Jallikattu (2019) Movie Script

No funny stuff
You walk ahead of me
Hold the rope tight
Rice-cake again for breakfast?
The same every day!
Playing with Naxal extremists again?
Its bank procedure, brother
Please co-operate
Some extra liver for you
I buy from Varkey because
he sells real meat
Varkey, give me some
meat scraps for the dogs
Some bones for soup
Stupid, what are you doing,
slicing or scraping?
Okay,this will do
Flesh from the thigh,Father
Hey, what is this?
Subadra, cook the meat curry
with coconut milk, okay?
Would you like the tapioca dish
with big pieces?
Both brother and sister
straight from hell
Dude, we too eat fish
But its tiny fish.
Let me taste it first
Get lost, you mongrel
My brother would slit your throat
if he found out
It's dark, take this torch.
Don't want you tripping and falling
Hold this
Thomas called from the bar.
They need the meat early
First deliver seven kilograms of lean meat
to Kuriachan's house
Its for his daughter's engagement
Never invites anyone,
that skunk
Idiot! Is that how you tie a knot?
Are you practising to tie the knot
on your mother-in-law?
Bring the legs together
I did, master
Lower its head
Hold it tight
It's getting away!
Don't let go
Hold on to it
Hurry up!
Come on... come fast.
Please come out!
Bring some water!
There is a fire
Brother, there is a fire
Everybody, come fast!
There is a fire!
Hope it doesn't spread
Tie up your hair
What is it?
A buffalos run amok
Why would it
burn a haystack?
Buffaloes eat hay, don't they?
What the hell.
Don't poor people
have the right to live here?
Open the door
Who is it?
It's me, Varkey
What happened?
Come with me
Don't worry, Varkey
They are migrants
from the plains
Before daybreak, they will
catch and butcher it
Your father Mathan fell into the well
when a buffalo ran amok like this...
...didn't he?
Varkey, Im sure
he went this way
You get piss drunk every day
and fool about
No wonder it ran away
First, pay for the
meat you bought last week
It almost killed us
I know how to groom it.
Go away!
I lost 50 litres of milk.
You have to answer for it
Go, call the police
Move out of here
Shine the torch
Where is Antony?
Where are you off to,
so early in the morning?
The buffalos gone
Lifes become impossible here
You fool.
Where is the buffalo?
Headed towards the plantation
On the run,
trampling all in its way
And escaped
into the forest
Stop there
Where are you
all off to?
You three,
go that side
Some of you,
come this way
Damn these insects
Is he growing a forest or what?
Its Nature, man
Where to?
The beast will finish you
Where? Where?
Come fast
Chase it.
Don't let it go
He went that way
There goes the buffalo.
Come fast
It has gone there
Don't trample the shrubs!
They are all medicinal herbs
What happened?
The buffalo Varkey wanted
butchered is running wild
We are chasing it
Leave that gentle soul alone
This universe is home to
every creature, not just humans
Let it go free
and live its life
While we men risk our lives?
Oh, Shangu! Don't use abusive words
It will pollute the surroundings
Come on, it's here
Mind the plants!
Just find the beast
And trap it
Paul, please calm down
Paul, abusive words will
pollute the surroundings
Why call your dad
for every silly thing?
I will go to my home,
whenever i want.
He calls himself an inspector
You will obey my words and stay here.
Or be gone for good
Some father and daughter, these two.
- Dare to insult my father?
If I do, so what?
You started this
the day you came here
Get lost!
Go to your bloody home
A week from the wedding
Go ahead, kill me!
Yes, I will kill you and also your dad!
Go ahead
Sub Inspector, sir...
- I don't care..
Go and open it yourself!
Sir, it was excellent tapioca plant.
Extremely lush
That buffalo romped over it
and destroyed my everything
If you have a licensed gun
shoot and kill the beast
And mind you
I haven't heard or
seen anything, okay?
Anything happened to you?
What the hell? Even a wild boar
wouldn't cause such rampage
Varghese, call the police
Come down
Come down here!
Dont be rough with it.
That would mean trouble later
Does the church
belong to your dad?
Listen to me
All this land
was a dense forest
My dad usurped it and then
donated it to the church
And he lets the buffalo
loose here, the bastard
Ill see to it that
your butcher shop is shut down
Did you call the police?
Master, the police van is coming
Now let them sort it out
I am here at the church
for something urgent
Move aside
Didn't I say I will call you back?
