Jailbreak Lovers (2022) Movie Script

Oh, my god, John!
What are you doing?
No! No!
They're trying to kill us!
Slow down!
John, slow down!
You're probably wondering
how I got myself
into this situation.
Well, let me tell you a story.
Is this right?
How's this?
Great, Toby.
Maybe start by telling us
how you would describe yourself.
How would I describe myself?
Oh, geez.
I don't know.
I'm pretty boring,
if you want to know the truth.
Hi. Uh, I'm the man
formerly known as John Maynard.
Now I'm inmate 5564789-43.
It's a lot of numbers
to remember,
but I got some time on my hands.
Rest of my life, actually.
I never smoked a cigarette.
I married the first man
I ever dated.
People say
I manipulated Toby for freedom.
That's a load of crap.
It had nothing to do with that.
I was a rule-follower,
that's for sure.
except that one time.
The real reason
I did what I did was simple...
- We were in love.
- We were in love.
Before all this happened,
if you had asked me
what my life was like,
I would have said
my life was just perfect.
But it wasn't, of course.
I'd just been laid off
from my job,
and my son had started college,
so house was pretty empty.
Life had just become...
one big checklist.
The truth is,
my life wasn't about me.
That was a tricky one,
but I finally got it.
You want to see
how it turned out?
Yeah, I see.
You know, I was thinking...
that maybe we could get a dog
or a couple of kittens.
Well, you know, now that
Adam is-is off on campus,
we don't have to worry so much
about his allergies, so I...
He still comes over for dinner,
drops off his laundry for you
every couple of weeks.
Yeah, I guess that's true.
Hard-to-adopt dogs
are starting to symbolize
a ray of hope for inmates
in a program
that rehabilitates them both.
The positive influence
the pups have on the inmates
is almost instantaneous.
Prisoners learn
to train the dogs...
You know,
I just love working here.
I've always wanted
to work with animals.
And some day, I'd like to do
something like that...
something meaningful.
Well, you should try.
You might be good at it.
Can I make some calls?
- Hi.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Everything seemed normal...
until a visit with my dad.
you've got cancer?
You don't need to worry
about me, though.
Of course,
I'm gonna worry, Dad. What...
We've got a great doctor.
Uh, Doctor, uh...?
That's right, Dr. Swamy.
He believes
in aggressive treatment,
so that's good.
I mean,
with radiation and chemo,
there's a chance
that it'll shrink down.
It's amazing what the doctors
can do these days.
Uh, did they say what,
uh, what stage it's at?
Oh, geez.
My roast. Heh.
I don't want to burn it again.
Uh, Pat, can you lend me a hand?
Yeah, you bet.
All right,
that's enough for today.
I'm putting the game on.
I'm not dead yet.
Are you in pain, Dad?
Never felt better.
You know me, I'm a tough tomato.
I know.
One foot in front of the other,
That's all we can do.
It's all we can do.
My d ad's cancer
was kind of an eye-opener.
It made me realize
that any of us could go
at any time,
and I just felt
I hadn't really done anything
with my life.
That didn't sit right with me.
It didn't sit right
with me at all.
Oh, hey, Deb.
Come on.
Let me help you.
Come on,
we'll get you fixed up.
Toby, we got ourselves
a big boy today.
- Aw.
- I'm calling him "Buddy."
Found him on 12th and Victory.
I can't look at every stray
off the street, Deb.
I'm running a business.
He is so sweet.
Someone is gonna claim him.
He's a large breed,
and the shelters
are at capacity.
Are you taking him home?
Only wish I could.
I am living with my mother
right now.
Ah, with Adam at college,
I could make some room
at the house.
You two like strays
more than I do.
Oh, we sure do.
You should see
some of my ex-boyfriends.
Ah, yeah. I've met them.
Geez. She's not kidding.
Don't worry, Pat.
I'll keep in him in the garage.
It's not for long.
Hey, Pat.
It was like,
as soon as I started
to take a little control
of my life,
God wanted me
to take a little more.
So, I told Mom,
if your diverticulitis
is acting up again,
you know, you really need
to call the doctor,
because he is here to help...
Uh, yes, I-I would love
to come into the prison
and give a presentation
to the warden.
- "Warden"?
- Friday?
Yeah, Friday at two
would be just fine.
No. No, thank you.
I'll see you soon.
That was...
That was one of the prisons
I called.
Yeah, they want us to come in
and give a presentation
about the rescue dogs
working with the inmates.
"Friday" Friday?
Like, two-days-from-now Friday?
You're what?
I'm giving a presentation
for the dog/prison program.
Geez, I hope they like it.
I don't like it.
At all!
I'm not gonna be alone
with any prisoners.
They are dangerous people.
Sure, okay,
but doesn't everyone deserve
to feel loved?
And there are guards
and Deb will be there.
You and Deb.
Two middle-aged women
who haven't so much
as stolen a candy bar.
Geez. I prefer "mature".
My dogs and your inmates.
Both need a little TLC.
Now, I truly believe
that they can
rehabilitate each other.
See, as an animal lover,
I know that dogs
make life better.
They just do.
Our program rescues dogs
from shelters.
We would bring them here,
and your prisoners would...
would train them
in basic obedience
and socialization.
When the dogs are ready,
we'll find them
their forever families.
