Jamai Raja (1990) Movie Script

Whose act is this?
Who dared to break the
rule of this mansion?
- Yes, madam?
We'll be damned!
l am warning the last time.
Whoever has made the mistake
come forward and admit it.
Or l will shoot all of you dead.
lt was my mistake.
Please have mercy.
Get up.
Kanaklata,- Yes, madam.
- Slap your husband hard.
Not once, twice.
lf he forgets one, he
will remember the other.
Slap him.
- Bravo!
This slap from your wife
will always remind you..
..the consequence of breaking
the rules of this mansion.
Go away.
Mummy. - Yes.
- I am ready.
Oh, that's very good.
Take care of yourself. And
don't watch too many films.
You are talking of films?
l don't know the name
of any film stars.
l even stop my friends
from watching films.
l sit in my room all day.
- Oh, that's very good.
ln Rekha's presence, even madam
behaves like a baby. - Shut up.
Yes madam. l'll shut-up.
You are right, l am wrong.
Mummy, l don't feel like
leaving you and going away.
lf l could, l'd ask the
professor of medical college..
..to come and tutor you at home.
But the problem is..
..that the medical college
is in Bombay, not here.
l am going because
you want me to go.
But whenever l feel like
meeting you, l'll come over.
Don't worry, dear. l won't
let you have any problems.
Our driver will always
be waiting there..
with the Mercedes
Benz and Contessa.
lf one breaks down,
come in the other.
You are absolutely right
Get Rekha married to two men.
lf one falls sick, the
other will come in handy.
Excuse me. l'll give the
refuse to the garbage collector.
Bye baby.
What are you two
standing here and doing?
You should have been
at the factory by now.
I was about to leave, mummy.
- Even l am going.
Even l've to go for an important
meeting. Rekha, you leave.
Do call as soon as you reach.
- Yes, mummy.
- Bye.
Whenever Rekha
returns from home,..
..it seems she is coming
straight out of another era.
She is an only daughter.
Her mother expresses her
love through all the jewelry..
..she loads her with.
But our Rekha is not like that.
She is scared of her mother.
That is why she cannot
refuse her mother.
Nonsense! She fibs.
Shut-up! Stop your nonsense!
Alright, tell me, did any English
film get released in my absence?
We'll send the watchman
to get the tickets.
Durgeshwari's daughter
will book only a few seats?
What will people say? Why don't
you get the entire hall booked?
Shut up.
Rekha, we have to
go to college today.
What college?
l have come here only to fulfill
Mrs. Durgeshwari's wishes..
..and therefore,
have to kill time.
Who wants lectures of boring
professors in boring classrooms?
Please don't forget..
my sister is getting
married day after tomorrow.
Oh yes!
Garland the groom, dear.
Hey mister! You cannot do this.
We have arrested a few people.
ldentify if any of
them is the one..
..who kidnapped
your friend's sister.
- No!
Since three days you are
telling me the same thing.
That he is not speaking.
lf you cannot
handle him, tell me.
l'll ask my mummy
to call the lG.
Then he will blurt out
everything in three minutes.
lf you don't believe us,
come and see for yourself.
Beating him brought tears to
my eyes, but he didn't budge.
He is a strange man.
Or with such thrashing, even
a stone would speak up by now.
Just see.
Come on.
Get up!
Come...there is no
need to be afraid.
Where were you for so many days?
Where was this
cruel man hiding you?
l'll have him hanged!
Will you speak?
- No!
lnspector, he didn't kidnap me.
l got myself kidnapped.
l and Shankar loved each other.
But our parents were
against our alliance.
Without consent, my parents fixed
my marriage with someone else.
Raja is my friends.
He did this to get us married.
So why didn't he tell me?
And even you are
coming after 3 days.
Where were you for 3 days?
- I became an adult only yesterday.
We have just got married
in the Registrar's office.
Please release him.
Madam, you don't have
to go to the lG now.
Please take back your complaint.
Even my own brother
wouldn't do so much for me.
Raja, you mean more
to me than a brother.
We will never
forget this favour.
Give us your blessings.
l didn't do you any favour.
lt is said that you shouldn't
hesitate to lie to unite two hearts.
l only took a little
thrashing for your marriage.
To tell you the truth..
one needs more courage
to lie than to get beaten.
Now stop crying. These
are your days to enjoy.
What else can l ask for other
than a happy married life for you
Come, friend.
Bye, inspector.
What are you waiting for?
Go and congratulate them.
Let's go! Mister..
Wait, brother.
Just a second!
They beat me a lot.
Partner! - What?
you will continue to scream..
..and l will continue to
give you a hot massage.
The hot massage
will not help you.
l have a very good
cure for your pain.
Mix it with water and drink.
You will start
flying like Superman.
People will queue up
to take a ride on you.
Just try it.
Then why are you wasting
time since so long.
Get the medicine quickly.
l can get it for you,
but you will beat me.
Stupid fellow! Who beats
a man who gives medicine?
One doesn't, but l
fear you will beat me.
I won't. Get the medicine.
- First promise me.
l promise l won't.
100% sure? - Are you
going or not! - I'm going.
My leg!
Hurry up, Paltu.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
Sir! - Yes.
ls this medicine or Rum?
Let me check...
This is Rum.
English tonic.
Paltu, l'll beat you
so much that you will..
Not the shoes!
- Aah!
Your pain is increasing.
Drink! Drink my partner.
Close your nose like
a kid and drink it.
Drink...a little more.
Take it easy.
Have one more drink.
- No, not any more.
Drink one more
for my friendship.
Drink it! Drink it!
Drink it! Wonderful!
Where is the glass?
Where is my third dose?
- Third dose?
Give me. Give me please!
No, you should not drink
more than two doses.
The doctor has forbidden.
- Which doctor, Paltu?
Dr. Brandy.
You stupid.
Two doses were for my body.
l want the third
dose for my heart.
Steady! Steady!
Don't move.
Don't move.
But who is Rekha?
- You are Rekha.
You are drunk.
- I am drunk?
Very good.
lt was you who was acting
smart in the police station.
What have l done to you?
What have you done? You touched
my nose with your finger.
And you ask what you have done?
l am Paltu, your friend.
You got me thrashed
in the police station.
Now you say you are my friend?
I'll teach you a lesson.
- What are you doing!
Don't look at me like that,
you scare me. l'm a virgin.
Virgin? What is your address?
Palton road.
- Where in Palton road?
ln the girl's hostel.
Room no?
- 22. - 22.
'Enter cautiously
in the garden.'
This is difficult.
Come on climb up! Climb up!
Steady. Steady! Steady!
Hello Rekha! Ms. Rekha!
Miss Rekha!
Do you recognize me?
You don't? You only recognise
me in the police station?
What do you think of yourself?
You put your finger
on my only nose?
Where is my nose? lt is here.
My one and only nose?
But what was my fault?
That l saved a poor girl's life?
Me saving life. You taking life?
You get me beaten
from the police?
No! - Who do you
think l am? A ruffian?
A goon?
Hold this baton.
l am double M.A. Two M.A.
Gold medal..
My gold medal is lying at home.
l fear my hunger
may make me sell it.
l'm hungry, double M.A.
Partner! - Yes, Paltu.
l've always wished to see a
beautiful face early morning.
Look, she is standing there.
She's room number 22.
- Why are you scared?
She will call the police again,
and make us queue with criminals.
She'll point her finger
at your only nose.
She will have us beaten.
Doesn't she go to college?
We have taken the beatings
we had to from the police.
What difference does
a few baton hits make?
And then, we have Rum! We
will drink it and escape.
