Jalwa (1987) Movie Script

There is darkness in the eyes of this generation..
..that is victim to brown sugar there is only a narrow tunnel..
..that leads them to death instead of dreams, passion and hope.
There is darkness in the eyes of the parents and society..
..as they don't know what their children are using or where they're going.
There is darkness in the eyes of the law which is blind..
..to the clues in their hands..
..which aids the brown sugar dealers to escape easily.
There is darkness in the heart of the decision maker..
..who hasn't seen the kids who are victim to brown sugar suffer and die.
All this darkness requires a morning.
Are you the cops?
Have you come out of a coffin, scumbag? Do you want powder?
Look, don't tease me. Tell me the rate.
Twenty rupees quarter and ten rupees for a gram.
Ten rupees for brown sugar?
Tell me the rate for Bandra, not for London.
Do you have cash, you jerk?
Of course. I am not here for a lark. I am here to do business.
From where have you come?
What do you mean, from where have I come?
I came from the same place everyone comes from.
You moron, if I hit you, you will land up in your grave.
Look brother, there should be no fighting in business.
How much stuff do you want? - I will take a small box.
5000 cash.
No, no, no, no, no, no! I will give you 3000.
Bandu, take my advice. Beat him up and send him to Byculla market.
Look here, I don't want violence. Look. I have cash. Look.
Genuine notes. I will give you 3000.
Nothing less than 5000. Get lost!
Don't you know the prices have gone up these days?
And the police are troubling us.
I will give you 4000.
Now you're talking business. Come on. Out with the cash.
Now you're talking. Two things bother me very much in business.
One is kidding and the other is violence.
Take 4000 rupees, brother. Count it.
The stuff is here. It came down by the pipe. It is raining.
The business deal is complete. There is no harm in kidding around now.
I sense danger, buddy.
Nobody move! Put your hands up and throw your weapons.
Oh no!
Sir, can't we discuss these things another time?
This is not a discussion, Inspector Kapil. This.. - This is an answer.
It is an explanation. I know that.
Sir, you make me surrender by pointing "so" at me. So?
Who do you think you are?
I? I haven't given it much thought as yet, sir.
Don't act smart, Mr. Kapil!
Just because you were awarded a few medals and a little praise..
..doesn't give you the license to go anywhere you please. Get that?
What do you mean by go anywhere, sir? I was performing my duty.
Duty? You know only too well Mr. Puri is handling narcotics.
Yes, I know.
And you have neither reason nor concession to go undercover.
Look sir, the whole department knows that is a narcotics zone.
Brown sugar, cocaine and who knows what else is openly sold there.
And yet there hasn't been one arrest from that area. Why?
You are a good man, Kapil, but I am answerable to someone.
Answering for you every so often I..
This is the first time I've heard this reason for a cold, sir.
Never mind the reason for my cold.
You should worry about losing your job.
You tell me, sir, did I do something wrong?
It wasn't wrong but it was against the law.
If it was against the law and yet it wasn't wrong..
..then who is wrong? The law or me?
I don't have the answer to that. - You don't have the answer to that.
Even the law doesn't have one. Who will have it then?
A street artist wearing a talisman.
Not only is your job at risk, your life is at risk too.
What problem does the department have with my life?
Not the department. According to the CBI report..
..the goons are fed up of your zeal and they want to eliminate you.
The goons are fed up of my zeal. The department is fed up of my lawlessness.
And you are fed up of my ill manners.
I had heard only the mouth was supposed to be fed.
The truth is, sir..
..this brown sugar business has shaken the foundation of the police.
Take this. The door. It has become weak.
Hail Hanuman!
Give me alms in the name of Allah or in Ram's name.
If none other give me alms in the name of Goddess Santoshi.
If you hide it in the house the income tax department will take it away.
Give me. Give me, mother. - I'll give you. I'll give you.
You are role playing with your mother?
Do you know, your father used to act in plays..
..but he couldn't fool me?
You are only a child.
He didn't make a fool of you but he married you. It is one and the same.
You dirty mouth!
I'll give you.. - Stuffed potato flatbread. With pure clarified butter.
Cooked on a slow flame. Crispy and crunchy stuffed potato flatbread.
Bear in mind, any time you want to eat stuffed flatbread made by mother..
..they are available in three sizes, with chutney, yogurt and pickle.
Stuffed potato flatbread prepared by my mother.
Please forgive me. It is an advertisement. Sorry.
Are you hungry? - Yes.
I'll bring some right away.
Eat mother's stuffed flatbread and exercise aplenty.
Hail Hanuman! Break the enemy's legs.
Do you know which film is running in Roxy theatre?
Which one? - "Nadiya ke paar."
Dilip Kumar.
Really? - Yes.
"Nadiya ke paar." - Yes.
You are teasing me.
Why would you tease me, mother? That's ridiculous.
I know you like old films of Dilip Kumar.
That's why I thought we should go today to watch it.
It didn't say so in the newspaper.
Oh, I see. That's why you read the newspaper.
Lest you miss an old film of Dilip Kumar.
Mother, are you really crazy about Dilip Kumar? - Stop it, dolt.
I was crazy about his films, not him.
Oh, I see.
Dilip Kumar used to be a strapping young man.
The disco heroes of your generation can't compare with him.
Do you know "Naya Daur" was released at the time when I got married?
Indeed. - And your father took me to with him to watch it.
You know the song in it. "Come up on the roof, my dear."
Dilip Kumar's lush brown blowing in the wind.
Your father and I went crazy.
The next day your father let a lock of hair fall on his forehead.
Really? - And when I was expecting you..
.."Ganga Jamuna" was released then.
We got tickets to it with great difficulty.
And which movie was released when you were expecting Bantu?
Both your father and your brother made a fool of me and went away.
Hey you! Drink some bedbug milk, you so and so!
I'm seeing you after such a long time.
You can have bat's soup yourself, scoundrel! I'll teach you a lesson.
May your mother-in-law elope with a impotent man!
May your sister-in-law marry a widower gorilla!
You scoundrel! Rascal!
You lowlife! - That swear word wasn't in our book.
This is a new one I learned.
How is mother? - She is inside, preparing flatbread.
I was destined to eat that flatbread.
Hide3 over there.
Mother. - Move.
Someone is here to see you. A gentleman from Goa.
Goa? - Goa.
Albert, my boy. Where were you all this time?
You didn't send any letter or any news.
I'll tell you later. Let me touch your feet.
Bless you! Bless you, son! Bless you!
Don't go down so low or you won't be able to get up.
Mother, this poor chap did not write because he can't write.
As though you know to read.
Flatbread? - Butter.
Pickle. - Yes.
Look at this.
You still look the same. Scoundrel!
Are these the same marbles you used to drop..
..and when you picked them up you looked up girls'..?
There is one more. You are sitting in my maid's lap.
Hey! What happened?
It is a very serious matter, Kapil.
In Goa? - I didn't tell you but there were gunshots.
Really? - They wanted to kill me.
What happened?
You know I do work. - Yes.
My job there was keeping a count of cashew nut boxes.
Those people were cashew exporters.
One day I was checking the boxes and all their boxes weren't sealed.
I opened one such box. When I lifted a packet of cashews..
..there was a packet of brown sugar underneath.
