Jail (2009) Movie Script

Fine, sir.
Come on. Come on. In
a queue. - Get down.
Come on. - Hurry up.
Smarty. - Form a queue.
Get down.
Hurry up. Hurry up. - Come on.
Come. - Go inside quickly.
Come on. Go in.
All of you sit down.
Come on. Move the jeep.
Let it go. - All of you sit
down. - Hurry up. Quick.
Let it go. Let it go.
Form two rows.
Form two rows. Come on. Quick.
Come on. Sit. - Sit.
Sit properly.
Form two rows.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
Get in. - Go forward.
Ten. - Sit here.
There are total 23, 7 are
old. And 16 are new.
Come on. Who are the regular ones?
Come on. Get up.
Form a queue.
Come one by one.
Sign here. - Give me the pen.
How are you, sir? - Fine.
It's your turn. - Come on.
What's your name? - Ashwin Dinesh
Sawant. - Where do you live?
302, Shraddha Apartment, Chembur.
- Shraddha Apartment, Chembur.
Any mark on your body? - Yes.
Where is it? Show me.
- It is on my chest.
Sign here.
Chavan, check properly.
Smarty. - You didn't bring any
sizzling chick's photo?
Move behind. Come here.
What is your name? - Parag Dixit.
Your full name.
Parag Manohar Dixit. - Next.
Manohar Dixit. Where do you live?
Venus Apartment, 14th floor,
B wing, Lokhandwala.
Okay. Any mark on your body? - No.
Okay. Sign here.
Come here.
What's your name? - Get in.
Come on. - Come.
Any mark on your body? - Get in.
Come on. Get in quickly.
Remove your clothes.
Remove your shirt. Remove
your pant. Quickly.
You come here.
Where do you live? - Hurry up.
Remove your pant quickly.
Remove all your clothes.
Keep it here.
Kneel. Hurry up.
Stand up.
Wear this.
Hurry up.
Second. Send the next one.
Send the next one. Come on.
Give your name to the jailer.
Hemant Raghu Shukla.
What is the case? - It's
a murder case, sir.
Under section 302 or 304?
304, sir.
For whom do you work?
Sir, it's personal enmity.
Barrack number four.
Come forward.
Give your name to sir.
Parag Manohar Dixit.
What is the case?
Speak up.
It's a drug case, sir. Narcotics.
He's a first time offender.
Keep him in number two.
Where is Nawab? - Coming, sir.
Do their medical check-up. And
lock them in the barrack.
Okay, sir.
Sir, do we have to go to the DG's
office tomorrow morning?
No, not tomorrow. Sir
has gone to Delhi.
'I've spent a long time
in this jail.'
'I've come across many people.'
'But I never tried to
find out whether... '
'... they've committed
any crime or not.'
'I don't know why, but looking
at Parag I felt... '
'... maybe he's not a criminal.'
'He shouldn't have been here.'
Move. Sit there.
Dhoni, secure a place for
all three of them.
Secure a place.
Nawab talks as if my father
owns this jail.
Hey, find a place for
yourself. Come on.
What a strike, Anna! Not
a single one is inside.
Your turn.
Look at how I play now!
Is this how you play? - It happens.
Now I'll take the queen.
Hey, poet. Take care of your legs.
How many times I've told you...
...to sleep with your
ugly head that way!
Enough of your drama! Today
I'll take the decision!
I'll show you today, smarty!
You'll die and you won't
even know it.
You don't know who I am!
Who are you? Whatever.
You're here. I'm here.
Go ahead. Do whatever you want.
Show me. - I'll show you. - What
do you think of yourself?
Scoundrel. Sit down.
Today you're done for.
I won't spare you.
Hey, what's going on?
Quiet. Who is fighting here? Sit
quietly. - Always quarrelling!
If anybody makes a noise,
I'll beat all of you.
Go to sleep quietly.
What? You're not feeling sleepy?
Yes. The first night in jail
is like the nuptial night.
No matter how hard you try,
you can't go to sleep.
I'm G.K. Desai. Cricket bookie.
What crime did you commit?
No answer.
Go to sleep, newly wedded bride.
Thank you. Thank you.
But hold on, guys.
I know it's all exciting, but I've
got better news to share.
Our company's market share
has moved from...
...number three position
to number two.
On this occasion, I'd especially...
...like to mention two teams.
We have Ankit and his team,
who have contributed...
...380 millions to the bottom-line
of the company.
Superb! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Ankit!
- Thank you.
And we have the laziest, dumbest
and the biggest idiot Parag.
Parag and his team
have contributed...
...430 millions to the bottom-line
of the company.
Thank you. Thank you.
So guys, on this happy occasion...
...I want to make one announcement.
I'm promoting Parag to
the position of...
...regional manager of the company.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Guys, it's party time.
Hi, Mansi. - Hi, Parag.
Good news. - Are you breaking
up with me?
It's not that great news.
I've been promoted.
Regional manager. Can
you believe it?
Wow! That's real good
news! - Thanks.
You've something in you.
When will you give me a treat?
You know what, my CEO
Mr. Mukesh Tyagi...
...he is having a party tonight.
- You've to be there, baby.
Please. You've to be there. Okay?
- Of course. Of course, darling.
I'm boarding a flight right now.
So I'll be there in
two hours. Okay?
Promise me. - Yes.
Okay. I love you. - Love you.
Bye. - Bye.
Beloved, you stole my heart.
Beloved, you took my life.
Beloved, you took my conscience.
Beloved, you stole my heart.
Beloved, you took my life.
Beloved, you took my conscience.
I always think about you.
How to explain to you?
I live in your love.
I might die in your love.
My beloved is my heartbeat.
My beloved is my predicament.
My heart is disturbed.
My beloved is my heartbeat.
My beloved is my predicament.
My heart is disturbed.
Hi, Keshav. - Hi.
You scared me.
All of a sudden?
I won't beat a drum to announce
my arrival in my own house.
And I think I share the rent of
this house with your Parag.
So I should have the permission
to come unexpectedly. Right.
Of course, Keshav. I'm
not saying that.
But it's futile to argue with you.
- I'll be in office by 10.
I'll see you. - I'll have
a shower and come.
So you're back. - How was the
inauguration of the Pune showroom?
If you'd been there, you
wouldn't have come back.
What cars! Superb! - Tell me.
Did you do my work? - Of course.
Check this out. Completely
your style.
All this is fine. Did
you book the car?
My friend, I'm not the
owner of the company.
I'm just the sales manager.
See the cars.
What cars! 4x4 drive. Automatic.
Cruise control.
It's a beauty!
It's a great car.
If I've to toil harder
for this, I'll do it.
But I want this car.
You should have this car.
If there is a network problem
in your cell...
...then why do you always
use my cell?
Chill. I'm just making one
call. I'll be back.
Hello. Yes, sir. You'll
get the car by evening.
Either change the network company
or change the house.
Parag, isn't Keshav a bit weird?
Come on. I'm not joking.
He's very strange.
He uses all your things right
from your clothes...
...to your cell, to your shoes.
The other day he was
using your towel.
He should draw a line somewhere.
Relax, Mansi.
He's my roommate for the past
eight to nine months.
And all this is common
amongst guys.
As it is, he's not the only one
who is asserting his right...
...on my things without
taking my permission.
What do you mean? You idiot.
Say it again. - Idiot.
I'm perfectly okay with this,
Parag. - Do one thing. - Yes, sir.
Now, formulate this market plan.
Good evening, sir. - Good evening.
