Jaime (1999) Movie Script

- Hey, look! The kid!
- Go call the boss!
Mr. Gil, Mr. Gil!
Come down, quick!
- What is it?
- The kid has cut his fingers off.
- Big shit!
- Calm down, fuck!
I've heard it! I've heard it!
Calm down, man. Calm down, man.
How did this happen?
- It's better to call a doctor, Mr. Gil.
- No doctor!
Fetch a cloth to do a Garrote!
- Where's the cloth?
- Hurry, dammit!
- Move it!
- Fuck!
Don't get blood all over me!
Hold it there, quick.
Pull it tight.
The kid has to go to the hospital.
Let's go.
Joo, get my car keys.
- D'you know where he lives?
- I know how to get there.
Get your jacket and come with me.
Go, hurry up.
I'm filthy in blood, flour...
Fuck, man!
What a shit, fucking kids!
- Did you get the fingers?
- No.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Don't you know they
can glue them back on?
Fuck, man!
Let's hope they didn't
throw them away.
Put them in a plastic bag
with ice. Move it, fuck!
All I need is for this fuck
to die in the car.
Fuck, all I get is shit.
Calm down, Gil, calm down.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Mr. Vieira!
Don't shout,
go and knock on the door, fuck.
I don't know which floor
he lives on.
- What's up? What do you want?
- D'you remember me?
From the bakery.
Is it Lus?
What has he done?
Nothing, he did nothing.
Stay calm.
- Come down.
- Has anything happened to him?
Come on down, fuck.
Move it, please! Fuck.
And mouth shout!
You don't mention the bakery,
you heard me?
Yes, yes, don't worry.
I'll tell them he was playing with a knife.
That! At your home.
That's a good one.
- Are we understood, Viera?
- Don't worry.
- It's all in your best interest.
- Relax.
Was it or was it not you
who asked me to get a job for the kid?
- True or false?
- It's true.
Was it or was it not you
that went there 'crying'?
Ah... get me work Mr.Gil, we're out
of cash at home, I'm unemployed...
- Wasn't it like that?
- Yes it's true.
Of course it's true, dammit Vieira.
So if you mention the bakery,
you're the one in trouble. You hear me?
And you can say goodbye
to your compensation.
Yes, you get us into trouble,
you can't expect money from us.
Well, we're arriving.
Everyone stay calm.
Here, this is an advance.
Now it's up to you.
Excuse me, but how much
would it be, more or less?
How much what?
The compensation. How much would it be?
More or less... approximated.
Viera, don't worry.
You won't regret it.
Trust me.
Worry about your son instead.
The kid's there, look at him. Poor kid.
Get the kid to the hospital.
Fucking poors! Shit.
- What's your name?
- Jaime.
That's it... Jaime.
Well, Jaime, I can't keep
you on after all this shit.
You understand, right?
No. Why can't I continue to work?
Because people will eventually know.
And I rather not have to hide you
when the work inspector shows up.
What do you want? It's life.
It's never enough for everyone.
It's always like that:
you or me.
Here... Get on home.
You'll find something else easily.
Five thousand escudos,
cheap bastard.
Not enough for everyone.
"April - Bakery"
2 plus 2, 4 plus...
5 thousand, 1 , 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 9 thousand escudos.
What are you doing here
at this time?
Getting back from work.
You hear that, Filipe?
The kid says he's getting back from work.
Leave me alone, Fil, please.
What's the pleasure
you have in working?
You enjoy working!?
Don't tell me you enjoy it.
Especially at your age.
- Here, have a drag.
- I don't smoke.
Did you hear that? He says he
doesn't smoke... The kid's cute.
Leave him alone.
Let's go,
- I'm sleepy.
- Look this isn't a cigarette,
it's a remedy against work,
I know well what that is.
It's a joint.
Fil, let's go.
- Already tried it, have you?
- No, I don't like it.
If you never tried it,
how do you know you don't like it?
Go on, try it.
I don't need to try
to know I don't like it.
You're an idiot.
You really deserve to work.
Boring, I want to go home,
I'm sleepy, I want to go sleep.
Everybody's sleepy!
Shity men!
And I've got to play golf tomorrow.
Early morning! What an annoyance!
Hey! Don't you want to be a caddie?
Filipe's looking for one, right Filipe?
- What's that?
- Golf. Never seen it on TV?
'Course I have.
Think I haven't got a TV?
Here, show up there.
- Bye, slave!
- Bye, stupid bitch!
Hello there, short-arse.
Help me there.
Have you got me that job as dishwasher?
No, nothing can be done.
He says you're too young.
I'm old enough to shit them.
Listen... why not play in that
fucking movie I told you about?
They don't give a damn about your age.
And they'll give you lots of dough.
I've already said no, shit!
- Dumbhead!
- Fuck you!
Hey, Mum, Mum...
You'll wake Antnio.
That Brazilian son-of-a-bitch
spends his life sleeping.
He worked late.
Why does he work till so late?
It's his businesses.
What businesses?
They're businesses.
You know very well what it is.
Buying and selling stuff.
So that's why he's always
asking you for money?
With all the "businesses" he does,
he should already be rich!!
And you, how's that your business?
Don't tell me you're jealous.
Of him? Why would I be jealous?
I'm more handsome.
That's true.
You're the most handsome.
Anyway, when I'm older,
I won't be in "businesses".
I'll have a real profession.
Careful not to end up like your father,
He wouldn't be unemployed,
if his motorcycle hadn't been stolen
You know that, very well.
- Anyway, he's found a job.
- What as? King of the vagrants?
Don't say that, shit!
- Don't say that.
- Ok, ok, sorry.
