Jan Dara Pachimmabot (2013) Movie Script

You've come.
I do not know.
You slept very soundly.
You know, like this if it is old.
Do not feel we are old, Chan.
It is old age
but we still have a long story.
Do you remember our story, Ken?
Ken, we send it to the village.
We like just expelled.
In a place where we felt in exile.
I still remember that time, Chan.
We both felt free.
And it's a story that is not forgotten.
We send it to a far-flung village.
Must use a boat to get there.
And when it arrives
I felt very strange at all.
Are you Chan?
Mistress is waiting for you.
Are you Chan?
Are you Chan?
I'm very pleased.
Are you surprised I'm old?
Not too.
Although I am old,
I still remember everything.
And I also have all of your pictures.
Are you Chan?
You know the story about me?
Meyakitkan and very sad.
Filled with suffering.
Can not be expressed in words.
Used here is often held performances.
The story of the king and queen.
Very touching and romantic.
We are all fascinated by the role.
Starring his very handsome man.
And I start my story with him.
A very manly at all.
But in the end ...
Very painful and regret.
You have no shame!
How dare you do that!
I beg you.
Please, you let this once.
I want to explain all that happened here.
No need to.
Do not you want to know?
Everything was clear.
You already can not forgive.
I want you to get out of here.
And do not ever come back again.
You're cruel.
Doing all of this.
What next?
Do you really go from there?
And leave him?
I've been kicked out.
There is no chance anymore.
I start everything from scratch.
Everything from the starting point.
It all depends on me now.
And then I found a place.
A very peaceful place.
And that makes me comfortable.
Here, I found peace.
I end here with Ken.
In this remote place.
Very quiet and peaceful here once.
You do not need khawartir with me.
I'm fine here.
I remember when I had to part with you.
It pains me,
but I had to do it.
To avoid pertengkaranku with Dad.
It makes me have to part with you.
Here a lot of servants.
And a lot of activities as well.
With that we both live everything.
And I feel at peace here.
While Ken, every day having fun.
Joked with the maid.
And the servants also entertain him.
I want you to be patient to wait.
I'll be home soon.
And we will be together again.
Jan Dara.
Chan, why did you this?
No nothing, Ken.
Just being felt all this.
You're lying, Chan.
You always say that.
Listen, Chan.
I've got a great idea.
Let's go have fun in the city.
What do you want?
Do not want.
Why do not you like?
Ken Chan wanted to entertain.
So you do not like this pensive.
Now, Chan. What would join Ken?
Ken would like to ask you to have fun.
You go.
Good evening, may I help you?
You can choose as you please.
There are skinny, fat, tall, short.
- How much is it?
- Not expensive, man.
With little money
You can feel satisfaction.
You do not need to worry,
all very good ministry.
What about it?
Do you often come here?
What you first came here?
True, I first came here.
Are you going to come here again?
it depends on your service
if satisfactory I will come again.
You'll see.
So many men are
saying things like that.
But I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm a faithful.
Faithful like what?
It's easy to say the word faithful.
but in reality ...
Why do you say that?
Back before I was here,
I never felt a violent.
Happened when I was in the woods.
I had been obstructed by a group of people.
And I can not do anything.
I am at the abducted persons.
And the servants also taken.
And I was raped by them.
Every night.
Every night another man.
And there was a man who helped me.
He is also very loyal.
I do not know what I'm feeling right now.
Ken suddenly return with haste.
And when he arrived at the house,
he wanted to tell me something.
Though I had gone to bed.
But still he woke me up.
And told me about
her experience that night.
With the woman.
Then me and him immediately conduct an investigation.
But we did not find any.
You are sure of that story, Ken?
Chan, have I ever lied to you?
Looks like he also said ...
something else.
Oh, I remember there was something she said.
All events the last 10 years here.
What is your purpose?
To find out what about it?
It does not concern you,
for what bother?
Actually nothing to do with me.
What to do with you?
I want to find out the origin suggested.
Actually ...
We all also want to know the origin of our rafters.
Then we place down
The officer said that.
Far away from the city center,
and we had to walk along the river.
