Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014) Movie Script

Where you at, Mooney?
Mooney! Mooney!
Hey, don't drop your wad, you
get spied on in the shower.
Do it.
Just do whatever faggy shit you want
with your Cub Scout buddies,
but keep the fuck away from us!
What's that? I can't hear you.
Don't give us that
shit, you fucking liar.
I wasn't spying.
What were you doing then?
Were you taking a dump?
'Cause that's what toilets are for, man.
It doesn't smell like
he was taking a dump.
Does it smell like he was taking a dump?
Nah, man, someone needs
to give this motherfucker
a shitting lesson, huh?
Oh, is that... is that what it is?
Mooney, you need a
lesson in potty training?
Mooney, you're in
luck 'cause I gotta go.
Oh, yeah.
Anybody else gotta go, huh?
Who the fuck is Jamie Marks?
Jamie Marks, he was... he
was in your homeroom, right?
Did... did he have red hair?
Was Jamie Marks a boy or a girl?
It's a boy, you moron.
Jamie Marks is that kid
with the... the glasses
and the... the... the boy scouts shirt.
That's him, right?
Mooney Marks.
Told you.
Oh, you know what I heard?
I heard they found him
without his eyeballs.
I mean, like, seriously.
And he was raped.
Yes, Elizabeth.
Aren't we gonna talk
about what's happened?
Let's talk about what's happened.
Who wants to talk about Mooney Marks?
Do you, Elizabeth?
You were a good friend of his?
How did it make you feel
when you learned he was gone?
Hm? Anyone?
Should we talk about
all those fond memories
we have of Jamie?
How everyone thought
he was such a great guy?
Who knew him?
I think it's awful what's happened.
I do.
And if any of you wanna stay after class
and discuss it, please
feel free to do so.
But right now, I think we
should get back to work.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
You don't have to leave.
It smells good.
So do you really collect rocks?
Rocks are the best.
He was in my homeroom.
Down there is where I found him.
He looked so scared.
You're Adam.
I know your older brother...
You should come by tomorrow...
And see my collection.
My parents will be at
marriage counseling.
How was practice?
It's all right.
I'm gonna go down to the
landing for a bit, okay?
Just for a quick drink.
I won't be late, I promise.
Have fun.
Thank you.
Don't ever put your happiness
in anyone else's hands.
You hear me?
I'll drop it.
I'll drop it every time.
Oh, my babies.
Just rest, mom.
You're okay.
They said you were gonna be okay.
I know they did, honey.
Baby, look at me.
You're gonna have to cover
my shift tomorrow night, okay?
We're gonna be fine.
You'll see.
Oh, dear.
Excuse me.
All right.
Stop calling here.
Who is it?
The crazy bitch that hit you?
She doesn't want to talk to you!
What do you think she wants?
She's a little busy right now,
considering you just ran
her over with your van.
So what took you so long?
I ran.
Come on.
Don't just stand there, come in.
How's your drink?
Did I make it too strong?
You've got quite a collection.
I... I didn't know rocks
could be so beautiful.
I know.
Sit down.
I, uh, like your shelves.
My dad made them for me.
I see graves all the time now.
Beds are kinda like graves.
What kind of funeral do you want?
Aren't they all the same?
No, they're all completely different.
In Mexico, on day of the dead,
the families go to the cemeteries
and picnic on the graves of a loved one.
They burn incense to guide the way
between the road of
the dead and the living.
Is that what you were
doing the other day?
I think you should go now.
Don't worry, you're invited back.
Thanks for showing me your rocks.
Not today, bro.
You're on your own.
Come on.
Sorry, we got important
shit to attend to.
Yeah, like what?
Aaron's taking us to
where they found him.
You should come, Adam.
Jenny Miller says she saw him
hanging around by the bridge down there.
No thanks.
It's not a circus.
What'd you just say?
Let's just go.
Why do you give a shit what we do?
