Jai Simha (2018) Movie Script

Smoking and alcohol consumption
are injurious to health.
It causes cancer.
Smoking and alcohol consumption
are injurious to health.
It causes cancer.
Where is my son?
- Oh, God!
Dad! Dad!
Where is my baby?
The minister had a 'darshan' of Mother
Goddess and he is on for the station.
The security is all alert, right?
- It's all alert, sir.
- Sir.
Send the passengers from the other side.
- Ok sir.
Minister will be coming through
the main gate. - Sir.
If you find someone suspicious,
check them.
Yes, Sir.
- Be alert.
Where are you from?
What are you hiding there?
Bombs? Drugs?
Or weapons? Open it.
Open it!
Whose baby is this?
My baby.
Where is his mother?
- She is not here.
Not here? You left her?
Killed her?
Is he your own child?
Or did you abduct him?
You look weird. Constable!
Bring him to the station.
Let us place the baby in an
orphanage and enquire.
Give the baby here.
I said give.
He is not an orphan.
I am his father...
Time and life are both very valuable.
Mind your business. Go!
How dare you touch a policeman!
- Sir! Minister is here.
Narasimha! What are you doing here?
Do you have any problem?
- No, Sir.
Just talking to an old friend.
- Oh...
Oh! wow...you have a lion for your son.
He takes after you...
I'm getting late for the train. See you.
What is it darling?
Sorry, Sir.
I misunderstood you. I am sorry.
The courtesy you show to politicians,
give some to public too.
Yes, sweetheart.
Dear, look there.
No, Sir. I don't want this job.
- But why?
The boy is not able to take all
those sounds, noise and all.
Ok, take the money.
No, sir. I'll leave.
Save me!
Save me, Sir.
That is a kidnapping gang, Sir.
They are after me to kill as
I complained to the police, Sir.
Please, Sir.
Save me.
Sir... please!
Hey, stop!
Here, take the key.
- Why are you leaving this place, sir?
How can I stay here amidst
all these conditions?
See you.
Take good care of the boy, sir.
Hey! Cheers!
Hey, Kumar! The bachelor party must rock.
- Ok, bro.
Drink dear, drink...
Hey, look at this girl's photograph. Good?
- Who is she?
Hey... don't look there.
- Amazing!!
Hey! What is this man?
What is this disturbance?
Is this a bus or a bar?
Can't we sleep at all?
I will call the police.
Do it... do it...
Shut up and sit, old fellow.
Your age is barred.
You neither are fit for bar nor war.
Sit down!
- Hmmm?
The child is crying,
have your drinks quietly.
Give him milk. He will sleep.
If you stay quiet, he will have
his milk and sleep.
Give this beer,
He will sleep till the morning.
Super idea, bro!
You talk strange... making fun...
What is this?
I don't want... Don't!
- Drink dear... Drink...
Drink, drink, drink...
Drink, drink, drink...
- What is this?
Drink dear...
This will give you a better kick
than your mom's milk. - What is this?
Drink a little. Just a little. A little...
- No!
You sir, madam.
Aunty, you are sitting on the way.
Oh God! I'm getting
the sacrament, move.
Do you have sense?
This sacred sacrament got spoilt
because your child touched this.
What are you saying, Priest?
I don't get it.
You are as tall as a tree.
Don't you know the custom?
Don't you know the temple
The offering became impure
with your child's touch.
How will I present this offering
to the Lord?
Go away. Go.
- Wait.
Please wait.
What did you say pundit?
The child's touch makes
the offering impure?
t is written in the Vedas and the lessons
that child is the image of God.
Did you forget?
How can God make God impure?
It is Gokulashtami today.
How can you scold the child Krishna?
- Isn't it wrong?
Please, forgive sir.
He knows the customs
but does not understand
the treatise.
Take it. Go and begin the worship. Go.
- Ok.
- Please excuse me.
Govinda... Govinda!
Govinda Govinda!
- Govinda Govinda!
Govinda Govinda!
Govinda Govinda!
- Sir!
Take the boy and dress him up
- Ok sir.
By the way, what did you
name the child?
I haven't named him, yet.
I call him Bujji, Kanna, Chinna.
Hey... More than a year
and you haven't named him yet?
Perumal temple, Krishnashtami...
I will christen him.
It is very meaningful, Sir.
Is it nice?
- Very nice sir.
Did you like the name?
When so many of them say it is good,
why will I refuse it sir?
By the way, what's your name?
- Narasimha
Where are you from?
- Vizag, sir.
How long will you be here?
If I find some work, I will
continue my stay here, Sir.
What sort of work?
- I will do any work I know, Sir.
If it is work you do not know?
- I will learn and do it, sir.
You are typical... let's go.
All Hail...
Govinda! Govinda!
What man? Why are you standing
in a circle and singing a wake up song?
To wake up God.
You were delegating ten people,
and you fell asleep Chief.
Who fell asleep?
Closed eyes means sleep?
When elders close their eyes
while talking it,
means they are in deep thoughts.
Ok. Give us work, Chief.
What work, man? what work to give?
He pushes every Telugu speaking man
into my home
like cattle in the cattle shed.
Not able to give you work,
here... here... I lost all my hair.
So, you had a lot of hair,
previously chief?
Don't crack silly jokes.
I will break your head.
No, Sir. For the last 20 to 30 years,
you are maintaining the same figure sir.
You market hasn't gone down at all, sir.
- Work, man...
But why do you have a heart burn
about my personality.
When he thinks of your wife,
his heart burn is all the more.
Why should he have heartburn
thinking of my wife?
Why not, sir?
She is like a laddoo to look at
like a flying sparrow...
Like a shining tomato...
Sharp like a...
Hey! Why are you glowing
talking about her?
Not just me, Sir.
- So...all of you are thinking of my wife?
I will kill you if you play tricks...
- Go... go... get to work.
Oh no!
Please, come.
Thank you, sir.
- What for?
You came home today without
bringing anyone along.
Who is he?
- Narasimha...
Greetings, sir.
Say it... say it again.
He called me mom!
He is a very nice person.
- It is quite clear. I can see it.
If you get to know him,
you will like him a lot more.
Yes... yes...
- Hey, look at aunty.
Say mama... mama.
- From today, he works here.
He has already set the work
for himself.
See, dear. Devi looks like a doll.
There are two bedrooms
on the south-west corner, right?
Give one to Narasimha.
- How can that be possible?
We are staying there.
- You have two bedrooms, right?
I stay in one room and my wife
stays in another room, Sir.
Now we know, why our Santhanam sir
doesn't have children.
Who is that?
What is that rubbish?
I will kill you, idiots.
Hey...what are you shouting?
Senseless idiot!
You grew your tummy but
not your brain.
Whenever I scold you,
why do I hear claps all around?
You will hear them, Sir...
Those living in the servant quarters
clap whenever they like. - Ok, wait.
Narasimha! That's my wife.
Greetings, madam.
- Greetings.
Narasimha! The glamorous lady
beside you is my wife. - Come here.
She told me.
What, Devi?
Are you both sleeping separately?
- Oh, I cannot tolerate his snoring.
So, only in the nights we sleep apart.
Take good care of him.
- Ok, sir.
Did you understand?
- Understood sir.
You told me in Telugu, didn't you?
Take good care.
What work to give him?
Driver, Sir! Give the baby to me.
Come, come, come, come.
Driver, Sir!
You already fixed that way?
- Yes, Sir.
Sir has fixed it.
- Fixed?
Yes, sir.
Come here.
Stand here.
What did you study?
- Fifth class, Sir.
That's it. That's it.
Remember one thing.
If you act proud because you are
more educated than the others
I will suspend you on the spot. That's it.
- For Class 5?
Because it is Class 5.
Brother! New ASP.
I will talk to him. You stay here.
Ok, brother.
Greetings, sir.
Greetings, Shanmugham.
- Greetings, brother!
I have to meet ASP...
You be seated, brother.
I will inform him.
Greetings, Sir.
- What Annamalai?
I have something important to talk
to you about, sir.
Aren't the packages sufficient?
- Not about that, sir.
When my daughter is going to college,
your younger brother is ragging her.
Is it so?
- Yes, sir.
At this age, you need a girl.
So he might be attracted.
He hardly will keep her permanently!
- Sir!
Sir! She is my only daughter,
please advise your brother, Sir.
It's more dangerous to tell him.
He is an obstinate fellow.
Leave it.
What, Jayaram?
What is the character of
this new ASP?
They say he is very strict, sir.
- Oh...
Sir! ASP asked you to come in.
- Greetings sir.
How are you, sir?
Whenever a new person enters
the village,
I always...
- What is the matter?
You are very sharp, sir.
You come directly to the point.
Ok, sir.
I am...
- Kanniyappan.
But in every business of yours
there is corruption.
Who told you, sir?
- I was going through your file.
Sit down.
30 buses run round the district.
30 trucks transport sand.
30 lodges around
Kumbhakonam temple.
Many more businesses.
From the footwear contract
in this temple
To the district road contract...
Many like this...
What is this? Why 30, 30, 30
in everything?
That is my brother's birth date, sir.
