ravan in Berhampur.
What do you mean?
- I told you Ravan is in the nominations.
You are well educated.
You should go to Ravan's
election campaign.
You have to impress people
with your words
And make Ravan win.
People are literally cursing him
and you want them to praise?
How will this happen?
It should happen.
For you to conquer your love...
It should happen for sure.
What are you thinking about?
You gave loans to strangers
and roamed behind them.
Can't you do this for your brother?
He will do it, Jai.
I will accept it.
I will stay home, serve you
I will take care of the house
Thanks, Jai.
Hello actor, you have a role too.
I make a living out of fooling people.
What do I know, sir?
Use the same smartness and get
Tapan's sister Simran to love Ravan
Tapan's sister?
Oh no! That revenge queen!
- Yes.
You should approach Simran as Ravan.
Make her feel love
instead of raging fury.
You should convince her
to marry Ravan
So, I will make the goal
and Jai gets the trophy.
How can we both roam around
in the same city with similar face?
She stays in a different city.
Do I have to travel everyday?
This isn't correct,
We will not do it.
No. Don't hurt Priya.
I will do as you say.
Oh! I am also ready.
Lava... I have seen this body
Mosquito is dead.
Hey, uncle.
- My dear...
Hey, stop it.
You left long ago.
You had to come here again...
I didn't land here,
he got me here.
Someone gave me an idea
for earning money.
So I uploaded a Dubsmash
of this Ravan on YouTube.
That's it. The one who
shouldn't see it has seen it
And brought me here.
Guys bend.
- Mosquito is dead.
He is avenging just because
you made him do it.
Yes. - It's hard to do
the same job all day.
No, I also have tea breaks in between.
At least they are giving you Tea.
They won't give me,
I should give them.
Disguise them like Ravan.
- Ok brother.
From today in the eyes of the world
The way you dress, talk
and walk has to reflect me
Except my men,
No one should know
that there are three of us
Ravan only knows how to hold
his head high.
Doesn't know to hang it down.
- Yes, I understood.
We will perform like
you are staring at your reflection.
Don't perform infront of me.
Do it infront of people.
Hey, stop.
stop the vehicle.
When the entire town
is waiting for your death,
How can you ask for votes?
A demon can never be a leader.
- Move.
Sarkar has already told us...
You can't do anything.
- What are you talking? Move.
Save me.
Where do I go?
Oh no.
She is here.
How are you propose me?
I'm in a terrible situation
please understand.
Nun, she is firing with a gun.
Praise the lord.
- I don't need any praise now.
- Not her but me.
Yes, we are nun's
Unnecessarily I told you.
You won't understand.
Save me.
Oh no.
Start the vehicle.
She is behind me.
Wait guys.
- Stop.
I'll kill you.
- Stop.
Come on.
In such a big fort,
where will they hide my money.
Let's search.
That's me...
Despite having all this gold here,
you got greedy for five crores.
Pack it.
He is here.
'You are in a state of indecisiveness'
Stop it.
I'm Lava.
Oh, it's you.
I thought it was Jai and yelled.
What are you doing there?
- I am packing everything.
People say life is all about setting.
That is why I am setting everything.
I didn't get you.
A bullet
I understood the value of life
after a bullet missed me by an inch.
She is mental. Just like him.
That is why you and I running away tonight
with my gold and your sweetheart
It's wrong.
- What's wrong?
What's wrong?
It's wrong of him to play around with our lives,
not considering we are his brothers
Today, I could literally see
the hatred for him in people's eyes
Wouldn't they hate him?
He has turned into a demon.
We are responsible for it.
- What did we do?
While we were kids he loved us.
Do you remember?
Hey Kusa hold my hand.
"A beautiful world... Within is a sky"
"The three birds are flying"
"To see no tears rolling down
their eyes"
"The big one casts his smile"
"He has a heart of Caress"
"A hand of service"
"He is an example of brother"
"Back then we did forget him"
"A beautiful world... Within is a sky"
"The three birds are flying"
"To see no tears rolling down
their eyes"
"The big one casts his smile"
Only when you are always together
like this, you will be Jai Lava Kusa
At a tender age,
we killed the love in him
And became the reason
behind his cruelty.
That is why...
It's our responsibility to kill the
demon and make him a normal person.
What are you talking?
Is he gold to exchange easily?
You stay here. I am running away
with my gold
I will not let you go.
- I'll beat you.
Move aside. I have to leave
- Where are you going?