It's okay. You are in my house now. You're safe now.
No. Two of his men spotted me coming here. They know I am in Mumbai.
Give me their description. I'll have them locked up tomorrow.
I'm feeling a little scared because we're going out.
Stick around me. You can come to no harm.
There's the taxi.
You are free, brother.
Where do you want to go?
Take us any place where angels fear to tread.
He won't have the permit to go to hell.
Take us anywhere. The weather is pleasant and we are in a good mood.
Take us some place nice. - Where you can have something with spice.
That was funny. He is just like us.
Very good man.
Whose photo do you have there?
Him? Basu Bhattacharya. The one who made Rajni.
The one who made Rajni is Basu Chaterjee. Basu Bhattacharya is..
How does it matter if he is Chatterjee or Butterjee?
Then you should light incense sticks.
Incense sticks. I am ready to worship him for so long.
I have bought a special size 12 slipper for him.
Why? - He knows what taxi drivers do..
..but he doesn't know what the taxi drivers endure.
The passengers leave without paying.
Goons take away the whole day's earnings at knifepoint.
He can't see that. Once I get hold of Basu, I will pulverizes him..
..like Dara Singh pulverizes those fat foreigners at Vallabhbhai stadium.
You mean wrestling? - Yes. There's a good match on at the Patel stadium.
Kapil, let's drop the XYZ idea and let's go watch a wrestling match.
It is one and the same thing. - Let's take us there.
Let's go then.
Let's go then.
Put the meter at the side. Stay with us for the night.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Damn good!
I'm the champion. Is there anyone out there who can fight me?
I'm the champion. - Hey buddy!
Is there anyone out there who can fight me?
I'm the champion.
Come on!
My friend will fight you. He will macerate you. - Yes!
Champion. - Come on, Kapil!
I? - Yes.
Have you lost your mind? Have you seen his size?
Look at these muscles. You can crush him. - Oh no.
I haven't brought any clothing. - Oh, come on!
We'll pick up the clothes from there.
Get up. - Listen to me.
Come along, Kapil.
Look brother, this is my friend. - Look here, Al..
Kapil. He wants to pulverize this champion.
Please hire us the attire for five minutes.
Thank you.
For five minutes.
Is there anyone out there who can fight me?
Thank you.
I am with you. Don't be afraid.
He looks even fatter from close. But don't be afraid.
You wanna get killed? You wanna get killed?
I'll make curry out of you with my bare hands.
How'd your mother let you out of the house anyway.
Speak in Hindi. - I will teach you English.
Foul! Foul! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
What are you doing, buddy? Careful. Careful.
Why are you clutching my hair?
Why are you clutching my hair?
I am coming inside. Let go!
What should I do?
One. Two. Three.
Hit him!
Hail Hanuman!
Hail Hanuman!
What are you doing? Let go!
I am the champion!
Very good, young man!
You wrestled very well.
He is my friend.
We give you this championship cup..
Give it to me. Take this.
Please accept it.
"This was bound to happen."
Let's release the taxi.
No, let him be.
Let's release him. We'll get another one.
Take your utensil with you.
Look friend, your taxi is lucky.
Your taxi is very lucky, friend. My friend won this cup today.
My taxi will become lucky the day the Rajni people..
Let's go. I have to go to a shoot. Hurry. Filmcity.
Are you Basu Chaterjee? - Yes, yes.
The one who made Rajni? - You want an autograph. Give me the pen.
Brother, is he Basu Chaterjee who made Rajni?
Yes, it looks like him.
Hurry, hurry. - This man is a big fan of yours.
He has your photo. - Yes.
Come on, let's go. Hurry.
I've been waiting a long time to worship you.
Here's your worship. Here's your worship.
The power of the slipper and Basu's flipper.
Worship. Wait Basu! I won't let you get away today.
I will complete my worship.
The next Rajni will take place in the hospital.
"The next Rajni will take place in the hospital."
Take this.
Al, sometimes I wonder..
..if I didn't have you for a friend..
If didn't have you, what would I do? - What would you do?
You would get married.
No, seriously. Marriage is one thing and friendship is another.
I see.
When will you get married?
I? Let me finish this beer. If I find the time after that I will..
No, no, no. Seriously. - Seriously.
There is a girl. - Should be.
Who is she? Tell me.
She possessed my heart one evening like this beer.
Yes. All the way in.
Really? And what were you doing?
I? I was reading. - Crap! I don't believe it.
You were reading while she was standing in front of you.
And you didn't.. - No, she wasn't standing.
She was dancing. She was dancing.
It was evening on a shore. It was a beautiful sight.
And she was..
..like a beautiful blue rose drenched in alcohol dancing.
"Look, look. This is a spectacle."
"Look, look. This is a spectacle."
"Spectacular. Spectacular."
"Spectacular. Spectacular."
"Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look."
"Look, look, look, look, look, look. This is a spectacle."
"Look, look, look, look, look, look. This is a spectacle."
What happened then? - "What happened then." She left.
I don't believe it. She left and you didn't do anything about it?
No, I did.
What? - I followed her.
That's more like Albert Pinto!
What happened next?
She dances in a club. She sings.
Name? - Her name.. Rain was born crazy club.
That is the girl's name?
No, buddy. That is the name of the club where she dances.
Then what is the girl's name? - Jojo.
Jojo? - Jojo. Short for Jyoti.
Jyoti. Jojo. Nice. Well?
Once I get a good job over here then I shall take her a nice gift.
Have you purchased the gift as yet? - No.
Let's go make the purchase right away.
What do you want to buy her? Let's go now.
I'll purchase a scarf for her.
Are you crazy? You should get her..
You should buy her a lovely sari.
Sari? - Yes.
Let's go and purchase the sari right now.
This one is very nice. Take it. - No.
Take it. Why are you looking at the weaves? Are you a weaver?
Let me see.
I made a mistake bringing you here. Select one. You have seen 50.
Yes, look at this one. It's looking damn good. - No, no, this is not nice.
Take that one. I'm telling you.
This one is good. - Yes, that is very nice.
It is, isn't it?
Look, if the girl is pretty any sari will look good on her.
Stand up for a moment. - I?
It looks good on you, buddy. Buy it for yourself.
Damn you, scoundrel!
Ma'am, this sari is very nice. - No, no, no, no.
Pack this one. - No, no, no, no.
Put it in a nice box.
No. you would not do this if it were for your girlfriend.
This color doesn't look good on her.
Okay, okay. Take another two hours.
This one is nice. Yes.
It is nice, isn't it? Let's take this one.
What happened? - Her.
Why aren't you wearing clothes?
Where are you clothes? I don't like this behavior!
Do people roam around nude in this store?
This sari belongs to her.
Look ma'am..
We're very sorry. - Sorry. Pack this. I like it very much.
Pick one of these.. - Take any one.
Take any one of these saris.
And this petticoat and blouse.. Let it be.
You scoundrel! I will arrest you if you do that again.
You are my friend and you are saying this to me?
Come. - I will come on my own.
Give me your hand. - I will come on my own.
Why didn't you hold my hand?
It slipped. Here, hold this. - You let me fall.
We'll have to apply some balm on it. - Sure, we will.
Where are you going?
Isn't there a shortcut over here?