To get there.
And I hope, one thing.
I could find
I'm looking for answers.
This they want to ask something.
Can you help them?
What do you want to ask?
You want to know about?
I beg you to let me know.
It has to do with my mother
and origin suggested.
I'm begging you.
To tell them everything.
What happened at that time.
I beg of you.
I'll tell you, Chan.
At that time ...
I'm very happy.
At that time I was young and rich.
No one can touch me.
Everything wants to be friends with.
No exception to the police
and officials.
I'm very familiar with them.
Every day I always have fun.
Are accompanied with my friends.
And there is a policeman who is very close to me.
On one day,
he met a woman.
Beauty as an angel.
He instantly fell in love.
And at that moment
he promised in its own right.
I must have this woman
whatever happens.
And it turns out his love too
received by the woman.
And finally ...
The woman kidnapped by
group of people.
And do not know where it was taken.
Not heard the news about him anymore.
Until one day ...
He investigated the
carrying troops.
Finding their hideout.
And she found her hero.
With a sad state.
And finally she told me everything.
What happened to him and others.
And what they do.
Tells us that
she was raped many times.
Day and night with the men.
I'm very pleased.
Finally you can go back to my arms.
Whatever happens, forget it.
From now on, we will begin a new chapter.
No need to remember the past again.
We can start from scratch.
But what about me?
Not a problem.
I will forget everything.
I was dirty.
I feel not worthy anymore.
I do not want to be like this.
Chan ...
Will you accept me?
Although what happened to me.
I receive you.
And on that night,
on their first night.
One thing happens.
Those that do will be in the firing squad.
Because there is no mercy for them.
I'm here to punish you.
No need, I'll handle it.
It was embarrassing my family name.
No need to talk anymore.
You, bastard.
You do not know who your father.
Many men who never felt the body.
Illegitimate child.
Do not come closer.
Do not come closer.
Do not come closer.
Control yourself.
You do not know what it's like.
Knowing that my mother had been raped.
Chan, you listen.
It all does not matter now.
Listen, Chan.
It was all over.
You do not like this.
Listen, Chan.
Illegitimate child!
Illegitimate child!
Illegitimate child!
Illegitimate child!
Chan, do not worry there Ken.
I will always be with you.
We're going to face all this, Chan.
It's over.
You do not need to worry anymore.
It was all over.
All things have karma.
Everything will be beautiful in its time.
Omniscient God.
He knows which is right.
He knows what is wrong.
Remember that.
Karma applies to everyone.
No one can escape it.
No one exception.
You remember this, Chan.
Your name is Chan.
Descendant of a distinguished.
Chan someone respectable.
A dignified and magnanimous.
You should continue this legacy.
Like a child following his father footsteps.
Do the right thing.
Do not do bad things.
Everything will be beautiful in its time.
I understand.
Chan, how are you doing there?
Still remember me?
Been a long time do not you write a letter to me.
I miss you so much.
May you be healthy there.
And not any less.
I'm here too fine.
I was so expecting you.
Hopefully you can quickly return.
We'll be together again.
And I also want to
to tell you something.
But I'll keep it,
until you come back.
Every day I think about you.
I miss you so much.
I hope you missed me too.
And Ken find his soul mate.
Very beautiful, is not it?
Ken soon married.
Without waiting for a long time again.
On the day that Ken is very happy at all.
Right, Ken.
You're very lucky.
And soon a son is given.
Chan, what are you here for?
See this son.
Boy, there is Chan here to see you.
Chan, what are you here for?
Want to see my son?
Chan, you're soon to follow.
This funny child.
Shooting star.
May you be a good boy.
So good sleep.
Ken is very happy in karuniai a son.
Day by day more and more fleeting.
And everything is going well.
And his son is getting big.
And I was alone here,
waiting for something.
I'm waiting for someone who craved.
Someone who can relieve my feelings.
Mother. Welcome.
Mother, is my son.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
Wake up all of you.
Finally ...
Everything can come together.
Karma has been fruitful.
No need to wait any longer.
Happiness will soon come.
The wonderful thing is coming.