I think it's about...
Seven months.
I understand.
I think it was about...
That one night, I had to...
Honey, is that you?
Come in here a minute.
What's up?
What is she doing here?
Adam, what happened wasn't Lucy's fault.
It was an accident. Of
course it was her fault.
She's my friend, I want
you to be nice to her.
Since when? Adam, I know
this is really tough for you.
I know there's been so
much going on, but...
Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me.
It's... it's so awful what
happened to that Marks boy,
and... and... and if you need to talk...
Just stay out of it, Paralyzer.
She is the reason you're
in this wheelchair.
She hit you head-on, she was drunk...
I wasn't drunk, it was an accident.
Yeah, a drunk accident. You know that.
It... I wasn't drunk.
Just go away.
Lucy's just trying to help.
You apologize to her this instant.
Apologize for what?
We are not the only ones
who've had tragedy touch our lives.
Fate brings people
together for a reason.
What does that even mean?
There's some chili on the stove.
Will you put it in bowls for us?
Why can't the Paralyzer do it?
Lucy made the chili, Adam.
Did you know Adam was born prematurely?
With underdeveloped lungs
and a murmur in his heart?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, that's so scary.
My parents are gone until 10 tonight.
I mean, if you wanna come over.
I never had to worry
about him doing things
that he wasn't supposed to.
He was a... a scout,
and always on a project.
I'll tell you this much.
Some sick pervert murdered my boy,
and God's vengeance
needs to be carried out,
so Jamie won't have died in Va...
What a load of crap.
So what if they find
out what happened to him?
I mean, it's not gonna
make things meaningful.
What do you mean?
He's still dead.
Big fucking deal.
It won't change his story.
You don't have to be sorry.
Can we please not talk about him?
I think that he should've been loved.
He never got that.
Not like how everyone deserves.
What are you looking at?
Look, do you want another drink?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Come here.
Look, just pretend
like you don't see him.
But I do see him.
What does he want?
How the fuck should I know?
Can... come on, can we
please just drop this?
Look, I did not choose
for him to be here.
I found him, but not
because I wanted to.
You're acting like I asked for this.
Look, I'm sorry, I was just...
Adam, I don't want a dead boy
lurking around outside
of my house, okay?
Trust me.
Neither do you.
What are you waiting for?
You're not real.
Don't be frightened.
I don't wanna hurt you.
I'm not frightened.
You can call me Mooney.
Everybody does.
I never liked that name.
Me neither.
I won't call you that then.
Thank you, Adam.
I never thought anybody
would be able to see me.
I see you.
Gracie can too, I think.
She's just scared.
Don't be shy.
I know you wanna try it.
Try what?
Take off your clothes first.
Go ahead.
Get in.
Close your eyes.
Can you help me, Adam?
I knew it.
I knew it would be you.
What the fuck?
Isn't that...
Why are you naked?
Get the fuck outta there!
Put your fucking pants
on, for Christ's sake.
They both knocked,
but they can't come in.
Oh, my God.
Adam, honey, are you okay?
Why are you naked?
What happened?
What are you doing in there?
Why are you all wet?
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Where are your clothes?
I don't have any.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
- Really?
- Yes, really, put on...
Thank you.
Your room's nice.
What happened?
I mean, really.
Don't worry about me.
Who did it?
Don't ask me that,
please don't ask me that.
Why not?
I can help you.
Help them track down whoever did...
It was...
It was awful.
That's all you need to know.
Or you can help me.
Give me something.
A word.
Whisper it to me.
What kind of word?
It doesn't matter.
It could be anything.
Honey, there's a call for you!
Uh, who is it?
It's a girl.
What'd you say your name was?
Gracie Highsmith.
Come out here when you're done, okay?
Where were you today?
Are you okay?
I... I... I'm fine.
How are you?
Don't patronize me, Adam.
Spit it out.
I said I'm fine.
You should have listened to me.
