James and the Giant Peach (1996) Movie Script

This is James Henry Trotter.
He lived with his mother and father
in a cosy little house by the sea.
Hey. I've got ya.
Happy birthday, darling.
Now, quickly. Blow them out
before the wind does.
Make a wish first.
It was a wonderful life.
They had each other,
and they had their dreams.
That cloud looks like a camel.
And that one over there
looks like a train engine.
Now, can you see the tallest
building in the world?
I can't find it.
Try looking at it another way.
I see it!
That's where we're going...
on a great ship that will
take us across the ocean.
And we'll go right to the top
of that building.
The three of us,
on top of the world.
Are there any kids there like me?
Hundreds of them.
It's a wonderful place,James.
A city where dreams come true.
Then, one day,
a terrible thing happened.
An angry rhinoceros
appeared out of nowhere...
and gobbled up
his poor mother and father.
Their troubles--
if they had any at all--
were over in 35 seconds flat.
But James's troubles
were just beginning.
For now, he lives here
with Aunt Sponge...
Get up, you lazy little bug.
and Aunt Spiker.
- You already wasted
four minutes of daylight.
- Look at him.
Lollygagging in dreamland when
there's so much work to be do.
Weeds to pull, wood to chop.
Work, work, work, work, work!
Wouldn't want one of those
nesting in your knickers.
I look and smell--
I do declare--
as lovely as a rose.
Just feast your eyes upon my face.
Observe my shapely nose.
Behold my heavenly, silky locks.
And if I take off
both my socks,
you'll see my dainty toes.
But don't forget,
my dearest Sponge,
how much your tummy shows.
You lazy bug!
- Who told you to stop working?
- I finished the wood.
A travel book? How dare
you even dream of leaving!
This is the only home
you'll ever have.
No one else would tolerate
a worthless little nothing like you.
Where did you get this? Where?
Father gave it to me.
He said we were to go there one day.
- Stupid, foolish man.
- Foolish man. Always dreaming.
- That's what got him killed.
- And your mother.
Had his head in the clouds instead
of looking where he was going!
- He never even saw that rhino coming.
- That rhino.
And the beast will get you, too,
if you don't behave.
Now get these stupid dreams
out of your head!
And get back to work!
Careful, Spongy. Wouldn't want
to ruin that girlish figure.
Oh, shut up.
- Yes?
- I've finished all of the chores.
What a coincidence.
We've finished all the dinner.
Oh, Sponge.
You're such a tease.
There's something special
waiting for you in the oven.
Oh, do let me guess.
They're not good enough for him.
What do you think this is?
Buckingham Palace?
Get out of our sight!
Go on!
Go on!
Hello there!
Where did you come from?
You know, you probably shouldn't
build your web up here in the window.
Spiker and Sponge might see you,
and they hate spiders.
I'll be your friend, though.
My name is James
That's what Mother called me
My name is James
So it's always been
Sometimes I forget
When I'm lonely or afraid
Then I'll go inside my head
And look for James
Here's something
I've never shown anyone.
There's a city that I dreamed of
Very far from here
Very, very far away from here
Very far away
There are people in the city
And they're kind to me
But it's very, very far away
you know
Very far
They'll say, James, James
James, how are ya
Isn't it a lovely day
James, James, James
We're so glad you came here
Where we are
From so very, very, very far
My name is James
James, James
Good night. Pleasant dreams.
Spider! Vermin! Oh, beast!
No! Wait!
- Spider!
- Wait! I'll get it! I'll get it!
Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!
Where is it?
Get it! Get it!
- Kill it.
- Get it! Get it!
Kill it!
You hit me in the face.
You hit me in the face!
Oh, do shut up!
Go on. Get out of here. Get as far away
from this place as you possibly can.
Oh, I wish I could.
What's stopping you?
Oh, don't be frightened,James.
I mean you no harm.
How'd you know my name?
I know more than just your name.
What would you say
if I were to tell you...
that the answer to all
your troubles is right here...
inside this little bag?
- Hey! That's my--
- Of course it is.
Go on,James. Have a look.
There's more magic
in them things...
than in all the rest
of the world put together.
But what are they?
- Crocodile tongues.
- Tongues?
One thousand long,
slimy crocodile tongues.
Boiled in the skull of a dead witch
for 20 days and 20 nights.