No, there's no shortcut. You will reach the forest.
Listen, Al.
Al. - Yes.
Wait over here. I'll go open the door, okay? - Yes.
Mother will wake up. - Okay, give this cup to me.
Why? - Give the cup to me.
I'll put it away. - You will drop it.
I will put it away. - Give it to me! You will drop it!
You wait here. - Take this. This. This.
What? - The lid.
Okay. You wait here.
Kapil. Give it to me. - Why? I will put it away.
Give it to me. - I'll take it aw..
Give it to me! You will drop it! Mother will wake up!
I'll go open the door. You wait here.
Okay? - I won't move.
You scumbag! Al.
Send this body for post mortem.
This is not a body!
This is Albert Pinto. My friend.
Kapil, I'm very sorry for your friend..
..but one thing is clear. The murders only came to kill Albert, not you.
I am extremely sorry I didn't lose my life, sir..
..but I don't understand what you're saying.
It would be best if you co-operate with us.
What are you implying, sir? - This is a case of murder.
Case of homicide. This is Inspector Jagtap's case.
Inspector Jagtap?
It would help if you let Inspector Jagtap perform his job.
If you intervene in the matter..
..the proceedings could get messed up.
I am listening.
I mean to say you let Inspector Jagtap work in his way.
It will be a great help.
Sir, Jagtap alone can mess up the proceedings without my help.
And you know this better than me. - Jagtap is a senior!
He has experience. - Sure. Of sitting in the chair..
..crushing tobacco and saluting.
Don't' talk nonsense! He has 15 years of experience.
There is a difference between man and pickle, sir.
Okay, but this is not your case. This case is not your concern.
It is the whole country's concern, sir.
And if it isn't, then it should.
This isn't merely Albert Pinto's murder, sir.
This is a conspiracy disable an entire community and generation.
And you are telling me this case is not my concern.
The people who killed Albert aren't just murderers..
..they are dealers of cocaine and brown sugar.
Kapil, this case is no concern of yours. This is Inspector Jagtap's case.
That is all!
But, sir..? - That is an order.
Excuse me, sir.
What are you doing, Kapil? - I want to show you something.
I say, stop it!
Come, sir.
This way. Come.
See for yourself.
All these bodies lying here are victims of brown sugar.
All these too are murder cases, sir.
You won't find any blood stains over here or any fingerprints.
You won't find bullets in their bodies or any weapons near their bodies..
..but all these are murder cases, sir.
Are these also Inspector Jagtap's cases?
These aren't Inspector Jagtap's cases, sir. They are my cases.
Kapil, emotions have no place in the law. Only orders.
The orders come from above. And I cannot change the orders for you.
I too have children.
What would you do if one of these was your child, sir?
All that is well and good, Kapil, but..
You should know even kids fall prey to brown sugar.
You are a very good officer, Kapil. I am proud of you.
You are young and you are hot-blooded.
Sure, at least I ham hot-blooded.
You are crossing your limits..
I know very well what my limits are, sir.
Maybe I need to cross my limits.
Now what do you mean? - I want to go on leave, sir. Now!
I have never taken leave so far, sir. I have forgotten what a leave is.
But you were very eager to take on this case just now.
I want to go to a cool place where the temperature of my blood comes down.
Or to a place where there's so much sun..
..Albert's blood on my clothes would dry.
Okay, but I have advice for you. - Advice?
But you are used to giving orders, sir.
I am giving it to you as advice but you may take it as an order.
If not an order, then a warning.
I am listening. - And if you interfere in this..
..you will have to go on a very long leave, Mr. Kapil.
Now do you understand?
I'm sorry, Albert.
"My heart is restless. It is spring."
Goa is fun. - Well okay.
"Goa is fun. Come, my darling.."
Who is this?
Excuse me. - Yes.
Why are you walking criss-cross? - I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Where is Remo's Goan crazy club.. - Yes!
Where is it? - This way. - Over here.
It is in this direction.
It is here. - Here?
This way. - Okay. How do I get there?
Take a left from here. - Left.
Then left. - Left.
Then left. - Left.
Then you take one more left. - Left.
I see. From here.
It is over here. - Over there.
I told you it is over here.
I told you it is over there.
Excuse me.
I'll come with you. - It is okay. I'll find it. I'll find it. Bye-bye.
Okay. "Goa is fun. It is spring. Come, my darling."
"It will happen. It will happen. It will happen."
"The spectacle will take place."
"Inside everybody's house is a lamp."
"In the courtyard of the house is a flower garden."
"Inside everybody's house is a lamp."
"In the courtyard of the house is a flower garden."
"If the flower is the heart then fragrance is the mind."
"If the flower is the heart then fragrance is the mind."
"Let's do it. Let's do it."
"Let's do it tonight."
"Let's do it. Let's do it."
"Let's do it tonight."
"All of us have one God."
"I shall get a glimpse of him today."
"All of us have one God."
"I shall get a glimpse of him today."
"Staying away will create a wall."
"Staying away will create a wall."
"Let's do it. Let's do it."
"Let's do it tonight."
"Let's do it. Let's do it."
"Let's do it tonight."
"At night we look for the day."
"The night is a paradise for the sun."
"At night we look for the day."
"The night is a paradise for the sun."
"Tonight is a bright night."
"Tonight is a bright night."
"Let's do it. Let's do it."
"Let's do it tonight."
I won't permit you to sell drugs over here!
Scoundrel! I think I have to turn your club into a cemetery.
If you try to stop me hereafter, I will bury you alive.
Hey. Hey. Any problem. - This is crazy.
This is crazy. These people want to turn my club into a drug den.
Girls and boys come here to sing, dance and celebrate.
And these lowlifes want to make them addicted to brown sugar..
..and other drugs and destroy them.
They want to smack this kitchen to animals!
Apparently I came to the right place the right time. Hi. How do you do?
I am.. - Don't worry. I like Goa.
Brother, do you remember your date of birth?
Why? - If you don't remember, then try and recall it..
..because if I punch you once you will forget your birth date forever.
You rascal! Don't try to act to smart. Get lost. Go.
Brother, you look like you come from a good family.
Is this what your parents taught you?
Good children don't talk like that.
Hey, man! Come on, man. Fight. - No.
No, not here. Our clothes will get messed up over here.
Why don't we go out? - Oh yes.
It is sandy and we won't get hurt.
And if your teeth fall out they will be found easily. Let's go.
Oh yes. - After you.
Remo, would you hold this please.
My glasses are old. I don't want them to break.
"This is a spectacle."
"This is a spectacle."
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I need the scooter.
One minute. Please. - Hey!
Hey, mister!
Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?
Stop the scooter! Stop the scooter!
Will you stop the scooter or not? - No!
This is ridiculous! You are kidnapping me.
"Look, look. This is a spectacle."
Why did you come here, you idiot?
A man is chasing me, boss.
Bloody dog! He got away.
You look very sad. Are you hurt?
No, neither am I hurt nor am I sad.
Thank God.
Actually this doesn't happen daily.
Every day I come to the club, I sing and I leave.
That was good.
This doesn't happen to me often either..
..wherein I fall from the pot into fire.
This scooter won't be able to carry us away.
Now we will have to push it with us. - Right.
How far? - To my house.