I started all the businesses
in his name.
It's because of him that
luck favoured me.
My brother is my life, sir.
You came here to request
not to take out that life? - Yes, sir.
I'm here, for the same.
I heard you are an encounter specialist.
From Andhra...
Clearing the weed in Gujarat
and Bihar you came here
on deputation.
All the cases filed against
my brother are false, sir.
He did not commit 6 or 7 murders
as you think.
How much did you bring?
- You are very sharp, sir.
There are 30 lakhs in the vehicle.
The balance... just tell me
how much, when and where.
In 30 minutes, it will be there.
Brother.. ok, ok..
Sir, brother's phone.
What, Pandey... Do you only take drugs
or make them too?
Hey! Sir is very sharp. Don't fear.
ASP is our relation.
See you, sir.
- See you.
Sir... One selfie with you, sir.
What you bought is your brother's life.
Not my power.
If you are a macho for this town,
I am the lion.
No matter how much you give,
you cannot be a police.
No matter how much I take,
I won't become a rowdy.
If you take advantage of
my friendliness and touch me.
You will be gone. Out!
If you are a sharp current,
I am a heavy transformer, sir.
Only when the two join,
the power will be strong.
See you sir!
Some balance left, sir.
I owe it to you.
Get up..
Hey, go away. You slept all this while.
Now you are waking me up
I am not...idiot...Madam is here.
Is the baby asleep, Driver Sir?
He is sleeping.
What is that noise?
- I will come back and tell you. Wait.
Please get up.
Where is my powder?
- It's here.
Please, come out.
- Where is my powder?
Step out...
Slowly. Slowly.
- Where is my powder?
She has been on powder milk since birth
so she keeps asking for powder.
Come on...
Bro... get me a peg...
Bro... get me a peg
- She fell down!
Bro... get me some powder
- Take care. Hold her.
This has become a habit. crap.
Move... let's go...
Bro...get some powder.
Get some powder
The devil born to the angel
of this house.
She studied abroad and is working there.
Came here on vacation.
She is on drugs and all.
But doesn't Sir know about this?
He does. But she is a
long awaited child.
He cannot ask, cannot stop.
She sleeps in the night
and doesn't wake up in the day.
Because of her he has
no peace of mind.
What secrets are you whispering?
- Nothing, husband.
I am telling him about the girl.
- What do you have to say about her?
The whole village knows about it.
- He wants to work as the girl's driver.
Whose car you should drive
would not be decided by you.
I will tell you. Go and sleep.
Where are we going, chief?
should first check your driving.
After that I will tell you where to go
and whose vehicle to drive.
Hey, Narasimha!
- Yes.
Any connection between
your personality and your speed?
See... the roads are empty
Speed up, man.
I have a lot of urgent work.
Yours is a very youthful attitude, Chief.
Everybody knows that except my wife.
Take right turn...
Right again.
- Chief! There is no road to the right.
I asked them to lay the road!
So they didn't! Crap!
Take left...
Right... Left...
Right... left...
Left right... left right...
Left right... left right...
My God! Police officer.
Hey, are you blind?
- Sorry, Sir.
A lady suddenly came in the front
with a baby
And so I had to steer the car
this way.
You want to talk sitting?
- My Chief said he has to go urgently.
Who is your Chief?
- It's him.
There sir.
The one in orange shirt...
he is my Chief.
Hey! Come here!
No, no, sir. It's not me sir.
I don't even know him.
I only asked for a hike sir.
Arrest him.
- I should escape from here
Is anybody hurt?
Did I kill someone?
Why arrest me, sir?
Put up the case.
I will pay the fine in the court.
You are talking with arrogance!
No, sir. I am talking fair.
Have you studied Law?
- No, Sir
Only a little about life.
If you play with the police,
your life will be overturned.
Only with God, we should never play, Sir.
Not even with me.
Why will I sir?
Stopping the vehicle in 'No Parking" zone
And smoking in a public place
in police uniform...
Why will I play with such an ASP?
What did you say?
No, Sir. If you handle me,
you will become a hero in the public.
If I handle you back,
you will remain a zero in the same public.
Will you lay your hand on me? Trying
to show your power before a policeman?
If you have the guts, touch me.
Show me your power.
Show me...
Show me man...
Show me!
Oh, lady! Take that milk bottle.
Thank you sir.
TN68 AX 3003.
That's my car number.
This is my driving license.
Send the complaint.
I will pay the fine.
See you, Sir.
- You play this game terrifically.
I play any game terrifically, man.
Your turn, man!
Has he slept?
- No.
Driver sir! Join us. Let us play.
No, no. I don't know the game.
Let him play the game he knows.
You play first.
- Yes.
Why don't you play with us?
- I cannot.
He says, he can't play
why are you sending signals?
What signals? I called him directly!
- Ok. Play.
It is leaving
I have some work. I am going.
- Where?
To make the bed.
- For whom?
For the boy.
- After that?
After that, I will make the bed for you.
You are fond of only sleeping, right?
Hey! How many villains do I have?
Madam... madam is home.
Today the gate has escaped.
Hey! Close the gate.
She sounded the horn today
before coming in!
May be she couldn't get the packet!
Put the lights off.
Close the door. Close it.
Hey, come out.
Who drove the car last night?
If you tell us the truth
only he will die.
Or we will kill everyone.
You run the car over our boss's
younger brother and you hide here!
If our boss steps in he will
hack you to death. Come out.
Hey, you are only the trustee of a temple.
Our brother is the law maker
for the whole of Kumbhakonam.
Madam, I am scared.
I want to go home.
All of you go in first.
Get inside and break the house down!
Who is that?
You are creating a ruckus at my home!
How dare you?
- Dad!
I am responsible for the accident.
I am in love with the ...
Push and pull like an...
Hey! He must be dead.
Hey! He is still breathing.
Hey, stop that car.
We will take him to the hospital. -Hey..
Hey! Stop...
Stop.... hey... you...
you... stop. Stop!
Such a terrible thing happened
and you tell me now?
How can you be so ruined?
- Shanti!
What are you doing?
With your support she has finally
become a murderer.
She has ruined your honour,
prestige and everything.
Forgive me, Dad.
I will face the punishment
for I have done.
No, dear. You don't know them.
They are barbarous.
What they might do taking you,
I don't even dare imagine.
I will fall at their feet
and ask their forgiveness.
No, dad.
- Dhanya!
I swear don't step over the threshold.
Take her away.
What, man? Could you find out
about the culprit? - No, brother.
No one told you?
Hey, tell me the truth.
Who drove the car last night?
Come, gentleman!
There is so much commotion here
and you heard nothing?
What were you doing inside?
Arrogance of being a trustee?
Forgive me. The car...
- Was driven by me.
I drove the car last night.
- Sorry, sir.
I took the car without your knowledge.
How cocky you are!
No, no. Please don't hit him.
My younger brother is my life.
You saw blood of such a man.
I am never going to spare you.
It was me.
- No, no.
Whatever blood my brother lost.
He should lose double that.
Thrash him.
Don't beat him.
Narasimha! Narasimha!
No. Stop.
Don't beat him. Listen to me.
Listen to me. Don't hit him.
Please. Don't hit him. Stop.
Don't hit him
Hey! Only your life is spared.
If something happens to my brother
in the hospital.
You will not have that life.
Not even your head.
Hey! Come on.
Narasimha! Even if I had a son.
He wouldn't make such a sacrifice.
You saved the honour of this house
and my daughter's life.
I can never repay your debt.
- Please don't.
I didn't want you to fall at their
feet and so I took the beating.
But you are now...at my feet...
Narasimha! Let's go to the hospital.
You lost a lot of blood.
Let's go. Come. Come.
This body could take even a heart break.
Their blows are nothing, Sir.
You carry on. Please go in.
Oh, dearie! Why are you crying?
Dad is hurt and you are pained?
Nothing happened, boy.
Hey! What is this?
We are men. We shouldn't be crying.
All the broken things must be
repaired by evening.
As if the sky is falling!
Hey...what are you staring at?
Go and get down to work.
As if something is happening!
Must I tell you specially? Go.
Go and take care of your work.
I prayed he should be fine.
Otherwise, they will beat me to death!
Prayed for his well being..
But did not take him to
the hospital immediately.
You must be thinking.
I promised God I will not do
any wrong in future.
Hey, Visi fellow! What about you?
All are carrying sacks but
you are swaying with a small bag.
Madam asked me to throw
this in the waste bin, sir.
Who is Madam?
It's me. Santhanam the Great.
Go. Go and carry the weights.
Who will throw away
sacred ash in the bin?
She has no sense.
Don't you have any brains?
Idiot...idiot fellow...
The shorty is eating up
some powder taking it for sacred ash.
Wow! Sacred ash in Kumbhakonam is
as tasty as the sweet offering in Palani.
He is eating like a horse.
We are in heaven.
Hey, Murali!
Murali Krishna!
Hey! Who is that?
Who is calling me by name?
Who is that?
It's me.
- Who is that, man?
Hey, here.
Come here man. What is that look?
Come and stand here.
Stand! What, man!
Why do you ask who is
calling me by name?