Oh no, the demon is here.
What's happening here?
It's been so long since we performed.
We were just rehearsing. Isn't it?
That's it...
You tell me.
- He wants to run away.
You didn't utter a single error.
Damn! to your honesty.
This reminds me... I have to impress
that girl early in the morning.
My face has to be fresh,
I will go sleep.
You guys switch off the lights and sleep.
- Stop.
For what?
Oh no! I will not run away again.
I swear.
Uncle, please save me.
Once he lifts,
he won't put it down.
Everything is like a massage.
Can you change Jai?
My mother had only one wish Priya.
That we three should be together.
But bad luck.
We are like this.
I'll make her wish true, Priya.
I am going back from here
only with my brother.
I'm prepared to do anything for it.
I'm with you.
- Son.
What's that song
and what's this smoke?
Song is of Keeravani
and smoke is from incense sticks
Yes. I lit them up.
Please take the offering.
At least you take, uncle.
Why did you let her out?
She is a lady mosquito.
No way she can escape from this fort.
That is why I set her free.
If she is gone, you will be dead.
Come brother.
I cooked your favourite food.
Do you know something, Priya?
When we were kids,
whatever mom cooked
Jai wouldn't eat
without feeding us both first.
What say, Kusa?
Yeah. That's right.
Carry on.
Though he was the first born,
we came first for him in everything
Is it?
Did your brother love you guys
so much?
Not just love.
We were his life.
Do you remember all this, brother?
Three of us should always
stay together.
'Three of us' is a lie.
'Only me' is the truth.
If you do such cheap acts again,
trying to get closer to me.
I will kill you.
Lava, don't feel bad.
Reach your brother's target first.
He will automatically
get close to you.
Sir, even half the crop couldn't
be harvested due to the floods.
What do we do if you take
away the rest? Sir, that's our food
What's happening here?
Maharaj, we lent money on the field.
They didn't even pay the interest.
That is why we are grabbing their harvest
If they don't pay the actual
we will grab their lands too.
Leave the harvest here and go.
The landlord and Ravan are
quite close. You don't involve in this
Should brother win or not?
All the bank managers in this town
should be here immediately.
In the banking sector,
First priority should
be given to Agriculture.
But you, along with
the private financiers,
Betrayed the farmers.
Don't grab things from farmers.
A farmer irrigates
a land for our welfare.
We should wet that land with water
but not with farmers' tears
You sanction loans to a businessman.
If he is at loss,
he flees the country.
But farmers are not like that.
If he is at loss,
He kills himself on that very land
But doesn't even cross
the village border.
We all choose some profession to live.
But a farmer chooses the occupation
that keeps us alive.
Within 48 hours,
I want loans sanctioned to each
and every farmer in the region.
Yes sir.
Alcohol is injurious to health,
Pizza, ma'am.
- I didn't order.
Your friend might have ordered.
Have it, ma'am. Cheese pizza...
What's this?
Oh, what's this?
Let's check.
Hey, who was at the door?
Wait... Listen to me once.
I am not Jai.
I am his look-alike younger brother.
We are three of us.
We look exactly alike.
You won't listen.
You will not.
You want proof.
I will use technology.
one minute.
- What are you doing?
I just got off duty.
Preparing fish curry for Jai...
What about you?
I just got on duty. Here...
Why did you put cloth
in your mouth?
Idiot... I tied her up.
She doesn't believe
that we are three of us.
Show that rascal once.
Don't call him that.
Is that so?
Please show your brother once.
What is it?
I prepared your favorite
fish curry.
Who told you it's my favorite?
Uncle told me.
- Oh no.
Listen to me completely.
What? He wants to marry me?
That will never happen.
I will tell you something
that can happen.
You want revenge
and I want my money.
You have to do something
for these to happen.
I will do anything to see him dead.
Tell me.
You should love me.
- Impossible.
You have to pretend.
- She is calling you.
- She is calling me.
I'm Jai.
How am I acting?
I just knew it feels so good.
"As your eyeliner
becomes a dark cloud"
"As the lustre in your life
becomes lightning"
"As a rain of love pours
from your sky of heart"
"As I get wet in that rain"
"I'm floating away..."
"As I get wet in the rain of love,
I float away"
Devi Sri Prasad's troop is going
to America for a program.
I will arrange your Visa
as one of the singers
Will you go?
I already have a pemanent visa
as a lover.
Hang the phone.