Mr. Jenkins,
you and I both know
that dogs can have
a paws-itive... effect.
"Paws-itive," like...
Right. Paws...
I checked her references.
I mean, she seemed really nice,
she was a really nice lady.
Okay, so I didn't call them,
but I emailed them...
and, you know, some of them
got back to me.
I did everything
I was supposed to.
I mean,
I followed protocol and...
I mean,
who would've guessed, right?
And we were short-staffed, so...
so, no-brainer.
This is Toby and Deb
from the "Always Loved"
Dog Rescue.
Hi, ladies.
- Hi.
- We need you to show some I.D.
It's just routine.
- Okay?
- Thanks.
- Want to pop the trunk for me?
- Yeah.
Y'all ever been
to a prison before?
I picked up my cousin
from the drunk tank once.
This is a secure facility,
and we're starting small,
just a few prisoners,
but never let your guard down.
Got me?
What's up, beautiful?
I like the looks
of them bitches.
Don't make eye-contact.
I think
it's considered confrontational.
Here's Damian.
Ms. Young, Ms. Odum.
This is Mateo and Darnel.
This is a privilege,
and as such,
it can be taken away
at any time.
So listen up.
Be respectful.
I'll be watching.
Uh, welcome to the Always Loved
Dog Rescue Program.
I'm Toby and this is Deb.
And we brought
some friends along
to meet you guys.
Darnel... this is Gumbi.
He's a little hyper,
as you can see.
He was chained
outside a car dealership,
so he's got a lot to learn.
He's got some fear aggression,
so he needs a gentle hand.
I know how you feel.
And this...
is Princess.
Is she okay?
Why... Why is she shaking?
She was probably abused.
She needs you
to make her feel safe.
Look at that little thing, man.
Well, uh...
you'll be responsible
for the animals 24-7.
That means love, care,
feeding, grooming, exercise,
and teaching
some basic commands.
Well, how long
do we get to keep 'em for?
Well, that depends.
You'll know you've succeeded
at your job
when your dog
is ready to be adopted.
So we're sort of like
foster dads?
Yeah. A lot like that.
Excuse me.
You want me in your program.
I'm the best dog trainer
you'll see here.
Is that so?
It is.
Is that your name? Hooligan?
Some seem to think so.
It's my ink.
It's John.
John Maynard.
Hit the court
or get back inside.
Sorry. They're all
from the same cell block.
Be seeing you soon.
My first impression of John?
He just oozed confidence.
I thought, "Yeesh, here's a guy
who knows what he wants,"
and there is nothing
more attractive than that.
And sure enough, that next week,
when I brought more dogs
to the prison,
there he was.
All right, ladies, I'm adding
a few prisoners to the program.
All right, Toby,
they're all yours.
Told you I'd be back.
Hello, John.
Hey, Hooligan, what the hell
are you doing here?
This is the one.
This is my dog.
That's Jupiter,
and she's got some trust issues,
and she has been known to bite.
I can relate.
All right.
Well, your job
is to make her feel safe,
so you can start
by praising her.
Here you go.
John made that dog
his best friend.
He was the best dog trainer
I'd ever seen.
He had a way with...
well, geez... everybody.
It's smokin', right?
I know you like Caddies,
but I'm more of a Mustang man,
How's it going?
Good, just a couple buddies
hanging out.
I meant the training.
Well, time
for the dog-and-pony show.
Come on, Jupe. Let's go.
Jupe... sit.
Ah! That's a good girl!
I can't believe it.
She's a different dog.
You got a real talent
for this, John.
Well, I learned
from the best, teach.
That's a great smile.
Princess, look at you. Aw.
Yeah, she's like my ex.
A real bitch at first,
but she warms up
once you spoil her...
spa treatments, massages.
Well, good work, Mateo, John.
Your dogs are ready
for the adoption fair.
Actually, Toby...
you said, the first day,
that if we knew someone
who could adopt our dog...
that's my sister-in-law, Carmen.
If she takes Princess,
you know, she can send me photos
and updates, you know?
I'm happy to help.
I'll leave Princess with you
while I try to reach out, okay?
Appreciate it.
We knew this day was coming.
You saved her life, John.
She gets a second chance now.
I know.
You saved my life
a little, too, girl.
We were men
that were in a prison,
some of us for decades.
We weren't allowed
to touch each other,
to hug,
to pat each other on the back.
Human beings
need physical contact.
Toby and Toby's program...
God, it meant the world to us.
Today is
all about socialization,
so we gotta assert a calm energy
so the dogs stay calm.
Uh, John, can you run
this exercise by yourself?
Does that mean
I get to be teacher's pet?
Come on, man.
Mateo, I can't get
a hold of Carmen.
Yeah, well, you're gonna have
to call her at night, she works.
I've tried four or five times.
I've left messages, too.
You gotta keep trying, then.
I don't know.
I'm sorry, but if I can't
get a hold of her,
I'm gonna have to look into
another home for Princess.
Listen, cupcake.
I told you, not once, not twice,
but three times,
that she was
gonna take her, okay?
But, for some reason,
you're not listening.
I don't know what it is
that you're not catching,
but honestly, it's pissing me
the hell off right now,
so if you want an issue,
I got an issue with you, okay?
So what is it, huh?
You gonna listen or what?
- I'm-I'm...
- What?