Is it far? - Quite a bit.
Please get in. I shall push it. - Okay.
How much do you weigh? - You should know.
I hope you aren't very annoyed. - Why would I be annoyed?
My scooter is banged up, my clothes are soiled and ripped..
..my knees are lacerated and what can I say about my shoe? It is broken.
I'm sorry.
And I don't know this stranger is who is pushing my scooter and me..
..in the lanes of Panjim.
My name is Kapil.
Inspector Kapil, CID, Crime Branch, Mumbai Police.
I am called Jojo.
I know.
How? - Al told me.
Al? - Albert Pinto.
You might recall a shy young man often came to the club to hear you sing.
At the club?
Shot chap.
Yes. - With hair on his..
Dark skinned. He always wears a suit. - Right.
The one whose hair always falls on his forehead like a child's.
The same.
He's your friend? - Was.
Was? - He died. He was killed.
He died recently. - Oh, I'm sorry.
You should be. He was in love with you. - Oh.
He really cared for you.
His voice would soften when he took your name.
His eyes would melt. Like the moon in a glass of fenny.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I had no idea he had feelings for me.. - Anyway, it's okay.
The moon doesn't feel sorry if the glass breaks.
I'm sorry. Maybe I was a little too bitter.
Here we are.
So, Mr. Kapil. - Yes.
Inspector, Crime Branch.
Mumbai Police. - Mumbai Police.
Thank you very much for bringing my scooter and me home.
You're welcome. - Now that you are here, please come inside the house.
What is the matter, daddy? Why are you so disturbed?
Sister Jessica called just now.
What did sister say? - Suresh escaped from the clinic once again.
What? - I don't know what to do?
What should I do to rid him of this ailment?
At such a young age he has such a terrible addiction.
I wonder where he picked up this habit of taking drugs.
He is burning himself up at such a young age, and as too.
Speak softly, daddy. Someone is outside. - I don't care.
How many people can we hide this from?
It is no secret that your brother smokes those toxic cigarettes.
The whole world knows.
Who are you, sir? Who are you?
Daddy, this is Sub-Inspector Kapil.. - Inspector Kapil.
Inspector Kapil. - Crime Branch, Mumbai Police.
In that case you can help us.
Excuse me.
Look, my son Suresh.. - Daddy.
You don't know. These policemen can do anything.
But why would they? Everything goes on under their noses.
In every lane, next to the schools.
That poison is sold everywhere with their co-operation.
If someone could show the policemen this house..
..which has been destroyed because of that poison. - Daddy!
So you're here?
Where did you go?
Where did you run off?
Have you no shame? I work day and night.
Singing and dancing in the night club.
I endure people's dirty looks and dirty jokes..
..I bring money to run this house and you so you get an education.
Is this what you give me in return?
I did so much to get you treated. I squandered all my earnings for you.
And you run off again to acquire that poison.
A brother is a sister's support. He is her strength.
And you ungrateful wretch! How dare you show your face to us?
And what is in your hand? What have you hidden?
What is in your hand? What is it? Show me. The same poison?
I had gone to Mapusa market, sister.
Don't you remember today is the siblings' festival.
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
"My sister's love..
..is the prop of my life."
"My sister's love..
..is the prop of my life."
"Darkness will be shed and it will become bright."
"It will become bright."
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
"My sister. My sis. Please forgive me."
Hello, sir. - Hello Suresh.
How is sister? - She is well.
She sent this for you. - Thank you, sir.
And how are you? - I am okay, sir.
How much longer will I have to stay here, sir? - A few more days.
I shall take you home when you recover.
Promise? - Promise.
Okay. We are friends now, right? - Yes, sir.
So tell me something.
Where did you get hold of the brown sugar?
Tell me. Don't be afraid.
Don't tell him I told you, sir.
Who? - Powder Baba.
There is a long pole outside school. He sells brown sugar over there.
Hi. - Hi man. Want something?
This pole is very interesting.
What is it? - The pole. Interesting?
Incidentally I heard I could find Powder Baba here at this time daily.
Would you happen to be Powder Baba? - Who are you, man?
What does it say on your body? Let me read.
Will you please stand up?
What does it say? My eyes are weak.
Where do you get the stuff, Powder Baba? - What stuff?
"What stuff?" "What stuff?" This.
This stuff. Where do you get it? Tell me.
Tell me where you get it.
Are you going to tell me or shall I use my other hand too?
Cool it. Cool it.
Are you going to tell me or do I have to squash your head like a tomato?
Tell me. Where do you get the stuff?
Where do you get the stuff? Tell me!
They will kill me. They will kill me.
I don't intend to show you affection either, you scumbag!
I am listening. - Massager.
Where will I find him? - Calangute beach.
Okay. Thank you.
And if I see you near this school again..
..I will bury you under this pole. Okay?
You have a great body, sir. Hard as stone.
Are you a bodybuilder or a boxer, sir?
The boys going to disco these days, they don't have a body, sir.
Tell me what kind of a massage you want, sir. - Strong.
Entirely strong?
I have numbered my massage just like tobacco. 120, 220, 440, 620.
I will give you a very strong massage, sir.
I have only one agenda.
I come here, do the massages and return to my native place. - Really?
How is business these days? - Very good, sir. Public service, sir.
What else do you do? - This is all, sir.
My father taught me this art before passing away.
May God massage his soul, sir!
You don't conduct any other business?
What else, sir? Nohting, sir.
Brown sugar? - Brown sugar? What is it? What is brown sugar?
Look, I am a policeman. - I don't need to fear a policeman, sir.
I thought you were someone else, sir.
You man has takes the money. Then what is the problem?
No, I am not giving you any problem.
All I'll do is bend your arm to your back..
..and nobody will understand whether you are coming or going.
You understand? Or shall I explain in English?
I understand, sir. I understand Hindi.
Tell me. Tell me. - Yes.
Sir. Nobody will know you are a policeman, sir..
..but Sri Baby's eyes are very clever.
If she comes to know by chance..
Let's go, let's go. Let's go. - Sir, that is Mohan Joshi's house.
That one? - You can get as much brown sugar as you want.
Okay, come along. - No, no, no, no. If I go to his house I am doomed.
Alright. You stay here.
Come here. Come here.
I can see two of you, sir. Double role. 3D picture. 3D. 3D. - Shut up!
3D. 3D. You tied my hands, sir. What crime did I commit, sir? God! God!
You stay here.
Okay? - Okay, sir. Okay, sir.
Hello, Mr. Mohan Joshi.
Looks like a customer. I'll go take a look.
Who do you want? - Stuff.
What stuff? - Sugar. Sugar.
You want sugar? - Yes.
How much?
500 vials. - 500 vials! He is a big customer.
He wants powder worth 5000 rupees.
You fool! He is a policeman.
That's impossible.
Look at his body. Look at his posture.
You've been doing business for 20 years.
Don't you recognize a policeman?
Give me a cigarette. - Cigarette. Cigarette.
Drive him away. - I'll drive him away.
Brother.. - What is it?
You have come to the wrong place. We don't sell stuff over here.
You don't sell stuff? - No.
What are you saying? - That's right.
I want it. - We don't sell stuff.
I walked 15 miles to get here.
How can you not sell stuff? - Over here, brother. Over here.
