James (2022) Movie Script

Different from others,
Who is he ?
His empire starts when
he stands in front.
He looks daring,
none to stop him,
Do you need his number,
his power will hit you !
Add one more name to the list
We call him James !
Check it out !
Young man in the world
Looks like a rock star
Shines like the sun
And going to make you,
strong ! Strong!
He looks like the star
And ready for the war
He is in the war ring
Comes with a bang !
Power Star ! Power star !
Power Star ! Power Star !
Power Star ! Power Star !
James! He is the rock!
James! He is the rock!
The name that parents keep,
Is for the world !
The name that you earn for yourself,
Is for the grade !
If you think it is extreme,
Then you back way
But never ever, come in the way !
Say James ! Say James !
He is the Rock, rock, rock, rock !
Say James ! Say James !
He is the Rock, rock, rock, rock !
Say James ! Say James !
He is the Rock, rock, rock, rock !
Say James ! Say James !
He is the Rock, rock, rock, rock !
James! James!
The world seems beautiful to
innocent people,
But only those who understand crime,
know the bitterness in this world.
There are three markets in the world,
Open market, deep market,
dark market.
Open market
Everyone knows about it.
Deep market If you try,
you can know something about it.
Dark market Most difficult market.
It is very difficult to even get a small
information about it.
This market decides the economy
and politics of a country.
Power brokers, kingmakers and big
businessmen are always active in this market.
Weapon industry, human trafficking and
drugs are its major sources of income.
This is golden horse drug cartel,
backbone for all the Asian countries,
controlled by Joseph Anthony.
Cheers, cheers!
There are two syndicates in India.
Northern territory is handled by
Scorpion Syndicate, Ratan Lal controls it.
This is Southern territory,
controlled by Jaidev Gaikwad.
Cheers !
Pratap Aras, a major power broker,
is the backbone for this syndicate.
This is Sangi Bar Island,
major drug lab for South.
Bali Aras, first son of Pratap Aras
is taking care of this.
The strange thing is, there are graves
of many IAS and IPS officers here.
All these information was gathered
by NCB officer, Jagan.
If one person as gathered all these
information, he is really great sir !
I think this is enough to move
forward sir.
Get ready !
All our volunteers have been
doing excellent work till date...
Greetings sir !
I think you have been waiting
since long !
Its all right, sir.
People feel that politicians are
ruling the country...
But in real sense, corporate
businessmen are ruling it.
Greetings, Mr. Pratap Aras.
I am against drugs since
my college days.
Its a devils thing !
Yes sir.
We have been protesting against this
since the time we started the party.
But in vain.
We are doubtful to complete
the remaining four months.
On top of that, you are asking
for this permission.
Yet, I have asked them to
approve it from my side.
Got it sir.
You carry on...
Thank you sir.
Sir, Mr. Achar ...
Its a world mafia, leave.
Sure sir.
The conversation sounded more
like a warning, sir.
I will retire in three months.
You will complete two years of
service in three months.
Does that mean, we cannot
do anything sir?
Praveen, people who come without
expectations have achieved much more
than the ones who think they
can achieve great heights.
Who gave you the deal to kill
my brothers?
I dont know sir.
I hate lies.
I hate crimes.
I am a bad criminal.
Antony ...
Joseph Antony.
Please, dont kill us sir !
Dont shoot.
Please dont shoot...
Please !
Sir, We have been preserving
these bodies for the last 10 months.
It will be difficult for us to
them for more days.
If I cremate these bodies,
my emotions will die too.
Pain will subside.
The pain should remain inside.
Sir, informer has come.
Preserve it.
Yes sir.
Vijay Gaikwad, son of your old friend Jaidev
Gaikwad, gave the deal to kill your brothers.
Situation is very critical...
Dont send your brothers to India.
You did not take our words seriously.
We are facing huge losses.
We are cancelling the deal.
Emotion on son has become more
than the affection on your friend, right ?
Shall we kill him sir?
He should not die at once...
he should die each day.
His heart should beat 140 times
per minute instead of 72 times.
Business collapsed in the international
market because of this incidence.
Even he should face it
Dont beat him, beat his father.
Your drinks, sir.
Who beat my father?
It does not seem like localites
are involved.
This is not simple killing,
its a warning.
Yours and your family security
is very important at this time.
Instead of hundreds of
waste bodies holding guns,
Find one man who himself
is a Gun !
He should be ready to offer his
chest as a shield to protect,
And should also be able to
shoot the opponents chest !
Sir, our bosss daughter went to Bengaluru
this morning to attend a wedding,
Reached Bengaluru at 12 o clock,
Attended the wedding at 1 o clock,
Their phone is not reachable
since 2 o clock.
We are getting continuous calls
since 4 pm...
they are demanding to give
the property on MG road.
Do you have the information
about who it is?
Pratap Aras of MG group, sir.
Sir, this is a business related issue...
I will be good if you can solve
among yourselves.
There will be issues from press
and media if we involve, sir.
Sir ...
Say your name, sir?
MG group, Pratap Aras.
Leave us, sir!
Sir, if you dont mind,
can I give one suggestion?
There is a security agency called
J wings in Bangalore...
There is a powerful person there...
Guts is his trademark !
He can take any amount of risk
for something which he likes, sir.
My daughter should be in front
of me by tomorrow morning.
Santu sir, come on line, over !
Urgent work assigned, over !
Your father has more interest
on his business than on you...
In that case, it is doubtful that
you will go from here.
What is it?
Sir, J wings is in our opposition.
Get our team ready... track him.
MG group is in the opposite team...
I feel it is risky to race against
them, captain !
Who is participating in the race...
Jockey !
He will never compete in the race...
If he is competing, it is not a race...
One man show !
So many people have locked him
and yet he is sitting silently
without uttering a single word !
Who is he?
Bond... James Bond.
Get lost...
Go and catch him
Is he Mickey Mouse to catch?
He is power house !
MG groups... People in power also
shiver when they hear this name !
You should completely know about
your competitor before competing.
There is no record of anyone going out
from here if they enter without permission.
I have always had the habit of
breaking records !
Boys, kill him !
You have dared to touch me despite
telling you my background...
You did a mistake.
I have hit you in a decent manner as I am on duty...
Repair the vehicle and take this.
Thank you.
Show is over, shall we leave?
He hit even after knowing
it is my son?
He hit after knowing that it is
your son, boss.
Who is he?
Do you need his introduction?
Do you need his information?
Wil let you know, listen, listen...
Increase the sound...
Leave all the attitude !
Leave everything !
Here comes powerful dude
His words are always strong!
Leave all the attitude, gimmick,
style and plans
As he is the king of courage !
Dont compare,
he is of a different level...
No competition,
he is of a different level...
He has double courage
He is a trouble to you
Do not talk loud, listen to me !
He is the best in style and smile, Trademark
Best in speed and pride, Trademark
Best in looks and step, Trademark
Best in strength and craze, Trademark
Look at him, he is the epitome
of courage !
He is so fast and furious,
like the terminator !
He is a fire if he triggers !
Oh my God, he is a terror !
You should know his story
He is the ambassador of Kannada
Read his history and do not forget it
He is the sign of victory !
Spider man, superman, batman
Antman, aqua man, ironman
All the versions are here,
watch them in 3D !
