Jakob's Wife (2021) Movie Script

Husbands, love your wife,
as Christ loved the church,
that he might sanctify her.
Having cleansed her
by the washing of the water
with the Word,
that he might present the church
to himself in splendor,
without spot or wrinkle
or any such thing.
That she might be holy
and without blemish.
In the same way,
husbands should love their wives
as their own bodies.
He who loves his wife
loves himself.
For no one...
Thank you very much.
Beautiful sermon.
Good to see you, Maggie.
Alright, I'd find
the hair of dog.
- Yeah.
- Great work as usual.
- Nice job, brother.
- See you.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
It was a beautiful sermon,
Reverend Fedder.
Thank you, Amelia.
I hope to have a husband
who loves me like that.
God will see to it,
I'm sure of it.
Are you here by yourself?
Your mother hasn't been
to services in a while.
Is she...
She started drinking again.
Sometimes further initiative
is necessary.
I could stop by your home
tomorrow, just talk to her.
- Could you, please?
- Oh, yeah.
She's been suffering
for a while now,
but I'm praying
for her happiness.
I am.
Who's that?
Moving the body up and down.
Okay, well, thanks for --
thanks for calling.
What is it?
So she was walking home,
and that's the last
you saw of her?
Think she might have run away?
Well, Jakob was gonna
go visit --
I was planning to stop by
their house today.
Um, Amelia was concerned about
her mother's drinking.
Yeah, I saw Lucy earlier.
She's definitely
back on the sauce.
It's a Goddamn shame.
Oh, I'm sorry about
the blasphemy.
- Don't worry about it.
- That's alright.
Living alone
with an alcoholic parent
can be cause to skip town.
I-I don't think
that Amelia would
leave her mother's house
in the middle of the night.
I mean, she believed
that her mother was --
Amelia had faith.
You two are using past tense.
Do you suspect foul play?
Amelia has faith.
Well, these situations can be
a nightmare for everyone,
so it's easy to
assume the worst.
Were you gonna say
something else, Anne?
Join us in prayer, Mike?
Oh, man.
It had to be the Goddamn father.
How many times
do I have to tell you
not to take the Lord's name
in vain?
Her father died of cancer
when she was a baby, Bob.
Carol's right.
Lucy raised Amelia on her own.
You sound just like Dad,
always looking for the good
qualities in people.
But guess what.
9 times out of 10,
when a child goes missing,
it's a relative or a boyfriend.
Did she have a boyfriend?
Oh, I mean, that's it, then.
They probably ran off together.
They're just doing
stupid kid stuff.
Well, we can only hope
it's something so reckless.
Sheriff Hess, he says
they've hit a dead end.
Amelia wasn't like that.
Her mother had problems,
but Amelia was loyal to her.
Good people don't just
leave their families.
Oh, come on.
You expect me to believe
a teenage girl
doesn't have a boyfriend or two?
Carol, how many boyfriends
did you have in high school?
Don't shame me
because I was popular.
I just don't understand
why a young girl goes missing
and you're all so quick
to blame her.
Nobody's blaming her, Anne.
But really, what can we do
besides pray for the best?
She'll turn up.
Don't worry.
Oh, geez, I forgot to tell you.
The proposal for the gin mill
went through.
Is that actually happening?
The Historical Society thinks,
this new retail space
will provide a lot of tourism
and jobs.
Mm, while gutting our history.
Well, I don't know about that.
The basic foundation of the mill
won't be altered.
We fought hard for that.
We even hired a design firm
with some local experience.
Do you remember Tom Low?
Tom Low?
Your old flame?
Hardly call him that.
I mean, we were just kids.
Anyway, he is coming into town,
so I'm gonna meet with him.
Well, tell Tom I said
Are you hiding back here?
I was going for mysterious.
I'm not surprised.
You were two peas in a pod.
True, true. We were.
She is the one that labeled me
Mr. Mischievous.
Yeah, you -- you were
uncontrollable in those days.
I was. I know I was.
You know, Anne...
I am surprised that you
wound up marrying Jakob.
I don't know how to take that.
I mean, I like Jakob.
Don't get me wrong.
I-I don't mean to insult you
or Jakob.
That's not what I'm saying.
It's just that, you,
a church mouse?
I don't...
I don't understand.
Whatever happened to
the adventurous Anne
that wanted to go travel
in exotic places and...
What about moving to Cairo?
- Remember that fantasy?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
I don't know.
You make plans for things
and then...
Life happens, I guess.
It was,
I think it was around the time
that -- that you left town
that my mother died.
Jakob was there for me.
He offered me comfort.
So did the church.
They were both steady
when I needed support.