Not to worry.
I'm not worried about anything.
You listen carefully.
You want to say something?
Something ...
Which is very important.
Something else that is not in ketauhi, Chan.
A taboo truth
for in the describing.
Something very forbidden
for in the describing.
Something very erotic.
A great sex game.
And it happened when you were a kid.
Your father took one of Singapore.
And also from Europe.
A woman who is very beautiful.
Someone who has captivated his heart.
But this woman is very lonely.
He always imagined something.
Are you surprised to see me here?
Would you like to accompany me to drink?
Can not seem to.
Why? You're embarrassed?
Not so.
You never know.
You are my love.
At first glance.
You never know too.
You also love at first sight.
And when they come back.
One thing happens.
Things never terbanyangkan
will occur earlier.
My husband, lady.
Glad you two are back.
I'm here to ask for the blessing of you.
Me and him are getting married.
We love each other,
can not be separated.
And she's pregnant with my child.
I beg ...
You can approve of our relationship.
Why? Are you not happy
heard this news?
Unfortunately, it turns out our way
Singapore to bring happiness.
We will soon be having a party
for both of you.
What is it, dear?
That's all right.
I do not condone them.
What's the matter, aunt?
You say, dear.
Dear ...
I'm actually doing something.
Something shameful.
Thing else that you can not forgive.
I've done an illicit relationship
with your son.
Honey, why did you do it?
At that time I was very lonely.
You always have to work until late at night.
Why do you say that?
Very disappointing.
You do not want me to be happy?
- Not so.
- Then why did you tell me?
I really respect you for it.
Now you unload everything.
When I'm happy.
How could you do that.
How could you do that.
I do not want you anymore!
Divorce me! I want a divorce!
And get out of here too!
Do you want to stay with me?
Although I was without any.
Do not leave me.
P'chon. Wait for me.
Finally, I managed to witchcraft as well.
All been shortchanged. I'm very pleased.
I'll wait.
Until they realized who I was.
Well, shaman.
You should be aware that you can not
managed without my help.
And only I can make
successful and happy.
With me here, you will be happy, do not need
fear nothing, I will take care of you.
Because I'm black magic shaman who master the
are not invincible.
- Mewha, you say something.
- I can not.
You have to remember, he is my favorite grandson,
keep him, do not make him sad.
You're not afraid of anyone anymore.
But you have to respect, Mewha.
I promise I'll take care of him properly,
do not let anyone hurt him.
I'll give you an amulet to keep yourself,
of anything that will hurt you.
You have to remember, prohibition, if not
You could die.
Young coconuts are thrown to you.
Durian is already rotten.
Sticks, 3 sticks. Remember, mind you.
Or not, you will die easily.
Without it, you will be miserable, very miserable.
Remember, it's taboo!
I remember that.
Mistress big?
- Mom?
- Grandma.
- I'm calling people out.
- Mom?
Remember, you're just a kid just rubbish
You're just a lackey! Lackey!
Derajatmu aware!
Illegitimate child!
At your fill!
To death too!
It was time for me to go back
to confront him.
Keeping promises with grandma and myself.
So I can not fled continue.
I have to go home.
As different people again.
With the whole family. And they
be aware of this myself.
That I've never ever the same.
Glad to see you guys again.
very touching.
Son, this is your father's lawyer.
I've been waiting for you.
Now this is your chair.
What's wrong, son?
Now you are the head of this family,
So you are ruling around here.
Greetings to my father.
Today I stumbled home to
take care of problems at home.
As well as the rightful heir.
How is that possible?
After all, why is he?
He really does not deserve to be here.
You're always in here keciali thank him.
You should know that.
So, you should not have brought him here.
- Why is that?
- Because he's not a part of this family.
That's it.
I see.
But for now I declare him
Right now, you have to obey my words.
I do not tolerate any insult.
You must accept peraturanku.
Yes, that I can accept.
If so, there is no problem anymore
available at a later date.
You must be friendly with my brother,
He will stay here, you must teirma it.
What is needed?
Of course.
I've gone to Singapore, and I've
stay in their place.
So it's time for me to repay them.