What's been happening that lately,
you've been getting up so early?
And then, when my father finds a job,
he'll rent an apartment, a real one.
- Stop it, Jaime.
- With everything you ever wanted...
- Stop it once and for all!
Get into your head that
I'll never live with your father again!
Stop making up stories.
Even if he rented a palace,
I couldn't care less.
Your father is over for me.
It's finished, d'you understand?
He's a loser. He'll never
be anyone in life.
- That's not true!
- Yes, it's true.
Shit, I've told you more than a thousand times,
not to talk about him again. Haven't l?
You see, you said "shit" too.
Yes, but I can.
It's not fair.
Come on, let's make up.
Right, hurry up, or
I'll lose the bus.
Look, go and wake the girls,
while I get dressed.
Hey, girl,
where d'you think you're going?
What's got into you, Deolinda?
What d'you think?
This is not charity! I'll go down.
Hadn't we agreed I'd pay the
2nd week at the end of the month.
Yeah, the second.
But the first was on Saturday,
and I've yet to seen it.
But Antnio didn't...
Antnio what?
Nothing. Forget it.
So, Emlia,
feeling alright?
- Look, I've left the money on the table.
- Good.
Don't forget to put ice.
If it starts bleeding,
come and see me straight away.
Come here, my love.
So, where do we stand?
You'll bring you the money tonight.
I swear on my daughters' health,
I'll bring it to you myself.
You'll bring tonight...
We agreed Saturday, not tonight.
If you had no money,
you should have fucked less.
Or do the same as that woman.
You make me laugh.
Your pussy's where your head should
be, and I get to clean up the mess.
Then look,
take this money.
I don't have more,
I'll give you the rest tonight.
Come on, do me that favor.
What d'you want me
to do with that?
Buy a liter of air?
Thank you.
He spent the money you gave
him for Deolinda, didn't he?
- Who?
- The guy.
The guy's name is Antnio, I've
told you. Don't meddle in this.
So, did you brought the cash?
I said at the end of the month.
I've warned you that you're
not the only one who wants it,
There's no lack of
'speedy' kids like you,
who are crazy to kill them selves
on these craps.
This one's already killed two.
Maybe you'll be the third.
How's that your business?
I'm not your son.
That'd be the last straw.
If a son of mine placed his arse on
that shit, I would kill him myself.
Look, why don't you put
a "SOLD" sign on it?
I'll put the sign on it
when you put the money
on the table.
Heard me?
Hello, father.
- What time is it?
- Nearly 10.
Fucking alarm clock.
And today even,
I've got an appointment
later for a job.
- What sort of job?
- A good one.
A sort of sailing club,
something like that.
Where is it?
Near the port.
Somewhere around there.
And the job from the other day?
Didn't work out.
They again wanted guys
with their own means of transport.
You'll have to buy a motorcycle.
Yeah, that would be good, yes.
Whit what?
Look, when I was coming here,
I went by the bike shop
They had one just like yours,
even same brand.
Fucking toilet!
Look, I bought you the newspaper.
For the small ads.
What for? They always want
guys with diploma.
- Your mother?
- She's good.
She sends you a kiss.
Sends me what?
- A kiss, that's what she said.
- Yeah, sure.
Honest, "Tell him that I send
him a kiss." That's what she said.
"Tell your father that I send him a kiss."
That's what she said.
- She said that?
- Yes.
And she knew you
were coming here?
Of course.
And she let you come,
just like that, didn't bother you?
- No, why would she bother me?
- Why would she bother you?
Every time you come here you're
always late, if she knew she would yell.
No, I've told her I'd come after school.
That's why she didn't bothered me.
She just said
not to stay too long.
She didn't say anything.
Quit the bullshit.
She said, I swear!
She doesn't give a damn.
That's not true.
She's always asking about you.
What was she wearing
this morning?
That normal dress
she wears for work everyday.
The one she wore on Monday,
with the flowers?
Yes, I think so,
the one with the flowers.
Wait, she didn't say
she'd seen you on Monday.
She didn't see me.
Go on, beat it, leave that.
Go on, beat it. Go away.
So, that dream?
Was it beautiful?
- I was not sleeping.
- No?
- What were you doing, then?
- I was listening.
- With your eyes closed?
- One hears better.
It wasn't me, Teach.
- Come and play football.
- I don't give a damn about football.
You can't have a drag.
I've got AIDS.
I don't care. I don't smoke.
Come on, let's take a piss.
- And what if I don't want to?
- You do want to, come on.
What d'you want with me?
Is there a job for me
where you work?
I dunno.
Who says I work?
I heard you snoring in class.
Maybe I stayed up late
watching TV.
Stop with the crap!
Is there a job for me or not?
Shit, my Nikes!
Let me go, shit head.
There's no problem, they're fake.
Is there a job for me or not?
Maybe. Let me go, shit.
How did you guess
they're fake?
D'you think you look like someone
who'd have real ones?
Besides, they're too big for you.
One size bigger cause I'm growing.
can you find me a job or not?
Why should l? You're not my friend.
What would I gain with it?
You gain that I won't tell the teacher.
With your age, it's illegal to work .
- You're only a year older than me.
- But you don't look like it.
- Fuck!
- What? Who is it?
- An inspector.
- A cop?
Not really. A work cop,
the kind who doesn't let kids to work.
- Shit!
- Wait, I'm coming with you.
- Help me, goddammit!
- Where do you work?
I collect clothes from houses.
Will you ask them to place me there?
- What'll you give me in return?
- We'll see.
I want mom.
Lay down or mommy will wake up.
Lay down.
Lay down.
Already? I was waiting for you at 2.