Why have you come here?
lf you want to
complain to the police..
about last night's incident..
and have us arrested..
..we are not going to be
afraid. Right, partner?
Because we have developed
tough skins by now.
You can lodge a complaint.
I want to tell you something.
- Say it fast.
l love you.
Paltu, congratulations.
This girl has fallen for you.
She's crazy about you.
Congratulations, Paltu.
Thank you very much.
This has happened
to me several times.
Listen! - Yes.
l was telling you.
This has also happened
to me several times.
Now you stay here, l am leaving.
l know.
l am not so innocent.
But what did you find
so appealing about me..
..that you fell in love with me?
You don't even know me.
l saw how brave you are..
..when you came to the
marriage ceremony that day.
l saw how determined you are..
..when the police beat you
up, yet you stayed silent.
l saw your golden heart
when you united two lovers.
One who has a golden heart,
is brave and determined..
..who took every risk
and barged into my room..
..and then never left my heart.
He settled in my every
moment, sleeping, or awake.
Thank you.
l was pleased to hear all this.
But what you know
about me is very little.
You don't know a lot about me.
l am unemployed, and come
from a simple, poor family.
l have many responsibilities.
l stay atleast a
furlong away from love.
You misunderstand me.
- Please don't say any more.
For now, l can only
love a job, not you.
l am getting late for my
interview. l'll be going.
Good bye.
- Paltu, get in!
Why are you standing
here? Get in! Get in!
Get in!
The weather is bad today. We'll
go for the interview tomorrow.
You waited outside my
house for seven days.
Whether day or night, sunshine
or rain, you don't care.
That is why l am forced
to ask you what you want.
l love you.
That's an old
story. Anything else?
l love you.
Don't you know any other
dialogue other than this?
Don't you watch films?
Please say something else.
l love you.
Oh God!
Your record has got stuck.
Say what you have to soon.
Or l'm leaving.
- Look..
l have been looking
for a whole seven days.
l truly love you.
And l can do anything
to prove that l love you.
You can do anything for me, but
l cannot do anything for you.
You are a rich girl,
but l am a poor guy.
Rs.25 may mean just
a lipstick for you..
..but for me, Rs.25 means
meals for three days.
We are poles apart.
The way two poles cannot meet,
rich and poor cannot unite..
..likewise, even
we cannot unite.
But it's not my fault if l
was born in a rich family.
Alright, l will leave
everything for you.
Will you accept me then?
Please leave me alone.
l'm getting a headache
hearing your talks.
Forget about me.
Then tell me what l
should do to forget you.
Climb this parapet and
jump into the water.
Rekha! Rekha!
Why did you save me?
Leave me.
l will never trouble you again.
l don't know whether to
thank you for saving me..
..or regret for being alive.
l love you.
But l am not
worthy of your love.
l love you.
Don't you know
any other dialogue?
l love you. - Don't
you watch films?
Or is your record stuck?
l love you. - Only
saying it won't work.
l have fallen in love
And so have you
l have fallen in love
And so have you
Accept this and meet my eyes
Come close and
reside in my heart
Accept this and meet my eyes
Come close and
reside in my heart
l have fallen in love
And so have you
l have fallen in love
And so have you
Accept this and meet my eyes
Come close and
reside in my heart
Accept this and meet my eyes
Come close and
reside in my heart
l have fallen in love
l have conceded my heart's
desire, whether you do or don't
l know what it is to be in a
trance, whether you do or don't
l have conceded my heart's
desire, whether you do or don't
l know what it is to be in a
trance, whether you do or don't
We will dream at night,
and be lost in those dreams
We will be termed
crazy wherever we go
l have fallen in love
And so have you
Accept this.
- And meet my eyes
Come close. - And
reside in my heart
Accept this and meet my eyes
Come close and
reside in my heart
l have fallen in love..
We have given consent,
so why fear now
We have admitted we love
each other, why fear now
We have given consent,
so why fear now
We have admitted we love
each other, why fear now
Nothing will be
able to stop us now
Let anything happen, we
will give up our lives
l have fallen in love
And so have you
Accept this.
- And meet my eyes
Come close. - And
reside in my heart
Accept this.
- And meet my eyes
Come close. - And
reside in my heart
l have fallen in love
And so have you
Accept this.
- And meet my eyes
Come close. - And
reside in my heart
Accept this.
- And meet my eyes
Come close. - And
reside in my heart
l have fallen in love..
Dear brother, mother
is requesting you..
..not to eat outside
food and ruin your health.
Don't get upset if
you don't get a job.
God answers everyone's prayers.
Even you will get
a good job some day.
l have asked for many
wishes from God for you.
My prayers won't go unheard.
Come home for a
few days if you can.
Your sister, lndu.
- What is it?
Do you want me to
add anything else?
What is the use writing anything
to him. Raja is very stubborn.
He won't come home
until he gets a job.
l am proud to have such
a self respecting brother.
Don't you want to go to office
today? - Oh my God! l forgot.
Mom, l will drop the
letter on my way. - Alright.
Carry your tiffin.
Wallet! lt looks expensive.
When did you buy it?
My office friend gave
me a gift. l'm going.
Careful! Don't slip.
So you love that girl?
And if l give my consent, you
are even ready to marry her.
Yes, mummy.
Will you forget her if l refuse?
Say you won't.
Why are you afraid?
You want that l, Durgeshwari,
who travels in a Mercedes..
..should forget her status,
her prestige, her position..
..go to a hut and
ask a poor woman..
..her daughter's hand
in marriage for her son?
Yes, mother. - Good.
Yes, madam?
- Arrange for my departure.
Come madam,..sit down.
l am very fortunate that you
took the trouble to come here.
Yes, you are fortunate
and l did take trouble.
But you don't take the
trouble of coming to my house.
Because that will be your
trouble and my misfortune.
l don't understand.
l have not come here
to drink dirty water..
..in that dirty glass
with your dirty hands.
Has my daughter
made some mistake?
Your daughter is one worker among
the 1500 workers in my factory.
Her mistake is that she
makes Rs.500 a month.
But dreams of marrying the
factory owner, that is, my son.
She is immature. She can dream.
But you are her mother. Shouldn't
you have convinced her otherwise?
Convinced her against what?
ls it a crime to dream?
Your entire's month's expense..
..is what l spend on
dog biscuits for a day.
What your daughter
makes in a month..
..my daughter spends in a
day in the beauty parlour.
How can your daughter
dare to see such a dream?
You are rich people. You
can feed biscuits to dogs.
But there is something which both
rich & poor have in equal measure.
And that is decency.
We have proved our decency
by welcoming you in our house.
But the proof you have
given of your decency..
..of coming to my house
and insulting me,..
..isn't worthy of you.
One who is selling her
daughter, who will respect her?
You are extending your
limits, Durgeshwari!
Call me Mrs. Durgeshwari!
lt is my decency that l
have come to your house.
Or l could spend a little
money and get anything done.
l could have got you
thrown out of this city.
But it is my principle not to
waste my might where words work.
So what do you want?
l want to buy you off.
l want you to take money for
your daughter's fake love.
Ask her to stop
following my son.
lf necessary, get
her married elsewhere.
l'll bear the expenses.
Come inspector, this
is that thief's house.
Order a house search.
- Search the house.
Search for what?
- For a theft.
Who committed a theft?
- You ask that?
There is a complaint
against your daughter..
..that she has stolen Rs.50000
from Mrs. Durgeshwari's office.
You tricked Mrs. Durgeshwari!
l don't know anything about any
money. This is her conspiracy.
We may be poor, but
we are not thieves.