Sir, no provision to shoot it
Look at the damage it has caused
to the crops
Father, there is a procedure to follow
The Tahsildar has to issue an order,
the veterinary surgeon has to come
Meaning, it will take another week
Then, we will catch it on our own!
Hey, didn't I tell you I'll call back!
Don't call me like this!
Do what you need to.
But, with a wild buffalo
there are legal issues
We can't even move
out of our houses
Dear villagers, a violent
buffalo is running amok...
and destroying the
peace of this village
spreading fear everywhere
It has already destroyed
crops and much else
Don't worry,
why are you crying?
A buffalo is running wild.
The child will get scared
Lets shut the door
I know why
Women and children are adviced
to stay indoors
Senior citizens, please avoid
defecating in the open
All of you,
go back home
All labourers keep indoors
and don't report for work
You can weed the tapioca
and collect cow dung later
Now, you must protect
your life!
Express your strong protest
against the authorities
They dont protect
our lives and property
You spend your life
sniffing behind her
When the villagers
go without sleep
No wonder she stays home
as a spinster
In her 9th class, she had
an affair with the PT teacher
Real cock-teaser!
You ...!
Leave it!
To finish it off
hit him on the head
If you catch him,
go straight for his heart
Do you get it?
It is destroying vehicles
Maybe we should call Kuttachan
Don't dare mention that scum!
Whats this?
Get back
Why all this ruckus?
It started early morning
Kalan Varkey's buffalo
is running wild
Varkey's buffalo?
No wonder!
He remains unmarried
and sneaks into homes at night
His sister is no better
Like dogs in butcher shop,
all men sniff after her
She had a thing with
her drill master too
Can't you hear the announcement?
Still boiling tapioca
in the open?
Get lost, you gaffer
Is the tapioca boiled?
A little more salt?
Haven't you prepared tea yet?
Im doing it
Give me something to munch
Boozing from early morning?
You do as I say
Let us cook more rice tomorrow
If free, people eat anything
So you are not
calling the villagers?
No! I don't want to spoil
my daughter's engagement
When I first came here
with rubber plants
these scundrels asked
if one could drink rubber milk!
Why are you following me?
Wait there
For the wedding,
I will call everyone
Yes, that will do
So what are our plans?
Brandy will be here this morning
As for toddy-bread, let us have 60
Make it 70
Let it be 80
Be sure to add some boiled rice
while making the appam batter
That will make it fluffy, crusty and tasty
Very soft
Heres tea
Drink up
One minute
My munchies?
Yes, and we need to serve the appam
with buffalo gravy
Whom are you talking to all the time?
My friend
Which friend?
Stop it and go
There are visitors
Luckacha, please check on the fish curry
You must smell the aroma of spices
and tamarind upon opening the lid
We can make curd dish with jack fruit
Jack fruit?
Don't make a gravy with jack fruit
Let us have a curd dish with tender yam
There must be chunky pieces
of tender yam to eat
And moist juice of yam
to slurp off it
Make pickle with green pepper.
Make it extra spicy
So spicy, it should drive the lice
out of their heads
Now our special buffalo roast.
That's our signature dish
I want roasted coconut slices
soaked in the buffalo fat
Then ghee and meat
This fat will give that extra
taste to the curry
- Yes
Why this noise?
An announcement?
No idea. People are running.
What has happened?
Whats going on?
Old man, whose buffalo?
Kalan's (Varkey)
What will I do for buffalo meat?
What are you saying?
Without buffalo curry,
can we even call it a feast?
Where is this idiot
going with the cart?
He's ringing the bell like he's walking
to his mother's cremation.
The fool is headed that way
Ask him to move away.
Or he will get hit
You owe me a lot of money
Please pay me my interest
A buffalo is running wild
and you want your interest?
Look there.
The buffalo will be here
Sanku, push him away
Move away if you
want to stay alive, fool
Where is this man running?
Where did the beast go?
It has broken into the Bank
Can you write off the mortgage
against my house?
Only I can save you now
Come on, decide fast
Go to hell
Drive the beast out.
Well shut the gate to trap it
Go, catch hold of it
The memorandum submitted
to the hon'ble district collector...
from Kunnumpuram house
of Meppara village
by Paul, son of Oudha,
occupation - farming
Correct it as 'late' Oudha
The 'mahisha' brought
illegally for slaughter
'Mahisha' (a god)
What else is a buffalo?
A buffalo is a buffalo.
Write simply that?
Then you write it
No, please proceed
I humbly request you to
look into this matter
And initiate appropriate action
Look here!