They told me 2 o'clock.
Nobody told me any time.
This isn't like the trains.
There's no arrival and departure times.
Two thousand, right?
That's right, but they told me
2 o'clock, that's the truth.
I don't give a damn about the time.
Is the order ready or not?
Well, almost.
Say half an hour,
three-quarters, at the most.
- What half an hour, three...
- Just time to have a drink.
Half an hour, 3/4 ... Don't even think
about it, I've got 3 shippings to do tonight!
- They said two o'clock.
- I understood.
We'll take what there is. You talk it
with the boss later. OK?
- Which ones?
- Those ones and the ones inside.
Take this shit.
You're not being nice.
He'll fine me again.
Moom, I'm sleepy.
Quit crying, shit,
or you'll get more!
- He's sleepy.
- I wasn't talking to you!
And you speed it up, or
d'you want me to switch off the TV?
And what are you staring at?
- How much did you get?
- What's it to you?
No need to get mad,
I don't want your money.
D'you want to know
how much I made?
I don't give a damn.
Thank you.
A kiss... don't you give me one?
A good kiss. Sweet, my sweetie.
Good morning, Mr. Teofilo,
I'll come by tomorrow to pay.
No, it's not that.
It's not that.
Go, darling.
I'll wait here for the bus.
- Be good.
- OK. Bye.
Go on.
Go to school.
- Where shall I put the bag?
- By the table, there.
Hello, how are you?
Here, this is for you.
Thank you, Mr. Filipe.
Come, let's go to that table.
- Are you free?
- I'm not here for that.
- I AM!.
- And you can carry the bag?
- Of course I do.
- Ok, then come on.
You wanted to speak to me?
Yes, but alone.
What are you doing here?
You can't sit here.
Why? Am I not like the others?
- Of course not.
- The kid's with me.
Look, just handy, an orange juice.
- Are you waiting for something?
- No, Mr. Garcs.
You know that... he's right,
you can't be here.
And you sir?
You're a bright spark.
You think we're the same, is that it?
You're wrong.
We're not the same.
I never carried other people's bags.
Even whit your age.
Besides that, you're right.
I also don't have the right to be here.
Only to me,
nobody dares to tell me.
Listen, man, could you tell me
that I can't be sitting here?
- Of course not, Mr. Garcs.
- "Of course not,
Mr. Garcs".
Here take, it's for you.
You gave the right answer.
You won.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Then to us, a toast
to all those who can't be here,
but who don't give a damn.
- Hey, fuck!
- What's up?
"What's up" my arse.
You're not paid to snore there.
- I was not sleeping.
- The fuck you weren't, man.
You were snoring like a pig.
- Take this shit and drink.
- I don't want any more coffee.
- Fuck and drink!
- It's too strong.
It makes me shit.
Fucking kid! You've been
fucking my horns for 8 days.
I'm warning you, if you fall asleep
again you'll hit the sidewalk.
Anyway, the coffee doesn't
do me anything, I still sleep.
Yeah, yeah.
You're lucky to be with me.
I know some who
would have woken you with a beating.
I would like to see that.
You're tough, aren't you?
Okay, you'll carry the order alone.
Makes you unhorny
and gives you strength.
- It doesn't scare me.
- I'm going to see that.
Good morning.
- Place for one more?
- No, no, this is only for blacks.
- Hurry up, dammit.
- It's my Nikes.
Why did you ask?
You've already got a job.
You call that a job?
carrying togs all night long?
On building sites it's even worse,
you carry concrete.
At least you can breath.
And you see houses growing.
It's a real profession,
bricklayer, not like this shit.
I can't do that.
I get dizziness.
So what? Why do you have to do
everything like I do?
I'm not your brother, I'm not your father.
I'm not even your friend.
Leave me alone.
OK, I'm going another way
I'm even the one who
got you a job, shit!
See you at school?
Bad luck. I grew up
in this neighbourhood, too.
Come on.
I have a feeling that you weren't
very happy when you saw me.
Why would I be?
I don't know you.
So why did you run away
this morning?
Run away? I don't understand.
Oh yes, you do.
Why did you run away, when you
saw me in school this morning?
In school? I... I didn't
even went to school today.
I cut school.
You can check, if you like.
You cut?
You're a cool one, you are.
OK, I'll introduce myself.
My name is Coluna.
Shake here.
I'm a work inspector.
Now you know me, right?
Come, let's chat over there.
I haven't got time,
I've got to go home.
Yes. you do, you'll see.
It's only 2 minutes. Come on.
I've told you I don't work.
I go to school.
D'you think seagulls like lupins?
Let's see...
Look, they do.
D'you want one?
- Can I go now?
- No, wait, wait.
Where's the factory?
There's no factory.
I told you, I don't work, shit!
That's funny, not what
your friend Ulisses says.
First, he's not my friend.
And then he's a fucking liar.
Oh, yes? What about Lus?
The one who lost his fingers.
- Is he a fucking liar too?
- I don't know any Lus.
You're a tough little bugger,
aren't you?
Understand this, you don't need
to be afraid, I'm not after you.
You're a victim.
I'm after the bastard who's exploiting
you. That's the one I want, get it?
I promise you this, if you tell me
who it is, I won't bother you ever again.
Scout's honour.
I've told, there's nobody
doing to me what you said.
- First, I don't work and I've never worked.
- OK, let's go.
- Are you arresting me?
- No, I'm taking you home.
I know the way.
Go on, move it,
I want to talk with your father.
- What for?
- Thought you were in a hurry.
What d'you want with my father?
I want to ask him a few questions.
You didn't want to answer,
maybe he will. Let's go.