My daughter can never steal.
Sir, l found this
money in the suitcase.
What is this?
- This is not true.
l know, dear. She couldn't buy
us off, so she is threatening us.
Come and say whatever you
have to in the police station.
Bring her.
- Come!
l have not done anything, mom.
Save me, mom.
Why are you packing?
Are you going somewhere?
Paltu, mom has sent a telegram.
She's asked me to
come immediately.
Sign here.
Constable, release
that girl. - Yes, sir.
Mayor, Collector,
even ministers..
..cannot meet me
without an appointment.
What vile man are you to
dare to barge into my house..
..without permission..
..and call me by my name?
Despite your abuses,
you are still alive,..
..is only because
you are a woman.
lf you were a man, l'd
pull out your tongue!
Who are you?
- Your death knell.
The sister in whose
eyes l cannot see tears..
..you falsely accused
her and sent her to jail?
You have brought her disgrace.
Oh, so you are that
thief's brother.
Shut up!
- You!
Your son loves my sister.
Ask him to marry her.
My son will love your sister?
l have never come across
such an unheard thing.
Do you love his sister?
Why are you afraid? Speak!
No, mummy.
l have never seen
his sister ever.
You scoundrel! You want to
ruin my innocent sister's life..
..for fear of your mother?
Even if l have to
break your bones..
..to get you married to
my sister, l'll do it.
Let me see who saves you.
l don't want bloodshed.
l came here because
you are a woman..
..and l hoped that you
must be decent enough..
..to understand another woman.
But neither are you a woman,
and nor is your son a man.
l will get my sister
married to a real man.
A man who is brave,
who has a heart.
l don't mind if he's poor, but he
shouldn't be his mother's slave.
Now even if you beg at my feet
and ask for my sister's hand..
..l won't get her
married to your son.
Dhiraj, throw out
all these useless men!
What have you done? You
broke ties with them forever?
Yes, mom. There is dictatorship
instead of emotions in that house.
Humanity is a slave, and
pride of money the boss.
Dogs are treated like humans
and humans are treated like dogs.
l will never let my sister
get married in that family.
Don't worry mom, l will get
lndu the best groom in the world.
It is too late for that now.
- What do you mean?
We will have to get lndu
married to that guy only.
But why?
lndu has made a mistake.
Forgive me, brother.
Kill me if you like,
but please forgive me.
Being educated, how could
you make such a mistake?
Because of you, in the mansion..
l can still swallow my pride and
go & beg at Durgeshwari's door..
..for your sake.
But what is the use?
That boy is a coward.
A man who fears his mother so
much, how will he marry you?
How could you dare to come here?
- I could, that is why l came.
Seeing how daringly you faced my
mother, even l gathered courage.
l am ready to marry lndu,
if l have your blessings.
You cannot say a word in
your mother's presence.
How will you marry lndu?
Since childhood, l've
been afraid of mother.
l could never gather
courage to defy her.
Not just me, even my younger
brother Neeraj and sister Rekha.
- Yes, Rekha.
She studies in medical
college in Bombay.
Medical college?
So you want to marry lndu?
l will marry only lndu.
lf you have the courage
to do what you have said..
..l'll make arrangements
of your marriage right now.
What is the name of her college?
- Kasturba medical college.
- I have some work.
How is your mother and sister?
Your friend told me
you received a telegram.
Is everything alright?
- There is a small problem.
What happened?
l think you fell in the water
that day and caught a cold.
lnhale this.
Cold will dissappear.
Looks like even you
have caught a cold.
You also inhale this. - Thanks.
Rekha, l was missing
you very much.
Give me a kiss.
Even l..
Missed me, right?
Rekha! - Raja!
Rekha! - Raja!
Your sweet talks...
Your sweet talks...
These meetings
with you, l love...
This dream world..
This dream world..
l like all days and nights now
You have so much
attitude in your love
And so much love
in that attitude
You have so much
attitude in your love
And so much love
in that attitude
Your lips refuse, but
your eyes are consenting
These naughty
things about you..
These meetings
with you, l love...
This dream world..
l like all days and nights now
l will be pleased if you
keep your promise and come
l will be pleased if you
keep your promise and come
But l will be more pleased
when you give me a surprise
Unseasonal rains..
Unseasonal rains..
l like all days
and nights now..
Your sweet talks...'
..l.. ..love
These meetings with you..
..l love
l don't believe my eyes
You are so beautiful
l belong to you, my
heart belongs to you
Even my beauty is all for you
These sweet talks of yours..
These sweet talks of yours..
These meetings
with you, l love..
This dream world..
l like all days and nights now
Your sweet talks...
l like all days and nights now
Hello. Why did you
take the trouble?
I've come to take my daughter.
- Rekha, you can go.
l had sent you here to
study, not to fool around.
Fool around? But l did
not do any fooling around.
But mummy, my mid-term exams
are starting in two days.
What you have studied is enough.
l've decided to get you married.
Pack your bags, l am
waiting in the car.
Yes, mummy.
Madam, l want to
make a call. - Ok.
Hello? ls it 463546?
Raja stays upstairs,
please call him on the line.
Wish even l was a student.
l would love sitting
among so many girls.
l have heard the boy has
his own personal plane.
He owns banks in Switzerland.
He has breakfast in
America, lunches in Germany.
Has evening tea in London
and dines in France.
He only comes to lndia to potty.
And then, Durgeshwari will
not get her only daughter...
..married to just anybody.
We have heard the boy limps.
- He never walks anyway.
He is always flying.
Don't laugh. Get
her ready quickly.
Hello! What do l say
about madam's property?
Everyone is aware
how rich she is.
And Rekha is so beautiful..
..she is getting proposals
from the world's Princes'.
But madam refused everybody.
You are fortunate that she
gave consent to your proposal.
Shakti. - Yes.
They must be aware of all
that before coming here.
Did they have breakfast?
- They had lndian breakfast.
They will have
English breakfast now.
Hello, Durgeshwari speaking.
l know. Who else can have that..
..voice in the
world other than you?
Who is this?
- You forgot so soon?
l came to your house
just a few days ago.
How could you dare to call me!
l dared to call you because
l am getting married.
And you must attend.
l cannot attend a
loafer's marriage.
Give up your old habits & attend
your only daughter's marriage.
What do you mean?
What has my daughter got
to do with your marriage?
Just what a bride has
to do with a groom.
You should not delay good work.
Because Raja is marrying
Rekha in Shankar temple..
..at sharp 11 am.
Do come to bless the couple.
My every wish is going
to be fulfilled today.
Come and wish me luck.
Shakti, where is Rekha?
She went to the bathroom
to change her dress.
And disappeared from there.
Your mother.
Rekha, why did you
have to marry secretly?
When the boy is so
handsome, worthy, and brave..
..l am not stupid
to have objected.
lf you had told me, l would
get you married with the pomp..
..Durgeshwari's only
daughter deserves.
l would invite the whole city.
llluminate every building.
l would spread out
flowers on the way.
And throw a lavish party
this city would never forget.
Sorry mummy, l made a mistake.
No dear, it is me
who made a mistake..
..in understanding
my son-in-law.
Rekha, you never told me..
your mom has a heart
as big as her mansion.
That she's an angel.
We made a grave mistake
by marrying secretly.
Please forgive us, and
give us your blessings.
When my son-in-law's every
wish is being fulfilled..
..how can l refuse
to give my blessings?
Let's go home.
What had to happen is done with.
And l cannot wait for
what is going to happen.
Not me either.
What? You will stay with
them as a house husband?
Don't worry, l will
only live in that house..
..until l shatter the pride
of that proud Durgeshwari..