He is a God for his fans !
He is the best in town, Trademark
Best in brand and sound, Trademark
Best in race and grace, Trademark
Best in bazaar and business
In a jungle, when a good lion allows
The other animals to live happily
They give a counter and
take advantage of the situation.
They form a group
Call themselves as lions
And trouble to good original lion.
When the good original lion gets angry,
All the animals become silent
When he came to hunt them all
They ran away in all directions !
Only the lion can roar !
The king is always a king, oh dear !
Look at him, he is the single mission,
You will not be able to bare his weight,
His celebration is happening
all the time,
No need of calculation,
he is always number one !
Raja, raja, raja, royal prince
He is a man to be proud of !
Does not have any wrong attitude !
If he stands to fight,
every opponent will be smashed !
Rambo, hawk,
Hulk, black panther
All versions are here,
stand aside and watch him
Boss is class and mass.
He is the symbol of victory
and enthusiasm, Trademark
Full of attitude and pride, Trademark
For speech and love, Trademark
For rules and fans, Trademark
Leave all the attitude !
Leave everything !
Here comes powerful dude
His words are always strong!
Leave all the attitude, gimmick,
style and plans
As he is the king of courage !
Who is it?
I want to meet Santosh.
Your name?
Captain, come on line... Over !
What is it Kumara?
Swaminathan and five of his friends
have come captain... Over !
What do they want?
They want to meet Santosh sir,
captain... Over !
Even they want him only !
Send them.
All man in black.
Who is Santu here?
Who are you?
MG group has called for you.
Santosh sir !
Our boss wants to meet you...
Come, lets go.
Who wants to see me?
Our boss.
Then who should be coming?
Our boss.
Ask him to come.
What a punch dialogue !
That is why he is there.
Boss !
Now he spoke correctly...
Just a minute... wanted to talk
something personally with you
Please give your leg, boss.
He is holding the leg !
You are seeing it now...
Many people have held before this.
Get up, get up.
I have fallen to your feet,
please dont say no.
Its the question of my life
If you say no, ten people will
lose their job
Please come along boss.
Why all this drama?
You should have told this earlier...
Thank you, boss !
He agreed !
He will agree and hug anyone
who asks with love.
That is his fans call him Appu.
Boss, Santosh.
Santosh, come, have a seat.
We are strong enough to scare the
ruling party, leading companies and brands,
You have broken all that and
touched him,
You are so gutsy !
I dont like false praises.
Even I like to take risks in life, just like you.
You will do anything for money?
I wont do everything...
I will give security,
If I like the approach,
I will give my life to save.
One of my friend is in a problem...
You need to provide him security
for three months...
I will give you 3 crores.
Till now, I have been selecting
the game and field myself !
OK, I will fix the appointment
for tomorrow.
Go and meet
Done !
By the way, I like game but
not double game.
Get well soon.
I thought you will shoot him...
Instead you are offering him job !
It is good to have the powerful person on
our side rather than on the opposite side.
Excuse me !
J Wings?
Eagle eye... my agency
I am senior most manager,
Shankar Madhav Aachar.
If you want to be happy lifelong,
listen to me carefully !
Tell me sir...
Whoever goes inside here,
must come back to me.
Please show me a way too...
I will show you the way only if
you agree to be my assistant.
Definitely sir.
Sir, yes sir.
I am coming sir, yes.
Follow me
No domination as soon as you join.
Come back.
Sorry sir, after you !
Maintain the respect like this.
Follow me.
May I come in sir?
This is him, sir.
Hello sir.
I have always selected things in life...
For the first time, someone has
come to select me !
Good ! Tell me what are the conditions.
Firstly, I should know your program a day
before, so that I can plan the schedule.
Secondly, I should have complete
freedom in all that I decide and do.
Thirdly, amount will be mentioned in
an agreement, every month settlement.
Thats it?
Yes sir.
I have few conditions as well.
Point number one, I expect loyalty.
OK sir.
Point number two, you will not bother
about the place I go and my work...
Your job is to only give me security.
Sure sir.
Point number three, what is your reaction
if someone attacks me suddenly?
I will shoot him.
Shoot him.
Sir, sir, sir...
Please sir
Dont shoot me sir
What did I do sir
Good !
You are appointed.
Thank you sir.
One more thing, sir.
Can I keep him as assistant?
Its ok, its ok.
Sir, Vijay has broken down emotionally.
He is in a confusion regarding
who killed his father...
What is our next step sir?
Business breakdown.
Father, more stocks have come
this time, double.
Great, just one minute, one minute.
Hello Ratan !
Greetings Mr. Anthony.
You have sent a lot of stock
It is great !
Thank you so much for the gift.
I am getting you one more gift.
One more gift?
You are free to take over Southern cartel.
Oh God ! I was really waiting for
this opportunity.
All the best.
Hey guys ! Come on let us go
and conquer the South !
Yes dad !
Sir, nobody can eat here if they
dont see you even for a day.
Is it?
Yes sir.
And you are going not for a day
or a week but three months !
Captain, work is important.
Work is worship.
Basavanna said this in 12th century.
So many times when we want to
earn, we dont find a way...
This time money has come in
search of us...
It will not be good to deny.
Sir, money will come.
But you wont keep anything... you will
distribute everything without anyone knowing.
Do you want all this sir?
Dont get over emotional.
Take care.
We will be in touch, bye.
OK, all of you work carefully
and stay safe.
Greetings !
Vicky, hey Vicky...
What happened?
What happened?
No one is there, Vicky.
Vicky, Vicky...
Vicky, what is this?
Who is James?
Is it an enemy?
Is he American?
Who is it, Vicky?
Vicky... Vicky...
Doctor !
Sorry sir, he has gone back into coma.
If my son is so scared of the name
itself... he is not a common man.
Search for the footages.
Yes sir.
There is an official meeting at
11 o clock and 3 to 7 ...
Cancel everything...
Today my sister is arriving from
Correct, I had forgotten it.
Take care of her.
OK sir.
What time does the flight arrive?
Flight? It is already landed and she is giving
a get together party to her friends in Ashram.
Get together in Ashram?
Yes, that is how she is.
She wont say anything..
you will know after it is done.
OK, give the details.
I already told you in detail.
Name, photo ...
You can identify that there is no bullet
by just touching the gun... so brilliant !
You want the details?
Find out.
What if I bring her?
My father in law gave this gold chain
during wedding, I will hand it over to you.
What if you cant?
You will remove the uniform and
leave the job?
Let us go.
Are you sure this is the number?
Yes sure ! This is the number, boss.
Sir, the girl in the center is
very innocent. Right sir?
You will fall in love if you keep
looking at her. Right sir?
You will feel like proposing her.
Right sir?
No sir. Dont propose her.
I proposed her before the show
She hit me badly sir.
She did not even take it as
a compliment.
You came to Ashram to propose her?
Even if you propose, they should not
get to know that it is a proposal.
That is how you should propose.
How is that sir?
You need special talent for that.
Follow me.
Thank you.
Hello madam.
Just a couple of minutes.
Just two minutes.
You play it well.
Thank you.
You come here daily?
How much do you earn?
Social service.. I perform for the trust.
Oh... social service.