My father isn't at my home.
I live with my mother.
Great, let's go and talk
to your mother then.
She isn't there, she's at work.
But she doesn't know anything.
'Doesn't know anything'?
How come 'doesn't know anything'?
She doesn't know you work, right?
You're a clever guy. I admire you.
You work, at night, hiding.
And you must have a small house even.
You're a real artist.
Listen to me.
The war isn't over,
but this time, you've won.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
I'll be back tomorrow,
and ask you again.
If you don't answer me,
I'll go ask your mother. Deal?
You don't have the right.
I have, I have...
It may seem unfair, but I have.
Can I go now?
Yeah, scram.
- Where's Ulisses?
- There, in the bedroom.
You shity bastard!
What did you tell the cop?
Nothing. You're crazy.
I didn't tell him anything.
What did you tell him?
Don't lie!
I didn't say anything.
Stop it, you're hurting me.
Don't lie to me!
See what you've done,
you fucking bastard? Stop that shit.
Why did you tell him we work,
you clown?
He scared the shit out of me
with the reformatories.
And you believed him, dimwit.
But I didn't tell him
where it was.
Have you got a hanky?
Yeah, but I'm not gonna
lend it to you.
Not for me, it's for you, idiot.
Wipe your nose.
Shit, you could have broken it.
If Coluna tells my mother I work,
I really will break it.
Your mother doesn't know?
Why do you work, then?
I mean, if nobody's making you do it.
That's my business.
If you want, I'll tell Coluna it's not true,
that I made it up.
It won't do any good now.
Who's that?
What's wrong with him?
That's my brother, Artur.
He's got some sort of sickness,
he has to give himself injections.
Hello, handsome.
Coming to get me?
Hello, Maria. My mother,
where is she? Has she left already?
No, you mother is in
a business meeting.
She's gone for a coffee
with the boss. Here she comes.
If I was you I'd go and get her quick,
before he rapes her.
So, you were there?
Of course, I came to pick you up.
You're an angel.
Are you sulky?
Why did that guy gave you a kiss?
No reason.
Just to say goodbye,
we're colleagues.
He's not your colleague,
he's your boss.
It doesn't matter,
he's still a colleague.
- I don't like that guy at all.
- Just cause he's good-looking?
Stop being jealous.
Haven't you
got an alarm clock at your place?
- It doesn't beat good anymore.
- Doesn't beat good?
And you beat good, fuck?
Where are the people?
Where are the machines?
What's it to you?
You ask too many questions.
Grab those boxes
and make it snappy.
You, give him a hand.
He's gonna sell all the stuff
on the black market.
So what?
He's got no right, you know. It
belongs to the guys he owes money to.
What about it? We're out of a job,
that's what matters.
- Are we going to the houses today?
- Not today nor tomorrow. It's over.
- It's closed.
- Closed?
What do you mean?
I mean you're asking too many
questions, hurry if you want some.
It's bankrupt, idiot.
Mota, look at the time.
The whores are the only ones
who are never out of work.
If things go on like this,
I'll have to become a drag queen.
Unload the boxes one by one.
I want to count everything.
They want to count
the boxes one by one.
Look... look.
Good morning.
It's the guy from the golf, the 'carrot'.
The stuff's here, but
there are boxes missing.
They're badly finished
and some boxes are missing.
It's not possible.
Your guy must be wrong.
My 'guy' is never wrong.
- Maybe it's a mistake.
- No, no, there's no mistake, Mr.Reis.
Well, how is it? I don't have all day.
Do we have a deal, or not?
- This is my price.
- What?
You must be joking.
This shit is worth five times more.
At least, d'you hear?
Let's go.
Wait, wait...
What are you staring at, shit?
Come on, we're getting out of here,
hurry it up.
You two,
open the fucking door.
Move it!
Want to stay here all night or what?
So kid?
Still carrying other people's bags?
Push this shit!
- Where are you coming from?
- Already up?
Didn't you hear my question?
Where are you coming from?
I went to buy bread.
Lie! I've been up for over an hour,
and you weren't in bed.
How come you're up so early?
Don't evade my question.
Where were you?
I was... I mean...
I went to see my father.
I was at my father's house.
At your father's house?
Yes, I was... helping him
repairing the motorcycle.
The motorcycle?
Hadn't it been stolen?
It had, but... they found it.
It's all wrecked.
That's why he asked me to help.
At night?
Well, he needed it
this morning.
For his new job,
I told you about it, remember?
Why didn't you tell me
you were at your father's house?
Because if I had said,
you wouldn't let me go.
Don't ever do that again, please.
I was sick with worry.
Don't cry, I'm here.
I won't disappear again, I promise.
But it wasn't 'cos of you.
Then why was it?
'Cos of the Brazilian.
He didn't come home.
I told you he was a bastard.
Jaime, don't say that,
maybe something happened to him.
- Yeah, he found a girl.
Please, don't say that.
Has my father ever
did that to you?
Did he?
He was the opposite.
Then why don't you go back to him?
He 'likes' you so much.
Please, go away
My crying soul
Is watching your end
Where did you get that money?
Out of a hat, didn't you see?
You done something stupid, no?
No, my love, no.
- You're drunk.
- Totally plastered.
Go and wake the girls,
it's late already.
Good idea, go on, kid.
- I'll go if I want to.
- Go on, my love.
- What's he doing here?
- Sorry, I didn't want to...
What d'you take me for?
- Stay there.
- Get out.
- He just wants to talk to you.
- Get out, now! Pig!
He's agreed to employ you
at the butcher, as cashier.
- He's willing to pay double, dammit!
- Bastard!