Won't listen to me, huh?
Why won't you listen, huh?
Calm down.
Let the dog go.
All right?
Go back to your cell block.
You all right?
I just... I hope
this doesn't affect
your willingness
to continue with the program
'cause y-you're doing
a lot of good around here.
Well, can you assign me a guard?
I wish I could do that,
but we don't have the resources.
I won't let
anything happen to you, Toby.
Toby, this is
the absolute worst time
for me to be to telling
you this,
but I just found out
that Mom's diverticulitis
is acting up again.
I'm not gonna be able
to come to the prison
with you every day.
I promise to protect her, Deb.
Is that a "Scout's honor"
promise, John?
Are you okay with this, Toby?
Yeah, yeah. That's okay.
You got to take care
of your mom.
Thank you, John.
Thanks, John.
After the...
things calmed down...
and the program
just kept growing.
I mean, we were
having a lot of fun.
I mean, escorting her around,
protecting her...
it made me feel proud.
That was something
I hadn't felt in a long time...
maybe ever.
Lord, made a woman Outta me
You look good today.
Oh, thank you.
I mean, you look good every day.
How was your night?
It was fine.
Hey, good morning, Miss Toby.
Uh, I was wondering if I could
get one of them dogs.
Submit your letter.
Yeah, I went to bed early
last night.
How was your night?
It was great. I knew I was
gonna see you this morning.
Did you have any dreams?
Dreamt I was back in high school
and I took you to a dance.
All right, listen up!
Toby's got something to say.
It felt like
I was making a difference,
like what I was doing
was important.
I felt important.
Hey. You've reached Adam.
Leave a message
and I'll call you back.
Hey, honey. It's Mom.
Just finished up
at work for the day,
was hoping to talk with you.
I love you so much.
I miss you more.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, babe. Gotta go.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Let me... let me do it for you.
Thank you.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah. I'm great.
You know, you're, uh...
you're changing this place
for the better.
It was pretty hopeless
before you got here.
Yeah, I just bring dogs in.
You're the one
that's so good with them.
You know, the men
really respect you.
Respect means nothing
without a purpose.
You give these guys a purpose.
Escorting you around
is the best part of my day.
I don't know
if this is appropriate or not...
you look beautiful today.
It was like
pouring water on a dying plant.
You cutting out early?
Uh, nope, I'm here till five.
Uh, I thought you had, like,
a hot date or something.
Geez. Uh... no.
Do you need a hand there?
No, I've got this.
Can I ask you a question?
Uh, yeah.
You're here all the time,
like, sometimes
eight hours a day.
What does your husband
feel about you spending
all your time here?
Oh, he doesn't mind.
Hours spent here
are hours not spent at home.
Well, 30 years of marriage
has created a bond between us
that isn't measured
in hours-per-week.
30 years?
Yeah, I was 15 when I met him.
He was the only guy
I ever dated.
my most serious relationship
was when I was 15,
and I'm glad I didn't marry her.
Pretty sure she's glad
she didn't marry me, either.
he probably misses you
when you're gone.
I know I do.
Hey, Toby?
Can I get your help
with something out here?
I got this.
I was saying to Mom,
"if you want to feel better,
this is what you're gonna..."
Are you okay?
Yeah. Sorry.
I was thinking about something
the dogs were doing today.
Hey, did you change your makeup
or something?
Because you are glowing.
No. It's exactly the same.
Well, you really do look great.
Anyway, Toby,
I think I'm gonna
have to come here
even less
than I already have been.
Maybe I wanted
to believe I was changing.
So I give him the dog,
and you know what he said, Mom?
He said he couldn't believe
people would do
such horrible things to a dog.
This is John?
That's his name?
Yeah. John.
Well, John must have done
something pretty bad himself
to end up in prison.
No, well, see,
that's the whole point, Mom.
It's all about redemption
for these guys.
geez, it's just so powerful.
Where's Pat tonight?
On duty at the fire station.
He's been working
a lot of night-shifts.
You two spending
a lot less time together?
Can I go wake up Dad
and just say hi?
Let him sleep.
It sounds strange to say it,
but the prison
became my sort of escape.
I was given access
to the whole cellblock
and free reign
to go where I pleased.
Hey, baby.
How you doin'?
Oh, hey.
Brought you these...
some extra goodies
from the supply room.
Hey-hey. Hear that, bud?
She takes good care of us.
Yeah, I finished my paperwork,
if you could walk me out.
Sure. Yeah.
Um... come in.
Oh, you like music?
Yeah. I play, actually.
Oh, wow.
What do you play?
Anything with strings.
They let me have a guitar
out in the yard.
I'd love for you
to come see me sometime.
Is that your mom?
Oh, she's pretty.
She was.
I haven't seen her in six years.
What happened?
Just wears on people.
Yeah, first couple years,
she came every week,
and then once a month, then...
I'm sure she just moved on.
I understand that.
You have a big family?
Yeah. We...
We loved Sunday dinners.
Loved watching baseball games.
We all played music together.
We were really close.
I'm sure they miss you.
I hope they do.
There's something
I want to ask you,
and I know you're not
supposed to around here.
You want to know what I did?
It's okay.
I'd be curious, too.
First-degree felony murder,
aggravated robbery.
Me and a buddy
wanted to steal a car...
turns out there was
a guy sleeping in it.