Why did they give you name
in the first place?
Isn't it to be called out?
Did he take my daughter's drugs,
by chance?
What's wrong with you? Come inside.
Hey! When did you come?
We have a son?
So in heaven, if we take the packet,
you get children.
Keep quiet. Forgive him.
Sir. He must have stepped on something.
- Shut up!
Devi! I think he is out of control.
Hey! Who are you to interfere?
Keep quiet. What's wrong with him?
What, men? You work for me
and you ogle at my wife?
Did I ever lift an eye lid at your wives?
What kind of talk is that?
Who are you, man?
Are you new here?
Did he send you?
That fellow sends one every day.
Go, go. No jobs here. Go.
Husband! Come back.
He seems to be possessed. Come!
- No Shanti! He is...
Hey, Murali! You have no flute
and no feather!
How will you be Murali Krishna?
- Those are my heroin packets.
I think he used them.
That's why he is behaving like this.
You come inside.
I've been calling him since morning.
He is afraid of me.
Come, come.
- Hey, go. Go away.
Chief! Sleep for some time.
Everything will be normal.
Who are you, man?
Oh! You are already committed!
You are not ordinary.
You gave my wife a son.
You give her also one, go.
What? Why are you coming
at high speed?
Won't you go for the duet?
Hey! Why are all standing here?
Get to work.
Go. Go, go.
Take care of your own work.
What about you?
You didn't go to the hospital?
You are strange.
- You...
- Husband!
They will thrash you if you go inside.
Come and sleep. Come.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Govinda Govinda!
- Govinda Govinda!
Hey! Where is the garland?
Priest! as soon as my daughter's wedding
is fixed with the MP's son.
I promised to garland the Lord
with these notes
Drop it in that box there.
- You are amusing.
I don't want to put it in the box...
I promised to garland the deity myself.
Ok, give it to me.
I will put it.
Are you playing up?
I promised I would garland Him.
How can you do that?
Sir, don't misunderstand me.
It is improper for devotees to enter
the sanctum and touch the main deity.
Hey! You can touch the deity...
But I cannot?
- Forgive me, sir.
Between the food and the mouth
there should be a hand.
In the same way...
Between the devotee and the Divine
there has to be an expert priest.
Are you mad?
I am a central Minister.
I am a people's ruler.
The one inside is the world ruler.
He rules even over you.
ASP! Who is this fellow?
What is this?
I must garland the deity.
Keep your stupid traditions aside.
Give way.
As long as I am alive.
I will not demean the temple practices.
Will you move aside
or shall I drag you away?
We come into God's presence
to shed our ego and temptation...
Not to exhibit them.
- You stupid!
- Down! Down!
Show respect to priests!
- He should apologize!
Priests need justice!
- Give them justice!
Priests need justice!
- Give them justice!
- Down! Down!
- Down! Down!
- Down! Down!
Police injustice!
- Should end right now!
Police injustice!
- Should end right now!
- Should apologize to the priest!
Wait... Wait... wait!
All of you be calm.
I will talk to the ASP
and solve your problem.
Don't lose your control.
Hey! Stop him there.
Sir! He is the trustee of the temple.
Sir! As long as I remember,
I never saw Brahmins being humiliated
this way or going on a demonstration.
So what?
- You have done something wrong.
You better apologize to them.
I won't
I don't know if you are aware...
In the hundreds of years
of daily worship here,
for the first time no temple
is open in this holy land.
That spells woe.
If you don't stop this,
it is a disaster for people;
for you too.
What? Are you threatening me?
- No!
I am warning you!
- What can you warn me about?
Tear gas!
Water cannons!
Mr. ASP! What atrocity is this?
You think they are humans or animals?
Stop it.
They won't mend this way.
Let one or two die.
They will run away like dogs.
Will you shoot? Whom?
'Let all be happy.'
The Brahmins who bless
the country and it's people.
If you find the minister great, salute
him, give him drinks, provide him bed.
But if you try to demean the traditions,
your sins will crush you
into the abyss.
Inner sanctum is like
a mother's womb.
It is not the seat of your ego
or his official residence.
It is a temple worshipped by all.
Only the priest has the right
to touch the principal deity.
I'm not educated like you.
I only know this much.
- What?
What is their greatness?
Anyone can perform the ritual they can.
- They cannot.
There is a qualification for that.
How to perform the rites?
What is idol worship?
How to summon the Gods
with the power of incantations?
How to present it to the devotee?
That kind of vedic and divine knowledge
only the priest would have.
When one is blinded by ignorance
and blinded spiritually the one
who removes the darkness and opens
the eye of knowledge is the priest.
To humiliate such a respectable
Brahmin is wrong.
I am not educated like you.
I only know this much.
Washing the idol, lighting the lamp.
Breaking the coconut and
giving the 'aarti'...
This is indeed a great task!
Stop it!
English education should not
destroy Indian culture.
It's wrong.
Understand the worship of God
before you talk.
Adoration, chanting, repetition, eulogy,
meditation, consecration, anointing,
seat, offering,
Sandal powder, sacred rice,
flower, incense, lamp,
oblation, offertory, libation,
summoning, welcome,
feet cleansing, clothes, bath,
salutation, send-off...
These are the parts of worship.
What do you and your minister
know of these?
All that you know is to swallow
people's money
and salute the higher ranks.
Except the ritualistic God worship,
these people know nothing.
Devotion is their profession.
That is their God given power.
I am not educated like you.
I know only this much.
Nonsense! All that is mere trash.
It is not trash. It is the truth.
Incantation is Brahmin controlled.
God is incantation controlled.
Only a doctor is entitled to surgery.
Only a priest is entitled
to temple rituals.
The heart keeps the body alive.
The temple keeps the country alive.
You have wronged. Apologize to him.
If I don't?
am a stubborn man.
I am also harsh.
I suffer silently.
I also take lives blindly.
I am not educated like you.
I know only this much.
Apologize...do it.
What are you doing?
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. Hey!
I have wronged.
Please forgive me.
Let's go, sir.
- Son.
May you live long!
See you, sir.
Get into the vehicle, sir.
Who is he?
Someone scared for the first time!
What power in those eyes!
Where did he come from?
Few years ago in a wedding hall
in Visakhapatnam.
For cruelly murdering seven people...
Thota Ramireddy is sentenced
to death by hanging.
As his petition is rejected
in the Supreme Court.
He had appealed to the President.
Despite his appeal,
President had denied it.
The date of the execution
will be intimated shortly.
Visitors came for you. Make it fast.
You made me spend a lot of money saying
we will be successful in the High Court.
For success in the Supreme Court,
you made me spend much more.
What is the result?
I am not worried about money.
I am worried about my husband.
Make my husband live.
Except the God above,
no one can stop this.
You are a virtuous woman.
Only the sacred thread in your
neck would save him.
Please save my husband.
In the town of Kumbhakonam in Tamilnadu.
An unprecedented demonstration
took place today.
To suppress the disturbance
arising from that, the ASP tried to fire
A commoner named Narasimha.
Stopped him to save people
and pointed the gun to the ASP
Making him apologize to the old priest
with a large crowd watching.
People are now considering
that commoner a superstar.
This incident in Kumbhakonam
which is called a temple city.
Has spread to the world like fire.
Everyone seems to be discussing it.
Madam! Sir is calling you.
Forgive me.
However hard I try
I am not able to save you.
Even now, I went to the Kali
And begged her...
take my life and let my husband live.
Don't cry, Vasantha.
I got a great wife like you.
That is my best luck.
Take my life and let my husband
live- which woman will ask that way?
You should be my wife
even in the next life.
Leave her, leave.
Leave. Leave.
Leave her, man. Let her go.
Leave her, man. Let her go.
Sorry, Vasantha. I must kill
that Narasimham.
If our son's soul has to rest in peace,
Narasimha must die.
Great lady!
Just in the flow I said your
yellow thread will save his life.
It did the same.
How would her death save him, sir?
Until this case is finalized,
his death sentence will be stalled.
What vengeance?!
Yes, I finished that.
Are you feeling ticklish, my baby?
What is this driver sir?
You don't even know how to apply oil.
Give it here. I will do it.
Now rub from the feet to the toes.
Look at that smile! Naughty!
Oh, my! Naughty laugh?
After that, massage from the feet
to the calves.
If any aches, they will disappear.
With a woman's touch,
it feels good!
After that, rub the thighs and massage.
What is this? Are you mad?
- Not me; you are mad. Mad after lust.
What is this play in the bathroom?
Not a play husband.
He doesn't even know
how to bathe the child.
So I am teaching him.
When you don't know
how to give a bath to a child.
Why did you have one?
When you don't know how to sire children,
why to get married? -Who is that?
Who is that? If you have the guts,
come and speak to me in my face. Coward!
Shall we admit the boy to a school?
He is not even one year old!
So quickly?
Oh! That is a school for tots.
Is it so necessary, now?
When I have some work,
you take care of him.
When you have some work,
I take care.
When both of us are busy,
do you know how troubled he is?
We don't know how to get kids
or how to parent them.
It seems they take good care of kids...
like a mother.