I told you we don't sell stuff here.
I want stuff. I want stuff.
Listen to me.
Let go of my hand. Let go of my hand.
It's like this. I have to search you.
There is nothing here to search, brother.
Let go of my hand. Let go of my hand.
I'm not holding your hand.
Throw him on the railways tracks.
Hello, Sri Baby.
You were told not to bring anyone here. - Let me go.
And you brought a policeman? - Let me go.
You witnessed what we did to him. - Let me go.
Now what do we do with you? - Untie my rope.
I have news for you. My rope is untied. I am running away.
How far will you run, Murthi?
Are you conscious?
Now you are going to ask, "Where am I?" That dialogue has become old.
You are at my house. Hello.
Mohan Joshi left you to die on the railways tracks.
The train was a little late. My timing was perfect.
I came and saved you, else.. - Else I would have kicked the bucket.
And for free. - Not for free. Those scoundrels will have to pay for this.
Get some rest. We shall worry about that later.
Get some rest.
Tell me something.
Why did you save me?
When I saw you fight those goons I became a fan of yours.
Sir, when there is too much injustice or evil on earth..
..God comes to earth.
When I saw you I felt Lord Krishna has come to earth.
You reminded me of Lord Krishna.
But you are a Christian.
My mother is a Christian, my father is a Hindu and I am a cocktail.
Do you know who is behind this racket?
There is only one evil person behind this racket. His name is DD.
DD? - He is a very dangerous man, sir.
If anyone tries to catch his hand in this city..
..either that person's hand is cut off or it is.
Everyone receives installments, sir.
Everyone receives fixed installments, sir.
Do you know the meaning of these installments?
Sir, if you don't believe me go to Art Art club.
Officers come there every Friday and take away their installments.
I have witnessed it myself, sir.
What does DD look like?
Look? Just a minute, sir.
What are you doing?
The main news of the day.
We hear that a man called DD who is bearded and fat.
According to sources he has all the officers..
..and leaders of the city in his pocket.
And what does he have in his other pocket?
In the other pocket he has his birth chart.
Birth chart? - We hear that he invites astrologers..
..and he works as per astrological advice.
That's all for today. Goodbye.
Don't any other shows air on this TV?
Of course. You have to change the channel.
Don't listen to Lallu. I am telling the truth. Ask Usha.
I am harassed ever since I got married.
What do they say in English? Ask grandma.
Don't talk about marriage. My marriage to your grandpa was good.
I was young and your grandpa was young.
Anyway, never mind the past.
Since yesterday every time I eat my throat burns.
You don't suppose I have cancer, do you? Cancer is very dangerous.
He is a drunkard. he will drink milk.
I am the most harassed person.
Just now you saw how harassed Lallu is.
Grandma has cancer. Lord knows when she will die.
If grandma dies then grandpa will also die.
He is a drunkard. He is already half dead.
I wish all of them would die so I get some relief.
We shall watch the next episode of this wretched program tomorrow.
A bouquet is coming this way, sir.
A girl is following it, sir.
Be a little serious, sir.
What business does the masseur have in this love scene, sir?
How is your scooter feeling? - It is good.
It has sent flowers for you.
The scooter? - Yes.
Very generous scooter.
I pray God keeps its sidecar hale and hearty.
You could have lost your life.
Look, if you worry about me so much, it will be a problem.
What problem will it be?
I am not used having such a pretty girl worry about me so much.
You will form the habit.
Gradually. - Gradually.
Can you get hold of a padre's vestment?
A padre's vestment? - Yes. Why?
I need to open a door. - Do..
Looks like a scooter found a sidecar.
Here is your traitor.
I did not expect this of you, Danny.
Still, if you dared to betray me despite knowing the punishment..
..then you must have a huge reason.
My wife and kids, DD.
Wife and kids.
Yes, wife and kids. But what would you know about wife and kids?
In place of a wife and kids you have a few bodyguards..
..and this vile vixen who acts as your eyes and ears.
In place of a house you have a tomb.
You talk too much.
No, no. Let him speak.
You can only bestow death. Only death.
Because you are yourself a corpse. Worthless and entirely lifeless.
You are impotent, DD.
No matter how much blood you shed but even you know..
..your blood can never course through a child's veins.
That's why you want to infuse your dirty toxin..
..into all the kids in the world.
The toxin of your dirty intoxicating drugs.
Priest, what does your astrology say about this man's end result?
Looking at the lines on his forehead..
..it appears as though his final moments are..
You mistook me, Danny.
You are free now.
Thank you, DD. I'm very sorry, I said too much in a rage.
You said too much but you spoke the truth.
That's why I am forgiving you. Now go.
Your wife and kids must be waiting for you. - Thank you. Thank you, DD.
And take these sweets for your kids before you leave.
Tell them uncle DD sent it.
Thank you. Thank you very much, DD.
Won't you give me some sweets to celebrate the start of a new life?
Why not. Why not, DD. Of course. Of course.
Sometimes your predictions turn out to be true, priest.
Take him away, Sri Baby. His wife and kids must be waiting for him.
All this bloodshed. Aren't you afraid of the consequences?
DD only performs his duty. He doesn't worry about the consequences.
But still.. this.. this..
Go, priest.
Mummy. I'm very late. Very late. I'm very sorry.
But father, you..
The poor things must be waiting for me for so long.
What could I do? The damn scooter stalled.
Tell me the way to Mr. DD's cabin.
Appointment? - Appointment. Appointment. You naive girl.
Would Mr. DD expect such formality from a man of God?
Behind me, my girl. He won't like it.
He won't like it.
God bless you, my girl.
The door opened.
Good morning, my son. Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning, father.
I wasn't aware the path to the church passed through my office.
Sometimes a padre has to go to the cemetery too, my son.
Maybe the path to that place passes through here.
What are you implying?
Albert Pinto is buried in a cemetery in Mumbai..
..and the mud on his grave is still wet.
Mumbai is a big city. There is no shortage of graves there.
Albert Pinto was my friend.
I am sorry about your friend. - He used to work for you.
Then I am even sorrier.
What work did he do for you?
My business is so widespread I don't know who does what and where.
Albert Pinto did not die. He was killed.
I came to ask you if buying corpses is included in your business.
I smell a threat in your words.
Not a threat. A warning. Warning.
Warning? I have my doubts about you being a father.
And before I offend you, please leave.
What work did Albert Pinto do for you?
I think you would prefer to go in a procession.
Your poor toy got crushed under my foot and broke.
I don't have accounts of the dark sides of your life but bear in mind..
..the day I get hold of solid proof, I shall write..
..the last page of your life.
For sure.
Sometimes mosquitoes get pressed between pages of books and die.
Take him away.
Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff's "Yudh."
What, sir?
Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff's "Yudh."
Shut up! Sorry sir. Not you. Sorry, sir.
Yes sir. Right, sir.
Whose call was it, Hoshi? - Headquarters.
Some miscreant disguised as a Padre..
..has been up to no good in Deen Dayal's office.
What? In this building?
Yes, let's go take a look. - Let's go arrest him.
Indian penal code section 304. No sorry, 208. Let's go arrest him.
Yes, let's go. Let's go.
Excuse me. Can you give me some idea..