And my buddy had a gun...
when the guy woke up,
things got out of hand,
and he shot him.
I didn't kill anyone.
Then why are you
in here for murder?
'Cause felony murder's
To get charged,
you just have to be there.
I'm not saying I'm innocent.
I mean, I stole a guy's car,
but I'm no killer.
How long are you in here for?
Yeah. I was 17
and they tried me as an adult.
I'm doing what I can
to better myself.
I got my G.E.D.,
taking some online classes.
What did you want to do,
before all this happened?
Be a musician.
Sounds ridiculous now.
I should walk you out.
You sorry you asked?
I'm really glad you told me.
People make mistakes, John.
It's not my job to judge you.
Everyone deserves
a second chance.
Okay, okay, slo... slow down.
Okay, yeah, yeah,
we're on the way.
I love you.
Okay. Uh...
What's going on?
My... My dad,
he's in the hospital,
and they're gonna
take him to surgery
and take out half his bladder...
I don't... I don't know.
I just got to get there.
Where the heck
is my beige sweater?
I think it's bad, Pat.
This could be it.
He'll be fine.
He's got very good doctors
and he's at the right place.
Okay, okay.
All right, we just...
we got to hurry.
Come on, come on.
You okay?
Long night.
Toby, I've never seen you
like this.
What's going on?
my dad had emergency surgery
last night
and my family
was there all night.
I just came straight here.
Is he gonna be okay?
The surgery went well.
He's stable,
he's in I.C.U.
He's got cancer.
It's gonna kill him.
I don't want my dad to die.
Yeesh, I'm-I'm a mess.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It's awful.
I'm just glad you had
your-your family,
your husband there
to support you.
That's the point of marriage,
isn't it?
Well... the truth is...
our marriage isn't perfect.
Far from it.
Why are you married to him?
The second
he asked that question,
I realized
I didn't have a good answer.
It was like this gate had just
opened up and shown me
that there was a whole world
right on the other side...
if I could just find
the courage to reach for it.
I made my famous chicken.
Do we have any soda?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
I'd been unhappy
in my marriage for a while.
I just didn't know it,
until I met John.
How's your pops doing?
Aw, he's okay.
They sent him home early,
a bit premature...
but not much
I can do about that.
Thanks for asking.
How you doing?
Oh, great.
I know you better than that.
Honestly? I'm tired.
Really? I mean, it makes sense,
but you don't look it.
It's probably that shirt,
it's a good color on you.
What? It's true.
I'm just not used to...
A woman like you
should be getting compliments
all the time,
especially at home...
and if not, that's criminal.
John, I...
I just want you to know
that my husband's not a bad guy.
Look, the way I was raised...
you don't complain.
You just take
what life gives you,
and you make the most out of it.
I may be the one behind bars,
but it sounds to me
like maybe you're the one
who's not so free.
I used to tell this story,
to friends, family...
about the time...
my husband and I
tried to make salsa.
Big fiasco,
it was all a mess,
and it ended
in hysterical laughter.
it never happened.
I made the whole thing up.
I guess it's how
I wanted my marriage to be.
You deserve the moon, Toby Lynn.
It's a beautiful name.
You should...
- Wanna walk me out?
- Yeah.
How are you doing, John?
I know it's not easy in here.
Better, now.
Thanks to you.
Toby Lynn was like
this real-life angel.
She was so good and so kind...
and I don't think the people
in her life appreciated her.
You know what?
That really pissed me off.
Okay, so, what,
you've never been drunk?
You've never smoked
a single cigarette?
Why? Were you bad?
Hey. Hey-hey-hey-hey!
Come here. Yes!
So wait, okay.
So you've never looked at porn?
Like, not even like a Playboy?
Come on, man.
Have you ever read
any classic love story?
It's better than porn.
Yeah? I bet you
there are a few guys in here
that would probably disagree.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to go out,
get yourself a bracelet
that says "WWJD".
What would Jesus...
Not Jesus.
"What would John do?"
Every time you look at it,
I want you
to think to yourself...
"What would John do?"
Yeesh! I am so excited!
I just found out
that I get to bring
six more dogs into the program!
Oh, my g...
are you proud of yourself?
Yes, actually, I am.
You escorting me around
has just made me feel so safe.
I hope you know
how much I appreciate you.
All this is possible
because of your good heart.
Is this okay?
You're so beautiful.
Oh, I shouldn't have done that.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not.
I should really go home.
It was like
we were two teenagers
falling in love.
Come on.
Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy.
Oh, lipstick today, huh?
Yeah. I'm trying something new.
Pat likes it, too.
Spicing things up a little bit?
Good for you.
Mm-hmm. All right, guys.
Today, we're gonna work on...
John was around Toby
all the time.
All the time.
My radar was going off
a little bit, yep,
but Mom's diverticulitis
was flaring up,
and I could not
be around that often.
That was not my choice.
I wanted to be there,
but, um, no, I really had
no idea what was going on.
I mean, nobody did.
Toby, I'm gonna throw these
in the car.
All right.
You look so good out there,
it's driving me crazy.
I just wish I could dress you up
and take you out
for a fancy dinner.
You'd wear a red dress,
I'd wear a suit.
They can't hear us from here.
Yeah, you're probably right.
I would love to wear a dress
for you.