It has destroyed our flag post
We must do something about it
Varkey, lets go to the hospital
It is nothing serious
I will go home and have a steam bath
We have to catch it before sunset..
Hey, what is happening here?
Some buffalo has run amok
Get in fast, man..
Move aside..
Those Poomala guys have arrived!
To create ruckus!
Pour one more drink
Let us have a bash..
(folk song)
Look, I was in Idukki
And I came here as
soon as I heard of this!
Sir, you can't take it lightly!
We have to handle him physically!
We have to do something now!
Comrade, please calm down..
Then like the other party, let
us too be meek and spineless..
First,it was not deliberately let loose!
Second, Varkey helps
us in times of need
He never keeps me waiting at his shop
Third, by evening, all of us can...
What nonsense is this?
Listen, we will catch the buffalo..
We catch wild buffalos
So local buffalos are nothing to us!
You can get lost!
Beat them up..
Yes, sir..
I had heard about it, sir
But sir, what can we do about it?
Right from morning,
these rogues start creating trouble..
Stop and buy a pack of minikkutti..
Let them butcher, barter
or bait the buffalo
But why place all this
trouble on me?
Do you know how
much I have lost?
Bro, can I have tea?
Why tea?
I will serve you arrack!
This is too much
For generations, Varkey has been
our supplier for meat
But this is happening
for the first time
You and your bloody
traditions and generations
Your ancestors left their
homes and migrated here...
either due to poverty or
their illegal activities
Varkey's family comes
from an ancient one
Varkey's father fled after
seducing his wife's bedridden sister
Is that so?
I didn't know!
Since he couldn't buy any land here
he started butchering buffaloes
That is in the past
People didn't have money
to buy meat everyday
At most, one buffalo a month
That's all
Now, listen up
Fill your stomach with those snacks
But you must pay the bill, okay?
Once, on Easter eve
a buffalo broke free
People caught and killed it
and shared the meat
But Mapilla was found
two days later
He was lying dead in a well
He was running after the buffalo
- Run, he did
Why wash dirty linen?
We must call Kuttachan
Look at him!
He's really had it
Varkey dude, how are you?
Feeling just heavenly!
You get drunk, jump fences -
without a care for the buffaloes
No wonder it turned out like this
Better go to hospital
The Poomala hooligans are
fermenting trouble
Do something fast
Or it will get worse
Let Kuttachan come
and shoot it down
Now we need only him
to add to the ruckus
Varkey, let Kuttachan come.
He will find a way
You've scores to settle
What did i do ?
Let me see if I can catch
the buffalo without him
Then go and do so
Why are you sitting numb?
Stop your blabbering
He can't even hang on
To the buffalo's tail
It's not as easy as your silly fishing
Sunny, go call Kuttachan
You move aside
Omana dear, it is me
When did you land?
Just now
Prepare chicken for me,
I'll come by in the evening
Hurrah, hurrah, Kuttachan!
Varkey, what happened?
Look, Kuttacha
Not mere Kuttachan,
But Ganja Kuttachan!
The same Ganja Kuttachan
you all drove away
You've grown some hair?
Kuttacha, come inside
Leave me, Varkey,
I'm not here to play little games
Let me do what
I came here for..
Come, let us go
in my car
No need
It's not a big deal abroad!
Let's apply to the government
for permission to hunt
After Sunday Mass,
we go with our guns
There are enough deers and boars..
Don't go for a big shoot
If your wife sends you
back from abroad
you'll roam around
here weeding cardamom
Have coffee..
There is no meat for dinner
I will see to it
This is Johnson
You also came to know that?
It has destroyed everything.
There is chaos around the church
Not if it comes from a freezer.
If fresh meat, get me 3 kilos
If local pig, 2 kilos
Come over.
Kuttachan has arrived
Now, it's a different ball game
Hurrah, hurrah, Kuttachan!
My god!
Keep it there
Now come this side
Please give way
Oh god!
He's a terrific man, master!
Quiet, you scum
Nothing for outsiders!
all for yourself?
Here is tea for you
Why laugh?
Why not pour it yourself?
We must go to Elappara tomorrow
Bro, my meat..
Wait, man
They say it's a huge one.
Let us go and see
No, I am not coming
A timber job
Tomorrow is tough for me
A surprise opportunity
Move aside
What are you up to?
Go, look for the buffalo
Caught the buffalo?
Get inside.
Or he may knock you down
There, look there
Come here
Come up, fast
Give me that knife
This is the rubber estate.
