Jailbird (2022) Movie Script

Well then, I'm going.
- Do you need any help?
- What do you think!?
A baby?!
Where... Where are we?
At the prison.
What were you doing outside the prison?!
I just got released.
Oh, shit!
here's your little boy!
A boy?! What?!
It's a boy!
Yeah, laugh it up...
What's so funny?!
I hope you don't piss on me at least
There you go
Leave it to me.
You sure can laugh.
You didn't do anything wrong...
First of all, make sure he's all clean
before you change him.
I've got a license
for this kind of things.
I've done it dozens of times
with my daughter.
One, two,
three, et voil!
Is he eating enough?
He doesn't take my breast.
That's okay,
you still have to get to know each other.
Get familiar.
What shall we name him?!
- Hyacinth?!
- It's still a flower, right?
Just another thing you sucked at...
He looks just like me, doesn't he?!
Are you guys ready?
Do you renounce sin,
so as to live in the freedom
of the children of God?
I do.
Do you renounce the evil's temptation, so
that sin may have no mastery over you?
I do.
Do you renounce Satan,
the author and origin of all sin?
I do.
Move the baby closer.
With the sacrament of Baptism,
we, the parents...
The keys! Gimme the keys
or I'll kill him! The keys!
Hey, hey, easy, easy, relax!
What do you think you're doing?
This is your son!
Hey, you're gonna make the baby cry.
Do you want a cigarette?
It'll help you think straight.
They're inside.
You could have at least
taken me with you!
What now?
What are we gonna do now?!
I gotta do this.
Do you see?
You better stay where you are.
And by the way, thank you.
I could have never made it without you.
See ya!
Hey, look. He can walk! And run!
Where is he going?! Come here!
Where are you going?!
Call the other officers!
No! Where is he going?
Where are you going? Let's go!
Don't do anything stupid, Rocky
Hey, baby bear.
Come here.
Let's go back to your mum
Is your name Hyacinth?
You can come whenever you want.
So kiddo, which are the blue keys
and what are they for?
Blue keys open the wings and the cells.
Who are the blue keys for?
People who did bad stuff.
Then we've got the red keys.
Who are the red keys for?
The ones who didn't do bad stuff.
Blue, Bad. Blue...
Blue, bad. Blue, bad. Very bad.
You've talked!
He talks!
So, are we good to go?
Have you brushed your teeth?
Did you pee? It's not like...
It's not like you're gonna pee on yourself
and we'll make a bad impression, right?!
Happy birthday, buddy!
Do you like it?
You can put all your stuff in here.
This is a State Corrections Officer.
Take it out.
Why do I have to go?
It's the law.
You're a big boy now
you can no longer stay here.
Anyway, you can come visit me
whenever you like, you know?
Whenever you want,
I'll always be there.
Why are they running away?
They're not running away,
they're just running.
Where to?
See, this is Father Aldo.
- Hyacinth.
- Good morning.
Come, you'll be fine.
You'll make a lot of friends.
Jack! Jack!
Where are you going?
This isn't our bus stop! Hyacinth!
Hyacinth! Hya...
Kids, please, let's all greet Hyacinth
and welcome him in our big beautiul
family. Everyone say, hi Hyacinth!
- Hi Hyacinth!
- Good boys! So, Hyacinth...
You can put your backpack
in the closet over there.
Your bed is the one on the bottom.
I beg you kids, be nice to him.
See you at dinner.
What kind of name is Hyacinth, anyway?
I was supposed to be a girl.
I should have been named Rose.
If you're a faggot, you like boys,
then you can't be with us
Faggot. Faggot. Faggot.
- Stop!
- Are you alright?
Your lawyer is coming.
He's at the security desk.
So, what's going on here?!
You know you can't run away like that,
don't you?! You got us all worried!
What did you do?
What about him?
There you go.
Why is Mom not here?
She couldn't come.
Is she there?
She's not in the infirmary...
She's not in isolation either...