Some Telugu people have started this.
MD will be here soon.
You are asked to wait here.
Did you fill the admission form?
- Yes.. all papers are ready
Ok, sir.
Yes, ma'am.
You said someone is here
for admission?
He was waiting here madam.
He is ready with the application form.
Did he come with a child?
- Yes, Sir.
He must have gone to the washroom.
It is quite common with kids.
If he comes back, ask him to sit.
I will be back.
Ok, Madam.
Get down... get down...
- Dad!
Why do you get angry on children?
- What if he falls down?
No, he won't.
Dear! I am starting to Vizag.
What's so urgent Dad?
Why don't you go after a couple of days?
- We have a school there too.
I must take care.
What's the worry here?
You alone can be a mother to a hundred.
See you.
- Ok.
Think of mom and each one will remember
something about her.
Hey, Kumar! What do you remember?
I remember the laddoos (sweets)
she makes, teacher.
Foodie! Sit down.
Sumati! You tell me.
- Scale, teacher.
Kiss teacher.
Shh! Silence! Why are you all laughing?
It's a kiss given by mom. Sit down.
Gowri! You tell me.
Mom reminds me of trousers,
full hands shirt, glasses.
A smiling face, and a loving call.
I didn't ask you about your dad, dear.
I asked about your mom.
I don't know that word and the image,
I lost my mom when I was very small.
The one to feed me, put me to sleep,
help me with studies...
Everything is my dad.
Not only to you,
even to us he is an idol.
He is also the school HM right?
Sit down. Narasimha!
When I think of mom,
I remember my mom's hand, teacher.
It's the same hand that bathes me.
It's the same hand that makes me bow
before the God.
It's the same hand that feeds me.
It's the same hand that
consoles me when I cry.
It's the same hand that guides me
holding mine.
It is also the same hand that caresses
my head and puts me to sleep.
Oceans and continents...all exist.
Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning, Master!
Sit... Sit...
Go with these people.
Why, Sir?
Your mother passed away.
Narasimha! Why didn't you
come to the class?
Though your mother is gone,
she is still with you.
If you want, close your eyes and see.
You will find her.
Go, my son. Go to the class.
Narasimha! No, Narasimha! Listen to me.
No...I am telling you...
Don't, don't Narasimha!
Why did you hit them? Why? Why?
Tell me, why did you hit them?
All of them ganged up and
beat a handicapped junior, Master.
If they beat,
who are you to punish them?
You could have informed
the teacher or me...
See...how badly he beat them all...
How to answer so many parents?
Go. Out!
Ok, Master.
Don't waste your time on waiting for me.
I will not attend the school.
Tell me, Gowri.
- Was I wrong?
You didn't like me?
I didn't like what you did.
But I liked you.
I got small information
about Narasimha, Sir.
What is it?
He was involved in an accident.
The victim is still in the
hospital, Sir.
Enough. This is enough.
Thank you.
Darling! We must go away from here.
It is not good to stay in this
place any more.
Whoever I am distancing myself from,
God brought the same person
before me.
We have to go.
Where will he disappear, Sir?
He cannot escape my eye.
Kanniyappan! I am not telling you this
as a policeman but as a friend.
Give me one complaint
I will see the end of Narasimha.
Why complaint, Sir?
My brother has recovered.
Let him get out safe and sound.
After that, with his own hands,
I will get a grave built for him.
Why should we bother
about government.
Greetings sir...
- Greetings...
Brother! What happened?
Hey! call the doctor...
Come, doctor. Please check.
Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother!
Why are all the men crying
as if someone is dead?
You became one of us
and now you want to leave us?
Is he leaving only you?
You stay quiet.
Ever since he married you,
he has been quiet.
Hey! Who is that? All of you leave.
Go, go. Why should you all be here?
Hey! Hey! You are supposed to go
outside not inside.
I wanted to inform Sir...
- Sir is not at home, Sir. He went out.
Ok, I will inform Madam.
- Sir and Madam went out together.
What about the young madam?
Here...if you keep saying
young madam, madam and sir,
you will forget the main issue.
- Which one?
The same...that you have to go out.
Madam has taken my son inside.
I am going to pick him up.
- Enough.
Come fast.
Or you will forget.
Where are you going?
- For whom?
The boy.
- Small boy or big boy?
Keep quiet.
- What keep quiet?
- Young madam took him, sir.
- To the market.
You are going out of town.
She wanted to buy him clothes
and chocolates.
Auto is ready.
I kept all your luggage packed
and sealed in the auto.
I have even paid the driver.
Come. Don't stop anywhere until
you reach the market.
If you do, I will smash you.
Take care. Don't forget.
What? What should he not forget?
Go. Get inside.
- You go man.
Yahoo! I have no competition now.
I am the hero. Solo hero.
He should feel my pain.
He should cry the way
I am crying now.
I must kill his child.
I must watch him cry.
Then, we should hack him.
The whole of Kumbhakonam must see
Kanniyappa's power.
That is why the body that should be kept
in the centre of the house,
I placed it in the center of the road.
- Tell me, brother.
Get his son.
Ok, brother. Hey! Let's go.
- Brother! Brother!
Hey! Any sense?
Hey! Come out.
- Why should I tell you? Get in.
If you don't, I will shoot you.
Where are you taking me, sir?
- To police station.
What did I do?
- You made an accident, remember?
Kanniyappa's brother? He is dead now.
They said he was recovering?!
How did he die sir?
Somehow he died.
But the death is on your hands.
You give lectures in front of the media
and make me apologize to the priests.
You played with my prestige
in front of all, didn't you?
I will show you now
the power of a policeman.
The goons are abducting the boy.
Stop the vehicle, Sir.
Shut up and sit down.
- Stop the vehicle sir, stop it.
You won't?
- Never.
We brought his son.
He should be split into two.
Throw him. Hey!
Nothing will happen to you darling.
I am here.
Hey! Beat him black and blue
and bring the boy.
Hey, brother!
Nothing. Be here without any fear.
The cattle are screaming.
I will give them the fodder.
Kill him!
Play with these toys.
I will play a game with them.
Hey! You only know how to hit.
I know how to fall and how to get up
and how to fell.
Hey! Kumbhakonam has fear for you.
Two states consider me their life.
You want to show me
your stupid rowdyism?
Your level is a knife's handle;
mine is a sword's sharp edge.
Don't take the lion's silence
for renouncement.
If you meddle,
it will bite off your head.
Touch me, no danger.
Touch my son, no future.
I will reverse the picture.
Brother! Greetings, brother!
- Greetings!
Now you people can go back to work.
Sweetheart! The job is done.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
How did my child come here?
I was planning to harm you but
unmindful of that, you saved my kid.
I don't know how to thank you,
Thank you, thank you Narasimha.
Where is my son?
- I saw him in the same market, madam.
My child...son!
One second...
I hope nothing happened to you, precious?
Nothing happened, Gowri.
- How many times to call you?
Some rowdies attacked me
and took away our son.
I hope you are fine?
What is all this blood?
Forget me.
If something happened to the baby,
I would have died.
What is that bandage on your head?
- Nothing...nothing.
There, he is the one who saved our kid.
A very nice man.
His name is Narasimha.
I will convey my thanks to him.
- Please.
Thank you Mr. Narasimha!
You don't know a person's value and yet
you saved my kid. It is hard to believe.
I thought I shouldn't look at you,
I should never need to.
Bad luck. I couldn't help it.
I won't even entertain the
thought of meeting you again.
You shouldn't get it too.
Actually this is not a help for me.
It is a punishment.
I hate to even stand before you.
Don't cry, darling.
Who is she? What are you doing here?
I came looking for you.
When I was buying things
for the baby.
There was a lot of commotion in the
market. Sounds and people were running.
I went inside the temple to avoid
any danger for child.
Ok, come.
Have it. Take one each,
eat well and enjoy.
Is it your wife's birthday, sir?
I am giving you a sweet and
why are you talking about my wife, man?
Sorry, Chief.
Is your wife pregnant Chief?
When you are given a laddoo (Sweet)
just eat it.
Why do you ask about things
not in his hands?
Hey! Fools!
To get a child we need God's blessings.
Really? Then pray to God
and sleep every night.
Children will be born automatically.
- Hey, keep the laddoo there....keep it.
Congrats, Chief.
- Very good.-Very good.
What is the laddoo for, Chief?
I am distributing sweets
in the joy of your leaving.
You take one yourself.
What does it mean?
I've decided to stay here.
Yay! I am so happy.
- What happiness?
You keep quiet.
Why keep quiet? Hey!
Let someone clap and I will kill him.
By the way,
why did you want to leave the town?
I didn't want to interfere
in the life of a girl I like.
So I wanted to leave.
Now, to protect the same girl,
I decided to stay.
Why are you grinning and going about?
- I am very happy, husband.
For the first time in her life....
- Hey! Who is blabbering?
Why do you torment me like this?
- What harm have I done to you?
Watch day and night properly.
- Yes, sir.
Two men behind and two in the front
should always be on the watch.
Yes, sir.
When madam goes out,
two PCs should accompany her wireless.
- Yes, Sir.