I have an idea.
A way that we can
talk all the time and not worry.
Costs 500 bucks to get
a cell phone smuggled in here.
It's against the rules.
Yeah, lots of guys have them.
We could talk all the time.
$500 is a lot of money, though.
They don't search everything
that you bring in
in the van, do they?
I just want your voice
to be the last thing that I hear
when I fall asleep at night.
I'm really falling for you,
Toby Lynn.
After that,
things started to move quickly.
You seen my reading glasses?
Uh... I think
they're on your nightstand.
Found 'em.
- Hey, John.
- Hey.
Could you help me
get this food inside?
Okay. No.
Not that one.
Oh, hi.
And, at night,
we'd still be together,
talking on the phone.
You know...
I have made my own coffee
every darn morning,
and sometimes,
I want someone
to make it for me.
What was the happiest moment
of your life?
Yeah, I know what you mean.
If you were to die tomorrow...
what would you most regret?
What would make
a perfect day for you?
Truth is, I never
felt that close to anyone
in my entire life.
In one month, we talked
12,000 minutes on the phone.
Yeah, real slow
and gentle, baby.
I want it to be like
I'm the one touching you.
12,000 minutes
didn't feel like enough.
Hey, um...
why don't you two take him out
and let him burn off
some of his extra energy?
- I'll be out soon.
- All right.
It's too risky.
I just keep thinking about
our little cabin in the woods.
I'd make you coffee
every morning.
Hey, uh...
I need to ask you something.
Something serious.
If I wasn't in here,
if I was just a normal guy
on the outside...
would you be with me?
I think I would.
You just made me
the happiest man in the world.
Yeah? Why's that?
'Cause I love you.
I hope you know that by now.
I love you, too.
- Hey.
- Hey, Dad.
I brought you some goodies.
Some mystery novels.
Oh, thank you.
Some pistachios...
and I brought you
some of that root beer you like.
My guardian angel.
How you feeling?
Is there anything I can do
to make you more comfortable?
I'm fine.
I'm thinking about heading out
for a round of golf in a bit.
Oh, shoot. Yeah,
I should've got you a straw.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
It happens all the time.
How do you do it, Dad?
You've been through so much,
how do you stay so upbeat?
Well, what choice do I have?
Life is short, hon.
We aren't promised anything.
You can't take
anything for granted.
You got to enjoy
every bit of life you get.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You cooking dinner?
I'm starving.
Yeah. I've just got
to go to the bathroom,
then I'll get it started.
"Hey, baby. I love you."
Who the heck is this?
It's a wrong number.
You know, I keep getting
these calls about some warranty
that's about to expire.
Makes me wonder who had
this darn number before me.
You didn't think I was...
That you were having an affair?
I think you, of all people,
aren't capable
of something like that, right?
I think about you every second.
I wish I could
just hold your hand.
I wish I could do
more than that.
Me too.
There's a way we can.
Just got to bust me out of here.
Yeah, right.
Good learning.
That's a good boy.
We'd find a little cabin
someplace quiet.
Nobody would find us.
Just think of all the fun
we'd have.
Geez, that would be fun.
Maybe I could find a way
to climb the fence.
I think the electric wire
would have
something to say about that.
Maybe I could find a way
to smuggle myself
in one of
the food delivery trucks.
The guards check those
with the heartbeat monitors.
Love always finds a way.
At first, when John
talked about breaking out...
to me, it was just
this silly game.
I was dead serious.
What's up, Hooligan?
You ain't eating?
Your skinny ass looks
like crap, man.
What's up?
He was like...
I'll just say it...
he was like a dog with a bone.
- Hey.
- Hi, Mr. Jenkins.
Can you, uh...
can you do
something about these?
They're everywhere,
they're starting to pile up.
Yeah, sure.
You know what,
I could actually
load these up on the wagon,
and take them
out to the front gate,
so we wouldn't have
to drag them through the unit.
Yeah. Good. Thank you.
This is it.
There's no way
you could fit in there.
My body can do
all kinds of things.
I figured out what
my new name's gonna be.
It's "Mark West".
Sexy, right?
We just gotta figure out what
your new name's gonna be.
It's Molly Rose.
People ask me this
all the time...
"What was the plan?"
the plan was that
John and I would, um...
run away for a couple months
and then I would get
to come back to my life.
I could be all
the "Molly Rose" I created
and the good parts
of Toby Young.
It all felt like
fun and games at first.
All of the sudden,
it was very, very real.
I cleaned out mine and Pat's
retirement savings.
I'm, uh, Molly Rose.
Nice to meet you.
Is this, uh, big enough?
Yeah. This will work.
There you go.
Thank you.
I called a place in Tennessee
about the cabin we want...
it's very private,
they assured me.
John, be careful
about using your phone.
I am.
The first count's at ten,
next count's at three...
that's our window.
What if your cell mate
says something?
Nobody's gonna snitch.
Trust me.
I trust you.
Holy crap.
That's this week.
We have to do this now.
This is our best chance.
Okay. Bye.
I wanted to be with her
more than anything
I'd ever wanted.
I wanted to be with him
more than anything
I've ever wanted.
We've been over
everything, baby.
We're ready.
If I don't show up
at the pet adoption,
Deb will sound the alarm.
We'll be long gone by then.
This is about us
and no one else.
