Jailer (2023) Movie Script

Presented by Kalanidhi Maran.
Superstar Rajini.
Sun Pictures.
Mohanlal - Siva
Rajkumar - Jackie Shroff.
Music by Anirudh.
Did no one catch the film? - No sir.
hey what happened
Sir, a fake copy of the
original copy has also been made.
Take the first one, sir.
File the case saying that nothing
happened to the police, it's just a murder.
Report it as a homicide investigation.
The film is not right, sir,
this work is wrong, sir.
I have written 15 cases so far.
What else do you want to do?
If they say there is no film, the
village will struggle to find it.
Law and order will be a problem.
You don't understand that. Do as I say.
good sir
go go
Varma, open your eyes and look at me.
We didn't do anything wrong.
I really didn't let you down.
Verma listen to me.
For the fault committed
by one of the three.
Why are all three punished like this?
Search and tell the truth.
Am I a detective to
investigate and find the truth?
Who cares to kill them all.
Show some kindness, brother.
Hey, you've been with me for 10
years and you've seen what I do.
Are you asking me for mercy?
Are you ashamed?
Hey Danaraj.
Show that kindness.
The signal does not come in this.
When you say show me,
what do you show me?
Hey here.
Hey - Hey Danaraj.
Verma, don't do anything
to my family. - Oh my god.
Hey, why are you crying?
your family Hey show me his family.
Do whatever I want. Let my family go.
This is my kindness.
What will your families do without you?
What would you do without your family?
Verma, if this thing continues.
In the end, there will
be no one to save you.
Varman himself is enough to save Varman.
-- Leave my family alone.
- Who are you?
Verma don't do this.
Hey Verma.
Hey Muruga.
hey talk
Hey did you die?
Raise fin fin fin.
get up hey
Hi Mala Verma.
You are not like before,
you are very soft.
Killed at once.
He didn't know if he would be killed.
Hey look at this.
Verma, Danaraj is honest.
If he had given his feet.
What did he say? Did you mean me?
Hit this one at a time.
Kill me like you killed
Aru once and for all.
He reads it, and you take it seriously.
Then why does it say there. It's
not good to say right there, right?
Then give me the hammer.
Will you appeal to
me hanging like a bat?
Hitahan will come.
And dear, what did you
say about Verma and me?
Do you curse and look
at it as a surprise?
You are dead.
Marion, what do you know about Verma?
He is my best friend.
Talk now.
Speak up, you're speechless.
Where is the mouth?
No mouth said.
Brother.. Brother.
Hey, let me tell you something. Listen.
I don't know if Verma
will give his life for me.
But I'm dying.
are you looking are you looking
Poorna, take care of Varma.
Hey, Verma.
Listen well.
All calculations are in the lap.
The password, Verma is my friend.
Verma, don't trust this one.
Yes, you're a thief.
They cheat you.
Hey, you're going to die. allows
The idiots are gone.
It comes up. - I'm going to hell.
-- Hey drop it off.
- Bro, don't do that.
Leave it.
Don't do it here.
ok - What is this?
Hold on, I'll talk.
the container was taken into custody.
He left at 07 and now it is 10 o'clock.
How do you film when the
bell is still ringing?
Day by day, one character is shown.
Do you know how difficult it
is to run a YouTube channel?
Prithvi said I will help, right?
Don't take anything. You
just leave the cloth to dry.
Is it not enough when he took it?
Who said this?
who is this
I am.
Even I have been taken
beyond recognition.
Now if he doesn't come out I will cry.
Crying continuously for six hours.
Everyone gets a headache.
Stop. Fear seems to be gone now.
It seems that they are not respected
now. - Okay, don't start crying again.
After that, when you go
to stop, you get bored.
Whenever you look at this,
he is sitting saying a puja.
listen to this
How many times have you been told not
to knock on the door during the offering?
He said that he will get the video.
He says he will cry if you don't come.
Go see what he is doing.
Everyone scolds me in turn.
One day I will show who I am.
Don't you know where he is?
What are you going to do?
And sitting here? It was late.
Came late.
Are you acting to show that
you are not diligent enough?
That's not enough, they
come to beat the butter.
Sorry sir for being late.
Where to get the camera.
What are you doing today?
-- Plantation
- Plantation?
How about the hot sun?
Let's take a bath today.
That is the trend today.
In the bathroom?
Look how beautifully it washes?
Just look at the comments.
How ugly comments are made.
Axon sir.
Guys, see the results of what we
have done with water for two months.
Cut... Cut.. Cut..
Sir, it looks like it was
brought from the store.
Not normally.
That's enough for 96 subscribers.
They want to be perfect. If you are
going to do it, you should do it right.
Great, now it looks great.
This is also true.
Didn't go to the bathroom in good time.
If there was water, it would be cool.
Sorry, okay, let's go.
Excuse me, are you talking?
Go and ask what it is.
Otherwise, both play with the whistle.
good sir
What is this ?
Did the knife cut? You should
have been a little careful.
Don't look at it. watch this.
Climb up that hill.
What's up?
A friend is just talking.
a friend Looks like a card.
Ritu, it is not good to tell big
people right there. Apologize.
Sorry, damn it.
are you come ? Or take your grandson?
I will come . - Come on.
Ask to go and get a coffee.
I'm going to get coffee,
will you hang up?
Hey this time.
From the police.
Must be respected. Go get a coffee.
-- I want to do everything myself.
- Sir, I will pay any amount.
But return only the statue
you grabbed yesterday.
From Tamil Nadu to Trivandrum,
Bombay to Singapore.
From there to Los Angeles?
Pannala was found after five years.
Not to return the statue
as soon as you ask.
Everyone will be caught.
When you say it, you realize
how big a network it is.
Why don't you want work sir?
If I told the truth, I would give up.
Or your people will take your
pants off right in front of you.
Why does this scare me?
mani - m.
-- Shall we say
something that scares AC?
- m.
Bring the film and take
the father with him.
father - m.
Why did you kidnap him?
It has been seen that cats are
afraid of tigers and catch them.
Why did you catch a dinosaur's tail?
Have you seen the
dinosaur's hand cut off?
I will tell you to cut
your hand, wait a minute.
Send me a pic of that
dinosaur's arm cut off.
The bird is biting. It
takes an hour to get up.
Then give it to you. - It
takes two hours to get up.
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking about that dinosaur.
Hello, the son does not
know who the father is.
If you know, you will be afraid.
Go quietly to the room and talk.
Call the thief police.
Why take families for it?
Look at this, 4 innocent people
had to be beaten unnecessarily.
Also, tell the son that
the father was scared.
ok sir
Will you take the palm of your hand?
The son must have said that he
doesn't know who the father is, right?
Did he say that he would
be scared if he found out?
Sir one minute.
The wire fell and bring Ghin. Go.
He stopped because you kidnapped him.
If I found out that you threatened me.
Cut you into 32 cals and mix you up.
If you put them together like a piece of
paper, you can find out that it is you.
The best way for you is to
leave him and deal with me.
There is one above you without
causing problems, right?
Tell me who he is. - What sir?
-- So easy to ask
- right there?
Okay, so ask me seriously?
sir - Sir.
How about Ganja Lakshmi?
So far so good sir.
Why what happened?
Your son puts every problem in his head.
I am afraid that the problem will
be applied to our body as well, sir.
Afraid of nothing sir.
It's like a devil goes
to catch a dead pig.
You can move around a bit, sir.
Don't say I told you so, sir.
It doesn't matter if you complain
that your son is not honest.
If I do it as a single
complaint that is honest.
Do not understand what to do?
Ok I understand your question.
I will talk to you.
thank you sir - I will come, sir.
sir - Sir.
Everything is fine,
right? No problem, right?
Everything is fine. Biryani was
also served and was well eaten.
That's right.
But what you're doing
now seems like a big deal.