..if you are you Amar and Akbar's Anthony?
You are under arrest. - Arrest? What for?
For forcibly entering private property and making threats.
But.. - Search him, Ramu.
Don't you dare move or I will shake you.
But.. - Don't cross swords with Ramu Ghadiyali. Let me search you.
Come on, get down. Get down. Get down.
Let's go. Look in the back. - Okay.
Yes. Yes. - Hey. Hey. What are you doing?
Get inside. - Bigger than ours.
Yakub Saeed, this is Kulkarni. Inspector Kulkarni from Crime Branch.
Yes, Kulkarni.
Listen. One of our Inspectors is coming there.
What is his name? - Inspector Kapil.
Kapil. I see. And his description?
Mr. Saeed, he is one of our finest Inspectors.
Gifted, fearless and totally incorruptible.
In that case I would like to meet him.
Knowing Kapil the way I do you won't have to wait long.
"When the saints go marching in."
Come, sit. Padre, sit here.
Just a minute, Kulkarni.
Thank you.
You are right. I think he's here.
Since when have priests started carrying pistols in their vestments?
Since policemen's pistols have gone on sale.
What do you mean?
Taking bribes the policemen's fingers.. - Shut up!
Oh, sorry. I mean, some people's fingers are so worn out..
..they don't have the strength to either slap on a handcuff..
..or to pull the trigger.
Scumbag! You dare to insult the police at a police station!
The bullets too are for sale..
..or they must be coated with gold and put in the locker.
The only thing they have left with is swear.
Why is this constable beating me?
I am not a constable. - Sorry. Inspector.
Please escort the Padre inside.
Hoshi. - Yes sir.
Apologize to him.
Apologize to him? - That's right. Him. Inspector Kapil.
Inspector Kapil? - Yes. Inspector Kapil, CID, Crime Branch, Mumbai Police.
Oh, I apologize, sir.
Hats off to your intelligence, sir!
No, not my intelligence. The phone.
Mr. Kulkarni. - That's right.
He used to be my batch mate.
He must have praised me to high heavens.
No, he did not praise you. He said Inspector Kapil is on leave.
And it would be best for his health that he remains on leave.
That means the sun, winds, seashore.. - Fenny.
And Fenny.
And if you have come here looking for a clue to Pinto's murder..
..then you won't have to take the trouble to go to Mumbai.
I would lose my job. - That's right. You know Mr. Kulkarni very well.
Sri, DD and Company is involved in Pinto's murder.
I'm sure Pinto used to work for him.
When he learned that they supply drugs, brown sugar, cocaine..
..and heroin in boxes of cashew nuts and oranges, he was killed..
..that is my suspicion.
But mister, suspicion is not evidence.
I know sir, but I need some more time to gather evidence.
I'm sorry, Kapil. Neither can I spare you time nor opportunity.
Because you see, you are on leave.
This is not your responsibility. - Albert Pinto was my friend, sir.
I understand. I also understand you are on leave, not on duty.
Where are you put up? - Hotel Bamboo.
Hoshi. - Yes, sir.
Respectfully escort him to his Hotel.
Yes sir.
Not this. I shall keep this. You may collect it before you leave for Mumbai.
Bye. - Yes sir.
Okay, sir.
It is pretty big.
You must have a lot of boxing practice..
..welcoming all the tourists to Goa in this manner, right?
Goodbye. - See you.
Sir, when you punched him in the stomach..
..why did it reminded me of Amitabh Bachchan's movie, Zanjeer?
Can you give me some idea? - Shut up, Ramu!
How is Suresh? - He is okay.
Seeing him reminds me of Bantu.
Bantu? - My younger brother.
Oh. - He too..
Brown sugar.
I don't know when and how he got addicted to this poison.
My mother is a simpleton. She never asked him anything.
I used to be busy with my work.
I don't know since when..
He came home late often.
I thought it is okay. This is his time to have fun.
Then he started talking less. He used to be morose. Preoccupied.
Where did this come from? - I don't know what this is, brother.
My friends gave it to me. - I know what this is.
This is poison, you get that?
I will break your legs if you see those friends again.
What are you doing, Kapil? Why are you scolding him?
If he has done something wrong, you can explain it to him tenderly.
Mother, I found this in his pocket. - What is it?
If he gets addicted to this poison..
..he will have to be sent to a Hospital for treatment.
He could even die.
And one day we found his body in the bedroom.
He played in my arms.
And I carried his body in my arms that day.
I felt my brother is so light even at his age.
But I can feel the weight of his body on my shoulders even today.
And some days ago, Albert's body.
My officers tell me to go on a tour. Enjoy your leave.
Can I enjoy leave with the weight of two bodies on my shoulders?
And these are only two bodies.
Who knows how many succumb to this poison every day. Only in Mumbai.
But Kapil, why don't the police do something?
"Police." By the time the law prepare the noose..
..the criminals find a way to escape.
And when some people are arrested..
..they post a small bond and are released. "Law."
We have a big army to fight external enemies. We have weapons.
All the arrangements. But what do we have to deal with this internal foe?
Such a dangerous foe! Such a bloody and merciless foe!
How are we prepared to deal with it?
They don't do anything themselves and they forbid me from interfering.
I will interfere in this matter.
Kapil. Did you see those two police officers?
They are out there ever since we came here. - Yes, I saw them.
The poor chaps are keeping an eye on me.
They must be hungry.
Two plates of Shrimp Tropicana for you. - Fantastic!
I did not know the department cares so much about us.
And while we are on surveillance duty.
Who sent this? - Compliments of the Hotel.
We can't accept this. We are on duty.
Come on. Hoshi. We aren't taking a bribe.
And it would be against the law if a criminal had sent it.
The Hotel very graciously..
We might have to pay dearly for their graciousness.
Not bad.
It is good. Eat it. It is free.
Good evening. Good evening.
Fantastic! - Really?
Shrimp Tropicana.
Shrimp Tropicana. I see. We are in a bit of a hurry.
We are leaving. You may follow later. - Okay.
What happened, Hoshi? The jeep isn't starting.
They have gone. Stop! - Bye!
Our car isn't starting.
Hoshi, can you give me the idea.
The scooter in Sholay was exactly the same, wasn't it? - Oh, shut up!
Inspector Kapil, CID, Crime Branch, Mumbai.
You identified me very quickly.
Savings account number 1350. Bank of Maharashtra, Nagpada Branch.
Total savings. Rs. 365.20 paisa. Total loan. Rs. 15,235.
You want to buy me?
I only make a deal when something is useful to me.
Your flight is at three o'clock tomorrow.
This air trip will be good for your health, Inspector Kapil.
There can only be one deal between you and me, DD.
Either your life or my life.
Congratulations. You're the first officer I've met in my life..
..who wants to make a deal with his life, not his integrity.
Not every police officer's integrity is cheaper than his life, DD.
You so and so.
Your mother. How would you widowed and forlorn mother look..
..plodding towards the Governor..
..to accept a medal from him, Inspector Kapil?
Ask your..
..own mother that question, DD.
Tell DD I shall come tomorrow..
..to return his money.
Seriously, friends. I am proud of the fact..
..that this money will be put to use..
..to destroy brown sugar which is spread in our society.
This poison, which has turned our community and our generation hollow.