And, submit to me.
And, then we'll evaluate it.
- Not to worry. - Okay. - Okay.
Good evening, sir. - Good
evening, sir.
Yes, Keshav.
You'll never reform, will you?
You just met Mansi,
right? - Shut up.
Tell me something.
When are you giving
me the good news?
When are you getting married?
Are you mad? Not so soon.
This is just the beginning.
And anyways, I still have
a lot to do in life.
You're right.
I'm fed up of selling
cars, as well.
I'm thinking of doing something
different in life.
Start selling rickshaws.
I'm just joking.
Come on, let's go. - Let's go.
It's a black car, BS 3254.
Come on.
Overtake from the left.
What's wrong? - Are the
police after us?
Come on, quickly.
Parag, drive faster. - Are you mad?
I said, drive faster.
- Are you mad?
You're drunk, but not me. - Don't
argue, just drive faster.
Keshav... - Stop.
Mane, call for the ambulance.
Sawant, check the car.
Bring the kit box.
What is it? - It's positive, sir.
There are two ways to handle
police interrogation.
The smart and sensible.
Admit it yourself, or the
police make you admit it.
Since, when have you been
dealing in this?
Sir, I... I'm not understanding,
I don't know what you're
talking about.
All that drugs. Of pure
international quality.
Since when have you two
been supplying it?
Sir... it's a misunderstanding, sir.
This doesn't belong to me, sir.
That bag isn't mine, either.
I was... returning from the office...
...and gave Keshav a lift, sir.
That's all, sir.
Let me tell you about myself, sir.
My name is Parag... - Dixit.
The regional manager at
Max Finance Company.
He's Keshav Rathod.
Sales Manager at DM car showroom.
Anything else?
Anything else?
He's just my roommate, sir.
Other than that, how will
I know what else he does?
How will you know?
You've been living with him
for the past eight months.
You two have been making
deals together.
You two leave from
Bandra together.
No, no, no sir... - Your roommate.
Keeps a revolver with him.
Aims his revolver at
police officers.
And, you say that you don't
know what he does.
Sir, sir I promise
I don't know sir.
The drug-peddlers of Mumbai
receive calls from your mobile.
Sir, phone? - Yes.
Sir, he'd always have
a network problem...
...that's why, he'd always
use my phone. - Yes.
I promise you, sir.
I'm innocent, sir.
Believe me, sir. I don't
know what he'd do.
Sir. The media is waiting outside.
Sir, please sir. Listen
to me, sir.
I really don't know, sir. - Sheik.
Sir... - Take a look.
Sir, please sir.
If he's willing to say anything.
- Sir, believe me, sir.
I don't know, sir. - Come on.
Sir, please. Sir, please.
- Come, lets have a chat.
Sir, please sir. - Come on, let's
have a chat. - Come on.
Sir, please sir.
Yes. - Sir, who were the persons
you encountered at Bandra.
Look, there were two people
involved in it.
One was Keshav Rathod.
The police shot him in
self-defence, he's in ICU.
And the other is Parag Dixit.
He works for Max Finance company...
...and, is now in our custody.
Sir, which drugs have you
found, and what quantity?
Look, the investigation is on.
And, we're going to present Parag
Dixit in the court tomorrow.
And, I think I can't tell you
anything more than that.
Sir, sir, sir please.
We're taking you to the court.
Do you want to talk to someone?
Give me the number.
Parag, what happened?
The news on the television.
Parag, mama is really worried.
She has already left from Delhi.
I'm also coming. - Mansi.
Don't worry, I'm coming Parag.
Parag, calm down, calm down.
You don't have to worry.
Parag, everything will be fine.
I'm coming.
Parag, Parag. Hello.
Rafiq Ayub Mullah.
22nd May.
Dixit Parag Manohar.
Your Lordship, this is a
very serious offence.
We need police custody.
PC for 14 days.
Illiyas Suryakant Mishra.
PC means police custody.
And, JC means judicial custody.
And, Parag has been given
14 days of PC.
That means, Parag will have to
stay in the police station...
...for 14 days, for investigation.
If he would've been given JC...
...they, would've shifted
him directly to jail.
But, that didn't happen.
I'll get a copy of the FIR.
And, only after carefully
studying it...
...I'll be able to tell you, what...
...I can do for you in this case.
Don't worry, until
the next hearing...
...I'll try my best to bail Parag.
Mr. Bhatia, your fees.
Well, Ms... - Mansi.
Actually, I charge 1-1.25
lakhs per hearing.
But don't worry.
I know you're middle-class
people like me.
I'll take 75, 000 from you.
This is 20,000 cash.
And, I'll give the rest
on the hearing day.
There was no need for this.
Don't worry, everything will
be fine. Absolutely.
Shall we?
Thank you.
Mr. Tyagi, Parag Dixit has
been arrested with drugs...
...but, was he a drug
addict himself?
Look, Parag Dixit would
work in our office.
But, after 6 o'clock, what he
does in his personal life...
...whom does he meet, where does
he go, that's personal.
It's none of our business.
Look, the company has already
given a press release.
Whatever details you want...
...you'll get it in that
press release.
Thank you very much.
- But, Mr. Tyagi...
You must know something,
Mr. Tyagi.
Look madam, I cannot
let you see him.
This is a drugs case. - And,
we're investigating.
If you want to give him
clothes, then do so.
Just check the bag.
Which is Keshav's room? - Sir, I...
You wait here.
You wait here. Sheik.
Look there.
Is this Keshav?
Hey boy, tell me quickly.
Don't waste my time.
- I don't know.
Your friend carried a gun around,
and you don't know.
Sir, I... - You'll rot in
jail all your life.
Tell me, whom did you
sell the goods too?
Have you seen him before?
- Yes, his name is Keshav.
Come on. - Sir...
Come on.
Just answer me what I ask you.
Don't act too smart.
Don't worry, mama everything
will be fine.
Son, are you fine?
Mother. - Don't worry, son.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
It's okay.
You'll be soon out of this.
Don't worry.
Mr. Parag, hello.
Harish Bhatia. I'm your lawyer.
Don't worry, you'll
be absolutely fine.
I've handled many such cases.
I've read your FIR. Not to worry.
This is the agreement.
You've to sign on them.
One here and one at
the back. - Yes.
Here. And, here.
It's the police's job to apprehend
the criminals...
...and, our job is to get
the innocent released.
Just watch, how I bring
out the truth.
Sir, shall I leave?
Sheik. - Yes, sir.
What do you think about
Parag Dixit?
Sir, all the evidence
is against him.
And, then, when Keshav
comes out of ICU...
...and gives his statement, we'll
know the complete truth.
Let's continue our investigation.
Let's file a charge-sheet.
We'll see what verdict the
court gives. - Yes, sir.
Can I leave, sir? - Yes.
Your honour, 14 days
remand is over...
...and, we're requesting
for judicial custody.
Sir, I've filed application
for applicant.
And, the reply is
also filed today.
Your Honour, applicant has
been falsely implicated.
Applicant was arrested on
6th April, from Bandra.
His roommate is involved
in this case as well.
He's behind all this.
At the moment, his roommate...
...is in a hospital, in
an unconscious state.
Applicant is innocent.
I'll like to also inform you sir...
...applicant works with Max
Finance, as regional manager.
His family is totally
dependant upon him.
And also, he belongs to
a well-educated family.
He's educated himself,
as well sir.
He has no antecedent.
He's innocent, sir.
So, I request this
court that the...
...applicant's bail request
please be granted.