I think it is better to leave it a
little free without going into it.
Why is there a family?
Why are these big
questions being raised?
How many times has your
mother told you like this?
did you get them No, right?
This is your blood.
Do you think I will ask?
Let's eat if we are hungry.
My friend is my family .
My friend is my family .
My friend is my family .
Who gave birth to
you Your mother .
Make it known that you have
come into this world My son .
My friend is my family .
My friend is my family .
got my face is my life .
To keep my name
One who was born .
When I see your face
I am filled with laughter .
Hi guys, this is Muttu.
I like carrots but he
prefers something green.
Okay, I'm not going to
eat anything he gives me.
bye - Hey.
Don't give this a drop
of water until I say so.
ok sir
Hey, let's see if the AC is coming.
Hey, if you look like this, he
will see you, look in the mirror.
What else do you need?
- This is enough mom.
No mint chutney?
There are so many, right? Eat these.
Respected only until going to work.
There is no time to learn.
Not even retired. - Okay.
What to do about it now?
Don't be out of time with what you give.
You bear the generations Father
and son are united and you are .
Stories of a hundred
victories are often heard .
Why brush the new shoes?
Brush up sir.
If someone just stays
at home, it's over.
A family that can be bathed in
love It's really beautiful .
That's a great surprise .
got son my leader my son
Live well in every way .
That's why the world praises you .
My son ... My son .
Everytime I see you My
face fills with laughter .
Muttu, why is your
pendant a little different?
It's your father who
lost a tooth at your age.
If a tooth does not come from the place where
it fell, this same tooth can be kept again.
Until then, he told me
to keep it carefully.
I have been keeping this
tooth carefully ever since.
go go
Muttu, don't press the brake
instead of the accelerator.
right there Look now.
Today my video got more than five views.
right there - m. - Here.
In addition to two idlis.
Did not get beetroot. Only got
carrots. Shall we make a carrot video?
I don't know how to make carrot aluwa.
Bring in the beetroot.
Only the color is different,
both are the same.
Come quickly without reading too much.
Why are you flying? I will come soon.
Good bye.
120 times came as if to hit.
Not a single mistake.
But why were you afraid?
Even if it fails, if
it hits the 121st time.
Instead of going to the
hospital in an accident.
You can go home with tomatoes.
Read it like that.
One day he did not brake
and paid a fine of 5000.
Why are you doing this even though you
said not to put it in front of the house?
Who should be responsible for that? you
That's why he read so much.
Do you know what your grandson said when
he stopped in front of the house that day?
Do not stop in front of my house.
If you want to stop, they say to
build a house and stop in front of it.
Hey Kannadia.
If I had enough money to build a
house, why would I drive a taxi?
Even though he said it right there,
I apologized a hundred times.
We have no forgiveness.
Only punishments.
Give me those fruits.
Do you like drumsticks?
What did Bharatiyar say?
"Daughter jump and play baby"
Is it said "to hide those that
fell on the ground" or not?
I understand, go...
Shall we take it back and scare it?
Let's see next time.
The number you called cannot
be connected at this time.
Sir - give the call to AC.
Sir AC Sir left at night.
right there - Yes, sir.
He left the cab saying he had work, sir.
Arjun did not come
home since last night.
Can't take calls. Call
the station and ask what?
sir - Do you know where AC went?
When I call, they say
they can't pick up.
AC sir did not tell me anything.
Well, if he calls, say dad called.
-- Sure, sir.
- Okay.
The number you called cannot
be connected at this time.
Call later.
This happens very rarely.
Assistant Commissioner Athuradahan says.
I don't understand what you are saying.
sir Finally AC Arjun's mobile signals.
Paris was near the bridge.
Those who worked with him say that
he was under pressure for some time.
I think it may be a suicide, sir.
Is it a family problem?
Nothing there sir.
I am surprised that you say this.
Well sir, we will do our best.
But a small request.
Do not let this out for a few days.
This will be a big shame for the police.
I think you will understand.
Everyone knows what happened
to Arjun in the case of Arjun.
But, search as if you don't know.
If you try to find something yourself.
Someone will come to find us.
It's better for us to remain invisible.
Hi, is the assistant
commissioner missing?
Honestly, sir.
If I am fine, I will
come to search with you.
I heard that there is a
problem between you two.
Tell me something.
I will talk and solve it.
Leave it if you have it.
Or if you know something.
Please tell me.
That's what I said to A C sir that day.
Don't look for unnecessary things.
That I will have to find you in the end.
Didn't come.
Hey, did you do anything?
No one came yesterday. Where did you go?
Went to see a movie with Maliga.
He is lying.
Malliga, who may have
done it, was with me.
-- what happened
- Run away.
Don't worry sir. can find
You can find out which
of them was with Maliga.
I have a meeting with Maliga next week.
I'll tell you when I meet.
hey honey
Did you see the dinosaurs, they came
looking for the little dinosaurs.
Will you meet?
The soup must have already
been made and drunk.
How many years have you been married?
It's been eight years.
children ?
a son Six years old.
Did you and AC sir
have a fight recently?
No - ma'am.
Have you seen any
trouble between these two?
Did they talk about duty at home?
Have you been told that
there is any trouble?
Good, thank you.
Sir - Sir.
Did you see, sir, how the
case is turned to suicide.
Is he a suicidal person, sir?
Someone who was honestly proud.
Without fear of anyone.
I told Ace sir, don't scratch them.
That he has relations with the police.
Is there something you
don't know about our police?
Even if a mountain is swallowed,
it rises without a sound.
From my experience, sir.
The body of those who went to look
for the abductors has not been found.
Very sad to say, sir.
Ace died sir.
Mom, what happened?
If you leave him that day.
He is taller than Panapitin.
It's about honesty.
My son died.
To his death...
Do you feel that you are the reason?
Why are you shaking?
Today is like an anchor.
If it had hit, it would have thrown
itself beyond the coconut tree.
I have another concern.
Go to the other side if you want.
Do you show us the people who
are worried about the bosses?
where are you going
Going to visit Malliga.
Well, we're in the same place anyway.
If you walk, my legs will hurt.
Come and sit, I will take you.
do not be afraid. Come
and sit down. not hit
If you don't come, they will beat you.
m. - No, I will come.
I thought while taking
the drumstick that day.
Is Malliga anyone?
is it good
You only know when you see it.
haven't you seen
What is a friend on Facebook?
A common friend.
A common friend?
I want a girl even at this age.
a fan
You may have sent a request as
a friend on Facebook. Approve it.
I also want to be friends with Mallika.
Kannadios and perfumes
seem to be finished.
If he is here, where
will Malliga be built?
Hey did you see?
Look, you're leaving me, aren't you?
What did Bharatiyar say?
"Daughter jump and play baby"
They said, "Don't leave the child you
came together with, baby" didn't you?
I will come and take it.
Only five minutes. Or I will come.
how fast
Bell brother.
Today Verma killed three of
us due to someone's mistake.
If this goes on, we will surely die.
What is the honest thing about this?
Brother, you are the one who
needs to look and do something.
Tell me brother.
You sent me a voice message,
didn't you? Delete it.
Don't send me these anymore.
Right or wrong, how long
will Verma stay honest?
You can stay out of jail for that long.
Whether I am honest with Verma or
not, I have to be honest with my life.
Put the phone down.
My own aun is trying to confuse me.
Did you get the baby dinosaur?
Best friend and boyfriend
have birthdays on the same day.
At 12 o'clock in the night, who
is the first to be surprised?
The best one - the best one?
what is that - Lover
changes, best friend doesn't.
Crazy people help even the best friend.
what is this
If I see that they will bring the
malliga, they will bring accessories.
No, let's go and throw this
garbage around the village.
Do you open the dick a little?
These are the work done at night.
Put it on a dirty wall, and
make cents on top of that.
Just put it a little to the left.