It won't go beyond
The canal on that side
is in full spate
Two men should keep watch there.
Two men, yes?
This is the granite quarry
Beyond that?
Owned by the Kalladanthi family
I will be there
Near the quarry?
- Yes
Playing hopscotch?
None of your business.
Get lost
What will you do if I don't?
Come, let's go
Come on
Kuttan bro..
Yes, tell me...
Were you caught by the police
for smuggling sandalwood?
Yes. I was betrayed
by that scum
Kuttacha, you should go
to church once in a while
I haven't even been
there even for baptism
But there are certain advantages
Did you get me?
Have it
Here is the pickle.
I will take it
So, now they are bold enough
to cut sandalwood
Even from the church compound?
What a job they've done
After all, why does a
church need sandalwood?
If it was a temple,
I could understand
How will dung-worms
like you understand?
There is only one
sandal smuggler here
Stealing sandalwood
from church?
He is farming ganja too
Xavi, leave your wife
alone and come down
There it goes
Where did it go?
Why the hell
are you following me?
I was about to catch it!
Get lost.
I don't need anyone
I prefer that
What is it?
- Nothing
Kutti bro, it went that side
Do you know which is the
tastiest meat in the world?
What is it?
Human flesh
Got scared?
Here comes the buffalo!
Move !
One buffalo dead
I think it got shot on the back
It went that side
Which side?
I think it got shot
in the tail
One bullet wasted
Look, Kuttachan has
more than one ball
Now, move on
I said that the District Collector
will come tomorrow morning
No point waiting here
There it goes.
Catch it!
Masterji, are you okay?
Did something happen to you?
He's gone, better look
in the forest
Come on
Go fast
Prabhakarettan, come fast.
I've caught it
See how I've trapped it?
Luck favoured us
Not luck, it's Antony
You understand?
Just go to sleep
Then you stuff my nostrils with cotton
like a corpse
Don't worry, we can do without buffalo meat
We can order meat curry from a hotel..
After all, there are only 30 guests
Great idea! Serving all the best dishes
with shit alongside!
Do whatever!
How come the cock is crowing
at this godforsaken hour?
- Why not fry some local chicken?
They may as well eat chicken
instead of buffalo meat
It's not just a buffalo
A bull too has got trapped!
Come, a bull is trapped here..
Come, get on the bike fast
I need a ladder to climb
this damned bike
Someone is coming!
Let's go
Listen to me
I came here to buy some chicken!
- Don't you open your mouth!
You come out.
I came here to
get some chicken
Step out and let us see
We are taking him
to a procession
Hello, everyone please note this
This cock is for sacrifice
at Edapally church
This one will be
sacrificed at my house
Take his clothes off
How is the new cock king doing?
Please, I'll give you
anything you want
It's my daughter's
engagement tomorrow
We will thrash him!
We'll smash him!
Oh Jesus!
Who is there?
Who is it?
Someone's coming
Let's get out of here
This is perfect
This is how you behave before marriage,
imagine after...?
Go back home!
I will have a word with your father
Him and his freaky hair.
Take the bike and get lost
Take the bike. Scram!
What's going on?
Move aside
It's quite common.
Cattles often fall into wells
But, it won't fall on its own
Move aside, you brat
- I'm the one who trapped it
Varkey, shall I finish it off?
Go ahead
If I catch the beast,
I know how to kill it too
Better finish him off now
Who the hell
are you to decide?
Can't I express my opinion?
Look, it will get sunk in mud
What's wrong with you?
We can shoot it and bring it up
It was I who ran
after it from morning
Everyone here knows
I trapped it
Now, if anyone wants
kill or butcher it...
Why are all of you here?
To claim your share?
The moment they hear
a buffalo is on the run,
they rush in with
chillies and spices!
You Poomala guys,
are you here for your share?
Did he actually trap it?
'When you get hold of the rooster...'
'Tear off the feathers
It's time for chicken curry!'
'When you get hold of the rooster...'
'Tear off the feathers
It's time for chicken curry!'
Now soak it
'Back home in Poomala,
When we chew tobacco...'
'Auntie would yell at us.'
'Back home in Poomala,
When we chew tobacco...'
'Auntie would yell at us.'
Freezing cold!
Like in a forest
This was once a forest
Are you joking?
This, a forest!
You brat, when were you born?
When did you start
wearing shirt and trousers?
When my father came here first
Even the bullock carts
came only upto Petta
From there, they had to walk,
climb and clamour..