..and until she accepts
lndu as her daughter-in-law.
l'm a wagabond.
l'm a wagabond.
Or a star fallen in bad day.
Where is your attention?
- Sorry, l am a little busy.
Despite wearing
glasses, can't you see?
Moreover, you say you are
busy. Like as if you are a VlP.
Darling, when you reach home,
you'll realise what a VlP l am!
Sad news.
He keeps such a big wallet,
like as if he owns factories.
But has nothing in it.
Actor, did you receive any
letter or money order for me?
Money order for you? A letter
has come for you. Pay me Rs.1 .
l don't have Rs.1.
Will a condom do?
Disgusting! Take this and leave!
Happy news.
My Ustad is coming!
Brother, when are you coming?
I am dying to see you.
- I am coming tomorrow.
America to bombay
via Delhi Calcutta.
We will come to receive
you at the airport.
Who is coming, mummy?
- Your uncle DDT.
Deen Dayal Trivedi.
He is a distant cousin.
Shakti, arrange for flowers,
my brother is coming.
l think l should
arrange for two garlands.
One to put around
him when he comes.
And the other to put on his
dead body if the plane crashes.
Shut up!
A red stick in a garden
How she fought!
l lost my heart,
l lost my life
Our eyes met and
things happened
A red stick in a garden
Why are you singing
about a woman in red?
l am wearing a yellow dress.
l don't know why l see
everything red today.
Rekha, what is
this about flowers?
Has someone died in the family?
Don't talk inauspicious.
My uncle is coming.
ls he Shakti's father?
No, he is mummy's
distant cousin.
He is coming from America.
Your mother has a
cousin too? He is alive?
And he is coming from America?
Then he surely must
be a millionaire.
Where are you running?
Show me your ticket.
lf l had a ticket, would
l be running like this?
Boss.. - One minute.
- Boss.. - One minute!
- One minute.
Sorry! Sorry!
l have brought everything
you asked me to get.
Very good. But have
you brought that?
- Ustara.
- Ustara.
What ustara?
- What you shave with.
Oh, you mean a razor?
l picked the pocket of a
barber just today morning.
Oh great!
How do l look?
Boss. You look like
Michael Jackson.
Boss, do they still
serve eggs on Sundays..
..and mutton on Mondays there?
- In Tihar jail.
Don't ask for jail details here.
And remember one more thing.
From now on, we have
returned from America.
Where have we returned from?
- From Tihar jail.
From America, not Tihar, stupid!
We are going into a
respected and affluent family.
l know, Ustad.
And stop calling Ustad. l am your
boss and you are my secretary.
l understand,
Ustad. Sorry, boss.
From today, you are
DDT, Deen Dayal Trivedi.
And l am BBC, Banke
Bihari Chaturvedi.
Hi sister.
- Hi sister!
Stupid, not her!
She is my sister.
Hi sister. l miss you.
He is my secretary, BBC, that
is, Banke Bihari Chaturvedi.
Garland me too.
- Welcome to lndia.
Wow! Sister, l am coming to this
mansion after so many years..
..and it hasn't changed a bit.
Boss, homes, temples and
jail don't change so soon.
Hello, uncle. - Hello
Sister, she is your
younger daughter?
Where is the elder one?
How are you, uncle? - Fine.
- Don't be offended by his actions.
His parents died
before he was born.
So he considers
everyone dear to him.
Hi uncle!
- Hi! Hello! How are you?
Sorry, l could not come to the
airport. - He had an upset stomach.
He is my younger son.
That is okay.
Who is this guy? lntroduce him.
Who are you?
Mummy is not in a
mood to talk about me.
So l will introduce myself.
l am Raja,
Durgeshwari's son-in-law.
Your niece's husband.
ls this introduction enough,
or do you want some more?
lt's enough.
- Shall l get coffee?
Whatever anyone may say,
but you make a lovely pair.
Like Ram and Sita.
Ravan and Mandodri.
Sister, why didn't you tell
me about your son-in-law?
He is so young and handsome.
l deeply regret not
attending this marriage.
But you should have
at least written to me.
Boss, which address
would she write on?
BBC is right. On what
address would she write?
l am in London one
day, America another..
..and in Tihar jail the third.
Sister, whatever you may say, he
is a perfect match for the girl.
His richness drips from
his face. Drip, drip, drip.
That is why the
carpet is so wet.
That is not his richness,
it's the dog's richness.
Brother, you must be
tired. Go and take rest.
Dhiraj, take your
uncle to his room.
What have you brought
for me from America?
Rekha, your DDT uncle doesn't
seem to have come from America..
..but from the Andamans.
You joke about everything.
It's a bad habit.
- Yes.
Somehow, Rekha should
stop loving him.
Both should get separated.
And this son-in-law
should leave this house.
That is all l want.
ls that all?
Sister, when l was in America,..
..l solved such small
problems in a jiffy.
By hook or by crook.
Once, my boss even
tried to bend iron bars.
- Actually, sister..
lt so happened that the
house above ours was on fire.
We couldn't escape
through the door,..
..so l tried to
bend the window bars.
But the bars would not
bend, and we got caught.
Don't give the details now.
So what is the solution?
Your son-in-law comes
from a poor family.
Try to buy him off with money.
Why did you marry my daughter?
She is a woman and l am a man.
And normally, a man
marries a woman. Any doubts?
A man can marry a woman.
But a beggar cannot
marry a princess.
l have high status,
money, prestige!
What do you have?
l don't have anything
that you have.
But l have enough money
to buy a wedding chain.
Enough capability that l
can work and feed my family.
And enough machismo that l can
sire kids and make you a grandma.
What more does a man
need to marry a woman?
Talk business!
How much will you take
to leave my daughter?
Here's the cheque
book. l have signed it.
Fill in your amount.
l didn't know you considered
your daughter to be so cheap.
And that you value her
worth with a little money.
You want to pay money
and buy your daughter.
But l don't want to take
money and sell my wife.
You trapped my daughter into
marriage to take revenge from me.
l did want to take
revenge from you.
But l didn't love Rekha
to take revenge from you.
l love Rekha since the time l did
not know she was your daughter.
l am worldly wise.
You must have used your sister's
tears to woo my innocent daughter.
My shoulder is enough for my
sister's tears, Durgeshwari.
l don't need my wife
to wipe her tears.
You are very proud
of your strength.
l only have faith in my love.
l will put an end to this love.
You don't know me yet.
l will play tricks that
will make Rekha hate you.
l will get her
divorced from you!
l will take back my daughter!
A man who cannot protect
his bond of love, is no man.
A woman who wants to break her
bond of love is not a woman.
Yet, try your best.
Let's see who proves to
be a man and who, a woman.
You don't even have a few
morsels to feed your wife.
How long can you keep
your dream world intact?
lf l can buy everything,
can't l buy off my daughter?
l will get her so used to
riches that she will forget you.
She will return to the grandeur
she gave up to marry you.
l will give her
so many luxuries...
..that you will seem
like a thorn in her side..
..which she will
want to get rid of.
l will fill so much
hatred in her for you..
..that not only her heart, she
will throw you out of her life.
That's my promise to you!
- You are dreaming, Durgeshwari.
The heart is more
powerful than money.
Even pride bows before love.
But the one who is
blinded by money..
..will not be able
to accept this fact.
But l will make
you see this truth.
l will ensure that
you become lonely..
..and bring you to that state..
..that all your pride will
shatter, and you will be floored.
This is my promise to you!
My glory will die with
me, not before that.
My wealth cannot
leave me until l die.
And until l have these two..