Add the fingers of a young
monkey, the gizzard of a pig,
the beak of a parrot
and three spoonfuls of sugar.
Stew for a week,
and then let the moon...
do the rest.
Have 'em, and marvelous things
will happen.
Things even you never dreamt of.
- Like what?
- Well, like...
you'll never be miserable again.
And you are miserable,
aren't you,James?
You weren't meant to be, you know.
And that place you're dreamin' of,
it's not as far away as you think.
New York City!
And it'll be that much closer,
once you take the first step.
But how? This doesn't
make any sense.
Not up here, it doesn't.
The answers are in here,
and the magic is in here.
So,James, what'll it be?
Now listen to me,James. Don't let them
get away, because if they do,
they'll work their magic on whoever
or whatever they meet first.
What's going on out here?
No! No, wait!
Wait! No! No, wait!
Wait.Just a-- Wait.
Here he is.
Get up, you little worm!
- We sent you out here to kill a spider.
- Not to laze about.
I wasn't lazing about.
I tripped.
How dare you disagree with us!
Beat him, Sponge.
It's too early.
Well, that makes you
the luckiest boy alive.
Now come inside and get dressed.
Spiker, look! A peach.
- A what?
- A peach! There! On that branch.
Why, that old tree's never had so much
as a blossom on it, let alone a--
Well, I'll be blowed.
There really is a peach there.
A nice, big one too.
How can we get it?
- The boy.
- Now, you be a good little boy...
and climb up there and get that
peach for your dear aunties.
- Can we eat it?
- Of course we can. We'll share it.
Me and your Aunt Spiker!
Now start climbing.
- Wait!
- What? What? What?
It's-It's growing!
- The boy?
- No. The peach, you idiot!
- Come down.
- But I won't get hurt.
Climb down!
What a peach. What a peach!
Look, Spiker! It's still growing!
I'm not blind, you dolt.
I can see it myself.
Look at it go! It's a miracle!
It's coming down. Stand back!
My heavens! My--
Marvelous things will happen,
just like he said.
Shut up, you little grub.
This has nothing to do with you,
so just keep away from it.
Can you smell that, Spikey?
It smells delicious.
It smells like money.
Roll up. Roll up.
See the giant peach.
The Eighth Wonder of the World.
Have your money ready,
ladies and gentlemen.
Chance of a lifetime.
Ten bob only.
No peeking at the peach! Have
your money ready, ladies and gentlemen.
In you go.
- Can we touch it?
- Touch it? You want to touch it?
- She'll be wanting to taste it next.
- Admission refused.
This child has too many
cheeky ideas. Go away!
- Quite right.
- Ooh, splendid.
A photographer.
- And another.
- Best side.
- Move on in.
- No cameras allowed.
Don't dawdle. Come along,
ladies and gentlemen!
- Sorry, Father. It'll cost you double.
- May God forgive you.
Thank you, Father.
Come along, children.
Last chance of the day.
Yoo-hoo! Come down here.
Yes, Auntie Sponge?
Ooh! You're all spiffed up.
I was hoping to play
with the children.
The children have gone.
But you can play with their garbage.
And don't even think
of going near our peach.
'Cause if you do, remember:
They never did catch that rhino.
No! Wait a moment! Wait!
'Ere, now. Where do you think
you're going, Yank?
I'm goin' stir crazy.
I gotta take a look around.
Plan our escape
from Spiker and Sponge.
Escape? To where? We'll all be
squashed, swatted, smooshed!
No one's going to smoosh you,
my dear boy.
- You're six feet long now.
- Bigger target.
Let the biddies come.
I'll take 'em both on.
I'm indefeatable.
I'm indivisible. I'm...
- Whoa!
- in trouble!
It's Spiker and Sponge!
They've found us!
No, no, no. It's the lad
from the house. What's his name?
- Miserable tick.
- I thought it was " rotten little grub.''
No. That's what those
horrible aunts call him.
His real name is--
Well, it's-- uh, uh--
It's James.
Look what you've done now, miss.
Scared him to death.
Please! Don't eat me!
- Eat you?
- Hey, Glow-worm. Turn up your lights.
- I'm a vegetarian.
- I eat dirt.
No one will be eating you,James.
Nah. She'll just puncture your
head and suck out the brains.
- That I am saving for you.
- Whoa! Pretty fast, long legs.
Oh, such rude behaviour.