Your reply. - May I please,
your honour.
Drug business does
not distinguish...
...between poor and rich.
We're suspecting a big
racket in this case.
A large quantity of drugs
has been seized.
And gun shots have been
fired at the police.
They're indulging in
...which is big social evil.
Investigation is in
a crucial stage.
We still have to receive the
chemical analysis report.
At this stage, if the accused
is given bail...
...he may abscond, or tamper
with the evidence.
Hence, I request this
bail to be rejected.
The offence is serious in nature.
A large quantity of contraband
has been recovered...
...from his custody.
It is pertaining to note that...
...the accused has also fired
at the police party.
That is too serious.
The offence is anti-social.
There is a possibility of
the accused absconding.
No. - And hence, he's not
entitled for bail.
And, his application for
bail is rejected.
Sir, sir this isn't true sir.
Sir, please listen to me sir.
Sir, please listen to me. - No.
No. You've appointed a lawyer.
Talk to him.
Come on, come on.
Get in.
Come on, get in, get in.
Hurry up, quickly.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
Dude, would you like
to have a puff.
It's from Afghanistan.
You'll sleep soundly.
Okay. What've you been
arrested for?
Drugs. - Drugs?
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Solve the grievances in my life.
We're standing at
your threshold...
...for your benevolence.
That's all we request for.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Two, four, six, eight, ten,
twelve, fourteen...
Move. Slowly.
What about bathing?
- What about it?
Baba has arranged
for those drums...
...you can bathe in
that comfortably.
Not in this circus.
Come, let's pass some time.
See, bathing water is over.
Didn't I tell you? - Currently,
it's an inauspicious phase.
The water will get over. - And,
that's what happened.
Anna, forget about your forecast...
...and, listen to my poem. Listen.
Take a bath, try to clean your
body of all the dirt.
But yet, your body
won't be clean.
Because, this water
is from the jail.
Wow. - You didn't get it.
Come on, come on.
The water's finished, come
back at 4 o'clock.
Freshen up for now.
Kabir. - Yes.
When will Yaku be released?
He's in Nasik jail. - I see.
Baba has used his contacts.
It means with Baba's help
he'll be released easily.
I've even forgotten
why I came here.
Wife, children, relatives
mean nothing to me.
Do you know? - What?
This smarty is in jail for drugs.
He doesn't look so hardcore.
He's so soft.
Hey, get lost.
Come on. Run.
Kabir, they don't listen.
Chandu. - Yes. - Keep
it in two places.
What's the use of running ahead?
The food is the same isn't it?
Smarty, come on.
Or else the food will also get
over, like the water. Hurry up.
The queue is moving so
slowly. - Move forward.
Anna, what does your forecast say?
Tell me. Which lentil will we
get today? - What do I know?
What kind of astrologer are you!
You don't know which lentil
is cooked today.
And you predict people's
future. - Keep quiet.
An inauspicious period is going
on. Anything can happen.
Got it? Move forward.
You taught him a lesson.
Move forward.
Go ahead.
Give me more lentils. - Okay.
Up! Up!
Keep the plate up.
Up! Up!
Go ahead.
They stay rooted to the spot.
Come on.
He's a lordly man.
Serve him royal food.
Forget it.
What are you looking at?
What happened?
What do I tell you, Nawab?
I explained to him. But
he doesn't listen.
God knows what will happen.
- Chandu. - Yes. - Chandu.
Chandu, tell him not
to waste food.
Forget it.
Wait for a few days. He'll reform.
'Many times we realise the
importance of basic things... '
'... only after it's
snatched from us.'
'It took Parag some time
to adjust in jail.'
'But I believe, an inmate
might not accept jail... '
'... but jail forms a bond
with the inmate.'
'Parag was waiting
for his freedom.'
'With this hope he started
living his life in jail.'
My business didn't do well.
To earn more money, I started
the business...
...of counterfeit dollar.
And I was put behind bars.
Galib, if I get hold of a mobile
from the dons inside...
...I'll start my match fixing
from here itself.
Everybody's problem
will be solved.
Desai, please give
me Rs.20 coupon.
I feel the urge to smoke.
Here. But in return,
collect my clothes...
...from the bed and wash
it. - Come on. - Okay.
This coupon?
The outside world operates
on money.
And jail operates on coupon.
If you want to buy
something, coupon.
If you want to lead
a luxurious life...
...if you want to extract work
from the constable...
...if you want to prolong
the meeting hours...
...in short, coupon acts
as money in jail.
Smarty, tell your family
to send you money order.
You'll also get coupons.
But the monthly limit is 1500.
Here, the one who has
the maximum coupons...
...he is the king.
But stay alert.
There are many who
steal the coupon.
Parag Dixit. - Yes. - Your name
is Parag Dixit, right?
Can't you hear? Someone has
come to meet you. Go.
Go. Go.
How are you?
How are you people?
We're fine. Don't worry
about us, Son.
You just look after yourself.
And Keshav?
Still in coma. There is
no recovery. But...
Sir, what about the bail?
I'd filed an appeal
in the High Court.
But it was rejected.
But don't worry.
As soon as the charge sheet is
filed, I'll apply for it again.
It will take a few more days.
A few more days? How
many days, sir?
Parag, this is a legal procedure.
You've to follow the procedure.
And our system is a bit
slow. You know that.
It will take a few
days more. - Parag.
But how many days? Mother,
I'll go mad.
I'll go mad, Mother. Mother,
please get me out of this place.
Parag, it's a drug case.
Mother, please get me
out of this place.
Please, Mother. - We're trying.
A policeman was shot.
Don't forget that this is
a non-bailable offence.
We're still trying.
Son, everything will be fine.
Just have patience.
Just stay calm, Parag.
Parag. - Parag.
Come on.
Come on. Hurry up. Go to
your respective barrack.
Come on. Get inside
quickly. - Come.
Come on. Hurry up.
Come on. Come on.
Listen. - Sir.
As per the court orders, the
toilets that were to be made...
...is that work over?
Sir, it will take
another two days.
Hurry up. The committee
is going to arrive.
Okay, sir. - Why are
you sitting here?
It is close-up time. Go inside.
I won't go.
Why should I stay here?
I didn't do anything.
The jailor has come. - Nawab. - Yes.
What is going on? Why
is he still out?
Go inside.
Why am I being punished?
I'm not a bloody criminal.
I'm not.
I don't deserve this.
The court will decide
what you deserve...
...and what you don't deserve.
All this won't be tolerated
here. Come on. Go inside.
I said move.
Ingle. - Sir.
Take him.
Come on. - Don't touch
me. Don't touch me.
No. - Now what happened? - No.
- You're scared? - Nawab. - No.
Thrash him. - No.
He talks a lot. - No. No.
Beat him.
He back answers sir.
No. Please.
Beat him.
Thrash him. He'll be incapable
of walking.
Beat him.
Kasare. - Yes.
Untie him. - Okay.
Come on. Your first
lesson is over.
What? Go away.
Help me carry him.
Carefully. Slowly. Slowly.
Move. Move. Move aside.
Carefully. Move.
It will be ready by today. Shift
all the things there.
Bear in mind that no iron piece
should be left behind...
...during the shifting. - Kasare,
bear in mind. - Okay.
Is it paining here? It's
still paining? - Yes.
Fine. I'll give another
day's medicine. - Okay.
What happened? You're not well?
No, just like that.
Nobody comes to the doctor's
clinic just like that.
Why? People are beaten
even for coming here?