Make no mistake,
we have a good life.
We do. I'm -- I'm -- I'm happy.
To happiness.
This brings back memories.
Remember when
we used to come here?
How could I forget?
So, what do you think?
I got to be honest with you.
This job has got me
flying all around the world.
But when I heard about
this project,
I jumped at the offer
because of you.
I hope that's not the only
reason you're here.
Well, it's not the only reason.
What in the hell was that?
I don't know.
Watch your step.
We'll have to air all this out.
Oh, my God. You scared me.
Don't do that.
- Oh, I got you good.
- You are terrible.
So I've been told.
Where did those come from?
- They weren't here before?
- No.
They're comfy.
Have a seat.
I won't bite you.
I'm not so sure.
You are still
so dangerously handsome.
What's wrong, Anne?
This is so tempting.
I just can't do it to Jakob.
Are you sure?
Yes, Tommy.
Thank you for asking.
Feelings come and go, but...
commitments --
The hell was that?
Did you see the size
of that thing?
No, Tom, don't.
No? Thanks, Bob.
I thought it was a long shot.
I just...
you know, wondered
if she might have
popped over to see Carol.
Oh, never mind.
She's home.
Okay, talk soon.
Where you been?
At the mill.
How'd it go?
Well, it's really late,
you know?
I know.
I'm going to bed.
I'll, um, be up later.
More aggressive.
Pull the elbow.
Notice the springing motion
of the body.
Up and down.
Back to front.
I'm heading in soon.
Did you make breakfast?
And back down.
I'm not hungry.
And back up.
I guess I'll just
pick something up
- on my way into town.
- Bye.
Five, six.
Get ready to grape vine.
To the right side.
Two, three, four.
What are you?
What do you want?
Who are you?
And what do you want?
Who are you?
And what do you want?
Hand it over.
Hand what over?
You know what I mean.
Fuck you, old man.
This ain't the 1980s anymore.
Yeah. It's still illegal
in this state.
Why don't you go molest
an altar boy or something,
You mistake me for a priest.
I'm a minister.
This is a church.
You should go home.
Don't you know there's a girl
your age missing?
Hey, cool it, Oscar.
We want the cops called on us
or what?
Fucking hate old white dudes.
Oh, good. You're home.
Get changed.
I'd like to go out.
What's the occasion?
Does there need to be one?
No, not really.
It's just unusual.
I must be feeling unusual.
Could I get a to-go box
for my wife, please?
Actually, I'm finished.
I'm sorry, what?
It's good.
You'll like it.
I was just having a bad dream.
I hope that's all it was.
What's that mean?
Let's talk about this later.
Why do you always do this?
Do what?
Shut me down, push me aside.
- You --
- Oh, come on. That's not true.
Will you stop interrupting me?
Let me finish my thought,
God damn it.
I don't know what's gotten
into you lately.
But I need to prepare
the week's sermon.
If thats okay.
You know, I'm just gonna
get something to eat
on the way into town.
And don't blaspheme.
Ma'am, can I help you
find something?
How much of that could I get?
You want the blood?
[ Concrete Blonde's
[ (The Vampire Song" playing ]
Bob's just on an investor call.
Come on in.
Want some coffee or tea?
You got something
a little bit stronger?
Tea with a shot of brandy?
How about just the brandy.
Where's Anne?
Look, I just don't think
Anne's the type to fool around.
I've already told you that.
I'm not saying she is.
But ever since
she met with Tom Low,
she hasn't been acting right.
I mean, 40 years
I've known this woman.
Every day the same.
Now I don't know who
I'm coming home to.
She's hot, she's cold,
she's got a new dress, new hair.
I-I can't figure her out.
You got to confront him, then.
I can't do that to Anne.
It's your wife, Jakey.
What do you think I would do
if Carol came home with
that kind of bullshit?
Yeah, well, I don't know
where to find him.
He's down here working
in the mill, right?
So start there and don't stop
until he understands
the damn message.
Just do it before we come over
this weekend for dinner.
'Cause Carol's making lasagna,
and I just don't want things
to be all weird.
What are you doing?
In his second letter
to the Corinthians,
Paul takes this idea
a step further
and asks directly
"How do you know, husband,
whether you will
save your wife?"
And the answer, of course,
is you can never know.
And so we are left with faith...
...in the promise that
God will take every situation
and turn it to His purpose.
What on God's green earth
have you been eating?
I swear, Anne,
this looks like dirt.
Now you're just being cruel.
Cruel is when you see my bill.
That's odd.
You've got new teeth coming in.
It's rare,
but it's not unheard of.
We should set an appointment
and check them out.
Here. Rinse.