There's no need
to be frightened, dearie.
But you're enormous bugs!
Fascinating, isn't it?
We've all changed,
and so have you,James.
The old man-- the one who
gave me the green things--
he said marvelous things
would happen.
Did he say,
"marvelous pigs in satin''?
No, dear lady.
"Marvelous things will happen.''
Poor Glow-worm.
She's a little deaf.
I, however, have exquisite hearing.
Yeah? Well, listen to this.
Let's get outta here!
You mean leave the hill?
I can't! The rhino will get me.
I say, dear boy.
I've lived on this
miserable hill for decades.
There are no rhinoceri here.
Except for Sponge.
She's twice as big as a rhino, eh, kid?
And twice as dangerous.
My life hangs by a thread every day.
I've had to send all 300
of me children to safer pastures.
Hah! You think hiding
in solid rock is fun?
I can't even remember what fun is.
Well, that's just 'cause
you been stuck here too long.
Listen to me, kid. I know a place
that will refresh your memory.
Bright lights
Big city
That's where we gotta go
Where the food is great
and the bugs are so pretty
I'd like to get my arms
around a hundred or so
I'd hug 'em, squeeze 'em
hold 'em tight
Sleep all day
Dance all night
I want the bright lights
and the big city
That's the life for me, yeah
That's the life for--
You little maggot
Have you never seen the moon
Gliding 'cross the western sky
A dead oak tree by the waterside
Putrid vapours rising
That sounds lovely, dear.
I'm sure we all agree.
But I prefer the sunshine
A little park right in
the centre of the town
Flowers everywhere
Children all around me, I'd love it
Landing on a baby's cheek so warm
- It's wonderful
- Wonderful
That's the life for me
That's the life for me
That's the life
That's the life for me
- Elegant conversation
- Bright lights, big city
- An elevated point of view
- That's where I'd go
- Intellectual stimulation
- Yeah, maybe for you.
And someone you love
to share it with you
It would be wonderful
- That's the life for me
- You call that a life?
- That's the life for me
- It's no pile of dirt.
That's the life
That's the life
That's the life
That's the life for--
Where are you hiding, boy?
Time to go make a pest of myself.
Look at this place.
It's still filthy.
Where are you,
you detestable little worm?
Not you. Me!
You better not be near our peach.
Oh, please!
Don't let them spray us!
Spray us? They'll see the Yank up there
and come after us with a shovel.
- It happened to my brother.
- How awful.
Split him right down the middle.
Now I have two half-brothers.
Shh! They'll hear us.
Yoo-hoo! Where are you, boy?
I think I hear a rhino out here.
Ahh. This'll be a snap.
Shh! I really do hear something.
- What's that?
- Fasten your seat belts, kids.
Ahh! The car!
- We're turning!
- Wha-Wha-What have you done?
Start, start, you piece of junk.
It's the peach! Our peach!
We'll be killed!
Whoa! I'm falling head
over head over head!
Here, stomach! Here, stomach!
Here, stomach!
I'm gonna be sick.
Our peach!
Where are we?
Ow! Somebody pinched me.
Sorry. I thought
you were the spider.
Ouch! What was that?
Excuse. I thought
you were the centipede.
Hey, Glow-worm.
How about some light?
I can't hear you, dear.
I'll have to put my light on.
Oh! Oh! This is
so "unladybug-like.''
Don't worry. I'll have you
right-side up in no time.
Thank you,James.
- Where are you going?
- To see where we've landed.
Oh, my!
Oh, my, my.
Oh, my achin' back.
Fascinating, isn't it?
What? What's fascinating?
Tell me. Don't leave me dangling.
We're in the middle of the--
how do you say-- the big puddle?
Biggest puddle of them all,
angel fangs. The Atlantic Ocean.
the Pacific is larger.
Well, that goes without saying.
But there is land in sight?
Nothing but blue skies
and clear waters.
- This is all your fault.
- Hey!
If it wasn't for me, we'd all
be Spiked and Sponged by now!
This old man
with his green things--
did he happen to speak
to where we are going?
No. All he said was
the answers would be right here.
My travel book!
And look! It's the peach!
We're going to New York City!
New York? They love me there!
Wonderful! They've got a whole park
full of leaves for you, Miss Ladybug.
- Central Park.
- And loads of dark hiding places.
- Nightclubs.
- And museums and concerts.