Parag... here it doesn't make
any difference to anyone...
...whether you did anything or not.
But it's in your hands as to
how you're treated here.
Make friends.
It will be easier to spend time.
What? Is everything fine? - Yes.
Is it pure Afghani? - Yes.
Here. Enjoy. - Thanks.
Today fresh grocery has
arrived in the canteen.
Hold this.
Smarty, I heard you showed daring
in front of the jailor.
Look, in jail the initial
days decide...
...how your future days will be.
If you're intimidated
in the beginning...
...everybody will boss you around.
But if you show your fiery
temperament a few times more...
...you'll be the king.
We'll gel well.
If you've any problem, tell me.
I'm Kabir. The gangster. - Okay?
Kabir. - Yes.
Come here. - Coming.
See you.
What are you saying, Mr Shirke?
It was a big news
in the newspaper.
It wasn'thing. - Tell
me. What happened?
Tell me. - It wasn'thing.
Seeing my prosperity
in the party...
...my own people started
feeling envious of me.
And they framed me.
In the name of the party, two
people sent money to my house.
And they accused me of accepting
bribe for the tender.
It's nothing.
According to your horoscope your
Saturn is unfavourable.
It will change after 15 days.
After you get bail, the
same policemen...
...will escort you outside
You're right. Hear a poem.
Go ahead, Galib.
The fever of politics is bad.
The trance of power is bad.
Stay away from the politicians
of this country, friends.
Even their love is bad.
This leader is rotting in jail.
But he didn't forgo his habit
of holding an assembly.
You can't straighten a dog's tail.
Hi. - How are you? - Fine? - Yes.
How are you, Brother?
- It is fun in jail.
Dilip Mehta. A pious man.
His entire family is in
jail under section 498.
When a woman accuses her in-laws
of dowry harassment...
...then her in-laws are charged
under section 498.
His son's wife was
having an affair.
One day his son caught her.
There was a row. The wife
lodged a complaint.
They're demanding dowry
from my father.
Now all his family members except
his pet dog are in jail.
Look. It's for Baba.
He took special permission
from the court.
He says he suffers from all
stomach related ailments.
That's why his clothes and
food comes from home.
I've heard at times these
containers contain mobile parts.
Kabir joins the parts.
Baba. The underworld guy.
Yes. That gangster.
He runs the underworld network...
...spanning from Dongri to Dubai
from his special barrack.
He teaches a lesson to
the gang from jail.
Ganni. - Yes. - Someone has
come to meet you. Come.
I'll just come.
Did she learn to speak?
Yes. Mother. Water.
She talks a bit.
You didn't teach her
to say father?
She has just starting speaking.
Ganni, I've got a job
in a biscuit factory.
Why? Why are you working?
How will I run the household?
The money that you gave me lasted
for just two months.
And your attorney.
He demands money every
four months.
From where would I've got it?
Come, Ganni. Your time is over.
Kasare, let it be. - Okay, sir.
Continue talking.
Okay. But when you come
to meet me next...
...she should be able
to say father.
She says whatever she sees.
She'll learn it when
you'll come home.
God willing.
Parag, look. She's my daughter.
She's sweet. What is her age?
Mehru is one-and-a-half year old.
I came here when my wife was
just four months pregnant.
Under what charge?
302. Murder.
You committed murder?
Before getting married Sabina
used to work in a bar.
Once I took her out for dinner.
Her old customer from
the bar came there.
He started misbehaving
with Sabina.
I lost my temper.
I picked up a bottle and
hit him on his head.
He died on the spot.
I didn't want to kill him.
My anger lasted for a second.
And for the past two
years I'm in jail.
My trial has still not started.
Desai, aren't you interested
in volleyball?
Cricket match is better
than volleyball.
There the decision
is taken quickly.
Come on, Desai. Get lost.
Do you know?
There is no value of life in jail.
For instance, your life.
You're here because you
committed a murder.
Who knows what will happen?
Whether you'll be
acquitted or not.
You should take risk in life.
If you want to take risk,
live your life outside.
So you want me to believe you?
I know what you people do.
You influence people here,
you bail them out.
And once they're outside, you
make them commit murders.
Kabir, I've told you so many
times. I'm telling you again.
I'm not interested in you
or your goons. Got it?
Please try to understand,
Ms. Mansi.
This delay isn't because of me.
I'll be able to do something...
...only when his trial
begins in the court.
Next week the charge
sheet will be filed.
Once the charge sheet is filed...
...we can again apply for bail.
And yes, this time Parag
has good chances...
...of being granted bail
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me. - Yes.
Yes. Tell me, Pundit.
Yes, that custom case.
That case is weak.
The media has just hyped it.
Pundit, nowadays trials are
held less in the court.
And the media finishes the trial...
...in the newspaper and on the TV.
Fine. We'll talk in the evening,
in the club. Okay.
Ms. Mansi, today you were going
to give me the cheque.
Mansi, the previous bill
is also pending.
I'll manage in two to three days.
Try to understand.
Give Rs.1000 to my PA.
Miscellaneous expenses.
- Yes. Sure.
There are so many visits
to the court.
Travelling allowance.
Okay, ma'am. - Thank you.
Okay, sir.
Sure. - Yes.
Thank you. - Yes.
Bye. - Bye.
Come on Come, I'll introduce
you to Baba.
No, no I... - Look, everyone
is dying to meet Baba.
And, I'm offering to take
you along. Come, come on.
Come on.
Tobacco king, Dipen Agarwal.
A businessman, that
earns billions...
...deals in illegal business too.
You think Baba is a fool.
20 million isn't a
big thing for you.
And, this isn't extortion money.
It is protection money.
For your well-being.
Explain it to your brother.
20 million isn't a big
thing for you both.
But, in the jail... how? When?
You don't worry about that.
Samant. - Yes.
Take him to the side...
...and, talk to his brother about
the money. - Come on. - Yes.
Come on. Come on.
I'm telling you. Come
on. I'm with you.
Kabir. Come, come. - Yes.
Take a seat.
This is Parag, I told
you about him.
He's been arrested in the drugs
case, isn't he? - Yes.
These matters take a long time.
He'll be spending a lot
of time in the court.
Kabir, he must be thinking...
...we live such a filmy
life here, isn't it?
Would you like to have watermelon?
Don't worry at all.
If you want anything in the jail.
You can tell me anytime.
Leave. - Yes, let's go.
Kabir. - Yes.
Come here.
You go on, I'll join you.
Yes. - He's a decent boy.
Don't bring such people here.
I need courageous boys,
that can go out...
...and get my work done, like you.
Get that. - Yes.
Parkhya. Give me some
watermelon. - Yes.
What did you talk about?
Nothing... he said, if there's any
problem, then let me know.
Stay as far as possible from them.
They promise to give
you many things.
But in the end, they can give
you nothing more than...
...a police bullet or some
jail like this one.
Nawab, can I ask you why
you've been arrested?
Everything else is fine.
Keshav. - No recovery.
Yes, but the lawyer
is very hopeful.
He was saying that you've bright
chances of getting bail.
Parag, you... miss me?
Take care. Bye.
Hey fatso, come on. Hurry up.
Come on, get in.
Come on. - Hurry up.
Come on. Hurry up.
Get in, get in. Get in. - Get in.
It's a terrible situation. - Yes.
What the hell?
Hey fatso, move.
Get out of my face.
Pay attention here,
it's your chance.
Get out of my face
you stinking pig.
It's become more crowded
since the past two days.