Good, good !
I have heard that people who
know music, will have a good heart.
They take care of people whom
they like and who like them
I like you a lot.
Even your music.
You can propose this way too?
This is a special talent.
Want to open a fans club.
He will surely get locked.
You are Santosh, right?
New security manager.
Are you Vinutha, daughter of
Shankar Gowda?
Face reading?
Mobile reading... Nisha.
Nisha Gaikwad.
That is you madam?
You were not reachable.
I never expected to reach you like this.
Shall we leave?
Two minutes.
Santosh, one small story.
There is a garden full of flowers...
There is a board in front of that...
Enjoy looking at the flowers...
But please dont pluck them.
Why is that?
You should have a certain range
to even touch it.
So, it is important to know
someones range before liking them.
Oh, range !
Madam, one small story from
my side too.
One village, one rich man...
He was aged and died..
He was cremated...
Same village, one old man...
He was aged and died,
He was cremated too...
I am searching for the range
between these two...
Not able to find it..
Did you get it?
According to me range does not
mean travelling in Range Rover...
Real range means your character should
not change when situation changes.
We are the ones who feel happy
by seeing the moon...
We dont dream to keep it in
our pocket !
Hi aunt !
Hi Khushi...
He got her !
How did you recognise her?
You did not give me details
about her, ok...
But you have sent all my details
to her?
I forgot that I had sent your details
on WhatsApp...
Boss, there is some variation in
your eyes and body.
Nothing... I liked her as soon
as I saw her.
Thinking of getting married...
You... about me...
You made me assistant from
a manager and now broker !
Sir, consignment details.
Just a minute.
Ok sir.
Ratan Lal has captured our island...
Talk to him immediately.
Mr. Vijay
Yes Vijay...
Your children should not have
done like this to us.
I know its a mistake... big mistake.
They should not have done like this.
Dont get panic, Vijay...
I am there for you.
Next week my daughter is
getting married in Pune..
I will send the invitation...
You come over,
we solve the problems.
See you, bye.
Cheers !
Why there are so many people
in front of the house?
They have come to eat in
the name of a dead person...
What do you mean?
Means, annual ritual.
It is 14th death anniversary of
Mrs. Pushpalatha Gaikwad.
How did she die?
She had a troubled marriage and so...
Committed suicide.
Since then, this program happens
every year.
What program?
Firstly, the family members and
friends perform pooja.
After that?
After that?
Then, food donation in the orphanage.
After that?
Old age home.
After that?
Home for blinds.
After that?
Milk bar?
Goondas will drink alcohol in bar.
I would have been very happy if
I was born in the house of
a poor instead of this rich family.
Why madam?
Why are you saying this?
Real happiness lies in poverty, Shankar.
Why are you laughing?
Tell me, no problem.
One minute, I will come there.
Please hold it.
Donating food, clothes, fruit once
a year and showing that off as
a big charity activity with lot of
selfies and scope, is not life !
It is important to know how
a poor person lives his life.
Are you all happy in poverty?
None of you have any problems?
I have financial problem for
my daughters marriage.
What about you?
Parents and grandmother are
in hospital brother...
OK, sit.
What about you?
Auto finance, house rent,
school fees, full problem.
Bro, I dont have money, bro.
My girlfriend has left me...
I have cut my hand and drinking
alcohol full day.
Madam will solve all your problems.
Please sit.
Common problem for all poor
people is money.
Rich people will have varieties
of problem.
None of the rich people on
this earth can be happy.
I will prove you wrong.
Will you leave the work?
You are absolutely correct, madam.
OK, if you lose?
I will give whatever you ask for.
Remember this dialogue correctly...
you are the umpire for this.
This old man is a multi-millionaire.
But he is not happy.
Naughty girl.
His wife passed away 20 years ago.
He is living in that pain every day.
This man?
You should be innocent but
not foolish.
He is flirting with 12 ladies.
One dozen?
None is of use.
Apart from these 12, there is
a 13th one also... Umadevi.
Dont talk rubbish.
Find out.
Hi Nisha.
Sorry, kept you waiting.
Hi uncle.
Dont call me uncle...
I am still young.
Call me Chaudhary.
Chaudhary, do you know Umadevi?
She is my 13th queen.
Women, gold and land come
only by luck.
Such luck !
Everyone lose their peace for money
You are right.
We both have money.
We should be peaceful.
Get married as soon as possible.
Spoke a good thing.
Julie... one minute
I might have missed that one...
but I wont miss this.
The person over there is John.
He is on dialysis every day
since three years.
Doctor has given him five months
of time.
Pity him ! He has donated all
his wealth and has settled here.
This is outside story..
inside story is something else.
He was fearing CBI raid and has
donated his property to himself.
You did not understand?
He is one of the core members
of this trust.
A poor man in his place would have
faced hell in a hospital.
A middle class person would
have been in jail.
He is not sad as you think...
he is enjoying and is happy.
No chance.
Go and verify.
Hi uncle !
Hi Nisha !
Come and sit.
I got to know that you have
a lot of health problems.
Actually, I have come here
for relaxation.
My business has also raised because
of sympathy towards my bad health.
You got to know of all these things before
coming here? Or did you already know it?
In between.
In between?
Yes, in between.
Great sir. I will also check.
Oh darling, one more shot please.
Uncle, drinks?
Drinks is also medicine.
This also is fake...
I will call you later.
Meeting is cancelled.
Sir, Suresh...
No, Suresh you are fired !
You are fired !
Meet Mr. Ramesh Patil.
Hi, hi !
75 companies owner, five techno
park, 750 crore investment...
Yes, ask.
Sir is very rich.
None of the rich person on this earth
lives in peace.. full of frustration !
Sir is very rich.
I dont have time to eat, sleep,
bath, anything.
Madam, can I eat the burjer?
That is not burjer, that is sandwich.
Frustration ! I dont know what
to say and what to eat.
Sir is very rich.
Now at least you accept your defeat?
Tell me.
Our boy and your girl,
How is the online thing going on?
Nothing is there...no one sees it.
No money, full loss.
With whom do I share my problems?
X-channel online?
It is very good... I watch it daily.
Only one viewer... how can I earn?
Opened the mouth !
Its the question of survival...
that is why I came here.
Madam, all this does not suit me.
I already told you.
Yes, rich.
Why is she troubling me?
Sir is very rich !
What rich? Let us go...
She did not understand that
we are caught red handed.
Sir is very rich.
Sir is very rich.
We wont get money, come along.
Wanting to win is not wrong,
Winning in wrong route is wrong.
Come on lets start the party.
Do you accept the defeat?
No chance at all !
These are all kids of rich people.
They are not happy.
They have come to forget their pains.
These people?
Hello, I will prove it.
Go, prove it.
Hello brother !
Greetings, greetings !
How are you?
I want to ask you something.
Go ahead.
Are you in pain?
Pain? No pain.
All ok, good vibes only.
He should be very rich.
What work do you do?
No work..
Just enjoying party with girls.
Come on baby...
uncle is just irritating.
Hi uncle.
Madam, at that age I did not
have money to buy even a candy.
Money rules.
Do you accept your defeat now?
How do I accept?
Am I happy?
Dont know who will attack when !
Am I not living with
a security guard like you.