..people will continue
to dance to my tunes..
..and l will make them dance!
l will make you so helpless,
you will be forced..
..to accept my sister as your
daughter-in-law & bring her home.
l'll make you bow before me.
Is it?
- Yes.
l have a bad habit of winning.
And l have not learnt to lose.
l am an experienced player.
But these are my lucky days.
You have not seen my temper,
only my good behavior.
The day l stop being good,
no one will agree to save you.
l know your style, but
even l can be very acidic.
You are a new hand at this game.
Don't forget, experience counts.
Forget your past glory.
Open your eyes and realise
your opponent's worth.
l accept the challenge,
but l have a condition.
Tell me.
My daughter should not
know about our differences.
Certainly not. l am a gentleman.
l'll keep my promise.
l will never tell her.
But if your tears give you
away, don't hold me responsible.
Tears and me? l will never cry!
And even l challenge that l
will give you sleepless nights.
Boss. - Yes. - From among all
the jails we have attended..
..l think this is the best.
l think you take
rest. Sister is coming.
He has challenged that he will
make me apologize to his sister.
That he will make
me bow before him.
That is why he has
become my son-in-law.
He is taking advantage
of my daughter.
l tell you sis, he is
a third-rate person.
But even l am intelligent.
Even l will find some way.
Have they celebrated
their nuptial night?
Not yet.
- They never will be able to.
Rekha, keep this
Rs.50000, you'll need it.
What will we do with
so much money, mummy?
We are not going shopping.
is so generous.
She is giving us Rs.50000
for our honeymoon!
Rekha, even we should get a
nice gift for mother-in-law.
Yes. We will bring
her a nice shawl.
Shawl? That is what l
don't like about you.
Can't she buy a
shawl for herself?
We should bring her a gift
she cannot buy herself.
Like a small baby who looks
just like mother-in-law.
Mummy, we are leaving.
- Take this money.
Let's go. - How desperate
your daughter..
..is to go on her honeymoon.
Me and you
Are no more strangers
Me and you
Are each other's shadow
Me and you
Have reached our destination
You and me
You and me
Are coming close
You and me
Are going into a trance
You and me
Are humming
You and me
You and me
Are no more strangers
The winds are singing,
the paths are singing
The weather is
singing for you and me
The winds are singing,
the paths are singing
The weather is
singing for you and me
What has happened to
me that has got me dazed
Me and you
On hearing these songs
Me and you
Have got tranced
Me and you
Have become the
talk of the town
Me and you
You and me
Are coming close
You and me
Are going into a trance
You and me
Are humming
You and me
You and me
Are no more strangers
When our eyes met,
l went into a daze
Your touch made me beautiful
When our eyes met,
l went into a daze
Your touch made me beautiful
At night, even these
distances will be erased
You and me
And this youth
You and me
And this romantic weather
You and me
And our love story
You and me
Me and you
Are no more strangers
Me and you
Are each other's shadow
Me and you
Have reached our destination
You and me
You and me
Are coming close
You and me
Are going into a trance
You and me
Are humming
You and me
Why are you doing
so much make-up?
lt is all going to get
ruined in some time.
Only when something is
ruined on the nuptial night..
..is when something gets made.
l am feeling very sleepy.
You mean we have
come so far to sleep?
We haven't come to sleep?
Then what have we come to do?
Why do l have to
tell you everything?
You are like this
since childhood.
Now listen. What
half the world..
Oh God!
Mother-in-law's spy!
What is it? - What
happened? - Sad news!
Hey, come here.
What is the matter?
Sad news.
Our car met with an accident.
That's happy news!
DDT uncle is dead.
Sad news.
Madam's car met
with an accident.
Mummy's accident?
How? ls she alright?
How do l say?
- Don't cry. Calm down.
Now tell me how the
accident happened.
Sad news! How do l say it?
Did anyone die?
How do l say?
Is anyone seriously injured?
- How do l say?
Then how will you
say it? - Sad news.
He has brought such sad
news and you are joking?
Pack our bags.
Mummy, are you alright? We
heard you met with an accident.
Thank God that you are
not hurt, mother-in-law.
Or one can even lose
limbs in an accident.
The car got smashed, but
l was saved by God's grace.
l told them not to call you
back from your honeymoon.
But brother wouldn't listen.
You two must be tired.
Go and take rest.
l know very well whose
deliberate act this is.
lt will be better if the one
who has done this admits it.
Or l have a trove of
abuses for such people.
Shall l begin? Rasc....
We become deaf at night.
ls it? Then l will
abuse you in the morning.
Son-in-law, see!
l succeeded in keeping
you away from my daughter..
..and in stalling
your nuptial night.
This is Durgeshwari's intelligence?
What do you think?
Good. Very good.
But mother-in-law, you should
appreciate my intelligence too.
lt was a great opportunity.
l did everything in the train.
What did you do?
- Celebrated my nuptial night.
Sad news.
How could l let go
such a good opportunity?
After all, l am
your son-in-law.
So, what do you think?
Uncle, l will celebrate my next
night with my bride here itself.
Or my mother-in-law
will feel offended.
So l ordered the
flowers beforehand.
Go and check if the
flowers have arrived.
Didn't you people
hear what l said?
Don't you two feel ashamed
to stand here before me?
What can l do if he did
everything in the train?
You should have bought
the train and stopped them!
l didn't have money for the
ticket, how could l.. - Shut hup!
Flowers! Fruits!
Bananas, flowers. Barfi,
flowers! You bloody fool!
You were with them, why
didn't you stop them?
Shall l stop them now?
lf l stop them now,
you'll get thrashed.
Before any other hurdle
is put in our way..
we must finish with this.
C'mon baby. What's the hurry?
This night comes only
once in a lifetime.
And then, we are celebrating
our nuptial night.
People make sweet conversation
on their nuptial night.
But you are in such a hurry.
- I'm sorry, Rekha, l'm sorry.
l am calling out your name,
and you are saying 'meow'?
Can't you just say my name.
Me? You only have been saying
'Rekha meow' over and over again.
- See!
O God! - Mother-in-law,
what are you doing here?
Don't you dare call
my mother a cat!
Damn the cat.
Let's get to work. Come on.
But l will feel embarrassed.
You mean the cat will go and
tell everyone what she saw?
Let's throw out this cat.
What do we do now?
What half the world does..
..in the middle of the
night with the other half.
Mother-in-law, my
whole body is aching.
l couldn't sleep all night.
lt felt like there
was an earthquake.
ls it? Yet you look so happy.
What do l say?
The night was such.
Even Rekha could not sleep.
Why? What happened?
What did not happen in
the train. - What do you mean?
Nuptial night.
Mother-in-law, l told
you we did it in the train.
But l had lied.
All the sweets you made,
the milk and dry fruits..
..all those silken
clothes you gave us..
..the royal bed.
Had l ignored all this and
celebrated my nuptial night..
..in some hotel or a train,
you would have felt so offended.
l could never have committed
such a grave mistake.
What happened last night
was our nuptial night.
lf you don't believe me, go
and have a look at the bed.
l swear by you.
Rekha, is my bath ready?
You people made big promises.
That he will not be able to
celebrate his nuptial night.
But what he wanted happened.
lf we do nothing, he will win.
And do what he has
threatened to do.
Sister, l am intelligent.
There is only one way
to make Rekha hate him.
Have him sent to jail.
Which jail? Tihar, Nasik,
Agra, or Central jail?
My boss has influence
in every jail.
That's true. You eat your food!
Sister, if we get
him arrested somehow..
..and if he is behind bars
for six months to a year..
..Rekha will forget him.