Why can't I stay here?
Only criminals can stay here.
What's a criminal supposed to do
to end up here?
What kind of question is that,
Only people
who hurt someone end up in here.
That's it.
- Can you please get off that?
- What happened, young boy?
Are you lost?
Could you please lean over?
What the fuck...
Would you please take
me to prison now?
- To prison!? You're a juvenile.
- You can't go to prison.
- You've got to be at least eighteen.
- Now, take me to your father.
how's it going with that priest?
Are they still beating you up?
You're not my son.
You gotta stand up for yourself!
- You left it at Security
- Thanks...
they don't even inspect
that thing anymore?
No smoking in the visiting room.
Stop kissing their asses!
You know what you need?
The same thing I need too.
Some fresh air.
Would you help Mom get some fresh air?
Give me a pen.
Look me in the eyes.
Are we good?
May I have some water?
- In a bottle!
- What's that about?
Do you need a straw too?
Alright, let me check
what I have over there.
Hey, baby bear!
Do you have everything?
The water?
They don't even give you water now?
Come closer.
What! What did you do?!
You peed on yourself!?
- Sorry!
- What happened?
We've got a situation over here.
Can I take him to the toilet?
Alright, but hurry up!
Are you stupid?!
I said "men's clothes"!
Father Aldo is the only man
in the group home...
And I'm supposed to get out
of here wearing these?!
The shoes.
I brought these too!
You're the worst thing
that has ever happened to me!
How do I look?
What do I do now?
Lucia, get back here!
Where are you going?!
Shit, shit!
Open up. Open the door!
Don't be stupid. Open it!
Do you know the truth?
What truth?
- Asshole!
- Retarded!
Sooner or later you'll have to get
out of here.
- Let's throw him out the window!
- Get out you asshole!
Good morning, kiddo.
Something happened to Mom?
What did you do?
Did anything happen to Mom?
Your mother?
Why, didn't she tell you?
- She really didn't tell you anything?
- No.
Your mother's no longer here ...
She used her statutory benefits.
She's gone.
Gone where?
I don't know that.
You could check the records.
- Good morning.
- Good morning!
Hey, what the hell...
Dear colleagues,
I'm very grateful for what you did...
See, the boy's a little...
That's okay.
- Thank you.
- Don't worry.
Thank you!
You think it's okay to go around
and say you want to go to jail?
You're lucky they thought you're dumb.
What's wrong with you?!
There's a whole world out there and
you wanna be locked up in jail? Tell me!
Is that what you really want?
Tell me!
Hey, buddy!
- I'm gonna let you in right away.
- Hi Jack!
We've been having some
minor issues here but we're fixing them.
No way, it's stuck.
Be patient a little longer.
Maybe I can get through.
- I could get through.
- Through here?
- Give me your luggage.
- Sure.
Careful with it.
- This one.
- Is it a little too big?
- Are you sure?
- I'm gonna try.
Easy with that, you're gonna get hurt.
- I got stuck.
- I see!
- Wait, let's try and push.
- Okay.
On the count of three.
One... Two...
And three...
C'mon, you can't even tie your knot.
Who would've thought?!
I've never been on this side before.
If you're here, it's because you're
different from your parents. Got it?
Up with your shoulders!
- Excuse me, director Malin?
- Please.
Please, take a seat.
So, you were born here?!
Life is not easy in here.
Shifts are exhausting.
Overtime isn't well paid,
when it is paid.
You're locked up in here all the time...
But we are a family.
And that's what matters.
So, if anything's wrong, you come to me.
Do you know how
many male officers we have
in this women's correctional facility?
They're all in this room!
You're here
because the Commander guaranteed
that you are the person we needed.
I hope he's not wrong.
The Commander will give you
all the instructions. Any questions?
- Where am I going to stay?
- What do you mean?
I don't have a place to sleep.
Do you want to sleep here?
The old officers' lodgings maybe?
Do you really want to live in prison?
Here you go
If it makes you happy.