Ok, I loose. What next?
What do you want?
Watch, ATM card,
what do you want?
Are you crying?
No. There is just water in eyes.
I dont want any of those...
just give me a kiss, thats it.
What? We should maintain
the standard of this pub.
I asked just for one kiss, thats it.
Come on, give.
You had promised to give
whatever I ask for. Give it now.
Madam, listen to me madam.
Give it.
You should not break a promise...
go ahead and give.
It wont suit you.
Will take it next time.
He did not take the free kiss too.
Happiness to hurt someones
ego is out of the world.
He is performing the marriage in our
territory leaving his own, something is fishy.
Family name is very big.
I will go with entire family.
Hello brother !
Please come.
Hello, only guests.
It is not enough to have
a gun in your pocket,
You should also have guts.
Enemies are there 360 degrees
Hey, stop !
Lets play a game!
Vijay treats me as his elder brother.
How many times have I mentioned
that we are all one family.
He just does not listen to me.
Your turn.
You will be shocked to know
one more matter.
He was ready to capture
entire Bangalore.
Cunning fellow.
I scolded and stopped him.
I asked him to go an warn
one of our customers,
He came back with his head !
Dangerous boys !
They dont value emotions, Vijay.
Check mate.
There is no value in a game
after the demise of the king.
You have made good money
and name, Vijay.
I think that is enough.
Get retired.
Thats it?
Dont take this as a warning,
Take it as a suggestion.
You got my father killed, brother?
Not at all.
Why are you not eating the breakfast?
Waiting for the good news.
What good news?
Gaikwad will not reach Bangalore.
He has sold Bengal...
They will kill everyone.
This is really good news.
Enjoy the moment man.
Have breakfast.
Bad boys !
Enough of lions blood...
Now play with human blood.
Kill everyone.
Celebrate it !
Mother !
Khushi... Khushi
No sir... dont waste the bullet.
Brother !
I felt that day that something
is not right.
Enemy who knows everything
about is more dangerous than
the one who knows nothing
about us.
He is very strong as of now.
We must be silent.
Correct sir... be silent.
He will attack again...
And then complete silent mode.
What are you saying?
There were 12 people for
breakfast this morning.
There is no one for dinner now.
Completely injured.
This is not the time to discuss.
It is the time to decide.
Start a new company or invite them
for party meeting or invite them
for your sisters engagement, sir.
They have served you food
in a wedding,
You give them return gifts along
with food.
You should not keep credits
for too long.
Dont talk without knowing
everything about him.
Sorry sir.
We need thousands of good
decisions to establish an empire.
But just one wrong decision
can collapse it.
I have the faith that you will
follow this.
Yes Vijay, tell me.
As my father is no more,
I dont need this business.
I give up.
You will leave everything?
You children are like my brothers.
Let them continue.
Very good decision, Vijay.
Very good.
It is good to stay away from
bad people.
See you soon.
Hey guys !
Yes dad.
He got scared !
Lets start our new game.
My sister is getting engaged in
12 days.
Plan the schedule correctly.
Yes sir.
I cant see someone putting the ring to
girls finger who was supposed to be yours.
I am hurt... What about you, boss?
This is not wedding,
it is just ring ceremony.
You have a future plan?
Welcome !
Thank you.
Those three people are giving
weird looks.
I have some program with them...
they will be fine after I finish it.
Hey babe...
What is your name?
Nice name...
Thank you.
Yes brother...
I am in the pub.
OK, coming.
Babe, I will be back soon.
Yes gentlemen, enjoy !
Cheers.. Cheers !
Lets play the game.
How is the business doing, brother?
Doing fine.
My father really liked you a lot.
Very nice man.
I was shocked to hear the news.
This should not have happened.
Thats destiny !
God calls all the good people
very soon.
Two minutes, I will come.
Hey babe !
You did not find the girl?
Who is that?
What are you doing here?
I have come here to rest you
in peace forever.
You will kill me?
I expected you to come when
my father passed away.
I tried a lot to come but business
commitments, overseas trips. I couldnt make it.
Its OK.
But, I miss him a lot.
Yes Pranav.
But at this time...
I will be back.
You should be very strong, Vijay.
Hello Pranav... Hello...
Shit !
Cheers !
Hey security, where is Pranav?
He is waiting up for you.
Kill him...
My father always used to tell not
to compete in relationship.
He used to respect emotions, a lot.
Even I respect emotions, a lot, Vijay.
Nowadays, it is very important
to safeguard relationships.
Hey, stop!
How long will you search for
the dead one.
Shoot him.
It is not enough to have gun,
you should also have guts.
Courage is always around me,
360 degrees.
I can forgive my enemy for once...
But I can never forget an enemy
who cheats being a friend !
What are you saying, Vijay?
Check mate.
King is with me.
I dont want this company.
What will you do with the business
without your sons, Ratan?
Take a permanent retirement.
Ashok, Pranav, Vikram...
Rest in peace !
Sir, Vijay killed Ratan and he has
occupied the whole business.
Everything is fine.
We are back to form.
All sub-ordinates are in our control.
Trust and fear on us has increased.
Leave for India immediately...
Attack Vijay Gaikwad...
Destroy his entire kingdom...
I want to see him dead.
Yes sir.
As expected, the share value
of our company is increasing.
Cargo consignment details from the port
will get confirmed tomorrow morning.
Cheers !
Cheers... cheers !
You have come to kill Vijay Gaikwad
from such a long distance...
What is the reason?
He sent a man... a single man
Who came from a far land
He destroyed the kingdom,
devils kingdom.
I am in a lot of confusion since
my father passed away...
I dont have the clarity about who are
my friends and who are the enemies...
Along with me, you have saved
the lives of my family members too.
Unknowingly, you have helped
a lot for my business.
I trust you !
My father has left me with
two responsibilities.
Firstly, this business... second,
my sister.
This week is most crucial for
our business.
Take care of her this week.
Its a request.
OK sir.
Santosh !
How did you bring here without
asking me?
I can file a case on you.
I am talking...
Sorry Nisha... its for your good.
Please adjust for this one week.
I will tell you in detail once I am back.
OK brother.
He is organising the business
He has kept his sister safely in
Team is ready...
We will kill his sister first.
Stop here, brother!
-Hello, brother!
My name is Biddappa.
She is my wife, Dechamma.
Santosh, the situation is not right.
Please be alert.
Yes sir.
Brother, she's into labor pains.
Call the Doctor urgently.
Please get the car fasy, brother.
I beg for your help, please brother.
Be careful.
Mother !
My baby!
I never knew what is happiness...
I lost my mother at a very early age,
And then Singapore boarding school...
I never had friends...
I used to wait for my birthday
every year...
Not to celebrate...
My dad might come to see me
on that day...
I spent my life among the house
helpers and security guards...
I finished my medicine study a year ago
but had forgotten that I am a doctor...
Yesterday, for the first time, I
helped in the delivery of a baby...
Please bare it for some more time...
First time when I saw you in the Ashram,
I dont know whether you liked me or not...
But I liked you a lot.
After you saved our family, I feel
every breath of ours is a gift from you.
I love you Santosh !
He is not receiving the call...