I don't think I can do this.
This time tomorrow,
nobody's gonna be able
to stop me
from kissing you,
hugging you, loving you.
We'll get to live
like real people.
You and me, Toby Lynn.
We belong together.
Do you mean that?
More than anything.
Burning the midnight oil?
Yeah, just trying
to finish it up.
Eh, I think I'm gonna turn in.
All right, goodbye.
I mean, goodnight.
Wow, I'm tired.
Please pick up.
Please, please, please pick up.
Hey. You've reached Adam.
Leave a message
and I'll call you back.
Hi, Adam.
It's Mom.
just, uh, wanted to see
how you're doing, and, um...
let you know
I was thinking about you.
I love you.
That's all.
I hope I didn't wake you up.
Big kiss.
I hope you ace
that midterm this week.
Talk soon. 'Kay?
I love you.
Whoo! It's freezing out here.
I should've dressed warmer, huh?
- Terry?
- Yo.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Hey, man,
have you seen the wagon?
We're supposed to load
this stuff up
and take it down to the gate
for Toby.
That's the first I heard of it.
Uh... I'll go see.
How's it going?
How are you doing, Damian?
Adoption day?
Yeah, yeah, a lot of great
dogs getting adopted.
Kids keep begging me
to get 'em one.
Let me know if you get
any beagles or border collies.
Of course.
You okay?
Oh, yeah.
All right, great.
Thanks, guys.
All right, great, thank you.
All right. See ya.
Pop the trunk, please.
It's your lucky day.
Hope you get adopted.
I think you're good.
Okay, thanks.
Are you there?
John, are you there?
Okay. Okay.
It worked!
- Oh, my gosh.
- I can't believe it!
We're like Bonnie and Clyde,
like real outlaws!
I'm scared, John.
Don't be, baby!
We planned for this.
- You brought a ukulele!
- Yeah.
Okay. So we're
going to the storage unit.
Okay, so how far away
is the storage?
Well, it's...
we have go to my house first
and drop off the dogs.
Pat's at work.
What? No. Well, just
let them out here, Toby.
No, I'm not gonna dump 'em
on the side of the road!
Toby, every second counts
right now!
My house is not that far, okay?
Oh, god.
Hurry up. Jesus.
Yes, I'll be quick.
Just... Just stay
out of sight, okay?
All right. I gotcha.
You're gonna be okay.
Here, sweet girl.
Here you go.
Yeah, good girl.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
Drive, drive, drive.
If I start kissing you,
I'm not gonna be able to stop.
We've gotta get
outta here. Okay.
Here, let me help you.
I'm gonna hang on to this
for safe keeping.
Oh, my god. What...
Are those...
Are those Pat's guns?
Why? We shouldn't have those.
It's for protection.
No. Are you out of your mind?
I'm protecting us, Toby!
Oh, I don't like this.
I don't like it at all.
You wouldn't like
getting robbed either.
We have thousands of dollars
of cash here.
We don't have time for this.
Give me the keys.
I'm driving.
Oh, my God!
I can still drive!
It's been ten years
and I can still drive.
It feels freaking amazing!
Oh. Oh...
Okay, I almost forgot.
Oh, yeah.
This is old man hair.
I'm not an old man.
What? That's what
makes it a disguise.
I'm not wearing this.
We're gonna have to get
something else,
something cooler.
No, John. Listen.
Would you go for a guy
with hair like that?
I don't... I don't know.
Ah? You hesitated.
Here, give me the baseball cap.
That'll do for now.
Did you get those snacks
I asked you for?
I did.
Oh, my God!
- It's you and me, Molly!
- Yes.
That's better.
Where's John?
Everyone in! Lockdown!
Now! Let's go!
Get in there!
Move it! Move it!
No, look.
Inmates don't just disappear.
Somebody knows something.
Yes. My guys had eyes on him
this morning.
Uh, Damian?
- What?
- Um...
John had permission to be
in the storage room, right?
To get rid of some old stuff
and some old dog crates?
Dog crates?
I mean,
who would've guessed, right?
I mean, he was so freakin' tall.
How the hell can you fit
inside that thing
and bend the way he...
I guess 'cause he's young...
and he's... flexible, so.
Captain Young speaking.
My wife?
Yeah, I saw her leave
this morning, why?
What's going on?
Shawnee National Forest,
six miles.
Do I take the I-60, or the 110?
I-60 or the 110, baby?
No, I swear, I printed it up,
on my desktop.
You can't find the directions?
No, no, it's here, somewhere.
Toby, you were
in charge of directions.
- That was your job.
- I know, I know.
Listen, the next place we pass,
I'll just...
I'll hop out and ask.
You'll just "hop out and ask"?
This isn't
a family vacation, Toby!
I know! I'm sorry!
This is... Do you know
how serious this is?
I just broke out of prison,
you remember?
Get your head in the game, Toby.
I wandered around
I finally found
Somebody who
Could make me Be tru-u-ue
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have
yelled out my ass like that.
I'm so mad at myself.
I'm just so tired
and anxious
to get where we're going,
so we can be together.
I know this is scary.
You're everything to me.
Do you forgive me?
Lucky number nine.
Look at the moon.
It's like it came out
just for us.
Lighting our way
to our new life.
Look at this place!
It's a palace.
It's our palace.
And it comes with a queen.