- I know it's not the Plaza...
- It's perfect!
Okay kiddo, you start tonight.
You'll do some night shifts
since you're the new guy.
At the security desk they'll give you
the keys to the wing and to your section.
The blue keys are divided into sections,
so you have to consider that there's--
I know the keys, Jack.
You sure do.
Are you sleeping?
You haven't changed!
You run like you did
when you were a gnome.
- Rocky?!
- No.
It's not you.
But you're playing on another team now.
What team?
You're still here?
Yeah, I forgot to leave.
Can I do anything for you?
Do you need anything?
Keep running.
I like it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
I've been assigned to the chapel?!
I've seen the CCTV footage.
You idiot!
I kissed dozens of people's arses to have
you work here and what do you do?
You break the rules the very first day!
And for whom? For her?
Congratulations, officer Forzato!
You're not ready for the wings. Being
in the chapel will give you time to think.
That's all.
It's boring, isn'it?
How did you get here?
You shouldn't be here.
A tea set...
You remembered, after all this time!
When you arrived in my cell that time,
thought you'd come again.
So, I bought!
But I never came back.
For years I imagined how you had grown
how you became...
Why did you come back, boy?
'Cause there's nothing I can do outside.
you can run.
Run while you can...
- Why are you all dressed up?
- You said it was an emergency.
- You said it was an emergency.
- Well, not that kind of emergency.
Thank you for coming. I know this
will come out unorthodox, but...
I need men.
- What is it?
- It's nothing, ma'am.
- We're always at your disposal.
- Always.
He has never done anything like it.
He usually stays at home or goes out
with the girl who's helping me with him.
No problem, ma'am.
How did he get up there?
Maybe from the balcony?
- You see, I couldn't call the police...
- You did what was best.
We can handle it.
What is his name?
Mr. Malin?
It's Jack.
Do you remember me?
Hi, Mr. Malin.
Does Mom know you're here?
Dad, that's not your brother!
It's Hyacinth.
Would you follow us down?
Don't take me back there...
Maybe not right away...
What is he doing?!
How much?
Ten fingers better than before.
Officer Forzato?
Come, come.
You wanna be a marathon runner?
With that body of yours?
Or you wanna break out of prison?
I mean,
you should get some free time.
You should...
You should go out.
Get it?
Do you wanna come over for dinner
at my place, tonight?
- Yeah, dinner.
- Alright...
See you at eight.
Have you met Olivia yet?
Not even by chance?
Olivia's studying to be a nurse.
Not a nurse, dad!
A healthcare social worker.
She's doing an internship down at the
hospice, the rest home, just out of town.
So I've never invited you over, right?!
It's a nice house.
It was expensive, but at least I can sleep
twenty minutes longer than I used to.
Do you like it?
They were supposed to place
solar panels but then, you know...
The usual false promises
At last!
I hope it didn't dry up in the oven.
It'll be fine, don't worry.
Wait, where's that red wine I got?
Honey, would you please go get it?
Don't ask for medical advice
if you won't listen to it.
Doctors are all the same.
You tell 'em your finger hurts
and they forbid you from doing anything.
They'd forbid you to die if they could!
Happy birthday, buddy!
- Thanks...
- You thought I'd forget, didn't you?
C'mon, be honest
- Can you hold it for me?
- Course!
It's another way to run away.
- Nice!
- Yeah!
Let me go grab that bottle
and make a toast.
- Is everything fine!?
- Yeah, of course.
You're a good guy,
because I raised you just fine.
Even your parents should be happy
after all!
I wanted to be different,
I wanted to be more...
I wanted to be better.
I've got an artistic soul,
you know... Not of a...
You're the best person I know.
We gotta leave this place.
Me and you.
Yeah, we gotta go away.
Let's leave, come on.
Is everything alright?
What's that?
A present.
What's it for?
You can surf with this.
In the sea?
The Internet.
See outside?
See the sea?
Of course.