"As a desire in my heart
becomes a kite"
"As you come along like a thread"
"As a cool breeze passes
from your hair"
"As my kite of love reaches the moon"
"I'm floating away"
"I then saw the moon in you
and landed back."
The demon is not in the fort
I'm the King and you are my queen.
Hello... you said no one's home.
Why are you still acting?
Acting, right?
I forgot.
Okay. What's the
next step of our plan?
Nothing much.
He will completely believe
you are in love with me.
He lets you into the fort.
You will kill him at the right time.
Your revenge will be fulfilled
Hey, Why do you sound dull?
You will also get your money.
You will go to America.
Happy, right?
- Happy? There's nothing now.
- Look
I don't like any lady
except Lakshmi.
I swear on her. I am a big thief.
I always thought about stealing stuff
but never about love.
I can steal anything
in just five minutes.
But I don't understand
how to steal your heart.
But you are calling it acting.
I'm confused.
Look, Show some mercy
and give me your heart.
I will take care of you forever.
Oh, Why did I open up?
Damn! Wait a minute.
As planned, our guys
are going to the President
Our work will be easier
if we get him to favor us
Okay. Carry on.
Oh no, they said he wasn't home.
I love you too.
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Fury, Fury, Fury,
Fury in your beauty heart"
"Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,
Your beauty arises the blaze in me"
"Fury, Fury, Fury,
Fury in your beauty"
"Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,
Your beauty arises the blaze in me"
"When the beauty in your lips
hurts my ego"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"When your welcoming neck
provokes me"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Shall I get close to you,
Shall I increase the intensity"
"And experience all of your beauty"
"Fury, Fury, Fury,
Fury in your beauty heart"
"Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,
Your beauty arises the blaze in me"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
"Demon, Demon, Demon,
Ravan the demon"
Boys are always like this.
You just wait for acceptance
to rush everything
Oh no...
You are now watching ETV news Oriya
Greetings, welcome to E TV Oriya
The elections which are taking place
has caught everyones attention.
Jai kumar alias Ravan from the past
few days is in Behrampur elections.
Has suprised everyone.
He is now the people's leader,
Jai alias Ravan is cruising towards victory.
Look at Ravan.
Looking at Ravan's following
the sitting MP's government --
[ Screams in Anger ]
How is Ravan doing all this alone?
Hey Domalrao...
Why did this lady mosquito
come with her luggage?
Why are you so shocked?
How long do we love like this?
I would have to stay here
after our marriage anyways.
I vacated my hostel.
You have to listen to me
and eat my food now.
Ravan... This fort is now lustering
with wedding hues
[ Ravan chuckles ]
Da - Make sure she doesn't see
those dummies
Ma'am I'll leave.
- Ok.
What happened, dear?
- Mosquito?
- No.
If it's a mosquito, don't tell Ravan.
Please tell me.
What's with the sudden entry?
- Sudden entry?
Shouldn't I kill him?
These are most powerful poisons.
I will definitely mix them
in something.
He will die soon for sure.
How is my plan? Okay?
Lav, your election campaign
will be complete today.
Will he send us back to Hyderabad?
Are we going to start tomorrow?
I'm so excited
We'll start, Think about the death
that will occur in this house
What happened?
- Silence
Come closer.
Why do you think Simran is here?
To kill Jai.
She came along with poison bottles
to mix in his coffee and food
Where would she mix?
- Why would she kill her loved one?
I hid something from you.
Simran roamed with me as I agreed
to co-operate in killing Jai.
That is when we both fell in love.
I told her that I would help her,
But I can't let her kill him.
Be - Be - Betrayal!
How dare you cheat me?
Brother, please...
Please leave him.
He will die.
- Brother.
You stole my recognition
during childhood
Now, you are stealing my love.
What a performance!
Listen to me now.
You are going to lo - lo - love me
And Ma - Ma- Marry me
Get lost.
Ravan. Ravan.
What are you doing?
- Will you kill them? Leave them
This is my revenge.
I will kill anyone who interferes.Go.
[ Phone ringing ]
Ravan... we have
the Intelligence reports.
You are winning with absolute majority.
- Sir.
Just wait. You have
a great following in farmers.
People show good craze about you.
Finally, you have the recognition
you wanted on a national level.
All the best.
Ravan is going to win,
De - De - Delhi has decided it.