- Not to mention Yankee Stadium.
- What about me?
Why, they've got miles and miles
of underground tunnels.
The subway!
My father says it's the place
where dreams come true.
- That's the life for me
- That's the life for me
- That's the life for me
- That's the life for me
- That's the life
- That's the life
That's the life
That's the life for me
New York it is, then.
Now, how do we get there?
- I'll get us there!
- You?
Sure! I've sailed
all the five seas.
From the sun-drenched reefs
of Bora Bora...
to the icy shores of Tripoli.
"Commodore Centipede,''
they used to call me.
- Seven.
- Huh?
There are seven seas,
and Tripoli is
in the subtropics, Commodore.
- Trim the sails!
- There are no sails.
- Stoke the engine!
- There are no engines.
I can't work
with this miserable crew.
Great! We're stuck here
until we shrivel up and die.
- Highly improbable.
- That's a relief.
We're far more likely to drown.
Oh, no!
I know! We could--
No. It's a stupid idea.
- Compared to what?
- Hey!
Well, we could fly out.
He's right. It's stupid.
How would you do it,James?
With the seagulls,
but we'll need string.
Oh. Well, I'll just go
to the stationer's...
and pick up some paper clips
while I'm at it.
I have string.
Miles of string.
And we'll need bait; bird bait.
Bird bait? Where do you expect
we're gonna find bird bait...
out here in the middle
of the-- the--
Oh, no! No, no!
Have you lost your minds?
They've lost their minds!
Anything but birds!
Don't worry. I'm right here.
- Now wiggle.
- No!
But they won't come
if you don't wiggle.
And you can't make me.
Oh, yeah?
Hey, no fair! Mockingbirds
munched me mother!
Here comes the first one.
Get ready to pull down there.
My sisters were swallowed
by swallows!
It worked! I got one!
Shh! I hear teeth.
Great, big, gnashing teeth.
Sounds like a rhinoceros.
In the ocean?
Scientifically impossible.
I hear something too.
It's a school of tuna.
They're being sucked
into some sort of machine.
- What do you mean?
- Take a look.
It's a giant shark!
It seems to have spotted us.
- What do we do? What do we do?
- The seagulls!
It's our only chance!
It would take the whole flock and
then some. We'll never do it in time.
We'll use Miss Spider's web
for a net. Hurry!
Throw it here, dearie.
Wiggle, Mr Earthworm.
Our lives depend on it.
I can't! I'm all wiggled out.
Here. Let me help you.
Come and get it!
Get your fresh, hot wienie!
Come on, baby.
I got 'em! Hand me the loops!
- Hurry!
- Shake a leg, there.
Keep your pants on.
I've only got 1 2 hands.
It's getting closer.
Seagulls, away!
- Oh, no!
- Oh, dear!
They're getting away!
Hop on,James!
Now, grab them!
Hooligans! Ruffians!
- Come on, seagulls!
- Put your backs into it!
Shake your bloomin' tail feathers!
Good sharky. Nice sharky.
All right! Teach you to mess
with me, you overgrown sardine!
I'm from Brooklyn.
Pure twaddle! Every bug on board
displayed extraordinary courage.
Why, did you see Miss Ladybug
risk life and wing...
to bash those brutes
on the snoot?
Well, they were being very rude.
I can't abide rudeness.
We are all
forgetting something.
Everything we did was part
of the brilliant plan of James.
It really did work, didn't it?
- I say three cheers for James. Hip-hip.
- Hooray!
- Hip-hip.
- Hooray!
- Hip-hip.
- Hooray!
New York,
here we come!
Whoever you are,
keep away from me! Keep away!
Mr Earthworm, it's me!
Oh, thank goodness.
You mustn't frighten yourself
like this all the time.
- Why not?
- You'll make yourself sick.
When I had a problem, my mum and dad
would tell me to look at it another way.
How? First I was bird bait.
Then I was shark bait.
I suppose. Or you could say
you gave us wings to fly...
and defeated a giant shark
- No-handedly.
- Exactly. You're a hero.
I am? I'm Wonder Worm!
You are.
Want food.
Are you sure you know
where we're going?
I don't see how you can navigate
without a compass.
It's very hot up here.
I'm roasted.
- Unhand that bird!
- But I'm dyin' of hunger.
Well, perhaps I have a bit
of soda bread in here somewhere.
- Food?