He'll go away, okay?
Calm down, calm down, alright?
Filthy pigs, out!
You have no reason
to treat me like that.
- Bastard, get out!
- It was just a joke...
Get out!
It's you. I wasn't expecting you.
I need to leave.
Why? Found a job?
No, not a job.
I'm helping Costa out.
Are you going fishing with him?
I wish, but no,
I'm helping him repair his boat.
But I've got to go,
I'm already late.
Wait, I'll go with you.
Won't be possible.
Stay here if you want.
But I want to tell you something.
What do you want to tell me?
It's over between
Mum and that other guy.
- She left him?
- Yeah, she threw him out.
What did he do to her?
He didn't come home last night.
Is that all? Nothing else?
But she was furious, I swear.
She'll get over it.
It's not the first time.
Why don't you ask her
to come back to you?
She doesn't want.
She wants, she's figured out
that you're better than the other.
Why don't you try it?
I don't like to be laughed at.
That's not true.
Shut up!
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
- Jaime, take.
- What's that shit?
It's for your mother.
Piss off, my mother wants
nothing from you.
- But they're filet steaks.
- Stuff them up your arse!
That even has nails!
It's going to scratch all my bald head!
Put it, put it, put it.
Look what I found.
- That's mine.
- Hey, calm down.
I've said it's mine!
Yours? And where did you get it?
You little shit?
None of your business.
I earned it. Let me go.
You earned 20.000 escudos?
And how did you earn it?
Giving blow jobs to
the disco queer? Is that it?
Gently, now.
Show some respect.
Let me go, you bastard!
Give me my money!
If I were you, I would never say
a word about this money.
It's as if it never existed, ok?
Let's not get angry over
half a dozen of cents, right?
Go steal on your own land, shity thief!
I'll tell my mother!
Go on.
Run, shity snitch.
What are you doing?
That's Antnio's.
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
I'm paying myself back.
Paying your self for what?
- Stop that!
- For the money he stole from me.
- What money?
- My money!
I had 20 thousand escudos
and he stole them.
Where did you get
20.000 escudos from?
I got it, that's all.
- Where?
- My father gave it to me.
I'm fed up of hearing those stories
you make up against Antnio.
Now shut up and
put all this stuff back.
I won't do it. You don't like me!
You only like that guy!
- You only care about shity thief.
- Not one more word, Jaime.
Shut up right now and go
pick up the girls, that are waiting
at Deolinda's for over an hour.
You should have done it instead
of riding around on that bike.
I'm not your maid!
Go yourself!
Bastard. Thief.
You're going to pay for this.
Yes, you are.
You'll pay for this.
You going to pay!
Hello, dad.
What's up?
Can I sleep at your place?
Does your mother know?
Of course. Yes, she doesn't mind.
What happened? You done something
and she got mad at you, was it?
No, not with her.
Was with the other guy.
Can I stay, dad?
Please... just for a day or two.
Can I?
There's only one mattress,
but we'll manage.
I've got a bite.
- Well?
- It jumped.
When you laugh, you look just
like your mother, damn you.
Go on.
Sit down now.
That's right.
Not that one, bring me the other one.
Jaime, Jaime.
Beat it, idiot!
Wait, this morning, your mother
came to see the teacher.
- What?
- Hey, I don't pay you to chat.
I'll meet you on the hill.
Wait for me there.
So, what did my mother want?
Nothing, she was looking for you.
She was worried.
- Have you run away?
- What about the teacher?
She told her to go to the police.
And what did my mother say?
She said no, at least for now.
But the teacher said to
your mother to be careful,
because if she doesn't go to the
police and something happens to you
it's your mother that'll be in deep shit.
And my mother, what did she say?
She said it wasn't needed to go
to the police, that you'd be back.
How many times have I
told you that I don't I smoke?
Won't you go back home?
Really? And to school?
If the teacher sees you,
she'll tell your mother. Or the police.
That's why
I won't show up there again.
You won't return? Really?
I need to find work
on a building site.
It happens I've got an idea.
There a broad that found work
for a bunch of kids like us.
- How?
- I dunno.
Has some tricks.
But she takes a cut.
My boys, my boys...
come here.
What's this?
What do you want?
We want to talk to you.
Because of work.
The talk is at home.
At home is where we talk.
Go on, let's go.
Go on, quickly.
My boys, my boys...
my boys... come here.
Oh, you're there.
Look that I've got nothing for
your daughter, I still have nothing.
But the other day you said that
maybe at a shoe factory, in Antas.
Oh, yes, Pinto's shoe factory.
Oh, my daughter, unfortunately
they're not hiring nobody else.
You know something?
I smell bankruptcy.
I don't even give them
one more month.
On the other hand,
you have the widower's house.
He hasn't found anyone yet.
No, I don't want her
to be a servant.
And then, a man alone...
You see evil everywhere.
A poor old man,
with one foot in the grave.
God forgive me.
It's up to you.
You the one who knows what
to do and not. I don't know.
Boys, come here, come here.
- Is the boss in?
- And what do you want with him, kid?
- It's personal.
- Okay, but he's not in.
No problem, I'll wait.
This is just a warehouse.
There's no work, if that's
what you're here for, kid.
No, that's not for that.
And my name isn't "kid".
Don't feel insulted.
It's 'cos I don't know your name.
Then don't call me anything.
- Is it ready?
- Nearly.
You had time to wash
two cars by now.
Look who he is: the worker.
What're you doing here?
- I've got a deal for you.
- Do you think I have time to play?
Come back another day.
- Saul, when the Spaniards arrive,
let them in. - Ok.
They bring 2 trucks. They'll take all.