I think he is gone
Standing on the waterfalls of
my eyes,
My heart is singing a melody,
Defeated by the attraction of
your beauty and silence
I started following you with
bare hands !
Your company is enthralling
You are the owner of my dreams,
It is my fortune to have you
in my life
I am your fan, undoubtedly !
I am your bodyguard,
Will safeguard you, throughout life.
I am your bodyguard,
Will safeguard you, throughout life.
I am fortunate to have you
in my life
I am your fan, undoubtedly!
OK, I will update tomorrow.
Take coffee...
Thank you.
I feel it will be nice to have Santosh as
a family member rather than a security...
He is a good match for Nisha.
Just a suggestion.
Decision is yours.
This is where the meeting happens.
This is first security check...
this is second one... this is third one.
From here to here, distance 0.75kms.
Be on full alert and attack with care.
He has organised a business
meeting for tomorrow, sir.
This time we wont miss the target, sir.
Burn them all.
Hi everyone !
Lets welcome our chairman,
Mr. Vijay Gaikwad, on stage please.
Gaikwad groups welcomes you all !
Who is that? Get down.
Get down.
I would like to welcome my dear
sister, Nisha Gaikwad, on stage !
From this very moment, the signing authority
of this company belongs to Nisha Gaikwad.
You have kept your faith on me and
bestowed me with such a huge responsibility...
Hope I fulfil it.
I have to thank a special person
on this special occasion.
If he is with me, I a confident of
handling any tough task.
I would like to welcome Mr. Santosh !
He came as a security, shielded our
family and is now a member of the family.
He is a symbol of trust
Strength and courage.
Thats it sir?
Am I not a symbol of fear, sir?
I should arise fear, right sir?
I should arise fear !
What are you talking?
Boss, no... please spare me boss..
Are you scared now, sir?
You did not select me...
I selected you !
Did you get scared?
Welcome !
Drop the guns...
Sir, we got the footage.
Good job, Charlie.
What are you doing?
Go and beat him.
He is coming.
Sir.. he is alive sir.
Who is alive?
Sir, he is alive.
Tell me, who is alive?
James !
Your breath seems to have
stopped by just listening his name...
Rowdy, goon, don, gangster...
I am the master of all of them.
If you have guts, if you really want to
beat me, if you have a feel of revenge...
Come !
Sir, its playing.
Yes, you are right.
I lied on purpose.
You have killed my friends.
You have tortured mentally.
I wanted to take my revenge.
Take your revenge.
You should be alert... alert in all ways.
Yes sir.
Give veg, non-veg, all varieties
of food.
They should have fats to commit
the crime.
Food is here... please have.
Captain, the food from morning
is as it is.
Madam did not eat anything.
Is it a hunger strike?
It does not help people like you.
Just eat... eat.
Food given by bad people is
like poison.
I wont eat.
Bad people?
Cruel, demon, inhumane.
Who is he?
A Naxalite or a terrorist?
Do you know who he is?
Do you know who Santosh is?
Our team did not kill Jaidev Gaikwad,
it was his team.
Why did he do it?
What is the purpose behind it?
Who is James?
He is...
Are you ready soldiers?
Yes sir.
Sir, launchpads are identified
near Pulwama area.
This is Haltaf Muzima terror
Also known as powder gang.
Consists of more than 28 active
members, directly involved in
narcotics across LOC and investing
money in terror activities.
He is Mohseen...he is Azhar, directly involved
in attack where we lost our28 brave soldiers.
Now our CRPF commando Anup Jacob has
been taken hostage and they sent a video clip.
Leave our men...
otherwise I will kill him.
Dont do anything to our men...
We will not leave anyone.
Long live Jihaad ! Long live Jihaad !
So whats your opinion?
Lets activate our elite
para-commando unit.
So who is leading?
The intense attacker,
we call him James !
He led 19 operations with
100% success.
Without a single casualty...
He is a terror to all terrorists...
Highest commendation in
para training...
He is Major Santosh Kumar.
They are coming, be alert !
Move forward, forward...
Take the gun.. kill..
Kill everyone.
Take positions...
Dont spare...
Get ready !
Yes sir.
Take position...
Yes sir.
Kill, kill..
Fire, fire..
Dont spare anyone... kill them all.
Dont spare anyone.
Ground floor cleared.
Kill him...
First floor cleared.
Go away...
Leave the gun...
otherwise I will shoot him.. leave
Leave the gun.
Go away...
Jai Hind !
Jai Hind !
Yes !
Learn to fight the battle
From the son of soil
His breath can burn
The hot sun too !
Learn to fight the battle
Entire country is your home
Walk with a bang
We are always indebted to
your sacrifice !
Though there is rain and thunder
Though the sea comes overflowing
Though the opponent stands in front
You are always at the forefront
to protect the country !
Jana Gana Mana is in your heart
You are always ready to serve
the needy !
The soil is also embracing
your efforts
Jai Ho to you forever !
Jai Ho !
Salute soldier !
There is no danger if you
are there !
Salute soldier !
You are the power of our country !
Salute soldier !
There is a fire in your name !
Salute soldier !
You are always a saviour !
There is struggle daily
Guns are being used
There is a new fight everyday
But you are the king of courage !
You have left your parents,
You have sacrificed all your desires,
You have stood strong,
And you have dedicated yourself to the country !
Soldier, soldier !
This Saffron, White and Green
Is in each of your breath
Your name is everlasting
None can be compared to you !
You work for the country, daily,
You keep travelling every second,
Every cell of your body is filled
with patriotism,
Jai Ho to you forever !
Jai Ho !
Salute soldier !
There is no danger if you are there !
Salute soldier !
You are the power of our country !
Salute soldier !
There is a fire in your name !
Salute soldier !
You are always a saviour !
You are the life of this soil
Oh brave soldier, you are
the pride of Mother India !
Salute Soldier !
Santosh, for two reasons,
I am really proud of you.
First reason,
you are an outstanding soldier.
The second reason,
you are a Kannadiga.
Thank you sir.
When are you going to native?
Tomorrow, sir.
If possible, visit Madikeri too.
Definitely sir.
Dont forget to bring
my favourite Mysore Pak.
Sure sir.. I will get it.
Jai Hind, sir !
Jai Hind !
Sir, you will be on leave?
How many days, sir?
Around 15 days.
15 days?
Sir, it will get very difficult.
How can we live without you?
You are not leaving me...
you are coming along, right?
How can I?
I have taken leave for you too.
Friends are close to soul,
well-wishers are close to heart...
You are close to both heart
and soul...
It will be nice if you come along.
Will come sir.
Thank you.
OK sir.
God lease save us..
nothing should happen !
Why are you in tension?
Sir, I can fight in a war but
I cannot travel by flight...
I feel suffocated..
I feel claustrophobic..
Treat this as a war... thats it.
Ok sir...
Please dont mind..
can I ask you something?
You are always serious towards
your duty and country...
You have never shared your
personal life...
Even we never asked about it..
Can I ask now?
Sir, what about your family?
I dont have a family...
I am not married yet.
Not that way sir...
Your parents, siblings, relatives etc.
About everyone, sir.
You are listening to Mysuru Radio.
Due to heavy rainfall since past fifteen days, there
are heavy floods in Madikeri and nearby areas...