Hurry up. - You come too.
Everyone is being cheated.
Even though it is garbage, it is heavy.
He also showed a trashcan
saying that he will show Malliga.
You saw Wimal at night, you will
see an accident in the morning.
I will close the door
of the house and hit it.
Why did you put AC without asking me?
Now he feels cold.
What is this ?
-- A beetroot comes out
- it's blood.
going to wipe
Is it blood?
These are pulled in this way.
Everything fell apart.
Did everything fall apart?
-- What was cut?
- The cut will kill you.
are you dead why ?
I raised my son as a
good and honest person.
He was killed because he was honest.
Is the son dead?
So I caused his death.
Think about it.
Can't bear it.
My child
But the one who killed
him is happy. How is that?
That's why.
He decided to kill him.
You killed your son for that.
But why did you drag me into this?
No, you tormented me for a long time.
One day I decided to finish you.
Today God brought you in front of me.
Even then, I thought I would leave you.
But did Bharathiar say something?
After that, I decided that
it is not good to leave you.
Kill it and put it outside of you.
Do you put the responsibility on me?
I'm going to the police now.
If you go to the police
with blood on your hands.
They will catch you first.
I will wash my hands.
Even if you go without a
hand, you will be caught.
It was you who told me to kill him.
When did I say?
But that's what I'm saying.
ok sorry
I have no forgiveness, only punishment.
Not a single one has been forgotten.
i forgot
An assistant commissioner
died, how big is that?
A thousand questions will
come as to why it is blooming.
This is a very delicate issue.
We are under pressure from the
government. We need to make answers.
Here are the choco bars.
Muttu, get the ice cream.
Get ice cream. - Wait, wait.
come come - OK OK.
Tell me, sir, what do you want, son?
-- What ice cream do you want?
- Want Orange Bite.
Give Orange Bite. - It's over, sir.
Muttu is lying.
He only gives to those who want him.
Pyama put his head in the bowl.
Done sir, see for yourself.
There are mangoes,
grapes, and chocolates.
But the orange bite is over, sir.
Son, I have Batascotch cones.
- I just want Orange Bite.
Look, Muttu, he must be hiding.
What's up sir, one of
my bells has killed it.
Eating ice cream with grandson.
A little wrong, or no head.
Did you save it?
How long to take care of?
ten times
Saves a hundred times. hey
I do it a thousand times.
Until the grandson's
head is sent in a parcel.
I can't sleep sir.
do you understand
Hey Poona, play the song.
What happened, grandfather?
What sir, did Ritwik eat?
Take care of the little one. - It's not.
On impulse, without knowing who you are.
I'm very sorry.
I don't want my family to be harmed
because of my personal revenge.
Let's stop everything here.
And... that's wrong.
Verma decides the beginning and the end.
It's not good for you to do that.
It is wrong.
I'm very sorry.
Hapoi hapoi, if Verma just opens
the one who killed one of Verma's.
Will the people who work
with me respect me tomorrow?
If it was heard that Verma dismembered
the one who killed one of Verma's.
A village for my boys.
Highly recognized in the field.
Do you understand sir?
When we do our work properly, the
people under us will work properly.
I swear sir.
I'm not doing this for fun.
100% professional level.
Give me time to meet once.
When I met
I will apologize if you want.
What do you not understand sir?
I will tell you in the
language you understand.
In every household, the
grandfather dies first.
But your house is different.
First, your grandson.
grandson's mother
That is mother's mother-in-law.
That is my mother-in-law's husband.
That means you.
I am coming to kill you.
Only then will you get time to meet.
do you understand
Hey step aside.
Hey go away.
Escaped from the thread.
At one point, he grabbed her by the
neck and pulled her down. - keep away.
The knife floated as if from a ditch.
I was embarrassed, you know?
Like the crowd at a festival.
Hey Richie, I told you. That's him.
They saved me, that's why they drink
like a bitch right in front of us.
Are you happy that you saved Moko?
Hey you.
Old man, want a bite? here
Why are you angry?
There is no shame.
That's it.
Hey, are you allowed to go there?
Look at the forward speed.
going fast
Hey, are you angry?
Show me your angry face.
I want to see.
Hey old man, I am entrusted
to kill your entire family.
Grandson and wife are right.
But you don't want to kill Leli.
Awesome piece, man.
-- Give me that scar, man
- it's for you.
The boss himself came
and tangled in the net.
Hey where are you going?
Hey boss, your daughter-in-law
is a cutie, isn't she?
Don't you get angry
after saying so much?
Hey, be a little angry.
I want to see what
happens when you get angry.
I like it very much sir.
You can do it slowly today.
Hey boss.
Why are you running scared?
Hey Harian.
I don't talk to me after the
size is exceeded, it's the cuts.
The knife was also
thrown at my grandson.
I was very eager to see what
happened when I got angry.
Now I'm angry.
See, he is not sorry.
That's not what you said.
No, it was a little far away.
Didn't hear it right.
say it again - I didn't say anything.
No, he said something.
run away - What did you say?
Don't come near me. - Tell me.
run back
You said something about my
daughter-in-law, what did you say?
Didn't say anything.
It's okay, tell me.
daughter in law.
Why didn't you sleep?
Vijaya listen to what I
say without getting upset.
what happened
After losing Arjun I have no sleep.
I'm very upset.
I feel scared no matter who I see.
I don't feel right.
Will you take me to a psychiatrist?
When you see this face,
you can't see fear anywhere.
Why is he afraid?
He is the one who says. - O.
Did he say it himself?
That's right, who said you
have to come to this clinic?
Did he say that too?
Then he himself will tell everything.
You two sit outside.
Not that, I have a little doubt.
Some people out there
have made big mistakes.
They come here and take medical reports
saying that it is a mental disorder.
First of all, you need to check
whether it is that or this.
Okay, I don't need that, Dr.
Mums, I'll tell you everything.
So tell me in detail.
-- Do you know who Chakrapani is?
- Who?
Dandauda is Pani's father.
Do you know Dandayudapani?
no - Sarangapani's father.
-- Do you know who Sarangapani is?
- Who is that?
Dandapani's father says that.
-- Your father
- Yes.
-- You have a house in the city.
- Yes.
Unbeknownst to you, there
is a house outside the city.
That's right, isn't it?
Do you see me as sick?
I am not a patient.
Then why did you come here? - and...
Doctor I killed a man. - what ?
He went accordingly
and killed two others.
If the family finds out about
this, they will be afraid.
If you ask questions
after questions like this.
I feel afraid that they
will know this fear.
So here it is now.
You should decide whether to
commit the fourth murder or not.
Okay, don't go that far.
Did you find out that I
have two houses (two women)?
That's when I decided to help you.
Tell me, what do you want from me?
After this, my family is here.
I have work to do, I will come and
pick them up as soon as it is done.
Until then, tell my family I'm a Reggie.
His mental illness is very bad.
This is an unusual disease.
A person with this
disease looks like a cat.
Then you have to go and give milk.
It suddenly becomes like a tiger.
At that time, the milk is gone.
All of a sudden your hand will bite.
At once it becomes like a man.
At that time,
the doctor knows when
he will change in any way.
Okay, that's what you're going
to start classes for tomorrow.
I need to stop and learn like this.
No doubt.
Sandanakumar - Ha.
His family has gone in this car.
Tell me where this car went.
A.C.'s death has also become
a big problem for the police.
Is this also behind that?
Yes, we don't know either.
Yes, the whole police
knows that you don't know.
You know that the police don't
know what I'm doing, don't you?
Even so, why do it for our friendship?
Do you know that?
Go and find out where you are.
- Well, I'll see and tell you.
will go
It seems that the woman
will go to hell for lying.
Could have stayed without frying.
And say
Hello where are you?
Come prepared the coffee.
Where am I? oops
He has come a long way by walking.