Ah... I can't believe
this is really happening.
Turns out good sex
is just like a drug, isn't it?
I mean, I've never actually
done drugs,
but, um, I mean, I can imagine.
Morning, sleepyhead.
Ahh. Good morning.
Afternoon, actually.
We exhausted ourselves
last night.
- Mm.
- Ohh...
Where are you going?
A quick store run.
Oh, wait. What?
You said we have to lay low.
Well, we do,
but we also need supplies.
I haven't been out there
in ten years.
It'll be like
an amusement park for me.
Maynard is believed
to have escaped
inside of a cargo van
used by the prison's
"Always Loved"
dog adoption program.
The owner of the van,
Toby Young, is also missing.
Could you stop
crunching those damn things?
What can I say?
I'm a stress-eater.
It's unknown
if it could be
a hostage situation,
or if Young somehow aided
in the inmate's escape.
You know, I think I've had
about enough of this.
I'm just gonna head home.
Oh, let me pack you some food.
No, no, just you sit
and try to relax.
I know you've been
up all night, too.
We'll just keep praying.
We've got to keep faith.
Ah, check this out!
Oh, let's see it.
You're gonna love it.
You can't wear that.
Why not?
My hair was long
when I was arrested.
I look like Jerry Cantrell.
Alice in Chains?
Best rock guitarist in history?
Okay. You're gonna stand out
and men don't wear their hair
like that anymore.
I do.
Don't be ridiculous.
Take it off.
Mm. Mm... oh, woman.
You weren't kidding.
This is the best thing
I've ever tasted.
Next to you.
- Yeah, you like it?
- I love it.
I mean, I could eat this
every night.
Are you not gonna eat anything?
John, can I ask you something?
What if someone spots us?
What if we get...
You're not gonna
get in into any trouble.
'Cause we're gonna say
that I kidnapped you.
I don't want you to think
about that, okay?
That's not gonna happen.
Well, what if it does?
I have been waiting
my whole life
to meet a woman like you.
I'm not letting anyone
take you away from me.
Come on, are you
seriously not hungry?
I'm just enjoying watching you.
Mm! Mm.
So is this how you pictured it?
Being out?
I never imagined it before you.
So, no.
It's even better.
Captain Young,
when was the last time
that you heard from your wife?
Are you worried
about her safety?
Did your wife conspire to help
John Maynard escape prison?
Hey! You guys need to back off.
This is private property.
Anything suspicious
in her behavior
the last few days?
More time at the pris...
Sir! We want to help tell
your side of the story!
Go! Away!
How original.
U.S. Marshal Service!
Open the door.
Right now.
- Captain Young?
- Yes.
I'm Deputy U.S. Marshal Blake.
This is Detective Roberts.
May we come in?
Did you notice anything unusual
about Toby's behavior
in the days
leading up to the 12th?
Nothing I can remember.
Has your wife
ever had an affair?
I'm sorry.
It's just...
if you knew Toby,
you'd know
that wasn't a possibility.
And why's that?
It's just not her style.
What am I missing?
We have surveillance footage
of her on the 8th
at a local pharmacy.
She bought a wig
and an electric razor,
and she was talking on the phone
the whole 30 minutes
that she was in there.
Was she talking to you?
Um, no, I-I...
I don't think so.
I mean, we usually keep
our conversations short.
You know,
"I'll be there in ten,"
stuff like that.
Anything missing from the home?
Game over.
Don't worry about me.
I like puzzles.
You enjoy your game.
I'm worried about me.
Come sit on my lap.
I mean it.
"Molly," come here now.
I want you close to me
at all times.
You understand?
Look what you made me do.
Guess you'll just
have to teach me a lesson.
Over the last few days,
it has become clear
that this was
a well-planned effort
on the part of Mrs. Young
to aid and assist
in the escape of John Maynard.
Both are still at large
and both should be considered
armed and dangerous.
If anyone watching this
comes into contact
with either
of these individuals...
please contact law enforcement.
When I told her
to live her life,
this isn't exactly what I meant.
Nope. I didn't know.
I knew nothing.
I did not see this coming.
I had no idea.
I am her best friend.
She normally would have told me,
but you know.
A whole other side of Toby.
Sit down.
I wrote you a song.
I haven't written a song
in a long time.
Don't think
I could have resisted you
Don't think there's nothing
That this body could do
Heaven made an angel
Through and through
Someone gets to love you
I think I do it well
The man
Wants to take me away
Lock me up
And throw away the key
But I'm fine
Oh, I'm fine
'Cause you're mine
All the time
Oh, John. That is beautiful.
I just want you to know
I love you, Toby Lynn.
I wasn't living
before you came along.
I was just existing.
You're this bright light
that makes everything possible.
What's wrong?
It's... absolutely perfect.
It's the most romantic thing
anyone has ever done for me.
It won't be the last.
- No peeking, now.
- I'm not.
Where did you get bubblebath?
I made it out of shampoo.
Now I want
to give you something.
You have.
You've given me all this.
There is this guitar shop
over in Nashville.
We could go tomorrow
and be extra-careful.
John had been
locked up for so long,
he wanted to see the world.
I just can't pick
between the two.
Take both.
Nah, baby,
that's too much money.
Would it make you happy?
Then take both.
We could always sell one
if we need the money.