- It's not much, but it's--
- Not so fast!
- Hey!
- You?
I need this food.
I have a much higher metabolism.
- Bite me!
- What?
- Have you two gone mad?
Let go of it, gramps!
- Give it! Give it to me!
- Let go of my coat!
- Give it to me!
- Ow! My lower thorax.
- I'll rip you apart!
- I tell you, it's mine!
- Give it back!
Now look what you've done!
We're going to starve.
Waste away. And not quickly.
Oh, no. That would be
the easy way out. We'll linger.
Slowly. Miserably. Painfully.
Nobody's going to starve.
Don't you see? We have enough
food here for five voyages.
- Food? Where?
- Is there really food?
- What are you talkin' about?
Our whole ship is made of food.
Oh, such a clever little boy.
Takes after me.
After you,
there is nothing left to take.
- Better than aphids.
- Better than ladybugs.
- What?
- Excuse.
It's not dirt, but it's not bad.
"Not bad''? It's the best thing
I've ever tasted,
and I have tasted a lot.
I've eaten many strange
and scrumptious dishes in my time
Like chilli bugs
and curried slugs
And earwigs
cooked in slime
And mice with rice
is very nice
When they're roasted
in their prime
But don't forget to sprinkle them
with just a pinch of grime
I'm crazy 'bout mosquitos
on a piece of buttered toast
And pickled spines of porcupines
and then a great, big roast
And dragon's flesh
Quite old, not fresh
It costs a buck at most
Does it come with gravy?
It comes to you in barrels
if you order it by post
It comes to you in barrels
if you order it by post
For dinner on my birthday
Shall I tell you
what I chose
Hot noodles made of poodles
on a slice of garden hose
And a rather smelly jelly
Made of armadillos' toes
The jelly is delicious
But you have to hold
your nose
Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
I crave the tasty tentacles
of octopi for tea
I like hot dogs but I love hot frogs
and surely you'll agree
A plate of soil with engine oil's
a super recipe
I hardly need to mention
that it's practically free
Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
We hardly need to mention
that it's practically free
Now comes, my fellow travelers
the burden of my speech
- You show-off!
- These foods are rare, beyond compare
And some right out of reach
Nice aim, Commodore.
But there's no doubt
I'd go without
A million plates of each
Out of my face!
- For one small mite
- One small mite
One tiny bite
Tiny bite
of this fantastic peach
- Peach, peach, peach, peach
Peach, peach, peach, peach
- Stop! Stop!
- Peach, peach, peach, peach
- Wha-Wha-Wha-What's going on?
- Bull's-eye!
- Comin' at you!
- Watch this!
This fantastic peach
You keep to yourself, don't you?
I prefer to be alone.
I was alone
for a long time once.
I think it's much nicer
to have friends. Don't you?
I would not know.
They would be your friends too-- the
others, I mean-- if you'd just let them.
No. It is in their nature
to have fear of me.
- This I cannot change.
- You're very kind to me.
Maybe this is because
you are kind to me first.
You were the spider in my window!
You were my first friend.
I mean, since I went
to live with my aunts.
- They hated me!
- Shh! Do not think of them now.
But what if they find us?
What if we don't make it
to New York?
I'll die if I have to go back to
the way I was! They can't make me!
Nobody can make you do anything,
James, if you do not let them.
You are a brave boy.
Now, to sleep.
You have had
a very tired-making day.
Look! The little maggot's
stuffing his face with our peach!
Get him, Sponge.
You can't crawl away from us!
- The rhino will get you.
- The rhino will get you.
- The rhino will get you.
- The rhino will get you.
The rhino will get you.
The rhino will get you.
The rhino will get you!
This is an outrage!
You are a disgrace to your phylum,
class, order, genus and species!
- Say it in English!
- You, sir, are an ass!
Where are we?
What's going on?
I found this dime-store Timmy
asleep at the helm.
- Now we're lost.
- We are not lost!
- Then where are we?
- Somewhere north!
Or possibly
very, very far south.
What's your latitude?
What's your longitude?
Hey, hey, hey!
That's personal, bub.
- You said you could navigate!
- You said you'd traveled the world.
You said you'd been to Bora Bora.
- Well, not Bora Bora, per se. Uh--
- What about the shores of Tripoli?
Did I say "Tripoli''?
I meant the halls of Montezuma.
- That's what you said.