And when they reached,
it was full of elephants
and porcupines,
For fear of bears,
they dare not step out
My dad made a big Cross
And placed it on top of the hill
Then he gathered
all the men and women
And started digging,
ploughing and planting
Even now, with us here,
this place belongs to animals
Look there at those men
They may move around on two legs
But they are beasts
Come on, pull it well
Where is he?
That skunk, Kuttachan?
I don't find him here now
Sophy is alone there,
He must have gone with the gun to her
Leave me
Let me go, you dog!
Get in and bolt the door.
I've trapped the beast
Cut out two chunks of meat from its ribs
I'll prepare tapioca dish with it
Add extra pepper
Move aside
Where are all of you rushing?
Let one man get down
The pulley is fixed.
Who will go down?
You go take a look
Let one man go
Prabhakaretta, if he can't, I will
Can't you see someone getting ready?
Please be quiet
Hold on to the wooden post
Throw me that rope
Antony, take care
Everyone, clear the space
Hold the rope
Point the light down
Is it tight enough?
- Want to tighten it more?
Now hold it tight.
And loosen gently
Loosen the rope
on both sides
Let it go down
Gently loosen it
Do it gently
Pull this side
What the hell are you doing?
Get me another rope
Can't you see someone hanging there?
Bring it fast
Tie it fast
then give it to him
Come on, fast.
I can't hang on for long
Now, pull it up
Come, everyone together
Together, heave ho!
Heave together, heave ho!
Varkey, they are
hauling up your buffalo!
Go, give them a hand
There are enough people to do it
Look, if you get him,
shoot him straight in the chest
Heave together, heave ho!
So, you killed him!
He looked after our mother!
It could have been killed
with a single bullet. This is all your fault.
What are you up to?
Dont create a ruckus.
Its a dead mans house
You go home
Leave now
I swear...
He wont see the next dawn
No one gets any share!
I will feed him to the dogs
Come on, guys
If only someone killed that buffalo
It is not some goat or cow.
Its a buffalo gone wild!
It will tear you apart
You suckers are no good.
Before daybreak we will
kill it and take it home
We Poomala people are here now
Not only that.
Well also take it home
Well fry it in a pan;
mix it with tapioca
The fire youve lit for this buffalo,
you can put it out with water
You will shit cowdung
If you even touch the buffalo
we will chop off your limbs
Clear them off
Or they will wind up dead
Stop it!
Stop it, I say!
Move aside
Settle the issue. No point in
carrying a gun and stick
So, you are the one who
decides things here?
Get down
Sir, your hooliganism
wont work here
Don't bully us when we talk
You are teaching me law?
Move aside
Come early morning with bags
to carry quite a few dead bodies
I will decide on the dead bodies
or not
Some of our men are in hospital
One of them is dead.
And what are you doing about it?
You don't get to leave
till you resolve this issue
Burn their Jeep!
You will burn the Jeep?
Move aside
Sir, they are burning our Jeep
Listen to me.
Let me go
Move aside.
Let it burn!
Push him too into it!
You go to your house, you bitch
Move aside, I say
Where to with this, man?
You better sit at home.
Buffalo and boars run wild.
What do you want me to do?
Dare you talk back to the police?
- Who are you to ask?
You go and take it.
I will file a case
I will definitely file a case.
And deal with it then
Go get the sheets
What the hell are you doing
in one big group?
One group, head to the cardamom plantation
Others go to the hanging bridge
It is almost dawn
If you play around
the buffalo will escape
Tying cobwebs to catch a buffalo...
Should I raise it a bit?
We can't let him go through this.
Tie it a bit higher
Hold it at an angle.
- Shut up and stand aside
Keep quiet, man
Move aside, you fools
Come on, fast
Fast.... Bring some vehicle
Shift him carefully
Come on, start
You bone-scraper,
you backstabbed me?
You thought I came here
for the buffalo?
I came here
to finish you off, guttersnipe!
Don't stand there watching.
Pull its legs
Give me a hand
It has pierced his belly
Doesnt look like a
buffalo horn wound
Kuttachan, wake up
What happened?
I was stabbed
The buffalo
Hold him.
Lets take him to the hospital
Make it fast.
- It's coming
Put off the lights
Pull it tight
Switch off the lights.
It is coming
Don't let him go
Kill the beast!
Its I who caught it
Nobody gets a share in this
There are more of us!
We will take it
I hunted it and its mine
Kill him!