If you say so, the head of the family.
- What you do not like me calling, the head of the family?
- I do not like to hear it alone
Sir, you have to get used to receiving it.
You've been in singapore, so you
should be used to it.
If I do not like, and why?
Why do you have to singapore?
To what do you get there?
You're just going to bring disaster on this family.
When I was in Singapore.
I realized one thing
That a person, can not leave it alone.
And should be given a lesson, told
who's in charge.
So there is no problem anymore.
Called the head of the family, was a
But I prefer something that respect.
Should not be said.
I am so happy.
You should be aware of it.
You know it all.
You do realize that all.
So I think of you as family.
Do not let them.
You tell me if they insult you.
Whatever it is, too.
That you would have remembered it.
As you used to say.
So this is not worry about it.
You do realize that's it.
So, you know.
What to do?
For one it is.
You were always despised me.
Eventually you like this.
Poor thing, poor thing.
Good? Ken?
Yes, sir?
- You sleep in her room, with your wife.
- Good. Tuan.
Wait, sir.
What are you gonna say?
do not do it, I'm begging you.
Yes? Yes? Why should I listen to you.
- You do as I tell you!
- Well, sir.
You sign it.
How are you uncle? What your son there?
My dear, I'm glad you're back.
But I've gone away.
I could keep an eye on the place,
I love you.
He has loved you all along.
Until he can no longer here.
Never mind.
Do not be so sad anymore.
Yes, I know.
Greetings to the host.
You serve me.
Time when relatives came.
It was very fun.
We make it a party.
And marriage is made,
very festive at all.
Thought would live happily.
The wedding day begins with calm.
And everyone was happy.
This corresponds to what you want, Chan.
It is marriage for our families.
If so, you're right people
very clever.
You call me, sir.
I like to call you Chan.
Chan maid!
Stop it, sir!
You do not like it.
You must remember, call me sir.
Call me, sir!
Really confused, why do you play the piano
at night?
Are you thinking about something?
- Nothing at all.
- No? Really?
I think you're thinking of something
very important.
If so, what is that.
- Mr.
- Yes.
I like the words you said.
Yes, sir, why are you here?
You're supposed to be in your room!
Together with your wife.
It's possible, but it
up to me where.
You remember when the ice in your body? Indeed
very sexy.
As I remember it, I could not resist.
- You've still got it.
- Yeah, so what?
It is not your business.
So you're not supposed to be here.
I know it clearly.
But I felt very sore.
And you clearly remember, when I kissed shoulders,
and you're quite fond of it.
Your chest, your lips, every yourselves, it is
mine at that time.
Do not you miss it?
You could be with me now.
In my folded arms.
It would be very nice.
It's up to you.
Not! Not!
Why are you still here?
Do not you be honest with yourself?.
And feelings!
I really love you.
Me too, I'm always thinking of you.
I'm afraid it is, he's always mad at me.
punish me.
Since then I realized.
That I had not expected.
Do not worry about it, I've been here.
But I was scared.
That it continues to haunt me.
Already, do not you think.
I'll take care of you.
You must not be afraid.
I will always be with you.
I believe.
Are you still alive?
Yes, of course.
I'm not dead.
That sir, we are as old as this.
What is it?
When you get home.
- I saw you was in the back.
- What are you doing?
Your wife is pregnant, and she cried.
He was very sad.
And you're very busy working.
You do not care about him.
- I'm going to give birth.
- I will check.
Try to calm down, you're going to
Sick once!
I'm not strong.
Let the traditional childbirth.
It's definitely my son is very healthy.
Sir, you should be in,
You should be with him.
Let it go, he could set himself.
You're a woman, should be strong.
- He will soon give birth.
- Yeah, what about it?
Congratulations, sir.
She successfully gave birth to a baby boy.
What do you want?
You do not have rights.
Sir, I beg to be able to see my grandson.
Yes. Tuan.
You're coming with me.
To that point, the host was very happy.
I'm also happy for you.
When all was very good.
And I see Tuan very happy, you smile
sincere in your face.
Seeing your son.
You're very handsome, you like me.