- Never have I heard such mendacity!
- You liar.
- Charlatan!
- Wait!
If he says he's seen the world,
then he's seen the world.
Right, Mr Centipede?
Well, I did used to live between
two pages of a National Geographic.
-Very informative magazine, the National
Geographic. Wonderful pictures.
You incompetent,
blithering nitwit!
All right, hoppy!
Them's fightin' words!
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Come on! Give me your best shot!
Whoa! Good shot.
Did you see what he did to me?
Hmph! Serves ya right.
- What do we do now? Which way do we go?
- Oh, it's simple, really.
All we need to do
is determine our coordinates,
then use triangulation to chart
a direct route to New York.
- Then there's hope.
- Don't be ridiculous.
There's no hope at all.
We don't have a compass.
We'll never reach New York.
We're gonna be stuck here forever.
We're gonna be frozen
like living statues.
Dead living statues.
No dark hiding places.
No cosy leaf in the park.
No city where dreams come true.
- Don't ships have compasses?
- No doubt.
But to brave those icy waters
would mean certain death.
Only a fool would do it.
- What? What? What was that?
- The centipede jumped in!
Good heavens!
He's committed pesticide!
Oh, this is all my doing.
Don't take all the credit.
I helped too.
- I have to go after him!
- Not on your life. You'll catch
your death of cold.
- But he's my friend!
-James is right.
Centipede is one of us.
Get on my back. I am going with you.
- You had better take good care of him.
- This I promise.
Stay by the line, and when
you feel two tugs, pull us up.
A skellington?
Jackpot! A genuine compass!
Sounds like you need
a little oil, Captain.
Thank you, sir!
I'll be shovin' off now.
I shoulda worn a belt!
Holy shipwreck!
Listen, fellas. I got
a long history of back problems,
and I don't need it
to get any longer.
Hey. That one felt pretty good.
It's Paul Bunyan comin'
to cut me some slack.
Whoa! Hey, pal.
You're aimin' a little low.
He's gonna cut me in half!
Hey, sailors!
Looking for some kicks?
Cut me loose!
Get the compass!
I've got it!
Polly want a smacker?
Look out!
- Sounds like big trouble.
- Get ready to pull.
I got a good one for ya. Why don't
skeletons play music in church?
Oh. Thank goodness!
You're all right.
- What happened to Centipede?
- He found a compass for us.
- And a shipload of pirates!
- Hold this. I am going back.
Do be careful, Miss Spider.
Poor Centipede.
He saved our lives down there.
- Look out!
- Miss Spider!
- Centipede!
- How am I lookin', kid?
Oh, Centipede. I do not know
whether to kill you or kiss you.
- Well, I-- Say, I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- My sincere apologies.
- I just, I just wanna apologize.
- I just wanted to say--
- What I'm tryin' to say--
That's enough chit-chat!
I'm freezing!
Hello? The compass is ready.
Mr Centipede, would you please
do us the honour...
of navigating us
out of this icebox?
It would be my pleasure.
I believe our position
puts us very close to--
I admire your bravery,
Miss Spider. I really do.
Why, thank you, Mrs Ladybug.
All right, boys.
Coffee break's over.
I'm looking forward
to a hopping good time...
in the Big Apple, Mr Centipede.
You said it, Mr Grasshopper.
Oh, boy. What I wouldn't do
for a cup of coffee.
Cup of joe.
I say, old sport. Came to
relieve you of your duties.
I said I'd steer the peach.
Have to steer the peach.
- Can't quit now.
- Good show, old boy.
Thanks, Mr Grasshopper.
- That music.
- Oh, Sir James! D-Did I disturb you?
So sorry.
I-I-I-I'll put this away.
No, no! I like it.
I used to hear it at my aunts'
house before I went to sleep.
That was you, wasn't it?
Or do all grasshoppers play music?
All grasshoppers try.
I'm sure you've heard this.
Ghastly, isn't it? Cricket stuff.
- Music should be the voice of the soul.
- What does that mean?
It means that when I'm happy,
my music sounds like this.
And when I'm sad,
it's like this.
When I was sad, I used to climb
in bed with my mum and dad.
But that was a long time ago.
I'm sure they'd be
very proud of you,James.
I know we are.