Isn't it. - The monsoons
have set in.
In Mumbai, the number of people
that sleep on streets...
...are more than, that in houses.
Rather than dying by getting
drenched in the rain...
...or by drowning in some
drain, it's better...
...to commit some petty crime,
and get thrown in here.
You get food, clothing and
shelter in the jail.
Isn't it? - Of course.
Play, Pillu.
Dude, I'm sitting here
for sometime.
What the hell.
God knows who was sitting
besides me... that smell.
He's stinking.
I feel like throwing up.
Two more days.
After two day, my case
will be heard.
And, I'm out of this mess.
For the past eight months, this
place has been ruining me.
So bad. God.
Look at them.
Just look at them.
From here to the streets...
...they're scattered around
like insects.
And then, they blame me.
What did I do?
I'd two pegs at the party.
I was driving my car. - It
slightly misbalanced.
I met with an accident.
And, the next day, headlines.
Joe D'Souza crushes six people.
Hit and run.
Did I... did I tell them to
live on the streets?
I tell you dude, these
people deserve it.
They freaking deserve it.
When is your hearing? - Tomorrow.
Good luck. Party in red? Okay.
Aslam Sheikh, Parag Dixit.
Pillu, I'm leaving. - Okay.
Uncle. - Don't forget us.
I'm leaving.
You'll get bail today. - Thank you.
At least listen to my poem
before leaving. - Yes.
I pray that even my enemies
are never jailed.
Congratulations on your freedom,
we'll meet someday.
See you.
Come on, yes come.
Move forward. - What is your
name? - Mandoor Bhatti.
Go on.
What is your name? - Parag
Manohar Dixit.
Manohar Dixit. Go on.
Nawab, I'm leaving.
Take care of yourself.
Look, there comes Parag.
Mother. Mansi.
What's wrong?
Parag... Keshav is no more.
May it please the court.
The applicant's charge
sheet has been filed.
Investigation is over now.
Sir, there's no matter found
in the charge sheet...
...that proves, that the
bag of drugs found...
...from the applicant's
car belonged to him.
It is just an assumption.
And it's a very unfortunate
Deceased accused, Mr. Keshav
...was the applicant's roommate.
And, was with him on. The
night of the incident.
The applicant is absolutely
innocent, sir.
He won't jump bail.
He has a job and a family
to look after.
So, I request the court to
please grant him bail.
Thank you.
What do you've to say?
Your Honour, I'd like
to tell the court...
...that, the defence is trying
to shift the entire blame...
...on the deceased accused,
and taking advantage...
...of Keshav Rathod's death.
If the accused is given bail,
there's a possibility...
...that, after being released
he might try...
...to tamper with the evidence.
And most importantly, he'll
try to influence or harm...
...the prime witness.
I request the court, to reject
the bail application.
Thank you, My Lord.
Firing at the police is
a serious offence.
And, it cannot be overlooked.
I agree with the prosecution that,
the accused may try to...
...influence or harm the
prosecution's prime witness's...
...and tamper the evidence.
After the prime accused's death.
The accused is the only one...
...through whom, this case can
reach a logical outcome.
Therefore, I'm going to reject
the application for bail.
The night is pitch-black.
The day is dark too.
The night is pitch-black.
The day is dark too.
Keep me... under Your refuge.
Be the benefactor of my life.
Our fate depends on You.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Lord, heed to me.
Allah, heed to me.
Desai, according to your horoscope
if you lie down...
...with your leg towards east,
and head towards west...
...you'll get bail in one month.
And, you'll be outside the jail.
- What are you saying? - Yes.
Anna, fates don't change that way.
Hey Joe, you've been granted bail.
You've to leave during closing
time. - Get your luggage.
I love you, Chandu.
Wow. Joe D'Souza out of the jail.
Breaking news.
Hey Anna, you said it's written
in my horoscope...
...that I can't go out for
the next four months,
Look at me, I'm out.
No wonder, you're rotting
here for fraud.
It's party time for Joe D'Souza.
Wow, my shirt.
Come on, give me my shirt.
Yes. Lovely.
Going out. Going out of here.
Joe, don't forget us.
Bravo. - Yes, you want
clothes, don't you?
You want the clothes. Here.
Have a gala time.
And you, Raju here keep
my imported underwear.
Wear this, and become a gentleman.
Thank you, Joe.
Here, hold my bag.
Hey dude.
Hey dude, take these
freaking coupons.
They aren't of any use to me.
Maybe, they'll be useful for you.
Take it. Come on, take it.
Keep it.
Good. And, if you ever
get out of here.
You just need to give me a call.
And, I'm there.
You've my number, dude.
Hey everyone, take care
of yourselves.
If you ever need anything...
Parag, let it be.
You don't deserve to go.
I deserve to go.
Parag, let him go.
Sir, they're fighting inside.
That Joe is too haughty.
This will end here.
Hit him, hit him.
You don't deserve to
go. I deserve to go.
Shirke, get the key.
Come on, come on.
I'll take care of him
once and for all.
He's gone for sure today.
The officers are here, run.
- Shinde, open the gate, quickly.
Open it.
Get away. Get everyone away.
Come on, come outside.
Take him outside.
Move back, move back.
Sir. Believe me, sir...
You rascal, I'll teach you
a lesson. - No, sir.
I'll teach you a lesson,
you'll always remember.
You'll never hit anyone again.
You scoundrel. You're too
stubborn, aren't you?
Trying to be the don.
Trying to act smart. Rascal.
Hey, come here. Throw him inside.
The scoundrel. Throw him in.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, bring him here.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
Beat him. Take him to sir.
I've witnessed dreams
being shattered here.
I've witnessed hopes
being crushed.
I've heard that the wrong
ones are reformed here.
But, I've seen the innocent
ones going astray.
Lets go, you scoundrel.
You're too stubborn.
Rascal. Lock him up inside.
You think this a pigeon-house.
Go on.
Creating a racket here.
I'll beat you black and
blue, you scoundrel.
After staying alone in this
dark cell for 15 days...
...you'll stop being stubborn.
Lock him up.
Open the door.
Is anybody there, I want water.
Why doesn't anyone listen?
Look, Usha don't irritate me.
It's not possible, I can't come.
You can make any excuse.
Listen, I'll come home
and talk Usha.
Usha, hello.
Nawab. - Yes.
Give me the roster.
Sir. - You can go now.
What is it? - Sir, Parag Dixit.
He's been in the dark
cell for ten days.
He's not the wrong sort, sir.
He's from a good family... - I know
he's from a good family...
...that's why I didn't charge
him for brawling.
There are some disciplines
to be followed here.
If he breaks them, he's
bound to be punished.
Sir, if the disciplines of the
jail, can be lenient for them...
- Nawab.
I've not given them
this leniency...
...there are higher authorities
above me.
If I was given the control, then...
Who should I go against?
Go against my authorities,
stop my men.
If I start taking action half
my staff will be inside the...
...jail barracks, and not outside.
We leave our family, and spend
half of our lives here.
I was just trying to explain
my wife, in your presence.
There was a function at my own
home. - But I couldn't attend it.
And what in return?
What do I get in return?
On the 1st, the municipality
...is paid much higher salary
than an inspector here.
Sorry, sir.
I'll get him out.
But he'll be your responsibility.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, get up.
Go back to your barrack.
That Nawab takes pity on anyone.
Mishra, you got him
out within 10 days.
Yes, Nawab talked to sir,
and got him out.
Ask the sweeper to
clean the barrack.
Look at his plight.