It is the duty of people like us to destroy it.
Therefore I am not doing charity or any favors.
I am carrying out my duty. Thank you.
Mr. DD, does this briefcase belong to you?
No. Who are you?
Take a good look. You might be mistaken.
I have never seen it before.
You're sure?
What are you implying? - Think it over.
This involves lakhs of rupees. - I told you this is not my briefcase.
This doesn't belong to you and it does not belong to me either.
Then let's return it. Take that.
Send those two to the dining room.
He escaped, sir. We tried our best but we still couldn't get hold of him.
It is okay. It happens sometimes.
We shouldn't dwell much on such minor failures.
The two of you eat and get some rest.
Yes, sir. - Okay, sir.
Give them sedatives so they get good sleep.
You are applying lipstick. You look very pretty today.
Shall we go in?
You go. I shall wait here.
Welcome, Mohan Joshi. Is it good news or bad?
It's good.
Sir, a police officer came to us undercover.
I killed him and got rid of him on the railway tracks.
Here's his locket.
Okay. Go!
Joshi says he killed Kapil. And Kapil..
Kill two birds with one stone.
Sanjay Dutt's latest affair. Rajesh Khanna on this side.
Raj Babbar on the other side. But there's a new triangle in Farah's life.
Fantastic! Fantastic! I love it. I love it.
Ramu, I am not at all interested in films.
Hoshi, can you answer my question? May I ask?
Ask. But don't forget we are on duty.
Do these villains also have ration cards? Can you give me some idea?
Don't move!
Put your hands up. If you look around I will kill you.
Were you offended, friends?
Look, I'm sorry. The banana vendor thing.
I'm sorry. Forgive and forget, okay. - Okay.
When we have to remain together why not be together as friends?
And after all we are all policemen.
And who would be a policeman's friend if not a policeman? Goons?
Enough, Ramu. Stop it.
I have an idea.
That way you will perform your duty and I will get my leave.
I have an idea. Look. There is a restaurant.
"The weather is so pleasant."
"There is smoke in the water."
"The flame is ablaze."
"This is not hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"There is a sweet burning sensation in the heart."
"The mind smolders little by little."
"There is a cold nip in the warm breath."
"The body is perspiring."
"Hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Don't go away from my arms."
"Come into the shade of my dense hair."
"Don't rouse a yearning in my heart."
"Extinguish the fires in the heart with fire."
"Hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"The weather is so pleasant."
"There is smoke in the water."
"The flame is ablaze."
"This is not hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
Hoshi. Ramu. Look in that direction without turning your heads.
"Feeling hot, hot, hot."
A cultural unity is going to take place between the police and goons.
This is called "On the take" in the common man's dictionary.
I'll go deal with them and you two show your hospitality to your kin.
Excuse me, Inspector Patil.
Can you give me some idea how much money you have in your pocket now..
..and where it came from?
Cuff him!
Mister Sabrang. You came to the city and you didn't inform me via mail?
Have you forgotten me? - Are you drunk?
Why are you making that expression? You were my only friend.
You aren't even looking into my eyes now. You did a lot back then.
The river bank, moonlit night and holding hands.
You seem to be gay.
No matter how much you push me away today, I won't give in.
By God, we must unite today. Let's unite.
Who are you working for? Will you tell me here or at the police station?
Don't kick me. I played a lot of football when I was a kid.
Now let's go to the police station. We'll talk over there.
Come on, come on. Get up. Get up, get up. Let's go.
I am very grateful for your help.
But do not forget this is not a group of actors..
..it is the police force.
Two attempts have been made to kill me, sir.
An attempt was made to bribe me.
I was given an airplane ticket to leave Goa.
Mr. DD and you agree about one thing at least.
Leaving Goa would be good for my health.
Again you forget. Nabbing a man like DD without evidence isn't easy.
He is no somebody off the streets.
He is a respected man. He is an industrialist.
He carries weight.
I'm sure he doesn't weigh so much it would smother your soul!
We must take every step with care.
That's right. That's why the law is still riding bullock carts..
..while the criminals are in the jet age.
But every criminal has his day of judgment.
And DD's time will also come if he is a criminal.
This I promise you.
Thank you, sir.
A very big consignment has come in, sir.
On Christmas night it will get out of DD's warehouse..
..and it will be distributed all over India.
It is definite information, sir? - You're sure?
Very sure, sir.
Very good, Murthi! You are giving me a very good massage today.
See. Shut up and see.
Murthi, since when did you start applying nail polish?
I see a ration card in your hand.
Ration card? - Yes, a ration card.
And the names on it are yours, mine and two..
Two? - Our two kids.
Frustrating! It is really frustrating!
Hoshi, my legs are exhausted from running after Kapil.
I am feeling heavy.
You call sitting in the jeep running?
Ramu, you are useless!
You don't know my problem, buddy. How to pass the time.
Listen. I hear there's some shooting going on at Cucaro.
Shall we go watch it?
Your passion for movies will prove dear to you someday.
What is this? What is this? You threw my Madhuri away, Hoshi?
My Madhuri.. - If this goes on the SP will sack you.
So what if he sacks me? I will act as an Inspector in the film line.
I have a very good friend over there.
Can you give me some idea who it is?
You would say Amitabh Bachchan.
Correct. Hundred percent correct.
Amitabh Bachchan and I used to play together in Allahabad..
..and before taking a hit he would always ask me..
Brother Ramu, shall I hit towards civil lines or towards the river merge?
What happened here? My brother became a superstar.
But he never forgot his Ramu Ghadiyali.
Before he signs a film he always dials the number and asks me..
Brother Ramu, shall I sign this film or not? - Do it, brother. Do it.
And when his film doesn't run, I swear by Lord Ram..
..he uses this shoulder to cry on.
What happened here, brother Ramu?
What can I tell you? He is a gem. A gem.
Every time he comes to Goa, at the shooting he asks me..
Can you give me some idea where the shooting is going on?
What a body, ma'am. Very supple body!
Your body color Eastman color. And my color Postman color.
Very cocktail color, ma'am. Very good!
You tell me, ma'am, what kind of massage?
Strong massage or light massage.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Santa, you know everything. Can you give me some idea..
..between Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor who is doing better these days?
Oh, come on, Ramu!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
We can't accept that. We are on duty.
Oh! Come on!
Come on, it is Christmas today, Hoshi. - Okay.
Take it.
Merry Christmas!
DD and his men have arrived.
Over there.
You should go inside. Your show is about to begin.
Don't end the show quickly. - Yes.
I need a little time. I am going to DD's warehouse. Okay.
Kapil. Take care, okay? - Yes, ma'am.
By the way, you look very good in Santa Claus' outfit.
"Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way." - Bye.
"Beauty from all over the world exists in this magical wand."
"Nymphs from the east to west and north to south."
"You will get what you want. Try me, buddy."
I want chutney from Punjab.
"Can't translate. Punjabi."
Joseph, the stuff will come in tomorrow.
Let's dispose of the box with the body today.
Let's do it.
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
I give toys to good children on this night every year.
And the bad children..
'There is only one evil person behind this racket. His name is DD.'
'If anyone tries to catch his hand in this city..
..either that person's hand is cut off or it is.'
I am possessed by one more murder, DD.