Be - Berhampur should also know it
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"I am a symbol of glamor,
all the way from heaven"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"I ate beauty and that is why
I am so"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"My eyes are so luring,
They will get you so high"
"My belly dance will keep you staring"
"Dance with me in full swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"I am a hookah bar,
I will get you high for sure"
"I will take you to the clouds,
And for a tour around the stars"
"I am like a country beer,
I will show you the world"
"I will make you forget yourself
and lose balance"
"I am that drug that is quite fun,
I will add up to your energy"
"That is why I have come for you,
Dance with me in full swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
Our work with those dummies is done.
Go meet Sarkar.
- Sarkar?
If they come to know
about the other two.
It's dangerous in any circumstances.
Anyone who would effect my recognition
Shoulnd't be alive.
"I am a bottle of beauty
that is filled with illusions"
"I came to touch your lips with love"
"I'm looking for a different high,
I just want to keep racing forward"
"I will shout out my name
in all the directions"
"I am a matchstick of fire
that shies away"
"I will lit up the blaze in you"
"Hey... I was born with a fire,
The sun borrowed his hotness from me"
"I am looking for the same heat
from you, Dance with me in full swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
"Swing... Swing... Swing...
Come on and swing"
Hey, he is sending you guys tomorrow.
I lost.
I couldn't change our brother.
No, I won't let you lose.
You tried to change him alone
but now I am there with you.
The same drama that separated us
will unite us again.
What drama?
Leave me! He is dead
in my hands today.
Hey, Let me go.
Only one of us should live
What's happening here?
- Oh no, Ravana.
You came at the right time, Jai.
You would watch the both of us play dramas
from backstage during childhood.
Tell us who is the better actor?
He acts and I live the character.
Stop your over-action.
You are acting like
rats infront a lion.
As he didn't get on stage back then,
you guys have become popular.
If Jai got onto the stage.
All you mosquitos will be gone.
I throw an open challenge.
I challenge you to get on the stage
along with him.
You will only agree to be inferior.
[ Chuckles ]
Why did you laugh like that,
lady mosquito?
That is...
I hooted as I heard you say
Ravan is a great actor
- No.
Get everything re
- re - ready for a drama.
I am ready for any chapter
and any character
I'm re - ready.
Greetings to the audience
from Dibbalarao.
[ Crowd cheering ]
To save Sita,
Where Rama and Lakshmana
go to Lanka to fight war
You are now going
to witness the chapter.
Lava will be your Lakshmana,
- Kusa as your Ravana
Ravan your Rama...
He is going to rip it off.
Look at him.
[ Crowd cheering ]
Hey Ravana.
- Hey!
- This is a drama. Sit down.
His brother... Kusa's character...
Open your eyes atleast now.
Repent for your cruel insult,
fall at the feet of your superior
and plead guilty.
We will offer you your life.
- Hey.
You have sunk down
just with an arrow shot by Indrajit.
You think you can offer us our lives?
What do you think of Ravana?
Ravana is a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva,
who found the almighty by creating terror in Kailasa.
I am the fierce emperor declaring victory over
all clan of Gods, Yaksha, Kinnera and Kimpurushas.
This ten-headed Lankeswara
is the emperor of Lanka Island
That is lustering with glitters
of gold all over That is Ravana
That's Ravan.
[ Crowd cheering ]
Brother, you are Rama.
Why are you praising Ravana?
Hey Mayavi.
- Hey, stop.
He just told one dialogue.
Son, carry on.
Except for boasting in pride for being
ten-headed and Lankeswara
He couldn't fight
with warriors like us.
He also approached Parnasala (hermitage)
in the disguise of a fraud beggar
And attacked an innocent lady
who couldn't fight back
One who can't lift a weapon
to fight her battle
I did not like this episode.
change it.
As our law didn't like
the previous chapter,
Here comes another chapter.
It is a reflection of brotherhood
in Ramayana.
Bharata's "Coronation
of Lord Rama's slippers"
Bharata will be played by Lava...
Lakshmana by Kusa
And Rama by Ravan.
My Lord!
Without your presence, Ayodhya has
no charm like the sky on a moon day
It is filled with
pathos of a death scene.
Accept our prayer...
Come back brother.
We wish to live with you again.
Rama will not take back his
words promised and his arrow released
You promised to protect us, have
you forgotten your promise to mother.
You have already killed that
elder brother who made the promise
You changed my love into vengeance.
When you made fun of me,
My heart was raging with anger.
From then I don't have any relations.