Ok, carry on.
- Ok, sir.
Hold this in your hand.
Gowri, where are you going?
- To my father's.
Why so much luggage?
How long will you stay?
I am going away forever.
What?! Gowri, what did I do?
You killed Kaniyappa's brother.
With vengeance he wanted to kill my son.
Your sin and your mistakes have put
my child's life in danger.
How do you know?
There are some good people
among the police too.
For you, money is more important
than me and my child.
I cannot live with you.
- Gowri! Please try to understand.
Whatever I do it is for
our child's future.
Stop the nonsense.
For me, not money,
but my child is important.
I only want enough for livelihood.
I don't want the money
earned on deception.
I don't want this tension riddled
life day and night.
Don't touch me.
Driver! Move.
What happened?
Please kill me before you go.
I cannot stay a single day
without seeing our child.
That's why kill me and go, Gowri.
Please....please, don't go. Please.
Narasimha came to the rescue
of the ASP's child,
thrashed all my men and
hospitalized them.
You are the guide for all of us
around this place.
We will not spare the man
who beat you.
We will piece him and bring him here.
Tell us, who is Narasimha?
I am Narasimha.
Who will make pieces of me? Tell me.
Will you go away silently or
will you die here?
Decide for yourself.
Why did you come here?
Why did you try to kill the ASP's son?
He should know my pain.
Sending carbon smoke into the oxygen pipe
in the hospital he killed my brother.
What brother, man?
Is he Shiva from Kumbhakonam?
Or is he Rama from the Ramayana?
He molested girls and
killed those who stopped him.
The ASP killed such a rogue in a
short cut encounter.
If it were me,
I would hack him on the main street.
Hey, hey, he is my life, man!
Hey! Godse who killed Gandhi also
was life to his parents.
Just because of that,
a sinner will not become a saint.
Leave it there. It is good for your
health and for your group.
Leave it here.
I will not.
Until I destroy the ASP's family,
I don't have peace.
Hey! You are only left with life.
Touch the ASP's family, you will have
neither that life nor your head.
You told me then. Same way.
Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning, Sir.
Throw this bundle at that dog's face.
- Witch Dog?
On that Kanniyappan dog.
- Yes, sir.
Why are you sitting here?
You seem to be in deep thoughts.
Any problem?
No. Nothing of that sort.
I'm feeding the ducks and pigeons.
Look at these photos
how cute the baby is.
Oh...a girl's get up.
When did you take this?
He doesn't have this dress at all.
- Is he cute or not?
So cute.
But he is not your son.
See this.
These photos are
posted on their facebook.
When you brought the boy unseen
by them in the market that day,
I had my own doubts.
Both the kids look alike. How?
How are you connected to them?
If you consider me your friend, tell me.
If you have some objection, then don't.
This is not a story that can be
shared to get relief.
This has to stay with me
and die with me.
Sorry, sir.
- Thank you.
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Vizag leader Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- May he win! May he win!
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
Give MP ticket to Ravi Shankar Reddy!
- Yes, give it!
God! Please make sure
he doesn't get the ticket.
If he does, he will buy the votes
and become the MP.
After that, I can never become
an MP in my life.
Bear with it, dear.
It's all fine.
- We are close to the hospital.
Oh, oh, oh. Son!
Please hurry to the hospital.
The doctors said the child will live
only through surgery.
These are idiots, mother.
They are not giving the way
even to the ambulance.
What are you watching sir as
if it is a celebration?
If I don't reach the centre
in 10 minutes,
I cannot give the exam.
Please clear the traffic.
- I can understand, boy!
But those who protect the country
don't seem to understand
Hey! You...are you the traffic cop?
- Yes.
Why don't you do something and help us?
I need to catch my flight.
It's very urgent.
What is this Sir? The public is facing
a lot of inconvenience.
Are you not concerned?
We know about the public inconvenience
and hence this protest.
If we get the ticket,
we will definitely win.
Then, we will do great things
for the same public.
Tell them a lie.
You don't have to be afraid of anyone.
Already funds have reached all out
Party leaders in Delhi.
If they have to deviate from the High
Command's recommendation
and give you the seat.
They would have to show something.
That is why this protest.
Veera Raghava Reddy here.
Greetings, brother-in-law.
I got the weddings cards printed.
That's great, brother-in-law.
- I am a Central Minister.
My son-in-law should at least be an MP.
That's why I got MP printed
beside your son's name.
He will get the seat confirmed, right?
My son's seat as well as victory..
both are confirmed.
Oh, God! How disastrous!
Both mother and the child are gone.
The mother and the baby are both dead.
A full life is nipped, oh, God!
Here, Narasimha!
Finish him!
What is this demonstration for?
- I must become an MP.
The people will have to decide that.
- I should first get the ticket, right?
That should be confirmed by the Party.
Not the public road.
Protest has become a fashion.
Go and sit where the problem is.
With hired hooligans
you have occupied the road.
Is it your father's property?
Or your mother-in-law's bequest to you?
I must do this for my goal
to be achieved. It is my need.
All those waiting here also have needs.
They are not here to watch your show
or listen to your slogans.
A mother and a child lost their lives.
Will you get them back?
Students couldn't go to the exam.
Employees to the office.
Will you work instead?
Hundreds of auto drivers and daily
labourers go to earn their square meal.
Will you satisfy their hunger? Speak!
How am I concerned with their problems?
I want my position.
Hey! When you expect a post you must
claim the problems not create them.
A man like you is unfit not to just
claim the seat but to even look at it.
Hey, if I get the seat and win,
I will first see your end.
Wrong! Threats don't suit my body.
What will you do?
The more you threaten the
more I will confront.
I will reverse the picture...you..!
Dad! Some guy is obstructing me.
Our plan might be foiled.
- Hey, we will take care of him later.
They confirmed the MP ticket for you.
I will go to the Party office.
Collect the B Form and directly
go to the Collector's office.
Today is the last date.
Just another hour left for
the nomination.
Come urgently.
- Ok, Dad.
Party has given me the ticket!
I must file the nomination.
Just an hour left.
Hey, get the car ready.
Hey! You said you will throw
and reverse the picture.
What can you do?
Hey, police! Clear the traffic.
Ok, sir.
Constables! Remove the barricades.
Come on. Come on.
Police! Wait a while.
Mother! You lost your daughter.
Do you have to go urgently?
Urgency is for saving a life
not for burning a body, son.
Brother, do you have to go for the exam?
Time is up, brother. Only next time.
Huh, gentleman?
My flight is already delayed.
I have to catch it only tomorrow.
God bless you.
- God bless you too.
Anyone else who has to go immediately?
No! No!
All of you leave your vehicles
there and move aside.
We will see how he can go.
Dad! This rowdy is not allowing me
to move from here.
Come out somehow.
I am already at the Collector's office.
Only half an hour left.
Come fast.
- Go!
Go. Go back. Back.
Hey, what are you looking?
Hey, what are you doing?
They are not obeying you.
- Why will they listen to me Sir?
It's getting late. Come, man. Come.
The mad dog is running,
see and enjoy.
Are all the documents ready?
All are ready, sir. Only your son
has to come and sign.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Sir, the Collector is leaving, sir.
Sir, sir...please, sir.
My son is on the way.
He has to file the nomination.
His future is in your hands, sir.
- No, the time is over.
Sir, sir...
- Please stop!
Oh! Crap! Where is this fellow?
My ill luck. He is here after
everything is over.
Did you check how many missed calls?
23...club them and it is 5...
my lucky number.
Is that a joke?
By the way, you would clear even a
heavy traffic jam and come, right?
Oh, no. I left rowdyism long back.
Moreover, when you are out of town,
where will I get the courage from?
That's why I stayed put
in the mechanic shed.
Ok, did you miss me?
- Yes.
How much?
- This much.
Ah! Hey...don't. Don't.
Hold it...
What happened? Speed breaker?
No, love breaker. Look there.
Tomorrow is a holiday for the school.
It's Vijaya Dasami
How long will you be afraid?
- It's not fear, dear. It's respect.
Talk to him about our
matter at least today.
Ask him for my hand. Go.
Hmm...I asked him several times already.
- Damn you!
You go to him each time,
say good morning and come back.
I don't know, dear.
I am not afraid to face even the lion.
But as soon as I see Master,
my hands go up in the air.
Look. If you don't ask him today,
just forget me after that.
Oh, no. That is not possible.
- What is not possible?
It is not possible to forget you
until I die.
So, how long do we roam in love?
Already age is setting in.
For whom?
I know. You will never get old.
You can sing duets life-long.
But I am getting old
I want to get married,
have children and play with them.
There are so many children in the school
you work for in Rajahmundry.
Play with them.
There are a thousand.
But I need one of my own.
You want a child now, right?
Oh! You are man enough. I know that.
But prove it now. Go.
What happened dear?
All the time Master says
he doesn't know me.
You know me, right?
Very well.
Then, go and ask for my sake. Go.
Hold this.
- Wear them.
The fear in the eyes won't show.
- It may not be polite in front of Master
Hold them.
Hmm...go bravely.
Ask bravely...keep your chest straight...
go fast.