What are you talking about?
Look, if you are freaked out
about what happened, I understand.
What happened?
Everyone knows, Adam.
Everyone knows what you
did down at the river.
What about a green bean
casserole with those crispy...
That sounds good.
Who's Gracie?
You think they would like that?
- Huh?
- Do you have any food allergies?
Where the fuck is he?
Watch your language.
- Fuck you.
- Adam!
How could you?
Did you fuck Gracie Highsmith?
Fuck you, Aaron!
I'm just saying she's
kinda... I hate you!
Get the fuck off.
Hey, hey, knock it off!
Knock it off!
He started it!
I don't care.
How could you tell everybody?
Aaron, what are you doing?
You're my brother.
Well, I wish I wasn't.
Adam, baby, you okay?
I'm fucking fine, how are you?
What are you doing?
Sorry, I was just trying them on.
Sorry... I'm sorry.
Don't draw this shit all over my floor
and make me clean it up.
Stop getting undressed.
It's fine, Jesus.
What's wrong, Adam?
Nothing's wrong.
What happened to your face?
Oh, my God.
What's wrong with your face?
You're funny.
Yeah, well, you look ridiculous.
Where were you?
I was in there.
In that closet?
I like it in there.
And... it's...
More than a closet if
you know how to use it.
What are you talking about?
Uh... I guess I can show you.
Come on.
In my closet?
You ready?
Close your eyes.
There's nothing worth to see.
But whatever you do,
don't let go.
Where are we?
I really don't feel so good, Jamie.
I don't understand.
You don't have to understand.
Stick with me, Adam...
And I can show you
what you need to know.
Yeah, mom, I heard you!
Shh, shh, shh.
Let's go.
We should get out of here.
Time to go.
Come on, Adam, let's go.
Why did you do it, Adam?
I don't know.
That's such a cop-out.
Well, what do you want me to say?
It's kinda...
Hard to explain.
What do you care, anyways?
- Why are you mad at me?
- I'm not.
I just...
I'm not, I'm not.
Jamie showed up.
In my closet.
- What?
- I know.
He seems nice enough.
You have to stay away from him, Adam.
Do you hear me?
What if I could help him?
Catch whoever killed him?
You know, what happened
to Jamie, it was awful,
and it was tragic, and
it was everything else
that everyone says it is.
But we have a choice,
and all of us have a choice,
and I made mine.
What did you choose?
Not to see him.
What did he say to you?
Don't be crazy, Adam.
I didn't talk to him.
Maybe you should've.
Adam McCormick.
Why were you beating off
on Mooney Marks' grave?
That's what I heard.
not so fast.
- Hey.
- What?
Your running coach called and said
you've been skipping practice.
Is that true?
I tried to explain everything
that's been going on, but...
Yeah, tell everyone, why don't you.
Well, what am I supposed to do?
We're worried about you.
I'm fine, you're the one
who let the Paralyzer...
Stop calling her that.
I'm worried about you.
Well, we're fine. Shh, shh, shh.
I myself learned that
people really do care.
You are truly missed,
and I only wish that I could've learned
my self-worth without your tragedy.
What bullshit.
You know her?
Thank you for giving
me the hope to live.
While the tragic death
has not officially
been ruled a homicide, police...
Will you check the fuse?
That poor boy's mother.
You don't know anything.
Look, Adam, I know
that you don't like me
for reasons that your mother
has decided to forgive me,
but you do need to
respect our friendship.
Don't worry about it, Linda.
He's just going through puberty.
Pubic hair can be really disturbing...
Stop fucking talking
about me like I'm not here.
Watch your language, you little shit.
Okay, both of you.
Listen, I am your mother,
and I love you very much.
And whatever it is that
you're going through,
you can tell me... we can talk about it.
I am not going through anything.
You can tell me, anything.
We can get through it.
We're here for you, Adam.
I just don't understand.