Then we will get her
divorced and married again.
But for what crime will
we get him arrested for?
Don't worry about that.
My boss is very
clever in such matters.
He will find some way.
- You shut up, bloody fool!
Thanks you. - Sister, listen.
Where is my nephew? Here he is!
Why did you have to bring
so many toys for him?
He is still a baby.
What are you saying, mom!
The one whose grandma
is a millionaire..
..must have atleast
these many toys.
Look nephew, don't be a
coward like your father.
Be like your grandma. We'll
make you sit on her head.
Hey, not me! Pee on
your grandma's head.
So that she cools down
and her pride shatters.
Look, he is saying he will.
Can l come in?
- Come, mummy.
Where is son-in-law?
Listen! Mummy wants to see you.
Mother-in-law, you?
Rekha, if l had
got you married..
..l'd have given you
Rs.4500,000 as dowry.
But you two got married secretly
& deprived me of this happiness.
But yet, l am a mother.
You can forget your duty..
...but how can l forget my duty?
You are right,
There is hope until
the last breath.
The world survives on the goodness
of mothers-in-law like you.
Today is an auspicious day,..
..so l thought of
giving you Rs.4500,000.
l had to give them some day.
Mummy loves us so much.
Yes, she loves us very much.
When her briefcase is so spacious
how spacious her heart must be.
But what will we do with
so much money, mummy?
We live here, use all
the things of this house.
And Raja is not
interested in money.
He is not like others.
- I know.
l know the qualities
of my son-in-law.
l had kept this money for you.
Keep it, maybe you
need it some day.
lf you keep it, a big
burden will be off my head.
What do you say?
To reduce parents burden is
the prime duty of children.
Take it.
- Mother-in-law is right.
Everyone should get
a son-in-law like him.
Keep it safely.
- Yes, mother.
Just a minute, mother-in-law.
Let me take your blessings.
Give me your blessings,
lf you continue to serve
your wife like this..
..you will be happy.
Keep this.
No, you keep it.
- Come on!
As you wish.
Hamam, Hamam, Hamam.
Boss, shall l take a
bath with Hamam soap.
Whatever soap you bathe with
will not make any difference.
Turn it around.
Get a key made. And ensure
no one comes to know.
Boss, this has reminded
me of something.
- That Nasik jail incident.
Remember, you had made an
impression of a key on the soap.
And the jailer had caught you.
And then he had thrashed you.
He is lying.
- Yes, mummy?
l need Rs.500,000.
l don't have them right now.
Give me from the money
l gave you yesterday.
l'll return it tomorrow itself.
Don't embarrass me,
mummy. lt is your money.
l'll get it.
Mummy needs Rs.500,000 from
the money she gave us yesterday.
l'll get it.
Now he will go to jail!
He will go to Nasik jail,
he will go to Tihar jail.
He will get his ticket.
He will go to jail.
Rekha! Rekha!
The briefcase is here, but
there is no money in it.
Did you take the money?
- Me? No.
l gave the briefcase
to you to keep.
Check again, it must be there.
But the money is not in this.
- What happened?
Didn't get the money?
The Rs.4500,000 l gave
you yesterday disappeared?
He kept the money in the
cupboard and locked it.
The money is not
in the cupboard now.
What is this l am hearing?
Rs.4500,000 disappeared
from the house?
Someone must have stolen it.
No, thieves aren't found in
jails, but at home. - Shut up!
l don't know how this happened.
This is beyond
us, son-in-law.
The police will deal with it.
Did you lock the money
in the cupboard yourself?
Did you give the key
to anyone else? - No.
lt's a serious matter; we'll
have to interrogate you.
You'll have to come to
the police station with us.
What's this?
lf you needed money,
you should have told me.
l'd have given you
50 lacs instead of 45.
Why did you have to
steal in your own house?
Mummy, we are well
respected and well known.
lf he goes to jail,
it'll bring us dishonour.
Whoever offends me will be
punished. It's justice.
Good morning sir.
Mr. Jagannathan has sent
those papers in which...
...he transferred his shares
in Durgeshwari Textile Mills...
...to your wife.
He had received the
entire money yesterday.
lt's clearly written here that...
...shares worth 45 lacs were
bought from Mr. Jagannathan.
So why was the
robbery report filed?
Why didn't you tell
us the truth before?
Because l knew that...
...without proof,
no one in this house...
...would believe
the truth l spoke.
The phone is ringing.
l'm expecting a call from
America, so l'm going!
l too have to discuss
something urgent, so l'm going.
Sad news! - Sister, the
money has gone with the wind!
We use a Hamam soap, where
has this Lux come from?
lt's come from here.
Don't think that
only you know how to...
...take a key impression
on soap. l know it too.
What are you saying?
- What is it?
That's what l've
come to ask you.
Tell me the truth, else
you'll suffer, fatso!
I've taken your soap!
- Now take a slap!
l think my phone call
has come from America.
Come on brother.
You had handed me the money,
saying it was a burden.
Today, in order to revile
me in front of my wife...
...you got your men
to steal the money...
...and accused me of robbery!
But even this design
of yours has backfired.
One more pawn of yours is
down; l won this round too.
How did you like it?
There's a fire...
There's a fire,
and rising smoke.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
There's a fire,
and rising smoke.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
There's a fire,
and rising smoke.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
There's a fire...
Let go of my hand,
someone will see.
Let go of my hand,
someone will see.
Let go of my hand,
someone will see.
Let go of my hand,
someone will see.
Do everything honestly.
Do everything honestly.
Someone will see.
Let go of my hand,
someone will see.
Whenever l hear of honesty...
...then l make use
of an old song:
Seeing the condition of
honest people in this age...
...l have given
up being honest.
Seeing the condition of
honest people in this age...
...l have given up
being honest.
...l have given up
being honest.
Even if you keep
pining for me...
...why should l listen to you?
Whether it's
my way or yours...
...why should l come with you?
Even if you keep
pining for me...
...why should l listen to you?
Do what l say, dream girl.
Dream girl, dream girl...
Dream girl, dream girl...
Do what l say, dream girl.
Change yourself, dream girl.
You've gone awry, so
you'll have to amend...
You've gone awry, so
you'll have to amend...
...sooner or
later. - Who?
Dream girl, dream girl...
Dream girl, dream girl...
Dream girl, dream girl...
Don't leave in anger,
l feel like crying.
Don't leave in anger,
l feel like crying.
l beg you, please
don't torment me.
Don't leave in anger,
l feel like crying.
l feel like crying.
Fighting with me in vain,
you're standing so gloomily.
Fighting with me in vain,
you're standing so gloomily.
You're standing so gloomily.
You mean everything to me.
My heart is filled
with only love for you.
There's a fire.
There's a fire,
and rising smoke.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
You don't know whose
heart is simmering.
There's a fire.
There's a fire.
There's a fire.
We'll have to think of
something to finish off Raja.
Finish your food, and think of
some plan to finish off Raja.
You said you'd think of a plan,
and l'm not to worry about it.
And you, in Tihar jail...
- What Tihar jail?
l got an idea.
Whenever l tell sister
about any plan, it flops.
This time, l'll tell her
my plan after it's over.
l'll make such a plan
that Raja will be finished!
l'm sorry, Are you...
eh... hurt?
No, it was my fault;
l was not in my senses.
Whose photo is this?
And who are these people?
That's the unfortunate
me, my wife Durgeshwari...
...and my children.
l got it. Come home with me,
everything will be all right.
- My son!
She's lndu, your
daughter-in-law. - Greetings.
Greetings. - And he's Pappu,
your first grandson. - My grandson?