Homeless have been provided accommodation in
Nammane Shakti Dhama in Mysuru...
Many shelters have been set up...
Five orphans have been crying
continuously since morning.
None of their relatives have
turned up?
No, sir.
God loves everyone...
But he loves some people a lot,
and calls them near him...
Dont think that you are orphans
and there is no one for you...
This earth is your mother...
Entire country is your home...
Every person here is your relative...
You all are brothers from now...
Very good...
We became brothers because of that army officer...
Patriotism aroused in us...
Relations of love are more important
than blood relations in my life.
Friends have played a major role...
Welcome Major !
Why all these formalities?
Hi Major !
Why? Why all this?
Hello Major !
Are you all fine?
We are fine...
Just some work pressure.
What pressure?
Treat that pressure as pleasure...
You should enjoy life...
OK Major !
Major, this is Rakesh Kumar Pirangi,
Sir, you have told everything
about me.
Yes sir... Greetings!
Greetings !
Where is Madan?
There you go...
Here he is...
Welcome.. Welcome...
Was attending nature call, sorry !
How was the journey?
Did the flight get delayed?
You might be hungry...
let us all go and eat...
Let me take the luggage...
Who is he sir?
Speaks such a fluent Kannada !
I am true Kannadiga... I dont talk
any other language except Kannada
because I dont know any other
Nice !
Give me your luggage...
Please dont bother sir...
I will carry my luggage myself.
This is our favourite coffee shop.
It is very pleasing to drink
a coffee here.
By the way, he is Madan,
Chief Editor of Janadhani newspaper.
He has a deep concern about
our society.
This is Ekanth... he is working
as district head in Bidar.
This is Jagan, IPS officer...
working in NCB.
This is Amar, working as ACP
in Ramnagar...
These are my best friends and
my family.
Uncle, I want one more box
of chocolates tomorrow.
One more?
What you have given today,
will be over by tonight...
You are spoiling her...
OK, done.
I want one Dairy Milk.
I want one Kinder Joy.
All of you have already ruined your
teeth... you want more chocolate?
All the remaining teeth will also ruin.
They are kids.. it is their age
to eat.. let them eat.
Sir... you will have to open
a chocolate shop at this pace.
You are the talk of our house
Discussion about me?
Mall, Metro, market... Wherever we go, we
are searching for a suitable match for you.
We havent even spared matrimony...
we are trying everywhere.
What is this?
Yes Major... at least now you
should think seriously about this.
You have to go back as
a couple this time.
Correct Major.
If all of you insist so seriously,
it is an OK from my side too.
August 1st, friendship day...
We all joined the Ashram on
that day.
Every year, wherever we are, however
busy we are, we all meet on this day.
We visit this Ashram without
a miss.
All five of us celebrate our birthday
on this friendship day.
This place has not only given us food
and education but a new life altogether.
This is a home for thousands like us.
The responsibility of these kids
is yours henceforth.
I have the belief that these children
will become good human beings
after being groomed in this Ashram.
Greetings.. please visit again.
That day I decided that I have
to become like him in future.
Everyone should have a goal
and a teacher in life.
He showed us the goal in life.
He came as a teacher.
Good behaviour, good heart of
a human is the real richness.
Helping a few people is
an achievement in life.
Never hurting anyone is
Godly deed.
Learning should never stop...
May you keep learning forever
If our soul is pure,
God will be within us.
If the childhood is good,
life will surely be good !
By Gods grace, this friendship is strong since
childhood and will remain the same lifelong.
Happy to know.
How much more does the heart
wants, oh Lord !
Where can one find so much
peace as here, oh Lord !
I dont say that dont give
any problems, oh Lord !
Please give me courage to face
those problems, oh Lord !
Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, Oh Lord !
You have kept me the way you
like, Oh Lord !
Yes sir, I will be there... right sir.
Hey, Jagan...
Why are you in tension?
I have an important work...
you guys carry on.
I will join you guys tomorrow.
You want to work today too?
I am sorry.
People forget everything... but
you havent forgotten anything, sir.
Great sir.
If everyone is like this,
our country will surely prosper.
Where are we going now, sir?
Pondicherry, sir.
What is special there?
You have come to the stadium
without knowing the game...
We dont know this game but we
have seen all the games of our sir.
Ekanth is getting married.
Ekanth? Sir, happy married life
Not mine...
Dont get confused... he is Ekanth.
Congratulate him in Pondicherry...
Come let us go.
Situation is very critical.
Dont send your brothers to India.
First, finish the assigned work
Ok sir.
Alright... go.
Ms. Mary, come here...
Will see you again.
Have you finalised the catering?
Yesterday itself...
Have you invited Father?
You only did it.
Correct... Invited all relatives,
friends, well-wishers?
Please remind if someone does
not come.. tell me why?
You have bad memory.
Correct ! Thats why you should
keep reminding.
-Dear daughter!
-Yes father...
-All set?
-Yes father.
-Is everything ok?
-Yes, everything is ok.
What is OK? They were supposed
to be here by 10:30... it is already
11:30 and they are not here.
You have to set him right after the
marriage... otherwise it will be difficult.
Time management is very important..
you wont understand now..
What do you say?
It is just 10:25 now.
You did not remind me that
the watch is not working.
You have such a bad memory !
Please sit.
It is good to see the son in law along with
his friends, especially you... ask me why?
Why sir?
Let him ask, I will tell.
Sorry, why sir?
I feel very proud to see army men !
Jai Jawaan !
I am a reporter sir.
I did not like... ask me why...
Why sir?
Dont ask.. I am a retired captain.
I have served for 30 years in
Vishakapatnam Navy.
Sir, you fought on water... we fight on land.
Absolutely !
Infact, Ekanth mentioned it... Glad to know, sir.
I am not glad.
I did not like.
Ask me why...
Why sir?
What if my daughter wants to
marry the friend of my son in law?
I did not like.
I did not like initially...
when a friend of mine mentioned
that you are from army, I liked it.
I agreed immediately. Ask me why.
Because you like Military !
Correct... I will tell you a story.
Yes sir.
1971, Nazi attack... sever war against Pakistan...
One minute...
What happened?
I think he has hurt his dead...
I can hear..
Sorry. Sorry sir.
Keep quite.. he is a great man..
his daughter is also great.
Sir, your friend has hit a bumper
jackpot !
Ask me why..
Why sir?
Ask him...
I will ask.
How many times did I call you...
you never answered.
All of them were together.. so...
I dont like all this.
Sister, dont be sad...
Our boy is like this...
Tell me all your complaints...
I will support you.
Nothing like that...
we were just talking.
Jessie !
My mother is calling...
I will be back.
You will not know these complications
when you fall in love...
The real game starts after marriage...
Rest is all fine...
May the praise be with almighty.
Jai Hind, colonel !
Hi sir.
I am very happy to know your
thoughts, culture and ideas.
Did you like it?
You spoke well...
but I did not understand.
Even I did not understand...
Tell me if there is any work, sir.
I will report... I will support.
I liked this.
Did you like it, sir?
It was a little difficult...
Sir, flowers...
Coming, coming.
Am I lesser than anyone...
he had to like me !
I will not leave till he likes me.
My brothers did not listen
to me and came to India.
Now they are in NCB custody.
I need your help, Vijay.