Where do you wanna go?
The ocean?
It seems so close...
You can keep it.
So you learn how to use it.
Are you out of your mind or what?!
Was it you?
You gave it to her??
Do you have any idea
what that woman has done
to spend the rest of her life in here?!
Do you know?
Think! Think, for Christ's sake!
The Lord knows what she could have
done if she got in touch with anyone!
You idiot!
You're such an idiot!
I can't breathe.
I'm retiring in three months.
I'll go back to my home town.
You know, they've changed the name
of the street where I was born.
It always had the same name, and now...
now they've changed it!
But I can stay if you want...
I really don't give a damn about retiring.
I can stay, you know, I'd do that.
I don't want to be like you.
I don't want to still be here
in forty years
trying to convince
the others that everything's fine.
What was that?
Come on, did I hurt your feelings?
What's wrong?
Do you really think
you're so different from them?
You're locked in here, too.
You're just like them.
I'm sorry, Jack.
It's nothing.
Let's go!
I'm not wearing... this stuff!
Why not?
Seems like a time machine.
Feels like being in the future.
Rocky, let's go!
How come you're still in jail
after all this time?
I had children.
And what happened?
Now I don't...
have them anymore.
We better go back before the shift ends.
I gotta take a piss.
Rocky, where are you?!
We have to go.
Oh shit!
Excuse me,
I'm looking for Hyacinth Forzato.
- What?
- I'm looking for Hyacinth Forzato.
That's me.
Good, I'm your public defender.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Well, the good news is that
the judge reckoned detention
in a facility wasn't necessary.
So you're under house arrest,
with the obligation to sign in.
Where will you have your residency?
Excuse me?
Where is your residency?
Here, in prison?
I live here...
So you're telling me that you wish
to spend your house arrest in prison?!
Excuse me?
You want to spend
your house arrest in prison?
In the lodgings.
If it makes you happy...
Are you familiar with your obligations?
Of course he
is. Perhaps that's even what he wants.
Excuse me?
I said, he knows his duties.
I need you to sign here...
Come on in.
What's all that?
She wrote it down in her will.
It's Rocky's stuff.
- What am I supposed to do with it?
- I don't know, but it's your stuff now.
Come on, open it. Anyway...
- She signed me up for a race...
- A race?
What kind?
Give it here.
Following the online application...
we look forward to seeing you
at the annual cross country running race.
Rocky signed you up to a marathon!?
Well, you can't join, anyway.
You're under house arrest.
Run while you can.
What, you think a race
will change your life?
Just try to be good,
you'll see all will be fine.
You might even get your job back.
I know how these things work.
You wanted to go to jail?
Well, this is how it works here.
Don't worry, those don't open anything.
It helps him calm down.
I, too, grew up in here.
- He was here before me.
- Was he an inmate?
He was the prison director.
I took his place.
We might as well have played
in the same corners.
You see, at the end of the day,
we're sedentary animals.
We're born, live,
and die, all in the same place.
It looks like the two of you
get on just fine.
Yeah, you two are in perfect harmony.
The Commander asked me to let
you run, here, inside the facility.
If you look after him until I'm back,
I'll think about that permit.
What do you say?
And his guarantor...
So, is everything clear?
If you see we're stuck,
be careful not to speed up too much
Otherwise, we'll loose the signal.
Look, everybody here has bet on you.
- So try to not to...
- I got it Jack. No bullshit.
Okay, let's start this circus.
Good luck, kiddo!
So, is everyone ready?
Five... four... three...
Two... one... go!
Hey Hyacinth!
Hey, he's catching up!
Go kiddo! Go!
Wait what, has he stopped?
Does this thing work?
What... what the hell is he doing?
What are you doing?
Follow him!
- I can't.
- Damn it!
Stop! Stop!
Let me out!
Open the door!
I know... Me too...
Where will you go?
Wait, wait!!
I wanna name her after you!
What's your name?
So, it should be Hyacinthia?
What about Rose?