I don't know where you are.
what ? Don't know where you are?
Give the phone to someone nearby.
There is no one near.
There is someone a little
distance away. - And give.
Wait a minute, I'll give it.
who are you - Hello sir.
He is mentally ill.
It's like walking a long way.
If you tell me where he
is, it will be a blessing.
Actually he came to
Bangalore by wrong way.
What is Bangalore? - Yes.
You have to keep a smile on your
face at all times in this world.
That's when any kind of disease
will disappear. - Doctor.
Doctor, he took the wrong
road and went to Bangalore.
I don't understand
anything. Look what. - Okay.
Hello - Doctor.
I am going to Bangalore for work.
Take care of them.
ok - Totally agree.
It's nothing. I also wanted
to go on a long journey.
I think Bangalore is
traveling on the highway.
That is why I have gone to Bangalore.
No matter how it goes, it will come
back the same way. Don't you worry.
Sir, somehow went to bangalore.
Bring two kilos of rasagula
from that commercial road.
Just me, okay?
ok - Here.
take it easy
Keep smiling guys.
You want to be smiling.
Laughter is a therapy.
Mandya Karnataka.
I'm talking to you.
You are at your loss.
I want to see your boss.
In the country of Thiruvalluvar?
Run, run, hey, run back.
How can you stab him in the face?
Turn on the electric fan.
Abandon the unknown.
It is not known at all.
You want to know. Keep
the Shaker fan at 2.
Throw up and vomit.
Shaker, put the fan on three.
Hey, don't call me guilty.
I'll spin both.
Just do your job. You will be thanked.
Did I tell you something?
Ready sir.
Do you mind if I send this?
What are you asking sir?
Because of you, I accepted the
wrong I did as a man in the court.
You also helped reduce my sentence.
After that I changed, now
I only help good things.
Changed my life.
Would I not even do this for you?
-- Shall we go sir?
- Okay, let's go.
-- Let's start sir
- ok.
ok sir - Great.
Sir, it was these four who were shot.
Stay with me, honest people.
Snipers are like well-trained fighters.
Listen, I'm not your boss anymore.
This is the boss, do what he says.
Good brother.
Sir, come and let's talk.
Are these four always like this?
No, tomorrow will be different.
Brother Senu, today Verma killed
three of us for someone's wrongdoing.
If this goes on, we will surely die.
So what's the point of being honest.
Brother, you are the one
who needs to do something.
The voice message was
sent to you in error.
Well, he should have been sent too.
It is not good to get up while eating.
When the time comes,
I will be in that room.
Sir, I am telling the truth.
I said everything I know.
Sir only knows the way to Pilima.
I don't know what you mean sir.
Don't you know what you mean?
Hey, where do we find it?
Can you go to the front of every
roof and stand with your hands raised?
Can you wait?
Pilime fell to the ground
Hey Pilime fell to the ground.
After a while, this
film also becomes heavy.
My brother fell to the ground.
Hey orangutan.
Hey mosquito face, are you?
Did the car come?
We will be ready when you say it has
arrived, I will tell you when it arrives.
Cross the road.
Lorry, win for Hanuman.
Please stop.
Please stop.
Stop the truck.
Sorry. - What? - Fell off your car.
Hey, this is Kiri Pousare.
Kiri Bowser? brother
Do you stand up in the morning
and give yourself a coffee?
Will you pour milk in your sleep?
I don't want milk, I want coffee,
you go, I'll look for another place.
crazy - God bless him.
Hello driver.
hey hey
Is the film yours? Hey,
I'm giving you a sugar cane.
Pilime fell to the ground.
Pilime fell to the ground.
sorry bro
See if it's yours
that fell on the floor.
Hey everyone get ready.
The truck comes back.
brother - What?
Brother fell to the ground.
Raghu - say.
Did a statue fall to the ground?
Is it a movie? Our
stones are welcome - hey.
Man, this is it.
close the road
This one has a fist in his hand.
He says that he fell from the roof.
I have a little doubt about him.
Sir, will you go back
and give the flour?
Dude, he's coming back, pick him up.
Uncle Driver asked me
to give this to you.
Here is uncle.
The family of the person in
this photo is in this hospital.
Where are they?
This man has committed murder.
Murders in broad daylight.
So I say no.
How many murders?
Three murders.
How many murders have I done?
-- 96 without a doctor
- 96?
Then you are the winner.
Stand still, right and left.
Second room.
Do the work you came for.
what sir When your
family is 150 km away.
I am ashamed that I will
not be able to find it, sir.
That's all you know about me.
Shame on me sir, I felt very sad.
Actually, I was thinking of cutting off your
grandson's head and sending it as a parcel.
But because you made me sad.
I will show you live.
Isn't this the room? - This is it.
Hey sir, look.
Verma, our response.
come here
What signal is lost?
The camera is frozen.
No, the leg is moving.
There are signs.
No problem. Ten crores is over.
From losing money.
Are you going to Hyderabad from
Mysore next week? It also catches.
Later in the week, the one coming
from Madurai will also be caught.
are you coming - Yes.
How do you know these things?
What sir, I thought I
couldn't find this either.
That's all we know about each other.
You made me feel sad, sir.
I won't talk to you after this.
And.... take.
And sir, let us agree.
Sir's family will not
be bothered after this.
Sir, give me my answer.
How can you give up so easily?
Trying to kill my family was wrong.
For that, you get ten rupees from them.
Pinata said, he didn't understand.
Think carefully and understand.
What is the meaning of Pinata?
Higakanna says Verma.
Mrs. Mrs.
It's been ten days since I ate, lady,
please give me ten rupees, lady.
What is this that comes in and eats?
I am very hungry, lady, give me a rupee.
Good luck, you're good, lady.
Give ten rupees.
Very hungry.
Ten rupees are begging.
If you ask for this, the guard at
the gate will give you 100 rupees.
crazy laugh
Give ten rupees. -
The body card is fine.
Eat hambakerala.
He is asking for money
because he is hungry.
He is being taught, - understand, madam.
Here, uncle, you eat. -
Thank you very much, son.
Be well King.
old note
Partner, let's take this and
give it to Kate and send it away?
With sin higakala.
Let's forgive.
Going out today because
my partner said so.
ok - Go.
That's it sir.
Don't bother your family again.
It's not good for you to
bother my business either.
do you understand
shall i go
go sir
one minute.
If you come to an agreement now and then
come with them and trouble the family.
Cut into pieces wherever you see them.
Then it takes ten days to collect
them and find out that it is you.
do you understand
i understand
One more minute.
Partner, do you want to tell
Bharathiar something he said?
Good God.
He wants to say something
to you, not to him.
Shall we send him there? - Please.
The partner is not in
a good mood. you can go
And... it's not good to fold
the meat and fry it. Go ahead.
Don't even this meat, sir.
Hey, it's not good to do
more or less than said.
Just do what you are told.
How did it come to go that way?
Verma, he is bothering us like this.
Verma, this is wrong,
why did you allow this.
Aren't you ashamed?
-- Don't provoke him.
- Shut up Panneer.
I know everything.
Don't mess it up. Verma will
take care of this himself.
Shut up.
He is completely fine.
I must have continued giving
the prescribed medicine.
Something more important.
Don't come to this side
of the province again.
When you say once.
Hey bro... bro.. bro.
Brother, don't do this. We
don't know anything about this.
Someone blackmailed
me for the first time.
You are the reason for this.
They will kill you
and they will kill you.
Put it on
Kamdev, I want to do some work. can you
I want to do it at his
house tomorrow night.
No, you can't shoot.
I want to cut, I want to cut raw.
How many pieces can be cut?
what - I want to talk to you.
Sleepy, let's talk in the morning.
You will not be there
to hear in the morning.
Why are you afraid?
Do you need any medicine?
If you want medicine,
come to the dinner table.
what happened - I don't
know. I asked to come.