Come here, child.
And l'm Raja,
your daughter's husband.
- See who's here.
Who's he?
- Your father.
l mean, he's like your
father... he's my uncle.
Bless you.
He's my brother-in-law;
consider him to be your son.
Who's he?
- Consider him to be your dad.
Father! - Daddy. Papa.
Consider him to be your dad.
Your wife is coming.
She's your wife...
l mean, my mother-in-law.
He's my uncle from Bhavanipur.
l'm having a doubt...
...that you staring at each
...as if you know each
other from before.
Do you have any
old relation with her?
What's this nonsense?
Am l bound to
acknowledge any vagrant?
You were looking at each other
so lovingly, that's why l asked.
Mummy, l require some money.
How did you dare to come here?
- But l live here!
There's no place in
my house for a runaway!
But l haven't even
gone out of the house!
Weren't you ashamed to run
away from your responsibilities?
Leaving your family
in the hands of fate...
...you became a vagabond!
And now you've come
to claim your rights!
Vagabond? Rights? Mummy, l...
Shut up!
lf you remain here
for one more minute...
...l don't know what l'll do!
Get out of my sight!
Get out of my house!
Get out.
l wanted your permission
to keep him here.
But you've gone away
without saying anything!
Let me go.
Why are you creating trouble?
What's the hurry?
The drama has just started.
Remain here till l complete it.
Rs. 2 crores looted
from a museum!
Happy news! Happy news!
Good morning, uncle.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning.
Which company did you
work for in America?
Yes that... l worked in the
Lincoln & Drunken Food Co.
2,000 convicts
used to work there.
l see, that company?
There's an lndian
partner in that company.
You must be knowing him;
his name is l.C. Mishra.
He's an old friend of ours.
Just friend...
He's my childhood chum.
We used to wear the same
clothes in childhood.
lf l called him rascal
once, he'd call me that thrice.
- Rascal, rascal, rascal.
lf l abused him once,
he'd abuse me thrice.
Sad news!
- Uncle,
incidentally he is a good friend
of mine. He is in lndia right now.
And he maybe here any moment.
He should be here. There he is.
Welcome my friend, welcome.
Hello DDT.
And how are you BBC?
Hello rascal?
Rascal, rascal, rascal.
l have not met
you since a long time.
Mr. Mishra.
You said that D.D.T. Uncle had
stolen your watch in America.
He's been a thief
right from childhood.
Give me my watch.
- My father had given it!
Give it to your grandpa now!
My father's watch!
And you BBC.
You'd wagered with me
at a club in America. - A ring.
Yes, a ring,
and you'd lost that wager.
Give me my ring.
- My father had given it to me!
Now give it to your grandpa!
Aruna darling.
lf you just keep rehearsing,
when will we smooch?
There's no season,
weather or date for that.
Father! - Is that some old
goat being slaughtered?
Or some donkey crying?
- It's my father's voice.
Your father?
Your bloody father,
so out of tune?
I'm going from here!
- Father is coming here!
Then l'll go from that side!
- No!
Then l'll become a table,
put a cloth over me!
Put it quickly!
Put it quickly! Put it!
Let me stay at your feet
O Lord, considering...
...me the servant at your feet.
My child, are you
rehearsing for your drama? - Yes.
Rehearse properly.
lf the people
don't like your work...
...they'll throw
rotten eggs at you.
And you know that
l'm a pure vegetarian.
Last time, when
they threw tomatoes...
...l ate tomatoes
for a whole year.
What hit me?
l think l drank a bit
too much last night.
This bloody table...
My to-be son-in-law, it's
you! What great acting you do!
Rekha, pass those fries.
He really likes it.
But my aunt, instead
of feeding him fries...
...fried him with her scoldings.
Not you, but my uncle's wife.
Some wives are like jail guards.
They burn their husbands
to ashes with their tongues.
You didn't marry, so how will
you know? Shut up and eat!
He's not wrong. My aunt gave
so much sorrow to my uncle...
...that he never found peace.
She used to blaze upon
him over small matters.
What an aunt!
Not you, but my uncle's wife.
Such wives are sad
news for their husbands.
Eat your breakfast quietly!
B.B.C. ls right.
There are only a few women,
like my mother-in-law...
...who never forget
their husbands...
...wherever they may be.
Who made this breakfast
fit only for beggars?
Shakti, arrange our breakfast
from some good hotel!
l've booked a table at
another hotel, let's go!
l'll come too,
wearing my new clothes.
Did you see? Even after 15
years, her pride is so hot...
...that an egg can be
fried over her head!
But don't worry.
l'll make her pride
fall at your feet.
Leave this illusive
pride over your wealth...
...and see the world through
the eyes of an ordinary person.
Then you'll realise what
you've been missing for so long.
Our son-in-law is
a very good boy.
Forget the past and
listen to him.
There's still time:
Change yourself.
You don't have to
teach me anything!
Pack your things
and get out from here!
As long as l am there,
how can this happen?
You have built your palace here.
He won't go until you
acknowledge him as the owner.
As long as l am alive,
this will never happen!
lt will, when l tell
your children who he is...
...and why you threw
him out 15 years back.
Not realising my might,
you're speaking crazy words!
The best thing for you is to
get out of this house quietly.
Else, by 5 in the evening...
...my children will throw
both of you out of this house!
And if this doesn't happen?
Then my name is not Durgeshwari!
You keep losing, and l don't
feel happy making you lose.
Because you're as
stubborn as you're haughty.
l accept this
challenge of yours too.
The people you want, using
whom, you want to throw us out...
...will leave you
completely alone.
l'll make you repent
for your past misdeeds.
You'll plead to make my
sister your daughter-in-law.
Suppose this doesn't happen?
- Why won't it?
After all, my name is
also... everyone knows!
On the happy occasion of
this child's birthday...
...l want to give some good
news to my family members.
Had the proper person
given this good news...
...then it would have
been much happier.
l'll say it; l'm sure you'll
congratulate me after that.
What are you waiting for?
Hurry up!
Why are you always in a
hurry? Uncle, hold him.
What happened?
- She'll be coming.
There are still 2
minutes left till 5 p.m.
Shall l tell the good news?
- Do whatever you wish fast!
My beloved
...the good news is that...
- Listen!
Listen to me! Don't do this!
Who are you?
- Where do l go now?
You deceived and left
me, and ruined my life!
What will happen to me now?
What wrong did l do to you?
Who are you?
What are you saying?
Are you asking me that? You
spoke such loving words to me!
You made so many promises;
we lived together for so long!
Did you forget our child?
And you're asking me who l am!
Even after seeing our child
don't you remember who l am?
lt's past 5 now.
So how's this?
Who's this girl?
What is she saying?
Ask me! He's the father
of this child!
He loved me, but, greedy
for wealth, he married you!
He deceived both of us!
l beg you!
You're rich, you'll
find someone else!
Please leave him, l don't
have anyone else but him!
What a good artist?
lf you can't accept
me, then give me poison!
After that, settle down
with anyone you wish!
You being father... Please
don't do injustice to our son!
Don't do injustice.
- Enough, Aruna!
Your tears have
opened my eyes!
l'll never leave you!
Please forgive me!
l'm sorry Aruna.
This is what
l wanted to tell you.
Aruna is my wife;
we'll live together now.
No one can separate us now!
Now, in front of everyone,
l'll make you my wife!
Oh. l'm sorry!
Mishra, it's of no use.
Chant the hymns.
Stop! This is injustice,
and a sin!
l love her, and
want to marry her!
She's like your sister.
- But she says she's my wife.
And that this child is mine.
l said l'll marry you soon!