I will give the best
for you, do not you worry.
I'll take care of you well.
So, you do not have to worry about it
Daddy will take care of you.
I'll love you so much.
Until you're older.
You will be very happy.
- You do it like is not satisfied.
- You're very happy, sir.
Yes, what is it?
You see this very funny.
Yeah, I guess that's good.
That's all right.
I also hate him.
I had to go to Singapore, you keep
This house well.
I was there for medical treatment for several days.
- Singapore is the best doctor, Wan.
- Yes.
I give full power to you, keep an eye on the movements of
my wife.
If he cheated on let me know.
- Uncle, Why do you say that?
- Wan now I'm impotence.
- She was a faithful woman.
- I doubt it.
Promise me one thing.
[Knock at the door]
- Uncle.
- Uncle.
He suffered severe stress, he now
had a stroke.
Now the situation is better
but he must be supervised 24 hours.
Unfortunately this good uncle
had a wife like that.
- Brother.
- What Wan.
Why January should be in our family?
She niece uncle.
But I could not guess what he's thinking.
I feel there is darkness in his heart.
Wan Never mind, do not judge people that bad.
Do not January
What's wrong with you?
Are you sorry for your husband fainted?
- I want to break up Jan, drop out.
- Why do you say that?
I've done wrong to my husband.
Did not you hate the old man?
You can not ask for break up.
I am a woman who decided not vice versa.
Pi, you hear me?
I hear you!
So that's your decision?
Who would do this?
Do you know who did?
Possible thieves.
Last night what are you doing Jan?
What Ping, you want to marijuana?
I asked last night what are you doing?
- There are those who persecute uncle.
- I do not remember.
I smoke marijuana while and then sleep.
Oh I know you so I suspect the culprit?
I never said so.
Brother in January Exactly what are you up to?
Do not drink anymore.
Shut up.
- I do not want in January
- Why do you say that to me?
- You hate me?
- The man here just the two of us in January
If not I'm sure you did.
Quickly fess up.
- Do not go.
- I can go anywhere.
You can not forbid
- Ping believe me.
- I want to do that in January
Why did you change this?
I missed Jan were used,
my true friends.
Jan who used plain now has become
cruel man!
You dare cursed!
From the first we were friends, why are you now
be my enemy?
Do you already feel smarter?
Who is always to help you?
If not for me, you'll never
stay here.
I owe a lot to you in January
Go away, go far!
[CryING] Go!
- What is Ping exist?
- Yes he was there.
No problem what else?
No problem, I want to talk to you.
Maybe we can do business.
I've got great deals for you.
I'm not interested, you go home.
Your office is nice too, I see you've succeeded.
- You're great too.
- You do not need to be praised.
Do not bother me.
I need a friend.
I do not want to be your friend anymore.
I brought you something to eat.
As an apology from me.
Ping me please, respect me for the past.
I put it here.
Wait January
I really miss you.
I'm sorry.
You've eaten Jan?
I remember we used to eat together.
You remember when it was?
I miss the past.
Jan! Come with me!
- Ping!
- Jan!
Jan! You're all right Jan?
- Jan!
- Am I dead?
I've been dreaming we attacked Japan.
Help me up.
He got shot.
Why are you helping me?
You also have to help me.
Phak do not talk anymore.
I'll take you to the hospital.
There is no point in January
Give this ring at Pi.
I do not think Phak willingly give up their lives
for me.
January you're a good person.
Phak knew it from the first.
Now what? Our office was destroyed.
Help me, please my husband.
- You guys take it all?
- It's all.
- This is for you, go?
- Thank you, sir.
I was just playing around with it.
You're not jealous so.
I still love the man.
January Why this family like this?
Falling apart.
Pi, Phak dead this morning.
He left it to me.
January are you kidding?
- That's right, he shot the Japanese aircraft.
- Japan, whether they are on strike?
True, he's sincere love.
Uncle had died.
I'm sorry for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry for you, my husband.
January why did you ask me to dress like this.
- It's okay, I think you're quite handsome.
- Bercandamu not funny January
Why do you complain, if you do not know
The Japanese in the high lust.