Though you stood on my shoulders...
kept quiet when I ate
from a defiled plate,
I tolerated.
I waited for you to recognize me
as one of you.
Have you atleast looked back?
When mother died.
How will you become brothers
when you don't recognize
your brother and his pain?
What we did was wrong, Jai.
There was no one to tell us.
We behaved so as we didn't have the
age to understand your love and pain.
Not because we don't like you.
That's why...
Maybe that is why three of us grew up
as orphans though we were all alive.
We all met again because of you, Jai.
We got to know about a relation.
The pain you felt
when we ignored you...
We have been experiencing
the same pain after coming here.
I don't know how Bharata left
without Rama that day
But we couldn't do it.
It is said that a brother is like
mother and father together.
You are such a brother.
Can't you forgive us?
Like mother said...
Without you,
we are just Lava and Kusa...
When you are with us,
we are Jai Lava Kusa.
We are true, Jai.
Boss, stay together with your bothers.
Ravan, like you said
I told Sarkar there is two of you
He will be waiting at the
Berhampur Ghat with his gang.
They will also fix 10 kilos of RDX to
the vehicle Lava and Kusa will be in.
Your brothers will be gone
along with Sarkar once it blasts,
The fact that there are three of you
will be a secret forever.
Ravan, they are your brothers
after all.
They will not return
if they leave tomorrow
If you change your mind,
now is the time.
We are leaving, Jai.
We will send Priya and the money
once you reach.
Please start.
Take care of brother, uncle.
We came here with fear
Now we are leaving in pain.
Take care of your health, uncle.
I switched on the bomb timer.
In some time we will hear
a loud sound in Behrampur.
No one will be alive, Maharaj.
Have you fixed a bomb
under the car?
What is he talking about?
You fixed a bomb?
It's wrong to do so.
It's a sin.
They are your brothers.
Pity! They made a mistake unknowingly.
But you are doing a mistake
after knowing it.
What did they do so wrong
for you to kill them?
One of them made you win
as a politician as you desired
And the other one sacrificed his love
for the girl you desired.
It's alright if you don't love them.
But don't kill them.
I hurt you, I scolded you.
You should kill me.
Cut me into pieces
but please don't kill them.
I am pleading you, dear.
Don't kill them.
You tell him, brother.
He really likes you.
He will listen to you.
Tell him not to kill them.
Tell him. Tell him.
- I told him.
Yesterday night,
I told him everything.
Yesterday night?
What did you say?
Kaka told me his entire plan
thinking I was Jai.
They are planning to kill us,
as everyone can't know there are three of us.
Forget love,
we couldn't earn his trust.
If he thinks our death gives him
the recognition he desires,
Let's die.
They knew it and still went.
Same to same.
I am shocked with the popularity
you gained with speeches.
I was wondering
if it is the same Ravan I know.
But I didn't know
about the other Ravan.
I was a fool not to guess
there is another Ravan.
I can kill you both right here
But I should first know
who Ravan is.
So, I'm giving you guys an offer.
If you tell me who Ravan is,
I will spare the other one
I'm Ravan.
Leave him.
We thought of dying together.
What is this now?
We have an oppurtunity here.
You are a good person,
You should live.
I'm a useless guy.
There's time before the bomb blasts.
You leave.
I will stop them until then.
Hey, what are you guys discussing?
I'm Ravan.
Leave him.
No. I am Ravan.
He is lying.
Shut up!
If he is Lava,
then you are Ravan.
You cut my son's tongue
infront of me.
Cut Lava's tongue in front of Ravan.
Hey! Go.
Hey Kusa.
Listen to me.
Leave this place.
During childhood, I never told you
there was Jai infront of you.
Even now.
Jai is infront of this Lava and Kusa.
Why don't you tell him Jai is your brother?
I would worry if they were
slightly hurt.
And you beat them up badly.
I'm not Ravan.
Take brothers away from here.
Come on.
- Brother.
- Brother.
- Jai.
- Brother.
- Ravan.
I promised mom.
Take care of brothers.
- You will be fine Jai.
Jai, you will be fine.
Life or death.
Love or revenge...
This recognition is mine.
Brother. Brother.
"Happiness lacking pity"
"Makes you distant"
"More and more distant"
In this creation the fundamental
for any creature is love.
Instead of finding loops in others
recongnize their love
If we can't realize that many
people like Jai we change to Ravan
Though Jai isn't with them anymore.
Forever they are 'Jai Lava Kusa'