I will be on your terms in business.
This is a very sensitive issue.
Our entire business might collapse
even with a small negligence.
But still, I will try my best.
You can contact me anytime
for any problem.
Hello... business is now
turning towards us.
This is the time to take risk...
Lets take the risk.
He is our boss, show a good photo...
Dont play... he is a big man.
But he is only this much.
Introduce yourself.
Hello sir, good morning.
Sir has given all the information
about you.
Sir, have a look.
I have all the types of girls
from ABCD to XYZ.
If you select a photo, I will get
her and her familys biodata sir.
Sir, have a look.
This girl is very rich...
She never travels on land...
she is always in flight.
If you say yes, I will get her.
Look at this girl.. she is a fairy...
But it is difficult to convince her...
She does not like any boy...
Do you like her?
Look at this girl sir...
such a homely girl.
But she does not know any
household work, sir.
She is always busy with
Swiggy and Zomato...
Adjustment gives satisfaction
in life, sir.
I get satisfaction in getting
people married.
Do you have any demands, sir?
One request...
I dont want a match which
gives priority only to income.
I have decided to live for
my country.
OK sir.
I have come here to attend
his wedding...
So let us not talk about
my marriage..
Ok sir.
He took a U-turn...
If I like some girl, I will tell it
to everyone.
I will tell you too..
Did you get it? Good luck..
-You are also rejected.. get lost.
-Will you have some juice?
-No sir!
Ok then leave...
What is this sir? I have seen people
who sacrifice their wealth for a girl...
I have seen people abandoning
their parents for a girl...
But for the first time I am seeing someone
sacrificing dreams for the country !
Thats why we say that soldiers
are real heroes.
Sir, hats off to you sir.
Thank you sir.
Will take your leave, sir.
Everything is in control sir... nothing to worry.
I will keep updating, sir.
Hi Jagan, did you finish your work?
All ok?
Actually, I wanted to share
something with you.
Tell me.
Three months ago, my colleagues brother
Shravanth... he is an engineering student...
He committed suicide.
While investigating the case, I got to
know that he was into drugs peddling.
We arrested a few peddlers...
We got a major information
from them...
International drug peddlers have
come to Bangalore for a collaboration...
We formed a special team and
planned a secret operation...
We arrested four people.
What we found out in our
investigation was...
That they are not peddlers,
they are drug lords.
And they belong to the most
notorious cartel, the Golden Horse.
Our further investigation revealed that two
major drug syndicates are active in India too..
Investigation is on...
It will be a big sensation if
this news breaks out, Major.
Actually, the credit goes to them..
They have given a lot of information.
Good job...
Thank you Major.
I will share a few things that I know.
Our recent terrorist operation
was also drug related...
I see.
Drugs, illegal arms, human trafficking,
all these are a huge business.
There is a lot of money involved.
You cant even imagine.
People are ready to take any amount of
risk , when the money involved is so huge.
Big people will be involved.
We should not touch such people.
If you touch, you should kill them.
Otherwise, we will remain as
only news on television
My suggestion...
It is good to produce them to
court as soon as possible.
Secondly, security...
It is very important for you and
your family to have security whether
you are at work or on a holiday..
Thirdly, please stay alert.
It will be good to be as alert
as possible.
Yes Major.
Be safe.
Sir, I knew you are a terror...
even your friends are same..
You heard everything?
Yes sir.
That is why we say, you can know
about a person based on his company.
You are an expert in that.
Come sir.
Sorry for rejecting your suggestion.
Thank you for helping us.
They have the guts to arrest you.
They are not scared of what could
happen to them if they arrest.
Show them what is fear.
Sure... They should face the same
insult, pain and embarrassment
which you faced when you
were arrested.
Show them hell.
Where are you?
Parangi, did you see my wife
What did you say?
It is not Parangi.. it is Pirangi.
Sorry sir.
My father Hulinayaka Pirangi...
My grandfather Aanenayaka Pirangi
My great grandfather Jamatandi Pirangi.
Ours is a royal family !
You should not call wrong names.
You will be cursed.
Who sir?
People who have invited you
also will be cursed.
And people who are called
will also be cursed.
Sir, where have you kept it?
Its the symbol of family to be
used only during war..
It wont rust?
We keep oiling it time to time...
with oil and sweet.
Madan, you are here !
Naina is looking for you
everywhere... come.
You can clean cannon with sweet?
Nothing... lets go.
We should be careful while
talking to this man.
Otherwise he will turn
the cannon towards us.
Greetings sir !
Sir, you did not narrate the story...
Story... 1971, Ghazi attack... severe
war between India and Pakistan...
It was huge...
Very troublesome...
In Pakistan?
I am emotional as my daughter will go
to her wedded house tomorrow morning...
I know... I know.
I am soldier..
I should not become weak.
I know.. give me a minute.
I was telling the story...
will tell it later.
It is such an auspicious moment sir...
friends who love you more than anything,
a family which is so proud of you...
It is so nice to see them.
Nowadays, even own siblings
dont stay like this..
We dont share same blood... but we
have grown up sharing same problems.
Love is eternal...
May your love remain like
this forever...
May there be no evil sight
on this friendship...
I pray to God that you should
always remain happy like this.
Thank you for getting me along, sir.
Santosh, you are here...
I was looking for you..
I will tell the story...
Sir... tell the story, sir.
Story... shall we sit and talk.
Sure sir.
Actually, 1971...
Ghazi attack...
India Pakistan war... terrible sight...
Go ahead sir.
Sir... Sir... Sir... wake up...
Where are we?
Gouripalya sir... Coriander..
Devana hail Bemana halli
Need some rest..
Please sir.
Sir, tell the story ..
Someone help me please.
Sir, I will help you.
Sir, tell the story..
I will feed him something..
then he will tell.
1971... Ghazi attack...
He wont tell the story..
we wont get to hear it.. cheers !
Your earrings are very nice.
Can you give now?
Please give...
In front of everyone?
All of them are busy in themselves..
no one is watching us.
This is the right time...
I am used to returning what
someone gives me..
Now your turn...
Is this a childs game..
Just give..
Hey, I asked you to give me a kiss and
you are sleeping on my shoulders..
Get up...
Santosh !
Mother... mother...
Father... father...
Mother.. mother... mother..
Madan !
Father, please come...
Father, let us go...
Father, please talk...
Are you scared?
Is it hurting?
Are you shy?
You arrested us, got a gold medal and
dreamt of being permanent in history..
Now you will have a bad chapter in history !
They took drugs in the marriage
party and shot each other
after a clash over a petty matter.
IAS, IPS officers on high...
This is the breaking news !
Happy journey.
Good luck !
Rest in peace.
Sir... sir.. Santosh sir !
Sir, wake up..
I will tell the story... get up.
I will tell the story.. get up.
Ghazi attack... 1971...
India Pakistan war...
We lost a lot of people in
that war too...
You also left me the way
those soldiers left me.
Get up.. I will tell the story..
get up.
Sir... sir.. Santosh sir..
What happened sir!
Oh God !
Only two people survived of them all...
Saanvi and Santosh sir.
After 20 days of fight between life and
death, Santosh sir gained his conscious.
Sir... sir...
In our country, money can close
many matters.