It's all arranged.
I'm not kidding!
I really have a business for you.
So, you have a business for me.
Very well.
And, what may that business be?
A shoe factory, it's going bankrupt.
Sport or the other kind?
That I don't know.
You don't know nothing.
You say you have a business
for me and you don't know what it is?
I know. I know it's a shoe factory.
Are you interested, or not?
If not, I'll go elsewhere.
Then go.
Does that mean
it doesn't interest you?
First you say you have a business
for me and don't know what it is.
Second, you try to bluff me.
Third, when I attack,
you fall apart. You're an idiot.
If I were you, I'd be back
to the Golf, instead
of being here wasting my time.
If I'm an idiot,
why did you let me come up?
I don't know, maybe I've got
a soft spot for brats like you.
So, where is it?
How much do you pay me?
Hold on, you're losing three to null.
This is no time to play defense.
Where is it?
In Antas.
In Antas?
In Antas...
Only if it's Pinto's factory.
Yes, that's it, Pinto.
Pinto... he's going bust too?
- Where did you hear about this?
- How much do I get?
Let's go.
"Abel, if you don't bring
Jaime within 24 hours
I'll go to the police".
"I'm not joking about this.
Don't forget that the judge
gave me custody of the kids.
You should be ashamed
to let your son see you
living in that pigsty.
And stop spying on me
at the supermarket. Marta."
Remember when my mother
brought me to the port,
to see you building a tanker,
that giant that caught fire?
My mother was so proud.
Oh, yes, the Japanese one.
We had to rebuild
the whole deck again.
- That was my last job.
- It was huge,
I remember it was red and black,
and very tall.
You were just very small.
Yeah, but it was tall, that it was.
I enjoyed working on the trawlers
best of all.
I liked the trawlers.
Why did you like them so much?
I don't know. Because...
they are more workable.
They were suited better to the waves.
When I saw them at the port,
I recognized all the repairs
I'd done on them.
You're coming with me home, now!
I'm not coming home,
I don't want to.
I don't care what you want.
I'm in charge. We're going home.
You can't make me.
I want to live with my father.
Not so loud.
Let's go talk at home.
People are staring.
I don't give a damn. This was
your idea, wasn't it, you bastard?
Think you can
get me back like this?
Why are you saying that, Marta?
Why are you saying that?
Haven't you get it yet, that I won't
live with you anymore? It's all over.
You disgust me.
You make me sick.
And you even put him to work for you,
aren't you ashamed? Your own son!
What are you talking about?
That's not true.
The inspector was at my house, he told
me everything. I know everything!
- It's not true!
- Stop it.
Stop it, he's got guilty of anything.
I won't go back home with you,
you hear me? I hate you!
- You sure the guy's gone?
- I swear on my mother's health.
This is disgusting, it tastes
of rat's piss. It's bitter, shit.
What's yours like?
Give me a taste.
No chance.
It's delicious. You should have
chosen it yourself.
Don't be so mean,
just a taste.
Don't be such a pain,
get another one.
Shit, you idiot, I can't swim!
Your father's gay!
That's the kids pool!
That's right, the water's great,
it's nicely hot.
I don't believe it.
- My head's spinning.
- You're drunk.
So am l.
- How do you float like that?
- You just have to let yourself go.
If I let myself go,
I sink like a stone.
Aren't you ashamed?
Undressing with a body like yours.
You're really ugly.
What about my dick,
is that also ugly?
That? It looks like a worm.
Oh yeah?
Then why did that queer
gave me 1000 escudos
just to touch it?
And you let him do it?
Of course! For 1000 escudos,
why shouldn't I?
You disgust me, shity faggot.
Me? Why?
He's the one who touched it.
Wait, I'll warm
the bath up for you.
Bastard! Stop it!
You're disgusting!
I'm giving you a shower bath...
- My father's dead.
- What?
Oh, shit.
If you want,
you can come to my house.
It was that bitch.
- Because of her!
- Which bitch?
I'm gonna tell her to her face,
she's the one who killed him.
Don't be stupid.
I'll go with you.
- Wait, I'm coming with you.
- Mother!
- Is that you, Jaime?
- Where's my mother?
- Where is she?
- She's not here.
She isn't here?
She left.
She left.
Gone where?
What happened?
After all I've done for her.
There aren't many
who'd take on a gal with 3 kids.
There weren't.
Say it, Jaime.
Say it, Jaime!
But she's going to get screwed,
you'll see.
All he wants is her ass.
And when he's satisfied,
he'll throw her out like an old rag.
I told her to her face.
"Once he's fucked you good and
proper, he'll throw you out."
It's true, isn't it, Jaime?
All I needed was a bit more time,
that's all.
Where're you going?
Are you going to her?
Get a move on, dammit.
He's watching you.
- I can't help it. It's my Nikes.
- Take them off, then! Fuck!
What are we joking, or what??
Nothing. It's just my Nikes,
I'll be alright.
Yeah? Shit. When?
OK, thanks.
Hey, put that down,
and come here.
I swear it was my sneakers,
but everything's OK now.
I've told you to drop that crap,
go and fetch the other two.
That bastard of the
work inspector is coming.
Take the kids to the trench.
Go on, move it!
Let's go, let's go, hurry, hurry.
I want everyone with their helmets.
I didn't push, I blew.
It's the same, it's still cheating.
My ass it is.
Hand over the 100 escudos. I won.
Shut up, let me listen.
What's up?
I can't hear anything.
Exactly, there's nothing to hear.
They've finished with work.
Then it's 'cos they're coming
to get us, right, Jaime?
Hey, come get us!
We're over here!
Help shouting, shit!