Whatever happens here.
It's like being stabbed without
even moving left or right...
You have to stay where you are sitting.
We will take care of
them now tell the matter.
Someone killed our son, right?
What do you do if it falls on your hand?
That's my son, if he touches
my hand, he will kill me.
What's up with that now? - Why not?
What will he do, uncle?
That means you didn't do
it because you couldn't.
i can do
i did
What are you reading?
You said not to get up, right?
sit down
No, there has been a rain.
It has come to kill us.
What does this mean?
You said that then, didn't
you, Viji, that's right.
He was raised as an honest
person, that's why he was killed.
I am also the cause of Arjun's death.
I can't bear to think about it.
That's why he killed
the one who killed him.
Along with that, two or three
other people were also killed.
What is this scary?
If anything happens to us from them.
do not be sad.
Nothing will happen to us.
They are...
Let's get down.
Wipe it off.
If we want to be alive after this.
We need to be where life is taken.
No, I meant to say...
No need to give this advice.
Just listen to what I have to say.
Hey, I'm talking right?
What are you looking at?
This is all you need to see.
Go through the back door.
a little ....
You can stop this, right?
Too far gone.
You can come back after
completing it completely.
Push it.
Why are you afraid of this?
It starts after this.
These things have not
been said for so long.
-- Why today suddenly?
- Hey.
Did you ask for something?
-- What came?
- not.
These things have not
been said for so long.
It is said suddenly today.
It's like you're scared.
The doctor was scared.
Looks like the wrong way out.
After this I don't have three faces.
Same face.
Let's start our grand
celebration Look at this
If there is a disturbance
it is your destruction .
Do you understand the situation
Sit and stand .. ... .
Thalaivar (captain) is a
superstar on the field .. .
Let's begin our grand celebration
Thalaivar is eternal .
Let's begin our grand celebration
Thalaivar is eternal .
Command of the Tiger
-- Clean up the evidence
- I will.
Will you get a coffee while
working in this mansion?
Why don't you want coffee?
When you say it right here,
you get to do the work.
Add more gunpowder.
I said more.
Dada call.
All the people you sent are dead.
Tell Varman.
None of our people who
went yesterday are outside.
You are the only ones who are so weak.
No, the one you asked
to kill was so strong.
If he said that, I
would not send the group.
Hey, it doesn't matter if
you sent the group or not.
100 people have been requested
from Sikandar Singh from Punjab.
His people cut him to pieces.
I know he will be cut,
but will he be cut?
Or do you know for sure
that you will be cut?
Give a call to Ko Shikander.
Give Shikander Singh a call.
It's six.
get lost.
Did you cut the call?
Will not buy again.
Sikander is a little
one in front of him.
He doesn't have that much courage.
Are you so afraid of
a policeman's father?
You see him as a policeman's father.
But I have seen something
that you have not seen.
15 years ago in Tihar Jail.
2007 Tihar Jail - New Delhi.
The one who saw your troubles...
Who heard your father's whistle .
The one who made your son
and grandson dance .
Four people to snatch the name ..
One hundred to snatch the rank .
Peeking through the small wall
A crore for the panna .. .
Gangadhar, you are a sweet boy.
Do you burn?
Then why is the hair messed up?
Look, the hair is not messed
up. But the clothes are torn.
The hair is not messed up
and the clothes are not torn.
But the blood in the ear.
Balsingh. - Sir.
This Randukala is for everyone.
Rice is collected for two weeks.
Two hours of sleep while standing.
A single toilet. a command
good sir
This is not even in the prison rules.
I want to apologize.
Who talked about the rules?
Keep coming forward.
You who talk so nicely about the
rules do not follow the rules.
But we have to follow the rules.
Good work.
Only those who obey this
command will be executed.
For the lawless.
My rules are.
Balsing. - Yes, sir.
Can the doctor paste this?
-- Can't you?
- No sir.
Feed the dog.
Impure blood.
What a jailer.
Sounds too loud.
Who is that black sheep?
The whole family is set on fire.
What are you looking at?
Raja Rao.
Listen in Andhra.
30 regional councils and three councils.
He will do anything if I say so.
Set fire.
Here is the phone.
Call those who want to call
and tell them to burn my family.
I will stand aside and watch.
If you don't call now, you
will be lost in a mountain.
Right there.
Kings, an emperor of kings .
Don't play with me .
Not yesterday, not today,
always you are the king .
No Fort No Flag
Always You Are King .
Hey, putting up the board.
where are you ? - My brother
is near Sittoor checkpoint.
You can go further in half an hour.
I will talk after finishing the work.
Brother, take the guava.
how many do you want
Hey, it's a bomb.
to run
At the Sittoor checkpoint, one
of our cars was bombed, brother.
Is the work done?
An order of the tiger.
Balsing. - Sir.
-- Bring that box.
- Good sir.
thank you sir
Tell me if there is
anything to do in Andhra.
Anything can be done.
Definitely. - Thank you.
Sir, whenever you look at
it, you give yourself work.
Give us a chance sir.
Kill him? Tell me sir.
Wait bro... don't be in a hurry.
There comes a time for everyone.
Criminals in India threatened
this tiger one by one.
I'm tired of looking at it.
That's why they play from
the board every now and then.
Hey, it's me and the king.
What I say is the law.
Those rules are always
changed to my liking.
You have to shut it up
and live accordingly.
Then she can go out
without even a scratch.
If you want to do big work without it.
They will tear you apart.
That is thirty of your regional
mantras and three mantras combined.
It will take ten days to put together
the pieces and find out who it is.
Do you understand my friend?
kneel down
a command
Coyote's command.
Now do you understand
who was sent to kill?
Do you hear the sound of the car coming?
I think the tiger has come.
Let's start our grand
celebration Look at this
If there is a disturbance
it is your destruction .
Do you understand the situation
Sit and stand .. ... .
Thalaivar (captain) is a
superstar on the field .. .
The one who is ready to break the order
The one who is a hit for generations .
He who is buried in the poor man's
heart He who can win in the end .
Take a good look and you will
understand for whom Singh sent the group.
It's not a dream, this has come true....
From head to toe, the leader's power...
The coming generation is
summer Went 100 feet high .
The right place was the prison.
No one will come against him.
The one who made your son
and grandson dance .
Four people to steal the name ..
One hundred to steal the rank .
Peeking through the small wall
A crore for the panna .. .
A million A
million lives for him .
Verma, Moko fell at once.
I am here for you, get up Varma.
Varman wanted to do it.
Sir, just one call.
As soon as I finished this call.
It's true you're leaving me.
One last chance sir.
Call anyone.
Even if your father comes
now, he cannot save you.
Your father says that he cannot
save me even if my father comes.
Tell me what?
I immediately said,
Sir, you will let me go.
How are you Arjun?
Father - where is Arjun now?
I am this...
I saw now, sir.
You can stay anywhere.
Malaysia, Singapore, America.
Why can you stay in Russia?
That's a tough road.
I didn't expect it.
Great strength.
Let's sit down and talk.
Got it, right?
Shall we sit down and talk?
sit down
Hey cat, give me that chair sir.
sit down
Beat others. - Good.
Hey go go go. - Hey run away.
Can you put that manna
on the table, sir?
Very handsome.
I won't kill you.
If I kill you, your people will kill me.
I know that.
Tiger Muttvel Pandian.
No one told me that sir
has such a background story.
At the time, your son was a
policeman, so he was out of jail.
I thought he would be useful someday.
But I never dreamed that
my life would be saved.
Everything belongs to God.
I will forget everything and forgive.
Give me my son.
I know you will kill me the
next second I give your son back.
You have contacts all over India.
I know very well.
Leave my son.
I won't do anything to you.
Give me some time to think, sir.
hey cat - Sir.
Until then, let's take
comfort. - Here, sir.