He can't even walk properly.
20. Yes, keep it inside.
21. Yes, inside.
Thank you.
Parag, brawling in the jail.
10 days in the dark cell.
You're being talked about.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Look at me I've been sentenced...
...to seven years of imprisonment
for half murder.
I've been in this jail for
the past three years.
I'm one of don's special men.
But still, I never attained
so much popularity...
...like you did in a few months.
I was thrown in once as well.
For one week, in the dark cell.
You feel empty from within.
You don't realise whether
you're dead or alive.
But, I'm lucky.
After I came out, Baba made
some arrangements for me.
He talked to the jail doctor.
I met my family in the government
hospital outside.
When I saw mother...
When I saw mother, I got
so emotional Parag.
Mothers are so wonderful.
Once she hugs you, everything
seems to be fine.
Do you want to go to the hospital?
Do you want to see
your mother? - Yes.
Get in, come on. Get in, get in.
Hurry up, everyone. Come on.
Hurry up. Come on.
Parag, how are you?
You met your family yesterday,
didn't you?
Happy? - Thank you.
Hey, it was a small thing.
Hey, why are you washing
your clothes?
My men, they'll wash them for you.
I'll give them the coupon.
Hey... - No, no sorry.
Please, I'll do it. Thank you.
Fine, if you want to do
it, then so be it.
Let's go.
See you later.
Did you meet mother and Mansi?
Kabir arranged for your visit
to the hospital, didn't he?
Nawab, I... - Quiet. Be quiet.
You're taking gangster's help now.
You want to join their gang.
Mother I just took a small
help from them.
It starts from small things.
They aren't your kin
to do you a favour.
When they give something...
...they take a lot in return.
I've known them very well.
I've lost a lot too.
'I was leading a good life.'
'There was peace. Had respect.'
'I'd run a rented butcher
shop in Pathanwadi.'
'I was only worried about
my brother, Adil.'
'I wanted him to become a
mechanic, and go to Dubai.'
'But, he'd bigger dreams.'
'And, he thought Bilal is the only
one who can fulfil them.'
Bilal was connected with
the underworld.'
'And I knew, that Adil's
relation with Bilal...
...would ruin him someday.'
'Even the police started
noticing Adil.'
'I tried to explain him.'
'I tried my best, to save Adil.'
'But Adil didn't listen to me.'
'And one day, what I feared the
most came true.' -Where is Adil?
Tell me, rascal where is Adil?
Tell me. - What's wrong, sir?
Tell me, where is Adil? - He
must be at the garage.
Garage? Bilal and his men...
...shot builder Latesh
Shah and fled.
Your brother was along with them.
Your brother was along with
them. - Tell me where he is.
I don't know sir.
You don't know.
You don't know. I tried
to explain you.
Now just watch, I'll seek
him and shoot him down.
What's going on here?
Get lost from here.
Get lost.
I was of juvenile age.
I was inexperienced.
I was of juvenile age.
I was inexperienced.
My beloved, had his
sights on me.
I never thought this would
happen with me.
I don't know how I fell in love.
In the Baereli market.
There, Adil.
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
What happened?
In the Baereli market.
In the Baereli market.
Nawab. Come, come.
What a surprise.
What are you doing here?
Come sit.
In the Bareli market.
I was showing your brother
some girls here.
What would you like
to have? Tell me.
What do you want? Just tell me.
- Tell me, what will you have?
No. I'm asking you
for the last time.
What would you like to drink?
Adil, I know your brother
since he was of your age.
Hey, look at your face.
Don't be worried.
It keeps showering,
without the clouds.
Your brother is like
my brother too.
I'll look after him.
That's my word.
Look there's no need to be afraid.
Just like Nawab is your brother...
Brother, I made a mistake.
Brother, I made a mistake.
Brother, I made a mistake.
Brother, I won't make
such a mistake again.
Brother, I made a mistake.
Brother, forgive...
And, I saw you treading
the same path.
It hurt me.
The jail changes every
person, Parag.
Try to go out, just like
you came in here.
Ghosh, you're very well-known.
You've received so many
international awards.
What are you doing here?
What can I say?
21/2 years ago, one night the police
arrested me from my home...
...and accused me of being
linked to the naxalites.
Yaqub, sir when the government
...to giving awards, all
the rest are forgotten.
I spent two years in Nasik jail.
And, after that I've been here.
Hey, what's going on?
Don't you want to sleep?
Go and sleep... talking nonsense.
Baba, is everything fine? - Yes.
Is everything fine?
Did you've dinner?
Sir, how can I've any problems
with you around?
Sir, your cut of the
protection money...
...is with Shadab Laundry.
And, for everyone else too.
You can take it from there. - Fine.
Sir, please take care of my men.
Baba, do you need to say that?
Now, go rest.
Hey. - What's wrong?
Someone's here. Come
on. - Who is it?
Who is it now?
Meeting time. Parag Dixit.
The Delhi house Why
did mother sell it?
There was no other option, Parag.
Believe me, there was
no other option.
It's been eight months.
The lawyer's fee and
other expenses.
But you don't worry. It's okay.
Once you come out, everything
will be alright.
Enough Mansi, enough.
People have been in
here for years.
Why are you giving me false hopes.
Move on, move on.
You'd applied for international
The day you receive a call from
there just forget me and go.
Appointment letter, Parag.
Great. What you waiting for?
You've your entire life
ahead of you, Mansi.
Make most of it, go.
The heart's Ionely,
so is this journey.
My wounds feel painless now.
Life has committed atrocities.
But still you blessed
me with your grace.
I felt we were always separate.
O Lord.
Heed to my prayers.
Listen to my requests.
What mistakes have I made?
You're in my thoughts.
I was never separate from you.
My eyes search for you.
I felt we were always separate.
O Lord.
Heed to my prayers.
There's darkness everywhere.
Why don't you leave us?
The heart feels deserted.
But you still dwell in it.
Let there be dawn again.
I felt we were always separate.
O Lord.
Heed my prayers.
Gani, I can't defend your
case any longer.
Why, Kadri what did I do?
- What do you mean, why?
I haven't received my fees
for the last six hearings.
And, your wife, Sabina
where is she?
She hasn't met me for the
past one and half month.
You must know something.
- I don't know anything.
I sent my man to your house,
but she isn't there.
And, she has changed her
mobile number as well.
Did you check the factory...
- Enough. That's all.
I cannot do anything else.
You can appoint some other lawyer.
And, I'll handover
your case papers...
...to the jail authorities.
- Lawyer sir, I...
Come to welding shed once
you two finish work.
These clothes have been lying
around for the past four days.
No, my hand... - When
will you wash them?
His hands are paining.
What can I do? - Kabir.
I need to get out of jail.
In return I'll do anything
you ask me to.
I'm ready.
Greetings. - Sit down.
A person isn't bad, he only
goes through a bad phase.
It will be done.
Thank you.
Will he do our work?
Listen, here's the gun.
And, this is the photo.
His name is Damania.
He comes to Worli Seaface at 5,30
every morning for a walk.
His car's number is written
at the back.
You've to kill him, okay.
Don't be afraid.
Get it.
Come on, go on.
Excuse me. - Yes.
It's locked Didn't
Sabina live here?
She lived here earlier.
Now, she has moved to Behrampada...
...in some Khoja Lane.
Someone else has bought this room.
Play, quickly. - I don't have
any good card to play with.
Where were you, Sabina?
Where were you? - You didn't
even come and meet me.
I searched frantically for you.