Similarly, this incidence did not
become serious at all.
Next day, Saanvi passed away !
Oh God !
Soil, soil...
you have put the life in soil
You have given such a pain
Oh God !
Where are you hiding after
burning all dreams
You have done such a blunder
Oh God !
You are a cheater, who makes us
laugh and then makes us cry
You are a player, who gives everything
but snatches them away too
Oh God, we condemn you till
our last breath
Give me back the lives that
you have taken away
Oh God, we condemn you for
your deeds
I will not forgive you till
my last breath
Oh my God !
Soil, soil...
you have put the life in soil
You have given such a pain
Where are you hiding after
burning all dreams
You have done such a blunder
Who targeted like this and why?
We had to find answers for
these questions.
We tried to collect the information
about the enemies.
We start the analysation about their
place, behaviour, everything.
Robin, John and Peter...
You carry on...
I will talk to you later.
Hello... who is this?
James, are you my friend?
Enemy !
You have killed my friends...
You have killed a beautiful family...
You have hurt me a lot...
Mark my words, I will take revenge...
I will separate your brothers
from you..
I will show you, what is pain !
And finally, I will kill you !
You are welcome !
James is his code name in Military.
He kept that name in memory
of his friends...
His words were not mere words
that day...
They were a roar...
Cheers ! cheers !
Enjoy everyone !
Hello Peter, where are you?
Wish you a very Happy Birthday
Robin !
I am waiting for you man,
come soon...
I have some work... will finish and
join the party as soon as possible.
Come on everybody...
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to dear Robin !
Happy birthday to you !
Cheers !
Happy Birth....
Guards... what happened?
Hey, look what happened?
Lights on...
Where is Robin?
Robin... Robin..
Search for Robin...
Look there...
John... John...
Robin... Robin... what happened?
Robin.. Robin...
Who are you?
Hey Robin !
Go search.... Search...
Good luck !
Hello, dear brother !
Peter, are you ok?
Yeah, I am OK.
What happened?
Why are you so tensed?
Robin is dead !
What are you saying?
Peter... Peter.. Peter... Peter....
Happy Journey !
Search there...
Where are you? Come on...
Come... Come
No... dont kill him...
Rest in peace !
You did not take us seriously..
We are facing huge losses.
Even my son does not like to
do business with you.
We are cancelling the deal.
Sir, Gaikwad groups has quit
from our Syndicate.
Our sea enters are trying to track
information about the killers.
Sea enters of Joseph Anthony were looking
for Santosh sir in the sea for a week...
But I and Santosh were in
Brigadiers office.
Your intention was right...
But the path you selected
was absolutely wrong !
Being a soldier, without informing
the authority, crossing the border
was your first big mistake.
Killing so many people for your personal
revenge is your second big mistake..
Actually, under the military code of
conduct, I should court martial you..
But, considering your service to
the nation, you are excused.
Get well soon and report to me
as soon as possible.
Tell me now, who is bad?
Your brother who is spoiling
the entire country?
Or Santosh who is cleaning
the entire country?
He is not bad.. he is good !
Very good... stupid girl !
Close this...
Sir, Santosh sir..
Office is ruined, sir.
Hi, Mr. James... Anthony...
Joseph Anthony.
Are you shocked?
Are you great as you are fighting
for your friends?
Or am I great as I am fighting
for my brothers?
Let us decide.
I accepted your challenge and
came to India...
Now, you listen carefully to me.
Without using my power and money, within
three days, I will call you in front of me...
I will call you to my place...
I am waiting...
waiting for my revenge !
What do we do now sir?
There are only two rules in a war.
Either the enemy kills us or
we kill them !
Be prepared !
Yes sir.
It is important to understand
people in life...
but avoiding misunderstandings
is also equally important.
Just one misunderstanding...
and I lost the affection of my
best friend because of
the emotions on my brothers..
I decided to kill..
I am sorry for that.
He ruined our empire, killed my brother,
fooled us and is now challenging us...
He is dangerous !
Our people have gone to his place,
beaten up his men and saved these guys...
so I feel killing him is not
a very difficult task.
Dont underestimate him !
You have only seen him talking...
I have seen him fighting..
Single handed he beats up
an entire army of men...
Its not a joke.
He is demon..
He is right... planning is more
important than power here..
Instead of tackling him in a straight
way, let us do it in another way.
It must be a lesson for our enemies...
Cheers !
Santosh... please dont cut the call..
I want to talk something urgent.
Please meet me
Otherwise I will commit suicide !
My respect for you has increased
after knowing your story...
My brother, family, they are
all bad.. I agree.
But, there is nothing wrong in the
love that I have for you, Santosh...
I not only like you but also
your principles.
You have so much emotions
on your friends...
Did you not connect with my love
and emotions even for a day, Santosh?
I know that you like me too...
Please, dont go away !
Please, accept me Santosh...
Wont you accept, Santosh?
My brother will hand over the business to
me and I will be the chairman of the company...
this had been my dream since
many years!
You spoilt everything...
You thought I will spare you
so easily ?
No way...
You know who is the gangster?
Do you know the power of gangster?
One who builds an empire wherever
he is, conquers business, challenges
and destroys all his enemies...
Real gangster !
We have come to this position
after killing many like you...
If you know to cheat by acting
as a close aide, dont I know
to cheat with the help of my sister?
Cheater !
I will spare even if you touch my sons but I
wont spare you if you hamper my business..
I never expected you to be such
a weak competitor...
Here, at this very instance, hundred
bullets will be shot inside your body.
I will give you a chance...
Before dying, if you have any
last words to say, go ahead.
I like friends...
I like my country a lot...
I will destroy the entire
drug syndicate, sir...
I will not let any drug syndicate
to remain active in India, sir...
I will fulfil the intention of
my friends, sir !
I was so desperate to hear
this energy !
A special opportunity is waiting
for you...
We are assigning you to lead the
special covet operation, mission NORC !
Choose your team.
Yes sir !
Are you ready soldiers?
Yes sir.
Are you ready for the operation?
Yes sir..
Jai Hind !
Jai Hind !
If you are a gangster, I am a soldier !
Do you know who is a soldier?
One who leaves all desires and think
about the country every moment...
Soldier !
I will give you a chance..
None of them will use the guns,
beat up !
Nisha !
Sorry brother...
My emotion on country is more
than my emotion on brother...
Do you really like me?
Will you do whatever I say?
You planned everything...
but I executed it.
Money, fame earned in a wrong
way will not last forever..
But whatever is earned in the
right way, is everlasting...
Soil, soil...
you have put the life in soil
You have given such a pain
Oh God !
Where are you hiding after
burning all dreams
You have done such a blunder
Oh God !
You are a cheater, who makes us
laugh and then makes us cry
You are a player, who gives everything
but snatches them away too
Oh God, we condemn you till
our last breath
Give me back the lives that
you have taken away
Oh God, we condemn you for
your deeds
I will not forgive you till
my last breath
Oh my God !
We all slept deeply this night
There are no stars this night
Get up, get up, we are waiting
for you
We will have to sleep crying,
if you arent there.
Oh God, we condemn you till
our last breath
Give me back the lives that
you have taken away
Oh God, we condemn you for
your deeds
I will not forgive you till
my last breath