Take a little time
Just look at where we are
We've come very, very far
And if I might say so
And if I might say so too
We wouldn't have got anywhere
If it weren't for you, boy
Love is the sweetest thing
Love never comes
just when you think it will
Love is the way we feel for you
We're family
We're family
- We're family
- All of us
And you
Think of where we'd be
- If we were on our own
- We'd be dead.
- You're what holds us all together
- I am?
And if I might say so
And if we might say so too
We never could love anyone
As much as we love you
- Love
- Is the strangest thing
Does exactly what
it wants to do
- Love
- Boy, ya know it's true
We're family
We're family
We're family
Me, me, me, me, me and you
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Without you
there'd be no "us''
Love is the sweetest thing
Love does exactly what
it wants to do
Love is the way we feel for you
We're family
We're family
We're family
And you
We'll always be together, won't we?
Kid, you're stuck
with us for life.
Look, everybody. We made it!
- We did?
- New York City.
- Breathtaking!
- Stunning!
- Oh, how glorious!
- Look at the park!
- It's fabulous.
- We have made it!
What a wonderful sight!
There's Lady Liberty.
I can almost smell
the lovely dirt.
- Is it not beautiful?
- The Empire State Building!
See those lights! Wa-hoo!
Yippee! Attaboy, Jimmy!
Good show,James!
The city awaits us.
Now, remember,James. First
impression is very important.
- Oh, no!
- We'll be blown off course!
We'll wind up in Jersey!
- Could it be--
- No. It couldn't be.
- It's the rhino!
- Oh,James. Do something.
Everyone, climb up
into the rigging!
James, are you not
coming with us?
No! It got
my mum and dad.
It won't get my friends!
Come out and show your face,
you stupid beast!
Good God Almighty!
Remember what
your parents said,James:
"Try looking at it another way.''
You're not even a real rhino!
You're just a lot
of smoke and noise!
I'm not afraid of you!
I'm not afraid of you!
Miss Spider? Mr Grasshopper?
Hello? Is anyone there?
This isn't right.
Where's the Empire State Building?
What in the--
Officer! There's a boy up there!
What? A boy?
Mabel, we got us a huge,
unidentified object here.
- What's it look like?
- Round, fuzzy.
- It looks sorta like
a giant fruit or something.
- Well, what is it?
I don't know what it is!Just send us
the biggest crane in New York!
Please, sir. How do I get
to the Empire State Building?
You're on top of it, kid.
We made it!
Well, I made it.
Hang on.
Have you seen
any big bugs tonight?
Big bugs? How big?
I hope they're all right.
Let's go. Let's go.
Stay back. Stay back.
Don't worry, kid.
You'll be all right.
Come on, sonny.
Don't be afraid, now. I got ya.
Stay away from the fruit!
- Who's that? Hey!
- What is this thing?
- Where you from?
- Why you here?
- Who?
- What?
- Where?
- When?
- Hold your fire, fellas!
He's just a kid, for Pete's sake.
Here. I got you now.
It's okay, little guy.
Nobody's going to hurt ya.
Move back for them.
little angel.
So kind of you to look after
our little lost lamb.
- Who are you?
- We are the boy's legal guardians.
And we've missed him so much.
So we'll just take him home now.
And the peach, of course.
We're taking that as well.
Well, wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait. Back up.
You mean to tell me that
this thing is a peach?
- It's not " a peach.'' It's our peach.
- Our peach.
- Show him, Spongy.
- Yes.
-Looks like it's their peach, all right.
- Yes, and we're very proud of it.
- We're going to be in the record books.
It's not their peach.
The old man gave the green things to me.
- That's what made it grow.
- How dare you disagree with us!
Patience, sister.
Remember his condition.
- His condition?
- He's a chronic liar.
Sad, really.
He needs his treatment.
Well, that's why we're here;
to bring him home.
So you come here with us,
eh, lovey!
I'm not the one who's lying.
They are!
As you can see, Officer, it is urgent
that you release him to us immediately.
Let the boy speak!
- Yeah!
- Yeah! Let the boy speak!
All right! All right! All right!
Let's get to the bottom of this.
This thing is a peach.
All right. I'll buy that.
Now, does somebody want
to tell me how it got here?
We attached it
to a hundred seagulls.
That's what happened!
Me and Miss Spider and the centipede
and the old green grasshopper.
I think he's gone mad.
This is all something he dreamed up.
Well, maybe it started that way,
as a dream, but doesn't everything?