And you know, with
great difficulty...
...I bailed myself
out just for you.
And, why did you leave our
home in Naya Nagar...
...and shift here to Behrampada?
Whose house is this?
And, where is our child?
Our Meru, tell me.
Who is it, Sabina?
What else could I've done?
How long would I've lived alone?
I took help of this man rather
than going back...
...to the beer bar where
you brought me from.
So, what did I do wrong?
Ganni, no.
Ganni, no. Ganni, no. Iook,
don't try to act smart.
Gain... - Don't shoot, Ganni.
- Ganni, leave him.
Lower the gun. Don't fire. - Leave
him for Meru's sake.
Lower your gun and leave.
Ganni, listen to me. - Ganni,
come to your senses.
Leave him for Meru's sake.
You're already serving sentence
for one murder, -Lower your gun.
Ganni, I say lower the gun.
You're under the oath
of your child.
Lower your gun.
Ganni, control your anger.
Think about your child.
- Think about Meru.
Mr. Parag Dixit, have
you received a copy...
...of your charge sheet? - Yes.
Your lawyer.
Mr. Parag Dixit, you've
been accused that...
...on 6th April, at 8:15 pm.
You were driving in
Bandra in your car.
A team of police tried
to stop you.
You and your deceased co-accused
Keshav Rathod...
...together fired at the police.
For which, you're being
charged with...
...IPC section 307, read with 34.
The second charge is, two
kilos of cocaine...
...and 21/2 kilos brown
sugar was recovered...
...from your car with number
plate MH-04-BH-3254...
...in your and the deceased
co-accused possession.
For which, you've been
charged with...
...NDPS section 21.
So, do you plead guilty?
Thank you, sir.
For the first time in
the last two years...
...someone has asked me whether
I'm guilty or not.
No, sir.
I'm not guilty.
Next hearing, October 24th.
October 24th.
Come, Ghalib. Take a seat.
What happened during your meeting?
You look worried.
Desai, I just found out that
mother is very sick.
You know, until now I never
asked anyone for help.
But, I'm in trouble today.
My mother has been admitted
in a hospital in Surat.
If she isn't operated upon,
she won't survive.
If I would've been outside...
...I could've arranged for
the money somehow.
But, here...
Please help me.
Or else, my mother won't survive.
She'll die.
My mother will die.
Ghalib, Ghalib don't worry.
I'll do something. How
much do you want?
15-20 thousand. - 15-20 thousand?
Jayesh Soda.
I've a bookie partner
called Jayesh Soda.
This is his number and address.
I've written it down here.
Get this letter to him some how...
...and, he'll get your work done.
Thank you, Desai. Thank you.
I want to say one, especially for
you. - Yes, of course Ghalib.
From today, I'll be forever
indebted to you.
I'll bow before you each moment.
When I die, I'll be taking
your name, Desai.
Thank you.
Bye. - Bye.
Sir. - Yes.
Give this at the address. - Okay.
You'll get the money there. - Okay.
Will my work be done, sir?
It will be done, don't worry.
Now go, it will be done.
Take care, sir.
Yes, come on. Come on.
- The truck is here.
Come on, come further. Yes.
Come on. Stop, stop,
Come, come. - Pick up the trash.
You start from there.
Did you get the staff
quarters or not?
No, sir, the room hasn't
been vacated yet.
Why? Sharma sir retired
two months ago.
He didn't get a room yet.
Look Gaikwad, it's very difficult
to get a staff quarters.
Someday you'll find out,
that someone else...
...is waiting in the queue
as well. - Yes.
Come down, give me a cigarette.
- Yes, sir.
Get those bags at the back.
Empty everything. - Yes,
I get it, I get it.
Hey trash-man.
Hey boy.
Take us along too.
Stop, stop.
Note down the vehicles
out time. - Yes.
And, who is on night duty?
Jadav, Chauhan and Mishra...
- Do one thing...
...ask Jadhav to do double duty.
Fine, sir.
Ashish, Chauhan.
The vehicle's been checked.
Get down, quickly...
...its time for the court's
vehicle to arrive.
- Come on, let it go.
Let it go, let it go.
Come on, go.
I never thought, I'll get to
see the open sky again.
I never thought God will heed
to my prayers again.
Ghalib has shed enough
tears of sorrow.
I never thought, someday
I'll shed tears of joy.
Wow, how nice.
The rest of the barracks are fine.
- What's the status here?
Sir, there's one missing
here. - Who?
Ghalib Suratwala.
Ghalib. Anyway, it's
been rightly said...
...never blow trumpets
of your good deeds.
I must admit, who thought...
Good. At least one person
will get out of here...
Good. At least one person
will get out of here...
...and lead a normal life.
What do you think?
That he'll live comfortably
after escaping from here?
This doesn't end here.
You've to keep running
all your life.
Life long.
Wherever he goes, he'll
always be afraid.
Either he'll be caught, or
be shot by the police.
Mr. Parag Dixit, you and the
deceased co-accused...
...Keshav Rathod, have been charged
under IPC section 307...
...for firing at a police officer.
But, the prosecution has
failed to prove...
...that you knew, that the
deceased co-accused...
...Keshav Rathod was
carrying firearm.
And, he was willing to fire
at the police officials.
That's why, you're
being acquitted...
...from IPC charge of 307.
However NDPS act, section
21, under which...
...you've been accused that,
drugs were recovered...
...from your possession of
commercial quantity...
...is proved beyond doubt.
You're being convicted
in this charge.
Do you want to say anything
about your sentence?
Sir, sir I didn't commit
this crime, sir.
Sir, that wasn't my bag sir.
Please, sir.
That stage has already passed now.
Do you've to say anything
about the sentence?
Your Honour, Mr. Parag
Dixit is a young man.
He has a family to run.
I request, that he's given
least sentence.
The court sentences
Mr. Parag Dixit...
...to 10 years of rigorous
...under NDPS act section 21.
And 200,000 rupees fine.
If he fails to pay the fine...
...he will be sentenced to two
more years of imprisonment.
'The court's verdict didn't
just crush Parag's hopes.'
'That verdict crushed
Parag itself.'
'He withdrew into himself.'
'I saw a strange suffocation,
a strange silence in him.'
'Mansi and mother came to
see him many times.'
'But Parag never saw them.'
Madam, he doesn't want to see you.
Please leave. - Sir...
'I tried my best to relieve
him from his sufferings.'
'But a person, that has severed
all ties with life...
...he won't abide by any
other relation.'
'It seemed like, Parag
wasn'thing more...
...than a number on the
jail's register.'
'He'd stopped living.'
I asked for 50 coupons, but he
said he'll give only five.
Chandu is standing there.
Chandu, how are you?
I need to get out of here.
Talk to Baba, please.
Do you know what you're saying?
You're a family man.
Don't get into these hassles.
And, then your case has been
submitted in the high court.
Who knows? You might
get acquitted.
Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen.
I've been lying to myself
for the past two years.
Eight years, eight years more.
I can't waste it in
this false hope.
Either... either this
jail will kill me.
Or I'll kill myself.
Okay. Let's say I talk to Baba.
And he gets you out of here.
Then? What will you do
once you're outside?
I'll do anything.
I just, want to leave from here.
Anything, what do you mean?
Baba never does anything for free.
If Baba says, you've to go
out and kill someone...
...will you do it?
Tell me, tell me.
There's a letter from
the DIG's office...
...60 inmates from our jail will
be shifted to other jails.
I've made a list.
Here. - Sir.