What's wrong, Adam?
I think I need to get out of here.
Where would you go?
Can I come with you?
If we had a place to go.
I might know a place.
Get in here.
They didn't see you, did they?
Could you tell me everything you know
about Francis Wilkinson?
You mean "fuck you" Francis?
I know what everyone knows.
Are you okay, Adam?
Is that really why you're here,
to talk about "fuck you" Francis?
She lived on a little farm
on the hill over by south bend road.
And her parents did awful things to her,
at least that's the story.
And then, one day, she had enough.
And you're supposed to be able to...
Go down to a little
cemetery by the field,
and you can call her up.
And apparently, she's real ornery.
I don't know.
You really have never heard that story?
Does that hurt?
Wait, wait...
What are we doing?
Usual sex.
You have a condom?
Like, with me?
Uh, yeah.
Well, then we'll have to keep things
strictly no penetration.
You have a pretty penis, Adam.
Your... breasts look creamy.
Like white chocolate.
Wait... Gracie, wait, stop.
What's wrong?
Nothing, nothing, I just...
- Did you ejaculate?
- No!
Come here.
I'm thinking about leaving.
Where would you go?
Jamie says I can maybe stay
with Frances for a few days...
What the fuck, Adam?!
Why are you messing
around with Mooney Marks?
I'm not messing around with Jamie...
Call it what you want.
I... I need to get away for a few days.
You can't give him what he needs.
How do you know what he needs?
Oh, and you do?
He just needs to be loved.
You of all people
should understand that.
I don't want anyone to tell
me who to feel sorry for.
Don't feel sorry then.
Fine, I won't!
You know what?
You are going to be the
one that's sorry, Adam.
You'll see.
Are you okay?
I went to go say goodbye to Gracie.
Frances says we can stay.
I'll go get things
ready, and you can meet me
over there tomorrow, okay?
Can I have another?
Say it like you mean it.
Thank you, Adam.
Hey, Adam.
You made it!
We'll stay in the barn over there.
- The barn?
- Yeah.
It doesn't look like much, but it's dry,
there's lots of room,
and no one will see you from the road.
Come on.
Aren't you gonna introduce us?
Oh, sorry, she's... she's a little shy.
I'm shy too.
Frances, this is my good friend Adam.
Nice to meet you.
Come on, Adam, let's go.
I'll make you a fire.
Let's go.
Come on, Adam.
There you go.
Warm, huh?
Don't pay attention to her.
She's just jealous.
Jealous of what?
Of you.
Let's play a game.
I'm gonna tell you a story...
And then you tell me one.
What kind of story?
A story about me.
Something you remember.
Like this,
I remember this one time
when you won first
place at the track meet,
which meant you'd go to state,
and the team picked you
up on their shoulders
and carried you around.
You were there?
Of course.
I like watching you run.
It's like reading a poem.
You sort of run that way.
Like a line in a poem.
It's your turn.
Tell me one about me.
Come on, slowpoke!
No, I, um...
I remember this one time...
I think it was the spring
because it was really muddy.
I was running past your house,
and I saw you in your bedroom window.
Uh, at least I think
it was your bedroom.
I think... I think you saw me too.
You know, neither of us waved.
Tell me again.
What was I wearing?
Did I look happy or...
Or sad?
You didn't look sad.
What the hell?
It's them.
Her parents.
What is she doing?
What she does every morning.
She kills them.
Let's go.
This wasn't a good idea, like...
We can go somewhere else.
Why does she do it?
It's her thing, Adam.
Leave it be.
Let's go, let's go.
Adam, let's just go.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Enjoy the show, bitch-boy?
What the hell's wrong with you?
That's what I want to know.
Nothing's wrong with me.
Oh, yeah?
Why do you and your dead boyfriend
have to hang out in my barn?
- Let's go.
- You psycho.
I'm so sorry, man.
I never should have brought you here.
She promised me she wouldn't do this.