Why are you dancing?
Is Verma dead?
Verma is like a tree and a stone.
Is Verma just?
Did you try to lure
Varman into the trap?
Are you confused?
Enjoy the dance.
OK enough.
Sir, doing this business
for 40 years sir.
A small hearing from childhood.
A question is a big question.
About a small item.
That is my goal in life.
What is it, there is
a big temple in Andhra.
To the god in that temple.
In the 16th century, Chatrapadi
Sivaji was gifted with a crown.
Even if the British rule in the
18th century, it could not be taken.
That is such a precious artifact,
I want it.
Bring it and take your son with you.
Hey, stealing things
from the temple is a sin.
You will be destroyed.
Ask for something else.
My sir, I don't want
these sentimental stories.
I want the crown.
I am in no hurry sir,
take your time and think.
Sir shall have the son,
and I shall have my crown.
That's the deal.
Kavali Andhra Pradesh.
It seems that they are
taking too much risk.
If he had not saved his son knowing
that he was in imminent danger.
It doesn't make sense to
say that I am a father.
ok Now you want to know
about that crown, don't you?
That crown you mentioned is
in a temple in Andhra Pradesh.
Ten teams have tried to steal it so far.
The group that tried there is
now in prison under caution.
So safe.
It is a national artifact.
Apart from the Prime Minister
of India to see it live.
Only five others can.
Who are those five?
Amita Bachchan, Ratan Tata.
Sachin Tendulkar.
Swami Gopinath Saraswathi
and Blast Mohan.
These five are the
custodians of that temple.
Blast Mohan?
He is someone who thinks too much.
Do you know him? - Not only me
but the whole country knows him.
A comic character in cinema.
An important comic
character in real life.
Usually a pin on Instagram.
A useless one.
How did he become a guardian?
Usually someone from that
family is there as a guardian.
It has been recorded in history that the land of
that temple is descended from their descendants.
A family is really a big family.
Like a royal lineage.
But he is the one who went to the
cinema and became a clown like this.
The best part of this is that it is very
difficult to control Mohan than others.
He himself does not know what to do.
They complain that there is noise
when there are bombs in our quarry.
Are there bombs that
don't make sound? - not.
Then fix his ear in such a way
that he can't hear the sound.
ok babu
Babu, you filed a lawsuit saying that you
are not good enough to act anymore, Babu.
Oh, play every movie I
have acted in four times.
For a year...
He writes wrongly about
our movies on YouTube.
Here is an advance of ten lakhs.
You are the director of my next film.
It should be widely known.
If another critic writes wrong
about that movie, you are dead.
what sir
Hey, thought about it.
I will take that crown.
But it will take three months.
Until then nothing can happen to my son.
Nothing will happen to sir's
son. I am responsible for that.
Take as much time as you
want. But one condition.
24 hours my two will be with you.
Know what you are doing.
And sir, I only believe what they say.
That's why it's not good to think of
yourself as a criminal in the middle.
If you agree with this, you
agree with everything else.
We are going to Hyderabad for work.
You are the one who stays with
the family until they leave.
They want to inform me if
there is any danger there.
-- ok
- Okay.
You are used to this every day.
why late - A buffalo
was late for milking.
ok run away - Jeep quickly.
I'll do it and run away.
A meeting at five in the evening.
What we found after
two months of chasing.
This man loves this lady very much.
But this lady loves this guy very much.
How is that?
He gave the gifts he
bought and got the job done.
Now these two are in love.
Does Blast Mohan know about this?
The day he finds out, he
will blow these two up.
Or he'll blow him up himself.
Is he doing something
wrong? - Big mistake.
Say Verma. - What's going on?
Blast Mohan loves Kamna.
But you want to love someone else.
do you want what wishes
That's Verma (Song from Paiya)
Give the phone to mad devil Panneer.
Say Verma? - Panneer, what's going on?
What did you say a minute?
Kamna's Adada Malada
song was said. - Crazy.
Varma, Thanjavur.. (Song
from movie Sura). - Oi.
Why did you go there? To
wait for something else?
Verma amazes us by
showing these filmmakers.
We are here with this head on fire.
You are always calling and bothering us.
Don't call after this, we
will call if there is anything.
Where can you see these three?
There is a shooting of a song at
Ramoji Studio tomorrow morning at nine.
You can take care there.
Hey, this doesn't work.
Come, my nights are long
for theft night and night.
Come on, even if you look at it, there
will be a fire, come to the fire, honey.
When you look after your loved ones, reduce
your fear, find love and have nothing left,
you and my luck are not
there, there is no fear.
I have spared none of my own passions.
Come on, I want you.
i need you
Come on, I want you, I want you.
19 genuine carats
Well, there are a lot of numbers.
how much - I didn't count.
He just wanted to see if
this would fit his finger.
Why so many gifts?
How much is this?
I didn't look at the numbers for this.
I just wanted to see if you
could get this on your finger.
can i
This is made just for you.
Where do you keep this in the
store? That's what it took.
Don't you ask me what I want?
-- what do you want
- Your lipstick.
Hey, a million dollar
ring and 159 lip balms?
Hey, there's no price for this.
From that lip to this lip.
Lip to lip.
I feel like chewing.
But it will end.
intoxicating like fire where
to tell the details in the eyes
-- Do it again, next
- I didn't even touch.
You came as a desire to get
tangled up Go wild with gold .
Don't fear a bit,
Don't surrender a bit .
Don't be too fooled,
Wrong, wrong, .
I want some songs
I want some dances .
both by you let's do let's do .
Put that dancing one next to madam.
Come on I want you I want you
Come on I want you I want you
-- The shot is right.
- Not right.
Leave that dancing one behind.
cut cut
Babu, don't dance, just stand.
Damn.. my old man.
What's the song?
No touching, no kissing, no hugging.
let's go - Come to the master caravan.
Let's say who he is,
now I will say Yamala.
I will come soon.
Hey Cam, wait a minute.
You don't think he's right for you.
I understand what you're saying, though.
Look, I have money and fame.
I did what I wanted in my life.
Now I want to take good care of myself.
Faithful someone who really loves me.
I'm fine. - If you're fine, I'm fine.
Hey, something suddenly occurred
to me, I want to write you go.
You write, I'll sit back and be happy.
are you happy
Hey, even if you are in the
room, my head is confused.
you go out go go
Refraction, what does it mean?
What is Alexa refraction?
According to physics.
Refraction is the change of
opposing waves in a medium.
-- Seventh necklace, right?
- Okay.
I came out of the elevator
and was in your hallway.
-- Is the door open?
- It's open, come on.
The door to your front
room suddenly opened.
That door is still open.
right there - No one
can see me coming in.
Do something or go to the room.
No wait, I'll look again.
Hi Divya.
Why is the door open?
Someone sneaks in, there's no security.
shut up - It's okay, I'm
looking forward to it.
It doesn't matter who comes,
we will take care of it.
Is this the gym?
What floor is this?
This is the floor you
pressed in the elevator.
This is the wrong floor.
Are you fans? Want a selfie? Come on.
Ma'am will come, won't
I take it with him?
Madam what madam? Why do you come?
-- Hi
- Hi.
-- Hi
- Hi.
[Now, if we don't hear what we
say, madam will go up and down.
You don't have to come to the room.
Sinner, if you say get
out, you will go out.
Without saying that, they put out
with the wet underwear called Reflexon.
Alexia was also confused as she
did not know what Reflexon was.
Isn't that the reflexion
thing, do you know Blast Mohan?
the traitor
Look at this.
If you don't want anyone to know what
just happened, you should meet our boss.
They are like languages.
Balu, you must have the goods today.
Shall we sit down and talk?
How are you, Bagunnara Balu?
good sir - Is everyone at home okay?
Don't take commercial films as crap.
Make good entertainment movies
that can be watched by the family.