Let's brighten that smile.
Tom Low?
Tom Low?
It's Jakob Fedder.
Anne's husband.
I need to talk to you.
Creepy old man, I don't know why
you have such a hard-on for us,
but why don't you piss off?
Sorry. Sorry. I'm --
I was looking for someone else.
Yeah, cool it, Oscar.
He's harmless.
Yeah. No, she's right.
I'm leaving.
Kick rocks. Go.
Get the fuck out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, sh-- Hey, man, come on,
I'm just --
I was just playing, man.
Just stay back.
Come on, man.
I was just playing.
How's my suffering mother?
Did you bless her?
With God's almighty love?
Are you here to bless me now?
Because I don't want
your God's love.
I've found a new savior.
With a love that gives me
strength instead of fear.
A love for myself.
And right now...
...my master...
is in your house.
The Lord is my savior.
He restoreth my soul.
He leads me in the path
of righteousness.
Lord, forgive her.
She's corrupted.
Give me the strength
to save her wayward soul.
I'm gonna tongue-fuck
a hole in your neck
until I puke blood.
Take that, bitch.
Go, go!
Why the fuck would she do that?!
Shit bit Oscar's throat!
She killed him!
Look, we're safe out here, okay?
That was some motherfuckin'
vampire shit, okay?!
We need to report it.
I got to check on my wife.
Fuck off, then!
I'm going to the cops.
Is she having a heart attack?
Hey, Mrs. Fedder, you alright?
Mrs. Fedder, you --
You okay in ther--
You alright -- Mrs. Fedder!
Mrs. Fedder?
Hey, are you okay in here?
Hey, Mrs. Fedder?
Hey, you alright?
Hey, could you say something,
This is getting...
fairly uncomfortable for me.
No, no, no, no. God!
I'm sorry, Jakob!
It wasn't me.
- Of course it was you!
- No!
I-I didn't want to do it!
I was being controlled!
This isn't me!
It isn't me!
Well, who is it, then?!
Something... happened, Jakob.
What does that mean?
- Something happened? When?
- The day that I met with Tom...
I kissed him, okay?
But then...
This is so f...
effed up!
Hey, Mike.
- Any news on Amelia?
- Sort of.
Well, not really.
It's strange, actually.
Do you know of a young women
by the name of Eli Shenks?
No, I don't think so.
You sure you haven't seen her
skateboarding around town
with her boyfriend, Oscar?
Anyway, she dropped by
the station in quite a state.
She claims Oscar was murdered
at the old Cripple Creek Mill...
by a vampire.
And she identified Amelia.
I chalk that up
to really bad taste on her part.
But still, we had to go up there
and check it out.
Yeah. And...?
And there was nothing.
No body, no blood.
that must be a relief.
Yeah, except she swears
that you were there.
Well, I don't know what
she's talking about.
- I wasn't at the mill.
- Oh, of course not.
I mean, she says you were
the one fighting the vampires.
- That's...
- Crazy, right?
Yeah, I'm just assuming
that's just some
drugged-up preoccupation
on her part.
There is one thing
we found out there, though.
Isn't that your church's stamp?
I mean,
what do you make of that?
I have no idea.
Yeah. Me neither.
You know, normally I wouldn't
take these things so seriously,
but the boy did go missing.
Just like Amelia and Tom Low.
Tom Low?
- Well, he lives in Chicago.
- He does.
He came down here
to do some business.
We found his vehicle abandoned
up at the mill, also.
He could have just skipped town.
Who knows?
But still, the timing is just...
Anyway, I'm sorry to bother you
with all this stuff.
Just tell Anne I said hello.
Sounds like she's pretty...
busy at the moment.
She is. Yeah.
Okay. Well, Mike, you take care.
Yeah. You, too.
Why didn't you tell me
when this first happened?
I could have helped you.
I felt ashamed.
As you should.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
But there are blessings
to this change, you know?
I feel more alive
than I have in years.
Yeah, well,
don't get used to it.
Drinking blood is not exactly
a sustainable lifestyle.
What do we do now?
I find The Master that
Amelia was talking about,
and I kill him,
and I change you back
to the way you were.
The way I was?
Put a stop to this insanity
before it goes any further.
What does he look like?
I don't know.
At first,
all I could see was a shadow.
A shape that I couldn't
really make out.
But with each visit...
the shape does become stronger.
Like... it's coming into focus.
Well, I was
thinking about the mill
where you and Tom were attacked.
You know,
what was Amelia doing there?
I mean, are they all
hiding there?
It might be a pretty clever way
to get around the country,
dying towns and abandoned mills,
you know,
far from the prying eyes.
This town is perfect then.