So why this drama?
And who's this child?
These two promised to pay me
Rs.10,000 for this. - What?
So my father sent me. l
didn't know it was your house.
l can't wait any longer, or
you'll do this somewhere else.
Give me the necklace...
Keep chanting the hymns.
Dheeraj! What are you doing?
- This is known as marriage.
l never had the courage to
tell you anything till now!
We're married now, but
you'll never accept it!
So l'm leaving this house!
lf you shout,
l'll get scared and stop!
Then you'll try
to separate us!
That's why,
l'm leaving this house!
Why did you call that girl here?
To separate Rekha and me?
Yes, so that my
daughter can be happy.
Whose child did you bring here?
What relation do
you have with him?
Rekha, ask him
whose child it is.
Even uncle had told me,
but l didn't believe it.
Today, l'm forced to
ask you about this child.
What relation do you have
with him? - This child...
He's my uncle's grandson.
Not Uncle's you
mean his grandson.
Don't try to fool us!
Tell us what relation
you have with this child!
l think he did
something wrong outside.
Who is this child's mother?
So many people are asking
you, yet you're silent!
Then this child has to
be your illegitimate son!
Rekha! - Yes.
Else, why did you bring him
and the old man to this house?
Something illicit must be going
on between you and his mother!
l'll tell you what the truth
is! Dheeraj! - You keep quiet!
When they're saying such dirty
things, l can't remain silent!
This is my child.
He is my and Raja's
sister lndu's son.
What have you done?
l forbade that girl
to even enter my house!
How did you dare to
start a family with her?
As he's father.
How did you dare to bring
this child to this house? l...
l knew from before
what you're about to do.
I bid goodbye to your wealth,
status and rule! - What?
I'm going!
- Dheeraj, listen to me!
Shout louder!
Why did you stop? Shout!
Their small worlds...
...would be much
better than this hell!
Once, due to your arrogance...
...you threw your husband
out of this house!
Today, you're throwing
out your children!
One-by-one, all
of us will leave!
You'll be left alone with
your wealth and status!
Rekha, your husband
is one in a million.
Don't be like your mother...
...who has no respect
for her own husband.
You go too, and remain happy.
Are you my father?
Yes, he's your papa.
Your stubborn mother
doesn't even acknowledge him.
This was the only gap between us.
l promised her that, until
my sister settles down...
...l won't tell you anything.
l never even dreamt that...
...one day l'll regret
being your daughter.
l'm going... Come.
You said that,
by 5 in the evening...
...your children would
throw me out of this house.
lt's past 5, and your
children have left you.
You've been left alone.
Real wealth isn't
anything material.
Real wealth are
our kith and kin...
...who are ready to die for us.
Now tell me.
Who won, and who lost?
Don't celebrate
your victory so soon.
Life is not possible
without money.
l have money.
Whoever l throw it at...
...will return to me
like a pet dog!
l can buy everything with money!
- Yes!
Property, factories,
land, jewelry? - Yes!
A husband?
- Yes!
You can't buy that.
Money can't buy everything.
Like your dear ones,
who have left you.
Now tell me, how was this?
Sister, don't be afraid of them.
Remain adamant, they'll
soon fall at your feet!
l'm feeling so happy.
After 15 years,
l'm seeing a full house.
All my relatives are with me.
But Durgeshwari would have
made this family complete.
That day is not far,
have faith in me.
lt will be morning soon.
Any moment it will be dawn.
Today is our nuptial
night; so, if you permit...
You've grown habituated
to taking orders.
Does one have to take
permission for his nuptial night?
Go straight, turn right:
Your room is there.
There's a bed in it,
flowers, and... - Enough!
I know. - You know?
Then get lost from here!
This is my study room.
Do you see this window? You get
light from outside from here.
l have studied in this
light and passed double M.A.
We'll get this light all night.
All night?
- Yes.
Oh no!
What noise is that?
That must be Shantabai.
- Shantabai?
My lizard.
At this time, it must
be after Changu Mangu.
Changu Mangu?
My cockroaches.
l was just joking. lf a
poor man doesn't make...
lf a poor man doesn't make fun
of his troubles, how can he live?
ln your mother's palace there's
no place even for humans.
ln my hut, there is
place for animals too.
There are no animals. But
there is surely a thief here.
ln the lock of my arms.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
My entire being is yours now.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
My entire being is yours now.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
How do l tell about the
magic you've done to me?
How do l tell about the
magic you've done to me?
Wherever l look,
l see only you.
You reside in my eyes.
You have put me on fire.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l often think about
how beautiful you are.
l often think about
how beautiful you are.
How come there's no other
girl like you anywhere?
l swear l can die for you.
l'm yours forever.
My love will diminish.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
My entire being is yours now.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
l've fallen so deeply
in love with you.
Money, jewelry!
Come in, it's your house.
What are you doing?
- I don't know what you call it.
But l call it being practical.
You've eaten my salt!
- I'm eating your money now!
Even if you wear this
jewelry, what's the use?
Your husband is
not here to see you.
You shut up!
- You shut up!
Today, l'm right,
and you're wrong!
l got it, l'm vanishing.
Shakti. Stop, or l'll shoot!
You, firing a gun?
Don't joke, darling!
Go and sit down quietly;
you can't fire that gun.
l'm going.
She fired the gun!
Sad news! Boss, he is...
He's dead! Sister,
what have you done?
This double-crosser
was stealing in my room!
He was giving me dirty looks!
So l shot him down in anger!
You made a mistake,
but don't worry.
l'll find some way out.
B.B.C., let's bury the
corpse in the backyard.
Happy news. - Ok.
He was a very good man.
- Every dead man is good.
What's this?
- See, sister...
We got rid of the corpse;
no one but us know about it.
lf you want us to remain silent,
then sign on these papers.
Sign? For what?
That you've given me
your entire property.
So, even you?
You said you can buy
anything with money.
So, to escape prison,
buy both of us.
Our price is your entire
property and wealth.
Sign fast and get
rid of your trouble.
Without listening
to my children...
...l trusted you, and
gave you a luxurious life.
But you're betraying me
this way!
l can commit one more murder!
I won't leave you!
- Move off!
Ms. Durgeswari!
We're giving you 2 minutes.
Sign on these papers, else...
- We'll kill you!
Hello. Police station.
- Sad news!
Yes... please come fast!
Why are you surprised?
This was constructed
with your money!
Sister, sign on
these papers quietly.
Even if l die, l won't give my
property to traitors like you!
My property is for my
children and grandchildren!
ls it? Sister, when did you
start feeling such emotions?
She's missing her children;
show her those emotions!
Hello! Show the emotions!
Show them!
My child!
Sister, take this pen.
No, don't sign on it!
Here, take this!
Leave my child!
Raja, look this side!
Did you think l died?
Dogs don't die so easily!
l am here!
lf you raise your
hand, he'll do his work!
Finish him off!
Constable, the handcuffs.
No! No! That's not required,
l have a pair with me.
I stole them from Tihar jail.
- No details!
We're in a fix now!
We're little, lovely children!
No, don't do that.
You and your status
are greater than me. - No.
My false status has come
down to its proper place.
My child!
Come, daughter-in-law,
let's go home.
Why did you stop
at the door? Come in.
l had come to see my sister
settled, not to live here.
l can look after your daughter
well. Isn't it, Rekha?
We only want your blessings.
- You have that always.
Please bless us.
- But, son-in-law...
Suppose some problem
arises after you leave?
Then call me, and l'll come.
Whenever mothers-in-law
turn extremely cruel...
...then sons-in-law
like me take birth.