The shifting is after
two days. - Yes, sir.
Just see that everything goes
smoothly. - Okay, sir.
Did you talk to Baba?
Baba has received a tip.
Routine transfer will be
carried out in the jail.
40-50 inmates are being shifted
to another place.
Baba has used his influence and,
included your name as well.
Look, don't tell anyone
anything. - No.
Whatever is to be done next, what
will be our next movement...
...I'll inform you about it.
Get that.
Come on.
There's news for you.
You're being shifted
to Nasik jail.
Routine transfer is being
carried out in the jail.
Look, Parag... I know you've
lost faith in everything.
But still, I'd say
don't lose hope.
God tests your goodness.
But he's never unjust.
I'm leaving. - Don't worry, I've
arranged for everything.
Go towards the Gorakhpur border.
There, you'll meet up with my men.
From there, leave
for Nepal. - Okay.
Oh, yes... what's the name of
that boy? Parag. - Yes.
I've arranged him to go with you.
Tiger. Go.
Ingle. - Sir. - Have we finished,
Nagpur and Pune? - Yes, sir.
Get the vehicle. Come on, everyone
get in. - Get in, come on.
Take them away. - Satam.
Nasik and Kolhapur.
Start quickly.
Suhas Patil.
Feroze Akhtarwala.
- Raise your hands.
Habib Pahelwan. - Come on.
Open your bag. - Hurry up, come
on, quickly. - Move ahead.
Javed Konkani. - Come on,
Nasik. - Sit here.
Let me see. - Come on, hurry
up. - Rajjo Khan.
Check him properly. - Mishra.
- Go that way. - Hurry up.
Rafiq Lakdawala.
Kabir Malik.
Raise your hands. - Sit here.
Move ahead.
Sarabjeet Singh. - Go there.
Rajjo Khan. - Raise your
hands. - Kolhapur.
Harif Baig. - This way.
Raise your hands.
- Rafiq Patrawala.
Sawant. - Yes, the Nasik
line, that way.
Jairam Cheriyan. - Kolhapur.
Sit here.
Parag Dlxit. - Sarbjeet Singh.
Amit Sinha. - This way. - Yes,
stand in the Nasik line.
Faiyyam Kaju. - What's in this?
Hey. - Hanif Baig.
Raju Khatri. - Acting smart.
Tony Rajan. - Kolhapur.
Come on, Tony Rajan.
Jairam Cheriyan. Nasik.
Take care of yourself.
Dilip Mishra.
Parag Dixit. Nasik, go that
way. - Samat Sheik.
Not, Nasik. Kolhapur.
But, sir its written Nasik here.
Ingle, Kolhapur.
Okay, sir.
Hey, this way. Kolhapur.
This way.
Sit here.
Come on, come on. Hurry up.
Deepak Bhave.
Ashish Podwal. - Basar, take over.
Come on, come on.
Prem Mishra. - Raise your hands.
Who is Prem Mishra?
Sir, I'd sent requisitions
for extra rooms.
Did you find out anything
about that?
Dismantling shed no.2 is
practically impossible. - Oh.
Yes, we can make a shed outside
no. 4 for the OPD.
Okay, I'll let you know. - Okay.
Okay. - Okay, thank you.
Is everything fine?
Nawab. - Yes, sir.
Girish Bajaj. - Hurry up.
What's in this bag? - Sharafat
Ali... - Ingle.
Sir. - Is the vehicle
for Kolhapur ready?
Yes, sir. Then leave,
quickly. - Okay, sir.
Come on,
Come on, get up, come
on. - Get in the van.
Dominic Pereira.
Come on, hurry up.
Send him to Nasik.
Come on, check him properly.
Rahim Mishra. - Move ahead.
Close the gate. - Yes, sir.
Do one thing. - Sir.
Send Kasim and Chauhan to take
attendance. - Yes, sir.
And, did you write the out time
for the van to Kolhapur.
Yes, sir. - Get the to van
moving to Nasik as well.
Hey, do you've it?
- No, get inside.
Do you've matches?
Come on, scream.
Fire, fire... Constable,
constable... there's fire.
Fire. Douse it. Douse it...
Pull him... pull him inside as well.
There's a problem, park
the van at the side.
Park the van at the
side. Why you...
Where are you going, fatso?
What are you waiting for,
park the van at the side.
Come on.
Come on, run. Run.
Run, run.
Nandu, Sawant come on. Run.
Come on.
Parag, come on. - Come
on, Parag. Let's go.
Come on, Parag.
Come, Parag come, come on.
What happened, Parag?
Parag, why are you going back?
Come on, Parag.
This isn't the time to think.
You wanted to get out of jail,
didn't you? - What happened now?
You won't get such a chance again.
What are you thinking?
Come on, Parag.
Come on, Parag.
Parag, you're being crazy.
What are you doing, Parag?
Hey, wait.
Keep me updated. Okay?
Listen, Nawab. - Yes.
I've received information that
a squabble broke out between...
...the policemen and the inmates
in the Kolhapur jail van.
Two of our constables
are badly injured.
Kabir Malik and five other
inmates have escaped.
Just one guy didn't flee.
Parag Dixit.
'This is victory for Parag
and my faith in him.'
'And a defeat for every
evil that wanted to... '
'... destroy Parag's humanity
had lost.'
'In Kolhapur jail Parag
tried to live again.'
'He regained his faith in
himself and his life.'
'After some time Parag's
case hearing... '
'... began in the High Court.'
'Mansi appointed a new lawyer
for Parag's case.'
My Lord, the trial court
has refused...
...to accept two important
pieces of evidence.
Point number one, the
footage taken...
...from the CCTV at the
appellant's office.
Which you saw just now.
It can be clearly seen
that on that day...
...when the appellant
left the office...
...he wasn't carrying the bag that
contained drugs, My Lord.
Point number two, records
of the calls...
...made from the appellant's cell.
The transcriptions and the
voice analysis report.
It proves that all the calls
to the drug peddlers...
...were made from the
appellant's phone.
But but none of the voices
belonged to the appellant.
Yes, Keshav Rathod's
voice was found.
My Lord, if the appellant
had been...
...a professional drug dealer...
...then when the police's car
started pursuing him...
...he didn't speed away.
On the contrary, the appellant
slowed down his car.
And when the police
intercepted him...
...Keshav Rathod got down from
the car and he fled.
The appellant didn't.
And most importantly, My Lord.
Keshav Rathod got down from
the car and he fled.
Keshav Rathod had unlicensed
Keshav Rathod fired at the police.
It means Keshav Rathod knew that...
...there were drugs worth
35 millions in the car.
The appellant didn't know that.
My Lord, Keshav Rathod
used the appellant.
He used his car. He used his
house. He used his phone.
He used his innocence.
So My Lord, the appeal deserves
to be allowed...
...and the appellant be acquitted.
Thank you, My Lord.
The trial court has committed
serious errors of law and facts.
In the result this appeal
must succeed...
...and is accordingly allowed the
impute judgement and order...
...convicting and sentencing the
appellant of the offence...
...punishable under section 21
of the NDPS Act is set aside.
The appellant stands
free of the charge.
He be immediately set free.
Unless required for
any other offence.
This appeal is admitted.
'Nobody came to meet
me in 12 years.'
'But for the first time my
name was called out.'
'I was very happy to see
Parag and Mansi.'
'And I felt solace too.'
'Parag left from jail as the
same man who had come here.'
'I told you.'
'Inmates might not accept jail.'
'But jail forms a bond with them.'