Do not shoot day and
night. Not good for health.
When health deteriorates,
everything goes bad, right?
Does Blast Mohan know
that you two are in love?
I don't know sir, I don't know.
Is it okay if Blast Mohan knows this?
I don't feel right knowing.
what is that - without
That film is the life
of the entire village.
Now all of a sudden it's
Kamna when I say wife.
I am angry that he will be a murderer.
After that, you won't even
have a head to put on a wig.
Blast Mohan if you want to know this.
After this, what I say
should be done right there.
Can't change a bit.
Sir, how am I...
Is it possible or not?
I will do sir, I will do what
you say. Turn on the light.
If you do as I say, Bagunnara
Palu will be built well.
If you get lost there, it is God's help.
-- do you understand
- Got it, sir.
Say Verma.
Hey, what's going on there?
Don't say, if you say,
you will be scolded.
Tell me not to blame.
We are all worried that Balu's
story will agree with Blast Mohan.
Hey Vadu Mota.
Did you think it would be
enough to scream at someone?
If you do this,
I'll go to Blast Mohan's house
and cut my throat and die, see?
All will be lost.
Be careful with your tongue.
It hurts the brain.
Hey, why are you hitting him?
Sit on someone else's lap
and you will understand.
What you said is good.
But the movie must be a hit.
It will definitely be a hit,
I am responsible for that.
Like I said in the story, the crown.
Adinarayana temple is actually there.
Shall I go and see once
with my team, brother?
You can get it naturally, the
national award is mandatory.
Ram Prasad. - Mr.
Who should meet to see that
crown? - You can, gentlemen.
You are also a guardian of that
temple. - Prepare the necessary things.
That's right, Madam
was not in this story.
How is that? The director
comes when madam is there.
No, madam, if you come, you will come.
That's what's wrong...
Saying wrong.
How does he know?
He saw it with us.
did you see
Sri Adinarayana Temple Mangalagiri.
-- How are you sir?
- We are fine.
We are coming from caretaker
Blast Mohan's office.
-- This is the director,
this is the assistant director
- hello.
Srini, take the measure.
I want to make one like this picture.
Worth it.. Worth it.
Our hard work Varma.
Did you see the movie?
Nothing to say about that, Verma.
The head is confused.
Verma is really confused.
- Give it to Pannir.
Open your mouth baby.
Verma saw Verma.
Verma saw the one that
he had heard for 40 years.
Ever since I saw it, I have
not been impressed by Verma.
Take care of the care you
take when the goods arrive.
I will call tomorrow morning.
God, everything must be fine.
Who touched my container?
I am interested to know who it is.
I ask every ten minutes.
How can I ask more sweetly?
Say, who thought to
hijack my container
If you say that, you will kill me, sir.
And then you don't say.
Shall I take you to dinner?
you idiot.
I know you say no.
Sir Karim told to do it.
Is Karim lying?
I swear Sir Karim told me to
do it, Karim told me to do it.
right there
If I say that he is
Karim even after Mala.
Then Karim said to do it.
Sir, your friend is here, sir.
Wash your face well and leave.
Sir, - Matthew.
How long has it been since I saw you?
I said I will come,
why are you so far away?
The work is mine, I want to come.
-- Sit down
- sit down.
Found the details you asked for.
Actually, as you said, getting
that crown is a bit difficult.
The government is keeping it very safe.
You don't have to go in and come
out without getting sunburnt.
Instead, someone asked
to take that crown.
Killing him is easy.
Look at this.
If you told me.
He is shot in three places.
No, no, Matthew.
I said my son is with them.
This may endanger my son's life.
Could be a mistake.
No matter how risky it is,
I will take that crown.
got it
Are these people okay? look
I was convinced.
right there
I want to apologize. - and.
Can I use the western bathroom?
Yes. - Thank you.
Even if it hurts, I will keep him
in my sight. It will be useful later.
Anyway, when the things you asked
for are ready, let's go and see.
Thanks Matthew. - Anytime for you.
I have never seen a
place like this in Andhra.
Why did you choose a plot like this?
No, don't let me leave.
This is a Hollywood film. You
will understand after watching.
Try to tell what is
dangerous about this.
No matter how you turn the light, it sneaks away without
hitting him, doesn't it? That is the most dangerous.
No, no matter where he goes, that
light will hit him to avoid it, right?
That is dangerous. First, practice well.
The nut eater The
bull calf had sharp horns .
He hit it and stabbed it and tore it to pieces
Will it leave you without throwing it away
The nut eater
Took even more money
If the set is dead, it looks real.
Who is the art director?
sir - The work is great.
Count it Don't save
yourself and leave you .
If it is an enemy it will
be sacrificed for nothing .
Thank you, have fun - Thank you sir.
You have to shoot exactly
where I said on the board.
When you receive the order,
you will get three seconds. ok
First target, the shoulder.
The second target is the right knee.
The third target is the eyeball.
The fourth target is the stomach.
Nothing can go wrong with paneer.
Got it, right?
See someone who doesn't
surrender Passing essence .
A hundred unfathomable
ways His way will be .
The nut eater
He touched the fork .
As soon as it touches you will
it drop without picking you up .
Nut eater Woke
the tiger's hunger .
Verma, I will talk about the plan later.
Will it leave you without bloodshed .
In the evening hunger
will disappear automatically .
is everything ok - All
good but a bit too salty.
Hey, I asked about the family.
Your family is fine. They buy me
dog biscuits and they buy things.
Good morning babu.
Babu, I said, didn't I? That
crown, as shown in that video.
Escape from that laser
light and jump up and get it.
Hapoi, the light hits her everywhere.
It's like he'll die for your love.
the traitor - Great, Sir Cut Cut.
Axon sir.
To the CCTV camera view of the
treasure vault of Adinarayana Temple.
These frames need to be included.
Don't do that, sir. -
Five hundred thousand.
Sir, no matter how big the job is,
it is also my job, I will do it.
Hello, contact the emergency
services, the local police.
We are from CBI. - Need a donation?
No, you want the crown you stole.
Is it a gown? Whose dress is it?
Not the gown but the crown.
Vasu show it.
Blast Mohan has actually done it.
Hey, this is a movie shoot.
Hey Ram Prasad who is the cameraman.
Fifty lights were given.
None have been used.
Hello, that's a great CCTV
footage of the temple. - what ?
Look, if you don't tell the
truth, you will be arrested.
Will I be arrested?
Hey talk to the prime minister.
We have come here on orders received
from the Prime Minister's office.
This is a religious issue.
A very subtle thing.
No one is coming to save you,
there is only one way. - what ?
Punai is taken to check if
this crown is the right one.
If it's true, you'll survive,
if it's false, you're done.
You should be under house arrest
until we come back to investigate.
It is not good to do anything
without asking us. - Right there?
-- hey
- Babu.
-- Where is the director?
- Missing babu.
The phone is off. - Did you run away?
I was caught before I could escape.
damn you take it
Is Danaraj inside the real CBI?
Check it out once.
That's right, I was
thinking the same thing.
Let's check it out.
Hey stop stop.
The CBI?
Show ID card ?
What is in this, read.
hey - Sir. - Shut him up. - OK sir.
Excuse me, officer.
And say - Hello Verma,
they are from CBI.
Gahilla is from the provincial police.
Everyone is talking about this
crown, and that too in Bengali.
I think the crown is out.
Panju , crawl forward.
Panju, stay down.
lie down.
Focus on the goal.
Tango, Charlie flips
the jeep and hides in it.
Shoot Anju.
Don't do anything until I say so.
Everyone stay the same.
Sir, I don't care about my life,
sir. I will kill them all, sir.
no no no
-- Hey Sanju
- Sir.
Please bring it.
Hey, I bought the goods, I
will send them to your people.
As soon as you receive the goods,
send your son as we discussed before.
If you want to play in between.