I'm just trying to figure out
why The Master would
keep coming after you.
Are you jealous?
you lusted after another man,
and then you act--
Careful, Jakob.
Given the circumstances,
I think I'm being
quite reasonable.
Do you remember
when we started this?
Of course.
You asked for the seeds
as a wedding gift.
I just think it's safer
if I go in alone.
I mean, we don't know how you're
gonna behave in his presence.
I mean, you could freak out,
you know,
or turn into a bat or something.
I didn't come here
to sit in the car.
Well, it's too risky.
Besides, you don't have a stake.
Pull over.
You heard me.
Now I have a stake.
Are you ready?
What do you mean, ready?
For whatever we find down there.
I'm a minister of the Lord,
This is what I was trained for,
to fight evil,
whatever form it may come in.
Will you stop with
the Sunday School crap?
If we go down there,
we go together...
as equals.
Are you okay with that?
Let's just get this over with.
We've come to help you.
You've come
to help me, Reverend?
That's very considerate.
Perhaps you should
help your wife instead.
Or does he not find the new you
very attractive, Mrs. Fedder?
Obedience and submission --
that's more their style.
But... you have...
The Master's love now.
There's not a Goddamn thing
you can do about it, shit bird.
Jakob, how could you?!
Attacking a child.
Where is your compassion?
You have plenty for your wife,
even though she --
- Shut up!
- Anne, please.
Can't you hear her.
She's still Amelia.
Don't be an idiot.
Kill her.
No, there has to
be a better way.
- She's manipulating you.
- She's lying to you, Jakob.
Lord, please, protect me.
I knew you'd wuss out.
- I told you no!
- And I told you to kill her!
I could have saved her!
Where's your compassion
for God's sake?
- Compassion?!
- You mercy?
Don't be naive, Jakob.
She would have sucked you dry.
What am I letting you
turn me into?!
I can't do this!
The Master might
still be in there.
We need to finish this.
"The Master."
What does it matter?
You're no different
from him now.
- You two can have each other.
- How can you say that?
- I'm your wife!
- Not anymore.
You belong to him.
That's your punishment.
It's my what?
If you hadn't had your
little rendezvous with Tom Low,
none of this would be happening.
This isn't about
Tom or The Master.
This is about us, you and me.
You had sin in your heart,
and you brought this
on yourself.
So, you're blaming me
for being bitten by a vampire?
Well, guess what.
I think you're just saying
these horrible things
because you're scared.
You're scared to fight for me
because ever since
we got married,
you haven't had to.
I've always just been there,
doing exactly what you
expected me to do.
You don't know how
to fight for me
because you've never done it.
So instead...
you're just writing me off
as some fallen scarlet woman.
And that's pathetic and weak.
You're weak.
Think what you want.
I've already crossed
too many lines for you.
You're a Goddamn coward.
I'm getting out of this
while I still can,
while I still have
a little piece of my soul left!
Maybe I like who I am now!
What am I doin'?
With one gesture...
this could get very messy.
Hurting him won't make me yours.
I seek no ownership.
This is about you.
Try and fight it.
But you are no longer
what you once were.
Why keep letting this anchor
drag you down?
Because I love him.
Die or thrive.
The choice is yours.
No! No!
It's gonna get a lot worse.
Thank you.
That's not good.
We're running out of time.
We got to find her,
and then we're gonna beat this
This is just a test.
thirst is getting unbearable.
Well, what about the raw meat?
Did you even try it?
It's all trash.
It doesn't do anything.
Look, look.
You got to fight it.
It's just a sickness.
I'm sick, alright?
My thoughts are drenched
in blood.
River of blood.
I've got an idea.
You're right.
It is helping.
Dare to take drugs off of kids.
It's been a long time
since I heard your laugh.
It's been a long time
since I felt like laughing.
I'm sorry I talk over you
Thank you.
I'm sorry I don't speak up
more often.
What do we do now?
Pray for a miracle.
Yes. Of course.
How are you?
Sorry to hear that.
Be happy to check on her.
No problem at all.
I'll call you back.
Are you okay to drive?
Is The Master here?
It's Mr. and Mrs. Fedder.
Your daughter called.
She said you weren't answering
your phone.
Oh, Mattie.
I don't see any bites.
What do we do?
Oh, Lord.
Thank you
for this bountiful gift
in our time of need.
It's a sign, Annie.
That looks heavy.
This is... just our laundry.
Mrs. Perkins washed it for us.
It doesn't look like laundry
to me.
It looks like Mrs. Perkins
all rolled up in a bedspread.
Go inside.
Only if you tell me
a swear word.
I'm not telling you
a swear word.