If you see a beautiful woman like you in the street,
I can imagine what they do.
- Jan, damn you.
- Do you think he's handsome?
- Of course, he's better looking than both of us.
- I'm gonna have to drop in January
- Ouch.
- Do you think I'm scared?
Come here.
Come on.
- Why did you run away?
- I do not run away.
- Risletingmu open.
- What?
Act like a man.
how your way is still supple.
This life is hollow and temporary
to what do you think?
There is birth there must be death,
if you know it you will know your life purpose.
Devoted to the Buddha meant leaving
life, and became a nun.
Forget all the love and hardships
suffocating heart.
I've decided to give up my life
the Buddha.
I will always pray for you all
happy in your life.
I already gave up my love, you should
I also forget.
Bibi love Pi, Jan. forget revenge
and pity him.
I'm also a woman so I understand how
feelings, hopefully we can meet again.
Jan, I would often send letters.
Aunty Pi, do you really want to go and leave
we alone here?
- Take care of yourself Wan.
- But what can I do without you?
You can not leave me.
Never mind, there is still a Ping and Jan
that will help.
I have to accept the risk of actions.
Let go I go.
What about our relationship?
Which relationship do you mean?
Keep him well, I believe you
able to do so.
Leave it to me.
But I never regret I
never know you like men.
Call me if you need me.
Definitely, I enjoyed and will always remember
love our short trip.
- What's so funny Ping?
- I did not hear anything.
I will never forget you.
Beware if you ever forget, I will come
again and beat your ass.
I will miss this house.
But there are too many bitter memories in it.
Send me a letter, I will visit you
- I wish you all happy.
- I also hope you find happiness.
Whenever you want to come,
This house will always accept you.
I know in January but I guess I do not
will come back again.
Too much sadness, I want to go
and forget about it.
I love you.
Keep that feeling.
Have a good trip.
Ping Well, I hope you'll help me.
- Of course.
- You're my best friend.
You must be sad, what if
we have a drink?
Only drink it, do not have a woman.
Jan, son of a bitch,
have you forgotten what you did to me?
Just wait, I'll die in front of you!
What happened to him?
I ... I never raped her.
What are you doing Jan?
It's all my fault.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
My mouth was dry, my heart hurts.
My tears out.
I will never forget that incident.
- Until forever.
- Everyone learns from experience.
That's what makes us all grow up.
But this burden I will always carry
my life.
The past is the past and
our future who knows.
Ping you're a true friend,
do you always accompany me in my life.
- I'm thankful.
- We're friends, you're going to do the same thing.
Friends should help each other.
- Ping, I still keep your picture.
- Really?
This, I myself made,
think of it as my gratitude to you.
I hope you like it, I pick your picture
the most good.
And this home and other certificates,
Accept friend.
- I leave this to you.
- For what I received?
- I'm old, for what?
- Accept Ping.
- I sincerely give you.
- I do not want.
Accept Ping, this is all I can give.
- Soon I will also die.
- Give it to your son.
- I do not want.
- Accept.
I do not want to, why did you make me.
You want to fight it?
We are old, which could fight again.
I beg you to accept it.
Come Jan, stay in the house.
Keep only the certificate.
- There is still the care of my son.
- Father I come pick you up.
- Ting, you've come.
- Uncle.
- So is your son?
- Correct Jan, he's handsome like me.
- Berbaktilah on your father.
- Of course, I would take him to America.
I will go to America again 3 days.
True, we should be the father.
You want to go Ping?
Maybe we will not see each other again?
Well, Help me wake up.
- Be careful father.
- I would feel lonely.
Jan, Why do not you sell it and
around the world?
- I do not intend to be without you.
- Do it for yourself.
- I do not want.
- Look for your own happiness.
- Can I get that?
- Everyone will be in January
Ping What's so funny?
You're making fun of me.
Our uncle went first.
- Hope you survived the trip.
- Thank you.
Take care of yourself Jan, do not drink too much.
When drinking, I could not stop.
- Do not play her well in January
- If women especially.
You're a flirt. I went.