Come and get us!
We're over here!
Shit, my Nikes...
All wet!
All wet!
All wet!
OK, it's good.
You can start.
Go and get the cement.
Stop! Stop!
The kids, stop!
That fucking nigger
forgot about the kids. Fuck!
Shit, I've caught a cold.
Watch out, Jaime, it's Coluna!
Jaime, run!
What d'you want this time?
Where did they hide you yesterday?
- Buried you in the mud, or what?
- No idea what you're talking about.
- Come with me.
- Where to?
- Come with me, you'll see.
I prefer walking.
Do I have to show you again
who's the sheriff?
Trying to make a fool out of me?
What were you doing in there,
If you don't work there?
We were playing.
- Hey, Marta! Marta.
- You were playing, were you?
- Go on girl, it'll be you dbut.
- Hey, look at me.
Why did your friends scarper
when they saw me?
Maybe they're scared of cops.
Smartass, are you?
I want to show you something.
Go on, get in.
- Hello, Mr. Coluna.
- Hello, Moiss.
- How's the job?
- Not so good.
- It's the end of the month.
- Well, I've brought you a customer.
- Sit down.
- You can't wax sneakers.
But you can clean them.
Don't be a pain,
just do as you're told.
I've just remembered.
You know what Moiss did before?
He was in the building trade,
just like you.
Funny that.
Isn't it, Moiss?
You were a bricklayer, weren't you?
You were there a long time, weren't you?
- Almost sixteen years.
- 16 years? That's a live time!
When was the last time
they fired you?
About a year and a half ago,
a year and five months.
A year and a half, door to door,
looking for a job.
- Wasn't it, Moiss?
- Yes.
But I have something
even more funny to tell you....
Guess who replaced him,
on the site.
You don't know?
Go on, Moiss, tell him.
You promised me
the affair was closed.
Don't worry, I'm just
talking to the kid, nothing else.
His son replaced him.
What d'you think of that?
It's funny, isn't it?
The son replaced the father.
The kid was about his age,
wasn't it?
Something like that, yes.
I know it's your job,
Mr. Coluna,
apply the law and all that.
But even so, I was lucky.
'Cos if they hadn't hired my son,
we wouldn't had anything to eat.
Of course, the job could have been
taken by any another guy,
For example, Jaime.
I didn't take anybody's job.
Get off my back.
That's enough! Fuck!
What do you want?
What do you want, shity kid?
Who told you that you didn't take
the job of some guy like your father?
That kills himself,
cause nobody wants him!
That's not true.
Not true. What's not true?
But don't let it worry you.
When you get
to your old man's age,
there'll be some bastard,
who'll give a job to a smartass like you.
And then you only have 2 options:
Or shine shoes
or kill yourself like your father.
You don't like the chat, do you?
Look, stop being a smartass
and go back to school.
To school and to your mother.
She's been looking all over for you.
She even went to the police.
The real police.
Now, beat it. I'm sick of you.
Get out of here.
He's never gonna leave us alone,
the son of a bitch.
Fuck him.
Anyway, he'll never get me.
What are you doing?
- Why aren't you at work?
- They gave me a day off.
What have you done, Ulisses?
- Have you been fired again?
- No! I didn't do anything.
It was them that forgot us
in a trench, at the building site.
Not so loud,
you'll wake your brother.
What's this story about a trench?
Another one of your made up stories.
You're just like your father.
- Who's this?
- He's my friend, Jaime.
- He popped in to see me.
- So he's Jaime.
At least try to keep this job.
We can't go by without the paycheck.
give him this when he wakes up.
Today I'm cleaning the offices,
after the doctor's house.
I'll be back late.
There's soup. Just warm it up.
Try not to do anything stupid.
It's the medicine for his injection.
Bullshit. I know what it is.
It's dope.
I saw him do it the other day,
like on TV.
OK, so it's dope,
so what?
Nothing, I don't give a damn.
It's your business.
Is your mother who give it to him?
When he doesn't get his fix
he goes wild.
Like hitting old ladies,
and then breaks into apartments.
Last year
he copped six months in jail.
So my mother prefers
to get it for him herself.
That way he doesn't get into trouble.
My mother says that it was his
father's death that made him like that.
Before, he was good.
Your father's dead?
But you had said he was in Germany.
That's mine!
But Artur's father is dead.
Isnt he the same one?
Of course not.
My dad is my dad.
Others have other dads.
Mine's in Germany,
and Artur's is dead.
So? What are you doing?
Come on, dammit!
Don't look down, dammit!
How many times have I told you?
- If I don't look, I'll fall.
- Is that shit coming or not?.
- Coming.
- Everybody's waiting for you.
- Come on, what a wimp.
- I can't do it.
- I'm not like you.
- Give me that.
Do what I do, like that, see?
Look at me. Look in front,
not down.
- OK, I'm going. See me?
- I'm not looking.
- There, you see, it's easy.
Shit, the kid!
Fuck, the kid!
Look, the kid!
Call an ambulance!
Get help, quick!
Has he woken up?
No, he hasn't.
He's got tubes everywhere.
They say he's in a coma.
They're going to operate on him tonight.
Apparently it's his head.
Did they say if it was serious?
It's the head.
He's broken everywhere,
but the worst is his head.
His head was never his strong point.
I could never drum anything
useful into it.
But they're going to treat him,
aren't they?
They're not going to let...
- I mean, he'll pull through.
- Yes.
- But what are you doing here?
- He's my brother.
You're not allowed to stay here.
Come on, you have to leave.
When will he wake up?
We can't say for certain. It depends.
Go on, hurry up.
- Hey, can't you knock?