Those buildings, these lights,
this whole city!
Somebody had to dream about it first,
and maybe that's what I did.
I dreamed about coming here,
but then I did it.
- The poor boy needs his medicine.
- Yes.
- So we'll just take him--
- And the peach.
back to our cosy, little house
on the hill.
Come along.
You're going home with us.
No, I'm not.
What did you say?
I said, "No, I'm not!''
I hate that house and that cold room
and how I was always hungry.
All right! That's enough!
- And how you beat me!
- He's lying!
- And told me I was nothing!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
- No! Not this time.
I flew the giant peach
across the ocean.
I landed on top of the
tallest building in the world.
I made it! I'm not the one
who's nothing. You are!
And I'm never going back with you!
Not me, and not the peach.
How dare you speak to us this way?
James! Up here!
Hello! We're here!
- Hey, buddy!
- What are they?
- Young James.
- Hey,Jimmy!
- Bugs!
- Need a little help down there?
Giant bugs!
Hey, you old biddies!
- Help us!
- Whoo-ee! Here we are, dear.
I told you they were real.
- Hello, old boy.
- Requesting clearance to land.
Miss Spider, throw me a string.
Okay. Pull them up.
Where are we going?
- Spin them around.
- You little--
Wrap them tightly!
Tighter! Tighter!
Well, I'll be a--
The kid was tellin' the truth.
Get those two creeps outta here!
Stop the presses!
I got a new front page!
"Big Bugs In The Big Apple.''
In big, bold print: " A Little
Lindy Flies Giant Peach.''
"Half-Pint Hero
And His Peach-Pit Pals.''
Everyone, these are my friends;
the ones I've been telling you about.
- Mr Centipede.
- Hi.
- Old green grasshopper.
- My pleasure.
- Earthworm. Mrs Ladybug.
- Charmed.
Miss Spider. And the glow-worm.
God bless the colonies.
- Could we eat some of your peach?
- It won't keep forever.
Go ahead.
Hey! What was your name?
It's James.
They ate that peach
all the way down to the pit...
and set it up in Central Park
as a permanent home.
And James Henry Trotter,
who once was the saddest and loneliest
little boy you could find,
now had a loving new family...
and all the friends in the world.
James, dinner is ready.
All right. Nearly finished.
And since James's visitors
begged him again and again...
to hear the story of his
adventure with the giant peach,
he wished for a way
to share it with everyone.
And that is exactly
what you have just seen.
Once upon a time
there was a vulture and a hog
Livin' in a house
up on a hill
Had this little boy who lived with them
They worked him like a dog
With any luck
they'd have him up there still
'Long came a magic man
with a magic bag
Full of nasty little
green things in a funky old rag
He said, Boy, you may not know it
but this here's salvation you see
Son, you're going down in history
Good news is blowin' in your window
Good news is knockin' on your door
Good news is comin' 'round the corner
Good news is rollin' 'round your floor
Where can all my troubles be
Must be good news chasin' me
Good enough to set everybody free
Good news, good news, good news
Good news
There were bugs in the garden
Didn't have a clue
But every day
their life was on the line
They wanted to get out of there
but they didn't know what to do
Their little brains
was workin' overtime
- Well
- That all changed one sunny day
That little boy dropped by to say
If we all work together
we'll make out okay
- We will
- Good news, good news, good news
So they rolled down the mountain
flew over the sea
Facin' death and danger on their way
But together they have made it
They're where they want to be
They love each other
more and more each day
They care about each other
Good news is sweepin'
'cross the country
Good news is spreadin' all around
Good news is hittin' in the city
Good news has sprung up in the town
The things that used to hurt before
They don't hurt 'em any more
'Cause they know there's
somethin' good in store
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Comin' down the chimney
- Good news
- Knockin' on my door
- Good news
- Beamin' through the window
- Good news
- Can't take no more
- Good news
- Spreadin'o'er the country
- Good news
- For the young and old
- Good news
- Goin' round the world now
- Good news
- It's too hot to hold back
- Comin' down the chimney
- Good news
- It's knockin' on the door
- Good news
- Beamin' through the window
- Good news
- Ooh, can't take no more
- Good news
- Spreadin'o'er the country
- Good news
- For the young and old
- Good news
- Goin' 'round the world
- Good news
- Ooh, too hot to hold
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
- Good news
Good news
- Good news
- Good news