See you, sir.
- Ok.
Master! Greetings, Master!
Who are you?
I am your student, Master.
- I don't remember...?
I studied up to Class V under you,
Didn't I tell you I don't remember?
Oho! It's ok, Master.
- Son!
Why did you come here?
Your daughter...
My daughter?
I came to ask your daughter.
Like I wanted to ask her
if she returned from the town.
It is about time. But why?
They said her vehicle has a problem.
I am a famous mechanic in Vizag.
I repair all the vehicles in this colony.
I wanted to ask your daughter....
- My daughter has no vehicle.
Or was it your vehicle, sir?
Or was it your vehicle, sir?
Then when you buy a new vehicle,
that might need some repair...
Hey! Dumbo!
Give it to me for repair then.
I do a good job.
See you, Master.
look here.
Master is watching.
Narasimha! You have done a good job.
Hey! Ravi! What are you doing?
Gone. Our honour, prestige
everything is gone.
Even the MP seat is gone.
You can get the stupid MP seat in
the bye election if not in this election.
But you will never get the post of
a son-in-law for
a billionaire central minister.
As soon as you tie the knot,
Narasimha's death is final.
He disgraced you at the
four-road junction.
His cry of death should be heard
in all four directions. Come.
- Come.
Hey, Ranga!
- What are you doing?
I am repairing the gear box, brother.
It will be done in an hour.
How long should I ask you
for spanner?
6x8 is not here, Sir.
Owner sir!
There is a new spanner in the store room.
Get it.
Owner sir! Here. New 6x8 spanner.
It got late. Sorry.
What is this? What happened?
I will tell you, sir.
- Manga!
Get lost.
Hey, Manga! Do you know what you are doing?
- Hey, get lost. Move.
Hey, Manga!
- Give me side.
Where is it?
I kept it here!
Oh, my! Manga!
- Hey..
She has pushed again.
Hey! Manga
- Get lost, man!
I asked you for a 6x8 spanner
And you are here after
breaking 68 items.
Sorry, owner sir.
- What sorry?
Very sorry, owner sir.
- How many times did this happen?
I don't know. I did not count.
You have no work here from now. Go.
I will die, owner sir.
Get up...up...up..
Can't you work elsewhere?
- I will not work anywhere else.
But why?
You educated me. You employed me.
You found a match for me.
You are the one to perform my wedding.
It is you who gave me life.
Life-long, you will be my owner,
owner sir.
Hey! What is that get-up?
Brother! As the roles played
by NTR sir.
Manga, makes me take as
many make overs.
Ten incarnations every month...
One of these days
I will put on the universal form.
Brother! Look at my face!
Why did you put your face in the mire man?
- This is not mire, brother.
Manga anointed me with
ten cups of coffee.
Hey! What brother?
Isn't that why I compensate you with
occasional coffee, tea,
cigarette and brandy?
Is it enough to compensate them? .
So many things are broken here
Who will compensate for them?
I am not the only partner for this shed.
Don't you know?
I know.
- What do you know?
First year temporary,
second year permanent, third year partner.
It's four years since I have come.
Four years.
Even if you calculate that way,
you won't get even a month's salary.
Hey! Idiot! Stupid! Come out!
I will mix the thinner in your brandy
And once you are lost I will
get your wife and make her thrash you.
What is this?
- Not my voice, brother!
Manga's mind's voice.
Oh! She speaks so well?
When you are around she is like this.
If you are not here,
she will sell half the Vizag.
She is a witch.
Is it?
Just a little.
All of you go.
Rearrange all that and get down to work.
- Owner sir!
Look. You can have respect
for the owner.
Not fear. Understand? Go.
- Okay.
Hey, shorty! Come aside.
Brother! When you need a wrench
or a bag call 'Ranga' and I will come.
Call 'Linga' and he will come.
Or call 'thief' and he will come.
But don't call Manga brother.
I am not able to bear her torture.
Okay. Okay.
- Thanks brother!
Hey, Thota!
Come brother-in-law.
- Greetings, brother!
Not just me.
Watching him running about all the lanes
to file a nomination,
the whole town has spat.
If I go to distribute these wedding cards.
They will spit on me too.
That's why I burned them all.
But I brought you some as a sample.
You know why?
Because I got MP printed after his name.
Get them framed.
And hang them all over your house.
Hey! Get the vehicles ready.
If I stay longer here,
my own honour will be a question.
Narasimha! You are Lord
Narasimha for my daughter.
My time is good and so their
true colours are out.
I must build a temple for you
and worship.
From your reaction I understand.
You completed three pegs.
This is when the truth comes out. Tell me.
Ask brother!
What is the town talking about me?
Lord Indra and the moon
are zero before you brother.
You are number one in the public.
They say you are Satakarni,
the king of Amaravati.
Hey! He is drunk. Stop him.
Brother! I will tell you.
- Okay, tell me.
You are a rowdy.
- Correct.
Mechanic rowdy.
Hey, pour him the drink.
- Thank you.
You are a factionist.
A cyclist. But in love, you are a waste.
Hey! Remove his glass.
But I spoke the truth, brother!
- Brother! Gowri!
Gowri! Please come.
Brother! Just as you said,
I will change all the colours.
I will get new curtains.
I will remove the threshold
and I will get a new slab done.
Ah! I know how pure you are.
Stop overdoing your part.
- Sister-in-law, sit down.
Brother you both sit and talk,
we will come later, Go.
Hey! Sit down, men. There is
not going to be any love scene here.
A fight scene is going to take place.
- Congrats, brother!
What for?
If it is a fight scene,
you will anyway win, right?
Correct. Give him some.
Thanks Gowri.
What are these?
What are they?
See the number of complaints against you!
When you were not in town
I never behaved like a rowdy Gowri,
I gave up all that Gowri...
So much drama!
What will you say now?
- It's all a lie, Gowri.
Someone made it up.
- Hey! Stop it.
The poor baby is telling the truth.
- What Gowri says is true.
There are six cases against
brother in the local PS.
But no FIR is filed.
- Correct.
Shall I take some?
No. Already you are faltering.
Here, look at this.
Look, you hacked a man's arm
right in the middle of the town.
Why did he?
I should tell you even that, right?
I will tell you the truth even
if you don't give me the drink.
A vagrant on a bike pulled
the gold chain off a lady's neck
when she was buying vegetables.
Her neck is slashed.
She is in hospital fighting for her life.
Ok. Leave that.
What's your answer for this?
- What is this?
You were driving
And you ran the car into a pole along with
a boy coming in the opposite direction.
He is in hospital
His mother lodged a complaint.
- She gave a complaint.
But did the police write the FIR?
- Why didn't they?
What did that idiot do?
PC Raja's sister rejected his love
and so he poured acid on her face.
Her face is burnt and
she is in the hospital.
How dare you reject me
and love someone else? Go...
Get married to him, now.
What's wrong in breaking his head?
I am getting foul words.
- No, man. Sister-in-law will sermonize.
Let that idiot die in the hospital.
Why did you torch the truck?
Why did you become dull?
You are a hero, boss.
I handle case.
Gowri! Do you know what...in the truck?
Duplicate medicines
to supply to the hospital.
Expired tonics and expired tablets.
Pour the petrol.
Hm..let's go.
Do you know how many would have
died using those medicines?
Now only the truck is dead.
Why did you create a scene in public?
Brother, it's not that guy.
- It is this guy.
Hit him brother!
Hit him, hit him.
- hit him more, brother.
Hit him more, brother.
This is your matter.
My matter?
- Yes.
Yes. You are very fond of kids, right?
- Yes.
They pick up such kids
Breaking their hands
or legs and gorging out their eyes.
And turn them into beggars Gowri.
How did they have the heart to do it?
Why are they being so unfair?
So brutal with children?
But why are you doing all this?
Aren't there police? Aren't there courts?
But no.
Why the tension?
Hey! Is that a fresh glass?
- Of course, brother!
Gowri! Even ladies drink these days.
Have a peg too.
Ok, give me.
- Hey! I was joking.
It's ok. Give me. Give me.
- No, no. It's not good for your health.
Gowri! No.. No..
- Only one peg, right?
Gowri! No, no, This is men's drink
- Give it to me..
Ladies shouldn't. Listen to me.
- Who said ladies shouldn't?
Give it.
- Gowri, no.
Gowri what are you doing?
I am telling you...no. wait.
- No problem.
Madam! The young master
has hanged himself.
Madam! Madam!
Forgive me, dad.
After all this disgrace
I am not able to live like
a dead man in this world.
But until those responsible for my death
are made to pay,
my soul will have no peace.
Your ever loving son, Ravi Shankar.
Why is he so late?
He is like that. Hey!
Why are you so late?
What is the time?
Chicken faced fellow....!
Greetings sir...please come.
- Manga! Wait a minute.
Lady, remove the evil eye.
Hey! Whose eyes will fall on
Manga to remove the evil?
My own eyes, bro.
- Yes.
I never saw Manga with her head lowered.
By the way why is brother not here yet?
- He said he would bring Gowri along
He is with a Lady... it takes time.
- I know.