You can't handle real life?
You don't have the guts to be like us.
Frances, stop!
You don't know anything.
Is bitch-boy gonna cry?
Cry like a baby!
Or do you only do that for Jamie?
Don't listen to her, Adam.
- Is that it?
- Shut up.
Adam, let's go.
You just can't stand the heat.
Maybe you should take
your dead boyfriend
and get out of the fucking kitchen!
Adam, let's go, please!
I'll show you heat.
Adam, what are you doing?!
- Fuck you, Frances!
- No!
We don't need your shit!
- Oh, my God.
- Let's go.
Oh, my God.
You shouldn't have done this, Adam.
What did you do?
You shouldn't have done this.
This is mine!
This is my house!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
You motherfucking cocksucker!
You're a fucking cocksucker!
This is mine!
No, no!
Go, Adam, go!
Get off me!
Get out of here!
Are you okay, kid?
How much?
Three dollars.
- Hi.
- Adam?
What's going on?
I burned down the Wilkinson farm.
Where are you?
Behind the old Apollo.
How glamorous.
Is he there with you?
He's mad at me.
I don't know where he is.
Are you lying to me?
No, Gracie, I'm not lying to you.
I don't know where he is.
I think I have to go.
Adam, don't go anywhere, okay?
I'll be there as soon as...
No, Gracie, listen to me,
you can't...
I'm not mad at you, Adam.
I'm just disappointed.
You shouldn't have done that.
You had no right.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You wouldn't do anything
like that to me, would you?
Of course you wouldn't.
Why were you running away from me?
I wasn't running away from you,
I was just... I was just running.
What was that place?
Were those people all dead?
Don't worry about them, Adam.
If I could see them,
does that mean they could see me?
I would never let them hurt you, Adam.
Come on.
I'll make you a fire.
Jamie, where's Frances?
Don't worry about her.
I'm protecting you.
Are you okay?
Maybe you should just come home.
You can't just hide out forever.
I know that.
What was she like?
Her parents were there too.
She'd kill them...
Every morning, over and over.
Poor thing.
She's not a poor thing!
She's a fucking psychopath
bitch that attacked me.
Don't get all compassionate
all of a sudden.
It's why we're here in the first place.
Yeah, well, I would be a bitch too
if I had to kill my
parents over and over again
every morning for all of eternity.
You know, none of this
would have ever happened
if you had just listened to me
and stayed the fuck
away from Mooney Marks.
I really should go.
I don't want you to get in
any more trouble than you are.
But this... it's fine, Adam.
I brought you some things.
Just a pillow, some food.
You didn't have to.
I know.
I think that I love you.
And I just wanted you to know that.
I like it here.
Just me and you.
We could stay like this forever.
Come here.
Don't you ever do that again.
...The tropical and pristine
coast of Belize.
A visit to this tiny country
at the northern tip of Central America
is a magnificent visit back in time.
You'll see ancient Mayan ruins,
second only in size to the
great pyramids of Egypt.
Or spend the day island hopping.
On one of the hundreds of
tiny tropical islands...
...Is second only in size
to the great barrier reef off Australia.
It's really a spectacular trip.
Next, you'll wave goodbye to Belize
as we set sail for
the undiscovered jewel
of the Caribbean,
Roatan Island, Honduras.
Sounds like an adventure.
Oh, it is, Janet.
This is truly one of the most
untouched and beautiful islands
on the planet.
Jamie, is that you?
You wish.
Don't be scared.
What do you want? You owe me, Adam.
It was an accident, Frances.
I swear.
And if you think for a second...
...I'm letting you get away with it,
then you're really as
pathetic as I thought you were.
Maybe I'll burn down your house.
Burn your mom
as she tries to climb out
of the bed into the chair.
You're not so brave
without your little boy-toy.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door!
- Shit.
- Open the door, Adam!
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!
Oh, how nice.