Well, then I'm staying
right here.
How about this one?
Fuck off.
Already know that one.
Hess here.
Mike, it's -- it's Mariana.
Listen, I don't know
how to say this,
Well, what's wrong?
It's the Reverend Fedder.
I think I saw him
and Mrs. Fedder
carrying a body
into their house.
What are you doing!
Come on!
I can't be part of this.
You know,
it's an hour till sunset.
I'd like to go check
if The Master is
holed up there.
We should do it together.
That's what we are doing.
Go gentle on her.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, Mike.
What's up?
Hi, Jakob.
I could really use your help
with something.
Would you turn the engine off
and step out here.
It would really save my back
the unnecessary strain.
What's in the case?
Just hospital supplies
for administering last rites
and so forth.
You mind if we take a look.
Well, yes, I would, actually.
I'm on my way to an important
appointment right now.
I got to see
a very sick patient.
- Very sick.
- You know what?
Why don't we indulge
Deputy Colton?
He's coming up with
a performance review
end of the month, right?
He could really use
the experience.
Isn't that right, Colton?
Right as rain, Sheriff.
Step on back here, Jakob.
This is not what you think.
Oh, I'm sure we've seen worse.
But it's vacation.
You get to do what you want.
That's what you say every time,
and I never get to do
about half of what I want.
Oh, come on.
Well, let's pick -- You pick
the place this time then.
Do whatever you want.
You can do whatever you want.
I just want a margarita.
As long
as you don't puke this time.
- Thank you.
- Always, babe.
A long week.
Yeah, it sucks.
I didn't go with
the spinach this time.
I'm getting sick of it.
I prefer your meat anyways.
That's good stuff.
Thank you.
You ever see something
you couldn't explain, Sheriff?
Oh, like a vampire, Jakob?
How many people have you killed,
Sheriff Hess,
you are never gonna believe
the call that just came in.
Yeah. Of course.
Okay. Okay. Yes.
Okay. I will.
Thank you, officer.
We'll be here.
J-- Just give me a sec.
This is absolutely fucked,
and if you drag Jakob
into this shit,
I will kill you
before the cops get here.
What is taking them so long?
I mean, what is going on?
- I can't stay here anymore.
- They'll be here, okay?
Just wait outside for them,
I love you.
I did hear that.
No, she's still sitting there.
She hasn't said a word.
Believe me,
I haven't taken my eyes off her.
Goddamn it!
Run and don't look back.
Yeah, right.
Get up.
What in the hell are you doing?
Adam was born first,
and then Eve.
It was not Adam
who was deceived,
but the woman who was deceived
and fell into transgression.
Does that sound fair to you?
My husband is a good man.
What does "good"
have to do with it?
He is afraid
of the life within you.
And you're not?
I choose those I change
with care.
The rest are just pets.
It's good to see you strong,
What do you want from me?
Why do you always think
in terms of what others want?
Where do you think
that sad instinct comes from?
I, too, was once a mouse,
scurrying between the feet
of self-important men.
Until the day my master
gifted me the kiss of eternity.
It gave me confidence.
It freed me from the shackles
of domestic dependency.
I see the same potential in you.
What exactly
do you want, Anne?
I want to live a bigger life.
You can.
The choice has always
been yours.
Is that why
I haven't fully turned.
Taste my blood,
and you'll control the hunger.
You'll be beholden to nothing
but your own whims.
But if you don't,
the hunger will continue
to control you day
after day --
I got him, Sheriff.
Deputy, I thought
you said you got him.
They'll never accept you now.
What the fuck?
Your life could be
so much bigger
than this, Anne.
It's time you made a decision
for yourself.
I'm stuck, Sheriff!
What's that?
Oh, shit!
Ask yourself...
how different the world seemed
this week?
How it sounded.
How it tasted.
30 years
of being dutiful,
But never satisfied
your own desires.
Were you... ever...
really you?
Or were you just Jakob's wife?
"The great dragon was
thrown down,
that old serpent,
who was called the Devil
and Satan,
deceiver of the whole world..."
This is just their nature!
This is how they'll always be.
"Thrown down into the world
and all his angels with him."
What have you done?
I finished it.
That's what I've done.
It wasn't your choice to make.
How you gonna write
this one up, Deputy?
Domestic dispute.
Yeah. That's a good answer.
Listen, this is...
This is more your domain
than mine, Reverend.
But it needs to end tonight.
What do we do now?
Sell the house.
And just...
And I want to make
my own decisions
from now on.
Do we look for a cure?
I like who I've become.
The hunger will return.
But we can still have
a happy marriage...
...if we set some ground rules.
So, I'm supposed to trust you?