Everything you say is
right. Send my crown first.
You will definitely get your son.
It will be fine, this
is Varman's promise.
Boy it's game over.
take it easy
Acting is very difficult.
The bullets should hit at the same
time. It should be thrown away.
I want to die and I want to
act. - A lot of work, sir.
Instead of acting like this, you could have
stolen the truth. It's easier than this.
Am I a thief to steal?
A policeman
That's right.
Is everything ok sir?
Everything is fine.
Good work Jafar. - Thank you sir.
We will go sir.
thank you - Anytime for you sir.
boy - Sir.
We are talking from CBI.
Sorry for bothering.
When we checked it, it was
confirmed that it was the right one.
It was confirmed that those
scenes were also filmed, sorry sir.
I was told to be an
intercessor for my love.
Did you make me a
mediator for your love?
Save the traitor.
Take off that wig.
Does Pawan Kalyan have a hair style?
the bald
Is it love?
You have been given many gifts so far.
Now I will give you
myself as a gift. Go.
Hey everyone go, have a special job.
Go without stopping.
Go quickly.
Leave it in the middle of the table.
Son of the jailer, have you
seen the power of the jailer?
It's not good to just say,
your father has good power.
This is what I told you then.
My father will do anything.
As I asked, if you give
50% on the same day.
We could have done a lot
like this as partners.
Isn't it great?
I have been looking for you
for four and a half years.
Not to arrest you and get awards.
Do business together with you.
Without doing that, they arrested
me and tortured me for six months.
You don't care and I don't care.
Don't be happy thinking
that you got this even now.
You can't take this
anywhere without my help.
Why else do I need your help?
My father gave you this.
Definitely plan to buy this again.
My father has seen how
many people like you?
His only weakness is me.
Confidence in me.
If that trust is used
properly and converted.
Everyone can enjoy the
result of this crown.
Otherwise, with this crown,
you will be punished like this.
You have no choice but to
partner with me for 50%.
What do you mean? Bhage Bhage, right?
Verma He is right.
You don't know about him.
We saw it right away.
Therefore, as he says, it is better that
we divide it into two and do it together.
First I'll go talk to
dad and get him changed.
Then I will tell you what to do.
Anything can happen in the meantime.
Father may be suspicious.
If in doubt.
I don't want to see my parents.
Do you understand what I am saying?
I am different, not like my father.
Honesty and justice
are important to him.
I want to be happy.
Money is important to me.
I don't like whoever comes
in between, even my father.
He lived as he wanted.
I want to live the way I want now.
Today is Arjun's birthday and he said
let's all go to the temple together.
Come home today why are you doing this?
how are you dad
Without you, I don't know
what would happen to me.
I never dreamed that you would save me.
I don't know what to say
about having a father like you.
I want to see mother, Ritu Swethala.
Why did you bring me here?
Come on, father, let's go home.
Let's go,
let's sit and talk
like you are very tired.
-- You stay out
- good sir.
You know Danui escaped
from a dangerous group.
They will surely follow you.
Now if we go straight home, it
will not be good for the family.
I called DGP.
Both are going to meet
the DGP tomorrow morning.
Tell him what happened to you.
Arresting everyone in that
group, we are going home.
That is what keeps us safe.
ok dad
I'm not enough, I'll take a break
and talk to you tomorrow morning.
Arjun, son, do you have
anything to say to father?
No, father, everything was said, father.
Pannier. - Verma. - Come here.
What is Verma? - Speak this.
hello - The crown you were
given to check is fake.
Test failed. - Can't be.
We were watching well. -
Tried to do it the same way.
But it's not the right one.
No matter where this is sent,
the tests will not pass.
This is really fake.
No, there's no way it's
fake as far as I know.
We checked well. You look again.
We have already checked every time, sir.
Fake, totally fake.
Did I send you a fake one?
you are my friend
close friend
But I am a professional.
100% professional.
If you beat me to death,
I will really die.
I will die myself, Verma.
Be careful.
Father four and a half years.
I tried very hard to find the
people involved in this case.
It is possible to be human in this work.
I could have died, but it didn't matter.
Now if you participate in this,
this will be done behind your back.
I don't get the respect
I want from the police.
Give me a week and I will get
hold of this team and finish this.
Until then, it's better if you
don't take part in this case.
Please for me dad.
Good son, good.
Why keep this in your hands.
Arjun, son, do you want to
say anything to your father?
It's all said, father.
Hello, our father is
everything.... . - Ha ha.
Don't use the phone,
you can spy on that.
Let's talk.
What scares you? Dad told me to go
to the police and tell everything.
If you go to the police and tell them.
This situation will be
dangerously confusing.
I will take care of them.
Shall I say two more
important things? - what ?
Your father sent a crown,
didn't he? It's fake.
What did you do knowing
it was fake? What the hell?
I didn't do it, it was my mistake.
Can you say something
more dangerous than that?
In the middle of that crown, there
was a beautiful pink diamond, right?
Inside it was a small camera.
A camera?
That means
Father must have seen
everything that happened.
He also knows that his son is a thief.
Knowingly sent me means that
you can come here anytime.
First you catch my family.
That's how you can escape from him.
I did them and sent people
to arrest the family.
These artifacts were also sent out.
Now you are the only one left.
How is it possible to take away the
real son by giving the fake crown?
So I'll kill you too and get out
of here before the jailers come.
I said I will come.
Varela Varela.
I know that these are nothing to you.
I have something else for you.
Now your family is with me.
If you go, I will
throw these people out.
Do you leave here or cut
the neck of these two?
There are three of them.
That's your boyfriend.
Hey cut with him.
I hear someone opening the door.
Let's start our grand
celebration Look at this
If there is a disturbance
it is your destruction .
Do you understand the situation
Sit and stand .. ... .
Thalaivar (captain) is a
superstar on the field .. .
The best person to break the rules
The person who was loved by generations .
The one who was planted in the hearts of
the poor The one born to win in the end .
The walking path is like a whirlwind....
It became a fashion to make hair .... .
not a dream this is real ..
Thalaivar's work from head to toe .. .
The coming generation will be a
summer dialed to a hundred feet .
Hey kill it.
The place where it was
made was in prison .. .
Let's begin our grand celebration
Thalaivar is eternal .
If you draw the last trump
He will change the trend .. .
If you cut a hole He
will be on a mountain... .
Command of the Tiger
The one who saw your troubles... Your
father's cool voice was also heard .
The one who allowed your son
and grandson to dance .... .
A few people to steal the name ..
A hundred to steal the name .
If you look through the short wall
A million people give their lives....
Let's begin our grand celebration
Thalaivar is eternal .
Hey brat.
[ Let's begin our
grand celebration ]
Thalaivar is eternal .
You cannot be free after killing me.
There's a big world behind me, jailer.
A big network.
You never know when someone will come.
Your life will be destroyed.
The ultimate danger. Drop
everything and run away.
do you understand
Jailer, you win with me.
But your son...
It is more dangerous than me.
Do you want to say anything now?
When children are bad.
Parents' lives become hell.
No, father did not do this for me.
You mother Swetha Ritu should be happy.
That's why all this.
I will not do such things after
this, father. I'm sorry dad.
ok son
Report your mistakes to the police.
Surrender? What do you mean, father?
I surrender somehow.
What happens to your honor? What
will the police think about me?
Amma Ritu Swetha, have you thought
a little about these people?
No, father, I can't surrender.
You have to surrender,
you have no choice.
So I don't know any other way.
You were always my inspiration.
i love you so much
Only you and I know this.
You don't say this ends here.
A sub by Peter Bartlett for
the cineru.lk subs department.
sorry dad
Why is your dollar different?
It was your father who
lost a tooth at your age.
Since then, that tooth has been
carefully guarded by this one.
us, please inform us by sending an email to contact@cineru.lk.
Story - Directed by Nelson.