Your dead boyfriend to the rescue.
He thinks you're gonna save him.
Did you not forget he's
more like me than you?
Leave him alone.
He's not yours.
So he's yours?
I'm his.
You little bitch-boy.
Just give me the knife.
You can't stay here.
Says who?
It's just done, you know that.
Don't tell me what I know!
I know a fuck a lot more than you,
and if he hadn't come,
I wouldn't be here.
It doesn't change anything.
You still have to go.
I'm so... Jamie, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'll take you home.
Get out of there, Adam.
You know you're lucky
I didn't let her rip your heart out.
That's what she wanted to do.
Stop sneaking up on me like that.
Don't snap at me.
I'm not snapping.
Where did you take her?
Doesn't matter.
Was it to that tunnel?
What happens if you don't go?
I would never do that to you, Adam.
Not now that we've found each other.
Can I have some more, Adam?
More what?
Close your eyes.
I'm ready.
In my mouth.
Say them in my mouth.
You still see me, Adam, don't you?
I still see you.
Who the fuck are you talking to?
No one.
You really are bat-shit crazy, huh?
Looks like you're famous.
For being a freak.
You look happy in that picture.
Why don't you look happy now?
You're not gonna leave
me, Adam, are you?
Not like everyone else.
Promise... promise me.
I need you to say it.
I promise.
What time is it?
Can we talk, please?
My parents caught me
sneaking out to see you,
and I didn't know what else to do.
I'm sorry about earlier.
About everything.
I didn't tell them about the fire.
I thought I could fix things.
You know, make it better somehow.
I... I should've listened.
I should've, but everything's
just getting worse.
I don't know what to do.
I have something you should see.
What is this?
Just read it.
"Things I'd like to kill.
"My mother's ceramic nativity
"that she keeps out
all fucking year long,
Artie Chapman's plastered on smile. "
Where'd you find this?
He had it when I found him.
Just keep reading.
"My father, wherever he is,
"Matt Harden and the
entire varsity team,
"except for...
Adam McCormick, of course. "
"Myself. "
Who else has seen this?
No one.
Why not?
Adam, do you think that
anyone would have thought twice
about the way they treated him
if they never had to think
that it might have been
one of us who killed him?
They did kill him.
Now do you understand...
I was only trying to help?
Who says I need fixing?
Jamie, what is this?
That's mine.
She had no right!
I didn't mean to take it.
- I didn't... I found it.
- Ssh!
Really doesn't matter,
Adam, not anymore.
Don't you see, we can make this work.
Make what work?
Me and you.
Well, we can't... I can't.
Don't listen to her, Adam!
She's just jealous.
Jamie, listen to me,
you gotta calm down.
You have to go.
Just drop it.
Drop the whole thing.
I will not drop it!
And you're right, I don't understand.
But I know that I can't
change what happened to you...
You don't know anything about...
Just come home.
Come home, Adam.
We can...
Stop telling me what to do!
Stop hanging around my closet,
and stop taking my words!
Jamie, Adam can't fix...
This has nothing to do with you!
What happened to you was awful,
but that does not mean you
can come into our lives...
Stop it!
Jamie, Jamie!
Listen to me!
Is this how you want me to remember you?
Look at me.
'Cause that's not what I want.
You don't know what you did.
You didn't do it.
Let me go.
Leave me alone!
Do you want me to come with you?
You don't have to go there alone.
Thanks for coming, Gracie.
I'm sorry about your rock collection.
It wasn't really mine anyways.
I'm sorry that I took your list.
That's okay.
Let's go.
You don't have to wait, Gracie.
Are you sure?
How will you get home?
I'm sure.
You could come with me.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I know, I know.
I'll see you again.
You'll be fine too, you know?
Yeah, I know.
I got something for you.
Tell that to Gracie for me too, okay?
I will.
Remember me.
I'm glad it was you, Adam.
Me too, Jamie.
Me too.