- It was open.
- There're some gypsies outside.
- What? Already? Shit.
What do you want, anyway?
Got another deal for me?
I wanted to talk to you.
- What about?
- It's a personal matter.
- Shouldn't you be at school?
- I haven't got time.
Bye, slaves.
Big bitch.
So? Did you like what you saw?
I didn't see anything.
Closed your eyes, did you?
Right... but you didn't come here
to talk about broads, did you?
So say what you have to say,
and quickly.
Well... I've lost my job.
So I came here to see
if you had anything for me.
No, I don't hire kids.
Besides, what can you do?
Of course, I can.
I can do lots of things.
I could help the old guy,
I dunno,
put the car away, wash it,
even count the boxes.
He made a mistake the other day.
He's not with me anymore.
He's retired.
But how do you know
he made a mistake?
- I saw it. I can count.
- Just a moment.
Yes, buy, buy everything.
About the deal with the Englishmen,
tomorrow go and get them
at the airport
and arrange a meeting at the office.
OK, goodbye.
- So you can count.
- Of course, what d'you take me for?
You can count.
How old are you?
I'm already fourteen.
OK, why not?
I'll take you on trial.
We'll see how you get on.
- When do I start?
- What're you waiting for?
Go and open the door for the girl
and let the gypsies in.
Pain in the ass,
those spots, aren't they?
D'you like the job?
- It's a job like every other one.
- I liked it.
- You shouldn't have retired.
- Retired?
- That's what Garcs told you, is it?
- Why? Isnt it true?
He fired me.
It seems I can't see
as well as I used to.
But I see clearly enough,
believe me.
There's another spot there.
Didn't see that one, did you?
He fired you because of your sight?
I must admit it's not as good
as it used to be.
Neither's my memory.
He says I forget things.
He pays, he knows.
Anyway, there were still 10 years.
Don't let the foam dry,
it'll leave marks.
It was because of that,
you see... that I thought...
... that maybe I could
help you out.
- How's that?
- Wait, let me explain.
Garcs spends
a lot of time away, doesn't he?
- He does, so what?
- So, I don't know, but...
there's always stuff
that you don't like doing,
like washing the car,
for example.
You'll see, he likes it washed
every two days.
So I thought... maybe...
I could wash it for you.
How's that? Wash it for me?
Of course, I would only get half,
well, I mean, whatever
you would like to give me.
It would be a little help, understand?
For tobacco,
and things like that.
I don't want to have
to ask my daughter.
What do you think?
Shit, here he comes.
I have to split.
Think about it, OK?
When you've finished washing the car,
you can go.
Shall we go?
Screw you.
Has he woken up?
They're still in good shape.
It'd be a pity to throw them away.
- Where's my mother?
- Where have you been?
Your mother was sick with worry.
- Where is she?
- He threw her out.
- Where the fuck is she?
- She's at Deolinda's.
Where's my mother?
I want to see my mother.
Calm down, she's upstairs,
you can see her, but take it easy.
She needs to rest,
you understand?
Can I have my job back?
You want the old man's job,
Yeah, the job I had before.
Let's not mess around.
Let's be honest.
Here there's only one job,
it was Saul's work.
If that's the one you want,
you've got to say so.
- Yes, that's the one.
- No, Say:
I want the old man's job.
I want the old man's job.
Go and open the gate.
Unload the T-shirts, I want
to count them one by one. Straight on.
Unload the T-shirts, I want
to count them all. Turn left.
Hurry up.
Make it quick.
Come on, come on.
Move it, quickly.
One by one, carefully.
Faster, goddammit.
We haven't got all day.
Where did you get those shoes?
You look like Charlie Chaplin.
Nothing, they're just a present.
You've grown up so much.
I'm already fourteen.
Yes, that's right.
And we didn't even celebrate it.
We'll have to cut this mop for a hair.
There you go again.
What's this?
Bristles? My little son
with bristles on his moustache.
I don't want you to have bristles.
Stop that. My bristles
are none of your business.
I'm your mother.
I have that right, no?
Careful, you'll spill it.
I need to hurry, or I'll get fired.
I don't like you working.
Is it good?
You're not old enough to work.
I hope it's nothing heavy.
It's not hard at all.
Just sorting out clothes,
stuff like that.
I still don't like it. At your age
you should be at school, not working.
It's not hard,
it's almost not work at all.
But I don't want you to.
I don't like it.
As soon as I get another job,
you leave that place
and go back to school, OK?
I got the message. We'll see.
Now rest, OK?
As soon as I find a new job,
we'll rent a real apartment.
- With a bathroom and all that.
- With everything.
A bedroom just for you,
and a separate one for the girls
when they come back
from my sister's.
- An apartment just for us.
- Just for us.
- We don't need anybody else.
- Nobody else.
I'm sorry, but it's
the only bedroom I've got.
Don't worry,
I'm going to find a job.
Ok, but a job isn't that easy to find.
Don't stress it.
By the way, Antnio dropped by earlier.
Seems like he's a bar manager now.
Bought a car,
he must be full of money.
If I were you...
But look, he really likes you.
I've had enough of men
who say they like me.
What I need is someone
who will help me raise my kids.
That's what I need.
Good morning, Mr. Teofilo.
100 grammes of chopped meat, please.
Of course, right away.
- 100 gr of chopped meat.
- 100 gr.
- Will 100 gr be enough?
- Yes.
Are you still looking for a cashier?
Yes, I'm still looking for a cashier.
I'd like...
Yes, that's right,
I'm still looking for a cashier.
That's funny, I'm looking, too.
For a job as a cashier, I mean.
When do you think I can start?
Straight away.