It's ok even if he is late. There
is still time for the auspicious hour.
Once Narasimha comes and says Manga.
She will push away the groom,
fly the priest.
The thread will be in the bin and
the sacred rice will land in every mouth.
Go, go. He is coming.
Not today. Let me speak some other day.
I must go to Manga's wedding.
There is still time for that.
Let us fix our wedding too
and go proudly as a pair.
Go first.
Why this style now?
- Not style.
The fear in my eyes should not be seen.
That's why.
Oho! Strongly, clearly,
tell him our matter. Ok?
Oh, yes. I will reverse the picture.
Just watch.
Go and say there.
Master! Greetings Master!
How are you Master?
I am fine. Who are you?
Your student, Master. 5th..
Fifth...I studied till fifth class.
I remember
Thank you, Sir.
- Like..
I don't remember you as a student
but I know you are a mechanic.
You came to my house, right?
- Yes, Master.
I will ask you something today.
You shouldn't chide me. Please.
Your daughter...I...
Yah as soon as she buys a vehicle,
I will inform you.
Not that Master...
Your daughter...I ...
My daughter...
Can I ask straight, Master?
- Whatever it is tell me so I understand...
Can I ask your daughter
when she would but a new vehicle?
Go and ask her.
Why to torture me on the road like this?
No other work...
Keep the cumin seeds
and jiggery paste on the bride's head.
Pundit! No cumin...no jaggery.
My owner sir is yet to come.
Please wait for a while.
Please wait.
Look at the face! King in the city.
But not infront of the father-in-law ...
- Sir!
Thanks to you there is
no competition for me.
I won as the MP.
I will be a minister too very soon.
If you want to do some good
to someone.
Let me know. I will do it for you.
Hey! Oldie!
First ask him to take care of me.
Or you speak to my father yourself.
And get us married.
Narasimha! Love?
The girl seems to have a sharp tongue.
Be careful.
Oye! Go without annoying.
Our friends...friends...
you drive man! Drive.
See, dear!
- While talking to elders...
Ranga! We are on the way there.
Sir! You gave life to
my fatherless child.
They said there is no wedding
in her horoscope.
But you ignored it and arranged
for the wedding.
But finally the horoscope proved right.
Her life is destroyed.
Look at her. Look.
My daughter remains a
living dead body.
No one can change her fate.
No one...
Rami Reddy's men had come.
Hey! Narasimha!
Hey! Where are you?
Hey, stop!
Do you want to get married
with Narasimha's blessings?
If you want the knot to be tied
in your neck, don't you need a neck?
Please, spare us. Please spare us.
Don't do anything to us.
Hey! Burn the hall down.
- Brother..
Hey! I am waiting for you.
Hey! Beat him to death.
Husband! He is enraged.
What if something happens to you,
please don't go.
Just as you said...watch from inside...
Hello.. Commissioner office?
My son died because of you.
His soul must smile seeing you die.
It is not in your capacity to kill me.
That is His problem.
Whom to spare and whom to send...
the account is all there.
He had no marriage written
on his forehead.
He had no destiny of power or life line.
The figure decided there will not be
changed by your arrogance, stupid fellow.
An eye for an eye. A stab for a stab.
Death for death.
Let me show you how death is.
Hey! Not only can the gun in your hand
but even a match stick can decide death.
Your screams in fear for life should
make the dead bodies dance.
- No, no.
Thota Ramireddy had made an indiscriminate
attack killing eight people.
It is proved with evidence that.
His 16 henchmen
who assisted him in this are sentenced
3 years of rigorous imprisonment.
As the allegations
leveled against Narasimha.
Could not be proved he
is ordered to be released.
For brutally killing so many people,
the accused Thota Rami Reddy.
Sentenced to be hanged until
dead as per the IPC section 302.
Dad! I have kept the sambar powder
and the rasam powder ready in the kitchen.
It will be two weeks by the time
I come back. Daily you...
You leave your job, dear.
Why dad?
- I've decided to get you married.
Why right now...Your age is not visible..
But my age is running out.
Call up Narasimha and ask him to come.
Brother's marriage! Gowri's marriage!
Hey! Keep it slow.
- Really? Enough?
I know about every student
who studied under me.
Including you.
Each time you greeted me
I said I didn't recognize you.
Do you know why? Your character...
Except the hunting lion where is the man
in you who can live with others?
- I know, dear. I know.
I know that you are friends
from childhood.
But do you know why I did not stop?
Both are kids without a mother.
I thought it would stop at friendship.
But it has come this far.
It is not wrong to love, dear.
But what sort of person we love
is important.
Only parents have that
kind of responsibility.
What, dear? In spite of knowing about him,
do you want to marry him?
Don't you know he is a rowdy?
Don't you know he gets into trouble?
Don't you know he can kill?
Marrying him, will you live with him.
Or protect him and keep a watch?
He punishes those who wrong.
But he will never do anything wrong, dad.
- Oho! Who is he to punish?
Is he a policeman in khaki uniform?
Or is he a judge in a court?
Or is he God to decide good and bad?
After all, he is a street rowdy.
I too have been advising him
to give it up, dad.
He won't give up. He cannot...
Once he rides a tiger and tries
to get off, the same tiger will kill him.
Be a rowdy for a couple of days
and let him give up the knife.
The knife itself will cut his throat.
- Dad!
Yes, dear? Is it hard even to hear?
If that really happens, what would I do?
I want to perform your wedding.
But I cannot bear to see you as a widow.
The yellow thread in
the neck is not to worship
But to live happily together.
If the enmity behind you spells death.
Its result will be the
death of two more people.
Can you stop it?
Death will be after you every minute.
It will keep haunting you.
The day you are in danger, none of the
people you saved would stand behind you.
It won't happen that way, dad.
Do you know how much respect
he enjoys here?
Do you know how many people
salute him?
They salute many people, dear.
They salute to power, for necessity, for
money, with fear, to use the other fellow.
That is not salutation.
The one who salutes should see
God in the person before him.
The one who receives it should
possess a mountainous virtue.
Greeting such a person is salutation.
Why would they salute to him?
I can join my hands to ask him
for my daughter's well being.
Shall I do that?
- Sir! You are my teacher, sir.
I may be your teacher.
But I am an ordinary man.
And a girl's father.
For the sin of loving you, my daughter
may weep for a few days for leaving you.
But if she marries you,
she will weep her whole life.
I cannot cry seeing that. I can only die.
Here! If you really love my daughter
you will wish for her wellbeing, right?
Master! Move aside. Gowri, go in.
Hey stop!
Where are you going?
To die with him?
I've been telling for so long
and he did it in minutes. Come inside!
I don't want Gowri, man.
I shouldn't be marrying her.
Whatever Master said was right.
Brother! Three pegs are already over.
Enough for now.
Only after three pegs will
the truth come out.
I like her since our childhood.
Gowri is my life.
There is no me without her.
But even without me
she should be happy, man.
What is it, brother? Do you fear
something might happen to you?
Fear? Me?
No matter how many come,
who has the guts to stab me?
If they come from behind like eunuchs,
how can we stop them?
There is no architecture for death.
It can come from any direction.
After that, what about Gowri?
Ah! She should not lead such a life.
She should always be smiling.
So? Just because Master asked you,
can you live without Gowri?
I have been living all
these years with Gowri.
Right here.
I will continue to live holding
her here.
Shekhar who used to sit here
And Vijay who used to sit
there are not here today.
At least let Gowri,
who is here, be safe.
So you will sacrifice your love?
Wishing her to stay happy
isn't that love?
Even if I die, my love won't.
You don't understand your pain. We can.
Don't leave Gowri. I bow to you.
No, bro. I saw many
salutations like this.
Master told me something.
The one who receives the
salute should be like God.
I am not God. I am a rowdy.
Crap! Let's go.
- Where shall we go?
Shall we eliminate Ramireddy's men
who attacked from behind?
Hey! Ramireddy's gang is in jail.
They may not be the ones who attacked.
I have my doubts on the medical company.
- How can they be so daring?
It must be somebody else.
- Who else can it be?
Moreover such bold...
- What does matter who?
I am travelling on a dangerous boat.
Gowri should not be on
that journey.
Yes. Master is right. Master is right.
Master is right.
Come Mr. Purushotham.
What is it? Vehicle repair?
- No, Narasimha.
Someone complained against you.
- Complaint? Who?
Greetings, Master.
Had you sent word,
I would have come myself.
Hey! Bring the chair.
- Not necessary.
If you send my daughter
I will take her with me.
Your daughter?
- Yes, Narasimha.
He gave a complaint that
you kidnapped his daughter.
I told him you wouldn't do it.
But he doesn't believe.
How can I believe? Inspector!
Do your duty properly.
Why are you backing him?
No one will come near
my daughter except him.
What, man? Don't you understand
however I explain?
Do you plan to marry my daughter
kidnapping her with all your rowdyism?
It won't happen as long as
I am alive.
I don't know anything. Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to Gowri.
- He is pretending, Inspector.
Hey! Who can plan to harm Gowri?
Master! Your daughter will be home
by the evening.
You go bravely.