"One, two, three, four, fifteen, sixteen."
"Can't translate. Konkani."
Don't anybody move!
Inspector Kapil, you must come to the police station with us.
SP, I saw him myself.
I saw him standing next to Joshi and murder him.
When I got close to him he ran away. - She is telling a lie.
Every word she says is a lie. This woman is a liar! - Stop it! Kapil!
Kapil, sit down!
Don't believe her, sir, she is a bloody liar!
Do you realize what it means?
Where were you at that time? What evidence do you have?
How do I explain it to you, sir?
I received news that a huge consignment of brown sugar..
..is going to leave DD's warehouse.
You are in it right to your neck.
This evidence is against you. This witness is against you.
And Mohan Joshi's men.. - This is all a lie!
It is a conspiracy to frame me.
You know I am telling the truth!
I should get a chance to prove my innocence!
I believe I have given you ample opportunity.
You have done a lot here besides murdering Mohan Joshi.
Interfering in Goa Police work. Making illegal inquiries.
And you have harassed DD, who is a respected man.
And for attacking him.. - I am being arrested.
Oh no. You are being sent back to Mumbai.
Supervised by the police.
But sir, DD will continue.. - Save your statement for Mumbai High Court.
Say goodbye to Goa.
Welcome, Mr. Kapil. Thank you.
It is my responsibility to take you to Mumbai from here.
I have heard a lot of things about you.
The distance from here to Mumbai will be covered in 22 hours.
I hope you have a happy journey.
If you open this, then it might.
No sir. That will remain. Come.
Sorry Kulkarni. I couldn't help him in any way.
I sent him by ship.
I won't believe that until I personally see him alight.
I know Kapil very well.
You are repeating the same thing, Kulkarni.
I sent him with an escort under supervision.
There is no chance of him escaping.
Kapil's spectacle begins where there is no chance.
Where did he go?
Idiot! Where did he go?
Mr. Kapil, come out!
Keys, keys. Keys, keys.
Very good.
Alright. Now give me the keys.
It's done. - Yes. Give me the keys.
The distance from here to Mumbai will be covered in 22 hours.
I hope you have a happy journey.
Have this dry cleaned and send it to me. Bye-bye.
Don't make a noise.
Your pistol.
I have seen such scenes many times in films.
I knew you would get up to something.
That's why I was waiting here for you.
Oh God!
How long has it been since you were promoted, Mr. Ramu Ghadiyali?
How will I ever get a promotion?
My service book is the world's most boring book.
Do you want to make your service book like James Bond's?
Very exciting. Sizzling.
Yes, but.. - Listen.
Exactly one hour from now..
..a consignment of brown sugar is going to leave DD's warehouse.
If you nab them..
I get it. Just like Amitabh's scene in "Deewar." - Exactly the same.
Exactly the same. If you help me with this task..
..people will make a film on you.
Ramu Ghadiyali's amazing story. - Fantastic!
Why does Ramu Ghadiyali get angry? - Lovely!
Calling Ram Ghadiyali. - Yes. Absolutely.
You won't be afraid, will you?
What are you saying?
Do not worry. Come with me quietly. Come on.
Yes. Let's go directly to DD's warehouse now.
I have seen you before. - Me?
Maybe at Hot Hot club. - Yes.
Yes. - Oh sorry.
Ramu, this is Jojo. - Hi.
Jojo, this is Ramu.
Come on! Come on! Kapil, you go inside and I will stay on guard outside.
Okay. Right.
Come on, Jojo! - Okay. Go.
Hi Sabrang. When did you get out of jail?
Who are you? - You forgot?
CID, Crime Branch, Mumbai Police.
You have a nasty habit of troubling me, Inspector Kapil.
Yes. And it will remain.
I hope my men won't trouble you too much.
And there will be at least one garland on your pyre..
..from me, Inspector Kapil.
Your garland will have to wait till I get old, DD.
And did you ask your mother what your father's name is?
Come with me.
Kill him.
Can you give me some idea? - Ramu, we don't have time.
DD has taken Jojo to his house. We must get there immediately.
Okay, I shall call headquarters.
Yakub Saeed here.
Sir. This is Ramu Ghadiyali here, sir.
I know this is Ramu Ghadiyali here, sir.
How may I help you at this time?
Sir, Ramu has caught a massive consignment of brown sugar..
..in DD's warehouse today.
What? All by yourself? - Yes sir. All by myself.
Incidentally Inspector Kapil was with me too.
Kapil? Kapil is in Mumbai.
No sir. He made fools of us, sir.
He leapt off the ship into the water and returned to Goa, sir.
Sir, we are headed for DD's house now. Come there immediately, sir.
Okay, you proceed. I shall rally the troops and come there right away.
Yes sir. One more thing, sir. - Hurry.
Over and Out! - Thank you, Ramu.
Mr. DD, you are in trouble now.
Mr. Ghadiyali.
Can you give me some idea if there might be snakes here?
Snakes? - I'm sure there aren't any. Come.
Where are we going in this dark?
This way. Yes. Yes. Fast.
Come on, Ramu.
Pull me up!
Don't laugh. Pull me up. Hurry! Yes.
Hold it.
Where did you come from at this time, Hoshi?
You are merely an absconding criminal, Kapil.
Don't force me to shoot.
Hoshi, can you give me some idea why you are interfering at this time?
Hoshi, shoot me if you must but I am climbing up.
What is all this, Hoshi? - Look, this is against the orders.
You know only too well what Kapil is doing.
I know only too well what Kapil is doing.
So we should be helping him at this time. - Right.
I cannot partake in this illegal activity, Ramu.
This is not the time to teach the law or learn it.
I am going with him. - Don't force me, Ramu.
Look, all the dialogues are over. This is the time for action.
Come on! - He has gone in already. I am going.
Oh crap! I'm coming too.
Come on. Come on. - Come on, hurry.
Come on!
Give me your hand. Give me your hand. - Yes, yes.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Can you give me some idea how to climb this?
A girl came here dressed in red. Where is she?
Tell me quickly. I have very little time.
Tell me quickly.
Hands up! Throw your arms or I will kill you!
Don't be stupid, Ramu. He is already dead. - Oh, sorry sir.
God bless him.
Later, later. Come. Hurry.
But this pistol..? - It is empty. Come on.
Kapil has entered the house, Champ. He must not leave, Champ. Go!
Hands up!
Hoshi, can you give me any idea.
There was something like this in the film Tarzan, wasn't there?
No, I can't give you any idea. Now shut up!
Jojo. - Yes.
Hoshi and Ramu are next to the back wall. Go there.
But, Kapil.. - Now go on!
You have to pay the price for Albert Pinto's death.
It is very easy to attack an unarmed man.
Even you are unarmed today. I won't let you get away today.
Get up! Scumbag!
Pereira, hand me the horn.
The police are here. It would be best that you throw your weapons.
Hands up!
If you move I will catch your legs.
DD! Did you ask your mother the name of your father?
Didn't I tell you your last page will have my signature on it?
Wrong, Kapil.
As I said there will be a garland from me on your pyre.
Throw your pistol.
Throw your pistol!
Kapil. - Jojo.
Are you alright?
Thank you, sir.
Bravo! She is quite a tigress!
You too should congratulate her.