I mean, what's the point
of being free
if you can't
experience a little?
John had never spent
a day of his adult life
outside of jail.
He didn't understand
and, well, I'd spent
my whole darn life
being practical.
I thought "I deserve
to be a little frivolous."
It's beautiful.
I got it for you,
'cause I knew that you love
having something
to take care of.
Oh. What should we name her?
His name is "Lynyrd"...
after Lynyrd Skynyrd,
who wrote "Free Bird,"
'cause that's me...
I'm a free bird.
Well, I think we should
name him "Franklin".
You're not naming the bird.
I am, and his name is Lynyrd.
But I don't like that name.
Don't think that
you can tell me what to do.
I'm not your loser husband!
Mark West!
You listen to me!
I will not let you
speak to me that way.
Get over here.
Get! Over here.
You will show me some respect.
I did not do all of this
just so that you could
treat me like crap. All right?
How dare you scare
this poor little bird?
You'll start acting
like a grown-up, right now.
I'm sorry, Molly.
You're right.
All of it...
the fighting, the loving,
the emotion...
it made me feel so darn alive.
Of course,
it was screwed up, but...
the more time I spent with him,
the more
I could predict his moods.
I've never
heard this one.
One minute, he was
loving and affectionate,
and the next minute...
And I liked feeling something...
until it all got very real.
John, look.
Look. Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Baby, look at me.
It says I'm a criminal.
- Geez.
- Look at me.
Don't let them in your head.
That's what they want.
Come on.
Well... here's our van.
Probably had
a getaway car stored here.
No security cameras?
Planning to get them next month.
I mean, it's not like
we're dealing with
criminal masterminds here.
if-if you're listening...
we love you,
and we... and we just
want you to come home.
Captain Young, WCZ News.
Captain Young! Captain Young!
Was your marriage in trouble?
Captain Young, TZU News.
Is it true your wife
was having an affair
with John Maynard?
Captain Young, care to comment?
Yeah. Uh-huh. Thank you.
No. Thank you.
Well, we have an address.
A car salesman just told me
that she bought
a gray SUV from him.
It's registered
to a cabin
in Alpine, Tennessee...
a vacation rental.
She sent the registration
to an actual address.
Uh-huh, yeah.
That wasn't great.
Turns out, she wasn't
much of a criminal.
U.S. Marshals!
Must have just missed them.
Crazy bird.
Looks like
somebody's been shopping.
Neighboring cabin.
Said they headed out
about two hours ago.
Oh, my God!
I just can't get over
how real the I-Max was.
I mean, the screen was so big.
It was... It was like we were
in an actual African safari.
I'm really glad you liked it.
I loved it, baby.
That was so much fun.
It was such a good idea.
Oh, there's a...
a bookstore.
I just want to see if they have
this one book, okay?
What, Molly?
You scared me.
It's not funny.
Go on.
Shh. Be quiet.
I can't believe
you've never read
Where the Red Fern Grows.
Well, if the dog dies,
I won't like it.
Oh, trust me.
Fan out. Hit the stores.
See if anyone recognizes
the vehicle or the picture.
Well, that's them.
Suspects are on the move,
heading east, gray SUV.
Go, go, go, go!
They must be doing
construction back there.
It's so bright.
No, baby.
That's for us.
Oh, my God.
What do we do?
You're in this too,
so I'll do
whatever you want me to do.
If they tell you to pull over,
then you should pull over...
it's the law.
If that's
what you want me to do.
Oh, crap.
Hey, geez! Come on!
What are you doing, man?
What are you doing?
What the hell, man!
They're trying to kill us!
That son of a bitch!
I'm not gonna let him
get away with this!
Slow down!
Slow down.
Slow down!
They're not
getting away with this!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
No... No...
John! Slow down!
Oh, no!
Out of the vehicle!
Out of the vehicle!
Hands in the air!
Come on, look at me.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, I love you.
Hey, hey, hey, come on, man.
I'm unarmed.
I'm unarmed, man!
She's innocent.!
I kidnapped her, okay?
I kidnapped her.
Ah! my shoe.
Grab my shoe.
You're not going
to the ball, Cinderella.
Hey. Let her
have her damn shoe.
- I love you.
- I love you!
Officer, um,
at the cabin, there's a bird,
and please just tell the others
that he's in there,
he's loose and...
if something happened to him,
I would just never
forgive myself.
Please... please!
I was thinking,
"This woman has no idea
how much trouble she's in."
I, of course,
did go get that bird.
Renamed him "Maynard".
Everybody in the office
loves having him around.
Real morale-booster.
One small silver lining...
I did get that darn divorce
I wanted after all.
Look, I'm neither mentally
nor emotionally prepared
to comment right now.
All right?
Captain Young, we just
want your side of the story.
I let so many people down.
Especially my father
and my son.
He's still not talking to me.
I don't know if he ever will.
Everybody kept pushing me
to say that John forced me
or brainwashed me,
but I wasn't going to say that.
I knew, if I took on
the role of a victim,
that I would never
be anything else
for the rest of my life.
All I wanted
was to be liberated.
And in the strangest way
in the world,
I was.
I met an angel
who, for some reason,
graced me with her love.
This isn't the end
of our story...
not if I have
anything to say about it.
Would I do it all again?
No way.
And cut!
Great job today, Toby.