Sir, Narasimha does what he promises.
He never promises
what he cannot do. Come.
Here! If my daughter is not home
before evening...
You will find my dead body
in front of your house.
Where is Gowri?
- I don't know, brother.
What did you do to her?
- I don't know brother.
Brother! Actually...
- Tell me.
What did you do to her?
- Stop it, brother.
How much ever you hit,
Gowri will not come.
She will come only
if you promise to marry her.
I know how to make Gowri come.
- What, what?
Don't beat me man...
They didn't kidnap me, Narasimha.
I came willingly.
You know very well why.
But you wanted something else.
You have a tiny hope that someday my dad
would understand his daughter's heart.
You did not give up love.
You killed it, Narasimha.
Anyways, all the best.
Wish you a happy married life.
Why do you weep, dear?
You found a husband
who will never let you cry.
Stay blessed.
I thought I wouldn't live a day
without thinking of you.
But now there is nothing left
except hatred for you.
You've killed my heart.
Thanks. I will never see
your face in my life.
Who is that?
Oh! Cat!
I've to sleep, it's late.
Who is sleeping there?
- Owner sir!
Owner sir!
Didn't you call me?
Oh, my. I will never call you
Manga in future.
Owner Sir, shall I change
my name owner sir?
Am I still an owner?
Now, you are husband.
Owner sir then...
Owner husband...
Husband owner...
It seems Gowri got married, brother.
Is the groom a good person?
- Who knows?
He must be a good man.
She should always be happy.
That is what I want.
- Owner sir!
One minute...It seems
Gowri is pregnant.
It happened as I wished.
- What did you wish for?
I wanted her to always be happy.
That is what I want.
Manga. Control yourself.
I am your everything from now.
Don't feel bad, Manga.
Owner sir!
Manga! What happened?
- It is 5 now.
It's delivery time. Where are we?
We will reach Vizag in another five,
ten minutes. Please bear a little, Manga.
Ok, husband.
Sorry. Sorry Manga.
Why are you looking at me and smiling?
Our baby should look like you.
Manga! Manga!
Excuse me! Don't disturb her much.
Just meet her and come.
I need to talk to you.
Her head received a serious blow
and a lot of blood is lost.
She has to be under observation
for 24 hours.
Shift her to the ICU immediately.
Ok, sir. Fine sir.
- No
It will be painful from now on.
What are you saying?
How to handle three boys?
Hey! One...two...three.
Oh! You added me too?
Am I a baby? Hey!
Owner sir! I have a wish.
Tell me, at least now.
How many times I asked you
don't you have any wishes?
You always say no.
Even now, it is not for me.
It is for our children.
What is it? Tell me.
We don't know what problem
comes from whom.
Let us leave this place.
We will go to some other place and
bring up the children well.
Please, owner sir...
what are you thinking?
We can live happily
anywhere with your skill.
What do you say?
- Will you fulfill my wish?
Ok, Manga. We will go.
We will do as you wish, ok?
Why do you look at me like that?
I said ok.
Sorry, sir.
what are you saying doctor?
The baby has been dead in the
womb for two days.
There is infection and so we had
to remove the uterus.
Oh no...
What a terrible thing to do, Doctor?
My daughter is very fond of children.
If she knows she won't become a mother,
she will die doctor!
If the uterus was not removed,
she would have died.
That's why we had to.
Please understand sir.
Oh, God!
Nurse! Doctor!
Where is my baby?
Oh, God!
Where is my baby dad?
Here, sir.
This is a God sent boon
seeing your grief.
What are you saying?
Yes, sir. A man had twins
in the same hospital.
But his wife died.
He didn't want to see your grief
and your daughter's tears.
Who is that guy?
- He told not to tell his name.
He told not to inform your daughter
and take care of this child.
Where is he now?
He just went to the ambulance
with his wife's dead body sir.
Dear, dear.
The baby is with me, dear.
The doctor called me and
so I took him out..
Drive me to Kumbhakonam, fast.
Don't be naughty, child.
Stand straight.
Where should I keep
young madam's suitcase?
Keep it on my head.
Hey... hey... hey...
Hold him a little tight.
What is this, madam?
You are going abroad all of a sudden?
It seems if she joins again
she will get some yellow or green card.
Is there a better property, prestige
and prosperity than here?
Why should you work
there with so much here?
Destiny, man.
Those who should be here
and enjoy are going away.
Those who are supposed
to go away are here enjoying.
What does he have? What do I lack?
He has personality and
you have municipality.
I will show you my personality.
You should call me every day.
- Yes, dad.
You must send a whatsapp message daily.
- Ok.
Don't drive rashly.
- Yes.
Bye everybody.
- Go carefully, dear.
Shanti! When she is leaving,
send her off with a smile.
Why the tears?
I thought you will get her married off
and send her this time.
Don't worry, mom.
I speak the truth.
I will never do anything wrong.
I will marry someone who will stand by me
in my troubles and who you approve of.
Swear on you. Ok?
Do you understand what young madam
is talking about?
About whom?
- About brother.
About brother?
That is Narasimha Brother.
She says that indirectly.
I will accompany you
to the airport, sir.
I will miss you so much, cutie pie.
- No, Narasimha.
By the time you return
from Chennai it will be very late.
The boy will cry.
When he is with his aunt,
he never cries.
Who is aunt?
- Devi.
She will take care of him.
Let it be Narasimha.
- Bye.
Say ta-da aunty!
- Bye-bye!
Narasimha! Hit me here.
Any sense in what you talk?
I am asking you to slap me. Do it.
I am not able to hear.
Someone like me deserves this punishment.
There has to be.
What man, not a single police or security
in the central minister's guest house?
Minister Sir!
Minister Sir!
I am here.
What sir?
Why are you sitting alone here?
Is there a large amount
to be transferred?
Why did you send for me?
I have some work for you in Kumbhakonam.
- Tell me, Sir.
Would I ever refuse to work for you?
- Not for me.
Then for whom?
Wherever this man is in Kumbhakonam.
You must present him before me.
If my son's soul should find peace.
Two people must die immediately.
One is this fellow.
The other is that one.
Not only to you.
This man is my enemy too.
I will transfer my crores of rupees
in your name.
Bring him before me.
He is a lion.
It is not easy to capture him.
If he enters the arena, we will die.
We should kill him in a cage.
We should make him
walk into the cage.
Hello... constable how are you?
Kanniyappa's men hit me.
And abducted the ASP along with
his wife and son.
Before going Kanniyappan
came close and said....
You are Narasimha's man, right?
Call him up and tell him.
If he comes to the Cuddallore shipyard
in half an hour.
He can see the ASP's family alive.
Hey, look. First your wife
and then your son.
I will then beat you to death
as you sob over them.
Do you know something?
I am not killing your wife.
The one who warned me he would behead me
if I touch your family...Narasimha...
He will kill..
Close the doors.
Set him ablaze with petrol
along with the container.
What woman!
Are you happy you missed death?
Not happiness, man. Sorrow.
I am sad I am dying at the hands
of one who is neither man nor woman.
I wanted to kill you in front of
your husband.
But small change.
I will kill your husband and
your son in front of you.
Then I will prove to you I am a man.
Hey! Tie her up.
Hey, it should be crushed to pulp.
Don't miss.
Thank you, Narasimha.
You saved us a second time.
Go inside.
Hey! Narasimha!
I will not die until I see you dead.
Hey! Thota!
To kill a lion you need training.
To kill Narasimha you need timing.
My time is good.
Your death is confirmed.
What decides that is not mouth
but power.
You can cheat the court
but not the God.
Doctor! What are you saying?
We could save those
with bullets in the body.
We couldn't save those
with head injury.
My precious!
Did you leave me and go?
Is your hundred years of life
nipped in the bud?
How will I convey this
to your mother?
Sorry, sir. Your daughter
lost a lot of blood.
Please let her not know of
this for two to three days.
- Dear.
I am here.
- Where is my son?
How is he? How is my husband?
He is fine. A small surgery.
He is under observation.
Dad! I must see my kid.
- You take some rest, dear.
Otherwise I won't have peace.
Already the doctors are attending to him.
- Dad... please!
You lost a lot of blood.
You must take rest.
It is fine even if I die, dad.
I must see my son now.
Nothing happened to you, right?
Nothing will happen to you.
I taught many children lessons.
But you taught me a life's lesson.
- Master!
What is this Master?
Why do you bow before me?
I told you one has to be God
to receive salutations.
You appear to me as God
sacrificing so much.
Justice is run not on four feet.
It is run on the sacrifices
of the lot like you.
I salute you.
Master! You are an elder.
How can you fall at my feet?
What else can I do?
I need a favour.
I will be lucky to do it. Tell me.
Gowri should never know
what happened.
The boy must live like
her own son.
Do you want me to hide this truth too?
there is a limit for sacrifice too.
How much will you do
for my daughter?
Gowri cared for me like a
mother when we were small.
She shared her friendship with me
as a friend.
She gave me her heart
and inspired love in me.
I can give my life for
such a person, sir.
Isn't it what you gave her just now?
- She should always be happy.
That is all I want.
See you, Master!